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One of my recent creepy stalkers has been hanging out by the gas station pretending to be homeless. Today I said to him, "Man! Why are you pretending to be homeless?" Some woman was a cunt to me about it, and this post will remind me to check on whether she was a random passerby that should just be killed in the street like a rabid dog or if she was up there doing the agent rendezvous at the 7/11 CIA command post, in which case she should be tortured over some extended period for her brazen practice of falsehood.

The most prominently Jed-affiliated close approach stalker in the gym was filming me with particular deliberation today. I would never forget about this one and I don't need a reminder, but this post will remind me about all the people affiliated with the close approach Jed stalker persona.

A lot of people think it's not going to be like that but it is going to be exactly like that.

This scripture is the testament that I did kill of the people in Antarctica.

The way Isaiah is written today, these words are set so that the pronoun "you" refers to the king of Babylon at the time Isaiah was alive, but my opinion is that Isaiah 14 is a prime example of the problem described on the last page of the Bible about people changing the words. I think the attribution of the pronouns gets messed up in Isaiah 14 some time after "tell this to the king of Babylon." For instance, in Isaiah 1 or 2 it says God is the man that shakes the Earth, and it is God who constantly threatens to destroy the world's cities, and I think among that longish string of paragraphs following the address to the king of Babylon, you can find pronouns which referred originally to that king, to God, and to Satan too. Particularly for Satan around verse 12 with the language about the fallen morning star.

At the gym on Friday, the one I saw in front of the fire station was making it known that he is very unafraid of me. He is one of the ones among the group that turned off my brain and stabbed me in the penis and put sexual torture devices into my stab wound while my brain was turned off. While I was casting hate upon him, he looked at me from across the gym nodded his head toward some woman stretching near me and I do not think he could have seen her from where he was. Likely his nod means that she is another agent, and it also shows that these people refuse to believe me when I say that I am racist against Antarcticans. I want to kill all of them and make very many of them suffer terribly before they die, and I do not have a kind word or touch for any of them.

KDE Neon has started having problems now. Usually, the brightness control only works for two or three brightness changes and then the screen brightness stops responding to the slider bar brightness control. One thing I greatly prefer about Windows is that when I upload a picture to a forum, I am able to select large tile view for the file uploader browser window but in Linux I am only offered the detailed text file name view. Somehow, I thought I had merely missed a slider bar in the file upload browser and I was able to see the tile view for the last few days, but upon my most recent reboot to fix the brightness not working, now suddenly it is back to only the detail view. Also, I cannot shake the nagging feeling that the KDE Neon start button icon, pic related, is an abstract merchant.

UPDATE: Now this slider bar has reappeared again and I'm not sure why it is only there sometimes.

Maybe a double top then?

I hope this turns into a based and black-pilled head and shoulders pattern. I said the Greensill bankruptcy is the most interesting story for me right now but that's probably because all the SLR stories are pay walled.

They've had the door to 306 propped open for the past couple of days. I suppose it's to show me that no one is in there tapping on my wall and that it's actually the people in 206 with pic robots which are, I guess, too complicated in their estimation for my little brain to understand.

>Firefighters are battling a large five-alarm fire at a commercial building in New Cassel Wednesday afternoon, officials said.

>The fire at Advanced Powder Coating, located at 111 Magnolia Avenue was reported at 1:50 p.m., a Nassau police spokesman said.

Today, these stalkers in the restaurant were heckling me by repeating a longish string of thoughts I had yesterday related to my car. A few hours later when I dropped off my car to get some work done (just now), a big fire started in the local downtown Westbury neighborhood. The sky is all smokey over there now and I heard the fire station's alarm going about two minutes after I dropped my car off. I hope they are not going to fuck with my car overnight.

Speaking of firefighters, I think those people at the gym lending their likeness to the people who turned my brain off in the gym a couple of months ago (and then stabbed me in the penis to insert a sexual torture device into the genital trauma where it would be sealed inside my body with genital scar tissue that I will bear for the rest of my life) are the local firefighters over there. I saw one of them coincidentally doing something to his truck while he was parked on the street in front of the fire station.

I should also say that everyone who is able to repeat my thoughts back to me is not only a heckler, something for which I would kill their families in any case, but they must be the accomplices of the people who raped me and stabbed my asshole to insert the brain scanning device into the anal trauma where it would be sealed inside my body with anal scar tissue that I will bear for the rest of my life. I would kill their families just for heckling me but for going full rabies baboon, doing the brain scan regurgitator act, I will bring upon them all the curses I have written here, and maybe worse curses as well when I leave them and their children into the hands of people that hate them more than I do.

My stalkers think they are not these pic related scoffers. They are them, however, and I will curse them accordingly.

Due to my interactions in the chicken place today, two more men are going watch their families' 30 days in the meth chamber while the maggots start grow beneath their own skins. I am pretty well settled on this as the protocol for my stalkers, unless one of my servants would prefer to give them something more cruel with their dedicated attention. My intention is to put the families of my stalkers into the sleep experiment and then, at the end of 30 days, extend my mercy to the families to let them die unless they have crimes beyond belonging to the tribe of my stalkers, who referred to their cult as "the outfit" today. Outside of the gas chamber, the direct culprits themselves will watch what happens according to my response to their actions, and they will see what become of those children of theirs in whom they invested far more effort than they put into garnering my curse. While they watch, I will seed them with the bot fly larvae. I imagine those should start to become uncomfortable by the end of about 30 days. I think the total gestation period for one maggot is about

My hope is that the gas chambers will be prepared ahead of time, and the bot flies as well. That way when the time comes, I will not need to hesitate with my enemies in storage while the defilement facilities are constructed. I want lots of gas chambers and lots of bot flies, and I want to force the people to see what becomes of their loved ones and I want them to know that I, the Lord, have cursed their blessings.

These fake bullshitters on my court call called Tooker at 11:11am, making me wait about 71 minutes so they could post their KK meme.

Greensill Files For Administration - Who's Left Holding The Bag?

>Interlocutory mandatory injunction

>So there will be a court case to come. And the court case will reveal new details and make important decisions.

>"This is similar to what blew up AIG in 2008," says one person close to the brewing disputes, in reference to the complexity of the contracts involved.

>So then someone else may be left holding the bag. I think there is a good chance that someone will be Credit Suisse Financial Group.

This is the most interesting financial story for me right now.

I have to wonder whose bets these might be that they can see a 25% chance for a 1% Fed hike in the next two years. I don't think anyone is making that bet with their own money. My bet is that it is going to stay right at 0% until the nuclear war and I think anyone else with any money to bet would know that the rate is never going up again.

This evening, a few rabies baboons congregated outside my door and began to heckle me. I have to call the court about this bullshit in the morning and they concluded their heckling by saying, "Hahaha, I have to call my lawyer in the morning." Although these baboons are well aware that there are people in the world that one ought not fuck with, and who are fucked with at one's great peril, my enemies have these hecklers so well convinced that I am not one of those people that they are betting maybe a few hundred dollars they will earn staying in this hotel against the cruel defilement of their extended families and the eternal damnation of their own souls. As I have said many times, I can understand their mindset if they say, "I know there are people in the world that I should not fuck with but I don't believe you're one of them." However, it is baffling to me, and vexing, when I see them say, "I know there are people in the world that I should not fuck with and I'm so certain that you're not one of them that betting my family's lives and and the horrible torture of my own wretched soul seems like good odds against the few dollars I can make fucking with you this weekend." What's more, when I kill these people, they will probably die with more money in their checking accounts than they made while they were fucking with me which is the same as is they had thrown away their lives and their family's lives for free, not even earning their meager wage while they do it.

Listen to me, you burring donkeys: You do not know who you are fucking with or what you are risking by doing it. Even if you don't believe that I am who I am, you have no reason to be so certain that I am not that you would bet everything against a few dollars. If you're playing cards and you've got aces, it can make sense to go all in on a small pot but you don't have aces, and you know you don't have aces. All you have is the hint of the people that are more than happy to sacrifice your lives if it means they can bother me for a few minutes. You might think you have aces but did you see any proof that I am not who I am? I know you didn't because no such proof exists. All you got was some rope-a-dope from a USA con man. He made you think you have aces but that's because he does not care what happens to you later.

On Sunday when I left the hotel's gym, another HI interceptor caught me in the elevator and puked his HI meme onto me, basically the same as the other guy. I mentioned that the other HI interceptor from my last wrath post had come out to HI me with his bullshit after I started making death threats about some woman that called, "Jonathan!," at me as I walked past her door. Later that evening, someone in my /bant/ thread got ID: Emo030coK or something and it seemed like an Emily Hancock ID, and I suppose I was correct to think that the voice of the heckler calling my name sounded like Emily. In Emo030coK's post, they wrote, "I'm not afraid of you. You're going to have to get a bigger gun," or something. While it is my general desire that people fear me, it is my desire that the full horror of my retribution comes upon those ones as a surprise.

Yesterday, I stopped to get a burrito while I was out running errands. I usually get it to go because there are hecklers anywhere I stop for more than five seconds. However, since I was running errands, I took the three minutes needed to scarf it down in Moe's. During that three minutes, some rabies baboon called out from a nearby table, "POOKIE!," and then was laughing about it with her three accomplices. This post will remind me to kill the four of them with slow cruelty, but their actions also serve as the segue into what I'm getting at. Ten years later, that woman yelling, "POOKIE!," and then laughing about it with her friends is still the knife of the curse that Emily and her people put on me. Ten years later, that knife still twists in the open wound in my testicles. They put this curse on me and I will put a much worse curse on them, and it will last a lot longer than ten years. All of the Greens, the Hancocks, the Laysons, especially Aunt Kathy and Uncle Lex, everyone at that stupid Layson party Emily took me to, everyone who thinks of themselves as "royalty" in Snellville, and all of Emily's other friends: Leo, Hadass, the one with the "Cult of TV" tattoo, Brennan, and all the ones at that other stupid party she cajoled me into attending. I am going to totally exterminate all of you. The curse I put on you is much worse than the curse you put on me, and I am particularly disgusted by your intention to farm fruit in the wound in my testicles in the form of that abominable monster Gracen Green. I will wipe all of your names out from under heaven and if these HI interceptors around here are the patriarchs of those clans, then I am about to show you the downside of not keeping your bitches in check.

I tried a few Linux distributions lately. I really liked Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon 64 until I started having some problems. I had configured it to require password when I logged in and then that was suddenly disabled. Also, I started having some problems with the xed default text editor, and both problems appeared simultaneously. I then tried some KDE DE's instead. First I tried Manjaro with KDE Plasma 5. It was really terrible and I think it was the worst distribution of Linux I ever used. It was glitchy as heck. I DL'ed three or four different screenshot tools and none of them worked properly. I wonder if Manjaro's truncated prefix from Kilimanjaro is a meme in the way that Oleg Derpypasta's friend Konstantin Kilimnik had a meme in his name as well. After that, I tried the current KDE Neon. I had some minimal trouble installing it, probably related to Dell being non-Linux friendly. I had to turn off some RAID stuff in my BIOS and select the "safe graphics mode" from the KDE Neon USB boot options. However, after I installed it and did some updates, I was able to go back to default graphics mode and it is working great, and I think I will stick with it if nothing weird starts happening.

I am an aficionado of good documentaries. I have mentioned many times that a multiparter about the industrial revolution in Great Britain called Industrial Revelations is my all-time favorite documentary. Recently I also watched Alone in the Wilderness and it was the best documentary I watched in several years. I'm also watching an especially good WWII documentary right now called Attack on Fortress Europe from D-Day to V.E. Day . These links require an account but Pirate Bay probably has them too.

This morning, I had about the tenth or twelfth flat tire of the eleven or so months that I've had this car. Later, I will split their children's leg bones with larger screws than they have screwed into my tire today.

They have turned the LRAD *way* up today. Someone thinks, a lot of people do actually, that's it's better for their interests for me to remain in pic related state. I am going to go far out of my way, potentially inconveniencing myself acutely, to prove to them that it was not better for their interests. The outcome will be such that whatever negative outcome they had in mind should they use the military to intercede will appear to them in hindsight as preferable to the outcome which I deliver. I will go far out of my way to bring this about deliberately and I don't mean to imply that somehow their interests are going to randomly suffer like that. I will find out the negative outcome they were hoping to avoid, I assume in most cases this will be the filthy defilement of their children, and the wages they receive from me will be much worse than whatever it was. When I am done, everyone will know that there was never a more foolish course than to support my enemies by inaction or action.

The way I have my index HTML file configured here is that I have the template of the posts commented out right above where I make the posts so I can just copy the template each time I want to make one. This evening, I started watching some videos and the people in an adjacent room started loudly cheering while I was doing it, and they rose to a loud applause just as I was finishing watching. I noticed right after that that my computer was acting glitchy and I began to make a post about it. I highlighted the post template and then clicked the third mouse button to paste it, and it pasted with an extra space in it meaning that my website is already suffering from the same character encoding attack that I used against these people's ancestors when they were trying to finish the construction of the Tower of Babel. I went and deleted the paragraph part of the template and replaced it, and then copied it again, and then I highlighted it and pasted it with the third mouse button again and the problem disappeared. This means that my enemies are able to insert unprintable characters in my HTML file. Furthermore, when I installed Linux, I set it up to ask for a password on startup, but when I restarted just now to see if that would make the problems go away, Linux suddenly no longer requires my password for login. This install of Linux I have, Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon 64, is equally as much of a giant piece of shit as Windows 10 was. I was using UTF-8 encoding and now I switched to ISO-8859-15, but I don't think that will make much of a difference if my enemies can turn off my password and insert their unprintable matrix-valued malware characters.

I recently switched from Windows 10 to Linux Mint 20 due to the severity of the AIDS that my computer was getting. It took a few days, but my Linux computer is now completely filthy with AIDS just like my Windows computer was.

It's no surprise that the problem of my torturers tapping and banging on the walls of my hotel room has gotten much worse over the last two weeks or so wherein I've likely been anally raped at least three times and wherein I got probably four to six new anal implants.

Pretty much every time I get up and move in my room now, one of my torturers stationed in the adjacent rooms 302 and 306 will tap or bang on the wall next to me as I walk by. In the past, they have done the same thing constantly banging on my ceiling above my head, wherever I am in my room or apartment, and now they are continuing to do the same thing, after it had mostly gone away for a while, by banging or tapping on the wall next to me, wherever I am in my room, each time I move around in it. They are able to do these things because whomever is in control of the USA military thinks it's better for their interests to refuse to intercede with the military, meaning that they think the continued impunity of my rapists and torturers is better for their interests.

This is relevant to my interests.

They had a whole gaggle of Ndrangfaggots in the gym today, as on most days. Unlike most days, they were all in congregation together today. I suppose that much of what they do is done to perpetuate a certain image of themselves in the minds of some third parties, and I am going to exterminate those parties. I will curse the blessings of those third parties, which means more or less to defile their children, and I will make it known that I am doing it to spite those second parties that were able to perpetuate that image of themselves with the complicity of the third parties. When I am done, everyone that has a good opinion of them now will have a very poor opinion of them. I hate you all and I will destroy you, and I will make your children so filthy before I kill them.

I had a dream the other day where I had taken some woman to get her car fixed at the mechanic. I was also trying to gain her ladylike affections and I called my dad to make some excuse about checking to see if his house was empty because I was thinking about bringing her there, and the excuse was related to that. While the car was getting fixed, I took the woman down the hill behind the mechanic's shop where there was a river and then we went back up toward the shop. To get back up to street level, however, we had to climb some rope ladder and then go through a trap door in the floor of the shop. When we got to the top of the rope, some guy opened the door and we both helped the woman through. Then the man produced a fake black plastic uzi with an orange tip covering the barrel, and he told me that I would have to let go of the bullet I was holding onto before he would help me through the trap door. I saw that I was holding the rope with one hand and a bullet in the other. I thought about it and he said, "If I help you up, you're not going to turn around and kill me, are you?" That's where the dream ended.

Aside from the obvious parallel about Jacob, a/k/a Israel, a/k/a Satan, buying Esau's birthright, I have the following things to say. Any time someone will try to get a commitment out of me other than to be the best king that I can be, that is a sign that I should kill that person. Anyone who's trying to make a treaty with me while I'm in a position of weakness is probably someone I should kill. Anyone who's attacking me with the dream theater inception weapon is probably someone I should kill. Whenever I do finally get my metaphorical cheeseburger, I'm going to ask, "Why didn't you bring me this cheeseburger yesterday?" I assume the answer will be, "This other person that I have as my false god before you, Lord, told me not to do it yesterday but that I should do it today, and the reason I brought it to you today was due to the fealty I give to that other person, Lord." That whole line of inquiry is probably going to lead to a lot of people getting killed too.

Overall, if you think helping me is better for your interests than not helping me, then I am prone to agree but I'm not making any treaties.

I also noticed a three-year running reversal pattern which is due for another installment. The Fed had to pour $3T into the last one and they only have about $2T trillion left to work with, by my reckoning.

I noticed that across the last year, market action was usually concave up going into a reversal so that a cusp was formed. This present rollover pattern has not been seen in some time. About a year ago, this pattern precipitated a large decline compared to these cusp reversals. Notice how the same gnarl is forming on the right side of the rollover now as in February 2020. Obviously, I hope it goes down a lot.

What's Going On At Goldman? Another Senior Exec Just Jumped Ship

This news story today reminds of the person who looked *exactly* like former Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein standing in the back of the huge bank of cubicles at Exide while I worked there. A few months before I began to work at Exide, Lloyd was in the hospital a lot for "brain cancer treatment" and I suspect that was an excuse to have him out of the office getting prepped for the fraud conspiracy that would be launched against me at Exide. I believe this conspiracy is the real 1MDB conspiracy. I will eventually recount all of this again but since this article reminded me Goldman's alleged involvement in a conspiracy to defraud me, I am posting a few things I've written about it previously.

About 18 months after I quit Exide in January 2017, I went back to the office to investigate my fraud allegations. I demanded that they give me copies of all the paperwork I had signed and clicked after it was represented to me by the hiring manager Rod Williams as pertaining to the employment we had discussed. My allegation was that Exide had defrauded me by fraudulent misrepresentation and that they inserted fraud papers into my hiring package unrelated to the job I discussed with the hiring manager. I think the context of the fraud was that I am the beneficiary of the Black Eagle Trust, also called the Five Star Trust, and wrongly called the Bank of the CIA, and the people I will use that money to kill launched some conspiracy against me in the summer of 2016 (Operation Crossfire Hurricane) to stop me from being able to do that.

Chief Justice John Roberts

Exide's audit tracker

The Strzokian insurance policy

The general ledger of the United States of America

Database problems

Data 1

Data 2

Data 3

This 762 that I write also turned into Mulder's signature on the X-files.

I finished watching TNG recently and I've been watching DS9. Pic related, I noticed in s02e01 right after Quark mentioned the 76th Rule of Acquisition, they had the 76 part of a scribble 762 tag that I write as the logo for the Alliance for Global Unification. One thing about this show is that it portrays the black father and son strong family thing between Captain Sisko and his son Jake. The bad influence Ferengi kid that Jake hangs out with is named Nog, and there is no freaking way in heck that it is a coincidence that the kid the family-centric black father doesn't want his son playing with is named Nog. Over the weekend, I made some comments in the privacy of my room, comments that no one should have heard under any circumstances, ever. The gist of the comments was that in my experience women prefer Nog over Jake at a disproportionate rate compared to the percentage of Jakes and Nogs in the general population. Today some guy at the gym and the woman at the restaurant were both giving me stink eye like I'm some fucking hateful racist asshole that I noticed not only that Nog and Jake are two different characters, but also that women have an abnormal preference for Nog.

Back in Atlanta, my doctor was a black man, and he had a picture of himself in his office with Michael Jordan. When I saw it, I remembered some story about how some people tried to take a picture with Jordan one time, but he refused and told them, "I don't take pictures with 'Nogs.'" Now suddenly I'm some horrible asshole for not pretending like there is no such person as Nog and that Jordan and Star Trek were suffering from some racist delusion to think that there is a difference between Jake and Nog.

Women, in general, do prefer Nog over Jake. It's a fact. If you don't like facts, I guess that's why you think you're not going to get tortured to death for being among those who can somehow hear what I'm saying while I'm alone in my room.

On Certain Aspects of American Economics Relevant to 2021

This is my new website.