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Dangerous Giant Heavy Duty Hammer Forging Process, Excellent Workers' Skill In Steel Forging

I see Build Back Better's CIA pick Bill Burns finally became Director last week, replacing that kike Cohen. One has to look very far back in the annals to find an instance in which it took so long for the new President's CIA pick to take office. This "Burns" was pretending to be a homeless guy around my hotel recently, then he disappeared for a few days last week, and I saw him in a different disguise yesterday. He told me some lie about some bullshit when I asked him about it, and I will tell him the truth if he ever asks if I'm the most vindictive man that ever lived.

That kike Cohen had "worked at the U.S. Treasury Department and as an attorney in private practice. At the Treasury, among other posts, he served as the undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence where he gained the nickname of 'sanctions guru.'" I wonder: does Burns' CIA still pay this kike? Is he still employed there as a CIA agent? I assume the answer is yes.

"Cohen is married with two children." I hope this kike loves his children. That will make my retribution sweeter in my mouth.

This Biden with the more serious looking face, meaning that he looks much different than the Mr. Nice Guy version of Biden, reminds me very much of one of the several or many people that were telling me in my childhood that I owe all of them the respect that a child owes to his father because they were all telling me that same lie while, apparently, none of them owe me any respect at all as their bona fide heavenly father: a position far more deserving of respect than even a biological father. The hypocrisy of that situation reminds me of my feeling toward the USA: a chimera of contempt and disgust. I always feel bad about Good Dad when I write these things, but I don't think this one that Biden reminds me of is Good Dad. This one looks like a cunt. Good Dad, I believe, does acknowledge me as his heavenly father but I don't think this one is that one.

It appears to me that Karen's daughter Erin was heckling me through my open window a moment ago. Seeing the profile of her face there filled me with disgust and I will probably not spare her from the harsher suffering. That's a kike that thinks she's a Celt but probably doesn't have a drop of Irish blood in her body. I'm going to make you suffer, Erin, unless you kill yourself first. I'm more than 99% certain that no one loves you enough to save you from it, and I won't think twice about giving you to your master's enemies, so you should know that you will decide your own fate, or I will decide it.

Downtrend confirmed in the daily chart. Wedge breakout in less than two weeks, probably to upside followed by immediate failure. However, since I said that, maybe it won't break out to the upside, which I hope it doesn't, and which is what my remark was designed to avoid.

I'm writing paper in which I make the case that Jacob a.k.a. Israel is Satan. When I wrote in my paper this morning, "Overall, the fans of Jacob in the world will point out that it is not written explicitly that Jacob lied about what the Lord told him," I immediately received a severe sexual torture electroshock from an implant in my urethra. it was the strongest such instance of sexual/genital electroshock that I have gotten in several weeks. Somehow, the kikes are able to see what I am writing about their false god in real time, and they are camped out directly on top of me where they can use their *very* short range transmitters to activate the sexual torture devices they implanted into stab wounds in my penis.

And again when I selected the image that I have chosen for this post! I was immediately electrocuted on my penis again, on the outside, by another of the sexual torture devices that my enemies the kikes have implanted in a stab wound they made in penis where it would be sealed inside me with penile scar tissue that I will bear for the rest of my life: an irreparable wound.

Candle fails to engulf: downtrend confirmed in the daily chart.

The people at the UPS store this morning bore an uncanny semblance to these two cultists. When I recognized them, I imagined calling them evil and both of them started nodding and saying, "Yup, that one," at that time. These are the same two people in the 9/11 mural in Atlanta and I feel quite certain that 9/11 is among the least of their crimes. I'll probably start getting my genitals and asshole electrocuted in new places later today. Also, this Chinese fire drill mural right next to the 9/11 mural can't be unrelated, and neither can the giant mural of me behind it, nor the giant mural of the alligator laying on its back. Neither can this "Oh no! Math!" mural nor the story of my life mural around the corner. Also, this.

Intriguing new result from the LHCb experiment at CERN

This is consistent with my model which does not have lepton universality as a feature.

Although every other image I have uploaded to this website renders the same in KolourPaint as in Firefox, these two images [1] [2] are rendering very washed out and light in Firefox so that I had to darken the originals to get near the proper appearance as they appear here.

Someone has really invested a lot of energy tormenting me today by banging and tapping on the wall I share with room 302. After complaining about it for a few hours, I remarked in my dubs thread on 4chan, "That's probably Helene tormenting me since I don't think anyone else could be so investing in tormenting me all day." As soon as I wrote that, their door opened, some robot child had a fit in the hall, and then the tormenting stopped. It probably was Helene. Probably the people who are after her now "forgot" that she has nothing in heart other than to make my life miserable and weren't looking for her in the room next to mine.

Since I started complaining about HI interceptors and HI posters, there has been a massive uptick in the number of alleged prostitutes bypassing my spam filter to send me emails with the single word HI in them. Also, as it has been, there was a loud bang against the wall at the moment my inbox loaded.

'I WAS WRONG, I AM SORRY' Rep Tom Reed apologizes for groping Nicolette Davis and won't challenge NY Gov in 2022 after Andrew Cuomo quit calls

I have a low regard for these men who quit their jobs over such nonsense. They should say, "Basically, you're trying to make it illegal to get rejected for sex and the thing that they say is allowable as an attempt to get laid is the most stereotypical example behavior that will always get you turned down." Trust me, as someone who does take no for an answer and is not gropey, women are not into that sort of thing. For every time a woman says, "He blah blah blah," that same woman probably already said one hundred times, "I like a man who just takes what he wants," or something like that. The men don't speak up about how these bitches' whining is disdainful, and the women who know better don't speak up either. Literally we have come to the point where every sincere but ultimately failed attempt to get laid is treated like a rape whenever the woman wants to complain about it, and the successful attempts are literal rapes too, whenever the woman wants to complain about it.

From my own experience, I can tell you that taking no for answer is absolutely the last thing women want from a man. These people who don't call these whores out on their bullshit really piss me off. Furthermore, my opinion of the crime that is done to men by levying the PC gestapo to destroy their careers, and maybe lives, over behavior that is 100% fine, approaches and often exceeds rape in its severity. Women, of course, will say, "No rape is a magical crime special for women like how the N-word is special for black people and it's the worstest thing ever!," but the things that happen to these men who clearly have done nothing wrong are very often worse than rape. Certainly, the destruction of my own career is one such example. I did nothing wrong, nothing even approaching disrespect much less approaching anything criminal, and I was victimized by the sadistic malice of two women, probably both of them feds. If I could have just gotten raped and kept my career, I would have taken the rape. I've been raped hundreds of times since I got kicked out of college and those malicious women inflicted a more grievous injury upon me, to be sure.

The Fed's Dot Game: "Something Missing"

>A dovish monetary policy was necessary to help cushion the economy from the fallout from the pandemic.

I don't think this quoted text is an accurate description of the Fed rate decapitation in 2020. Rather than as a response to the pandemic, I think the rate decapitation was in response the policy error of thinking they could ever raise the rate again. Indeed, I think "the pandemic" was introduced to obfuscate that policy error so I would have said, "A pandemic was necessary to help cushion the dovish monetary policy from the fallout from the policy error." Also, I notice the Fed still reports the current recession as ongoing, as evidenced by this tan bar over on the right.

Biggest Squeeze Since 2014 Sends Hedge Funds Long The Dollar For First Time Since Last July

This chart seems to make a pretty good case for VIX breakout inside the next "two weeks."

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Belgian airport bombing. At the time, this bombing seemed like a follow up action on the rescue of someone from a mobile torture station in the back of one of Steve and Joey Collins' food delivery trucks.

These are the events relating to the truck: I could not sleep one night, and I went for a drive around 6am. It was quite weird for me to be so restless that I could not get a wink of sleep and once it was obvious that I was not going to sleep before work, I went for a drive. On I-75, I pulled up behind one of these obvious silver trucks. When I saw that it was fleet number 191, I became suspicious. The morning of these events was shortly after I had started talking about Helene's secret dungeon. My suspicion is that the person she evacuated from her dungeon was rescued after I somehow pulled up behind him on I-75 that day, possibly this person. Joey, who is the real El Mencho and not that other person Nemesio Cervantes Oseguerra (whose real name is probably Ivan), had told me about some club for rich people that he goes to in the 191 Peachtree Building: The 191 Club. This building is connected by a skywalk to the Georgia-Pacific HQ building, a tall skyscraper in downtown Atlanta with no windows on one side. I suspect the reason for the lack of windows, which is strange since the most valuable thing in a skyscraper is an office with a nice view, is that they run a modern-day H.H. Holmes torture hotel in there, and it is an amenity provided to the members in the 191 Club. (Also, I think Atlanta's "H.E. Holmes" MARTA station is an named in homage more so to H.H. Holmes than it is to H.E. Holmes.)

So, one morning in early 2016, probably, or else very late 2015, I pulled up behind this truck from Joey's business with fleet number 191. I became immediately angry, and I felt like something terrible was in the back of the truck. Moments later, a black suburban with GA license plate PPP-something zoomed by me at about 100mph. As we continued up I-75 toward Marietta, I noticed that the truck was actually travelling in a convoy of generic looking unmarked escort vehicles which would have blended in on the highway unnoticed had I not been aggressively tailing the truck so closely. I went to work that day and I got several peculiar emails. Two said, "Source of ESP unknown," where ESP was an acronym for something fake that Lexis-Nexis used to cover up LN's psychic warfare training activities. These were the only two emails I ever got about ESP during the 11 months I worked at Lexis Nexis. Another email said, "Someone forgot it was their day to watch the ice cream truck." This was an apparent reference to how the torture truck was out driving around unnoticed though I had been pointing my finger at Joey and Steve quite a bit. (Steve was the main person behind the unsolved Atlanta child murders back in the 1980s. (Joey and Steve both have the same fake name Joel Steven Collins and I think they both have the same real name Joel Steven Cohen.)) My boss at Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions (a subsidiary of Lexis Nexis, a subsidiary of RELX) George, who was a giant turd and who will get tortured to death, responded to the ice cream truck email, or maybe a different weird email that day. He wrote, "Well, maybe this whole thing is much bigger than we thought." This was an apparent reference to how that truck could have "slipped though" the surveillance net and would have carried on unmolested had I not driven up to it through some divine providence. I had documented the obvious lies of my coworkers throughout the year I worked at LN (in what are now called the DNC emails). On a call just before I got fired with a month left on my contract, I was reporting the obvious bad faith actions of everyone on the project. George, who I had CC'ed on everything, lied and covered for my bad faith counterparties saying, "I haven't seen any evidence of bad faith." I copied him on everything and mentioned it to him dozens of times, and very boldly lied and fucked me on that call. A few weeks after I had pulled up behind the truck, one morning when I was driving to LN, they reenacted the scene of my having tailed Joey's truck by having some gray Honda Accord driving wildly erratically behind another of their silver trucks on Windward Parkway, just before Alderman.

Then some days or weeks went by and there was a bombing at the airport in Belgium. I googled the floor plan of the airport and I saw that the supposed bomb explosion in the luggage area was directly above a "mechanical closet" at the "edge" of the basement level. I thought the purpose of the bombing was a breach of a secret airport dungeon accessible through that closet and that the luggage area bombing had provided cover for the basement breaching munitions. My suspicion was that leads generated by the truck rescue led to a dungeon in Belgium.

Then a few years went by and I saw that the result of the EncroChat hack was the discovery of "EBI" torture facility in Belgium. I noticed that the imagery of the reported "EBI" torture facility was exactly like a certainly little room prominently featured in an old episode of the X-Files: s01e17 called "E.B.E." standing for extraterrestrial biological entity. That's probably a euphemism for the facility in which they make what I call "mutant aliens" but which are also called "reptilians" and I believe "zetas." I'm pretty sure Helene's basement qualifies as an EBE, and there was probably one in that airport too. In that episode of the X-Files, they had that alien storage facility in the power plant which looked just like the pictures in the news articles about the EncroChat hack, but they also had an "EBI" facility in the back of a truck just like I think I encountered when I pulled up behind Joey's 191 truck.

When I was leaving the gym today, the woman at the desk referred to herself as "fuckable" and then said, "He could approach me," as if to intimate to me that she does not understand that I am racist against Antarcticans and I do not want to show a milligram of kindness to any of them, and instead I want to make them suffer for their masters' crimes. It is true that I could approach her, that foolish bitch. It is also true that she could throw herself at my feet and beg me not kill her. She could, but she does not. She could rip her clothes, rub ashes on herself and beg me not to kill her. If she was smart, she could beg me to let her die mercifully, but she does not do any of that, and instead she mocks my slavery. She mocks me by saying that I could beg her to please have sex with me. I know that I could beg her as well as she knows that she could beg me not to kill her, or not to torture her before I kill her, and history will show that she was the greater fool by far.

Before I left, I was doing my static hold grip training and the gym put some song about "holding" on the gym's radio as if they still don't think this sort of thing translates directly into their children's future suffering. They do not believe that I am the most vindictive man that ever lived and that I will punish my enemies in the present for the thousands of years of wickedness which went unpunished. Some practitioner of falsehood approached me while I was doing the holds. I don't know if that was Evil Dad or Fall Guy Dad, or whichever one of that clan of man it was which sought to defraud me from my infancy, but behind him when he approached me was Squinty Eyed Manlet Dad whom I hate, and I hold both of you together. You remind me of the Gibeonites but less smart because you approach me under the banner of your lies rather than the banner of begging me please not to exterminate your tribe.

And before that, when I got to the gym, my rapist that kike Helene was stalking me. Helene may be a Jew, I hope she is not, but she is definitely a kike. I bet Squinty Eyed Manlet Dad was the one who convinced her that anal rape trauma is what I needed when I was a little boy. I hold all of you together: you three, Erin and Jenna who are among my most hated gangstalkers, Jenna who almost certainly consecrated the abomination in her womb, and Jenna who was almost certainly complicit in the Emily Hancock affair, and also Erin and Jenna's husbands who have both appeared among stalkers, where I have hated Erin's husband particularly in that context, and also the rest of your in-laws, and whatever cult you're in that supports Squinty Eyed Manlet Dad in his efforts to anally rape the Lord as a child and then make war on him as an adult from the position of extreme weakness upon which he stands during the final days your cult that I have hated from the beginning. I hold all of you together.

When it says, "Do not take the name of the Lord in vain," that does not mean, "Do not use the name of the Lord as an all-purpose exclamation." Taking the name of the Lord in vain refers to an act of vanity. That's when the Lord's enemies take his name "J.W." to call themselves, with great vanity, Jews although they are really the Lord's enemies. They should call themselves Kikes by taking the name of the Lord's enemy but instead they try to paint themselves with the colors of the Lord.

I, the Lord, am not bothered when people exclaim my name. On the other hand, I am greatly vexed when my enemies take my name as their own .

Long ago, there was a time when all of the Israelites, or most of them, would have been my ancestors. They were my chosen people for that reason, and they may have rightly called themselves by my name. In the present, however, at most one or two of them are my ancestors. The rest of them are not my chosen people. These ones that call themselves by name but are not my ancestors take my name in vain.

~Jonathan W. Tooker

Seventy days of Biden comes around next week and I'm still in the prison with my constant aggravated sexual assaults and constant sexual torture, not to mention my other problems as well, and the unanswered prayers of those waiting for my justice. I see 100 days will run out around May 1 or so.

Taliban Warns Of "Reaction" If US Stays In Afghanistan Beyond May 1st

I will be very surprised if if the USA does not renege on this commitment. I think the USA will see whatever the price of the reaction is as a discount against the price of not reneging.

Seems like something weird here in hops 16 through 23.

Today, I saw a disgusting ethnic caricature of a severely ethnic Jewess sticking her face out of room 302. I thought that was weird because usually they do the thing were they're always slamming the door a moment before my view angle would have come to the open threshold. When someone parked outside my room to wake me blasting their kike music at about 3am this morning, the person in room 302 also turned up their 3am music loud enough for me to hear it, and now I see the whole thing is a Jewish psyop which was obviously my first and only guess for why they would be blaring kike music outside my room at 3am.

Now I have put all the pieces of a mystery together. A few days ago, when I was going to down to the hotel's office, some stalker walking in front of me seemed like they were mocking my hair with their wig of some unwashed oily rat pelt. That person's shoulders looked like Helene's. I have not been subjected to the likeness of that kike my rapist Helene since Helene got fired from her Vagina Has a Spell persona in the CIA, but I guess she is back now. Today when I was doing my self-study language program, they had Helene's voice on the LRAD turned up to 11 trying to distract and mock me at each repetition of my repetition based Pimsleur Russian program. Furthermore, I have certainly noticed a sudden resurgence of that filthy Jewess my rapist Helene who embodies more than anyone the idea that Hitler was right, and who also totally embodies the wickedness of the Satanic army when she is probably descended from Hitler and gets her Hebrew name Chaya Leah because it sounds like one would say "Hitler" in Yiddish. Her voice had mostly disappeared from the LRAD following the termination of her Vagina Has a Spell persona, but I have noticed it reappearing this week and I just put the pieces together when they had her turned up to 11 while I was trying to study. Not unlike the manner in which she raped me in the ass when I was a small child, now she uses my ear hole as her toilet to the extent that she is able. I note well that the sudden reappearance of Helene is well aligned with the appearance of another former CIA kike Brennan, and also John Roberts' Rodney Williams persona who was the alter ego of Helene's Rodelene Williams persona at Exide, and it is further well aligned with the appearance of Helene's main helper kike Evil Dad and their mutual servant Jenna in whose womb was consecrated the abomination, I strongly suspect.

So, to be clear, the sudden huge increase in the RAPE DICK and other sexual torture, and the appearance of so many of Helene's servants, and the reappearance of Helene on the LRAD, are all things most likely correlated with the reappearance of that kike my rapist Helene herself. I could tell something was weird this week and now I understand: my main rapist has come back into my life.

On my foot where the arch collapsed following my enemies' drilling my heel bone to screw a skeletal mutilator implant into my skeleton, I am having a lot more pain than average lately. It's about three years now and it's been hurting basically the whole time, and it hurts in a different place now too since the arch collapsed.

Biggest Heavy Duty Hammer Forging Machine 17000 Ton Forging Press: Automatic Hydraulic Steel Forging

I am rereading some of the Bible to get citations for a paper I am writing. I see that I confused Sarah and Rebekah in some previous comments I made about Sarah being Jacob's accomplice when it was really Rebekah. Sarah was the one who laughed at God and then lied about it, and Rebekah was the one who thought she could be the decider of where a certain curse might fall. As I remarked on my own mistake in the privacy of the aloneness of my room, very loudly on the LRAD they had some asshole exclaim, "YUP!," and then it seemed like they had Helene's voice on there saying, "Yeah!," a moment later. This post will ensure that all the children of the people who used that LRAD against me just now will burn in hell: those whose voices came to me and those who operated the intermediary devices between those people and my ear. This is going to be the case for everyone who used any LRAD against me, ever, but I was particularly irked by the delight in the tone of those who thought they should interrupt me with their exclamations of delight regarding how I had confused Sarah and Rebekah. Usually, the LRAD has more of a "fuck you" tone but the tone here was unmistakable delight.

It seems like I'm down to just 2 giant nodule implants in my asshole around 11:00. This is down from possibly as many as ten giant nodules implanted in my very shallow anal tissue recently. Both of these that remain are still quite sore to the touch due to how recently my anal rapist put them in there by squeezing them into the anal stab wounds which resulted after he stabbed me in the anus while he was anally raping me. Then there's also the ones all over

my torso,

my perineum,

all over my dick,

the very serious zappers on or in both of testicles aside from any that remain on the outer surface of my scrotum,

the anal wrigglers I've been complaining about from the beginning,

the skeletal mutilator in my foot and my fucked up collar bones,

I'm sure the brain scanner is still in there,

the giant Flagstaff nodule is still in my dick,

as are at least a dozen or so other weird lumps all up and down the shaft which certainly were not there when I began to do the penile self-examination following my first dick implant about a year ago.

Also, all those years of getting my asshole electrocuted all day, every day, are there forever and there is no way that any remediation can ever be applied to that, and the years of their suffering will never pay for it, no matter how many of them or for how many years they suffer, not to mention the sabotage of my scientific career, my bullshit plan B career, the years I spent on the street, the sabotage of my book, the derisive hate of stalkers who mock me everywhere I go, the very many hundreds of aggravated sexual assaults, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of instances of sexual torture, and the sabotage of all of my personal relationships with their spies, etc, etc, etc. All of these things are unremediated, as are the beating hearts of all of the abominable semen monsters and those of the other children of them who consecrated such things in their wombs.

I have been the victim of this class A felony almost certainly hundreds of thousands of times and the people who do it to me enjoy absolute impunity over these hundreds or thousands of below felonies. Soon, the people who grant the impunity for these hundreds of thousands of felonies, who are the same ones that threw me in the slave hole for taking food from the store and then squatting in abandoned house, which was my own legal residence, are going to beg me not make their children filthy before I kill them. They will call on me for that reason, and I will mock them.

The person in 302 is making sounds I associate with that dimwit Erin. I will probably toss Karen a copy of the Rifts Atlantis book about five minutes before someone rips Erin's face off. These people apparently still don't understand what is happening. Erin and her husband were among the disguised stalkers that I hated the most while I was in Atlanta. Also, that is a harsh knife in my balls when Evil Dad thinks Erin's husband Brian is less of a piece of shit than he thinks I am. I harshness of the knife, however, is mitigated when I know his value system is evil, and he is evil, and his hatred for me is motivated by his own quality of being a piece of shit. Apparently, the main reason he was pretending to be my dad was so that he could tell people who otherwise might not have respected his opinion that he thinks I am the singularly biggest piece of shit on Earth. I feel the same way about him, but he is wrong, and I am not.

Judging by the way today's oil action was so well structured into evenly spaced sell programs, I'd say whichever mega-vested player was propping up the oil contract over the last year has decided to exit and we should expect more downside. Next resistance around $52 and then not again until $40.

This volume looks great.

This is very exciting for me. All the people I hate love the oil cartel.

There was another large detachment of enemy forces in the gym today another ugly fat bitch came and queefed her rotten guttural pussy cheese on me for the second time in about a week or so. I think I saw one of the Joe-affiliated personae riding the bike downstairs, and then after I looked away, I think he switched with some other old bald man. Some waddling hunchbacked hill troll approached me as well and I think that must have been Jenna upon whom all these curses I have written will fall unless someone loves her enough to deliver her into salvation, which means to kill her so she'll be dead before I can give her to the people whose own daughters have already been taken from them wrongfully. Also, it seemed like the Rod Williams/John Roberts person was in there, maybe with Mark Shin who would be making a terrible mistake standing next to that piece of shit aside from the terrible mistake of wearing a disguise in front of me. I remembered an anecdote about the hiring process in which "Rod/John" or his accomplices defrauded me at Exide. At one point in an early interview or meeting, he said, "I'm 100% committed to the team." I don't know which team he was talking about, but I am not on it. I am my own team only and Rod is not on my team, and story of the Bible is that death eventually comes to the people on any team but mine. I am not on a team with you, Rod. I know your brain washing program makes it impossible for you to understand things that you don't like but you should get it through the skull on your tiny little head: I am not on a team with you. I hate you and your team.

Rod, or whatever the fuck your name is, you faggot: I truly hate you with my whole heart. I will search your people out forever and send them to hell wherever I find them. I hate you and any team that might be glad to have you on it should be wiped out from under the heavens. I hate you and my hand will be against you and your people forever. I hate you and your team, Rod, and I will destroy you in the heat of my wrath. Maybe you think I won't because there's some excuse you have, but I will. There was a horrible plague that followed me everywhere that I have walked, and this plague has fallen upon you and your people, Rod. I am not on your team, and I am glad that you mentioned your 100% commitment to a team so I know that there is a team that I should annihilate. I will search through the story of your life to find everything you ever looked upon with favor and I will make it so filthy before I destroy it, Rod. I will do all these things to punish you for your boldness.

Everyone on based DS9 wipes their feet on the flag of the unhappy degenerate psychos. S03E06 [3:37]

UPDATE: This was actually in season 3 and I had an unfortunate typo saying it was s02e06 when it was actually s03e06.

In the gym today, they had a Brennan stalker stalking me. When I noticed that that person looked like Brennan in profile, probably because Brennan is a mutant alien only recognizable in profile, he and another man engaged in abrupt reactionary machinations as is usual for my stalkers hoping that I will recognize them. The Marcio stalker was near the squat rack today and he was with someone that looked not unlike Humberto but a lot skinnier. One of the other stalkers that usually has blue eyes had brown eyes today. The person who usually enacts the main dick stabbing persona, and whose obvious accomplice was the Marcio stalker at the time of the infliction of the dick stabber's genital trauma, was dressed up as a little old man today. Even though your balls are old, Old Man, and not much would be lost if I sliced them off of you, the young men in your clan have young balls and I know it will hurt you to see them castrated, and I will do it for that reason and for other reasons as well.

This is what I'm going to do when I find out Brennan and probably this person were involved in my problems: I will search through their career files and I will find everyone that ever benefited by their hands, anyone whose good fortune would be a source of pride for them, and I will round them all up and make them so filthy before I kill them... if they should be so lucky as to find the relative mercy of death. All of my counterparties are still trying to portray themselves as something other than the bad guys in the Bible who are the literal most evil cast of characters of all time, but that is who they are, and I will treat them accordingly. I will curse their blessings. I will blot out their names from under heaven and there will be no remnant of them. I am the Lord.

There was essentially non-stop banging on my wall from room 306 during the entire time I was writing this about how I'm going to send my enemies' favored people to hell, searching them out from the past with vindictiveness. I imagine in response to my promises, my enemies will say, "No! This asshole can't be God! Just look at how he's promising to do all the things that God has been promising to do for thousands of years!"

When I saw that picture of the guy burning in hell, I wondered if it was supposed to be Putin. I couldn't tell but if it gave me the impression of Putin, then I suppose it was a pretty good likeness. The way they had his face on Zero Hedge this morning made me google it and I see that painting is called "Putin in Hell" which is not what I was going for with a picture of some random asshole burning in hell.

I went to the chicken place today. When I walked in around 1:15, some Mexican eating in the restaurant shouted, "Pol ftarova," which means 1:30 in Russian and is one of my recent vocab words. I ordered collards instead of fires today. While I was eating them, I was thinking how good they were drenched in butter. Usually, I eat them with salt and/or hot sauce but these were particularly good. They were very buttery. While I was thinking about how good the butter was, the Mexicans behind the counter in the restaurant shouted, "Butter!," probably about five times. For these reasons and many more, everyone in Antarctica is getting exterminated. Something in their hearts drives them to want to make my life a living hell and in turn I will make their lives a living hell, and not in a metaphorical way.

I am liking KDE pretty well. I figured out those things I mentioned in the earlier post. Namely, the brightness control does not work while VLC is open which is a much better explanation than my previous thought about it randomly working sometimes. With the slider bar in the dialog window, those were actually two different file pickers: the GTK file picker without the features I like and the KDE file picker that has all the stuff I want. After reboot, the default behavior for Firefox was to use the GTK file picker and I guess in the course of my usage of other KDE programs, the default file picker would get updated in my session profile. Two different file pickers are a much better explanation than my first thought that aliens were messing with the structure of my file picker. I added a line to my ~/.profile and now I get the KDE file picker all the time and everything is working well. Somehow, the hecklers that stand outside my hotel window with absolute impunity are still able to heckle me in real time about what I'm looking at on my computer but that could be due to my use of the hotel's wifi or the cameras in my room placed by the agents of my enemy who will soon plead with me not to repay them as I see fit. I may give Kubuntu a try on my next computer just for comparison with my current KDE Neon OS but I think KDE is the right DE for me and I will stick with it.

Selling your own children into prostitution is degenerate but paying for sex is not inherently degenerate. Look in the Bible. Does it ever cast a man paying for sex in a bad light, ever, even once? The only time it casts prostitution in a bad light is when entire cities turn to prostitution meaning that their love of money has overcome their desire for mutual affection. For the most part, however, prostitution is not given a bad wrap in the Bible. Look at the story of Judah and Tamar in particular. The problem was not that Judah paid for the affections of some woman on the side of the road. The problem was that Tamar was a devious hoe and then Judah was going to kill her because he was the one that didn't pull out.

Pic related needs to be appreciated as the wisdom of *the Proverbs.* This is supposed to be the collected wisdom of the wisest man of all time, and it appears in the Bible because Solomon prayed to God for this wisdom, and it was given to him by the Lord. Proverbs 6:26 says, "Why would you fuck another man's wife when you can just fuck a prostitute?" The ones who say that prostitution is evil are themselves the evil ones.

When this George Floyd thing happened, it seemed like what they were saying about kneeling on the neck was really about stabbing me in the dick and implanting sexual torture implants in my dick. I think the first dick implant I got was in Albuquerque, NM, and there was some weird thing about Hunter Biden's laptop being dropped off in Delaware and then taken to the FBI office in Albuquerque where the local FBI people wanted nothing to do with it.

On that day in Albuquerque that I got the first of a hundred or more stab wounds in my penis, I was driving around hoping to pay some woman to suck my dick. Eventually some woman (I hope) approached my car as I drove past the corner on which she was posted up. I paid her $30 or so and she sucked me off. Shortly after that I started getting electrical zaps in the head of my penis. It started later that afternoon. In the months that followed dozens of other people felt entitled to stab me in the penis and testicles and to implant their sexual torture devices into the genital trauma they inflicted upon me. When I see this pic of Chauvin, I wonder if he was the person that approached my car that day in Albuquerque. I can't remember the face so well and mostly I remember how overly broadly smeared was the bright lipstick. However, each time I see this pic of Chauvin, I wonder if he had dressed up as a woman so that he could approach my car with the intention to stab me in the penis and then insert a sexual torture device into the stab wound in return for the $30 I gave that person to suck me off.

Champion hoodies sure are popular lately. The origin of this fashion trend is as thus. Around 2013 or 2014, I went down to Woodruff Park in Atlanta to assess the situation. There was some peculiar art exhibit out there and I got out of my car to look out it. It was a bunch of lights in a dumpster full of sand and I liked its artfulness very much. Ludacris was down there that evening and I guess he thought I looked badass in my Champion hoodie, and I would agree with him if he did, and we would be both be correct. Shortly after that, I saw a picture of Will Smith's son wearing a Champion hoodie with the neck torn like I had torn the neck on mine. Back when I was training, my neck was very muscular, and that hoodie was choking me before I tore it. That's why I switched to V-neck white shirts too even though they are less masculine looking than the crew neck: the crew neck t-shirts were all squeezing my neck too much and I continue to enjoy the lack of constriction around my current non-training non-garganto neck. Many years later, I see the Champion hoodie is very popular even among people who don't like me.

I was trying to set up an account online so I could order a new computer. As soon as it asked me for a number for text code verification, my phone and my computer both gave me simultaneous security update notifications.

It seems like I also got new zappers all over the right side of my torso near where my right arm brushes against my body. I'm not having obvious capacitor discharge zaps over there like I am on the inside of my arm but the irritation there started on Sunday with this thing in my arm and it has persisted through at least a few shirt changes, by now.

Actually, when I was writing the previous paragraph, I did get an obvious capacitor discharge zap over on the right side of my torso. I also felt two zaps on the back of my head while I was on the treadmill yesterday, but I have not felt them again. Those may have been some transient sensation unrelated to satanic agents stabbing me and then inserting their torture devices into the stab wounds.

I was at the 7/11 CIA command post this morning getting some coffee. Waiting in line, I began to suspect the "woman" in front of me was actually a man. At that same time, some man behind me exclaimed, "That's a man!," and this post will remind to torture him to death, all of his people, and all of the people associated with the persona he was using to torment me while I was getting coffee this morning.

I got a new zapper implant on the inside of my right arm today. That's probably why the Jed affiliated stalker was so intent on bothering and why his father Enward was doing the air punching at me. I'm going to shit in the mouths of everyone you love, Enward.

>Something in their hearts drives them to want to make my life a living hell

They've got a new LRAD set up behind the hotel to scream, "JON!," at me in some woman's voice from the backyard of one of the houses behind the parking lot. Also, when I went to Walmart today someone yelled, "Ya fuckin' [N-word]," at me as soon as I got out of my car and then two people yelled, "Jonathan!," behind me while I was in the store. Then I went to Best Buy. When I went in, the greeter asked me what I was there for, and I told him a phone case. Someone standing right behind him wearing a black hoodie featuring the flag of my enemy then said something about getting a phone case three times in the next two minutes. When I was checking out, the person asked for my name for a Best Buy account and when I gave him a fake name, some woman behind me screamed, "Naw!," before I was even done giving my fake first name. As I was walking from the cash register to the exit, someone yelled, "FBI!" For these reasons and very many more, I am going to kill everyone that lives in Antarctica. Something in their hearts drives them to want to make my life a living hell, and I will do that to them as well but not in the metaphorical sense.

One of my recent creepy stalkers has been hanging out by the gas station pretending to be homeless. Today I said to him, "Man! Why are you pretending to be homeless?" Some woman was a cunt to me about it, and this post will remind me to check on whether she was a random passerby that should just be killed in the street like a rabid dog or if she was up there doing the agent rendezvous at the 7/11 CIA command post, in which case she should be tortured over some extended period for her brazen practice of falsehood.

The most prominently Jed-affiliated close approach stalker in the gym was filming me with particular deliberation today. I would never forget about this one and I don't need a reminder, but this post will remind me about all the people affiliated with the close approach Jed stalker persona.

A lot of people think it's not going to be like that, but it is going to be exactly like that.

This scripture is the testament that I did kill of the people in Antarctica.

The way Isaiah is written today, these words are set so that the pronoun "you" refers to the king of Babylon at the time Isaiah was alive, but my opinion is that Isaiah 14 is a prime example of the problem described on the last page of the Bible about people changing the words. I think the attribution of the pronouns gets messed up in Isaiah 14 some time after "tell this to the king of Babylon." For instance, in Isaiah 1 or 2 it says God is the man that shakes the Earth, and it is God who constantly threatens to destroy the world's cities, and I think among that longish string of paragraphs following the address to the king of Babylon, you can find pronouns which referred originally to that king, to God, and to Satan too. Particularly for Satan around verse 12 with the language about the fallen morning star.

At the gym on Friday, the one I saw in front of the fire station was making it known that he is very unafraid of me. He is one of the ones among the group that turned off my brain and stabbed me in the penis and put sexual torture devices into my stab wound while my brain was turned off. While I was casting hate upon him, he looked at me from across the gym nodded his head toward some woman stretching near me and I do not think he could have seen her from where he was. Likely his nod means that she is another agent, and it also shows that these people refuse to believe me when I say that I am racist against Antarcticans. I want to kill all of them and make very many of them suffer terribly before they die, and I do not have a kind word or touch for any of them.