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Kary Mullis gives his opinion of Anthony Fauci

> [0:58] You can't expect the sheep to really respect the best and brightest, they don't know the difference.

> [1:12] The vast majority of them do not possess the ability to judge who is and who isn't a really good scientist

"Sabrina is the next Einstein." Also, "Tooker is not a really good scientist."

I upgraded to KDE Neon 5.21.4 today. When I did, my computer prompted me to restart. After I did, I opened my *fantastic* Linux text editor Kate which is *way* better than Notepad++. When I started typing the last post about the fraudsters, my system crashed and I had to do a hard reboot with the power button. Then after it restarted, there was some apparent glitch in Kate again.

Yesterday, when that dad-affiliated stalker came out of the room in 306, I was thinking for the rest of the evening that he was probably in there trying to give my Linux computers AIDS over the hotel wifi which I do not doubt is possible for him considering I'm using an NSA approved Dell laptop I bought at Best Buy. This is a familiar series of events from the time when I was using Windows: some weird stalkers shows up, I get the overwhelming feeling that they are trying to fuck my computer, the next day there's new updates requiring a restart, and then after than the computer has AIDS. So... maybe my computer has AIDS again, maybe it doesn't. It's weird how the updates requiring reboot followed by new system errors followed directly after my assumption about that stalker in 306 giving my computer AIDS. As I said, this exact sequence of events is most familiar to me from my time using Window.

When the glitches occurred following the reboot, the stalkers outside my window increased their calls of HA! very much. I think it would be too much of a professional fuck you to my enemies' IT staff for them to ever let me get the AIDS off my computer. It's basically the same reason I can never get the torture implants out of my dick and asshole.

Back in December 2016 when I was trying to get back in touch with one of the men who used to pretend to be be my dad, there were several men all defrauding me jointly, probably using tunnel access in the master bedroom to switch personae so as to avoid revealing their fraud by not hiding while was one of the others was defrauding me. One of those fraudesters, likely an agent of my enemy the USA, plopped some picture down in front of me of Jenna and some dad-affiliated persona in the 180lb frame much different from all these gigantor dad-imposters that I have seen in recent years. It was this picture where I noticed that the dad-affiliate person looked like Jed. The fraudster that plopped the picture down in front of me declared in apparent furtherance of whatever conspiracy to defraud he was involved in at the time, "We've got too much invested in that one." I don't know if he meant Jed or Jenna but I don't have anything invested in either of them and I will defile them to spite that investment. I will also make a careful examination of the "we" to which this person referred. In the past, I have learned that my stalkers often declare things on their own and then take their having declared it in my presence to be equivalent to my own having made the same declaration. Likely the person said that in front of me and then went on to say that I have something invested in either of Jenna or Jed. I have nothing invested in either of them. My only interest in them at all is as objects I can use to inflict pain on the souls of those who love them.

BREAKING: Irish Government Admits COVID-19 is a Fake Hoax Scam which DOES NOT EVEN EXIST

>They do not have records of the virus being isolated and therefore they do not have any proof that COVID-19 exists.

>Basically its all a fraud.

I think these kikes that steal my semen have made entire careers for Erin and Jenna to do nothing more than follow me around and torment me in the homelessness that they have subjected me to after sabotaging my various careers. For some people that claim not to like me, they sure are interested in trying to graft their people onto me. They used to tell me that these kikes they pay to torment me in my homelessness were my sisters, a lie, and they themselves follow me around using their tools of war. If those people's sons' testicles weren't shit tier compared to mine, they would be happy to have their sons wives get pregnant by their sons' semen. As it is, they know their sons' semen is shit tier so they steal mine. I will do will much worse to them, however, and the years of their suffering will far exceed the years of my suffering. I'm glad they did it too. Otherwise, I might not have know to kill some of them.

The woman from the desk called to tell me my Amazon package was here. When I left to go down there, the person in 306 intercepted me in the hall as I walked by his door. He appeared to have the appearance of some dad-affiliated persona. As his door opened, I was afflicted with the most severe bout of RIGHT INNER ARM ZAPPERS to date. Furthermore, they were much higher up toward the armpit than previous zappers so I they must be more new ones. I assume the ZAPPERS are an expression of his frustration regarding his inability to kill me to definitively rule out the possibility that I will feed Jenna to the maggots. I am sure he would like to catergorically preclude such an outcome. I assume his impotence in that regard is a thorn in his side far more irritating that the zappers in my side.

I'm going to make a Rube Goldberg of what becomes of your people, you 306 stalker. Jenna is among the ones I hate the most and those affiliated with her will share her fate, and that is you, I am quite certain. You would like to kill me so you can be sure I won't do it but you are unable due to your position of relative weakness. That's the position where God put you! Kike! You went on some long downhill slide to get where you are now and you're only going to get weaker in the future. You must be able to see the increase of your weakness compared to what you once may have been. It's only going to get worse for you, forever. I am glad to know that the increase of your weakness is cystal clear to you even while I can only imagine it.

Two offensively ugly women executed a close approach maneuver on me today using a staggered approach formation. This post wil remind me to kill them. No doubt this was a response to my ugly women rant from last night.

Furthermore, the sniggering kike hand rubber or the sniggering kike hand rubber's accomplice that was filming me and looking at me with one eye last week gave me a dirty look today. After I said I didn't not like him yesterday, or possibly a day earlier, some other dad-affiliated disguise monster came with the close approach manever when I was getting lunch after I left the gym. It appears to me that these people may be foolishly entertaining the notion that they can demostrate affiliation with the sniggering kike hand rubber and then not find that I curse their blessings at a later time. This is foolish.

Iran Says It Captured An "Israeli Spy" Near Northwest Border

I'll be glad if I don't see that scrawny kike faggot disguised as a fat Mexican anymore.

I saw a UFO one time, or rather the presence of the UFO. I was on the porch of that house on Center Street in the fall of 2018. There was a torrential rain and I was watching the tumult of the rain drops in the street. I had been longing for the heavy rain for a long time and I was glad to see the torrent of it. Suddenly, there was a semicircle in the middle of the street of where no raindrops were falling. The giant splash of the huge raindrops in the water on the street was cut by a perfect semicircle beyond which no raindrops fell. The street underneath was merely wet. I did a double take and could see a perfectly semi-circular area where no rain was falling. I don't recall if maybe the other half of the semicircle was in the grass of the lawn across the street where the patter of the raindrops was not clear in the grass like it was on the street. It may have been a free floating semicircle in the middle of the street not extending onto the neighbor's lawn; it don't recall the arrangement because I was so fixated on the geometry of the feature nearest to my porch: a semicircle cut in the rain ~30 ft from where I was standing. At first, I noticed the sudden shape in the road. Then I did a double take and clearly saw the shape of some semicircle blocking the rain, maybe 10-15 feet in diameter. I focused on it and comprehended it and was certain of what I was seeing. Then it was gone: not, however, before I had clearly focused on it fully comprehended it. I had looked toward the leading edge of the shape closest to my porch. That's why I can't remember whether the whole shape was just a semicircle or if half of the semi-circle was in neighbor's lawn. A circular UFO was blocking the rain there for a minute. It was the shadow of the flying saucer I saw in the rain. 100% true story.

I greatly prefer using KDE Neonazi's Konsole to execute SCP over using Filezilla to execute FTP. When I was uploading via FTP, 90+% of my transfers would fail, then Filezilla would reconnect, then somehow the file transfer would not start over all the way but would back up from some point in the failure, then get to 100%, and then probably fail three more times, and then finally upload my content to my hosting account with who knows what kind of nonsese encoded into it. Since I switched to SCP, I have had zero transfer failures. On my most recent install of KDE Neon, something went wrong with the Filezilla install and that was too much given my suspicions about why almost all of my uploads were failing. The SCP is much better. KDE is really great. I had quit using Linux on several previous attempts to abandon Windows because the DE wasn't *great* but KDE NEON is very great. I should have tried it a long time ago.

Last year when I was staying at the Hampton Inn near JFK airport, I started making posts about my intention to kill all Israelis by attacking their land with nuclear carpet bombing with specific attention to destroying that pile of stones in Jerusalem and leveling the surrounding hills. Around that time, the kikes at the "halal" deli I was going to revealed themselves as Israelis under the pretense of being Arabs. Likely the name of their deli is "Ha! Bibi!" and not "Habibi." One morning the guy at the deli was making wait a very long time. He was behind the counter facing the grill and I was waiting. After about 15 or 20 minutes, someone bumped into me from behind. I turned around and it was some scrawny little faggot staring at me brazenly. I said, "Excuse you!," and turned back around. In what seemed to me to be less than a second, the guy had moved away from the grill and was facing me with hands on the counter. He would have had to suddenly dart at the moment that person bumped into to change positions so quickly and even then I do not think he could have moved so much in the moment of my sideways glance. No doubt my brain had been turned off I was anally raped in his kike deli and given new 9:00 implants. A second later, the faggots standing by the door to the deli said, "Nine o'clock," about five to ten times. I bring it up because I think that faggot that bumped into me and raped me in that deli is in my current hotel.

I have gotten probably 40 new zappers all over my body, away from my genitals, just Biden decided to leave int eh same situation Trump left me in. I used to only have zappers in the tips of my fingers but now I have them all up and down the lengths of my fingers. I used to only have them in the balls and arches of my feet and on my first toes but now I have them in the tips of all the other toes as well and the crease between the toes and the ball of the foot. I have them all over my inner biceps now and my inner forearms, and I have them all around my collar bone area. I did not have any of these when I checked into this current Holiday Inn. Likely the people who are soon going to beg me to have mercy on their children are making it possible for the person who anally raped me in that deli to continue to stab me and give me implants pretending to be a Mexican cleaning lady of the same stature.

Today, the Chinese tapping torture was quite severe and I went into the hall to check if it was the cleaning staff or if I wouldn't see the cleaning cart meaning that it was one of my neighbors. When I saw that one Mexican I have in mind, no doubt a kike pretending to be something else, it exclaimed, "Pais!," as if to intimate that they were tormenting on behalf of the Synagogue of Satan which calls itself the secular state of Israel. A while after that, I noticed that the brazen look this little Mexican kike gives me whenever I pass it in the hall is the same look I got from that scrawny faggot when I got anally raped and stabbed in my asshole in the kike deli near the fake copy of JFK airport that the kikes built in Antarctica in furtherance of their practice of falsehood. If I am seeing this person every day, that would explain the slow increase of these dozens of zappers all over my body away from my genitals and asshole, and also how I have woken up with fresh anal trauma and new anal implants in this hotel so many times.

The likeness of this Mexican's brazen gaze to that of the scrawny faggot of the same stature that had raped me in the deli occurred to me while I was on the treadmill. A few moments later, an accomplice persona of the scrawny kike came to interrupt my workout, one I attribute to that kike Erin Tooker who is the agent of the kikes and the secular state of Israel. Because she is a dimwit, she probably does not even see herself as the accomplice of the kike in the group of people that follows me around to torment me with their bullshit fighting against my large efforts to be far removed from such unsavory kikes such as Erin and her professional colleagues.

Erin: know that I count you and your child or children in the same group with the rest of all of these people. You are all in the same crowd and if you say you are not, then I will tell you that I don't value your opinion. As it was: I became infuriated on the treadmill thinking about this kike's brazen gaze and then they sent that other kike Erin to be the kick in the balls on top of the anal rape. They are all in the same crowd.

UPDATE: After this Erin-affiliated kike persona came and got in my field of vision while I was on the treadmill, I cut my workout short because the person's appearance was so offensive to me. When I came back to my room to make this post, the person relocated from in front of the treadmill to standing outside my window, heckling me. As it is, they know I go to great lenghts to get away from them and the devote their vast efforts to undermining my intention.

"Structural Collapse Could Occur At Any Time": Florida County Evacuates Residents Near Imminent Radioactive Wastewater Spill

This language about radioactivity reminds me of the plutonium accident due to the faulty kitty litter. This screencap is long and glitchy but the story about the kitty litter is in there.

I am very happy with KDE Neon 5.21. I will start uploading to my website here with scp now instead of ftp. Anything cryptographic in any of my previous content would have been put there by Satanic minions and my switching to scp may have an effect on that.

Navy "UFO Patent" Documents Talk Of "Spacetime Modification Weapon," Detail Experimental Testing

>One test asset used in experiments appears to have been a "coin cell capacitor" with a 0.276-inch diameter

>Pais' Plasma Compression Fusion Device patent could be used to design a terrifying-sounding new form of weapon known as a "Spacetime Modification Weapon:"

>Still, taken at face value, these new documents seem to prove even further that these inventions were not solely the product of an enigmatic maverick inventor, but instead received support from the highest levels of NAWCAD and led to DoD-funded research projects and experiments with an eye on producing exotic new forms of propulsion and weaponry.

>Each one of Dr. Pais's inventions is stated to be enabled through what he himself described to The War Zone as "the Pais Effect," a theoretical physics concept that is claimed to be enabled through the "controlled motion of electrically charged matter (from solid to plasma) via accelerated spin and/or accelerated vibration under rapid (yet smooth) acceleration-deceleration-acceleration transients." This effect, the inventor claims, can lead to incredibly powerful electromagnetic energy fields that can "engineer the fabric of our reality at the most fundamental level" leading to incredible revolutions in power and propulsion, quantum communications, energy production, and even weaponry.

This is obviously the development of my 2013 theory of classical electrogravity.

Secret Service Intervened In Hunter Biden Missing Gun Incident After Brother's Widow Tossed Into Trash

Today, some asshole threatened to throw me out of the place where I'm staying since I wasn't wearing a mask. That rules out the top two. I'm not staying with family. Ergo, I'm homeless. Homeless people sleep in hotel rooms quite often. Sometimes people try to say that you're only homeless if you sleep on the street but that's not right. Consider the people who stay at the homeless shleter. Do they stop being homeless when they stay there or is everyone who stays there homeless? It's the latter, in my opinion. I am homeless and the cunt rules lady threatened to throw me back out on the street today because I wasn't wearing a mask to defend against the fake virus. The people who try to lessen the magnitude of their crimes by reimburing my receipts won't give me enough money to buy some land of my own according to the satanic system of law which does not acknowledge that I own the whole world and everything in it, including this hotel that some cunt piece of shit threatened to throw me out of today. No doubt if he moved forward with his threats, the local police would assert his fake property rights as superior to my real property rights.

There appeared to be a gaggle of Isarelis in the parking lot when I got back from the gym today. I probably got new implants. In the gym, there was a new stalker today wearing a CCM shirt and this post will remind me to put his entire clan to death. When I was leaving the gym, it may have Jim the Cistercian Catholic doing his autist thing in front of me as I was about to descend the stairs. Certainly this person's weird gait reminded me of the deliberately autistic-looking gait of Jim the Cistercian Catholic. On my way to the gym before that, I was thinking about my enemies' attack on me yesterday morning with their dream theater inception weapons. They were doing some dream theater about Elizabeth Windsor and her husband and their descendants. When my mind drifted off in that direction on my way to the gym this morning, the RAPE DICK revved right up and then it was followed by DOUBLE 9:00 MEGA ZAPPER and a QUADRUPLE 9:00 MEGA WRIGGLER. Other than that, the RAPE DICK is *extremely* intense today after an unusually slow onset following my waking moments.

Another creepy thing Jim the Cistercian Catholic did: During my time at Lexis Nexis was when I really started talking to myself aloud a lot. I was mentioning it to Jim one day in the office that I had started to do so. I think he said, "Oh no! Don't start talking to us. That's not good." I may have made a remark about talking to my surveillers in the act of talking to myself.

As I recall, I was trying to buy some weed when I was in Flagstaff, AZ in spring of 2020. Some street person told me they could take me to get it. He told me to go park in a certain place and we were waiting a few minutes for his friend to show up. During a conversation while we were waiting, he started saying cryptically, "You know I'm of them," but I do not know which "them" he may have been talking about and he just seemed like some average crazy homeless person to me. I did not really care and I was only talking to him because he told me he could get some weed. He never got me the weed and I think all he wanted to do was to implant a sexual torture device in my penis: the DEEP URETHRA ZAPPER which remains as a giant hard node at a site of frequent electroshock down where the stem of my penis merges with the pelvic gristle. I eventually went back to my hotel with no weed and I began to have severe discomfort at the site of the DEEP URETHRA ZAPPER. I was getting a lot of dick implants at that time, as I still am, and it clicked for me that the "them" he must have been referring to were the people that implant the sexual torture devices into the genital trauma they create by stabbing me in the penis and testicles. I went to the ER and soon after I told the ER staff that I thought some homeless person had given me an implant, some Catholic priest showed up in the ER waiting room giving me dirty looks. So, in that way, I am also glad that this person has brought the Catholics to my attention. I am quite certain that the person who gave me this giant nodule sexual torture implant in my dick was the field agent of some sort of the local Catholic parish where he was doing the work of the Catholic church among the poor in the downtown area of Flagstaff, AZ.

Also, I should say that this one that came to spray pepper spray on me at McDonald's while I was living on the street was not the only one of the prostitutes I met during that time who would later appear among my stalkers. In an effort to screen out the nasty ghetto whores from the unattractive women who would not agree to have sex with me for less than $200/hr, I started asking them if they had tattoos. In this way, even if they had fake pictures, which they all did except for the one good looking one, I meant to screen out some of the ones I did not want to meet. Shortly after I began to ask that, I may have neglected to ask on a particular occasion. Some woman showed up looking like she should be paying me to fuck her instead of vice versa. When she took her clothes off, she got on my bed and exclaimed, "Loot wuh ah gah fuh ye!" Then she turned around and stuck her ass in my face with some giant gross tattoo on her ass cheek. I think she further remarked to the effect that she knew specifically that I would not like her disgusting giant ass tattoo and that she had been chosen to come to me specifically to ensure that I would be unable to enjoy my time with her. This prostitute also came to fuck with me while I was using the internet out front of the downtown library one evening before I would retreat for the night to the sidewalk in the alley behind the library where I was sleeping at that time.

No doubt whomever had sent their agent Starbucks Girl to tell me about her non-existent boyfriend was continuing with their bullshit across the remainder of the time when I was trying seek female companionship. They always poisoned it and their poison sickens me to this day. Eventually, once every non-paying encounter and every paying encounter always turned out to be some fucking agent sent to make me unhappy, I stopped even trying with women for several years. I started trying in Statesboro in the non-paying way and it was just more of the same: all agents all sent to turn me down. Then I started trying to pay again and now instead of the STD planted in the whore's vagina to make sick, they send the whore to literally stab me in the penis and testicles to implant their electroshock devices. So I will do much worse than that to their ancestors' descendants. In this way, I am glad Jim has brought the Cistercian Order and the Catholics to my attention.

After that last post, my website suddenly went offline for a minute! A lot of the OOOOH's in songs in recent years have referenced the way I made that prostitute moan. The "OOOOOH, I was blinded by the light," lyric in this song which I like is one such example. The woman was black, btw. That's what being blinded by the light is about. This whole song is about that time in my life.

My period of intended cuckoldry at Lexis Nexis mostly followed my encounter with my enemies' agent Starbucks girl. After my umpteenth negative experience pursuing a traditional relationship with a good looking young lady, I change my mind about my previous preference not to pay women for sex. I started trying to find a nice prostitute. They kept sending me ones that were not very good where it would have made a lot more sense for them to be paying me to fuck them than for me to be paying them. During that time, they did send one good looking one who would go on to me the originator of many memes when she said I fucked her a million times better than what she was used to. This person would later comes to spray me with pepper spray while I was using the internet as a street person at McDonald's. Although I was paying $200/hr, it was not enough to keep her around and a curse on me remains due to my generosity and failure to satisfy my desperate loneliness. Just this week, a heckler was standing outside my window shouting, "Two hunjid?! Buoy, you stupit! A hat!" This heckling about that $200 has not subsided at any time since then. They say I was stupid for overpaying but they do not acknowledge that I obviously wasn't paying enough because she refused to keep letting me fuck her and then they started sending nasty ones again asking for $200/hr again. Furthermore, my enemies gave that one good looking one an STD on purpose before she came to me. I did get a nasty sore throat from licking her pussy and that was one stank fucking bitch on the last time I saw her due to the infection was incubating in support of her failed attempts to transfer it into my urethra. This is indicative of the method of my enemies that all of them were poisoned: either they sent ones that I could never possibly be attracted to and the only one I was attracted was made unclean on purpose beforehand. When I got that sore throat, my coworker Jim, who is probably "Autist," remarked to me, "Sometimes if you play n the playground you get sick." He had no good reason to know that I had been with prostitute and he was being an asshole about hinting that he was spying on me. I think he was instrumental in this encounter and my overall problem with the nasty prostitutes at that time, which is a problem that pains to this day. He would then be complicit in the curse which has followed me regarding the constantly heckling about being stupid for trying to pay for a prostutite that was not a 60yo unshaven stretch mark cellulite monster with a cleft palate. Jim had remarked to me that most of the men in his family were Catholic priests of he Cistercian Order and my hand will be against such people forever, and all of their flocks and children. When Jim first told me that his family name had been Farbolini before they changed it to Farbolin, he pronounced it eccentrically as "Fadda Belini," which was to say clearly, "Father Berlin" far in excess of an ordinary Italian pronunciation of the name Farbolini.

Jim "Father Berlin" Farbolin: I am against you and you people.

Meet The Russiagate Prober Who Couldn't Verify Anything In Steele Dossier, Yet Said Nothing For Years

>Auten, who did not respond to requests for comment directly or through his lawyer, was assigned to the case from its opening in July 2016

>"To think the Crossfire team signed off on those FISA affidavits knowing the contents were uncorroborated is unconscionable, immoral and also illegal,"

>FBI Director Christopher Wray has kept Auten in his job at the bureau, where he continues to work at headquarters as a supervisory intelligence analyst.

I would suppose that the July 2016 start date for "Autist" indicates that he is the same persona as the Jim Farbolin persona who sat at the desk next to me during my July 2015-June 2016 employment at Lexis Nexis. Shortly before I got fired from LN, we had some call where I was pointing out that everyone was doing everything wrong and lying about everything, and that we ought to be doing the work how the project docs said it ought to be done. At that time, Jim interjected on the call, "Well, I'm just going to shoot myself in the head if we're going to do it that way."

John Durham is looking at FBI's launch of Trump campaign probe, sources say

> Durham had turned his focus toward looking at the leadership of then-CIA Director John Brennan and then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, before apparently moving on and continuing to prod the FBI.

>Durham's probe has now lasted longer than the 2017-2019 Mueller probe

>Durham's probe hadn't found wrongdoing by the CIA. "The CIA stayed in its lane," he said, adding that includes how the Mueller team conducted its probe.

The real questions are: how did I end up in Antarctica, how did I get electrodides in my dick, how did I get electrodes in my balls, how did I get electrodes up my ass, why was the CIA sending its mutant aliens to defraud me for the purposes of defiling my bed, etc.

Particularly, the lane of the CIA is the one that sends oncoming traffic against the Lord and they should all be killed, and all of their children, and everyone who ever benefited from the CIA such that they would have a high opinion of that pile of shit should also be brutally destroyed with filth and cruelty.

Is it established yet that the the vaccine is more dangerous than the virus? On that note, is it established that the virus exists?

In the gym today, the persona of some kike that reminded me of Evil Dad the other day approached me. He walked by me to rub his merchant hands together commiserating with the persona I recently attributed to Rodney Williams. After he finished his sniggering kike commiseration maneuver, he made egress pushing the button on the fake +40 emotional tone he uses to hide his sadness, despair, and weakness. When I was leaving the gym, he was waiting next to the door to film me, or else possibly it was another person using an identical persona. In the parking lot, he twice or thrice gazed upon me with one eye from around the edge of the roof rack on a jeep. Then he kissed an accomplice persona in the appearance of a female. This man was wearing a sweatshirt themed with mutant alien artwork and adorned with a banner reading, "Who wants to live forever?" A much wiser question would be, "Who doesn't want to see their children and grandchildren go into the extended sick defilement?," because these are the wages that will be paid to all of these people who cooperate with my enemies. I would like to do it to all of them, and I may be able to, but I will definitely be able to do it to all of the people that had direct first person encounters with me. So, you fools, know that the price is not your own lives but the price is the lives of your children, even at the expense of their most certain sick defilement. Even if I am coming into contact with 100 agents per day, probably too high an estimate, and each of them has one spouse, three kids, three kids' spouses, and 10 grandchildren, and if I go back ten years, that's only facilities I need to make available for the sick defilement of less that seven million people. Furthermore, the overlap in the daily agents is certain to be so high that the number of agent plus their first tier relatives is much less than one million. I do not anticipate that such an endeavor would present even the slightest logistical challenge. In fact, just rounding them up with the local police forces would probably be the the main hurdle and I do not believe that hurdle will be high. For this reason, I feel confident in my promises that these things will also befall the support the staff behind the agents with which I have direct first person interactions.

I don't keep data on these things to say with certainty whether or not this is a good omen. It is my feeling, however, that when futures are approximately flat overnight, that is one of the best omens for poor market performance across the following day session.

I do believe that this know-nothing pseud I was arguing with on 4chan yesterday was indeed Sarbina: the so-called next Einstein. The response about the Finklestein-Eddington coordinates came too fast for me to think I may have been engaging with someone other than the author of the paper. My first criticism against Sabrina, who is definitely the author of the paper and only probably the idiot I was engaged with, was that Firewalls vs Complementarity was a fake problem designed to obfuscate a debate about whether or not "firewalls" would keep me, an outsider, out of physics or whether my work would be allowed to "complement" the work done by this community of fools that calls Sarbina the next Einstein. To demonstrate the crux of the matter of the FW v C controversy, it is required to assume four postulates, one of which is completely wrong and stupid. The person I was arguing with apparently did not notice that AMPS' postulate #3 was non-physical. When I explained it, the ignorance of this person exploded into the thread in a great vomitous belch. I am quite certain this is the ignorance of the person that has been getting called the next Einstein across all the years that I have outshone the collected efforts of all other living physicists combined while working it total isolation and having my genitals and asshole electrocuted night and day between my monthly or weekly anal rapes and aggravated sexual assaults.

While it is known that it is impossible to observe quantization of the properties of macroscopic objects, the person thought it was reasonable to think a black hole might have quantized characteristics. When I reminded this idiot that this not possible, they doubled down claiming that it was only necessary to design a sufficiently sensitive detector. This is wrong and stupid for the reasons I explained in the thread: the quantization of any of a black hole's attributes will be far beyond the relevant Planck scale. This was AMPS' stupid, wrong, and unphysical postulate (#3): that a black hole behaves as a quantum object to observers who are able to measure energy quantizations. However, the idiot I was engaged with thought that not only was #3 reasonable, but that it was "super reasonable." After that, I made the point that even if it was reasonable, the fact that four postulates with no empirical support for any of them must be strung together to demonstrate the FW v C problem means that the problem is of so little interest that only a fool would choose to study it. Usually in physics one studies a single unsupported postulate, or sometimes two if one of them is old and popular, and maybe I guess some crazy people study problems that are only the consequence of three unsupported propositions, but stringing together four such unsupported propositions and then calling the consequence a problem of relevance is preposterous. Not only that, one of the postulates is obviously, undeniably, totally unfixably wrong and it is the main postulate: that a BH might appear to have a quantized energy spectrum. Without this unphysical condition, there is no issue which might be framed in the context of FW v C.

The idiot with which I was engaged, who I assume was Sarbina, did not know, somehow, that the laws of quantum theory prevent large objects from demonstrating quantized properties. I explained using the example of the Planck length that even a 1kg object has a de Broglie wavelength approaching the Planck length when it is moving at 10 meters per second. At this point, I was greatly astonished by the profound ignorance of my counterparty in the matter! That person said that the most massive particle, the top quark, was much less massive than 1kg and that I should "try again" because my counterexample had failed to demonstrate the non-physicality of postulate #3. It is normal for physics enthusiasts who didn't study physics in college not to know the difference between a particle and a state, but the person did not understand that a de Broglie wavelength is a property of a state which can have any number of particles in it. Not understanding the difference between a particle and a state, which can be a single particle state or a multiparticle state, is basically the most often repeated wrong thinking by amateur quantum machinists. This, being the most stereotypical of all misconceptions about QM, totally blew my mind. Basically, this person is such an idiot at physics that they would have thought atomic interferometry is impossible because atoms have at least three quarks and an electron in them. Furthermore, this person, an alleged "professional" working in the field and probably attending colloquia (no doubt playing with her phone and not paying attention) was totally unaware of some of the most famous particle experiments in the 21st century which have demonstrated de Broglie interference of large molecules containing 60 or more atoms, all made of many quarks and leptons.

After I had exposed my counterparty as a complete pseud, my counterparty aped a similar but out of context point I often make about what was in existence with regards to the definition of real numbers at the time Riemann published his eponymous hypothesis. Although it is taught in the modern physics class which precedes even the first undergraduate semester of quantum mechanics that the de Broglie wavelength is a property of quantum states, my counterparty seemed to suggest that de Broglie wavelength cannot be a property of states because states in Hilbert space had not been introduced in 1924 when de Broglie published his thesis. I don't know if that is true but my counterparty must have realized the stupidity of it. They (she) did not pursue the aping of my own similar argument about the definition of real numbers in the 1850's.

Often times people say that even if the government stopped fucking me in the ass, I could never have a career as a physicist because so much remediation would be required for me "catch up" to my "peers" like "the next Einstein." If there was a problem, it would be that all the people who call every stupid thing Sarbina does a stroke of genius would refuse to acknowledge that any of my own strokes of genius are exactly that and the people who don't know any better will think the ones who call Sarbina Einstein are calling things honestly. Other than that, the idea that some for of remediation would be required is total bullshit. The only idiots who say that are the ones who call this idiot Sabrina the next Einstein. The people who believe them when they say I couldn't jump right into the bleeding edge of physics research and the immediately outshine everyone are the ones who believe it when they say Sarbina is the next Einstein. Sarbina is not even the next Ponzi who was at least an expert in finance. Most of the tenured people who shit on my theories are the same sort of pseud as Sarbina and the reason they fight tooth and nail against me having a shot as a professional scientist is because I would so easily expose so many of them as the same sort of pseud that Sarbina is. Keep in mind: all of "those tenured experts" who "have PhD's" that shit on my theory are the ones calling this idiot the next Einstein. Almost everything in academia is some sort of an appeal to authority fallacy designed to hide the fact that people like Sarbina are not the exception at all. People like Sarbina are the ones who respond to me from arXiv saying that my work contains no scholarly content while ignoring that Sarbina's head contains no scholarly content.

Overall, I suppose that all of Sarbina's professional must have been done by her advisors. Probably her entire PhD thesis was just the notes she took during her weekly meeting with her advisor who didn't have the heart to tell her that she sucks.

Finally, someone in that thread mocked my problem with the Whore of Babylon proclaiming, "I am Helene!" I will never forgive that person. Whoever wrote that is doomed to destruction unless they are so lucky as to be loved enough by someone who will kill them to save them from it, or else if they are wise enough (unlikely) to kill themselves to avoid the literal hell that I will put them (her) into. They say I am wrong to make death threats in these threads but when my counterparties invoke the name of my rapist and torturer to mock me, then that's perfectly civil discourse, apparently, appropriate for for the polite society which it is my destiny to destroy.

When I wrote that last paragraph, someone outside my window started yelling, "Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!," like I was taking it too far with my promise of total destruction while, apparently, it was fine for Sarbina to mock me with name of my rapist and torturer who has already murdered who knows how many of my friends and and used my friend's daughter as the object of her infamous Daisy's Destruction video. For some reason, they think it's fine for her to invoke the name of the most evil person alive, who is among other things my many times rapist and torturer, because they see fit to mock me with that name while I am trying to discuss my trade. It's not fine. If that person is still alive when I can get my hands on them, they will become the object of another Daisy's Destruction video that hopefully very few people will ever see. They will suffer for it, if they are still alive by the time I am able to put them into that fate.

I noticed that Stratcom's "Q acquitted" tweet was immediately followed by the CDC woman talking about being afraid. That made me feel good.

This is a modestly suspenseful chart for me.

One of World's Greatest Hidden Fortunes Is Wiped Out in Days

Global banks warn of possible losses from hedge fund default

Czech Republic's Richest Man Dies In Alaskan Helicopter Crash

When I saw this picture of this person, I was immediately reminded of one or more of the Dad-affiliated personae of which I am aware. If it would not have been for that, I would not have thought the names of the two locals that died in the crash might be fake. However, since there is the confluence of the recogntion in the picture and ability to read easily into the names of the locals, I wonder if Sean McMannany and Zachary Russel might be fictitious personae drummed up for this helicopter crash.

There's this one stalker I have in mind in the gym. He may be a real person or he may be a fictitious persona used by Memphis (Jordan Wright) and Memphis' doppleganger Jake Gyllehall to torment me. Memphis was using his likeness the other day and after he approached me he started dancing and rapping. The lyrics he rapped were, "Poppin' percs." I noticed in the cross tattooed on his arm, he had the initials JG written with I associated who I suspect is evil dad: Joseph George. P2 is the snake cult in the Vatican, I believe, and now I wonder if Evil Dad is the leader of the snake fags.

A few minutes after I wrote the last post about the people speaking ebonics Castilian, I went to get some coffee at some new place I found that had exceptionally good coffee. They replaced it with awful piss coffee today and one of the Mexicans in there said something about peasants as soon as I walked in. This post will remind me to ensure that every cruel thing becomes of the people in that deli with me today.

I saw a "simulation theory" post on 4chan recently where someone was saying he thought the simulation wardens torture him to modify his behavior. Indeed, in my own torture I have had a stalker approach me in 2014 or 2015 to declare, "We're from Executive Behavior Modificiation." As I went to the gym this morning, my mind was elsewhere. I was wondering about what reasons my torturers might have to torture me other than for their amusement. (Pic from here which I have written about here.) Certainly I was getting the anal torture devices used against me while I was in the few I offices I attended after getting expelled from college. Te otherwise torturous experience of working in literal cesspits of the bottom of the barrel of the dregs of the worst pieces of shit humanity has to offer was too much for me to ever consider making that mistake again, even if they had not been electrocuting my asshole at my desk and torturing me physically in other ways. However, as my mind was wandering on the way to the gym this morning, it occurred to me that they may be electrocuting my genitals and asshole to try to get me to go back into the office environment. As I thought that, since I am a writer, and I have made money off my writing this year, last year, and the year before, being gainfully employed as a writer in every possible sense of gain, it occurred to me that rather than encouraging me with their torture to get a job, which is unlikely in any case compared to a personal enjoyment motive among my captors, that the may be trying to get me to abandon my current profession in favor of one where I have to attend an office where they can place me in the cuck seat and subject me to the things that one is subjected to while sitting in a cuck seat.

As I was thinking these things, I was walking to my car. Four apparent Mexicans got out of their car in front of me and began to speak in that bastardized accent of Spanish which is popular among the peasants, and which is basically like the ebonics of Spanish. As my mind wandered, it occurred to me that, in fact, I am gainfully employed as a writer. As soon as it did, one of the four Mexicans broke out of his gringo ebonic Spanish to exclaim plainly and loudly, "I'm a wri...," with the most perfectly formed Anglo R sound, totally divorced from the pronunciation of the R in either Spanish or the ebonic gringo Spanish he was speaking. This post will remind me to exterminate the clans of those four people out to their cousins' children, at least, and any associated parties as well if some of them were drones.

Today in the gym, someone was giving me stink eye hard enough for me to eventually notice that that person's misshapen head was quite like Helene's misshapen head. When I noticed, all of the people in that person's party looked at me and nodded. Then while I was in the rack doing press, that person with the misshapen head walked behind me and my left forefinger was electrocuted at that moment: the only such electrocution in the gym today. A moment later, one of the accomplices of the one with the misshapen head, who may have been a diversionary misshapen head drone designed to distract me away from Helene as one of the other members of the party, or not, came behind me as well. At that moment, the rape dick implant revved up but then quickly subsided. All of the curses I have written will fall on all of these people. I will attach Helene's colostomy bag to the mouths of all of her favored people.

Alleged Morgellons fiber "wrigglers" in anal COVID tests.





Dangerous Giant Heavy Duty Hammer Forging Process, Excellent Workers' Skill In Steel Forging

I see Build Back Better's CIA pick Bill Burns finally became Director last week, replacing that kike Cohen. One has to look very far back in the annals to find an instance in which it took so long for the new President's CIA pick to take office. This "Burns" was pretending to be a homeless guy around my hotel recently, then he disappeared for a few days last week, and I saw him in a different disguise yesterday. He told me some lie about some bullshit when I asked him about it, and I will tell him the truth if he ever asks if I'm the most vindictive man that ever lived.

That kike Cohen had "worked at the U.S. Treasury Department and as an attorney in private practice. At the Treasury, among other posts, he served as the under secretary for terrorism and financial intelligence where he gained the nickname of 'sanctions guru.'" I wonder: does Burns' CIA still pay this kike? Is he still employed there as a CIA agent? I assume the answer is yes.

"Cohen is married with two children." I hope this kike loves his children. That will make my retribution sweeter in my mouth.

This Biden with the more serious looking face, meaning that he looks much different than the Mr. Nice Guy version of Biden, reminds me very much of one of the several or many people that were telling me in my childhood that I owe all of them the respect that a child owes to his father because they were all telling me that same lie while, apparently, none of them owe me any respect at all as their bona fide heavenly father: a position far more deserving of respect than even a biological father. The hyposcricy of that situation reminds me of my feeling toward the USA: a chimera of contempt and disgust. I always feel bad about Good Dad when I write these things but I don't think this one that Biden reminds me of is Good Dad. This one looks like a cunt. Good Dad, I beleive, does acknowledge me as his heavenly father but I don't think this one is that one.