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The same thing I said about John Brennan goes for this pic related faggot. He doesn't have an ounce of the fear of the Lord in his body and I'm going to kill his family. I'm going to search out all of the people he wanted to live while he wanted me to die and I'm going to make them all so filthy and pitiful before I kill them. And lest I be misunderstood about the scale of the calamity, I will search out the beneficiaries of all of his life's works, not only what he's done lately. I will reverse every win and I will increase the magnitude of all the losses. With deliberate intention to hurt and destroy disrespectfully, I, the Lord, will achieve all the things I have promised.

Iran media celebrates 'explosion' at 'sensitive Israel missile factory'

I'd say there's a great chance that some of the implants in my asshole and penis and balls and on my scrotum and feet and chest and arms and neck and face were manufactured at this facility.

The number of my stalkers that look like John Brennan has gone way up lately. When I am done pouring out my wrath on him and his people, there won't be anyone left in the world that could remind me of him.

Explosion Rocks Israeli Munitions Factory

Where are my tithes and offerings, you?

Today Helene came into the gym as soon as I got there to queef on me and make my workout a horrible experience when it could have been a respite from the anal rape of the RAPE DICK. That's her protocol however: You shouldn't lock your victims in a little box because they'll start to see it as a safe space and the objective is non-stop torment. She was obviously already in the hotel ready to take a figurative shit in my mouth with the way she treats my presence like it's a public toilet. Also, her non-sweating mutant alien disguise was as irksome as getting queefed on.

Heavy rain today seems very un-Antarctican.

US Issues Rare Warning To Israel: Attacks On Iran Interfering With Vienna Talks

In the Bible, the man Israel is the devil. Satan is real.

I had a very strange dream. It was probably more dream theater inception weapon kabuki but maybe not.

I was on a football field with Joe, Karen, Erin, and Jenna. It was daytime and it was very bright. They started walking across the field and I took flight. I ascended about 100 feet in the air and began to fly in a circle high above them. As they walked across the field, Trump and another man began to walk toward them from the perpendicular direction. His path did not cross theirs and he walked behind them as they continued across the field. I bellowed, "Donald! Donald!" He looked up but then pretended not to see me even when I kept yelling for him. I completed my circle flying. Joe and Karen and Erin and Jenna had not looked up to me. I descended upon them and tackled Erin from flight. We wrestled briefly in the football field. Then I tackled Jenna in the grass beyond the far side of the field. There we wrestled until I attained the mount position on her while she was face down in the grass. I wanted Joe to acknowledge that I had taken flight but he would not. We all got in a minivan and began to drive somewhere. I wanted them to acknowledge that I had taken flight but they would not. I began to wonder if I had really taken flight or if I had had a hallucination.

We were driving in the minivan in the desert. Joe and Karen were replaced by Rod Williams from Exide but Erin and Jenna were still in the back of the minivan with me. We pulled off the main road onto a dirt road and passed through a gap in a barbed wire fence. Erin got out of the minivan to place a section of fence in the gap that we drove through so that it appeared that there was no gap in the fence. However, she had only leaned the false section of fence against the fence posts and it was not secured. Then she got back in the minivan. There was more barbed wire fence as we drove on the dirt road in what was a desert scrub land looking like the Tucson desert but there were no saguaros, only scrubby little desert plants. We soon parked and exited the minivan. I saw beyond the minivan some little cage of chicken wire which was very long and framed with wood. It had an L-shape in it was very long like an HVAC duct. It continued out of sight about 20ft away around the side of a hill. Someone was saying something about, "How far have you gone?" Rod said, "You can go as far as you want." I recognized the chicken wire duct/cage from a previous dream. I knew it had some gross diorama inside. The imagery within was something with people in pig masks and concertina wire and I knew they were all going to low crawl through the chicken wire duct to a water slide at the end. The pig masks were somewhat like the train scene in Pink Floyd's The Wall. I knew these things from a previous dream. The water slide led to a water park somewhere that was the setting for a previous unpleasant dream. I told Rod that I was not going to crawl through the duct again. He said, "Ok," and waved his hand for me to go around.

They all began to crawl through the duct and I walked next to it through the desert. I got to the end before they did since I was walking and they were crawling and I knew the diorama inside the duct was much bigger and longer than it seemed like it could be viewed from the outside. Inside the duct was like a grotesque Disneyland ride where you crawl instead of ride. At the end, I saw the beginning of the water slide but I did not have an inner tube like I would have gotten at the end of the duct. I kept walking through the desert next to where the water slide would have been and I thought I recognized where I was going. There were a lot of very large boulders so that I was walking on dirt and rock jointly and my path was narrow at times due to very large boulders on either side. I saw Jeff Bezos a little further a head of me and he began to run. I began to run chasing after him. Shortly, he ran over a very large rock and passed out of view behind it. I kept running after him but I quickly realized that something was wrong because I had run over more than 180 degrees of this curved rock. I realized that the desert was some sick carnival ride as was the inside of the duct that I did not want to go through. I stopped running. A giant red devil head sprung up from beyond the horizon of the curved rock that kept going and going. It moved like a jack-in-the-box as if it was mounted on a spring and it menaced me me very much. It tried to frighten me for a while but I was only wondering what this bullshit was. Then it put me into a hydraulic press and smooshed me flat. I thought, "Oh, fuck!," for a brief moment because I thought I was done but then some "fine tools" bonus appeared like the way the +1up would appear in Super Mario. Then I was 3D again and beyond the place where the red devil head was.

(Being smooshed down to 2D was also evocative of a dream I had when I was a very young child. I was once greatly disturbed to see my dad smooshed down to a piece of glass by a chair in the style of Captain Pike's wheel chair. In that dream he was smooshed and shattered in the a chair behind some curtains in a shul. I later learned that "The Montauk Chair" is supposed to have the effect of rendering its occupants down to 2D as I had dreamt.)

Beyond the encounter with the giant devil bobble head, Jen Psaki appeared in front of me nude and very white. She was giddy like a forest sprite. I began to wonder what was the point of even continuing down the way I was going if the desert wasn't real but was just more sick carnival ride. Then Psaki took on a greenish hue and her feet became reptilian like a bird's and she had back bending knees. I thought about the Garden of Eden and the man getting poisoned by his wife. Then I observed her drinking something from a plastic bottle. I did not drink it with her and then I woke up.

This was a very unusual dream for me.

The stalkers in the gym today were as follows. The one in the grey hoodie with 87 written on the chest repeatedly sniffed his nose at me. While I was on the bench, someone sat down on the machine in front of me and kept pointing to his ear each time the rant of my inner monologue got to, "If you can hear my thoughts, then I'm going to hurt you by torturing your children." Furthermore, snout-dad who was waiting for me by the door with a camera recently had an accomplice in the trainer area and this post will remind me about him. There was also some female trainer in there that seemed to be in collaboration with the snout-dad. This post will remind me to hurt all of these people's children far beyond what they think might be possible. I will ruin them and when they are dead my curse will remain and their souls will be cut off from the light forever. Furthermore, there was someone wearing an LRG shirt in there today and making it obvious that they could hear my thoughts too and that was displeasing to me.

>vid goblin children and vid goblin wife

Russia Shuts Ukraine's Military Access To Black Sea

This article could have given a lot of context to these actions if it would have mentioned that Ukraine cut off the water to Crimea long before Russia cut off the Black Sea from the Azov Sea. Overall, my understanding is that the old government of Ukraine got overthrown by the CIA because the CIA in conjunction with the new government of Ukraine wanted to spawn a new race of abominable monsters by impregnating Ukrainian women with my stolen semen or my cloned semen. Selling my semen was probably Hunter Biden's primary business interest in Ukraine.

This is the truth about the collapse of the old Ukrainian government: they are farming my stolen semen over there. Every woman I speak to rejects me for sex while the women over there are fucking my enemies' sons and getting pregnant with my stolen semen because getting pregnant by the semen of the guys they're fucking instead of me seems like an undesirable outcome for them, apparently. Getting my semen by fucking me seems like the absolute worst possible option to them, from my vantage point. For this reason and many others, all the semen monsters will be killed. All the women who consecrated the abomination their wombs will be killed. All of the rest of the children of these women will be killed as well when I express my fury that they are giving their pussy to a man whose baby they don't want to have instead of giving it to me: the man whose baby they do want to have. If these women's husbands wanted their wives to get pregnant by my semen instead of theirs, they should have asked me to fuck their wives in their pussies until I came inside. However, they have pursued to course of my enemies' cuckoldry instead so I will kill all of them, and all of their other children. I am the Lord.

Ukraine dammed the North Crimean Canal seven years ago

Iran Says "New Understanding" Reached In Vienna Nuclear Talks

I am glad that my enemy Israel, a county named after Satan, does not like this. Because they do not like it, I am certain that it is good.

They didn't include the nuclear torpedoes in this one.

Furthermore, beyond the employees of Boeing directly, I also disqualify all the members of the gang whose gang sign is this faggot crooked smile. I will kill all of them and their children, and if I have man-hours available beyond other people whose children's suffering take precedence, I will put the children of the members of this gang into the sick defilement that the children of the Boeing employees go into. Depending on the information I have at that time, I may prioritize the brutal and cruel destruction of this gang over the brutal and cruel destruction of the Boeing employees so that perhaps the one who cleans the toilets at the Boeing facility will only see his children killed in the streets like the dogs that they are. I am the Lord.

Boeing Shares Dip After MAX Inspections Finds More Electrical Problems

No surprise that this comes in the same week that I "dreamt" that my asshole was getting fingered in some extended in-out in-out in-out completely unrelated to anything that might have been a study of the dozen or more anal implants I still have after a hundred others were already taken out. By that I mean that the rapist they sent to burglarize and anally rape me for diagnostic purposes was probably also being a faggot while he had his fingers up my asshole.

This post also serves as a reminder that all Boeing employees and their families are disqualified from entering my kingdom. I will round them all up and kill all of them and all of their families. I will make them suffer far in excess of the suffering I have endured under the bane of their many rapes and mutilations. I will make the children of Boeing's employees suffer so greatly compared to the suffering that I have endured that it will not make sense to the parents how the consequence could be tied to their actions which may have been nothing more than cleaning the toilet where other Boeing employees take dumps on the clock. I will totally destroy them. They are cursed forever. No one from Boeing will exist in the future. I am the Lord.

The Boeing or Boeing-like RAPE DICK implant got cranked *way* up while I was making this post.

I think I saw George from Lexis Nexis in the hall at my hotel today. George, you are definitely in the group of people that might still be alive 1000 years from now if I can keep you alive to prolong your suffering that long. In that regard, I have the idea to torture your body for as many years as I can and then to cut your brain off your heart and put it on a blood oxygenating device so you can never die from heart failure while I torture you with the neural link torture simulator. FYI, in case you weren't absolutely sure that you should kill yourself and your family and anyone you care about that I can use to hurt you. If you are wise, which you are not, then you will kill all of these people to prevent them from ever falling into the fate I have in store for them.

I had "a dream" that someone was fingering my asshole last night, or that I was fingering it, and today the RAPE DICK is much less than usual. I will be glad when it goes away altogether and all my enemies are in horrible agony knowing what I have done to their children.

When I was doing laundry this week, some faggot came into the laundry room with me and then complained about me not wearing a mask. I left and stood in the hall to wait for him to fuck off and I cursed him in my imagination as forcefully as I was able while he was in there. While I was cursing him, he turned around and gave me a dirty look as if to say that he didn't like it that he could hear my thoughts. This post will remind me to kill him and his family and all the people I can find smiling in his birthday and Christmas photos.

I can tell by how my RAPE DICK implant revved up to 11 while I was crafting that last post that I am *definitely* barking up the right tree there.

Regarding this faggot I saw in the gym the other day who I said was probably Evil Dad. Firstly, I wonder if he admits to himself that my sea colored eyes are better than his ice golem eyes. I can tell he likes his eyes very much to the point of some Narcissus-like fascination because his meme that he does is not centered around his body language like most people but instead is just some faggy stare.

Secondly, when I first moved to "Statesboro," I was staying at a Motel 6 for a little while. The starer was among my disguised stalkers there at the same time as was Cassandra Fairbanks whose catastrophic and prolonged defilement will be exceeded by very few people such as Jenna, if any at all.

Also, one time they were doing interactive hacker TV on some youtube video of Mueller I was watching. I said to the screen, "If you don't like me, then who do you like?" For about three seconds, they replaced Mueller's eyes with the ice golem's eyes which would be very pretty on a girl but, in my mind at least, don't really register whatever meme he's trying to pull off having concocted his whole mutant alien persona around a squint eyed stare. I don't think that stare means, "Look at what a pretty girl I could have been." That thing with Mueller was one of my first hints that that the Jesuits are my enemies and that I should send them all to hell along with all of their children because I understand that the FBI is a subdivision of the heretical division of the Catholic church run by the Jesuits with the blessing on my enemy the Pope. Another clue about my enemies being a superset of the Jesuits came when some other dad-affiliated imposter was defrauding me toward the end of 2016. He mentioned that the place where he used to work was called "IHS." That was another clue that I should kill all of the Jesuits, those on both sides of every issue, and also all of their children. Then when I have sufficiently made a mockery of the idea that these people were my servants, they will be known as the liars they most certainly were. Note well (nb!) that these people wrongfully use my name to call themselves the Society of Jesus when they are really the Society of One of Satan's Lesser Underlings. I will hurt them, and I will satisfy my vengeance against them most specifically by hurting the people who trusted them to do the right thing. Those people should have pu their trust in the Lord, as it is written. Overall, if cults were good, then they would have gotten a positive mention in the Bible. No one's cries, "Oh, I thought this cult was the good cult!," are going to appeal to my mercy.

UPDATE: While I was writing this post, two people outside my window pretending to be Mexicans started yelling, "CIA! CIA! CIA!," until I drowned them out with my laptop speakers. This post will remind me to torture them to death and all of their relatives.

When I went to the gym yesterday, aside from those other stalkers I mentioned and probably Sera Kim who I didn't mention, they had some other person in the persona of the one who had filmed me as I left the gym recently and then proceed to look at me with one eye past a roof fixture on a Jeep several times. Obviously I am going give to the same cruel fate to all of the people that wore any of the disguises which were used in offenses against me, and to anyone supporting their efforts to wear those disguises in my presence. However, because this one person stared at me so brazenly yesterday as if to get me to acknowledge that he was plainly a different person, I want to make a note to ensure that I remember that the largest possible helping of cruelty and suffering should fall on this one. I don't know if this is the real person whose persona was donned by those others to antagonize me or if he was just another person in that disguise. Whatever the case is, they are all in collaboration and I will send them to hell all equally, and all of their children. Perhaps one will make a plea, "I wasn't that one!," to which I will not reply at all because I will not allow any of their pleas to reach my ear. For me, it is sufficient that they did not far the Lord.

Did you see how after I came up with the proof about God, I noticed after the fact that the whole Bible was written in terms of the day and night shifts I had used in my proof? The Jesuits serve Satan. They have the goal that the church should win in the end but God is going to destroy their church and smite its non-Levitical priesthood and Mary worshipers. God wins in the end, faggot. Not you or your people. You lose.

Biden went on to say, "And since this is a *hard* deadline, I want all the military personnel over there who get their legs blown off between now and then to know these extra five months are really important and your legs were worth it, and there's no way we're going to use the Taliban response over not leaving on May 1 as an excuse to stay another 50 years if we can."

Furthermore, Romero's own superior who I presume is Evil Dad, the master of the Jesuits, or some such thing, who leads the Catholics into Satanism beyond the ordinary paganism of their non-Levitical priesthood and "celibacy," came to me on the very close approach in the gym today. All these things will fall on him too but he is not on my mind as much because I never liked him to begin with. Romero, on the other hand, did have me fooled for a time.

Around the corner from where I presume Romero used to live on Vermack Ridge in Dunwoody, they had some church named "Calvary" something. Soon after I became homeless, Romero Cavalcanti evacuated the area, fleeing to California I heard, and the church changed its name to gets its Cavalcanti meme off of its sign. There's a parable and prophecy in that.

It appears to me that one of my principal betrayers and nemeses was among my stalkers at the gym today. I suppose this was Romero Cavalcanti who is the chief of a mafia "Ndrangheta" which I will soon destroy and whose members' children will greatly lament their parents' membership. I further suppose that my enemy Romero, a.k.a. Homer, has been telling my other enemies that they will be ok because he will be ok but he will not be ok. I am going to fuck him to death with the largest helping of disrespect that I can muster which should be understood to be an abnormally great amount of disrespect. I am going to round up all of the underlings of whoever that was in the gym today, probably down to the third generation of the underlings, as well as all their children and the people I can find in smiling Christmas photos with them or who might have joined them at a Passover seder. That will almost certainly happen to Romero Cavalcanti and it will *definitely* happen to whoever that was in the gym today, who I presume is Romero. I will wipe his name out from under heaven and I will not leave a remnant of him. So... if you are among the ones who have placed your faith in Homer to be an umbrella of protection over you, you should know that being under his umbrella has marked you and your children for death. Further understand that I don't mean death in a nice way like Hitler was killing people in the camps. I mean death in a sick way with rape and longsuffering and cruelty and despair.

After I left the gym and went to get lunch, someone pulled out in front of me simultaneous with my URETHRA ZAPPER getting activated. When I got to the restaurant there were two of Homer's agents out front: one looking like a Mexican and the other like an ethnic Ndrangheta. This post will remind me that these people should be given special torture allotments.

Actually, I may have used a COVID test to test for AIDS and returned a false positive on that one. However, the red flash seems like a big problem. The file picker went back to normal when I clicked the button as above.

AIDS confirmed on my new computer. The file picker is fucked up now and the screen flashed bright red when I tried the reboot.

When I was at the store today, some guy asked me asked me how I was. I told him I was terrible. He asked why. I told him I got sedated and kidnapped and I'm being held as a slave in Antarctica. He smiled and said something. I asked how he got to Antarctica. He said maybe he came voluntarily and said that he's a "scientist." This was at Total Wine, by the way, where he was an employee. He seemed happy to announce that he is the accomplice of my kidnappers and rapists. This post will remind me to make him know that counting himself among my enemies' people is nothing to be proud of. I will make him know that I hate him and his people and everything he stands for. As I was leaving, the cashier asked me how I was. I told her I was terrible because I got sedated and kidnapped and I'm being held as a slave in Antarctica. She made a comment about how it was good that I was spending $6 today instead of $10 like I usually do. She would have had no way to know what I usually spend and she was being a creepy gangstalker bitch in service to my enemies with her familiar gangstalker tactic. This post will remind me to make her know that she should not do that to me and that I hate her and all of her people and everything she stands for.

BLM Founder Branded "Fraud" After Buying Million-Dollar Home In Mostly-White LA Enclave

How to Reject any Scientific Manuscript

>After a short overview of arguments pro and contra peer reviews, examples of gross misjudgement are compiled, followed by an attempt to identify some frequent, recurrent patterns of unjustified rejection of scientific manuscripts. A few specific questions are studied in more detail: the claim for still more precise and comprehensive definitions, the right way of handling "parallel theories", and the frequent misuse of the term "pseudoscience". Finally, practical rules to improve refereeing, and "basic rights of authors" are proposed, together with a word of encouragement for future authors.

Regarding my previous non-GAAP trendline (red), I see that it did break out to the upside and go right back down. GAAP trendline (black) will go one way or the other pretty soon.

This is another post about how KDE is working well for me. One thing I didn't like was that in the file explorer, the display style I would set for one part of my file system would apply to all the others. Mostly, I want to view my images as large tiles but my other files by the detail view. I thought to myself, "Maybe there's a setting for that." It was the first one on the first tab of the first option menu in the file explorer settings.

I see that this "Russian troop build up on the border with Ukraine" has been aligned in time with about 100 new zappers implanted all over my arms and chest and face and neck in the last of couple of weeks. I'm not being hyperbolic when I estimate 100 new torture implants just in the last few weeks. The frequency of the dozen or more implants in my dick has gone way up recently as well.

There's some John Brennan lookalike stalker at my gym recently. He was staring at me with the shit implanted in his eye making one of his eyes look weird. I told him that when I write history, I'm going to call that thing implanted in his eye "the mark of the beast." He smiled and laughed like he doesn't understand that God hates him and his people and everything he represents.

Kary Mullis gives his opinion of Anthony Fauci

> [0:58] You can't expect the sheep to really respect the best and brightest, they don't know the difference.

> [1:12] The vast majority of them do not possess the ability to judge who is and who isn't a really good scientist

"Sabrina is the next Einstein." Also, "Tooker is not a really good scientist."

I upgraded to KDE Neon 5.21.4 today. When I did, my computer prompted me to restart. After I did, I opened my *fantastic* Linux text editor Kate which is *way* better than Notepad++. When I started typing the last post about the fraudsters, my system crashed and I had to do a hard reboot with the power button. Then after it restarted, there was some apparent glitch in Kate again.

Yesterday, when that dad-affiliated stalker came out of the room in 306, I was thinking for the rest of the evening that he was probably in there trying to give my Linux computers AIDS over the hotel wifi which I do not doubt is possible for him considering I'm using an NSA approved Dell laptop I bought at Best Buy. This is a familiar series of events from the time when I was using Windows: some weird stalkers shows up, I get the overwhelming feeling that they are trying to fuck my computer, the next day there's new updates requiring a restart, and then after than the computer has AIDS. So... maybe my computer has AIDS again, maybe it doesn't. It's weird how the updates requiring reboot followed by new system errors followed directly after my assumption about that stalker in 306 giving my computer AIDS. As I said, this exact sequence of events is most familiar to me from my time using Window.

When the glitches occurred following the reboot, the stalkers outside my window increased their calls of HA! very much. I think it would be too much of a professional fuck you to my enemies' IT staff for them to ever let me get the AIDS off my computer. It's basically the same reason I can never get the torture implants out of my dick and asshole.

Back in December 2016 when I was trying to get back in touch with one of the men who used to pretend to be be my dad, there were several men all defrauding me jointly, probably using tunnel access in the master bedroom to switch personae so as to avoid revealing their fraud by not hiding while was one of the others was defrauding me. One of those fraudesters, likely an agent of my enemy the USA, plopped some picture down in front of me of Jenna and some dad-affiliated persona in the 180lb frame much different from all these gigantor dad-imposters that I have seen in recent years. It was this picture where I noticed that the dad-affiliate person looked like Jed. The fraudster that plopped the picture down in front of me declared in apparent furtherance of whatever conspiracy to defraud he was involved in at the time, "We've got too much invested in that one." I don't know if he meant Jed or Jenna but I don't have anything invested in either of them and I will defile them to spite that investment. I will also make a careful examination of the "we" to which this person referred. In the past, I have learned that my stalkers often declare things on their own and then take their having declared it in my presence to be equivalent to my own having made the same declaration. Likely the person said that in front of me and then went on to say that I have something invested in either of Jenna or Jed. I have nothing invested in either of them. My only interest in them at all is as objects I can use to inflict pain on the souls of those who love them.

BREAKING: Irish Government Admits COVID-19 is a Fake Hoax Scam which DOES NOT EVEN EXIST

>They do not have records of the virus being isolated and therefore they do not have any proof that COVID-19 exists.

>Basically its all a fraud.

I think these kikes that steal my semen have made entire careers for Erin and Jenna to do nothing more than follow me around and torment me in the homelessness that they have subjected me to after sabotaging my various careers. For some people that claim not to like me, they sure are interested in trying to graft their people onto me. They used to tell me that these kikes they pay to torment me in my homelessness were my sisters, a lie, and they themselves follow me around using their tools of war. If those people's sons' testicles weren't shit tier compared to mine, they would be happy to have their sons wives get pregnant by their sons' semen. As it is, they know their sons' semen is shit tier so they steal mine. I will do will much worse to them, however, and the years of their suffering will far exceed the years of my suffering. I'm glad they did it too. Otherwise, I might not have know to kill some of them.