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Ayatollah Khamenei Calls Israel "Not A Country, But A Terrorist Base" As Vienna Talks Intensify

>"Israel is not a country, but a terrorist base against the nation of Palestine and other Muslim nations,"

>Israel's "downfall" is "imminent" and that it remains every Iranian and Muslim's duty to fight it.

In history, the Kingdom of Israel was against the throne of David ensconced by the Lord himself. Most people are aware of the kingdom of David and Solomon but few people really seem to understand that Israel was not the kingdom of that throne. Israel was the kingdom of the rebels who turned away from the throne of God's king, away from God's eternal covenant with David's heir, and away from the Lord. In fact, after the King of Israel, Jeroboam, turned away from the throne in Jerusalem, he said, "I can't have my people worshiping the Lord because then they will return to the kingdom of David's heir so I should make some golden calves as my people's gods instead of the Lord."

Israel is against more than just Muslims. Israel is pro-Satan and anti-everyone else. They would kill David's heir today if they could and it is the duty of every Jew to fight Israel as well. When the Kingdom of Israel broke away from the Lord and the throne of David, God at that time told the remnant in Judah not to make war on them but now that we have arrived at the end of the age, it is the proper time to make war on them.


On my way driving back to "New York" from "Atlanta," I stopped to get gas. In the parking lot, some stalker said, "Now you can never leave." When I finished driving and got on my computer, one of the first news items I saw was this article about Hillary and some other woman saying the USA should never leave Afghanistan. I see that Condoleeza Rice appears to be a disguise monster with my enemy 50 Cents as well. I saw a meme that said Emily Hancock while I was dating her would invite 50 Cents into my bed to fuck her in the ass for the purposes of the glorification of Helene.

A few days before I drove to Atlanta, I had a dream. I walked into a locker room, as in a high school gym. Joey was laying on a bench with his legs up in the air and several men around him were inspecting his asshole in some sort of gay shit. They immediately stopped whatever gay shit it was that they were up to when they saw me and tried to act normal though they were still naked. I turned my attention away from them and saw what appeared to be one of the men from Alliance at the end of a row of lockers. His nose was one unbroken slant in contour and I thought he must be Jordan Wright's father. He was definitely evil. I approached him angrily. He said, "Oh. It's you." Then I woke up. Then I drove to "Atlanta" a few days later and I saw that one of the main billboard faces in Atlanta has Joey's eyes grafted onto it. It's the Mark Spain realty billboard. These have been all over Atlanta for many years and I always thought Spain looked like Assad. Not until this weekend did I notice Joey's eyes grafted on there.

Though I have been harping on the torture lately, now I will return to a caveat. Once I have satisfied myself about who my enemies and friends are, things upon which I speculate now with not much evidence, would I say the following? "Don't do the nuclear strike right now. First, go grab some people so I can make sure they get tortured." I do not think I would do that. In analogy with jiu jitsu, if you can tap the guy but you don't do it because you want to rake your wrist over his teeth first, that would be poor technique. When I act, still, many will fall into the hands of their enemies who will torture them. Here's the point I am making: If I could end the war or if I could drag it out to torture people, I would end it. When the war is over, however, many of those who remain will find themselves in the hands of their enemies.

After my rape in "NY" this week, and after getting my hand slashed with a razor, I checked to see if things would be better in "Atlanta." Helene cut off my receipt reimbursement program effective May 1 and I wanted to check for a cheaper place to stay in Atlanta, as well as to evaluate the relative stalker/rapist condition. When I got to Jimmy Carter Blvd at the end of my drive, just before Atlanta, one of the new STERNUM ULTRA ZAPPERS went off though I had thought those had all disappeared. When these ultra ones go off, it kind of feels like the skin of my chest is being pulled off or is peeling away from the site of the ULTRA ZAPPER. It is implanted very deep under my skin, at the bone of the sternum it seems, toward the vertical base of my rightward rib connections. After I got these and the NECK ZAPPERS around my collarbones, one of the stalkers at the Garden City LA Fitness was keen to make a show of pretending like he was inspecting his own sternum and collar bones. Several from that episode now remain as NECK ZAPPERS and at least one STERNUM ~ULTRA~ ZAPPER is left too.

I stopped at a restaurant to get some food to bring to the hotel. When I was waiting for it, I asked to use the bathroom. The man, instead of just saying where it was, led me down the hall and pointed it out to me. When he did, he leaned in about one inch from me and my SCROTUM ZAPPER started again. Maybe he turned off my brain and stabbed me in the balls. The SCROTUM ZAPPER did not go off at all on the way down there but it went off when he leaned so close and few times after. Then I dropped off my stuff at the hotel and went to get some weed downtown. I drove around and smoked for a while and then I returned to the hotel room.

When I settled in for the night, the stalking immediately started. The hotel was full of stalkers. When I got to the room and laid on the bed, there was a TAP on the ceiling above my bed, then TAPPING and BANGING on the walls. When I signed into the hotel's wifi, my neighbor jingled his keys in the hall and opened his door. The stalking was so high, I check the Bible for a warning and found Solomon's "Warning against an adulterous woman" in Psalm 7. Just before that, Helene seemed to answer the phone saying "Yih," to me when I called the hotel's desk to make sure I would not get billed for using the internet. Helene told me her name on the phone was "Natalia" and it seemed like she was saying something about Natalie Biden being grown from my stolen semen and named Natalia after my name Gedalia in the way that Kathy Green stole my semen to grow Gracen Green named after my name Gedalia Gershon.

After being in Atlanta only briefly, I decided to leave because obviously Atlanta is still much worse than NY even with my rape and slicing this week. On my way out of the hotel, someone dropped a yellow butterscotch candy in elevator, I suppose, as a huge yellow pill in the same way that my previous NY rapist dropped a red pill in my room. As I exited the elevator on the way out of the hotel, some stalker made sure to squeeze through the elevator door with me as I was exiting and he brushed up against me. Overall, in the few minutes I spent out of my car in Atlanta, I think three or four different people made a point of brushing up against me by leaning so close toward me. On the drive back to NY, I noticed what seemed like new PALM MEGA ZAPPERS in both hands and I saw fresh syringe stab wounds on both palms at the place where the MEGA ZAPS were. I stopped at a rest stop for a nap in "Virginia" which seems like a nice area. When I left, the stalker yelled, "You'll never find these ones," as if to intimate that my rapists had escalated beyond putting ones in which are able to be found and taken out. I hope it was just lack of sleep and 40 hours of driving but my asshole was feeling uncomfortable on the drive back. Maybe they put in a giant new "yellow" RAPE DICK and it felt like the electroconvulsor was different as well. It also seemed like I got new URETHRA ZAPPERS and a new URETHRA WRIGGLER but I may have been simply uncomfortable sitting in the car for so long. I will find out soon enough.

When I came to "NY" at first, I was inspired by God's order for Jonah to go to Nineveh which I associate with NYC. It seems like I was wrong to leave and that stuff I read about "staying until the end" means until the end of my time in Antarctica and not until the tit of the free money for hotels runs out, which it has as of yesterday, I am told. It does kind of feel like I got new anal and dick implants. With the way that Archduke Ferdinand got killed before WWI started, it seems most people prefer to wait to start WW3 until after I am dead. They find that my constant rape and torture is not sufficient cause. Probably all of those people would be relieved if I got killed and then they could say, "Oh? He wasn't God then. No reason to start a war over it."

They have this realtor in Atlanta, Mark Spain, with his face on all the billboards. I always thought he looked like Assad but yesterday I noticed that his eyes look just like Joey's eyes. Joey's real name is Joel Cohen and he is called El Mencho as well. When I was reading about the evil kingdom of Israel recently which served false gods before it was conquered by Assyria, I saw that it was written that those people persist in their wickedness to this day. Joel Cohen is probably one such descendant of the Assyrian Jews and his True Detective cult is one and the same as the kingdom of Israel. Seeing "Assad" and "Joey" together in those Mark Spain billboards kind of drove that point home to me. Helene is with them too.

There are problems that when I learn about them, they will make me more angry than my own problems. When I am able, I will throw myself into that knowledge and then act in my wrath. However, let me describe one of my own problems.

They steal my semen and sell it to men who don't what their wives to have their baby which must be some piece of shit if they prefer their wives to get pregnant by another man. They enrich themselves stealing and selling my semen. While there are millions of women in the world who can think of no better life outcome that to get a belly full of my nut, they surround me with woman who think they ought to turn me down. Although these women that can buy my semen from my enemies somehow get the idea that there is nothing better that can happen to them than to get filled up with my nut, they surround me with women who have the idea that I am faggot loser with a micro penis who is a lower quality of man than the already very low quality of man most of them will happily entreat with. Someone has implanted fake moles on my face and neck because they didn't like it that they were born with moles and I wasn't. I assume this is the person who steals my semen. I could go on and on about this but it suffices to say that there is little I have wanted more in life than the affections of beautiful young ladies. So, then, they have surrounded me with women who think I am detestable and deserving of mockery and derision. The last ten or more women I approached used my desire for affection as an invitation for them to implant torture devices in my penis and testicles. I live as an impoverished homeless person in my enemies' slave hole while they grow rich selling my semen. I promise you, I will make you know how angry this makes me. Some will think I should respond to it according to what is right is their eyes but I will respond to it according to what is what is right in my eyes. I have been going to great lengths to describe what I is right in my eyes for many years now.

They don't like it and it won't seem right to them, but I am going to punish the people here right now for the thousands of years of evil that produced the society which has hosted recent events. For every unpunished wrong since the beginning of time, I am going to pour all of the punishment on the people here with me now. I am the Lord.

The interceptor that caught me as I was leaving the hotel's gym had some meme that he showed me saying something like, "It's ok to be ugly but you're being too ugly," or something. When these people see how much uglier my actions are than my words, when I bring total and final calamity on them, then they will finally understand why the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Maybe right now they don't believe it or they think that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge because the Lord won't hurt them as badly as someone else will but the lesson that I'm going to write into history is that no matter what your other options might be, going against me is always the worst choice. Right now, they have some of these people MK Ultra'ed with whatever alien videos the USA puts on its computers' lock screens but the lesson I will write into history is that it would have been better to go against them than to go against me. I am going to act with great strength to make people know that I am the Lord, that I am to be feared, and that fearing anyone or anything more than me is service to a false god. All of the curses I have written will come true and it will be very much uglier in practice than what I have voiced with my innocent speech. It's going to be filthy. I am going to punish the children for the sins of their ancestors and will totally exterminate the tribes of those who acted against me. On the latter, people will understand the reason behind my pic related law: if you do not police your own people, I will kill all of you. On the former, whenever someone in a time machine in the future gets the idea that maybe one should set oneself up as a false god, they will see the end that comes to their descendants. Even if thousands of years goes by, a vanishing duration relative to eternity, the end that inevitably comes is not something one might desire. I am going to act with so much strength, these pussy ass bitches are going to regret the foolish courses they have chosen. I will make them know that there was no more foolish course.

After a few days of not very much RAPE DICK, the familiar sensation of the RAPE DICK persisting as if I have some giant fucking thing shoved up my ass has returned to its usual 24 hours per day status. Sometimes in the past, there has been a capstone RAPE DICK implant near the center of the outer flat surface of the anal sphincter's cylinder. I usually describe the combination of the two of them together as MEGA RAPE DICK and I have not felt that capstone one. However, the main one of the feeling of having some giant fucking thing shoved way deep inside my asshole has been going non-stop for the last day with the exception of the time when I'm walking to room from my car or vice versa. It is going non-stop in the car and in the room and it was going non-stop in the gym today.

It seems to me that the stalker who followed me into the post office just now was saying that my enemy Helene, who I will kill as soon as I am able, and who I hate, works for me and is, "like my personal assistant." Not only am I going to kill her, but I will also kill all the people who think she works for me and that she is "like my personal assistant." When Helene is dead and they have seen the filth I put their children into, then they will know that they have believed a lie.

Parked next to my car this morning was another car with GA license plate starting with RVR as in, "Our virtual reality." This post will ensure that all the parties associated with its placement go to hell. This is not a virtual reality. It is the real reality and it is profoundly evil. They try to put a smiley face on it like it's RVR LOL but really it's like pic related: the last page of the Bible.

"Brink of anarchy": Netanyahu ignores law to appoint loyalist justice minister

>After the meeting, the attorney general made his position clear to the supreme court, which blocked Netanyahu's move hours later.

>In another unprecedented move, Netanyahu asked that his position be represented before the supreme court not by the attorney general but by a private attorney. He also asked the court for 48 hours to reach understandings with Gantz on the issue.

The stalkers in the gym today were as follows. That same asshole was waiting in the area where I where up, I believe, in a different disguise. Someone else was wearing his usual disguise downstairs when I went into the gym and this post will remind to send whoever that was to hell, to kill his family, and also to do the same for the apparent woman he was standing with. The one I mentioned the other day filming me with one eye behind his phone wearing gray and red was there again today. When I began to do press, it seemed like James Brochu approached me and took a photo or video of me while he was wearing a Sikh disguise. I cannot say that worse will happen to you and your wife and children and other relatives because you did that, James, if that was you, because you were already headed into the worst thing I will have available. I hate you, James Brochu. That thing you said to me that day still pisses me off and I will never let it go or allow to survive who might remind me of you or what you said.

When I was doing the foam roller, I noticed one stalker that looked like Bill Binney but he wasn't really being an asshole. Someone approached him wearing the disguise that I think Good Dad was wearing earlier but I do not think that was Good Dad today. When I began to do box jumps, some other stalker approached the one in the former Good Dad disguise and I felt like I kind of recognized him but I could not really place him. I began to feel irritated while they were next to me. The one that I kind of recognized interrupted my death and torture rant with, "Are you talking to me?," and think only people I don't like try to start shit with me like that. When I was doing squats, some other variant of Evil Dad approached me and began to bang his fists together. Maybe this was the one which signed Helene's fraud affidavit? I stabbed him with my rant stab and I was satisfied to see him appear saddened by the things I was saying. No matter how much I get raped and stabbed, I never really get pushed past anger into sadness but I did that to him today with the lash of my tongue. While I was doing it, someone on the decline bench was filming me very obviously with his phone. This post will ensure that he eventually discovers that there was no more foolish course of action he might have taken than to point his phone at me.

Overall, all of the stalkers were very buddy buddy with each other today patting each other on the back and going to talk to each other in manner foreign to my experience that usually people at the gym in North America keep to themselves.

Declassified FISA Opinion Shows More FBI Abuses

>Boasberg declined to sentence former FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith to prison - not even a day - after Clinesmith altered a CIA email and lied about it to others within the FBI in furtherance of a Carter Page FISA renewal.

I see that my enemy the chief of the FISA court, whose judges are all autonomously appointed by my enemy the chief of the Supreme Court, is in the this cunt-faced smile gang that I hate. I also see that the shit head version of Biden does the same thing. I suppose he is the master of that gang who has this cuntlike facial expression as their gang sign.

This other Biden who they haven't been letting act like the President is the uncanny likeness of this motherfucker that has been pissing me off in the gym lately. I cannot stand this person's vibe. When I am exposed to it, it is like a retch in my soul.

After I made that last post, I went to get another copy of my receipt printed so I could get my money back, which I did. I was greatly satisfied to undermine my enemies' intentions to undermine my plans for moving my own money around in the hands of those who rob me. When I went back downstairs on the way to the store, however, there were two ugly people loitering near my car and one of them exclaimed, "Finger!," even though I had only said this slice wound on my hand that I acquired in a aggravated battery on the day following my aggravated sexual battery and burglary was on my hand. Indeed, the cut is on my finger and the people who do these things to me are still hanging around my hotel with absolute impunity afforded to them by some number of people which I expect will soon beg me to have mercy on their children.

This morning, I asked the clerk at the hotel to print a 3 page PDF. When I went to get it, I checked to make sure all three pages were there. One of four people in a group next to me exclaimed, "All three!" Then I went to Walmart to get my money back on a purchase I had made. Although I taped the receipt to the box, it was not there when I got back to the store. Now I have an anomalous razor slice on the hand I was carrying the box in. On the day after someone raped me in this hotel, someone also turned my brain off to rob me and slice my hand with a razor.

More action, less talk, distinguish Biden's 100-day sprint

I probably got raped and stabbed in my asshole more Biden's first hundred days than in the last 400 days of Trump. The 100 days end this week and my asshole is sore right now from the fresh anal rape trauma most likely because the USA continues under Biden to think it is better for their interests to keep me as a slave in their rape dungeon. Furthermore, I am still being electrocuted all over my body including my genitals and asshole basically all the time and all the good work I have done continues to get shit on by the present USA government exactly as much as the last. Also, the LRAD that died off a little after the inauguration is now back in full force with people who feel like my ear and my thoughts are on par with a public toilet for them to shit into.

When I moved my stuff again just now, someone put a Cheeto in my stuff. There is no way this kind of thing could have happened by accident. The only reason I got raped last night is because there was not a sufficient example made of my previous hundred rapists. If 100 people's children had gotten horribly tortured to death each time I got raped, I am confident that it would have stopped a long time ago. If someone's family got exterminated every time they activated my implants, something that happens hundreds of times per day, it would have stopped a long time ago. People are getting killed for petty bullshit in the world every day but when it when comes to raping and torturing me, the Lord, then there's never enough people getting killed for prospective rapists to start thinking it's a bad idea to do it. When the apparatus of violence lands in my hand, however, I will not use it so sparingly as the people who have it now.

I have a lot of irritation in my urethra today too.

My rapist in the adjacent room is now very loudly clearing his throat. He and the rest of the people in his family and the people I can find smiling in his birthday and Christmas photos are all going to be choking on logs of shit when I get my hands on them. Not long afterward, they will look back and think they were living in some delightful fantasy when choking on a shit funnel was the worst of their problems.

As was the case during many dozens of previous anal rapes, my asshole is becoming more and more sore since I first noticed the anal rape trauma and anal stab trauma when I first woke up. The area is extremely sore and inflamed now, very much more so that when I first noticed it. 100%, this hotel that stationed stalkers next to my last two rooms stationed a rapist in the adjacent room last night. Also, today I found a bright red pill at the base of the door which would open to the adjacent room if someone rented the two as a suite and that pill was definitely not there last night. It was deposited by a burglar who was probably also my rapist and the one who stabbed me in the asshole while he was raping and burglarizing me.

This is one thing that really pisses me off about Shit Head from the gym who I am going to make very filthy and sad. While I'm getting constantly raped and tortured, he's not only following me around to torment me in disguise but he's strutting around in front of me like he's hot shit when really he's just some fucking N-word who would have gotten killed a long time ago if it wasn't for his proximity to me in the grand scheme of things. Seeing him strut like that makes me so angry. If it was Jed getting constantly raped and tortured, I don't think he would be following Jed around to pester Jed with his arrogant strutting and fake +38.6 emotional tone. He will never know how angry it makes me until I pour out my wrath on him. I am the Lord.

I went out into the hall to throw some garbage away. The person I mentioned going into the room next to mine earlier called out, "Uh-huh. Yeah. You got it." This person raped me last night and my asshole hurts today due to the anal rape trauma and likely anal stabbing aside from the extreme psychological pain associated with having my rapist not only camped out on top of me but also heckling me about how he is able to burglarize, rape, and stab me with impunity afforded to him by my kidnappers. It does bring me some consolation, however, that I believe I will cause far more pain to his ancestors' descendants than he ever did to my father's son. I will never forgive them and I will make them so filthy, and then I will have this heckling rapist brought before me and I will mock his sadness.

Last night when I moved rooms again to the current room where I was burglarized and raped and stabbed in the asshole, it seems, I left my stuff in the old room because there were no carts available. This morning during the few minutes it took to move my stuff, several interceptors caught me in the hall, one of which was probably Helene. One of the interceptors was a female HI interceptor. When I went downstairs to get a luggage cart this morning some man was filming me in the lobby. He became the second HI interceptor a few moments later when he intercepted me as I came back out of my new room. Then he and his accomplice entered the two rooms to right of mine, one of which is joined to my room by a suite door. I assume one or both of these two anally raped me last night and then put the cherry on top for themselves with their interception maneuver. This post will ensure that I don't forget to allot special man hours for the sick defilement of these people's family members and the people they thought they might impress with their HI memes.

This morning, I noticed the sensation of anal rape trauma and/or anal stabbing trauma at the familiar 9:00 stab zone. While I was in the shower, I did the self-examination and I observed a new bump in my anus squarely in the middle of the painful area. I think it is 100% likely that I got anally raped again at this new hotel.

Three dusty old cowboys walk into a bar. The bartender says, "If you solve the Riemann hypothesis, you get tenure anywhere you want."

Euroscepticism Grows In Germany As 63% Say EU Is Excessively Bureaucratic

>Only 21% of Germans say that they have a either a lot or some degree of confidence in the Commission, down from 30% in 2019. This is in contrast to 50% who would say the same about the German government.

>This is how Brexit started.

For some reason, I don't care for the EU. I don't know what they mean when they say "Globohomo" but in my mind the EU seems like that. I don't like the USA either, for context. Overall, the EU seems very anti-Hitler while I am now radically pro-Hitler.

When I went to the gym yesterday, in the few minutes between when Asshole dad left and then came right back in a different disguise, I did bench press. When I sat on the bench, I observed some man in a grey shirt and red shorts gazing at me with one eye past the edge of his phone. As soon as I noticed him doing it, the RAPE DICK revved. This post will remind me to kill him and his family and to make their deaths horrible and exceedingly cruel and slow.

And while I'm on the topic of Tropic Thunder, I believe this is Tom Cruise doing his impersonation of the fucking asshole that his been fucking with me at the gym lately. I hate that motherfucker and he was probably the cosigner on Helene's 2014 fraud affidavit against me. The character's name was Les Grossman which begs the question: Less gross than who? I assume that is a Garfield reference but it may be that it refers to Charlie Brown dad being better than Sniggering Kike dad. Even then, these people impersonate each other for some reason which escapes my understanding so an impersonation of one is tantamount to an impersonation of the other. While I was at Exide, my boss Rodney Williams (not Rodelene Williams) also did his little mini-Grossman impression when it was revealed that this one data object I was working with was the "general ledger." In any case, it may have been "Garfield" separate from either of these two at the gym who signed that fraud affidavit with Helene. That would make sense because Helene is one of a small number of people who is more gross than Garfield who is Child Murderer and Torturer Rapist dad. That one is probably the architect of the mutant alien program and our summer vacations were probably to Durango, CO because it is right around the corner from Dulce base which is the reported home of the mutant alien program.

I went to the gym about two hours late on purpose yesterday to avoid having to see that person but he labors to undermine the Lord's plans as his ancestors have certainly done for millennia before him. As soon as I got to the gym, he was waiting in the area where I start my session with some knee rehab stuff. It was like he was trying to get me to think that he was the same as the other person who had worn that disguise on the day of my Charlie Brown post but he is not that one. This is the same fraud he has been perpetuating against me since I was very young. Indeed, when this one came to do do the sniggering kike commiseration maneuver a couple of weeks ago, he was doing the what seemed like a Tom Cruise impression with an absurd and non-contextual +40 emotional tone but which Tom more likely co-opted as an impression of him to begin with. I don't doubt at all that this impression of that fucking asshole showed up on Tropic Thunder because he himself is the architect of the program that dresses whites up as blacks and then sends them out to act like the most outrageous N-words. They torment me under the auspices of this program to some great degree and it confuses bystanders about who I hate.

This is my similar bug report. System froze snapping KolourPaint to the top in Neon 5.21.4.

This post describes the events leading up to my change of hotel this week.

For the past week or so, some tranny had been parking his car outside my window blasting obnoxious music in the hotel parking lot, often disturbing my sleep and/or study and relaxation. I kept complaining about it to the manager and although they would make him turn the music down when I did, they did not tell him to stop parking right outside my window to sit in his car all day night blasting that fucking noise. It appeared to me that the person had payed for a room only to have an excuse to blast obnoxious music outside my window all day and night. Gangstalkers in the tranny's car would often yell out the things I was looking at on my computer as I was looking at them with very little delay.

A few days after the parking lot problem started and few days before I switched hotels, I heard what seemed to be a ruckus or some shenanigans out in the hall and moved toward my room's doorway where I could see what was going on out there. I believe their was an Israeli dressed as a USA black man who was the responsible party in the hall. He began to berate me verbally and propositioned me for oral sex before telling me that he would, "beech yo ahh."

On the day before I left the hotel, late at night, I observed the hotel engineer talking with the tranny sitting outside my window. One or both of them called me the N-word and the engineer told the tranny that I was a racist. (In retrospect, I do not have a clear memory of being called the N-word but I think that is due to the way the N-word flows so seamlessly into a certain sort of accent.) The engineer noticed me standing in my open window and then quickly walked away. I yelled several times, "Are you talking about me?," but he pretended not to hear me. The tranny could hear me and he began to scream at me and we began to argue. The tranny invited me to come downstairs and I went. On the way, I made a left out of my room instead of a right and the one that had asked me for oral sex was standing in his open doorway. This suggests to me that two of them were in collaboration and he was planning to follow me down the hall had I walked the other way as I usually do. I went downstairs and continued my argument. The person who had propositioned me for oral sex and who was already poised beyond the threshold of his open door when I exited my room approached me and interrupted our argument. I called him a faggot for asking me to suck his dick and he became momentarily confused. I had already assumed that he was an Israeli in black face and this confirmed my suspicion. While he had said, "Suck my dick!," in the hall in the way that means, "Fuck you!," he became confused when I told him that what he said was gay. Someone on his secret radio told him, 'No, you're saying right!" Then he rallied from his confusion with increasing confidence as he repeated his statement, "Suck my dick!," several more times and whoever was on his secret radio was telling him he was doing it just right. This person is a very poor actor.

As soon as I checked into my new hotel, two "ghetto black guys" checked into the room right next to mine, brought a stereo up into their room, and then restarted the same problem I had left the old hotel to avoid. I switched rooms after they had bothered me for about two minutes. I don't doubt that the only other guest in this hotel who will bring very loud bass speakers into their room will soon check in to the room next to my current one. Yesterday morning or just before, someone in the lobby here yelled, "Jonathan!," as I exited the hotel. This post will remind me not to kill anyone in their family in a manner that might be considered merciful.


When I first checked into this hotel, it seemed like the nighmare of the tapping and banging had ended. It soon started again on my shared wall with 627. When I got back from the hotel gym just now, the people in 623 started blasting their kike music about one minute after I entered the room. The very loud TAPPING on the shared wall with that room commenced forthwith. I called the manager of the hotel to complain. They turned it down only slightly and I called again. Before he could come up to make them quit being kikes, they left. In this hotel of hundreds of rooms, the somewhet fancy Long Island Marriott Antarctica, I have only observed two ghetto looking black guys among several hundred guests and they are in the room right next to mine. Almost certainly they are whites dressed up like kikes to do their kike impression. I doubt that's a coincidence and it is certainly no coincidence that the tapping started on that wall a moment after they started with their kike music.

The same thing I said about John Brennan goes for this pic related faggot. He doesn't have an ounce of the fear of the Lord in his body and I'm going to kill his family. I'm going to search out all of the people he wanted to live while he wanted me to die and I'm going to make them all so filthy and pitiful before I kill them. And lest I be misunderstood about the scale of the calamity, I will search out the beneficiaries of all of his life's works, not only what he's done lately. I will reverse every win and I will increase the magnitude of all the losses. With deliberate intention to hurt and destroy disrespectfully, I, the Lord, will achieve all the things I have promised.

Iran media celebrates 'explosion' at 'sensitive Israel missile factory'

I'd say there's a great chance that some of the implants in my asshole and penis and balls and on my scrotum and feet and chest and arms and neck and face were manufactured at this facility.

The number of my stalkers that look like John Brennan has gone way up lately. When I am done pouring out my wrath on him and his people, there won't be anyone left in the world that could remind me of him.

Explosion Rocks Israeli Munitions Factory