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In version 2 of my nice paper about the Bible, I fixed some grammar, corrected several footnote citation errors, and added a few words.

The Time Travel Interpretation of the Bible

Fed Alert: Overnight Reverse Repo Usage Soars Above Covid Crisis Highs

>The Fed will no longer be able to conduct $120BN in QE every month, as sooner or later someone will figure out that the Fed buying up hundreds of billions in securities only to turn around and then repo out the resulting reserves each and every day, amounts to outright debt monetization with potentially calamitous consequences for yields and the US dollar.

Here is a rubrick. If you answer yes to both of these questions, then you should assume that I am going to kill you and your children.

(1) Do you get the Pookie reference?

(2) Do I know you personally?

After I made that last post, I went to the store. On the way, some stalker got in front of me with LOVE written in to the dirt of their rear window. When I got to the store, some van with the license plate CUX parked in front of me. While I was in the store, some woman was saying, "Oh, she got hers," as if to intimate that the situation related to Emily had already been adjudicated, a vicious lie. Does the abominable creature Gracen Green not draw breath to this very day? Even if one of their little henchpeople got killed, that breath signifies a net win for my enemies. Do the hearts of the people pretending to be the family of that monster not continue to beat? That is a net win for them. Have I killed their biological children with whom they were so dissatisfied that they thought they should send their agent to steal my semen to get Cathy Green's lesbian friend pregnant by witchcraft? I have not killed them and blotted out their names from under heaven and that is a total loss for me, not just a net loss. Do not the USA and Israel continue to exist? That means the situation was a win for them. As long as they are winning, I am losing. Did Helene not rape me as much as she wanted to under the guise of Emily lending her her likeness? Does Helene not remain alive with the treasured memories of her crimes and the impunity she has to avoid "getting hers?" That is a total and unequivocal win for her. Does my many times rapist Helene not continue to be supported by my enemies who facilitate Helene's intention that I should subjected to the constant presence and torments of my rapist? These things represent the total victory of my enemies. They have won all of these battles and I have lost all them but the war is not over. When the war is over, I will have "gotten mine." Me getting mine is what I say it is and I alone am the decider of what is right and just.

The suggestion of the person in the store that my counterparties "got theirs" infuriates me in her suggestion my life is equal to the life of some random piece of shit who only might have gotten killed because they were nothing but some shit tier nobody. Did the former GM of CNN International, Cathy Green, get killed for consecrating the abomination? Of course not! All of these people accomplished all of their goals and they did not "get theirs." If they got theirs, how does the crash in the quality of my initiated in 2011 still not find a bottom? What did I get out of it? Them "getting theirs" would necessarily imply that I got mine but what I got was electrodes in my testicles, a thousand stab wounds on my penis, hundreds of rapes, two years in the gutter and a homelessness which persists to this day, and thousands of people tormenting me when I go outside and when I stay inside. Those things that transpired around 2011-2012 were a net win for all the people who want to cackle and exclaim, "POOKIE!," when they see me and I have not yet killed every last person on Earth who might understand that reference, excepting possibly a few, as is my intention. They didn't get theirs.

While I was seeing Emily Hancock in early 2012, someone in the condo above me in Viewpoint started dropping a billiard ball or something on their floor, my ceiling, above my bed each morning. Now it is almost ten years later and I believe "Emily" is still fucking with me in her practice of falsehood as this hotel's desk clerk, having made an entire career of shitting in my life and sabotaging my own career of actual good work far divorced from her evil practice of falsehood, and someone is still upstairs from me from dropping shit on my ceiling to torment me. Certainly the two parties, "Emily" at the desk and whoever is upstairs, Helene I assume, to whom "Emily" was lending her likeness for Helene to incestuously rape me aside from the anal rape Helene gave me when I was a small child, are here on behalf of my enemies who they proudly serve, and I do count both of them together. I'm going to kill all of these people's families. I cannot imagine what a vile people would produce such a piece of trash to say, "I see this man is trying to find a gf so I'm going to go take a shit in his life and then follow him around to torment him for the next ten years, and the next forty or sixty if I can find someone to keep paying a salary for me to do so."

New York AG announces criminal investigation into Trump Organization

I am glad to discover that it was my error with this gift card I mentioned yesterday and it was just a coincidence that it was the same amount as my other problem on eBay!

Yesterday after my nap, I took an uncharacteristically long piss with a very full and high volume stream of urine. I take this as evidence that whatever poisons my enemies had been recently slipping into my consumables has mostly dissipated, meaning that the active half life of my last dose of the poison recently passed. I have noticed several previous times where my stream of urine would decrease to some little tiny tinkle over a period of days or weeks. Then I would get rid of "my new water bottle." After a short while, my stream of urine would go back to normal past the half life of the last dose of xenestrogens, or whatever, I had supped from my poisoned cup. In each case, the sudden huge piss after the weird tiny tinkle stream came a week or two after I got rid of my water bottle and this time it came after I got rid of the "glutamine" I was taking. Now I will turn this into a post about how great I think my favorite book the Bible is.

A while ago, someone on 4chan made some thread about the amino acids they ordered from Amazon being poisoned with risperidone, and chemical known to make men grow breasts. The image was some smirking Shrek or something which I have come to associate with the mockeries of my enemies. Around the second or third time I scrolled past it, I became aware that glutamine is an amino acid and I had ordered my own glutamine from Amazon. I went into the thread and became quite concerned that my enemies had poisoned my glutamine with a disfiguring poison not unlike the skeletal mutilator implant they put into my foot to permanently disfigure my collar bones and foot, as well as all of these disfiguring moles that have suddenly appeared all over my body. One of the posters in the thread gave a warning against any consumables from Amazon, presumably meaning that all mailed consumables are subject to interception by poison agents. At that point, my mind wandered to the three pic related consumable items I have from Amazon. In my concern, I consulted the Bible in the way that I do: clicking to some random chapter on (Classic) Bible Gateway.

At first click, I landed on Daniel 7 where Daniel became concerned with a vision he was having while lying in bed. I was lying in bed at that time concerned that my enemies were poisoning my with poison that would grow breasts on me. I read on wondering if I should throw my other stuff away aside from just the glutamine. I came to Daniel 8:19-22. "The two-horned ram that you saw represents the kings of Media and Persia," seemed to reference the two-pack of Metamucil. "The shaggy goat is the king of Greece" seemed to reference the beard oil in the manner of grease. I was wondering if I should throw those things away away as I did the glutamine but the words "our kingdoms that will emerge from his nation but will not have the same power" suggested to me that it was only the poison in the glutamine which would have permanently disfigured me beyond the disfigurements associated with the skeletal mutilator implants. These new "moles" would be permanent as well but I will certainly go to a dermatologist and have those things sliced off from me. It was really remarkable that I kept reading Daniel wondering about the fiber and the beard oil, and then in the next chapter I saw the two-horned reference to my two-pack and the shaggy grease reference. The Bible is very reliable for me in this way.

It seems like someone made a fake eBay account to win my auction and then not pay for the item, and now there is the exact amount from the auction stolen off of one of my walmart gift cards... totally unrelated account-wise to eBay. The person who fucked up my auction used the name "Nat Cha" which is a Chinese name or something but it more plainly says NOT CHAH. Seems like whoever fucked up my auction also robbed me of some cash in the same amount as a fuck you to me.

So far as looking at pictures goes, it is easy for me to believe that Charles is my brother from another father. I always thought I had black hair but now that I have it grown it out some, it is obvious that I have brown hair.

I have this mild inkling that the UK allowed Harry to become an anti-me agent in the USA because they know it will result in his death without any of the Diana-related controversies. Indeed, I thought Diana got killed after it was determined that Harry's father was her bodyguard, not her husband Charles, meaning that Harry doesn't have an drop of royal blood in him. However, I have also seen pictures of Charles as a younger man which seem like he could be Harry's father. It is not very easy to determine, except for the hair color thing, which is inconclusive. Whatever the truth is, people who know the truth about me in the UK have not protected Harry from making a severely stupid decision.

I enjoyed this remarkable documentary about lions.

I see Harry Windsor is going to get tortured to death. I thought I saw him stalking me at the gym the other day. If so, he must have cut his legs off because he was not nearly the 6'1" reported on his Wikipedia. He seemed friendly at first but when I acknowledged him, the guy in front of me, who was almost certainly friendly, shook his head emphatically no and then off to the side of where I was sitting, the one I thought was Harry started to do the fucking in the ass hip thrusting motion.

I see that during a recent reinstall of my OS, I accidentally lost a few days of my content when I uploaded a backed up HTML file with new updates instead of pulling the current file off of my hosting account and then updating it.

These are the bad kind.

I've been closely following the story about the years long inability of the Israelis to "form a government" under their non-constitutional political system. I wonder, then, who is the commander in chief of the Israeli military forces right now?

When I went to the bank on Monday, the woman in line in front of me was going on and on about how her name was de Soto.

At the gym in Garden City, they were hardly doing my RAPE DICK while I was in there but in the one in Levittown they are doing it very much. It was going off pretty much the whole time I was in there today. While I was waiting for a squat rack, it started going off. I noticed some asshole had come to sit one foot away from where I was waiting and he was too intently on his phone in the way that people often are when they are sexually torturing me. I turned to look at him and he gave me the one quizzical eyebrow to let me know that, indeed, he was the one doing it. I saw he was wearing a t-shirt of Nassau Fire Emergency Services or something and I recall that the people I hated most at the last LA Fitness were, I think, the firefighters from New Hyde Park. No doubt the wholesome reputation of the firefighters is good camouflage for the apparent biggest pieces of shit in town all being employed firefighters. That is too coincidental that the one who put the implant in my dick at the last gym and the one who was so boldly activating my RAPE DICK in the gym today were both firefighters. No doubt the fire department serves as a front organization for giant pieces of shit like this one today who is now scheduled for the catastrophic horror.

It seemed like I also saw two of the guys from Alliance in there today too. Maybe one was the BOPE one and I could not exactly place the other one but he wasn't bothering me and nodded kindly when I noticed him. Another one in there I noticed looked quite like Bolsonaro around his eyes and I also noticed that the recent massacre in Jacarezinho, a favela in the Jacaré neighborhood of Rio, followed very closely on my recent negative experiences when I traveled back to Atlanta where I assume still lives the Jacaré whose "name is not good in Brazil" and is a name for "a guy with no teeth" or more likely a guy with no lips. If his little friends in Rio got killed in retaliation for my recent negative experience, I will be glad to learn that. There is certainly something fishy about the giant Jacaré mural in downtown Atlanta right around corner from the 9/11 mural that has Helene and Joe's obvious likenesses in it, the Chinese fire drill 9/11 clusterfuck mural, and also the big mural of me.

The Mystery Of Dark Energy

Some non-sweating mutant aliens intercepted me in the hotel gym this evening. One of them was walking around behind me wearing a t-shirt with an obnoxious gangstalker meme on it and he was probably one of the dad-affiliated personae that was pissing me off at the LA Fitness in "Garden City." Without even starting to think about his nose, I can tell just from his shirt that he's not going to make it and neither are the people he cares about. Everyone knows how much I hate these gangstalker memes that say, "Haha, we're all above you where we know what you're doing but you don't know what we're doing. And no matter how much effort you put into getting away from us, we are going to use the money that is rightfully yours, and the authorities that are rightfully yours, to support our efforts to undermine you at every turn." Everyone knows that I hate that. Everyone knows that I hate the company of mutant aliens. Still, they work to undermine my intention to avoid such things. As their ancestors certainly have for millennia, these people work to undermine the Lord's plans. Furthermore, these people know I stopped going to that LA Fitness because I was so sick of their bullshit and now they have followed me to yet another location where they treat my presence like it is a public toilet for them to shit into. I hate it so much that not only do they set themselves up as if they were above me, but then they rub my face in it. When I put them into their proper places, I will rub their faces in lumps of physical shit, and their children's faces, and spray them with the hose from the septic truck. Then I will send them to hell and never think about them again. The brazen lack of fear they demonstrate in their stalking will be a damnation on their souls and a curse on their blessings.

UPDATE: Upon reflection, I suppose that the one behind me was wearing that shirt to keep my mind away from the person in his party on the treadmill next to me so that the third member of their party could film me working out next to whoever that was, probably Helene dressed as a man. If it was Helene, she was very sneaky about not being a creepy weirdo today which is the thing she usually does.

Ayatollah Khamenei Calls Israel "Not A Country, But A Terrorist Base" As Vienna Talks Intensify

>"Israel is not a country, but a terrorist base against the nation of Palestine and other Muslim nations,"

>Israel's "downfall" is "imminent" and that it remains every Iranian and Muslim's duty to fight it.

In history, the Kingdom of Israel was against the throne of David ensconced by the Lord himself. Most people are aware of the kingdom of David and Solomon but few people really seem to understand that Israel was not the kingdom of that throne. Israel was the kingdom of the rebels who turned away from the throne of God's king, away from God's eternal covenant with David's heir, and away from the Lord. In fact, after the King of Israel, Jeroboam, turned away from the throne in Jerusalem, he said, "I can't have my people worshiping the Lord because then they will return to the kingdom of David's heir so I should make some golden calves as my people's gods instead of the Lord."

Israel is against more than just Muslims. Israel is pro-Satan and anti-everyone else. They would kill David's heir today if they could and it is the duty of every Jew to fight Israel as well. When the Kingdom of Israel broke away from the Lord and the throne of David, God at that time told the remnant in Judah not to make war on them but now that we have arrived at the end of the age, it is the proper time to make war on them.