2021-05-28 archive

Probably even more than murals of the man with the broken tooth, Atlanta is covered in Vayne and Vane murals referencing my fantastic yet totally unsuccessful book: The Weather Vane. There didn't used to be any of these but after I decided on my book's title, I noticed the whole city got covered in them. It mystifies me how the art in the city can have this theme and yet when I go there I get stabbed 50 times in two hours. Is Perimeter so different than Downtown? Maybe it is. More likely, it has something to do with the difference between Antarctica and North America.

Back when I used to hang out in this area, there was a mural of the cigarette smoking man from X-files where this top hat guy is now. Underneath him, it said in fancy cursive, "The seventh letter." I'm still not sure if the cigarette smoking man on X-files was based on Dad or Evil Dad. In any case, the seventh letter is G and that's the only takeaway I can get from this abstract painting on the building I spent I quite a lo of time in.

In any case, this character with the broken tooth is or was my friend.

This other graffiti on the building in which I spent quite a bit of time tells something about killing the organization that uses the American flag trimmed in gold. I am not sure who that flag represents but I do know that it is different than the so-called USA.

Listen to the truth Mr. Squirrel: Quitting my job was the smartest thing I ever did.

Trump Organization probe enters potentially ominous phase with grand jury convened

I recently made the connection between my TAPPING and BANGING problem and the kike tactic called roof knocking employed by the military of the secular state of Satan, also called Israel. Aside from that, they have been simulating a bird shitting on or about the driver's door on my car every few days lately and there have been several cars stalking me with apparent bird shit strikes at angles that would be impossible for a real bird to make. When I was cleaning the bird shit off of my car this morning, what was about five simulated bird shit strikes on the driver's door and the windshield in front of the steering wheel, a stalker exclaimed, "A big one," in reference to his understanding that the volume of bird shit placed on my car over night was probably greater than all of the bird shit placed on my car since I got to this hotel. This post will remind me to kill him and his family. A while after that, a short time ago now, I noticed to more little bird shit arranged symmetrically around a place where I repaired the pain as if to emulate the two symmetric mutilation attacks on my elbows. I also had a URETHRA ULTRA ZAPPER while I was driving earlier so I suspect that whoever got me recently also put at least one ULTRA ZAPPER in my urethra while he was doing the aggravated sexual assault on me after turning my brain off.

I just had an UPPER LEFT DICK ULTRA ZAPPER that far exceeded any of even the UPPER LEFT DICK MEGA ZAPPERS of the past few months. I must have gotten stabbed in the dick yesterday as well and given a new ULTRA ZAPPER implant. They keep doing this and do not stop because the previous retaliations were nothing but the cost of doing business for those who are glad to endure such costs if it means that they can disfigure my body and electrocute my genitals.

I think it's likely I got stabbed three times yesterday. It was three stabs in a triangle: both elbows and my neck just above the place where my collar bone now protrudes due to the skeletal mutilator implant for which the retaliation was so small that they continue with their disfigurement attacks to this day and think the wise course of action is to accelerate the frequency of such things. Obviously the pattern is somewhat evocative of the star of Rephan which the kikes have chosen as the symbol of themselves.

Today I noticed on my right arm there is a second new mole about 1cm above the huge one. This one is exactly like the one I clipped off of my neck yesterday. I have been paying so much attention to these areas lately, I am sure this was not a preexisting thing and is another disfigurement attack permitted by the USA who keeps me as an indigent homeless person without the minimal security which would totally and easily prevent such things. The USA pays certainly more than $1M per day just in the salaries of the people they send to torment me but another $500/per day for security is too much for my enemy the USA, apparently. Now I will use the nail clippers to cut this one off as well since it is small.

I picked up an anomalous wound on my left arm today which is the mirror image of the anomalous wound I recently acquired on my right arm, which I presume will disfigure me for the rest of my life until I can pay a dermatologist to cut the offending chunk of skin off of my body. It looks like I got another small mole implanted on my neck too.

UPDATE: The picture below shows the suspected new thing on my neck *after* I picked at it a little. It was not red five minutes before I took this picture. Before that, when I noticed it about ten minutes before this picture, it was just a little brown thing. Given the other two things around my collar bones that I have been paying a lot of attention to lately, I feel assured that this thing I picked at was relatively new. Since it was small, after this picture was taken I used some nail clippers to excavate the area and I think when the little divot heals it will be gone.

The main reason for this is that my 2013 solution to classical electrogravity makes it possible to engineer devices that control gravity with electricity. This is also why no one was talking about "hypersonic weapons" before 2013 but by 2017 everyone was suddenly in the late stage testing phase of bringing next gen weapons online.

I switched rooms to the room above my previous room. I bet it is a big irritation to the one who intercepted me in the lobby to ask me how my room was. *Strangely*, the loud banging that was coming incessantly from my ceiling when I was downstairs is not coming from my floor now that I am upstairs.

Tranny flag is the floor mat on based DS9.

This Cutting Edge Engineering channel on YouTube is very good. I think maybe since the Russian gun guy, FPSRussia, this is the first time I liked a whole YouTube channel.

It is consistent with the way that Satan works to just put one little fleck of poison, pic related. This is a meme with the faggots, if I'm not mistaken.

It also appears to me that someone has both added pixels to and taken pixels away from my 762 art that I made. The relatives of whoever did that will be surprised to see what happens to them because of it! I spent a long time making these pixels just the way I wanted them to be and someone has fucked it up so I will do the same for their ancestors' descendants. This is the same problem I have had going back ten years or more with people inserting typos in the things I write.

UPDATE: Come to think of it, this is like the thing with they typos but it is also fairly well like the little moles that have appeared all over my body, and like the skeletal mutilator implant in my foot, and like the electroshock devices in my testicles which were used against me about 100 times today.

In the gym today, my MP3 player's battery died and I could not use it for hearing protection against hecklers. I was surprised not to hear anyone pissing me off with their heckling. After a while, I was also surprised not to have had the RAPE DICK attack. Then when I got on the lat pull down machine, some guy in an FDNY shirt sat down next to me and the RAPE DICK revved right up.

Last night, I asked the manager if I could move into the room upstairs from me to get out from under this constant tapping and banging. She said that the person in there only had a one night reservation and that would be fine for me to move after they cleaned the room. The kikes up there, who I suppose were playing round robin with the reservation while the same ones remain up there tormenting me, extended the room for two more nights. I expect that although the room was only reserved for a single night, the party up there will keep extending indefinitely as long as I stay in this hotel now that I am scheduled to move into that room when they leave.

It was my birthday today and I was not in a very bad mood which is unusual for me. Almost all of the last 20 or so have been a pretty big bummer but I wasn't feeling that way today. At 7:30am, I got woken up with a MEGA BANGING on the ceiling above my bed and simultaneously "Dad" sent me an email saying that he loved me and wished me happiness which I assume was sarcastic and that whoever emailed me that was the same one who woke me up and torments me incessantly night and day. Maybe not, however. If so, on the other hand, that is not just *a* kike up there but is, in fact, the namesake of the kikes. In any case, I sent an email to Good Dad who I may have seen in the lobby a short while later. Seems like the 8ft tall gigantor working down at the desk today was a Dad-affiliated persona as well. After the manager told me I couldn't switch rooms because the kikes up there extended, one of the people impersonating one of the hotel's managers intercepted me in the elevator to try to rub it in that I couldn't move but I was not really bothered by it because I was expecting them to extend. Why would not they when it would be so easy to keep tormenting me? Furthermore, the TAPPING no longer punctuates my thoughts which makes it about 1,000,000 times less pestersome than it used to me. They still initiate the TAPPING attack each time I move around in the room, TAPPING on some certain part of the ceiling as I walk under it, and in the bathroom each time I walk into the bathroom, and each time I finish toweling off after a shower, and they still punctuate the onset of the RAPE DICK reactivation with a sharp TAP. Even then, I am glad that they are no longer using the TAPPING weapon in conjunction with the brain scanning weapon. The two of them together were very bothersome.

This post will remind me to kill whoever intercepted me to try to rub in something that didn't bother me very much. I have probably already included that person's family on my list of people to make filthy and then kill several times already. This post will also remind me to kill the kike that was in the hotel's gym with me yesterday and then intercepted me when I came back into the hotel. I think that may have been an affiliate of the Chris Studwell persona who I did not used to think was a kike but now I can see that he is a huge one. All the people on the email lists with him are going to get killed. I expect that should cut down the USA kike population by some significant percentage.

In version 2 of my nice paper about the Bible, I fixed some grammar, corrected several footnote citation errors, and added a few words.

The Time Travel Interpretation of the Bible

Fed Alert: Overnight Reverse Repo Usage Soars Above Covid Crisis Highs

>The Fed will no longer be able to conduct $120BN in QE every month, as sooner or later someone will figure out that the Fed buying up hundreds of billions in securities only to turn around and then repo out the resulting reserves each and every day, amounts to outright debt monetization with potentially calamitous consequences for yields and the US dollar.

Here is a rubrick. If you answer yes to both of these questions, then you should assume that I am going to kill you and your children.

(1) Do you get the Pookie reference?

(2) Do I know you personally?

After I made that last post, I went to the store. On the way, some stalker got in front of me with LOVE written in to the dirt of their rear window. When I got to the store, some van with the license plate CUX parked in front of me. While I was in the store, some woman was saying, "Oh, she got hers," as if to intimate that the situation related to Emily had already been adjudicated, a vicious lie. Does the abominable creature Gracen Green not draw breath to this very day? Even if one of their little henchpeople got killed, that breath signifies a net win for my enemies. Do the hearts of the people pretending to be the family of that monster not continue to beat? That is a net win for them. Have I killed their biological children with whom they were so dissatisfied that they thought they should send their agent to steal my semen to get Cathy Green's lesbian friend pregnant by witchcraft? I have not killed them and blotted out their names from under heaven and that is a total loss for me, not just a net loss. Do not the USA and Israel continue to exist? That means the situation was a win for them. As long as they are winning, I am losing. Did Helene not rape me as much as she wanted to under the guise of Emily lending her her likeness? Does Helene not remain alive with the treasured memories of her crimes and the impunity she has to avoid "getting hers?" That is a total and unequivocal win for her. Does my many times rapist Helene not continue to be supported by my enemies who facilitate Helene's intention that I should subjected to the constant presence and torments of my rapist? These things represent the total victory of my enemies. They have won all of these battles and I have lost all them but the war is not over. When the war is over, I will have "gotten mine." Me getting mine is what I say it is and I alone am the decider of what is right and just.

The suggestion of the person in the store that my counterparties "got theirs" infuriates me in her suggestion my life is equal to the life of some random piece of shit who only might have gotten killed because they were nothing but some shit tier nobody. Did the former GM of CNN International, Cathy Green, get killed for consecrating the abomination? Of course not! All of these people accomplished all of their goals and they did not "get theirs." If they got theirs, how does the crash in the quality of my initiated in 2011 still not find a bottom? What did I get out of it? Them "getting theirs" would necessarily imply that I got mine but what I got was electrodes in my testicles, a thousand stab wounds on my penis, hundreds of rapes, two years in the gutter and a homelessness which persists to this day, and thousands of people tormenting me when I go outside and when I stay inside. Those things that transpired around 2011-2012 were a net win for all the people who want to cackle and exclaim, "POOKIE!," when they see me and I have not yet killed every last person on Earth who might understand that reference, excepting possibly a few, as is my intention. They didn't get theirs.