2021-06-15 archive

Today, the Mormons formally forbade me to use their copyrighted painting of me.

That would put a whole different spin on "Orange man bad."

A man got into an argument with the cashier over masks at a Big Bear Supermarket in DeKalb before the man pulled out a gun and shot her in the head.

The apparent fourth person on the recent Pookie heckling operation intercepted me again today on my way back from lunch, this time with several more accomplices. Although I am sure that person, possibly a woman, is well-trained in projecting fraudulent emotional tone, her veneer is wearing quite thin and she was not doing a very good job of it as I passed her. Everyone in collaboration with that one is summarily sentenced to death.

Around [7:50], this all-American cowboy repeats the socialist workers' call against capitalism as well as I have ever heard it stated.


The swelling in Elizabeth's ankles tells a tale that is sweet in my ear.

There was a big uptick in the hecklers in the hall outside my room today and this evening there is another big uptick in the intensity and frequency of the activation of the dozens of sexual torture devices implanted in my body.

Election Assessment In Pennsylvania County Uncovers Five "Issues Of Note"

This article disgusts me with its excessive devil's advocacy.

>The assessment showed blunders by both the county and Dominion but also indicated that the election ran largely correctly

A car that runs fine for a mile and then explodes and kills you when you try to park also would have run "largely correctly."

>"No direct evidence of any malfeasance"

The dozens of coin tosses all consecutively landing on tails is plenty of evidence of malfeasance. The overall strikeout rate going back even years before Starbucks girl turned it up to eleven is overwhelming evidence. How do I have this strikeout rate while my enemies are becoming millionaires and billionaires selling my stolen semen to women who have the idea that getting a belly full of my load is pretty much the best thing that could happen to them? Those women all have the right idea about me so why do these other ones have the wrong idea?

Evidence of malfeasance is that these stupid bitches had the idea that they ought to seek me out to do exactly what I have been complaining about for several years now. They could have sent ones with the idea that they ought not be the 100th woman in a row to entice me with her over-the-top body language and then reject me as if I had imagined the whole thing. However, that is exactly what they did. Further evidence of malfeasance is that two of these other agents have intercepted me in the solidarity formation with the main fraud agent, and then later in the day after the second one did it they had about six women right outside my door with the idea to heckle me but not out there to give me their bodies.

A few days before this most recent fraud solidarity maneuver, there was the first such maneuver. They had the main fraud agent intercept me and then the skinny one appeared right behind her to spread her legs in the body language pool girl used to mean, "I am showing you my pussy to let you know that if you ask me to go home with you, I will tell you, 'No,' and then 100 other women around town will give you dirty looks because you thought the way I was showing you my pussy meant I was available sexually." Certainly the skinny one will say she meant something else by it but if I had pursued her, which I never would have after her expression of solidarity with the previous foot-shitting fraud agent, then certainly she would have rejected ['reversed'] the ballot. She will say, "Nuh-uh," but I will say, "Yeah, ok. Sure. 100% of the ones I didn't ask would have said, 'Yes,' and 100% of the ones I did ask said, 'No.' It's just a big coincidence." On top of that, her solidarity with the one who already tricked me makes her smell like shit and the masters they serve like to put that shit smell on her to poison the whole interaction a priori.

Let's be realistic. If I had just let fraud agent #1 walk by me without saying anything, then she would have said, "Yeah, I totally would have been so friendly and said, 'Yes,' to him if he wasn't too much of a pussy to talk to me," but since I did talk to her, now her masters have something which pleases them far more. It is always the same. Overall, the malfeasance was that they deployed their agent to take a shit in my path with the idea that I am the kind of man that she should just blow off if I should buy into the lies she was telling with her malicious and fraudulent body language.

It's always the same. There is no amount of body language that ever means anything other than that they want to kick me in the balls. The reason they use body language like a baboon instead of spoken language is because spoken language would not allow them to renege so effortlessly. When they heckle me, they don't ever use baboon language for that! They always use the same edge sorting rubric. If I don't take their bait, they say, "What a pussy, I was being so obvious and he didn't bite," and if I do bite, then they are like, "Eww, gross. You're imagining things, psycho." There is no good faith. They are 100% bad faith actors in my enemies' service. The masters they serve could give them the right idea about me but they don't. They could just leave me alone but they don't. They seek me out for these things.

These women are the servants of my enemies so even if the devil's advocates' argument is that they were honestly trying to get me to share my affections with my enemies' servants, an obvious lie disproven by fraud actor #1 and the solidarity maneuvers of fraud agents #2 and #3, then they admit the fraud and malfeasance. Even if one of them had spoken to me, they would have pretended not to know my name. That is fraud and malfeasance.

The RAPE DICK and the TAPPING persist as well so either these are not Israeli agents doing that or the new government continues their sponsorship of such things. If it's not the Israelis, my next guess would be the Jesuits. After that, my guess would be the Scientologists but not in the sense that the Antarctic slave hole a Scientology facility wherein everything is sponsored by them. In that way, they are obviously my first and second guesses too.

In the restaurant this afternoon, the women were heckling me in Spanish about these recent attacks which I have documented so extensively. I was paying attention to the TV but when I noticed what she was saying, it was, "Cuanto cuesta la coochie," or something. This post will remind to me to torture them to death and to kill that one woman's little piece of shit son, Joel (who is alsmost certainly named after Joey.) After that, I went to the store. In the store, some Mexican was filming me and then heckling me about "conchita" as I walked by which means pussy in English. This post will ensure that I torture him and his woman to death and that I kill their children. These people are all in it together. Somehow, they got the wrong idea about me but the people alive after I take my vengeance on them will suffer no such delusions. From the looks of very may other people today, I can tell the whole town is mocking me about it. When they are agony which persist until the end of their days, then it will be my turn to mock them. I am certain that my mockery will burn them far more than theirs burns me.

On top of all of that, the things that they were doing which I didn't find out about yet were likely incomparably worse.

In all these recountings of how my enemies always deploy their poisoned agents to entice me into supporting their pursuit of the denialgasm, I completely forgot about the one in Durango. I went out for a walk and some beautiful woman stopped in the path in front of me to shake her ass at me. Since she was very attractive, I began to speak with her. When I didn't attempt to close on her within the first two minutes of our conversation, she said, "Aww! He's timid!," being a huge cunt talking about me to our surveilling parties in the third person. I certainly am not timid though I do know that my strikeout rate is probably the single worst rate of any man alive. Also, I understand that women like a little chat before the close, in general. Since this woman on the path was apparently wanting me to close on her, I invited her to my hotel. She turned me down. On my walk back to the car, five or more women glared at me as if I was the asshole for her intercepting with no intention of doing anything other than being a bitch. In fact, they were the assholes for setting up the whole situation for their agent to turn me down while two faggots were buttfucking in my bed at the hotel. Yes! While all of that was happening, they had two faggots fucking each other in the ass in my bed in the hotel room. That was the real reason why she was there despite any other impression she may have had. (A woman cackling in the hall when I came to "the real reason" in the reread.)

The way they do these team activities is pretty much like how they had the one appear to be receptive this week, then intercept me in the tandem maneuver with the most recent denialgasm agent (who only a complete fucking retard might have thought I would ever speak to or even acknowledge again), then they had two women cackling outside my door as I wrote about it, one of them a previous stalker interceptor, and then they had three, or likely four, women intercept me at my door later in the day to call me Pookie. They are all in it together and their true intentions are to serve their master, my enemy, so I will kill them all. I will kill all of their children and I will keep killing people until there is no living person that does not hate their memory. Their true intentions are obvious when they send their slave women to my hotel room to heckle me but not to offer me their bodies. Instead, they tell their women that the right thing is to make it seem like will be willing to entertain me if I want to beg them to please come to my hotel. Then they also give them the idea that they ought not do so, however, or that they ought to turn down my begging down should they permit it.

Ex-Mossad chief signals Israel attacked Iran nuclear assets

>"It doesn't look like it used to look," he added.

This quote seems to reference the many disfigurement attacks on my body. The greatest of these is my fucked up collar bones and the collapse of the arch in my right foot due to the skeletal mutilator implant but Yossi is probably referring to these moles implanted on my face and legs and arm. I hope I am able to torture Yossi and he does not find salvation in my nuclear strike. I would like to humble him but I will not delay my strike for that reason.

I have been fooled by very many women who were deliberately sent to me with some grievous misconceptions about me. Whether this was done to ensure the outcome that *always* comes out, or only to avoid ensuring that it would not come out like that for the Nth time in a row, I do not know or care. If they feared me, as they ought to, they would get it right. Remember when it happened again in Statesboro and people were like, "How did this happen?" Now it happened here and I hope it is as obvious to everyone else as it is to me that there is no reasonable consideration that a millionth consecutive coin toss might have landed on tails again by chance. They poison these women with falsehood before they send them to me. Even after they poison them, they could just leave me alone. Because they are evil, however, they send the poisoned ones to take shits in my path.

In the way I have been fooled by these women, I was also fooled into getting an office cuck job after I had already solved several Nobel caliber problems in physics. I didn't have to go get those jobs but somehow my thinking was modified from knowing that it would be a bad idea to wondering if maybe it would not be. (Helene and her husband signed a fraud affidavit to get me thrown into a slave hole.) In that series of jobs I went through after having already cleanly proved myself to be, by far, the most successful living physicist, my employers often gave me kindergarten-level coding assessment by which they would "assess my technical ability." This other scenario with the women brings that to mind. Although I had already proved I could succeed where thousands of the world's smartest people had failed pursuing the most important fundamental problems in existence, they would give me tests to see, for example, if I could use the cd and ls commands in my Linux virtual machine. The situation with the women is different but it is also somewhat the same. In the difference, I can see that someone in my office would give me a standard technical assessment regardless of anything else I've done. With these women, however, I do not see why they send their agents to take these shits in my life. They could tell these women the truth about me before they send them, but that would pretty well close the door on them pinching a loaf on my foot and my enemies will never close that door until I make them do it with my brutality. Overall, the truth is bitter poison to my enemies and I know they will never embrace it.

Case in point, it is ordinary for four women to plan and execute an operation such they will intercept me at my hotel room to heckle me by exclaiming, "POOKIE!," but there are never four women intercepting me at my hotel room to offer their bodies. For them, they say, "Well... I made it seem like I would listen to his begging if he was going to beg me to take my clothes off for him like I did for these 30 other guys that are complete pieces of shit compared to him, many of whom did not have to beg me one tenth as hard as I would certainly make him beg if I had some plan other than to kick him the balls." For the hecklers, however, they never say, "Well... maybe we can entice him into chatting us up so that during the conversation which he initiates we can be creepy by slipping the word pookie conspicuously into our dialogue." Those ones always have the get up and go to actually get their thing done. The fact that these other ones *always* just make it seem like maybe I can beg them hard enough before they turn me down, either for a date or even for being spoken to now, tells that this is the desired outcome for the command structure in their organization. These hecklers *never* fuck up their heckling and the denialgasm ones *always* opt for the denialgasm over the orgasm. Is it more likely that they are *always* accidentally doing the same thing I complained about the last hundred women doing or do you think that they are *always* accomplishing that which they were sent to do? In my opinion, both groups have a 100% success rates: the hecklers and the deniers. Both groups are accomplishing their missions. If there was some other outcome in mind than the denialgasm, they wouldn't keep sending women with the the idea that they ought to do the exact same things that all other ones did which have led to the current reality. Even now, they are still sending ones with that same idea about what is the right way to act.

I was looking at this stupid slut in the gym today and seemed friendly. I saw her a few days ago too and she was nodding her at me in the forceful affirmative. I was wondering if I should talk to her since she seemed to be giving me such affirmative signals. Then when I was leaving the gym she intercepted me with the last one who was doing that and it pissed me off pretty well. This is the main reason for the ranting today. She could have just seemed like another stalker but then at the end she came and intercepted me with the other one for the supplemental testicle crushing maneuver. They will probably say, "Oh, it was just blah blah blah and he's overreacting," but it wasn't just blah blah blah. It's this old wound that they keep ripping open over and over and over. After that, the rapist accomplice and another woman were cackling outside my hotel room to mock me, the other rapist accomplice at the desk was being another provocative bitch, then four more stalkers intercepted me at my hotel room to call me pookie. They are all in it together, I feel quite certain. It was an unusually bad day for stalking today. I am aware that they like to stack up their attacks for maximum effect but they are quite foolish to attack me without killing me because it leaves me alive to retaliate at a later time, which I certainly will.

So many people go to such lengths to torment me. I will go to much greater lengths to torment them. I don't know what some of these bitches' true intentions are. What I do know is that whoever is deploying them for these many operations keeps deploying ones with the wrong idea about me. That's not an accident and I do know that these bitches' intentions are to serve whomever is sending them: my enemy.

When I came back from the hotel's gym just now, three disgusting 4chanians intercepted me in front of my room's door. One exclaimed, "Pookie!," and the ugliest one in the rear said, "What?!?! Sounded like et." This is the curse which keeps giving. Ten years now with this one and they keep stabbing me with it. No doubt this POOKIE operation was in coordination with the stalker operation at the gym among those alleged women who thought that my strikeout statistics weren't bad enough yet and that they should be further extended, as they are now. They could have just let them be as they were, but they have gone out of their way into obtaining my consent for them to make it worse and I foolishly obliged them for Nth time. There are so many that go out of their way to make it worse and there is not one who makes any effort toward remediation. They might say, "My effort toward remediation was to make it seem like I would entertain your begging if you wanted to beg for me to please take my clothes off," but me having to beg for them to take their clothes off is the problem itself in a nutshell.

This post will remind me to torture the three of them to death and likely the fourth silent one dressed on black. This post will also remind me to kill whoever keeps honking their horn outside my room each time I finish watching a video. While I was creating this post, someone called in a woman's voice, "JON!," on the LRAD and it was followed by Helene's voice on the LRAD saying, "YUP!" This post will not only remind me to kill all of these people but it will ensure that I never make the mistake of letting them find the mercy of a swift death.

I just went down to microwave my lunch. The other one who appeared on the morning of my most recent anal rape and anal implant (which remains as of 30 minutes ago) came running at me when I go out of the elevator, jiggling herself excessively in a familiar way. While my stuff was in the microwave, she asked me if I needed, "anything for my room," and then pantomimed taking her panties off. About two seconds later, she started heckling me with her gangstalker info. This one is using the alias Erin almost certainly as a device for obfuscation with Erin Tooker disguising herself as the flabby lard monster that was somehow able to commence cackling outside my door at the moment I came to "have a nice laugh" in my reread of the previous post.

These bitches really piss me off. Why are they fucking with me? I would not ever talk to any of them, or bother them in any way, but they insist in their persistent enticements. Something about my 100 times recounting of how Starbucks girl was this horrible cunt to me caressing my hand so she could tell me about her boyfriend, and how pool girl was showing me her pussy so that she could tell me she didn't want to come to my place (and then followed me around for three months until I finally texted her again so she could ghost me), and how every woman in Statesboro turned me down, and how even the prostitutes in fake Colombia would rather turn me down than take my money, and how all of this had already been going on for many years by the time I even got to Starbucks that day, and how this goes on and on and on no matter how many times I go back and try again, makes these other women think they should do the same thing.

A couple of weeks ago, some other horrible cunt in my current gym was following me around, jocking me at a 10/10 obviousness level: making eye contact with me every two minutes, licking her lips and nodding her head yes every five minutes, and alternately showing me her pussy and her ass. Since she was giving the 10/10 clearly affirmative body language, I introduced myself to her but she did the exact same thing that I have complained about the last 100 women doing. She blew me off and walked away. In a way, it's better that she just walked off than to have stood there long enough for her to turn me down but, in general, it is the same. I am sure she would pretend like she was unaware that the last 100 women I spoke to did the same thing, or worse, but I am confident that she knows perfectly well that she was adding her name to a very long list of identical actors. Since then, a lot of other women in the gym have been giving me the obvious, "I want to let you know that I prefer to wait for some other guy later who will be better," body language. Two of them have intercepted me in formation with the one who exactly replicated the experience I have documented 100 times. There is no amount of affirmative body language that ever means anything other than, "I want to be the Nth woman in a row to act interested only long enough for you to give me the opportunity to go on record being a cunt. Then my masters will put our interaction in a montage with the guys I said yes to and they'll have a nice laugh." (On the rereading and editing of this post, when I came to, "have a nice laugh," two women outside my door started cackling. One of them was the flabby lard monster that appeared on the day of my most recent anal implant (which remains as of a day ago) and who intercepted in the lobby twice that morning to ask me how I was.)

On top of the in-tandem formation interception maneuvers with the recent one, they have alternately intercepted me as individuals as well. I am sure they say, "I was giving him such obvious body language and he doesn't talk to me because blah blah blah," but the truth is that their signaling never means anything other than, "I want to turn him down and then say yes later to some other guy, and then I'll feel proud of having my name written down as the Nth woman to trick him into it with my primitive ruse." I am particularly disgusted by it now since another one was doing it today but then she intercepted me in formation with cunt #1 as I was leaving.

If I was smarter, I would not think about these stupid bitches at all. However, my desire for the affections of a very good looking woman overrides my better judgment not to think about it and it does burn me. When I kill them all, then they will know how I really felt about it. They have been doing this to me for so many years now: enticing me with their unspoken lies and then telling me that they'd rather wait for some other guy who will be better than me. Their formation maneuvers with the one that replicated my previous 100 negative interactions shows that they are all in it together too. No matter how many times I write, "It is not realistic that they simulate 100% of the women I approach doing that exact same thing," it still remains the case that 100% of the women I approach were only acting interested as a ruse. So, I will kill them all and I will do much worse than that to the ones who gave them that idea about me.

To the extent that the Mormons were expecting Jesus to appear in St Louis, I think if some mid-19th century person pointed to Atlanta on a not very big map of the USA, the only city anyone would have known about in that region would have been St. Louis.

'Tentative Infrastructure Deal' Reached By Tiny Group Of Senators Led By Romney

>$762 billion in new spending

Today, I sent a copyright request to the Mormon church for them to let me use their above painting of me in my book. I will be surprised if they say yes. However, my interpretation of the Bible makes it perfectly reasonable for Jesus to have appeared in America. As John wrote, "Jesus did many other things as well."

Publix shooting: 3 dead in shooting at Royal Palm Beach shopping plaza

>PBSO said the shooting took place inside the store

>The shooter is reported to have yelled, "Give me my sandwich, you rascal!," just before the gunfire was heard.

Election Workers Set To Be Deposed In Georgia Ballot Case

>Several election workers in Fulton County, Georgia are scheduled to be deposed in the coming days

I have no vested interest (that I know of) in Trump being the President. However, this data that I saw (pictured above) suggests that there was an eccentric modification in the ballot tallying behavior during the time in question at the arena in Fulton County.

Incidentally, I too have a court date in Fulton County on Tuesday. On my constant anal rape thread on 4chan, I recently got an ID reading, "I am exit on Tuesday," which got immediately deleted and replaced with an ID reading, "Fuck you, El Arcón. Fuck you."

Blinken "Unclear" If Iran Deal 'Actually Going To Happen' As Talks Drag On

>Zarif further argued that "Iran is in compliance with the JCPOA. Just read paragraph 36."

Unsurprisingly, while they cited the specific issue called out by Grossi when it was referenced by the UN, they do not include the language to which Zarif apparently refers in paragraph 36:

"[sic] If the issue still has not been resolved to the satisfaction of the complaining participant, and if the complaining participant deems the issue to constitute significant non-performance, then that participant could treat the unresolved issue as grounds to cease performing its commitments under this JCPOA in whole or in part and/or notify the UN Security Council that it believes the issue constitutes significant non-performance."

It appears to me that paragraph 36 says Iran is not under any JCPOA obligations because the USA violated the terms, has not returned to compliance, and the matter of the USA's non-compliance was not resolved in the channel of arbitration specified in paragraph 36 (page 17.) I see that the USA violated the terms which it had to agreed to abide by, and it had also agreed that Iran would not be constrained by the JCPOA if the USA reneged on its commitments, as it did.

On the upside, flat is pretty much my favorite chart pattern lately since my old favorite -3% chart became so closely associated with B'ing the F'ing D. I'm going to start calling this pattern the dick in the hand signal.

A lot of stalkers added about two hours to my errands today, not to mention probably another two hours of extended unnecessary follow ups which will ensue. Although some of the people I interacted with today were ok, it makes me feel good about culling the Antarctic population that almost everyone is willing to make eccentric accommodations for my enemies to bother me where they would not have had the capability otherwise. Probably this person from the hotel's front desk who said, "I do everything for you," impersonated two different people at two different stops among my errands today. I did not seem to get any new anal implants keeping such bad company today, however, which is good. The only giant obvious implant in my asshole is the one at the 12:00 position that I woke up with last Monday or so. It has been there for a little more than a week so far and I am sure the people who put it there are delighted. On the other hand, they had me completely surrounded many times today and I'm not feeling any new implants (yet), and they were not able to really impede my errands much, so I suspect that this other situation does not bring them delight.

The manager of the hotel this evening is the one presenting himself disguised as a Mexican. He was also the one that bumped into me giddily on the morning following my most recent anal rape. He is a big asshole in our interactions, in general. Tonight, after I asked him to print something for me, he said, "I do everything for you." Since I have heard that exact line before, I think, I suspect that this person is one of the main principals in my enemies' conspiracy to defraud me. I suppose he has some large number of people convinced that I have delegated my proxy to him in some matter. I have never delegated my proxy to anyone, ever, and I am certain that I am not even so much as aware of the matter in which he claims to act with my proxy. When I could tell he was giving me stink eye to the best of his ability within the constraints of his gay disguise act, I asked him if he had heard about the news in Israel. He reacted strongly. When he was pleading with me to please please please tell him what the news was, he said, "...but I do everything for you."

The barefoot stalker that intercepted me just now when I went to the ice machine barefoot was the same one that intercepted me with a luggage cart when I came out of my room with a luggage cart last week, and also who intercepted me one other time. This post will remind me to kill him and his family.

Netanyahu amid incitement concerns: Don't be afraid to stick it to them

Here, I take the words of Bibi the Israeli Bibilonian to encourage more stabbing and device implant attacks against me. Furthermore, this obvious portrait of Helene the Whore of Babylon which I found on some awful website last night, and to which I have added Helene's beloved necklace, is exactly the face that Helene, the sponsor of Bibi, makes when she freaks. Indeed, "to freak" is certainly a verb in her lexicon.

There is definitely going to be violence. I am the Lord.

I see Ouchie went with the ugly skull snot monster mask for the cover of his book. It is well fitting.

It is with a certain reluctance that I mention Ursula's name since there was a time when I thought we might get married one day. However, that was in the time before I learned there was probably more than one Ursula at Alliance. Early in my Bible study after I became homeless, I came to the above scripture and it reminded me of the girl. There was some Alliance Christmas party at Charlie's restaurant in December 2016 before my last visit to the school in March 2017. I didn't go because on a previous such party at his restaurant, I did not find myself in good company with the majority of the people there. I would consider Charlie to be good company but I did not like many of the other people at the party very much. There were some non-Alliance people there too and I don't like to associate with strangers. On the last class at Alliance before the party, or maybe the second to last, the girl that the one today did not remind me of turned her head to look at me as she walked past the partition near the manager's desk. I thought I could go and talk to her at the restaurant but even in December the wariness of the goings-on at Alliance was starting to solidify. In this way, homelessness was a blessing because otherwise I probably would have gone on ignoring the wariness forever. When I came across Isaiah 37:22 early in my homelessness, my attention was called to the way she turned her head that day.

In a big escalation of the stalking activity, this evening there was a dark SUV full of apparent women following me around. This post will remind me not to let the mercy of a swift death find any of the people in that vehicle or any of the people who made it possible for them to be aware of my whereabouts, and also to kill the families of all of these parties. When one of the apparent women smiled at me, I was given the distinct impression of a person whose name was told to me to be Ursula Cavalcanti, probably one of several such persons.

Do deficits matter anymore?

Deficits matter so much that the government is now going to use inflation to burn the last little bit of the people's good will toward the government to swap the government's lack of money for the people's lack of money. I have said many times that the deficit represents free money for the government because the endgame is to default on the debt which is accumulated each year in proportion to the annual budget deficit. However, in the time before the inevitable default and contemporaneous world war, the inflationary spiral is a "good" way to drag things out. This may be the late middle game but hopefully inflation will be seen later as defining the onset of the end game. Maybe the war will come much sooner because it never would have been possible to play the inflationary game without telegraphing the intentions many years ahead? All of the government's debt payments will go down under inflation and all the money that people have saved will become less valuable. If the game last long enough, all the people that gave money while it was valuable to banks in the form of 401k's are going to get it back when it is even less valuable than the principle plus the compounded interest. Then they will see what was the capitalists' real incentive in 401k contribution matching. It was never a nice thing the profits pigs were doing. The purpose was to fleece the trusting while their money was valuable because they would be able to pay it back when it was not valuable. Capitalists don't do nice things, in general. Also, maxing out student loans in the pre-inflationary era will appear to have been be a supremely wise decision during a period of harsh inflation.

Russia's $186 Billion Sovereign Wealth Fund Dumps All Dollar Assets

This article explains that Russia sees the monetary play as well as I do and they don't want to get caught holding that monetary bag like all the USA people who saved Fed money will.

This evening when I left my room, there were two men outside my door, one of whom was carrying some pizza. They heckled me with the vocab from today's language program. Then when I made two trips through the lobby, there were probably about five JON! hecklers. On my final trip back upstairs, one of the hecklers yelled, "I heard it!," about one second before they put CHAH's groan into the heckling milieu. This post will remind me to kill all of these people and all of their children.

I was making comments in this thread about how Helene is not just a bad person but is in fact supremely evil. Yesterday was her birthday and I just happened to watch DS9 s06e18 around 24 hours ago. Right at the beginning, Gul Ducat mentions Major Kira's mother's birthday. The episode was titled, "Wrongs greater than death or night." Shortly before that, I had also prayed for God to give me an episode of DS9 as a fuck you to my enemies. A lot of times the media I consume has synchronicity in it too eccentric to be easily dismissed as coincidence. I attribute these things to God and this episode was a strong demonstration of the synchronistic effect: the mother's birthday, on Helene's birthday, soon after my prayer, and titled so relevantly so shortly after I had made the comments about Helene's profound lack of virtue.

A lot of my saved have images have had cancer pixels grafted into them. I am going to torture to death all of the people involved in such things and I will kill their families and maybe torture some of them too. What they have done to at least a few, and probably all, of my images is the same thing they have done to my body with their disfigurement, mutilation, and stabbing attacks. I will do much worse than that to them, and doing it much worse may involve doing it to their children which is a price I know many who are prepared for my wrath are not prepared for.

It's been about 30 minutes and the discomfort from that electroshock deep in my penis as I became disgusted by the second stalker is still lingering. The giant nodule implanted down at the stem of my penis bothers me every day.

The non-stop Chinese TAPPING torture has not stopped either and I see the previous sponsorship of these efforts endures. This started in 2012 under Obama, and it went through Trump and Biden as well. I see that aligns exactly with N-tanyahu's most recent 12 years in office so I will monitor for correlations in the coming weeks. If it stops soon, I will be glad. Also, I will exterminate all involved in doing it and allowing it, and everyone who supported any of those people, directly or indirectly. I will curse their blessings and pour my hate out on them as I wipe out their names from under heaven.

Among the stalkers in the gym this evening, one's movements were exactly like those of "Jordan Wright" whose clan will be exterminated. Many among his people will be defiled as well. The accomplice of that one may or may not have been Helene. I left after a disgusted vibe suddenly overwhelmed me when my attention was called away from the other one as the second one positioned him- or herself behind me.

While I was in there, a man and a woman came in and commiserated with the person I did not like: the one that reminded me of Jordan Wright in his looks somewhat and his body movements uncannily. This is probably the second time the commiserating one has done that this week and he is some horrible fool to do so. First he was attaching his face to this new thing implanted in my ass and my most recent anal rape and tonight he was attaching his face to more of my stalkers and the electroshock sexual torture device they used against me. Judging by the way the man's accompanying woman nodded at me when they entered, and judging by the slim build, I would say that this was probably the person mentioned below commiserating with my enemy Evil Dad. This post will remind me to kill that woman and her family too. These people insist on not fearing the Lord and I will go to some significant expenditure of my efforts to prove the foolishness of their multiple refusals.

Once it dawned on me that the one which had initially not attracted my attention was the worst one of the bunch, I suffered a severe bout of sexual torture administered through the FLAGSTAFF MEGA DEEP URETHRA ZAPPER.

I suppose the skinny little faggot entertaining Evil Dad at the gym on the Monday morning when I woke up with new anal implants must be the new Mossad director whose name Barnea says "A N-rab" in my usual cipher for Bible names. A N-something, indeed. Gain some weight, faggot.

Since I know my enemies monitor my computer screen, I will now recount my consultations with the word of God this evening when I was deciding whether to shelter in place or to flee. As is my way, I searched the word by randomly clicking on something on classic Bible Gateway (which is much better than the non-classic site.) I encourage all these evil men with me tonight to do the same. Pray to God for a message and then randomly flip to something in the Bible. I know it will tell you that you are doing the wrong thing this evening but I also know that Israel is Satan and doing the wrong thing is the specialty of Israelis. Anyways, all of you here with evil intentions tonight should do it in congregation and compare your result to mine. Let your leader flip the pages or do the clicking. Since you monitor me, you heard the questions I asked to God and you saw the things I came to. The first thing I clicked on was Proverbs 7: the warning.

I have read this chapter many times and I have seen it as a chastisement for putting myself out there trying to meet women like all my haters constantly say I ought to even when I know King Solo Man's MGTOW is probably better. I read Proverbs 7 but I knew it was a warning and not a command to flee even before I read it for the tenth time. I had put my big kettlebell by the door to block it and Proverbs 7:6 called my attention to how easy it would be for whomever is stationed on the roof banging on my ceiling to come in through my open balcony door. I went downstairs to my car to get my bolt cutter and crow bar to put in the track of the sliding door so it would not open. When I went down, I noticed a formation of vehicles surrounding my vehicle and I moved mine to the front of the hotel. The man who had nodded at me was still out there and I think he looked somewhat like Olmert. His exaggerated accent was not very good, btw. Since I had gotten only a warning while I was looking for instructions, I clicked again and came to Proverbs 22 after barring the balcony door.

This was spot on about me seeing danger this evening. These evil men should ask themselves the following. If they act against me with the hand of the Lord, then why does the Lord bless me with these messages? Even though many readers may choose to believe that I am cherry-picking these scriptures, the people spying on me know that I am not. Even with verse 3 here, however, I did not get a clear command. Is it sufficient to block the balcony door and stack my weights behind the door to the hall? (When I began to make this post, I reopened my browser history out of order and I can't be sure the next few are in the right order.) Since I was looking for a command and not a warning, I clicked again. It was Proverbs 31 with Lemuel's admonition against kings drinking wine. I am also well familiar with this one. It is on my mind sometimes but I don't ever drink anywhere near forgetfulness. When I can go back to smoking weed for my recreational relaxation, I will choose it over wine ten times out of ten. Somehow, my screen came to Proverbs 30. I must have clicked the back chapter button unknowingly.

After a few clicks, I had still not gotten the definitive word I was looking for, as in verse 3. After an usually large number of tries at a clear answer, I tried Koran 77.

After some nice stuff about my favorite topic, the Day of the Lord, verse 21 gave me hope that lodging my bolt cutter and crow bar will be sufficient to foil their plans. Still, I was looking for something definitive. I see danger and I do not want to be stupidly complacent. Should I run or should I stay? I went back to the Bible.

Did the Lord sponsor the plan of these wicked men this evening? Have they labored in vain? Still, I was not looking for poetry and I wanted clear information. The Lord has allowed these people to hurt me many times already. I prayed aloud specifically for clear instructions. I made several spoken allusions to what I was looking for with regards to some clear statement of whether I should stay or go.

The house of the Lord Gedalia Gershon is to be here: the Long Island Antarctica Marriott. This is what I was looking for: an answer to my question in the clearest possible terms. These Israelis should seek the Lord in heaven and ask for similar guidance but most of them are probably open satanists and would write it off if it told them something they did want to hear. They are different than me in that way: I never write it off. I always do what it tells me. As it has always been, however, when the Lord delivery prophecy that the rulers of Israel don't like, they say, "To hell with the Lord and his word and his prophets."

There are a lot of weird male stalkers in the hotel this evening. Two of them spoke to me in a not very good American accent: the one by my car and another one who asked me why I was staring at him. Also, there is a very masculine tranny at the desk this evening who I have not seen before. I wonder if all the nice staff got fired or if they are just out for a while? When I randomly chose that last Holiday Inn, there was some nice young lady working at the desk but after I had stayed there for a few days, the desk was manned by stalkers and I never saw her again.

Judging by the way this new implant was not sore earlier when I found it but it is now quite sore to the touch, I estimate that I was raped and stabbed in this hotel last night. The surrounding events were as follows. Among the hotel's staff here, only two present an outwardly malign demeanor toward me. These two were on duty at the hotels' desk fro the 7-3 shift and the 3-11 shift yesterday, and both of them are on for both of those shifts again today. This morning, the main kike was in the gym, I suppose, to enjoy that he was able to rape me and stab me in the asshole again and to implant who knows what in there. Furthermore, two new people appeared at the desk today: a trainee wearing a name tag that said Erin on it and another flabby lard monster in in the phenotype of that kike Erin Tooker. I suppose that was also her double exclamation point on my recent anal rape to intercept me in the lobby twice to ask me how I was. Also, they put that person Erin's voice on the LRAD through my window as soon as I wrote that. This dimwit is going to be surprised when she sees the cruel fate that awaits her. The people sending her into that fate will be much less surprised than she is. When I came back from the store just now, there was another stalker in the parking lot looking quite like Netanyahu and there was another stalker next to my parking space nodding his head yes when I parked my car.

This post will remind me to make allocations for extra cruelty for the little Mexican working near the desk, the Mexican woman, the trainee Erin, as well as the fat white woman that intercepted me twice.

After the number of giant hard nodule implants which I could easily feel at shallow depth beneath my anal tissue went down to zero for a few weeks, now there is another new giant hard nodule implant at the 12:00 position.

I think the one that this likeness is based on was in the new gym today commiserating boldly with some little runt. He was definitely the one that was pissing me off with his presence in the old gym and now he has followed me to the new one as well, unsurprisingly. This post will remind me to exterminate the clan of whomever that was entertaining him.

I don't remember which one of those guys made that remark to me about the rufiao and the guaranao. I think he was mocking me when he said it too, incidentally. I believe he was mocking the problem I have when people find some sick way to get their women pregnant with my semen without having to let me cum inside them. Basically, the situation is that my enemies are letting the rufiao fuck the mare and then they use artificial insemination to avoid having ponies sired by the rufiao. All of this done is to satisfy someone's sexual fetish that the guarano not be allowed to stud.

This is what I have to say to "Russia" about this. I am against all forms of photography so the more of it you ban, the better. Regarding the jibe, however, I have the following to say. How about instead of stealing my semen to get your beautiful women pregnant while they suck and fuck your sons' disgusting uncircumcised worm penises and swallow the shit tier semen that you don't want them to get pregnant with, you send those beautiful women to me and then I will meet them in real life? At least those ones seem to have the right idea that there is no better outcome for their lives than to get a load of my nut in their bellies. All the women around me have the wrong idea that I should run in circles around their feet and yap like a chihuahua so they can ask their friends, Helene's servants, if I'm yapping and running in circles around their feet as good as some other random shit tier asshole who they can decide is better than me as have the last 10000 women I approached... excepting the cases when they wanted to use my approach as some form of consent in their psychoses to stab me in the penis and testicles and then electrocute me night and day for the last year.

When I introduced myself to that woman at the gym last week, did you see how she just blew me off and kept walking? I don't play that. So, since you have insisted that I must play that, and since you participate in the unanimous ban on my success that enforces the poverty which makes it more than easy enough for these women to maintain this wrong perception, and since you have made it possible for your women to get pregnant through your filthy conspiracy of cuckoldry, all the while taking the dicks of the pieces of shit whose semen you didn't want them to get pregnant with, I will exterminate all of those women, all of their other children, all of their husbands, and all of their husbands' other children.

I see my enemies trying to breed cancer into the vine of life by growing fruit fertilized with this sadistic cuckoldry and I will never let any fruit from those cancer splices come into season. I will destroy it and burn it, and I will salt the earth where it grew.

Some little bird's little egg hatched on a recess outside my hotel's window. The little bird's incessant chirping is nice.

I enjoyed the little snippet of Biden's speech that I heard in the restaurant today.

UPDATE: Too much flag for me in that other picture.

It seems like some of the people in this hotel may have found out who Abu Bakr al-Big Daddy really is.

Bennett to announce he's joining opposition to form new Israeli government, oust Netanyahu

>Bennett will be prime minister and will bring an end to 12 years of Benjamin Netanyahu rule.

I wonder how long it's going to take for the new government to see that Netanyahu's crimes were much worse for Israel than Jeroboam's. It probably won't take any time at all and they already know in which case the change of government is merely a too-little-too-late attempt at deception.

Nice word: Dismisinfoganda. Dismisinfoganda is the politicized spreading or squelching of claims without, or counter to, adequate empirical evidence.



Ireland becomes first EU country to declare Israel is involved in 'de facto annexation'

>"We are baldly stating that Israel is acting illegally under international law."

>Sinn Féin could not bring itself to also condemn the actions of Hamas for also killing children and innocent civilians.

>It called for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador and "all Israeli diplomatic staff," as well as for the application of "a comprehensive package of economic, political and cultural sanctions against the state of Israel, similar to that applied to apartheid South Africa."

On the first point, I agree. More importantly, Israel is wrong under the law of the Lord. On the second point, the main difference is that Hamas is killing Israelis that deserve to die. All Israelis should be killed: old and young, men and women, infant and suckling babe. On that note, any Israelis that based Hamas doesn't get now are ones that I will get later.

The third point above was a delight for me to read. Even years before I realized that Hitler was absolutely correct, I was always harping on the hypocrisy between the treatment of apartheid in South Africa and apartheid in Israel. Israel 100% is an apartheid state. Unlike South Africa, however, I do not believe Israel has ever had any nuclear weapons. I think France's story about, "We gave those missing nukes to Israel," is not true and those nukes became dark nukes. That point about Israel not having nukes is totally irrelevant but it serves as a segue into a reminder that soon I will nuke Israel and kill all of the Israelis that survived Hamas' conventional rocket attacks. Hamas will wash their feet in the blood of the exterminated Israeli population. Although I am assured that Hamas hates Israel more than I do, Hamas can be assured that I will kill the Israelis and wipe their names out from under heaven far more than they will.

And to tie all of that back into the other things I post about, all the hotel staff here making it possible for me to get raped in my room and stabbed in my asshole, and making it possible for my enemies to incessantly torment me with Chinese tapping torture, and to put gangstalker detritus on the floor before me, as well as all the people heckling me when I walk through the lobby, are the bad guys in the EBI scenario directly or they are their accomplices, wittingly or unwittingly, and I do not care which. Indeed, I think the entire purpose of the Antarctica facility to enable and facilitate these exact people's wickedness.

Speaking of "extraterrestrials," let me restate some things related to the EncroChat hack. Not long after the hack, the cops found some torture facility set up in some shipping containers. I noticed that the images of the torture facilities in the 2020 news items looked like some similar images in The X-files s01e17. In the news log of the hack, the criminals were calling their torture chamber the EBI and the episode of X-files which the pictures reminded me about was called "E.B.E." where that stood for "extraterrestrial biological entity." This is the truth about "aliens": Aliens are humans with serious injuries.

In the episode, they had an EBI set up in a power plant but they also had one set up in the back of a truck. I think someone got rescued from one such truck on early 2016 and the airport bombing in Belgium on 3/22 (a few weeks after the truck incident) was actually a raid on a torture dungeon beneath the airport. That airport was quite near where the EncroChat hack would later uncover the "EBI." After the Belgian airport bombing, I looked at the floor plan of the airport. Where they said the bombs went off in the baggage claim area was directly above the outermost edge of the basement level. I think the bombs on the baggage level provided cover for breaching munitions to enter an unlisted facility whose entrance was at the edge of the basement level. Notice how the below screenshot from the X-files is even more evocative of Helene's dungeon beneath her town home at 5759 N Camino Esplendora in Tucson than it is of the images in the following articles and above. This style of facility is also quite like the "Toy Box" of my former coworker at Exide, David Parker Ray, a/k/a the Toy Box Killer, who certainly did not die in prison.

Encrochat largest criminal investigation ever

>Police say the "massive interception operation" is the "largest criminal investigation ever."

>The suspects called the facility an 'ebi' - a Dutch acronym used for high security penitentiaries - with a 'treatment room'.

Police find drug gang's sound-proofed torture chamber dubbed 'the treatment room' with dentist chair, pliers, scalpels and hedge cutters hidden in Dutch sea container

>The messages from an EncroChat phone tipped police off about warehouse, called the 'treatment room' and the 'ebi,'

'Torture chamber' found by Dutch police in Encrochat hacking investigation

ENCROCHAT HACK: Sick gangsters' prison and torture chamber found in Netherlands after top-end cr

>According to Dutch police the suspects described the facility as an 'ebi'

Underworld torture chamber, prison found in Noord-Brabant, 6 arrests

'Torture chamber' found by Dutch police in Encrochat hacking investigation

I think it is obvious that you can see that ET is based on what Hillary Clinton calls a "nothing burger." In this portrait of this pic related Satanist with the ET puppet, the Satanist who is not known to be cross-eyed is giving the stink eye and pointing to himself as if to intimate his complicity in such things as the program on which this 1980's movie was based.

One of my least favorite coworkers at Exide, Rob Webb whose fake name seems to reference robbery and also the Webb Road on which our office was located, looked very much like Spielberg. One of the last database objects I touched before I quit that job was called the ILMMCU. MCU was a suffix allegedly meaning "business unit" but I think it meant "masonic center unit." Since Spielberg's company is called ILM, and since Exide is a front for a drug and human trafficking organization (and I don't mean immigrant coyotes by that), I think it is likely that this object was the ILM business unit dirt file showing what drug and human trafficking transactions ILM had logged with Exide.

Who was in the back of the truck? I spoke to someone outside the "food stamp office" near Garnett while I was homeless who told me it was him. I still haven't sorted that out. It seemed like after he told me, Cobrinha appeared and he became angry. My understanding is that Cobrinha stabbed someone with the heart attack needle on the mat at Alliance. I further understand that pic movie is based on something that happened at Alliance.

I mentioned that I recently got a wound on my left arm which is the mirror image of a fake mole that recently got implanted at the same place on my right arm. I am glad that it appears the one on my left arm is not going to lead to a permanent disfigurement. I will have to wait and see because there is still a bump there, hopefully only due to the reddened inflammation. Today, however, I noticed what appears to be a rash of staph or ringworm exactly 180 degrees around my arm from this new wound on my left elbow. When I was doing the foam roller at the gym this week, I did set my elbow on the mat exactly where the rash is now but the symmetry with the new wound which was already symmetrical with the old wound is very suspicious.

I only found out there was more than one of those men at Alliance a couple of weeks before I stopped going there. The similarity of the days on the mat doing the structured classes makes it hard to retroactively think about who was whom on which day... barring some exceptional days such as when the light skinned one told me that the worst piece of shit I ever found myself in was something "real nice" he had for me. I think this was probably also the same one who told me he was the oldest brother. That was when I finally understood the man's changing appearance. I never understood why the man seemed to look slightly different sometimes but when I was a blue belt the man told me about his older brother owning a hotel. When I was a black belt, the man told me he was the oldest brother and I put it together that the man's appearance was not changing supernaturally but instead there were different men on different days. People criticize me to say I should have known but I criticize them for not analyzing me in the frame of someone who already knows they have invented a time machine. If you don't already know you've invented a time machine, then thinking something weird is probably due to time travel is not very reasonable but if you do know it, as I did and do, then it is perfectly reasonable to think that history revisions could be affecting a man's DNA such that his appearance is slightly altered. Indeed, from the frame of reference of someone who already knows that they have invented a time machine, I believe it is more reasonable to conclude that weird things going on around you are related to time travel than to conclude that a clan of CIA-sponsored disguise monsters are all conspiring to defraud you. Furthermore, I did not even reach that conclusion and remained agnostic regarding the strange things I observed until the day when the man told me he was the oldest brother.

I think perhaps I saw my other friend from Alliance in the gym today. Maybe he is the main friend and the man in the post below was the other one. I think this is probably case and today was like the 500th time he reminded me of it but I am not sure and when I think about these things I am frustrated by the lack of facts. In any case, my memory suggests that by the time I left Alliance, the man on the mat was the most light skinned one who told me that he had something "real nice" for me at Exide which remains the worst pile of shit I ever found myself in at any point in my 41 years.

I have a memory about the Krog. One time walked there from the train station when it was very cold outside. I was wearing a balacava and I didn't take it off before I went into the school. When the man saw me walk in wearing a balaclava, he was very surprised. That was the only time I ever saw him like that. Then I took it off and smiled at him and he gave me a look.

If this was a tumor, it would not have a lip ring. This is a man. I believe the blue muppet murals reference him and that many of my best times were spent with him in the building where the below blue muppet mural now stands. When I was going to the Krog, that was a really great time for me. Literally everywhere else I've ever gone, the other people there could tell there was something not right with me being there. For a long time at Alliance, it was not like that. It was the only place I ever found like that.

Probably even more than murals of the man with the broken tooth, Atlanta is covered in Vayne and Vane murals referencing my fantastic yet totally unsuccessful book: The Weather Vane. There didn't used to be any of these but after I decided on my book's title, I noticed the whole city got covered in them. It mystifies me how the art in the city can have this theme and yet when I go there I get stabbed 50 times in two hours. Is Perimeter so different than Downtown? Maybe it is. More likely, it has something to do with the difference between Antarctica and North America.

Back when I used to hang out in this area, there was a mural of the cigarette smoking man from X-files where this top hat guy is now. Underneath him, it said in fancy cursive, "The seventh letter." I'm still not sure if the cigarette smoking man on X-files was based on Dad or Evil Dad. In any case, the seventh letter is G and that's the only takeaway I can get from this abstract painting on the building I spent I quite a lo of time in.

In any case, this character with the broken tooth is or was my friend.

This other graffiti on the building in which I spent quite a bit of time tells something about killing the organization that uses the American flag trimmed in gold. I am not sure who that flag represents but I do know that it is different than the so-called USA.

Listen to the truth Mr. Squirrel: Quitting my job was the smartest thing I ever did.

Trump Organization probe enters potentially ominous phase with grand jury convened