2021-07-02 archive

In the gym today, there were several stalkers whose company I did not care for. One reminded me of Lucas due to his obnoxious pompous stride and it was probably him. Another seemed like the smiling asshole from Alliance, above. As I recall, the man at Alliance was not a big smiler, until eventually he was. The man had a big fucking scar on his chin and a nice one on his ear too until one day he didn't, and I didn't realize they had disappeared until much later. I am convicted that the smiler and I have irreconcilable differences. By that I mean I that I do not believe we will be reconciled, even if that is what he wants more than anything. I'm always hesitant to post pictures of this person "Romero Cavalcanti master of Ndrangheta" since I'm not exactly sure which one is which. However, I am 100% certain that a lot of the photos on the internet have been photoshopped to change the guy's face like they changed his gi in the above picture. On the day when I pulled up behind that truck in early 2016, I took a picture with the man at Alliance and Leonardo. When I got home at looked at the picture, the face was completely different than the face of the man I had posed for the photo with only a few minutes earlier.

My hotel seems very busy today.

I am extremely happy for Bill Cosby. Every time I've seen his story in the news going back to like 2014 or 2015, I have thought what a horrible travesty that would be to make him rot in jail for the rest of his life over what cannot possibly be any wrongdoing, and against which there is far more than merely reasonable doubt. How can they say there wasn't reasonable doubt that the reason these women were going to see him was to get free drugs and have sex? I think that is obviously the real story. When I would see stories about the government being used by his obvious willing partners to viciously rape him, to do much worse than rape him really, it would really give me some heartache. I empathize a lot with that situation since I had women do a lot worse than rape me with their false allegations, and I could easily see how I would feel if these women's lies had gotten me locked in prison for the rest of my life instead of only ruining my career and my life by proxy.

How could anyone say there wasn't at least reasonable doubt that the reasons these women were going to see the famous Hollywood guy was for free drugs and get fucked? That is bullshit. Good for you Bill, I am really happy for you. That's too bad about those years though.

When I was on the street, I would sometimes go to this library where the daughter on the show (top left) worked as a librarian. She was very nice and I think Bill was probably pretty similar to her in his disposition since they were all a famous TV family together. She was a genuinely warm person and I did not meet many of those in the Atlanta library system. In fact, she was probably the only one I didn't overtly dislike among the staffs at the several libraries I would visit during that time when I was hanging out in public libraries all day. I can't imagine her having good screen chemistry with a creepy rapist.

In the nobody thread recently, someone was saying that my enemies use my mind as a meeting place. I think he said they do it while I'm asleep or I may have only inferred that context for his post. Certainly I am familiar with their Inception and Freddy Kruger weaponry, and I see what the poster was talking about. That sort of thing is what I call the kabuki dream theater. With the exception of possibly a few, everyone that was ever on the other end of that weapon from me is going to get tortured to death after I kill their families, unless I decide to torture their families too, which I might. I mention it because I think I had a good example of such dream theater this morning. The dream was heavily laced with gay shit.

At first, I was at Jed's house and we were laying on his bed. I noticed a sexual aspect to our togetherness on the bed and became averse to it. The dream changed. I was walking through a locker room in a gym of some sort. Some faggot I did not recognize asked me if I like to fuck in the ass. I told him I did not but when I continued to tell him exactly what about gay sex I find distasteful, he became ecstatic as if he was expecting some sort of caveat rather than an explanation. This interaction including such vivific 3rd party emotivity is suggestive of the dream theater, in my opinion, as is the theme and pace of all of the rest of it. In the dream, I was surprised by the faggot's sudden burst of emotivity in a way that is not consistent with my experiences with what I believe are organic dream characters not related to the Freddy Kruger weapon. After the locker room, the dream changed again. I was in bed with Rachel McMullen and I was trying to fuck her. I had the sense that I was supposed to be with Emily Hancock at that time. After a while, I was unable to fuck Rachel and the dream changed again. I was at Emily's house sitting at a patio or dining room table waiting for her. There was some woman attending and eventually I asked, "Where is Emily? That's why I'm here, isn't it?" Then I noticed the wall next to the table was covered in very fast moving and very large spiders. As I watched, two of them began to fight. They fell off the wall and either ripped each other apart or one ripped the other apart. It was very graphic with the spider guts being ripped apart. The spiders were large like a tarantula but more lithe and very fast moving. Then I woke up.

Bill Cosby Released From Prison After Sexual Assault Conviction Overturned

I am very happy for Bill Cosby who I highly doubt is a rapist or had any problems finding an infinitely long string of willing sexual partners happy to take ludes, or whatever, and then avail themselves to him. This news item is the best news item I have seen in a long time.

Fundamentally, I believe the reason why Helene has an army supporting her wickedness and is loved far and wide while I am homeless and hated is because Elizabeth, the mother of Helene and I, loves her and her evil while she hates me and my righteous masculinity. There are some large number of vile Satanists in the world whose actions show that they think the queen of the UK is to be served before the Lord, and others who think Helene has some position of authority in the Babylonian empire. All of these people are wrong and when Elizabeth is dead, I will expose all of the evil things they have done. They will be disgraced and humiliated. Then I will exterminate them down to the last infant screaming for consolation. As it is, it is, in my opinion, indicative of Elizabeth's lack of virtue that Tibees thinks she should make a video smiling over a drawing of my friend's horrible torture while her relative is stalking me to entice me into letting her be the 10000th woman in a row to turn me down. It is because Elizabeth is evil that she favors Helene who is also evil. Although these people think it is great when Helene does it to my friends, I bet they will have a collective change of heart when the pendulum comes around and I do it to her friends. What's more, Helene did not get all of my friends but I will most certainly get all of hers.

I believe I have detected one of Helene's memes in this "Tibees" video which would suggest I was absolutely right about those things I mentioned. Incidentally, that is not just some random man in Helene's green bag there in her secret dungeon beneath her townhome at 5759 N Camino Esplendora in Tucson. That man is my friend and soon I will do to all of Helene's friends what she has done to many of mine.

I see that Bolsonaro, who I understand has consecrated the abomination, is having a malfeasance case made against him. This reminds my of curious artifact of the infallible genius of the architects of the government of the USA. If the Congress passes a law which is unconstitutional, it is the job of the Supreme Court to repeal the Congress' unconstitutional legislation. However, the Supreme Court can act with malfeasance to decide against litigants whose case shows that the Congress' legislation was illegitimate. In the case of the Supreme Court siding with the Congress by way of malfeasance, it is the job of the Congress to impeach the malfeasant Supreme Court Justices who found that the Congress was doing everything fine.

While I was in the hotel's gym this morning, one and probably two of the men who came in during the last ten minutes of my workout last night came in again. Shortly after I entered today, some middle aged woman showing off her cellulite thighs, flabby lard ass, and post-pregnacy fupa with spandex shorts got on the treadmill next to me. At first, I didn't think it was Helene but it probably was. After I got off of the treadmill, that one also got right off the treadmill set up a workout station behind mine so that her hail damage was in my field of view the whole time. When I left immediately after I finished, that one looked at me in surprise that I didn't sit to rest in my usual place. I can tell from the surprise that it was definitely a stalker even if it wasn't Helene. This post will remind me to torture her to death and to kill her family.

With this fucking hole in the gym who was brazenly antagonizing me again today, I see a replay of the way it unfolded with that hole in Statesboro. After she showed me her pussy at the pool just enough to let me help her say no to me and then get 100 other women around town to scowl and sneer at me over the next few weeks, that one then followed me around giving me pouty looks for three months. Eventually, I stupidly texted her to which she responded, "Who is this?," before ghosting me. I really hate these people and their organization, and I will destroy it and kill them all, and I will keep killing people until there is no one left alive that doesn't hate their memory.

Just like the hole in Statesboro was the sister of this other stupid bitch with her fan girl YouTube of Helene's maggots-in-the-hand torture protocols, today I saw a meme that says this new piece of garbage in the gym is related some woman who does math videos on YouTube. It's always the same and they are all the same: the acolytes of Helene, the mother of prostitutes and the abominations of the Earth, pic related. It is always the same now but it will be different when I kill them. I will make them regret their foolishness and wickedness, and I will make them doubly regret their service to my nemesis Helene. I'd like to choke these women to death with the sliced off cocks and balls of all the men they said yes to instead of me but I will probably just give them to the torturers and forget about them. I really do hate them. I will never be able to put it into words how much I hate these people but I will show it with my actions on the Day of the Lord.

Even the name "Tibees" is quite a bit like "Two B's" given the context of the 5000 instances of the letter B in the maggot video. I'm not sure if the name Tibees is derivative from Babylon but the people who do that do it to drop the name of Helene: the whore of Babylon, a realm of which I am king. I am the king of Babylon and Helene is only the whore of Babylon. She has no station other than that of a woman. Even as a woman, she does not have the status of a lady in my court which is still nothing but the status of a woman. She has the status of a whore. She has no attendant honors, rights, rank, or powers, and those who award such things to her do so illegitimately and by their own non-existent authorities. However, these women with their cuckoldry protocols believe Helene is or is tantamount to the Queen of Babylon. They do these things that I have described so many times for the glorification of Helene. They think Helene's position in Babylon is such that she is to be worshiped while, I, the king of Babylon, am to be mocked, hated, and denied affections. I am going to kill all of Helene's people and if "Tibees" means what I think it means, then this other bitch in the gym with her 50000th iteration of the replicator denialgasm protocol is definitely not going to find the mercy of a swift death in anything she gets from me.

There's the two apparent Mexicans at the gym, two brothers or cousins or something. I feel like they go out of their way to antagonize me with their boisterous commiserations while multiply entertaining my other stalkers with what is my opinion excessive and forced affability demonstrating that they are giving high fives, figuratively, to these other people who are pissing me off. Although I will definitely torture them to death without a reminder, and kill their families, this post will remind me about the one they pointed me out to today for him to come stand in front of me and replicate my stretches. Also, there were two other old men standing there with them when when they pointed at me and this will remind me about those two as well. Furthermore, when I began to my sets of pushups, in addition to the Mexicans and the three old men, I was also encircled by the red one and some other asshole who could easily be a body double for Helene. This post will remind me about all of them, but I do not think I would forget most of them.

Also, the main cunt approached me again today: the one who wrote her name down as the 10000000th woman in a row to turn me down after giving me absolutely over-the-top unequivocal body language signaling affirmative sexual interest without which she would not have been able to add her name to that list. Some brazen proudness within her wickedness encouraged her to set up her exercises right in front of me and then to stand about one foot away from me when I turned away to get her disgusting being out of my sight. Whatever her bullshit is, she has no shame about it. I probably would have just killed her, but maybe I will send her to hell. Earlier, a couple of weeks ago before she had exposed herself to my foolishness, she intercepted me by getting on the plyoboxes in front of me. Some other little piece of shit started stalking me last week and he intercepted me today by getting on the plyoboxes before I got to them,as had my previosu stalker who also reappeared today. This post will remind me to torture that little piece of shit and to kill his family, and to do the same for his accomplice on his initial approach last week.

While Biden's action here of licking this woman's finger isn't really a big problem (I don't if that woman was married or how her husband may have felt about it), this behavior is far worse than what got me charged with two counts of rape and expelled from college.

'007 agents aren't what they used to be': Russian foreign ministry mocks 'discovery' of docs linked to UK navy?s Crimea incursion

>According to British state broadcaster BBC, the 50-page dossier, related to the Black Sea mission of the HMS Defender, was apparently found by a passer-by in a heap of trash behind a bus stop in Kent on Tuesday morning.

Judging by the pile of rubble on Collins Ave, I assume the 35 rescuees must have lived in the uncollapsed portion of the building. I know the Collinses use their tentacles to buy condos cheap from banks directly after foreclosures. This old building in Miami seems just like the thing which would be perfect for their business model of buying cheap and getting renters to pay the bank note while they maintain ownership. Actually, I feel like maybe they pay cash to maximize the deals they get and then get the renters to pay the HOA while they pocket the rest. Whatever it was, this 40 year old building seems just like what they look for. This spooky old haunted nursing home building converted to condos in Atlanta is similar. The Collinses owned a lot of units in that building as my most recent information. (I see it is a hotel now. I bet they used their tentacles to get the hotel to pay a lot more for their bank auction foreclosures than the bank charges them and I would not be surprised if this hotel was a front of the Collins organization.)

Also, this other story from several years ago about something weird in a high rise condo also had Collins written all over it at the time. I never did hear what was going on with this guy's fake badges and what his charges were. If it was connected to Collins, I assume the facts were never made known.

After these horrible bitches at the chicken restaurant started heckling me in Spanish about how this woman at the gym tricked me, I started going to some other place. Apparently, they have been poisoning my food at this other place. It is evocative of the situation with the women that all the restaurants I go to think they ought to poison my food. Is that not unlike the women I go to? My enemy the USA brought me to Antarctica to ensure that all of my interactions will always be poisoned in this fashion. They were hoping that I would kill myself but they have not accurately assessed my resolve to kill them and their children, and to make a mockery of their suffering, and to let their enemies wash their feet in their blood. In the end, I will hurt them much worse than they hurt me. This post will remind me about the two men that work in this restaurant and also about the two men selling crack inside it when I went there in there evening most recently.

When I came back into the hotel this evening, one of the employees I don't care for was standing along my path. I looked away from him because he often harasses me when our paths cross and I wanted to discourage his frequent harassment. After I deliberately looked away, he said, "He look at people," or something, and then when I walked by him, he said, "NSG, Hat!" A moment earlier, some car had passed me in the parking lot with CA license plate 7NSG-something and I had remarked to myself, "Hmmm, NSG?" This post will remind me to torture him to death and to kill his family. Also, the tech support person yesterday who said something about my name being written in all caps seemed to be another phone interceptor that I should also torture to death after killing his family.

Three grandmotherly women entered the hotel's gym with an elderly Indian couple this evening. After one which was probably Helene got on the treadmill next to me, my LEFT EYE WRIGGLER immediately started and one of them was shining the heat laser on my asshole. Before they entered, some other faggot got on the treadmill next to me to mimic my stretching routine, it seemed. All of these people will be tortured and their families killed.

Dick in hand, trending down (not off the lows.) Dick in hand is my new favorite chart because my old favorite chart, the droopy flaccid penis (finishing not off the lows), has too much BTFD attached to it now. Although I want it to go down, with the way things are today even a 50% drop could rebound to all time highs in a few months. Then I would feel like the 50% I got excited about was nothing more than their reboot on the same old thing. For many years, I was always looking for the market crash to be the harbinger of the cataclysm but now I am pretty sure it won't be. Maybe, but I'm not getting my hopes up. As it is said about the Day of the Lord, the cataclysm will probably just pop up without any warning. Maybe the next cataclysm will be the Day of the Lord?

Today in the gym, the secondary Jefftardian stalker, unless I am mistaken, had the giant ugly tattoo on his other arm relative to the tattoo I had seen when he conducted his previous interception operation against me. If this was a different Jefftardian, this post will remind me to torture him to death as well. Furthermore, this post will ensure that the person with him wearing the Team Greece shirt also gets tortured to death after his family is killed. I was also irked today while I was on the lat pulldown machine by someone from the clan upon which the Cardassians are based. As he approached me, it seemed like an Evil-Dad affiliated stalker also approached me with an accomplice. This post will ensure that I investigate the circumstances of their maneuvers so that I may remove them from the broad group of people to be killed, one containing all Antarcticans, and then place them into the group of people who will suffer in hell, depending on the circumstance.

Pic is from a contract between a federal agency of the USA and a legal person. People who don't know anything might think that a legal person is a human being but really it is a fictitious entity created, usually, for the purposes of doing business with the USA. I have every right to concoct a fictitious legal person JOHN DOE JR who is the minor custodian of the fictitious legal person JOHN DOE SR. Everything I did was fine and in accordance with my rights under admiralty law and God law. Only that cunt at the post office and the other cunt who called me disgusting were in the wrong. You can say, "You don't have a son, Jon," until the end of time but that contract was not between the agency of the USA and Jon. It was between that agency and JOHN DOE SR. By my autonomous initiative, JOHN DOE JR is the minor custodian of JOHN DOE SR, a legal person of which I am the sole authorized representative. All of my communications with the agent of the USA's agency were in my capacity as the representative of JOHN DOE SR. I was 100% correct and justified and she was 100% wrong and a stupid bitch.

On top of that, suck the following dick, you lowlife shit-tier plebian haters: As a king, I have the right of conquest. I can do whatever the fuck I want and it is my right because I am a king. If you want to nitpick over the extent to which the USA recognizes and differentiates between admiralty law and God law, I can equivalently motivate my actions as an exercise of my right of conquest. I conquered that PO Box by a sovereign act of war. You are probably the sole authorized representative of a legal person that has the same name as you as much as I am for one with my name but you don't have the right of conquest, and I do. That's my lot in life but it's not yours.

I recently had a negative experience at a post office where the workers in the post office were making me jump through some excessive, abnormal, inordinate, and non-standard steps in order to pick up my mail. Obviously their goal was to sabotage and revoke my ability to receive my mail. However, all of my documents were in order and I cleared through all their bullshit requirements which I have never been faced with at any previous USPS locations.

Today, I got a voice mail from some malicious cunt who was a primary accomplice to these problems which I overcame in short order. She told me that I would not be allowed to receive mail unless I still jumped through some further set of documentary protocol hoops. I called her and told her in a polite way that she was full of fucking shit, and she did lie straight through her teeth to deny the truth about my right to receive mail. I went up to the post office moments after our call to show her on the relevant USPS form that she was obviously lying (and only doing so because she was pissed off that my documents were sufficiently in order to overcome her previous hurdles.) Even after I showed her on the form where the official policy was clearly stated in contradiction to her lies, she doubled down on her lies to spin a further outrageous yarn in which she claimed that she did not know that the conditions I cited were applicable in my circumstance. I told her that she obviously must have known because I had just told her five times on the phone, but she multiply insisted in the lie of her ignorance despite my having informed her otherwise only minutes earlier, several times. Eventually, she recanted on her first lie and retreated from her outrageous position that my mail situation should be denied pending further evidentiary requirements.

So, I was already going to torture that one to death and kill her family due to the previous hard time she gave me. However, when I was leaving after forcing her to abandon the position founded on her lies, some lady said, "That was disgusting." While I agree that this woman making up these lies for no other reason than to attack me after I already cleared all the hurdles she set up in her first unsuccessful attempt to raise an insurmountable hurdle, I think this second lady was saying that I was disgusting for becoming incensed at the woman's obvious lies and refusal to conform to ordinary USPS protocols. Since I am pretty sure the second woman was disgusted by my rebuttal to the first woman's malicious falsehoods and abuse of authority, and she did not find the lying and abuse of authority disgusting, apparently, this post will remind me to torture her to death as well and to kill her family.

This other ridiculous cunt's opinion on disgust reminds me of a saying that I hate: "It's not what you say, it's how you say it." I hate that saying and the reason people speak languages instead of barking and grunting is because what you say is the primary component of verbal communications among humans. It is a caricature of the culture that I hate and will destroy that this old fucking bitch could see me plainly catch this other lying bitch in the snare of her own falsehood, and then call me disgusting for expressing my outrage at her absurd abuse of authority.

Sometime before too long from now, my enemies are going to tell me that they left me in the gutter while they were stealing my semen, stealing my theory, trying to kill me while constantly raping and torturing me, and trying deliver ultimate victory to the devil because it was good for their national security. That will be the last check mark on the death warrant for that nation.

Biden administration wants nuclear deal done before Iran's new president takes power

Diplomats: Progress made in Vienna at Iran nuclear talks

I notice that Pompeo or Pompeo-Dad, one or both of them being the head renegger in charge of the Iran deal under Trump, seems to have coincidentally appeared among my stalkers at the same time that these other news stories appeared about how the Lord's hand is against him and his people and his interests.

[1] Cash Gone Nuts: Treasury General Account Drops to $674 Billion, as Fed's Reverse Repo Cash-Drain Hits $534 Billion

[2] Powell Just Launched $2 Trillion In "Heat-Seeking Missiles": Zoltan Explains How The Fed Started The Next Repo Crisis

[3] Repo vs. Reverse Repo: What's the Difference?

>A repo is an agreement between parties where the buyer agrees to temporarily purchase a basket or group of securities for a specified period. The buyer agrees to sell those same assets back to the original owner at a slightly higher price using a RRP.

>At the contract-specified date, the seller must repurchase the securities as well as the agreed-upon interest or repo rate.

>A reverse repurchase agreement (RRP) is an act of buying securities with the intention of returning, or reselling, those same assets back in the future at a profit. This process is the opposite side of the coin to the repurchase agreement. To the party selling the security with the agreement to buy it back, it is a repurchase agreement. The reverse repo is the final step in the repurchase agreement, closing the contract. In a repurchase agreement, a dealer sells securities to a counterparty with the agreement to buy them back at a higher price at a later date. The dealer is raising short-term funds at a favorable interest rate with little risk of loss. The transaction is completed with a reverse repo. That is, the counterparty has sold them back to the dealer as agreed. The counterparty earns interest on the transaction in the form of the higher price of selling the securities back to the dealer. The counterparty also gets the temporary use of the securities.

[4] U.S. Fed accepts $755.8 bln in daily reverse repo operation -NY Fed

>The Federal Reserve accepted $755.8 billion in its daily reverse repurchase operation on Thursday at a rate of 0.05%, the New York Fed said. The U.S. central bank on Wednesday made a technical adjustment to interest rates it manages, at the end of its two-day policy meeting, aimed at keeping its key overnight benchmark interest rate from falling too low. The Fed raised the interest rate it pays banks on reserves held at the U.S. central bank to 0.15% and also lifted the rate it pays on overnight reverse repurchase agreements to 0.05%, a tool used to set a floor on short-term interest rates.

To the extent that the fake news I subscribe to is constantly droppig my memes, I have a request. I want a kindergarten-level explainer on the reverse repo facility. Namely, if a negative repo rate means that banks pay counterparties to hold their collateral, then that means the principal which is object of the repo rate is the cash. For the reverse repo rate, I am a little confused. In the reverse repo, is the collateral or the cash the principal which is the object of the reverse repo rate? I assume that interests rates are only charged on cash balances but is that correct? Since the ZH article says that the reverse repo (RRP) rate hike was counterproductive, I am not easily figuring out who collects the new 0.05% on what principal. If the purpose of the reverse repo is to buy collateral and sell it at a profit, then is the redundancy of the 0.05% RRP rate that it also pays interest on the cash in addition to the resale profit? I am not sure that I am getting it.

I suppose the other stalker with Pompeo-Dad this morning must have been the new Mossad chief. Although this one defrauded me to some great extend with his Jewish tricks, if he cannot tell me who he got his BJJ black belt from, I'm going to tell him that I don't know him. Even if he can tell me, somehow, there's not a lot of names he could cite that might result in me telling him something other than that I don't know him. Even then, I don't have any friends that are pro-Israel. Although I don't think Pompeo-Dad is retarded in the way that Helene is a retarded psycho with no thoughts in her mind beyond the scent of her feels on the wind, I beleieve Pompeo-Dad is entertaining and clinging to some horrible cognitive dissonance, pic related. He probably tells himself superficially that the Lord doesn't exist at all due to solipsism, a completely retarded philosophy to which I understand he adheres. Does he really, however, in his heart, believe that he is the one responsible for all these problems he's having? Surely when things were going well for him, due to his absurd ego it would have been no stretch for him to honestly believe that he was the master and the cause of all of those things in the sense of solipsism. Now that the tide ebbs, however, I do not believe that he honestly clings to auto-causal solipsism as would a total retard. I think he knows that the Lord is doing these things to him. As it is written, the Day of the Lord will be as if a man was fleeing from a lion only to meet a bear. That means it's only going to get worse and you will excluded from the company of the Lord before things eventually start to get better following the tribulations. You should have the Lord as your God as I commanded you ancestors. Since you have chosen to serve the false God Israel, I'm going to destroy and mock and disrespect you and your people down. I will make nothing burgers of you or worse or if someone has a worse idea in mind.

It seems like all of this stuff about leaving a footprint in Afghanistan and maintaining the ability to do airstrikes is something about keeping zappers in my body to prolong my constant torture indefinitely even while they may be forced for some reason to dial back the frequency. Obviously everyone advocating that position will be tortured to death and their family will be killed. Probably one of the most sure fire ways to ensure that I send you to literal hell on Earth, and maybe your family too if I don't have mercy on them, is to put your name on an email advocating for such things.

Maybe Pompeo was among my stalkers this morning, or possibly Pompeo-Dad for whom Pompeo's valedictorian accolade at West Point was a gift. I am reminded of that time I checked into the Marriott in Dunwoody and it seemed like the TV made Pompeo say that is unacceptable (in his opinion) that the Lord's purpose will prevail. Given that Pompeo was CIA Director right before they gave the job to that filthy piece of trash Helene, I reckon that Pompeo-Dad is also Garfield. That is just a guess however, and I am not too familiar with Garfield. Still... it seems like CIA Director is the office where they keep these vile kikes. Brennan was also a big torture pervert, if I'm not mistaken.

How Washington Is Positioning Al-Qaeda's Founder As Its Rebranded 'Asset'

Jabhat al-Nursa means that Helene's "job hat" is to work as a nurse outside of her clandestine CIA career as torturer, murderer, rapist, and worse. The al-Nusra front of ISIS is Helene's girl gang among the nurses in the USA hospitals, as well as the appended girl gangs and miscellaneous orgs. Also, Tahrir al-Sham means "Terror: the Sham" since the whole thing about ISIS is really about the cult of Helene inside the USA with things in Syria being appended tangentially. This is the truth about what it means when they say that Israel supports ISIS. I don't know how Israel feels about people with AK-47 in the desert in Syria but I am certain that they prefer Helene as ruler instead of me. Honestly, the chances that the face on the left (above) is Helene dressed in a Mission Impossible mask are very good. No doubt, "al-Jolani" refers to one of Helene's favorite kikes Joel Cohen.

On Certain Aspects of American Economics Relevant to 2021

When the eviction moratorium ends, that is going to be a bummer for a lot of people though I will enjoy the attendant charts showing the decline of the USA. On the other hand, when the student loan forbearance ends, I will celebrate the continuation of this chart without celebrating anyone getting thrown out on the street, which sucks. Will it go to 20% within 180 or the termination of the forbearance?

Powell Just Made A Huge Error: What The Market's Shocking Response Means For The Fed's Endgame

>Will the US even be able to sustain positive GDP growth absent trillions in new stimulus each and every year? And even more ominous: what happens to inflation if the Fed is forced to cut rates well before the inflationary burst is extinguished?

>As the chart at the top shows, this is precisely what happened, only instead of World War II - which is what short-circuited the Ghost of 1937 rate hike policy error, it was the covid crisis that gave the Fed and the US government a green light

>A rate of 2.50% is unsustainable for the US economy which first cracked during the summer of 2019 repo crisis when the Fed cut rates three times, only to cut rates to zero from 1.75% in a matter of days after covid conveniently emerged


>tfw convenience

On Certain Aspects of American Economics Relevant to 2021

The stalkers from today that I will ensure are tortured to death include the girl that shouted CIA outside my door a 5:59pm as well as her male accomplice. Further included are the alleged family of four allegedly doing their passport stuff at the post office. Also, the woman and her alleged child that said, "Why are you so tense?," at my next stop after the passport people. Finally, the one adjusting his pants when I came out from my errand in Westbury.

This is pretty much the strongest reversal indicator in all of chartism. I know chartism doesn't mean much but this is as clear as it can be.

This "Three not his" poster in my rape thread showed up as if on queue. I imagine the little boy with the weird look on his face would be the fourth one and the three healthier looking ones are the three in question. It is the height of my enemies' delight that women are happy to fuck these men whose children they don't want to have while there are any number of other women they can send to me, over and over and over, to make it seem like they would want to fuck me only long enough for me to support their intention to go on record to the contrary. So I will kill all of these abominable monsters and all of the women who consecrated the abomination in their wombs, all of their other children, all of their husbands, and all of their husbands' their children.

Today, I am wondering if any of these children are abominable monsters grown with my stolen semen in furtherance of my enemies' conspiracy such that he gets to fuck that woman while I'm surrounded by the women I'm surrounded with, and such that even though he's the one that gets to fuck her, she doesn't have to put up with having his kid.

There was some stalker waiting for me in front of the restaurant where I went to get lunch. When I got back to the hotel, someone in the lobby shouted, "Hot Sauce! Outside!" This post will remind me to kill all of these people's families and then torture them across some long period of time.

Today after I was complaining about the trash spray in my room, either someone took a shit in the elevator a moment before I got into it or else it was full of the shit spray. That would be some coincidence if someone had a taken a shit with the same aroma profile as the shit spray I have been sprayed with one million times, however. In the gym, Helene was stalking me again. She interrupted my workout in the hotel last time and this is the second out of my last three workouts at the other gym where she has been antagonizing me with her presence, if I'm not mistaken. Some familiar looking kike was staring at me past a older lookalike of Jeff Donovan whose clan was already slated for extermination. Certainly I will exterminate extended clan of this one now as well. After that kike fucked off, some other man appeared in a yellow shirt staring at me with one eye past the side of the head of someone on an exercise bike but that one may have been a coincidence. He was still these some time later when I left. This post will remind me to examine those details. After that, I got on the lat pulldown machine and some little boy stood in front of me to start mad dogging me. He was in a group with two other little boys and this post will ensure that I torture them to death along with all of the people in their extended families and the social network which gave them the idea that such a thing would be wise. On my way out of the gym, I think I felt a new zapper near my left knee. If it continues regularly, then I will know it was not a random body sensation. The RAPE DICK was active pretty much 100% of the time I was int eh gym today. I guess that's my stalker's punctuation mark on this other recent ordeal in there.

Today, the Mormons formally forbade me to use their copyrighted painting of me in my book.

That would put a whole different spin on "Orange man bad."

A man got into an argument with the cashier over masks at a Big Bear Supermarket in DeKalb before the man pulled out a gun and shot her in the head.