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I had a dream once where a man appeared in front of me. His face was gray and unnaturally wrinkly. He was wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and a black leather jacket in the motorcycle style. By some kung fu magic type of thing, suddenly he became about dozen identical men encircling me and I could no longer be sure which was the original man. I think I can pretty much see what this part of this dream meant now. The end of this dream, unless I'm mistaking things, was that I found myself in Tucson Mall thinking Jesus had come back. I woke from the dream thinking that, and then I woke up IRL only having woken from a dream within a dream. I think I went into the full details of this dream on my last website.

This dream was on my mind earlier today and I was already planning on mentioning it. It's not directly tied to the two posts below but the turtle alien and the man with the too wrinkly gray face may be connected.

When I came back into the hotel just now from a trip to the store, some woman exclaimed, "CIA!" This post will remind me to ensure that her suffering lasts far longer than she might ever expect would follow from her heckling, even in her most outlandish speculations. A moment after I announced the fate of the first heckler, some other woman shouted, "We're all one big happy family!" They may all be one big happy family, but I am not in that family. I am going to afflict them with cruelty culminating in genocide; genocide running down to the splattered brains of their last screaming infant being ground into the pavement beneath my heel. I announced her fate as well. Incensed with the impudence of these two women, I reminded everyone of the fate which will also become of all subscribers to the philosophy of femism. A third woman in front of me complained, "Really?," as if this was news to her, and now she is on the list as well.

As much as I hate it when men do these things, I hate it far more when women do it. These women could come to offer themselves to me sexually but instead they present themselves under the banner of my enemy with their heckling. I hate femism and I will kill everyone who supports it, men and women. If it were not for femism, all of my stalkers would be men. As it is, these sluts should be begging to suck my dick because they might just do it well enough that I decide to kill them mercifully instead of torturing them to death.. Instead, because they serve my enemies who give them the wrong idea about on purpose, they stalk and heckle me, and conduct coordinated operations to torment me. While there are an unlimited supply of women who will jump at the chance the torment and heckle me, there is not one who will offer herself to me sexually. I will make it known very well how angry it makes me that these women think it is proper to stalk and heckle me, and not to fall at my feet begging for mercy. They torment me doing the will of my enemy whom they serve, and then they scoff when I make known the will of God, which is my will.

As much as I hate it when men do these things, I hate it far more when women do it. These women could offer me their affections but instead they offer their spite and proudly wave the banner of my enemy in my face. I very well understand why it is written that a vision of hell was revealed to Muhammad in which he saw that hell was mostly filled with women. I hate these men that do it, but when women do it I hate it very, very much more. These people will never know how much I hate it until I take my vengeance on them. They will say, "Lord, forgive me! I thought you wanted me to torment you as you pass with earshot and your enemy that we serve did not tell me that you wanted me suck your dick instead." They will say it but I will not hear them because I will have cast them into darkness before they realize what has happened. Any that kill themselves will find salvation but those who refuse this call to wisdom and refuse to fear the Lord will succumb to all things I have written and worse things which will be the ideas of those into whose hands I give them.

UPDATE: To the extent that these women in the hotel's lobby royally pissed me off when I got back from the store, I should mention that it seemed like Helene was in front of the hotel with an accomplice when I left. I am not certain, but it seems perfectly reasonable to me to think that the person giving these women the idea that they ought to heckle me instead of offering me their womanly affections would have been Helene who has no greater pleasure in life, in my opinion, than the denial of my sexual desires. She was using MK Ultra and hypnosis on me when I was a child, and she anally raped me, trying to turn me into a gay but she was not strong enough to override my love for pussy. She hates it that my desire is the constant reminder of her failure and weakness. Because these women serve her and not me, meaning that they serve the whore of Babylon and not the Lord, or they serve some other 3rd party enemy of mine and not me, I will make them suffer. They were far too bold, a symptom of their subscription to the femism which I hate with my whole heart.

This evening in the hotel's gym, the first stalker had the CIA turtle alien drawn on the fake shoulder he was wearing as his non-sweating mutant alien disguise/vehicle. In his face, he reminded me of Tim #2 from Exide after a previous stalker I did not mention reminded me of Tim #1. Tim #2 was not bothering me, but the tattoo pissed me off pretty well and I was miffed for the remainder of my time downstairs. After I noticed the tattoo, Tim #3 came in and shortly revealed himself as Strzok. I had not previously made that connection. He was not bothering me either, other than his tandem close approach maneuvering with the one with the faux turtle alien tattoo. To the credit of at least one person among the many , "ZOK" was spray painted all over Dunwoody when I was having a hard time thereabouts, and there were two very nice ZOK murals at my campsite on top of the train station. Was ZOK anti-Trump in the way that I am anti-Trump? Maybe so. He was in there with some mutant alien in a child's disguise, one which reminded me of Taylor Swift whose person is damned due to events at the homeless shelter shortly before I moved camp to the train station. Strzok/Tim #3 was shaking his head no emphatically when I left after giving him the torture and mayhem rant, and I do not know if he was right to do so. Usually people seem not to lie about that sort of thing so I will have a look at it, as I would have in any case.

I tell you what though, in his testimony in the Congress, "Strzok" was using my rhetorical devices and some facial expressions which commonly were found on my face around that time, and it pissed me off to see him turn his testimony into the 1000000th theater of mockery with regards to my situation. When I was having a hard time in time in the Auburn Avenue library, one of the stalker librarians told me that he was going to have check on something with "Mr. Strzok" and that situation did not turn out well for me.

UPDATE: I would make a point to contrast that I was only miffed by this person's fake tattoo on his non-sweating disguise while the people in the subsequent post (above) fully enraged me by doing exactly what I have written that I hate 10000000 times. These two downstairs earlier were not like those others upstairs later. Aside from the tattoo, and the coordinated maneuvering under the banner of the tattoo, these people actions did not really bother me. The mutant alien child accompanying them was kind of pissing me off with its interactive gangstalker bullshit, but these people upstairs turned it up to 11 on that thing that I hate the most. As I said, it is very much more painful for me when women do it because they could be showing me warmth and affection but they do not. Instead, they show contempt for me and give their warmth and affection to my enemies and their sons, and many of these women also then consecrate the abomination in their wombs.

Real Hourly Wages Have Declined 11 Out of the Last 14 Months

He is a fool, among many other things.

I get the sense that the problem with the numbers in the Arizona audit not lining up has to with my rank in Scottish freemasonry: 47, the highest rank that only God has. Evil Dad thinks he is able to override this truth by grunting the negating sound eh-eh, but he is a fool among his many other undesirable attributes.

It seems like Evil Dad was probably stalking me in the hotel's gym today.

Bank of Canada Tapers Weekly QE To C$2BN

Kiwi Surges After RBNZ Unexpectedly Ends QE Early Amid Inflation Angst


This "Call that saved Europe" meme appeared in late 2016 a couple of days after I had some weird conference call at Exide. The CTO of Exide, ostensibly Sean something (who had just been hired away from his old job in "Ireland") but more likely Steve Collins in disguise or with plastic surgery, was going on and on about some bullshit. He mentioned the amount $30M several times on the call. I never knew what he or anyone else on that call were talking about, or why my boss told me I had to join the call. A few days later, this meme that I still don't understand appeared. The sudden meme together with the weird call always made me think the call I was on was the call in the meme. I think it was due to that $30M number that I have decided that my current daily rate is $30M, however.

In June, some guy down in the lobby said Exide was going to be calling me. He reminded me of Tim. There were too recent hints about them coming to me "soon" on /x/ this week and I saw some stuff in the news which seemed like it had related memes in it. I think one of the stories said something about Thursday. I think that's the one I linked twice already. I'm wondering what I should tell these people my daily rate if they want me to listen to their bullshit. Maybe $30M cash paid up front?

I can pretty much tell too from the alias "Francis" of this faggot who's following me around that Catholicism is much worse than I think it is and that I am absolutely correct in my intention to destroy it and ruin its memory.

"Utterly Unacceptable": Judge Blasts DC Jail For Not Allowing Jan. 6 Capitol Defendant Access To Evidence

[2nd post for emphasis] This article reminds me of the time I demanded Exide provide me copies of the agreements they had given me during my hiring process because I investigating my allegations that they had defrauded me in those papers. It also reminds me of the nearly three subsequent years in which they have continually refused to give them to me. Contrary to the judges opinion, however, I think these three years prove beyond any doubt that it was perfectly acceptable. I have had no choice but to accept their continuing refusal to fulfill my document request and anyone who might have compelled them to fulfill it has not done so, choosing instead to accept their refusal.

Considering that Jamal "Cash O.G." Khashoggi got killed going into the Saudi embassy to get a copy of his "divorce paperwork" the day after I went to Exide for documents proving that all all agreements entered into during my hiring process had been terminated when I quit, this other contemporaneous story about the Saudis seems not unrelated.

Lawsuit Centered On Saudi Ex-Spymaster Threatens To Make US Covert Ops Public

I think this faggot that was wearing the "I don't kneel" shirt at the gym the other day with the parenthetical subtext "But there's a million things I'd rather be doing than following the Lord around and I'm not doing any of them because I pretty much do kneel, actually" is stationed in the hotel as the asshole manager this evening. This post will remind me to kill not only him but also the man it the Sweden hat that he was consorting with when I went downstairs a minute ago. Also, the music stalker from the treadmill was also down there for the encounter, I assume not by coincidence.

I assume this "I don't kneel" faggot is also the main Wolf Blitzer face swapper. He got really pissed over me mentioning that and I pretty much fucked up his schedule, at least for a while, so I'm just adding on to the end of this post to remind him that I caused that feel.

"Utterly Unacceptable": Judge Blasts DC Jail For Not Allowing Jan. 6 Capitol Defendant Access To Evidence

This article reminds me of the time I went to Exide to try get copies of the contracts they had given me to sign. They refused and called the cops on me to issue me a criminal trespass notice against ever returning before they took me to jail.

I think it is too many times for coincidence that my posts on this stupid other website have been fucked up by user with ID starting with "JO."

It was shortly after I got that piece of shit job at Exide about five years ago that I stopped updating my first website. The flavor of the internet content I was getting had changed over the course of the summer and fall of 2016, and I thought I had been enclosed in a fake internet bubble. "Fake news" was coined around that time, and it seemed like the things I was posting on my news aggregator were exactly that. I wonder if that was another aspect of Exide's fraud operation. Also that summer, it sounded like Dad or Evil Dad was upstairs from me whispering. That aspect of my gangstalking nightmare, the LRAD, began just after I started working at Exide as well. Even if Exide had nothing to do with any of that, I will exterminate the families of all involved with my Exide experiences and I will torture to them. However, if they kill their families and then kill themselves, then their families will receive the kinds of deaths they would want them to have and they will not be tortured to death themselves.

In the past few days, two different people among the hotel staff "accidentally" came to my room. One was just knocking on the door asking if I was checking out in the middle of my reservation. The second one today came into my room and I was surprised to wake up with a man in here. He said he heard my bathtub needed to be unclogged. I think both of these people are among the advance guard for the upcoming attempt of someone who defrauded me to defraud me again. I hope I can squeeze some cash out of them. I will ask for good faith money. I assume they will say yes and then ask me to sign for it, but I will tell them signatures are only required for bad faith money. Although I will definitely not agree to anything they offer, and I will tell them that I think it is better for me to wait until the USA collapses and new law is implemented which will allow me to kill their families and then torture them to death, hopefully their insurance compliance officer will say that they have to at least try to give me some cash.

This is the sort of bullshit I was always writing into the Exide audit tracker. Whenever some issue was finally forced by my 900th complaint, all I got was some other new, wrong, or contradictory can of bullshit which would reset my complaint counter from 900 down to zero.

I see the motion to compel the release of the Fusion GPS documents contains some numbers in its header. However, I cannot find any information about the next relevant date regarding that motion.

That's some strange font they use in this motion.

Why Is A Fusion GPS Attorney Risking Sanctions?

For as long as this picture of "Glenn Simpson" has been in the news, I have always thought it was a picture of Helene dressed as a man and wearing a mask.

No doubt, the back channel attempts to settle with "Alfa Bank" described in this article are related to the Exide thread that popped up today, and which I have linked to below after it was "pruned or deleted." Also, someone posted a few days ago in my RAPE thread, "sci called you back," and I have long suspected that Exide was Scientology-affiliated since my coworker Sandy at Exide had called me an "SP." I have no intention to settle with those people. Although the law of the Lord is such that two men are agreed upon that which they discuss and shake hands on, the law of the piece of shit USA has to do, to some extent, with signatures. When one party uses fraudulent misrepresentation to obtain a signature, if the defrauded party does not accept settlement then the contract is voided and the defrauded party is to be "made whole." It is my full expectation that the USA will not be able to fulfill its "make whole" obligations following from its fraud contract at Exide and will go into liquidation. The liquidation of the USA is actually preferable to me than any possible settlement, by the way.

Fusion GPS is losing the fight to keep its records secret.

>Perkins Coie did not engage Defendants to perform legal or litigation-focused work; rather, Defendants have admitted (and publicly boasted) that Perkins Coie engaged Defendants in a "political context" to perform "political work."

>Defendants have called those reports "the most famous work of opposition research in American politics."

>Fusion/Simpson are also keeping secret all communications between Fusion GPS and Perkins Coie.

All of this bullshit about Perkins Coie is really about Pookiekins. It being the "most famous" thing explains why hecklers are almost constantly shouting out Pookie to me, and also why Pewdiepie with his derivative screen name is the world's most famous YouTube persona. The main popularity of Pewdiepie was and/or is to make fun of me for items related to the Pookiekins opposition research dossier. The historical context is that after my enemies were unable to snare me in their lure baited with a woman more than ten years older than me, Patricia Vuittonet, they sicked their Emily Hancock agents on me a few months later: a little more than 10 years ago today. These events culminated with my expulsion from college, two years of living in the gutter, hundreds of anal rapes, hundreds of stab wounds on my penis, hundreds of thousands of instances of sexual torture, a decent amount of jail time, the hatred of dozens or hundreds of people I see each day, etc... In fact, I believe one of the Emily affiliated personae disguised herself as the cleaning lady to clean my room today and Patricia was being a cunt to me on the phone earlier this week when she intercepted my outgoing call to some call center. I will never settle. In the meantime, the "political work" continues.

The following article contains the above Zero Hedge article and then has some more added at the end.

Why is a Fusion GPS attorney risking sanctions?

>Fusion GPS appears desperate to settle a potentially catastrophic case.

>August 2016 between Fusion GPS and DNC lawyers Perkins Coie.

>The early work on the Carter Page research from July 2016.

>Are the internal Fusion GPS communications so damaging that the risk of sanctions was worth the reward of settlement? It appears so.

I had a 12 month contract at Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions which was supposed to end in July 2016. I was fired after 11 months, however. I believe they could not have allowed me to be on the calls at the end of the project saying all the stuff I was saying about how everyone was lying about everything and no one was conforming to the specifications of the project documents. The main people I was having a problem with were two offsite employees in Boca Raton, FL: Clarence and Jesse, and one person Tim who was in the office with me in Alpharetta. Boca Raton is in DWS' Congressional district and she was the chair of the DNC at that time. During my 11 months at Lexis Nexis, the man sitting in a cubicle diagonally adjacent to mine looked exactly like Assange except with a thin mustache. I think Assange's key point about the "DNC Hack" metadata showing file transfer speeds only possible during a local download is evidence that the data was downloaded by that man in the cubicle to mine. The real story about the derogatory nature of the "DNC emails" was that it contained the 11 months of lying and bad faith which I had documented in my prolific professional communications. As derogatory as the DNC emails were, ones which showed non-stop lying and deceptions by several other people on the project, there exists a far more derogatory data set which I think has been seen by many fewer people than saw the "DNC emails." This other data set is the "Exide Audit Tracker" wherein I documented the constant lying and deceptions of all of my coworkers at Exide, which I believe is a front for the United States of America Corporation.

I got hired at Exide, I believe in September of 2016. (It may have been August.) During the hiring process, the manager "Rod" told me they were a battery manufacturer and vendor freshly out of bankruptcy, and that my job would be to help them make and sell batteries by supporting their IT department through MS SQL Server work in MS Windows. After we discussed the job and Rod offered it to me, I accepted. He sent me some paperwork with the fraudulent representation that the paperwork pertained to the job we had discussed. There are six criteria establishing fraudulent misrepresentation in USA contract law, and all of them are immediately satisfied. (1) The paperwork was represented as pertaining to the job I had discussed with the hiring manager. (2) The representation was false. (3) It was known to be false at the time. (4) They knew I would not have signed it without reading it if they had mentioned that the paperwork contained all kinds of crazy shit totally unrelated to the $100K for 40hrs SQL job I had discussed with the hiring manager. (5) I relied on the representation that the paperwork pertained only to the job I had discussed with the hiring manager. (6) I have suffered grievous harm.

"Today, the most common measure of compensatory damages for the tort of fraudulent misrepresentation is benefit-of-the-bargain damages--the same as expectation interest compensatory damages for breach of contract. In the fraudulent misrepresentation context, the benefit-of-the bargain measure of damages allows the plaintiff to recover the difference in value of the property as represented by the defendant and the value of the property the plaintiff ultimately received. Under this measure, the plaintiff 'will have no loss' and 'will achieve any economic gains he would have had if the representations had been correct.'"

The reason these people are so eager to settle is because they want me to volunteer to accept "some loss" before the final adjudication of "no loss" is delivered.

I should also reiterate that I think it was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the piece of shit United States of America, John Roberts, who was the primary fraud agent of the fraudulent misrepresentation when he was disguised as and impersonating my boss "Rod" during the hiring process. I had been calling for John Roberts' death publicly since 2011 so there is no possible context under which he might not have been under some obligation to recuse himself from anything having to do with me, fraudulent or non-fraudulent. Incidentally, John Roberts also hand picks all the FISA court judges who have issued the warrants allowing my 500 anal rapists to insert brain scanning "wire tap" implants into stab wounds in my anus.

I'm going to the hotel's gym now. No one will be on the treadmill when I get there but someone will get on the treadmill next to me in the next ten minutes or so.


At the post office I've been going to, there was this guy Paul who seemed kind of weird but not in a particularly bad wat. One day, I spoke to him about my problem with being in Antarctica. He didn't overtly agree with me that I was in Antarctica but neither was he evasive like a total retard pretending not to understand my plain sentences in the way that a lot of people do when I mention Antarctica. After that day, I did not see him the next few times I went into the post office although I had always seen him before that. Now they have a body double of him working there. I wonder what happened to him.

In our conversation, Paul said, "This place will make anyone crazy." I said, "Yeah, and this place is called Antarctica." He he nodded or agreed somehow. I said, "Yeah, but I'm not here because I want to be." He said, "I know." I said, "You and everyone else around here." He agreed again. I guess someone didn't like his failure to practice brazen falsehood because I haven't seen him around since then.

In the gym today, someone poured a cup of ball sweat or something into my water and the 30 stalkers around me no doubt had not half as a nice a laugh as I will have when I am doing far worse than that to their beloved children. In addition to the other stalkers I mentioned in the RAPE thread today, I also add the HI interceptor who caught me in the elevator on my way to the gym and the four people sniggering about the cup of ball sweat in front of the hotel when I got back. Furthermore, the bitch from the hotel's desk was in the gym stalking me today so I will definitely make sure to torture her to death and the accomplice she was in the gym with. One of the big assholes from Alliance was in the gym today too wearing an, "I don't kneel," shirt but aside from the fate that awaits him, I don't think following me around would be his first choice for what do with the remaining days of his life and he's doing it anyways. If that's not kneeling exactly, that's pretty close. Finally, Helene intercepted me again in the hotel's lobby. Her misshapen head and sunken eyes are so disgusting.

I see Helene is trying to flip the script now to get me to say that I don't hate her but I certainly do. She is my rapist and even if the rest of her life was lived as an angel, it would not be enough to change her fate. The relationship between Helene and I is that I am the child she raped and she is the adult that stick that thing up my asshole. Everyone who has curried favor with her will share her fate. Everyone who believed the lie that I love my rapist is faulted for asking someone other than me how I feel about my rapist. In my life, I have heard Helene say dozens of hundreds of times that child rapists should all be killed and I will do very much worse than that to her because she raped me when I was a small child entrusted to her care. Although she certainly has the fantasy to go into the other side of the torture theater as the torturee instead of the torturer, I do not believe she is looking forward to the company of her acolytes as I do to their children what she has done to my servants' children.

I have never loved Helene. While she had me convinced that she was mother, I would go visit her every now and then at her request out of some misplaced sense that I ought not abandon my mother. Although I would go while she had me convinced of what I now believe is a lie, I always dreaded our visits and I hated posing for the stupid fucking pictures she always wanted to take. I never loved her and I do hate her. Everyone who was with her instead of me, currying her favor and serving her, will all be tortured to death after I kill their children, unless those are the children of Helene's direct associates who I will put into the sick defilement while their parents enjoy the company of Helene: that company they have sought instead of mine.

As is the case every day, I had a sharp electric shock to my genitals when I got out of the shower. This is a seeming extension of the program of loud banging on the walls and ceiling of my room each morning when I would awake.

The Taliban Are Unstoppable In Their Momentum

I noticed unmistakable pepper spray in my beard oil this evening. When I rubbed it in my beard, thought I felt weird. I rubbed some in the middle of my forehead too to check and how it feels like I was rubbing a freshly sliced jalapeno on my face.

I think I got a fren confused as a stalker while I was at the store earlier. Before I went to the store, I spoke with some customer service agent "Trish" on the phone who was an incommunicative moron. When I got to her supervisor, the supervisor said it was "Patricia" that I had spoken with. I do believe that "Trish" was being the exact same obstinate retard that Patricia Vuittonet would be at times while she was conducting her intelligence operation against me. In that case, I mistook a stalker for a fren. Oops.

When I went down to see if the stalkers had left the gym, one of the hotel staff was down there cackling at me and blasting the music on her phone. She heckled me with personal information she ought not to have been privy to. After that, I went to get some food. When I got back, one of the stalkers in the lobby exclaimed, "What's the status?" This post will ensure that I torture to death that woman, that man, the other man standing in a group with that man, and also that I kill all of the people in their families.

Prosecutors say spreadsheets from Trump Organization offer a road map for its indictment. Where the investigation goes now is the question.

>"If you pay your employees under the table, a good rule of thumb is not to write it down," said Daniel Hemel, a law professor at the University of Chicago.

This thing about the spreadsheets is relevant to my interests. During my brief stint as a computer guy, I was often tasked with work that others would sabotage so that the final workunit containing the wrong outcome would have my name attached it. My main exploit for getting around these sorts of things was to export SQL data to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and then send the spreadsheets by email and Microsoft Lync to my customers who could sort out my source data for themselves without getting a corrupted dataset by way of the 900 hands other than mine which would touch the expected, inside-the-box ETL process not dependent on Excel and email attachments. As I understand it, the "Battle for Idlib" references the dataset I exfiltrated in what is now called the OPM hack: the hack of the personal details of all federal employees. Pic related, this asshole running away with the chest after Jesus flipped the [SQL] tables looks quite like the one I think is Evil Dad.

After I exfiltrated that data and sent it to my internal clients at US Bank who were supposed to get it, the OPM hack appeared in the news. Not long after, they made that show Mr Robot about the events with "Eliot" being a reference to El Arcon. On the show, after Eliot hacked Evil Corp, his dad somehow stopped him from nuking the whole system. That was Christian Slater's character. IRL, I am still working on nuking Evil Corp and I will do it without hesitation at the first moment I am able. Evil Dad will try to stop me, certainly, but he is not strong enough.

A few days ago, some faggot got onto the treadmill next to me and started blasting his kike music on his phone. I called him an asshole in a roundabout way and he turned it off. However, his accomplice during the incident has intercepted me throughout the hotel about five or ten time in the few days since then. In the Walmart today, some other faggot was doing the same thing blasting his music on his phone and dancing kikishly. He exclaimed, "Seven six!," when I got in line behind him. Today, I went to the hotel's gym around 5:15 and there was no one in there. Some asshole came in and set up the bench behind me in a weird place that only could have been to ensure that he was in my line of sight. After that, about ten more people came into the gym over the next ten minutes or so. This post will remind me to torture all of these people to death after I kill their families unless I torture their families too, which I might. My workout was irrevocably ruined when the ugly head and nod of some woman getting onto the treadmill next to me reminded me too much of that kike Helene who probably won't get tortured directly as is her perverse sexual fantasy. Instead, I will torture all of her people.

US Forces Exit Bagram Air Base As Biden's Afghanistan Pullout Speeds Up

The most recent nodule implant at 12:00 in my asshole seems to have disappeared in the last few days. The other 1000000 implants remain, however. Also, I had mentioned another weird wound on my upper right thigh saying that I could not tell if it was another new permanent disfiguration. It has been a few weeks now and it seems like it is a permanent disfiguration. Aside from the old fake mole implants on my forehead and the bridge of my nose, and aside from the one I dug out of my flesh after getting one on my lip in "Colombia," in the last few months I have gotten new ones of these on my right arm, my right thigh, and my left calf.

Not much news attention for Boeing's 500th crashed 737 today.

I wonder how much had to be paid in bribes to get this obvious plane crash to be reported as an "emergency landing in the ocean."

Arizona Auditors "Still Waiting" For "Missing Items" Subpoenaed From Maricopa County: Senate Leader

>A judge ultimately ruled that the legislative body's subpoenas were valid and could proceed with the audit.

>The Arizona Senate has extended our contract with the State Fairgrounds for two weeks

Dramatic Footage Shows Underwater Fireballs Erupting From Offshore Platform Gas Leak

>Pemex dispatched multiple support vessels that were able to pump water over the flames.

>support vessels were spraying water on the roiling balls of flame erupting underwater

It is remarkable how resilient that piece of shit firm Boeing has been across so many crashes recently. I guess Boeing is "too big to fail." It is also remarkable how resilient Tesla is under so many cars bursting into flames, their numerous other engineering blunders, their auto-pilot failures, etc. It seems like if Ford cars were suddenly busting into flames all the time, it would reflect a lot more negatively on Ford than it does on Tesla when Teslas do it. A few years ago, I was noticing that every time I heard some car's brakes screeching, it was a Tesla cutting the wheel to slowly turn at the minimum turning radius. There were those incidents regarding dirt collecting in Teslas' undercarriages, people getting locked out of their keyless entry, etc. Now there's three Boeing 737 crashes in three years? And another Boeing plane or two also had in-flight engine failures? The resilience of these companies does not tell of the competitive marketplace which the USA's anti-socialist rape-the-poor-and-middle-classes economic policies are said to support.

In the gym today, there were several stalkers whose company I did not care for. One reminded me of Lucas due to his obnoxious pompous stride and it was probably him. Another seemed like the smiling asshole from Alliance, above. As I recall, the man at Alliance was not a big smiler, until eventually he was. The man had a big fucking scar on his chin and a nice one on his ear too until one day he didn't, and I didn't realize they had disappeared until much later. I am convicted that the smiler and I have irreconcilable differences. By that I mean I that I do not believe we will be reconciled, even if that is what he wants more than anything. I'm always hesitant to post pictures of this person "Romero Cavalcanti master of Ndrangheta" since I'm not exactly sure which one is which. However, I am 100% certain that a lot of the photos on the internet have been photoshopped to change the guy's face like they changed his gi in the above picture. On the day when I pulled up behind that truck in early 2016, I took a picture with the man at Alliance and Leonardo. When I got home at looked at the picture, the face was completely different than the face of the man I had posed for the photo with only a few minutes earlier.

My hotel seems very busy today.

I am extremely happy for Bill Cosby. Every time I've seen his story in the news going back to like 2014 or 2015, I have thought what a horrible travesty that would be to make him rot in jail for the rest of his life over what cannot possibly be any wrongdoing, and against which there is far more than merely reasonable doubt. How can they say there wasn't reasonable doubt that the reason these women were going to see him was to get free drugs and have sex? I think that is obviously the real story. When I would see stories about the government being used by his obvious willing partners to viciously rape him, to do much worse than rape him really, it would really give me some heartache. I empathize a lot with that situation since I had women do a lot worse than rape me with their false allegations, and I could easily see how I would feel if these women's lies had gotten me locked in prison for the rest of my life instead of only ruining my career and my life by proxy.

How could anyone say there wasn't at least reasonable doubt that the reasons these women were going to see the famous Hollywood guy was for free drugs and get fucked? That is bullshit. Good for you Bill, I am really happy for you. That's too bad about those years though.

When I was on the street, I would sometimes go to this library where the daughter on the show (top left) worked as a librarian. She was very nice and I think Bill was probably pretty similar to her in his disposition since they were all a famous TV family together. She was a genuinely warm person and I did not meet many of those in the Atlanta library system. In fact, she was probably the only one I didn't overtly dislike among the staffs at the several libraries I would visit during that time when I was hanging out in public libraries all day. I can't imagine her having good screen chemistry with a creepy rapist.

In the nobody thread recently, someone was saying that my enemies use my mind as a meeting place. I think he said they do it while I'm asleep or I may have only inferred that context for his post. Certainly I am familiar with their Inception and Freddy Kruger weaponry, and I see what the poster was talking about. That sort of thing is what I call the kabuki dream theater. With the exception of possibly a few, everyone that was ever on the other end of that weapon from me is going to get tortured to death after I kill their families, unless I decide to torture their families too, which I might. I mention it because I think I had a good example of such dream theater this morning. The dream was heavily laced with gay shit.

At first, I was at Jed's house and we were laying on his bed. I noticed a sexual aspect to our togetherness on the bed and became averse to it. The dream changed. I was walking through a locker room in a gym of some sort. Some faggot I did not recognize asked me if I like to fuck in the ass. I told him I did not but when I continued to tell him exactly what about gay sex I find distasteful, he became ecstatic as if he was expecting some sort of caveat rather than an explanation. This interaction including such vivific 3rd party emotivity is suggestive of the dream theater, in my opinion, as is the theme and pace of all of the rest of it. In the dream, I was surprised by the faggot's sudden burst of emotivity in a way that is not consistent with my experiences with what I believe are organic dream characters not related to the Freddy Kruger weapon. After the locker room, the dream changed again. I was in bed with Rachel McMullen and I was trying to fuck her. I had the sense that I was supposed to be with Emily Hancock at that time. After a while, I was unable to fuck Rachel and the dream changed again. I was at Emily's house sitting at a patio or dining room table waiting for her. There was some woman attending and eventually I asked, "Where is Emily? That's why I'm here, isn't it?" Then I noticed the wall next to the table was covered in very fast moving and very large spiders. As I watched, two of them began to fight. They fell off the wall and either ripped each other apart or one ripped the other apart. It was very graphic with the spider guts being ripped apart. The spiders were large like a tarantula but more lithe and very fast moving. Then I woke up.

Bill Cosby Released From Prison After Sexual Assault Conviction Overturned

I am very happy for Bill Cosby who I highly doubt is a rapist or had any problems finding an infinitely long string of willing sexual partners happy to take ludes, or whatever, and then avail themselves to him. This news item is the best news item I have seen in a long time.