2021-08-08 archive

Jenna answered intercepted my outbound call again today and she was being the same absurd cunt she always is when my enemies elevate her into a position of Lordship over me. Someone made her transfer me to someone else who helped me out with my issue. When they were done, they asked if there was anything else they could do for me. (I spoke to two men at the end.) I told both of them that I never wanted to hear Jenna's voice again for the rest of my life and they told me that they would coach her on how to talk to me better. Since they have refused to guarantee that I will never hear Jenna's voice again for the rest of my life, and it is there opinion that Jenna's master is my master as well, I will totally destroy them all. I assume they are the CIA, and I will totally destroy them. Once I was only opposed to the USA in a political way, but I viscerally hate it with every cliched fiber of my being, and I would cut my nose off to spite it if I could. Since I am me, however, I will be able to spite them with only a few years of genital electroshock and constant psychological torture, and I won't have to cut my nose off.

While I was making this post, some man began yelling in the hall outside my door. When I called the desk, it may have been the accomplice of Jenna, Erin, who answered the phone. My environment remains such that all these people are convinced that someone is above me in the world, one who non-existent authority supposedly exceed my own heavenly mandate, and who wants to torment me with the constant presence of the people I hate, and through my forced interactions with them. I will totally destroy them and I will give them a lot of time to suffer for it. Their suffering will be much greater and it will last much longer.

Banging on the wall next to the desk when I typed that.

ZeroHedge really went downhill after I went on that linking binge-splurge a few years ago. According to "Tyler," the most important thing in the world right now is that a rich and powerful, tall, good looking man allegedly grabbed a middle-aged unmarried woman's tit and she allegedly didn't like it. Big news in the world right now!

Yesterday evening, the organization that I will persecute until I have ground the head of the their last screaming infant into the pavement put some asshole in the parking lot to block my parking spot. I drove past him choosing not to engage with his obvious bullshit. He honked at me anyways after I chose not to interact with him. I became agitated that he had parked in the middle of the road for no other reason than to block my parking spot and to honk at me. I stopped my car to berate him for honking at me when he was the one stopped in the middle of the road and chose to I drive past him instead of telling him to get the fuck out of my way. A few moments later, another of the people from that organization made some post on the fake Antarctican internet about how my yelling was "wrong-spirited" or something, as if I am supposed to pretend like I don't know that all of my interactions are staged and my antagonists are all the soldiers of my enemy, the devil. They stage these scenarios and then say that I'm supposed to act like I think the scenario is something random involving innocent counterparties. Then, because I do not believe that lie, they criticize me for not acting as if I believe it.

Today, either Helene or her friend in room 1125 was banging on the wall next to the desk where I was sitting in my room: 1127. I called the front desk to complain about it. I believe that disgusting piece of trash Erin, who is going to die by horrible torture, answered the phone and told me the lie that her name was Ray, as is in line with her infantile Star Wars fixation. I take careful note of the context that either Helene or her friend is in the room next to mine tormenting me, and then when I called the hotel to complain it about the person that answered the phone to take my complaint was one who named her firstborn child, who will be killed soon, after Helene.

As I was typing this, someone came into the laundry room and my RAPE DICK implant was immediately activated.

National Justice Investigates: Rising Republican Party Influencers Got Their Start At Talent Agency Run By Israeli Pornographer

>lawsuits accusing the Shafrir's of being involved in illegal wiretapping

I recently watched X-files s05e19. It was about a monster disguising himself as the manager of a telemarketing office. He would turn the employees into zombies. Obviously, the IRL paranormal thing underlying the episode was a cult that uses "MK Ultra" on its unsuspecting and vulnerable employees. This article reminded me of that.

Another Fed Balance Sheet Record; Where's The Exit Door?

>This raises a significant question: how does anybody think the Fed will ever be able to unwind this extraordinary monetary policy? It couldn?t do it after 2008. How can it possibly do it now?

>And there?s no sign it will stop any time soon.

At $8.24T, there's less than $2T left in the current QE authorization. The USA's current inflation problem comes from the $5T QE authorization increase in 2020 so maybe it won't be so easy for them to increase it again as soon as they need more. On the other hand, there is no impunity they don't enjoy, nothing they can't get away with, and no lie they can't sell, so maybe there's more QE limit on the way.

Record Coral Cover Of Great Barrier Reef Shames Climate Alarmists, Media

>The science institutions have been claiming that there have been three disastrous bleaching events in the past five years, which does not accord with the latest statistics. Record coral cover means there was no disaster on the reef. The only disaster is the quality assurance at the science organizations.

>The coral cover is no less, the number of starfish is no more, but the number of scientists and managers working on the reef has exploded. Perhaps this is the problem.

If you report that everything is fine, your grant is not going to get renewed. The author of this nice article, Peter Ridd, is obviously a good scientist. The tone of someone who does science for a living is exceedingly apparent in its words.

You know how I've made the point several times that there is no reasonable circumstance under 100% of women who entice me into approaching them ought to have the idea the correct follow up is to turn me down, either for a date or even being spoke to now, apparently? It's pretty much the same with the USA and this motherfucker from the USA. In the way that I have said and written hundreds if not 1000 times that one of the things I hate the most is when women whom I otherwise would not have bothered entice me into allowing them to turn me down, it the same with using the rape implant to heckle me. I have hundreds of time probably how much I hate that and that I will kill everyone who does it, and I have responded verbally to people doing it with the same dozens or possibly hundreds of times. Then this fucking asshole gets appointed to approach me and somehow he arrives with the idea that he ought to do that thing I have written and spoken about hating more than almost anything else. This cannot possibly be a coincidence. The USA ensures that it's people always have the idea that they should do whatever it is they can to conform to what I have said I hate the most. This motherfucker with his hand up my ass is really strikingly exactly the same as these women I have complained about 1000 times. Not only does he not get to me with the idea that he ought to do that which I would prefer to him to do, but instead he arrives with the idea that he should pretty much that exact one thing that have said that I hate more than anything, excepting the thing all the women do. This is well representative of my enemy the USA. I know they won't surrender to me so I will use nuclear weapons against them when I am able. Since I am the only one who wants nuclear war, I will pretty much be the winner by default at the moment I do it. I am the Lord.

Biden Declares All US Combat Troops To Leave Iraq By End Of 2021

"Biden then went on to declare that even though it's usually considered a big problem and a travesty when some random peasant woman gets an unwanted dick up her ass for five minutes, we're going to keep raping your asshole 24/7 for another six months after which we will probably beg you not to drag it out for six months when you're raping our children and grandchildren to death. We could stop doing it today but fuck you, Lord. But don't retaliate though, just take it."

Russia Moving To Curtail Israeli Airstrikes On Syria

The USA doesn't do this due to their relationship with me, the Lord. They support my enemies at every turn and when it comes to supporting me, they leave me to fend for myself, rotting in the gutter and existing in other states of constant torment and indigence. The USA is my enemy and there is nothing else about the relationship between them and me. Even now, they know I want to nuke Israel but they work against me, collaborating with my other enemies to undermine the will of God. The USA is my enemy. The actively work against me and have been doing so for 20 years, at least. Helene, the previous CIA Director, started raping me more than 30 years ago and the USA still empowers her to constantly rape, torture, or torment me on an almost daily basis. At every turn, they empower my enemies and make war or worse on my friends and servants, and they leave me in their slave hole in total indigence with no way to get away from the people who follow me around with the remote controls for the sexual torture devices they allowed to be implanted in my dick, balls, scrotum, and asshole, as they did with a hundred other implants of non-sexual torture devices, and as they did with at least several mutilation attacks including the skeletal mutilator implant my foot and several disgusting lumps implanted on my arms, legs, and face, just during the Biden administration. Biden could stop them with the military but he doesn't because protecting my enemies and their children is his top priority. Even as I type this, Helene and her husband are still using their USA LRAD against me and my dick is getting electrocuted. During the time my dick was getting electrocuted just today, how many millions of dollars did Biden give to my enemy Israel? For a small fraction of the money he gives them, I could avoid all of this torture and torment. However, Biden only gives money to my enemies so that they can "defend" themselves and he leaves me in the slave hole where he knows it is impossible for me to defend against any of this.

China Blasts US Seeing It As "Imaginary Enemy"

With the way that

*the current President has an abomination grown from my stolen semen for a grandchild,

*the current President has a son who was making at least $50k per month selling my stolen semen in Ukraine,

*the current President appoints a CIA Director to heckle me with the brain scan data from the rape device they implanted in an anal stab wound while a USA-sponsored burglar was anally raping me,

*the last President has an abomination grown from my stolen semen for a son,

*the last President appointed my rapist to be my CIA handler,

*the way this President and the last one vociferously support my enemy "the state of Israel" while never speaking up about the constant anal rapes, constant sexual torture, constant non-sexual electroshock torture, other constant psychological torture, and serious bodily mutilations I endure at the hands of the agents of the USA and Israel,

*the way I've been raped a dozen times just this year while wrongfully held as a slave in the USA's slave hole,

*the way the USA expelled me from college and ruined my career in physics, my bullshit career in an office, and also sabotaged what ought to have been meritorious successes in mathematics and writing as well,

*they way they have interfered to make a mockery of my pursuit of women,

*the way they torture my friends and their children,

*etc, etc, etc.

I think one would have to get pretty creative to come up with a dynamic between the USA and I other than the real one. Furthermore, all of this shit above is mainly my problems with the part of the USA who wants me to think they don't hate me and I did not even mention anything about the FBI which does overtly hate me and wants me dead. All the while, how many millions or billions of dollars are being made by the people selling my semen while they hold me in their slave hole to simulate a reality in which I am indigent loser with the single worst strike out rate of any many whoever pursued a woman? There is nothing imaginary about the fact the hostile state "the USA" is my enemy. That's an understatement, really.

Overall, it tells the whole story that they send their CIA Director to come heckle me with my anal rape data and then he gets to go home and they leave me here where I'm getting my scrotum and asshole electrocuted while I type this, and it won't be long before they electrocute my dick either since they do that plenty every day.

Basically, if it was George Floyd that was getting constantly raped and having his genitals and asshole electroshocked all day, Biden would be out there making a big speech about what a shame it is and how it needs to stop, and it would stop, but due to the relationship between the USA and I, which is the obvious one, he doesn't say anything and affords total impunity to do it to me to any who wish to do so. He could have destroyed Israel with total nuclear annihilation 10,000 times over during the time he's been President but instead he assures the Israelis that they are safe from me, and he does nothing to stop the constant rapes, tortures, and mutilations. Instead, he leaves me in their slave hole where it easiest for them to do these things.

When I came back from some errands this morning, some stalker in the lobby was making an undeferential amount of eye contact with me. When I got in the elevator, some woman behind her yelled, "WUSSUP!?!?" This post will remind me to kill that second one's family and send her to get tortured to death, and to examine the circumstances surrounding the first woman.

When I went down to the lobby earlier, I noticed what appeared to be the advance planning stage of the Gibeonite deception underway. I saw what further appeared to me to be the CIA Director sitting on a couch and as soon as it occurred to me, he and the man with with became very excited and said, "Very good!" I do not know how they might have arrived at this late stage with such a profound ignorance but commenting on my thoughts and stalking me will get their families killed and them themselves tortured to death without any consideration for anything else. It is that simple. Even if they read this, they will not believe that those actions alone have sealed their fates but it is true.

Somehow, those people in the lobby are still under the impression that it is wise to stalk me and heckle me with the data which I assume comes to them through my anal rape implant but might come to them through some other practice of Satanism. In the former case, which I think is more likely, doing that is like screaming, "Hey, Buddy! We're your rapists' accomplices! That's why the data is coming to us from your rape implant and not only are we the accomplices, but we're putting out about +30 emotional tone while we're rubbing it in your face!"

Somehow, even at this late time, those people in the lobby this morning were still under the grievously wrong impression that these things I described constituted a wise course of action beneficial to their interests. I guess not many people believe it, but all of my hecklers are going to hell. All of my rapists' accomplices are going to hell. I will kill their families and blot out their names from under heaven, and I will mock them with even more levity than they have shown to me.

The Gibeonites appear to be out in force today. When they inevitably approach me, I assume they will refuse to acknowledge my right of conquest and they will not unconditionally surrender the USA to me for immediate liquidation in receivership. Then later when the apparatus of violence has fallen into my hand, I will not offer surrender. Just in case someone was wondering how it will go who's not connected to the rape device that the USA implanted in my asshole after a burglar anally raped me with the blessing of the USA, and then stabbed me in the anus with the blessing of the USA. (Many such cases.) Pic related, the Japanese didn't surrender to the USA unconditionally but that is the only surrender I will accept.

I made a recent post about "Bernard" from the movie which is flattering to whomever I think of as "Midgetmind": a buffoon of the first order. I am certain the first sentence of that post did not contain a typo on my final upload but when I reread it later there was a typo inserted into the first sentence. This problem with the typos being inserted has plagued me for a long time and I can only assure him that the people he impresses now with such antics will wish he had not done it long before they finally die.

In the front view of this person, this FBI agent looks not at all unlike my manager at Elavon Robert Garrett who wittingly or unwittingly set me up to be the primary data exfiltration agent on what is now called the OPM hack. He had told me the data set we were working with was related to a collaboration of US Bank with Citibank implementing loyalty credit card systems in Brazil. For example, when you use a McDonald's credit card at McDonald's, you can get McDonald's reward points and we would have called that a McDonald's "loyalty card." Obviously, whatever the project really was, it was Ndrangheta-related and the data I was touching was not about Brazilian McDonald's. It was about whatever the OPM hack was about. Supposedly, it was the fingerprints, names, and SSNs of every federal employee but more likely it was the list of everyone who consecrated the abomination with my stolen semen. Whatever it was, it was basically like the NOC list from a plot one of the Mission Impossible movies. Robert was making me work 168 hour weeks about once every six weeks and that job was a hellish nightmare. When they refer to the ongoing battle for "Idlib" in Syria, this is really about the fate of that "ID library" dataset which I succeeded in getting to its intended recipients despite the efforts of others to make that impossible for me to accomplish.

Elavon is the credit card processing subsidiary of US Bank. They are called an "acquirer" and they sell credit card swipe machines to merchants and process merchants' transactions. Since they are so profitable making money from the skim on every credit card transaction they process, they are a subsidiary corporation of US Bank rather than a division. The reason why I was having to work 168 hour weeks every six weeks or so was because Robert's credit card transaction processing system was always failing and someone was supposed to manually check on the alarm every five minutes when it would go off. Although Robert assumed I was so stupid at computers that I would believe he just could not get these files to transfer at the correct times resulting in the alarm constantly going off, really I think Robert was a big fraudster. Batches of credit card transactions would come into Elavon by SSH or SFTP. Then a .ksh Linux script would take the file out of the landing zone and begin the internal ETL process at Elavon. We were processing hundreds of millions of transactions per day, if I recall correctly, totaling billions of dollars. The files were supposed to be processed in the landing zone folder at a given time, approximately every hour, on the hour. However, everything was always one minute late.

When I was a new hire, Robert told me to have a look at the .ksh script because I didn't have anything to do and he didn't like seeing me reading the internet instead of pretending to be doing something. I guess he did not think I could read Linux script and that I would not notice the huge security problem that the .ksh script allowed a second optional input parameter which was not used in any of the ETL process. In fact, the alarm was always going off signaling that the files were one minute late because Robert was using that second optional parameter to run a fraud script which would create free money by deleting credit card transactions between the merchant who processed them and the bank that would debit and credit the appropriate accounts. The one minute it took Robert's fraud script to run is the reason why that fucking alarm was going off every few minutes, all day and night.

The only thing in our ETL process that I never saw during the year I worked at Elavon was Robert's .VOR file of which he was very proud. Since "vor" means thief, I am pretty sure this was the file Robert would get from this co-conspirators (or masters) telling him which transactions to delete with his manual fraud script intervention in the ordinary ETL process. (I never saw that script either but neither did I ever hear about it in the way that Robert was always proudly boasting about his .VOR file.) Then, because Robert was sneaking in his fraud processing script, the ETL alarm would go off and make the on-call phone ring non-stop. When it would ring, I would have to go an "check on" everything but there was no standard measure of anything for me to check against. Each time, I would just have to fuck with it for 20 minutes and then ask someone else if it was ok. Then they would say it was fine and tell me to write my name signing off on Robert's fraud script. This was the main point of my job as far as I could tell: to write my name down as the on-call person saying that Robert's obvious fraud script was fine and that even though computers had already been around for a long time by 2014, we still just couldn't figure out how to get them 'puters to execute a program at the same time every day.

A VP from another credit card company American Express died on a plane coming back from Japan during the time I was at Elavon. The VP had the same last name as a famous TV writer. Although Robert's body language was usually very conservative, when I left work on the day this guy's death was reported, Robert was sitting in some other chair where would never usually sit and he was slouched back with his legs spread and his arms crossed over his head. He was extremely satisfied with himself that day basically in the porn star blowjob position. That was the only time I ever saw him like that. Robert is a giant criminal and although the Lord is known to use good for evil, Robert wasn't doing me any favors giving me that job.

Andrew McCabe sat next to me at Elavon for several months so it would not surprise me that Robert was also an FBI agent on the side. Eventually McCabe left when the FBI operation gave way to the Scientology cover up. Some horrible witch Rhonda Capone moved into the desk he used to sit at and I hated her. She followed me to my next two jobs using the alias Sharon Maloney at Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions and the alias Rhonda Leeper at Exide. She was also active among my stalkers while I was homeless and I believe she plays the body double game with Helene and Maria Bartiromo as well. I really hated Rhonda. Every day I had to sit next to her, I could feel her witchcraft upon my face. She was a Jewess and I'm going to torture her to death and kill her children, and probably do the same for everyone at her shul too. She reminded me of Sheryl Sandberg quite a bit and Sheryl's fate will be the same.

Rep. Jordan Asks IG Horowitz For More Evidence On FBI Official's Alleged Misconduct

This is about whoever was making it impossible for me to even pay a decent looking prostitute to have sex with me after being turned down by basically every woman I spoke to across very many years. Although the Lord is known to use evil for good, the main thing in my economic assessment when I decided to quit working and become homeless was that the money from my salary had no value to me since I could not convert it into the affections of a good looking woman. Whoever did this is cursed. I will torture him and all of his people. I will have their children raped and I will fill their mouths with shit. I boil their children and send them back into the arms of their parents who can enjoy the smell of the shit I cover them with as it mixes with the skin peeling off from their 3rd degree burns. Then after that, a while later when the children die from the infection if I am so merciful as to not force feed them antibiotics, the other suffering for them directly will begin and it should never end, in this world or the next.

Basically, these other people hate that my works are truly elite and their works are mundane relative to my works. Their mundane idea was that since only the elite can recognize elite work, they could mock and rape and torture me enough in front of everyone that the zeitgeist would be such their works were the elite works, and my works are basically dogshit. They were not strong enough, however, and they failed. Pic related is probably based on the one who was saying he was something to me other than someone impersonating the manager at my gym. This guy who was probably saying that he was my life coach or something loves that powder sweater and there was a famous interview with Kieth Raniere where he was aping this guy's sweater meme. Around the time I started seeing that stupid thin powder blue sweater all the time, they brought some other jiu jitsu instructor "Ranieri Paiva de Albuquerque" to Atlanta so that the guy at Alliance could have an excuse to be talking about fucking "Ranieri" all the time. That guy is a piece of shit and I totally disagree with the way he paints himself as "Bernard" in this stupid movie. I do believe that this is the real way he views himself but I dispute that the view is realistic.

UPDATE: I'd say this piece of shit is probably the main one since my wifi adapter suddenly disappeared when I was about to make this post and then it suddenly came back on right when I took out my chromebook to check if the internet had really disappeared or not.

UPDATE 2: The wall banging has increased greatly since I made this post.

Desperate Employers Are Calling Job Applicants from Years Ago

With the way this story is presented, it's like my enemies are still trying to present the false narrative that I was trying to join whatever it is they call their homosexual fraternity, a mafia or a cult, or whatever the fuck it is. That is total bullshit! I never wanted anything like that for myself. Whatever it is they say I wanted to join, the USA shitbirds' club, Ndrangheta, the Jesuits, a drug cartel, or anything like, I have never had interest in that sort of thing. I was never more than tangentially aware that some of the people at my jiu jitsu academy were into that sort of thing. Over the years, my awareness grew that some people at Alliance had some kind of stuff going on on the side, off the mat, but whatever that was was always microscopically small potatoes compared to the research program I had going on off the mat. I demand that people recognize that whatever those other people's bullshit was, that was those people's bullshit alone. It did not become my bullshit because they were members at the same gym as me.

It infuriates me when people phrase that situation at Alliance as me going to same gym as a slew on infamous underworld figures, including the sons of Miscavige, Netanyahu, and FBI Director Wray. The real top level line item about what was going on on the mat at Alliance besides jiu jitsu was that a bunch of underworld figures were in the same gym as the most successful physicist in the world who is also the king of Babylon, the king Judah, the king of Israel, the rightful king of Great Britain, the rightful Russian emperor, the rightful Holy Roman emperor, the Sovereign Lord God, etc. These other pieces of shit were attaching themselves to me and not vice versa.

I never went to Alliance for anything other than jiu jitsu. I hate secrets and secrecy, and I think all of that shit is completely retarded. However, because they are dishonest, these people try to frame events as me trying to throw my lot in with theirs and then them rejecting me. That is total bullshit. I never went to Alliance for anything other than jiu jitsu. After I had been going there for more than 10 years, I saw a meme on the internet that said it was a USA "fusion center" of feds but that has nothing to do with me if feds want to do jiu jitsu at the same school as me. I knew from the beginning that the US Army Combatives program was essentially an affiliate of our school and you can't get much more "fed" than that. Whatever that other bullshit besides jiu jitsu was, I never wanted any of that for myself. I wanted to be a physicist and now I want to be a conqueror. Whatever retarded weak ass pussy shit those other people were hiding in the shadows around me has nothing to do with me. That is their bullshit exclusively. None of that bullshit ever got on me and I never tried to dirty myself with it. To those who are my friends, I wish them well in their endeavors but I never wanted to join in any of those endeavors with them. While I was deceived, I wished many who were not my friends well in their endeavors as well, but those were simply more endeavors in which I had not personal part of interest. Finally, it does fucking bug the shit out of me when people try to frame those other endeavors as the real or main thing that was going on when the entire history of the universe hinges on my independent work in physics. Drugs, murder, MK Ultra, scientology, NVIXM, the mafia, or any of that is completely insignificant held against the flame of what I have done in physics.

One of those pieces of shit was telling people he's like my life coach or something, or that he was like the Lord's master or something, but I became the Lord through my mastery in physics. I am good at jiu jitsu but I was never a top guy at all, and I am not distinguished as any great master of jiu jitsu in the way I am the absolute top guy in physics alive today, bar none. One of those filthy pieces of shit, however, was telling people that he's like my master or something because he was the manager at the gym I went to while I was doing the self-study which led to very many accomplishments in physics, all of which far surpass the highest possible accolade in jiu jitsu one trillion billion million times over. That guy was just the manager at my gym, at most, and more likely he was only pretending to be the manager of my gym under threat of killing the real manager if he didn't go along with it.

I'm not an applicant and I was never an applicant. I never put in an application and, to this day, I do not even know which organization is the one saying that I applied and they rejected me.

Among the three stalkers in the hotel's gym this evening, I am not sure about the first one. The second pissed me off as soon as I saw him. He walked behind me about ten minutes later such that I saw his reflection disappear in the mirror past my arm. When he passed, I suffered a large-ish and perfectly contemporaneous electroshock in the middle of my lower lumbar spine region, exactly where I had seen reflection in the mirror pass to only a moment earlier. The third stalker also pissed me off as soon as I saw her. It was one of the leftover women Helene has recruited. I guess it was past Helene's bedtime and she could only send one of her whores. That second one really pissed me off, however.

This morning, it was on my mind for some reason that the "I'm Trash" poster from a recent /ng/ thread on /x/ (a poster who I thought was "Mueller" and also one of my enemies at Alliance who sold my friend into death so that they could impersonate him) was the one sabotaging my attempts to seek affection in the wake of the actions of my enemies' agent Starbucks girl. I thought it was weird that that would have strangely popped into my head and now I think I can see why it did. This afternoon, my hotel is lousy with what appear to be federal mafiosi taking themselves very seriously. The body language and demeanor of several people did offend me greatly as I came back from the bank just now, and not in the way the stalkers around here are usually pissing me off. These ones were much different. These ones remind me of the rapists who severely hurt my asshole raping me in the night and then left a giant red suppository pill in my room soon after I check into this hotel. I hate them and their phenotype is repulsive to me. This post will ensure that I kill the families of the three men out front of the hotel, and the one seated in the lobby, and that I torture all of them horribly as well for their service to the cause of my enemy, the devil.

For the "I'm trash" poster, I will destroy his church which is the catholic church, I will destroy his cult within that church which is the Jesuit cult, unless I am mistaken, and I will also destroy his family and the families of all who gave their service to him before me. I will totally destroy them and I will make them know that what becomes of them is far worse than the worst thing they have known. I will determine the greatest evil to which they have been exposed in their disgusting lives and I will use that as the baseline of the instruction set I give to my servants who will enforce their suffering in Camp Helene. I am the Lord.

Speaking of the Catholics and the Jesuits, it is easy to see that they do not work for the Lord. They have the goal to ensure the survival of their church and to ensure that their church wins in the end but God's plan is such that God wins in the end. Their so-called church with its non-Levitical priesthood will lose in the end.

Some stalkers I didn't mention this week but whose families will be killed before they themselves are brutally tortured include the following. On Sunday, I googled some deli to see if it was open. When I went there, some Mexican stalker appeared behind me. I got some coffee at 7/11 the other day, and I went back on a second day. On the second day, there were two stalker vehicles stopped out front, one of which was driven by a man wearing the same sunglasses as me. I went to get coffee at some other deli since they were obviously poisoning the coffee at 7/11 again. When I went back to get coffee at that deli on the second day, there was some Mexican in a blue shirt shaking his head NO at me and another Mexican standing there with a 7/11 coffee cup. Furthermore, when I went to McDonald's this morning, there was some man waiting for me there, dressed all in black. This post will ensure that these people regret what they have done. It will ensure that these people's families know i the end that it would have been better to kill these people than to wait for me to kill them.

That disgusting piece of shit Helene with her misshapen head that she should have cut off but didn't came to stalk me in the hotel's gym again today. She began her harassment by winking at me and then proceeding to call me, "Buddy," while trying to initiate dialogue. The the torment I put her into will be short lived due to my desire to quickly put her into the torments she will face in the afterlife, ones for which she is not at all prepared, the earthly torments of those who make it possible for her to stalk, harass, torment, and sexually torture me will go on for a very long time. I think it reasonably possibly that some of the people I will soon send to hell for their service to my enemy that kike Helene will still be alive hundreds of years from now when I use artificial blood oxygenators to keep their brains alive to endure the sensation of cruelty administered through electrodes in their brains.

UPDATE: I went back to down there to confirm what was obvious. She had already left after five minutes and she had no intention to do anything in the gym other than to ruin my workout in the way she fucked up my guts anally raping me as a small child, the way she fucked up my life expelling me from college for no wrongdoing or even anything within the school's criteria for adverse actions, the way she fucked up my life with her Emily Hancock bullshit, and the way she fucked up my life in many more ways that I can list or even know about. While I will quickly send her into the next world where I assume her infinite suffering will last for an eternity, her accomplices and supporters, and those whom she favored in life, will suffer for all she has done. She has nothing to do other than to torment me, and Trump appointed her as Director of the CIA so that she could use the full resources of the USA to torment and rape me, and to support foreigners intentions to do so. She apparently still enjoys the full entitlement to those resources under the current president Biden who, like Trump with "Barron," has consecrated the abomination "Natalie" within his own family.

If they were serious about exposing the In Asshole Group, I think they would not leave the group's acronym NSO without a due comment.

Pegasus spyware: What to know about the NSO Group software infecting phones

>The Israeli company's software was found to be targeting the smartphones of activists, journalists and business executives.

Leak Exposes Global Abuse Of Cyber-Spying Weapon To Target Politicians, Activists, & Journalists

Seems pretty suspicious how the ostensibly uncorrelated stock and oil markets both tanked on this story dropped, one which Snowden said will be "the story of the year." Just week, I think I encountered and honest faithful friend among my stalkers and he said he thought the market was about to explode. If it was him, I think the lines around his eyes were not hidden. I hope he was understating the nearness of the about to condition. In any case, it seems like if they are blaming the -8% oil drop on OPEC's new quota, that would not have hit the stock market like that. As I recall, and unless I am mistaken, oil shocks have typically been followed by stock shocks not until days later.

After ruining my day earlier, Helene thought she should also come and ruin my workout this evening. I really do hate her and I when I hurt those who make it possible for her torment me as I describe, then maybe they understand how much I hate them. More likely, they will never understand and they hate they glean from the fate I put their children and then them into will be less than the true reckoning of it.

I love it when this happens. I also enjoy seeing the stock market correlation which is is completely unhealthy and is a sign of extreme market fragility.

Today Helene intercepted em at the bank. When she asked me about my mother, my ELECTROconVULSOR anal torture implant was activated. She was with several accomplices who were heckling me while I was in there and this post will remind me to torture all of them to death with sick and protracted defilements after I kill their families. At a subsequent errand, some asshole intimated that he was going to tell me to fuck off before he wasted 30 minutes of my day and then told me to fuck off. The final stalker mentioned in this post yelled out, "Description!," behind me as the person I was speaking to simultaneously said, "Description."

For these people in there with Helene, however, I wish to belabor the wrongfulness of their positioning Helene before me in their minds. If they would seek me first, I would tell them that stalking, intercepting, and heckling me is not wise but due to their failure to obey my commandment regarding false gods, they form the idea in their minds that it wise, and that in fact there is not something better they could be doing due to the supreme perceived wisdom of the course which will cause their children to suffer horribly and will also cause their own much more horrible suffering.


This website is pretty cool. The delay in posting the lightning is less than a second and the thunder arrives exactly as the website shows it arriving in my area. I see this and it makes me wonder if I'm really in Antarctica. Then I think of the hurdle of building a fake copy of the USA in Antarctica to begin with and a complementary weather map doesn't seem like too much.

The dot is interested in the 18th, apparently.

I mentioned some hecklers in the lobby yesterday or the day before. Later, the one who said, "We're all just one big happy family," was smiling at me and approaching me as if Helene's compounded lies have convinced her that I am the one who is lying when I say that I have already sealed her fate. All the things I have written will fall on her unless she has the wisdom or luck to die first. I'm not in a happy family and the people who are happy about how things are right now are the ones I'm going to kill, as are the ones in Helene's organization which is not a family but a Satanic mafia. I am going to totally destroy Helene's organization with vindictiveness and wrath. Helene betrays her own people when she denies it. If she told them the truth, many would avoid a harsh end through the salvation in suicide which I recommend for all of Helene's people after their drown their children. Parents might save their children if Helene didn't lie to them about their condition. People will say I am awful to write these things but later when the vengeance comes, they will see that I had given them good and wise advice, which they ignored, as their ancestors have been ignoring me for thousands of years.

This stupid piece of shit in the lobby might have only appeared in my notes once, but now she is in here twice. I will never forgive you, bitch. I will never forgive Helene either. I will never let any from her organization escape my relentless persecutions.

I had a dream once where a man appeared in front of me. His face was gray and unnaturally wrinkly. He was wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and a black leather jacket in the motorcycle style. By some kung fu magic type of thing, suddenly he became about dozen identical men encircling me and I could no longer be sure which was the original man. I think I can pretty much see what this part of this dream meant now. The end of this dream, unless I'm mistaking things, was that I found myself in Tucson Mall thinking Jesus had come back. I woke from the dream thinking that, and then I woke up IRL only having woken from a dream within a dream. I think I went into the full details of this dream on my last website.

This dream was on my mind earlier today and I was already planning on mentioning it. It's not directly tied to the two posts below but the turtle alien and the man with the too wrinkly gray face may be connected.

When I came back into the hotel just now from a trip to the store, some woman exclaimed, "CIA!" This post will remind me to ensure that her suffering lasts far longer than she might ever expect would follow from her heckling, even in her most outlandish speculations. A moment after I announced the fate of the first heckler, some other woman shouted, "We're all one big happy family!" They may all be one big happy family, but I am not in that family. I am going to afflict them with cruelty culminating in genocide; genocide running down to the splattered brains of their last screaming infant being ground into the pavement beneath my heel. I announced her fate as well. Incensed with the impudence of these two women, I reminded everyone of the fate which will also become of all subscribers to the philosophy of femism. A third woman in front of me complained, "Really?," as if this was news to her, and now she is on the list as well.

As much as I hate it when men do these things, I hate it far more when women do it. These women could come to offer themselves to me sexually but instead they present themselves under the banner of my enemy with their heckling. I hate femism and I will kill everyone who supports it, men and women. If it were not for femism, all of my stalkers would be men. As it is, these sluts should be begging to suck my dick because they might just do it well enough that I decide to kill them mercifully instead of torturing them to death.. Instead, because they serve my enemies who give them the wrong idea about on purpose, they stalk and heckle me, and conduct coordinated operations to torment me. While there are an unlimited supply of women who will jump at the chance the torment and heckle me, there is not one who will offer herself to me sexually. I will make it known very well how angry it makes me that these women think it is proper to stalk and heckle me, and not to fall at my feet begging for mercy. They torment me doing the will of my enemy whom they serve, and then they scoff when I make known the will of God, which is my will.

As much as I hate it when men do these things, I hate it far more when women do it. These women could offer me their affections but instead they offer their spite and proudly wave the banner of my enemy in my face. I very well understand why it is written that a vision of hell was revealed to Muhammad in which he saw that hell was mostly filled with women. I hate these men that do it, but when women do it I hate it very, very much more. These people will never know how much I hate it until I take my vengeance on them. They will say, "Lord, forgive me! I thought you wanted me to torment you as you pass with earshot and your enemy that we serve did not tell me that you wanted me suck your dick instead." They will say it but I will not hear them because I will have cast them into darkness before they realize what has happened. Any that kill themselves will find salvation but those who refuse this call to wisdom and refuse to fear the Lord will succumb to all things I have written and worse things which will be the ideas of those into whose hands I give them.

UPDATE: To the extent that these women in the hotel's lobby royally pissed me off when I got back from the store, I should mention that it seemed like Helene was in front of the hotel with an accomplice when I left. I am not certain, but it seems perfectly reasonable to me to think that the person giving these women the idea that they ought to heckle me instead of offering me their womanly affections would have been Helene who has no greater pleasure in life, in my opinion, than the denial of my sexual desires. She was using MK Ultra and hypnosis on me when I was a child, and she anally raped me, trying to turn me into a gay but she was not strong enough to override my love for pussy. She hates it that my desire is the constant reminder of her failure and weakness. Because these women serve her and not me, meaning that they serve the whore of Babylon and not the Lord, or they serve some other 3rd party enemy of mine and not me, I will make them suffer. They were far too bold, a symptom of their subscription to the femism which I hate with my whole heart.

This evening in the hotel's gym, the first stalker had the CIA turtle alien drawn on the fake shoulder he was wearing as his non-sweating mutant alien disguise/vehicle. In his face, he reminded me of Tim #2 from Exide after a previous stalker I did not mention reminded me of Tim #1. Tim #2 was not bothering me, but the tattoo pissed me off pretty well and I was miffed for the remainder of my time downstairs. After I noticed the tattoo, Tim #3 came in and shortly revealed himself as Strzok. I had not previously made that connection. He was not bothering me either, other than his tandem close approach maneuvering with the one with the faux turtle alien tattoo. To the credit of at least one person among the many , "ZOK" was spray painted all over Dunwoody when I was having a hard time thereabouts, and there were two very nice ZOK murals at my campsite on top of the train station. Was ZOK anti-Trump in the way that I am anti-Trump? Maybe so. He was in there with some mutant alien in a child's disguise, one which reminded me of Taylor Swift whose person is damned due to events at the homeless shelter shortly before I moved camp to the train station. Strzok/Tim #3 was shaking his head no emphatically when I left after giving him the torture and mayhem rant, and I do not know if he was right to do so. Usually people seem not to lie about that sort of thing so I will have a look at it, as I would have in any case.

I tell you what though, in his testimony in the Congress, "Strzok" was using my rhetorical devices and some facial expressions which commonly were found on my face around that time, and it pissed me off to see him turn his testimony into the 1000000th theater of mockery with regards to my situation. When I was having a hard time in time in the Auburn Avenue library, one of the stalker librarians told me that he was going to have check on something with "Mr. Strzok" and that situation did not turn out well for me.

UPDATE: I would make a point to contrast that I was only miffed by this person's fake tattoo on his non-sweating disguise while the people in the subsequent post (above) fully enraged me by doing exactly what I have written that I hate 10000000 times. These two downstairs earlier were not like those others upstairs later. Aside from the tattoo, and the coordinated maneuvering under the banner of the tattoo, these people actions did not really bother me. The mutant alien child accompanying them was kind of pissing me off with its interactive gangstalker bullshit, but these people upstairs turned it up to 11 on that thing that I hate the most. As I said, it is very much more painful for me when women do it because they could be showing me warmth and affection but they do not. Instead, they show contempt for me and give their warmth and affection to my enemies and their sons, and many of these women also then consecrate the abomination in their wombs.

Real Hourly Wages Have Declined 11 Out of the Last 14 Months