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Now I will make another post about this black trash George, whose blackness I emphasize to accentuate his baiting me to do so while he was abusing his police powers to kick me out of the park.

I have posted many times that the Las Vegas shooting was a retaliation against someone abusing their fake police powers to deny me access to the shower at Gateway while I was homeless. Some righteous man who is called in public "Stephen Paddock" killed some people over this. The guard at Gateway had made up some lies to deny me access to the shower, and Paddock killed I who presume were than guard's comrades in Nevada only minutes later. While that was Paddock's vengeance, I have not yet taken my own vengeance which will be far more severe than several dead from gunshot wounds. The reason I bring that up is as follows. This piece of shit who I think was George did the exact same thing abusing his fake police powers as a guard in the park to tell me I couldn't lay in the grass on my sleeping bag in Woodruff Park during the middle of the day. So, lest anyone get the idea that this was some trivial slight against me by George, carefully note that this was the exact same transgression which resulted to the largest mass shooting in the history of the USA.

Note that the Las Vegas shooting was someone else's vengeance and I have not yet even begun to extract the payment of the price I will demand. Also note that the second largest mass shooting in the history of the USA happened on the weekend that I got fired a month early from my alleged one year contract at Lexis Nexis. This was the the Orlando shooting whose location in Florida was like that of my primary Lexis Nexis bad faith interactors, Jesse and Clarence, in Boca Raton, Florida. While I have no clue who these two are, I would not be surprised at all to learn that Clarence if the collaborator of John Roberts, Clarence Thomas.

Now, I will also address George's claim that he hadn't seen any evidence of bad faith on the call right before I got fired. Did he mean that he hadn't seen the emails? He had reprimanded me multiple times over the clear language I used emails so that is obviously not true. Carefully note that I had I complied with George's request to alter the tone of my emails, they would not have appeared so derogatory when they were leaked. George had no problem with the bad faith I demonstrated over and over and over, but his only concern was that my emails weren't soft and fuzzy enough. Did George mean that he had looked at the emails and didn't see any problem with them? In that case, please note that these were the same emails which were called scandalously derogatory when they were leaked as the DNC emails. Although everyone else who looked at them found them to demonstrate an outrage, is it George's intention to say that he looked at them and they seemed fine to him? It would reflect poorly on George, and the clan that spawned him, that everyone else who ever saw those emails found them to be scandalous while he looked at them and then reported on the call that day that he hadn't seen any evidence of bad faith.

It would be my guess that the reason George was afforded impunity to abuse his police powers to kick me out of the park (after getting me fired from Lexis Nexis), even while the man at Gateway suffered a retaliatory strike, is because George is the pet of the bottom-liners behind the bad faith I had documented in what are now called the hacked DNC emails. I would call George an Uncle Tom but that would besmirch Uncle Toms unfairly.

Now I will make a brief post about this person whose name I think was Neil, who was like a project manager or something on the project during my contract at Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions, where I was hired on a one year contract and then terminated after 11 months when I began to report all of the bad faith and non-compliance of my co-workers, as well as the fact that all of the code that had my name written on it was written by Tim Newport. I believe it was Neil who orgainzed the call on which I recognized the voice of my former worker from Elavon, Rhonda Capone, using the alias Sharon Maloney. She has some retarded accent which is quite distinct and I was well familiar with it after being forced to sit next to her for a several months at Elavon. Specifically, she pronounces the word "note" as neut, as in neuter or pronged neuton. Since Neil seems to have done me a favor by forcing my nemesis Rhonda to reveal herself as having followed me to ostensible "different" job at Lexis Nexis, I suggest anyone looking for the truth about what transpired at Lexis Nexis should speak to this person Neil. I think Neil may have also been on the call where George denied seeing the emails whose contact had already been the subject of multiple reprimands regarding my tone.

There was some piece of shit "George" at Lexis Nexis who told me that he was my boss. Near the end of the one year contract he had hired me onto, he threw me under the bus and got me fired whereafter I fell into whatever problem I ended up having at Exide. Certainly, this George is the servant of whoever defrauded me at Lexis Nexis and he was essentially the point man on what is now called the Strzokian "anti-Trump" insurance policy of summer 2016, also called Operation Crossfire Hurricane. On a call at the end of the contract, I told whoever was doing the project supervision, some Indian guy if I recall correctly (maybe Neil of Niall or something), that all of my counterparties on the project were acting in obvious bad faith across the entire duration of the contract. George said on the phone, "I haven't seen any signs of bad faith," regarding the outrageous bad faith I had documented in what are now called the "highly derogatory DNC emails." He lied straight through his teeth that day, and he got me fired with his lie too. I was the only one on that project even giving a nod to compliance with the project docs and I was the only one who got fired before the project ended. For all of the "highly derogatory" information that made it into the DNC hack emails, George was the person to whom I was reporting the derogatory information. I copied him on all of my complaints and he is the one who never put any accountability on anyone for any of the wrongdoing which I documented in the prolific style which is natural to me. When it came to accountability, George chose only to hold me accountable for not being office-friendly enough when I was telling my coworkers to stop fucking lying and refusing to answer my questions for the 500th time. Although him reprimanding me for me emails' tone made it plainly obvious that he had read them, on that call at the end he told the people on the call that he hadn't seen what I had plainly documented in what are now called the DNC emails.

When I was thrown in the very small slave hole for ~45 days in early 2019, where I would be locked in a small box with the person Helene whom I had become homeless to get away from, George was very proudly among the slave masters who would antagonize me from the outside of my little slave hole, peeking on me from his own condition of relative freedom. Furthermore, George appeared to me to use his capacity as my slave master to escort the manager of the Publix who had put the warrants out on me to also peek into my slave and gloat over my condition of slavery while calling me "boss." That fat little shit is going to get tortured but your torture will be very much worse, George. These is a notion of a seventh ring of hell, and that is your destination, George. I hate you and I will never express how much I hate you until the fate I have in store for you and your family finally befalls you.

Now, along with the person I think is John Thomas, who approached me and said, "Yes, sir!," in an obscene fake accent when I first posted that suspicion, I think George is also working in the hotel's restaurant. Today, I said very quietly to myself out of his earshot, "Is that George?," and he smiled and nodded and waved at me meaning that he is another of the people who have their rape fists up my asshole where they clutch my brain scanning rape implant.

Quite likely, George was also antagonizing me by pretending to be a park cop at Woodruff Park when I was homeless. In the park, he made up another preposterous lie that my 100% breathable sleeping bag material was not allowed on the grass in the park because it was not breathable. Then when I called him an asshole, he started being a little bitch saying, "Is that all you got?," and going on in that vein, insisting that I escalate my vitriol, because he wanted me to call him the N-word of which he is the most plain possible example, in the most derogatory possible sense. Just like he lied plainly through his teeth at Lexis Nexis, he lied in the park that day when he told me I wasn't allowed to lay on my sleeping bag on top of the grass. George is the most stereotypical possible example of what the N-word characterizes and I will exterminate him and his kind. Although he has presented himself to me as a black man, I hate him for the wickedness in his heart. He is the N-word, which I have promised not write, in the sense that I mean when I say it. Sometimes people insist that it has to refer to skin color even while motherfucker doesn't have to refer to someone who fucks their mother, but this apparent man "George" is the penultimate example of what I'm talking about when I use it. He has born false witness against me at least twice that I know of and he is probably stationed in this hotel to continue to do so. I am not sure it was George in that park but I am pretty sure it was. I don't see why anyone but him or one of his kind would have made up that bullshit about laying on my sleeping bag being illegal. All he was doing was continuing what I had become homeless to get away from.

Although that other man at the restaurant's desk is going to get tortured, the one who I think is John Thomas, I have much worse in store for you, George, if that is even your name, which it probably isn't. There is nothing but evil for you and your family to come in the future. I will kill your children and also your family for having produced such a vile piece of shit. I am offended by the existence of your clan. It offends me greatly that your ancestors have spawned you and I will kill them all. I hate you. You are trash. I have nothing but evil in mind for you.

I was reading the Koran some recently. I like the emphasis that what the Lord has in store for unbelievers on the last day is evil. It is emphatic about the end that is store for the Lord's enemies being evil. While this is also a theme in the Bible, it seems more prominent and specific in the Koran. It is the Lord's good justice to put this evil on his enemies. This theme appeals to my own sense of justice, which makes sense since I am the Lord.

I was anally raped again today. My asshole hurts from the anal trauma and I can feel a new nodule implant at the 6:00 position in my anus. I guess the people who are going to beg me not to kill their children, and not to squeeze the shit from their disemboweled children's guts into their mouths, think it's in their best interest to facilitate my enemies' intentions to have me live in a state of constant anal rape where it's never been more than a couple of weeks since someone raped me with the complicity of all the cheerful stalkers who surround me and insist that I should have a good day. In my opinion, constant anal rape is a condition in which having a good day and being happy is not a healthy, wise, or good reaction. The constant sexual torture is one thing but it is really demoralizing when I can feel the pain from the recent anal rapist stabbing you in the asshole while he was inside me. One aspect of that is that the people who constantly comment on every private thing I do alone in my room, or every private thought I have alone in my head, must have seen this rapist rapist raping and stabbing me, and they are all very happy not to report the crime. This has been going on at least since Helene raped me for the first time in 1980s. This happens because she didn't get killed for raping me then. If she had, it would have set a better example. Instead, after she didn't get killed, Trump appointed her as the CIA Director so that she could use the full authorities and resources of the USA to find that anyone else who wants to rape me has the same impunity to do so which was afforded to her in the 1980s and across the following decades.

The RAPE DICK which had gone down some is suddenly much worse today. That doesn't seem like it would be a coincidence.

I made some previous post about a new 6:00 anal implant a couple of months ago. I had switched to a new gym, and one day Evil Dad or Evil Dad's Mini Me helper showed up there as he had been at the gym I stopped going to. He was in there making a show of his camaraderie with Barnea, perhaps just before Barnea was announced as the new Mossad chief, or just after. Also that day, this cunt "Erin" showed up among the hotel's desk clerks, and some other piece of shit I assume was Erin Tooker also intercepted me twice to ask me how I was. On that day where Evil Dad and Barnea were mocking me with their commiseration operation as the cherry on top of my hours-old anal rape and new implant, I had also woken up with fresh anal trauma and a new 6:00 anal nodule implant. That one was the same size as this one, and it is in the same place. I got this one today due to the impunity afforded to the ones that anally raped me and stabbed me in the anus while raping and burglarizing me then. If Israel had gotten nuked as a response to the last one, I wouldn't have gotten this one. Even if the USA or some other actors were the ones who put these in, and the rapists weren't Israeli (doubtful), if Israel had been nuked in retaliation instead of being permitted to continue to exist, I believe my asshole would not be sore with fresh anal rape today as I type this. The nuclear destruction of Israel and the extermination of all Israeli passport holders is certainly the first step I will take as I walk the road of vengeance.

I was recently mocked, vexed, and offended by this "Pookie and Shin Bet" store. Ten years later, the curse remains. Since this refers to what is also called the "the most famous operation in American politics," or something like that, I assume the people who put this sign up want me to bear that curse for the rest of my life. I will transfer the curse onto them and their children, however, and it will afflict them much worse than it has afflicted me.

Loud banging from 1125 as I typed that.

It vexes me that this show Rick and Morty is so successful in monetizing my ideas and the events in my life while I am an indigent homeless person running around like a retard looking for some place where I can have the 25ft of personal space which would be needed to put me out of range of the remote control for the electroshock implants in my testicles, asshole, scrotum, dick, butt, legs, hands, fingers, face, tongue, eyes, chest, neck, and back.

Before I returned to this expensive hotel in Uniondale, I stopped at Burger King to use their wifi. A man came and sat at the outside dining area, facing me. His eyes were very familiar and he seemed upset. I don't know if that was Good Dad or Evil Dad, or if they can make disguises of the eyes as well as they can make disguises of the rest of the face. He was intimating something to me with his eyes. It was some degree of sadness, it seemed. I don't know if the sadness was about my situation being as bad as it is or it not being as bad as Evil Dad and Helene had hoped to make it, and then Evil Dad and Helene getting caught in the middle of his own wickedness. Whatever it was, at the expense of possibly no appreciating Good Dad's concern and efforts, it is demonstrative of Exide's "view as guest" fraud that he would sit in front of me to do a non-verbal emotive appeal while wearing a disguise. I don't know who was under that disguise instead of approaching me and speaking to me plainly without the deceit of disguisecraft. I tell people I don't want them to do that and the people that defrauded me tell people that they do want that, and they get what they want 100% of the time and I get what I want 0%. Under the law, it's supposed to be 100% for me and 0% for them. I don't think this is much different than the man disguised as a German Shepherd in front of my hotel room in Maine, but the human disguises seem more supportive of my enemies' desire to say that I know who is communicating me with in a language I don't have a dictionary for. The one at Burger King did a, "Ruff!," at me like a dog but I didn't have a feeling like maybe that dog in Maine was really Evil Dad.

I was driving through Brooklyn recently, or perhaps Queens, and I went under I-495. Someone had spraypainted freshly under the bridge, "MOSSAD 79," as if to intimate that the Mossad says no to Seven.

This show Deadliest Catch came on while I was living on that house on Brookshire Lane. When it was over, I was disappointed because I thought it was a single documentary miniseries. However, it turned into one of my favorite shows and was really great until Sig brought his daughter on to be in charge of his men, including her husband. I still watch it, however, and I just fast forward through the femist power hour part. What is Josh's problem, I wonder, with being a retard such that he still has to have Casey or someone babysitting him, and he's never just a captain? All the other people are always captains or co-captains but not him. He's never a captain.

Josh has another problem with being a retard in that they seem to do the face swap between him and my antagonist Dernell Johnson who facilitated the cops destroying another house I lived in on Center St. Several of the other characters seem like they do the faceswap by the time the video plays on my computer as well.

"This Is Bad" - Russian Cosmonauts Discovery Tiny Cracks In Space Station

It's very likely that Helene has already installed herself as the manager of this new hotel. Although I had asked for a room not next to anyone in this mostly empty hotel, someone checked into the room right next to mine between 5am and noon today, following my 4am check in. I went to the manager to complain about it but I got the overwhelming impression that my many times rapist and constant torturer Helene is impersonating the manager her now. My RAPE DICK implant got cranked way up from zero while I was typing this.

I had gotten a hair cut a while ago. The lady who did it did not do a good job. Although she could see that I did not have hair on top, when I told her I wanted it like a mullet and asked her if she knew what that was, she said, "Long on top?" I woke up the next day with a giant pussy zit on the top of my head and it was probably from Helene injecting me with septic sludge like she injects the other people show knows with brain cancer sludge. After she cut it, looking at my hair was bugging me for a few weeks and then someone on the internet said that Helene was the one who fucked my hair up after I shaved it all off last year following the last batch of people to fuck it up. That man Joel in Atlanta did a good job while I was homeless but every other person has fucked my hair up on purpose when I paid them to cut it. Thinking that this mop of hair on my head had Helene's signature on it, I went to go get another haircut. I would have waited to let it grow before asking to get it fixed but now when I was thinking that it was Helene's handiwork. I drove around and stopped at a random barber shop whose existence was not previously known to me. I asked for a haircut and told him to leave it long in the back at least five times, but then he gave me a buzz cut with his scissors, except he did a horrible job and left it very long toward the top, in the front and in the back, while bringing everything else in the back down to about a #8 buzz cut. I told him many times, "I don't want you to cut much off," but he cut off more than 95% of my hair. A few days earlier, I had gone to get some weed and I got intercepted there as well, and it seemed like I was getting a new implants again besides the new ones in my balls. After this man in this random barber shop was waiting to to totally cut off all the hair I had spend a year growing, even when I told him at least five times that I did not want him to cut much off, and that I only wanted him to cut off a little to fix this other person, and that I wanted it long or medium long, and then he did the buzzcut, I decided that I should leave the area where 100% of everyone I meet is some rape agent. I checked out of the hotel and went to Maine where these rape agents were waiting for me at Midas and in my hotel. I don't care how white Maine is. I would live in Atlanta, my favorite place, if the rape agents there weren't even worse than the rape agents on Long Island.

Although there have only been one or two quiet taps since I checked into this hotel, there was a sudden loud BANGING as soon as I concluded that last paragraph.

I went to the store in this new neighborhood on Long Island. It is approximately one million times more suitable than my old neighborhood, and I prefer the exterior lodging style of this hotel to the interior style with hallways and elevators. This neighborhood seems very nice. I noticed a Tooker Ave and then I also noticed the German shepherd on some remarkably thematically appropriate business signage for context in which I would like to imagine Good Dad.

I switched hotels twice this week. I had been thinking about Maine and the hotel I tried there was not any better. Particularly, when I went to the store in Maine one of the men working there said, "I'm Garfield," as if I know who Garfield is, which I don't. The other one in there with him looked like he was about to burst out laughing the whole time. The sexual torture situation in the Maine hotel was awful. I think someone I was in the Marines with, Martin, was acting as the night manager there. He intercepted me boarding the USS Duluth (LPD-6) to give me "for no reason" the handful of pills which got me court-martialed. I think one of the cleaning ladies at the hotel was a woman who intercepted me when I tried to move to Colombia last year. There was a German shepherd in front of my room who was crying and then I came back to another hotel in New York where I was surprised to see so much rain last night. The dog reminded me of Dad and they were playing obvious Dad sounds on the LRAD when I noticed the dog's face and eyes looked just like Dad. When I checked out, the second cleaning lady was twice as wide as she had been the previous day and she had some housewife camouflaged holsters inside her stretchy pants or something, on both hips.

When I first came to New York last year, I was staying at the Hampton Inn by JFK airport. While I was there, one of the many stalkers working as the desk clerk remarked to me one day something like, "Garfield! Scary!" Then when I went to get my brakes fixed on Tuesday at Midas in Maine, the man working at the counter said something like, "I'm Garfield! Haha. It's scary." (We were not in conversation when he said it, by the way.) The next morning on Zero Hedge, the blurb for the all-day, fixed, top article was, "We had them out there waving their passport screaming, 'I'm American.'" The thing about that is, I don't know who Garfield is or whether or not that guy was telling the truth. Although it was kind of weird how both of the men at Midas seemed like they were about to break out into laughter, they were pleasant enough to the extent that they weren't reciting my thoughts in real time or moving spasmodically simultaneously with my torture implants going off. Due to the very severe condition of my circumstance, that is pretty much the very low bar I use for whether or not I ought to get away from someone. The thing about these two men being about to break out into laughter would have made me move away from them elsewhere but it was not so obnoxious that I would cancel my break service and leave Midas. As a counter example, the manager of the hotel in Maine intercepted me in the hallway and seemed to project the appearance of one of the men from Alliance, and also to project an aura of aggressive contempt for me. I did immediately cease my interaction with him though I did not leave the hotel right away. We were standing face to face, conversing, and making eye contact, and I walked away from his angry contempt telling him that I should not associate with him. If "Garfield" is some weird torture disguise persona, then I suspect the light-heartedness projected by alleged Garfield in Midas would have been dishonest, unlike the overt disdain of the man at the hotel. I was not speaking with, facing, near, or looking at the man at Midas when I he made the Garfield comment to whoever he was talking to at the counter. If I had been, I would have made further inquiries since the picture I posted above is relevant to my interests. As it was, I kept working on my laptop and did not interrupt his conversation with an inquiry about cartoonish federal snuff porn.

So, to the extent that there were obviously people in the world who thought it was a big deal that that person at Midas said to one of the other customers, "I'm Garfield," I wish to belabor the point that I don't know who Garfield is. If I was going to guess, I would suppose he is Helene's friend and also that the character George, the "monster" at the beginning of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, would relate to him. Perhaps he is the main master of the reptilian program in Dulce Base, NM? The main thing I know about that person at Midas, however, is that my brakes were fucked up and he wasn't electrocuting my balls (though the other man in the lobby electrocuting my balls in synchrony with his spastic motions may certainly have been in there working for him.) Fundamentally, I don't know who Garfield is and I don't know if that man was telling the truth. Once I asked him to fix my brakes, I was pretty well committed by the threat of homelessness to waiting until they were done. However, since that article popped up the next day, it seems like someone was saying, "Look! He knows that that's Garfield and he's cool to hang out with him. They have made a treaty and they are friends, and Garfield can keep robbing and raping him because Jon didn't yell, 'REEEEE! No! You can't be Garfield,' when he made that remark to that other person." If he would have said to me directly that he was Garfield, I would have asked what he meant by that. However, I don't know who that man was, I don't know who Garfield is, or why two different people have now told me that he's supposed to be scary. It didn't trigger me enough to put my computer down and go interrupt his conversation.

Still, it was a big deal to someone other than me that he said, "I'm Garfield." It was so big, it turned into to the top story on Zero Hedge the next day. Among third parties, I believe some people were saying, "Look! He knows!," relating to this man's non-contextual comment about being Garfield while he was talking to someone else and I was on my computer in the waiting area. The obvious follow up on, "He knows!," is, "He knows what?" What do I know? Are they saying I know that person is Garfield? I don't know that. Even if I did, I don't know what it means to "be Garfield." I know what it means to "be hungry" because I have a dictionary and I can come to consensus with other people about what it means to "be hungry" but I don't have anything like that when it comes to "being Garfield." Garfield is a fictional animated cat so the meaning can't be the obvious one.

Now I will detail what I think the disconnection is between other people caring that he said that and me not caring at the level of the top story on Zero Hedge. Along the years now, I have received information that the conspiracy of Exide and the USA to defraud me involved something which can be paraphrased as "setting my view of my own facebook page to 'view as guest.'" I suppose when federal agents log into facebook, they see federal agent facebook and it is a part of their workflow. I suppose Exide did some fraud to deprive me of the knowledge of my circumstances, such as that they had begun to tell people that I decided to become the employee of the people it is my desire to destroy while they rape and torture me, and that it was my desire to enrich them in doing so while I live as a homeless man on the street. (They have been raping and torturing me much worse in the years since Exide's fraud contract than they had in the previous years where their crimes were so great that they had to go into the dangerous mode of direct criminal fraud to cover up for themselves.) The answer to, "He knows what?," is , "He doesn't know anything and the little hints that people drop about things have no more significance than the memes he sees on the internet, such as this one about facebook's view settings."

The significance I assign to the little hints I see is non-zero but it is not the same as showing me documents which clearly explain who Garfield is and what he has done, and then also having at least a second party testify that the man saying he is Garfield is the man described in the documents. For instance, I know what Newton's laws are because I was told clearly in the context of my presence in a lecture theater for the purpose of learning physics, and I have documents whose relative agreement I can test, as well as coming to consensus with third parties. If the man at Midas was honest about being Garfield, some supposed arch nemesis of mine, possibly the anti-Christ, then why was he being dishonest about the sentiment between us? The sentiment he expressed was jovial, bordering on levitated. Whatever it was, it was far divorced from the alleged relationship between me and Garfield given in the picture above (which is a reference to my Benghazi video.) Likely since I don't use facebook, they give me a "fake news" Zero Hedge with these little hints written into unverifiable content.

When I am in a university class, it makes sense that people would be telling me about physics. However, the context at Midas when I needed to get my brakes fixed is not such that I would expect to be told that the world's alleged second most notorious terrorist is the man laughing and being so friendly to me. Similarly, I have described many times a meeting at Exide in December 2016 where I went to the meeting thinking we would talk about battery-related bullshit in MS SQL Server, and certainly not any matters over which I had even the slightest bit of authority. At Exide, I did not have authority over anything. Every person in the office was senior to me and my job was to do what they told me to do. More likely, in hindsight, the context of the December 2016 meeting was other than batteries. In that one meeting, I got the impression that Putin was dressed as Rodney Williams and Trump was dressed as Dave Morrison. They talked about of bunch of Exide stuff I had never heard of and the role I was getting paid to be there for that day was to help Exide manufacture and sell mundane and ordinary electrical batteries. Whenever they said anything to me, I said, "Sure, sounds good." Since we were not talking about anything I had heard of, I did not have the usual opportunity to say, "That's still fucked up this week because Sandy told me the wrong thing in the last three weekly occurrences of this weekly meeting we're having now." Today, in 2021, I think they were talking about something other than the mundane context which had been told to me and they were taking advantage of my understanding that that I was in the meeting to do what they told me as the junior person in the room. This is a simple fraud device reliant on the fraud contract which was hinted to me to allow them to do things like sending a notorious torturer to pretend to be the clerk at Midas. Similarly, they would send people to my weekly meeting to pretend to be my coworkers. After that, they can claim whatever was the work cited by the exacerbation of the Zero Hedge article, or whatever was the fruit of that December meeting with me and Putin and Trump. In the way I went to Midas to get my brakes fixed, I went to this meeting in December 2016 to collect my $10/hour pretending to care about their bullshit.

In the end, I think it was a primary fruit of Exide's fraud workunit that the USA can tell people that I have been informed of things which have only been hinted to me in a way where I have no documents or affidavits to separate a hint bearing no accountability from something like a sworn statement where there are penalties for lies. In my model of information processing, I have a third step called, "Verify," and I don't know anything I haven't verified at least a few times. However, Exide's fraud contract probably says that I authorize them to withhold from me all verifiable information through their "view as guest" program, and now without telling me they send their agent Garfield to make a treaty with me of which I am unaware and have never discussed or seen. Regarding verification such as would be in order for coming to agreement on the terms of a treaty, if the man at Midas lied when he told that other person he was Garfield, there would not have been any penalties for it. He would say, "Obviously, I'm not Garfield. Garfield is a cartoon cat and I am a man." If he was some notorious murderer and torturer, by what means is he able to announce his confession and not be swarmed upon by police? So, Exide continues to reap a harvest of plenty from their "view facebook as guest" fraud when everyone thinks it's a big deal that someone said, "I'm Garfield," to someone else in in the same store I was in. Who is Garfield? Was he telling the truth? Why does anyone think I know who Garfield is? Maybe they are of the mindset where they say, "I saw a meme on the internet which made me imagine something and know I know what I imagined is true due to meme magic," but I do not accept improperly formatted information into my knowledge base, and I ignore the information in my chest of suspicions as much as I can. For me to get to where I feel like I know something rather than simply having heard about it, I need to go through several iterations of M^3. (For this reason, we use a process of repeated measurements in tests of quantum theory.) As it is, I have not been able to M^3 even once for most of the things I write about. I do write them, however, for purposes related to M^3 in the future.

I don't really care who Garfield is though I am concerned with his alleged crimes. Who is Odie though?

I believe I saw Dad yesterday. We had a moment.

There's some other emoji with eyes like this one but it's smiling. I started seeing it a lot in 2014. Namely, when I was working at Elavon my boss Robert once said to me, "You can say whatever you want as long as you put a smiley face at the end of it," and then I started noticing this one emoji all over the place. It is a reference to a video of evil called by the title "Daisy's Destruction." At the time in 2014, in the context of the memes I was seeing then, I thought this one eye roll emoji was coming to me from Robert and I was unaware of the other reference, which is obvious if you know it. Also while I was at Elavon, literally in the office and sitting in my cubicle, I first saw this picture. This person Robert is is the one in the back of this picture. While the team at Elavon was sending these torture memes to me, they were making me sit in the cubicle next to Rhonda, the most vile and evil witch I would come across anywhere in life, excepting possibly Helene unless Helene herself was Rhonda. No coincidence that they were bombarding me with torture memes while subjecting me to Rhonda's witchcraft.

The origin of YIKES is this. I went to get lunch at this sushi place in Buckhead. I was sitting at the bar eating my buffet plate. Some guy came in and he caught my attention by the door. Then he was seated and he got out of my line of sight. A while later as I was eating, my mind became filled with images of slaves in a tunnel in a torture dungeon. The man working at the bar making the sushi looked at me and it was obvious from the look on his face that he was wondering why his mind had suddenly become filled with these images, as mine had. I said to him, "Yikes," to acknowledge the weird moment's context of the images. When I got up to leave, I saw that the man who had caught my attention was seated right behind me in a booth, facing me, so to be looking at the man at the bar were my position at the stool removed. I think the man thought I was projecting it to him and saying, "Yikes," in a weird way but it was the man who had seated himself behind me projecting at both of us and I said, "Yikes," to acknowledge to the guy at the bar that it was weird.

I once saw Eric Cantor delivering a dolly of frozen fish in that Ru San's. Steve Collins, who was the main guy in the Atlanta child murders, owns the company that delivers all Ru San's fresh vegetable produce. Soon after, though Cantor was speaker of the house, he got primaried and lost his seat in Congress. Cantor claimed to be Jewish and Steve had once told me that he went to the bat mitzvah of a famous cantor in Chicago.

Joey's mom, before she "went crazy" following her and Steve's divorce, was from a family that used to deliver fish in Atlanta. They went out of business but Steve's produce business is the main one in Atlanta.

It's crazy how everyone has the wrong idea about who among democrats and republicans are the "big government" spenders. Charts from here.

Israel's PM Bennett Says He Will Continue Covert Attacks Against Iran >"What we need to do, and what we are doing, is forming a regional coalition of reasonable Arab countries.

I'm going to continue moving toward my overt act of the total nuclear destruction of Israel, the extermination of its population, the sinking of its navy, the burning of its embassies and consulates, and the merciless, relentless persecution of all remaining Israeli passport holders. That semen belongs to me and I don't your filth grafted onto the vine of life. That current Israeli PM has three of his four kids grown from scum that Helene sucked out of the sewer under my sink and which was subsequently injected into his wife's filthy vagina.

All those so-called "reasonable" countries that cooperate with Israel are also going to get nuked, Saudi Arabia, for example.

Remember last year when they were saying, "Trump already won," and then I got five more implants up my ass and several more in my testicles, and now I'm constant testicular electroshock as opposed to the intermittent testicular electroshock, and at a much higher intensity? And now Israel says, "We're going to keep up the 'grey area' attacks," the USA doesn't make war on them to stop it? These are the people who are going to beg me not to kill their children, or to give their children the mercy of a swift death. Those testicles that he's calling a gray area are the testicles that made three of his wife's kids.

With the mandatory vaccine, it's like they're using the Biblical end times mark of the beast as the storyboard for the media narrative.

Someone took the plunger out of my room the other day. I had to ask for another one this morning. When the man dropped it off, he told me to "put it to the side" when I was done with it as if he knew I was going to put it next to the toilet and keep it in my room. If he knew that I was going to keep it there, even if that was Jeff, that seals that man's fate into the book of death. He was walking around with an accomplice while I was in the hotel's gym this afternoon. I thought I recognized the other man's eyes but I thought, "I don't know anyone whose eyes look like that who's that tall." As soon as I thought it, he immediately looked up as if to indicate greater stature. That's also a capital crime. While I am posting about it, I should put into the book of death the name of the third man who got in my way at the cable machine.

By my reckoning, oil will enter the meaningless "bear market" mode when it goes down about 25 more cents.

I really hate this outrageous asshole and I hope he loses. The one that this black man is the stupid body double for, probably due to MK Ultra and slavery, is one whose family I will kill and who I will torture to death. I really hate this one. I think he's the one that had to leave Atlanta for California because he looked so bad across my debacle. Whatever the deal with him is, I really hate this one.

Leaks Suggest Durham Probe Is Making Progress

>Durham may be looking to make criminal charges against "lower-level FBI agents"

>The Durham investigation is almost certainly about the senior FBI officials who staged the lies.

>Senior FBI officials, including former Acting Director Andrew McCabe.

>Durham prosecutors "have focused on people outside the FBI who provided information that helped fuel the 2016 investigation."

>CIA director John Brennan would be a big catch. In 2017 congressional testimony, he boasted that the information and intelligence he shared with the Bureau served as "the basis" of the FBI's Trump-Russia investigation.

>A name that keeps popping up in news reports is Steele's so-called primary sub-source, Igor Danchenko. The former Brookings Institution researcher told the FBI that his information regarding Trump's Russia connections came from several sources inside Russia. But five Russian nationals whom Danchenko claimed as sources recently signed affidavits swearing that they did not provide him with any information found in the Clinton-funded dossier. So it seems certain Danchenko lied to the FBI.

>"I doubt the investigation is only about people who lied to the FBI," said Kash Patel, the former national security prosecutor who led Congressman Devin Nunes

>"They basically forged a FISA warrant and took it to a federal judge to spy on the Trump campaign," says Patel.

>Prestige press organizations will do anything to protect their sources, especially if they're dirty cops

McCabe sat next to me for a few months at Elavon. He sat in an adjacent cubicle and would float "random" phrases to me over the cubicle partition to assess my response to the words he would say, apparently. Specifically, one day he said that I liked Kevin (chief of the murder police in Gwinnett County) and Matt but not Matt Orenstein, which was absolutely correct. (I cannot stand Matt Orenstein and I was very happy to see that he understood this at the time, by the way.) After a while, McCabe disappeared and one nasty cunt "Rhonda Capone," a/k/a Sharon Maloney, a/k/a Rhonda Leeper, appeared in that cubicle in his stead. I believe Rhonda is still intercepting my phone calls as recently as this week. Around the time that McCabe and "Rhonda" were sitting next to me at my job at Elavon, two burglars came into my apartment in Dunwoody. They anally raped me in a home invasion burglary (class A felony in Georgia) after after hypnotizing me. This event was entered into the "Steele dossier," wherein DJ Farmer a/k/a Christopher Steele, said that because I had been raped. it meant that I was obviously gay. At my job following that awful job at Elavon, I thought I saw John Brennan in the hall at Lexis Nexis in 2015 or early 2016. Danchenko, based on his picture, is obviously Evil Dad. Devin Nunes would "partially" but not really not recuse himself from some matter after I quit my next following job at Exide (in January 2017) where he was one of the main fraud agents. I quit in January and then a few months later, Devin, for some reason, did this half ass recusal. I think it was because he was using the David Feldkamp persona to defraud me at Exide.

Overall, if the Durham report is only about people calling me a faggot but not about (((pic related))), then the whole thing is bullshit.

These vehicles appear to me to be designed for the glorification of one of my main antagonists.

Washington On Edge As Durham Prepares Possible Indictments And Report

Let's say you're playing hot potato with a live grenade and it explodes because someone pulled the pin. Now... some people are blaming the man who got caught with the hot potato. Some people are blaming the man that passed him the hot potato. Other people are blaming the man who passed the hot potato to the man who passed it to the man who was holding it when in exploded. However, if you're the USA "left wing liberal MSM," what you will never ever do is blame the man who pulled the pin on the grenade.

Biden Blames Everyone But Himself For Failure In Afghanistan

The failure in Afghanistan is Bush's fault if you're going to blame one man. Among all the blame sharing past around among Biden, Trump, and Obama this week, I did not see one mention of Bush whose fault the whole thing totally obviously is. Remember Bush? The one who didn't figure out 9/11 and then handed control of the whole country to 9/11 conspirator front man #1 John Roberts?

I think it was these two pieces of shit stalking me in the gym these evening, or their body doubles. The man wasn't bothering me until he shook his no at me at which point I began to curse him. He showed stoic indifference to all my threats against his family ad his servants and their families, but then when I insulted the shape of his skull he cringed and became offended. This one is also the, "I'm trash poster," if I'm not mistaken.

I met some guy at Walmart recently who helped me make some money. I gave him my number and he called me this weekend. When I went to go meet him, I was met by an alien wearing a disguise which was not very good. It goes to show that the condition of slavery in which I find myself is hardly mitigated by the large dimensions of the slave hole. Every single thing I do is just another excuse for the people who have me in their slave hole to mock me.

Several years ago when I was trying (and failing) to get back in touch with my dad only to be intercepted by a plethora of fraudster aliens telling they were the man I was looking for, one of them had his beard and mustache trimmed in the Afghan style. Since Islam is the only one among Judaism, Christianity, and Islam which has a concept of jihad and also properly executes it, I look on them most favorably. Also, women's rights is an important issue for me. Islam is the only one even close to getting that right. Women's rights is a very big issue for me.

Afghan women forced from banking jobs as Taliban take control

>The gunmen escorted them to their homes and told them not to return to their jobs.

This is very smart. I am going to fire all women in the government on day one. I won't offer their jobs to their relatives because they weren't doing anything useful or important to begin with.

In The X-Files s06e11, they reveal the cigarette smoking man's name as C.B.G. Spender. I noticed that CG, being comprised of the third and seventh letters, has a Latin gematria as 37. This is somewhat remarkable because the initials of Joseph George Tooker who I think is the IRL cigarette smoking man, Face lately on /x/ and formerly "Dad," has initials JGT which add up to 37 in the way my initials JWT add up to 53. A few minutes later in the episode, the big surprise is that Spender's wife got abducted on the same day as Mulder's sister: 11/27. This is also remarkable since I have been staying in room 1127 at this hotel where I keep getting raped and all the people who heckle me about knowing every little thing I do or say in my room somehow didn't call the sops when I was getting stabbed in the balls and asshole by a series of burglars recently. Instead of probing my asshole, they are inserting torture devices into my asshole and testicles. Back in the 90's when people were originally asking, "What are these abductions of women about?," such as those on the show of Scully, Spender's wife, and Mulder's sister, the answer is that they were stealing eggs to grow the population of Antarctica which presently torments me night and day, and is very careful to always close their eyes when anyone wants to rape my asshole or stab me in the balls.

Spender Jr says, "Tooker," at [41:37]. This episode was called "Two Fathers" and the second of the two-parter is called "One Son." One Son concludes with CGM getting away with Helene, the betrayer, as everyone else is killed. Then Mulder and Scully's new boss makes an allusion to the Russian Sleep Experiment when he describes the manner of death of CGM's former colleagues. The next episode, s06e13, is called "Agua Mala." I recall that the truth about autism vaccines is this: If you suck up the water from the floor at the end of the Russian Sleep Experiment and inject it into a child, it will stand a good chance of making them instantly autistic. Even if you transport that fluid in a vial that has sticker with the word "vaccine" on it, it can still make them autistic. All the imagery at the beginning of Agua Mala with the trapped people in a room and the drain and the water on the floor is exactly the Sleep Experiment imagery.

There's video somewhere, I believe, showing Hunter and an accomplice "Randy Dunson" committing a home invasion burglary to anally rape me around 2014 or 2015 in my apartment in Dunwoody.

I had been wondering if Biden's bullshit about leaving Afghanistan by 9/11 was a reference to possibly getting my implants out by 9/11 but that is obviously not going to happen. These three anal rapes last week added more RAPE DICK and now I have the TESTICULAR CRUSHER implants again after several previous rounds of TESTICULAR CRUSHER implants had already been removed. That's probably why he also sent his CIA Director to come wait for me the lobby just long enough for me to give him a chance to say, "How do you like my hand up your ass, bitch?"

I have had two zapper implants, one in each testicle, administering the testicular electroshock several times a day for a long time now. In the past, I have had several other testicular implants which exert a constant blunt pain within the testicle. All of those were always removed very quickly after they were put in. However, this new one of that later variety in my right testicle, which was put in just before the Olympics, is just being left in there. For weeks now, the steady of drum of testicular ache has hardly abated, and it is nearly sickening in the way that testicular injury is known to run to a man's core. My testicle is in pain basically non-stop all day, and the respite when the implant is deactivated is no respite at all because that only facilitates the shock of its reactivation. Instead of just an obnoxious buzzer up my asshole going off all day, now my testicle is in constant pain. This represents a sharp degeneration in my condition of constant sexual and psychological torture at the hands of the USA and its affiliated parties.

Although these people are quite content to leave my father's son in unending testicular electroshock torture, I am sure they will say that it would be wrong for me leave their sons in unending testicular electroshock torture. While they will cry about it, I will leave their sons in agony for far longer than my own agony persists, and I will hurt their sons testicles much worse than they hurt mine, and I will do it all the way down the line to the sons of the people who work in the cafeteria in the factory where they make these devices. Previously, it was always determined that these implants were too harsh to be allowed to stay, but now after moving the bar with my twenty previous testicular stab wounds, now the short zappers and the unending pain zappers are both fine... according to the elders of those people who soon beg me to have mercy on their children.

This morning, the one "Erin" who appeared in the hotel's staff on the morning of a recent anal rape asked me how I was and then indulged in the wickedness of her evil to act surprised when I told her I was doing awful. I don't understand what these people's sick fixation is that they want me to tell them I'm doing great being held as as a slave in the slave of the masters they serve, and whose accomplices they are, while getting my testicles and asshole and dick constantly electroshocked to the tune of my hecklers' joyous LRAD noises, but for some reason they do love it. One day, I will love to hear their lamentations as I send them into a cruel end, one which last much longer and be much more severe than that which they were able to serve me with.

I mentioned several times that when I watched the recent remake of Stephen King's It, the eyes of Pennywise the clown reminded me of one of my coworkers at Exide due to the white dot in the middle of the pupil, and also the stupid drifting laziness of one eye. This "Storch" below is that one. Also, no one ever saw Steve snatching his murder victims while he was active as the Atlanta child murderer in the early 1980's because he was pulling the kids down into the sewers and It was a fictionalized account of that. This is one thing I'm getting at when I'm constantly saying how "Rod Williams" looked just like Steve. I also saw this dot in Jenna's eye when I was afflicted with her presence shortly before I became homeless. Everyone with the eye implant is sentenced to death.

I was wondering if the three or more instances of finding fresh anal trauma in the last week meant that they had taken out some of the RAPE DICK implants but I can see from the response to my Storch posting today that this was stupidly optimistic.

NSA's Inspector General Opens Probe Into Allegations Of Illegal Spying On Tucker Carlson

>The NSA's Inspector General, Robert P. Storch, is a long-time Executive Branch functionary.

>When the NSA learns about the communications or activities of an American citizen without having a warrant from the FISA court to spy on that person...

Storch looks exactly like my fake boss Rod Williams from my fake job at Exide, the single worst experience of my life, bar none. Rod Williams was the primary agent of the fraudulent representations made to me at Exide. I don't know if Storch or possibly another person such as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America John Roberts (who looks quite similar and autonomously appoints all judges of the FISA court) was using the fictitious Rod Williams persona at the time the fraudulent misrepresentations were made, but I will kill all of them and all of their families exactly as if each of them was the primary actor. I assume the fraud contract they served me probably said that it was fine for them to anally rape me and turn me into a borg, and they made full use of that just after I quit Exide in January 2017. Within a few days after I had quit, my anus and perineum became extreme sore "for no reason" and the amount of sexual torture attacks levied against me in that region of my body increased greatly shortly after I quit. Not only will I kill all of the people involved in defrauding me and all of their family members, but I will kill everyone who received the fruits of the fraud, and all of their families.

Note that Storch and Roberts look alike and both of them, if they are even different people, both look just like Steve Collins whom I can not mention enough.

It seems like usually when the USA bumps into its debt ceiling and the they have to implement emergency creative accounting to avoid a default, that story is the main news item until the Congress inevitably gives the debt accumulators as much new debt as they were asking for. This time, I'm not hearing much about it. We are currently in emergency creative accounting right now and you wouldn't know it all from the news. There's no government shutdown talk or anything like that, or even mentions of a new proposed debt ceiling.

I watched this movie yesterday, apparently a production of the Williamsburgites. In commendation, I recognize that the movie cites Helene's evil many times. It calls her the wife of the devil, cites her reliance on the dream theater weapon in her limp-wristed way of making war on me, and the speaker mentions that she likes to drop little hints about all the evil things she does. Around [1:06:00], it has a solid minute describing one of Helene's evils which has been on mind and on my heart very heavily for a long time. I liked the movie and it was done in a good spirit but its condemnations of evil were too subtle and its reference to the truth of the main matter discussed was far too thin.

At the beginning, this movie includes a blurb about, "Please don't let me say that which is ok is not ok, and don't let me say that which is not ok is ok." After that, it goes on to say for about 90 minutes that jerking off is the worst sin in Judaism. The speaker mentions the Torah several times as being the most important thing for Jews, but pretty much every time he actually makes a citation to some declaration of law in scripture, he cites the Talmud. The Talmud contains the words of the rabbis instead of the Torah or the Tanakh containing the word of the Lord. This issue with the Talmud mirrors my complaint about the Christians who say they love and worship Jesus and/or God but then only ever cite the word of Paul when it comes actual written words. I criticize the Christian religion the most because that is the religion with which I am most familiar. I criticize Judaism less so because I am less familiar and criticize Islam almost not at all because I don't know anything about it other than that they are wrong to say that I am fixated on things like bikinis and wine rather than things like wrongful war and torture. Here, I will criticize Judaism.

There is some tendency among religious people to think God has a law for every little thing but that is not right. My body of law is best described in character by these verses I have included above. I don't have a law for every little thing. When people say that I have a law about jerking off, it makes my law look like it was authored by a stupid asshole with some kind of sexual psychosis. The things in my are law are things such as the ten commandments, circumcise your sons, don't drink blood, don't allow a sorceress to live (ahem, cough, cough), don't fuck your father's wife, etc. I don't have a law about every little thing. It's the propensity of religious people to establish their own holiness by criticizing other people and for this reason the record of the law of the Lord is susceptible to perversion. For this reason, and under the whispered lies of the devil drifting into the open ears of the priests, the scribes of yesteryear thought they needed to amend the word of the Lord with their own extra 900 million little laws for every little detail when I, the Lord, do not care about 99% of that. I think the Talmud was written after the collapse of the monarchy. For the Babylonian Talmud, it was certainly written afterwards and the Lord was no longer pleased with the Israelites at that late time. For the Jerusalem Talmud, it was probably also written at the end of centuries of following in the traditions of foreign nations.

If you read the Torah I think the law you will see repeated most in there is that the Israelites must not deny justice to foreigners (and widows and orphans) living among them but today denying that justice is the favorite thing to do in the so-called "Jewish state" of Israel, and it is like the national pastime of the Israelis whose state is named after the Lord's enemy Satan. The ten commandments are only in the Torah twice but I think it's in there about five times that the Israelites must not deny justice to foreigners living among them. It is a sad irony that Israel is able to call itself "the Jewish state" when their culture and policy is as divorced from the Jewish law as possible.

Furthermore, to the extent that the Israelis have named their state after the devil, it is no wonder that they love the word of their own satanic priests more than they love the word of the Lord. Not only do they not love the word of the Lord, but they have convinced themselves through the word of the devil in the Talmud that the Lord is guilty of the worst sin in the Torah, even while that sin does not exist in the Torah at all! In the way that they can convince themselves that the Lord is evil because the Lord does not agree with the edicts and proclamations of their satanic priesthood, the speaker in the video suggests that the millions of abominable demon children grown from my stolen semen grew because I was jerking off. In fact, those children grew because Helene and her husband (supported by the priests of Satan) were sucking scum out of the sewer beneath my bathroom and then injecting the sludge they could find down there into women's vaginas. In a moderately apt analogy, I suggest that blaming me for those children is like blaming gun manufacturers for shooting deaths. There is no crime in building firearms but murder is a crime. This is the difference between my jerking off and then Helene and her husband (in cahoots with a satanic priesthood) dredging the sewer for sludge and then squirting the filth they could suck up into women's vaginas. In the way that the speaker is able cite the Talmud as evidence that jerking off is the greatest sin in a book which does not mention jerking off at all, they are able to skip over the obvious natural crime of squirting grease from the sewer into a woman's vagina to say that I am the criminal because I was jerking off. Is squirting sewer slime into a woman's vagina not obviously an unclean thing do? Is it not obviously unholy? Although I imagine it should be, maybe it is not in the minds of the priests of Satan.

Whereas I often go on and on in these posts through the conjunction adverb "furthermore," I should point out that the whole point of the video was really an argument that jerking off is not the worst crime in a book which never mentions it. However, it is somewhat irksome to see the producers spend ~90 minutes making the pseudo-ironic case against jerking off when they could have spent 90 minutes destroying the rabbis in the Talmud by saying, "How can this be the worst crime in the Torah when the Torah never mentions it at all?" It is no small wonder that the religious authorities of the people who love the devil, Israel, more than they love the Lord also love the book of lies which says the Lord is wicked criminal more than they love the Torah, and its supplemental Tanakh. To the extend that me jerking off is very clearly a symptom of the injury that they devil's priesthood has inflicted upon me, it is no small wonder that the devil's book of lies, the Talmud, says the symptom of my injury is a sin in my own eyes. Even furthermore, the devil was getting his son to suck his dick on his deathbed or else he was sucking his son's dick. As surely as the sheaves in Joseph's dream were dicks, so was this staff at the end of Satan's life. This was only of many things Satan did in Genesis that the Lord did not like, and unlike jerking off, this is included in the Torah to paint Jacob as a pervert fond of homosexual incest. All who would follow the Lord should put their Talmuds into the fire. I don't doubt the Talmud a mixed bag of truth and lies like the Christian New Testament is a mixed bag of truth and lies, but it should not be cited as religious source material at all. The Old Testament may have had many truths stripped from it across the years, but it is not full of lies like the Talmud.

I notice that when you see this guy hiding behind a mask while hiding behind Helene, his countenance is relatively stoic. In the artistic impression, however, he is shitting his pants.

Jenna answered intercepted my outbound call again today and she was being the same absurd cunt she always is when my enemies elevate her into a position of Lordship over me. Someone made her transfer me to someone else who helped me out with my issue. When they were done, they asked if there was anything else they could do for me. (I spoke to two men at the end.) I told both of them that I never wanted to hear Jenna's voice again for the rest of my life and they told me that they would coach her on how to talk to me better. Since they have refused to guarantee that I will never hear Jenna's voice again for the rest of my life, and it is there opinion that Jenna's master is my master as well, I will totally destroy them all. I assume they are the CIA, and I will totally destroy them. Once I was only opposed to the USA in a political way, but I viscerally hate it with every cliched fiber of my being, and I would cut my nose off to spite it if I could. Since I am me, however, I will be able to spite them with only a few years of genital electroshock and constant psychological torture, and I won't have to cut my nose off.

While I was making this post, some man began yelling in the hall outside my door. When I called the desk, it may have been the accomplice of Jenna, Erin, who answered the phone. My environment remains such that all these people are convinced that someone is above me in the world, one who non-existent authority supposedly exceed my own heavenly mandate, and who wants to torment me with the constant presence of the people I hate, and through my forced interactions with them. I will totally destroy them and I will give them a lot of time to suffer for it. Their suffering will be much greater and it will last much longer.

Banging on the wall next to the desk when I typed that.

ZeroHedge really went downhill after I went on that linking binge-splurge a few years ago. According to "Tyler," the most important thing in the world right now is that a rich and powerful, tall, good looking man allegedly grabbed a middle-aged unmarried woman's tit and she allegedly didn't like it. Big news in the world right now!

Yesterday evening, the organization that I will persecute until I have ground the head of the their last screaming infant into the pavement put some asshole in the parking lot to block my parking spot. I drove past him choosing not to engage with his obvious bullshit. He honked at me anyways after I chose not to interact with him. I became agitated that he had parked in the middle of the road for no other reason than to block my parking spot and to honk at me. I stopped my car to berate him for honking at me when he was the one stopped in the middle of the road and chose to I drive past him instead of telling him to get the fuck out of my way. A few moments later, another of the people from that organization made some post on the fake Antarctican internet about how my yelling was "wrong-spirited" or something, as if I am supposed to pretend like I don't know that all of my interactions are staged and my antagonists are all the soldiers of my enemy, the devil. They stage these scenarios and then say that I'm supposed to act like I think the scenario is something random involving innocent counterparties. Then, because I do not believe that lie, they criticize me for not acting as if I believe it.

Today, either Helene or her friend in room 1125 was banging on the wall next to the desk where I was sitting in my room: 1127. I called the front desk to complain about it. I believe that disgusting piece of trash Erin, who is going to die by horrible torture, answered the phone and told me the lie that her name was Ray, as is in line with her infantile Star Wars fixation. I take careful note of the context that either Helene or her friend is in the room next to mine tormenting me, and then when I called the hotel to complain it about the person that answered the phone to take my complaint was one who named her firstborn child, who will be killed soon, after Helene.

As I was typing this, someone came into the laundry room and my RAPE DICK implant was immediately activated.