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Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Down Worldwide After DNS Records Vanish; Employees Badges Reportedly Not Working

>"Employees unable to enter buildings this morning to begin to evaluate extent of outage because their badges weren't working to access doors."

>DNS issues at Facebook "really bad."


US Debt Rises Irrespective Of Who's In The White House

The debt always goes up but the deficit goes up and down. When the "wild spending, big government" Democrats are the President, the deficit goes down. When "fiscal conservative, small government" Republicans are the President, it goes up. The chart reflects, for instance, that Trump was the President that signed the 2021 budget.

Kidnapping, assassination and a London shoot-out: Inside the CIA's secret war plans against WikiLeaks

>"It got to the point where every human being in a three-block radius was working for one of the intelligence services--whether they were street sweepers or police officers or security guards."

>That began to change in 2013, when Edward Snowden, a National Security Agency contractor, fled to Hong Kong

>Then, in the summer of 2016, at the height of the presidential election season, came a seismic episode in the U.S. government's evolving approach to WikiLeaks, when the website began publishing Democratic Party emails.

>The events of 2016 "really crystallized" U.S. intelligence officials' belief that the WikiLeaks founder "was acting in collusion with people who were using him to hurt the interests of the United States,"

>The idea was to "break into the embassy, drag [Assange] out and bring him to where we want," said a former intelligence official.

Vault 7 showed up in the news the day I after I got back to Atlanta after being denied entry into Israel. The now-famous picture of the "alien" in the desert showed up on the internet that weekend as well. I have to assume the man in that picture was released from the facility I was nearly tortured in, and that the first thing he did was to go take a picture near Helene's torture dungeon in Tucson. Vault 7 may regard the Exide Audit Tracker. Much as I had document all the bad faith and lies of my coworkers at Lexis Nexis, I documented the much greater lies and bad faith of my coworkers in the Exide Audit Tracker. As I have said many times, the derogatory nature of the material in the Exide Audit Tracker exceeds that in the DNC emails man, many, many times over.

Snowden popped up in the news about a week after Eric Weinstein had appeared purporting to be the author of my theory, which he had rechristened Geometric Unity.

The DNC emails were really my emails from my contract at Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions. The above "Risk Insurance" Wikileaks graphic appeared on the internet right after I got fired from Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions: an insurance company. I got fired in the summer of 2016, 11 months into my 12 month contract. In March of 2016, I think I pulled up behind a truck on the highway that was transporting one of Helene's former captives upon whom she had inflicted at least a severe brain injury, but who was still able to relay the details of what Helene had done. Soon after, Trump would appoint Helene as CIA Director in her 'Gina "Bloody Vagina Has a Spell" Haspel persona. I believe she intended to use the brain injury to make it impossible for the man in the truck to relay the details of his ordeal, but she was not competent to do so. I don't know if this was the same person from the desert picture which popped up less than a year later.

The part about bringing him "where they want" probably refers to the EBE which was the object of the eventual Encrochat hack, or else something very similar.

I'm watching this documentary about the Mandelbrot set. It comes as no surprise to me that among the four academics interviewed, it is only the one from Georgia Tech who's using the interview as a theater for the homosexual pantomime of his sign language. I recall that I had my likeness totally stricken from my senior high school year book when I did the joint smoking pantomime in a picture. And yet, this Michael Barnesly's over-the-top gay shit is plainly celebrated in this math documentary. You can see him tracing the shape of cock and balls in the air, point into his mouth when he says the DICK part of the word Dictionary, making the asshole hand motion while taking about "a new branch available to all scientists," and it goes on and on with him. That community to which this man belonged at Georgia Tech was the one that fucked me over, big time. I can hardly imagine that it is a coincidence that he is using this interview about his research to tell everyone how much he likes to suck dick and fuck in the ass with other men.

My issue with the audit is that as soon as they found SQL installed where it wasn't supposed to be, they should have said right then that there is no reasonable expectation of trustworthiness for the audit results. However, they found SQL and then kept going like it was still possible to get to the bottom of things after that, which is wasn't. Even in the absence of discovering a SQL install, however, the whole point of migrating away from paper ballots to begin with was to destroy the form of paper trail which can't be erased in three minutes in SQL. I'm glad Trump lost but I wish Biden wasn't the President.

This article fairly well describes what is going on with the top of this area of my dick right now.

After the current USA government afforded my enemies the opportunity and impunity to upgrade and far exceed my previous sexual torture situation with new implants in my balls, they went and did it again after that too. After I started complaining about new implants in my balls, the response was to put 30 more implants in my dick. It's like how I recently complained about a new nodule implanted in my asshole, and the response was that I should wake up with a second new nodule implanted in my asshole on the following day. After complaining about these new implants in my asshole and balls, I got another new round of implants all over my dick. I started complaining about those new DICK HEAD ZAPPERS. Now there is a sensation of constant pain even in the absence of the ZAPPERS. I guess at first I was thinking the soreness was coming from the zaps but now it is quite obvious that they have some other kind of implants all over the last inch of my dick besides the zappers. These ones make dick hurt in a lot worse way than the fleeting sensation of zapping does. Also, the TESTICLE CRUSHER implants are now much worse than the TESTICLE ZAPPER implants which I had already been dealing with for a long time. These ones in my balls and in my dick are now much worse than the RAPE DICK ever was, and the RAPE DICK persists as well. In addition, I have hundreds of other zappers all over my body and wrigglers in my eyes and down my pisshole, and there are probably five or more borderline MEGA zappers down my pisshole as well.

I went to go speak to someone about a mortgage today. This situation with my constant rape and torture, and constantly getting a round of ten new implants followed the removal of three of them before I get another ten is getting really bad. The whole top of my dick is in pretty much constant pain after this latest round of dick implants, and I do not even want to think about the upcoming round. So, I went to go talk to someone about a mortgage. A house may be an improvement from these hotels in which I am raped at least once a month, and where I have accumulated 100s of implants compared to the few I was complaining about in 2018.

At the bank, again, my least intention to do anything other than sit alone in the room I have pay for for them to be able rape and torture me in was met by my enemies who orchestrated the appointment as another theater for their mockery and brazen lack of fear of the Lord. Judging by the way the person in the bank said, "Your mom," about ten times and suggested that I should move to Arizona, the main one mocking me in the encounter was either Helene or Helene's agent, I assume. If it was Helene, she was wearing at least one fake eye today. When I was explaining to the agent my income situation, the agent tried to frame it as, "Oh, so you have money and someone cuts you a piece of it every month, but still you think you should borrow an pay interest if you want to live somewhere other than these hotels you keep getting raped in, unceasingly and like clockwork, where no matter how many times it happens, the 100 stalkers following you around all always let it happen again the next time someone want to do it?"

That is not the case. I don't have any money other than this little bit I've cobbled together lately with something other than felonious fraud and what is basically larceny. However, the suggestion of this mocker in the bank seems like the kind of thing I'm always writing about what is called wrongfully the Bank of the CIA. If that money was mine, I would use it to kill every CIA, agent, all their children, to nuke Israel, plunge the USA into insolvency, and also to kill everyone else who has been dipping their hand into it while I was

*expelled from college,

*fired from about 10 jobs after than,

*left to rot in the gutter when I couldn't pay rent,

*constantly raped and stabbed now that I sleep indoors where people rape me and put torture implants in my dick and balls and asshole with an impunity which was not available to them when I was sleeping publicly in the gutter behind the library.

I don't have any money other than a smallish amount of cash on hand. If someone stole it from me, it's theirs now. If I had money, I wouldn't put myself in this situation of indigence where I have to go ask the Mexicans to please not poison my coffee if I can cough up $3 for a cup, and where all of my rapists and mockers have unlimited access to my person. I hate my rapist Helene. I will kill her when I can after I make her appreciate the lamentations of her friends and servants when I put their respective children into the sick defilement.

In the meeting with the bank agent, my asshole started getting electrocuted right that the moment in which the agent introduced the absurd notion that my financial situation is such that I have my own money, but the reason I live in poverty and abject failure in every aspect of my personal and professional life is because the person whose money my so-called money really is is willing to break me off a little piece of it if the alternative is that I'll be sleeping in the gutter where my rapists don't have unlimited impunity to rape me at night. I really hate Helene, and all of that evil in store for unbelievers is in store for her and her collaborators. The other kike woman at the bank told me to respect the main one mocking me as well. That suggests she thinks the primary agent of the mockery is my mother. That covenant of respect was broken when she anally raped me. That's my own law and it won't be used against me. Helene is my rapist and she deserves nothing but hate from me. To this very day, she continues in her mockery and rebellion. I'm going destroy her and all the interests she loved while she was hating me. She

*raped me as a child,

*expelled me from college wrongfully (even thought the student code makes it possible to rightfully expel a student for almost anything, she still had to do it wrongfully because the already very low criterion for expulsion was not satisfied by by my complete lack of wrongdoing),

*had me thrown in the slave hole with her fraud affidavit in 2014 after re-ruining my life my with her complicity in the Emily Hancock operation which causes me severe pain to this day,

*then when I was at least trying to work to support myself, like an idiot since I should have gone straight into homelessness years before I finally did, she turned that career into a theater for her mockery too.

Today, the agent in the bank was insisting that I get a job while also insisting that my relative has some portfolio of money which is really mine from which I get broken off the smallest possible piece needed to pay for a room where my rapists can rape me in private since there were obviously not able to do so while I was filthy and sleeping behind the library. That piece I get broken off from who knows where sure as fuck isn't enough to pay for a place where I don't have to worry about getting raped every time I close my eyes at night. Today, the agent who was telling me that there's some portfolio of money which is really was telling me that I needed to get a job if I wanted to buy a house, was also telling me I should be looking for the worst possible piece of shit home in the $80k range. This, while Hunter Biden was getting $50k per month to sell my stolen semen in Ukraine and whose father has put these new implants in my balls and dick because I can't afford the not very high price it would cost to promote the safety of my person and make it now absolutely trivially easy for my rapists to constantly rape and torture me.

When the agent told me that I have money that some relative of mine disburses to me, which is not false, the agent's phone rang. The person on the phone and another across the hall both said something about, "He doesn't know," as if someone might think that I am voluntarily in this situation of abject indigence, total personal and professional failure on every conceivable level, and constant anal rape because I prefer that my rapist Helene should keep raping me with her stingy money fist than that I should handle my own money and kill Helene and her friends and their children. What those people say I don't, however, escapes my attention. Whatever it is, I don't know. The are right. What I do know is that Helene raped me when I was a little boy and now huge expenses are paid for her to force me into constant contact with my rapist, and it seems like people might believe her lies when she tells them that I choose for money situation to be such that I have to beg my rapist for $1 every time I need to buy an extra 5 feet of toilet paper.

What is squarely within my attention and knowledge is that Helene used her position as my alleged family member to start raping me when I was a little boy, something that continues to this day, and I have no doubt that if she were able to use her position as my alleged family member to steal my supposed inheritance and leave me to

*rot in the gutter behind the library for two years

*after she kicked me out of the condo I was living when I couldn't pay rent after she got my fired by expelling me from Georgia Tech,

*then that is exactly what she would do. She is exactly that kind of vile piece of trash which is the stereotype for the kikes, of which she is an ordinary one merely placed into an extraordinary situation of proximity to me.

Unrelated: When I got back from the bank, some woman intercepted me in front of the hotel to say, "My friend Jed! My old friend Jed!" Jed was my friend when I was in high school. I kept in touch with him until I was about 30 when I started to think that he was a piece of shit not worth even the very small amount of time and energy needed to keep in touch with him. Jed was inserted into my life, unless I am mistaken, because he is the son of one of my primary enemies, who is probably Helene's best friend if not her husband. That man thought it would be good for Jed's life if I would be tricked into counting him as a friend. Apparently, this was before fucking me over and raping me to death seemed like a better idea than hiding his seed in my pocket. Between me thinking Jed is a giant piece of shit and my opinion of his father, I assume they are just the same. I am not sure which one his father is. however. Whichever one his father is, that one did not teach his son to fear the Lord. Maybe if his father had told him to do so I would have maintained the indifference which has been transmuted into visceral hatred by

*his presence among my stalkers,

*and his meritless and artificial professional success doing nothing but tormenting me and sucking on the federal welfare salary tit

*while my own meritorious work has been sabotaged by the same people who pay Jed to mock me at McDonald's.

All of those people are getting exterminated and if they don't kill themselves, they probably aren't going to like the way they get exterminated when I put them into the hands of their enemies.

When I woke up today, the words, "Allah has decreed that it's ok to steal," were at the end of my dream. Obviously, I'm not making a statement of moral absolutism that stealing is ok. It's even in the ten commandments not to steal. The thing I was calling attention to is that cutting off hands in Koran 5:38 reads a statement of moral absolutism to me. I don't agree with moral absolutism and mutilation is not in order except for the most serious crimes, and even among the those crimes one would skip straight to the penalty in almost all cases. Particularly, I have proven that moral absolutism cannot be implemented by humans. When it comes to cutting off hands for theft, I would cite Jesus' comments about letting him who is without sin cast the first stone. Sometimes people deserve to be stoned but usually they don't.

Regarding absolutism, to establish theft in the frame of my morality proof, one would have to research the backstory of the system of property rights in the world, etc, etc, etc. Sometimes that might be simple and sometimes it wouldn't be, and whenever it was simple the investigation would always conclude with someone's opinion that the investigations was sufficient. Mainly, the moral crime of stealing in a consumer society where money and property abound is much different than the moral crime of stealing in the non-consumer society which was the historical context of the Koran. For most part, theft doesn't ruin people's lives these days but there was a time in history where theft was closely associated with such ruination. So, I think the notion, "Don't cut people's hands off for petty nonsense," is more in accordance with the will of God than to cut someone's hands off. In particular, the Koran seems to suggest that cutting the hands off is a punishment short of the death penalty but cutting the hands off exceeds the death penalty, in my opinion (in the absence of robot hands and other more mundane modern conveniences.) Even in the time of robot hands, cutting off the hands is pretty much an abomination. Creating people without hands is not good and it should be avoided.

I read the fifth chapter of the Koran recently. As in the fifth chapter of the New Testament, this is where I first came something that I completely disagree with. In the Koran, it says that cutting off the hand is good for people who steal. I completely disagree. I think crimes for which severe mutilations are deserved must necessarily be worse than crimes for which the death penalty is deserved.

I can see that if you were back in the olden times living in the desert with nothing to your name but a goat, a rug, and a dish, and then someone stole your goat and your rug, then that might plunge you into unfixable ruination. In this case, the technical crime is that someone stole your goat and your rug but the moral crime is that someone plunged you into ruination. Plunging someone into ruination, doing the farthest possible polar opposite of the golden rule, can be a crime worse that what deserves the death penalty, under certain circumstances, I suppose. However, it is my opinion that mutilations and that sort of thing can only be justified when torture goes down a road leading into death. It is not right not to kill someone at the end of doing that to them in punishment for their crimes. If they deserved that, they surely deserved death too. For instance, people who get sent to hell might deserve to have their hands cut off but it offends me to think someone would get their hands cut off and then sent to live the rest of their life dealing with that. The years of living without hands seems worse than having your hands cut off, at least in the time before robot hands.

On the other hand, if a crime is not so great that it should end in death, then I think a slap on the wrist is sufficient for almost all cases. Here, I don't mean a slap on the wrist with the cutting edge of a sword. I think that is sick to cut someone's hands off and then send them to live with stumps as a handicapped, incapable pariah, and I think it is morally wrong. I see a place for torture leading to death for the worst crimes, and even then only under certain circumstances such as the current end of the age, but in general I would limit punitive actions to slaps on the wrist for almost everything except those few things deserving death. As an example, if the punishment for stealing is to cut off the hands, then it is treated as the same crime when the man is plunged into ruination as above, or if you steal a goat and a rug from Goatmart. In the latter case, the net effect is to steal one millionth of a cent from each of Goatmart's shareholders. There is not really a moral crime in the latter case, it is an obscene offense to my own sense of justice to think that stealing one millionth of a cent from each of Goatmart's shareholders should result in not only horrible mutilations, but then also having the remainder of your life wrecked.

Regarding other things in the Koran, I also noticed that the Jews changing the words is a big theme in the Koran, and I agree with that very much. I wrote about that quite a bit in my own recent book. I see the promise of good things to come in the Koran is often cited as living in gardens beneath which rivers flow. No doubt, this refers to my irrigation project. Towards the end of Koran 5, in verse 116, it says something about, "It did not befit me that I should say what I had no right to (say); if I had said it, Thou wouldst indeed have known it." I knew it when I read that part about cutting off the hands. In verse 73, it says, "Certainly they disbelieve who say: Surely Allah is the third (person) of the three." This is literally exactly what I said in my other recent Koran post about how Allah must be "all of" those people whose collective functioning is how the Holy Spirit works. I certainly didn't mean that the Holy Spirit is the third of three supernatural entities, however. In my reference to the trinity, the Holy Spirit is the only supernatural one. That one is Allah, in my understanding.

There's a thing called the Persian stitch. I heard that when Persians make rugs, sometimes they make a deliberate wrong stitch as a reminder that only God is perfect. (Perfection is not a property of humans.) I think that's the moral of the story with the religious texts. It says in the Koran, "This is a book about which there can be no doubt," but how can there be no doubt? I think clinging to the letter of the text, in any of the Lord's religious texts, at the expense of its spirit is a big mistake. Stealing a goat from Goatmart isn't a big deal. Goatmart itself engages in legalized theft so what is the moral crime in stealing what was already stolen? Sometimes when I've tried to buy weed, I've had cash snatched out of my hand. That never bothered me too much and I was never ruined by it. How can it be right to completely ruin someone's life and body, and then to make them linger in that state of ruination for the rest of their life, if there wasn't even a serious moral infraction to begin with?

I've been watching Survivor lately. It is heavy laden with the homosexual propaganda. In each season, one of the men says, paraphrased for exaggeration, "Lucky for me, I love fucking in the ass with other men so I was able to win that challenge," or, "I'm gay so I really enjoyed that food reward Jeff gave us." I got to season 7 and I was surprised to see them not doing that so far. Then they had Rupert say, literally, "I love sucking dick." I was kind of exaggerating in the way the homosexuality would be announced in each previous season, but Rupert plainly says, "I love sucking dick," in season 7.

That was bugging me that they have all the gays saying, "Good thing I fuck other dudes," while none of the other men ever mention who much they love pussy. No one gives a shit if you're gay, except for other gays, and it is obnoxious how they always have to bring it up. What is the problem where it needs to be announced when the heterosexual men never feel like they need to say, "Good thing I don't fuck dudes or else that balance beam archery challenge would have been too much for me." However, I'm making this post about season 6, the post-9/11 season. OIn this season, the people on the show are obviously agents supplementing the homosexual propaganda with the femist propaganda. On this season, Jeff divided the teams by sex and then the men were acting like complete retards and this was the first season where Machiavellian scheming was prominently featured, all hatched by the men portrayed for the most part as catty retards. I was pretty much totally convinced that this anti-man post-9/11 season was completely fake because a team of men would have totally destroyed a team of women in all of the shows challenges. Then at the merge, they changed the name of the team to Jacaré. This was the season in Brazil, by the way. When they changed the name to Jacaré the man in the boonie cover scowled and the walked off. Also, the woman on the show Jenna bears a decent likeness to that white trash Jenna that I'm often reporting as my antagonist and the favored person of someone whose favored people are going to into the sick defilement. The social engineering on this season was eccentric in the original context but in hindsight, season 6 of survivor with its Jacaré team is very obviously the avatar of the pro-woman, anti-man (unless you're gay) stuff which has almost completely taken over the media space in 2021. One of the guys on the show has a nose which reminds me very much of someone I don't like: one of those guys from Alliance. I turned it off when I got sick of watching him. I probably won't watch it anymore. Maybe I'll skip to a new season.

I've also mentioned that among all the giant 9/11-themed graffiti murals in downtown Atlanta, off to the side they have a giant black Jacaré mural with a yellow eye.

Tonight is the clearly all time worst period for my sexual torture problem. I posted some truth pills about Helene and all of my worst implants got cranked straight up to 11.

I've made some posts about a Swiss baron. I had seen a meme that made me think he was like the godfather of that abominable monster Barron Trump, or something, and that he was therefore highly placed among my nemeses. However, it seemed like one of my positive interactors on 4chan recently told me by meme that he was the Swiss baron. That, together with the "Ax the Ch" dress of this femist congress person that I can't stand, and whose policy rhetoric is superficially similar to mine only to undermine it, makes me think that I was probably wrong about what's going on with the so-called Swiss baron. If that femist wants to ax the Ch, which means to kill the Swiss man in my reading, then I probably do not share that sentiment with her.

Milley Responds, Claims Usurping Presidential Power To Give Enemy Advance Notice Just Part Of 'Regular Communications'

>"If he doesn't deny the conversation as it was reported, then it's an admission."

That's bullshit. It's not an admission. You can see that's not true just from the dictionary. This is the same fallacy regarding which there exists a cliche: absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence. What it means if he doesn't deny something is that he did not say it was untrue. That's completely different than saying it is true. This is the kind of thing you go over on the first day in your first semester of logic when you arrive to kindergarten. If all Zaps are Zoodles, and no Zinger is a Zap, does that mean no Zingers are Zoodles?

Consider a lady on her phone on the subway. Some man approaches her where she's sitting and talking, and he shouts, "Bitch! I'm going to grab your phone and take it to the pawn shop to sell it." Is the woman obligated to say, "No! You can't!," to prevent him from becoming the rightful owner of her phone? Obviously not! She has no obligation to deny his claim. What the man says has nothing to do with her, her phone, or her property rights. Can the man go before a judge and say, "Your honor, I told that bitch I was going to take her phone and sell it, and she didn't say anything, so she clearly gifted her phone to me by decree, at which time I became the owner of her phone?" Obviously, she did not consent. No judge would entertain such a line of reasoning on the part of the man. That man has free speech to say whatever he wants, for the most part, under USA law. If he wants to tell her he's going to take her phone and sell it, that is his prerogative to vocalize those sounds. The woman also has free speech including the right to remain silent. The right to remain silent is in the Miranda rights because USA people have that right in general, and the cops have to notify you that people in the USA have the right to remain silent. It's not a special Miranda right to remain silent only when you're getting arrested. The special right for when you're getting arrested is that the cops have to tell you about your ordinary rights that apply in all circumstances.

Still, people say that if you exercise your right to remain silent, then you consent or agree to everything that is spoken within earshot while you are silent. These people are cretins and fools and liars, but they do say that an exercise of the right to remain silent is an affirmative consent decree on par with a sworn statement and a notarized affidavit.

Today when I was getting some coffee, they were doing the gangstalker on the radio in the gas station. They were asking, "Does your brother ask for your advice when he does stuff for you?," or something like that, and they were talking about getting married too. I'm not married now and I have never been married. I don't have any brothers and no one does anything for me. I have never delegated my proxy to anyone for them to act in my stead, in any matter, ever in my life, at any time, not even once. However, it is my suspicion that Exide has defrauded people to make them believe that I did delegate my proxy to someone regarding some matters of which I have never been made aware. Likely this is related to a meme I saw one time about me being the owner of what is wrongfully called "The Bank of CIA." On the upside of this man of lawlessness claiming wrongfully to act with my own authorities in some matters, it will be a good guide for my broom of destruction to sweep away everything he has touched. Everyone he blessed in my name will see that blessing turn to poison when I kill their children and torture many of the parents before I kill them too. I will mock the insolvency of everyone who is unable to repay the money which he had no authority to give them. If it wasn't for this trail of breadcrumbs he has gone to such lengths to leave for me regarding who my genocide should fall upon most harshly, I might not have ever noticed some of those people. I will undo everything he has claimed to do in my name, and I will destroy the remnant of what is left of him after I undo it. I will do the same for everything he has done in his own name as well. I will root out his servants to last screaming baby and kill them all. I will hurt them much more than I have been hurt, and I will mock them much more than I have been mocked. I will go even so far as the extent of great personal inconvenience to do these things in the most disrespectful possible fashion.

I've been watching Survivor lately. I went through four seasons without my enemies altering the audio on the files. This morning, however, they started using my computer speakers to mock me with the voices of the people on the show. One of the things they mentioned is that it is supposed to be some kind of secret about the alliance between the kikes and the KKK. This alliance is obvious to me and the marriage between Helene and her husband is the relationship at the center of that alliance. I haven't mentioned it very much since I am not particularly familiar with the KKK other to notice that I look practically exactly like Richard Kuklinski whose name is somewhat evocative. Regarding that Alliance and the alleged secrecy around it, which I was unaware of since it is so obvious that white people in the USA absolutely love Israel for the most part, let me mention one more thing. Netanyahu's Likud Party is obviously "Le KKK Party of Israel." There are some pictures of Netanyahu and his wife which are almost certainly pictures of Jenna and her father disguised, or else her and the guy whose dick she was sucking when she was younger, who is in either case Helene's husband or his close blood relative.

There's some saying that an old woman says to a young man, "That's mighty white of you, Sonny." So, I will talk about that kind of whiteness, which is the good kind. When I think of the things I like about white people, I like to think that I have in mind whatever would be in the mind of someone who uses this saying. I think my work regarding the advancement of mankind through the study of nature is exemplary of this type of whiteness. There is another type of whiteness, however. After all, it was the whites who ushered in the current filthy state of the world and it is the whites who rape, torture, and rob me, and who stand idly by while their white brethren do and did those former things. In this other spirit of whiteness, people will say, "I don't care that Israel is obviously the worst country on Earth, that Israel's domestic policy is completely at odds with the Torah's words about the treatment of foreigners living among Israelites, and I don't care that Hitler was absolutely right in his intention to exterminate those kikes to save his own people. I only care that they are white on the outside and if they are the children of Satan, who is Israel, then I am proud to have them as my brothers."

Usually people think the KKK is more like Hitler but at least some huge part of the KKK is more like Netanyahu. When they were fucking with the audio on my show this morning, someone said something about this being a secret. Israel hates Hitler and while there are a lot of different klans in the KKK, a lot of them have thrown in their lot with Israel, against Hitler. Certainly Helene's husband is from one of those Hitler-hating klans. This is the reason why I am so hated as well; this man was supposed to act as my father, apparently, or to act with respect to me in some familial manner while simultaneously hating my father or grandfather Adolf Hitler. Certainly an alliance with the kikes would require his promise to always sabotage any attempts I would make toward completing the good work of my ancestor Adolf. This KKK network of anti-Hitler kikes is probably the main USA network involved in enforcing my indigence and my failure in all attempts to improve my professional and personal situations while they enrich themselves selling my stolen semen. They steal my semen because they know the semen of those white people they love so much is inferior and they will commit any crime to avoid the future that they know will become of their people apart from my blood. All these words are true (I think), amen.

My enemies will want to engage me in a battle of semantics regarding possessive pronouns regarding the matter at the end of this thread. In my opinion, the only thing that matters is whether or not I am the Sovereign Lord. Right now, they have most people convinced that I'm not.

As I read this, the elephant is the elephant in the room. This is the time machine, as far as anything religious goes. The possessors of the elephant would be the rebels who got control over the time machine. I have previously described this as the night shift. Did he not cause their war end in confusion? Certainly, a lot of the people who work most directly against me do believe that they work for me. Certainly there are some people who do honestly believe that it is my own will that my own testicles be electrocuted night and day, and that I go through the rest of things I endure. At the end of the time travel war, they were left in confusion. In the Bible, it says the rebels were cast down to Earth and not that they were killed, which is what you would think. Instead, they were cast down to Earth in confusion. People who follow my word know what birds are. A bird is a man with a sword.

Also, I have wondered about the name Allah before. Where does this come from? If the Koran is real, which I believe it is, then it must have an English-formatted Bible code, which isn't properly Bible code since the Koran is not Babylonian. I take Allah as "all of" those people on the day shift whose collective actions are the ones which cause it to be the will of God which survives to infinity. The Koran uses the "we" pronoun a lot more than the Bible does.

Here's another thing I can say about George. Earlier in the project before things became much more obvious to me, George asked Tim, "Are you sending of all of this data to get processed at some external server farm outside of Lexis Nexis?" This was probably in 2015 still. Tim said he was and George told him not to do that, and then Tim got a big promotion and I was forced to attend Tim's promotion ceremony which was basically a big fuck you to me since it was obvious that he was getting promoted specifically for all of the derogatory things I had recorded. I think if this situation with the external server farm is analyzed, the truth is that Tim should have been fired on the spot for sending the data to get processed outside of Lexis Nexis. He didn't get fired, however, and he got promoted right before I got fired.

Also, I have not sufficiently belabored the following point. Across all of these hundreds of emails in which I documented the bad faith of my coworkers and their non-compliance with the project scope, I was writing those emails to George, or CCing them to him, so that he would tell these other people to stop fucking me around. He never did, however. His only problem was that I was putting people on the spot about their obvious bullshit and not beating around the bush about calling them out like is normal for corporate people, a class of people which is detestable to me. Mainly, the problem in the emails was that I could never get any answers to any questions I would ask. No matter specifically I worded my questions, or how I highlighted my questions so they would stand out in my emails, I could never get any straight answer out of anyone. In fact, I think I was getting emails from Jesse and Clarence which were written by bots specifically designed to write some corporate-appropriate blurb devoid of any information. I also called Tim out for his bullshit many times. Towards the beginning of the project, George once came to me after I called Tim a liar and asked me if I could work with him. Whatever my answer was specifically, I told him that I don't give a fuck what anyone else was doing as long as they were paying me. Whatever incident sparked George coming to me to ask that, I believe, would be another instance in which and independent outsider would have found that Tim should have gotten fired for whatever the issue was. In the end, I was the one who got fired after George fucked me and said, "I haven't seen any evidence of bad faith," after I had CCed him on the entirety of what are now called the hacked DNC emails.

It is really preposterous that I have been fired in my own life over and over and over over the least little things, and never over a failure to complete the work which assigned to me. On the other hand, the people around me seem to be such that there is no amount of wrongdoing, lying, and sabotage which can get them fired. Lexis Nexis is really strong example of this. With all that shit I wrote in the DNC emails, everyone else kept their job or got promoted even, and I was the only to get fired.

Now I will make another post about this black trash George, whose blackness I emphasize to accentuate his baiting me to do so while he was abusing his police powers to kick me out of the park.

I have posted many times that the Las Vegas shooting was a retaliation against someone abusing their fake police powers to deny me access to the shower at Gateway while I was homeless. Some righteous man who is called in public "Stephen Paddock" killed some people over this. The guard at Gateway had made up some lies to deny me access to the shower, and Paddock killed I who presume were than guard's comrades in Nevada only minutes later. While that was Paddock's vengeance, I have not yet taken my own vengeance which will be far more severe than several dead from gunshot wounds. The reason I bring that up is as follows. This piece of shit who I think was George did the exact same thing abusing his fake police powers as a guard in the park to tell me I couldn't lay in the grass on my sleeping bag in Woodruff Park during the middle of the day. So, lest anyone get the idea that this was some trivial slight against me by George, carefully note that this was the exact same transgression which resulted to the largest mass shooting in the history of the USA.

Note that the Las Vegas shooting was someone else's vengeance and I have not yet even begun to extract the payment of the price I will demand. Also note that the second largest mass shooting in the history of the USA happened on the weekend that I got fired a month early from my alleged one year contract at Lexis Nexis. This was the the Orlando shooting whose location in Florida was like that of my primary Lexis Nexis bad faith interactors, Jesse and Clarence, in Boca Raton, Florida. While I have no clue who these two are, I would not be surprised at all to learn that Clarence if the collaborator of John Roberts, Clarence Thomas.

Now, I will also address George's claim that he hadn't seen any evidence of bad faith on the call right before I got fired. Did he mean that he hadn't seen the emails? He had reprimanded me multiple times over the clear language I used emails so that is obviously not true. Carefully note that I had I complied with George's request to alter the tone of my emails, they would not have appeared so derogatory when they were leaked. George had no problem with the bad faith I demonstrated over and over and over, but his only concern was that my emails weren't soft and fuzzy enough. Did George mean that he had looked at the emails and didn't see any problem with them? In that case, please note that these were the same emails which were called scandalously derogatory when they were leaked as the DNC emails. Although everyone else who looked at them found them to demonstrate an outrage, is it George's intention to say that he looked at them and they seemed fine to him? It would reflect poorly on George, and the clan that spawned him, that everyone else who ever saw those emails found them to be scandalous while he looked at them and then reported on the call that day that he hadn't seen any evidence of bad faith.

It would be my guess that the reason George was afforded impunity to abuse his police powers to kick me out of the park (after getting me fired from Lexis Nexis), even while the man at Gateway suffered a retaliatory strike, is because George is the pet of the bottom-liners behind the bad faith I had documented in what are now called the hacked DNC emails. I would call George an Uncle Tom but that would besmirch Uncle Toms unfairly.

Now I will make a brief post about this person whose name I think was Neil, who was like a project manager or something on the project during my contract at Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions, where I was hired on a one year contract and then terminated after 11 months when I began to report all of the bad faith and non-compliance of my co-workers, as well as the fact that all of the code that had my name written on it was written by Tim Newport. I believe it was Neil who orgainzed the call on which I recognized the voice of my former worker from Elavon, Rhonda Capone, using the alias Sharon Maloney. She has some retarded accent which is quite distinct and I was well familiar with it after being forced to sit next to her for a several months at Elavon. Specifically, she pronounces the word "note" as neut, as in neuter or pronged neuton. Since Neil seems to have done me a favor by forcing my nemesis Rhonda to reveal herself as having followed me to ostensible "different" job at Lexis Nexis, I suggest anyone looking for the truth about what transpired at Lexis Nexis should speak to this person Neil. I think Neil may have also been on the call where George denied seeing the emails whose contact had already been the subject of multiple reprimands regarding my tone.

There was some piece of shit "George" at Lexis Nexis who told me that he was my boss. Near the end of the one year contract he had hired me onto, he threw me under the bus and got me fired whereafter I fell into whatever problem I ended up having at Exide. Certainly, this George is the servant of whoever defrauded me at Lexis Nexis and he was essentially the point man on what is now called the Strzokian "anti-Trump" insurance policy of summer 2016, also called Operation Crossfire Hurricane. On a call at the end of the contract, I told whoever was doing the project supervision, some Indian guy if I recall correctly (maybe Neil of Niall or something), that all of my counterparties on the project were acting in obvious bad faith across the entire duration of the contract. George said on the phone, "I haven't seen any signs of bad faith," regarding the outrageous bad faith I had documented in what are now called the "highly derogatory DNC emails." He lied straight through his teeth that day, and he got me fired with his lie too. I was the only one on that project even giving a nod to compliance with the project docs and I was the only one who got fired before the project ended. For all of the "highly derogatory" information that made it into the DNC hack emails, George was the person to whom I was reporting the derogatory information. I copied him on all of my complaints and he is the one who never put any accountability on anyone for any of the wrongdoing which I documented in the prolific style which is natural to me. When it came to accountability, George chose only to hold me accountable for not being office-friendly enough when I was telling my coworkers to stop fucking lying and refusing to answer my questions for the 500th time. Although him reprimanding me for me emails' tone made it plainly obvious that he had read them, on that call at the end he told the people on the call that he hadn't seen what I had plainly documented in what are now called the DNC emails.

When I was thrown in the very small slave hole for ~45 days in early 2019, where I would be locked in a small box with the person Helene whom I had become homeless to get away from, George was very proudly among the slave masters who would antagonize me from the outside of my little slave hole, peeking on me from his own condition of relative freedom. Furthermore, George appeared to me to use his capacity as my slave master to escort the manager of the Publix who had put the warrants out on me to also peek into my slave and gloat over my condition of slavery while calling me "boss." That fat little shit is going to get tortured but your torture will be very much worse, George. These is a notion of a seventh ring of hell, and that is your destination, George. I hate you and I will never express how much I hate you until the fate I have in store for you and your family finally befalls you.

Now, along with the person I think is John Thomas, who approached me and said, "Yes, sir!," in an obscene fake accent when I first posted that suspicion, I think George is also working in the hotel's restaurant. Today, I said very quietly to myself out of his earshot, "Is that George?," and he smiled and nodded and waved at me meaning that he is another of the people who have their rape fists up my asshole where they clutch my brain scanning rape implant.

Quite likely, George was also antagonizing me by pretending to be a park cop at Woodruff Park when I was homeless. In the park, he made up another preposterous lie that my 100% breathable sleeping bag material was not allowed on the grass in the park because it was not breathable. Then when I called him an asshole, he started being a little bitch saying, "Is that all you got?," and going on in that vein, insisting that I escalate my vitriol, because he wanted me to call him the N-word of which he is the most plain possible example, in the most derogatory possible sense. Just like he lied plainly through his teeth at Lexis Nexis, he lied in the park that day when he told me I wasn't allowed to lay on my sleeping bag on top of the grass. George is the most stereotypical possible example of what the N-word characterizes and I will exterminate him and his kind. Although he has presented himself to me as a black man, I hate him for the wickedness in his heart. He is the N-word, which I have promised not write, in the sense that I mean when I say it. Sometimes people insist that it has to refer to skin color even while motherfucker doesn't have to refer to someone who fucks their mother, but this apparent man "George" is the penultimate example of what I'm talking about when I use it. He has born false witness against me at least twice that I know of and he is probably stationed in this hotel to continue to do so. I am not sure it was George in that park but I am pretty sure it was. I don't see why anyone but him or one of his kind would have made up that bullshit about laying on my sleeping bag being illegal. All he was doing was continuing what I had become homeless to get away from.

Although that other man at the restaurant's desk is going to get tortured, the one who I think is John Thomas, I have much worse in store for you, George, if that is even your name, which it probably isn't. There is nothing but evil for you and your family to come in the future. I will kill your children and also your family for having produced such a vile piece of shit. I am offended by the existence of your clan. It offends me greatly that your ancestors have spawned you and I will kill them all. I hate you. You are trash. I have nothing but evil in mind for you.

I was reading the Koran some recently. I like the emphasis that what the Lord has in store for unbelievers on the last day is evil. It is emphatic about the end that is store for the Lord's enemies being evil. While this is also a theme in the Bible, it seems more prominent and specific in the Koran. It is the Lord's good justice to put this evil on his enemies. This theme appeals to my own sense of justice, which makes sense since I am the Lord.