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Midnight on Saturday Durham story today.

2021 award for greatest prose.

That woman Lisa would have been my first dime. Now I'm 41 and I still haven't had it yet.

When I was living on Brookshire Lane, I had this faggot for a roommate who now does disguise face with Nick Fuentes. He brought around some beautiful woman Lisa from his work, and she was jocking me hard as fuck when she would come around. I did not want to join in the social circle of that roommate Johnathan Lorraine, and I waited until I moved into my own place shortly after I met her to call her. She never returned my call, and it was a prime example of what I'm always saying about how there is no amount of affirmative body language I can get from a woman which ever means anything other than that she wants to kick me in the balls. However, it was around this time that I noticed my phone calls started to get intercepted by this disgusting piece of shit who continues to intercept them to this day. It's probably Helene using the voice of a retarded Indian child. In hindsight, now I think the USA cock blocked me by deleting the message I left for that woman Lisa. I saw her at GSU shortly after I had called her. When I said, "Hi," and then walked away, she threw her phone at the ground quite forcefully as if she wanted me to get her number again. There was no way I was ever going to call her again, however, after she didn't call me back already. I thought she was literally fucking retarded for thinking I would ever call her again. She was very beautiful but there was nothing on Earth which would have ever gotten me to call her again after she blew me off the first time. Now, however, I think the USA cock blocked me by intercepting my attempt to get in touch in with her. Almost 20 years later now, I still haven't been able to get a good looking woman to call me back. Even as recently as this year, there was this other piece of shit they sent to do the same thing at the gym in Levittown: jocking me in the most unabiguous way only to blow me off when I tried to talk to her. I am going to seek out all these people who have ruined my life, cockblocking me at every turn while stealing my semen so the women fucking their sons don't have to get pregnant by their sons' shit tier semen from their sons' shit tier testicles. I will find them and I will hurt them. This instance with that bitch Lisa being so 10/10 into me but then blowing me off when I tried to call her was very formative for me. The pain of the knife twisting in my testicles has not faded, but the pain of th knife twisting in the sons of my enemies will never fade. I will find the people who did it, from the lowliest phone technician up through the Directors of the agencies involved, and I will make their children suffer. I will take everything away from them and destroy them.

I think that piece of trash that told me he had something "real nice" for me at Exide is downstairs at the hotel's desk today. Exide was the worst pile of shit I ever found myself in. It was the worst job I ever had and I have never found myself in such bad company as with the other workers there. That office was completely full of the lowest caliber of human trash, it is astonishing that such a conglomeration of low person might congregate in one place. I am going to hurt that one more than most of the others. I am going to make his branch of the tree of life retreat from me in shrieking horror upon regret of having ever approached me. I hate you and your clan, and I am going to totally exterminate your kind from the face of the whole Earth forever. I will blot out your name from under heaven and take away your share in the city. I think possibly never has so much suffering been foisted in return for so few words as the words you uttered to me on the mat at Alliance in the summer of 2016. I hate you and I am going to totally destroy you, and all of your people. I will kill your whole family, and all of your servants, and all of their families, and a lot of them are going to suffer for a long time before they die. Exide was the worst place I ever went in my life, bar none.

I don't know who that faggot is, but he's probably the one who crawled into my bed to try to engage me in homosexual snuggling in the summer of 2018. That one told me his name was Carlos while he was using his psychological rape machine to put me into some kind of trance. I think he was the one impersonating Rolls' Gracie's last black belt on the day he told me regarding a job at Exide, "We've got something real nice for you." He may look out on his fate with philosophical detachment but I will extract the price of lament and crying from his servants and their children, and his family.

I think you can fairly well conclude who is steering based on the following. The people who want to rape and torture me, and to victimize me with aggravated sexual battery every few hundred hours, have no problem getting someone to do it. For them, sending someone to follow me around is not an insurmountably high hurdle to overcome, as has been made obvious hundreds of times and continues to be made obvious by, among many other things, my current hotel being full of people who are going to get eaten by botflies until the time finally comes for their lobotomies. For the other side of that issue, for those who would prefer that I was not constantly raped and tortured, getting someone to follow me around to make sure it doesn't happen *is* an insurmountably high hurdle. Just based on that, that $15/hr+gas is too much for someone to make sure my enemies aren't raping me any more than they already have, I think you can see very clearly that the Jewish leadership is steering the ship.

I've got a particularly bad taste in my mouth tonight about my concern that Sanjay Gupta might have wormed his way into my life with a disguise, a fake name, and stack of lies five miles tall. I imagine it's due to this new manager Ali at the hotel's front desk who apparently thinks I should be grateful to have had this worm attach itself to me. I disagree, however. If a tranny had fooled me into thinking he was a woman and then started saying, "I was nothing but a good girlfriend to you," I would be very upset. However, this other tranny worming itself into the inner core of my friendship is very, very much worse. To think about the lineage of the art going back however many centuries or millennia, to end up with an imposter wearing a black belt in front of me is very upsetting. Just like I would kill that tranny and anyone who nodded their heads, "Yeah," when it said, "I was nothing but a good girlfriend to him," I will go much further with those who were nodding their heads at this other tranny's insistence that he, "was never anything but a good coach to me."

When you say coach, what you really mean is the manager at my gym. If you mean to say that you were a good friend to me, you can't have been my friend wrapped in a black belt that doesn't belong to you any more than a man could have been my girlfriend. In fact, the number of girlfriends I've had has far exceeded the number of friends I've had, and you worming your way into that is going to get you, your family, your friends, your accomplices, and your fans killed, and all of their children as well. I can hardly begin to describe the disgust I feel when I imagine someone wearing a black belt in front of me under false pretenses. Some people would think fucking a tranny on accident would be worse, but I don't feel that way. This thing with the black belt offends me much more. Jiu jitsu was very special to me before the people who poisoned every other thing I've touched in my life eventually poisoned that too, and this fraudulent misrepresentation with the black belt offends me very much more. I wouldn't have said two words to you if not for that black belt, and if I had said two words I'd probably have been aloof or an asshole. Then for you to say, "Oh, he likes fucking the man in his tranny hole, it was never anything but a good cum dumpster for him," really disgusts me. It disgusts me that I fucked you in your tranny hole but particularly this evening I have a bad taste in my mouth about you telling people that I liked fucking you in your tranny hole, and that you were basically doing me a favor by letting me fuck your tranny hole. So, I'm going to kill you and there won't be anyone left alive who doesn't hate the memory of you before I'm done killing.

Looks like some interesting plotting errors today.

Dossier Delusion: Christopher Steele Claims Michael Cohen Is Covering For Trump

>Denying a critical conspiratorial meeting with Russian intelligence.

>"secret meeting/s with Kremlin officials in August 2016"

>Cohen was given a deal by prosecutors and worked tirelessly to incriminate Trump in anyway that he could.

I think Trump and Putin both came to my weekly meeting at Exide in December 2016. I think Trump was disguised as Dave Morrison and Putin as my boss Rodney Williams. Since they would have been disguised, using aliases, and there without my knowledge, this meeting would have been "secret." Usually we talked about the workflow using 4-digit workunit IDs in Exide's weekly IT meeting. In that one December 2016 meeting where Rod and Dave looked weird, I heard a bunch of 4-digit numbers I had never heard before, and that I never heard again. Probably they were defrauding me saying that it was my job to know that those numbers were or something. If that's true, then I wasn't doing my job well because I have no idea what was discussed in that meeting. I think if someone told me what was discussed using those unknown 4-digit WUIDs, it would not seem appropriate given the context of me being the lowest ranking computer bitch in the IT department and a battery manufacturer and vendor. I would be quite surprised to learn that someone was in that meeting talking about something other than making and selling electrical batteries for wholesale and retail. I can't think of any reason why Putin and Trump would have come to some piece of shit company where I was working as an office bitch... other than that they were there to defraud me in conspiracy with everyone else in the office who had already defrauded me. They probably tell people that when I said, "Yeah, uh-huh, sure, whatever," as they were talking about all that bullshit in the meeting---which I was only attending to collect about $10/hr and in which I had *no other interest*---I was secretly authorizing them to deny the meeting ever happened, or something like that. There is no reasonable scenario in which anything discussed at a meeting at Exide might have had anything to do with me or Trump or Putin. However, an unreasonable conspiracy to defraud me seems like the most likely thing, in hindsight.

I also think that's bullshit that Cohen tried to fuck Trump. They say Stormy Daniels tried to fuck Trump to but that was just the cover story for never saying that she hosted my stolen semen and one of Ivanka's eggs in her womb for nine months before Barron was born by her, not that man ugly Melania who has no womb. I think this is just BAU for the Trump Org: lying about everything five different ways. BAU for me is to exterminate the tribes that rebel against me, and a particular pressing matter of business for me is to kill all the children grown from my stolen semen, as well as all the other children of the women that bore them, and the people who acted as mothers and father to those abominable monsters, and all of their biological kids too. Since Trump seems to love his daughter he, probably is really interested in undermining my intention to have raped and tortured to death.

When I was scrolling past some stuff this morning, I noticed that the loud banging on my walls was associated with my scrolling past the name "Berky" which can only refer to the Duke of Albuquerque. I made some comments on my feelings about that man on my RAPE thread. Then shortly afterwards, there was a friendly looking man waiting for me at the deli in a Duke of Albuquerque disguise this morning. It bothers me that he was there stalking me but his demeanor was such that I was not as offended as I might have been given a more ordinary stalker. I imagine that in the way that a lot of KKK people think their leadership reports up to Hitler and Nazis when it really reports up to Jews and Israel, there is a similar circumstance among Spaniards who would have a rosy view of their aristocracy.

While I am not sure exactly which one of the people I know is the Duke of Albuquerque, I do know that someone I don't like told me his name was Candido-Romero Maia Pessoa Cavalcanti de Albuquerque. I also know that when they brought someone to Atlanta to have some excuse to be talking about "Raniere" all the time, when they were really talking about Kieth Raniere from NVIXM, that person's name was Ranieri Paiva de Albuquerque. Furthermore, no one was stabbing me in the dick and implanting sexual torture electroshock devices in my dick until I passed through Albuquerque, NM. It does *not* seem reasonable to me that Albuquerque, NM is something other than a principality of the Dukedom of Albuquerque. In fact, when they say some Spanish security company that was supposed to protecting Assange was really spying on him for the USA, I think that means the Duke of Albuquerque was anally raping me and putting brain scanning implants into the stab wound he made in my asshole while he was anally raping me, and that my non-stop problems with gangstalkers knowing my thoughts are directly attributable to the Duke of Albuquerque.

Before I got to Albuquerque, NM, no one was fucking with my dick. Ever since then, I've gotten a new implant in my dick every few weeks on average, if not more frequently on average given the very large number of dick implants I've gotten so far. Also ever since then, I've had my dick electrocuted dozens of times per day on average, and hundreds of times per day since then. Although I don't doubt that the minions of the Duke of Albuquerque would like to idealize his character, I think that one meme is the meme of the Duke of Albuquerque, and I don't mean Guy Fawkes.

That being said, I am not exactly certain which person is the Duke of Albuquerque. Maybe he's the one that testified against "David Morales." I doubt it, however.

All the people I became to homeless to get away from when I found myself in the most obscene congregation of human filth at Exide seem to have followed me here to this current hotel where I'm staying lately. I have gone to such lengths to get away from these people whom I hate, but they labor to undermine my intention to get away from them. I will hurt them and their families, and their interests. I will make very sad when I am able, and that doesn't even get into the lobotomy stuff which will find them later on down the road. I really hate these filthy people. I hate them and I hate the culture that came to them through their ancestors who also must have been nothing but filth to begin with to spawn such a despicable breed. I have never found myself in such a disgusting congregation of people as when I was at Exide. I went through years of homelessness and years of other assorted inconveniences and hardship for no other reason than to get the fuck away from those people, but they have followed me and made my efforts amount to less than what I hoped to accomplish.

Aside from this filth from Exide, this baboon Tito reminds me very much of Marcio Resende who was stalking me at the airport when I tried to fly to Colombia to get away from these people that I hate, and who was present during one of my genital mutilations at LA Fitness. Tito and/or Marcio are also go to fall down that long, winding, and cruel road into lobotomy. I'm going to go to your homeland Tito, and I'm going to round up your people and kill all of them. I'm going to let the rapists out of prison so that I can mock your relatives crying when I ruin their daughters, and that's going to be the least of your problems.

I saw one thing sometime where Sanjay Gupta was saying that he had, "never been anything but a good coach to me." That is obvious bullshit because how can someone that doesn't even have a white belt be a jiu jitsu coach to me? Even if he had a white belt, I was only at Alliance due the lineage from Kount Koma, through Rolls, and then eventually to me. Later, people tried to act like I was there for their Satanism, but I was always there for the lineage. So, when he lies to say he was a "good coach" to me, what Sanjay may have done is to fool me into spending time with some despicable piece of shit to whom I never would have given the time of day had it not been for his brazen practice of falsehood, with which he did successfully ensnare me. That really disgusts me to think he would be so willful in wickedness to try to justify himself as doing me some favor by encouraging me to waste my time somewhere under false pretenses. The record shows that as soon as that one asshole told me that he was the oldest brother in 2017, who at least has that to his credit unless it was a slip up, and I realized I was no longer there with who I thought I was there with, I immediately left. Part of that was my becoming homeless around then, but part of it also was that I no longer gave a shit about staying at Alliance once I figured out the manager up there was a fraudster.

Anyways, that irks me pretty well to think some faggot on CNN might be telling people that he had been doing me a favor by worming his way into my life with his lies. I will be happy to get reacquainted with Good Dad, but for the most part I don't associate with other people than jiu jitsu people: them who are called those who wash their robes on the last page of the Bible. I remember one time I got fooled into going to Eris' party when there were a bunch of non-jiu jitsu people there at her house; it has left a bad taste in my mouth which lingers to this day. None of those strangers in attendance that night will survive, nor any of their children. Same thing with a party at Charlie's one time. I heard it was going to be an Alliance thing at his restaurant but there were a bunch of outsiders there and I never went back to Charlie's after that. The bad taste remains. I like Charlie, and Noah too, but I don't like it that I ended up in the company of those people who I would prefer no to associate with. Sanjay Gupta is definitely one of those people I wouldn't want anything to do with, and if he's been telling people that he was doing me a favor by worming his way into my life using his brazen practice of falsehood, then I will be more than happy to make his entire clan completely filthy before I finally kill them and send him to hell, unless I decide to send some of them to hell with him.

I don't keep company with non-jiu jitsu people. Eric and I were friends until he stopped training. Daren and I were kind of friends until he left. Joey was my friend for while because he was training, etc, etc. I don't keep company with that other sort of people and that will rub me wrong in the worst possible way to think one such person was wearing a black belt in front of me.

I watched this documentary about some faggot. I think it said the Japanese caught a lizard on an airplane and then let him go as a bag of slop in a bento box about four months later. Also, I guess that's why Cavalcanti drives a Nissan.

US Judge Holds DC Jail Officials In Contempt Over Mistreatment Of Capitol Riot Defendant

>Worrell, who has been held since being arrested in March, has been dealing with a finger fracture

Maybe if these pissant front-facing nobodies have to pay a fine it will make the finger heal.

I went to the bank today and was helped by "Haim Seemangal" whose name says, "Hi. I'm semen girl." The man's eyes looked quite like one of the men from Alliance and he was doing an, "Oh, shit!," facial expression which also seemed quite familiar from one of those guys at Alliance. I gave him some form he had to make a copy of. When "Haim" came back from the back office, his eyes looked completely different and his posture and stride were completely different. As much as I talk about killing those people involved in that business with Emily, if there were men impersonating her too, then I will be much angrier about that still. I will sweep them all away with my broom of destruction and not one will survive. A lot of them are going to get tortured, especially any men presenting themselves to me as women, and any that were involved in trafficking my semen. I will exterminate them from under the heavens and blot out their names from the book I have written.

About two weeks ago, I was thinking of ending my fast on Saturday night instead of continuing it until Sunday as I had planned. I decided to order some food and I began to wash my knife and cutting board to chop some jalapenos to put in the food I ordered. I slipped while I was washing the knife and sliced my finger pretty well, a clear sign that ending my fast early was not a good idea. I sliced my nerve a little and I have a decent sized numb spot on the back of my right index finger now, between the second and third knuckles. I saw on the internet that it is common for nerves not to get sewn back together during ER suturing procedures, and that other specialists can do it later. Therefore, if my thing is about to come through, I would like to have things ready so that I could see a doctor about that and then go ahead and do it in those first few days if he thinks it is doable. I also want to get these mole implants removed. I'd like to get all of that done in the first few days, wink wink.

Also, just before I sliced myself, I was commenting on not liking the chopping off of hands as punishment. This was literally just a few minutes, maybe 15 minutes, before I slipped when I was scrubbing the knife. While I don't like the severe mutilations, the given answer to my decision to cut my fast off early is a reminder that violence is really the main thing that people understand, myself included. I haven't been tempted to cut my fast off again early since then. Before, I kept thinking, "The sun went down so it's good enough already," even while I have been mostly planning on fasting until Sunday. Now when the sun goes down on Saturday, I think about the cut on my finger and I'm glad my fingertip didn't get its nerve severed.

Is Durham Circling Jake Sullivan? The Special Counsel May Not Be Done With National Security Adviser

>The indictment revealed that the Alfa Bank theory was never viewed as particularly credible by the researchers tasked with creating it. Those researchers warned that it would be easy to "poke several holes" in the claim and see the data as "a red herring."

>We now know the identities of many of the figures described in the 27-page indictment. The researchers appeared in part to be operating out of Georgia Tech, including one who, according to the indictment, warned "Tech Executive-1" in mid-2016 that "we cannot technically make any claims that would fly public scrutiny. The only thing that drives us at this point is that we just do not like [Trump]."

>According to media reports, the mysterious ?Tech Executive-1? mentioned in the indictment appears to be Rodney L. Joffe, who was the chief cybersecurity officer at Washington tech contractor Neustar Inc.

>Sullivan denied knowing that Elias or Sussman were working for the Clinton campaign

I had not previously made a connection between Alfa bank and my research regarding the fine structure constant in the weeks before I was expelled from Georgia Tech. However, these words about researchers from Georgia Tech "just not liking" someone make the connection for me now. I made some other recent posts about my lack of surprise at seeing the homosexual propaganda of Georgia Tech professor Barnesly in some video about the Mandelbrot set, and they do certainly have some clan of faggots at Georgia Tech that just don't like me.

I think Helene specifically was the one who expelled me from college. Shortly after I started going to Occupy in November 2011, two women's complaints against me manifested from about 6 months and about 18 months previously. In the way that famous men never have single accusers, but instead their accusers appear in bunches as if coordinated, I had these two simultaneous complaints arise. Colleges don't use the reasonable doubt standard of evidence which is used in courts of law. They use a much weaker preponderance of the evidence standard which causes people to be kicked out of college all the time for absolute bullshit. However, my actions were so devoid of wrongdoing, Helene had to fuck me in the ass with her own outrageous professional rape and aggravated professional sodomy because even the absurdly low preponderance of the evidence standard was not met in the matters for which I was expelled. In the instance of the first woman's complain that I was "scary," I denied being scary. (Since my actions were so harmless, the main breach of the student code of which I was accused was making a student feel unsafe.) Helene basically raped my to death, ruined my life, and flushed my nine years invested in college down the toilet when she found that the he-said/she-said of her saying I was scary and me saying I wasn't was a preponderance of the evidence against me. Although he-said/she-said in the absence of any further evidence is probably the textbook example of things that are not a preponderance of evidence, Helene used her ability (and impunity) to impersonate the student justice administrator in a black face disguise to find that he-said/she-said is a preponderance of evidence supporting she-said. That got me suspended for two semesters, and I might have recovered from it professionally. I might not have lost my job which came with a tuition waiver which made it possible for e to be enrolled as a student. However, a few days later, I got notified of another accusation. That time, I remained silent and didn't say anything at all about the accusation that I had been scary on another occasion, a year and half previously. Again, Helene found there was a preponderance of evidence against me. Both denying it and not denying were determined to be preponderances of evidence in a he-said/she-said scenario supporting the woman's outrageous lies that my behavior was something other than perfectly fine. For every other woman you can ask to critise me, most of the ones who turned me down will say that I wasn't forceful or aggressive enough to wet their whistle. Certainly, the only two women with which I have interacted in my life who have ever accused me of being too rapey instead of not rapey enough were these two women who got me expelled from Georgia Tech just a few weeks after I started protesting and handing out literature at Occupy. These women's accusations that I was so rapey that I had terrified them are 100% absurd and fly totally against the picture of my chaarcter you can build by talking to every other women I have interacted with in my life aside from these two who were uniquely situated to get me expelled from college with their lies complemented by Helene's own willingness to abort the ordinary proceedings of the Office of Student Integrity and to just completely fuck me over. After these women made up these lies about how scary I was, Helene raped me to death finding that there were these two preponderances when there was no preponderance at all. The second incident got me suspended for another two semesters, so four altogether. Any suspension longer than three semesters requires the student to apply for readmission and I would not have been offered another tuition waiver even if I had got readmitted, which I certainly would not have due to this "just don't like" scenario. So, it was an effective expulsion based on Helene's lies complementing these other two women's lies. She wrote in her report that he-said/she-said is a preponderance of evidence supporting she-said both in the case where the man denies it and where the man remains silent.

I can tell from the pictures that one of the "many hats" Elias, a/k/a Alias, wears is the Joey Collins one. Also, Rodney Joffe sounds like a Rodeny "Jefe" alias for my boss, or jefe, Rodney Williams at Exide. Rodney Williams likes to be called Rod Williams so that he culd be confused with Helene's fictitious persona at Exide: Rodelene WIlliams. Perkins Coie is a reference my relationship with Emily Hancock which was ongoing at that time. Pewdieie's name derives from the same and the son of the Director of the FBI, Chris Moriarty, who used to use the Pewdiepie persona to mock on the internet is now apparently making millions of dollars using the Hasan Piker persona, probably also still to mock me.

Weird chart today.

Several years ago, Helene used the dream theater inception weapon against me to orchestrate a series of dreams which became the basis of that show Stranger Things. It was a highly unpleasant experience for me and she had not good intentions when subjecting me to her psychotronic torments. Also several years ago, she used the inception weapon against me to cast herself as blond woman with long wavy hair in series of dreams while I was very lonely, and then she would mock my interest is this woman from my dreams by paying similar looking women to intercept me, at some theater she took me to for instance, and also appearing in front of me in a disguise of that woman from her psychotronic attacks to mock the condition of my relations with the good looking woman. Last night, Helene was in my dream crying because she sprained her ankle. I don't know if it was an organic dream or not, but in the context of the other dream warfare waged against me, it seems pretty disingenuous to try get my sympathy. When she thought she was going to be able to rape me to death and outlive me by a long shot because she had cut her body off, she only used the dream theater weapon to say, "MUAH HAHAHA!," and similar. This takes away from a possible rhetorical strategy of, "Help me! I fell and hurt myself!"

Following up on my previous Squid Game post, Helene was also formerly employed in Squid Game, it seems. This is her on the left below.

Squid Game is about this underground facility near the Atlanta airport. It is called The Salt Pit. I am not sure why people think it is in Korea but I might remark that Korean is the most common foreign language in Georgia after Spanish. Around the time I started to get creepy vibes from Joey Collins, whose family is among the executive leadership at this facility, I kept seeing Joey dressed as Big Bird in my mind on the set of some child snuff porn set. The imagery on Squid Game with the comically childish stage settings seems just like the background in which I place Joey in this Big Bird costume. After I first posted the location of what Joey had told me was FEMA (but was not FEMA) on Twitter, there was a big "plutonium leak" in New Mexico. (Unrelated, I was talking about killing this Ndrangheta asshole's daughter this week and there was a nuclear submarine accident this week as well.) A few minutes or days after the plutonium leak, which ended up being blamed on "defective kitty litter," someone posted a map of some site in North Korea on my Twitter. The layout of the roads was just like the layout of the roads on Southside Industrial Parkway. The whole lay of the roads was just right, and they had a "guard shack" labeled on the Korean site at the exact place where the train crosses Southside Industrial. I have not driven down there very much, but on my few trips I have spent a decent amount of time right there waiting for a train to get out of the road. They don't just cross the road there, but they stop too, and for a long time sometimes. Other than that, not long after I became homeless I saw this picture on 4chan of Yoon Shin, a Korean I know, dressed up in some ridiculous Ronald McDonald costume and make up, and I assume he has a job playing the Ronald McDonald character on the IRL Squid Game. That's pretty much the same context I had for Joey dressing up as Big Bird, and for Steve dressing up as "Snuffy" the totally-not-snuff-porn-themed Sesame Street elephant. In this picture I have posted, I think you can get into the Squid Game complex as easily as ripping up the slab in this building I have highlighted. It's Joey's cold storage warehouse.

If the father of that woman from Walgreen's uses the Wolf Blitzer persona to hide his face on TV, then he must have also been complicit in the Emily Hancock operation which has effectively ruined my life with irreparable harm and caused me this nine years of hearthache and constant mockery. When I met her, Emily was living with her alleged aunt Kathy who was an exec at CNN. There is no limit to the cruelty I will pour out on the people involved in that, including the brutal rape and defilement of their beloved children who they would never treat the way they have treated me. When I am making considerations for the allocation of finite man hours available for hurting people, the people from this incident with Emily Hancock will be at the top of my list. I suppose that would also explain why this woman from Walgreen's would have recently popped back into my head: she is the beloved daughter of the architect of that situation. There is no limit to the cruelty and filthiness I will dump on those people, and I will satisfy myself with the suffering of this one woman in particular. All of those people are going to get killed, but not before I search everything they loved and worked to keep clean in the world so that I can make it so filthy before their eyes and mock their helpless inability to stop me. I will hurt them worse than anyone has ever been hurt or ever will be hurt again. Across the ages, the rumor of this place called Hell has persisted in the minds of people, and these ones from the Emily Hancock operation are destined for the worst ring of it, and what happens to them there will become the primary driver of that persistence in the minds of people across the ages.

Probably not unrelated, I saw they had a Marcio Resende thread on /pol/ this evening and Emily's aunt Kathy was very interested in having me take her to Marcio's restaurant, Sal Grosso. Sal means salt and you can see how Sal Grosso, despite being a real thing in cuisine, kind of pertains to The Salt Pit. Even this local restaurant The Salt Shack is an obvious reference to this disgusting filthiness. Squid Game puts a very nice spin on The Salt Pit but it is not fun, nice, or cute like that at all.

I was watching this fishing show lately. For a long time, even before I started watching the North Carolina episodes, I had been thinking TJ looked a little too much like John Romann. I think John stands a pretty good chance of killed for intercepting me at the gas station in a Ryan Haggerty disguise, if I'm not mistaken. For the present matter, there was another person I think I may have recognized. I had noticed that this person's eyes (pic above) seemed kind of familiar but I wasn't paying much attention to it. Then I noticed the obvious lizard nose stain on his shirt and I began to wonder about the eyes seeming familiar. It seemed like me thinking I recognized the likeness on my screen turned into a some kind of event on the internet, and now I will comment because I think I know where I remember this person's eyes from.

For a short while, I had found a home to live in Atlanta. Then the cops destroyed it and I have still not killed the 100 cops on the street in front of my house that day, not have I killed their thousands of family members yet. I will, however, much sooner now than ti was at that time. One morning, while I was sleeping in that house, I was burglarized by someone who roused me into a hypnotic (or psychotronic) trance. It seemed like my dad and it seemed like he had that white trash Karen Franks with him. It was very dreamlike because I thought we were all sitting together in Helene's dining room. As I thought about it at length later, I began to think the "dream" had taken place in my living room. The one that seemed like my dad exclaimed, "I'm not your dad!," and flashed his eyes at some weird angle which was not in the likeness of my dad at all despite the rest of his appearance being in that likeness. I think the burglar who hypnotized me that morning, or who otherwise impeded my brain with psychotronics, is this same one from the show here. For some reason, probably due to some legal liability, he felt compelled to tell me that he was not my dad but he did it while I was in some state of involuntarily impeded cognition. When I woke up, it seemed like it had been a dream but I have been raped with the hypnosis weapon so many times by now, I can kind of tell the hallmarks which differentiate the experience from a dream. For some other reason, that man felt like he shouldn't just tell me plainly, but rather he should turn my brain off, get me out of bed somehow and into a chair in my living room, wake me up just long enough for me hear him tell me that he's not my dad, and then put me back in bed where I would wake later as if from a dream. Also, it seemed like he thought he should have that piece of shit Karen Franks there as his witness, and I will ask her about that when I'm sending her children to get killed or tortured.

Furthermore, this Happy Death Mask murder mask is the obvious likeness of this faggot. I noticed that in season 4, and then right at the beginning of season 5, they have him dancing around with some giant baby face mask. I also notice they call him "Griff" which I assume is in reference to some video I have heard about "The Grifter." So, to the extent that I think Karen was his accomplice on this burglary of my house on Center St, let me also recollect one night in the 1980s when I was staying in the same house as Karen in Shadow Hills. Someone was killing a small child in the backyard behind my room, and it was screaming and crying awfully. Int he morning, I asked, "What was that?," and Karen quickly covered for her accomplice the child murderer, who may or may not be this pic related person, by saying that the sound I heard was coyotes, which it certainly was not. This evening in Shadow Hills was memorialized a few years later in The Silence of the Lambs as Clarice remembering that she could heat the screaming lambs one night. Many years later, Karen was this man's accomplice (possibly again) when he came to burglarize me and hypnotize me (or otherwise impede my cognition with psychotronics). All of these people are getting killed and most of them are going to get tortured.

I have a thing on my mind so I'll write about it, as I usually do. This was a meeting one morning at Exide. I think it was probably in January 2017. It was definitely after the December 2016 meeting which I think was attended by Trump and Putin disguised as my coworkers Dave and Rod respectively. Likely Nunes was in that December 2016 meeting too disguised as my coworker David Feldkamp. On this other morning in January 2017, there was some truck parked on the side of the exit ramp when I got off of 400 in Alpharetta. Whoever was in that truck put some weird energy on me. I was deeply immersed in a hive of Satanists at that time, and I was used to having constant disturbing psychic attacks with white and black energy. The energy from that truck, however, was brown and quite virulent. It was the only time I saw that brown color. I got to work a few minutes after I took that exit where the truck was waiting. As I walked into the building, I could see that Rod's shoulders looked huge through his window where he was seated at his desk. At the morning meeting a few minutes later, I could see that instead of the usual persona of my manager "Rodney Williams," not to be who looks almost exactly like Steve Collins but much shorter and smaller, it was someone who looked even more like Steve than did Rodney, and whose stature was just like Steve's. (Rodney Williams is not to be confused with Helene's false persona at Exide Rodelene Williams.) His wrinkles on his face weren't quite right and it was just another imposter, I'm pretty sure. I think the real Steve Collins was impersonating "the new CTO from Ireland," Sean something, at that time. Anyways, when I saw that they had this Steve-looking person there who was obviously not this tiny guy I was used to seeing, I looked around like, "What the fuck?!" When I glanced outside of Rod's office during that WTF moment, some weird bald guy was looking at me very intently from the bank of cubicles. He quickly ducked behind one as soon as I looked at him. I had never seen that guy there before, and I never saw him at Exide again. I'm pretty sure he was the fake-arms Secret Service agent walking with Trump in the inauguration parade a few weeks later. Even before that, I had been seeing Sandy Bushy and Cindy Bynum both obviously being replaced with imposters, and it seemed like all sorts of people were doing that at Exide regularly. (I had not yet concluded that the changing appearance was due to changing people, but I had noticed that these two looked very different on different days.)

My place in that environment at Exide was that I was just there sucking their money tit since they had me pressed up against the homeless which I was stupidly reluctant to fall into at that time. However, I think that guy was looking at me that day through the door to Rod's office because someone was selling him the idea (and he was buying it!) that the person in Rod's office that day was not only my usual boss, but also that my usual boss was Steve Collins. I had never seen that guy before that day. I had seen Steve Collins enough to know that this guy wasn't him though he did look strangely even more like him that Rod, which I would not have thought was possible. I think that Secret Service guy probably came up there to make an excuse for himself to tell lies about who my boss was and what I was doing up there at Exide. The truth is that they told me I was helping them make and sell batteries as an office bitch in their IT department, and that's what I pretending to do in order to get my mouth latched onto that money tit. Further truth is that I had been ignoring the changing appearance of the man at Alliance for a long time before I got to Exide, and at least Sandy and Cindy were very obviously changing shape and height on an almost daily basis at Exide even before they had that Steve imposter come moonlight as a Rod imposter on the day that truck intercepted me in the exit ramp. So, I will have to send the inquisitor for that bald man to see why he was looking me and then ducked behind that cubicle when I looked around. I think he must have been there in furtherance of my enemies' intention to defraud me. The truth is that I was just there sucking on their money tit for some bullshit about selling electrical batteries. I didn't say anything about my normal boss not being there that day because I didn't see how that would affect my money tit sucking, and I wasn't there for anything other than that. I had been seeing that shit with the changing appearances for so long, it was completely unremarkable to see such a strange thing as a Steve imposter presenting himself as a Rod imposter while sitting at my boss' desk during some unremarkable morning meeting. The only thing remarkable about it was that the guy surprised me by looking even much more like Steve than Rod already did.

The SS agent (pic) looks quite like another man I know: Adam Benshea. I'll have to check if that was just a coincidence.

Although this other recent person Rodney Joffe doesn't look familiar to me, the name is too much like a Rodney "Jefe" moniker for this cunt Rod who was supposed to be my "jefe" at Exide but wasn't at his desk on this day in January 2017 when the person impersonating Steve was impersonating him too. During that January meeting, I think I saw Rod dressed as a woman and walking down the hill through the window behind the man at Rod's desk. That was the window through which I had noticed his wide shoulders when I was coming into the building. I think part of the fraud that day was to have my ordinary boss Rod say, "Yeah, I was right in front of him," without mentioning that he was right in front of me dressed as a woman on a hill across the parking lot from the office window of the person I was in a meeting with that day who me and coworkers were calling "Rod." The fat woman that Rod was dressed as that day was another person whose appearance was changing regularly at Exide besides Sandy and Cindy. I think Merkel was using the costume of that woman, and that one is one of the ones I hated most across any of those few jobs I had instead of going straight into homelessness in 2014. I think Joey Collins also walked by my desk wearing the disguise of that fat blond woman one day just before I decided that sucking on their money tit wasn't worth it.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Down Worldwide After DNS Records Vanish; Employees Badges Reportedly Not Working

>"Employees unable to enter buildings this morning to begin to evaluate extent of outage because their badges weren't working to access doors."

>DNS issues at Facebook "really bad."