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Look Out Below: Why A Rug-Pull Flash-Crash Makes Perfect Sense

Goldman Quadruples-Down On Epic Year-End Meltup: "Expect $15 Billion In Demand Every Day To Close The Year"

After I walked by the room of my neighbor who was being very loud, a robot child in there screamed DADDY and was followed by CHAH saying YEAH. Then I asked to move rooms. I am surprised that not all of the art in this hotel is disgusting. I guess they put me in the shitty room on the 13th floor deliberately when I checked in, because fuck me, I guess. I am pretty sure someone was in the room moving my shit around while I was out or while I was unconscious. The art in this other room is much better though the LRAD is already cranked up to 11 in here. Another thing about that other room was that I remarked on the lack of banging after being in it for a little while. It immediately started after I mentioned it, however. It started in the bathroom while I was in the kitchen. When I went into the bathroom to see if there might have been some legitimate cause for what was obviously BANGING, the BANGING continued in the kitchen a moment after I went into the bathroom. Obviously, this post will remind me about that.

Yesterday or a couple of days ago, someone parked a big blue van next to my car that had the words, "IT'S TIME TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, JON!," written on the side. I had noticed this article a few days ago about the FBI urging businesses to be more cooperative It seemed to me like the FBI wanted to put more rapists in my hotel, and they wanted the staff to be more cooperative in fucking off while they rape and torture me. This morning I got a cat meme on my computer that said, "IT'S TIME TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, JON!" I consulted the Bible and it confirmed that it was time to leave. I went downstairs tot he lobby after seeing the cat meme. There were too many new people that had suddenly started working at the front desk, one of which I believe was Samir al-Hayadi whose real name I'm not sure of but may be Good Dad's brother. In addition to the new staff, the familiar staff member Liz had been replaced today. I think the woman at the deli I've going to may have been replaced on the previous day. Both her and the man in there had a sharply altered disposition last time I went there. So, I checked out of the hotel. As I was moving my stuff out of my room, someone turned my brain off. When it came back on, I had the physical pain remaining from another aggravated sexual battery, probably in the form of a nipple pinch. I headed out of Ninevah down to the Negev, and I got raped at least two more time on the way. There was some silver Mercedes on the highway driving slowly and then speeding up when I tried to pass, and my RAPE DICK was revved up while I was near that car. I kept checking in my rear view mirror since I was going like 95mph to get the fuck away from him. Suddenly, he was gone an the RAPE DICK stopped. A few moments later, my asshole became very sore with fresh 9:00 anal rape trauma and I found a new 12:00 bead-on-a-wire implant when I stopped at a bathroom to check. I think they turned my brain off while I was driving and used remote control to pull my car over to where they raped me by the roadside. Finally, when I went through the toll to get on the Chesapeake Bay bridge/tunnel, the woman was staring too intently into the junk in my back seat and she touched my finger too much when she gave me the my debit card back. Right after, the RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER revved up much worse than it has been. This new hotel has ugly faces drawn into the two pieces of abstract art in the room. I hate that and I won't be staying here. I was *VERY* pleased when I finally found that last Marriott with normal art on the walls. When I checked into this new hotel, maybe the Dad-looking stalker who told me he was my number one helper in the elevator removed the one from my nut because it stopped now. Thanks, if so.

On Certain Aspects of American Economics Relevant to 2021

Police: Mother Facing Murder Charges

>Yuhwei Chou

>"Why did she do that?" Helen Bailey said, crying.

Helene's character alignment is pure evil.

Since an unposted post is not something I usually make, I should say I was going to comment on a picture of Nathan Rothschild poking Charles Windsor but I don't know what's going in the photograph to make a comparison with just letting Evil Dad poke me, or some such thing.

Metallurgist admits faking steel-test results for Navy subs

I might hypothesize that one reason for my enemies spreading certain lies about me is that they know I am often an obstinate and difficult person, and that given a superior rank they would never be able to get me to along of their bullshit. I would always steamroll them, every time, without fail, whenever I was opposed to their intentions. So, this fact may have contributed to the motivations underlying their false narrative about me being a submissive bottom bitch faggot femboy. In part, such lies were intended to camouflage the inherent heresy in having my priesthood be a homosexual fraternity. However, I think this other thing about my hard-headed disposition seems likely to have been a factor given the fact that their yarn was spun in the polar opposite frame.

In fact, all of the people who know me know that I am quite far from submissive, and that "submissive" may be the single worst descriptor of my personality type among the entire catalog of English words. Indeed, the opposite of submissiveness is possibly the most defining characteristic of the childhood I spent with the people who now spread these lies. When I got thrown into the slave hole for the first time, the crime I got convicted of was "unruly child." Unruly is the opposite of submissive. I am not a submissive person. So, when it is known to be wise to always do the opposite of what Jews say, this lie about me being a supposed submissive homosexual femboy is a good example of why such thinking is wise. Those people who knew me from my youth know very well that they could never control me if were able to rely on a superior rank in the grand scheme of things to crush their conflicting intentions with autonomous cloture. Knowing this, they cooked up the opposite story and added homosexual flavors because they are a homosexual mafia in collaboration with an ironically, yet stereotypically self-sabotaging female mafia.

I've remarked in the past that Pompeo reminded me very much of one of the men who told me he was my father when I was a much younger person. This one that Rothschild looks like is that one, I am pretty sure.

In this picture, Rothschild looks like the one I think is Evil Dad. It looks like he's doing the shit eye there. I think he's like the president of the Junior Medium Guys' Big Guy Achievers Club or something.

We're "Very Sorry" - Bank Of England Governor Apologizes To Brits For Crushing Their Standard Of Living

>"None of us want to see that happen."

> I'm afraid I have to say... you have to take what the governor of the Bank of England and the Monetary Policy Committee said with a very large pinch of salt.

This Bank of England "very sorry" article this morning exactly follows the pattern of the "Very sorry" articles from the FBI Director and some general following my rapes at the beginning of September. I suppose someone is lashing out in response to my truth-telling about the harsh fate in store for Julia Forester of the Forester de Rothschilds, who plays Brittany Venti on the internet. You can see the pretty direct line through the Rothschilds to the Bank of England, which is how this looks to me. I think all of the Foresters and all of the Rothschilds will meet Julia's same fate, which will not be merciful or soon conclude in rest.

Julia was among my stalkers while I was on the street, and I am vexed by her willingness to follow me around in my filthy indigence to torment me in black face after turning down my invitation for her to follow me to my home where I would have showered her with my affections. I bet her relatives who are going to hear that I'm going to kill their children because I hate Julia will probably act like they think I am the asshole. In their hearts, however, they will resent Julia even while expressing their solidarity with her. I probably would have killed all of those people for 50 other reasons once I get going in my in my inquisition, but Julia's gangstalker activities are sufficient cause alone.

I got new ZAPPERS all over my body, at least one new on my dick and probably several, and also some acutely nasty new RAPE DICK implants in the past day or two. As soon as laid down in bed this evening, a police siren roared though my open window and the brand new RAPE DICK implants revved up in perfect synchrony. The RAPE DICK is MUCH WORSE now. The new ZAPPERS include a new MEGA LEFT SIDE SCROTUM ZAPPER, one high on my right butt cheek close to the lower back, as well as several new ones on my hands and arms, and a new MEGA on just below my right ear on my neck.

Biden Yells, Points At Reporter Who Calls Him Out For Lying About Payments To Illegals

I think the discrepancy between Biden's two statements here is better taken as evidence of two different, non-agreeing people giving press conferences in a Biden mask more so than that it is evidence of one man contradicting himself. I really hate that smiley one. Overall, the lack of anger on the part of the last few Presidents has also been something that vexed me. There is so much to be angry about but the political leaders are always laughing and joking like everything is great. I really hate that other laughing Biden and I will be glad to torture his family to death, and to make it be his children which are the ones that are gone.

Strzok In Denial: Fired FBI Agent Denounces Durham Indictments For "Dog Whistles"

>Debunked but widely reported allegations.

>Had the FBI looked into what was in that dossier and found that it was all patently false, they could tell us that now, right?

The way this problem of the wide reporting not being canceled out by the debunking is going to get remedied is by killing everyone who was in the reporting audience. Also, the way I'm going to remedy the problem of people in the future having a grudge over me killing their family members for being in that audience is to kill the families of the people in it as well. Regarding the question, the answer is, "No, that's not right." Also, "You stupid fucking bitch, who are fooling giving the government the benefit of the doubt in any matter?"

When I clicked on this ZH article today to comment that Strzok was mocking me with his body language while giving that testimony, it caused my RAPE DICK implant to rev all the way up, as well as the UPPER DICK PAIN INFLICTOR to activate, and the RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER implant. Also, the LRAD was immediately activated and someone on the street honked their horn outside my window.

If this is the current max setting on my RAPE DICK, which is usually the case when it comes on in response to the word of the Lord not being to their liking, then I am glad that it seems slightly less than it has been recently. It is also significantly less than it was a while ago, while being only slightly less than it was recently. I wish it would go away completely, and I also with the electroshock implants in my testicles would go away. Currently, the LEFT TESTICLE CRUSHER and RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER are activated, and they are at a level higher than what I thought was possible given the recent trend of my enemies electroshocking my testicles. It makes me somewhat sick to my stomach to have my testicles so severely electrocuted. To give an estimation of the level of pain associated with the TESTICLE CRUSHER implants, it feels about like I got kicked in the balls about five minutes ago. The pain is not localized in my balls at all and it shoots up into my abdomen, as is usual when one's testicles are harmed. The RIGHT INNER BICEP was activated while I was writing this, and the RAPE DICK has remained active at the highest current setting, I assume, which feels like my enemies have something shoved up my ass and are actively raping me with me it... which is, in fact, 100% exactly what is happening. That is not in the least bit figurative to say that my enemies have their thing up my ass and are actively raping me with it, as they have been for years, with the full blessing of the USA and the Catholic church, and all of the rest of my enemies as well.

This piece of shit at the desk downstairs who said to me, "I watched them come in," this week, and who I think was starting shit with me in the hotel's gym recently, looks just like this lying bitch Rachel Maddow. I noticed one of the other men working here, Kevin, looked kind of like Wolf Blitzer this week. He, unlike this other cunt Gia, is pretty careful not to actively antagonize me.

I mentioned seeing a picture of Ronald McDonald which seemed like it was obviously Yoon Shin to me. This is that picture, or a frame from the same video as the one I saw. I think the actor in the recent Squid Game show was Yoon's brother Mark Shin and this picture here is from the real Squid Game that they make in the Salt Pit near the Atlanta airport. I see the contour of the side of Yoon's face there, and also his jawline. Yoon has a slightly eccentric standing posture, which is probably just very good posture, and I see that there too. It's like he's slightly tucking his chin. The sternocleidomastoids and that angle of the neck and the head in the posture are all Yoon Shin 100%. I assume that band The Shins has something to do with Yoon and Mark.

Navy Fires Commander Of Nuclear Sub That Hit Underwater Mountain In South China Sea

>"We once again urge the U.S. to give a detailed description of the incident"

Over the summer, I had a big escalation in the behavior of the stalkers harassing me. Some women in a SUV followed my car around for about an hour. A while later, in late September or early October, I was saying that among all my stalkers, those ones who escalated to the point of following my car around are on my mind to be most severely tortured and raped to death. Usually, my stalkers are content to only take their harassments as far as is possible while I have put myself in their presence without following as I try to get away from them.

In the morning after I mentioned that these women in that SUV were on my mind for people who should sent into the most cruel and dirty possible fate, it seemed like Helene and her friend Carlos Cavalcanti intercepted me at the diner. I understand Carlos uses the Wolf Blitzer persona to put his face on TV. He approached me where I was seated and began talking to me while my sexual torture implants were simultaneously activated though they had been dormant in the diner prior to the arrival of him and his party. It also seemed like a small security detail preceded the entry of he and Helene's party into the diner. (Those security people are also going to get tortured to death after I kill their families.) I think it turned out that one of the women in the stalker SUV from earlier in the summer was the beloved daughter of Helene's friend Carlos, and he didn't like it that I was telling the truth about what the future has in store for her. Some of the other people in the party of six (four plus Helene and her friend Carlos) were speaking with Georgia accents and talking about Covington, GA. All of the people in that party will get tortured to death and all of their children will meet the same fate as the women in that SUV. Shortly after these events in the diner, the stalker in my hotel's restaurant who I think is John Thomas intercepted me to shake his head NO at me with grave worry, as if he think Helene's little friend is too important for me to tell the truth about what is in store for the beloved daughter that he has so far shielded from the filth which soon come onto her.

Right after this encounter at the diner, there was this reported collision with a "Seawolf" class submarine. That reinforced my impression that the man who approached me and spoke to me in conjunction with the activation of my previously dormant sexual torture implants was one of the people that use the Wolf Blitzer persona on TV. I have remarked several times that Brooke Baldwin only got her job at CNN to be Wolf BLitzer's full time tranny prostitute, and that is probably the full time tranny prostitute of this one who intercepted me at the diner. Also, on the day following the diner, Merrick Garland appeared in the news saying he was going to "crack down on parents' threats against school staff" regarding COVID. To me, it seemed to me like Helene's friend was frustrated with his impotence to get me to stop telling the truth about what the future has in store for his daughter, and then he went crying to the government to try to get them to make the bad man stop saying mean things that hurt his feelings. Garland's initiative was quickly bitch slapped down in the media and in the government, and now the commanders of the sub got fired.

I think the real issue with the collision with the uncharted mountain was Helene's friend Carlos intercepting me at the diner, thus "colliding" with me.

I saw some memes today that said Durham arrested one of the burglars that anally raped me in my apartment in Dunwoody around 2015 or 2016. Yesterday, when I went downstairs, the woman (or man probably) at the desk who was electrocuting my dick in the gym recently said with uncharacteristic enthusiasm, "I watched them come in." I didn't know what that person meant yesterday, but that would explain why I've been raped in this current hotel 10 times or more already: they have my stalkers here now as the same ones who were stalking me 5+ years ago in Dunwoody: the ones who didn't call the cops when they watched those people break into my apartment and the turn my brain off to forcibly sodomize me. This anal rape in Dunwoody was the incident in which I was said to "signal consent by entering the nose down, tail up position." What had happened was that some men had broken into my apartment and woke me up standing over my bed by yelling, "HEY JT, CAN HE FUCK YOU IN THE ASS?!" I sleep on my stomach and when I heard them, I half-way rolled over for a moment before they turned my brain off to rape me while I was unconscious. All I did was go back into the position I had craned around from. In the morning, it all seemed like a dream except for my slimy asshole and ass crack. I have had several such experiences and I now I recognize the hallmarks of a hypnagogic trance though I still don't know how they force me into it.

I certainly did not consent to having those two burglars fuck me in the ass. That is a lie. They woke me up long enough for me to open my eyes, and then they turned my brain off immediately after I heard them. Indeed, they had probably already turned my brain off before waking me up to ensure I wouldn't be immediately infuriated upon finding them in my apartment. I did not consent to them fucking me, nor would I have if they hadn't turned my brain off. I would have told them to get the fuck out of my apartment if not for the hypnagogic trance. I am certain that my door was closed securely, and I do not know how they might have gotten inside to begin with. If not for them fucking with my cognition, I certainly would have told them to get the fuck out of my apartment. I had never had either of them as guests in my home. I'm still not sure who they were though it appeared to be Randy Dunson and the man from Alliance. If they were ever in my apartment before, it was without my knowledge during a previous burglary or unlawful entry.

I don't see how my previous rapists are getting arrested while they're still leaving me in the clutches of them who continue to rape me constantly, literally ten times or more this year, with several of those rapes in the hotel in full sight of the 500 stalkers they've got in here with me.

The RAPE DICK got cranked up to 11 while I was recounting this event in which I was said to signal consent to two burglars to sodomize me by having them turn my brain off while I was laying bed. Helene very loudly came on the LRAD just now as well. I don't understand what these people's interest is in wanting me to be a faggot but I'm going to find that interest and hurt it and make it filthy before I destroy it.

Overall, it shows the collusion of all involved not only to ignore them turning my brain off, but also to say under any circumstances that I woke up to find myself being burglarized and then I consented to have the burglars fuck me in the ass instead of telling them to get the fuck out of my apartment. Also, them turning my brain off before I could even realize that I wasn't dreaming and that I was really being burglarized shows the intent to rape and establishes the burglary. Indeed, they had probably already done something to impede my cognition before rousing me at all, likely through the exterior wall with their psychotronic devices. I am not a very deep sleeper and I don't see how they could have gotten to my bed without me waking up.

If I'm not mistaken, it would be technically impossible for me to consent to them while they've got my cognition fucked up with their psychotronics, drugs, and/or hypnosis. Everyone who says I consented ignores that part of it too. I did not consent. That is preposterous to suggest that I ever might have consented to having two burglars fuck me in the ass instead of telling them to get the fuck out of my apartment. At minimum I would have said, "What the fuck are you doing in here?" There is no reasonable circumstance in creation under which I might have passively accepted two men's unlawful entry into my apartment. It shows the collusion of all involved that it was suggested otherwise, and the suggestion was accepted as fact. Those people that raped me then are raping me in this hotel now too. Certainly it's those same ones who revved the RAPE DICK back up to its maximum setting as soon as I started making this post.

I get the feeling that it's Helene here in a Scully disguise saying, "I can't believe I'm standing here," referring to being on the set in the Scully disguise in the episode about abductee victims getting released in a state of such severe decomposition that it is unbelievable that they are still alive. The previous episode was called, "This is not happening," but it is. Krychek is also using the remote control electroshock on Skinner in this episode.

I also notice that the way Scully winks at the camera around this timestamped frame, it is exactly how Helene does it when I notice her disguise-raping me.

Karen had the same haircut as the woman in the Karen meme, by the way, and I doubt that is a coincidence. Traven was "the manager" at the Alliance satellite school and Karen's meme thing is that she wants to speak to the manager.

Around the time I had that problem with the kikes cockblocking me and then calling me a pussy for not jumping at the chance to satisfy Lisa's apparent desire for further denialgasms, I met this women Karen at jiu jitsu. I called her more than once because I liked her. She wanted nothing to do with me, however. She went out with me once but since I didn't try to fuck her on that first night, she never went out with me or answered my phone calls again. Instead, she was all about sucking Traven's dick, and I understand he mistreated her so severely that she felt the need to move away from Atlanta when he finally told her to fuck off. I was quite infatuated with Karen and I tried very hard with her, but she wanted nothing to do with me. On the other hand, there was nothing I had noticed about Lisa other than her looks. Certainly, that reflected our very limited time together compared to me seeing Karen at jiu jitsu all the time. I don't doubt I would have liked Lisa if I would have gotten to know her. She seemed nice. However, her liking my roommate was already one strike against her and me having to join his friend group to be with her was another strike. She was hot, but that was all I knew about her, and I felt like she could fuck right off if she was going to return the calls of the faggot I used to live with but not mine. It was completely different with Karen because I liked her.

When Lewis Amselem mentioned taking the rabbit's foot out of the closet in the Moloch email among Hillary's leaked emails, he was talking about this man's foot, or another foot like his.

Amselem also makes reference to sacrificing a chicken, and there is another video where you can see they are making the guy fuck a chicken. It's probably the late stage of the torture begun in this picture which is in the secret basement in the 5759 unit in Sunrise Pointe in Tucson, AZ: my childhood home. It's some kind of thing to put him in the sensory deprivation bag focusing all his attention on his dick so that Helene can more harshly administer the cock and ball torture.

In fact, as they have put the face morph on Helene's face in this picture of her next to her green bag, a bag which has spawned a trendy fashion style in women's handbags, that is probably my friend in that video with his own face morphed. So, that is probably Helene posing next to my friend in that bag, and that is probably also Helene filming him later after she had taken him out of the bag.

Someone I know, who I can only assume is *very* well acquainted with torture, told me emphatically that women are the worst torturers.

Of the two women that got me expelled from college with their lies, Jennifer Breidenich, one of them lived in the apartment directly across from this skull grafitti so that it was centered in the view out her window. A few years after that, the skull got pained over and it turned into "Delia's Chicken Shack" whose suggestive motto is "Keep on cluckin'."

I saw an axe painted somewhere in Atlanta one time around 2005. It was obviously in reference to the non-fun tomahawk chop which Trump was recently doing. It had ADM written in the axe blade. Other than that, the two instances of this skull were the only non-fun, non-bubbly grafittos I saw written in Atlanta across more than 10 years. The axe was also in West Midtown located behind what is now White Provisions and used to be the Uhaul Lofts where I lived, and where there was about a gallon of blood splashed on the wall in one of the hallways. I had several very violent and gory dreams in that place, one of which involved a tentacle monster on a cliff.

The second instance of the skull was down on the wall next to the tracks under this bridge. The business above it (if you're facing the other direction) where this giant pig mural is was "Peridot." Peri- means middle, and you can see that white dot in the middle of the eye in a lot of Satanists. It is so commonly satanic, they put that white "peridot" in Pennywise's eye in the new IT movies. They feature that dot very prominently in the center of attention, and it is not only a simple light reflection. My boss at Exide, Rodney Williams, could often be observed with a glowing white dot in the middle of his eye which could not have possibly been anything but a self-illuminating eye implant. In 2016, that person Jenna flashed her own white eye dot at me.

Paul Merritt of APD, chief of the police who destroyed my home wrongfully in 2018, told me he owns the security company that does security for the Westside Urban Market where this pig mural is, the skull mural was, where this occult Revelator coffee place was, etc... Paul also was mocking me on CNN using his false Michael Wolff persona.

I think the following is the reason behind the torture of the man in the image above. One time, Helene started trying to talk to me about jiu jitsu. She vaginizes everything and I told her I didn't want to talk about it with her. She was offended and this torture was the likely result of her lashing out. I think that is the whole story. This occurred during the peak of her menopause which must have been an aggravating factor in how pissed off she got when I didn't entertain her that day. That's how things are in the USA: the Great Satan. A few years later, Trump appointed Helene as his CIA Director under her Gina "Bloody Vagina has a Spell" Haspel persona.

The sordid history of Lewis Amselem, Deputy U.S. Permanent Representative to the OAS

There used to be several copies of this article on the internet. I see almost all of them have gotten deleted in the last year or two after I shared it several times. Amselem is the guy writing about Moloch in the Hillary emails. He is a Jew too.

Actually, all of that is total bullshit if your relatives are the most disgusting people that ever lived and the USA will go to any lengths to ensure your catastrophic failure in any and all endeavors to prevent you from shining on a light on the filthiness of the people in your family... who sabotaged you a priori by embarking on a course which would necessitate your total failure in life for them to avoid losing the impunity which they are afforded by the USA.

Also, if they throw you out on the street to rot in the gutter like a piece of trash after you already solved RH, then they can say you don't get tenure not to hide their crimes but because you were living and acting like a homeless person, and you are therefore disqualified from tenure, even though you had already solved the problem before they threw you out on the street to rot like the piece of trash they all think you are.

Not only that, while your relatives aren't losing their jobs for making videos with female body contact such as that in Daisy's Destruction, the USA will afford your relatives the power to kick you out of college and ruin any chance you have at having a decent professional life, after already doing the same to your romantic life, completely fucking both with irreparable damages, because you touched a girl's butt when you were dropping her off from a date after which she had accompanied you to your home. If your relatives are the most vile and filthy people that ever lived, they will say that it's fine for them to make Daisy's Destruction and that that kind of female touching is ok, but if you touched a girl's butt over her jeans when you were dropping her off after taking her home and paying for her meal, that means you should have your whole life ruined. Touching the butt is an egregious crime compared to socially acceptable body contacts like those in Daisy's Destruction. Also, even though they've been using their USA powers to block you on dating sites and to intercept and block your calls when women give you their numbers, they'll say that you deserved to get kicked out of college because that is not the place to be trying to get laid. Even though college is literally the foremost place where trying to get laid is the correct thing to be doing, your filthy relatives will say that you deserved to get expelled and to have your life ruined because you should have been focused only on studying.

Then when the annals of eternity are offended by the filth of your relatives' hearts and they are delivered into your hand by divine providence, they'll say you're wrong to do Daisy's Destruction to their servants' children even though it was fine for them to do it to your servant's child.

I've Been Driving Trucks For 20 Years, I'll Tell You Why America's "Shipping Crisis" Will Not End

Midnight on Saturday Durham story today.

2021 award for greatest prose.

That woman Lisa would have been my first dime. Now I'm 41 and I still haven't had it yet.

When I was living on Brookshire Lane, I had this faggot for a roommate who now does disguise face with Nick Fuentes. He brought around some beautiful woman Lisa from his work, and she was jocking me hard as fuck when she would come around. I did not want to join in the social circle of that roommate Johnathan Lorraine, and I waited until I moved into my own place shortly after I met her to call her. She never returned my call, and it was a prime example of what I'm always saying about how there is no amount of affirmative body language I can get from a woman which ever means anything other than that she wants to kick me in the balls. However, it was around this time that I noticed my phone calls started to get intercepted by this disgusting piece of shit who continues to intercept them to this day. It's probably Helene using the voice of a retarded Indian child. In hindsight, now I think the USA cock blocked me by deleting the message I left for that woman Lisa. I saw her at GSU shortly after I had called her. When I said, "Hi," and then walked away, she threw her phone at the ground quite forcefully as if she wanted me to get her number again. There was no way I was ever going to call her again, however, after she didn't call me back already. I thought she was literally fucking retarded for thinking I would ever call her again. She was very beautiful but there was nothing on Earth which would have ever gotten me to call her again after she blew me off the first time. Now, however, I think the USA cock blocked me by intercepting my attempt to get in touch in with her. Almost 20 years later now, I still haven't been able to get a good looking woman to call me back. Even as recently as this year, there was this other piece of shit they sent to do the same thing at the gym in Levittown: jocking me in the most unabiguous way only to blow me off when I tried to talk to her. I am going to seek out all these people who have ruined my life, cockblocking me at every turn while stealing my semen so the women fucking their sons don't have to get pregnant by their sons' shit tier semen from their sons' shit tier testicles. I will find them and I will hurt them. This instance with that bitch Lisa being so 10/10 into me but then blowing me off when I tried to call her was very formative for me. The pain of the knife twisting in my testicles has not faded, but the pain of th knife twisting in the sons of my enemies will never fade. I will find the people who did it, from the lowliest phone technician up through the Directors of the agencies involved, and I will make their children suffer. I will take everything away from them and destroy them.