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Helene and her friend or husband, is my guess. With all of these trials happening now, including the Arizona based Holmes trial, I guess there is something I have not yet noticed about the Ghislaine trial. While all of these other criminals are the faces of people I know getting convicted of murder, I'm still getting raped every day, having cell-destroying nano-particles smeared on my dick every two days, as well as having the nerve branch severed in my foot to complement the severed nerve branch in my hand which could have been repaired with adequate medical attention but was not.

Kyoto professor's theory offers 2nd proof to Fermat’s Last Theorem

I've mentioned several times that the comment of Hairer's colleague stating that Hairer's work must have been done by aliens is a jibe at Hairer's obvious failure to cite my own research program as progenitive of his work on regularity structures. Mochizuki has likewise failed to cite me. This [Alien] citation seems consistent with his previous work screaming that it follows from my own without actually citing me, as is standard practice in academia.

Reality Winner says she leaked classified material to serve American people

>She only "acted out of love for what this country stands for."

This picture above shows one of my most-hated stalkers from the hotel in Long Island. This person was sharing a persona with one of the Rodney Williams-affiliated personae. This is to say, obviously, that they were working together lest both of them might have shown up in the same disguise at the same time. To the extent that it is said this fake person was a former NSA contractor, this little scrotum Inspector General of the NSA was also one of the people defrauding me with the Rodney Williams persona at Exide. To the extent that a nation is a race, not a country, I'm going to identify the nation whose security they were concerned with and I'm going to exterminate them along with the rest of the kikes. What the USA stands for is kikes and Satanism. That's why they fought against Hitler.

Rodney Williams is of the people I hate the most in this world. He is one of the most revolting characters I encountered in those few years of my utter stupidity bowing to Helene's intention to have me toil as a office cuck.

Usually if I check the stock chart on a down day, the time I check it marks the bottom for the day. Not today though, I am glad to say.

Futures Slide After Five "Mild" Cases Of Omicron Variant Detected In New York

All this bullshit about the severity of the sexual torture totally ignores the problem that the sexual torture is initiated by aggravated sexual battery and/or some other forcible penetration. It's like they think aggravated sexual battery is a serious crime on its own, but if you do it together with sexual torture also, then it's not a crime at all.

It is sticking in my mind somewhat how this kike cocked his eyebrow at me this morning. It very much reminded me of Emily Hancock. If he did do that thing with Emily, which I am sure he did, and which culminated in me getting expelled from college and now getting raped every day, then today is a good replay of what I understand those Emily-related events to be. Today, although I had the room until 12:00, he woke me up at 11:00 just to take a shit in my life. There I was, minding my business, and he felt like he needed to wake me up to take this shit at my feet. When I called him a cunt following his refusal to correct himself after making an unauthorized debit on my card, he called the police on me. They showed up to subject me to what is tantamount to police rape by having who I assume was Joey putting his hands all over me and restraining my freedom of movement. In the actual Emily events, this kike who I assume is Joe Tooker (the literal namesake of the kikes in history) would have showed up to take a shit in my life when I was looking for a girlfriend. He was probably offended by my disinclination toward his preferred homosexuality, or who knows what he tells himself to make him think he was right to do what he did. Afterwards, he didn't want to admit that he did the equivalent of charging my card wrongfully by interfering in my intention to seek affection and intimacy with a woman. Then I ended up in Antarctica where I'm getting literally raped every day, and have been getting intermittently raped and constantly sexually tortured for years now, while all the work I do is sabotaged and preordained to failure so that I am locked into the indigence where they can most easily rape and torture me with impunity. That's like the cops showing up to manhandle me today. Just like the issue today was this piece of trash kike lying to avoid admitting his own wrongdoing, and then escalating to leverage police violence against me so as to distract from his own wrongdoing, I see that as a primarily motivator behind my current state of slavery, constant rape, and constant sexual torture. When I retaliate against him, however, I will not be so restrained in my hatred, violence, and cruelty. Nor will act with such weakness.

I just searched for "Joe Tooker" to find an image for this post. A lot of images of that one-sided half smile that I hate popped up. I can refer to my several previous posts about my promises to exterminate the clan that uses that as their gang sign, along with all of their children. The current and former CEOs of Boeing, FISA court judge James Boasberg, and Joe and Hunter Biden all proudly belong to that gang, as far as I can tell, as do many others.

Though I had signed up for late checkout, this person at the desk, probably Joe Tooker, interrupted my sleep this morning to wake me up at 11:00. He asked if I was going to extend. I said yes. I did not give him a hard time about waking me up at 11:00 even though check out wasn't until 12:00. I went downstairs and asked about the weekly rate, and I asked to extend for a week. The person handed me a slip for a one day extension asking me to initial to accept the amount for a single day. I told him I wanted to extend for a week. He had already run my card for another day, however. He was was trying to bill me for my first day, a second day, and then a week with check out on the 10th. I told him I wanted the first day, and then a week with checkout on the 9th. He told me some wrong prices and then we agreed on the price and I tried to pay. My bank blocked the charge because two hotel charges at the same hotel sends up a red flag. I have had this problem before. The bank did not explicitly tell me this was the problem, but I have this problem before and the same double hotel charge was made today after he ran my card for an unauthorized transaction.

I had to go back upstairs to call my bank. Then I had to wait in line again to try my card again. When I was about to try, the person that I assume is Evil Dad told me, "This is the last time I'm gonna try running your card," or something. I said, "Well, hold on. The only reason it got declined is because you made that unauthorized charge for the single day." My expectation was that he would do it as many times as necessary to unfuck the situation he had created by running my card a without my permission, and before he obtained my signature confirming the amount. When I responded to his final ultimatum statement by pointing out that he had created the whole problem by departing from the simple script of what a hotel's desk clerk does, he started lying telling me that I had told him that I asked for him to do it. I did no such thing. His utter refusal to admit that he had created the problem by running my card without my permission was very evocative of a negative character feature I associate with Evil Dad. He will never admit when he is wrong. It is like some psychosis that makes him completely unable to do so. He should have said, "Sorry for running your card without your permission and before I got your signature on the form I handed you when you came down." Instead, he threatened to refuse to allow me to pay if it didn't work on the next swipe, and then he lied SEVERAL times to say that I had told him to run my card. He was telling that lie because he knows he was wrong to run it.

He started being an asshole, and I kept calling attention to the fact that the whole problem came from him running my card without my permission. He was saying, "I'm not going to listen to you!," and stuff, just lying through his teeth saying that I had asked to extend for one day. I never did. He is a liar. Eventually, he told me that I couldn't stay there and I couldn't extend at all because I was insisting that he admit that it was his own wrongdoing which had created the whole problem. He got very pissed off that I was right. The whole problem with my card being declined was due to him running an unauthorized transaction on my card, and then only asking me to accept the charge by initialing the form after he had already done it, and then running a second charge from the same hotel five minutes later. After he told me I couldn't stay there, I called him a cunt and he called the cops on me. Joey probably showed up in an unmarked police vehicle and subjected me to the forced humiliation of a body search.

Evil Dad, I assume, was wrong to interrupt my sleep at 11:00. He was wrong to run my card for another $70. Literally the only thing hotel clerks do is say, "Sign here to accept the charges, sir," but due to his Dunning-Kruger problem, he thought that he could just do things his own way and it would be better. Indeed, it was worse. It led to my card being declined because he was unable to replicate in his practice of falsehood the professional function of a desk clerk. He asked me to sign for the $70 and I told him I didn't want that. I told him I wanted the weekly rate. When I tried to pay, my card was declined. When I was eventually about to try again, instead of saying, "Sorry, sir. I thought you were going to extend for one day and I just went ahead and ran your card without your permission, but I'll get everything fixed up for you right now," he gave me an ultimatum saying that he was only going to allow me to try to pay one more time. Then I pointed out that he had created the whole problem, he would not admit his wrongdoing, he told a bunch of lies, refused to allow me to extend, and then called the cops on me when I called him a cunt at the end of that string of events following after he wrongfully asked me to extend an hour before check out.

Although I believe those who are employed in the practice of falsehood usually take pride in their ability to replicate the professional functions of arbitrary people, this tranny at the desk, Joe Tooker I presume, couldn't even get it right that he needs to get my confirmation of the charge amount before charging me. A hotel clerk needs to be able to apologize when they fuck something up, but he is unable to admit his obvious wrongdoing ever, and certainly not in a case like this where his ego is on the line. Note very well: his ego was on the line, and now his ego is tarnished because everything I write is true. After I responded to his ultimatum pointing out that he had created the problem, with my intention to have him run my card as many times as needed to unfuck the problem he had created, he lied about ten times saying I had told him to charge my card, which I DID NOT! When I was going to pay again, he was acting like he was doing me a favor allowing to try to pay just one more time. In fact, the whole problem had stemmed from his failure to replicate the professional function of a desk clerk in a hotel: don't ask me to sign to accept the charge after you already ran my card for that amount. He further failed to replicate the professional function of a desk clerk by refusing to acknowledge his error. He should have said, "I didn't mean to run your card but I'll get it worked out for you," but instead he said, "This is the last time I'm going to let you try to pay." Then When I pointed out that he had created the whole problem, he told me he was going to hear it and that I couldn't extend at all.

This person is also one of my rapists. He was very obviously responding to my thoughts with his body language. When I imagined saying, "I'm going to kill Jenna," he scowled and shook his head no but then he went way out of his way to orchestrate a situation culminating in his refusal to allow me to extend followed by my Nth subjection to unwanted police violence. I called him a cunt after he told me I could not extend at all, and he called the cops on me. Then I was manhandled by who I assume was Joey putting his hands all over me and putting through another great indignity. This piece of shit instigated all of that. He was wrong

*to wake me up at 11:00 when I had the room until 12:00,

*to charge my card for a second day,

*to lie saying I had told him that I did want him to charge my card,

*to tell the same lie again

*to keep telling that same lie over and over instead of admitting his own wrongdoing

*to tell me that he was only going to allow me to swipe my card one more time since the only reason my card had failed to begin with was that he ran it without my permission, and

*to refuse to allow me extend when I insisted that he take responsibility for his own error.

*He was also wrong to have his rape fist up my asshole such that he is able to subject me to a forcible rape analogue when he makes it quite obvious that he is getting the data from the rape implant that got inside me during one of very many previous anal rapes. Indeed, the only reason that this device didn't come out after it went in during a previous anal rape is because my rapist stabbed me in the asshole while he was raping me, and he sealed his rape device into my flesh with my own scar tissue. The person who instigated all of was quite obvious to rub it my face that he is the accomplice of whoever did that to me.

This guy is a complete piece of shit and it is no surprise that the USA is glad to have him as their front man. He was so pompous when he was calling the cops on me at the end of the situation he instigated. It was very easy for me to recognize him as Evil Dad at that point: I know that pompous meme quite well. Today, these things resulted in my own person being manhandled my some piece of shit cop after I was evicted my dwelling. Tomorrow, however, it is going to result in shit getting packed into the holes where his beloved persons' teeth used to be before my servants drilled them out, and the same for his servants' beloved persons.

At one point in the interaction, he cocked his eyebrow in a way that reminded me of Emily Hancock. If he was involved in that, then very much worse will come on the children of those who put their faith in him instead of me.

A day or two ago, I made that post about how it seemed unserious to say no one got fired for the Afghanistan strike when that strike still hasn't stopped. As evidence, I cited, at least five smears of sexual torture nano-particles on my dick since then, a couple or more new TESTICLE CRUSHER implants, two new giant nodules implanted in my asshole, and this nerve branch severed in my foot. Since I made that post, I have gotten several more sexual torture implants spread across some unknown number of rapes and sexual batteries. On the way to Wisconsin yesterday, they started electrocuting my testicles. On the way back, suddenly I had new ZAPPERS on the end of my dick, and those started up too. Today, I got more DICK PAIN INFLICTORS in a proportion far divorced from what was called a "micro-dose" a few days ago. It seems like I have yet more ZAPPERS on the end of my dick today too. I stopped at Panda Express to get some food earlier this afternoon, and I felt a new ZAPPER on the back of my head as I was waiting in line. I turned around and some dead-eyed man was standing about 0.5 inches behind me, and I assume he stabbed me in the head to implant that new ZAPPER in my scalp while I was in line at the restaurant. I'd estimate that I've been raped five more times, and that I got 10 new implants since I made that other post about missing the point by saying no one got fired. I was also poisoned in Taylorsville getting coffee at Waffle House and at Circle K, both since that post.

Are These The Charts That Spooked Jerome Powell?

The red, blue, and green formatting in these charts is evocative of one of my own favorite charts.

Today, my RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER got activated at the Illinois state line and it has hardly stopped for seven hours. Wisconsin was obviously not a good place for me to go. There was an ADL-themed car parked out front, and the word NO was written in the clouds next to a smiling plague doctor's face at the hotel's highway exit. Both of those clouds appeared after some other cloud appeared screaming in horror and pointing toward my hotel. I had the same screaming/pointing clouds before I got to Virginia, and I decided not to ignore them this time. A prominent electric The Nutcracker billboard seemed to bode poorly as well due to the TESTICLE CRUSHER problem. This post will remind me about the woman driving the car with the URSA Wisconsin plate, and someone else with the KAK Indiana plate. Also, reminder about the people in Chicago's "We're relentless too" ad campaign. I am back in the other hotel now where the TESTICLE CRUSHER wound down in synch with the RAPE DICK revving up.

On the upside from my focus on everything getting worse, worse, all the time, with a decent exception related to a degradation in the RAPE DICK intensity, this hotel room I stopped at may be the most peaceful 10 hours I've had in years. Although the rape implants and the LRAD are going more or less non-stop, it's been ten hours and the BANGING and/or TAPPING didn't start yet.

EDIT: It seems like they were able to get the TAPPING started within about 5 minutes of my post... or that may have been the heat making the fixture in the bathroom creak. It seems like it was quit for a long time, and now there's creaks and pops every two seconds.

Two days ago, I woke up with a weird slice on my lip. Yesterday, I did not wake up with any weird injuries but I saw "NAE" written into the beach sand in front of my room. There was also a car parked next to mine in the parking lot with a NAY license plate. This NAY posting followed a night in which my upstairs stalker was banging on my ceiling each time I would scroll past Sam Hyde on 4chan. Although I did not wake up with any injuries yesterday, when I went downstairs to get something printed, I got into an elevator that appeared not to go anywhere. When I got back to my room, I had a weird scratch on my forehead. Later that afternoon, I noticed that the UPPER DICK PAIN INFLICTOR had been reinstalled. I presume that happened during an aggravated sexual battery and rape in the elevator. (I will use rape to describe getting my brain turned off, since that's close enough to what it is.) Instead of just smearing the DICK PAIN INFLICTOR nano-particles across the lip of the top of the head my dick as had been the case in several such previous attacks, the smear of the particles extended well up onto the head of my dick (pic) exactly matching the pattern of the scratch on my forehead. The scratch and the vertical extension of the DICK PAIN INFLICTOR are both on the left, the photo of my face is reversed. I decided to change hotels.

Certainly, I got raped and stabbed while I was packing my stuff to leave. The sensation of a stab wound in my leg was unmistakable. After I left, someone turned my brain off in my car and ULTRA DOSED me with estrogen or something. My face and feet swole up like two balloons. When I stopped to get gas, someone had unscrewed my gas cap and closed the gas lid over it so it was dangling though that was definitely not the arrangement when I left the hotel. I got another RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER and several new zappers when I left too. When my first tank of gas ran out, I stopped for more gas in West Virginia. In the store, the woman said, "Look at his feet! Those look like women's feet, not man's feet," in an obvious reference to my having been poisoned and my feet being grotesquely swollen. That was more than 12 hours ago now and my feet are still grotesquely swollen like two balloons. My new zappers seem to include one on top of my left foot, some new MEGA ones on my stomach, not to mention the new RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER and likely a new LEFT TESTICLE CRUSHER as well. I was planning to drive all the way to the new location today but I decided to stop to rest with my feet elevated so as to expedite the remediation of the effects of this poison.

When I went to Maine around the beginning of September, I got raped and stabbed and given several implants in my dick which were written up as a family killed in Afghanistan including several children. Some general and (I think) the FBI Director showed up in the news the next day saying, "Oh my gosh! We're R*E*A*L sorry about that, wink wink." This was an obvious FUCK YOU to me referring to my several contextual statements and not wanting to hear apologies. In the ensuing time, some people called attention to the fact that no one lost their job over it. No one, however, is calling any attention to the following: what started in Maine was not only was not penalized, but in fact it has not stopped yet. The Wisconsin parade massacre was a continuation of the same thing, but I got more DICK PAIN INFLICTOR and TESTICLE CRUSHER implants since then. Furthermore, there was no news in the interim between the drone strike and the parade regarding several other DICK PAIN INFLICTOR nano-particle implants and whatever the TESTICLES CRIUSHERS, at least two new giant nodules implants in my asshole since the drone strike. The severing of this nerve my branch in my foot, also after the "accidental" drone strike is certainly the worst injury among any of these things and it flies completely under the radar without a word... as did the skeletal mutilator implant in that foot which caused my arch to collapse after years of extreme pain, and which also caused the dislocation of my collar bones. I have been getting raped and tortured with new implants every other day since the drone strike, it seems. I've been raped and given more implants since that "drone" incident around the beginning of September than I was in the whole first part of the year, and 2021 had already exceeded all previous years in terms my constant rapes and the flux of my torture implants. So, while it is obviously no accident that this has not stopped for a moment since the "accidental" drone strike in Afghanistan, I think it is improper to cite the lack of consequences when the problem is ongoing. Citing the lack of consequences is like saying it was a thing that came and went, but which was not punished, but that is not true. They are just doing it more and more, and now they are slicing off my nerve endings as well.

All of this started with implants in my asshole. Those expanded to implants in my dick. When I got the first one in my dick, I said, "Oh great, how long is it going to take for this one stab wound in my dick to grow to a thousand as was the case for these thousand stab wounds in my asshole already?" The answer was not too many months. Now I do have a 1000 stab wounds on y dick, each with it's own pancake of scar tissue which will never go away even while I would prefer that my penis not be riddle with 1000 flakes of scar tissue. Then they started putting implants in my testicles and my eyes, and now my whole body is covered with zappers. This new 11:00 OUTER WRIGGLER is a real fucking bitch too. Since the "drone strike in Afghanistan," now they have started slicing off my nerve ending as well and I have to ask, "Oh great, how long until this one sliced off nerve ending grows to 1000 such severed nerve branches?" If it stops with just these two nerve sliced off causing irreparable numbness for the rest of my life: a small spot on my hand due to improper medical attention when I slipped washing a knife and this other nerve slice attack on my foot resulting in a 10x larger numb spot than on my finger, then I must conclude that whoever is telling them to stop slicing off my nerve endings is the same who is telling them it's ok to keep stabbing me in the dick and depositing nano-particles in my dick, and implanting TESCTICLE CRUSHIERS and electroshocking my testicles.

I assume those nano-particles will be there there forever, as will the pancakes of scar tissue due to 1000 syringe wounds. Furthermore, I worked with metallic powders when I was in the School of Material Science and Engineering after I got kicked out of the School of Physics. They were real explicit that you're not supposed to get that stuff on your skin due to adverse health reasons. The first time I noticed the DICK PAIN INFLICTOR nano-particle-based sexual torture attack was in that "Afghanistan drone attack." Since then, they have smeared these nano-particles on my dick five times or more, even as recently as yesterday with someone smearing PAIN INFLICTOR nano-particles on my dick to match the pattern of the wound written onto my forehead when I got raped in the elevator. So, it is missing the point to say that no one got fired over the Afghanistan drone strike. Fist they would stop whoever is doing it. Then someone would get fired. Right now, they didn't stop yet, and they have greatly escalated to the nerve branch severing attack.

When I was packing my stuff into my car, after I got stabbed in the leg but before I got dosed, this faggot came out to film me in front of the hotel. Sometimes I forget that there's a Joe Kuklinski in my stalkers and Joe Tooker too. Joe Kuklinski may be the Joe who is the one mentioned in this song. Maybe not, however. Maybe both.

The truth about these two pieces of shit. I think that's the one you call the demiurge on the right there copied from a painting where he's running away from me scared shitless.

Omicron Is "Extremely Mild" Says Doctor Who First Discovered Strain; Numerous Mutations "Destabilize" The Virus

"It was an extremely mild anal rape, anal stabbing, and weeks, months, or years long period of non-stop sexual torture. Trust the science."

To the extent that the Rothschilds are said to take some pride in their large part in the formation of the secular state of Satan, which is called Israel, take careful note of what hardcore Satanists look like. Usually people think of Satan as being in a death metal band or something, but that is not right. Satan was in God's good graces until he wasn't. Satanists only look weird standing next to God (not pictured) once you see what they are really up to. A lot of Satanists will even say such things as, "I hate Satan! I love Israel!," without any awareness that Israel is Satan. Such are the ways of the master of lies.

Quite a bit of thought went into this new Facebook commercial. You have to listen pretty closely to notice that the lyrics mention the fifth abstract embedding dimension of the MCM, which is rightly called the dimension of imagination. Then the lyrics have someone get offended and yell JOE! in an accusing tone. Then the man says D-B-D-B-D-B-D-BIG DICK! followed by the woman saying AWESOME!

And in the visual layer too, I find very much depth which was not immediately apparent. I did notice at first that the second person was Leo, but I thought he was just playing an ethnic character appreciating that Facebook makes an appeal to his ethnicity by having a thinner lipped puppet in the jungle for him to look at. The next two puppets kind of do the same thing with their lips to confirm that that is what the viewer is supposed to see. Then there's the other people rocking out at the end. I noticed the fourth one is Chris Moriarty. Then I noticed the two puppets Leo was looking at were me and another man with whom I am acquainted, and Leo was appreciating that rather than the ethnic characteristics of a thin lipped puppet next to the bigger lipped one. Then I noticed that the first of the four is probably Mark Shin and the third is Julia Forester of the Forester de Rothschilds. Since the main part of the visual sequence is the part with Leo, I wonder if there is not another meaningful element found in Chris having his eyes closed. Some other people mentioned some stuff about the one eyed buffalo, Saturn, and a hexagon, but that stuff didn't jump out to me as recognizing the actors' and at least two of the puppets' faces.

So, even while I like this beat and the commercial seems aligned with my interests, all of the people involved in changing the talking points are still going to get thrown into the pit. Aside from that, I have become convinced that Zuckerberg was among my rapists while I was at the homeless shelter, and I will throw him, his family, his associates, and their families into the pit just for that, without any regard for the rest of it.

As I understand it, Daisy's Destruction was made to satisfy Helene's ego after I rebuked her intention to talk about jiu jitsu with me one day. This was near the pinnacle of her menopause and since she is somewhat unable to control herself ordinarily, this condition was greatly exacerbated by her menopause. She made up some reason to take out her anger, and the CIA supported her intention to do so. This man whose picture is posted above has the role of covering for her crimes. His affiliations are with her not with the Lord. He might try to weasle around that by saying he wasn't one of the men who made the video but he is the chief of the agency which now keeps the truth about these crimes a secret. He might say that he isn't really in charge and that he doesn't have the power to command the revelation of the truth. Whether or not that's true, he does have the duty to die trying to do it. Obviously, he doesn't see it that way and he thinks his duty is to hide the crimes of the Whore of Babylon: Helene. Under the law of the USA, he is probably right. The USA is correctly called The Great Satan. Under the law of the Lord, however, Bill Burns the double-B Bibi Babylonian guy is wrong. As it is, the kings of the Earth have grown drunk from the maddening wine of Helene's fornications.

I was watching TV somewhat lately. I recognize someone under Mike Lindell's face and I was wondering aloud whether he meant when he says he was cancelled was that Helene and her friend's kidnapped and tortured his daughter. Just after that, Jesse Watters put some very sad looking guest on his show and the eyes reminded me of the picture which is the basis for the CIA's new logo. I had not previously made the connection, but now I wonder if Helene returned the girl in the state shown in the picture. That seems like the kind of thing she would do. My intention is to ensure that they reap what they have sewn in that regard.

I had thought that this picture showed like a lobotomized super soldier agent or something. This other interpretation seems more realistic.

I was saying this one on the right reminded me of that worthless trash Rod Williams from Exide.

Merkel was also one of the employees at Exide.

I can fairly well place one of the people using the Rodney Williams persona at Exide under the face on the right, and one of the Tim Jeffries (Jefferies?) under the face on the left, but I am not sure about the one in the middle. I'd say maybe Helene again due to the eyebrow and cheek bones even though I can't really see her there.

China's Orbital Bombardment System Firing Hypersonic Weapons Showed Unprecedented Capability, FT Says

>People familiar with details of the July 27 test said China launched an "orbital bombardment system" rocket

>It appears China has mastered a technology that Russia and the US have yet to acquire fully.

>China's Foreign Ministry denied reports that the country had tested a hypersonic weapon in space, saying "it was not a missile, it was a space vehicle."

I take the similarity of the graphic in the article to the GIF I linked to mean that my suspicion that the GIF shows a real UFO attack is absolutely correct. I also assume that it was July 26 when the orbital bombardment system was "tested," they are finagling a relative position to the international date line to avoid writing that it happened on 7/26. I solved classical electrogravity in 2013 and that's why there exists this hypersonic technology today which no one was talking about before 2016.

Rose the Hat from Dr Sleep. With the way they do things these days, the actress probably is the same woman with a mask on.

Some time after it switched to Netflix, The Last Kingdom stopped being a historical drama about England and switched to being a high fantasy about some mystical realm of female empowerment, impossible feats of women's strength, and women's domination over men. I was so glad in the first season when they sent the woman away. By the end of the fourth season, they have completely reversed course and doubled down on tripling down on the 10x leveraged change of direction back in the other direction from sending the woman away.

Can The FBI Be Salvaged?

>In truth, since 2015, the FBI has been constantly in the news - and mostly in a negative and constitutionally disturbing light.

>The fired former Director James Comey injected himself

Comey came to be my substitute math teacher when I was in 8th grade. I very clearly remember asking "Mr Comey" how tall he was. He said 6'8". Everything he was doing in 2015 was only a continuation of the conspiracy which was already well underway in 1992.

The current FBI Director Christopher "Jesuit-themed Pseudonym" Wray used to be the dad of Chris and Brad Moriarty before he faked his death. He obviously went to the same plastic surgeon as Jay Fischer would later go to before becoming Trump's lawyer Jay "Secular Jew" Sekulow. You'll notice that "Chrsitopher Wray's" backstory is at the King & Saplding law firm right around the corner from my condo in Atlanta. That's not a coincidence.

We Are In Mass 'Jonestown' Delusion Territory

I have a nagging feeling that I was directing my wrath towards the wrong person recently. It has been bugging me for a few days and the feeling is not going away.

I've been wondering about what Putin might have been doing at Exide in December 2016 with that other piece of shit Trump. I wonder if that was where Putin cemented the extermination of his favored people, and the merciless and irrevocable termination of the bloodline he sought to graft onto my bloodline as cancer. Nothing of value will be lost when I exterminate those people and their natural born children.

Particularly with his recent "red lines" comment, I wonder what he means if I'm going to cross those lines with nuclear blitzkrieg to willfully invite the nuclear retaliation. Is he going to not retaliate to stop from giving me exactly what I want?

Today, I've got those stalkers from the hotel in Savannah on my mind, and particularly the one in the bald man disguise. All of those people will be denied my mercy. I think someone said that cat with the brain implant that turned it into a robot ended up getting tortured because I had given it some milk and petted it, so reminder about that too.

Ukraine says Russia amassed 100K troops near border, Blinken raises 'real concerns' of invasion

The real reason that Ukraine's old government got overthrown was so that they could install a puppet government more amenable to breeding a new race of abominable monsters in Ukraine with my stolen semen. That's the real scandal about what Hunter Biden was doing in Ukraine: he was making at least $50k/mo selling my stolen semen for millions of dollars to women (or their fathers) who couldn't think of a better life outcome than to get a belly full of my nut while I was existing as an indigent person in a simulated reality in which 100% of women I spoke to thought they should turn me down and wait for a superior man to come along. Also, Natalie Biden is grown from my stolen semen. So is Barron Trump. So is Greta. Greta only became a media figure to try to me look an asshole for my promise to destroy all of the abominable monsters grown from my stolen semen in the theater of my enemies' cuckoldry.

Also, you can see Tesla stock really took off when I moved to that apartment in Dunwoody where they started stealing my semen on industrial scale and selling it through Tesla. I moved there after Helene kicked me out of the condo I was renting from her when I could not longer pay rent after she got me fired from my job at Georgia Tech by telling sick and malicious lies about me. This issue of my semen being Tesla's real cash cow is why Tesla had like 3 or 4 general counsels quit in one year: they found out what Tesla's real business model is and got out of there ASAP. All of those billions Elon is reaping off his stock come from selling my stolen semen. That's also why Tesla encountered "suprise 'Model 3' production delays" due to "Certain parts being made by hand" when I became homeless in 2017: they could no longer suck the scum out of the drain in my sink and it fucked up their business model.

Behind Tesla's Production Delays: Parts of Model 3 Were Being Made by Hand

Tesla has lost its top lawyer for the third time in the past year

I see the Rittenhouse verdict and the China call are coming together this week. Since the government only tells lies and it was reported regarding that call that,

>"Not much will be accomplished Monday either, at least according to the Biden administration,"

I am cautiously optimistic about positive developments this week.

This looks like it's about to form a strong confirmation of the downtrend reversal, and I don't think they'll be able to stop it just to sabotage my prediction.

I recently complained about a bad experience I had at the bagel place. Usually they never ask what kind of onions I want, but this one time the woman asked, "Do you want red or white onions?," then she put no onions and instead lettuce I didn't ask for. This woman Terra in my current hotel did the same thing today, except it was in a gangstalker super-combo strike.

I called the front desk to ask for some coffee and I thought my coffee maker wasn't working. This woman Terra that answered called me ma'am in reference to her spying on my phone calls, or working for someone who does: someone who is going to get thrown into the fire with all of his servants. Then she asked me how many packets of coffee I wanted. I had only told her I wanted some coffee and I would have been fine with however much they brought. However, she asked how many and I told her eight. Then they brought me four and not even half of the number of packets of creamer and sugar I asked for. Like this woman at the bagel place asking me about the onions only to call attention to the deliberate disservice, this other piece of shit Terra did the same thing. You might assume there was a miscommunication, but I assume she asked me and then didn't pass on the number to anyone because she only asked me to call my attention to the unfulfillment.

I asked her how long it would take, and she told me it would be about 15-20 minutes due to other people ahead of me with service requests. Then when I asked her if she could put me to the front of the service queue, she said she would try. I asked her what she meant by that because either she would or she wouldn't put me to the front. I said, "Are you going to put me to the front of the queue then?" She agreed and said she would. I said, "Great, thanks. How long is it going to take now?" She told me about the same time. I told her, "Well, you just told me you were going to put me at the front of the queue so how is going to take the same amount of time as if I was at the back of the queue which you identified as the cause for my long wait?" She lied and said she hadn't told me that she would, although she had agreed to put me to the front of the queue only a moment earlier. Instead, she said she had only said she would try which is what she said at first before I asked for clarifications and got confirmation that she would put me at the front of the queue.

After about 30 minutes, I called her back and asked her to explain to me what steps she had taken to try to get me to the front of the queue. After disrespectfully and unprofessionally ignoring my question several times, literally making me repeat myself ten time or more, she said she didn't do anything, and that she put me at the back of queue and took no further actions. I said, "So when I was on the phone with you for 10 minutes earlier and you told me over and over and over that you would try to get me to the front of the queue, you were lying about all of that?" She said, "No, I didn't lie." I said, "You told me about 15 times when I was on the phone with you earlier that you would try to get me to the front of the queue but now you're telling me that all you did was put me at the back of the queue and take no further actions, so how were you not lying to me when you told me 15 times that you would try to do it?" Then she basically hung up on me and her manager picked up the phone. Then the manager sent the security to come talk to me as if the context was something other than my offense at this cunt calling me ma'am on purpose, lying to me on the first call, and lying to me again on the second call.

I really hate these people. What is the reality that she perceives, I wonder, in which she should start our call with gangstalking shit about calling me ma'am, then lie to me at least a dozen times, probably more, and then sit by while they send security to reprimand me for her being an awful piece of trash and waste of flesh. On top of that, I would not have disappointed with the amount of coffee supplies they brought me had she not asked me to specify the amount I wanted, but for some reason she thought she should instigate that shit too. I really hate these people, their culture, and that they remain unhumbled. They disgust me and the world be a better place when I have exterminated them.

The way that I would have liked this call to go was that she not start out by gangstalking me with her ma'am bullshit. I would have asked for some coffee and she would have said ok without asking me to specify a number since obviously the number I told her has nothing to do with the amount of coffee the other man brings up. I would have ask how long and she would have told me. I would have asked if she would put me to the front of the queue, and she would have said no. Instead, she started out by being a satanic cunt, then she asked me to specify apparently only so I would notice a disservice where service would have been fine other wise. Also, she lied to me to say that she would put me at the front of the queue, and she lied to me about 20 times probably telling me that she would at least try to get me to the front. I really hate these people and their culture, and the world be a better place when I have exterminated them.

So, in the absence of the ma'am comment, I might have written all of this off to a low fluency in English. With it, however, it seems like she told me to go fuck myself about 20 or 30 times in a row.

FBI is HACKED and spam emails about fake cyberattacks are sent out from gov system’

>"Our telemetry indicates that there were two 'spam' waves, one shortly before 5 AM (UTC) [12.am. E.T.] and another one shortly after 7 AM (UTC) [2a.m. E.T.]. The FBI has been getting many calls about it. We are therefore refraining from further actions against the sending IP addresses."

I seem to have correctly assumed that the audience in the lobby on the day I left my old hotel was a good target for my rant. Given the context of the recent article about the FBI urging businesses to be more cooperative, I began mentioning that the FBI Director used to be the dad of Chris and Brad Moriarty before he faked his death, got plastic surgery, and changed his name to I.B. Jesuit. Then I went upstairs. Then I came back down to rant some more so there were "two waves." Following the second wave, I got my brain turned off an raped two or three times in the same day. I assume that was the lashing out of the people who were displeased with my correct assessment that that audience was a good target for my rant. I immediately acquired two new anal implants, a new implant in my right testicle, and probably several zapper implants. Certainly, this was in retaliation for my well target anti-disinfo operation as I was checking out of the Long Island Marriott.

To foretell something I expect to happen in the future, I think these disgusting heathens that populate Antarctica are going to say, "The reason we were mistreating you and denying you justice is because we thought you were a fatherless, poor foreigner." That's not going to be a good excuse to make to me since it will show that they are those garbage people whose culture I have hated for thousands of years. In particular, yesterday I saw some poster write, "Nuh-uh, we just changed direction," which I read as, "Since we know you're not a fatherless foreigner now, now we think it's not ok to constantly rape and torture. While we thought you were that though, then we were perfectly fine with you getting raped every ten days for the last three years and sexually tortured hundreds if not thousands of time per day. We're good Christian folk which is why we all live this absurd lie in Antarctica devoting ourselves entirely to the practice of falsehood."

Look Out Below: Why A Rug-Pull Flash-Crash Makes Perfect Sense

Goldman Quadruples-Down On Epic Year-End Meltup: "Expect $15 Billion In Demand Every Day To Close The Year"

After I walked by the room of my neighbor who was being very loud, a robot child in there screamed DADDY and was followed by CHAH saying YEAH. Then I asked to move rooms. I am surprised that not all of the art in this hotel is disgusting. I guess they put me in the shitty room on the 13th floor deliberately when I checked in, because fuck me, I guess. I am pretty sure someone was in the room moving my shit around while I was out or while I was unconscious. The art in this other room is much better though the LRAD is already cranked up to 11 in here. Another thing about that other room was that I remarked on the lack of banging after being in it for a little while. It immediately started after I mentioned it, however. It started in the bathroom while I was in the kitchen. When I went into the bathroom to see if there might have been some legitimate cause for what was obviously BANGING, the BANGING continued in the kitchen a moment after I went into the bathroom. Obviously, this post will remind me about that.

Yesterday or a couple of days ago, someone parked a big blue van next to my car that had the words, "IT'S TIME TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, JON!," written on the side. I had noticed this article a few days ago about the FBI urging businesses to be more cooperative It seemed to me like the FBI wanted to put more rapists in my hotel, and they wanted the staff to be more cooperative in fucking off while they rape and torture me. This morning I got a cat meme on my computer that said, "IT'S TIME TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, JON!" I consulted the Bible and it confirmed that it was time to leave. I went downstairs tot he lobby after seeing the cat meme. There were too many new people that had suddenly started working at the front desk, one of which I believe was Samir al-Hayadi whose real name I'm not sure of but may be Good Dad's brother. In addition to the new staff, the familiar staff member Liz had been replaced today. I think the woman at the deli I've going to may have been replaced on the previous day. Both her and the man in there had a sharply altered disposition last time I went there. So, I checked out of the hotel. As I was moving my stuff out of my room, someone turned my brain off. When it came back on, I had the physical pain remaining from another aggravated sexual battery, probably in the form of a nipple pinch. I headed out of Ninevah down to the Negev, and I got raped at least two more time on the way. There was some silver Mercedes on the highway driving slowly and then speeding up when I tried to pass, and my RAPE DICK was revved up while I was near that car. I kept checking in my rear view mirror since I was going like 95mph to get the fuck away from him. Suddenly, he was gone an the RAPE DICK stopped. A few moments later, my asshole became very sore with fresh 9:00 anal rape trauma and I found a new 12:00 bead-on-a-wire implant when I stopped at a bathroom to check. I think they turned my brain off while I was driving and used remote control to pull my car over to where they raped me by the roadside. Finally, when I went through the toll to get on the Chesapeake Bay bridge/tunnel, the woman was staring too intently into the junk in my back seat and she touched my finger too much when she gave me the my debit card back. Right after, the RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER revved up much worse than it has been. This new hotel has ugly faces drawn into the two pieces of abstract art in the room. I hate that and I won't be staying here. I was *VERY* pleased when I finally found that last Marriott with normal art on the walls. When I checked into this new hotel, maybe the Dad-looking stalker who told me he was my number one helper in the elevator removed the one from my nut because it stopped now. Thanks, if so.

On Certain Aspects of American Economics Relevant to 2021