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For this one, which I like much better than the other one, I notice that the masonic center nearby says "York Rite Bodies" and "Scottish Rite Bodies" but not "Chinese Rite Bodies." I don't know if there might be some overlap there, or what the arrangement of their stuff may be, but that is what comes to mind. Also, between this mural and the masonic center is the head office of King & Spalding where FBI Director Wray worked in between faking his death as Brad and Chris Moriarty's dad and his current job at the FBI. This mural also makes me think about how he's always saying, "China is the biggest threat." Lately, I understand that he really means Chinese freemasonry.

This one pretty well explains Mike Pence's Garfield fetish. You can also kind of pull out of that why Trump getting elected was basically the worst thing that ever happened to me.

I addition to the graffiti, the hundred things around town named Windsor are named after my mother's last name. If the good guys had won WWII, I guess there would be 100 things around town named after my father.

For the most part, I like the graffiti around Atlanta. This mural, however, seems like a celebration of the Vine City sewage flood and I don't care for it. It seems evil and like a representation of something that I hate.

I do very much like the REM BANDOE TETH STR8 CULT ones. These must pertain to remembering the house I got arrested in on 10th St, which was not abandoned but was my own legal residence where I had every right to be when half of APD police raped me. In previous posts, I mentioned several things about my suspicion of a cult in that neighborhood. Hours after I made a post remarking that the gate feature at Bar Amalfi was the spitting likeness of this sewage monster, someone showed up and threw all my shit out on the street with no right to do so. There is certainly cult in that neighborhood. That cult and those cops who serve them are all going to get killed.

There was some guy at the homeless shelter who was fucking with me very much, and other people would call him Mr. Lester but pronounce it Molester. At first, I thought that's what the LESTR graffiti was. Now I think EVEN LES commemorates the degeneration from the CHUB HEAD days to my current state which is catastrophically worse on every level, with my life completely and irrevocably ruined by physical and psychological damage that will never heal as long as my enemies' children continue to draw breath. EVEN LES kind of speaks to the way Trump getting inaugurated marked the onset of the worst four years of my life with the exception of this current year under Biden being somehow much worse still than any of those Trump years. It's like how the long decline in my personal and professional life following my enemies' sicking their Emily Hancock agent me was then amplified by 100 to leave me out on the street homeless and literally getting fucked in the ass by rapists turning my brain off every 100 hours or so, so that my quality of life was EVEN LES than it was beforehand. They raped me almost to death, and then the remediation was to go ahead and rape me the rest of the way to death.

They've got that hooker "Jasmine" crying in a mural in the Old Fourth Ward, and now my situation is 100000 times worse than it was. Also, that mural doesn't quite explain that she came in solidarity with my gangstalkers to spray me with pepper spray when I was using the internet and the power outlet at the McDonald's in Dunwoody. The tears kind of paint a different picture than the real one. She was in solidarity with my enemies before they painted that one, and after.

They say I deserve it for not indenturing myself to them as their wage slave but I disagree. When I kill their last child and the last trickle of their bloodline fades away, maybe then they will know they were wrong.

When I went out into the hall earlier today, someone shouted, "You won!" I obviously didn't. In addition to the constant sexual torture I was dealing with at my last 20 hotels, now they're spraying me with SHIT SPRAY every 15 minutes. I got anally raped in the laundromat today too. That's not what happens when you are the winner. This is what happens when my rapists and the people who want to spray shit stink on me all day win.

Anyways, a blessing on whoever writes the stuff that I like.

I assume this picture I found of Dad is another chimera shoop of a person who doesn't actually exist. I frequently see hints of Dad on Biden, and on Rittenhouse. That look on Biden's face really gets on my nerves.

This facial expression in the front looks very much like Steve Collins of Collins Brothers Produce in Forest Park, GA. That doesn't exactly look like Joey Collins in the back, but the expression, gesture, and body posture do seem quite like Joey. Steve has a giant winding purple keloid scar on his hip which is obviously the inspiration for this tattoo. In fact, the one in the back looks somewhat like one of the men from Alliance, which I suppose is another's face grafted onto Joey, but may not be.

Something I ate yesterday has given me a stomach ache which started last night and has not stopped. I guess the person who came into the restaurant crying wasn't telling me he was sad about me getting raped and given new implants when I walked past the masonic center, but rather he was crying to tell me he was sad that when I stopped at some random restaurant to get some food after getting raped and given new implants in front of the masonic center, the people in the restaurant were going to serve me poisoned food.

Although rapists were out on my walk yesterday, the gangstalkers were not. Today was quite the opposite. It appeared to me that this faggot above from "Alliance Madison" intercepted me in front of Viewpoint near 6th St in formation with one of these guys from my current hotel. In front of the Fed on 10th St, some stalker approached with a boombox playing gangstalker radio. Around 14th street, someone who intercepted me yesterday intercepted me again today, smirking maliciously when I recognized him. Around 15th St, someone began to walk in gangstalker formation with me. At that point, I turned around and went back to my car.

Yesterday, I walked south down Peachtree. At the CVS around Collier, two people came outside to film me. Somewhere around there, I also encounter some Jewish-looking faggot dressed as a woman standing on the sidewalk. The person seemed suspicious to me, but I did not see him overtly filming me. This was a few blocks or so to the north of the P2 building and the masonic center where I was raped and given new implants yesterday. Today, that same faggot intercepted me a few blocks to the south of those buildings as I walked north on Peachtree.

The USA hides the word of the Lord because it is deadly poison to them.

North Hollywood shooting at Burlington Coat Factory leaves teen girl, suspect dead

>It's believed the bullet passed through the wall of the dressing room.

As per usual, a child was killed in the news immediately following my new dick implants. I think it is well established by now that my enemies are more than happy to pay whatever price is being extracted via the mechanism which this news story is a part of. As evidence, I cite the other ten dead children in the news preceding this one as not being a deterrent against this child getting killed today.

I was looking for what I thought was an earlier blog post of an article where they were saying that the military might start a civil war if the Jews didn't stop giving me implants. Either I didn't post it here, or it got deleted. Anyways, the quote above about the bullet going through the wall is clearly a reference to my rapists using self-implanting implants against me today. Will the military sit idly by and do nothing about it like the previous response which made it seem like a good idea to do it again today? That is my fullest expectation. After all, putting self-implanting on my dick when he turned my brain off and pulled my pants down is an obvious and kosher workaround for giving me implants. Whatever the response is, I am sure it will be minimal enough that the next rapist will still think it's a good idea to do it when he gets the opportunity tomorrow.

My RAPE thread where I reported the rape in front of the P2 building and/or the masonic center already died. I have a frequent, "Keep me posted," poster who likes to luxuriate in the credit for doing the things I write in the RAPE thread. Today, he wrote something about implants going into you instead of onto you. I think in the way a Jew would explain, "I didn't blow up the car, I just pulled the pin on the grenade," this poster in my thread was saying that swabbing me with the self-implanting nano-razors is something different than giving me implants.

I went to get dinner at some chicken place. Given the way the first person to come in after me was crying, I think that is further confirmation that the people occupying the P2 building and/or the masonic center did rape me on the sidewalk in front of their building(s), and they did give me new dick implants which have been causing an acute sensation of pain for about five or six hours, which is only now starting to lessen slightly. Whenever I talk about exterminating those people in full, raping their women to death and stomping their babies' heads, someone always pops up saying, "No, don't!," but things like this make me feel very strongly that I am absolutely correct in my thinking.

I can also make a relevant comment about this ONLY mural on the highway under the masonic center near the P2 building. I believe this mural commemorates a momentous event in the early days of my gangstalking problem. I was listening to the Portuguese Pimsleur program driving to jiu jitsu one night. The word "so" came up in the vocabulary, and I noticed that it was different than "sou." The former means "only" and the latter means "I am." Not long before that, I had been speaking to Cobrinha in Portuguese and he couldn't understand me. When it came up in the Pimsleur program, I realized I had been saying "I am" to him instead of "only." In the practice in my car, I was very careful to do the pronunciation correctly in the Brazilian accent since I had been misunderstood previously. That night when I got to jiu jitsu, the man teaching the class did something weird which I would later understand to be gangstalking. He said the word "only" very much that evening and with a weird emphasis, and soon after this ONLY mural appeared. I had been thinking that there was something weird going on with the man from Alliance for a while, but it was when he said only so much that night that I became 100% sure that something weird was happening. Since then, my gangstalking problem has increased 100000x over. It was on the sidewalk directly above this mural where my RIGHT DICK PAIN INFLICTOR was activated today.

I went for a walk today. As soon as I passed this black cube, freemasonic P2 building, my RIGHT DICK PAIN INFLICTOR was suddenly activated. I had no other problems with my sexual torture devices on the walk. However, this one was activated as soon as I walked past this building, and it has not subsided at all in the ~3hours since it started. Quite likely, I was raped on the sidewalk in front of the building, and they put new PAIN INFLICTOR IMPLANTS on my dick. As soon as I posted this on my RAPE thread, Helene and her helper, the faggot, came on the LRAD to say YUP, apparently agreeing with my assessment that this current acute bout of RIGHT DICK PAIN INFLCITOR is due to a rape on the sidewalk in front of the headquarters of the homosexuals. When I got back to the hotel, the desk clerk was keen to do an interception maneuver against me in the hallway, to smile at me far in excess of what would be ordinary, and to speak to me in his stupid accent. In fact, he spoke to me exactly in the voice of the man at the Indian restaurant where I was recently raped and given a new anal nodule implant.

I never felt like I was seeing Helene's face morphed onto Wendy Corona's face. However, when I was staying at the homeless shelter around fall 2017, her face was on the TV all the time. I noticed that her eyebrow bones are quite like Helene's signature eyebrow bones which she accentuates with her disguisecraft so that people in the know can still see her. In the time since then, Coronavirus became a thing. Consequently, I wonder about Wendy Corona's backstory. Is that her real name? Even on Curb Your Enthusiasm, whose title really meant "If that's the Lord, then curb your enthusiasm because he sucks," there was some episode where Larry had people calling him L-VID. In a later episode in the show with John Hamm, Larry admits to stealing all his material which is a confession about his show being a mockery of poor adhesion into the society which it is my destiny to destroy. Indeed, they have an evil Jew in a later episode disguised as Larry confessing to "killing a baby," and that is more of their filthiness to call me "baby" and it refers to these ongoing matters with "Perkins Coie."

Certainly, COVID was planned pre-9/11, in my opinion, so I don't think these were random coincidences.

I assume this person on American Horror Story is Helene. This is basically the outfit they had for "Mom" underneath the old lady disguise on Futurama, which is a fair semblance for Helene's civilian attire, especially when contrasted with her S&M latex body suit. Also, Mom's Evil Robot Factory is a reference to the "toys" in the paradigm of the Toy Box Killer. I think in the Toy Box Killer's recorded dungeon greeting, "his girl" that he refers to was not his girlfriend, but rather it was Helene. I think the main object of the hypnosis and memory wiping mentioned in the transcript was that he was making sex slaves conditioned so that they when their anal implants were activated, they would be driven into a submissive sexual frenzy. I think that movie Black Snake Moan was about this specific thing exactly.

I also think some very large portion of present-day trannies, and men wanting to see other men fuck their wives, come from this same "robot factory" conditioning tailored to Helene's perversions rather than a man's. David Parker "Toy Box Killer" Ray used the Sandy Bushey persona in the office at Exide where I worked with Helene and the person enacting the younger main character, Rod Williams, as in the earlier post. One of Helene's aliases in the office, she had a few including Selina, meaning "sell 'gina" in relation to role as the mother of prostitutes, was Rodelene Williams. The proper alias of the younger maid character at Exide was Rodney Williams. Sandy Bushey is probably the close blood relative of the Toy Box Killer who did not die in prison, and whose arrest and confession was probably tailored to end an investigation into the real villains in those matters who have so far escaped justice.

When I was around 10 or so, Helene left me with her friend to go so see some comedian. It was the only time she ever went to go see a comedian while leaving me with a babysitter, as far as I recall. After she picked me up in late in the evening, she told me he was so funny. She repeated a sexual joke to me which was extremely out of character for her. I remember this joke so clearly not because it was so funny to me as kid, but because she had probably never mentioned anything sexual to me at any previous time in my life, ever.

Some guy is drinking at a bar, and he sees another man come in. That man approaches some woman at the bar and says a few words to her. She gets visibly offended and then he leaves her alone before approaching another woman. The first man keeps watching him, and he sees the second woman get visibly offended as well. The guy goes up to a third woman, says a few words, she smiles, and they leave together. Later in the evening, the second man shows up at the bar again. The first man, very drunk by then, says to him, "Hey, buddy. How'd you get that woman to leave with you so easily?" The second guy says, "It's easy. You just go up to them and say, 'Tickle your ass with a feather?' If they seem offended, tell them you said, 'Awfully nice weather.' If they're into, however, then you're good to go." The first man is very drunk, and he approaches some woman. He says, "Shove a feather up your ass?" She says, "WHAT?!?!" He says, "Nice day we're havin'."

Anyways, I think Helene liked this joke because she knew it was about using the zapper remote control to canvass for the type of conditioned sex slaves her friends were making. (I think she has repurposed this conditioning to make trannies and cuckolds too, by the way.) I think the reason she went to go see that comedian is because she knew ahead of time that his whole bit was going to be about MK Ultra and the toy box protocols.

I think this was posted in my rape thread following my earlier rape post to mock that the rapists who let me out of the slave hole only under the condition that I attend this class then used my attendance to the class to turn my brain off and present me to one or more parties for their sexual gratification. Helene was on the LRAD immediately saying YUP when I finished typing this, and when I finished typing it earlier. I recall that the last name of the person whose face I spat in was Colombo, and it is highly unlikely that anyone with that name will live. It is highly unlikely that many of them will find the mercy of a swift death.

Also, I'm pretty sure turning my brain off to serve me as a fuck doll to someone is what the Pope means when he says sins of the flesh aren't a big deal.

Speaking of slaves, I had to go to anger management as part of my conditional release from slave hole for spitting in my roommate's face after he kept banging in the kitchen in synchrony with my anal rape implant going off. During one of those classes, I lost about 20 minutes. When I left the class, the crack of my ass was all smeared with shit. Also, it seemed like the man teaching the anger management class in which I was anally raped was also the man in the jail who had hit me in the face forcing my transfer into the room with Helene's "Pretty H." Bellah persona after finally getting her Alkimo "Three Middle Letters M O M" Moore persona out of my old room. I think the one who had been electrocuting my asshole, the one I had spat at, was the probation officer I had to report to for probation while I was completing the 8-week anger management course. I am not sure who turned my brain off and fucked me in the ass, but my brain was off for a good 20 minutes. I was monitoring my watch very closely waiting for the class to be over, and usually they don't leave me smeared with shit when they anally rape me.

On a certain day, the man teaching the class seemed like a different man in the same disguise. He looked very similar but I don't think this was the one who attacked me in the jail. One of the other participants in the class that day tearfully described losing his child and his insistence to "get her back," an apparent reference to Daisy's Destruction, or similar, and the presence of Helene as a participant in the class as well. After that, the gist of class drifted briefly in another direction. Somehow, it was intimated that the teacher of the class was Helene's slave. I intimated, "Yeah, that's pretty obvious." He said, "REALLY?!?!?!," like he was surprised that I understood that. I think that is what is depicted in the picture above: that specific condition of slavery. I think this issue of this man being Helene's slave is very important for Helene and she relies on people not understanding which person is the real boss there. Now I am back in Atlanta. I checked into this hotel which didn't have the TAPPING devices installed, and the group of men from whom the man teaching that one class would have hailed seemed present here. So, I wonder if Helene was able to get the TAPPING equipment installed so quickly by a USA warrant, or if it may have been through her domination over one (or more) of these men.

Given how infrequently this condition of Helene's slave comes up, I think this slavery must be extremely important for Helene. Of all the things I constantly harp on, I rarely remember this one. I am not sure who the slave is, or if the entire remnant of that family is the slave now, or I have seen the slave in the past week or so, but I want to remind him (or them) that I understand what he intimated to me that day, and I am concerned about it. He was quite surprised in the meeting when I immediately understood what he was getting at. I think this is extremely important but it almost never comes up. Therefore, I bring it up to remind him (or them) that I am aware and concerned.

On my now-defunct website 2occatl.net, I made a post about how it seemed obvious to me that they brought "Ranieri Paiva de Albuquerque" to Atlanta as a jiu jitsu instructor so that the person who wears the blue sweater (and his accomplices (or slaves)) could have a reason to be talking about "Ranieri" all the time without it seeming like they were talking about their NVIXM front man Keith Raniere. When I did the image search for Kieth Raniere at that time, almost all of the images showed him wearing this too-fastidious light blue, very thin sweater. This man I have in mind from Alliance loves to wear that, and it was like Raniere was wearing that person's outfit in this interview. Though approximately 100% of the images showed him in the guy's outfit at the time of that first post, 100% those images have been apparently deleted from the internet. I can find no traces of Keith wearing that one exact thin blue sweater. I also once mentioned that 100% of Sheryl Sandberg's google image results showed her making the tiny penis gang sign, and just a few months later almost all of them were gone. Today, it seems like they have all been deleted from the internet thought they comprised ~100% of the image results when I first mentioned it.

Incidentally, I search for Keith Raniere on YouTube to see if I could find the internet whose screens were not appearing in the google results. YouTube told me it has no matches for "Keith Raniere" older than three years. I saw Jordan Peterson and Chris Langan pop in the results, strangely, since they seem unrelated. I don't doubt Jordan Peterson is a persona used by Mr. Light Blue NVIXM Thin Sweater. I also noticed that NVIXM acolyte Catherine Oxenberg looks quite like this Rose the Hat character I've been mentioning. I also recall that it was NVIXM acolyte Stormy Daniels who consecrated the abomination in her womb bring to term a child grwon from my stolen semen and one of Ivanka Trump's eggs.

I got the picture about from this music video. Maybe there a few face swaps in there. The one above seems the most like Mr. Thin Blue Sweater to me. After I watched the video the first time, some poster on 4chan was writing something like, "Oh? Did you see me there?," in a not very friendly way. Watching it just now, I see some of the imagery is evocative of the Saint Hill picture with the metal things attached to the eyes, and also this other imagery is somewhat evocative of a Fiend-like character. This one right at the beginning is kind of saying he doesn't like, if I'm seeing that correctly.

Also, I was a big fan of Spawn when I was into comic books. I don't think I ever watched the movie, or all of the movie, and I heard it was not very good. This song was apparently in the soundtrack to the movie version of my previous favorite comic book.

Someone in one of those Silent Hill threads said that the show American Horror Story was relevant, and I watched the first episode today. Certainly, a few likenesses jumped out at me.

Top left: This is the one who I was wondering just recently if it was "Kim Potter." This likeness I recognize at the Rose the Hat Actress from Dr. Sleep who think is also this same person.

Bottom left: This is one of the Rod Williams impersonators from Exide. It's the one that pissed me off using the Ekaterina persona at the Long Island Marriott where I stayed for a few months recently.

Top right: This is the smiling man (crying), or a clone, lookalike, cousin, doppelganger, etc... This shape of the grimace here is exactly the grimace I saw on the day after my first post about the sleep experiment. These people's faces are shoopped and mixed and matched, but you can see this grimace inside the smile of some of the pictures of the guy I posted here.

Bottom middle: I guess this is the person from the main "Saint Hill picture." I assume it's also whoever this is supposed to be. Seeing this likeness in the show, I recall a suggestion in the summer of 2018 about a dream I had. The suggestion was that the dream about someone coming into my room, telling me, "Man! I am Carlos!," and then trying to engage me in homosexual snuggling before declaring, "He don't like me," was actually this this person. In hindsight, this "dream" was consistent with what I now understand to be hypnogogic hypnosis, a form of rape. After watching this show, I see it is suggested this is the person from the Saint Hill photo.

Bottom right: This is the man who likes to wear the powder blue sweaters. I thought the movie Mega Mind's theme of having the villain cast himself as Bernard was really a conduit for an expression of this person's rosy self-impression. There was some interview with NVIXM leader Keith Raniere where he was wearing this guy's sweater, so I guess the bottom right guy is the real leader of NVIXM. (I cannot find the pictures I'm looking for, and I will do a follow up post.) "President of NVIXM" probably does not do justice to who this person is, however. I have speculated that this person is the one who dressed as a Hasid to electrocute my asshole before disappearing into the lavatory to be replaced by a lookalike on the flight back from my first attempt to get to Israel. On that flight, I had some giant device implanted in my perineum which was sore for like a week afterwards due to the very large amount of tissue that was sliced for my rapists to perform this unwanted surgery on me in the days after I quit that job at Exide. This was after the Israelis let me out their dungeon and put me on a plane back to the alleged USA.

I've seen an increase in Silent Hill posting lately. I read some book about Scientology, probably this one, around 2015, and then I figured Silent Hill must have been based on the Scientology facility they said was in Saint Hill, England. When the posts were made, I rewatched the Silent Hill movie and it confirmed my suspicions. After I watched the movie, I understood that the original of the picture above was taken in the Scientology center in Saint Hill. I also assume the Fiend character is a plague doctor analogue. I do not know if the two plague doctors in this image are two separate ones, or if the bird one and the big upper lip one are just variations.

I have developed a new protocol for proofreading these posts. Hopefully the number of typographical errors should go down. I'm going to go put the archive through the checker in Edge.

EDIT: In a previous version of this post, "go but the archive" should have said "go put the archive." These kinds of errors are likely to continue.

Seeing that picture of Einstein recently made me start thinking about Jews and Israel slightly more than usual. I recalled that Einstein turned down the Israeli President's office. I have in the past paraphrased his reason as some thinking that a state for Jews would quickly devolve into a Jewish nationalist state. I could not find the exact blurb I was looking for, but I did find the following article.

1948: N.Y. Times Publishes Letter by Einstein, Other Jews Accusing Menachem Begin of Fascism

>Einstein had not supported Israel's establishment, arguing 10 years earlier in an address at New York's Commodore Hotel that the formation of a state with borders and an army ran counter to "the essential nature of Judaism." In 1946 he would tell the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry on the Palestinian issue, "I cannot understand why it is needed. It is connected with narrow-minded and economic obstacles. I believe it is bad."

The first thing I noticed is that this article is very honest about the Jews being the real terrorists in the middle east. I notice no media is ever so honest about that as the Israeli media.

On the point I was looking for, Einstein's grievance against Begin is that he is basically a Nazi for the Jews instead of a Nazi for the Germans, and ideological opposition to fascism at all requires opposition to Begin. (I am pro-fascist but anti-kike.) The sentiment of Einstein's reasoning about turning down the Presidency that I recall reading elsewhere was that the idea of a place for Jews to live would quickly devolve into a Jewish Nazi state, as it has!

The article said Begin's political party came to power in 1977 after about 30 years of A-State-for-Jews parties, and that Begin's party changed its name to Likud. Likud PM Netanyahu was the one who denied me access to the alleged state for Jews because my politics are not aligned with the Jewish Nazi state politics in Israel. The Jewish thought police said I wasn't allowed. The original idea about Israel being a place for Jews was long gone by 2017 when I returned to the Holy Land by descent from the clouds in fulfillment of an ancient prophecy. Now Israel is the power base of the Nazi Jews, who are really Nazi kikes, which is to say Nazi Satanists. If Israel was a state for Jews, I would have been able to go there. Einstein called the political descent exactly correctly. Particularly, Einstein cited the creation of Israel as related to economic obstacles, and I think I made the Israelis really hate me when I began to support BDS with a few tweets as a way to exert pressure on their refusal to honor the Lord's Torah regarding the treatment of cohabitating foreigners. Since they don't do the Jewish law at all, wearing their little yarmulkes is like circumcision of the flesh missing circumcision of the heart. They call themselves Jews outwardly, but they are not Jews inwardly. The ones in power who would not let me enter don't do the Jewish law, and the other ones who turn to voting rather than slaying to express their dissent also don't do the Jewish law.

I am the owner of that land, and the people occupying it today would not let me cross their lines to enter it. When "Isra El" means "fights against El," that's the same El in my name El Arcon which means "God King" in Hebrew. El Arcon owns the Holy Land. I am the owner of it. Those people occupying it are evil.

It's Official: Durham Is Investigating The Clinton Campaign

>Stuart Sears is a partner at the law firm Schertler Onorato Mead & Sears

I was wondering who Danchenko might be. My first guess would be Danny Donohue who was one of my early gangstalkers at Alliance, and who was stalking me earlier this year at least at the Queens Hotel where someone threw a Tupperware out of a fifth story window at his friend. I googled the law firm to see what was what, and it seemed like they had some very memed lawyers. I clicked on Onorato first, and I kind of see the face of someone named Brandon Onorato in the picture. He had red star Russian mafia tattoos on his knees, so I can see why he would be in there as something to do with the "Russia hoax." I also see Chris Oquendo in there. He tried to have me thrown into the slave hole when I was homeless, signing an affidavit with Paul "Michael 'Gorilla Channel' Wolff" Merritt, and he also gave me the first of several poisoned water bottles I would come to own during my homelessness. Maybe it's all Oquendo I'm seeing there, and no Onorato, actually. It may have been the Russian mafia connection with those tattoos that got Brandon my mind. Oquendo was from somewhere in South Florida around where my DNC-related counterparties were while I was at Lexis Nexis and involved in what came to be called "the DNC emails."

Before mentioning the other lawyers at this firm Durham mentioned, let me comment on some of the lawyers' faces on the billboards around town. When I came back into Atlanta, I recognized Morris Bart and Alexander Shunnarah as two of the guys from Alliance, and I think Gary Martin Hays looks quite a but like Rob Maggio who I understand is a Director of something important at Coca Cola, and who did play the disguise game with imposters in Alliance, as did many other people.

Schertler gave me a distinct Morris Bart vibe, and then I got an immediate Shunnarah vibe from Mead though I feel like I might be grasping for that and not recognizing him properly. I do recognize him, however. Sears I assume is Chris Moriarty, the Director of the FBI's son. Hatcher and "Dickieson" are Jenna and who I assume is Evil Dad or another Evil Dad-affiliated person, likely the one who approached me in the bagel place to call me "boychik" and pretend to slap me in the face earlier this fall. Manning I would guess is Patricia "Pedo Sadist" Vuittonet.

Lisa Schertler looks kind of like Joey. Given that other post about them plotting to give me brain control implants yesterday, I now wonder if those scars on Joey's head are brain control implants rather psychotronic cheat-enhancers. I wonder that about other people who have that scar too who I had assumed would have gotten voluntary brain surgery. That may have been too naive. Tighe I don't get. If I was going to guess, I'd say it's the Ivan who I say is Nemesio "El Mencho" Cervantes, a front person for the real El Mencho: Joey, the previous lawyer. The real name of the NGJ cartel is "Joel's Co.: The New Generation" as Joel Steven "The Atlanta Child Murderer" Collins, real name Joel Steven Cohen, hands over the narco business they run at the state farmers' market in Forest Park, GA to his son Joel Steven "El Mencho" Collins, real name Joel Steven "Joey" Cohen. This handover may also involve a hostile takeover if those are brain control implants underneath those ginat scars behind his ears.

For Trout, I will say Rob Maggio based on the mouth and the name popping into my head though I'm not really sure I see him there. After I mentioned seeing his likeness in the billboard the other day, and then I got my coffee poisoned and SHIT SPRAYERS installed in my room again, someone posted on 4chan about finding a bunch of maggots in his room but they spelled it "maggiots." If those SHIT SPRAY drones were Maggio-related, then I'd say Maggio's fake job at Coca Cola is really a cover him being an FBI agent. I think the FBI in Atlanta rents office space (or used to) in the Bank of America tower about two lights down North Avenue from Coke HQ. One time shortly after I began to publish my theory, Rob mentioned to me that Obama had had an unpublished meeting with Dean of the College of Engineering at Georgia Tech. I mentioned online that it was probably about my research since it was unpublished and you'd think Obama would meet with the university's President (Dean?), if anyone. rather than the CIA-agent Dean of the College of Engineering. After I mentioned it, Rob seemed pissed off that I had mentioned it. Since the meeting was unpublished, I don't know how Rob would have heard about it.

Pinto I also don't get other than the P2 freemason reference. "Cherry" looks like Danny Donohue. Also, the email for the first lawyer I clicked on, "Danny" Onorato, has an email that says donorato@blah so his first name is like Danny's and his email is like Danny's last name Donohue... with Danny being my first guess about who Danchenko would be.

I used to eat at Nori Nori a lot. It was also not lost on me that Mark and Yoon Shin were kind of like, "Nori Nori Nori Nori Nori Nori Nori Nori Nori," all the time, and I thought I would go check it out. As soon as I walked in, I felt some kind of pepper spray on my face. A minute later, the WRIGGLER was activated and the woman at the adjacent table said, "My wriggler got activated," before she continued to heckle me the rest of the time I was in there. When I used to go there, there was just one guy who I think was a Mexican making sushi rolls who seemed kind of weird. Today, every single person in the wait staff, and both managers, all Asians and maybe all Japanese, seemed like a half autistic weirdo. I would not doubt for a moment that Nori Nori is a front business employing Salt Pit "Squid Game" employees in semi-legitimate day job positions. This follows from my recollection of how many times I heard the word NORI from Mark and Yoon compared to other people when it came time to mention a place to eat. The waiter took about 15 minutes to bring the glass of water I ordered which I assumed would be poisoned. As soon as he set it down, he walked to an adjacent table and asked something about "hot water." I have never heard hot water mentioned as a restaurant beverage in my life before today, and I think it was a reference to the poison in the water. In addition to the people at the WRIGGLER table, some Indian looking guy was mad dogging me when I was in the sushi line. When I went back to it, a few people all said JON! such that I was surrounded by simultaneous JON! hecklers.

I had my camera on and recording when I was in the restaurant, and when I went back to my car, I watched it to see if I had been sprayed with pepper spray when I walked in. The camera was not pointing at the person I wanted to see, and I drove away. In between leaving the restaurant and getting back to 400, about 1 mile driving down Abernathy, a strange cut appeared on my lip. It was dangling a strand of nearly severed mucous membrane. As soon as I noticed the cut, or about a minute later, I noticed the cut was centered in a dime-sized numb spot on my lip. About an hour later, there is a strange texture on my lip there now surrounding the cut. I think either they must have got me when I got back in my car and watched what I had filmed, turning the camera off too early apparently, or I got pulled over with my brain turned off on Abernathy and they did it there.

I am drawn toward speculating about whether the waitstaff in there are really the little Playstation-themed weirdos from the Salt Pit, or if they are the imitators of those people in my present location. The clouds where I am now still seem unnatural, either in my perception or in reality, and my feeling is that I am still in Antarctica. Therefore, I must also question whether the real Salt Pit is in Antarctica, or North America. Usually it is said that the Salt Pit is in Afghanistan and I say, "No, it's in Atlanta," but they are also saying that I am one of the "Americans stranded in Afghanistan" about which Psaki has made some grossly rose-colored false comments. So, maybe it is here and those are the real people working at Nori Nori. The autism in there is really profound. It's not like full-on retarded autism, but you can see there is something slightly weird about the people working in there.

Prosecutor tells jurors to convict Kim Potter for 'colossal screw up' that ended in death of Daunte Wright

My first thought on this one was about Eris Wakefield, someone I hated at Alliance and continue to hate. After that, I noticed a likeness to this person above next to the table. After that, I wondered if this was the giggling stalker who implanted about 10 MEGA ZAPPERS on the head of my penis in the Holiday Inn in Nassau. As I read the article, it mentioned Chauvin who was the first one to stab me in the dick and implant a ZAPPER when he presented himself to me as a woman who I thought I could pay to suck my dick. As I continued reading, the April 11 date seems about right for when I was in that Holiday Inn. I think that incident with the giggling stalker was slightly earlier than April, but maybe not.

I have mentioned many times what I suspect to be a conspiracy of fraudulent misrepresentation at Exide such that they inserted fraud papers into my hiring package. I think this was done after Helene had already gotten away with a similar fraud many years earlier. In the fall of 2007 or 2008, Helene bought a condo for me to rent from her. After she got me fired wrongfully in 2011 from my job at Georgia Tech, she kicked me out when I could no longer pay rent. She lies to say that she told me to leave because my arguments with the condo manager were going to get her rental permit suspended, but she is a liar. It was very clear around the beginning of October 2012 that she told me on a recorded phone call I had to get the fuck out of her condo because I could not pay rent (following her wrongful termination of my employment.) This led more or less directly to my homelessness, with a few intermediate stops. She could have let me move back in there while I was homeless, but she makes up some lie about the rental permit which is complete bullshit. She lies about why she kicked me out, and she lies about why she didn't offer to let me move back in when I was sleeping in the gutter outside the building.

Helene came to Atlanta to look at the condo. When the mortgage was approved, she asked me to accept her power of attorney to sign the closing docs for her. I allege that the agent at the closing fraudulently misrepresented the paperwork to me. The representation was that I was accepting the delegation to me by Helene of her power of attorney, and that I was signing a mortgage for her using that power of attorney. Anything other than that would have been a fraudulent misrepresentation. Just like I did not read the hiring bullshit at Exide when I clicked "agree" on the email I got, I did not read the hundreds of pages requiring my apparent dozens of signatures which were presented to me by the closing agent. In signing, I relied on the representation that I was accepting Helene's power of attorney and signing the mortgage for her. I think it was due to Helene's wild success in this fraud conspiracy that Exide was so emboldened to do the same thing to me, except more, around 2016. Obviously, I demand that all of the fraud agreements be voided, and I demand to be made whole. Also obviously, the real purpose of my demand to be made whole is to cause the insolvency and liquidation of the counterparties which will not be able to make me whole.

This is Helene "splaining" it in with a David Splain persona and a woman's set of eyeglasses. If I understand what they're saying there, I don't think the problem is so much that Rogel "Sore Dem" Mederos was lying as that people were seeking Mederos' word instead of seeking my word. I think if they have Helene sticking up for him, his sentence was too lenient. It appears to me that any claim of negligence due to him "passing a pullout" could be levied equally, or better, against those who sought his word but did not seek my word.

One of these people I know looks quite like Einstein. I have made my thoughts known. I wonder, however, what are his thoughts on (i) the abominations, (ii) the refusal of the military occupation of the Holy Land to let me cross their lines into my own land, (iii) the refusal of the government calling itself the Jewish state to obey the Jewish law regarding the mistreatment of foreigners, (iv) the refusal of the people calling themselves Jewish to fear, obey, and honor the Lord, (v) the events surrounding my having ended up in a dungeon underneath the Ben Gurion airport, and (vi) the refusal of even one Jew to acknowledge publicly that I am the God of Abraham, God Almighty, the God of Israel.

This is apost about Cathy Wood, ARKK, and Tesla.

There was a scene in the Silence of the Lambs where Clarice was recounting hearing the screaming lambs outside one night when she was a child. This was a reference to an occasion in the 1980s where I woke up to the sound of screaming child, a young child like an infant or a toddler, being murdered, apparently, in the backyard behind my bedroom in the house on Placita Pardal. I have many times alleged that this house is built into the side of a hill because it is connected to a hidden underground lair. In the morning after the child was screaming and being murdered apparently, I asked what the sound was. The murderer's accomplice Karen Tooker (formerly Karen Franks) was very quick to cover for the murderer by saying it was a coyote. I am from Arizona, and I know what coyotes sound like. This was the unambiguous sound of a small child screaming bloody murder, and Karen was *very* quick to cover for the murderer.

Since the mouth breather Cathy Woods has been popping up in the news so much lately, I have noticed that she is the spitting image of the child murderer's accomplice, Karen. Furthermore, the name of her fund ARKK seems to say "Our Tooker" and the main reason for her fund's success is Tesla: the company whose real business model is selling my stolen semen.

Around 2016, when I was trying to get back in touch with Good Dad, I met some imposters. Imposter Dad told me he was studying to be a realtor and that he and his alleged wife Karen were going to go into business for themselves having previously done business through the business of Karen's brother Terry: Elite Realtors of Georgia, or Elite Realtors of Middle Georgia, or something like that. After the realty training was completed, to hypothetical independent business venture supposedly never materialized. In hindsight, now, however, I suspect that the real story about the "realty licensing" was some fraud agent certification, and that Cathy Woods' likeness to the child murderer's accomplice is due to the murderer's accomplice Karen being photographed in the thinly disguised likeness of the mouth breather Cathy Woods.

Some further details on the house on Placita Pardal. Karen's brother Gary now lives in one of just a few houses on that cul de sac. I suspect that this due to his P2 affiliations, and due to the connections of the houses on that cul de sac to a P2 lair. If I am not mistaken, Gary's wife Diane was the subject of a, "Who is Diane?," meme that was floating around a few years ago. Before Dad or a Dad-affiliated person bought that house, it was owned by a prominent local business owner in Tucson: the owner of Octopus Carwash. Years later, the car wash would be the money laundering business of choice on Breaking Bad, and the chief of the Gambino mafia org would be named Cefalu, meaning octopus. Dad was a native Brooklynite, as I assume were the other Dad-affiliate persons, and while we lived on Placita Pardal it was supposed to be some random coincidence that the neighbor in one of like five houses had actually known Dad from Brooklyn several years ago. Also, it's just a "coincidence" that Karen's brother lives in one of those houses 30 years alter. I emphasize the mafia connection because it supports my allegation of a liar underneath Placita Pardal.

Also, Helene's last name Gutfreund was the motivation for the name "Gus Fring" on Breaking Bad. Gus' company was named Madrigal because that translates as "mom girl." Gus wore the same kind of glasses that Helene wears and his character was kind of an effeminate weirdo because he was playing a woman. Greg Eisenberg is the person from whom the name Heisenberg is derived.

After getting lunch today, there were two apparent whites having raucous laugh in front of the hotel when I came back. I asked them how to get to Walmart and the got irritated and had to drive off. Back in my room, I found coffee ground on top of my coffee. Then the workman in the adjacent room 221 kept knocking on my door and going back into 221 before I could see who was knocking. I stood there for a while, and then Helene came out in a disguise just like the likeness in this video which suggests it is Helene's thing she likes to do with the TAPPING and then no one being there, or feeling something in my asshole ("my back") and no one being there. I think it is a testament to her feeble-mindedness that at almost 70yo, she finds enjoyment in the sort of thing most people grow out of in elementary school.

I looked in the room 221, and she was pretending to be a workman working on the drywall. I assumed the TAPPING which has been pleasantly absent at this hotel (replaced with the much less bothersome banging) was about to start. Certainly, it did. I scrolled past the above article on /pol/. As soon as I got disgusted, the very loud TAPPING started in the corner of the room. The eyes on the man in the article are Helene's eyes but she is trying to look macho to hide her feelings which are much more accurately given by this and this. I think it is pathetic that she's still trying to put on her tough guy act. Who does she think she's fooling?

If she was in that room building a secret connecting door into my room, I am probably in for a big unpleasant surprise coming up, however. If it's just the tapping, I will be glad to have moved on from the daily rape and implant ordeal that has been going on basically non-stop since the "accidental" drone strike in Afghanistan at the end of August. I felt like it was Rod Rosenstein bothering me at the place where I went for lunch today. When I left, I had a big bout of LEFT TESTICLE CRUSHER but it didn't feel like a new one, and I didn't have any new nodules implanted in my asshole. Since these people are basically the torture psychologists who found that you should lock your victim in a little box because he'll start to see it as a safe space, I assume the modest improvement in my situation lately is bugging them more than I am enjoying the improvement.

When I came back from the grocery store, someone said, "The FBI came twice, twice," at the desk. I rounded the corner a moment later to look down the hall leading to my room. In front of my door was a white man in black face dressed as a faggot who was the spitting image of Rod Rosenstein in blackface and a faggot's disguise. I believe Rosenstein is among my many-times previous stalkers. I think he was the one who left the Israeli shekel on my couch in that house on Center Street.

I threw away my coffee and went to the store, again, to get some more. About five different people heckled me about my coffee getting poisoned while I was in there. On the way back from the second trip, a car with DIU267 plates got in front of me. I am reminded of the sequence of events in 2014 in which Obama fired Flynn from his DIA job, and the basically the next day Helene and her accomplice filed a fraud affidavit against me in DeKalb County and had me thrown into the slave hole based on the lies they swore in the affidavit. Maybe it was a DIA agent that mentioned the FBI coming into my room a second time?

UPDATE: I found one water-damaged brown M&M on the brown carpet in front of my fridge this morning. I have noticed that my rapists often leave small circular detritus in my path color-coded with the severity of the new sexual torture implants they gave me. I think this brown M&M is consistent with someone poisoning the food stuffs I had on the fridge directly above the M&M strike zone.

UPDATE 2: The TRASH SPRAY has started again, and the cameras left in here may have lasers that they can shine into my eyes.

An exceptional documentary I watched recently.

A nice chart on ZH today shows that the real rate on Treasury bonds is very negative. (Real yield is nominal yield minus inflation.) I've been following the story for several years about whether the Fed would lower rates to less than 0%, and I was surprised somewhat that they never did. However, the chart above shows that by printing this current period of high inflation, the Fed has sent the analogous Fed rates deep below zero. (The Treasury rate loosely tracks the Fed rate.)

I was wondering why the stock market responded so positively to the Fed announcement yesterday about rate hikes and tapering. Now, I think I understand it in part, at least. The main market parties must have signaled that took Powell's statement to mean the Fed has no intention to increase the real rate above zero. However, I cannot understand at all why the market would have liked the statement of accelerated tapering. Perhaps the market reaction yesterday was deceptive in nature. I am reminded about this other article about a "rug pull flash crash" claiming too much money on the table for the big institutions not to conspire to fleece the small retail speculators by deception.

Elite US Military Unit Named 'Talon Anvil' "Bombed Civilians At Will" In Syria

If the government admits to raping and torturing me 10x as much as they usually rape and torture people, they are probably doing 100x as much as usual. This is consistent with the USA's name: The Great Satan. For ordinary people they do it much less, but it is the Lord whom they hate the most.

Reminder about Obama and his family and all the people from his government involved in setting this up, and all their families.

Someone came into my room, I am pretty sure, and stole the coffee I bought and left me with some bullshit, probably with female hormones in it, anti-laxative constipators, and weight-gain inducing psychiatric chemicals. When I drank it on Sunday, it was *very* strong, but then by Tuesday I was not even feeling a small amount of caffeine after drinking four cups. Today, I bought the same kind of coffee again, and opened the vacuum sealed package fresh just now. Even after drinking just one cup, I am feeling WAY more caffeine than those four cups yesterday. Furthermore, I already a big lunch today and those ones yesterday were on an empty stomach interrupted with some beef jerky. 99%, someone stole my coffee. I assume it was whoever deployed the SHIT SPRAY and TRASH SPRAY sprayer drones which were spraying me yesterday. They probably wiped my toothbrush in the toilet and put semen in my toothpaste again too.

EDIT: I may have posted about my coffee too soon. I finished my second cup, and I am pretty sleepy again. I have stalkers, robbers, and poison on the brain now and it's always my first thought about everything. Although it is possible that whoever deployed the SHIT SPRAY and TRASH SPRAY devices didn't fuck with the rest of my stuff, that doesn't seem reasonable to think they wouldn't. Still, this coffee I just popped open today doesn't seem that strong, and the occasion on Sunday may have been more strongly influenced by a few previous days of not eating or drinking coffee.

Staunch evangelical allies of Israel upset by Trump's outburst on Netanyahu

In my opinion, Trump's Jewish masters told him to say the F-word about Netanyaho. I've been increasing my own anti-Jewish speech lately, and I believe Trump's comment is part of Israel's campaign to counter my rhetoric. I see Trump made his "not totally empty" empty comment around the same time this new video came out with a waspy sounding woman expressing her concerns about "antisemitism." I think both, the comment and the video, are part of the same kike-funded PR push. The "truth about" title format is a good clue for those who have been following what's going on with that. Another clue is that she calls the Merchant "cunning." The real truth about the kikes is that they misuse my name J.W. when they call themselves Jews. They are not Jews, however. They are liars who do lie, and they are the Synagogue of Satan.

Also, the Semites are a *huge* group and most people who hate Jews could not give the least little bit of a care about the Semites. Lots of Semites hate Jews, I am quite certain, since Islam is a Semite religion. Israel was like the fifth or tenth generation grandson of Noah's son Shem, or some far removal like that. The issue they're calling antisemitism isn't that at all. It's kike hate. ~spits~

I am surprised to learn that the USA Supreme Court has no Christians among its justices. That makes a lot of sense, however.

I saw a meme that said the main financial organization fucking me right now via the fraud conspiracy at Exide is the Vatican-owned IOR. I also noticed that at the same time, the UK has its first ever Catholic PM and the USA has its second ever Catholic President after Kennedy who got shot in the head in his first term. It seems to me like that's probably not a coincidence.

I saw Schiff, who I tend to agree with, saying that 2021 inflation was 15% according to the 1982 CPI. At the same time, gold is flat to down on the year, and only up ~10% in two years. I think there is no way the fake paper gold market can stave off my call for gold to break out to the upside. I think the physical gold market will plow through the paper market in which the price of notional gold recently retreated fictitiously in response to my previous call for a gold breakout. They have been able to fight against me so far in the daily chart, but I do not think they will be able to fight against me in the monthly chart. Also, if I'm not mistaken, 1982 CPI was already recalculated through rose-colored glasses following inflation in the 1970s following Nixon's abandonment of the gold standard for USD. I think gold is going up. Also also, I would spend my money rather than invest it because I think total collapse will come long before any hot gold profits might be taken. I only mention it because chartism is an interest of mine.

I am pretty sure I got new RAPE DICK implants recently. When I checked into this hotel, I woke up on the first night with a sudden sharp pain in my asshole. I guess that was it. Now I have more new RAPE DICK implants and more new TESTICLE CRUSHER implants in both of my testicles, not to mention the new 9:00 ULTRA ZAPPER I picked up in Virginia, probably a new 9:00 WRIGGLER, another new mole in my face, a branch of nerve sliced off in my foot, and at least three giant anal nodule implants since this "Afghanistan drone strike" for which it has been decided no one shall be reprimanded. Also, now I'm getting sprayed with the SHIT SPRAY and the TRASH SPRAY again. If so, the friendly-seeming people at the desk in this hotel may have been deceiving me about their sentiment for me.

I mentioned here or in my RAPE thread that when I first checked in, I had a sudden painful sensation in my asshole as I was lying in bed in the afternoon. I did not mention that when I checked, it seemed like the residual detritus from the bubble implant I got at the Indian restaurant and then popped was gone. Later that night, however, I woke up again in the middle of the night with a sudden sharp pain in my asshole again, at the same position. I think that must have been when they put more new RAPE DICK implants in. It very much feels worse lately. It never stopped feeling awful since the RAPE DICK implants from August 2020 were only partially removed so I can't be 100% sure that those ones aren't just bugging me more now, but they really bugging me quite a bit more lately. Certainly, I am getting sprayed with the SHIT SPRAY and the TRASH SPRAY again here. If they've got STANK SPRAYER DRONES in my room now, I guess the increased RAPE DICK could potentially be due to the increased proximity of the RAPE DICK power transmitter. That proximity may be about 2ft if the person banging on the wall in 217 has the transmitter set up on the other side of the wall from me.

This is one reason why I want to accumulate enough money to buy a house: I do not like have to pay rent a room where they can set up their transmitters even closer to me than if I was laying a gutter. In the gutter, if someone lays down 2ft away from me, I could rightfully tell him to get the fuck away from me, or I could get away from him. When I have to pay for a room, however, there is no escape.

Why The Russiagate Scandal Outranks The Rest

>Russiagate began with a kernel of truth: Someone – probably Russians, though we still don't know for sure – hacked the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s private server.

>Many news organizations have refused to correct documented errors in Trump/Russia coverage

>If truth and justice don't matter, what does?

>The bureau took the extreme step of opening a counter-intelligence probe into an ongoing presidential campaign – and its agents perjured themselves to obtain wire-tapping warrants.

>Recent pieces in The Atlantic and New York Times, for example, suggest, without evidence, that "Mueller never definitively got to the bottom of what happened."

These first three excerpts are highly ironic because it was reported and never contested that the metadata on the "DNC email files," which are really my emails from Lexis Nexis, showed near-instantaneous transfer speeds which would have been impossible over the internet. Such high transfer speeds are only possible on a local device such as the computer in the cubicle adjacent to mine at Lexis Nexis where sat a man named Don who looked exactly like the Assange who would later report the metadata transfer speed as ruling out an external hack. Even while criticizing a failure of others to correct errors, the author of this article promotes the false/debunked notion that it is known a hack happened. That is not at all an established fact that a hack ever happened! Presupposing a hack and then asking who hacked it is like presupposing COVID exists and then asking if vaccines are safe when there's no reason to think COVID was real to begin with. The DNC metadata was clear for all to see but no one ever saw any evidence that there was a hack. Indeed, the DNC never even gave their server to the FBI and gave it instead to Crowd Strike who likewise was never able to produce any evidence of the hack which the author of this article takes for granted.

On the final two excerpts, that's true Mueller never got to the bottom of it. Mueller was not appointed to get to the bottom of it; Mueller was appointed to try to find a reason to make an excuse for the several years of illegal activity the FBI was about to get caught for in 2016, such as things related to Emily Hancock and my expulsion from college in 2011. By making a new "counterintelligence" investigation, they reset the clock on their death warrant because now the people investigating the investigators would have to start over on a whole new investigation. The main problem now is that people see the FBI & USA as having doubled down on a criminal conspiracy with such blatant falsehoods, and it does not compute that the USA would use such obvious fraud tactics, and the onlookers want to give a benefit of the doubt to say, "This can't be so plainly criminal." The truth is that this second layer of egregious crime was added to cover the first layer. Onlookers can say, "I know what kind of crime the USA usually pulls, and this far exceeds that so there must be some reason I'm missing." The reason, however, is that they needed to pull a rabbit out of the hat to hide the crimes they usually get away with but were about to get caught for because they did them against me, a special person. The thing that looks weird is that the USA would not usually resort to such trivial fraud and obvious lies. Fools might give the USA the benefit of the doubt to say, "If they did this, there must have been a reason," without wanting to admit that the reason is that the USA was about to get caught for it's more complex fraud and less obvious lies.

The main thesis of the author of this article that it's weird nothing has come of "Russiagate" alludes to the fact that the only thing which could possibly come of it besides nothing is the execution of basically everyone in the government for the last 12 years. With criminal Sullivan, for instance, as criminal Biden's current criminal national security advisor, for instance, the wheels of justice aren't turning at all. The security of that nation depends wholly on justice never being served.

I made a graphic of the three people Rittenhouse is said to have shot, and I named them as the three authors of "Daisy's destruction." Now I think I miscaptioned the middle one after having already diagnosed Huber as a likely villain in an earlier graphic, as above. Now I think this other picture of alleged "Huber" is a different person.

That was also like when they made Mulder's signature say 762, and even used my exact handwriting for it.

This alien artifact in the X-Files s09e09 very plainly says, "JWT 762," on it. The context was that someone was trying to kill Scully's baby, and then he told Scully her baby had to die, and then Scully was looking pensive. Before that, there was a thing about having to raise me even though I'm Hitler. It looks like it also says 77 with a smiley face referring to my name Gedalia Gershon, or God for short, and the one extra T at the end of 762 makes it say Christ. The pattern of the 762 fits another similar instance.

One of my apparent most-hated stalkers came out to intercept me in the parking lot as I was coming back from the store. He spat at me twice, and I feel like I recognized his big forehead though he was not the right height to be anyone I know. He is the asshole with this champagne-colored Suburban taking up two parking spots.

Young Swedish male rape victim jailed for doing Nazi salute when his migrant rapists laugh at him in court

I got two IDs today saying this was about me, and the 7:26 timestamp in the article says the same thing.

This movie, The Last Duel, was very good.

I am the Lord.

I mentioned, here or in my RAPE thread, that a PP license plate car parked next to mine when I got to this current hotel. Before that, I stayed a few days at the Quality Inn where apparent P2 self-aggrandizer "Sam Hyde" seems to have shown up. Before that I had mentioned that a P2 license plate car parked next to mine at the Knights Inn. That exact same car, or else a similar one with a similar license plate, a gray Nissan with plate GA temp P2870174 expiring 12/21, is now parked at my current hotel diagonally across the parking lot from my car. Upon slightly more reflection, I wonder if the P2 sticker on the gray Altima next to my car at the other hotel was pasted onto the Carmax plate at an angle. In either case, it is highly suspicious. Even if it was a different sticker, I wouldn't doubt the person driving the car has several stickers to choose from.

I watched A Most Wanted Man again. I noticed it was produced by Demarest Films, which seems to say "Democrat Arrest." It was produced in association with Senator Films, and that follows in the same line of interpretation. The actor that plays the attorney bears a decent resemblance to the man I posted below. The first time seen in the movie is 2:26, which is like 762 with two Ts in it. Later when they show the account number, it has a few instances of 62 in it followed by one hyphenated seven. The actor asks, "Does it fit the pattern?," or something. The title displayed at the beginning of the movie was evocative of the belt for a gi, and the muddy water scene as the movie began was also highly evocative of Helene and her friends: the USA. Also, the Seven Friends name of the terrorist group was evocative of my understanding that Helene's main mission in life is to kill, humiliate, and torture everyone who puts their faith in me: the Lord. I see that Robin Wright was clearly playing Helene, but I am not sure who Philip Seymour Hoffman would have been playing. I am also reminded that Hoffman died suddenly in Atlanta while Ryan Parker, a horrible and womanly man I knew from Alliance, was employed as an extra on Hoffman's movie. I hold Ryan in a very low regard.

13 Dead Including Indian Military Chief In "Horrific" Helicopter Crash

I assume this is in response to my recent rape at this Indian restaurant. I am glad if people got killed in retaliation but I am compelled to voice my many previous grievances: if the people who constantly rape me were not content to pay such prices as these, they would have been dissuaded from their course by the several similar previous retaliatory strikes. The "Jacarezinho massacre" for instance, following after the rape which occurred immediately upon my last trek to Atlanta. Whoever paid that price was happy to pay it again at the earliest possible opportunity.

For these reasons and others, I advocate the total annihilation policy in lieu of the tit for tat policy.

Usually, I assume the poison which causes my body to swell is estrogen. However, I have seen it written that I have been poisoned with other psychosis-related drugs before. I think is quite likely that some of my ravenous food cravings are caused by poisoning with such drugs known to cause weight gain. I know am prone to eating a lot, but sometimes it is quite strange that my appetite is particularly insatiable. I think this is related at least in part to the side effects of the poisons which keep being used against me between my now-daily anal rapes. I think a lot of the +MEDS NOW+ posters that pop up in my 4cahn threads are probably making references to their poisoning me with chemicals that are sometimes called medicine.

I was going down false memory lane this evening looking at the photoshopped images that come up when I search "Romero Cavalcanti." Whoever is the owner of that building where my old gym is now, 4630 N Shallowford, not where Alliance was in this picture, must be in cahoots with whoever raped me today. The manager in the gym there was always telling Corey to make sure to turn off the lights, and the guy whose restaurant I assume I got raped in today knew that it was some clandestine signal if the lights in the gym were left on. He made some remarks to me before, "OH! He left the on! WINK WINK!" This was kind of like the X which Mulder would put in his window on the X-files when he wanted to see his contact.

Pic related, I do very much remember this man's smile and tooth. Although I think it is photoshopped some, I remember this smile. This man has been memorialized, I assume, by the 1000 murals downtown showing a Muppet with his same tooth there. Whatever this issue is, I will never forget about it and I will never let it go. My inkling is that the movie A Most Wanted Man was kind of about Helene and this man, except with the truth horribly perverted to portray Helene in 10000000 times better light than she deserves, which is the light of the truth.

While I was on the street 2017-2018, I noticed that the Atlanta library system is a hive of hardcore Satanists: real cultists and murderers, not merely the fans of such things. I noticed the top floor in the downtown library wherein was this awful art, was painted in the same color scheme as was Alliance when it was above Microseconds. On the third floor, they also had something set up referring to a pull up bar I had installed in my apartment at 1016 Howell Mill Rd. Particularly, Doug from the downtown library is someone who will never leave my memory.

Driving by Microseconds today, I noticed the logo for the business where Alliance was looks like the TT logo. To Biden's credit, I think that is a reference made in this picture. Not to Biden's credit, I do not think the man in the Biden mask in this photo is Biden. When I stopped at Helene's house a while ago, I told her I found two $10s in the bathroom, and she was shocked to see them there. I think it was an obvious TT reference. I think that meant she had the man TT in her basement whose content was the object of interest mirrored on Hillary's secret server. I am not sure who is who, and Helene has most likely had more than one person I know in her basement. The ice cream also seems to reference the 191 truck from Joey's produce delivery fleet, which I have mentioned many times elsewhere. I had started to accuse Helene of having a secret torture dungeon. Then I think she evacuated the man in her basement who I intercepted in transit, by some miracle, when he was in the back of Joey's truck.

This Biden response picture fairly well fits the version of events one might extrapolate from the movie I mentioned: A Most Wanted Man.

I think it would be uncharacteristic for them to give me an implant, such as this new WRIGGLER, and not start attacking me with it right away. I went to a restaurant across the street from the gym I used to go to, and I saw a RPJ "Rape Jon" license plate out front. In the course of events, I think it is more likely that I got raped in the restaurant and given a new WRIGGLER implant while I was in there than that I got it yesterday and they didn't use it on me until today. The realtor selling the corner lot over there is named Scott Israel. His name kind of speaks to that masonic kike conspiracy that you see all over the internet. I think I got this new anal implant while I was there. In fact, last time I came to Atlanta, I went to the Thai place right next to the one I went to today, and I got an implant on my scrotum in there, at that time in May.

If so, then of the four restaurants I went to since getting back to Atlanta, I got coffee which seemed ok at Waffle House, they fucked up more order more than I would have thought possible at Zaxby's, there was a Shit Eye heckler waiting for me at Nori Nori, and then I got raped at the restaurant I went to instead. Now there is some familiar stalker impersonating the desk clerk at this hotel, and he himself is probably the one doing the NON STOP tapping which is completely unlike the several hours of total silence I enjoyed after checking into this room. This person at the desk here now reminds me of someone who used to impersonate the desk clerk Corey at the gym across the street from where I just got raped.

Come to think of it, this billboard I passed in Tennessee which marked the onset of the current *and ongoing* TESTICLE CRUSHER problem also had a syringe on it. I point out that it's ongoing because I was only having a problem with the intermittent RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER lingering between bouts of RIGHT MEGA TESTICLE CRUSHER but now I have the lingering LEFT TESTICLE CRUSHER and the lingering RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER, as well as an apparent new MEGA WRIGGLER implanted deeply right in the middle of the worst place in my asshole.

I had mentioned getting anally raped again at least twice after I left New York: these two rapes culminated in two new giant nodules implanted in my asshole: first one and then other, not two implanted in one rape. I got anally raped again since then too. I found another new giant nodule implanted at the 3:00 position today after feeling what felt like would have been a new GIANT DEEP ANAL WRIGGLER of the sort I had gotten used to not having any more. Soon I will know if there's another new wriggler in there or not. There was certainly a new giant nodule implanted at 3:00 today, however. I was able to pinch it and squeeze it until it burst. I am not sure if there was an electrical device in there or not. They may have implanted a small bubble of fluid around the new WRIGGLER to make it easier for it to exert the sensation of sexual torture on me by freely WRIGGLING in the cell of fluid without having to overcome the inertial forces of my non-fluid anal tissues.

On that note, as I was driving from Kentucky back to Georgia yesterday, I observed something strange. I was looking in my rear-view mirror and the lights of the car behind me suddenly jerked discontinuously to the side, covering about an inch of distance in my mirror instantaneously. I take this as evidence that my brain was turned off and back on again while I was looking in the mirror. This was some separate incident from when I passed an advertisement for Suboxone with the word EVOLVE written on it, at which time my TESTICLE CRUSHER was activated, Helene came on the LRAD, and I was immediately passed by a car with the CRP "Yes, rape," license plate.

This newest anal nodule, and likely this new anal wriggler, are more of the same when I am trying to emphasize that the "accidental" drone strike which began when I went to Maine near the beginning of September has not stopped yet. Since the ten or so implants I got on my dick that day, I have had

*three new giant nodule implants, at least two of which contained electrical devices,

*a new mole implanted on my nose making a line with other two facial mutilations previously placed: one higher on my nose and one in the middle of my forehead,

*the nerve branch in my foot was sliced off,

*I've been MEGA DOSED with who knows what kind of poisons five to ten times,

*at least five additional smears of PAIN INFLICTOR implants on my dick, besides the smear from the first "accidental drone strike,"

*if these PAIN INFLICTORS are skin penetrating nanoparticles as suggested, then each of these instances covers dozens, hundreds, or thousands of new stab wounds on my dick,

*now I have the PAIN INFLCITORS on my nipples as well,

*I've had three to five new implants placed on my testicles,



*even among the several recent rounds of new implants going into my balls and coming out, I didn't have a problem with the LEFT TESTICLE CRUSHER but now my left testicle is getting CRUSHED again, as is my right testicle,

*several new zappers on my asshole and spread throughout my asscrack.

Despite this "very serious" Pentagon investigation of the civilian killing drone strikes in Syria, my rapists still enjoy total impunity not only to torture me with their rape implants and to poison me basically every day now, but they still enjoy the impunity needed to literally fuck me in the ass with their anal nodule implanter. It is a bummer because if it was close to the end, you'd think they would start to see that these things are unwise, but the true telling is that they think this course of action is even more wise now than they used to.

Pic related: three of Bennett's wife's children are grown from my stolen semen, and so is Biden's granddaughter Natalie. Even if people tell you they aren't in cahoots, I don't believe it. I think those cahoots are the main reason why my rape problem has gotten 100000x worse under Biden than under Trump who was a part of the same cahoots through the abominable monster Barron Trump being grown from my stolen semen and Ivanka's egg in the womb of Stormy Daniels. All of these people's interests are aligned against my interests, as far as I can tell.

While my homelessness persists, I have gotten off the street. I like having running water, a roof, and internet but in many ways getting off the street has been another big step down in the quality of my life from the initial step down from my former life. When I was sleeping on the sidewalk in public, I was hardly getting raped at all. Once I moved under the bridge, I got the first of 100 implants in my feet implanted through a slice on my toe. I may have gotten the skeletal mutilator while I was using the internet at the hospital, or that may have happened after I moved my tent on top of the train station. Now when I'm paying to rent hotel rooms, I'm really renting private rape lairs for my rapists to rape me in with impunity, something which is happening approximately once a day lately. This is a big step down in the quality of my life from the time when I was sleeping on the street. The assurance of safety was really nice when I was sleeping on the sidewalk. It doubly sour in my mouth that sleeping indoors is 1000000x less safe than sleeping on the street, and that I am being forced to rent the space for my rapists to be able to rape and torture me apart from the eyes of witnesses. You wouldn't think that sleeping on the street downtown would be the safest place to sleep, but it is. Maybe I will go back to that. The downside is that even if maintain some other access to amenities somewhere, my rapists will be able to get me there too.

Devin Nunes Leaving Congress To Become Trump Media SPAC CEO

I think Nunes was present using the David Feldkamp persona to defraud me at the December 2016 Exide meeting in which Trump and Putin respectively defrauded me using Dave Morrison and Rod Williams disguises. It was something related to this which was the reason for Nunes' semi-non-recusal from the Russia probe on the day I became homeless. Maybe he thinks running to go hide in the pocket of Daddy Donnie will protect him and his interests from me.

Special Counsel Durham Found The E-Mails Fusion GPS Tried To Hide

> Fusion GPS/Glenn Simpson (or their attorneys) failed to submit in the privilege log certain communications ultimately uncovered by Special Counsel John Durham.

> In other words, Fusion GPS/Simpson deliberately withheld the disclosure of these e-mails in their privilege log. The very e-mails that very likely point to a conspiracy to push the Alfa Bank/Trump hoax by Perkins Coie, Glenn Simpson, and Rodney Joffe ("Tech Executive-1" listed in the Sussmann complaint), et al.

Glenn Simpson is Helene (pic above). Rodney Joffe is Rodney "Jefe" who was my boss Rodney Williams at Exide. Helene also had a Rodelene Williams persona which was used to enable deceptions based on ambiguities related to "Rod" Williams, and also phonetic ambiguity between Rodney and Rodelene. "Perkins Coie" has something to do with Emily Hancock. Right now, I think Helene feels proud of everything she's done, and she is glad to have made such large waves as a woman. In that regard, it is my intention to reeducate her.

Helene and her friend or husband, is my guess. With all of these trials happening now, including the Arizona based Holmes trial, I guess there is something I have not yet noticed about the Ghislaine trial. While all of these other criminals are the faces of people I know getting convicted of murder, I'm still getting raped every day, having cell-destroying nanoparticles smeared on my dick every two days, as well as having the nerve branch severed in my foot to complement the severed nerve branch in my hand which could have been repaired with adequate medical attention but was not.

Kyoto professor's theory offers 2nd proof to Fermat’s Last Theorem

I've mentioned several times that the comment of Hairer's colleague stating that Hairer's work must have been done by aliens is a jibe at Hairer's obvious failure to cite my own research program as progenitive of his work on regularity structures. Mochizuki has likewise failed to cite me. This [Alien] citation seems consistent with his previous work screaming that it follows from my own without actually citing me, as is standard practice in academia.

Reality Winner says she leaked classified material to serve American people

>She only "acted out of love for what this country stands for."

This picture above shows one of my most-hated stalkers from the hotel in Long Island. This person was sharing a persona with one of the Rodney Williams-affiliated personae. This is to say, obviously, that they were working together lest both of them might have shown up in the same disguise at the same time. To the extent that it is said this fake person was a former NSA contractor, this little scrotum Inspector General of the NSA was also one of the people defrauding me with the Rodney Williams persona at Exide. To the extent that a nation is a race, not a country, I'm going to identify the nation whose security they were concerned with and I'm going to exterminate them along with the rest of the kikes. What the USA stands for is kikes and Satanism. That's why they fought against Hitler.

Rodney Williams is of the people I hate the most in this world. He is one of the most revolting characters I encountered in those few years of my utter stupidity bowing to Helene's intention to have me toil as an office cuck.