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This long article seems to be a response the long rant I had in my car the other day. Here, I will reiterate the main issue with the predication of "Crossfire Hurricane." First, you need to understand that the government had been fucking me on my research since 2009, and Emily Hancock and others such as Paul Manafort were a part of those efforts. The "low threshold" that Horowitz cites requires suspicion and cause. It was suspicious to the USA authorities when I wrote my first paper on a layover in the airport in Moscow but there was no cause to initiate "spying" based on that. When my PhD advisor sent me to give a research presentation in Berlin, it was just a coincidence that Expedia prompted me with an option to have my layover in Moscow. I picked that one because I thought I would go have a look at St. Basil's, and there is nothing more to "Russian collusion" than that. I had to pick a flight with a layover, and that's the one I picked.

By writing my paper in Moscow, however, I did totally fuck the USA out of being able to disappear my research into a black hole. They would have been able to do that if I had written it in the USA. Indeed, I had been delaying writing the paper for a few months already because I had a bad feeling about the USA stealing it and fucking me over as soon as I wrote it. When I learned I could not leave the airport to sight see in Moscow without a visa, it occurred to me that my 12 hour layover would be a good time to finally write the paper. Due to game theoretical considerations, I decided it would be better if the Russians and the USA both saw what I wrote than if only the USA saw it. So, because I was right that this was *MUCH* better for me, I fucked the USA out of its ability to fuck me over. Then they said, "You can't fuck us over, we're the USA! Just you fucking us over is the cause we need to supplement the suspicious activity of you writing your paper over there." However, me fucking them over is not cause. The USA is "free," and I can fuck the government over as much as I want.

When all of their "spying" turned up that I had nothing wrong and they really had nothing to nail me with under USA law, they kicked it up to the FISA court where they tried to make the argument under admiralty law, "Because there are waterways on Earth and the USA is a pirate ship, we can maraud and privateer him to death regardless of what the USA law says." The main pathway into the FISA court was to murder and torture some people and their children at Alliance, to turn Alliance into federal fusion center on top of me, and then end up saying I was the Russian agent inside the fusion center when really I was just a member at that gym and set the fusion center up in that location because it gave them access to me. They invited a bunch of Russian agents, I guess, to the fusion center, and then said, "Oh look! He's in contact with these Russians!" All of the people in the Steele dossier were also the people they had planted on top of me years in advance. The path into the FISA court was something like that but those details are not the point of this post. I'm describing the legal process.

The FISA court does not really judge admiralty law. They rubber stamp whatever the United States of America Corporation wants to happen because the FISA court is owned by the United States of America Corporation whose emblem is the flag of the USA attached to some gold tassels. The major problem in FISA's rubber stamp is that the privateering charter the USA pirate ship got from the Dutch East India Company 500 years ago, or whatever, it does not allow them to maraud and privateer against me. Maybe under the bullshit of admiralty law the USA's argument would have worked for 99.999999% of people, but I am not covered by the privateering charter of the USA pirate ship. Although I am free under USA law, I am the Sovereign Lord under admiralty law.

So, the USA did wrong and they kicked it up to the FISA court which is full of John Robert's handpicked rubber stampers. I have been publicly advocating for John Roberts' death since 2011, and I have been trying to get his cousin Steve Collins, the general manager of the Salt Pit's loading dock, in trouble with the cops since about that time as well. After the USA did wrong, the FISA court also did wrong and the matter got kicked up to the Vatican since the Vatican Corporation owns the United States of America Corporation. However, the Pope is a Jesuit who answers to the black pope: the real master of the Catholic church. The black pope, however, is a Cavalcanti I know. I believe he was the architect of the situation in 2016, or intimately involved in it, where John Roberts pretended to be the hiring manager at Exide to serve me a fraud contract in my hiring package for the "anti-Trump insurance policy." This Cavalcanti was likely one of the main people acting against me in the previous years as well, such as in the events surrounding Emily Hancock and Georgia Tech. Obviously, the Catholic church is doing the same rubber stamp act that the FISA court did. The Vatican court is owned by the Vatican Corporation and they do whatever the Vatican CEO wants.

Now we come to the crux of the matter. As the congregation of admirals demanded that the Vatican override the FISA court when it came to the wrong finding in its adjudication of my case, now it is time for the owner of the Vatican Corporation to override the black pope whose Vatican court has also come to the wrong conclusion. That person is me. I am the sole owner of the Vatican corporation. However, I believe the main thing in the fraud contract at Exide in 2016 was for the USA to say that I have given them my proxy in such matters, and stripped myself of my own authorities in exchange for them sending me to live in the gutter behind the library and to be constantly raped and tortured. (I also fucked the government when I quit Exide.) When it is demanded by the admiralty that a higher authority override the Catholic church, John Roberts steps in and says, "I have this contract right here that says that higher authority, the Sovereign Lord, has delegated his proxy to me in this matter." Then, where it got kicked from the USA FISA court to the Vatican court, it gets kicked back to the USA in a loop. The end of the loop will be the day of the Lord when I take my rightful place as the decider of these matter. I am the Sovereign Lord but John Roberts, the USA, and the Catholic church have people convinced that some fictitious legal person JONATHAN WARREN TOOKER owned by the USA corporation is the Sovereign Lord.

Here is the fundamental issue. Two men are agreed on whatever they discuss and shake hands on, and nothing more. In the law of the USA, two men are agreed on whatever one of them can Jew the other one into. Under the law of the USA, Roberts does have my proxy because he did successfully defraud me. I could get the contract voided in court but since I don't have a copy of it, I have not standing in a USA court. I tried to get it, but they did not give it me and other people who have it also do not give it to me. Under USA law, fraud contracts are "valid but voidable" and I can't get it voided. However, the truth is that I did not ever give him my proxy and he does not have it. Somehow, they have people convinced that I willingly traded unlimited wealth and power to them in exchange for homelessness and constant rape and torture.

Under the real law, John Roberts does not have my proxy. However, the members of the admiralty act like the law of the USA is something more than the bullshit which the pirates made up when they stopped sailing and colonized North America. They are acting like the USA law is the law above the Vatican law, but that is not right. Up there at the top, it's my law. I am the Lord. Two men are agreed on what they discuss and shake hands on, and nothing more.

I use headphones to block out my hecklers and the TAPPING lately. After listening to this song on YouTube about 10,000 times, they edited in some jarring chirping sound around 0:39. I switched to this song, and after about 100 listens I see they have now edited in a sharp CHAH! around 5:05.

I was saying in my earlier post, "By just telling them to not kill me without killing them and the people in their networks for one of them even considering killing me (or whatever), they're just inviting them to keep raping and poisoning me." Yesterday when I woke up after finding that black bottle cap, I went to the store to get some lotion. There was just one bottle of the kind I wanted on the shelf, and I should have known that was weird. However, I didn't think about it, and I put it on my skin. It had the same skin irritant off the shelf in the store that my burglars and rapists have put into my last five bottles of lotion when burglarizing my hotel rooms. Today, I went to lunch at the diner down the street. After I was in there for a few minutes, my 9:00 WRIGGLER was activated, and some guy shouted RIGHT! When the waiter brought me some coffee and I drank some of it, he said, "I should have known," in a way that was like he was saying I should have known he was going to sell me poisoned coffee (and probably expect a tip for doing so.) I set the coffee down when I realized it was poisoned and then one of the people that followed me into the restaurant sucked his teeth very loudly to make a sound I associate with Evil Dad whose helpers are going to be very sad when they see what happens to their children. The one making the sucking sound was probably the man they called Dr. King at Best Buy the other day, and certainly it was his close collaborator otherwise. I think after he make the sucking sound, he also said RIGHT! I left and someone had put some little bright pink plastic circle on the stairs which wasn't there when I went in 10 minutes earlier. It is the prevailing authorities that say, "You can't kill him," which say, "It's fine if you want to constantly rape, poison, and torment him."

'The Enigma': Sothebys To Auction Off Massive 555.55-Carat Black Diamond From Space

>believed to have come from outer space.

> theme of the number five running throughout the diamond

This appears to be about the black bottle top I found with the six-pointed star of Remphan on it. The big problem about this situation is that someone, somewhere, is telling those people that they can't do whatever they were planning to do to me, as signaled by their deposition of the small piece of plastic detritus next to my bed. However, the correct behavior is for those prevailing authorities to smite and slay those junk-dropping people for even thinking about doing whatever it was. For even entering my room without my permission, they should all be killed. Now, left alive, they're going to follow me around and take shits in my food and give me little implants which the people who don't kill them won't disallow. They say, "You can't kill him but if you want to sell him a sandwich with a good-sized piece of human shit it, that's fine."

The same as a broken piece of black plastic appeared in my path soon after I found that hairband next to my bed in Tucker, someone has placed a ripped black condom wrapper next to my bed here. I assume it is there to signal that the previous rape curse of the bottle cap has been broken. I suddenly have that same spontaneous weird wound on the side of my neck again too.

For my last post on recent events, I noticed two pizza places on the block across the street from my hotel: "Roman's" out on the main street and "Calabria" kind of back on the side street. Since I think these two people I know, Romero and Carlos Cavalcanti, are the masters of the Calabrian mafia and the Roman Catholic church respectively, and I hope I am not mistaken to greatly prefer the former over the latter, I went to Calabria for lunch and got some pizza. While I was eating, the manager exclaimed, "Cavalcanti!" A minute later, the cook said something about chicken and I recounted aloud my anecdote about Helene's kitchen dance. When I was a child, she used to hold me and dance in the kitchen doing the kitchen dance and singing a song including the lyrics, "How I love to dance around the kitchen with you!," which as time went by was changed in certain instances to, "How I love to dance around the chicken with you." Obviously, what I once thought was innocent word play was really black hearted wickedness. The manager shook his head in agreement with me after recounted those facts. The waitress complemented my order with the olives telling me that no one ever orders black and green olives separately, and that my order was nice.

Here is the main thing I want to say about that. I would never have guessed that the guy was Italian who said to me in the summer of 2016, "We've got something real nice for you," referring to the worst thing I ever got in my life at Exide. However, when the waitress got in front of me and was giving my credit card to the manager to run in their machine, it became exceedingly obvious to me that that guy is 100% Italian. As soon as I got a weird feeling about it, the waitress gave me the finger. She wasn't being a bitch, I don't think, but she was confirming that I was right to notice that she looked quite like the one who told me that. I would have never guessed that guy was Italian but that's probably because I never took a vacation to Calabria.

Now I am thrown into flux again regarding my belief about which one of those people I know is the master of Ndrangheta. Since the one who told me that the single worst thing I ever got in my life, the absolute bar worst thing, bar none, not speaking figuratively, was something "real nice" he had for me was also the one who who told me he was the oldest brother, I want to clarify that my recent "Back in the day" posting was not directed at that one. I did not know him back in the day. Back in the day refers to a better time before that one wormed his way into my life. I don't know that one. The one I remember fondly as Romero was more swarthy, and I thought his evil brother Carlos was this one.

I have this other thing I've recounted about someone coming to my house in the summer of 2018 to hypnotize me and try (and fail) to get me to engage in homosexual snuggling with him. That one told me he was Carlos and he looked like the one who told me the worst thing that ever happened to me was some nice thing he was doing for me. That one instance of that whiter one telling me he was Carlos in 2018 is what precipitated my question, "How many different people named Romero and Carlos do I know?" Now, I guess those two whiter ones are the main ones, or perhaps that one from the snuggling hypnosis was the same one from the "nice" thing. Either way, that's a whole different thing than I was thinking. Those people, or that person, royally fucked me.

UPDATE: After I made this post about "Carlos" trying and failing to engage me in homosexual snuggling after hypnotising me during a burglary in 2018, someone put a bottle of Snuggle detergent in the laundry bin I had in the laundry room where my clothes are still not dry after three cycles through the dryer. This is a good sign that these people are completely evil, unrepentant, uncontrite, and they relish the flavors of their own wickedness.

Although it may be my own typo, this single black "O" which appeared appended to my last several posts is basically exactly like that black bottle top that I found. It seems like it was probably edited in maliciously. I have also noticed that my WinSCP FTP client is not terminating the connections due to timeout like it usually has in the past.

This morning at the hotel, some guy engaged me in dialogue in the parking lot, and I forgot to pretend like I don't speak English or tell him to stand by indefinitely. I think he was a Jew in black face. He reminded me pretty well of Rod Rosenstein in his eyes, and he is probably the Jewish, FBI-affiliated rapist that put that bottle cap in my room. I basically told him to fuck off and I got kicked out of the hotel for being an asshole, more or less. I checked into this other hotel where the man at the desk looks like Cobrinha somewhat, and when I went back downstairs he was telling the person on the phone, "He's here right now." I asked about the laundry, and he said they had a free one for which I need to put in my own detergent. I told him I had some in my car, I started my load, and went to run an errand. When I came back, the man shaking his head NO at me in front of the hotel was unloading a van full of laundry detergent, the same Tide brand as mine, and then the person I got into the elevator with was named Jewzilla with the name spelled Juzela. The little girl with Jewzilla put her hood over her head and looked away in some weird demonstration of who knows what.

Also, when I first got to Atlantic City and stopped to use the internet at based McDonald's, someone pulled up next to me in a JAW license plate which was a clear Jew reference. I moved my car to a weird angle and blasted my horn in his ear, and he didn't seem surprised or angry, and I think that was because his stalker instructions were to be low key.



I wish I had made a comment about it when the natural gas dropped 10% the other day, but as I have written previously, I notice that large (unusual) natural gas drops tend to precede equity drops pretty reliably. This -6% move in natural gas today indicates more downside to me, which may be put off until a later date since a drop now would confirm my prediction, and people are always willing to lose money to make sure that doesn't happen. However, it is true that the pattern I have noticed is that natural gas plunges precede sharp market drawdowns by a couple of days.

I found a black plastic bottle top with a Jewish star on it next to my bed and set against the wall where the constant TAPPING is coming from. I don't think it was there earlier and it is the style of my rapists and stalkers throw little color-coded piece of circular plastic junk on the ground in my room, near my room, or elsewhere in my path. Usually they are color-coded red, orange, yellow, green, and clear. I only saw a black one appear one other time. That was when I checked into the Knights Inn in Tucker on my most recent trip back to Atlanta. It was a black circular hairband that appeared next to my bed in the room just this other one did in this room.


Empire Fed Manufacturing Survey Collapses Into Contraction In January

>This is the 3rd biggest MoM drop in history (with only March and April 2020 worse)

>"After eighteen months of positive readings, the general business conditions fell a steep thirty-three points to -0.7,"

>This is the second biggest miss against Bloomberg consensus in history.

I bought a new computer at Best Buy yesterday. The man said they had one of the ones I wanted in stock, and he walked around looking for it for about 20 minutes. In the end, it was in the first place he looked. When I went to the cash register to pay, the man at the other cash register said to the customer in front of him, "Thank you Dr. King," which was a reference to the holiday. The cashier proceeded to change his name in subsequent dialogue to "Dr. Cane." I think what happened was that the person pretended not to find the computer for 20 minutes so my stalkers could plant a fake computer, and that's why it ended up being in the separate cabinet which was the first place he looked. After we checked that cabinet, I followed him around for 20 minutes and someone put a fake computer in there while I was walking around, I am pretty sure. When I came out of the store, there was a loud CHAH on the LRAD. I returned it and bought another one. It is an i3 with a smaller hard drive and a non-IPS display. I am pretty unhappy with the non-IPS display but I am reminded that i3 is good enough for what I use computers for.

This post will remind me to kill the cashier who gave me the runaround for 20 minutes, the other cashier who said, "Dr. King," the man pretending to be Dr. King, that man's family, that man's collaborators and their families, all the people involved in manufacturing the fake computer which I believe he planted, and all of those people's families as well. "Dr. King" was very obviously some Dad-affiliated person.

To the extent another Dad-affiliated person showed up at my hotel about an hour or two later seeming in the likeness of the man from Shot Caller, I'd advise having a little less white pride and a lot more fear of the Lord. Because they were so much more interested in being proud of being white than they were in fearing the Lord, all of those white families that they poisoned with my stolen semen are going to get exterminated.

I gave Windows 11 a try this week. At first, I was hesitant because I like to put the taskbar at the side of the screen which is not allowed in Windows 11. However, centering the icons down there seems to be a good solution to the problem I had solved by moving the taskbar to the side. I like Windows 11 and it seems like a noticeable improvement on Windows 10. My main complaint is that after I stated my opinion that MS Paint is the single greatest program ever written, someone added a glitch into it so that a dot remains when you drag the mouse off of the canvas, and that glitch remains in Windows 11.

I had read several positive stories about Virginia electing a surprise republican governor. All of the news said he was "a former equity executive with no political experience." After reading that several times over several weeks and getting a positive impression, I learned that he was actually the CEO of the Carlyle Group.

They were playing this song when I went into the Walmart. Firstly, this song is about you and your opinion, not me and how I am. Secondly, the thing your ancestors saw in me was that all the other false gods' followers always ended up getting killed and exterminated but my followers always managed to come through. After a while, people started noticing and said, "Hey, there's something about this God guy." This song irks me like it's saying I'm supposed to be some egotizer who blows people away with my demeanor. That's not what your ancestors saw in me. They saw me blowing people away with my sword.

Sister Hazel seems to be a Helene reference since she is my sister and she has hazel eyes, or she did back before she cut her body off.

I think a better interpretation for the meme that I posted below is that the people who have seized control of my internet got me convinced of the wrong thing, and this is not a Sam Hyde REEEEE Soyjak at all. Rather, this is a mockery of Dad's righteous fury at me constantly getting raped at much higher frequency than before, and now my face being mutilated on an almost daily basis. While these ZAPPERS can be removed and they will leave a scar tissue that I don't notice, these ten tattoos on my face saying, "HAHA, I rape you faggot, what are you gonna do about it?," will be there forever. Even if I see a good dermatologist, I am pretty sure these blemishes will remain forever, to some degree. Although the intensity is much lower and they have not started slicing my brain or sawing my skull yet, what they are doing fucking my face up is the same thing they were doing in Daisy's destruction. They are doing that thing less to me, but the thing they are doing to me is the same thing.

I just got another implant in my eyelid, another HUGE one in my finger, there are at least eight moles on my face now, ZAPPERS in all my finger tips again, about ten ZAPPERS in my nostrils and on the end of my nose, apparently new DICK ZAPPERS, new FEET ZAPPERS, and my TESTCILE CRUSHERS were extremely high intensity on the drive to New Jersey. There's also new NECK ZAPPERS and BACK ZAPPERS. When I checked out of the hotel this morning, the person at the desk who I presume was Helene had a giant brown mole on her face where I got this other new mole implant, or possibly two new ones in a short line. This was just like the woman at the hotel in Mexico who had moles on her eyelid and nose when I got the old nodule implant in my eye and a new mole on my nose last week.

When I checked into this current hotel, some man with a FAG license plate checked in right after me. He's got Muppet and "geocaching" stickers on his car. The Muppet sticker with the FAG license plate is particularly troublesome, and it is evocative of my other Garfield-themed rapists. He reminded me of the person from Shot Caller, but I do not know if that one is evil. I hope he is not. There were three TAPPINGs in this room in the first half hour or so after I checked in, the third of which was simultaneous with a EAR ZAPPER. While I typed this short post, the number of TAPPING attacks rapidly increased to about 100.

When I was at that hotel getting raped in Arkansas, there was some Jack Murphy thread about, "I need a war room." Yesterday, the same person made another thread about a dog with text saying, "I've got about 12 friends here, let's work on friendship related activities." They are mocking me about the psychological damage which result from their successful cajoling of Helene to anally rape me as a child. The form of that psychological damage is that I find degenerate anal sex highly erotic due to the childhood sexual trauma, and those leading the charge mocking me about it now are those who convinced Helene to rape me in the first place. While that damage will likely remain forever, meaning that that eroticism will last forever, and I won't lie and say that I do not find such things erotic, my interest in engaging in such activities ceased several years ago when I noticed that people were saying the heterosexual anal fetish which resulted from a heterosexual anal rape at the hands of Helene actually means I'm homosexual. Usually, an anally raped boy is raped by a man and that results in a homosexual anal fetish, but I was raped by a woman and I have a heterosexual anal fetish due to the psychological damage she inflicted in addition to fucking my guts up.

I noticed someone was fucking with my food in the last hotel, and a person in the dog thread described very precisely the little fleck of black shit I found in Metamucil. Before I checked out, I examined all of my open containers of stuff, and every single one of them had some weird little crust or something near the opening. I think these are the "friendship related activities" in this dog thread. I think the person or people who made these two threads were the same who started my rape when i went to Maine: rape which has hardly subsided for a day since then as literal daily rape and facial mutilations seems to have become the new normal for me and the people who sit idly by watching me get raped and mutilated.

The increase in these Sam Hyde REEEEEing Soyjaks makes me think something good happened. What it might be eludes me as my ZAPPERS recently tripled, apparently.

I watched this movie which was very good. I see a lot of the things in there were related to me and my problem, from the 211 address, the Jonathan King and Tucker Tooley producers, and some other stuff, such as the "26 big 53" license plate, and the shape of the helmet tattoo. Even "Joshua Katherine" kind of says Jonathan, and that is my style of script writing used for the tattoo. I certainly related to what they were saying about the institutionalization. They put the "to be alright" license plate on the car in this 2017 movie, and it's 2022 and much worse than it was now, and there is no slim chance at all that I could ever go back to how I used to be. Institutionalization is a real problem for me now. I don't understand who makes these movies. I guess it's a Dad-affiliated person. It's pretty sad, really.

Although it may be impossible for me to hurt the person who makes this appear on my computer as much as I want to, when I throw the children of his collaborators into the pit for their crimes of not killing him to prevent his actions, I will gain some satisfaction.

I was just posting about my suspicion that other bumps on my face which are not going away must be other, new facial mutilations caused by injecting poison into my face with a syringe. Someone was able to immediately post a picture of a face highlighting the area where these new bumps are not going away, and I take that as probable confirmation that I have been mutilated to a greater extent than I previously understood. Some faggot is on the LRAD saying RIGHT as I typed this.

A massive uptick in TAPPING and the LRAD seemed targeted to stoke the agitation at having this person write, "Haha, I rape you faggot, what are you going to do about it?," on my face with his tattoo gun for the 10th time or so.

Out there in the world somewhere, there is someone approving these facial mutilations, apparently saying that since they are small, they are ok. When I find that person who finds that zero mutilations on my face is not the maximum permissible amount, I am going to hurt them and their family, and their collaborators and their families, as much as I am going to hurt the ones who are actually writing their words on my face. The SHIT SPRAY punctuated the end of writing my post here. In addition to the LRAD, they are sending the voices from the adjacent rooms, apparently, as well.

There is some fair discrepancy between the weather radar I can look at and my current weather conditions. It is not snowing here.

UPDATE: Maybe the feature of being down in a valley here is being washed out in the resolution of the radar data. I did see some light flurries start.

Russia says U.S. and NATO talks so far "unsuccessful"

Moscow-NATO ties approaching 'moment of truth': Russian official

New Russian weapon is designed to unleash "radioactive tsunamis"

I have new ZAPPERS on

*the top of my head

*my neck

*my right thumb

*my right index finger

*my fourth right finger

*my left thumb

*my fourth left finger

*my left foot

*my right foot

Almost all of these just started yesterday. Maybe the new LEFT FOOT ZAPPER was there a few days ago, but these new ZAPPERS around the periphery of the nerve damage on my foot mirroring the 20 ZAPPERS around the periphery of the nerve damage on my hand didn't start until yesterday or this morning. I suppose it must have been the people in that store where I went to go print my manuscript yesterday. Although it was a printshop, they made me wait about 20-30 minutes while they were saying they couldn't figure out how to print a PDF from a USB drive. I don't think that is realistic that they really didn't know how to print a PDF at this store, especially given that printing is all they do, and they were probably making me wait so long so they could turn my brain off and give me a new implant every two minutes for the whole time I was waiting. When I went to Helene's house last year, the imposters kept going into her room to switch with another imposter so that I ended up with several new sexual torture implants in my penis, one from each imposter, by the time I left her house.

Also, however, it appears to me that the faggot known as Garfield and his mini-me showed up in my hotel yesterday, and the SHIT SPRAY started in this hotel yesterday, so it may have been somewhere other than the print shop that I picked up 10-2o new ZAPPER implants yesterday.

EDIT: Another place it could have happened was at the Target where I went to go return something. There was only one person in line at customer service when I walked in, but then about five people instantly assembled behind me when I got in line. Reminder about those people, I suppose.

Where that person from my previous post was parked next to my car yesterday, today there is another car with damage in the same spot parked in the same place. Although the license plate says, "Yes, I love you," the shit spray started in my room today and I got another *GIANT* nodule implant in my finger today, five times as big as the other one. In the last day or two, I got new zappers on my head and feet as well, and the ZAPPERS are back in at least the tip of my right thumb and the tip of my right index finger. As I'm typing these things, some faggot is on the LRAD saying YEAH! The ZAPPERS had disappeared from finger tips, and the OUTER WRIGGLERS had disappeared from the crack of my ass, but now they are all back. It seemed like the BUTT ZAPPERS had also disappeared, but now there are new ones of those as well. These things increase my skepticism relative to what it would be in the absence of the shit spray and this second giant nodule implant on my finger. Also, this nodule in my eyelid seems smaller today. It seems like they took the huge one out and then put in a smaller one.

I have mentioned a few instances of pictures being removed from the internet. I think someone has removed the "+killall" command from the internet as well, as it relates to the game I like to play: Total Annihilation. The code no longer works in the game itself although I am getting it from the same torrent I have always used. Also, all references to this code have been removed from the internet, as far as I can tell.

The face on this art was highly evocative of Daisy's destruction when I pulled into the Target shopping center in Christiansburg, Antarctica.

Hackers cite thrembo in message to Ukraine.

>"All information about you has become public, be afraid and expect the worst," the message said. "This is for your past, present and future."

Dimon predicts about thrembo rate hikes in 2022.

I think it's obvious that the taper will change the parabolic market trend. The only question is how long the market will float before it crashes, and parabolic markets don't usually float as long as this one already has.

I noticed that the TAPPING had stopped when I saw that guy downstairs, then it started again while his truck was gone, and now it stopped again while his truck is back. Though the double take I did after seeing his beard seemed to confirm the identity I suspected through a distinct likeness in the eye area, the Hitler license plate on the truck and the absence of TAPPING suggest that I may have misinterpreted the situation. I had that other guy, the faggot, on the brain, I suppose, since the pinnacle of his face being posted coincided with my unfortunate experience in Arkansas. However, in support of my first impressions, the TAPPING just resumed as I completed this paragraph and the NIPPLE PAIN INFLICTORS just restarted simultaneously with one of my familiar torturers saying RIGHT on the LRAD.

It appears to me that this faggot or his lookalike is hanging out downstairs from my current room. As soon as I made a post about it on 4chan, my new computer suffered its first glitch. As I write this post on my website, my LEFT TESTCILE CRUSHER revved up.

This new nodule implant in my eyelid rests approximately where the cornea meets the sclera, and now I have a hazy spot in my vision on the interior field of view from my left eye. It may be that the poison they rubbed in my damaged my cornea. I hope that the nodule is just exerting pressure on my lens which is resulting in this hazy spot. I wonder if they will leave this one in my eye for 2+ years like they have left the FLAGSTAFF DEEP URETHRA ZAPPER for two years now. This hazy spot is quite irksome. I used to have perfect vision. I used not have seven moles on my face and like five others on my body, and my collar bones used to be even too, but fuck me, I guess, is the deal with that.

Also, there was basically 24 hours of non-stop TESTICLE CRUSHER on my drive yesterday. The RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER was most acute. When I would stop for gas or coffee, it would stop. Then when I'd get back in the car, they would switch to the LEFT TESTICLE CRUSHER for a little while which is not currently in a highly acute state of forced testicular electroshock torture. Certainly, they have a transmitter for all of my rape implants in my car and the person who sold it to me is going to suffer the same fate as the one who deployed him to sell it to me, and all of the people involved in the logistical network which made it possible to present me at a moment's notice with a car wired to sexually torture me.

The phenotype they use for such characterizations is not always accurate, however. My recollection of who I'm thinking of as Good Dad included this feature and I would be sad to learn that my enemies have succeeded in stirring my wrath against the wrong person, which is always something that comes onto my conscience when I start ranting about these people implanting seven moles (or eight if you count the one I successfully sliced off) on my face and several others on my body, intermittently while they are constantly turning my brain off to make it impossible for me to fight back while they are fucking me in the ass.

I can't be certain since the tissue is not cartilaginous like the tissue on my nose, but I suspect that I got yet another mole implant directly between my eyebrows making a line of seven moles implanted on my face starting in the middle of my forehead and going down to my nose. If this is just some blemish that goes away in a few days, then there's a line of six moles implanted there.

When I stopped at McDonald's around 6:45 this morning, some obvious stalker followed me in wearing a giant fake nose with a giant fake mole on the end of it. As soon as I left McDonald's, I got a new MEGA ZAPPER going off in my scalp above my right ear. At first, it went off in a double attack with another other new MEGA ZAPPER on my right inner thigh, meaning there are two new RIGHT INNER THIGH ZAPPERS, and also it went off by itself a moment later. This stalker in the McDonald's reminded me of Greg Eisenberg but much taller.

I remember Dad had a mole on his nose. I don't know if that was who I'm thinking of as Good Dad or if Good Dad was wearing the disguise of that one when he was interacting with me. Last night in the car when I was expressing anger in my private monologue about the whole situation with me getting new facial deformities written every few days now in addition to my constant rapes, sexual torture, and nodule implants, some of the people who have appointed themselves as if they were above me started chiming in on the LRAD to express their displeasure with what I was saying. Helene was luxuriating in her insinuation that I was cursing the wrong person, and someone else used the LRAD to make a sad sniff sound which was highly effective at making me feel bad. I was cursing whoever is mutilating my face and also cursing the tribe which does not kill him to stop him from doing it. I mentioned that the mole on the nose is the phenotype of the USA historical witch, and certainly it is no doubt that the descendants of those who made this feature synonymous with evil in the USA are the ones writing these mutilations onto my face in the present time... with the impunity afforded to them by the USA.

On this trip of driving around, in addition to at least two new mole implants on my nose, I have picked up nodules in my eye, my left ring finger, and the 12:00 position in my asshole. The nodule in my finger which had disappeared reappeared today. When I went through some inland border check point in Texas, the guards said something about, "He was filming them." I think this referred to me having my camera on to prevent the USA agents at the Mexican border from raping me. They made me get out of my car and told me to leave my camera, and I think I got the new anal nodule implant at the border. This post will remind me about all the guards at the USA border, and also the ones at the other check point today. I think they put this nodule back in my finger there.

I have also reacquired the 9:00 ULTRA WRIGGLER, at least new deep anal ZAPPERS at 7:00 and 1:00. I have also reacquired the 9:00 and 3:00 OUTER WRIGGLERS. I also have a new MEGA ZAPPER or two implanted on my left foot, and also a MEGA ZAPPER on my RIGHT INNER THIGH and my LEFT OUTER THIGH, and a new MEGA ZAPPER above my left ear in addition to several new ZAPPERS on my right ear. Also, both TESTICLE CRUSHERS are in place but those never really went away like most of these others which did and are back now. The RAPE DICK is better than it was, and I didn't seem to get any new ones in my dick, other than at least one smear of the PAIN INFLICTOR NANO PARTICLES at the walmart. No new DICK ZAPPERS, however.

This post will also remind me about the waitress "Des" serving me poisoned coffee at the Denny's while one of my most-hated people was being made by his boss Helene to tell Rod Rosenstein that he's still not allowed to kill me. He should kill Rod for even suggesting it, but he doesn't and I'm sure he would be glad to see me dead if his boss Helene would allow it. While that might superficially seem like a nice thing Helene is doing for me, it must not be forgotten that Helene's specific and well-known torture fetish is to never let her victims die so that she can drag the torture on and on and on... I think this person from the Denny's previously followed me into the Atlanta city jail using the alias "Jose G." which is an apparent reference to "Joseph George," and I think is the one Rod Williams was imitating by pretending to roll his sleeves up when it was revealed that some certain general ledger file at Exide was showing "hundreds of millions of dollars" in it. None of those people from Exide will survive. I hope they kill themselves and their families but I think they're going to leave it to me to make the example of why it would have been better for them to fear the Lord than not. It is written, "Let me fall into the Lord's hands because the Lord is merciful," but I will not accept these people into my hands and I will put them into the hands of their enemies.

I really fucked up what was a relatively nice thing I had going in New York when I went to go make up for the cash shortfall Helene imposed on me after seeing my expenses were about $4500/mo and then telling me to get she was only going to give me $2500/mo out of the money she's stealing from me: money from which I hear she's giving my enemies $300M/day. I am headed back to New York now.

This post will also remind me about the blue eyed stalker who intercepted me in front of my room in Tampico just before I got this implant in my eye.

Some Trumptardian edge sitter followed me into the Denny's this morning to shake his head NO at me, and it was probably a Trump imposter as well. I think this person in Denny's was the person that ambushed me with Helene in April 2014 to have me thrown into the slave hole by his signature on the fraud affidavit containing Helene's lies, and his own lies since he affirmed them to the judge too. When I went to that Denny's the other day, Helene and her other accomplice followed me in, and I don't think this one was that one. However, both men doubtlessly count themselves among the so-called wise men of Babylon who elevate Helene to her position of Biblical notoriety as the Whore of Babylon. In fact, the sitting posture of this person in Denny's was more or less just like the sitting posture of the person I later came to think was Trump in a December 2016 meeting at Exide. This person ar Denny's was much smaller than that one at Exide, however.

I think this one from Denny's today was also the one who followed me into the Atlanta city jail to approach me as "Jose G." Jose G. told me that he did something good for me, and something bad for me, and he must not understand that if you put the unclean meat on a sandwich with clean meat, the whole thing becomes unclean. I think this one is a natural manlet and its not just that he's cut his legs off. Maybe his accomplice at the table with him was Rod Rosenstein, another person whose extended family is going into the catastrophic defilement far beyond the rape, torture, and mutilations they are able to use against me.

I've got a fourth mole implant on my nose now, another new one since the last new one I mentioned about a week ago.

I've got some new stalker lately. It's one of the Dad-affiliated persons. He appeared on the gangstalker TV joking around about how someone ruined my life the other day. Now it seems like he appeared in formation with my rapist Helene at the Denny's to have a giggle about the new implant in my eye. Someone on 4chan posted, "Why would he help you if you're going to kill him?" I think the answer is as follows: the blindness which made it seem wise for him to start down this path does not make him so blind that he can't see where it's going now, and he's being very optimistic about what the answer to the above question is. I'd say there's a 0% chance this person is going to have a positive attitude about me nuking Israel, sending Erin, Jenna, and Jed to hell, and doing very many more things in the vein of destroying the structural pillars of the organization to which he belongs. Everyone who doesn't like the things I do is counted among the damned. His whole, "Hahaha, all of this is a cutesie joke," bullshit is something he'd do better to keep to himself. It offends me, and appearing in formation with Helene would probably be sufficient cause for damnation without any of the rest of it.

One thing about these 100 new implants is that they are not nearly so acute as what I've been dealing with. I suppose they have maxxed me out with the legal limit of what their Satanic law says is the most they are allowed to rape and torture me, and to implant permanently disfiguring moles on my face. However, this limit of the intestity of the sexual torture is *WAY* less that the rape and torture I've been dealing with. Even when they cranked the RAPE DICK way up with the LRAD as typed this, it is *WAY* less that what I've been dealing with, by a long shot.

In addition to about 100 new RAPE DICK implants, WRIGGLERS, and OUTER WRIGGLERS, I have gotten yet another mole implant on my nose this week. I also got quite sick this week, and that was probably a biological warfare attack in addition to the biological warfare attack which resulted in this new mole on my nose. This is the third one on my nose, and the fourth one on my face, and about the tenth overall one of 2021.

ALthough I see the posts saying, "It's about to change," I don't see how the people who are doing this to me would ever say, "Ok, now that we've done it to his father's son enough, let's let him do it to our children now."

Unsurprisingly, the sudden nice decrease in my RAPE DICK on the day Bog "died" was met with an immediate giant increase last night. I got anally raped again and given new RAPE DICK implants, and new anal WRIGGLER implants, and it seems like at least one new OUTER ZAPPER implant. Furthermore, the UPPER DICK PAIN INFLICTOR has been fully restored and is going off non-stop today, and as has the RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER which has also been going off non-stop today, except for a moment when I stopped at the gas station when it switched to the LEFT TESRTICLE CRUSHER. No surprise there at all. I am glad, however, that the RAPE DICK is not as bad as it was.

I passed a sign in Arkansas today for the Clinton Museum or something. They had this pic related faggot's shopped onto Bill Clinton on the billboard. Also, Putin here looks quite like Jordan "Memphis" Wright, and I was in West Memphis, AR just across from Memphis, TN when I got these 20+ new implants: new DEEP ANAL WRIGGLERS, new RAPE DICK implants, new UPPER DICK PAIN INFLICTORS, new NECK ZAPPERS, and probably new RIGHT and LEFT TESTICLE CRUSHERS if these aren't just the old ones that have been left in there since quite time ago, suddenly cranked up a lot more than usual.

The space pope, the master of the Jesuits, is, indeed, reptilian.

Although the letters are T O B Y, someone has written TORK here, which is obvious if you follow it. TORK is me, Tooker, and it has some other meaning I guess. Someone wrote this on my building when I was in the Uhaul lofts, and again in front of my house when I moved to Brookhaven. This the same TORK written on a lot of janitorial supplies these days.

VANE is a reference to my book which was banned by the alleged authorities of the corporations I own. Clownworld references what a joke it is that lots of people said it was the best book they ever read but still no one buys it in the simulated reality which is orchestrated only to help my enemies rape me. The roasties meme and the lulz boat meme also come from this book, as do some more serious memes. You can check to see the honkler memes appeared right after I made this cover and published the book, which is only for sale on the fake internet due to those people fucking me. They do it ensure my poverty which is necessary for them to constantly rape me. Otherwise, I could afford security and/or move to some legal jurisdiction where the government is adversarial to my enemies. I wrote two books which would have independently made two separate writing careers for me, but my rapists ban my books.

Me being the owner of THE VATICAN, CITY OF LONDON, AND UNITED STATES corporations contextualizes what is meant when they write Jelzo. When I drove through Memphis, they had a nice VAYNE mural. On the wall right after, they had written WHAT? with a Russian character in it. This is what that is about. They must have just written WHAT since it wasn't there in November.

I seem to have contracted a mild flu. Either those people in Atlanta got me sick to be assholes, or I'm getting inoculated in advance of my return to the ordinary human biosphere after spending so much time in germless Antarctica.

What is a Gold Fringe Flag?

>We are in fact, functioning in maritime admiralty law, and our court system is actually upholding a corporation that goes by the name of UNITED STATES

The UNITED STATES CORPORATION is a subsidiary of THE CITY OF LONDON CORPORATION, which is a subsidiary of THE VATICAN CORPORATION. THE VATICAN CORPORATION is solely owned by the King of Babylon, who is me. This is the nature of the current problem with the betrayal of the Catholic priests who have no right to be Lord's priests at all since they are not Levites. They may be Babylonian priests of some ancient pagan sect that wears the fish hat, but they have no part on the Lord's priesthood. This is why Babylon falls at the end of the age: this current betrayal of the Satanic priests. Satanism is rebellion against God, and it is the purest form of rebellion when they rob the Levites of the everlasting inheritance the Lord has given them. They rob the Levites, and they rob the Lord himself, as it is written.

I hazard that having these posts deleted and then immediately cited is more effective for my purpose than if they had remained in my archive. Other things that I noticed being deleted from my 2occatl.net website included everything I wrote about the Las Vegas shooting, and also the above image about the Islamic prophecy fairly well describing what I have called the hypercomplexly infinitesimal neighborhood of doomsday.

Today, I left the hotel in Birmingham and went to the restaurant. There was a toothpick deposited where I parked. When I started to use the soy sauce, someone yelled YEAH indicating that it was poisoned. After my second trip to the buffet, someone yelled YEAH again indicating the other soy sauce I had grabbed was poisoned too when my back was turned. I noticed some guy in a red shirt filming me, and I thought it was this guy below whose information and photos have been deleted from one of these archive pages in November(-ish.) When I left the restaurant, Mr. Red Shirt "Rothschild" Kike Guy was parked next to the toothpick just sitting in his car. I presume it was to let me know he had deposited the toothpick was responsible for the attempted poisoned, which may or may not have succeeded.

In north Mississippi, I presume I was pulled off the highway with my brain turned off and raped again. It seemed like I lost a few minutes and my RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER implant revved up and continued until I got to Arkansas. On the drive, I noticed about 100 new implants on the back of my head, and on the top. Around the time I finished picking them off in Memphis, suddenly my left hand had the smell of bleach all over it. That must have happened during a subsequent rape. When I got to the hotel here in West Memphis, the gangstalkers TV repeated my comments in the car about losing time, and the theme of the fake show was my new TOP RIGHT EAR ZAPPER which is very string. The TAPPING started in about 2 minutes once I got into the room, and the lobby art is an obvious plague doctor.

Since I thought the person in the red shirt was this person below, I went into my archive to get a picture of him. All my posts with his picture were deleted. All the infographics with his photo that I saved on my computer were deleted. I saw one of them just the other day, so this deletion just happened. The main thing I was saying about him is that I think his real name is Joseph Kuklinski. I wrote a lot, but I don't remember the context. The girl in between him and Helene was one of the Emily Hancock impersonators, if that is not Emily herself.

Several posts I made about this faggot behind and Helene and the woman behind got deleted from my blog. All of my images of them have been deleted from my computer. They have been photo shopped in this photo to look lightly different than the originals which I had posted. I think that faggot in the back was the one who intercepted me at the restaurant this morning, but his likeness has been altered in the picture I'm posting.

Yesterday, I thought I got some kind of irritant on the back of the middle portion of my third finger on my left hand. Today, I see that there was an irritant rubbed on the skin to distract from an obvious stab wound and a new nodule implant. When I was checking out of the hotel today, the guy showed me his very yellow looking eyes.

Earlier this morning, they were saying that someone, maybe Romero Cavalcanti, is the black pope, who is the master of the Jesuits and therefore the master of the regular pope. I concluded that the black pope is a likely person to be the man of lawlessness: the one who sets up himself in God's temple, proclaiming himself to be God, and exalting himself above everything that is called God. My previous assumption was that this person was Evil Dad who I think worked at "IHS" on Robins AFB. The black pope, however, be he Evil Dad or Cavalcanti, is well suited to play the role of the one who withholds the tithe and conducts the priestly inequities recorded in Malachi.

As the King of Babylon, I am the owner of the Vatican. The non-Levitical Babylonian priests don't like me, however, for the most part. Jesuits have the goal that he Babylonian church---the Roman Catholic Church---should win in the end. Zechariah 14:9 makes it known that on the day of the Lord, the Lord's name will be the only name. Also, the whole end of story in The Holy Babyl is that Babylon will be destroyed. Obviously, the non-Levitical Babylonian priests don't like that, for the most part. I had thought that Cavalcanti was one of my lesser antagonists after Evil Dad, but now I wonder if my previous diagnosis of Jaca B as Jacob, a/k/a Satan, which Jaca B being the body double for Jaca A, a/k/a Jacare, puts this black pope as my main antagonist: literally Biblical Satan. Also, I am not sure if I saw that meme right about who the black pope is or is not.

I think this is a picture of the same man after "Garfield" and/or Helene got their hands on him. You can see the lip ring where that tooth should be. After they did that to him, they did as close as that to me as they could. Luckily, God interceded and saved me from all but the least of it. Soon, the ones that did it will be given into my hand. If I didn't extend my mercy to this man, should I extend it to the ones who did it to him? I think that would be unjust to extend it to them when I did not extend it to him.

These murals have this man's face in it. You can see his tooth there. I remember him fondly from a much better time in my life.

For this one, which I like much better than the other one, I notice that the masonic center nearby says "York Rite Bodies" and "Scottish Rite Bodies" but not "Chinese Rite Bodies." I don't know if there might be some overlap there, or what the arrangement of their stuff may be, but that is what comes to mind. Also, between this mural and the masonic center is the head office of King & Spalding where FBI Director Wray worked in between faking his death as Brad and Chris Moriarty's dad and his current job at the FBI. This mural also makes me think about how he's always saying, "China is the biggest threat." Lately, I understand that he really means Chinese freemasonry.

This one pretty well explains Mike Pence's Garfield fetish. You can also kind of pull out of that why Trump getting elected was basically the worst thing that ever happened to me.

I addition to the graffiti, the hundred things around town named Windsor are named after my mother's last name. If the good guys had won WWII, I guess there would be 100 things around town named after my father.

For the most part, I like the graffiti around Atlanta. This mural, however, seems like a celebration of the Vine City sewage flood and I don't care for it. It seems evil and like a representation of something that I hate.

I do very much like the REM BANDOE TETH STR8 CULT ones. These must pertain to remembering the house I got arrested in on 10th St, which was not abandoned but was my own legal residence where I had every right to be when half of APD police raped me. In previous posts, I mentioned several things about my suspicion of a cult in that neighborhood. Hours after I made a post remarking that the gate feature at Bar Amalfi was the spitting likeness of this sewage monster, someone showed up and threw all my shit out on the street with no right to do so. There is certainly cult in that neighborhood. That cult and those cops who serve them are all going to get killed.

There was some guy at the homeless shelter who was fucking with me very much, and other people would call him Mr. Lester but pronounce it Molester. At first, I thought that's what the LESTR graffiti was. Now I think EVEN LES commemorates the degeneration from the CHUB HEAD days to my current state which is catastrophically worse on every level, with my life completely and irrevocably ruined by physical and psychological damage that will never heal as long as my enemies' children continue to draw breath. EVEN LES kind of speaks to the way Trump getting inaugurated marked the onset of the worst four years of my life with the exception of this current year under Biden being somehow much worse still than any of those Trump years. It's like how the long decline in my personal and professional life following my enemies' sicking their Emily Hancock agent me was then amplified by 100 to leave me out on the street homeless and literally getting fucked in the ass by rapists turning my brain off every 100 hours or so, so that my quality of life was EVEN LES than it was beforehand. They raped me almost to death, and then the remediation was to go ahead and rape me the rest of the way to death.

They've got that hooker "Jasmine" crying in a mural in the Old Fourth Ward, and now my situation is 100000 times worse than it was. Also, that mural doesn't quite explain that she came in solidarity with my gangstalkers to spray me with pepper spray when I was using the internet and the power outlet at the McDonald's in Dunwoody. The tears kind of paint a different picture than the real one. She was in solidarity with my enemies before they painted that one, and after.

They say I deserve it for not indenturing myself to them as their wage slave but I disagree. When I kill their last child and the last trickle of their bloodline fades away, maybe then they will know they were wrong.

When I went out into the hall earlier today, someone shouted, "You won!" I obviously didn't. In addition to the constant sexual torture I was dealing with at my last 20 hotels, now they're spraying me with SHIT SPRAY every 15 minutes. I got anally raped in the laundromat today too. That's not what happens when you are the winner. This is what happens when my rapists and the people who want to spray shit stink on me all day win.

Anyways, a blessing on whoever writes the stuff that I like.