2022-02-15 archive

I was thinking about saying something about juden to the BOSS stalker at the desk in the gym when I walked in. He beat me to it and said, "Jud morning," when I approached the desk. Soon after, I got a ZAPPER rape attack at the 11:00 position on my stomach, and then some stalker in a bright green hat sat in the seat directly at my 11:00 so that the orientation of the ZAPPING marked his intended location. He looked very sad in his eyes but due to the ZAPPING, I don't feel bad for him at all. I thought at first it was Jenna who family not only failed to advise her to fear the Lord, but actively suggested to her that the Lord is to be mocked. His eyes were blue but the area around his eyes was somewhat darker. In my opinion, if he cared about Jenna then he should have advised to her fear the Lord. Begging me not kill her when he when didn't teach her to fear the Lord is a mockery, in my opinion. Joshua said, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." This guy and his house serve the anti-Christ, or the Man of Lawlessness, who is Satan's servant. I feel no pity or compassion for them even while I can empathize with their regret of falling into this situation by their weak-willed failure to resist. I understand that sucks for you that you didn't resist but should have resisted. It would have been much better for the things you care about if you and your house had stood for the Lord.

After the encounter with green hatted man, I got a ZAPPER attack at the 1:00 position on my stomach. Then some other person, maybe #2, came and sat in the seat at 1:00 relative to my position on the treadmill. The man in the Alliance hoodie was there today, and I felt much better about him this time around. Although suspected #2 was trying to project smugness to cover the cowardly sadness that certainly fills his heart, the presence of the man in the Alliance hoodie made him visibly uncomfortable. He asked to use the machine used by the man in the hoodie but that man told him to fuck off, basically, which I enjoyed very much. The presence of the man in the hoodie was visibly disturbing to him and the proximity of that man interrupted his fraudulent positive emotivity. While #2 was sitting at the relative 1:00 position, some other person approached and sat near me. He or she (it?) was wearing the same shirt as me. There was no ZAPPER and I was not immediately bothered. Then that person got up, I got a ZAPPER attack in my left thumb, and then that person stuck their hand in the thin space where I could see below the treadmill's console. Again, the ZAPPER in my hand marked the person sliding their hand into that thin view beneath the console and above the seat of the machine he moved to. Sitting in front of me, this person began to snarl. I think this person was the #3 Emily-affiliated stalker.

There was another man in there in a George Floyd mask. Floyd's death by kneeling on the neck is a psyop in reference to the cops (Chauvin, I presume) graduating from putting ZAPPERS in my asshole to putting them in my dick, where a dozen or more remain to this day, probably closer to two dozen, and where a hundred or more have been placed since that first one which spurred the George Floyd protests about "kneeling on the neck." My impression is this man and the man in the hoodie were there to impede the intention of stalkers #1-#4 to put a new RAPE DICK implant in my asshole today, as referenced in my earlier post.

After that, another stalker approached wearing a cross around his neck and having one blue eye set an angle relative to the other one, which was green. There was no ZAPPER and he did not bother me at first. However, his eye reminded me of some of these memes that I hate and I queried whether or not he hates me. He indicated that he did not. As he was sitting there next to #3, he gave her (shim?) a glance which caught my attention. I queried whether or not he was involved in the Emily Hancock operation which sparked this present and ongoing ten year descent into homelessness, poisoning, sabotage, rape, mutilation, and torture. He indicated that he was. While I may forgive a natural born female involved in that debacle, or I may not, I will never forgive any of the men involved in it, and I indicated that to him. He stood up and turn to face me at the 12:00 position relative to position on the treadmill, and then he flicked some piece of shit in my direction. About one second later, the 12:00 ZAPPER on my stomach went off, as if to confirm that he is the same piece of with those other ones that I believe him to be. In my opinion, he would not use the electroshock device to torture me if he didn't hate me, or he would not belong to the group of people whose motions are used as cues for the ones who torture me with the electroshock devices they implanted in the stab wounds I got while they were raping me.

Costner has been stealing Yellowstone from me for so long, it's like he forgot that he is the robber. I own that ranch, but he think it belongs to him since he has successfully stolen it. I am the owner, the governor, the attorney general, and the livestock commissioner too. Costner wants me to think he was doing me some kind of favor by letting me live on my own ranch for while but that line of rhetoric or reasoning pisses me off pretty well. Given whatever he's "done" for me with the resources he steals from me, he also lets my rapists live in the bunk house for free while sending me to go get raped in the gutter behind the library if I'm not going to debase myself as his wage slave. I am the owner of that ranch. I also own all their lives and all their children's lives. Their lives are mine to do with as I please and they have chosen rebellion against me.

Now We've Done It: We Pissed Off The CIA Around 12:21pm, a heckler outside my room yelled in Jenna's voice, "Are you trying to put it back in there?" Then one of those kikes who I assume loves Jenna while he hates me said in that angry Jewish tone of his, "Check!" I think I recognize this voice as the heckler in the hall in the hotel in Arkansas where one or more unfortunate (for me) events transpired. It sounds like they think the RAPE DICK is about get a lot worse.

Viral Anti-Xi Article Reveals CCP Infighting That May Derail Xi's Bid For 3rd Term, Analysts Say

>"The 40,000-word long article listed mistakes that Xi Jinping has made in politics, economy, and diplomacy. It's a summary of Xi's ruling over the past nine years"

The reason every textbook ever written has a second edition (if it sold more than 100 copies) is because every first edition that was ever written was riddled with errors and things begging for improvement.

I think I may understand Sam Hyde's signature biceps lock which isn't a rear naked choke because he has his hand behind the girl's head backwards in the way that makes it easy for her to get out of it. (Sam Hyde is a white belt in jiu jitsu, haha.) I will speculate.

I was never very fond of Karen Tooker's children. I was modestly fond of Erin for a while but I am not fond of her at all now. Quite the opposite in fact; now I hate her and desire that evil should befall her. Jenna too but I never liked her to begin with. Most of the time when I was staying in Karen's home, I was not interacting much Erin and Jenna. They would play together and I didn't play with them much. Shortly after we moved to Georgia, in a uncharacteristic event, all three of us were in the driveway playing with a basketball. In the way that a child playing might shout, "Jordan," before doing a basketball move, I shouted, "Steven Seagal," in a moment of what I thought (wrongly) was shared levity with those girls. I shouted the name and did a Steven Seagal move.

The exact interaction was probably that we were playing horse or something. I randomly and gingerly put my arm around Jenna's neck and said, "All I have to do is jump and you'd die," or something, implying that I could break her neck like that. Really her weight would have kept me from jumping at all if I had been holding on to tightly enough to transfer force my legs through my arm, which I absolutely was not. I had lightly passed my arm beneath her chin in the imitation of a headlock, not in a headlock, and it was completely soft and innocent, not like the picture above. I was a very gentle child. I never hit either of those girls. I never laid a finger on them violently or to molest them. I never even shoved one of them. I probably never even ripped a toy out of one of their hands when we were arguing. I was a gentle, gentle, gentle child, and I was especially gentle with those girls because their mother would invariably find me guilty in everything. However, in the way that a woman will go to snort a man's cocaine and then suck his dick before going to the police to file forcible oral copulation charges, Jenna must have horribly misrepresented these events. It was 100% innocent. I did not squeeze her neck and I probably only used one arm. However, when I got kicked out of Karen's house soon after, this event was blown absurdly out of proportion with Karen and her husband saying they were afraid I was going to murder one of their real children. I think this event of Jenna's outrageous misrepresentation must be the origin of Sam Hyde's signature biceps lock.

I treated those two girls with absolute gentleness during the entire time that I knew them, and this moment of levity in which I busted out my Steven Seagal move was not violent or an initiation of violence. It was completely ordinary child's play only out of ordinary because I was playing with them at all that day. It was child's pla not even remotely rising to the level of what one might call horse play. As I said, it was as gentle as any other time I had come into physical contact with Karen's children. There is no reasonable person on Earth who could see the events as they happened and decide that it was horse play. It was nothing like that, and nothing like this picture of Sam Hyde in his speech about how he's going to mutilate me until me corpse makes people vomit because I "initiated violence."

When I was getting kicked out of Karen's house when I was 15, her and her husband were citing this innocent event in the driveway to say they had not choice but to kick me out of their house because they were "afraid" that my absolute, unbroken streak of gentle interaction with Karen's daughters was going to suddenly morph into murder (without first incrementing to even a modest violence like pushing.) At that time, I was greatly offended by Dad's hypocrisy. Several years earlier, I had visited his sister Doris and she showed me this giant crescent scar on her head where Dad (or a Dad-affiliated person) had chucked a full soda can at her and split her head open. The hair never grew in the scar again and he easily could have killed her with his casual violence. I never did anything like to those girls. In fact, the event in question was the total opposite of that. It was a moment of what I thought (wrongly) was shared levity in the way a man can enjoy getting his dick sucked before being arrested for forcible oral copulation. In this video, Sam is saying, "Blah blah blah, you initiated violence so I'm going to kill you by fucking you in the ass, etc." I didn't initiate violence. That is a false characterization. We were playing and it was as innocent as it was gentle. However much it got blown out of proportion by Jenna, Karen certainly blew that much out of proportion as well when she saw a chance to get me kicked out of the house where she was living in sin with Helene's husband (unless I was deceived about that too.)

A lot of people in the Aryan Brotherhood probably feel like they're Jesse Pink Man but really they are the people Jesse Pink Man was crying about. They are literally the ones who had him chained up. The news has been saying the Russians are getting ready to go and this change of scenery behind my hotel is good evidence that something other than nothing is happening. I hope they don't wait for me to finish this paper. That's going to be a couple of months, I think, at least.

Regarding the initiation of violence, one of those men in the Sam Hyde clan of faggots was the one who got Helene to fuck my guts up and then ruin my relationship with dad when he was always pissed at me for seeming like I got raped in the ass. As someone who has been in a fair number of rear naked chokes, I can tell you with absolute certainly that Helene hurt me more with her thing up my ass than that Sam is hurting that girl by choking her. I don't mean that Helene caused irreparable injuries, which she did. What I mean is that the moment of pain inflicted by Helene ripping my guts up with her anal rape tool hurt much more than it hurts to get your neck squeezed. it was Sam's buddy who convinced her to do that to me. To be very matter of fact, a certain Dad-affiliated person slapped the shit out of me when I pitched a fit at his business when I was about 13. I didn't ever initiate violence against those girls. The slapping is nothing compared to the rape, but it is infinitely more violent than the events I have recounted here. I never molested them, slapped them, pulled their hair, or anything like that, ever. I never treated them with anything but the utmost physical gentleness but then when Karen and her husband were kicking me out of their house, they mischaracterized what was nothing but an uncharacteristic friendliness toward those girls. "I'm Steven Seagal, bitch!" It was absolutely nothing like the scene pictured above. I would say it was like a hug around Jenna's neck but it wasn't even that because you squeeze when you hug someone. All I did was pass my elbow under her chin and inform her that Steven Seagal can break your neck by touching your ear with his finger. The only thing unusual about those events in the driveway was that I was treating them with a warm regard. There was nothing more to it than that. These people are Jews and their misrepresentations are as Jewish as Jenna is a lying, white trash cunt, just like her mother. In the end when Jenna turns into that corpse Sam mentions in his video, they're going to wish I had ripped her head off that day.

In front of my hotel, they have a bunch of graffiti. Mainly, it says Cavalcanti (KVC) and Tooker (TO). Someone drew a lizard with the tag MENACE, and that got covered up with more TOOKER. Behind the hotel, the graffiti is much more interesting. There's two KKK graffitos: KC and KEVIN CASH, or some name with KC initials. Next to the KC one, someone wrote "Not Safe" and next to the other one someone wrote "Not Secure." IMO, the KKK is mostly a Jewish organization and they like Israel because it's got some white people in it better than they like Hitler. Mr KKK Biden, for instance, does not like Hitler at all. I went to the Jewish Museum in Midtown Atlanta once, and pretty much the first exhibit when I walked in was a KKK recruiting pamphlet from the 1850's or so. At the top of the first page, it said it was for whites only and that Jews were not allowed. I do not think Jews were on the minds of most people in Georgia in the 1850s. From what I understand of Jewish tricks, I think that recruiting pamphlet was written and published by the Jews who started the KKK in Georgia. The KK double lettering is classically Jewish, the "Kosher Kaballah" and what what not, and KKK is pretty close to KK.

There is also a lot of Aryan Brotherhood graffiti back there: BA and BASH. I think AB probably wrote that other stuff about the KKK being insecure because the Aryan Brotherhood represents as more aligned with Nazis than the KKK who thinks are Jews are great if they're white. Since the TO graffitos are green, I assume Tooker is BA-affiliated. Indeed, I think the ultimate leader of the Aryan Brotherhood is the King of Ireland and I understand that Tooker identifies as Irish. I will have more to say about that below. I think Joseph Kuklinski has used the alias Joseph Tooker, however, and there is an obvious KKK affiliation there, apparently.

Recently, white man Netanyaho's Likud party got voted out of power in Israel. That party's name is basically "Le KKK party of Israel," and you can get the gist of why the Aryan Brotherhood would say that the KKK is not secure. However, I want to bring the following to the attention of the Aryan Brotherhood. After Natenyaho left office, the new President of Israel is now the former chief Rabbi of Ireland: Isaac Herzog. I suggest that the Aryan Brotherhood is equally as compromised by Jews as the KKK, if not more so. The KKK stepped down in Israel (after getting kicked in the balls) and now an Irishman is the President of Israel. In further support of my thesis that the Aryan Brotherhood is Jewish, I am Adolf Hitler and those people don't report up to me. A lot of them tell themselves I'm not even white.

In Breaking Bad, Jesse Pink Man, different than Walter White Man, had a scene about him not "getting away with it." That was a reference to Sam Hyde, the world's new most notorious terrorist now that Carlos Cavalcanti is no longer that person. I understand that the reason notorious Jewish nationalist terrorist Sam Hyde "keeps getting away with it" is that Sam Hyde is a persona used by the King of Ireland: a Jewish supremacist. I think the king of Ireland is the ultimate leader of the Aryan Brotherhood.

This week, third party white gang Russia (MOSKA) wrote over the BASH graffiti behind the hotel and added, "You a dope fiend," which says YOU ADORE FIEND. This is a reference to Sam Hyde being the ultimate leader of the Aryan Brotherhood through his shared persona with the king of Ireland. I would also comment that the king of Ireland is really a prince of the grand scheme of things. To wit, the independent Kingdom of Mann got reinstated on an island between Great Britain and Ireland abotu 10 years ago. The title of the king of Mann is "Prince David, King of Mann." The king of Ireland is also a prince. I, on the other hand, am not the prince of anything. I am only a king. I am the king of the grand scheme of things: the kings. The king of Ireland is only a prince of the grand scheme of things, or a princeling. The prince king of Ireland, and the other prince kings, all say that the beef between them and me is beef between two kings but that is not right. Those are children in rebellion against their father: me, the Lord. Sometimes it is said that I am a superior king among lesser kings, but those people are princes who are only called kings in the made up countries they represent. I am the only king because I am the only one who is not a princling.

Between Kevin Cash, BASH, and MOSKA, I'd go with MOSKA. If they were ruled by Jews, the USA wouldn't hate them so much.

I brought some water bottles with me to the gym this evening. It seemed like my rapist Helene appeared. (Her relationship to me is stated rather rosily when I call her my rapist.) Then someone turned off my brain and threw a bunch of shit on the ground around the spot where I was working out. On one side of my mat, a bobby pin appeared with a gigantic hair ball wadded up in it, and next to that a large thing of grey lint. Next to my bag with my water bottles in it, on the other side of the mat I was using, they threw some little clear piece of junk. Maybe it was just people walking by throwing it down, but I think I got raped again. When I came out of the gym, it looked like some kike was parked directly in front of the gym. The license plate was HHB 1668 so it may have just been a guy with a beard but it looked like a kike gloating over me getting raped in the gym.

After the gym, I went to the store to get a protein bar and I asked if they were poisoned. The man at the counter told me they were. When I got back to the hotel, I asked if all of my water bottles were poisoned and they said they were. I asked if the water that comes from the faucet was poisoned and they said it is. I blame this faggot Biden and the men who didn't kill him 30 years before he could have started to do any of this. I really don't see how anyone will ever come to me ready to answer when I ask, "Why did you leave me in there yesterday?"

Sometimes my criticisms are harsh when I criticize people who aren't killers for not killing the wicked among them. These people I'm talking about are killers, however, Biden's accomplices, and they protect the wicked among them with their violence. They used their violence to throw me in the slave hole and the white trash among them like Biden say, "Hitler was piece of shit because he was trying to exterminate all the white trash. All white people are great and there's no such thing as white trash." These people are trash and their culture is trash. Their balls are trash too and that's why they steal my semen to avoid having to let their sons' wives get pregnant by their sons semen. They know those babies are shit tier and they want to overwrite my DNA with their white trash culture. I will deny my mercy to their children. I think about those children every day.

It seems like I got a new implant in my right eye too. Suddenly the eyelid is experiencing spasms at non-random times. I am familiar with my rapists' love of such coordinated tortures,

I scrolled past some photo of Biden pointing his nose today which made me thing he was the dad-affiliated person whose nose mole was not fake. Maybe he was pointing to his nose to say he was the one who implanted these four moles on my nose which I cannot unsee, and regarding which I do not care if other people can easily discern. I am not sure which one the nose pointer is, but I am sure my quality of life has never been so poor as when Biden was in the White House. The shit with Emily Hancock happened while he was there. The problem with publishing on arXiv happened while he was there and he was in the White House while the USA was paying Helene to get me expelled from college with her notorious and malicious lies. I probably got shipped off to Antarctica while Biden was in the White House too.

During the four years of Trump, they were mostly giving me implants that left irreparable syringe trauma (the skeletal mutilator implant is a big exception) but now that Biden is in the White House again I've got a dozen moles implanted all over my body and a bunch of disfiguring brown spots that scream, "Haha, I rape you, faggot. What are you going to do about it?" They weren't doing that when Trump was there, but now that Biden is there I have these disgusting, visible mutilations all over my body.

To the extent that there is some kind of overlap between Costner on Yellowstone and Biden, that whole bullshit about Costner doing a favor to the black haired, adopted child Jaime after Hitler started a war with England is a bunch of bullshit. I am God and they're not doing me any favors. These people and their cronies got Helene to rape me for on the behalf of the cult of faggot with which they are affiliated, the P2 masons and/or the Jesuits, I presume. After that happened, Biden didn't kill the ones who did it, if it wasn't Biden himself. They can't say they say they didn't know about the rape because two dad-imposters were on TV just the other day with one saying he was the one who got Helene to fuck my guts up, thus beginning the long trail of anal penetrations which led to the 500 implants up my asshole right now, 10 of which are actively raping me as I type this. This TV encounter with the kingpin of Helene's rape strategy came only a few weeks after another pair of dad-imposters came on the TV to tell me that this was one their handwritings on my face saying, "Haha, I rape you, faggot. What are you going to do about it?" These people were on TV just the other day admitting it, and these people in the White House still don't kill them as if their view of reality is in the one which the Lord's rapists are cool and actually it's the Lord who's an asshole. Furthermore, it is the USA who makes it possible for these people to psychologically rape me with their gangstalker shit on TV between the hours in which they're literally raping my fucking asshole.

Overall, besides the above, it is very bitter for me to think that that man I knew when I was a child walked away from me to go sit in the throne of my torturers funding himself and his war on my people with the money he stole from me after never telling me about it, certainly to make it easier for him to steal. Having Biden in the White House is tightly correlated with the worst times of my life, and with the USA raping more than at other times. I thought it would get better when Trump got elected and I sure was wrong about that. I thought it would get better when Trump left and they got this child molesting nose pointer in there instead, but to my surprise I have still not hit the bottom and everything keeps getting worse. What used to be a few years of homelessness is now five years and sleeping in a hotel is good for my hygeine but very much worse for my rape situation. When I was sleeping on the sidewalk, I was hardly getting raped at all. Now that I am sleeping in hotel rooms, the hotel's rooms are treated as the private rape theaters of the agents the USA sends to rape me and the rapists who the USA does not kill while they make unjust war on people. So, fuck you and the horse you rode in on to whoever Costner is supposed to be. You people are all getting exterminated. Hunter Biden's torture will be as cruel and as torture ever was.

Since Helene lets out a cry of joy on the LRAD every time I start yelling about the people I believe to be on the other side of this shit written all over my face, I don't know exactly where the man with the mole on his nose fits into all of this. I remember that was Good Dad but I also remember that Evil Dad looked exactly like Good Dad. The USA was paying for them to defraud me. The dissent of even one dad-imposter would have exposed their lies but they were unanimous in their strategy: Good Dad too. Whoever anyone is, these people in the White House are the coworkers of the ones admitting raping and mutilating me the other day. Although the USA is happy to torture my people and thier families, the torture of my rapist and my mutilator did not commence immediately following these admissions because the USA corporate personhood is that of my worst enemy. Not only does the USA not kill them, the USA pays them to do it to me with my own money while leaving me in a condition of harsh indigence in which I cannot afford security, and also in the Antarctic slave hole where any security I might hire would only take my money to let my rapists continue to rape me with their blessing. Overall, that bullshit on Yellowstone about Costner doing Jaime a favor pissed me off pretty well. The truth is, I did Costner, or whoever, a favor by giving him a chance not fuck me but then he fucked me anyways, and he keeps doing it every day, unrepentantly and without contrition.

Regarding the article linked above, it's like Biden is saying that my absolute right to kill anyone and everyone based on nothing more than my whim is a lesser right than the right of the people I want to kill to rape and torture me as long as they continue to live. He said in the article, "Think about the children," and I assure everyone that I do think about them. The verse at the top of my website is the constant reminder to think about the children. They have no problem raping and torturing my father's child and I feel the same way about their children. The difference between us that they are too weak to kill me but I am not weak at all. They did Daisy's destruction to one of my people's children and I will do worse than that to all of their children. I am strong and I will do the things I have described at the appointed time. Then they will know I have not spoken in vain.

My computer got AIDS again and they are not fixing it this time around. I brought another AIDS computer of mine into my room to check that it would boot up before I shipped it to the person that bought it from me. This computer which seemed to have been healed got AIDS again at that time. The drop down folders in the browser bookmarks bar all glitch white, the letters in scrabble mercilessly mock me, taking a screenshot causes the Windows setting menu to open, the taskbar icon for the Windows 11 screenshot tool is all fucked up, etc. The 50 AIDS posts I saw on 4chan this week all mock the disease put on my computer complementary to the disease put in my shampoo, coffee, and food, beyond the non-disease torture implants all throughout my body.

One of the on-site rapists in my current hotel has been leaving tangles of long black hair, and single long black hairs all over my room. I have been here for a couple of weeks and they keep turning up. Someone also put some weird piece of tree or bush detritus next to my bed over the weekend. These hairs, and objects and stickers and pieces of lint, are being put in here on an ongoing basis and they were not leftover from any previous guest. Over the weekend, a group of BANGING and CEILING STOMPING agents encroached on my position. Then someone on the internet said they poisoned my shampoo again. I squirted it all the down toilet around 11:00 am, and by around 3:00pm someone had placed some giant, weird piece of black lint on my toilet which could not have come from my clothes. They also placed another gross, long black hair next to the toilet. Obviously, this post will remind me to exterminate all of the people who have been coming into my current hotel room when I round up and exterminate everyone who ever encroached upon me, ever, along with all of their families.

In my opinion, this trend exactly tracks the onset on inflation and the devaluation of the dollar. If the nuclear war doesn't get here first, I expect this trend will convert to a steeper linear trend or an exponential trend.

For a few weeks there, the sexual torture situation was improving. Now it has plateaued again in the state where my RAPE DICK is fucking me in the ass non-stop all day, about 10 mechanical WRIGGLER maggots implanted in my asshole and between my butt cheeks are being used against basically all day, and the scrotum ZAPPERS and 100 other ZAPPERS are being used about as frequently, including the ones on the shaft of my dick about 1mm from the head, and the several different ones implanted all along the length of my urethra on the inside of my penis. My rapists were able to immediately administer the electroshock torture to my scrotum as soon as I began to type "scrotum ZAPPERS" and the TESTICLE CRUSHER implants are being used against me dozens of times a day as well. I suppose my rapists and their accomplices say that this a great state to be in and that it's a big improvement, and that I should thank them for assigning this condition as my new baseline of constant sexual and psychological torture.

There was a thread on /pol/ today about how the people who hate me jumped at the chance to believe that I am so awful at my chosen profession that I could not even rise to the level of its second worst professional practitioner. Indeed, failing to make it even to the level of the second worst physicist on Earth leaves a buffer for me to be even worse and still succeed. What these people who hate me were happy to believe without even one year of careful study was that I am so terrible at my chosen profession, I could not even be the absolute worst professional physicist on Earth. Someone is that person, and he is clearly much better at physics in the minds of those who hate me than I am. There's something they say in law school:

What do you call the person who graduates last in their class but passes the bar?

A lawyer.

The people who hate me were ever so happy to believe that I am such a miserable fucking stupid moron, that I could not even be that guy. Since these people hate me, it easy for them to have such low opinions of me. In light of this /pol/ thread about these people's hate fueled beliefs, I was reminded about this older /sci/ thread where Sarbina "The Next Einstein" Pasterski showed that she does not understand that quantum mechanics is a theory of states, not particles. I think know-nothing undergraduates must be cured of this most stereotypical ignorance regarding QM 1000 times a year globally in their first semester Intro to QM classes. Having to stop thinking about classical particles and starting to think about quantum states instead is literally the first mental hurdle one has to jump over on the road to learning QM. This older thread that I linked in the previous post shows that Sarbina was on the stupid side of that hurdle when she started arguing with me last year.

Now, Sarbina is clearly a substandard physicist because her whole career is built around her "skronk wyman" media presence. However, there are *tons* of people who are not very good at physics working as physicists. A lot of people get PhDs because they have high opinions of their intellects. Some of those people are wrong or deluded. Since getting a job is all about social networking if you're not in the 0.001% of physicists who actually did anything, and it's still about social networking if you are in that group, Sarbina is not the only one like her. She may be the only one you'd see demonstrate such a profound ignorance of the most basic elements of QM, however. The point is, these people who hate me, such as Helene, have such a low opinion of me that it was easy for them to tell themselves that I am such fucking stupid idiot who doesn't know shit about anything that I couldn't even perform the role of a professional physicist at the level of a pseud like Sarbina, who still might not be the absolute worst professional physicist on Earth. She may be the absolute worst one since her career is a psyop, I don't know who is the worst, but there's probably other ones even stupider than her. Anyways, Helene and her friends were happy to believe that the reason I got $20k and my university's most prestigious fellowship for PhD candidates after I graduated magna cum laude in physics and aced the physics GRE was because I'm the biggest retard that ever lived. Helene also tells people that it's ok for her to rape me, to steal all my money while leaving me to rot in the gutter, and to murder and torture my friends and their children because she loves me. That's a lie obviously. She thinks I'm trash and the feeling is mutual.

Last year, I got into an argument with this idiot Sarbina Pasterski. I recorded it in my blog. Now, my record of her exposing her profound ignorance is the only file in my rather large hosting account with "size 0kb" metadata. Here is the link to the archive of her stupidity, and also a link to my later expounding on the matter. My blog posts about these events appear here. You can find them by searching for "Sarbina" or "Sabrina." I encourage readers who criticize my rhetoric on /sci/ as "vile" to carefully note that once Sabrina exposed herself as a retard, her rebuttal was to self-identify as my rapist.

She revealed that absolutely nothing is required to be a professional physicist other than a sufficient social network. This ignorance of hers when she does not understand the difference between a state and a particle is the kind of thing that is corrected in the first month of an undergraduate intro to QM course 1000 times per semester, globally. This is literally the most stereotypical ignorance characterizing someone who doesn't know anything about quantum mechanics. Due to people supporting her, however, she gets tenure and money and people calling her Einstein every day. She is a literal know-nothing and she gets all of that. Nothing other than social networking matters for one's career, not in physics or any other field. Actually doing good physics requires a brain but getting paid to be a physicist absolutely does not require that.

Archive image 1.

Archive image 2.

A while ago, they had a pair of Dad-imposters on the TV tormenting me with their psychological rape techniques. One of them was telling me that he was the one who told Helene to fuck my guts up by anally raping me when I was in 3rd grade or so. Today, I wonder if that is one of the Dad-imposters using the Durham persona to ensure that no harm comes to my enemy the USA in retribution for the irreparable and catastrophic harm they have done to me and my people. If so, that is well fitting for what I understand of those people: they want anal rape trauma to fall on a child, to fall on the literal the lamb of God, but then they want to protect from any harm at all the Great Satan which the Lord wishes to destroy, along with all of its officers and their families.

I got an affirmative ID when I posted on 4chan to ask if the President who appointed my rapist to be my CIA handler (as the CIA Director) also appointed an Attorney General who appointed my other rapist to investigate whether or not the USA has been raping me since at least 2011. That would be very well fitting with what I understand of the methods of the Great Satan, called the United States of America. I hate it and I will destroy it. I will cull the nation it represents while claiming falsely to represent my nation.

I finished watching Yellowstone and I'm looking forward to the fifth season. It was the best drama I watched in a while but I still hope the nuclear war makes the fifth season never get here. This post is about another complaint I have regarding what seemed to me to be a misrepresentation. Costner was lecturing Jaime that he was his real father even though he wasn't the bull that sired him. My complaint, however, was not about someone telling me that they were my father when they weren't the sire. My complaint was that a whole gaggle of men were all telling me that I owed all of them the respect a son owes to his father, some of them obviously hated me, and they were all working together to sell me on the lie which was so outrageously false that they had to use USA-funded disguisecraft to fool me. If there was just one, then it would be like Costner said. It wasn't just one, however. That's the point I was emphasizing with my grievance. It was all of them, however many that was.

I thought it was weird in Duke Nukem when they had the helicopter with M3KUN written on the side. I picked up Final Fantasy VII today and I see they've got some more of the same.

I watched this documentary which was decently well made. The main issue is that everyone who's been slurping my money while I've been homeless is going to get killed, and all the people they were supporting with my money are also going to get killed. The same goes for the people slurping my money before I became homeless when my harsh economic circumstances were forcing me into wage slavery as a way to avoid the outright slavery imposed upon me by Helene and her accomplice in their fraud conspiracy.

The pain in my nipples which I recognize as pre-gyno is good evidence that I was very severely poisoned this week. Soon, the people who leave me in this slave hole where such things are made possible will beg me to have mercy on their children. I will deny their request and the pain their children feel will far exceed the pain I feel today.

This article says COVID was discovered by "Angelic Goatse" who has that look on her face that has been getting on my nerves for several years now.

Although I usually avoid reading anything having to do with the totally pro-establishment CIA agent Joe Rogan who never names the Jew despite dropping the N word 1000 times, this blurb was featured at the top of ZeroHedge today. I will point out it that is impossible for a definition to be wrong. For instance, it is not possible that the complex conjugation algebra I defined here might be wrong. Generally, one might show that a definition implies a contradiction but it is not possible to show that one's own definition is wrong. Although retards such as Rogan and the people who employ and adore him may be so unfamiliar with such matters that they believe it is possible for a self-styled definition to be wrong, the truth is that it is not possible. Any statement in the form, "This is what this is," means exactly that. The meaning is always sound and valid. The only possible problem comes when an implied contradiction follows as a result of the definition. That makes the definition useless, not wrong, however.

Joe and his people are going to get tortured for a long time before they die. I don't accept his apologies and he only increases his crimes by offering them.

Now my sexual torture implants are being activated immediately when I walk into this Wholesome Foods Market where the kike intercepted me today, and where the UAE-ites have been poisoning my coffee. If I keep food in my room, it gets poisoned. If I buy food at the grocery store, it's poisoned. If I go to the little shops around my hotel, now the food is poisoned. Soon, I will put a much worse circumstance than that on the juden and their judenhelpers.

UAE Capital Rocked By Explosions, Huge Emergency Response Underway

These must be UAE-ites selling me poisoned coffee on behalf of their masters, the Jews.

Some other kike with his little hat and hangy strings intercepted me on my way to the gym. The thing on 4chan just before said they had something waiting for me, but the Bible said they wouldn't do anything even though they had it set up. It feels like nothing happened other than some minimal stalker activity. The Bible also told me today that Hezekiah would be healed and the city would be protected. Indeed, the story of the other, unrelated city Ninevah which brought me to New York to begin with said the Ninevites repented. I thought the moral of that story was God not destroying the city was a fish tale due to its appearance in the Book of Jonah, but maybe the Ninevites did repent.

While I was on the treadmill, some guy got on the treadmill next to me and started filming me. I asked for some space. He gave it to me and went away pretty quickly. Soon after, some other man in an Alliance hoodie took my picture and then started doing the happy achiever walk. I cursed him because I thought he was mocking me with his hoodie and doing the happy achiever walk about taking my picture, but now I wonder if I misunderstood that the hoodie was friendly, not mocking, and that the happy walk was about foiling the kikes' plans. The cup of my wrath is very full and it floweth over basically all the time now. Thank you for your patience if I misunderstood you there. Don't point your camera at me though.

I was wondering if maybe this corner store next my hotel was ok. Today, I went in there and the guy told me to wait a few minutes while he made some new coffee. While I was waiting, one of the staff heckled me with a phrase from my language program, and then some kike followed me out of the store to get into his little car with the HYY 7712, "Hiiii, 762!," license plate. I hate these kikes and their filth. I want them to die, and I want to them to know that I, the Lord, hate them. That one who heckled me will meet the same fate.

I think this trend will soon break to the upside and it will not touch this trendline again for a long time. Hopefully nuclear war will break out before my prediction can be verified. I don't doubt my enemies will pay for a false breakout to the downside in the meantime.

I can tell I ate a bunch of poisoned food today. Aside from the gross feeling in my stomach, the woman at the front desk was overly ecstatic to interrupt my relatively peaceful evening with her bullshit about, "Whatcha eatin'?" I threw away all the food I had bought. Then the other man at the desk gave me some dead-eyed stare that he didn't practice in the mirror enough to see that it looks stupid.

Today the stalkers in the gym include the following.

The man yelling, "I know you liss nin," from the treadmill at the end of the row.

The BOSS heckler who denied hearing him shouting.

The two people in black hoodies to my left who were filming me on the treadmill.

Some apparent white woman who got on the treadmill to my left was also putting her psychic filth on me, albeit in a different flavor than those other two men. Maybe the man with the mustache between us was her accomplice.

The rabbit skull hoodie man who called me, "Cracker," when I came in to lift, and the two men standing with him.

The faggot in the blue shirt with a beret in his hair who approached me in the locker room, then approached me in the weights area, then put his phone playing a video with some guy from 4chan on it, and who then tried to intercept me again in the dumbbell area. Possibly a second stalker dressed similarly who may have swapped out with him.

Some other creepy stalker in there who pointed his weird head at me so as to indicate a likeness to the person the beret faggot had on the phone he placed in front of me. My opinion is that 4chan does not like anyone good but he also wrote that book, "Twelve rules for life," which may have been an allusion to the government of Imam Mahdi, who is me. It may have been an reference to his opinion of himself, however. If I rule and I say, "Don't wear disguises in front of me," then the whole thing pretty much falls under my opinion that 4chan doesn't like anyone good. Having that faggot wearing the beret as his accomplice makes me feel the same way about it. If I had a rule, I might say, "Worry about the plank in your own eye before you worry about the speck in your brother's eye."

The woman in the green shirt who was probably Helene.

This chart pattern indicates what I'm talking about when I say my enemies will spend money to falsify my predictions. There is no amount of money, however, that will stop the world from turning.

The people controlling my computer are mocking me again with glitches in the clock on the taskbar timed simultaneously with my glances toward that clock.

This evening in the gym, it appeared to me that Helene intercepted me shortly after I began to walk on the treadmill. She gave me some nasty look as she walked by in some skanky whore disguise, and then she sat in front of me to spread her legs obscenely as if she needed to air out a rotten vagina. I moved to a different treadmill where she was out of my line of sight. After a while, the guy on the treadmill next to me began to ape my movements. As soon as he did, the man at the desk in the skull-headed rabbit hoodie shouted about an error in my language program repetitions. Soon after, I began to feel that the man who was aping my movements was putting some psychic filth on me. Then I moved away from him to another treadmill. Some other guy in a red shirt was putting that same filthiness on me last week. I left him out of my previous gym stalker post because I was giving him the benefit of the doubt that the filthiness I felt upon me in his presence might have been something unrelated. However, the flavor of the filth projected onto me this evening by the man aping my movements was 100% exactly the same flavor as that from the man last week. I suppose they have some clan of Satanists around here that think flinging their psychic shit onto me is good for their interests. When I felt the same psychic attack tonight, I moved treadmills again. On the third treadmill, the fat woman next to me started to repeat what I had written about the changed character of my RAPE DICK implants being such that the sensation was deeper up inside me. I finished my last few minutes next to her. Then when I was leaving the locker room, the skanky whore that I think was Helene intercepted me again. The one who I already marked for death as calling me, "Boss," remarked to me, "That's her," when I gave her the finger. This post will remind me to seek out these people to ensure that my mercy never finds them.

I imagine some of my stalkers must be pissed that they've had to downgrade from using the TAPPING bots in the walls to punctuate my movements to using door slamming and banging in the adjacent rooms. That is much less annoying and it is much less rapey since it doesn't imply people deploying their bots to crawl from their rooms to mine. In the way that the TAPPING is only a modified Chinese water torture, having them do BANGING muffled through the walls is like placing a small folded rag on my forehead to mollify the sharp acoustic shock of the drop falling directly onto my face. TAPPING is the analogue of the droplet on my face and BANGING is like the droplet on the rag on my face. I guess whoever does it always uses the TAPPING when they can because they know as well as I do that the stalkers BANGING in the other rooms is much less torturesome. I bet they're pissed that someone made them tone it down. That person should make them stop, however, and I don't see what is the thinking in their proclamations to the effect of, "It's ok to irrevocably fuck his face up with your mutilations when you inject his face with disfiguring poisons as long as you don't do it too much." I would prefer something like, "It is not ok to fuck his face up with your mutilations at all." It remains, however, that the decrease in TAPPING lends itself to a corresponding increase in quality of life for me.

The drop down folder expansions are glitching white again in my browser.

My scrabble game was all fucked up today and the drop down folder expansions are glitching white again in my browser.

Last night, I was watching this "press conference" and it seemed like they were prompting me to talk about the ailment which followed after the faggots Helene keeps company with convinced her to fuck my guts up while anally raping me when I was in fourth grade or so. This was after they themselves had determined it would be unwise for any of them to anally rape me. I suppose they knew they would be afforded the impunity to do it that Helene was afforded. At one point after I was prompted, I mentioned that one way to distinguish between a faggot and a gay is that a gay doesn't care who you want to fuck but a faggot will say you're not shit if you don't want to fuck a man. The off-camera person said, "Oh! That's a good clarification to make," or something, as if I had absolved him of his own faggotry. I am making this post to say whomever that was with the off-camera voice is definitely a faggot, even if it's not for that reason, and I sentence him and his beard wife and their piece of shit children to death.

It is highly irksome to me when people seem to be one million times more interested in the ailment I developed after Helene raped me than the fact than Helene violently fucked me in the ass when I was a small child entrusted to her care: an open and shut case of childhood anal rape. It was not even remotely a crime of passion as it may be in some cases when a man rapes a small child's asshole. It was a crime of malice committed for no other purpose than to hurt me and set the stage for all of these related matters in the present day. She gets a free pass on raping children, and not just any child but me so that my supreme majesty was besmirched and tarnished by her violence against me. I am vilified for developing an ailment after that, and those who vilify me for it also exalt her for the same.

The stalkers from the gym this week who will suffer horribly before they die include the following.

The person using the squat rack by itself on the wall, apart from the other racks, and who approached me in the dumbbell area on Wednesday morning.

The staff members who heckled me from the front desk on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.

The little runt who intercepted me at the front door on Friday, put on the same outfit as me in the locker room, and then paused to stop in front of me when he walked in front of my treadmill.

The man in the stretching area on Friday night who said, "Give that one a rest," and, "maybe next time."

The man in the locker room when I was leaving on Friday who said, "I could have did my back harder," and the other one with him who said, "Do you want to eat something?," and, "Am I doing anything?"

The dried up old hag in the stretching area on Thursday who was aping my movements while I was stretching.

The man who stopped behind me when I was on the treadmill on Thursday, who stayed in the small blind spot caused by my profile on the mirror for several minutes until electroshock was administered through one of the torture devices implanted in my back, at which time he immediately walked away.

The staff member who called me, "Boss," on Thursday.

Whoever threw that hairband on the stairs on Thursday.

I read some critique of my blog yesterday that someone thought it seemed like it was written by a "pedantic autist." I certainly know which aspect of my prose is being reference there, and I will comment on it. I usually write this blog in a stream of consciousness sort of way. When I'm chopping down the very long run on sentences of a post's first draft, I use a very well filled toolbox of grammatical constructions to preserve the flow with shorter sentences. Many of the constructions which reflect the flow my first draft may seem "pedantic" to those who are eager to criticize. Especially since my posts still end up with typos in them, either my own typos or my enemies' inserted typos, some of my grammatical fixes fail to be the elegantly well formatted edits as which they are intended.

If I want something to come out very nice, I edit dozens of times. I edit my posts here a few times, or sometimes several. My enemies insert typos into what I write so I mainly reserve my extensive editing work for LaTeX. Some people have a writing style where they like to write down an almost final draft on the first pass, but that is not how I do it. I agree that the style of my prose is idiosyncratic, however, and that it is has become more so under the knowledge that my posts are always going to make me seem however my censors decide I should seem. Hopefully most people don't perceive the idiosyncrasy as pedantry.

I was just at the laundromat where the Taiwanese woman running the place called some black woman in there the N-word about 150 times in a row. The woman just stood there and didn't say anything about it, but when I came out of the laundromat some other woman gave me the finger and said, "Oh, you think that's funny?," as if I was the asshole that situation. I didn't think it was funny when she called her that ten times, but somewhere around 50 or 100 times I definitely did start to think it was funny, without a doubt.

I started watching Yellowstone which is very good. The opening scene is obviously about the aftermath at Exide, the first mention of John Dutton sounded like John Doggett to me who was the character on the last show I watched, the X-files, and the logo for the Dutton ranch is clearly Upsilon hat. However, I just got agitated by what appears to be a wrongful misrepresentation in s01e04. I was slightly miffed that the producer of the show is portraying himself as the wise old cowboy and me as the stupid little kid. In 2016, I was already an almost 40 year old man. In the show, Dutton and the kid go out by the river to make a fire. The kid says, "Maybe you should get the big stuff for the fire?" Dutton says, "No, you have to do it yourself." That is a complete misrepresentation unless his intention was only to paint his own sin in an obscenely rosy light. In Deuteronomy, it says that if your brother says, "Let's go and worship other gods," you have to be the first one to kill them. You are to show them no pity and not spare them. However, Dutton is saying, "It's not my job to kill my brother, you have to do it." Then instead of having his brother standing next to the river to kick the kid in the balls, turn his brain off with the rape ray, and shove him into the water, the kid falls into the water because he's retarded.

The true events are that at the end of thousands of years of people waiting for me to get here, somebody did not rise to be the first one to kill his brother when turning away from the Lord was suggested. After that, all of the rest of this happened and the still-living brother was the ringleader of it. This spin in s01e04 seems extremely dishonest to me. Me being the Lord doesn't absolve anyone of their obligation to follow my law.

"I Was Wrong": Jeff Zucker Suddenly Resigns From CNN Over Inappropriate Workplace Relationship

>There has to be more to this.

>In 2017, the pair was seen arguing at a NY Media party that included Harvey Weinstein and others.

>"It looked like she was reprimanding her husband or something."

Firstly, I wonder if this surprise resignation follows from my nice thread on 4chan last night.

Although Zucker's name is clearly "Zucker," I understand that people call him "Zooker." When I was staying at the homeless shelter a few hundred yards in front of CNN HQ in 2017, among the dozens or hundreds of people mocking, raping, poisoning, and tormenting me in there was one who looked just like Zucker in his face. It goes without saying that everyone involved in my experience at that shelter, whose motto "ending homelessness" is reference to homicide rather than housing, is going to get tortured to death after I kill their families, unless I decide to torture their families too. Although Zucker is pretty much a fat blob, this person at the shelter was very fit looking. Maybe he wears a fat guy disguise in the professional setting, or maybe it was his younger cousin in the shelter. Maybe "Jeff Zooker" is really "Joe Tooker."

Where they say there has to be more to this, I don't doubt that the more is that "Zooker" was one of several men pretending to be my father when I was very young. His eyes fit the bill for that well enough, and so does the curve on the top of his head. According to the account I was given, four native Brooklynites, Joseph and Doris Tooker married the Jews Helene Gutfreund and Richard Weinstein in a double wedding in 1979 or so. Maybe "Zooker" is Helene's husband. That would make sense with what I'm always saying about Helene's torture fetish since the internationally televised "Squid Game" content produced at the Salt Pit near the Atlanta airport is produced and distributed though facilities appendant to CNN's production infrastructure.

I met Emily Hancock in the summer of 2011 and I broke up with her in the fall of 2012. When I met her, she was living with with her aunt that was the general manager of CNN International, Kathy Green, and that woman's lesbian lover who was a producer on The Ali Velshi Show, Kelly Frank. Zooker got hired at CNN right after that. I understand that they used stolen semen trafficked to them by Emily to bring into the world through Kelly's womb the abomination now known as "Gracen Green."

New York Times Sues To Get Hunter Biden Information

>virtual news blackout on the influence peddling by the Biden family, particularly Hunter Biden.

>whether Hunter and others will receive their just deserts for influencing peddling.

The main reason for this "virtual blackout" is that the "influence" they were peddling was my semen. Just like Barron Trump and three of the Israeli PM's four kids, and Bolsonaro's daughter I believe, etc, Natalie Biden is also grown from my stolen semen. All of the families that hosted such creatures are going to get exterminated and I think that contributes strongly to the news blackout. My edict against these rebels covers hundreds of thousands or millions of abominable monsters, and the many more millions of their family members. These are the top people in the so-called "elite" so they don't like to call attention to their crimes or God's hammer of justice.


I looked at my clock. It said 2:47 when I glanced at it, and then it changed to 2:50 when I glanced at it again about 10 seconds later. Then someone on the street yelled HAAAAHAAAA!, and it changed to 2:51 about 5 seconds later again. Either people are still mocking me with my clock or I just got my brain turned off (raped.)

Last night some piece of trash that looked like Lucas Lepri got into the elevator with me at the store. He said, "Lucas!," and then begin to lecture me about shoplifting as if, firstly, I don't own the whole world and everything in it, and secondly as if even if I wasn't the owner of everything, me taking something would be shoplifting rather than a legitimate exercise of my right of conquest. At the other store today, when I picked up some Cento anchovies, someone shouted, "Cento!" When I was leaving the store, I glanced at some scratch off lottery ticket with "black" in the name, and as soon as I looked at it some woman behind me shouted, "Black!"

While I was making this post, someone downstairs began to loudly bang on the wall hard enough to shake my bed, the TAPPING started next to the bed, someone upstairs started stomping on the ceiling, and the the TAPPING started on the other wall too. Also, the RAPE DICK revved up while I was making this post which will remind to kill all of these people's families and withhold my mercy from them. TAPPING on the fourth wall as I conclude writing.

Due to this bullshit with one of my Sam Hyde-affiliated rapists, obviously I am paranoid about further mutilations. Today, I noticed this giant lump on the back of my hand. I do not know if it was there already or if it is a new giant nodule implant. The light comes through the window here at an angle different than where I've been staying, and the shadow behind the bump may have called attention to it to stoke my paranoia. While I was typing this post, about five people on the street yelled RIGHT and YEAH, and that suggests I did get burglarized and mutilated again. However, I do have some feeling that this bump was already there.

More cancer on my computer. My internet and VPN got disconnected and would not reconnect. After a restart, I clicked on the wifi icon in the bottom right and it made a bubble appear at the top of the desktop, about three quarters of the way to the right side, saying "manage wifi connections." There is no reason for that bubble to be up there at the top of the screen detached from the lower right wifi menu.

I know these people are resigned to their disbelief. They say, "He wouldn't kill my children and throw me into a pit over that." I will though. Their lack of fear betrays them. When I am done with them, the people who see their rotting flesh will know I was not speaking figuratively when I said there is no worse decision in the universe than to act against me in any way, at any time, ever. Literally, there is no worse decision that can be made. No act is more foolish than an act against me. People don't believe it now but when I act those who are still alive will that I told the truth.

My computer just had another severe glitch. I opened the start button menu to get to the task manager program. When I typed "task" in the search bar, the whole menu remained blank for several seconds. The spinner, or whatever, indicated that my computer had frozen. There is no reason for that feature to freeze. The present CPU and memory usage are low. Those icons should always load immediately, and the search typed into that search bar should be nearly instantaneous. After it was frozen for a while, the red box I have drawn shows the location where a DATETIME text string printed into the start menu in a stupid and non-standard font so as to very clearly mock the other problem I mentioned with the clock at the lower right of the taskbar.

Whoever is doing this is going to burn in hell and I'm going to kill their children. While they are certainly resigned to their disbelief in what I say, the same fate will come upon all of the other people making it possible for my enemies to mock me in this way. It would be impossible for one man to do it alone, and those other hundreds or thousands of servants working for my enemy the USA in its intention to support this person's intention to mock me will all be denied the mercy of a swift death. They are going to suffer. Their children will all die. Their descendants will number zero.

This faggot Shit Eye came on the internet a few days ago acting like he did me some big favor with my computer but he is a liar. I have never had my computer mock me so brazenly with hardcore OS glitches and screen rendering glitches on a daily basis. This is the single most virus riddled computer I ever had in my life, bar none. Other computers may have had more or other viruses, but the functionality of my computer has never been so impaired with AIDS as is this computer I have now.

After I mentioned the problem with the clock the other day, someone posted something about "the jokes department getting suspended." There is a good chance that anyone calling this brazen rebellion against my reverence and honor "a joke" is going to meet the same fate as the rebels themselves. Not only were they making light of this mockery by calling it a "joke," but they lied about it being disconnected. I will set them aside to ensure that no mercy finds them.

I've got this faggot who uses the Sam Hyde persona following me around to rape and mutilate me, to the extent that he is able. When I was in Virginia at the Ocean Beach Club, someone began to loudly bang on my ceiling each time this faggot's face would pop up in my scrolling, and I got a nasty wound on my lip while I was staying there. That simultaneous TAPPING happened in this current hotel too when his face popped up just a minute ago. At my last hotel in Hicksville, this faggot's face kept blasting into my mind when I was in the shower, and it did that again just now when I stood up to go to the bathroom. I made a post about it on 4chan before I began to make this post, and the door in the hall slammed loudly when I typed "Sam Hyde." I consulted the Bible and it said I was ok here, so I will not leave like I usually do when I catch a whiff of this Jewish faggot. However, it is extremely likely that my face is about to get fucked up again and who knows what other kind of problems might arise. Having him or his affiliated persons in close proximity to me seems like a recipe for trouble since those people know that they have impunity to do whatever they want, and that there won't be any repercussions for them if they violate any potential orders against burglarizing, raping, and mutilating me.

I was tentatively optimistic about this current location, but I see that was as stupid and misplaced as all of my optimism always is. Just like everywhere else I've gone, I got raped and probably given new nipple implants at the first place I went in this neighborhood. On top of the instantaneous rape upon going to do anything other sitting alone in room and buying food, the sexual torture situation here is as bad as it has ever been. It is not as bad right now as it was yesterday, but I understand that they engineer lulls so as to reap my disappointment when they jack the RAPE back up to eleven again.

I've been wondering who was the main person stealing my semen. I thought it was Helene due to her black-hearted, malevolent psychosis and deep seated hatred for me. However, I just came by this picture of the alleged parent of the creature known as "Greta," and I see the male has got some nasty shit eye there. I take this as evidence that Shit Eye was doing it and all of Shit Eye's people were going to get killed for that without any reference to the other reasons I thought I should probably exterminate Shit Eye's people.

I went to the gym around the corner from my hotel. I wonder if someone may have sprayed me in the eye with pepper spray while I was using the self-service kiosk in there. I guess reminder to exterminate the clan of whoever sprayed me, and also that Jew I saw doing goblet squats when I walked in.

Suddenly, my NIPPLE PAIN INFLICTORS are much worse again. I guess I got raped hard as fuck when I went into that gym.

Whoever was making the clock on my computer glitch the other day is still doing it and I'm still getting "virtual machine IDs."

My RAPE DICK implant is now as bad as it has ever been. After the old ULTRA RAPE DICK implant got removed on the day Bogdanoff was said to have died, they put in another one which was very intense but kind off to the side, and it was not such an excruciating torment. Since then, however, that one was removed and they put the old ULTRA RAPE DICK implant right back in the absolute worst place, and it is being used against me constantly now, on an unending duration far in excess of what I have endured previously. It is much worse than it has ever been now, and the reason is partly due to the presence of the implant and partly due to the impunity afforded my rapists in the adjacent rooms. (A loud banging noise as soon as I mentioned rapists in adjacent rooms.)

My TESTCILE CRUSHER implants were activated when I was driving around today. It seemed like they had a picture of one of these faggot dogs overlooking the highway. I was going to going to cover it up but there was too much snow on the path and I didn't find what I was looking for. When I almost got to the place where I parked, the TESTICLE CRUSHERS revved up, but not to the degree they did when I was coming back from New Jersey. When I left after finding too much snow, the RAPE DICK revved up and it has not stopped for a moment since, other than the brief walk between the RAPE DICK transmitter in my room and the RAPE DICK transmitter in my room.

The torture of the people who have stolen my right to kill these people, and particularly the torture of beloved their children whom have labored to shield from the things they so willingly heap upon me, will far surpass the torture they have put me through by stealing my right to kill these people, and then not exercising that right while they hold it. Particularly, this faggot Shit Eye must have thought that he was going to fuck me in the ass and it was going to turn out well for him and his children and his acolytes and their children. However, the things that go up their asses, and the things that torment them relentlessly, will so far exceed my own suffering that their torture will seem incommensurate. I recover to some degree but they will not recover to any degree. They will enter a downward spiral and never return.

The glitching on my computer has gotten much worse over the course of the night tonight.

Whoever took control of my computer is constantly fucking up my browser now, and they were fucking up my laptop screen yesterday. When I click the folders in my favorites bar, the dropdown list very often loads whited out like the program is frozen. I have seen that happen three time or more, just today. Furthermore, when I highlight the torture items from my template and I stop at RAPE DICK without selecting ELECTROCONVULSOR, the ELECTORCONVULSOR is frequently immediately activated so as to mock my having not selected it. This computer is completely fucked and no one did me any favors here in that department, as was suggested. Also, the sexual torture problem here is as bad as it has ever been. It is much worse than the last several places I stayed. Maybe it's not worse in terms of new implants, but it is profoundly worse in terms of the frequency of constant genital and anal electroshock, as well as the assfucking RAPE DICK implant and the other 100 ZAPPERS all over my body.

I have noticed a giant increase in the number of ZAPPERS on the shaft of my dick lately. There are about ten or fifteen or so, aside from the WRIGGLERS and ZAPPERS down my pisshole and all over my balls and probably in my balls too. In response to the complaints I wrote below, apparently, two other new DICK HEAD ZAPPERS, not on the shaft but squarely in the head, got activated. Maybe some rapist just came and put them in and used them immediately. It wouldn't be consistent with what I understand of their methods for them to have ZAPPERS in the head of my dick and not use them against me constantly. These are two MEGA ZAPPERS implanted in the head of my penis which weren't getting used against me until just now, obviously in agreement to what I said about their perspective of their interests.

This current location is 100% awful for my sexual torture implants, and I wonder if I have been deceived again. On the upside, the 9:00 and 3:00 OUTER MEGA WRIGGLERS seem to have disappeared since I got here, but the RAPE DICK is much worse, and now I'm back to square one with MEGA ZAPPERS frying head of my penis.

After I made those previous posts, the RAPE DICK did turn off for about one minute. Then the LRAD came on with the voice of that faggot saying RIGHT, and the RAPE DICK immediately reactivated. I think the main point in this exercise was to let me know that they could stop it if they wanted to, but actually they think it is better for their interests not to stop it, and to actively do it.

Part of this honor that is due to me includes not getting fucked in the ass day and night by the rapists who follow me around. I would kill them, as is my right, but those who rob me encourage them to rape me by the still living families of those who raped me earlier. Part of the honor that is due to me includes the tithe, but I have much stronger feelings about the honor or not getting fucked in the ass by the rapists who loudly bang on the walls in the adjacent room when I mention them. I suppose there will come a day when these people say, "We could have made those people not fuck you in the ass while we were stealing your money and your rights, but actually we thought it was better for our interests to let them fuck you in the ass as much as they wanted to."

During the course of making this post and the last one, the RAPE DICK subsided mildly but it did not deactivate, and the constant anal rape persists, as does the TAPPING, which has suddenly gone into high frequency torment from its previous state of relative dormancy.

I almost certainly got new RAPE DICK implants recently. Although the intensity is lower than it has been recently, the situation with the RAPE DICK and the constant electroshock all over my body is as bad at my current location as it has been. The TAPPING has lessened a little today, but for the past few days it was very acute with the TAPPING. Someone loudly banged on the wall immediately when I wrote "TAPPING" and no doubt that is the person activating this current iteration of my RAPE DICK implants. I wonder if I picked this one up when I went to check my mail, or if it is merely the proximity of the ultra=transmitter in the adjacent room making it seem much worse than it has seemed. The reason these people are able to do this to me is because my right to kill them was stolen from me long before I ever got to Exide. I feel like those people are going to tell me that they actually did me a favor by only stealing it for 40 years when they might have stolen it much more than that. I don't see it like that, obviously.

In particular, there's the issue of stealing my money versus the issue of stealing my sovereign authority. The people who have stolen my right to kill my rapists sit idly by allowing my rapists to rape me. As I write this, I'm actively getting fucked in the ass because they people who have stolen my right to kill my rapists sit idly by an enable my rapists to rape me as they sit idly by in the cat bird seat. So, I would very much like to emphasize the difference between stealing my money and not giving it to me while I exist peacefully, and then also stealing my right to kill my rapists and then sitting idly by while I get constantly fucked in the ass, literally, day and night.

If one drops a ball, one might say that the ball goes down due to gravity. Another explanation is that the ball goes down because it was dropped. This is the distinction between the people who robbed me and continue to rob me before I got to Exide, and the people who began to rob me once I got to Exide.

After several previous rounds of the DICK PAIN INFLICTOR being cleared up, my dick is once again completely saturated with the PAIN INFLICTOR nano particles.

Durham Court Filing Reveals DOJ Inspector General Horowitz Withheld Key Evidence From Special Counsel

>Both of the Horowitz reports from 2018 and 2019 found significant errors on the part of the FBI, but in a manner that could be described as a "limited hangout," his reports stopped short of formally declaring fundamental wrongdoing that would have invalidated the FBI probes

>To this day, there has been no resolution of Horowitz's questionable finding that the Trump-Russia collusion investigation was properly predicated.

I had never recognized anyone in any pictures of "Carter Page" until this one. This is clearly one of those people from Alliance. I'm not sure if this is the one who told me that this five years of rape and torture was something "real nice" he had for me. It could be this one, or maybe that one was a different one.


I recently watched the video from which is taken the popular Backrooms photo. The art gallery section of the dungeon features a single piece of art. The art is a dumpster with some graffiti scrawled on it, and this is a pretty good confirmation of my recent posts about deep meaning in graffiti. If anyone thinks I make too much graffiti, I don't think I do and the interior decorator at the Salt Pit obviously doesn't think I do either. As I read this dumpster, it says, "These Klansmen purge 275." This is clearly a reference to purging me and my people, with some caveats regarding time travel.

I have mentioned many times that Steve Collins of Collins Brothers Produce in Forest Park, GA is the real Atlanta child murderer. To wit, it is a matter of public record that the original suspects in the Atlanta child murders were some KKK brothers in Mountain View, GA. In my opinion, those brothers are the Collins Brothers and the Collins Brothers cold storage warehouse is where I believe the Backrooms photo was taken. That facility which was remodeled as the backrooms was the lair for the original child murders, in my opinion.

Independently, before I had ever seen the Backrooms photo, I had already determined that the Collins Brothers storage warehouse on Southside Industrial Parkway was the main loading dock for the Salt Pit. Subsequently, I believe the Backrooms dungeon is part of the Salt Pit. Certainly, the Klansmen cited in the declaration written on the dumpster, or the curse written on it, must include the Collins brothers. Around 2013 or so, after having been jiu jitsu training partners and weed smoking friends with Joey Collins for a few years, I started to get a real bad vibe from him. When we would train together at jiu jitsu, my mind kept getting flooded with images of Joey and his dad Steve dressed up as Big Bird and Snuffy respectively on some Sesame Street-themed child snuff porn set. The childishness of the sets on the recent Squid Game show were pretty much a dead ringer for the type of imagery I'm talking about. For a while, I wrote this off as paranoia. I think it was around Thanksgiving of 2013, give or take a year or two, that I was going the suffer the labor of visiting Helene and Joey was going to give me a ride to the train. He picked me up early to help him move some junk from a storage unit to their cold storage warehouse on Southside Industrial. When he picked me up, he could tell I was leery of him. He said, "What do you think? We're gonna kill ya?" I laughed it off and went to move the stuff. When we got to the warehouse, I brought some stuff from the van into the room to which Joey had directed me. It had a bunch of rolled up carpets in it like you would carry a corpse in. When I came out of the room on my first trip, one of the other guys helping us move that stuff gave me an extremely serious look. After seeing the Backrooms video, I suspect that that room has a trap door in it to drop you down into the backrooms. While I was only in that room for a few seconds on a few trips between the van and the room, I recognize it as the room from the Backrooms photo. The wallpaper was yellow, the lights were just the same, and the layout of the room was very strange with some stupid dead end around a brief corner. I think it had a section of wall not quite reaching the ceiling but I cannot be 100% sure that I'm not filling that in afterwards. If this was that room in the Backrooms photo and not just the likeness of it, which is my strong belief but not my certain knowledge, then that wall is in that room. When we finished moving the stuff, we left and stopped at a Chinese restaurant before going to the MARTA, or wherever he eventually dropped me off. While we were eating, Joey said very emphatically, a few times I believe, and for no apparent reason, "My dad is a real nice guy, man! My dad is a real nice guy!" At the time, I thought he meant that his dad was doing me a favor by not shooting me and wrapping my corpse up in one of those carpets. Now, I think he meant that he was nice not to pull the trap door on me and drop me into the areas shown in the Backrooms video.

That evening after helping Joey move, I flew to Arizona. When I got there, Helene was weeping and there was some guy standing behind her filming us. Later, I saw something that said Helene had blessed my murder that day by saying, "If he dies, he dies," so as to signal her lack of concern about me being killed. I'm not sure if I read that account right, but if Helene is on record saying, "If he dies, he dies," that day, then certainly I did understand it. That would also explain her strange weeping when I met her at the airport. I guess she was disappointed not to finally be rid of me.

Before I had ever seen the Backrooms photo or the video, and while Joey and I were still on good terms, he was giving me a tour of his business. When we were driving down Southside Industrial, he told me that a certain building was FEMA with an implicit nod about the notorious "FEMA camps." Once Joey and I were no longer on good terms, I mentioned on Twitter for some reason that Joey told me that building was FEMA. Immediately, my whole twitter lit up with pictures of flashing cop lights in seemingly every post. About five minutes later, it was reported that the worst plutonium leak in USA history had occurred at "panel seven of level seven" in some underground depot in New Mexico. What had happened was that I revealed the secret entrance to the Salt Pit. What came of it, however, was that they kept on in their business as usual and the "plutonium leak" got written off as a problem with "defective kitty litter." Now, Google Maps says FEMA does have a building on Southside Industrial, but it is not the one Joey pointed out to me, and it was not there several years ago when I first began posting about their warehouse and the Salt Pit.

Steve once told me that "he done went and bought so many watermelons he done went and made hisself a watermelon mogul." I understand they like to corner the watermelon market because they can hide children restrained in the fetal position in loads of watermelons. If packed correctly, they won't show up in the truck x-ray because the shape and water content is so similar between a watermelon and child wrapped in cellophane in the fetal position.

Joey used to have the nickname The Prodigy because he went through the psychic training program with psychotronic implants in both of his cochlea. He outperformed his classmates who lacked such implants and he was given that nickname. His name was changed to El Mencho when he gave Helene a bouquet of flowers on a tour of that same cold storage warehouse. I think the year before I had helped Joey move that stuff on the way to visit Helene, she had come to Atlanta to visit me for Thanksgiving. Joey's business delivers to all the Trader Joe's around Atlanta (and all the restaurants in the mafia-related Buckhead Life Restaurant Group). Collins Brothers also deliver the bouquets of flowers on display at the entrance to Trader Joe's, and Joey gave her one of them when we were touring his warehouse. She was greatly smitten. She said to me a few weeks later on the phone, "Oh! I like Joey! He's such a mensch!" That was when Joey stopped being The Prodigy and started being El Mencho. You can examine the record for the first mention some nefarious gangster "El Mencho" and you will see it was just after Helene came to Atlanta for Thanksgiving.

The person they say is El Mencho, Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, is really named Ivan. The fake name comes from Joey being my main training partner at jiu jitsu, or my "nemesis." We say OSSS! a lot at jiu jitsu, and that makes the context of our training into the OSS war, or the "oss guerra." The last name Cervantes has to do with Ivan being the servant or slave of the Collins organization. The real name of the JCNG is "Joel's Co.: The Next Generation" as Joel Steven "Steve" Collins passes the reigns to Joel Steven "Joey" Collins on the drug and human trafficking business they run at the state farmer's market, and also probably whatever interest they have in the business run out of the Salt Pit. Also, I think these people are really named Joel Steven Cohen and they use the name Collins so as to appear as gentiles in the Georgia business community.

I think this is a photo of Steve and Joey with their faces photoshopped. Particularly, it looks like Joey's face is converted to Zyzz who's untimely death remains an event of concern, even this many years later. Zyzz looks quite like one of the men I knew from Alliance. I assume his fate, and possibly the fate of this man, is tied to the curse about purging "275," which a thin obfuscation of 276, or 762. Although these faces are not Steve and Joey, it is very easy to recognize the body postures of each of them. That is clearly Steve's mouth on the one in the front. Steve has a disgusting, giant, purple, raised, winding keloid scar on his hip which I have seen with my own eyes. Steve's scar is clearly the inspiration for this tattoo on this woman's hip. Her fake name Jynx Maze seems to refer to the Backrooms "jinx maze" beneath Steve's cold storage warehouse. If there's pictures of that scar on the internet, the man whose scar that is is Steve Collins.

When the first season of True Detective came on, Joey asked me if I liked it. I told him I did. He said, "That's my stuff, man. That's what we do," and he definitely wasn't talking about the cops. When I read Gone With the Wind, I noticed Margaret Mitchell made an ominous reference to darkness known to reside in Clayton County, and that is where Joey and his family live, or are from originally. Although I have not heard about it much, I understand that "The Clayton County Demon Mafia" is a thing which is known. Certainly, the "dungeon" in the name of the Atlanta rap collective The Dungeon Family is the Salt Pit. Finally, I will mention that the rapper T.I. (targeted individual) lives right around the corner from Steve in Jonesboro. You would not think that the old racist Klansman Steve Collins would be so proud of living next to this rapper, but he is quite proud of it. He told me about several times, as did Joey, and Steve even drove me by his mansion one day and pointed it out to me glowingly. I take this to signify Steve's involvement in the targeted individual gangstalker program.

Whoever controls my computer now is using their control to mock me. I saw that the time zone got fucked up last night. After my VPN suddenly disconnected just now, as it did last night when the clock got messed up, I looked at the clock. As soon as I looked at it, the clock had a severe glitch and the screen of my computer got all fucked up. Whoever is mocking me in this way is going to hell after I kill their family.

After one of the faggots in the lobby shouted CIA, one of the other people in there said something about, "When you get it back," in an apparent reference to the end of the fraud carried out at Exide by the USA, the Jews, the Catholics, etc. That person who said something about getting it back misunderstands the situation, horribly. I can't get it back because I never had it to begin with. You'll recall that the only reason I went begging for money on the trip of indignity that led to Exide, i.e.: "If I shines yo shoes massa you's un gimme a dolla?," was because the people who were already stealing all of that stuff from me were threatening me with homelessness. As far as I understand, when it reverts to its previous state from the hands of the people at Exide, it will land in the hands of the people who were enforcing the condition of harsh poverty which led me to beg for a dollar at Exide in the first place as a last ditch effort to avoid homelessness. I would ask, "Who was more important in Exide's fraud scheme than the people pushing me into Exide's hands with their threat of homelessness?"

I can't get it back. I never had it to begin with.

I went to go pick up my mail at the last PO box I got in New Jersey. There was some stalker waiting for me in the parking lot. Although I pulled into a weird and inconvenient parking spot, some other car immediately parked next to me. On the way back, my RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER got reactivated for the first time while, or I got a new RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER while I was checking my mail. I got a ticket on the highway in Staten Island too. It was from "Officer Pom P Teco" whose name seems fake to me.

The state of my ZAPPERS is catastrophically worse tonight. Either I just got 500 new ones all over my head and face and ass and fingers or else these hecklers who just checked into the room across the hall have a transmitter 500 times more powerful than what I've been dealing with. I have non-stop very sharp ZAPPERS going off all over my body this evening, 100 times worse than what it has been. None of these ZAPPERS are MEGA ZAPPERS but the frequency of them is very high, as is my WRIGGLER problem. As soon as I typed that, my 9:00 WRIGGLER got activated and my rapist Helene came on the LRAD saying YUP. more DEEP ANAL ZAPPERS.

Woman Who Came Into Contact With Escaped Monkeys Says She Developed Symptoms

I bought another new computer and I was glad to think I had snuck past the fake computers planted for me at the store. Indeed, I believe I did do that. The first thing I did when I got it was to turn off Windows Update service that so my computer wouldn't be immediately ruined. However, it was in S-mode and I needed to open Microsoft Store to get it out of S-mode. I tried every thing that I could think of but I could not get Microsoft Store to open, and the computer is useless to me in S-mode. The Store app would just sit on the spinner icon forever and I was stuck. When I checked the problem solutions on Google, it said to make sure the computer was updated. It turns out, all I needed to do was turn the update service on for one second while Store started, and then I could have turned it off again. However, I did not know that Microsoft Store's functioning was predicated on the Windows Update service being started. After hours of messing with it, I turned on the Update service and told it to do the updates. It sounded like Dad hacking a loogie and spitting outside my room so as to tell me I had fucked it up, and a moment later my computer experienced some harsh glitch with the whole screen going dead for a moment. This was the apparent onset of the malicious virtual machine environment, or something like that. Probably everything I did on the computer after that was done in a malicious virtual machine.

That is really a shame that modern Windows can be completely destroyed in less than two minutes over wifi on a not very fast internet connection. It's also a shame that Microsoft Store itself, the specialized Store app trouble shooter, the wssetup.exe store resetter program, and the repair app and reset app options in Settings all failed to tell me that Microsoft Store wasn't working because I had the Windows Update service turned off. Indeed, the Store troubleshooter told me the problem was that I wasn't logged in to a Microsoft account, and that actually had nothing to do with it. I also noticed that installing Clip Diary caused my screen to glitch when I started the installer executable, and that has not been the case in my previous Clip Diary installations to fill a serious deficiency in Windows' built-in tool set.

Following the failure of the computer screen, the ULTRA TAPPING immediately started and Helene came on the LRAD luxuriating about how she had fucked up my computer. I reset it immediately. Either the 2 minute update wrote changes to the restoration/recovery partition on the hard drive, or I told the computer to reset itself in a malicious user environment and I did not actually tell it to reset, but rather I was only presented with that appearance my the malicious renderer. As an example of how I know something is wrong, when I reset it today, it reset to Windows Home not in S-mode. A real reset would have put it back the way I got it. Now all then IDs are mocking me on 4chan again (see below), and they are fucking with my headphones. All of this, "Stupid son of a bitch," stuff seems to be a reference to how I ruined a perfectly good computer. I don't feel like what I did was stupid since I had been trying everything other than running update for hours. I knew update was an awful idea but I just did not know that the Microsoft Store app required that service to be running. I have never encountered a dependency like that in Windows before and I usually don't buy computers in S-mode. Certainly, it would have been better if I had tried to open the Store app with the service on but not choosing to do the update, but I didn't know it works like that, or that such dependencies existed.

The stuff in the typo-ridden, linked article above about monkeys and poop getting all over the place seems to say that the changes written to my computer during the two minutes when I was running the updater also got written to the recovery partition. This is obviously the case as is evidence from some mouse and headset glitches, as well as the sudden onset of malicious IDs not long after I got notified of the camera in the ceiling. I know that must sound stupid but the tailor of my IDs is basically my best and only friend at this point, and it is a bummer when I get cut off from that source of camaraderie.

I also see that my rapists and stalkers put a camera in my ceiling to film me typing the new passwords I made. They also put a small round sticker in my bathroom with a red dot on it and the word "red" printed on it. I covered the camera but if I change the passwords again now, I assume the malicious keylogger will have them compromised immediately. There are posts on the internet saying that i7 is a better architecture for the people that I prefer to be on my computer, but my consultations in the Bible seem to say that I should stick with this one and that it will get healed in a few days.

Fuck you. I am Q in virtual reality.

I got a few IDs that say my computer is completely fucked again. This one says the virtual machine is back, and there are no other IDs contradicting. Now they are making the TAPPING sound directly in my headphones that I am using to block the sound from the, doing it on the wall. They have put their voices in my headphones but this jarring static sound which has appeared is another escalation.

Durham: DNC Lawyer Marc Elias Has Given Grand Jury Testimony

>Former Perkins Coie partner, and DNC/Hillary Clinton lawyer Marc Elias.

>Former FBI General Counsel James Baker

>An employee of "Tech Executive-1"---aka Rodney Joffe, a Sussmann client who assisted with the Alfa Bank hoax.

>Current and former employees of Georgia Tech (involved in the Alfa Hoax).

>Fusion GPS

>And it leads us to believe that Durham is focused on something more substantial than the false Alfa Bank allegations - perhaps the inception of it all: the claim of Russian hacking.

Perkins Coie is related to Emily Hancock and I, and to the Pookiekins diminutive by which Pewdiepie and many others mock me. There's a few pictues of Mark "Alias" Elias that look very much like Joey Collins with whom I was still on good terms while I was seeing Emily.

James Baker, I think, was my coworker at Exide. We began chatting in the break room one day in the fall of 2016. He was telling me that there was something fishy in Exide's books, basically, because if you look in the database and things add up in one place, they ought to add up the same if you add them up in another place, and he was finding that they did not. I told him that actually they ought not add up like that because data only works that way in a relational dataset, and that Exide's data was non-relational. I also told him that my coworker Sandy, a body double for the so-called Toy Box Killer David Parker Ray, who did not die in prison since he was working with me at Exide around 2016-2017, was the person making it non-relational and that if they turned the data integrity constraint on to make the data relational, then Sandy's system would break. If I had stayed in the break room another minute, my boss Rod would have barged in to interrupt us. As it was, I saw barging down the hall towards the breakroom as soon as I walked out into the hall. This is Rodney Joffe whose last name "jefe" signifies that he was my boss. This was a false persona and a mask used by many people at Exide, and there were indeed two such false personae and masks being used by multiple persons: Rodney Williams and Rodelene Williams, both called "Rod Williams."

Baker gave some testimony that appeared in the news in October 2018. When my life had gone to shit after taking that job at Exide, I began to suspect that they inserted fraud papers into my hiring package and then not terminated their fraud when I quit in January 2017. About 18 months after I quit, I went back to obtain definite confirmation that everything was terminated when I quit. I think Baker was in the office that day when I went there, and he mentioned in the news item that I demanded these things, and the copies of my paperwork, and that I was refused categorically and issued a criminal trespass notice against returning after they called the cops on me.

I found my value for the fine structure constant "alpha" at Georgia Tech about one month before I got expelled. All of this Alfa Bank and Georgia Tech stuff is about that. Everyone at Georgia Tech said my work was bullshit and that I should be expelled and have my life ruined because they don't like me and I suck compared to them, in their opinions. Soon after, it was revealed that my theory of negative time has an application toward a real-world free-energy device. Since the theory and technology were new, these results were hidden and obfuscated behind some news about fusion in 2014 and the surrounding years. This is the meaning of the name of Fusion GPS: that little bit of work at Georgia Tech which the people at Georgia Tech (and elsewhere) shit on and lied about was actually better than all of the combined life's work of all them put together, by a long shot. Interestingly, Lockheed reported in 2014 that they would have commercial reactors available within 10 years, and those ten years are almost over.

Where they write, "the inception of it all, the claim of Russian hacking," refers to the first of two work units I produced at Georgia Tech in 2009 and 2011. I described them in a recent post. In 2009, I attended two talks by Sir Roger Penrose and one by Abhay Ashtekar. The material presented to me gave me a good idea about a paper I could write. I had a bad feeling about something bad happening to me as soon as I wrote it, however, so I procrastinated. That summer, my PhD advisor sent me to give a research presentation to the collaboration meeting of the Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory in Berlin. When I was looking for flights on Expedia, there were a few with a four hour layover in Paris that I could not parlay into a free sightseeing tour of Paris, and there was one with a 12 hour layover in Moscow. I could have easily parlayed that into free tourism had it not been for the visa restriction in Russia of which I was unaware. During that 12 hours in 2009, I decided it would be a good time to write that paper which is now called SCP-001 (link). I submitted the manuscript to arXiv in early September when I got back to the USA. The paper was censored and never published, and some mysterious payment routed through Cyprus to Paul Manafort in October 2009 has been an object of interest ever since.

Nothing came of my paper for a while. In the latter part of 2011, I learned that Abhay Ashtekar had basically stolen my idea instead of contacting me about it. Also, there was some result about alleged superluminal signals in Italy which excited me, and I rewrote my paper to try to get my research career going in the right direction again. The much improved rewrite got censored from arXiv too. During the rewrite, however, I also advanced the state of the work such that I was able to obtain a numerical value for the fine structure constant to within 0.4%. The formula exhibited low Kolmogorov complexity and it was based on pi as many had expected the true origin of the fine structure should be. I also started going to Occupy Atlanta on November 5, 2011. A few weeks after that, two women appeared simultaneously saying that I had raped them ~6 months and ~18 months previously. Then, with Helene acting as the student justice administrator to ignore that fact that neither woman had any evidence other than their word against mine, I was wrongfully fired from my job and expelled from Georgia Tech. When I could no longer pay rent, Helene kicked me out of the condo I was renting from her and I became homeless soon after. She says she kicked me out because she was going to lose her renter's permit due to me arguing with the property manager but that is BS. She kicked me out because I could not pay rent after she got me fired from my job.

Sussman looks like DJ Farmer in the photo above and I understand DJ was complicit in the fabrication of the Steele dossier's lies. I advise DJ to do everything in his power to bring me something that will please me. The person on the right above from "Fusion GPS" is Helene proudly wearing a shirt in the color of her torture bag. Durham in the middle there is a chimera of two Dad-affiliated persons.

I had paid some people to let me use some accounts set up under their respective legal personae. Last night, I called one of the places. As soon as I told them my name was name on the account, I got blasted in the face with the assfucking smell of condoms and a bunch of cops drove by with their sirens of. It was is if they thought I was telling them that my personal name was the name on the account rather than that the name of the fictitious legal person I use for the purposes of business with them was the JOHN DOE fictitious legal person I had obtained the license for. Under the terms of the USA law, I am using JOHN DOE as the d.b.a. name for JONATHAN WARREN TOOKER, another fictious legal person whose name in the Latin alphabet is the same as my name Jonathan Warren Tooker only due to some coincidental nuance in the scam that the United States of America is running. However, they blasted me in the face with that condom stink as if to tell me they didn't like it that I lied, but I did not lie. It is understood that the company I called was asking me about the name of the fictitious legal person I use for my business dealing with them, and not about the name my parents gave me. I did honestly tell them that name. The part where one's d.b.a. fictitious legal person is usually spelled the with the same letters as the name one got from their parents is just a coincidence from the way the United States of America Corporation set up its fraud scheme. One has jack shit to do with the other, but they are both called a "name." If my stalkers had asked the company to clarify, which name they meant before blasting me in the face with that stink, they would have learned that they were asking for the name I gave them.

When I left my room this afternoon, the stalkers across the hall who don't realize who they are fucking with, and who are going to die for their brazen rebellion, said the name of the company I had called last night. When I came back into the hotel, the stalkers in the lobby who also don't realize that their are actions are profoundly foolish said, "My name is Jonathan," as if to further antagonize me in relation to their own ignorance about one's name and the name of one's fictitious legal person. I purchased the rights to those other legal persons that I use. I did not steal them and I do not use them other than for the purposes stated at the time of purchase. It is the ignorance of my stalkers not to understand that when that company asks me for my name, they really were asking me for the name of the fictitious legal person I use to do business with them. They don't care what my real name is or who I am. All they care about is the identity of the fictitious legal person I use to do business with them.

If you think what I'm doing is a crime, the law of the USA says that you are to presume my innocence in that matter until guilt is proven in a court of law. However, these pieces of shit still blasted me in the face with that stink and they have deployed mutiple hecklers to torment me about it today. The real truth is, the USA has jurisdiction over JONATHAN WARREN TOOKER, a fictitious legal entity that it created and owns, but they do not have jurisdiction over me. For most people reading this, the USA has jurisdiction over them and their legal person, but it is not like that for me. I am not like those ones.

I finally figured out what this graffiti is. This stuff covering Atlanta when I moved there around 2002 says KILL HELENE. This is the same SEVER who wrote SEVER in the bathroom in the Walmart in the Green Acres Mall. I recognize the handwriting.

I recently put it together what the STR8 TETH and EVEN LES pairs of tags were. STR8 TETH is about me getting arrested for burglarizing my own legal residence off of 10th Street. BANDOE, REM, and CULT are also about that. There's remembering me getting arrested in the "bando," which wasn't really a bando but was actually my own legal residence. On CULT, there was some asshole I had never seen before and who was not the home owner or the landlord that showed up with an eviction team to throw my shit out on the street about two hours after I posted about how this gate feature in that neighborhood is the likeness of a sewer monster on the X-Files, which is also the real reference of certain soy boy images. They have a cult in that Home Park neighborhood off of 10th Street, for sure. I went back into the house after that guy evicted me without having the marshal first serve me eviction paperwork. However, he or his masters ended up getting the cops to arrest me for burglarizing what was rightfully my own legal residence since the marshal had never served me eviction papers. The judge had ordered that I should be evicted but judges do not have the power to terminate residency. The marshal is the one who terminates the residency and he didn't do it. While the judge was clearly pro-Helene, the marshal must have been pro-SEVER.

After I got thrown in jail for living peacefully in my own home, my rapist Helene, who I had become homeless to get away from, both when I refused to work in an office with her and when I refused to beg her for rent money, came into my cell to torment me with her black face disguise and ebonics. She poisoned me in the jail cell with her fake Kool-Aid packets, and she raped me in there enough that I had blood in my stool after passing out due to poisoned Kool-Aid. She knew that the only reason I had become homeless to begin with was to get the fuck away from her, and when I got thrown in jail she jumped at the chance to make me be locked in a tiny little cage with her 30 hours at a time, and rape my asshole who know how many more time than she already had. She does that because she is evil. She knew I only became homeless to get the fuck away from her, and she jumped at the effort to force my efforts in that regard to fail, and also to rape my asshole some more and poison me. She was doing that in 2019 and she is still doing it by staying in the same hotel as me, stomping on the ceiling when I write her name, and using her TAPPING drones to constantly torture me with her modified Chinese water torture.

EVEN LES says that the people who defrauded me at Exide had done so with the promise to give me more of what I was looking for in life, but instead they gave me EVEN LES than the little I had had. Instead, they have tortured me so much and robbed me of so many years, now I really don't have a desire for EVEN MORE anymore. All I want now is to kill them and their children, and to make them suffer as they die, and make them know that I, the Lord, have hated them and loved their enemies.

It was just this week that I finally put it together that SEVER HENSE was also one of these compound meaning items. It means kill Helene, who was born Helene before she started using aliases. This is is at the top of my list of things to do.

I made a post recently about how the Jews are like the scorpion in The Fox and the Scorpion. Although I cannot know what is Helene's mind, my belief is that Helene is also like the scorpion. As the scorpion convinced the fox that he wouldn't sting him, Helene has people convinced that she loves me and/or cares about me. While I cannot know what is in her mind, I do know the following. No one has harmed me as much, as often, or as many times as Helene has gone out of her way to harm me with malicious intent. She raped me when I was a little boy and she acts like it was mistake that she hurt me as much as she did in her botched attempt to measure the harm her anal rape did to the lower abdominal tissues of the child that had been entrusted to her care. Though she acts like it was a mistake and some one-off thing, she raped me who knows how many dozens more times as an adult, and after I spent nine years working on my PhD, she expelled me from college with sick and malicious lies about my perfectly upright behavior.

If she held a true spirit of contrition about what she did, she would have stopped raping me. Her doing the same thing 50 more times signifies that she is proud of what she did, and not contrite in the least. She has people convinced, however, that she is not my main enemy but she is, in my opinion. Other people may hate me more than she does, but they have not had the wherewithal to harm me that Helene has had. Helene is my rapist. If she could cut my figurative balls off tomorrow to make the crown land on her head instead of mine, she would do it in a heartbeat. My main contention here is that the main goal in her going to such lengths to convince people that she doesn't hate me is for her to be well positioned near me should that chance to cut my figurative balls ever arise.

She does not love me. She has dedicated her life to killing the people that love me and my law, a law which she hates. I could ask, "How can she love me is she hates my law?," but it is better to say, "She hates my law because she hates me." Helene does hate my law. She has devoted her life to making to war on those who want my kingdom to come, and the coming of that kingdom is the outcome she desires least. She says she loves me but that is a lie meaning that she wants me not to die violently, but to slowly fade away into the sad oblivion of rape, torture, poverty, and loneliness into which she has knowingly cast me. She does not want my kingdom to be established. She desires abject failure for me in all of my endeavors as much as she desires catastrophic defilement and unspeakable psychological agony for everyone laboring to bring my kingdom to fruition.

Helene hates me. I don't care what she has you convinced of, or what she can fool your lie detector into telling you. No one has acted against me in my life with malice as much or as reliably as has my rapist Helene. Despite her clear and obvious ranking at the top of the "harm done" chart, she is still able to convince people of her lies with her crocodile tears. Due to her profound psychopathy, her thinking is disordered, and the logical framework of her motivations is not well-formed. Therefore, I advise against analyzing her because one will want to say, "What she's doing has to make some kind of sense, and I just need to look harder to see that it is." That is not true because she is a classical lunatic. I wouldn't she's got a screw loose or even that she's got all of her screws loose as much as I think it's just a pile of shit up there. Instead of analyzing her, ask, "Who has harmed him on a regular schedule of intended malice the most throughout his life?" The answer is Helene. The rest of this stuff is just my opinion but that chart factually has Helene at the top of it. Helene is like the scorpion. Her nature is a black-hearted evil that most people won't ever understand.

I changed my password on the FTP account for this website. Although I knew my GoDaddy password was certainly compromised, I did not change it because you cannot see the FTP password in plain text in the cPanel, which is the admin panel for GoDaddy Linux hosting. However, what my rapists and stalkers and their accomplices did was to log into my GoDaddy account and change my FTP password so as to lock me out of my own account. They have never used it to lock me out of my own accounts until yesterday, and this is another big escalation in a year of many such big escalations in my rapists and stalkers acting against me with impunity. Hopefully, I will get more out of them getting caught locking me out of my own account than I would have gotten out of cutting them off cleanly by changing my GoDaddy and FTP passwords at the same time.

How about that stock market today?

Germany Roiled By "Political Earthquake": Navy Chief Resigns After Saying "Putin Deserves Respect", Warning China Is "Not A Nice Country"

>"Respect he really demands - and probably deserves."

What is this "probably" bullshit when my RH solution stands on its own without M3 at all? The truth is, every other genius on Earth gets as much leeway as they want to be eccentric but the ultra-high Dunning-Krugers in the halls of power have denied my genius and said that my eccentricity was retardation, and that I don't deserve "respect," whatever the fuck that is, because I'm retarded. What I deserve, and will obtain, is obedience. The dictionary says respect is admiration and that is absolutely not what my grievance is about. My grievance is that I created the whole world, and everyone and everything in it, and it all belongs to me, everyone and everything, literally, but these Satanists are acting like my ownership is conditional on my conformity to the norms of the Satanic culture they have farmed across the millennia.

After breifly using Windows 11 and now going back to Windows 10, I think not only is the bottom centered taskbar feature a good solution to the problem I solved by moving the taskbar to the side, but actually bottom centered taskbar icons is better.

I swtiched hotels again today. This room is ok but the internet here is (intermittently) awful. I went to Verizon to get a hotspot and the guy made me wait about a half an hour while the people in the store mocked me before he told me that they didn't have any hotspots. This post will remind me to kill all of them. Particularly, I touched one of the phones and it made the zapper in my finger activate. A moment later, I discovered that someone had turned my brain off (raped me) to put a small black glove next to the phone I touched.

After that, I went to Best Buy to look for a hotspot. They did not have any but they had some Jewish stalker in there waiting for me, and some Jewish man and his wife there supervising. The stalker started to pitch a fit, and I told him that when Jerusalem is a nuclear wasteland that can never reinhabited, then he will know that the Lord has acted. He went into full conniptions after that declaring that he was going to kill me with "slave shit." To hide his Jewishness, he started ranting about Amistad as if he was black, or there on the behalf of black interests. Then he threw a water bottle at me, or some clear bottle. It grazed my hip and the apparent meaning of the action was as if to demonstrate that the people around here still have the same impunity to act against me violently as they do everywhere else. Certainly, no one is stopping them from doing the TAPPING and BANGING, and stationing my rapists in the hotel with me. When I was leaving Best Buy, the securty was saying, "It made contact," but it is my realistic expectation that the complaint about him hitting me with a water bottle will go the way of the tripping complaint in this video I watched yesterday.

When I came back to the hotel after not finding what I wanted, Pedo Sadist who I mentioned in some posts yesterday was similarly disguised as a black person at the desk. I was forced to interact with that person to pay for my parking. During the course of badgering about whether or not I was ok, the phone rang and she said, "Amistad," when she picked it up. Then she also made several facial contortions in the likeness of the so-called Odom impression of Daisy's Destruction. When I checked in and I was waiting for the elevator on the 6th floor, there were a bunch of hecklers heckling from behind one of the closed doors.

UPDATE: This person at the desk that I named as Patricia Vuittonet made a hyperagressive snarling face at me when I walked through the lobby after uploading my post.

Vatican fraud trial sees more delay amid procedural errors

>The Vatican's big fraud and embezzlement trial

>The delay means the trial, which had already been proceeding at a snail's pace even by Italian standards, won't get off the ground until mid-February at the earliest.

>financial crimes related to the Holy See's 350 million-euro investment in a London

>they failed to respect basic procedural steps during the investigation meant to protect the rights of the accused, including summoning them for questioning so they could respond to the accusations.

>Pignatone set a procedural hearing for Jan. 25 -- "hopefully the last one" -- and said he hoped by mid-February to then unify the proceedings against both sets of defendants and open the trial in earnest.

>In a motion to the court Tuesday, prosecutors doubled down on their refusal to provide the full tapes, saying the cuts concerned information unrelated to the trial that needed to remain secret for investigative reasons.

This is Vatican trial is pretty much related to what I was talking about in my earlier posts about the Exide and their fraud conspiracy against me which now called rosily "the anti-Trump insurance policy." The say this trial is about "a London property deal" because I'm the King of Great Britain. That issue about failing to call the witnesses to testify is probably more or less the point I make in my analogy of the credit card company. Normally, given an exceedingly strange contract, a judge would call the counterparties to testify in court before issuing enforcement actions on the terms of the contract. Since John Roberts was the one who defrauded me, and he was also the judge issuing the enforcement actions on the terms of the fraud contract he inserted into my hiring package at Exide, he chose not to call the counterparty, me, to affirm that I had traded unlimited wealth and power to them in exchange for homelessness and constant rape and torture.

At the heart of the Steele dossier, Helene turned my brain off with hypnosis and then filmed her friend fucking me in the ass, and then told everyone that her raping me for the Nth time really meant that I was actually a faggot. This verbiage in the article about incomplete tapes may or may not relate to the part where she showed everyone the tape of me getting fucked in the ass by her co-rapist, but did not show them the part where she turned my brain off to make it impossible to fight back against her and her friend were raping me.

Durham Vs Horowitz: Tension Over Truth & Consequences Grips FBI's Trump-Russia Reckoning

>Durham stressed that, unlike Horowitz, his "investigation is not limited to developing information from within component parts of the Justice Department" and has instead obtained "information from other persons and entities, both in the U.S. and outside of the U.S."

>Numerous officials received Steele's allegations – some meeting with the ex-British intelligence officer himself

>Steele's allegations did not reach the Crossfire Hurricane team until Sept. 19, 2016, meaning that "they did not yet know about the dossier" when they launched the probe on July 31.

>The first known Steele-FBI contact about the dossier came on July 5

>McCabe, who was forced to resign from the department for lying about his contacts with the media

>Peter Strzok of the FBI

To comment on this very briefly, Strzok is also Pompeo of the CIA and State Department, and Evil Dad of my childhood. I think his so-called affair with FBI lawyer Lisa Page really had something to with him being the father of FBI agent Erin Paige, someone who was falsely presented to me as my sister when I was very young, and who was also a disguised agent in the offices where I worked in 2016.

McCabe had previous contact with me at Elavon. He sat in the desk to me there for a few months, and that's probably the "previous contact" mentioned in this article.

Regarding Durham speaking to "individuals not in the USA," the main point there is that I was probably really born in England, and JONATHAN WARREN TOOKER is just a d.b.a. name for my real personhood as the Sovereign Lord. This is an important detail for the matters in the FISA court, to be sure. Furthermore, all of this was probably blessed by my mother Elizabeth, the queen of England, because she hates it that I am not evil and thought she would be able to sabotage me sufficiently that it would prevent my ascent into the throne she occupies and my subsequent culling of the Satanic forces which are her favored servants. I think it quite strange to see so much British commonwealth sourcing, Australia, the UK, Malta, for events in the USA and supposedly in Russia.

Due to the Magna Carta, there's some council of 25 barons out in the world with some power rooted in Satanism, and I don't doubt that some or all of them are also complicit in these matters. I think when Trump named the monster he grew after buying my stolen semen from Paul "Manna Fort" Manafort, Barron, it was a reference to this council established by the Magna Carta. The Magna Carta is said to be the basis for all modern law and I will burn that document and revoke its clauses as soon as the crown lands on my head. The 1783 Treaty of Paris ending the war between England and the USA will also get burnt and cancelled on the first day.

When I was in elementary school, our school's librarian would sometimes invite authors of children's books to tell us about their books in the library. When class would go to the library for those special book presentations was always a fun event. I probably went to ten of them during my five years at Sunrise Drive Elementary School. One of them was some woman who had written a book of Native American fables. She read a few of them to us. One of them was The Fox and the Scorpion. I really liked it. Even in ~3rd grade, I found the meaning to be profound. This story is one of only a few specific things I remember from any of those book presentations. I used that story in my Occupy rhetoric and I put it in my novel, and now I have something more to say about it.

The fable is as follows. A fox and a scorpion are at the edge of river which they want to cross. The scorpion says to the fox, "Give me a ride across the river on your back." The fox says, "No! If I do that, you'll sting me and I'll drown." The scorpion says, "If I did that, then we'd both drown, so obviously I won't do that." The fox considers it and then agrees to help the scorpion across the river. In the middle of crossing, the scorpion stings the fox. The fox says, "Why did you do that?!" The scorpion says, "It's in my nature to sting you."

The Jews are like the scorpion. After Hitler lost WWII, Hitler's son, me, ended up being raised as a Jew, by Jews. Due to this background, I had a positive opinion of Jews for most of my life. I was raised to believe that Hitler was evil and that Jews are good, and that even though God was smiting and slaying the Israelites for their wickedness on every page of the Bible, Hitler was the bad guy when he did the same thing. In my early life, the Jews had me totally ensnared in the net of their lies. I always thought Israel was a piece of shit country but I viewed that as political problem in the way that I think the USA is a piece of shit country. My distaste for Israel wasn't rooted in any kind of Jew hate, or anything like that. I'm not racist against Americans and I didn't used to be racist against Jews. As I said, the Jews had me totally ensnared in the net of their lies. It would have been so easy for them to keep holding something in front of my eyes to hide the truth from me for my whole life. Equally, it would have been so easy for the scorpion to cross the river on the fox' back. As my life went along, they were pretty well riding on my back. Eventually, however, they could not resist their nature and they began to sting me. Since it is much easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled, it would have been exceedingly easy for them to maintain the veneer of their lies before my eyes so that I never saw the truth for a moment in my life. However, the Jews are like the scorpion and it is their nature to sting even if it means they will drown.

It is the Jews' nature to sting me. It would have been so easy for them to maintain that deception in which I was raised. They are such an evil people, however, they could not help themselves when it came to stinging me. Even though stinging me means they will drown, they could not resist the wickedness that is their nature. After all of those years deceiving me about the virtues of the Jewish people, they still couldn't help but to make me hate them. Hitler wrote in his book, "Slowly, I came to hate them," and that was the case for me as well. Hitler was not raised in the net of their lies like I was, but their nature is so malignant that they could not help but to make me hate them as well. So, the Jews are like the scorpion. Unlike the story, however, I am not going to drown in the river. They hurt me, but only they will drown. This is also the story of Jesus' death, resurrection, and return.

This long article seems to be a response the long rant I had in my car the other day. Here, I will reiterate the main issue with the predication of "Crossfire Hurricane." First, you need to understand that the government had been fucking me on my research since 2009, and Emily Hancock and others such as Paul Manafort were a part of those efforts. The "low threshold" that Horowitz cites requires suspicion and cause. It was suspicious to the USA authorities when I wrote my first paper on a layover in the airport in Moscow but there was no cause to initiate "spying" based on that. When my PhD advisor sent me to give a research presentation in Berlin, it was just a coincidence that Expedia prompted me with an option to have my layover in Moscow. I picked that one because I thought I would go have a look at St. Basil's, and there is nothing more to "Russian collusion" than that. I had to pick a flight with a layover, and that's the one I picked.

By writing my paper in Moscow, however, I did totally fuck the USA out of being able to disappear my research into a black hole. They would have been able to do that if I had written it in the USA. Indeed, I had been delaying writing the paper for a few months already because I had a bad feeling about the USA stealing it and fucking me over as soon as I wrote it. When I learned I could not leave the airport to sight see in Moscow without a visa, it occurred to me that my 12 hour layover would be a good time to finally write the paper. Due to game theoretical considerations, I decided it would be better if the Russians and the USA both saw what I wrote than if only the USA saw it. So, because I was right that this was *MUCH* better for me, I fucked the USA out of its ability to fuck me over. Then they said, "You can't fuck us over, we're the USA! Just you fucking us over is the cause we need to supplement the suspicious activity of you writing your paper over there." However, me fucking them over is not cause. The USA is "free," and I can fuck the government over as much as I want.

When all of their "spying" turned up that I had nothing wrong and they really had nothing to nail me with under USA law, they kicked it up to the FISA court where they tried to make the argument under admiralty law, "Because there are waterways on Earth and the USA is a pirate ship, we can maraud and privateer him to death regardless of what the USA law says." The main pathway into the FISA court was to murder and torture some people and their children at Alliance, to turn Alliance into a federal fusion center on top of me, and then end up saying I was the Russian agent inside the fusion center when really I was just a member at that gym. They set the fusion center up in that location because it gave them access to me. They invited a bunch of Russian agents, I guess, to the fusion center, and then said, "Oh look! He's in contact with these Russians!" All of the people in the Steele dossier were also the people they had planted on top of me years in advance. The path into the FISA court was something like that but those details are not the point of this post. I'm describing the legal process.

The FISA court does not really judge admiralty law. They rubber stamp whatever the United States of America Corporation wants to happen because the FISA court is owned by the United States of America Corporation whose emblem is the flag of the USA attached to some gold tassels. The major problem in FISA's rubber stamp is that the privateering charter the USA pirate ship got from the Dutch East India Company 500 years ago, or whatever, it does not allow them to maraud and privateer against me. Maybe under the bullshit of admiralty law the USA's argument would have worked for 99.999999% of people, but I am not covered by the privateering charter of the USA pirate ship. Although I am free under USA law, I am the Sovereign Lord under admiralty law.

So, the USA did wrong and they kicked it up to the FISA court which is full of John Robert's handpicked rubber stampers. I have been publicly advocating for John Roberts' death since 2011, and I have been trying to get his cousin Steve Collins, the general manager of the Salt Pit's loading dock, in trouble with the cops since about that time as well. After the USA did wrong, the FISA court also did wrong and the matter got kicked up to the Vatican since the Vatican Corporation owns the United States of America Corporation. However, the Pope is a Jesuit who answers to the black pope: the real master of the Catholic church. The black pope, however, is a Cavalcanti I know. I believe he was the architect of the situation in 2016, or intimately involved in it, where John Roberts pretended to be the hiring manager at Exide to serve me a fraud contract in my hiring package for the "anti-Trump insurance policy." This Cavalcanti was likely one of the main people acting against me in the previous years as well, such as in the events surrounding Emily Hancock and Georgia Tech. Obviously, the Catholic church is doing the same rubber stamp act that the FISA court did. The Vatican court is owned by the Vatican Corporation and they do whatever the Vatican CEO wants.

Now we come to the crux of the matter. As the congregation of admirals demanded that the Vatican override the FISA court when it came to the wrong finding in its adjudication of my case, now it is time for the owner of the Vatican Corporation to override the black pope whose Vatican court has also come to the wrong conclusion. That person is me. I am the sole owner of the Vatican corporation. However, I believe the main thing in the fraud contract at Exide in 2016 was for the USA to say that I have given them my proxy in such matters, and stripped myself of my own authorities in exchange for them sending me to live in the gutter behind the library and to be constantly raped and tortured. (I also fucked the government when I quit Exide.) When it is demanded by the admiralty that a higher authority override the Catholic church, John Roberts steps in and says, "I have this contract right here that says that higher authority, the Sovereign Lord, has delegated his proxy to me in this matter." Then, where it got kicked from the USA FISA court to the Vatican court, it gets kicked back to the USA in a loop. The end of the loop will be the day of the Lord when I take my rightful place as the decider of these matter. I am the Sovereign Lord but John Roberts, the USA, and the Catholic church have people convinced that some fictitious legal person JONATHAN WARREN TOOKER owned by the USA Corporation is the Sovereign Lord.

Here is the fundamental issue. Two men are agreed on whatever they discuss and shake hands on, and nothing more. In the law of the USA, two men are agreed on whatever one of them can Jew the other one into. Under the law of the USA, Roberts does have my proxy because he did successfully defraud me. I could get the contract voided in court but since I don't have a copy of it, I have no standing in a USA court. I tried to get it, but they did not give it me and other people who have it also do not give it to me. Under USA law, fraud contracts are "valid but voidable" and I can't get it voided. The truth is that I did not ever give him my proxy and he does not have it. Somehow, they have people convinced that I willingly traded unlimited wealth and power to them in exchange for homelessness and constant rape and torture.

Under the real law, John Roberts does not have my proxy. However, the members of the admiralty act like the law of the USA is something more than the bullshit which the pirates made up when they stopped sailing and colonized North America. They are acting like the USA law is the law above the Vatican law, but that is not right. Up there at the top, it's my law. I am the Lord. Two men are agreed on what they discuss and shake hands on, and nothing more.

I use headphones to block out my hecklers and the TAPPING lately. After listening to this song on YouTube about 10,000 times, they edited in some jarring chirping sound around 0:39. I switched to this song, and after about 100 listens I see they have now edited in a sharp CHAH! around 5:05.