2022-03-03 archive

The planetary system P3-575 at the beginning of Stargate s01e03 seemed like it was referring to Helene's house. MacGyver said, "I'm not married to it," referring to that system, and I have some sense that one of these dad-affiliated persons, Dad being married to Helene, is a big Hollywood guy.

After a recent reminder about the problem I have with the skeletal mutilator implant in my foot, someone said that implant came to me through "Putin," Subsequently, the Putin memes on the internet have seemed very antagonistic. Now, I wonder if that woman following me around Long Island to three or four different stores last summer was the offspring of this "Putin," and whether or not he was that man at the diner which resulted in the "Seawolf" submarine wreck last fall. So, I will withdraw my previous opinion regarding the relative merits of KC, BASH, and MOSKA. I probably got that wrong, and I may have falsely inserted that context about YOU ADORE FIEND. Even if I didn't, now my opinion is that BASH would be the most anti-Jew among the three of them. However, there remains a big problem with someone coming to the gym to (apparently) electroshock me in a bright green hat on the day after I posted my previous opinion. Using the electroshock against me is not something I will forgive. On the other hand, after the 11:00 and 1:00 stomach ZAPPER persons reappeared without the company of the 12:00 ZAPPER man who stood up to turn around and flick some shit at me simultaneous with another ZAPPER, Shit Eye apparently, I consulted the Bible. I came to the plea of the Israelites to Rehoboam to lessen their burden, and the advice of Rehoboam's advisors that they would be his servants forever if he did lessen their burden. I guess that comes down to who pulled the trigger on electrocuting me with the torture devices that my rapists implanted on my abdomen. In general, I thought Rehoboam was a big asshole there when I read the story the first time.

Regarding these moles implanted all over my body now, the two biggest ones on my face have been there for many years. I remember when each of them appeared as little zits I could not pop, and then they never went away. I am pretty sure someone implanted filth in my face to cause these bumps to appear, and I think they must have did it so that someone could write a report containing the words, "No, he does have moles on his face," when the only thing on my face naturally was some dark thing on my cheek (which is cited very specifically in Islam's description of the Mahdi.) I hope to find out who put those moles there years ago, who wrote those reports citing them, and who the customers for those reports were.

As I wrote this post, another RIGHT heckler was RIGHT heckling me with the LRAD. None of those people will survive.

After I made this post about Dexter, some black man at the store gave me a dirty look and then another one called me a racist when I came out of the store. The plot of the show is completely overridden by the theme of the white men among the supporting characters being gay or retarded while the one non-white man dutifully attends to his croaky-voiced female superior. The purpose of the show is very obviously to mock white men more so than it is to tell a story about Dexter. When it was just a woman in charge of the police and the other white man being a faggot, I kept watching. When the next three white men were all retarded and the lack of being retarded shown by the one non-white man was supplemented with him being the woman's underling, I stopped watching it. You may think that means I'm racist because the woman's servant was black but I know for a fact that you are retarded if you don't think the main point of that show is to make a mockery of men, and particularly to mock the white heterosexual patriarchy within the broader group of men.

I had some strange dream last night. Conleth from Elavon was in it. I did not anticipate killing Conleth but there was a Conleth-themed stalker waiting for me near the grocery store which gave me a very bad feeling. Conleth was a good cubicle neighbor. When he intercepted me at the MARTA one time, he did the heil Hitler to me which was nice since I was living on the street at the time. A dad-affiliated person was in the dream too. He was seeking my approval for his face. I have hurt someone's feelings very much apparently lashing out about these mutilations that have been written all over my face. When I woke up thinking about it, however, some RIGHT heckler heckled me through my open window as if I was the asshole in that situation. All RIGHT hecklers are going to be put to death, and their families, and if the person whose feelings I hurt is a RIGHT heckler, I don't care at all. Even as I wrote this, another RIGHT heckler came on the LRAD to fuck me in the ear hole with his RIGHT sound.

Two people from among the staff at the gym I've been going to intercepted me on the street this afternoon, in two separate instances. This post will remind me to kill both of the them, and their families. I kept watching Dexter by the way. After the faggot, the next white man was the obnoxious douche bag that Dexter killed. The next white man was the douche bag's wimpy side kick. Then when the cops showed up at Dexter's house, the next white man was a bumbling retard, the female chief of police was speaking in that croaky voice I hate, and her black side kick was very cool and collected compared to the idiot white man running around cluelessly. I turned it off at that point.

I mentioned this new ZAPPER implant in the mole implant on my forehead, and then I immediately got some strange new wound next to the mole implant. I have not felt the MOLE ZAPPER since then, but the wound has changed into quite the elevated bump. I don't expect that the bump will ever recede, and this is probably another new mole implant on my face. It may go a way in a few days, however.

I started watching the new season of Dexter. In the first ten minutes, I see that the woman is the chief of police and the man is a faggot. That sucks.

When I have seen previous versions of this picture, I thought it was a tragedy that there was a woman in it. Now it is mostly women.

Although Putin must be retarded for coming to that meeting at Exide in 2016, I do not buy the "Putin is retarded" rhetoric regarding the current Russian financial situation. He must have seen all of these invasion sanctions coming and thought it was worth it, but I do not see what he is seeing to arrive at that value judgement. At Exide, maybe he could have thought that they were going to get away with their fraud but there is no way he did not foresee these sanctions, if not worse sanctions, in response to the invasion. So, I wonder what he is looking at that makes this price seem like the better price to pay. Since NATO membership for Ukraine was not on the immediate horizon, as far as I know, that does not seem to me like it might tell the whole story. I wonder, is the real reason related to what transpired at Exide?

Flat is the new panic...

>Rising bond volatility remains a huge problem for Fed.

When I look at this chart, I do not see rising bond volatility as the obvious Fed problem. The problem I see is that the Fed balance is closing in on the $10T "Fed BS" Fed balance limit at a high momentum state (along a steep trendline.) Either that momentum has to die down almost immediately, or there's about to be another big emergency that gives the Fed a reason to hike the max balance up to $15T or $20T. Recall, the COVID emergency which allowed them to raise it to $10T was perfectly well timed with the Fed BS line closing in on its old limit at $5T. The old data shows that historically the Fed has stopped printing around 90% utilization of max balance, which is the level that is about to be blown past: $9T under the new $10T limit. Even if we call the old trend a $0.5T buffer, the new chart says the Fed is going to blow past that this summer. IMO, more likely than the Fed winding down its money printing, 2022 is in for another big emergency: either the USA blows something up as an excuse more money printing, or the USA itself finally blows up.

I think I have a LOWER BACK ZAPPER in this wound on my back which is not healing properly. I can't be sure that the LOWER BACK ZAPPER with which I was just electroshocked is in that wound, but the presence of some foreign body might explain why it is not healing. I got one other disgusting implant on my right thigh that had some thick black hair sticking out of it on the day I got it. I pulled the hair out and the the whole area turned brown and has remained as a disgusting elevated bump on my leg. I guess they implanted a hair follicle some abominable monster they mutated in their dungeon. Maybe something like that, some other foreign biological tissue, is the reason why this small scratch on my back is still sore to the touch, red, and inflamed two months later, and has not yet even begun to form an ordinary scar.

Pozsar Warns Of Another "Lehman Weekend" As Russia Sanctions May Trigger Central Bank Liquidity Flood


I had previously thought Putin must have showed up at Exide in December of 2016 because he wanted to gargle my semen. However, if he showed up so as to accept transference of my assets from whomever used to steal them into some Russian bank, I wonder what banking authority would enforce a reversal of those fraudulent transactions.

I went to the store just now. When I came back, the cunt at the desk RIGHT heckled me and the Daisy's destruction heckler with her who I think it Patricia "Pedo Sadist" Vuittonet lunged at me when she did it. When I got back to my room, the person in room 203 very loudly banged on the wall behind me. Then I noticed little fleck of black shit had been placed on the water I bought earlier in the day. No doubt, my rapists burglarized me and poisoned my water again today.

The situation with my TESTICLE CRUSHER implants has gotten much worse since my recent comment about liking not getting stabbed in the testicles. The dull but constant psychological pain of the RAPE DICK has wound down slightly but now the constant physical pain of the TESTICLE CRUSHERS has been greatly wound up. Previously, the TESTICLE CRUSHERS were used against me intermittently. Now, my testicles are getting CRUSHED basically non-stop all day as a sort of supplemental RAPE DICK that hurts in a physical way instead of simply being obnoxious and psychologically painful. It escapes my understanding why the people who removed 30 other implants from my testicles thought they should enable my enemies to continue to electrocute my testicles. Constant testicular pain is bad for quality of life in a way that far surpasses the negative effect of the RAPE DICK.

And not only that, but if I went and got some ibuprofen to try to alleviate the chronic pain associated with the skeletal mutilator implant, it is my realistic and well-supported expectation that the people who caused this injury to begin with would steal my medicine and replace it with feminine hormones or allergens.

While I usually only complain about my sexual torture implants, here I will restate the gravity of the injury caused by the skeletal mutilator implant in my foot. I have been walking on the treadmill again lately. In the morning, my foot is so sore that I can hardly walk to the bathroom. This is the same pain I have been feeling for years now. It has never fully subsided and using my foot for slowly walking is now such that it causes extreme pain. I got this mutilator implant in early 2018 and it has not stopped hurting yet, and I doubt it ever will. I recently remarked that I thought it was weird that this scratch on my back is still sore, but that was only from two months ago. Four years later, the skeletal mutilator implant has caused a hideous disfigurement of my collar bones directly beneath the five little pieces of shit implanted on my face, it caused the arch of that foot to collapse, and it hurts horribly in a physical way aside from the psychological pain of having to look at my enemies' autographs every time I look in the mirror.

For the first year or so following the rape and kidnapping in which my foot was sliced and my heel bone was drilled so they could screw the skeletal mutilator implant into my skeleton, my foot was in constant excruciating pain. After the first year, that pain reduced to being present only when it was cold outside. Even now, however, it is not healed. Just using my foot for walking leads to excruciating pain. Four years later, I can barely limp to the bathroom in the morning due to nothing more strenuous that walking slowly on a treadmill for an hour. Other than that, the people who have caused me these several years of pain in my foot, and who have caused these irreparable, obvious disfigurements, both with the skeletal mutilator implant and with this other non-electronic filth they have implanted all over my body, have also caused the physical and psychological pain associated with unending sexual torture and rape, not to mention the WRIGGLER, ZAPPER, and SCRATCHER implants in my eyes.

The Bible says the one who strikes the heel is Satan. Him and his people are doomed.

After I mentioned the new ZAPPER implanted in the mole implanted on my forehead, I got some strange wound on my forehead next to the mole. I have not felt the MOLE ZAPPER since then and I hope this strange new wound eventually goes away.

I got what I thought was a nodule implant on my lower back when I was in Mexico. I tried to scratch it off. The wound from my fingernail scratching has not healed yet. It is still bright red/purple and sore to the touch. I think that was about two months ago and it seems like it should not still be sore to the touch since I only scratched it like one might scratch a bug bite. I was looking at it in the mirror just now, and I noticed that someone has tattooed a blue dot near the top of my ass crack, just below the giant purple scar from this other thing. The blue hue of tattooing is mistakable and I do not think it could be a blemish.

My TESTICLE CRUSHER implants have been going basically non-stop all day for the past several days. I think I made a comment that my favorite place not to get stabbed was in my balls. Since I mentioned that, my testicles have been hurting basically non-stop due to the sexual torture devices that my rapists implanted in or on my balls, and which the people who removed 30 other implants from my balls have decided to leave in place so as to not preclude to possibility of my rapists using their TESTICLE CRUSHER implants against me as much as the want to. In that way, my enemies' ability to hurt my balls all day, or intermittently, is totally predicated on the decision of those other people to remove some, but not all of the implants from my testicles.

I have one other thing I can say about that neighbor of mine at Viewpoint, Mark, pictured. I was looking at his facebook one day and I noticed an eccentric picture. All of his pictures showed him being regular, if not fruity and gay. There was this one picture, however, where he was standing next to a gay-looking Down's syndrome man. I think they were playing beer pong or something, or maybe it was an outdoor barbeque. The man was wearing a big crucifix necklace and Mark was giving a weird look to the camera like he knew it was weird that he was going fuck that retard in the ass, and he wanted facebook to know it too. I assume his facebook is cached somewhere if those pictures aren't still on there. In hindsight I wonder if he was calling me a retard with a fake picture.

I watched The Void. It was pretty obvious what they were saying about this faggot Skull Head standing in front of the big Alliance triangle. I guess that is the master of Opus Dei, but I am not sure if his cousin the master of NVIXM is also a skull head. Also, I don't understand if the master of the Jesuits, who is the master of the Catholic church since the pope is a Jesuit, is Skull Head or Skull Head's brother. As with The Fanatic, however, this movie's context in my life is strangely synchronous. I watched what I thought was the backrooms video a few weeks ago. Yesterday, I found a Youtube channel that had seven backrooms videos, one of which featured an axe in some jungle-themed, cavernous side room. The wall paper in that room reminded me of the painting in the recent Facebook commercial where the four ethnic looking actors where really the four whites Mark Shin, Leonardo Nogueira, Julia Forester, and Chris Moriarty. I mentioned in several previous posts that mainly the only sinister looking graffiti I saw in Atlanta was some vampire skull head painted on Marietta behind what is now Delia's Chicken Sausage, and under a bridge on Howell Mill Rd. That was "mainly" the only sinister graffiti because around ~2005 I saw an axe painted on a building on Brady Ave, a little side road next to Howell Mill, when I was living in the 1016 Lofts. The axe had ADM written on it. It has stuck in my mind all this time not being a fun looking graffiti. I guess it was a reference to the axe down in the maze complex beneath Steve's warehouse.

When I lived in the Uhaul lofts on Howell Mill before eventually moving into the 1016 Lofts, I used to watch the trains go by. This was right next to the bridge where I later saw the vampire skull. Every train car that would go by was always old and dingy, except the ADM train cars. They were always new and freshly painted with sci-fi style ADM logos, and there were a few different styles of them where someone had really shelled out some cash for fancy looking train cars. I don't think that's a different ADM than was painted on that axe. When I googled ADM after noticing their weird train cars, I thought there was no way the economics of that business could be such that they're splurging on fancy bulk carrier train cars while literally 100% of the other train cars I would see were old and beat up. ADM is probably a company like Exide: a front for activities in the Salt Pit.

The piece of shit in the blue shirt got on the treadmill next to me again today. Again, a woman in a matching blue shirt got on the treadmill with us. Obviously, this a was an interception formation. Before that, some man pointed his camera at me from the curl station in front of my treadmill. Someone put nano-particles in my lube again, apparently, because the DICK PAIN INFLICTOR revved back up to the maximum when the blue shirted man got next to me. The DICK PAIN INFLICTOR revved up again as I was typing that, and my rapist Helene came on the LRAD to say YUP at the same time. I think these particles must be metallic, and I cannot imagine that my body has a process for expelling metallic nano-particles. Perhaps it does, or perhaps the sensation eventually subsides when they burrow so deeply into my flesh that they pass the layer where the nerves are.

Around 2016 or so, I suppose the person who had been robbing me for the first ~30 years of my life gave my money to the person who is paying for this accumulation of sexual torture particles in my penis. That's his value system: between me and that person, he thinks that person should have my money. So, none of his people will survive.

I've got a new ZAPPER implanted in the mole that was implanted in the middle of my forehead. This mole, and the largest one on my nose, were implanted during the time when the previous parties were robbing me relative to the later parties to whom the previous robbers transferred their theft to around the time I began to work at Exide. I blame them for these mutilations on my face, and for providing a target for this new ZAPPER implanted on my face. I saw something on the internet that said the previous robber thinks I might not kill his family, but he is gravely mistaken. Whatever are the crimes are the later robbers, they are his crimes to because he willingly transferred his theft to them. There won't be anyone I kill who children are left alive. It offends me to think this Satanist's sense of my justice, and of my wrath, is the one where he causes some fair portion of the heartache in my lifetime and then thinks I will leave him the same inheritance I left Abraham. Your descendants will number zero.

When Witten writes a paper, he already knows what he wants to write about due to his previous research activities. For me, I'm never researching except when I'm writing. Witten has a blackboard separate from his LaTeX IDE, but my IDE is my typesetting software and my blackboard. He was saying the other day that he can write 100 page paper in a day. Obviously, I do not work at that pace. One reason for that is that I do not really know what I want to write when I start writing, and getting the stuff I end up writing to make sense, more or less, is my research process. Witten doesn't do it like that. I have no doubt that Witten's way is more time efficient but that is not how I do it, and I have more free time than I know what to do with.

Today I was reminded that I thought Zelensky looked too much Brian Levine for it to be a coincidence, and that Brian was probably running the part of the CIA's semen trafficking operation which relies on the office of the President of Ukraine. Recall that the only reason the old pro-Russian government got overthrown was because they wanted install a puppet government more amenable to my enemies' intention to breed a new race of abominable monsters by injecting my stolen semen into the vaginas of Ukrainian women with their filthy hands. Brian also moved away from Atlanta not long before Zelensky got elected. While that displeases me to think Brian is involved in that, it is something of a relief because Brian would have otherwise stood out in my mind as an example for why perhaps not all Jews ought to be killed. If he is the point man for the semen thieves in Ukraine, however, he is the opposite of that example. Other than Brian, there are no other Jews I know whose deaths might have concerned me. That's a shame, really, because I liked Brian. However, it is somewhat relieving not to have to look forward to any qualms in my intention to kill all the Jews other than myself.

I have never worked for the CIA. The only time I ever worked for the USA government was when I was in the Marines. They terminated my employment about 20 years ago and I have not worked for the government again. I understand that it is important for the CIA's fraud conspiracy that they have people believing that I worked for them and then stopped working for them. The truth is, I never worked for them. I never would and I never have. However, I understand that it is very important for them to make sure people believe it when they tell the lie that there was some point in time where I worked for them. Their criminal liability is much less severe under the context of their lie than it is under the context of the truth: I never worked for them. Anyone who knows me knows that I would never work for them. If the CIA has a clandestine office inside one of the businesses where I worked, that has jack shit to do with me. They have never worked for me and I have never worked for them. I have never had any business dealings with the CIA and if the CIA says otherwise, they are lying. If they have documents that claim to show otherwise, those documents are fraudulent. I have never worked for them, contracted with them, exchanged services with them, delegated my proxy to them in any matter, etc, ever. It never happened.

The stalkers in the gym this morning include the following. When i went into the locker room, some positioned himself at 9:00 relative to me and said, "I feel that," as mu 9:00 WRIGGLER was activated. The blue shirted finger ZAPPER from the day after the several stomach ZAPPERS attacked me with the ZAPPER in one of my right fingers when he got on the treadmill to my right. My RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER implant was activated soon after. He and some some woman in a matching blue sweatshirt got on the treadmills to my left and right at the same time, and they were probably working together. I went to get lunch at the deli near the gym. They had all new staff in there today and the man nodded his head yes when I asked if the food was poisoned. I feel like Biden's recent extension of the COVID emergency must be related in some fashion to keeping me in this slave hole my situation is once again degenerating in new an unexpected ways.

I was pretty optimistic about not getting new implants in my dick and balls and asshole so far at this new location. It seems, however, that my luck has run out and I got a new one in my left testicle. It is hurting much more than it has been. Helene was very loud on the LRAD with her YEAH rape in my ear hole when I went to report the LEFT TESTICLE attack on the other website. It's not catastrophically worse like it usually is when I notice a new one, but it seems much worse suddenly this morning after I got poisoned at least twice yesterday and someone was projecting Sam Hyde images into my mind all night.

UPDATE: My ID query said I didn't get one. It was extremely acute just a moment ago, however.

My mouth is full of the taste of medicine again, and the tension in my sinuses indicates that I have been poisoned for what is at minimum the second time today, and quite possibly greater than the second time. Someone must have come into my room poison my water when I went to complain to the manager about someone fucking with the door to my room.

I diagnosed this incessant NEW TAPPING sound. The neighbor across the hall who slams their door every time I move around in my room has a paperclip on a string, or something, that they keep shooting at my door with a rubber band, or something. The NEW TAPPING was going on non-stop a few minutes ago. I propped my door open with my shoes and now the NEW TAPPING immediately stopped, confirming my suspicions that the neighbor is shooting something at my door if they aren't walking over and hitting it directly. This post will remind me to kill the people in the rooms across the hall with protracted defilements, and to put their same on their children, those who sent them, the children of those who sent them, those who put them in that room next to mine, the children of those who put them in that room next to mine, and any other associated parties and their children. Although the old TAPPING had been absent for several days, upon opening my door the familiar TAPPING drone in the wall directly in front of me unleashed an acute OLD TAPPING attack.

Also, reminder to kill this faggot working at the hotel's front desk in his "Everything goes," hat, all of his coworkers, all of his children, and all of his coworkers' children. This person may be Shit Eye.

I am having Sam Hyde projected into my mind this evening since I opened the door. I wonder if he is able to accomplish these projections with psychic powers or if he is using the psychotronic devices Helene and my other rapists have used to turn me into a borg.

I bought some fried chicken at the grocery store the other day. I remarked on how well seasoned it was. I bought the same chicken today and it's got soap or medicine in it. The awful taste in my mouth is unmistakable. I think that store sold me a poisoned protein bar last night too. I think they sold me poisoned corned beef hash the other day too. I noticed a giant display of the cans I like to buy, some woman turned around and exclaimed, "N-word!" I have agreed to stop writing it and I wish I hadn't because it so well suited to this post but I did agree to stop writing it when someone complained to me. I guess her calling me the N-word was a reference to the poison. Some people might say that she said, "Nigga!," but I don't agree that her mispronouncing the word changed its identity. If she said my last name, I am certain she would say, "Tooka," without having any intention to introduce a diminutive form of Tooker. She called me the N-word and then when I bought one of those cans, it was poisoned. Reminder to kil her and her family too.

Stalkers this morning include the man in the red sweatshirt and his accomplice heckling me from the dip station while I was on the treadmill. Some woman with a schmata on her head got in front of me and started staring at me around that time. When I got on the other treadmill, there was the woman in the blue hood who was fucking with me the other day, possibly Helene. As the man in the red sweatshirt was leaving, Shit Eye made sure to greet him and then took my picture. When I was leaving the grocery store, four other people intercepted me: one filming me walk past the other three. When I got back to the hotel, the woman in the lobby and the man with her were saying, "Right, right. I don't get annoyed." This post will remind to brutally defile these people with cruelness and filth, and to kill their families, and maybe to put that same filth and brutality on their families too.

The TAPPING had died off for a few days. Now they have deployed some far more powerful TAPPING attackers. The TAPPING has gone back to its former frequency and is now at a much higher intensity. Furthermore, the people in rooms 204 and 206, and maybe 202, are slamming their doors almost every time I get up to move around in my room. Since the noise of these current TAPPING attacks is very different than the TAPPING with which I am far more familiar, these sounds may be the result of my neighbors striking their walls and floor with acoustic hammers rather than the result of robotic drones deployed into the open spaces within the walls.


30% Of People In India Believe COVID Is A Myth

>and 9% of Americans.

They said on the radio at the store, "The worst mistake I ever made," when I reached for this can of food. I wrote it off as a coincidence since I thought they said that store was ok. The worst mistake someone ever made was putting poisoned food on their shelf.

Today, someone riding a bike as I was walking home from the gym told me that my father was Richard Kuklinski. I suppose his parents were Adolf Hitler and Anastasia Romanova, he was Adolf Hitler II, and that I am Adolf Hitler III through my parents Adolf Hitler II and Elizabeth Windsor. His 1988 criminal sentencing was well aligned with the time when Helene started raping me, and when she implanted this bullshit in my back. I had thought Richard Kuklinski must be my father for a long time but people kept saying, no it was Hitler. Maybe the resolution is that Hitler is my grandfather, and Richard Kuklinski is also Hitler.

Bank Of America: If The Nasdaq Closes Below 14,000, All Hell Breaks Loose

Pope's use of authority becomes new front in Vatican 'trial of the century'

>Yet, under the heading of "be careful what you wish for," Francis could find that the primary person on trial ends up being not Becciu and the rest, but himself.

At trial, Vatican prosecutors reindict defendants

This Vatican trial is said to be about a "disastrous, botched London real estate deal" because the non-Levitical Catholic priests were the ones who robbed me at Exide. I suppose the ones who had been robbing me so blindly before that such that I was driven to the indignity of shaking my change can in front of Exide's hiring manager must be based in London, and probably in the City of London. I didn't sell anything. The people who used to steal from me, the London-based ones, merely transferred what they had stolen from me to the Catholics. Then they said I was the one who did it. I suppose their stated thesis is that I wanted to be indentured as my enemies' wage slave so I willingly traded away the unlimited wealth and power which the first group of thieves never told me about to some second group of thieves at Exide. Furthermore, this these requires that I traded all of that away for literally nothing in return. I don't doubt at all that the responsible parties in London and in Rome are all kikes.

The MOSKO graffiti that covered up the BASH graffiti behind my hotel got covered up with BASH again. Where MOSKO had written, "You a dope fiend," BASH has written, "You sold me [something] CAPS." While these have a superficial drug allusion, I think the first one says, "You adore fiend," and the second one suggests that I sold something to "fiend" in the fraud contract which was served to me at Exide. If I sold it (I did not), then where is the money I got for it? Is it his implication that I sold him unlimited wealth and power, literally thousands of trillions of dollars, in exchange for the ~$20k salary I earned at Exide? His suggestion is probably exactly that.

Queen Elizabeth II tests positive for COVID

The other day, I went to the Duane Reade. As I was getting in line some old kike came into the store. I ignored him. After he walked by, the man in front of me in line gave me a look which seemed like he was prompting me for my opinion on the kike. I did the P'TUH spitting facial expression to express my sentiment.

The next day, I went to the Target. I did not steal anything. As I was leaving, some shoplifter gangstalker was getting harassed by the gangstalker security guards. He was telling then, "I got it from another Target," in reference to the fact that I did not steal anything from the Target I was in, ever, though I have shoplifted at other Targets previously. As I walked from the cash register to the elevator, all of those gangstalkers followed me. The shoplifter gangstalker tried to get in the elevator with me but I evaded him to wait for another elevator. While I was waiting, he held up his elevator shouting, "I paid for all of the shit, nigga," etc, going on and on only long enough for my elevator to arrive. He spat at the security as well. My elevator came and I went down, and the security gangstalker and the shoplifter gangstalker both came down in the elevator to follow me out, having already followed me from the cash register area on the opposite side of the large big box retail store. The security gangstalker began to kick at the gangstalker shoplifter's feet and eventually succeeded in tripping him. He molested and/or battered the shoplifter gangstalker who was laying on the ground. He told him that spitting was assault and if he ever went back to that Target, the security gangstalker was "going to fuck him up."

The following morning, I woke up with an anomalous and new, though familiar, pus-ridden wound on the top of my head. I have at least one new MEGA ZAPPER on my face since then, and probably several new ones on my face and head. As the ZAPPPERS all over the head of my dick wound down to the ten or so which my rapists and their accomplices have left me with, my rapists and torturers increased the number of ZAPPERS on my face and head to about fifty so it's hard to say how many new ones there might be. There is definitely a new MEGA ZAPPER on my left cheek, however. I did go back to the Target the next day. The product I bought was poisoned with nano-razor implants, and my DICK PAIN INFLICTOR became acutely worse that day. As I was leaving from that second trip to Target, some woman got in the elevator only long enough to say sorry before walking out without changing floors. I guess she thinks an apology pays the price for them injecting septic filth into my head and giving me new electroshock torture implants.

I have never shoplifted at that Target. To the extent that I own that target and everyone and everything inside it, I have never left that Target with anything I didn't pay full price for. Obviously, this post will remind me to torture to death the security gangstalker and the kike from the Duane Reade, and their families.

I have another thing I can say about Maynard. When I was living at Viewpoint, I had this weird, overly friendly gay neighbor Mark. I think his name was Mark Scott and he worked at NCR. Sometimes I felt like this person looked like Maynerd even though I wasn't exactly sure what Maynerd looked like at that time. I think I watched a documentary about his Arizona vineyard where I thought, "Oh, that's what he looks like?" Not long after Mark moved in, and soon after I thought Maynerd's Cafe in downtown Tucson must be Tool-related (it's on Toole St, I believe), I noticed some other business near Sabino Canyon called The Mark Sublette Gallery. This seemed weird to me because subletting is something you do with a condo, and I thought something was weird about that guy Mark who was very friendly and actually a pretty cool neighbor. Still, I thought something was off with him, and sometimes I thought he looked like Maynerd.

Sabino Canyon has some little tram road that runs up the canyon. I don't know if it's on Google maps' street view now. It used to not be on there because the public road doesn't connect to the tram road. The tram road crosses seven bridges on the way to Seven Falls at the top of the canyon. This is about 10 miles from where Gabbie Giffords got shot in the head on AZ-77 by Jared Loughner who had matriculated through the Tucson pediatric psychiatry scene in which Helene was employed as a pediatric psychiatric nurse for many years.

They had some big flood in Sabino Canyon several years ago and it was closed to the public for a long time for "repairs." When I was younger, there was no giant red streak on one of the cliff faces 500 ft up from the road but now every tour guide points it out. They say, "You think that's discolored from iron? Nope! That's discolored from tannins from the tree roots." That means Helene is dumping the leftovers of her torture dungeons out onto that cliff face, or she's getting someone to do it for her. She mentioned the other trail that goes up on the ridge too many times for that to be a coincidence. She had a few forced, acontextual mentions of that other trail.

After Sabino Canyon reopened from those years of repair work, the Google satellite view showed a lot of fresh dirt dumped into the creek beds near the outhouses. In the summer, those outhouses on the Sabino Canyon trail are the most vile, disgusting smelling things you could ever think of. When I would walk the trail with Helene, I would not even go into them to pee but she seemed to relish going in to sit down on those open cesspits. There was a scene in Orange is the New Black where the prisoners duct taped Caputo into an outhouse, and I think Helene must put people down in those cesspits. The fresh dirt in the creekbeds suggested recent tunneling work near the outhouses. I don't know if that's still on Google Maps; they may have deleted it after I cited it. I mentioned Sabino Canyon on the internet while I was employed at Lexis Nexis. The man at Lexis Nexis who reminded me of Woody Harrelson seemed to say that they sent some drones down into the sewage system in that canyon and found body parts.

This Mark Sublette gallery was right outside the entrance to Sabino Canyon. Maynerd had this weird website with nothing on it for several years. Eventually, he uploaded something about this "joke" called The Aristocrats. If you look into that joke, it pretty well confirms the things I am saying about Maynerd being a shit bird. In fact, I'd say Anshei Israel's motto "Where the experiences never end," and the name of Maynerd's album "10,000 days," both reference Helene's philosophy of torture.

The Fanatic was the second movie I saw where Travolta expressed discontent with my tattoo, which is now kind of like the biggest ever ex-girlfreind's name tattoo. I forget what the first movie was. In the fanatic, Travolta put the vest on backwards and said, "I know," when the other guy told him it was backwards. This referenced an improper perception on my part of the relative seniority regarding myself and the people at Alliance. In the way that The Nobody is said to be a nobody because he is the only person not "in" anything, I felt kind like I was on that bottom rung of society, not "in" anything, and that Alliance was a thing I could be "in." That eventually turned into a major bummer, however.

In the Bible, it says the Romans put the eagle up over the temple of the Lord for a while, and then it got taken down. I expect that references my intention to have this one laser off like I did the one on my forearm. After I got that first tattoo removed, I vacillated for a while on whether or not tattoos were cool for me. Now I am solidly in the camp that everyone looks better without tattoos. They are likely to be a symptom of degeneracy.

Due to recent events, I now think they had the brain scanner implanted into a wound where some rapist stabbed while my brain was turned off much earlier than I previously suspected. Helene used to drop me off at the day care in the Nautilus gym she used to go to. It was like a nice play supervised play room for kids at the front of the gym. That gym was right across the street from the Anshei Israel Hebrew school she sent me to until I failed 4th grade. It was big thing when she stopped making me go. She said she had promised her dad that she would raise me as a Jew, and she spoke to me as if letting me quit the Hebrew school that I absolutely hated would break her promise to him. I had hated Hebrew school all along but she never let me stop going until I failed third or fourth grade there. That was right around the time she started raping me. I mention that the Hebrew school was right across the street because the Israelis are the main people doing brain scanner implants. I think Robert David Steele was saying that even the USA intelligence services contract with Israelis to do that stuff so that USA people don't find out about it, even ones with security clearances. For instance, the NSO Group (In Asshole Group) has this Pegasus (Peg Asses) spyware which has been a big scandal lately.

One day when I left with her from that day care, I had some very strange feeling of numbness in my back which has persisted to this day. I may have gotten an implant. I have previously speculated that she would have implanted a tracking device in me. Now I wonder if it was am early brain scanner that she had some rapist implant into a stab wound while they had my brain turned off with the rape ray. That weird feeling in my back has never fully subsided and I may have that implant in my back as I type this. When I let a hot shower run on my back, there is one spot that feels particularly different. It is sort of numb like it is insensitive to the heat. It's right around the blue part of the tattoo on my back. If they had the brain scanner in my all along, then I don't doubt they've been using Inception weaponry against me all along as well. Having an implant in my back may have contributed the physical problems I've assigned to the anal rape trauma Helene inflicted when she stuck her rape tool up my ass and did the loop-de-loop with her arm.

One thing that concerns me is the following. I do not mean to threaten whichever Dad-affiliated person is using the Travolta persona to threaten Maynerd with a bloody butcher knife, but it is not unlikely that I have done so.

I watched this movie today and I found it highly synchronous with my recent post about Maynerd and Tool. I was a fan, not a stalker. If Maynerd ever did album signings, I never went to one. My fandom did not even rise to the level where I was compelled to go to Tool concerts. I went to one in 2002 but I don't think I went to another one. If I did, I forgot about it. Travolta was saying, "Everything you ever did was great," but I thought everything Tool did after Lateralus completely sucked. Despite my total optimism and eagerness for a new album, I thought it was terrible and I doubt I even listened to it one time all the way through.

I want to harp again on the aspect of my personality in which I am content to stick with something I like once I found it without being driven to keep searching for something else. I found these Wrangler shirts that I like. There might be other shirts that I like more but my shirts aren't such a big deal for me that I feel like I need to look for more new ones. A long time ago I used to do the T-shirt catalog thing for punk rock shirts but I had grown out of that before I ever heard of Tool. I like music, but I am not a music fan in the way some people are really into music. I agree that is a coincidence that I listened to the album of the five Tool shirts I had 10,000 times in a row but that was honestly nothing but a coincidence. I'm wearing this Wrangler shirt every day now and that's for no other reason than that it suits me to do so. It was the same thing when I was wearing an X-files shirt every day. I liked the show and watched it every week that I could but my interest in the show did not exceed that of a typical fan.

For what reason I got attached to t-shirts with logos printed on them, I have no idea. If stores at the mall had been selling a bunch of different Operation Ivy shirts, I probably would have had ten Op Ivy shirts instead of 10 X-files shirts. Had I listened to even one new album during those years I had Tool on repeat in my car, I might have switched to a different album. Some people are constantly listening to new music, and obsessed stalker fans are probably in that group. For me, that album was a sufficient sound to have in my car and it's not like I had it on with headphones at school, or that I was listening to Tool all the time in my apartment. I pretty much never listened to music in the condo where I was living at that time. Until I began to want to drown out the sounds of my stalkers, I never listened to music anywhere but when I was driving. I think Maynerd, being a musician, must be one of those people who is like reaalllly into music. Apparently, he has projected that onto me wrongfully through his fascination with himself.

In the movie, the man who owns the store where Travolta goes didn't tell him (until the last minute) that the actor was coming to do a signing. That was like me and Alliance, and me not being there when Maynerd showed up. When Travolta went to the actor's house, the actor was like, "Here, I'll sign your fucking shirt," and the actress at the party also said something about his shirt. I assume the reference is that Maynerd has looked far too deeply into my choice of attire.

Following my previous post, the hecklers were probing me to see if the following was true. After I learned that I had a missed connection with Maynerd, I considered possibilities for how our interaction might have proceeded. While I was envisioning offering him a jiu jitsu lesson on the mat, it occurred in my imagination to offer to suck his dick. This was nothing but day dreaming and does not reflect any realistic behavior that I have ever enacted or would ever enact. These few minutes of imagining what a meeting would have been like were the only time I ever had a homosexual thought regarding Maynerd. There was no ongoing homosexual fantasy as in the case of a groupie. Furthermore, to the extent that every thought transmitter is also a thought receiver, and to the extent that this near miss with Maynerd was a non-coincidental orchestration, and in the absence of even one other such thought during my many years of Tool fandom, I suggest that this fictitious event floating into my imagination for a few minutes was edge sorted into existence. The very large number of people to immediately seize upon it both among my in-person hecklers and online stalkers makes me think that this was a completed work unit on the part of my enemies. Such a large and immediate reaction among my stalkers and hecklers seems disproportionate to what might have been a random thought occurring to me without the aid of Helene and her friends. They have been raping and hypnotizing me during my whole life in the pursuit of their desired outcome in which I give up on women and become a faggot, and I suggest they were the ones who orchestrated this event at Alliance while I was in Arizona visiting my rapist Helene. The behaviour in the thought does not reflect any realistic desire or any realistic potential for real world behavior. I have never engaged in any such behavior and the suggestion that I might have is preposterous. It was nothing more than my mind wandering, possibly (probably) under the influence of my enemies' Inception-style weaponry, which is very real. The immediate, large-scale mobilization of my enemies' hecklers and stalkers in response to the outcome of a suggested Inception attack is emphasized as evidence of the hypothetical Inception.

After I made the previous post about Maynerd, some heckler on the way to the gym said, "You were like a groupie," and the stalkers in the locker room at the gym made some similar comments. That is not an accurate characterization at all. This were just a thought that popped into my head when I thought I could have offered Maynerd a private lesson, and I was envisioning what the interaction may have been. As I had never had that thought before, I never had it again. More likely than that it popped into my head, it was projected into my head by those whose life's work has been centered around getting me to be the same kind of faggot they are. The immediate stalker reaction to my recent post suggests very strongly that it was a coup of sorts on their part when they did successfully get me to entertain the thought for a few minutes even while their countless efforts to project homosexual activity into my dreams at night have unfalteringly failed to do more than disgust me. I attribute the discrepancy to the basal emotional state of dreams compared to the detached ideation of wakeful daydreaming. Maynerd was nothing more to me than a media figure in which I was interested, one of very few such figures.

Helene and her accomplice the faggot (who I understand is Durham) immediately came on the LRAD to confirm my citations to their Inception weaponry. They may have been able to instigate a few minutes of homosexual ideation with their bullshit but they were not able to instigate their desired homosexual lifestyle for me because that is antithetical to me.

That was some weird coincidence that I watched this movie right after I made that post. The movie was very good. It was gripping and I was enthralled by it.

Someone recently wrote that "boomers" thought it was peak humor to have me indentured as their wage slave while they were stealing the $200 quadrillion I have in the bank. This post will remind to specifically those ones who were are of this, and were amused by it, along with all of their children and servants, and all of their servants children.

The stalkers in the gym this morning include some large number of men who intercepted me in the locker room. When I gave the finger to the camera one of them was pointing at me, one of the other ones chimped out fairly well. This post will remind me to torture all of them before I kill them, and the same for their families if they aren't slave clones. The 11:00 and 12:00 ZAPPER stalkers from the other day were present. I may have misidentified the #2 stalker from that day. That one seemed like he showed up on the following day to electroshock my fingers while wearing a blue shirt.

When I first got to the gym today, my RIGHT FOOT ZAPPER indicated some woman in the likeness of that piece of shit from Statesboro and the actress from Resident Evil. To the extent that Hillary keeps company with someone named Karadzan, or something, I don't doubt that Radovan Karadzic was doing early MK Ultra work in Yugoslavia whose slave army exists to this day, and includes these people among my stalkers. I can't remember the name of the person in Hillary's orbit that I'm talking about. The name is very similar to Karadzic whose eventual arrest was probably tied to a full time, housing included job offer in the Salt Pit.

There was some other man standing near me on the treadmill today. He was not bothering me and there was no ZAPPER associated with him. Then he got in front of me to start staring at me, and then he pointed to his nose either to indicate his own nose mole from my memory or to allude to the mutilations written onto my face by his collaborators. After he did it, pointing to the place where Costner has a mole on his nose, he promoted his gangstalking from single interceptor mode to tandem interceptor mode by having some woman in the likeness of Beth from that show appear behind him. I asked him which people will make him cry when I torture him and it made him seem sad, which is a better reaction than the brazen indifference I usually get. However, I want to point out that just being able to stand near me without pissing me off is already better than most people can do, and he went out of his way to turn what would have been a positive interaction into a negative one by getting in my face with his psychotic gangstalker bullshit and tandem interceptor maneuvers. By his eyes, I don't doubt I knew this man from childhood but I hate it that he does not fear me, and I hate it that he thinks it is good idea to step onto the stage of the mockery of my life to demonstrate very plainly that he is fearless before me.

After that, it appeared to me that Helene got in front of me to point her camera at me through the space where the THUMB ZAPPER stalker from the other day had showed me its hand. She was trying to give me a mean look. Due to her femist delusions, I guess she does not know that little old ladies are not able to give mean looks.

When I was leaving the gym, the woman at the desk was giving me the RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT bullshit, and the same reminder goes for her and her family.

Hillary Clinton blah blah blah

>Partisans in the FBI helped her

I watched Resident Evil today. Obviously, it is about the Salt Pit. I suppose when they say 'Gina Haspel was the chief of some black site torture prison in Thailand, they man she was whoever "the red queen" is supposed to be in this movie. From that role, she's got a whole cult of psychotic and brainwashed acolytes who'll do whatever she wants, and who's loyalty is to her before it is to the USA or any other thing. This follow from the condition of abject horror in the Salt Pit acting as in effective means of mind control. The thing with Hillary's server was that it was the mirror for the webcam in Helene's basement. The conclusion I'm drawing is that all these psychotic pro-Hillary people are psychotic pro-Helene people.

I will also say that I thought this song was about Maynerd wondering why he was not able to kill me. I understand that Maynerd and the actress from Resident Evil are friends IRL, and she is probably one of those psychos. One of my most-hated stalkers from Statesboro looked just like the actress. I liked Tool for a long time and I guess Maynerd was offended that I liked his music. However, I would like to clarify that I liked Tool in the way Paulites like Jesus. I liked consuming the media but it wasn't really a weird Maynard fascination like some people have. After I got over my phase of only wearing X-files t-shirts, I just rolled into a Tool shirt phase. That next shirt could have been anything and it was just a coincidence that it ended up being Tool. I guess Maynerd must have taken it personally. It's rare for me to find music that I like and I really liked the album Lateralus which I listened to about 10,000 times in a row. Still, I want to emphasize that that's more about me not looking for different music that I might like than it was about some idolization of Tool. I partook in a socially-oriented, "Tool is the best," thing which was a current in my previous social group but Tool could have died in a plane crash and I wouldn't have given a shit. I think that woman Rachel McMullen whose Tool fixation I adopted as my own would have cried if Maynerd got in a plane crash but it was not like that for me, despite my large array of Tool shirts. I think my analogy with the Paulites is spot on. They all wear Jesus shirts and listen to Jesus albums every day but it's not really about Jesus. I liked Maynard as a faceless media figure and I even went to a Tool concert once but I think he may have looked a little too deeply in my Tool shirt thing. Now I only wear Wrangler shirts but I don't think Mr Wrangler is trying to get me into his dungeon where he can season his wine with the tannins from my grits. It's not that I'm like sooo into Wrangler. That's just how I am with clothes.

Maynerd must be some kind of creepy psycho to want to kill me for liking his band, but actually if you listen to the music that doesn't seem so far fetched. They put this song at the end of an episode of Yellowstone. When I heard it, I recalled that I had this suspicion about Maynard's "Neo-nazi, Heil Hitler. I'm way up in the KKK so why can't I kill this guy" song. In a following episode, Costner or someone said something about a river which seemed to me to confirm that I had the right impression of what Maynerd was talking about there. Maybe he will read this and kill himself before I do to him 1000 times worse than whatever he was hoping to do to me. If I'm right about that, I should say you can't kill me because I'm Hitler you stupid doofus.

I have one other thing about Maynerd I can say. One summer when I went to visit Helene in Arizona, Maynerd showed up at Alliance. It was a big disappointment for me that he came during that short window when I was out of town because he was the rockstar in the only album I was listening to at that time. (I only had that one CD in my car and I listened to it on repeat for several years.) In hindsight, I suspect Helene would have arranged for Maynerd to show up at Alliance while I was out of town because she knew it would be disappointing for me. Maybe Maynerd showed up on his own because he knew I wouldn't be there but I think Helene did something similar on another trip to her house in another summer. I had been calling my neighbor Kim Mason but she never returned my phone calls. Then when I came back to Georgia from doing what I thought was the duty of a son not to abandon his mother, there was a voicemail that Kim left at like 3am where she obviously was wanting to fuck. I called her a few more times after that but she never called me back other than one one time while I was at Helene's. Helene is perverted like that. She luxuriates in, and relishes, my disappointment. Maynerd lives in Arizona with Helene and they have some cafe or something in Tucson called Maynerd's. If Maynerd is in Helene's orbit, he is no good person!

One other thing I can say is that the woman Rachel who introduced me to Tool turned into that small black demon girl which is the logo for Puscifer. That is very weird and I don't understand the context of it. However, in furtherance of my claims that I didn't give a shit about Maynerd when I was, in fact, a big fan of him and Tool, and when I did go to Maynerd's website dozens of times to see if he ever put anything on it, is the following. I was trying to fuck Rachel and if she had been fixated on any other band, that would have been the band I got fixated on. Rachel fucked my head up pretty well but that Tool thing stuck around for several years. I forgot how weird that was that Rachel, whose interactions with me were catastrophically and life-alteringly negative, turned into the logo for Puscifer. I do not understand the context of that.

Checkered Past of FBI Cyber Contractor Who 'Spied' on Trump

>"As I see it," he explained, "Joffe, who worked for Neustar at the time, had a contract with either the Executive Office of the President or the [presidential] transition team, and he used information gleaned from his contractual relationship to provide that private information to the Clinton campaign. Depending on the actual facts on the ground, it could constitute mail or wire fraud, and if it were an actual government contract, perhaps fraud against the government---that is, the Executive Office of the President."

>Packet Forensics reportedly landed a recent Pentagon contract to manage a large chunk of Internet domains owned by the military. The bid was awarded the day Joe Biden was inaugurated president. The massive cyberspace will allow Joffe's firm to set up dedicated digital infrastructure, including servers and software, to comb through private Internet traffic for the purported purpose of monitoring suspicious activity.

>"I'm not the smart guy in the room. I'm really the dumb guy that carries the bags---but fortunately in those bags, I have a lot of money," Joffe said with a grin.

>Carella told RealClearInvestigations that Joffe ran the operation. "I was just the secretary, the receptionist,"

If "Joffe," who is my boss ("jefe") Rodney Williams from Exide, was grinning about carrying the bags, that must refer to the color of his company's logo matching the color of Helene's green bag. (The linked photo shows the secret dungeon in Helene's townhome at 5759 N Camino Esplendora in Tucson.)

When it says he got a contract for DNS services that started on the day Biden got elected, I guess that means Rodney is the main one responsible for shadow banning me from the internet. Recall that I terminated my first website in December 2016 shortly after I began to work at Exide because I became convinced in that the news sources I was aggregating had changed character so as to become "fake news."

All that stuff about Joffe saying he "had a contract" seems to refer to the fraud contracts that were secured by Rodney's fraudulent misrepresentation of paperwork which he told me was Exide's offer of the job I had discussed with him: junior SQL bitch in Exide' IT department where I would help them make and sell electrical batteries.

This "Carella" person's name is like the name of Maureen Cirillo who was the HR lady that did my onboarding when I got hired at Exide in the summer of 2016. I think the fraud she enacted/ratified in the hiring process was the kernel of the Strzokian "anti-Trump insurance policy" of summer 2016. She was the HR manager, not the receptionist.

About a year and a half after I quit Exide in January of 2017, I called Maureen. This was September 2018. I told her that I wanted to confirm that all the agreements that got entered into when I got hired had been terminated when I quit. She said, "Oh, sure, no problem. Let me check." Then after a few minutes she said, "OH! You'll have to talk to Rhonda Leeper," whose name I had never heard before. I assume this was another alias for the kike woman that had used the alias Rhonda Capone at Elavon and the alias Sharon Maloney at Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions, and who uses the Maria Bartiromo persona on TV. Maureen told me I would have to talk to Rhonda Leeper but I was never able to contact her. Maureen stopped answering my emails and calls. Then a "Mr Gay" who I had never heard of started responding to my inquiries at Exide. He scheduled a meeting for me meet with him about my concerns on a Wednesday but then had the cops issue me a CT notice against attending the meeting on the preceding Tuesday.

I went to Exide on that Tuesday to get copies of the agreements Maureen could not confirm had been terminated. Jamal "Cash OG" Khashoggi is said to have been chopped up in a Saudi embassy that day while seeking confirmation that his marriage had been terminated. Mr Gay intercepted me in the lobby and confirmed that my employment agreement had been terminated. I told him I already knew from my pay getting cut off that my employment had been terminated. I told him I was there to investigate my suspicions that Exide had defrauded me by inserting non-employment fraud agreements into the paperwork Rodney had told me was the offer of the job I discussed with him. I demanded about 20 times that Mr Gay speak to me about "all agreements." Mr Gay was very lawyerly in refusing to make any statements about "all agreements." I kept demanding copies of "all agreements" and a verbal statement from him that "all agreements" had been terminated when I quit but he was very lawyerly in refusing to discuss all agreements. He would make statements regarding nothing other than employment agreements. Then he called the cops who took me to jail and issued to me (at Mr Gay's request) a criminal trespass notice against attending the meeting Mr Gay had scheduled with me on the following day.

After I made this comment about Los Zetas, I came this verse immediately when I consulted the Bible. Since it pertains to a false accusation, I probably did get that wrong. I have an injury which makes me prone to thinking the worst of everyone I can identify and to lashing out at them. To their credit, the Levitical line of Zadok has been pointed out to me as holy several times and I read that as Zetas OK. This verse above kind of references the words of bullshit. The Levitical priests from the line of Zadok are the good priests and the good priests are the killers so all of that actually makes perfect sense even while some people might thing such an association is counterintuitive. As per usual, I thank those who are for me for their patience. Soon I will repay everything many times over, good and evil.

One thing I may have mistaken in my understanding that the person from Silicon Valley is the CEO of the letter Z is that that might pertain the MK Ultra zetas after which I believe Los Zetas are named. That thing I saw about him being the CEO of the letter Z didn't actually say Zetas. Still, the context of the verse is that Abner hadn't defected yet, but he did soon after.

I think the people around here graduated to even poisoning the salad I bought. I can tell I've been ULTRA-DOSED with a familiar poison. All the tissues of my body are tight with swelling, particularly in my sinuses. When I was in line, I got a ZAPPER attack in my finger and I noticed the person standing behind me looked like the one I identify as the CEO of Los Zetas, pic. There was an anomalous flux of white people in and around the store as well. I guess that was the people who poisoned me swarming to luxuriate in their sin. It could be that my protein is poisoned now, however. I had a salad and some protein for dinner. I have suspected for a long time that they (the command hierarchy in Los Zetas) were lying about not hating me. It could have been a coincidence that the guy standing next to me looked like him but I don't think coincidences exist.

Hillary Clinton Responds To Trump Spying Scandal

>The article Hillary encourages everyone to read to clear everything up about the Durham indictment of her lawyer is a 5-paragraph cliche-driven partisan screed in Vanity Fair by a standard DNC-loyal liberal: as if it's some complex legalistic dissection.

>Durham, who is probing the origins of the counterintelligence investigation

As stupid as that is for Hillary to refer to a five paragraph article, it is even stupider to refer to Durham as "probing" the origin of the USA's incessant (and ongoing) rape campaign against me. I understand that the main person using the Durham persona is the man who convinced Helene to anally rape me back in the 1980s. He is literally the insider's insider in the clan of faggots that he is said to be "probing." Even while the Durham persona is jointly used by that faggot and at least one other man, that other man is giving him a free pass on fucking me in the ass with Helene's rape tool when I was about 9.

For the last year or so, the remotely controlled electroshock administered to the head of my penis by one of several implants in the first centimeter or so of my urethra has been modestly intense. For the past couple of days, this electroshock in the head of my penis has been at a very high intensity. The corresponding sensation of pain is is so high as to be unfamiliar. Therefore, I must assume that I got a new implant in my dick this week.

I watched about 10 minutes of the Nick Fuentes documentary. I noticed them flashing a blue star of Remphan on the screen while saying, "How's that signal coming through?," or something. Then Fuentes said his problem with Jews is that there's not enough of them. Then when he started with his, "America is Christian," schtick, I could hear the subtext where he was saying that you're only Christian if you love Israel. That's pretty stupid since Israel represents the culture which prefers Barabbas over Jesus. Nick is obviously the piece of shit as which he has always seemed to me. This also confirms my understanding of the ideological affiliation between the right wing and the children of Satan, called the Jews. The Nazis were far left socialists but the Jews have everyone thinking their "right wing" is the political child of Adolf Hitler. Since the left/right spectrum is a false dichotomy to being with, there is no making sense of it. Certainly a lot of people who hate Jews identify as right wing, and the left wing is the party of trannies. Politics isn't 2D but I think the Jews own the "right wing" trademark in 2022.

I was thinking about saying something about juden to the BOSS stalker at the desk in the gym when I walked in. He beat me to it and said, "Jud morning," when I approached the desk. Soon after, I got a ZAPPER rape attack at the 11:00 position on my stomach, and then some stalker in a bright green hat sat in the seat directly at my 11:00 so that the orientation of the ZAPPING marked his intended location. He looked very sad in his eyes but due to the ZAPPING, I don't feel bad for him at all. I thought at first it was Jenna who family not only failed to advise her to fear the Lord, but actively suggested to her that the Lord is to be mocked. His eyes were blue but the area around his eyes was somewhat darker. In my opinion, if he cared about Jenna then he should have advised to her fear the Lord. Begging me not kill her when he when didn't teach her to fear the Lord is a mockery, in my opinion. Joshua said, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." This guy and his house serve the anti-Christ, or the Man of Lawlessness, who is Satan's servant. I feel no pity or compassion for them even while I can empathize with their regret of falling into this situation by their weak-willed failure to resist. I understand that sucks for you that you didn't resist but should have resisted. It would have been much better for the things you care about if you and your house had stood for the Lord.

After the encounter with green hatted man, I got a ZAPPER attack at the 1:00 position on my stomach. Then some other person, maybe #2, came and sat in the seat at 1:00 relative to my position on the treadmill. The man in the Alliance hoodie was there today, and I felt much better about him this time around. Although suspected #2 was trying to project smugness to cover the cowardly sadness that certainly fills his heart, the presence of the man in the Alliance hoodie made him visibly uncomfortable. He asked to use the machine used by the man in the hoodie but that man told him to fuck off, basically, which I enjoyed very much. The presence of the man in the hoodie was visibly disturbing to him and the proximity of that man interrupted his fraudulent positive emotivity. While #2 was sitting at the relative 1:00 position, some other person approached and sat near me. He or she (it?) was wearing the same shirt as me. There was no ZAPPER and I was not immediately bothered. Then that person got up, I got a ZAPPER attack in my left thumb, and then that person stuck their hand in the thin space where I could see below the treadmill's console. Again, the ZAPPER in my hand marked the person sliding their hand into that thin view beneath the console and above the seat of the machine he moved to. Sitting in front of me, this person began to snarl. I think this person was the #3 Emily-affiliated stalker.

There was another man in there in a George Floyd mask. Floyd's death by kneeling on the neck is a psyop in reference to the cops (Chauvin, I presume) graduating from putting ZAPPERS in my asshole to putting them in my dick, where a dozen or more remain to this day, probably closer to two dozen, and where a hundred or more have been placed since that first one which spurred the George Floyd protests about "kneeling on the neck." My impression is this man and the man in the hoodie were there to impede the intention of stalkers #1-#4 to put a new RAPE DICK implant in my asshole today, as referenced in my earlier post.

After that, another stalker approached wearing a cross around his neck and having one blue eye set an angle relative to the other one, which was green. There was no ZAPPER and he did not bother me at first. However, his eye reminded me of some of these memes that I hate and I queried whether or not he hates me. He indicated that he did not. As he was sitting there next to #3, he gave her (shim?) a glance which caught my attention. I queried whether or not he was involved in the Emily Hancock operation which sparked this present and ongoing ten year descent into homelessness, poisoning, sabotage, rape, mutilation, and torture. He indicated that he was. While I may forgive a natural born female involved in that debacle, or I may not, I will never forgive any of the men involved in it, and I indicated that to him. He stood up and turn to face me at the 12:00 position relative to position on the treadmill, and then he flicked some piece of shit in my direction. About one second later, the 12:00 ZAPPER on my stomach went off, as if to confirm that he is the same piece of with those other ones that I believe him to be. In my opinion, he would not use the electroshock device to torture me if he didn't hate me, or he would not belong to the group of people whose motions are used as cues for the ones who torture me with the electroshock devices they implanted in the stab wounds I got while they were raping me.

Costner has been stealing Yellowstone from me for so long, it's like he forgot that he is the robber. I own that ranch, but he think it belongs to him since he has successfully stolen it. I am the owner, the governor, the attorney general, and the livestock commissioner too. Costner wants me to think he was doing me some kind of favor by letting me live on my own ranch for while but that line of rhetoric or reasoning pisses me off pretty well. Given whatever he's "done" for me with the resources he steals from me, he also lets my rapists live in the bunk house for free while sending me to go get raped in the gutter behind the library if I'm not going to debase myself as his wage slave. I am the owner of that ranch. I also own all their lives and all their children's lives. Their lives are mine to do with as I please and they have chosen rebellion against me.

Now We've Done It: We Pissed Off The CIA Around 12:21pm, a heckler outside my room yelled in Jenna's voice, "Are you trying to put it back in there?" Then one of those kikes who I assume loves Jenna while he hates me said in that angry Jewish tone of his, "Check!" I think I recognize this voice as the heckler in the hall in the hotel in Arkansas where one or more unfortunate (for me) events transpired. It sounds like they think the RAPE DICK is about get a lot worse.

Viral Anti-Xi Article Reveals CCP Infighting That May Derail Xi's Bid For 3rd Term, Analysts Say

>"The 40,000-word long article listed mistakes that Xi Jinping has made in politics, economy, and diplomacy. It's a summary of Xi's ruling over the past nine years"

The reason every textbook ever written has a second edition (if it sold more than 100 copies) is because every first edition that was ever written was riddled with errors and things begging for improvement.