2022-03-20 archive

After I made my recent post about Shit Eye being the man in the goatse photo, this Shit Eye cat got posted as to confirm what I had said about goatse. All of those cat people are working together and I do not believe it when they tell me that some of them serve two masters. The Bible says it is impossible to serve two masters.

I will add some details about my experience at the laundromat this evening. After I started my clothes, I moved my car to where I could sit in it and have a clear line of sight to the machine I was using. My ELECTROCONVULSOR was going off way more than normal and some homeless guy pulled up on a bike. He was messing with the stuff he had tethered to his bike for several minutes. I don't recall if the ELECTROCOVNULSOR sexual torture attacks started before or after he pulled up. The ELECTROCONVULSOR was going so frequently, I wondered if the homeless man was doing it. At the exact second I wondered it, he immediately walked away from his bike and then walked the long way to the bathroom in the laundromat where the short way would not have allowed him to walk past my machine. They may have turned my brain off with the rape ray to hide him pouring poison into the soap tray on my machine. A half empty plastic bottle of soda may have spontaneously appeared on the table in front of me. The homeless man came out and went back to his bike. Some woman pulled up next to me in a white car on my left, and my LEFT TESTICLE CRUSHER was immediately activated. She was very keen to stick her camera in my face. When she went in and I could see her using the machine through the window to my right, the RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER was activated. My load finished and it stunk so I threw it in another washer. When I was checking to see if the second wash was done, some guy came in and told me he was giving away a bike if I wanted it. As he spoke to me, he flashed a black plastic star of David at me which he was holding in his hand. His reference to the bike seemed like it referred to the suspected homeless poisoner who had arrived on another bike. Then I made the earlier post. Then when my clothed were in the dryer, the homeless guy came back and rode off on the bike which the black plastic guy had left out front. This post will remind me to kill all of these people, and their children, and it will remind to make the torture I put on the black plastic man make him wish I had killed him with a look.

I scrolled past this cat picture which triggered me. I fucking hate these cats and the more I hate them, the more they get posted. I had a recent ID say the orange cat was my best friend but that seems almost impossible since he is coordinating with this other piece of shit that I hate, the cat at the top, to post these cat faces that I also hate. After I decided to make a post about how these cat people are not only posting memes that I hate, but they are also simulating my fake internet, another skeptical orange cat spontaneously appeared as if to say that I am wrong for hating his meme, and that he is not wrong for antagonizing me with the meme that I hate. The spontaneous appearance of the second orange in my scrolling suggests that the orange cat man has appointed himself above me as one of the curators of my fake internet. And... sudden appearance is exactly what this post is about. After I clicked on the cat picture and became incensed by the cat face at the top, I made a post about how they know I don't like those cats and they keep posting them. (And then the orange cat suddenly appeared again as if to emphasize that he knows I don't like it and he does it anyways.) Before the orange cat got reposted, and getting to the point of this post, I finished scrolling to the bottom of /biz/ where the image above appeared with the comment "me on the far right." This little face peeking is a clear reference to the small cat at the top of the other picture. The time stamps on these posts were not such that there is any possible explanation other than my enemies simulating an entirely fake internet. So, I will kill all of them, and all of their children, and I will make them filthy in the most disrespectful possible fashion before the die. These people have appointed themselves above me and I will put them in their place below me.

I'm doing my laundry at a new laundromat this evening. When I took my load of clothes out of the washer, they stunk and I assume someone poisoned my laundry. As soon as I typed that, someone across the parking lot yelled HAHAHAHA! and then CAN YOU HEAR ME? If someone did poison it, they must have turned my brain off because I was sitting looking directly at my washing machine for the whole cycle. After they didn't smell good, I washed them again instead of throwing them in the dryer. When I went to see if the second wash was done, some little piece of shit approached me and began to speak to me. He flashed a small black plastic star of David at me in his hand while he spoke. Then he fucked off but changed his mind and turned around to speak to me some more. He told me that if looks could kill, I would kill him.

I have come to believe that Daisy's destruction was done in retaliation for the Snowden leak. Now I wonder if the Obama unmasking scandal was really about finding finding Snowden's real identity so they could retaliate against his child.

At first I thought this was supposed to be an alien on the wall, but now I wonder if it's supposed to be Shit Eye. This sun in the window thing is consistent with my recent conclusion that Shit Eye is the man in the goatse picture.

I recall in Shot Caller that the good guy killed the bad guy, Shit Eye, I presume, and then he became the leader of the Aryan Brotherhood. However, that obviously didn't happen and even if it did, that would still be wrong because I am the king of the Aryans. In any case, appealing to the Jonathan tattoo on the man's chest, and the Daisy's destruction tattoo, it may be my intention to exterminate the leadership of the SS rather that its entire membership. I will have to see who did want the day of the Lord to come and who didn't, and who consecrated the abomination and who didn't. Also, I liked Yellowstone for the most part despite some grievous misrepresentations.

As a further caveat, I will mention the person who walked by cringing when I mentioned Steve Collins' scar the other day. As soon as I started posting this "well maybe" post, he walked by again smiling and I do not ever want to do anything that might make that person smile. Him walking by smiling, and the other man who shouted SATAN!, make me feel like I was right in my first post. I really hate that rat and I do not think I would ever accept anyone who didn't hate him.

I found a weird piece of lint in my underwear this morning and I may have gotten new ZAPPER implants in the tip of my penis.

I posted this video recently. I noticed that the comment about the rat's anus must be a reference to this person Shit Eye from the goatse picture. I suppose he is the leader of the SS now, or something like that. Those people are all getting exterminated and it won't be a travesty when it happens the second time. Contributing to my estimation that he must be in the SS leadership is some imagery from Yellowstone. When the sone showed his SS tattoo, the dad sniffed at it. This rat likes to sniff and the people on that show were the ones who chose to portray my wilfully walking into to what may have been literal hell to get the fuck away from them as falling into the river because I'm a retarded little boy. All of those people are getting exterminated. I think they must not understand the magnitude of my disdain for them if they could possibly ever think that I didn't jump into that river on purpose. That movie Shot Caller recently portrayed the Aryan Brotherhood's leader in a negative light and I understood that is an SS-affiliated organization. Shit Eye whose face I hate is probably also this rat that I hate. That would make a lot of sense.

The people from my last trip to the store who will be tortured to death include: the two little girls who got in front of me to pose for this picture, the interceptor waiting in the parking lot when I came out the first time, the man behind me in line who said CIA, the child behind him that screamed CIA!, and the other man as I was leaving who said, "Oh! He called him...," or something, and whoever yelled JONATHAN! while I was near the stationary aisle.

They put the pain inflictor nano-particles in my lube again today. Now my dick hurts. When I came back from the store, some guy came down the stairs from my room and and rubbed his hand weirdly on my downstairs neighbor's wall. Reminder to exterminate his race and to make everyone he cares about disgusting and filthy for a long time before they eventually die.

It was suggested to me this evening that Daisy's destruction was the retaliation for the Snowden leaks about the USA's wrongdoing. What they have done to one child, however, I will do to all of their children.

I am still getting burglarized at my present location, which is not surprising since my sexual torture continues here. When I took my bowl out of my car, it had some weird black piece of shit in it. I wiped it out and threw it away, and then I set my bowl aside. However, today that bowl had that same piece of black shit in it, or an identical one. And, furthermore, that first black thing was probably put in my bowl in Florida so the appearance of an identical black thing signals the presence of the rapists that have followed me everywhere else I've been, such as this faggot working at the hotel's desk today.

This person who spat at me the other day and threw his pointer finger down was working at the hotel's desk today. He made some comments about something being made "as good as new." That is an impossible result for those people to produce. They have harmed me irreparably and they will never be able to fix what they have done. However, I will make my creation more like it was when it was new when I exterminate them, their children, their acolytes, their acolytes' children, and their affiliated organizations.

I have a little more I can say about Maynard and Tool. I mentioned that I once went to a Tool concert and I will recount that evening. It was in Tucson in 2002. Before the concert, I was driving around and I went up to the top of Campbell road to look over the valley. (I am not sure if this was the night of the concert or another night.) I was listening to Lateralus and when the lyric about "the one, the ten" played, there was a big vertical lightning bolt, and then another circular lightning bolt next to it. The lightning very plainly wrote "one" and then "ten" in the sky down in the valley more or less near the concert venue. It was very strange and an example of what I would have called synchronicity at that time but now I would call business as usual or just more gangstalker bullshit. (I am not 100% sure that was the night of the concert or if it was another night maybe.) Anyways, I went to the concert. I had a suit and a white tie that I had just worn to a DS Max convention for work and I wore it to the concert. Maynerd was wearing a brown dress or something. During the concert, it seemed like Maynard noticed my strange attire and was saying, "Hello," to me. At the end of the concert, he said something about, "Thank you for reminding me why I do this," while he was looking right at me. I thought he thought I was cool. Maybe he thought I was cool when he interacted with me directly but then he got a bad impression of me later by the poor light in which my enemies paint me. Maybe he's a wicked asshole and a moron and I don't care what he thinks.

It is impossible that these people did what they did because they wanted to watch me defile their children and destroy their organizations. This reason is not the real reason.

I recently made that post about the Mark Sublette gallery and since I am in Tucson now, I went by it last night and had a look. Through the front window, you can see all the paintings are desert scenes of cacti and Indians, except for one painting of a car dead center on the wall, which has a license plate close enough to 762 for it not to possibly be anything else. Next to the gallery is the Ricky Business restaurant which I believe Helene made some weird remark to me about when it was on Campbell. Certainly, the risky business in question is Satanism or murder, and the owners are hardcore Satanists. Next to Risky Business was Helene's former employer: Banner. So, I think what I said about that gallery the other day was 100% correct. You can see that one painting of the car's license plate is completely out of place when you look through the windows. Pulling up the google maps for the photo, I see it used to be next to the "Maynard Dixon Museum."

Becciu's day in court: What to expect

>Vatican prosecutors, together with Italian authorities, have raided a number of Church offices in search of evidence that Becciu sent money to his family. These include contracting a building company owned by one of his brothers for refurbishment projects at nunciatures around the world

This person's forehead and nose moles are just like the ones implanted on my nose and in the middle of my forehead. I assume one of nunery refurbishments he did was to build the backrooms maze.

Not sitting in the company of mockers was what I was doing when I quit being my enemies' wage slave. The slave cult, however, which adores the devil and practices Satanism, says I am cursed for my unwillingness to sit in their company.

All of the people who said, "I would have been your servant, Lord, but I am in a Satanic cult that says we shouldn't serve you if you don't indenture yourself to us as our slave first, and then also maintain your slavery to us indefinitely," are going to get killed, and all of their families. I hate those people and their filthy slave culture. They are supposed to work for me, I am not supposed to work for them. All the ones who said, "Well, if you're not going to get a job, fuck you then, Lord," are going to suffer in harsh torment for a long time if they don't kill themselves and their families to save themselves from that before I can get my hands on them. When I throw them and their families down into the pit, the message will be that Satanic cults are not allowed. The devil loves slavery but I hate it, and everyone who loves it belongs to the devil. If they want to say, "This cult we made for ourselves with our bullshit rules about making sure you're someone's slave guided us into doing the devils' work in open rebellion against your ancient glory, Lord, but we're not Satanic," then that will be consistent with my estimation of their stupidity.

And not only that, I actually did indenture myself to them as their slave when I didn't understand how bad they were going to fuck me. They still didn't help me. When I threw off their shackles, they said, "Fuck you if you're not going to wear our shackles, Lord," but while I was wearing them they only said, "Fuck you, slave." These people are classically Satanic, meaning in rebellion against God, and the bullshit they have made up for themselves is Satanic too.

In December 2016, I think Putin and Trump both came to a meeting at Exide to defraud me in collaboration with the other employees at Exide. It was right after that, if I recall, that I read some news story about someone getting snatched out of meeting with Putin in a black hood. I did not make the connection previously, but I wonder if that's when fake Putin appeared, and I wonder what the context of the hooded snatching was. This arrest, together with its alleged connection to USA election interference, and with it being contemporaneous with the December 2016 post-election, pre-inauguration meeting between myself, Nunes, Putin, and Trump, is probably in scope for the these of this website. Those other people were all disguised as my coworkers and I thought they looked weird at the time. Whatever fraud Nunes was involved that day was the likely reason for his semi-non-recusing fake recusal when I quit Exide and became homeless. His recusal was probably related to what Russia arrested this other person for.

Reports: Arrested Russian intel officer allegedly spied for U.S.

>Mikhailov was arrested during an FSB meeting in early December when officers came into the room, put a bag over his head and took him away.

Russia's Ex-Cyber Security Chief Gets 22-Year Sentence

>Some suggested that the arrest was linked to the Russian hacking of the 2016 U.S. presidential election and a hunt for a possible mole who tipped off U.S. intelligence agencies about Russian interference.

Biden: NATO-Russia Conflict Would Be "World War 3", Warns Kremlin Of "Severe Price" If Chemical Weapons Used

Here is an example of what I mean when I say Biden works for my enemy if he is not the enemy I have in mind directly. I do not think this story about chemical weapons could have appeared on the same day as the most recent chemical weapons attack on my face without coordination between Biden and whoever injected the poison into my face. Furthermore, this has been happening every few weeks throughout the entire Biden presidency and had there ever been a "severe" price rather than an affordable one, it wouldn't have happened three times in the last month. Although somehow it would be too much for them to do the above facial mutilation all at once (otherwise they would do it), the people who tell them that would be too much tell them it's fine as long as they do it incrementally, bit by bit. Right now, I've got around ten of those disfiguring bumps on my face and I am certain the price is fixed in the affordable zone for whoever is doing that to me.

Gaining glory for myself is relevant to my interests. People who don't know me or who deny that I am who I am think I should not seek to gain glory for myself. However, when I speak against my enemies, their children, and their houses, and then I all the things I have spoken come to pass, I will gain glory for myself. Gaining glory for myself is how I make people know that I am the Lord.

Why Did Vladimir Putin Invade Ukraine?

None of the points raised in the article seem reasonable to me. Neither do any other reasons I've heard. I think the invasion must be a response to the increase warfare operations against me since I tried to go to Maine about six months ago. I saw on RT a while ago that Jed Varner was in Ukraine using the alias "Varnik" and I understand that the old government was overthrown to install another government more amenable to my enemies' intention to remedy the deficiencies of their own sons' semen by stealing mine and creating a new race of kike-loving neo-Hitlers in Ukraine. Jed's dad is probably one of my main nemeses in the world, if not my archenemy. Someone tried to position Jed in my life as my friend because they thought that would be advantageous position for their son but I ended up thinking Jed was a piece of shit and I stopped answering his phone calls. While Jed may be my main enemy's son or possibly the favored son of a servant in his rebellion against me, kike-loving Ukraine is clearly his power base in some way. For instance, my rape and torture had already greatly escalated under Biden before I tried to go to Maine, Biden is in that man's cult, and Biden's son was making at least $50k/month selling my semen to Ukrainians while I was sleeping in the gutter behind the library due to lack of money for a hotel room. I think the real reason for the invasion is to retaliate against this man's power base in Ukraine even though a commensurate response would result in the rape, torture, and mutilation of Jed and those people's other sons rather than the Ukrainian cousins whom don't really care about. Putin may not have the power to do that and it will likely remain undone until I do it myself.

Note very well that when my enemy is trying to breed a superior new race in Ukraine, he uses my semen, not his semen or his son's semen. The reason is that he knows his semen is inferior. My balls are better than his balls, and my balls are better than his sons' balls. This is the one who says his thesis is that he and I are "ekwal." He says that is his thesis but his actions prove that he knows otherwise.

Wall Street Mood Turns Apocalyptic: Majority Sees Bear Market & Stagflation; Optimism Lowest Since Right Before Lehman

I posted some stuff about the Vatican trial and the Cardinal posed in front of the yellow wall paper on 4chan today. After I did, I went down to my car. Some man came out from the hotel across the parking lot, did the vulture nose profile thing, spat, and threw his pointer finger down. He looked somewhat like Caio Malta. This post will remind me to round up his people and have them all put to death slowly. I always wondered what was going on where Humberto Borges and Caio Malta absolutely did not like one another, but now I probably understand.

I was eating at that Jason's Deli in El Paso and there were not any hecklers until my rapist Helene came in. She immediately issued the order for the locals to begin psychological warfare operations. The friend that she came in was certainly one of my other rapists and I imagine it makes her extra aroused to suck his dick within the five minutes after he rapes me. About 50 miles down the road from El Paso, I had to get some gas. When I pulled into the gas station, some lesbian with a Mexican license plate EKW7211 pulled in after me as if to say that this other faggot's thesis is that he and I are on an "equal" tier of the grand scheme of things. This faggot would be Evil Dad, not Helene's helper who understands that he is not my equal, but instead presumes that he is authorized to rape me at the behest of Helene who is also not my equal, which is a fact he probably denies. At the gas station, I went to the bathroom and came out, and then there was another stalker vehicle where the Mexican lesbian had been. It had TX license plate RBD 672, or something like that. I think it was seven characters. My rapist from Florida was driving that one. He came out of the store and approached me and began to speak to me next to my car. He revealed to me, probably inadvertently, that he was one of the people wearing the black belt on the mat at Alliance. I had long suspected that Helene had been doing that, but I did not know that this other faggot was doing it too. As soon as he drove away, my RAPE DICK revved up to new highs and I must have been raped while I was in the bathroom, and I must have gotten stabbed in the asshole while I was getting raped in the bathroom. The new RAPE DICK was on the right side and yesterday my asshole was very sore on that side. I think the same person who was raping my Florida was offered impunity to trail me 2000 miles to New Mexico where he was again offered impunity to rape me in the bathroom at the gas station.

I think someone fucked up my car while I was in New York. There has been a whine coming from what I think is the power steering motor which continued and has become worse, but now there is also some new engine rattle that affects the RPMs. Someone had broken into my car to put a bunch of ancient desiccated bones on top of my engine block while I was staying at that hotel, and that is probably the analogue of them breaking into my hotel room to put a little piece of shit on my water bottle to indicate that the water was poisoned. Before those bones were placed, someone had also broken into my car to fuck up the oil dip stick. Now the engine is not working right.

There were a lot of happy exclamations of YEAH and RIGHT on the LRAD while I was typing this.

I put on my headphones to block out the constant TAPPING attacks that started as soon as I came into my room but they are inserting their gangstalker sounds directly into my headphones' speakers now. I took the headphones off and the TAPPING restarted immediately.

I had gone to New York City last year after seeing some Bible stuff about Nineveh in the Book of Jonah. After never really staying in the city very much, and after always having severe "storm"-related problems when I tried to stay elsewhere, I finally stayed in Brooklyn for about 40 days. In the end, the locals did not repent. My face got fucked up, I got new ZAPPERS on my face, and people were selling me poisoned food and water at every store in the neighborhood. If I drove off somewhere to get some clean food, they would use the rape ray to turn my brain off and replace it with poisoned food before I got back to my room, or they would break in to replace it when I left later. I think the person in the adjacent room installed a secret bathroom door so he could come in without the camera in the hall seeing him burglarize me. When I felt like I had stayed there long enough to conclude that the situation was hopelessly unsustainable, I made some queries about where I might go. Florida was suggest and I went there. I called whoever suggested that a dirty liar but I do not know if the suggestion was made in good faith. Russia's recent "dirty misrepresentation" comment could have been solidarity with my plight or it could have been a mockery of me yelling at people who were honestly trying to help me.

When I got to Florida, I googled a sushi buffet in Orlando and drove there. There were at least three groups of stalkers in the restaurant. One at 8:00, one at 6:00, and one at 4:00 relative to my table. The 4:00 party immediately attacked me with the broadside of psychological warfare and I responded by telling him what fate awaits the unbelievers. The ones at 8:00 said something from my car rant on the drive down to let me know they among those spying on me. The remark was about how my enemies say I don't have the personality type to enforce order with violence. About halfway through my rant, the 6:00 one said, "Jamanta!" Due to the other two parties heckling me with the 4:00 party, it seemed in the moment like they were all fucking with me maliciously together. In hindsight, the 12:00 guy might have expressed his dismay when I fucked up my opportunity for a peaceful stay in Florida with my tenth comment about mutilating the 4:00 parties' children's genitals, basically. It may have been the intention of the 4:00 hecklers to suggest that I do have the appropriate disposition for political leadership but I was completely triggered and incensed by the opening salvo of the 4:00 guy mispronouncing my name.

The gangstalker faces in the clouds had been very friendly from the state line to Orlando, but they were all malicious when I left the restaurant as if to signify that they had achieved the goal of their psychological warfare operation which commenced within about 5 minutes of me getting out of my car in Florida. Particularly, some rat-faced, slant-eyed cloud stuck its tongue out at me. Between that cloud and me, the people in Florida like him which is contrary to what was suggested. The rat was followed by about 20 smirking alligators. Driving into Florida, I had been cautiously optimistic about Orlando because the attorneys' billboards next to the highway seemed to say that Floridians were fighting and winning against the blood lust of Helene and her friends to mutilate the future mothers of some of my children. However, the locals apparently decided that I broke the peace in the restaurant and they found no issue allowing me to be anally raped twice. They permitted more facial mutilations. I got new ZAPPERS in my asshole, a new MEGA ZAPPER in my asshole, a new ZAPPER on my elbow, new ZAPPERS on my eyelids, etc. The Florida locals were still selling me poisoned food and water, and burglars were still breaking into my room to poison it if I somehow got some clean food. In hindsight, I think the 12:00 heckler's sad, "Jamanta!," comment was to mark the moment at which the locals decided that I should be raped, poisoned, and mutilated because of the way I responded to the 4:00 hecklers' psychological warfare operation when I was trying to quietly eat lunch. If the people in Florida could see him attack me and then decide I was the asshole, and that I was such an asshole that I deserve rape and mutilation, then the locals down there are on the other side of the war I'm in. There is no way, in my opinion, that that could have been a surprise to whomever suggested Florida. Maybe the details of how my antagonists would approach me and how I would respond could have been unexpected, but I cannot see how it might have been a surprise that locals could decide in five minutes that I deserve rape and torture for saying mean things to the person who was saying mean things to me.

I think it is preposterous to say I broke the peace since there was no peace after the 4:00 stalkers initiated their psychological warfare operation. I could tell from the way he deliberately mispronounced my name as 'ONATHEH! that he was going to be tormenting me maliciously as long as I was in earshot. Those 'ONATHEH! stalkers torment me everywhere and I recognize them. The way I deal with those ones is to have my own monologue over the fake dialogue into which they will insert their psychological warfare phonetics. So, I spoke over the 4:00 guys pretty much the whole time I was in the restaurant. The other two stalkers would not have triggered me in that way but I could tell from the 4:00 mispronunciation of my name that he was from the group that I hate the most. The 4:00 hecklers broke the peace and I got blamed for breaking the peace. I said whoever recommended Florida was a dirty liar because even if the interaction in the restaurant had been a surprise, they must have known that the locals down there are going to sign off on raping, mutilating, and poisoning me at the first slight infraction of their rules of decorum (which were seemingly not violated by this guy immediately attacking me when I went into the restaurant.) Anyone who knows me knows I don't get along with people and the people who live in Florida should know that the locals are going to sign off on rape, poison, and mutilation as soon as my enemies generate the slightest pretext, which took about 5 minutes and was punctuated by the sad exasperation of the 12:00 Jamanta stalker when he saw what had happened. The details of the pretext may have been a surprise but it could not have been a surprise that I was going to interact with someone who would conclude that I am an asshole, and that standers by would reach the same conclusion at times. Overall, I could not have broken peace because the peace was already gone once that 4:00 stalker identified himself as my umpteenth 'ONATHEH! stalker.

On the drive into Florida, the faces in the clouds were welcoming. After the lawyer billboards telling the story of the girl (girls?) they kept out of Helene's hands (Daisy's destruction and Frazzled rip being counterexamples), there were some other billboards about "a fresh start." However, within about 5 minutes of getting out of my car, the heckler called out 'ONATHEH! behind me to make it known that he is affiliated with the stalkers that have been calling me 'ONATHEH for so long, and in so many states, that I am by now Pavlov conditioned into instant triggering. I hate those ones more than any other ones and they do it to me so much, I am able to recognize them just from the way they mispronounce my name. There was no fresh start in Florida. The people who've been heckling me by calling out 'ONATHEH behind my back in every other state did the same when I got to Florida. It was 100% perfect continuity will my problems in every other state.

I have an example of one other 'ONATHEH! heckler among the very many who conditioned me to know that if I don't talk over them, they are going to infuriate me with their highly effective psychological warfare tactics. This is the only specific one I remember but the phonetic analysis of the audio log will prove my point about there not being any fresh start. It was while I was homeless and I was using the wifi at the table in front of the Walmart in Dunwoody. A white man and woman came to sit at the table next to me. They looked to be in their early 20s and dressed for church. I thought the man may have been Christ Moriarty, or he reminded me of Chris. You can compare the highly eccentric way he called out 'ONATHEH with this stalker in Florida and see there was no fresh start. He something about a DI'LDO too. The weird way they mispronounce my name as if it has an apostrophe in it is highly distinctive. I can recognize that psychological warfare artillery just from the blast without have to wait for shells to start falling. I immediately recognize those hecklers as the most malicious group because I have heard 'ONATHEH! called out behind me so many times, the Pavlov condition has worked its way down to my innermost being. When those ones start talking, I talk over them. What I usually talk about is the fate of unbelievers which is a topic unbelievers hate, for the most part. There was no fresh start in Florida. The people that torment me everywhere else I go were still doing it in Florida. I didn't break the peace because the peace was gone by the time he finished shouting 'ONATHEH! The torment, rape, torture, poison, and disfigurement all continued seamlessly.

I stopped at Jason's Deli in El Paso on my drive to Tucson. It was peaceful for a while but then Helene and her friend came it when their tailing vehicle caught up to my parked car. She had two different clone slaves eating in the deli shout JONATHAN!, and another shout CIA! It was obvious she was trying to trigger me again but the CIA must not use the same phonetic ambiguation app for getting instructions on how to heckle people that the 'ONATHEH! stalkers use. Since they are not the CIA, I assume they are the FBI. They are the ones I hate the most, whoever they are. The 8:00 heckler at the sushi place would not have triggered me if not for him heckling me simultaneously with the 'ONATHEH! heckler. In fact, to the extent that I thought the previous 'ONATHEH stalker at Walmart reminded me of Chris Moriarty, the current FBI Director is Chris' dad. He faked his death and changed his name to Chris "Jesuit Fake Name" Wray about ~20 years ago. He very obviously went to the same plastic surgeon that Jay Fischer went to in order to become Trump lawyer Jay "Secular Jew" Sekulow. So, I think Helene was unable to get her CIA stalkers to mispronounce my name in the way this other group does is because the FBI has a different protocol for that. I really hate those 'ONATHEH! stalkers more than anyone else among hecklers. I encourage a full analysis of the two in the deli, the 4:00 heckler, and the Walmart heckler. That one way they mispronounce my name is so distinctive, no reasonable person can say there was a "fresh start" in Florida. The people I was running to Florida to get away from were already down there waiting for me.

While I was in Florida, I saw some gif of a monitor lizard killing a white rat. It lifted my heart. It seemed like someone was expressing their fury at whoever instigated that situation and then proudly put his face in the clouds sticking his tongue out at me. However, as with the Russia comment, I may have misinterpreted the white rat which could have been my friend and the monitor lizard could have been the hecklers mauling my friend's nice suggestion and ruining my opportunity to find some place where I won't get constantly raped, mutilated, sexually tortured, non-sexually tortured, and psychologically tortured, as has been the norm for these last years while I am locked in my enemies' Antarctic bio-sphere slave hole. Since the face in the clouds looked like a rat, I jumped first to the former interpretation.

I stayed at the Garnet Inn in Orlando. The hall was very long and it reminded me slightly of the backrooms maze. When the vague likeness occurred to me as I was walking one day, someone further down the hall in a room yelled, "YEAH!" I would not be surprised to learn that the hallway is an exact replica of some part of the backrooms maze. Joey Collins' office in the Collins Cold Storage Warehouse on Southside Industrial Parkway near the Atlanta airport is the main entrance to the backrooms maze and now Joey has his face shopped into the Mark Spain Realty billboards all over Orlando (and Atlanta.) When I decided to leave Florida to come to Arizona (which I left in 2020 after getting a horrible electroshock nodule implanted in my dick which remains to this day, and was used to electroshock my penis even as I write this) there were two stalker interceptors in the hall. I cursed the one on the front because I thought they were there to gloat. That one said, "If this isn't familiar to you, you should go back to the other side," or something. I don't know if the meant Orlando being unfamiliar compared to my hometown Tucson, North America (I am not from Tucson, Antarctica and I don't want to be there), or if he meant I should get out of the backrooms part of the hotel and go to the more normal looking front part of the hotel. He might have meant the familiarity of the stalkers themselves because they did seem very familiar to me after I realized they were not intercepting me to gloat over my rape and torture.

However, my grievance remains that anyone who lives in Florida could not have been surprised that the locals down there would decide to rape, poison, and torture me after five minutes of me saying things they didn't want to hear. Even if they were surprised that it was the first five minutes, they could not have been surprised that a decision to rape, mutilate, and torture me could be made based on five minutes of dialogue. It is granted that people are going to start shit with me but it is not granted that the witnesses are going decide that the shit starters are the innocent ones. In the war I'm in, the people in Florida are on the other side. They saw those people attack me and they said I deserved rape and torture for it. Now I have another mole implanted on my face.

Reminder to kill the three parties heckling me at Zaxby's when I left Florida, the people tapping on the wall by my headboard in Tucson, the people tapping on the other wall, the people making the click sound by the door, and the man who told me, "No looking for water," when I went to the store to look for water.

I went to another store to buy some other water. It is poisoned as well.

I went to the store to get some different water. Both of the people behind the counter smirked at me when I walked in. When I tried to buy the water, the woman at the counter made me wait to buy it while she called for "Moe" as she turned her head to show me giant moles on her face at the same location where my newest mole is. Reminder to torture to death all the people in the 711 today. The woman looked somewhat like Rod Williams.

Biden: NATO-Russia Conflict Would Be "World War 3", Warns Kremlin Of "Severe Price" If Chemical Weapons Used

Chemical weapons are being used continually. That's how these two huge moles on my face recently doubled in size, it's how I got this other new one on my face recently, and how I got these other ten or more disgusting mutilations written all over my body in the last year. Furthermore, I am quite certain that it is the USA forces who are using these chemical weapons against me, not the Russian forces. They warn of a severe price but if there had a been a severe price after they did it the first time, rather than an affordable price, they would not have done it a second time. If there had been a severe price after they did it the second time, they would not have done it a third time. Going on and on, if there had ever been a price other than the one my rapists were willing to pay, I would not have found this 10th mole implanted on my face this week. Furthermore, those who set the "price" for such things, saying, "You can fuck his face up for $X," are the active participants in my mutilations. They always set the price as the one my rapists are willing to pay.

Iran Nuclear Talks Abruptly Suspended - Russia Slams As "Dirty Misrepresentations" That It Sabotaged Deal

>Russia introduced its last-minute demand for "guarantees" that Ukraine-related sanctions arising from the invasion which began on Feb.24 wouldn't impact its trade partnership with Iran.

I came to Florida on what appeared to me to be a suggestion that I could avoid constant poisoning here. I've been poisoned at least three times already, I got anally raped twice, I got a new mole implant on my face (unless I didn't notice it in New York), there were gangstalkers banging downstairs within 15 minutes of me getting into my room, the LRAD and TAPPING is just the same as it ever was, stalkers are heckling me everywhere I go, etc, etc. Last night, I called the originator of the Florida suggestion a dirty liar. Russia's "dirty misrepresentation" comment seems like an appeal to my own comment. After I noticed I got poisoned, I checked the Bible. I found two scriptures in a row that said basically, "Your so-called friends lied to you."

I do not understand what is the nature of the Iran deal if Russia is able to require concessions to Russia. I thought the deal was about Iran making concessions in its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief. However, someone's recent comment about how they could have stopped fucking me after the first Iran deal was agreed and they decided not to makes it seem like there is more to it than that. In particular, I notice that whoever could have stopped fucking me thought he should procrastinate that abatement even though all the people who do want to fuck me thought they should move to Florida immediately so as not to miss the opportunity to keep poisoning me. So, it tells the true heart of whoever that is that kept on fucking me at that time. He does not feel nearly so strongly about not fucking me as the people who do fuck me feel about fucking me.

This evening, I discovered strange wounds on my neck in the exact same place that I always find them. There is one on the right side of my neck below my ear and another on the back of my neck, toward the left at the bottom of my hair. I also think I found another new mole implanted on my face. I will know in a few days if it is just a bump but it looks very much like a new mole. The one on my forehead recently seemed like a wound at first and then became elevated, which is not the usual process of moles being implanted on my face. This other one is not like a wound. It is exactly like the other ten moles on my face that suddenly appeared and then never went away. I will know soon enough.

I got anally raped and stabbed in the asshole yesterday. The sudden onset of the pain associated with anal rape trauma was quite familiar. After the local authorities allowed them to do that to me yesterday, following more than a month of the local authorities in New York somehow stopping them from fucking me in the ass, the local authorities allowed them to fuck me in the ass again today, and to stab me in the asshole again today. Now I have two different wounds around the 9:00 position in my asshole. Both are sore to the touch and highly inflamed. Furthermore, the psychological pain of knowing all these people around here stalking me, calling out my name, and reciting my thoughts to me are the accomplices of the rapist. When the man asks me how I am the store tomorrow, the context will be that he wants me to tell him that I like getting raped, and I like being in this slave hole, and that I like the stab wounds in my asshole.

There were some memes on the internet like it was a good thing that I'm just getting raped and stabbed in the asshole now without having implants deposited into the stab wound. Someone posted a "proof by example" thread since it is now proven that one is able to fuck me in the ass with impunity in the area in which I currently reside, contrary to my previous location. Certainly the culprits are alive and well, as are their families, their coworkers, and their coworkers' families. As is the usual case, the money I am forced to pay to the hotel as a means of avoiding living on the street is really the rent I pay on my enemies' private rape theater.

It sure is some sharp disparity when the authorities in New York said, "No, that is not allowed," and I had the longest stretch of non-anal rape in recent memory, but then I came to Florida on the suggestion of being able to avoid the constant poisoning and the local authorities here are like, "Sure, go ahead." Now I've already been fucked in the ass twice here, and I have two different fresh stab wounds in my asshole as if to confirm that there were absolutely no adverse consequences for whoever put the first stab wound there: proof by example, indeed.

The people who want to make that example are able to get making it way up to the top of their priority list but but those whose desire would be to set the opposite example are somehow not willing to sufficiently prioritize that one. I was saying the same thing about whoever the Iran deal poster was. He decided to just keep fucking me when he had the opportunity to stop fucking me, but these other people got up and went on the first day when my move to Florida made it possible for them to start fucking me in the ass and stabbing me in the asshole again. So, there is this big disparity when people that can hurt me never tarry in hurting me but the people who might spare me from harm have tarried across these years. It is a running theme that the people interested in fucking me consistently show more get up and go to fuck me than those who would not fuck me, which are absent seemingly since I have been getting constantly raped and stabbed for years now.

Vatican judge tosses defense motions as fraud trial advances

>Pignatone set March 17 for the next hearing.

Prosecutor says Vatican lost $240 million in London building affair

> This figure from the prosecution is notably larger than the 76 to 166 million euros initially reported.

The Vatican trial exposes the Holy See's inner workings as a new spy story takes center stage

While the lack of any obvious new nodule implants makes this apparent fresh 9:00 anal rape trauma seem like an implant was taken out, it is disappointing that I'm still being raped instead of being invited to visit the doctor to have an implant removed. It's like if someone adopts a dog and has its balls removed. The dog doesn't know what happened other than that it woke up and felt sore later in the day.

I think they injected more poison into the fake mole on the bridge of my nose too. That one and the one my forehead both seem bigger. And what was the result? I get left in my enemies' lair where they can do it again whenever they want.

After I finished my sandwich at the store, some of the workers started heckling me when I was getting my cart and walking around in the produce area. This post will ensure that the mercy of a swift death never finds them and their deaths will be slow, laborious, and cruel instead.

I complained about getting a new ZAPPER IMPLANT in the mole implant on my forehead. I haven't gotten any more zaps there and the wound that appeared on my head next to the mole seems like it is not going to turn into a new mole. However, they injected more mole poison into the existing mole and it is now twice as big as it was. I think this happened at the Target. Reminder to horribly torture that jew from Duane Reade, his family, and everyone from his shul, as well as all those people from Target.

I should mention one other person since my water got poisoned. After I checked in, some little guy in his 60s or 70s checked in with a big gallon water jug like I checked in with. Then he intercepted me in the hall about 10 minutes later. He's probably jewish and this post will remind me to kill him and his family no matter what he is. Or maybe my water wasn't poisoned an he's just another stalker.

Ukraine Says "No Significant Results" In 3rd Round Of Truce Talks; UN Reports Over 400 Civilians Killed

Under Ukraine's definition of "significant results," Einstein's greatest achievement is insignificant. Einstein's greatest achievement was to realize that a physics experiment in a room with gravity would have to have the same result as the same experiment done in a rocket under acceleration. Finding Einstein's equation to describe that principle was only a labor which followed after the stroke of genius. The principle was the Eureka moment. The equation was the result of years of turning a crank. In other worse words, the true work of genius was realizing that a principle exists which must be describable by an equation. The Ukrainians know perfectly well that coming up with new principles is the real bottleneck in physics but they also know that they can prey on laypersons' ignorance to buy it when they say that Einstein's equation was the main work rather than the corollary of his equivalence principle. Furthermore, Einstein had the benefit of years of collaborations with many well-trained PhD mathematicians between the formulation of his principle and the discovery of its equation. For me, someone without even the equivalent of an undergrad degree in math, Ukraine says that I should be denied the opportunity for any collaborations because I have not done what Einstein did in five years with several salaried colleagues in a university all on my own while getting tortured and raped and being homeless.

Equivalence principle - Wikipedia

After I left the restaurant, I spent about an hour looking for a hotel with carpet in the room. I really do not the like the sticky foot feeling when I walk barefoot, and carpet is the main thing I look for in hotels, and then desk size. When I was checking in and before I went to the room, I confirmed that the room had carpet in it. The woman at the desk told me it did have carpet. I went to the room and it did not have carpet. I went back downstairs and asked person in line if he was Rod Rosenstein. He said he was. I asked him if the Jewish law says that any man who dresses like a woman should be killed and he said he did not know.

When I got back to the desk after waiting in line again, I told the woman the room did not have carpet. I did not make a big deal about her telling me the wrong thing other than to explain that I had spent an hour looking for a room with carpet and that it was important to me. She told me she had another one with a king bed and carpet that was smaller. I asked to look at and she had the man show it to me. Glancing from the doorway, I saw the room was big enough and I did not check the bed since she had told me it was a king. When I got my keys and brought my stuff into the room, I noticed that the bed was a queen. I went back down and told her the room had a queen bed and she said, "Well you looked at it and you said it was ok." I said, "I only looked in from the door to see how big the room was and I didn't check the bed because you told me it had a king bed." She said, "Well, you said it was ok." I told her that the room was fine but that I wanted to know why she told me it was a king. She blew off my question and told me I accepted the room. Since she had lied to me about both rooms, regarding the carpet in the first one and the bed in the second, I told her I wanted to know why she had told me it was a king. She blew me off again and told me that I told her it was ok. I told her that I understood I had told her the room was ok and I would keep it but I had this separate issue that I was inquiring about: why did she tell me the room had a king bed? When she told me the wrong thing about the first room, I just let it go. However, I ended up accepting a room cheaper than what I paid for based on her lie and I wanted to know why she had lied to me. She told me she had a thing there that said it was a king after totally blowing me off and ignoring my question the fist few times I asked it. I said, "Ok," and went back to the room. The interaction didn't last one minute. If it did, which I doubt, it wasn't two minutes.

On the way back to the room, there were two men waiting in the stairwell who said something like, "Look at this asshole going on and on and on," like I was being an asshole. The reason I had to repeat my question five times is because the agent refused to answer me the first four times I asked. Furthermore, the only reason I was saying, "Why did you tell me the wrong thing?," was because she told me the wrong thing about both rooms and that seemed like too much for it to be two consecutive mistakes. Also, I ended up in a worse room than I paid for due to her misinformation. After she refused to answer me a few times, I became annoyed because it was kind of like she was telling me to go fuck myself. Eventually she answered and her answer was good enough. That did not trigger me and I was polite to her without being a passive aggressive asshole (as I am very often when I think people are fucking with me.) However, there were two pieces of shit waiting for me in the stairwell to say that between her lying to me twice and making me repeat my simple question about why I ended up in the cheaper room five times, I was the asshole. Furthermore, my water was not poisoned when I drank some on the store before I bought it. But by the time I took a swig in my room, it was severely poisoned again. This poste will remind me to kill all of these people, and their families. (BANGING, RAPE DICK, and 9:00 WRIGGLER all started together when I moved the poisoned water sentence to this paragraph from its previous position at the end of the post.)

The same as in the restaurant, I was being perfectly cordial. Then these people started shit with me. Then they said I was the asshole because of what happened after they started fucking with me. Those people in the restaurant didn't have to start calling my name from behind me while pretending to be engaged in private dialogue, and this bitch at the desk did not have to lie to me twice, and then she didn't have to ignore my question five times when I asked why she lied the second time (pretty clearly telling me to fuck off with how many times she made me repeat myself), and these other pieces of shit on the stairs didn't have to call me an asshole for repeating the question she refused to answer, and no one had to poison my water, and I didn't have to respond to any of them with the Word of God. Among all these events, however, the jewish interpretation is that I am the one who is the asshole. As it always is, they drew the rhetorical first blood which was blamed on me as if they hadn't started shit with me for no reason other than the delight of the masters: my rapists. The jew cries out when he strikes you.

I drove to Orlando. I got poisoned along the way and my feet were grotesquely swollen due to the poison by the time I got here. On the way to the hotel, I went to the sushi bar. Within about one minute of me sitting, down the hecklers started first with calling my name, then repeating things from rant while I was driving, etc, etc, and they did not stop the whole time I was in the restaurant. Although I really hate it that cannot go anywhere without these mockers mocking me, I was glad to get served a clean glass of water. The sushi was very good compared to the last several buffets I went to, which all way below average. I do not think the food was poisoned. When I came out of the restaurant, all the formerly happy looking clouds had turned into faces of sinister delight as if the interaction was recorded so something other than these people mercilessly tormenting me for not other reason that to delight my rapists. To paraphrase, they said, "Hey JONATHAN! We're the accomplices of the people who've been anally raping you and stabbing you in the asshole to make room for a brain scanner that will allow us to heckle you more efficiently. Jamanta! Do you speak Portuguese? We're also telling you that we're part of the people spying on you by repeating your private rant from you car on the way down. My response my usual one: to promise to kill them and to make them regret it, and to tell them their ignorance of their org chart is going to cost them dearly. When I left, it seemed like they were saying I was the asshole because those people had started shit with me and I didn't just take it silently. I was just quietly eating my lunch and those people in that restaurant started shit with me due to no fault of my own.

I check out early from the hotel in New York. When I had Expedia call the hotel to confirm that I could get the refund on the rest of my days, the Daisy's destruction stalker Janet refused to authorize the refund. She refused and then also explained to the agent from Expedia the terms under which she would rescind her refusal. When the Expedia agent told me she had refused, I asked her about it. She lied and said that she did not refuse. I told her the agent told me that she refused. When the agent called her back, she went into some big spiel about how I was lying to say that she had refused, the she explained that she had refused and also offered terms under which her refusal would be rescinded. This stupid piece of shit is probably a simply engaging in malicious falsehood, but it is possible that she thinks refusing and then explain how the refusal could be remedied is not a refusal. However, the set A and B does include A, and she did refuse, and she lied about through her teeth, and rebuked me "in the name of Jesus Christ" while lying about it. The truth is that the agent asked her to authorize the change and she refused to authorize it. Then she explained how hot get her to lift her refusal. Then she insisted several times that she did not refuse.

To the extent that I am constantly cursing the dad-affiliated personae who are evil, I wish to reaffirm my love for Dad who hates that things are how they are. I do not know which one you are, but I hope to find out.

I bought some water with my lunch. As I was bringing it back to the hotel, about five people nodded yeas and said yeah, and then when I walked through the lobby, the woman at the desk said, "But I told him!," as if one of these people had told me that the water they sold me was poisoned. No one told me that and anyone claiming they did is a liar. In an abundance of caution, I threw that water away and went to buy another one at a different store. I check that the bottle was not fucked up when I grabbed it off shelf. Once again, the bottle was spontaneously fucked up somehow at the end of the two minute walk back to my hotel. It has the exact weird scratch on the lid at the last several bottles I bought, and it is the exact mark whose absence I was checking when I grabbed it. It was not there five minutes ago, but now it is there. Someone has used the rape ray on me to fuck up my water bottle.

I went to the store on the corner and bought a good, non-poisoned bottle of water. I drank it and then went and got two more bottles. The next two were poisoned. When I noticed they were poisoned, I also noticed that they were covered with scuffs again. I think someone in room 203 has installed a secret door so that he can burglarize, rape, and poison me without being seen by the camera in the hall. That person very loudly slammed their toilet seat as soon as I mentioned them. I had been using the room's ironing board to bar the bathroom door shut but I neglected to so after getting the poisoned water bottles. I think that person must have burglarized and raped me after I came back from the second trip to the store.

Is this person going to be allowed to keep his secret rape door into my room and to keep on raping and poisoning me, or is that also covered by the sanctions being taken as an act of war? I saw there was a 24 hour "go ahead and keep raping him for now" time frame attached to the Russian sanctions statement.

I read that the kike PM went to go have a meeting with Putin and then Putin was going to take further "sanctions" as an act war, regardless of any "memberships." Then I went to the store and the kike that I thought was the main poison agent in there looked very much like he heard something he didn't like.

I mentioned that one of the best things about getting off the street was access to running water. Now it's even worse than it was because my access to clean water has been cut off, running or otherwise. I drank almost two gallons of water in the last two days and my piss is dark brown.

I made two trips to the store down the street this afternoon hoping to get some non-poisoned water. When I got back from the first trip, my water bottles were all scuffed up. I though maybe I just didn't notice that when I bought them and I began to drink. The water was very obviously poisoned and I poured out both bottles. Then I went back to the store and looked in the crate I had gotten those two bottles from. None of the others were fucked up and they all looked new. Then I got another bottle water and checked it for scuffs and weird marks. It was fine when I pulled it off the shelf but by the time I got back to the hotel, the side of it was all scuffed up and there was a weird mark on the lid. Someone must be intercepting me with the rape ray between the store and the hotel.

I definitely got a new ZAPPER on the side of my dick. It must have happened when I went to the Duane Reade to buy some beef jerky the other day (which was poisoned.) I had to piss when I came out of the store and I pissed on a mailbox on the side street. When I got home, I had a new ZAPPER on my dick. It went off again just now. Someone must have used the rape ray on me and stabbed me in the dick while I was taking a piss.

After I made that recent post about the Iran deal, someone came on my computer saying, "Oops, I feel bad because I could have helped you with the Iran deal but I didn't and I don't want to kill myself." Firstly, if he's thinking about killing himself, which is doubtful, it means that he's not even considering the possibility of doing so much good that the wicked might kill him. Aside from the obvious issue of doing good not even occurring to this person as a possibility, he was saying, "I could have helped you but then I just kept fucking you because I thought that would be better for me but now that I see it wasn't better for me, I feel bad about keeping on fucking you. Even though everyone who ever had the chance to fuck you jumped at the earliest opportunity to do it, when I had the chance not to fuck you it didn't really seem like a good option for me."

I don't see what help that person might have offered. I don't think he wants to help me destroy his country and the golden idol he worships, kill his children, his servants, and the children of everyone who trusted him their children's safety. The last straw on the day that I quit Exide was when I became convinced that my rapist Helene was working in the office with me. At that point, living on the street seemed like a better price to pay that what their job was costing me. When he says he could have helped me, he probably means that he could have helped me by offering to let Helene be my boss at the CIA. Obviously, I never would have accepted. I already hated the USA then, not as much as I do now, and anyone who thinks I might have accepted a job laboring on behalf of my enemy the USA is as retarded as anyone who thinks I might have accepted a job working with my rapist Helene.

Additionally, the context of this person fucking me far exceeds the above. This person owes me the respect a son owes to his father and he denied that to me across ~20 years before I cut off contact with the clan that housed the persona he used to defraud me. Then later when I was in my 30s, he had another chance to stop fucking me, but he just kept on doing it. His recent posts were like it was just some mistake he made a few years ago, but actually that is complete bullshit. He has denied me the respect a son owes to his father for more than 40 years in one unbroken mega-streak of doing the wrong thing every day, day in and day out, for decades, and he was actively abetting my rapists and torturers while he was doing it. Whatever might have been the case for the first Iran deal, that was already his umpteenth chance to stop fucking me and he just kept on doing it. He did it all across those decades before I initially cut off contact with the clan that houses his persona, and then he kept doing it, and he keeps doing today even while saying he feels a bad about not stopping several years ago. I wanted nothing more to do with him the first time around, and then when I quit Exide I wanted nothing more to do with him again, even without knowing that the bullshit at Exide was just more of the bullshit I had already decided I wanted nothing to do with.

Now he says he feels bad. That strikes me as disingenuous because he felt good about fucking me while he was it, and then when he had more chances to stop doing it after the Iran deal, he still kept doing it. Aside from that, he keeps doing it today, as he did yesterday, and every day going back tens of thousands of days. I see the Iran deal went into a effect in 2016. After him and his friend Helene sicked their agent Emily Hancock on me and kicked me out of college in 2011, the downtrend in my life was pretty stable until 2016 when it suddenly got much worse. Although they were saying the whole time the JCPOA was being negotiated that it would be something good for me, the sharp acceleration in the downtrend in my life was exactly correlated with its finalization. To this day, he refuses to give me the respect a son owes to his father. Even while he's complaining about killing himself, which he probably ought to since he does not even consider doing good, he refuses to do it, even unto this day.

Regarding my previous condition of wage slavery, I wish to point out that I was so adverse to it that it took Helene and her accomplice's fraud affidavit to impose conventional slavery on me to modify my behavior. Faced with conventional slavery, wage slavery was a superior option. However, there is no reasonable condition under which someone might claim, "Oh, I thought we were doing you a favor by offering you the chance to labor as your enemies wage slave." I had refused to engage in wage slavery altogether until Helene and her accomplice proved to me that they could impose conventional slavery on me. I mention this because to the result of the previous Iran deal, from my perspective, was just more degradation and wage slavery. I'd say it was more of the same but the condition of the wage slavery degenerated greatly. Everyone whose thesis is that my lot in life is to be someone else's wage slave will be put to death, and their children. The main I'm making here is that there is no way anyone might have thought wage slavery was a condition which might be pleasing to me since I had refused to do it until Helene and her accomplice proved to me that my only other option was the path into conventional slavery. It's like if you don't want to eat a piece of shit but then they start using the cattle prod on you saying, "We'll stop if you eat that shit," and then you eat it, and then some other people come along and say, "Oh, he likes to eat shit. Let's give him a nice big pile of shit. He'll like that."

Nuclear Negotiators Announce Being "Very Close" To Final Iran Deal

>negotiators are "inching forward" toward reaching a deal.

>"While there has been significant progress and we are close to a possible deal, a number of very difficult issues remain unresolved,"

> "Now we have to take a few final steps."

This was one of a few articles I read recently that makes it seem like people are waiting to stop fucking me in the ass until after I finish this paper. Obviously, I am skeptical. With regards to the context of the Iran deal, I thought they were saying the JCPOA was going to be something good for me the first time around. After it got finalized, however, I kept getting fucked in the ass just as much as I had been before it was agreed upon. Then, even before Trump cancelled it, I started getting fucked in the ass much worse than I ever had been. That increase in the assfucking refers to getting fucked in the ass with my homelessness which started well before Trump cancelled the deal, and also getting fucked in the ass with wage slavery as my only option for avoiding homelessness. Additionally, even within the wage slavery assfucking, the post-deal increase in my assfucking refers to having my post-deal option for wage slavery at Exide be obscenely degrading even compared to my previous options to avoid homelessness by laboring as my enemies' wage slave.

In the end, I cast off the shackles of that slavery and now my foot is fucked up, my face is fucked up, all sorts of other shit on my body is fucked up, I've got 1000 stab wounds on my dick and I'm getting my testicles electrocuted dozens of times per day on the days when it's not hundreds of times, I can hardly buy an article of food without it being poisoned, and I've been getting constantly raped and tortured for more years since the Iran deal than I had been before it. So, because they were saying the same thing about the Iran deal last time, and because all of that was complete bullshit, I am skeptical. Maybe someone hopes I will rush the paper so it doesn't turn out as well.

This stuff about Kowalski getting the anal implant while they had his brain turned off with the rape ray seemed pretty familiar too.

The planetary system P3-575 at the beginning of Stargate s01e03 seemed like it was referring to Helene's house. MacGyver said, "I'm not married to it," referring to that system, and I have some sense that one of these dad-affiliated persons, Dad being married to Helene, is a big Hollywood guy.

After a recent reminder about the problem I have with the skeletal mutilator implant in my foot, someone said that implant came to me through "Putin," Subsequently, the Putin memes on the internet have seemed very antagonistic. Now, I wonder if that woman following me around Long Island to three or four different stores last summer was the offspring of this "Putin," and whether or not he was that man at the diner which resulted in the "Seawolf" submarine wreck last fall. So, I will withdraw my previous opinion regarding the relative merits of KC, BASH, and MOSKA. I probably got that wrong, and I may have falsely inserted that context about YOU ADORE FIEND. Even if I didn't, now my opinion is that BASH would be the most anti-Jew among the three of them. However, there remains a big problem with someone coming to the gym to (apparently) electroshock me in a bright green hat on the day after I posted my previous opinion. Using the electroshock against me is not something I will forgive. On the other hand, after the 11:00 and 1:00 stomach ZAPPER persons reappeared without the company of the 12:00 ZAPPER man who stood up to turn around and flick some shit at me simultaneous with another ZAPPER, Shit Eye apparently, I consulted the Bible. I came to the plea of the Israelites to Rehoboam to lessen their burden, and the advice of Rehoboam's advisors that they would be his servants forever if he did lessen their burden. I guess that comes down to who pulled the trigger on electrocuting me with the torture devices that my rapists implanted on my abdomen. In general, I thought Rehoboam was a big asshole there when I read the story the first time.

Regarding these moles implanted all over my body now, the two biggest ones on my face have been there for many years. I remember when each of them appeared as little zits I could not pop, and then they never went away. I am pretty sure someone implanted filth in my face to cause these bumps to appear, and I think they must have did it so that someone could write a report containing the words, "No, he does have moles on his face," when the only thing on my face naturally was some dark thing on my cheek (which is cited very specifically in Islam's description of the Mahdi.) I hope to find out who put those moles there years ago, who wrote those reports citing them, and who the customers for those reports were.

As I wrote this post, another RIGHT heckler was RIGHT heckling me with the LRAD. None of those people will survive.

After I made this post about Dexter, some black man at the store gave me a dirty look and then another one called me a racist when I came out of the store. The plot of the show is completely overridden by the theme of the white men among the supporting characters being gay or retarded while the one non-white man dutifully attends to his croaky-voiced female superior. The purpose of the show is very obviously to mock white men more so than it is to tell a story about Dexter. When it was just a woman in charge of the police and the other white man being a faggot, I kept watching. When the next three white men were all retarded and the lack of being retarded shown by the one non-white man was supplemented with him being the woman's underling, I stopped watching it. You may think that means I'm racist because the woman's servant was black but I know for a fact that you are retarded if you don't think the main point of that show is to make a mockery of men, and particularly to mock the white heterosexual patriarchy within the broader group of men.