2022-04-19 archive

At the end of several posts about how getting hotel rooms amounts to nothing more than paying the rent on a private theater in which to facilitate my rapists, I decided to start sleeping on the street again. I spent the night on the street downtown Saturday but I was restless and did not sleep at all as I lay in my sleeping bag near the library. On Sunday, I had been suffering from acute RAPE DICK for several days and it was not getting reduced in a timely manner. When I went to Home Depot to upgrade my homeless kit, the RAPE DICK suddenly got better. Then I got lunch at Nori Nori which is where the people from Squid Game work for tax purposes, and is also a decent buffet. It seemed like Elaine and Helene were in there dressed as elderly Asian men, and maybe Mark Shin was in there as well. After Elaine left, I got raped again and given new RAPE DICK implants. I went back to Home Depot to make a point about how the people who want me to have implants always put me high enough on their priority list to rape me five minutes after I get the old rape implants removed. The the people who prefer that I don't have implants, however, usually can't get me scheduled for a removal few days or weeks (or years.) The end result, then, is that I'm in constant sexual torture due to implants and the people who say they are against that sort of thing get to check a box saying they're doing their diligence even while the result of that diligence is that RAPE DICK is buzzing my asshole for 165 hours a week instead of 168. I went back to where the implants had just got taken out at Home Depot because I wanted very much to emphasize that I am low on the priority list of that second group, and high on the priorities of my enemies.

When I came out of Home Depot the second (third?) time on Sunday, there were a bunch of Sandy Springs cops standing out front, one of whom I immediately recognized as this piece of shit Trenton (the N-word which I have agreed to not to write.) He showed up at Alliance around the time the school's membership really started to go to shit, which was when Lucas was there. I thought one of the cops was DJ Farmer as well, but then it seemed more like he was Max Kallos upon my second glance. There was a third cop that I recognized as well but I could not place his name. While I was standing in front of the Home Depot giving my rape rant to the cops, I got raped again. The RAPE DICK revved up while the ladies behind me were cackling about , "Oh! He wasn't watching his back!" I probably got raped even more during the rest of the day. I did some pre-planning for a tent site on Sunday but REI was closed and I got a hotel that night. I think the person who had been among the staff at the Alpharetta Sonesta ES's I got banned from checked into the La Quinta right after me using the name "Tyrone Quarles" which is an obvious pseudonym to suggest that that his job is to be the N-word starting shit with me. (ANAL MEGA ZAPPER when I typed that pseudonym.) The night was peaceful enough. In the morning, I got breakfast. While I was eating alone among 20 tables in the lobby, some asshole came to sit directly behind me facing the back of my head, and the Pope came on the TV at that same time. I believe the man raped me and poisoned my food, and I think the Pope being on the TV at the time was purposed to emphasize that I was being raped and poisoned under the auspices of the Pope's non-Levitical and uncircumcised priesthood. My RAPE DICK got much worse again and I got sick to my stomach.

Today, I went to Jason's deli to get the salad bar. While I was eating, the people at an adjacent table began to heckle me. I gave them my rant about that board game Stratego being such that you should not randomly push your piece into random other pieces if your life is on the line. Then they put Biden cackling on the TV and a group of three people appeared at an adjacent table with an ornate setup of some Catan boardgame variant. It was ornate enough to indicate that my brain had been turned off for several minutes, at least. I left that restaurant with more new RAPE DICK, a new MEGA ZAPPER in the arch of my left foot (again), and probably more new OUTER WRIGGLERS. I note very well that Biden is a Catholic and that he serves the same Satanic interests that the Pope serves, which are the interests of the homosexual mafia, over which the Catholic church is the main sponsor (as is indicated by the absence of any little among among the millions of "children" raped by priests.) Earlier in the day, I had been thinking about a Sublime song with lyrics, "a black tie on my ass." When I went to Walmart after Jason's, the cashiers made some unusual comment about which register I should go to. Then there was a bag of black zip ties left there. After that, I went to Home Depot again to wander around. The woman overseeing the self-checkout area started mocking me, and then the other woman with her said, "They'll come right back." Then I went to my tent and got some sleep. Then I woke up restless and was glad to have a car now, unlike my previous time on the street when I used to have to lay there all night with it being too much of a pain in the ass to go anywhere. (9:00 MEGA ANAL WRIGGLER when I typed "pain in the ass.")

Another complaint that I will type here is that there is apparently no debate over whether or not I should have to suffer with the constant RAPE DICK fucking me in the ass all the time. It seems like the debate is confined to what is the proper intensity of the RAPE DICK I must endure because it has not gone away for even one minute since I got it (again) while checking out of the JFK Hampton Inn in Queens in August 2020. Sometimes it gets less, but then it becomes more again, and I have not had one moment without RAPE DICK implants up my ass in the almost two years since then. Furthermore, as I was saying earlier in this post, the the lower intensity side of the "debate" seems to think they are doing their part by getting the intensity lowered for a few minutes here and there while the real status is that the RAPE DICK is *always* going at the high intensity. I am glad it is not the MEGA intensity of the RAPE DICK that got removed on the day Bogdanoff was said to have died, but is disappointing that (1) stopping the RAPE DICK is not under consideration, and (2) the RAPE DICK removers never put me half as high on their priority list as the RAPE DICK implanters. It seems like the main effect of having them taken out is that my rapists have more excuses to constantly rape me with the willing complicity of those who say I should be more cheerful and polite in my social interactions. I am glad that the RAPE DICK goes down sometimes because it is a ray of hope that I am not completely alone here, but there are these other complaints that I have about it never going away and mainly serving to give my rapists an excuse to put even more RAPE DICK implants than they already had.

I am seeing (and hearing) some Good Dad memes suggesting that I have made a good decision by ceasing to pay for these rape theaters. Someone put a bunch of purple flowers around my tent site and the homeless people posted nearby seem friendly, although the interloper Helene, my 100000-fold rapist, was among them as well.

NASDAQ is essentially flat for a year now. If SP500 had pulled back that much, it would be right around 4000 now. I find that NASDAQ mostly leads the behavior on the way up, and I hope it is leading on the way down too. That would indicate a lot more downside in the safer indices, which is good.

In addition to making these two giant moles on my forehead five times bigger than they used to be, they have also injected the discoloring poison to make the one in the middle of my forehead completely different than it used to be. It is a nasty brown blemish now. It looks like they also created three more little moles in a diamond formation with it, and I found two other unpoppable new bumps on my face today as well. I think the woman who was being a giant cunt to me at my current hotel's front desk was doing it to let me know that she is the same agent who was overseeing my constant rape and poisoning at the La Quinta in Brooklyn. She struck the same downward face pose to highlight the point of her lip that that the cunt at La Quinta used to irritate me with a Daisy's destruction reference. The RAPE DICK had cooled off when I got into this new room but now it has revved up to the highest intensity of sexual torture while I was typing this post. They put a wet bathmat in the bathroom and a little piece of black shit in the shower, a little arrow-shaped piece of black shit pointing toward room 327, probably to indicate that they have already installed the private rape access tunnel from the adjacent room.

The RAPE DICK and TESTICLE CRUSHERS were going off pretty much non-stop while I was out driving around, and those bouts of sexual torture were punctuated by the UPPER DICK ZAPPER and LEFT EYE WRIGGLER. Now the RAPE DICK has revved back up again in my hotel room, as has the LRAD. When I got to the grocery store, I passed two men who were speaking absolute nonsense. When I had walked by them thinking they must have stopped talking about whatever they were talking about, one of them said, "Yep, they stopped!," and the other one said, "He heard that!" A moment later, two men inside the store started making of my hair with their references to the Keeps billboards that appeared all over Phoenix after I got there. When I picked up some rice pudding, they had already covered the containers in little flecks of black shit. Then they had the store's PA say, "Mmmm, it tastes so good," in an apparent reference to them having poisoned the pudding because they know I like the way it tastes. Then some other woman shouted YUP! down the aisle and they called "Frankie" over the intercom to reference the stores in Arizona poisoning my pudding and saying they were doing it as a favor to some piece of shit in that clan of white trash called the Franks, in homage to whose family that faggot the Pope chose his pontifical name Francis. Finally, the cashier jabbed me with the receipt when I had finished paying. Furthermore, I dranka glass of water from the tap when I got back to my room and it has caused my face to become instantly swollen so they have also poisoned the tap water in my room already. When i got back to the hotel, there was a man in the hall waiting outisde my room on the third floor, and there was a screaming child heckling me when I walked past the second floor. This $140 I just dropped on groceries is probably going right into the trash. The TAPPING, LRAD, and RAPE DICK were very active while I was making this post. Reminder to put all of these people into the sick defilement after I put their children into the sick defilement.

Someone rubbed poison in my eye and stuck a zapper in my left tear duct on the way back to Georgia. The poison went away and the zapper got removed with a nice cool sensation in my eye. Then I stopped at the gas station and got a new MEGA ZAPPER in my left pinky finger. Then I got stopped by a cop who rubbed poison in my eye again, put the zapper back in the pit of my eye, put several zappers in my right fingers, and I acquired more zappers during the long road trip as well. As soon as I got to Georgia, my tire exploded a way consistent with an explosive device. It blew out only through the wall, not through the tread. I pulled over and fixed it on the highway, and I think the object in popping my tire was to have someone waiting on the side of the road rape me and give me new RAPE DICK implants. I did not have a much RAPE DICK on the drive from Arizona, but as soon as I got back in the car from changing my tire at the GA state line, I had immediate MEGA RAPE DICK which has been going non-stop for a few hours now. As soon as I noticed the new RAPE DICK, the sky was also filled with a cackling caricature of Shit Eye, as above. Since they put this face in the backrooms video at 211 seconds, I assume this person's name is Tooker.

I watched this documentary yesterday. It seemed to be basically a retard's critique of my research program after the retard was forced not to shit on me outright. Particularly, they were saying things like, "He works real slow," and, "Since his program is mostly based on drawings, it's more a work of art than science." Heisenberg said, "In classical physics the aim of research was to investigate processes occurring in space and time. In quantum theory, however, the situation is completely different. The very fact that the formalism of quantum mechanics cannot be interpreted as a visual description of a phenomenon occurring in space and time shows that quantum mechanics is in no way concerned with the objective determination of spacetime phenomena." The main goal in physics is always the visual description. Everything else is written to supplement that (except in QM where the inability to do so is an unfortunate and unloved exception.) Everyone who ever studied physics for more than five minutes knows the first thing to do in any problem is to draw a picture of it. However, the picture of the problem I am trying to draw is very difficult. This is one reason why my work proceeds slowly, and this is also why thousands of geniuses before me where not able to get it drawn. I hate these people critics who says, "Haha, funny picture, fake man." They are like Helene who says my research program is nothing more than Chris Chan's Sonichu cartoon. I hate them and I hate their lies, and I hate it that I know they will be able to fool 99% of people who will say, "Haha, yeah. He's not real. He's just drawing pictures."

This was also about me, by the way.

Robert Malone Says He Will Sue New York Times Unless It Corrects 'Defamatory' Article

>Alba "appears to have sought her sources by looking through Twitter to find detractors, which suggests intent to defame because she was biasing her sources to individuals that she knew were already defaming,"

>Dr. Angela Rasmussen, for instance, called Malone in August 2021 a "grifter" and "just another scammer."

>Dr. Gyula Acsadi, chief of pediatric Neurology at Connecticut Children's Medical Center, was quoted as saying it was a "totally false claim" for Malone to say he invented mRNA vaccines. Malone says on his websites that he is "the inventor of mRNA vaccines" and "the original inventor of mRNA vaccination as a technology" but also says he did not invent the COVID-19 vaccines.

I watched this movie lately which was very good. I think the story was about my amazing discoveries in physics and the actions of Evil Dad and his dad-affiliated persons to leave me out to die so that they can use my work for themselves. This article about Malone seems to reference such things in addition to the Publix video from my previous post. Before I clarify, I point out that all the detractors cited and the author of the defamatory article were women. I point this out because the "reproducibility crisis" in science is such that the degree to which research in a field is irreproducible is directly correlated to the percentage of female PhD's in that field, and it is suggested that the crisis-level problem with bad research is caused by the large number of female researchers.

I am the inventor of time travel. While I did not build a physical time machine, I wrote down the boundary condition by which one is able to manufacture electrical devices to manipulate the space-time curvature. Furthermore, I invented the time circuit showing how such devices would be used to implement non-standard time travel in space-time. Much like Malone invented mRNA vaccines but did not specifically invent the COVID vaccine, I am not an electrical engineer and I did not build any UFOs. I invented the theory of negative time whose immediate application showed the free energy result which is now called "golf rumors," but I did not perform the actual quantum optics experiment which demonstrated the result, etc.

Fundamentally, I am not an engineer. I have never claimed to be an engineer, nor have I claimed to have engineered any electrical devices. I am a physicist and engineers are the customers for the work output by physicists. Obviously my work is useless to people who cannot understand what I do, and almost all of them say that my work is worthless because it is worthless to them, unlike someone who flips their burgers, for instance. However, it is improper to cite the customers of my result as the main geniuses in getting UFOs, free-energy, and anti-gravity into real-world technology. I was the one who surmounted the conceptual bottlenecks which have previously prevented such technological applications. The fact that the technology appeared immediately following my results shows that my work in physics was the bottleneck to technological advancement. You'll see that the paper I linked above predated the sudden appearance of "hypersonic missiles" in surprise late stage testing in 2015 by about two years. You can also that no one was talking about "hypersonic missiles" before my 2013 paper, and they suddenly appeared directly afterwards.

Certainly, the work of others is important. There are definitely other geniuses involved. However, I am the one who surmounted the highest hurdle. All of that belongs to me (up to being gifted the result by God (who is me) and standing on the shoulders of my scientific forebears.) The work in developing the applications of my theories would have proceeded to fruition if any other individual would have been absent, but it would never have proceeded if I was absent. In general, the glory of the physicist is higher than the glory of the engineer and the glory of the physicist is all that I claim. I fully concede that none of it would have come to fruition without engineers expert enough in their respective fields to see the value in my result despite countless detractors' intentions to label it as garbage. Without the engineers smart enough to see what I was getting at there, my work truly would have been the worthless garbage that the USA was hoping it would be. My main point is that all my main claims about my own work are 100% accurate.

Ironically and with much schadenfreude for me, the string of USA hypersonic missile test failures are due to UFO interceptions. This is a real test failure with a fake laser shopped into it. The people who bought into the lie several years ago are trying to catch up now but the people who did not believe the lie will not allow them to do so. This UFO technology is the gold in the movie I linked above, and my haters want to use it to kill my people instead of me using it to kill their people. However, their evil was an affront to creation and the end result of the fighting was that I should kill them. For this reason, the dogs on the plain do not eat me alive, contrary to the desire of this faggot who has Rod Williams/Steve Collins from Exide grafted onto his face.

Robert Malone Says He Will Sue New York Times Unless It Corrects 'Defamatory' Article

This person in the picture above got probably millions of dollars because CNN defamed him by removing the context of the video showing what a "vile racist" he was. The same thing is happening with this Publix video except the people who defame me by removing the context also have me held as their slave and and are constantly raping and torturing me, to include electrocuting my testicles as I type this. The context of the Publix video was that I called that white man a word which I have agreed not to type *WHILE I WAS IN PRISON* and they are presenting it as if I was speaking to some poor black lady while I wasn't in prison. Firstly, I don't think calling someone that while you're in prison is an outrage at all. Secondly, that was a white man I was speaking with. Thirdly, that was the accomplice of my rapists, kidnappers, and torturers, deliberately making a mockery of my rape and torture, but that context of that person being the accomplice of my rapists, kidnappers, and torturers, is cropped. Rather than me being the victim of rape and kidnapping, the story they tell is the white man mocking me that day was actually an innocent black woman victimized by my a mean word.

Now they have these other people who are *exactly* what I said in the video thinking they should go out of their way to mock and poison me as well.

This is what happened at Publix. I approached the counter and asked for a sandwich. The tranny in black face asked how I was. I told him I was terrible. He said, "OOOOOHHHHH WWWWWUUSSSSSSS RRRRRONGGG??!?!?!" Something had seemed off about him when I approached and I could tell from his ecstatic interest in getting me to tell him about my rape problem that he was an agent sent to mock me. I told him I was being held as a slave in Antarctica and I was sick of everyone around me practicing falsehood so as to suggest that we were actually in North America, such as him. He said, "Me?" I said, "You heard me." Then he barged off irritated that I didn't say, "I don't know what the heck is the deal with all these gangstalkers, of which I can't tell that you are obviously one." Some other lady came to start making my sandwich. While she was making it, the manager approached me. He asked me if I was ok. I told him I was not. He asked me why not and I told him I did not want to tell him about my feelings (as clearly the previous woman didn't want to hear either.) He demanded that I tell him about my feelings and I refused. He continued to insist that I tell him why I was not ok, and I eventually asked him to stop bothering me. He told me he was not bothering me and I assured him that he was. Then he told the second woman making my sandwich to stop making it, and that is where the video started.

Now they say I was wrong to tell the tranny why I wasn't ok, I was wrong not to tell the manager (telling and not telling were both wrong), and I was wrong to correctly identify the problem when the tranny pointed its camera at me. The tranny manufactured the whole situation and then uploaded the video with a lie about wearing a mask, and a suggestion about the parties in the video not being two white men. It had absolutely nothing to do with masks and there weren't any black people in the video. The real problem was the one I identified.

In writing my current paper, I downloaded an old paper's .TEX file so as to avoid rewriting some formulas I had already typeset. After I opened it and copied the ~100 lines of text, my computer basically exploded from thinking so hard which indicates that I just imported a bunch of virus-valued unprintable characters into my current .TEX file.

By this disgusting taste in my mouth, I can tell I was poisoned again at the grocery store. Once again, they have poisoned the entire water aisle just to have the assurance that if I picked any random bottle, I would succumb to their intentions. Although it irritates me that these people do these things, I really hate it that other people watch them poison me and don't kill them to stop them from doing it. I feel like I have more of a problem with those people than I do with the ones who poison me. After I picked up the water, some fat black piece of shit approached me and said, "Every," to me as I noticed the pudding was fucked up. I see now he meant that everything I was buying was poisoned rather that every container of pudding was fucked up. I assume the context is that is someone showed him the video form Publix and now he has the wrong idea which is going to cause to fall into the same cruel fate as the ones who showed it to him. Some other fat black slob fucked up my drink at Starbucks three times in a row last week, and I presume it was for the same reason.

I definitely got a new DEEP URETHRA WRIGGLER implant today. It has gone off three times since my dick suddenly started hurting when I came into my room earlier. Also a new DEEP URETHRA ZAPPER, apparently.

I was wondering if this comment about, "Welcome home," meant that my rape and torture was going to stop at this hotel, but that is obviously not the case. My water got poisoned again today, my RAPE DICK is worse again, and my RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER is very much worse this morning. Furthermore, the upstairs neighbor is still mocking me with their stomping and banging. The JONATHAN! heckler in the hall was another big indicator that this hotel is anything but a home for me.

I went and got another bottle of water. I checked it very carefully, opened it and took a drink. Within about 15 seconds in my perception, damage appeared on the bottle and someone had wiped pepper spray on my nose.

UPDATE: I went back to the store yet again to buy some more water. The woman at the counter said SATAN! and shook her head NO at me. I thought the shit smell in there on my previous trip was the homeless guy in front of me, but on my return trip I could see that they had sprayed the shit spray in the fourth Circle K as well. I may have missed the damage on the water bottle I bought which was already poisoned before I got it back to the room.

After having gone away for most of the day, the RAPE DICK is suddenly back and the stalker upstairs LOUDLY BANGED when I typed that. I went to the store to get some water this morning and although I drank my water in the car, damage had still miraculously appeared on it when I noticed my throat and face starting to swell due to the poison. When i gt back to the hotel, the two cars parked behind me had kike-themed license plates. One said some kike word and was from Michigan after I spent some time thinking about the likeness of the name of that state to Mexican state Michoacan. The other one said JW something. I assume it was more kike bullshit but it may have said "JW ascend" which is what is going to happen in the moments before Israel gets nuked and I complete the good work started by Adolf Hitler.

I think one of the Emily-affiliated persona intercepted me at the restaurant. She had some robot child yelling, "Daddy, I miss you!," non-stop, and she gave me a sad look. When I left, I immediately got a stomach ache and it's likely I got poisoned in there. I recently went to some other buffet billed as a seafood buffet, and it was a complete piece of shit. I made a comment to that effect while I was there. Although it would have been good as a Chinese buffet, it labelled itself as a seafood buffet and it was a terrible one. While I was in the Chinese buffet this evening, someone referenced my comment about how bad the other buffet sucked, and then I got the quite the stomach ache as I left. That other buffet was literally the worst seafood buffet I ever went to in my life but the commenter in the restaurant I was at this evening was acting like my comment about it being a giant piece of shit was about the quality of the food rather than the food not being a seafood buffet at all. Reminder to kill that commenter and his family, and to torture him to death, and whoever poisoned me.

When I came back to my hotel, it seemed like I got intercepted by "Paul" from the homeless shelter who told me, "Welcome home," but I am not at home. I am in my enemies' slave hole where my condition of slavery persists and I feel sick because I just got poisoned for the second time today. Although Paul was a relatively pleasant interactor at the homeless shelter, he told me that he thought I would fail in my intention to exterminate the creatures grown from my stolen semen.

Vatican trial: Accused finance watchdog says he had no power to stop London deal

>The court also announced on Tuesday that Cardinal Angelo Becciu would not be returning to court on Thursday to answer more questions from the judges, as previously scheduled. Instead, the cardinal's next appearance will be delayed until May 5.

>The next meeting of the court is now set for April 27, when Brulhart's former colleague, Tomasso Di Ruzza, will give evidence.


As focus in Vatican trial shifts to ex-watchdog, is it legal or personal?

>The highlight of the coming week no doubt will come on Thursday, April 7, when Italian Cardinal Angelo Becciu once again takes the stand

>Given hints in the Italian press about something strange, possibly even salacious, in the Becciu-Marogna relationship, getting it out into the open on Thursday will be the most anticipated turn in the trial

>Carlino's presentation boiled down to a somewhat rambling version of the "I was only following orders" defense, suggesting that he never did anything wrong, and, if he did, it was unwitting and a product of following the instructions of his superiors. (Carlino's invocation of a time-honored phrase in the Secretariat of State, "Chi ubbidisce non fallisce"--"He who obeys, never fails"--says everything you'd ever want to know about a certain version of Vatican culture.)

It's going to come back and bite the ass of the people who trusted Carlos with the safety of their children when it comes out that Carlos was obeying God's enemy the church instead of obeying God.

Unfinished Brexit Business: NATO's Internal Gold War

>Russia's new rubles or gold payment requirements for any of its goods or services will necessarily prompt a major gold war between the UK and the EU probably resulting in NATO's first-ever internal head-on gloves-off confrontation.

>The UK will dare to weaponize the approval of EU gold repatriation requests and other gold-related issues as a very convincing bargaining tool for lots of still unfinished yet most important Brexit business.

The Nazi gold is me. All the gold belongs to me. "White spiritual boy" is me: White Spiritual Man.

I'm being raped about three to six times a day lately. My implants have been worse in the past but the frequency of rapes resulting in new implants has never been nearly as high as it is now.

Yet another hotel has fucked up my reservation requiring that I get a new key card for some reason. The last four hotels in a row have been such that something went wrong with my reservation despite my only having had one or two such problems in the last two years of using Expedia non-stop. Now it's four in a row. When I checked in last night, the woman was telling me that I had already paid and I had to correct her several times before she would acknowledge tat I had not paid. She was a real cunt about it acting like she didn't know what I was telling her she was wrong about when I told her she was wrong as we argued about whether or not I had paid. Then she asked me if I wanted one key or two, I told her two, then she gave me one, and she fucked it up so I had to get a new key today. It feels like I got a new anal implant on my way back from having to get my key remade. When I back into my room, I was suddenly disoriented and they hit me with the LRAD, so I don't doubt I got raped in the the hall. It feels like I got another new RAPE DICK implant. Someone also put a sliced in half gummy worm outside my door this morning and they were stomping on my ceiling when I woke up.

If it is the main thesis of the Jesuit order that Jesus Christ is a fag, then that well contextualizes my understanding that the anti-Christ is a Jesuit, and that the purpose of the Jesuits infiltrating both sides of everything is to attempt to ensure that the anti-Christ's homosexual agenda prevails in the end under the guise of a lie about God and God's agenda. I have criticized on occasion people's belief that my time would have been better spent sucking dick than studying and going to college, and those people must be the Jesuits.

I think the purpose of the rant about this man's distributing company while I was at the mechanic is that he was hacking into my wifi to distribute information in furtherance of his homosexual conspiracy. We coughed when I disabled my wifi and he looked like someone I don't like. This post will remind me to kill him and his family.

I got a spontaneous fat lip while I was in the shower and some piece of black shit that wasn't on the shower wall when I got in suddenly appeared when I noticed that my lip was busted. Therefore, I wish to re-emphasize that attacking one's enemies with non-lethal weapons is an even worse warfighting strategy than not attacking one's enemies at all. It seems not to compute for these people that by attacking me without killing me, they only encourage me to hurt them more later. It is also possible that I bit my lip earlier in the day, and that black thing was my hair which got on the shower wall because I was showering. I am not sure. I think maybe I did bite my lip earlier.

I'm having spontaneous damage appear on my water bottles in this new hotel and I think it's likely that it is connected to the people double booking my room.

UPDATE: Reminder to kill the interceptors on the stairs, one of which called JON! as I turned to walk away from them.

UPDATE: Reminder to kill the "Asian community" and "Six Seven" hecklers in front of the Circle K, and also the cashier in there. Since the hecklers were posted there, I assumed the water was poisoned and I went to get another one. It too was clean when I got it at the store but immediately damaged when I got it into the room. I secured the door when I got in, and I don't think they could have installed a trap door into the neighboring room so quickly. I think there is someone in the room with me even while the they don't have my brain turned off with the rape ray.

UPDATE: I went and got another bottle and I may have spoken too soon on the last bottle's damage appearing before I opened it. I checked the package I had gotten it from, and it appeared to be a manufacturing defect. When I got back from driving 40mph over the speed limit and remarking on getting pulled over, the JON! heckler from earlier intercepted me again to say, "Slow down a little bit." This will remind me to put him into the sick defilement rather than the procedural torture, and the same for the accomplice that was with him.

I'm noticing a pattern in which I mostly start to get raped and poisoned after I re-check into a room at a hotel. To test that, I bought a single week at my last hotel and I was not planning to check in again after that. However, the hotel undermined my intention by cancelling my room key each day and making me re-check in as if I had seven single day reservations instead of a single seven day reservation. My poisoning and rape problem at that hotel started as soon as my key card got cancelled. Those seven days ended, and I checked into another hotel for a single day today. However, there was a "problem" with my Expedia reservation when I got here and they had to check me in manually. After I was in the room for about an hour, some other guy showed up thinking it was his room, and a few minutes later the manager showed up saying, "Why are you in the room whose key I gave you?" She had also assigned my room to this other person. I think this will once again undermine my intention to test if shorter hotel stays affect my rape and torture problem. My rapists will likely now have the predicate to come into my room saying it was assigned to them. Even if the manager fixes it in the system, my rapists can say they checked whose room was my room in the five minutes where the manager assigned it to the other man.

This reminds of the time I went to the hospital to get my dick implants removed. They gave me a wristband with my name spelled wrong, then they did the x-rays which showed the implants, then they attached those x-rays to my wristband's ID, and then they came to give me another wristband saying, "Oops, we spelled your name wrong." After the switched me off of the wristband with my x-rays, they threw my in the smaller slave hole due to psychosis because I thought I had the implants which were documented in the x-ray.

I went to the office and they let me change rooms. As soon as I got into the second room, I noticed that my face and sinuses were suddenly swollen suggesting that I was already poisoned at this hotel.

The other day after I got raped and had another new mole implanted on my face, I contacted Expedia to cancel a reservation. The agent that answered was "George" and he made some comment about, "Let me see what the terms and conditions allow me to do," which was an obvious reference to my recent rape, torture, and facial mutilations. Today, I see that these "terms and conditions" are related to these so-called voting shares. Therefore, I wish to emphasize that only the minions of Satan are more interested in the proxy of authority assigned to these shares than they are in the divine authority of God. Those shares have absolutely nothing to do with me. Those shares are the voting shares in golden cow and nothing more than that. Everyone who is more interested in the proxy assigned to those shares than they are in the truth deserves to be exterminated. The truth is that I have not delegated my proxy to anyone but the minions of Satan tells themselves that I have, and they let the anti-Christ rape me while they argue about the shares instead of submitting themselves to God.

Those shares have absolutely nothing to do with me or my authority. They are only an object of fascination among the heathens.

I stopped updating my post last night but I kept going back to the store and observing damage spontaneously appear on the bottle as soon as I opened it. It was at least five bottles, and maybe six or seven. This article seems to reference the 4chan IDs lying to me about my water being poisoned but it is wrong to "Torzi's generals" my generals. I don't know who does that bullshit about fucking with my internet but I told them to stop plenty of times. Despite my many requests, they never stop making a mockery with their position of lordship over me. I want my computer to connect to the ordinary internet without gangstalker men-in-the-middle attacks but Torzi's generals deny me and serve my enemy instead. In fact, the Satanists' efforts to sabotage my internet connection is such a big deal in the grand scheme of things, it made it onto the first page of the Bible.

Cardinal Becciu Not Bound by Pontifical Secret in Vatican Finance Trial, Judge Rules

> Cardinal Angelo Becciu can testify against his fellow defendant in the Vatican finance trial, the self-described "security consultant" Cecilia Marogna

>Wednesday's audience consisted of more than four hours of questioning of Msgr. Mauro Carlino

>In his testimony, Msgr. Carlino made numerous references to God and to his priesthood

>Msgr. Carlino testified that Archbishop Pena Parra had asked him to involve himself, as his trusted go-between, in finishing the Secretariat of State's negotiations over the London property.

>Gianluigi Torzi, the man who brokered the last part of the deal, had sold the secretariat the 30,000 majority shares in the holding company through which the London property was purchased, while retaining the 1,000 shares with voting rights.

>According to Msgr. Carlino, Pope Francis was anxious for the secretariat to gain control of the property and close the negotiation with Torzi with the smallest payment possible. According to Msgr. Carlino, Pope Francis was anxious for the secretariat to gain control of the property and close the negotiation with Torzi with the smallest payment possible.

>The priest said that Archbishop Peña Parra asked for his help, in obedience and confidentiality, to resolve the "serious mistake" of the 1,000 voting shares.

>Msgr. Carlino pointed the finger at Msgr. Alberto Perlasca, another priest working at the Secretariat of State at the time, who has not been charged after becoming a key witness for the prosecution. Msgr. Perlasca was the head of the administrative office and the official who signed the documents of authorization which led the voting shares to be assigned to Torzi.

Here I understand that the judge, Pigantone whose fake name refers to my book, said that someone, maybe Romero Cavalcanti, can testify against Helene (or someone) who's using a fake name which references an Italian curse word. Carlino must be Carlos "The Jackal" Cavalcanti whose "priesthood" would be Opus Dei. Torzi must be George Tooker, or Joseph George Tooker if that's not a different person, who is Evil Dad using the "voting shares" which are rightfully mine to constantly rape and torture me, to hold me in the slave hole, to make a mockery of my life, and to poison everything I touch while burning the wick on the days of my life. This article seems to say that Pope Francis wanted Evil Dad to get the voting shares. It also says the Archbishop of P2 freemasonry is calling it a "serious mistake" that Evil Dad got the voting shares but I do not believe that. I think the mistake was only in their estimation of what he would do with the shares that they willfully assigned to him as an act of knowing rebellion against God. Calling that a mistake is kind of like when Helene says, "I just meant to hurt you a little bit," in defense of her raping me as a child and hurting me very much. That's not a good defense because if she meant to hurt me, then she admits the crime of which she is accused. I have no idea about who Perlasca might be. Maybe he is Romero and Becciu is someone else. In this other article, Perlasca said, "Pope Francis authorized the Secretariat of State to negotiate with businessman Gianluigi Torzi, who brokered the final stage of the London deal and is one of the trial's defendants."

I had a strange dream. I was driving back east again but the bridge over the Rio Grande was out, and it was a huge river like the Mississippi, almost too wide to see across. When I got there, I could see the bridge go about half way out into the water where it stopped due to ongoing construction. I got off the highway and drove down as close to the river as I could. From the street, all I could see was a giant berm of red dirt that the highway passed over on its way across the river. Some guy on a dirt bike showed up and quickly climbed the giant mound of red dirt. At the top he said that actually the bridge was not out and he went across. I could not see but I wanted to check since this person contradicted what I thought I saw from the elevated highway. Somehow I was suddenly with Helene and we both began to climb the mound of dirt. Although it had seemed to be only a steep embankment, the dirt turned into a vertical cliff of dirt as we climbed. I got stuck climbing about halfway up because it was too steep. I thought I would fall by making my hand- and footholds in the loose dirt of the huge vertical wall. Although I was very high up when I stopped advancing, I somehow dismounted the cliff and was wandering around near a house I used to live in in Shadow Hills in Tucson. I had acquired a walkie talkie and some headphones for it, and I was using them. Chris Moriarty was having a party at that house and there was some current among me and the other people that it was weird that Chris was the only one to ever have parties there. He was trying to get the party organized over the walkie talkie and I was messing with him by also talking on his channel. Somehow, he ended up thanking me for something and he gave me a big hug. Then I was at the house in Quail Run on Black Oak Trail where I was mowing the lawn in the back yard. The daylight was failing as I was almost finishing what I was doing on a red ride-on lawn mower. Some east Indian people showed up and were doing something with cryptocurrency in the back yard there. When I was done or almost done mowing, John Roberts/Rod Williams appeared and he was swearing me in to something. He was telling me to repeat the words he was saying but I could not hear him for the most part over another lawnmower running somewhere else. I would ask him to repeat what he wanted me to say when I could not hear, or I would lean in as if to say, "Huh?," but he would just keep going on as if it didn't really matter if I repeated the words or not. Eventually, he told me that it was good enough and I was sworn in. I was wondering what I had got sworn in to since I hadn't heard most of what he was saying, and I was wandering around in the back yard. I found Roberts/Williams back there and I asked him what he swore me in to. He would not tell me so I pinned him to the ground and began to choke him. While I was choking him, I demanded that he tell me what the swearing in had been about. He refused and I continued to choke him. Then Helene appeared and demanded that Roberts tell me. She said to him, "Say it!" Then he said, "Forgive me!!!," but he would not answer my question and I continued to choke him. Then a lawnmower or a leaf blower outside my hotel room woke me up.

Someone turned my brain off with the rape ray today to come into my room, scuff up my water bottle, slice the carrying handle, and to poison it. This happened right after the person outside my door yelled POOKIE! I had been drinking the water and it was fine, but then as soon as the person yelled POOKIE! and I took another sip, my face swelled up and my throat became sore. Then I examined the bottle and found it to be in a condition completely other than the condition which I had carefully note when I bought it about an hour earlier. Also, all of the IDs on 4chan when I asked if it was poisoned said NO, and they were being dishonest.

UPDATE: I went and bought two more water bottles and checked them very closely at the store. I drank one which may or may not have been poisoned. Now I picked up the second bottle and I see that it has extensive damage on it which was not present when I bought it at the store about an hour ago.

UPDATE: I just bought another bottle and checked it very carefully when I was in the store, and when I came back to my room. As soon as I opened it and set it on my desk, I immediately noticed more anomalous damage on the bottle suggesting that someone had raped me with the rape ray yet again and poisoned my water, yet again.

UPDATE: I just bought another bottle and checked it very carefully when I was in the store, and when I came back to my room. As soon as I opened it and took a sip, even without sitting down, I immediately noticed more anomalous damage on the bottle. I sipped it, the door next door slammed, they yelled YEP, and then there was suddenly damage on the bottle suggesting that someone is coming into my room basically every five minutes this evening and the dozen people standing out front are all watching them do it.

This week I got anally raped at least four times, twice when people were putting new RAPE DICK implants and twice when they were coming out, in addition to getting anally raped for the same reason in New Mexico about two weeks ago. I got new implants in both of my balls this week, a new mole implanted on my face, and new ZAPPERS all over my body, particularly new ones all over my scrotum.

The soldiers in my enemies' army started shit with me at the restaurant this evening, predictably. One day, I will remember to take my headphones with me when I go out. When I came out of the restaurant, there were some people in the parking lot making aggressive body movements, punching open palms, etc. One of them said, "JON! You can't be talking like that," as if to demonstrate his ignorance in addition to his wickedness. When I got back to the hotel, my balls were hurting slightly more than usual. The internet said I got two new implants. I checked the Bible and it said nothing other than affirmations of healing. Though my balls still ache, it has rolled back a little from how it was when I first got back to the hotel. However, I wonder if I do not still have another new one in my right testicle. It is hard to tell because the other ones from months ago were never taken out and there is no baseline of not having my balls electroshocked all day against which I might compare my present condition.

Regarding these pieces of shit that torment me everywhere I go, speech is a highly effective weapon of psychological warfare. Indeed, I would suggest it is the main weapon of psychological warfare. Sometimes people refer to "just talking" as if speech being "just talking" somehow causes psychological warfare to cease being an act of war, which is wrong and stupid. Sometimes people who are too weak to wage conventional warfare are forced to resort to psychological warfare as their most powerful offensive weapon. Then, like little worms, they cite "just talking" as a defensive rampart for their impotence in warfighting.

This is my message to those people: It's not that you're not making war on me. The issue is that you are making war on me from a position of profound weakness where you have arrived at the end of thousands of years of God fighting back against the forces of Satan through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. You would kill Jesus again if you could, but God has put you in a place where now you are not strong enough for that. Soon, I will punish you for what you did when you were stronger. I will also punish your children for it.

A few minutes ago, two stalkers came and got in the view out of my window. They appeared to be in the likeness of the two managers at the hotel I just left in Marana. As soon as they positioned themselves in my view, a MEGA TAPPING struck on the wall next to my head. In the few minutes since they appeared, the TAPPING problem is very much worse than it was. My ZAPPERS and TESTICLE CRUSHERS have picked up in the last few minutes too.

When I was staying at the Long Island Marriott in Antarctica, I was making some comments about how I have never been in such a vile cesspit of human filth as when I was going to Exide's office in Milton, GA. Soon after, some Rod Williams-affiliated stalker appeared near the hotel's elevator to proclaim indignantly, "Excuse me?!?!," as if his spying on me, stalking me, heckling me, etc, wasn't proving my point, but rather somehow he had exempted himself from my proclamation about the people I found in Exide's office. I just googled REI and went to got a metal cup, and I think that one was there to intercept me.

I got poisoned last night without eating or drinking anything so I switched hotels again. The bathroom at my new hotel looks just like the bathroom at Helene's house, which is strange. Within about 5 minutes of getting here, someone placed a Cheerio on my doorstep, someone turned my brain off to bring a black wire into my room, and there were about three more broken black ring broken curse omens. However, the LRAD persists, it seemed like Rod Williams was pretending to be a homeless man near my car, and someone in an adjacent room has banged on the wall in the corner the last three times I went over to that side of the room.

I have been watching Stargate SG1 lately. It is very dense it time travel related themes being inserted into the writing. By that, I mean the show often references what is happening contextually in my life as I watch it. For instance, two days ago I mentioned that Vigano made this hand sign referring the masonic symbol on his chest while making a comment about "his means" in his video about Satan taking over the Vatican. Then yesterday in s01e17 of Stargate, they inserted this into the show which seems to be O'Neill saying the same thing. Also, these two guest stars from this episode are Rod Williams from Exide and the Jigsaw killer from Saw, and that is also another thing in the episode that is probably not a coincidence. Rod is saying, "When I saw you, you seemed to fit the description," in the scene where is most easily recognizable and you can kind of see where the prosthetic face is attached to his cheeks. Also, that's *when I saw you,* seeming to refer to the other guy. That other actor could easily be the one who said to me, "We've got something real nice for you," in summer 2016 while referring to the job at Exide which would be the worst thing that ever happened to me.

The density of the time travel writing in Stargate SG1 is high compared to other shows I found such writing in, such as the X-files. Stargate has it more than other shows and I wonder which Dad-affiliated person Hammond is supposed to be. Perhaps he is the one who came to visit me in Atlanta around 2010.

Aviation Experts Baffled By Crash Of China Eastern Airlines Flight MU5735

>"You need something to hold the nose down,"

This gang that has this face as their gang sign is going to get exterminated. Boing probably designed and operated the brain scanner they have implanted in my asshole and I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the rape ray they use to turn my brain off also depends on a Boing system. That's what this "hold the nose down" comment sounds like to me. I suppose there is a good chance that this is related to me getting raped at the QT on the night before the plane crashed. All Boeing employees are going to get killed, and their families too.

The inflection point in the onset of my poisoning in Brooklyn was some kike that followed me out of the Wholesome Farms Market to go sit in his car with license plate HYY 7712 (Hiiii 762.) That poisoning got so bad, I left and went to Florida where I was immediately raped twice and constantly poisoned. Then I came to Arizona and I was raped on the way when I stopped to go to the bathroom. In my hotel in Arizona, some faggot has checked in downstairs with the license plate UPD 7712. The arrangement of his stuff in his car and in his room is an obvious mockery of the stuff in my car and room, the duck on his dashboard is also a malicious reference. Now the 7712 license plate has once again signalled the onset of constant poisoning. Furthermore, the RAZORX license plate appeared on the day they poisoned my lube with the nano-razor DICK PAIN INFLICTOR implants, and that car has now also taken up permanent residence in this hotel.

I threw away all my water and went to buy some new water. I brought it back to my room and drank a big draught of it and it was fine. The container did not have any marks on it. Then I sat at the table with my water for about 20 minutes during which time CHAH was very loud on the LRAD. Then I drank some more water and got an immediate sore throat and my face started to flush. Then I looked at the water bottle and noticed that someone had taken a marker to put a black mark on the label. Since I was sitting with the water the whole time, someone must have used the rape ray on me to come into my room to poison my water. I'm pretty sure whoever this faggot I posted is supposed to me is walking around pretending to be the manager of this hotel. As soon as I began to make a post about it, the guys in the pool across the parking lot began to shout RIGHT! RIGHT! RIGHT!

The people to kill from my trip to the store tonight include the following. The girl who said, "Do you still buy blue?," and the other girl with her. The man who approached me on his phone wearing all black. The other man in black who approached me and said, "Start simple." The man at the checkout who shouted JON! The main who said something like, "Oh we're all going to be sorry." The man who said, "I thought you were stealing," and the girl who was standing behind him smiling about it.

Ketanji Brown Jackson's Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings Begin

If this is a real person, she got selected because Helene's head can fit inside her head in a way amenable to Helene luxuriating in her Satanism. That would put Helene on the Supreme Court along side Steve Collins as John Roberts and Joey Collins as Neil Gorsuch, not to mention who those other people might be. I suspect Clarence Thomas is the Clarence I hated while I was working at Lexis Nexis.

This QuickTrip near my hotel is selling poisoned food and water just like the stores near my old hotels. Some guy intercepted me when I went in tonight and then he stayed at the cash register talking to the cashier while I walked around. When I got in line to pay, he moved behind me and kept talking. When I finished, he said, "You're fine as long as they don't pat you down." I think it's likely that he raped me in the store and molested me while he had my brain turned off. Reminder to check on that and to kill both of them and their families if so.

At Vatican financial trial, Cardinal Becciu says he is not afraid of the truth

>According to Vatican prosecutors, the cardinal sent more than $276,000 from the Vatican to a personal account belonging to his brother Antonino Becciu, who runs Spes, a charitable organization

>Marogna, referred to as "the cardinal's lady" by Italian media, claimed in an earlier statement to the court that the exact nature of her intelligence work is protected by a pontifical seal of secrecy, but on Thursday Vatican judges postponed a ruling on her claim until they can inquire directly to the Vatican Secretariat of State.

>The Vatican judges said Becciu will be called to the stand again April 6 to address the charges concerning Marogna and the purchase of the property in London. On March 30, the judges are scheduled to hear the testimony of Monsignor Mauro Carlino, Becciu's ex-secretary.

>"Before my brother's charitable work I, as a priest, blush," Becciu said.

>"I wish to declare here immediately with the strength and transparency of my conscience: I never meant for a euro, or even a cent, that I managed or was aware of, to be subtracted, ill-used or destined for goals that weren't exclusively institutional," said Becciu.

This comment about institutional purposes is like he is saying he did pay to build the backroom maze but it was ok because it was for church business. His brother's charity's name is bit much like "spies" and given the context of the woman being a kidnap hostage negotiator, that seems not unlikely. Becciu's further comment about his brother's charity, in the light of the backrooms maze being church business, makes it seems like the brother is kidnapping and murdering people.

The judge (pictured above) reminds me of someone that I liked at Alliance. Becciu reminds me of someone I did not like at Alliance.

After I made my recent post about Shit Eye being the man in the goatse photo, this Shit Eye cat got posted as to confirm what I had said about goatse. All of those cat people are working together and I do not believe it when they tell me that some of them serve two masters. The Bible says it is impossible to serve two masters.

I will add some details about my experience at the laundromat this evening. After I started my clothes, I moved my car to where I could sit in it and have a clear line of sight to the machine I was using. My ELECTROCONVULSOR was going off way more than normal and some homeless guy pulled up on a bike. He was messing with the stuff he had tethered to his bike for several minutes. I don't recall if the ELECTROCOVNULSOR sexual torture attacks started before or after he pulled up. The ELECTROCONVULSOR was going so frequently, I wondered if the homeless man was doing it. At the exact second I wondered it, he immediately walked away from his bike and then walked the long way to the bathroom in the laundromat where the short way would not have allowed him to walk past my machine. They may have turned my brain off with the rape ray to hide him pouring poison into the soap tray on my machine. A half empty plastic bottle of soda may have spontaneously appeared on the table in front of me. The homeless man came out and went back to his bike. Some woman pulled up next to me in a white car on my left, and my LEFT TESTICLE CRUSHER was immediately activated. She was very keen to stick her camera in my face. When she went in and I could see her using the machine through the window to my right, the RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER was activated. My load finished and it stunk so I threw it in another washer. When I was checking to see if the second wash was done, some guy came in and told me he was giving away a bike if I wanted it. As he spoke to me, he flashed a black plastic star of David at me which he was holding in his hand. His reference to the bike seemed like it referred to the suspected homeless poisoner who had arrived on another bike. Then I made the earlier post. Then when my clothed were in the dryer, the homeless guy came back and rode off on the bike which the black plastic guy had left out front. This post will remind me to kill all of these people, and their children, and it will remind to make the torture I put on the black plastic man make him wish I had killed him with a look.

I scrolled past this cat picture which triggered me. I fucking hate these cats and the more I hate them, the more they get posted. I had a recent ID say the orange cat was my best friend but that seems almost impossible since he is coordinating with this other piece of shit that I hate, the cat at the top, to post these cat faces that I also hate. After I decided to make a post about how these cat people are not only posting memes that I hate, but they are also simulating my fake internet, another skeptical orange cat spontaneously appeared as if to say that I am wrong for hating his meme, and that he is not wrong for antagonizing me with the meme that I hate. The spontaneous appearance of the second orange in my scrolling suggests that the orange cat man has appointed himself above me as one of the curators of my fake internet. And... sudden appearance is exactly what this post is about. After I clicked on the cat picture and became incensed by the cat face at the top, I made a post about how they know I don't like those cats and they keep posting them. (And then the orange cat suddenly appeared again as if to emphasize that he knows I don't like it and he does it anyways.) Before the orange cat got reposted, and getting to the point of this post, I finished scrolling to the bottom of /biz/ where the image above appeared with the comment "me on the far right." This little face peeking is a clear reference to the small cat at the top of the other picture. The time stamps on these posts were not such that there is any possible explanation other than my enemies simulating an entirely fake internet. So, I will kill all of them, and all of their children, and I will make them filthy in the most disrespectful possible fashion before the die. These people have appointed themselves above me and I will put them in their place below me.

I'm doing my laundry at a new laundromat this evening. When I took my load of clothes out of the washer, they stunk and I assume someone poisoned my laundry. As soon as I typed that, someone across the parking lot yelled HAHAHAHA! and then CAN YOU HEAR ME? If someone did poison it, they must have turned my brain off because I was sitting looking directly at my washing machine for the whole cycle. After they didn't smell good, I washed them again instead of throwing them in the dryer. When I went to see if the second wash was done, some little piece of shit approached me and began to speak to me. He flashed a small black plastic star of David at me in his hand while he spoke. Then he fucked off but changed his mind and turned around to speak to me some more. He told me that if looks could kill, I would kill him.