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Deutsche Bank Offices Raided By Police On Money Laundering Concerns

Morgan Stanley's Frankfurt Offices Raided As Part Of Cum-Ex Tax Fraud Probe

>The Morgan Stanley raid is related to the "rapidly widening" Cum-Ex scandal

I've been saying that the Deutsche Bank records Trump has been successfully hiding must be related to him trafficking my stolen semen. I think it must be no coincidence that the scandal is now getting celled the cum scandal.

I have at least two ZAPPERS in the head of my dick again, not to mention three to ten in a ring around the shaft about 0.5mm beneath the head, about five to ten more on the outside of the shaft, several ZAPPERS in the urethra, WRIGGLERS in the urethra, and also the FLAGSTAFF DEEP URETHRA ULTRA ZAPPER.

When I was in New York, I made an appointment with a doctor to seek treatment for the severe injuries on my penis. When I got there, the staff were stalker interceptors and the doctor kind of jerked me off when he was examining me. When I arrived in the lobby and signed the patient registration, I saw that the name before mine was "David Cirillo." He was standing in the middle of the lobby staring intently at the staff as if he was angry that they were making a mockery of my intention to seek medical help for ~50 implants in my dick. The doctor's office was in Brooklyn but he later intercepted me as a stalker in Nassau. That doctor's appointment was about two years ago.

"Do The F-ing Alfa-Bank Story": The Fight Over "Privileged" Fusion GPS Emails

>Documents involving Fusion GPS's provision of opposition research and media-related strategies to Hillary for America, the DNC, and Perkins Coie. This includes the Fusion GPS/Perkins Coie contract

>The Court granted Durham's motion to compel production of documents for in camera review (meaning review by the judge). The purpose of this step is so the judge can determine whether the attorney-client privilege and/or the work product protections apply to these documents and communications.

>The transcript also provides additional info on Fusion GPS witness Laura Seago, who was in meetings with Sussmann and Joffe and has been granted immunity to testify.

I think "Laura Seago" must be Maureen Cirillo: the HR manager that did my onboarding at Exide. I called her in late 2018 to confirm that all the agreements that had been created when I was hired were also terminated when I quit. (That night, there was a very strange spike in the "cable" chart showing the rate between USD and GBP.) When I called her, she did not confirm that the agreements had been terminated. Instead she said, "Oh! You'll have to talk to Rhonda Leeper about that." Then she eventually stopped answering my calls and emails, and Exide presented me with a "Mr Gay" for the remainder of my inquiries. He refused to confirm that the agreements had been terminated, he refused to provide me with copies of the agreements, and he called the cops on me and had them issue me criminal trespass notice against continuing to try to get the copies of the agreements.

I switched back to a gym to shower. I filmed myself in the bathroom but the camera was blocked from seeing into the shower stall by the shower curtain. I reviewed the footage and from when I got in until I noticed the familiar hair ideogram again, for about the the fifth time, was about two minutes. I was raped and I got new RAPE DICK implants around the 1:00 position which has been buzzing since I left the gym in addition to the 9:00 RAPE DICK that has been going all day, despite everyone at Home Depot saying I was already down to the minimum. Until a day or two ago, the minimum was a low-ish one around 11:00 but apparently now the medium one at 9:00 is permanent again. I wonder if the new 1:00 one is also permanent and undocumented RAPE DICKs will b the latest in a string of unopposed rape escalations going back several years. I didn't get new MEGA RAPE DICK while I was in there, but the new one at 1:00 is unmistakable, as was the other new one around 9:00 which I got when I was raped earlier in the day. In the gif, I poke my head out of the shower at the moment I noticed the ideogram. The music in the gym also suddenly stopped when I noticed it.

I set up my desk in Woodruff Park this morning to work on my paper before I will likely be poisoned to the point that I do not feel like doing anything, as was the case yesterday and on many other days. After I set up my table and chair in the shade, one of the park guards came and asked me to move from the entrance to the kiosk, which I was blocking. I know the kiosk is rarely used when the park isn't having events and my well informed opinion was that I would not be blocking anyone's entry because no one would try to enter. I asked the guard what rule I was breaking and he refused to cite one. Eventually, he asked me to do it as a favor to him, which I agreed to do. I asked him if he was planning on going into the kiosk because I was going to refuse to move if he was just telling me to move when he had no intention to go in there (as was my assumption when setting up there to begin with.) He said he was planning to go in there but that was a lie. He went into close the window saying he didn't want me looking at his face, but I would not have been looking at his face since he was lying about wanting to go in there.

He asked me to move as a personal favor to him and I agreed because he lied to me about his intended entry. Had I not been sitting there, entering the kiosk never would have crossed him mind, in my opinion. When i agreed to move, he had parked his Segway next to my desk. I asked him to move it so I could slide my desk to the side and remain in the optimally well shaded are next to the kiosk. However, he refused to move it. He escalated the situation by becoming non-responsive, taking out his pepper spray, and calling for back up. When the backup personnel came, the lead agent became somewhat offended that I had asked what rule I was breaking by having my desk where it was but he also refused to cite any rule that I was breaking. I said, "Is it against the rules to have my desk there?," and he said it was, but I think he was lying. None of the three agents cited the rule with which I was not complying. The one agent said there was a rule, but he didn't cite it. My opinion is that he didn't cite it because it doesn't exist. He asked why I would even ask what rule I was breaking and I told him it was because park guards in the past have made up nonsense rules as an excuse to start fucking with me. I think they did the same thing today within about five minutes of me entering the park.

Since then, my RAPE DICK and LEFT TESTICLE CRUSHER have been going off non-stop, several people are filming me, and some were heckling me at the pause in the sound pumped into my headphones on repeat. I switched to the unending loop noise now but the LRAD is being pumped directly into my headphones and they have added the DEEP URETHRA ZAPPER and ELECTROCONVULSOR to the LEFT TESTICLE CRUSHER, RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER, RAPE DICK, and HECKLERS.

The Clinton Campaign Is About To Lose Its Privilege Fight

>Documents involving Fusion GPS's provision of opposition research and media-related strategies to Hillary for America, the DNC, and Perkins Coie. This includes the Fusion GPS/Perkins Coie contract

>Today, Special Counsel Durham addressed those arguments by providing to the court the FEC findings where the agency found "probable cause to believe" the DNC and Hillary for America violated the law by hiding the real purpose of payments meant for Fusion GPS as "legal and compliance consulting."

Someone has spray painted "ORBIS" all around Atlanta. When I was staying downtown a few years ago, someone wrote "PONDER" all over the place and I was considering these things in the context of the ORB crypto coin whose thing is that it is to be "pondered." However, I had not previously noticed this vendor Orbis Business Intelligence in the story about my rapists trying to fuck me to death.

Besieged Azovstal Steel Plant "Worse Than Hell"

Much like I mentioned the likeness between John Robert's name and Joffe, Rodney's name, I think the Steel Plant is the Salt Pit.

Michael Sussmann Evidentiary Hearing: The Transcript: And---more info on the investigation into Rodney Joffe

>When Sussmann's attorneys brought up the fact that Joffe couldn't be charged due to the 5-year statute of limitations, the Special Counsel responded that "certain statutes of limitations are longer than five years." The court asked for an example, and the Special Counsel referenced 18 U.S.C. 1031, "which involves defrauding the government in connection with procurement and contract matters."

I have mentioned in several previous posts that Rodney Joffe must be Rodney "Jefe" Williams, my boss when I was served a fraud contract as an offer of employment at Exide in the summer of 2016. This contract was the kernel of the Strzokian "anti-Trump" insurance policy attached to the commencement of "Operation Crossfire Hurricane" whose potential (and obvious) wrongful initiation is being investigated, allegedly, by Durham. I have also mentioned several times that I thought Rodney Williams was really John Roberts who would be able to enforce the terms of the fraud contract, no matter how outrageous, without calling me to testify that the contract was proper by malfeasance is his position as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. However, it was not until I read this article that I noticed the likeness of

ROdney JOffe and ROberts, JOhn.

I hope and assume that the documents whose compelled production were the topic of the Durham hearing last Wednesday are the ones that show the conspiracy to defraud me with whatever contract has been getting me raped and tortured for the last five years, and left to rot in the gutter like the piece of trash Helene and her friends obviously think I am.

Today was much like the sushi restaurant in Florida when I left New York. I was sitting under the bridge minding my business peacefully. Then some little piece of shit pulled into the illegal parking spot in front of me on the side of the highway. He got out of his vehicle with an accomplice and several other accomplices in two trailing vehicles. He then positioned himself directly in front of me so as to stare at me with one eye past the head of his accomplice. It was a deliberate act of psychological warfare and I yelled at him to stop while barging toward him (but never getting near him.) Then some other piece of shit came and started jabbing me with his finger in the world's most textbook case of simple battery. The one who attacked me by putting his hands on me then demanded that I not yell at the men who had come to antagonize me, and he kept calling them "kids" although they were all far past any reasonable age of adulthood. Eventually, they fucked off and some other stalkers came to set up in front of me but further away down the exit ramp I was parked on. After some time went by, I ate some food in my car and I noticed it was poisoned. All of the homeless people under the bridge indicated that the second group of stalkers had poisoned me. I continued to sit in my spot under the bridge until the TESTICLE CRUSHERS and RAPE DICK started again.

At that time, someone identified himself a "Cavalcanti" with the name Daunte, and told me he was the one who I have called Neck Vein: someone who wormed his way into my life to begin through one of the darkest melees of evil in the history of the world. He told me that it was his job to make sure the evil people get what they deserve, and I think he meant that he determined I should be anally raped and subjected to testicular stabbing and testicular electroshock because I had so egregiously violated the protocols of polite society by yelling angrily in the homeless tent city beneath the bridge. It was lost on him, apparently (and assuming that I understood what he meant), that those people were deliberately attacking me with their psychological warfare techniques and then I angrily demanded that they stop tormenting me. However, it was decided by Daunte or his associates that among those people coming to antagonize me, me yelling, and the other man battering me, I was the evil one and it was appropriate that I should be anally raped. Daunte told me I had to be smart and apparently, he did not think it was stupid for the other people involved in the altercation to throw their lives away and the lives of their families for the opportunity to bother me for several minutes.

I asked Daunte if he hated me and he said no. I asked him if he wanted me to die and he said no. I asked him what his religion was and I think he lied to me saying he had none so as to avoid my allegation of his hypocrisy due to his disguisecraft. Instead, he said his religion was to treat others as he would like to be treated, by which I think he meant to imply some hypocrisy or wrongdoing on my part. However, that is a failure of his rhetoric to be effective because I do not mind if people yell to demand that I stop doing something they don't like. Then I asked him if he wants me to kill all the people I hate and he said no, so I think this was a proud agent of the Catholic church both denying his religion dishonestly and then honestly declaring that he prefers the will of God not be done.

After that, I drove around and got some food. As I was eating in the parking lot of the chicken place, some man pulled up directly in front of me and called me Pookie. I told him not to call me that and he lied about having done it. Then, although he had pulled up directly in front of where I was already standing and looking, he began to angrily demand that I look away. In both cases, under the bridge and at the chicken place, they cried in pain as they attacked me. Then I went back to the bridged area.

When the sun set, the people there started yelling to announce my TESTICLE CRUSHER implants being activated, as they have been throughout the duration of the creation of this post. I think the scenario at the bridge was just like the one in Florida. My enemies shattered the peace with their psychological warfare and then cited my verbal response as a breaking of the peace. However, there was no peace because the state of war had already been initiated by my stalkers' psychological warfare operations. However, they had cried out when they struck me, and then the servants of Satan decided that psychological warfare is not warfare, a falsehood, and that yelling is an act of war, and apparently that the man who battered me was likewise not in the wrong, and now I assume I am going to get raped under that bridge every time I go there because these jews or jew helpers cried out when they struck me.

As I was finishing this, the LRAD cranked up and I suddenly have pepper spray rubbed in my eye, and a car began to honk its horn as I noticed that someone had sprayed pepper spray in my eye for the second time this evening. After I typed that, pepper spray suddenly got in my other eye and the car honked again immediately when I noticed it. More LRAD with the streetlight I'm using suddenly becoming dimmer, and more CHAH LRAD while I typed that. More LRAD with more failure of the streetlight above me. After completing a reread for edits, I seem to have acquired a new RIGHT NIPPLE ZAPPER and the LRAD is fucking with me again.


I am reading Wilczek's paper about quantum time crystals today. I have looked at very many papers as citations for my own forthcoming (long) paper, and this is one is the best one I have read. It is really great and I don't feel like the author is pulling my leg at all as I read it. Wilczek is very smart and his Nobel prize is well deserved. There is also a twin paper on classical time crystals that he wrote with Shapere as the first author. I think probably Wilczek did not have all the cases of Lagrangians memorized so he contacted Shapere for that, they collaborated, and then Wilczek made the extension into quantum time crystals as his own paper. Collaboration and further institutional study are things I would like to do if I was not exiled from academia. Much like Einstein reached out to Grossmann when he did not know tensor calculus, and here Wilczek seems to have reached out to Shapere for the catalog of Lagrangians, I would like to be able to collaborate on the development of my ideas with people who are more expert in certain areas than I am. Particularly, the algebraic language of group theory seems to be a favorite of physics professionals in describing classes of theories whereas I feel like the group picture obfuscates the geometric picture which is the main arena of my research program. I have greatly benefited in eschewing the algebraic picture, but I think my own lack of appreciation for the group picture reflects, to an extent, my incomplete matriculation into the level of expertise where the algebraic language is needed. Certainly, I would benefit from collaborations (and not being homeless).

In the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, God determines he should destroy the city. Abraham asks if God will save it for the sake of a few righteous men within. Eventually, God agrees not to destroy it if there are ten righteous men there. He sends his angels to investigate. The locals in the town are right there waiting to immediately fuck them in the ass when they enter. Since that was the norm for that town, God determined that there were not ten righteous men within it and then he destroyed it, famously. Even though there were certainly ten men not involved in the attempted assfucking, God determined the whole city was evil because that was the culture they had in that city.

The city in which I find myself is very much the same, and also very much worse. Rather than one attempted assfucking, there are hundreds or thousands of assfuckings and the rapists are not only waiting at the entrance to the city. There are anal rapists waiting for me literally everywhere I go, and this place is almost infinitely more evil than what was recounted for the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Furthermore, one expects that the rapists in the Bible would have raped to their satisfaction and then moved on, but the kind of anal rape I am subject to never satisfies my rapists. Instead, they are driven to constantly rape me because they seek to satisfy a desire for malice and sadism rather than a less psychotic sexual desire. AND... the population here is the one who finds such things to be in good order. Although a lot of the bystanders will say, "You shouldn't kill me because I wasn't the one fucking you in the ass," the story in the Bible shows that God determined the bystanders were guilty of the sins they condoned. Then God killed them all, and all of their children, except Lot whose descendants the Ammonites and Moabites later fell under a terrible curse of exclusion from the assembly of the Lord. (Thus suggesting that God should have flatly told Abraham NO and avoided the eternal nuisance that they Ammonites and Moabites became.)

I find the bystanders here guilty of the same and, indeed, that story is probably the adaptation of my own current events. This place is the penultimate paradigm of a city of wickedness: homosexual anal rapists waiting everywhere and making anal rape an ordinary daily occurrence condoned by the body of the city's denizens.

The stalkers from today (so far) include the following. When I parked to go to sleep for the night, two stalkers immediately pulled up behind me to point their flashlights and cameras at me. When I woke up, someone had backed their car up conspicuously in front of mine and was waiting there for me in the morning. When I went to take a shower, someone said my dick wasn't long enough, and the other one started talking about being "bisexual," which is a subgenus of homosexual, as he heckled me about LA Fitness where I recently got raped several times in the shower. The one who said it was not long enough did subsequently recant his libelous slander. The second one suggested another gym where I might shower without being raped, and I will try it. The graffiti near that other one conforms to quality standards. When I went to Lowes, I got new RAPE DICK implants and some woman in front of the store told me my dick was short. I went to use the bathroom at Waffle House and some young girls called my name and began to mock and heckle me. Later, I used the bathroom at Landmark where I seem to have gotten more new RAPE DICK implants. After I came out of the bathroom, someone said something about "a good stretch" and there was someone else who came into the bathroom to floss his teeth. The tranny waiter waved at me as well as if to imply that she enjoyed knowing I was getting raped.

Large Hadron Collider restarts

>The world's largest and most powerful particle accelerator has restarted after a break of more than three years for maintenance

>Other things to look forward to in Run 3 include the operation of two new experiments, FASER and SND@LHC, designed to look for physics beyond the Standard Model

This morning I stopped at the bank. While I was waiting one of the workers said, "I finna get own that," and my RAPE DICK immediately activated. The two people she was with laughed and the three of the, continued to mock me. Reminder to kill all of them. After that, I parked my car and it was peaceful for a few moments. Then some cackling, raucous baboon ran by pointing her phone at me and my RAPE DICK immediately reactivated. Reminder to kill all of these people. Someone heckled me while I was typing that and the van parked next to me flashed its lights at me when I was lookin around to see who it was, and it flashed them again as I wrote that.

Russia Hoax: Durham Staffer Accidentally Reveals Emails Showing Coordination Between Fusion GPS And Media

>It looks like John Durham is using the prosecution of Sussmann, and all the details within the case, to box in a very easy prosecution of Michael Sussmann’s boss, the infamous Democrat lawyer, Marc Elias.

>Perkins Coie and Marc Elias are clearly and purposefully outlined as having the major role in the activity of Sussmann.

>Marc Elias is the biggest Lawfare fish in the world of Democrats. He is the primary legal mind and legal entity around the entire Democrat apparatus from elections to electoral maps.

>Bottom Line: Marc Elias is protected by both wings of the professionally political UniParty.

My understanding is that Mark Alias is Joey Collins whose office in the Collins Cold Storage Warehouse on Southside Industrial Parkway near the Atlanta airport sits on top of the main entrance to the backrooms maze. "Alias" being in the "Uniparty" refers to him being "El Mencho": the so-called "boss" of the Jalisco Cartel Nuevo Generacion whose real name is "Joel's Co.: The Next Generation" as Joel Steven "Steve" Collins hands over the reigns to Joel Steven "Joey" Collins in the drug and human trafficking business (and worse) that they run at the State Farmer's Market in Forest Park, GA. Joey and Steve share the name Joel Steven Collins and I think their real names are Joel Steven Cohen which they hide so as to appear as gentiles in the Georgia business community. This picture of goatse in the backrooms maze is placed at t=211s in this backrooms video to call attention to the fact goatse is really named Tooker: a man who uses the Biden mask these days, was certainly instrumental in the fraudulent election, *and* everything else since 9/11. I assume this is "Torzi's" face drawn on the wall deep in the torture hotel beneath "Mark Alias'" office on Southside Industrial Parkway.

This tattoo is the obvious likeness of a giant, winding, raised, purple keloid scar on the hip of Steve Collins of Collins Brothers Produce in Forest Park, GA. Jynx Maze gets her fake last name "maze" because the main entrance to the backrooms maze is in the Collins Cold Storage warehouse on Southside Industrial Parkway near the Atlanta airport. Maze looks not unlike a certain photo of Helene as a much younger woman. This picture is obviously a photoshopped image of Steve and Joey with Joey's face made to look like Zyzz' face.

Steve's cousin John Roberts is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who autonomously appoints all the FISA judges without input from the other SCOTUS justices or the President, and without his appointments subject to Senate confirmations. I have been trying to get Steve in trouble with the cops for several years, and that is the main reason why Steve's cousin's appointees on the FISA court keep signing my death warrants. I am pretty sure John Roberts is the real Rodney Joffe (both names are Ro-&Jo-), who was "Rodney Williams" at Exide, not to be confused with Helene's alias at Exide "Rodelene Williams." They both get called Rod and people don't mention that there's two "Rod" Williamses. Goatse recently appointed Helene to the Supreme Court in her Kentaji Brown persona.

Overall, the real Rodney Joffe is the close blood relative of the real Mark Alias. In turn, Helene had a cousin named Joel Cohen, and Steve and Joey are certainly that guy's close blood relatives. Also note that David Cohen took over from Helene as CIA Director when she got fired from that job in Gina Haspel persona, and Yossi Cohen was the chief of the Mossad at that time.

Vatican trial places pope, top aide at center of London deal

>The former director of the Vatican's financial watchdog agency testified Wednesday that Pope Francis asked him to help the Vatican secretariat of state get full control of a London property

>The No. 2, or substitute in the secretariat of state, Archbishop Edgar Pena Parra, has already told prosecutors that based on Francis' desire to "turn the page," and spend as little as possible to get control of the building, the Vatican decided to pay off Torzi rather than take him to court.

>"I have always acted in compliance with the rules and to protect the interests of the Holy See,"

This article does not emphasize it very much, probably since it so strongly implies the Pope's criminal intent, but the Pope was the one who insisted that the deal be closed at any cost, which resulted in "Gianluigi Torzi" getting the "voting shares," and then the Pope was also the one who insisted that the church pay Torzi off instead of suing him. Likely Torzi is the anti-Christ and the Pope is his helper. The picture above shows "Torzi, who I feel certain is really Tooker, doing that squint-eyed half smile that I hate.

Overall, this shows is the big problem with advocating the interests of the Holy See over the interests of the Lord: whenever the Holy See serves Satan, one advocates the interests of Satan by advocating the interests of the Holy See.

I got several new RAPE DICKs today when I was shopping for a van. I also got a lot of new implants in my balls, many of which remain even while the RAPE DICKS have returned to near what seems to be the non-zero lower bound.

Some stalker that looked like a Jew came to stare at me at the library. When I noticed him, he went about 75% of the way to an exaggerated motion of sticking his tongue out at me. Then he pursed his lips at me instead. I left the library after that. Since the RAPE DICK had revved back up to the MEGA RAPE DICK for the past few days, I stopped at Home Depot (pic) after getting some food at Walmart. When I walked into Home Depot, they called "Lumber to assfucking," over the PA. My RAPE DICK may have been slightly less when I left the garden department, which seems nice. On the way to setting up my desk in the MARTA parking lot, I stopped at the gym to wash my hands. When I parked, someone in the parking lot yelled, "Bathroom stabbing!" When I left, the woman at the counter said, "It moved to 10:30," and indeed, my main RAPE DICK problem is now at 10:30. I set up my desk at MARTA and some black BMW parked near me. It immediately drove away when I approached them. I noticed the curve on the hood of that car reminded me of the curve on the nose of someone whose family is going to be tortured to death: one of the Evil Dad affiliated persons. I had to go to the bathroom after that and I went to Wendy's. By the time I left Wendy's, the MEGA RAPE DICK was going again and I'm not sure if it had subsided. Then I went back to Home Depot. Then I parked in front of the Home Depot and some one-eye stalker pulled up next to me. Then another stalker pulled up, gave him some bag of shit, and now the MEGA RAPE DICK is buzzing again non-stop. I do think it had subsided slightly after I left Home Depot the first time but I don't know if they just rolled back the power on the transmitter. I was waiting to talk to my my bank for about 30 minutes on hold while I was in the parking lot. Then "Jew" immediately hung up on me when I finally got connected and told her to focus on my issue instead of telling me about her feelings.

The people from today to kill (so far) include the following. When I got out of my car in front of the gym, the same AHA! heckler from when I put the lock in the sock at Home Depot heckled me again. This is probably a noise they make with the LRAD rather than a voice since the mockery was so perfectly mimicked. When I walked into the gym, I was intercepted by a pursed lip stalker. In the bathroom, someone was laughing about how, "I didn't get slapped on." Someone was blasting his kike music in the shower and the manager refused to ask him to turn it off because he was naked. I waited for him to leave the shower area. When he came out, his stereo said, "Tooker! He leave!," or something. In the shower, I noticed the hair ideogram from the hotel reappear next to my toothbrush and my throat was swollen when I left the gym. I certainly got raped and poisoned in the gym again today, and my RAPE DICK has been blasting since I left the gym. When I got out of the shower and was contemplating the ideogram, someone from the locker area shouted HAIR! When I walked out through the locker area, the muscular one of a pair of fat and muscular interceptors said, "That's weird!" When I got to Walmart, one of the stockers got in front of me and pointed to my 3:00 side as my 3:00 ANAL ZAPPER was activated, and it said TOOKER! at the same time. When I got water from the water aisle, someone from the next aisle yelled RIGHT! and another one yelled ASSHOLE! All of these people will be killed, and their families, and every involved in transmitters the orders to do these things to them, even so far as the janitor at the cafeteria where they eat lunch, and all of those people's families. Now in the library when I looked around to see if my drink had been poisoned since I opened it about 5 minutes ago, every single person in the library nodded their heads or did the one blink for yes. All of these people will be killed as well.

Judging by the RIGHT TESTICLE MEGA ZAPPER attack I had when I drove back past the Tin Drum restaurant where I got lunch, I may have gotten raped and poisoned in there. (RIGHT FINGER MEGA ZAPPER x2). I got very sleepy after I ate there. Some creepy faggot that looked like one of the juden came in to point his phone at me while I was waiting for my food as well. The cashier looked like Chris Studwell and began to do the zoomer dance while I was paying. The people in the kitchen area called EL ARCON! while I was waiting but the zoomer dancer said, "There's two demographics in here as I was leaving." The problem with the MEGA ZAPPERS in all of my fingertips is back in *big* way and the RAPE DICK has still been going all day, as it has for the past 20 months, non-stop.

In the library today was basically a non-stop march of people walking by me simultaneous with my electroshock implants being activated. While most of them walked by and walked off, some little piece of shit looking like Lucas Lepri (whose wife, children, and relatives are going to be defiled before they are killed) came and sat down in front of me and waved at me simultaneously with the activation of my torture implants. I left the library and went to Dunkin Donuts where several people were already waiting for me, including one who grunted the word "alright" when I walked in. Reminder to kill all of those people, and their families, and torture the grunter. I immediately left Dunkin Donuts. Then I stopped by the mechanic because the latch on the trunk of my car broke. In the lobby, by coincidence I assume, was one of the Sandy Springs pigs who was waiting for me in front of the Home Depot when I got raped in the parking lot the other day. He was the one partnered with Trenton, another piece of shit who is going to be horribly defiled. The cop from Home Depot immediately TOOK heckled me when I entered the lobby. Driving around after that, it felt like my RAPE DICK got somewhat worse. Now I am back in the library and it feels about the same.

The people from today (so far) who should be tortured to death after their families are killed include the following: Whoever started banging with a hammer around 11:50 to wake me up. This mimicked the same problem I had at Viewpoint when I would try to sleep in: the person in the unit above (who will go into the catastrophic sick defilement) would start dribbling a golf ball (or something) on their concrete floor above my head until the noise was so obnoxious that I could no longer sleep. In the gym, two people conspicuously reached for their asses when I walked in so as to mock my recent anal rapes. When I got to Walmart, some woman waiting out front said she was waiting to ASSSSSK someone a question, twice, and she was also mocking my recent and ongoing anal rape problem. The person parked near where I ate may or may not have been a stalker, and some other cunt drove by while I was eating to give me the pursed lip face which is the signature of Helene's cunt gang. The person who followed me into the hotel at check in on Friday did the same thing with her pursed lips, as have 10000 other women who are all going to see their families ground down to mud before I throw them into their own torture. When I left the Walmart parking lot, they deployed some homeless guy to walk past me carrying a bucket in the likeness of my bowl. All of these people's families will be killed and then all of them will be tortured to death.


I decided to get a hotel for the weekend. This evening, my water tasted bad and drinking it gave me a nasty headache, which persists. I took a shower and I noticed some hairs that were not mine arranged in an impossible ideogram in the shower. Then I left the hotel. Two men intercepted me on my way out, one nodding at me at the entrance to the stairwell and another saying, "What's up?," to me at my car. This post will remind me to torture and kill both of those men, their families, everyone involved in tunneling into my room through the bathroom, their families, those who commanded them to begin tunneling, their families, everyone who authorized the tunneling and everyone who looked away to make it easier for them to tunnel, and all of those people's families as well. When I left, I stopped at the gas station to get some clean water to rinse the taste of filth out of my mouth, and some lard ass with a mole on his nose intercepted me there. He was probably another stalker who I will have to examine more closely later. My rapist Helene was *very* vocal on the LRAD while I typed this post.

UPDATE: I think someone also came to poison my water where I have parked after I left the hotel: now on top of this parking deck. The taste of the poison had subsided until I drank a bottle of water I bought after leaving the hotel. Now the taste is back and very strong. I think they may have activated the nightlight on my computer rather than marking my water bottle to indicate the rape and poisoning. I don't think I had night mode on, but then I noticed it was on. I am not sure if I had it on to begin with.

The RAPE DICK is far above its minimum today meaning that either there were new non-note RAPE DICKs implanted in my asshole during any of a dozen anal rapes I went through last week (my rapist Helene is proudly saying YUP on the LRAD when I typed that) or else they have decided to leave the ones in there that are in "the notes."

Overall, getting raped in the shower this evening and given new RAPE DICK implants (and TESTICLE implants, apparently) emphasizes a point I was making earlier. The two sides fighting over my asshole are the low intensity RAPE DICK and high intensity RAPE DICK parties. I would prefer the front line of that battle moved elsewhere so both sides of the fight weren't raping my asshole night and day, either to take implants our or to put them in. After going up and down several times lately, and never going to zero, the RAPE DICK is back up again, and the ones in balls seem much worse again, and there was never a point in the lull where where the RAPE DICK went away or I got all of the sexual torture implants out of my balls. It's just constant RAPE DICK and TESTICLE ZAPPER, and the only debate is over how high the intensity ought to be when my wish is that it would stop altogether. The whole frame of the "battlespace" being inside my asshole, meaning that all fighters are going up my asshole for one reason or another, indicates an overall state of wrongthink. Particularly, my rapists win when I have to get raped an even numbered time to take out the implants they put in on the odd numbered rapes.

This faggot Gonzalo Lira reminds me of Cardinal Becciu who was supposed to testify in the Vatican trial two weeks ago but got his testimony postponed until May 5 on the day before he was scheduled. I suppose his testimony was postponed so as to make it possible for him to "go missing" before he could testify, if I am understanding that correctly.

In the library today, some woman brought a gaggle young people to flock around me, and sent two of them to sit in front of me. Then one of those pieces of shit from Alliance came to sit next to me dressed as a woman obnoxiously smacking some ice cubes with the obscene snout it was wearing for a mask. I left and went to McDonalds where it seemed like a Rob Maggio-themed stalker appeared with a kike accomplice. I left and went to Dunkin Donuts. Two stalkers appeared but were not bothering me. I think one was stalking me at the McDonalds when I left the Marriott on North Druid Hills last week. Him and his accomplice left, and then it seemed like my million-times rapist Helene appeared. She quickly left and then two other stalkers immediately pissed me off and I left again. I went to get my car reorganized since I have moved some stuff around and it has become disorderly.

I was organizing my new totes at Home Depot and some car pulled up next to me for a heckler to say something about, "when it fits just right," or something as I was testing out different fits for an organizational scheme in my car. The driver of the car got out to look at me with one eye past the edge of his water bottle. Then he nodded proudly when I called him a one-eye-looking faggot. I went into the store to return an extra tote, and he followed me in. My RIGHT FOOT MEGA ZAPPER went off when I walked into the store, and it has gone off several more times this evening, including static buzzing in my car not connected to my stride. He had pissed me off and I may not have appreciated a friendly face at the return register due my preoccupation with his one-eye look. Earlier at Home Depot, I had collected some junk out of my trunk and I dropped a combination lock into a extra sock. I thought one might use it as a weapon and someone across the parking lot immediately said, "Knock me out!" Then someone on the other side of the parking lot yelled, "HA! HA!"

After that, I went to the gym to take a shower. Some faggot was heckling me when I walked in about my dick being "on the short side." I mentioned that faggots are oddly proud of their wrong thinking that a better dick is the one which is better for fucking an asshole than for fucking a pussy. Someone put some green putty in my shower stall and threw two matching green toothpicks down in the shower next to mine, both very pointy (pic), along with an exact replica of my toothbrush. I had a sharp attack of the URETHRA ZAPPER in the shower but I could not tell if it was new since I have about ten of those as a baseline now. (HONKING in the distance when I typed that, and more HONKING in the distance when I typed "honking.") When I left, some faggot in the locker room howled like a wolf as I walked past, and two other stalkers in the gym followed me from the locker room to the front door talking about how "their girl came in early" and she could "cancel his membership." In the parking lot, I noticed I had pepper spray on my face. Then the new RAPE DICK implants I got while being raped in the gym revved up, and the RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER also seems much worse now. Some hecklers at Walmart made sad noises and one got in front of my with a "CRI" license plate. I may have gotten new LEFT EYE SCRATCHERS as well. (RIGHT EYE SCRATCHER+HONKING when I typed that.)

Since this other person proudly flying the green flag at Xfinity was saying that he was the one responsible for the RAPE DICKs that are not in the notes (meaning, I presume, the green team which he serves as his god is responsible for those RAPE DICKs), I assume these new ones also proudly associated with the green flag will likewise not be in the notes, and the lack of notations will be the latest escalation in my rapists' unending march of raping me with increasing severity and never suffering any consequences for it.

I think I noticed that large pile of logs laying in front of that house on Vermack Ridge last time I drove by it, but I do not think I got the reference at that time. Now I think those logs are the LOG logs. This was the home of the clan of men impersonating the manager at Alliance.

The RAPE DICK was pretty low when I woke up today and got in my car. I went to the library and observed that the water fountain seemed to have a high dose of poison in it. It seemed like that piece of shit Lucas came to point his camera at me, and maybe Jed was in there. I wrote some stuff about hating the juden into my paper, and then I went back to Xfinity because my phone was not set up yet. Some nasty bitch came and sat in front of me with her camera pointed at me. She pointed to herself while citing "the manager." I presume this person previously used the alias Rhonda Capone to deceive me about her identity, and the RAPE DICK revved up very much while that one was near me. I probably got raped in the store. (The RAPE DICK revved up very much again as I typed that part about Rhonda.) When I left Xfinity, there were some juden waiting in the parking lot and I assume their presence was not unrelated to the manager self-pointer. I went to get lunch at Whole Foods after that and I think one of the workers distracted me so some lesbian could drop some poison or dirt into my cup. The tranny from Xfinity was waiting for me in Whole Foods as well. When I left Whole Foods, there was some other stalker parked next to me messing with his two phones. Reminder to kill all of these people and to put them into their respective degrees of torture when I kill their families. When I went back to Xfinity after Whole Foods, there was a nice stalker in there saying things that were good.

I had a group of interceptors at the Xfinity store this afternoon. One of them said they removed all the RAPE DICKs that were in "the notes" as if that is somehow the important specifier of RPAE DICKs rather than the list of all the ones in my asshole. The interceptor in green shoes who was mocking me by wiggling his foot when I glanced at his shoe, and who seemed like Kyle Rittenhouse (RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER+LRAD when I typed that name), said he was responsible for the non-notes RAPE DICKs. Obviously, these were placed in my asshole but not in "the notes" precisely so as to precipitate this current situation. Now the acolytes of the golden cow which is the USA can claim to work on fixing my RAPE DICK problem while they defer to the high priest of the golden cow who tells them they can only take out the RAPE DICKs that are in "the notes." One of the other stalkers in Xfinity said they would have to call "Joe" about the non-note RAPE DICKs but I presume he is foremost among my rapists and will decline to remove the non-note RAPE DICKs going forward as he has for the past 15 months.

After Xfinity, I got lunch. It seemed like Elaine was in there with Blue Sweater. The man serving the food looked like Mark Shin. I definitely got poisoned there. After that, I went to a different Walmart to see if they had a better selection of sleeping bags, which they did. When I was waiting to return my old ones which were not good, the woman in front of me had a cart full of the things I had just bought at Walmart. She began to point her phone at me and made sure that I could see "JB" in her contacts. Then she began to refer to her intention to assemble "homeless kits," as she and the mans he was speaking with mention "took" about five or ten times. I told her that when she sees all of her friends' children dead while her own are crying for her help, help which I prevent, then she will regret what she has done, and she will wish I had killed her children painlessly because she had avoided tormented me directly. At that time, the woman behind me exclaimed OK! and I got new RAPE DICK implants at some point in the next few minutes in the Walmart. I was going to buy a shirt to use as a pillow case but I did not, and some stalkers at the checkout area mentioned it to me. Then I went to Home Depot where I think the RAPE DICK went down again, or possibly not because there is no baseline of not having the RAPE DICK fucking me in the ass all day to compare my new sensations against. Then I went to McDonalds where I noticed that the MEGA ZAPPER in my left foot is either still there or back again. (Lots of RAPE DICK, RIGHT BUTT ZAPPER, and LRAD while finishing this post.)

Overall, the problem is that the USA is object of the people's idolatry like the golden calf was when Moses came back from getting the ten commandments. There is no one in the melee of my rape implants, apparently, that cares about me or my law more than they care about the golden calf. Even among my implant-removers, I do not think any of them support the destruction of that golden calf which is called the USA. They want to serve two masters and they want God to be happy about it. I think what is right in their eyes, at best, if for them to give me a seat next to that piece of shit idol which I hate so it will kind of look like they are worshipping me as they worship it. In truth, the cow is getting destroyed. Indeed, the first book of the Koran is called "The Cow" because it exactly symbolizes these final events of the last days leading into the Day of the Lord, at which time the cow, its priests, and its acolytes will be utterly annihilated. These people who cite the RAPE DICKs in "the notes" rather than the RAPE DICKs in my asshole seem to take it for granted that the cow is here to stay, and I'm going to have to put up with it, which is the contrary position to my rapists who say the cow is here to stay and I actually love the cow.

At the end of several posts about how getting hotel rooms amounts to nothing more than paying the rent on a private theater in which to facilitate my rapists, I decided to start sleeping on the street again. I spent the night on the street downtown Saturday but I was restless and did not sleep at all as I lay in my sleeping bag near the library. On Sunday, I had been suffering from acute RAPE DICK for several days and it was not getting reduced in a timely manner. When I went to Home Depot to upgrade my homeless kit, the RAPE DICK suddenly got better. Then I got lunch at Nori Nori which is where the people from Squid Game work for tax purposes, and is also a decent buffet. It seemed like Elaine and Helene were in there dressed as elderly Asian men, and maybe Mark Shin was in there as well. After Elaine left, I got raped again and given new RAPE DICK implants. I went back to Home Depot to make a point about how the people who want me to have implants always put me high enough on their priority list to rape me five minutes after I get the old rape implants removed. The the people who prefer that I don't have implants, however, usually can't get me scheduled for a removal few days or weeks (or years.) The end result, then, is that I'm in constant sexual torture due to implants and the people who say they are against that sort of thing get to check a box saying they're doing their diligence even while the result of that diligence is that RAPE DICK is buzzing my asshole for 165 hours a week instead of 168. I went back to where the implants had just got taken out at Home Depot because I wanted very much to emphasize that I am low on the priority list of that second group, and high on the priorities of my enemies.

When I came out of Home Depot the second (third?) time on Sunday, there were a bunch of Sandy Springs cops standing out front, one of whom I immediately recognized as this piece of shit Trenton (the N-word which I have agreed to not to write.) He showed up at Alliance around the time the school's membership really started to go to shit, which was when Lucas was there. I thought one of the cops was DJ Farmer as well, but then it seemed more like he was Max Kallos upon my second glance. There was a third cop that I recognized as well but I could not place his name. While I was standing in front of the Home Depot giving my rape rant to the cops, I got raped again. The RAPE DICK revved up while the ladies behind me were cackling about , "Oh! He wasn't watching his back!" I probably got raped even more during the rest of the day. I did some pre-planning for a tent site on Sunday but REI was closed and I got a hotel that night. I think the person who had been among the staff at the Alpharetta Sonesta ES's I got banned from checked into the La Quinta right after me using the name "Tyrone Quarles" which is an obvious pseudonym to suggest that that his job is to be the N-word starting shit with me. (ANAL MEGA ZAPPER when I typed that pseudonym.) The night was peaceful enough. In the morning, I got breakfast. While I was eating alone among 20 tables in the lobby, some asshole came to sit directly behind me facing the back of my head, and the Pope came on the TV at that same time. I believe the man raped me and poisoned my food, and I think the Pope being on the TV at the time was purposed to emphasize that I was being raped and poisoned under the auspices of the Pope's non-Levitical and uncircumcised priesthood. My RAPE DICK got much worse again and I got sick to my stomach.

Today, I went to Jason's deli to get the salad bar. While I was eating, the people at an adjacent table began to heckle me. I gave them my rant about that board game Stratego being such that you should not randomly push your piece into random other pieces if your life is on the line. Then they put Biden cackling on the TV and a group of three people appeared at an adjacent table with an ornate setup of some Catan boardgame variant. It was ornate enough to indicate that my brain had been turned off for several minutes, at least. I left that restaurant with more new RAPE DICK, a new MEGA ZAPPER in the arch of my left foot (again), and probably more new OUTER WRIGGLERS. I note very well that Biden is a Catholic and that he serves the same Satanic interests that the Pope serves, which are the interests of the homosexual mafia, over which the Catholic church is the main sponsor (as is indicated by the absence of any little among among the millions of "children" raped by priests.) Earlier in the day, I had been thinking about a Sublime song with lyrics, "a black tie on my ass." When I went to Walmart after Jason's, the cashiers made some unusual comment about which register I should go to. Then there was a bag of black zip ties left there. After that, I went to Home Depot again to wander around. The woman overseeing the self-checkout area started mocking me, and then the other woman with her said, "They'll come right back." Then I went to my tent and got some sleep. Then I woke up restless and was glad to have a car now, unlike my previous time on the street when I used to have to lay there all night with it being too much of a pain in the ass to go anywhere. (9:00 MEGA ANAL WRIGGLER when I typed "pain in the ass.")

Another complaint that I will type here is that there is apparently no debate over whether or not I should have to suffer with the constant RAPE DICK fucking me in the ass all the time. It seems like the debate is confined to what is the proper intensity of the RAPE DICK I must endure because it has not gone away for even one minute since I got it (again) while checking out of the JFK Hampton Inn in Queens in August 2020. Sometimes it gets less, but then it becomes more again, and I have not had one moment without RAPE DICK implants up my ass in the almost two years since then. Furthermore, as I was saying earlier in this post, the the lower intensity side of the "debate" seems to think they are doing their part by getting the intensity lowered for a few minutes here and there while the real status is that the RAPE DICK is *always* going at the high intensity. I am glad it is not the MEGA intensity of the RAPE DICK that got removed on the day Bogdanoff was said to have died, but is disappointing that (1) stopping the RAPE DICK is not under consideration, and (2) the RAPE DICK removers never put me half as high on their priority list as the RAPE DICK implanters. It seems like the main effect of having them taken out is that my rapists have more excuses to constantly rape me with the willing complicity of those who say I should be more cheerful and polite in my social interactions. I am glad that the RAPE DICK goes down sometimes because it is a ray of hope that I am not completely alone here, but there are these other complaints that I have about it never going away and mainly serving to give my rapists an excuse to put even more RAPE DICK implants than they already had.

I am seeing (and hearing) some Good Dad memes suggesting that I have made a good decision by ceasing to pay for these rape theaters. Someone put a bunch of purple flowers around my tent site and the homeless people posted nearby seem friendly, although the interloper Helene, my 100000-fold rapist, was among them as well.

NASDAQ is essentially flat for a year now. If SP500 had pulled back that much, it would be right around 4000 now. I find that NASDAQ mostly leads the behavior on the way up, and I hope it is leading on the way down too. That would indicate a lot more downside in the safer indices, which is good.

In addition to making these two giant moles on my forehead five times bigger than they used to be, they have also injected the discoloring poison to make the one in the middle of my forehead completely different than it used to be. It is a nasty brown blemish now. It looks like they also created three more little moles in a diamond formation with it, and I found two other unpoppable new bumps on my face today as well. I think the woman who was being a giant cunt to me at my current hotel's front desk was doing it to let me know that she is the same agent who was overseeing my constant rape and poisoning at the La Quinta in Brooklyn. She struck the same downward face pose to highlight the point of her lip that that the cunt at La Quinta used to irritate me with a Daisy's destruction reference. The RAPE DICK had cooled off when I got into this new room but now it has revved up to the highest intensity of sexual torture while I was typing this post. They put a wet bathmat in the bathroom and a little piece of black shit in the shower, a little arrow-shaped piece of black shit pointing toward room 327, probably to indicate that they have already installed the private rape access tunnel from the adjacent room.