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How Did Mueller's $40 Million Trump-Russia Investigation 'Miss' Hillary's Hoax?

>The question is, of course, infuriatingly rhetorical.

>The Mueller team originally consisted of the same FBI officials who received the Alfa-Bank hoax material from Michael Sussmann.

I think the rhetorical question here has more to do with the 60 phones Mueller lost, the 30 phones he wiped, and the five months of Strzok data that evaporated than it does anything the author of this article mentioned. Maybe it has to do with Horowitz finding no fault with Bruce Ohr due to a "calendar entry" that said Ohr met with McCabe in October despite Ohr having already testified under oath that that meeting was in July on the same day he met Steele?

Witness thrown out of courtroom as Cardinal Becciu cross-examination continues

Cardinal Becciu: Pope Francis Responsible for Vatican Auditor's Ousting

>The interrogation, which will be continued on May 19, was characterized by combative questioning

>Cardinal Becciu, the second-ranking official of the Secretariat of State until 2018, frequently said he could not remember the answer to questions the prosecutor posed

Cardinal Pell highlights Becciu's 'incomplete' account at Vatican trial

> He drew particular attention to a lack of evidence regarding payments of more than $1.6 million made to Neustar Australia, an information services firm

Neustar's Rodney Joffe Receives Prestigious FBI Director's Award

I had not previously noticed this overlap between the Vatican and Durham trials. It supports my thesis that both trials about the fraud scheme at Exide. The moles on Becciu's forehead being arranged exactly like the two biggest mutilations written onto my face is also something that continues to irritate me.

I observe that big declines in USA NatGas reliably precede big drops in USA equities. This two year parabolic pattern in USA NatGas appears poised for a big red candle, especially going into the summer. The USA equity markets are already teetering on a precipice so I will be watching NatGas closely.

Today, my rapist Helene sent some bullshit link to me by email. I was filling it out until my 9:00 DEEP ANAL ULTRA WRIGGLER was activated. Then I decided not to complete the form and I tried to delete the account I had begun to create. There was no option to delete it and I had to call their customer service number. After being on hold for a while, some disgusting whore answered the phone. I told her I wanted to delete the account I had made because I was not going to go through the verification steps it was requiring. She told me that the best she could do was send me to some other people who would have to verify me before they could delete it. I told her that was not acceptable because the reason I wanted to delete it was because I was not going to do the verification. She repeated herself over and over, and I kept asking her to clarify if they were going to to refuse to delete my account because I was not willing to do the verification, which was the reason I wanted to delete it to begin with. After going through the same spiel several times, she eventually said that she would escalate my issue and they would tell me if the deletion was successful or not. This was after previously telling me several times that she would escalate the issue but the escalation team would require the verification I was unwilling to provide. When she suddenly changed her story about what the escalation team would do, saying that instead of requiring verification, they would send an email telling me whether or not they succeeded, I said, "Well that's not what you were saying earlier." She lied to insist that she hadn't said it because I was cutting her off, as if she needed to completely restart her long spiel every time and I always cut her off before she got to the end of it. That was an obvious lie and the recording of the phone call will show that this malicious bitch was lying through her teeth. The truth is that she changed her story after I told her she was full of shit several times and that her reasoning, "You can't delete it because you don't want to verify unless you verify," was bullshit. Once she started lying, I called her a cunt and berated her before hanging up. Then a bunch of women appeared around my car, one with a pair of testicles hanging from her rear view mirror, and then the RIGHT TESTICLE MEGA CRUSHER started back up again as if it was the opinion of Helene's cunt gang that the woman on the phone obviously lying to me was fine but me accurately calling her a cunt means I should be subjected to cock and ball torture. Reminder to kill all of these people and their families.

During the day today, some asshole who has been loitering around the place where I park was making a point to look at me with one eye through my windshield. I blocked him with my sun visor but immediately got another RIGHT TESTICLE MEGA ZAPPER. He was loitering in the parking lot this evening again. As I was coming back from throwing some stuff in the trash can on the corner, I saw that he was standing right next to my car, around a corner where I would not have been able to see him while sitting at my desk next to my car. As I walked back toward my car, my new-ish LEFT FOOT ARCH MEGA ZAPPER went off about four times in a row. Since I had already told him to not to interact with me and he was deliberately antagonizing me by standing next to my car and desk, not to mention electroshocking me, I called the cops on him. When he heard me calling them, he quickly dashed into a nearby hotel and then came back out just before the cops arrived. He exclaimed, "I'm not going anywhere," or something, but then he and his accomplice quickly sped away in their Toyota when I began to signal the police to come over to me. I hope he stays gone and I also hope that the next mass shooting kills his loved ones or the loved ones of his master if he is a clone slave.

Also, this one in my left foot it really a big problem. Aside from the constant electroshock, it also induces a stress of constant apprehension that each stride is going to result in more MEGA ELECTROSHOCK in my foot. That apprehension remained for a year or more after they took the old one of these out. Now it has returned where each step comes with a foreboding that the next extension of my toe will trigger more electroshock. I would say the constant apprehension associated with this implant is worse than the implant itself. I would like it to be taken out again, I would like the families of the people who work at the factory where such devices are manufactured to be fed to insects, and I wish for worse things to befall the families of those closer to me than the factory along the line of that implant getting into my foot.

Today was the worst day in a long time for my implant problem. I got MEGA RAPE DICK implants, a LEFT TESTICLE CRUSHER, a RIGHT TESTICLE MEGA CRUSHER, more DICK PAIN INFLICTOR nano-particles on the bottom of my dick where I've never had them before, and it felt like a new LEFT GROIN ZAPPER was activated while I was making that list.

Judging by the few dozen LEFT TESTICLE CRUSHER attacks since my batteries on my camera ran out, I'de say I have started to get raped in this parking lot which was formerly seeming like a safe space. One of my rapists came on the LRAD to say YEAH as I wrote that. Since my earlier posts, I noticed this recent spate of shootings coincides with the recommencement of my cock and ball torture, so now I think a third case for what a "repalcer" might be would be one of the people replacing my previously removed sexual torture implants. The LEFT TESTICLE CRUSHER revved up again while I was typing that, as did the RAPE DICK, and the attendant at the gas station made a big point to pick his balls while I was paying before he told me to have a nice day. On my most recent trip to the post office, which was last Thursday I believe, the cashier in there was making a big point to say that his system was only letting them put ones in my asshole but not in my dick, but then my cock and ball torture immediately recommenced after that. The DICK PAIN INFLICTOR was building for a few days, and now I got the RIGHT TESTICLE MEGA CRUSHER and the LEFT TESTICLE CRUSHER again.


To the extent that it is said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting to get a different result, I think we have definitely entered into insane territory where a few murders are supposed to stop the replacers. The last 500 murders didn't stop these current replacers, and a few more murders probably won't stop the next ones. The answer is total extermination. Rather than a few murders, the race of the replacers should be subjected to total genocide. That strategy doesn't rely on the accommodation of the murder victims' people to stop raping and torturing me. Instead, it absolutely affects that outcome when there is no living person who might harbor that intention.


I had my camera on in the car for a while. The batteries just ran out and my LEFT TESTICLE CRUSHER immediately got activated. I probably got raped immediately when the batteries ran out and given yet another implant in a stab wound in my testicle.

My dick and balls got fucked up pretty bad today. I got the DICK PAIN INFLICTOR smeared all over the bottom of my dick where it had only been a problem on the top for the past few days, and I got a new implant in my right testicle which has been executing the TESTICLE CRUSHER functionality for about seven hours non-stop now. I thought this second version of Atlanta I got moved to might be an improvement on the old one, but my rape and torture problem here is *VERY* much worse that the copy of Atlanta I was in a week or two ago. At that one, they were only anally raping me without adding the cock and ball torture. I vastly prefer anal rape to cock and ball torture, if any of the people who are going beg me not kill their children soon weren't sure how I feel about that.

The dates in this timeline are tightly clustered around my interviewing and hiring at Exide in the latter part of the summer in 2016. I have alleged many times that Exide must have defrauded me in some way, and I hope that is why contract fraud was mentioned as an example of something "Joffe" might be prosecuted for with a statute of limitation greater than five years. My allegation is that Rodney Joffe is an alias for John Roberts who was the main fraud agent at Exide. Even the reference to a DARPA contract may refer to an implant which makes it possible for my rapists to turn my brain off so that I cannot fight back against them while they are raping me. I understand that Boeing made and supports my rape implants, and it is undeniable that the former and current CEOs of Boeing are flashing the same gang sign in their headshots as the chief of the FISA court, Biden, and many other unsavory persons who will be exterminated with their families due to undesirable gang affiliations.

Buffalo Mass Shooter Cites "Great Replacement Theory" In Manifesto

Is that theory about non-whites replacing whites or is it like the Invasion of the Body Snatchers where they take the real humans down to Antarctica (or worse) and replace them in North America with clone slave "replacers?"

The RAPE DICK revved *way* up while I was typing that last post. Also, I got raped a gas station tonight that has been safe for me so far until tonight. I said to the heckler in there, "You must be afraid someone is going to hurt you if you don't say what they tell you." Then I immediately got raped and given new RAPE DICK implants. I think that was an example of this "threat tag" thing from the Garland article where I am being raped for saying things they don't like. I think the same thing is the reason why my RAPE DICK revved up as I was typing that last post, if I didn't get raped in my car and given new RAPE DICK implants yet again as I was typing.

In this post, I will tie all this stuff about the Jesuits and Koreans back to Helene being a giant piece of shit. At Nori Nori a while ago, it seemed like Helene and Elaine were disguised as two elderly Asian men, and Mark Shin was in there disguised as well, and there were some other ones with skulls like Yoon Shin. After Elaine left, Helene started laughing and they all raped me together. Certainly Helene was the senior person there and she directed them to rape me for her personal amusement complementary to the enjoyment of my other rapists.

For those other people, blood is everything. Whatever evil it is that they are all in together, they will not betray the familial bonds by which Yoon's sister pretends to be King Jong Un's sister, Yoon and Mark pretend to be brothers, and the Director of the FBI protects Kim Jong Un's sister as his daughter-in-law, etc. The blood is everything for them. Even between Romero and Carlos Cavalcanti, or between Evil Dad and Good Dad, or probably between these two that intercepted me at the car dealership the other day, these people see it as a step too far to fuck over their close blood relatives. For Helene, however, rather than considering blood, she sees it like her Satanic cult is the cool group and I'm a dork because I'm not into murder and gay sex. In that view, them raping and torturing me, and ruining my life and murdering my friends, is cool because her affiliation with them in the cool group is tighter than her blood affiliation with me.

I wonder, is she even my sister? I assume she is, but she may not even be that to me. Anyways, for all of those other people, it's about family ties and blood but not for Helene who just wants to tell people that she's cool and I'm Chris Chan. None of those other people are raping and torturing their own family, or not their close family anyways, but for Helene all she cares about is telling herself that she's the coolest kid in town because murder and torture is cool. So, Helene is much different than those other ones.

Bonds Bid As Nasdaq Faces Worst Drawdown Since 'Lehman'

>the Nasdaq is now down 32% from its highs - the biggest drawdown since the Great Financial Crisis...

Here We Go Again: GameStop Halted Multiple Times As It Explodes Higher

>The OG meme stonk, Gamestop, has been halted no less than three times in the past 10 minutes, having exploded higher more than 30% in just minutes, in a move that is not attributable to any fundamental news.


AG Garland Rules Judges May Consider Criminal Illegal Aliens' Mental Health When Reviewing Asylum Claims

>Garland's decision overturns a 2014 Board of Immigration Appeals ruling, in a case known as "Matter of G-G-S", in which "a person's mental health is not a factor to be considered in a particularly serious crime analysis."

During Flynn's last month at the DIA in April 2014, Helene and her accomplice filed a fraud affidavit in the Dekalb County court that had me thrown into a slave hole for a mental health evaluation. Everything Helene and her accomplice testified to in the affidavit was a lie, as the recorded phone calls between Helene and I will prove. However, she and her accomplice both signed the affidavit stating that the lies were true and I was thrown into the slave hole. The doctor in there asked me why I was not working. I told her that I was fully committed to getting my research career back on track and that I was not willing to entertain alternative careers. She asked me what the problem was and I told her I was having trouble getting some great results published. She asked me what the problem was and I told her I did not know, if I recall correctly. She asked me to speculate and I told her it was probably the government censoring me or something. (I may have gone directly to the speculation.)

One is supposed to be able to leave the slave hole after three days but I got held for almost two weeks because the doctor was trying to have me involuntarily committed to an insane asylum. I asked her if she thought I was paranoid schizophrenic and she said no, and that she thought I was "schizoid or schizotypal or something," meaning that her job is to say people have diseases and she was going to google one of those ones for me. In the hearing with the Dekalb county judge when she was trying to have me committed, she told the judge I was a paranoid schizophrenic, which is the absolute worst possible disease in all of psychiatry, because I thought the government was out to get me, and I was definitely a threat to myself and others. (This was all parlayed off my brief speculation that the government might be involved in my inability to publish.) Helene was using this proceeding to try to establish a herself as my legal guardian so she could seize control of some assets of which I am still not aware. However, I understand that these assets are held under my Hebrew name Gedalia Gershon, and/or my German name Adolf Hitler, so I think the July 2014 "Matter of GG's assets" is probably related to this fraud affidavit and the fruit it bore in the form of my absurd schizophrenia diagnosis. People with paranoid schizophrenia are not able to order their thoughts to communicate their ideas. Basically, if you can form a complete sentence, that rules out paranoid schizophrenia for you. It is *the*most*debilitating* psychiatric disease. There is no more serious psychiatric affliction, and the suggestion that I have it is a farce and a travesty. I understand the doctor that gave me the diagnosis also failed a polygraph when they asked her if she believed I was schizophrenic.

After getting me thrown into the slave hole, Helene did effectively modify my behavior and I decided to get a job. Later in 2014, Robert Garret hired me at Elavon. During his eventual tour through the news as Manafort's helper Rick Gates, it was suggested that a $1M payment routed to Manafort through Cypress in October 2009 was the bribe paid to prevent my paper from appearing on arXiv in September 2009. ( This paper is now called SCP-001.) I got fired from Elavon, then fired from Lexis Nexis. After that, I got hired at Exide where I think they defrauded me with fraud language in the hiring paperwork to seize control of the assets Helene and Flynn had failed to steal in April 2014. I think this is probably related to Flynn getting fired again in 2017 right after I quit Exide. Now, since Exide stealing it from me is about to get reversed, I suppose the kike Garland wants to help them retry the failed attempt from 2014.

Garland Perjury? FBI Whistleblowers Say Parents Investigated With Counterterrorism "Threat Tag"

>"This information is evidence of how the Biden Administration is using federal law enforcement, including counterterrorism resources, to investigate concerned parents for protected First Amendment activity."

This thing with Garland weaponizing the FBI popped up in the news just after the "Seawolf submarine" crash "near China" which was about some asshole intercepting me at a diner in Long Island. I was saying that when the apparatus of violence lands in my hand, I am going to throw the asshole's daughter (who had been aggressively stalking and mocking me) into a pit. Then, because the asshole didn't like it that I was saying mean things, he tried to get his kike helper Garland to do something about it, and that resulted in the action on "threats against parents," or whatever the nonsense cover story was. Regarding the threat tag and the protected speech, I notice I've been getting raped a lot lately when I start giving my rant about the things I know, which is more properly the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ than it is a rant. Lately, I've been getting raped a lot when I start talking.

It makes me think I'm barking up the right tree because when I found the picture of this spiky leather guy (below), it said it was from a series of gay porn with Billy Herrington. Billy Herrington was an alter ego of Chris Nicolais who is standing next to Sera Kim's husband Chris Moriarty in this photo behind my rapist Helene and her friend Goatse. In the back is my boss at Elavon when I was the primary data exfiltration agent on what is now know as the OPM hack. He was also called Rick Gates in the news for a while.

I don't know what this is from but it could easily be Mark Shin.

When they show pictures of Kim Jong Un's alleged sister, I also notice that she looks like she could be Yoon Shin's sister, and she does not look like Kim Jong Un at all, while Sera Kim, or "Kim Saena" as I think it is in Korean, looks just like him. Yoon Shin also does not look anything like Mark Shin, who is supposed to be Yoon's brother, and who was featured disguised as the main actor in the recent Squid Game show, if I'm not mistaken. Furthermore, they have some decorations in the bathroom at the ARC where I've been raped recently, which are in the tringle-circle-square theme from squid game. I do not think this is a reference to the show because I remembered seeing them there a couple of years ago before the show was made. Likely, it refers to the same thing the show is referring to. I recently watched a video that said the "JRC" had a permanent camp set up in the backrooms, and I wonder if that was really something about the ARC housing people who work or live down there.

I found a side street to set up my desk on last week where I was promptly raped. Shortly before the rape began, a stalker appeared looking very much like Kim Jong Un and I was reminded how much he looks like Sera Kim, who may be the real "Kim Jong Un's sister" that you see in the news sometimes. That evening, there was a news story about "Gerasimov" making a surprise visit to the front lines in Ukraine. I mention it because I understand that she is married to Chris Moriarty, the son of the current FBI Director Christopher "Jesuit Fake Name" Wray. If so, that would be a little considered familial connection where the FBI Director's son's brother-in-law is the dictator of North Korea. That would be countervailing information relative to the narrative of the international political landscape.

Upon further examination of my current anal trauma, I see that I was wrong to think many small syringe wounds had formed one large tear incidentally. The huge incision from a stab wound with one giant syringe needle (which causes slice rather than stab trauma) is plain to feel now, as it has been on ten or so previous such instances. The massive trauma from where they used the needle to root around under the skin to destroy the layer of connective fascia is also very familiar. In the past, I have said it seemed like they were using a liposuction needle to cause as much damage to the fascia through a single anal stab wound as possible.

34% Of Retailers Couldn't Make Rent In April, New Survey Shows

The Q2 GDP print at then end of July isn't going to signal the start of a recession. It's going to say we were in one since January (unless recession-does-not-exist adjustments to the current Q1 number push it back another three months.)

I have been wondering if I am really getting anally raped every time I get a new RAPE DICK implant, or whether there is some kind of switch by which existing implants are deactivated and reactivated. However, at the end of getting several RAPE DICKs a day for many days in a row, now I have had bloody toilet paper the last three times I've gone to the bathroom and the trauma in my anus is severe enough today that the soap burned it very much when I was in the shower. I think I have been getting stabbed in the asshole so much lately that the million syringe wounds have turned the 9:00-ish position in my anus to mush which tore and is now very swollen, inflamed, and uncomfortable. Either I got a bunch of new WRIGGLERS too, or the swollen fold of anal tissue is being jostled about enough as I sit on it to simulate the presence of huge new WRIGGLERs. I did become very dehydrated over the weekend so I cannot discount the possibility that it was my constipated dehydrated stool that scratched me, but my first thinking is that the constant anal stabbing every day has caused a very large region of anal trauma beyond what is typical for the small incisions made by syringes.

New DOJ Notes Reveal FBI Panic After Trump Tweeted He Knew He Was Being Spied On

>Comey inadvertently acknowledged that he had also intentionally withheld the required congressional Gang of Eight notification of the FBI's counterintelligence investigation. Under questioning, Comey stated that he did so because of "the sensitivity of the matter."

>The new notes also revealed that FBI agent Peter Strzok lied to his DOJ superiors about what triggered Alexander Downer, the Australian ambassador in London, to come forward to the FBI with information regarding his meeting with Papadopolous.

>The notes reveal that the FBI repeatedly referred to Steele's dossier as "Crown reporting"

>The FBI would soon culminate in the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller, which essentially tied up Trump for the next three years. And in doing so, they ensured that little or no progress was made in bringing the actual perpetrators of the Russia hoax to justice.

Comey was already spying on me back in 1992 -ish when he came to be the substitute teacher in my math class at Coronado Middle School in Oro Valley, AZ. All of this stuff about the predication of Crossfire Hurricane in the summer of 2016 is ignoring this other stuff about the FBI already illegally spying on me for 25 years. I think "Strzok," whose fake name means "strong zeta ok" in reference to the most violent "zeta" form of MK Ultra brainwashing and mind control was the one who intercepted me in late 2016 pretending to be Good Dad when I trying to see and speak with him. This is certainly the context of the lies about the meeting with Papadopolous. All of the stuff in March 2017 about the FBI scrambling to cover its tracks regards the time after I walked away from their fraud trap at Exide but before I became homeless in April 2016. All of the dossier stuff was called "crown material" because my rapist Helene who is the real power behind the Hillary persona is the daughter of the Queen of England.

Deutsche Bank Offices Raided By Police On Money Laundering Concerns

Morgan Stanley's Frankfurt Offices Raided As Part Of Cum-Ex Tax Fraud Probe

>The Morgan Stanley raid is related to the "rapidly widening" Cum-Ex scandal

I've been saying that the Deutsche Bank records Trump has been successfully hiding must be related to him trafficking my stolen semen. I think it must be no coincidence that the scandal is now getting called the cum scandal.

I have at least two ZAPPERS in the head of my dick again, not to mention three to ten in a ring around the shaft about 0.5mm beneath the head, about five to ten more on the outside of the shaft, several ZAPPERS in the urethra, WRIGGLERS in the urethra, and also the FLAGSTAFF DEEP URETHRA ULTRA ZAPPER.

When I was in New York, I made an appointment with a doctor to seek treatment for the severe injuries on my penis. When I got there, the staff were stalker interceptors and the doctor kind of jerked me off when he was examining me. When I arrived in the lobby and signed the patient registration, I saw that the name before mine was "David Cirillo." He was standing in the middle of the lobby staring intently at the staff as if he was angry that they were making a mockery of my intention to seek medical help for ~50 implants in my dick. The doctor's office was in Brooklyn but he later intercepted me as a stalker in Nassau. That doctor's appointment was about two years ago.

"Do The F-ing Alfa-Bank Story": The Fight Over "Privileged" Fusion GPS Emails

>Documents involving Fusion GPS's provision of opposition research and media-related strategies to Hillary for America, the DNC, and Perkins Coie. This includes the Fusion GPS/Perkins Coie contract

>The Court granted Durham's motion to compel production of documents for in camera review (meaning review by the judge). The purpose of this step is so the judge can determine whether the attorney-client privilege and/or the work product protections apply to these documents and communications.

>The transcript also provides additional info on Fusion GPS witness Laura Seago, who was in meetings with Sussmann and Joffe and has been granted immunity to testify.

I think "Laura Seago" must be Maureen Cirillo: the HR manager that did my onboarding at Exide. I called her in late 2018 to confirm that all the agreements that had been created when I was hired were also terminated when I quit. (That night, there was a very strange spike in the "cable" chart showing the rate between USD and GBP.) When I called her, she did not confirm that the agreements had been terminated. Instead she said, "Oh! You'll have to talk to Rhonda Leeper about that." Then she eventually stopped answering my calls and emails, and Exide presented me with a "Mr Gay" for the remainder of my inquiries. He refused to confirm that the agreements had been terminated, he refused to provide me with copies of the agreements, and he called the cops on me and had them issue me criminal trespass notice against continuing to try to get the copies of the agreements.