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The recession gets announced four weeks from today and stocks are going to get sold between then and now.

Oil Extends Gains After Indirect US-Iran Nuclear Talks Fail In Qatar

> "The agenda is clear."

Vatican financial trial highlights intrigue and rivalries in the papal court

>The next trial date is set for July 6The next trial date is set for July 6

I've got about three 9:00 nodule implants again, and a 3:00 nodule implant. I am pretty sure there weren't any at 9:00 when I found the one at 3:00 a couple of days ago.

I think it will reject support, violently crash to the 200WMA, think about support there until they announce the recession on July 28, and then forget about support there too, unless the nuclear war gets here first.

Today, some miserable bitch at Publix semi-reenacted my interaction with another person at another Publix which was filmed and uploaded to the internet with some lies and false implications regarding the context. The woman (apparent woman?) asked me if I was ok today, or if I was good or something, and I said, "No." I didn't get into the details because I figured she was just asking as a pleasantry. However, she then proceeded to initiate a conversation by asking what the problem was. I began to tell her and then she immediately told me to shut the fuck up and that I was taking it too far, and that her question was "rhetorical." First off, a rhetorical question is one that doesn't deserve an answer and if I had given her a dead eyed stare when she asked if I was ok, or when she asked me what the problem was, she would have said I was being an asshole. She obviously doesn't know what a rhetorical question is and she was being pretty jewish about trying to lump her first and second questions under the umbrella of whatever she meant when citing "a rhetorical question." She probably meant that her words were a platitude or pleasantry.

Even in the case where her first question was only a platitude phrased as a question, or a pleasantry, she didn't only ask one question. Her insinuation that her single question was rhetorical was fallacious because she asked two questions, the second one of which was clearly the beginning of a conversation even if the first was a meaningless pleasantry. Her insinuation was also wrong because neither question was rhetorical. For example, I might say, "How's it going?" to someone. This is obviously not a rhetorical question and it is a clear prompt for a response. They might say, "Great! I just got back from vacation," for example. At that point, if I didn't give a fuck how it was going for them and I had only said, "How's it going?," as a pleasantry, I would say, "Oh, cool," or something. However, if it was my intention to start a conversation by asking them about stuff, I might say, "Oh really? Where did you go?" That second question is also obviously not rhetorical and it's obvious that I am prompting them to talk about the vacation they mentioned. If you ask enough questions, at some point it becomes a prompt to speak and that point lies where multiple questions begin. More than one question is not "a pleasantry." It's at least casual conversation.

With this bitch at the store today, she asked if everything was good (or something) and I told her it was not. After that, she continued to inquire in a manner that plainly exceeded anything she might have referred to as "a rhetorical question." When she asked what the deal was with me not being good, however, she immediately cut me off and told me I was taking it too far despite my almost mono-syllabic response to her initial platitude. She was the one taking it too far. If she didn't want to hear about my vacation after asking about what I've been up to, then she should have shut the fuck up. However, she deliberately continued in the pattern of my previous interaction specifically to tell me that I was being the asshole by taking her up on her offer to tell her about my vacation. That prompt was clearly in excess of anything that could be considered "a rhetorical question." When she kept asking, she was starting a conversation and she was also being a fucking cunt to cut me off and tell me I was taking it too far. She was the one taking it too far because a single question can be a platitude but two questions are the unambiguous start of a dialogue.

Furthermore, this wasn't coincidental at all and she was just being a cunt so that she could lie to say that she asked me if I was ok and then I started telling her about slaves and rape and torture and Antarctica, and that, therefore, I had been the asshole in the previous interaction at the other Publix. However, her intent to present the interaction in that way requires her to lie (to practice falsehood) because that is not what happened at all. What really happened was the she asked me if I was ok and I told her I wasn't and let it go at that. Then, despite obviously not giving a fuck about why I wasn't doing well and my obviously not being there to tell her that everything is great for me, and with her obviously following a pre-ordained template of something that has been constantly annoying me for years, she proceeded to initiate a dialogue with her follow up question indicating interest in excess of the "rhetorical question" she would claim. Only at that time when it became clear that her inquiry was not only a platitude phrased as a question, but in fact it was a prompt to talk, did I begin to tell her about rape and torture. If she doesn't like hearing about random crazy nonsense, she shouldn't prompt strangers to speak to her. A single, "How are you?," isn't a prompt to speak, but any number of follow up questions is clearly a prompt to continue. Despite that, however, I am certain that in her version of events, she just asked me a nonsense question to which I replied with some absurd rant about slaves and rape. What's more, I believe that she did, in fact, very much want to hear exactly what I told her and I was correct to take her continued inquiry beyond a passing pleasantry as a prompt for dialogue. Even if she hadn't wanted to hear, follow up questions are what separate the initiation of a dialogue from a pleasantry phrased as a question, which is probably what this idiot was calling a rhetorical question.

This bitch is probably going to get tortured to death if she is a natural born human but otherwise I will just kill her with the rest of the clones. I wouldn't single her out for what she did, but something like that will get her caught up in the SQL query for SELECT * WHERE NatBorn='Y' AND IntCont='ANT'.

Also, Biden seemed to mock me about it by conflating my agitation with hurt feelings. My agitation is very great due to the following confluence of circumstances. First, I told the white man at the first Publix a few years ago that I was not ok due to everyone around me practicing falsehood to the effect that our location in Antarctica is deceitfully evaded. Second, the reason I've been hearing about the video made in that context every few days since then is precisely due to that same reason about the practice of falsehood. Everyone pretends like that video shows something other than me calling a white man the N-word while I was in prison, and they feign moral outrage as if the false context they pretend was the real context. Namely, it is due to the practice of falsehood that everyone acts like I was talking to a black woman while I wasn't prison, and that I was being mean to some poor lady at the store in North America. In fact, I think that white man was disguised as a black woman in the Publix that day for no other reason than to initiate a fraudulent interaction with me. Therefore, due to this resonance between the reason I told the person at the first Publix I was not ok, i.e.: the practice of falsehood, and the reason I keep hearing about people's incredulity and offense over the video, i.e.: the practice of falsehood, it is highly aggravating that the resonance keeps on resonating, and resonating, and resonating, with no attenuation at all. Indeed, it is only due to the practice of falsehood that people act like they're just now hearing about it, still, years later.

Biden's mockery is also highly aggravating, also due to resonance. In his case, he is correct to think that his mockery will earn him no consequences because he and everyone he cares about and those people's families are already going into the cruel example I will make about why the fear of the Lord is important. His continued mockery will not make his fate any worse. I wish I could make it worse, but that is not realistic. Also, that's probably "Biden" I'm talking about who is practicing falsehood with his alias and with his disguise.

300,000,000+ slaves in Antarctica observing Emancipation Day today.

Two American Fighters Are Believed Captured By Russia In Ukraine

I noticed the bearded person here reminds me of the rapist I call Eyelash. I see they named him John-Robert Drueke meaning, I suppose, "John Roberts' friend." I was talking about John Roberts being a notorious and giant fraudster last night, and then I got poisoned with a new poison I had not experienced before which made my stomach ache for a while. The mark on the poisoned water bottles made them appear to have a silvered finish on the inside rather than the exterior scratches and warps which I am familiar with.

For some reason, my rapists had recently swtiched to using much lower intensity RAPE DICK implants. Last night, however, I got about five a row and the result was that my RAPE DICK situation became much worse than it had been in a long time. One of them was removed and during the day today, seemingly. The MEGA RAPE DICK was blasting all day but not quite as bad as last night. Then I went to sleep, I was soon woken up by a cop banging on my window. When he woke me up, my RAPE DICK situation was suddenly 10x worse even than it had been at the height of the previous night. I have *NEVER* had the RAPE DICK implants to the degree I have them right now. Whoever that was that was taking them out seems to have given up on that previous expedited schedule simultaneously with my rapists switching back to the ULTRA intensity implants from the much milder ones they had been using for several weeks. I also got new implants in my balls last night which remain today. Overall, the RAPE DICK has never been as bad as it now and I have clearly still not hit the bottom with regards to my rape and torture problem. I think the turning point in this recent increase RAPE problem was when the squint eyed Pepe interceptor, the one eye hotel stalker, and Helene intercepted me at the end of my walk the other day. The ULTRA RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER got removed that day after it was left in there for a week or two, or it was removed on the previous day, but now it has been replaced with this ULTRA MEGA ULTRA-ULTRA RAPE DICK which is much worse, and which got much worse again after I went to sleep earlier.

Smart money time.

Asian spider takes hold in Georgia, sends humans scurrying

>It's not clear exactly how and when the first Joro spider arrived in the U.S. In Georgia, a researcher identified one about 80 miles (128 km) northeast of Atlanta in 2014.

I saw one of these on Hemphill near Georgia Tech in 2005-2006 or so. I think the house number was 1046. I said, "WHAT IS THAT?!?!," but the people who lived there said, "Oh, that's just a banana spider," like it seemed normal to them. This is probably something to do with the Korean staff they hired for the Squid Game that they run at the bottom of the Backrooms maze near the Atlanta airport.

American Mother Pleads Guilty To Leading Battalion For ISIS

Allison Fluke-Ekren is obviously Helene Gutfreund's glamorized conception of herself.

It didn't like 4800 a few months ago.

FBI Altered Statement On Intrusion Into Democrat Server Based On Input From Democrat Lawyer

>Sussmann was close to the FBI for years and had a badge that allowed him access to the bureau's headquarters. Sussmann used the badge to gain entry on Sept. 19, 2016, when he handed over sketchy allegations against Trump to FBI lawyer James Baker.

This is obviously one of the men from Alliance. Seeing him in this context makes it seem like he doesn't even have a black belt in jiu jitsu.

FBI Maintains Workspace Inside Democrat Law Firm Perkins Coie

Gaetz asks, "Why would Christopher Wray allow it to continue?" I think the most important detail he's missing is that Wray's son Chris Moriarty uses the Pewdiepie persona to mock me on the internet, and Pewdiepie and Perkins Coie both get their name from the Pookiekins ordeal which was active from 2011-2012. That's why that office has been there since 2012. It makes it seem like the FBI was involved in that. Needless to say, the people involved are getting tortured to death after I kill their families unless I decide to torture their families too.

Canadian Bank Apologizes To Freedom Convoy Protest Participant For Freezing His Account

>"Please accept our sincere apologies for the frustration and inconvenience this situation may have caused."

Although I am sure my enemies will go even to the length of saying please when they ask me to accept their apologies, I will not do it. That race is getting exterminated.

I think the Cipher Dias character that placed the clone order in Star Wars (Sifo-Dyas) must be based on this "Severino Dias" character who I am told had a large hand in fucking me over.

Banker says he warned Vatican about London fund investor



I suppose it must have been an agent of the federal Satanic law that inserted this typo into the document I printed yesterday, one who thinks its not going to result in the catastrophic defilement of his ancestors' bloodline.

After an almost record breaking two days in a row without any obvious new implants, I got a new RAPE DICK implant today which has been raping me nonstop since I left the location where I got it. Also, I got fish juice on my hands putting sardines in my salad yesterday, which remained for some time due to a lack of hot water to wash with my hands with. Today, two or three different people have sprayed me with fish stink. This is a reminder to torture them to death after I kill their families, unless I decide to kill their families too.

First thing this morning, I went to get new breaks on my car. Despite there being a dozen seats in the lobby where I was the only person waiting, some Steve Collins-themed stalker came to sit in the only seat that would allow him to bother me by fidgeting in my peripheral vision. I moved to where I could not see him and turned off the wifi on my laptop, at which point he quickly left. Reminder to kill him and his family, and to torture them first. After that, I ran some errands and went to take a shower at LA Fitness. It was suggested that I wasn't going to be getting raped, and that I wasn't going to be getting new implants. I disproved the former when I got raped in the shower yesterday and I disproved the latter when I got new implants in there today. I think I probably got new RAPE DICK, WRIGGLER, and ZAPPER implants. After I got in the shower, some man that had intercepted me in the shower on a previous rape came to antagonize me my making eye contanct and smiling at me while I was naked. A moment later, I noticed a curled hair appeared on the wall of the shower where I had already confirmed there being none. When I noticed it, the gay immediately got out of his shower and left despite being in there for what appeared to me to be less than one minute. Then some other gay came to do the same thing: very gayly staring at me while I was naked in my shower stall. He put his bag that said "and" where I could see it, and he probably raped me too. Furthermore, they CHAHed me with the LRAD as soon as I walked in the door. I went to Walmart after I left the shower and someone had popped open my gas cap when I came out (unless I accidentally did it, which I doubt.) Reminder to torture all of these people and to kill their families, unless I decide to torture their families too.


Vatican airs dirty laundry in trial over London property

>Cecilia Marogna, a security analyst who is accused of embezzling 575,000 euros (over $600,000) that Becciu had intended as payment to liberate a Colombian

In early 2020, I tried to improve my situation by moving to Colombia which I understand to be not very friendly toward the USA. After the manager at my hostel told me he was Mossad, the assistant manager was Jenna, and the hot slut was really a tranny, and after they put pepper spray in my weed, I left because that was not something I wanted to spend money on. After having problems with people following me around to activate my implants at subsequent hotels, I switched hotels several times trying to get away from them. Eventually, some familiar looking person picked me up in a taxi. I told him, "Afuera del centro!," about 30 times, meaning, "Away from downtown!," but he took me to the absolute downtownest hotel in all of Colombia: the Hotel Medellin Kapital. On the cab ride, he was very friendly and he said, "Look at my eyes, I'm occidental," or something like that several times. Despite my desire to get the fuck away from downtown, I accepted it when he took me to exactly where I said I did not want to go. He assured me emphatically that it was safe, very many times, even as I was hesitant to get out of the taxi when he parked out front. I checked in to the hotel and got raped forthwith, and I got the biggest, most-MEGA WRIGGLER I have ever had, before or since. "Colombia," which was obviously still in Antarctica, turned into a big fiasco and I came back to "the USA" where the rape implants are not so MEGA. The Hotel Medellin Kapital was painted in the white and yellow Vatican colors, and I think what happened was that the occidental cab driver took me directly into the main lair of the people I was trying to get away from. The Vatican trial makes it sound like Becciu paid Marogna to make sure I would get raped in Colombia even more than I was getting raped in the USA. Obviously, Becciu and his blood relatives, or whoever and that person's blood relatives--even though I think the mole implants on my face being arranged like Becciu's moles means I have the right person in mind--will be subjected to rape that is almost infinitely more severe than mine, and they will not survive it like I have survived the rape they put on me.

The Sussmann Trial: Fingers Pointed At FBI Leadership

>A little bit of background on Priestap before we begin. Priestap approved the opening of Crossfire Hurricane and decided against defensive briefings being provided to the Trump Campaign. He was Peter Strzok's supervisor and also approved the use of all the confidential human sources used against the Trump campaign (Stefan Halper, et al.).

Sussmann Trial Day 7: How The FBI Hamstrung The Alfa Bank Investigation

I notice the role of Priestap in the Durham trial is much like the role of Perlasca in the Vatican trial. Indeed, the names are somewhat similar and Priestap has the word "priest" it. Joe Pientka must be Joe Tooker and Cuntis Heide must be Helene. Helene told me she contacted David Finkelstein at Georgia Tech after I talked to him about my paper which is reviewed in Appendix A of my forthcoming publication. She said he took a giant shit on me and my work. I also have a section devoted to him and his judaism in the soon to be published paper. Trisha is probably Patricia Vuittonet who contacted me with the name Petasatus on MySpace at a point in my life where I did not recognize the Pedo Sadist reference. I get the feeling that September 19, 2016 must have been the day I started at Exide but I don't remember which day it was. I also get the feeling that the Backrooms maze has seven levels.

One thing I don't quite understand is the context for the secret communications. I suppose it must refer to something between me and one of the men from Alliance but that doesn't make much sense since I was in constant, open communication with those guys every day, and often twice a day, for more than ten years. One other thing it could be was a DM I got from @ElaineOssipov on Twitter one day. The message asked me to tweet some code or a link with a code in it, and I did. I thought that was Elaine from Alliance but I didn't know who it was. However, the context of the secret back channel communications there is quite obvious. There's the Twitter that everyone can see and then there's the DM's as a nefarious secret back channel that you can only see by contacting a secret Twitter server. I think they were also saying that Putin was among the men impersonating the person I was meaning to train with at Alliance. If so, I would have been in constant open communication with him too so I do no see what this fixation is on some other secret communications. Also, I do not understand what was alleged to have been secretly communicated. I wonder if they mean to say that I was a sock puppet writing my name on someone else's research?

I wonder how much of this comes down to that DM I got from @ElaineOssipov, whose fake name was adapted to the John Ossoff whose career kicked off right after that by being electing to the congressional seat from the district I was living in at that time in Dunwoody. I wonder if that request for a retweet was designed to spur all of this other stuff.

18 Children, 1 Teacher Killed After Texas School Massacre; Biden To "Turn Pain Into Action"

11 Dead, 5 Wounded In Mexican Hotel Massacre

How Did Mueller's $40 Million Trump-Russia Investigation 'Miss' Hillary's Hoax?

>The question is, of course, infuriatingly rhetorical.

>The Mueller team originally consisted of the same FBI officials who received the Alfa-Bank hoax material from Michael Sussmann.

I think the rhetorical question here has more to do with the 60 phones Mueller lost, the 30 phones he wiped, and the five months of Strzok data that evaporated than it does anything the author of this article mentioned. Maybe it has to do with Horowitz finding no fault with Bruce Ohr due to a "calendar entry" that said Ohr met with McCabe in October despite Ohr having already testified under oath that that meeting was in July on the same day he met Steele?

Witness thrown out of courtroom as Cardinal Becciu cross-examination continues

Cardinal Becciu: Pope Francis Responsible for Vatican Auditor's Ousting

>The interrogation, which will be continued on May 19, was characterized by combative questioning

>Cardinal Becciu, the second-ranking official of the Secretariat of State until 2018, frequently said he could not remember the answer to questions the prosecutor posed