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I've come across an unusual and interesting documentary. I have only started watching it but their observation that the Czar's problem was not killing the Jews before they could kill him makes it seem like the producers know what they're talking about. Usually documentaries don't so poignantly get to the heart of such matters.

I brought my camera into the store to defend against getting raped. I have noticed the futility of such actions as I suspect my camera is being remotely deactivated, as I have had problems with since at least 2012. While I was in line in this grocery store in "Arizona," someone sprayed me with the SHIT SPRAY. I looked around to see who was fucking with me, and then I left the store after completing my purchase. After I left, I checked the video to see if the camera would show anything or glitch at the point where I got sprayed. Indeed, it did. This was when I got in line a second time for some water, around the five minute mark in the video linked above. The lighting flashed and a moment later some kid or a worker ran through the video. The part where I looked around to see who had sprayed me with the shit spray was completely removed from my record of the events. Furthermore, I wonder if that was a real kid running through the frame. I would have noticed a kid running by when I got sprayed with the shit spray since I looked around, but actually I do not know how much time they removed from the video to allow them to rape and poison me off camera. In any case, the video glitched where I got sprayed, and I noticed the bottles of water I bought were fucked up. They must have raped me and poisoned my water, and hacked my phone to undermine my defense. This problem about my camera being remotely deactivated has been going on for a very long time.

In the past few days I have noticed the same new buggy behavior on my phone and on my laptop. When either screen wakes from sleep, there is often a gradient of black that flashes leading to a fully black upper left corner of the screen. It is EXCEEDINGLY obvious that my phone and my computer were hacked together due to this matching glitch behavior. Indeed, I suppose flashing black gradient is not a glitch at all but rather is intended to mock me purposefully in satisfaction of the Satanic code of my enemies where they say their crimes are non-criminal as long as they deliver a notification of criminal activity.

Furthermore, when I got a new phone two weeks ago, hackers immediately destroyed it. I returned it and got another one at which time it was suggested that that would not happen again, but now they have ruined this phone as well so that I cannot use it to defend against my dozen times per day rapes and poisonings.

As if on cue following my prediction for this not to touch the upper edge of the channel, I see that it has immediately ramped on terrible inflation news and the impending recession announcement in about 10 days (which will get called not a real recession since they changed the definition of recession.)

Steve Bannon Contempt Trial Set To Begin

I wonder whether or not Bannon is the person they are calling George Torzi in the Vatican trial. I also wonder if they did, indeed, already get the contentious shares back from him or if he still has them. Although I thought it was Trump at the time, Bannon's eye here makes me wonder if it wasn't Bannon rather than Trump defrauding me in a disguise of my coworker Dave Morrison in a meeting at Exide in December 2016: one where I believe Putin was defrauding me in a Rodney Williams disguise and Devin Nunes was defrauding me in a David Feldkamp disguise.

UPDATE: After this post, it was suggested that I got him mixed up with someone else. I do recognize his eye there. This one is not Evil Dad, I am now told.

What the Jan. 6 hearings and the Vatican trial have in common

>As fate would have it, both procedures held their first public hearing on the very same day--July 27, 2021, so we're coming up on the one-year anniversary for each.

>On [July 8], the trial held its 24th hearing, with testimony coming from a defendant named Nicola Squillace, an Italian lawyer, who appeared to contradict other defendants who've claimed they didn't know key details of the Vatican's failed effort to buy a choice piece of London real estate.

I am surprised to see no reporting on the Vatican trial events from July 14-15. Regarding the overlap in the above article, "Jaysix" is a code for "Jesus" just like all the names in the Vatican trial are code names designed to avoid exposing the actual (criminal) parties to the public eye.

In Noisy Equations, One Who Heard Music

>Experts say Martin Hairer's epic masterpiece in stochastic analysis "created a whole world."

>Martin Hairer's masterwork is so fantastic, so fully baked and so far out of left field, one fellow mathematician declared, that the manuscript must have been downloaded into his brain by a more intelligent alien race.

>As for the researchers who have striven for decades to fathom the strange equations addressed by his theory, "He's taken them all to the cleaners,"

>"Everyone knows it's brilliant," said David Kelly, a mathematician at New York University and a former Ph.D. student of Hairer's, "but everyone's also quite scared of it."

As I detailed in my recent book, this turd Hairer is writing about the MCM unit cell, which he calls a "regularity structure."

LHC Run 3: physics at record energy starts [July 5]

>"It is not at all clear whether the Higgs mechanism realised in nature is the minimal one"

1MDB funds a donation says Saudi minister in flip-flop 'to help' Najib

>"We are aware of the donation and it is a genuine donation with nothing expected in return. We are also fully aware that the attorney general of Malaysia has thoroughly investigated the matter and found no wrongdoing," the foreign minister said

>"So, as far as we are concerned, the matter is closed," Jubeir added

>"So, it seems, this was just another in a long line of staged productions, presumably orchestrated by the usual suspects (with Rosmah Mansor as Chief Producer),"

Firstly, Rosmah Mansor is one of Helene's acolytes and body doubles. Secondly, readers will recall that I have asserted Lloyd Blankfein's presence "in the room" for the 1MDB fraud referred (in part) to his presence in the office at Exide following his MK Ultra programming (or whatever) under the guise of brain cancer treatments in 2015-2016 in preparation for the "anti-Trump insurance policy" called (in part) Operation Crossfire Hurricane. (Helene's progenitive fraud conspiracy against me, the one which culminated at Exide, was begun in 2007 or 2008, about 20 years after she started raping me.) I think this Saudi donation in the linked article must be what is called (in part) in the Vatican trial a donation to a "Caritas" in the home diocese of Cardinal Bitcho, a/k/a Cardinal Becciu, a/k/a Cardinal I Bet You We Can Get Away With This Bullshit. When the House of Saud (which I count among my enemies) said the gift was from their royal family, they probably meant that they fraudulently initiated the donation in my name because they are distant cousins of mine that I haven't culled yet.

After having failed (badly) to touch the line this week, I predict the downtrend will resume next week without touching the line first.

Biden Fist Bumps 'Killer' Crown Prince, Avoids All Press Contact In Saudi Arabia

There is a confluence today with the fraud contract being produced in the Vatican trial and Biden going to Saudi Arabia. The confluence is that the Saudis were said to have killed Khashoggi on the day I tried to get a copy of the contract in 2018.

Inasmuch as I thought Saudi official al-Qatani was a pseudonym for Cavalcanti, and to the extent that Jeff Cummings looks like a Saudi royal family member, I had a man from Alliance in my dream last night. He was trying to demonstrate solidarity between he and I, but I was not forthcoming with it. I kept trying to get away from him, but he kept following me around. He came and told me I was DQed in a jiu jitsu match too, one in which I had certainly not been DQed. He gave me some admonishment like, "Motherfucker, don't ever turn your back on me again," but I immediately turned around and walked away without saying anything to him. He continued to follow me around throughout the remainder of my dream, however, and I could not get away from him.

Certainly, one or more of those men from Alliance was complicit in the fraud at Exide. I remember one of them, a different one than was in my dream, told me that he, "had something real nice for me," in reference to what was about to be the worst job I ever had, in an office with the worst group of human scum I ever encountered: at work, in jail, on the street, or anywhere. I have never encountered such a vile cesspit of human shit anywhere in my life as I found in the office at Exide.

Vatican Trial: One of the Accused Says Francis Knew About It

>The Vatican prosecutor questioned Nicola Squillace on Friday, July 8, 2022, the lawyer for another businessman, Gianluigi Torzi. Both Squillace and Torzi are charged with misappropriation of funds, fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, and self-laundering. ('Self-laundering' is a situation in which the same person perpetrates both the primary offence and the money laundering offence.) At the 24th and [most recetn] hearing in the trial on Friday, the court heard counsel for the broker on crucial details of the contract that transferred management of the luxury London building from Torzi's own company, the Gutt SA based in Luxembourg. This contract plays an important role in the trial as it sheds light on a crucial chapter in the saga of the way in which the Vatican ended up with an investment in London involving a Luxembourg-based company. A saga that began in Angola.

>In 2013, the Secretary of State decided to invest 200 million euros and explored the possibility of buying shares in an oil extraction company in Angola called Falcon Oil.

>In court, Tirabassi claimed that the Secretariat of State, and him in particular, did not realize at first that the shares given to Torzi were the only voting rights, effectively giving Torzi control. of the building.

>Tirabassi raised another point regarding the decision-making processes in the Vatican, the issue of the then head of the administration of the Secretariat of State, Msgr. Alberto Perlasca's signing agreements he was not authorized to sign.

>The questioning will continue on July 14 and 15. Then the trial will resume in September, with three consecutive hearings scheduled every two weeks---and possibly with the first witnesses. The president of the court, Giuseppe Pignatone, spoke of 200 witnesses, but many of them may not be called due to current developments.

>While the current Vatican trial revolves around the investment of the Secretariat of State in London and the ten defendants, there are also at least two other lines of inquiry: the donation by the Secretariat of State to Caritas in the home diocese of Cardinal Angelo Becciu, and the consulting contract awarded to alleged intelligence expert Cecilia Marogna.

The oil extraction venture in Angola in 2013 is obviously the semen extraction venture in Atlanta. I think the Sloane Ave property must really be the Slave property, then one in which the Vatican continues to hold me as its slave, and which Biden has apparently decided to leave me in, thus reneging on his promises as should have been the obvious expectation to anyone with a brain. These court dates in September make it sound like there is no hope at all of me getting out of here any time soon. I assume the Vatican is going to end up fucking me over too since my intention is to kill all of the things they grew with my semen, and all of the families of those things, and the families of all the people involved in the "semen exctraction venture." Given such facts, they will continue to choose Stanic rebellion over Godly obedience as the Catholic church has from in inception many centuries ago.

I think George Torzi must be the master of the P2 masons, a/k/a Sam Hyde if I'm not mistaken, who's agent Elon Musk became wealthy through his P2 Paypal company. I think it's obvious that this pattern in the TSLA chart is due to the 2013 Vatican investment in their Satanic semen extraction venture. I think it is preposterous to entertain the notion that the Vatican might not have known about the voting shares. The real situation is that the Catholic church is a Satanic dicastery and it has been all along. That's why they call themselves "God" and keep me locked in their slave hole. Just like Biden is now saying, "Even though I promised to stop fucking you over because I don't like what you're going to do if I ever stop fucking you over (despite your plan now being the same one you had stated before I agreed to stop fucking you)," I assume the conclusion of the Vatican business will be summarized as, "Even though we promised to stop fucking you, we're going to keep fucking you because we don't like what you're going to do if we ever stop fucking you." If the contract is being produced this week, however, maybe I am wrong and they will stop fucking me. That seems impossible, however.

Also, it is my understanding that one or more of those men from Alliance whose family is going to be exterminated as I defile and ruin his interests in the world is from Luxemborg, so I assume he is the collaborator leading to the location of Torzi's company in Luxembourg. When someone infuriated me a year or two ago by leaking an unfinished draft of one of my papers, it was suggested they were undertaking that action as an agent of the state of Luxembourg. There probably aren't going to be any citizens of that country that survive. Furthermore, when I was a young child, I recall that my dad had an affinity for Luxembourg. I do not know if that was Good Dad or Evil Dad, the Father of Lies, and which it was will probably determine whether anyone with a Luxembourg passport survives. Indeed, to the extent that those people from Alliance were pretending to be from Brazil, I recall the Brazilian soccer commissioner, or someone like that, was named Gil Luxembourgo.

They "Should Never Know Peace Again"

When I went to Florida, they were saying that I fucked it up by not being polite to the people heckling and mocking me at the restaurant. Although they made a big production yesterday night of suggesting that I was being transported to a better place, and suggesting that my enemies were disappointed that I was being brought here, I was transported to a worse place. By doing nothing other than sitting alone in my car in front of the Walmart from about 8am to 2pm, the locals decided that they should start raping, poisoning, and torturing me.

Around 2pm, some cops showed up to start fucking with me. After I told them to fuck off, I noticed two RVs had encircled my car and were in the rape formation with a lookout stationed behind me. I started taking the shades off my windows to leave the area but they raped and poisoned me as soon as I got out of my car. I became dizzy and there was a sensation of instantaneous onset pressure in my face and sinuses as my brain got turned off after they raped me. From there, I went to the post office. Some guy followed me in, sprayed me with the shit spray, and probably raped and poisoned me too because I again experienced the instantaneous onset of pressure in my face and sinuses. I left the post office to get some gas and some water, and then parked near a McDonalds to drink the water. While I was drinking, they sprayed me with shit spray again, poisoned my water, and deployed about five gangstalkers to heckle me. Then I went to get an oil change and I probably got raped while they were doing it judging by the harshly increased RAPE DICK after I left with my car. I got on the highway and drove out of town. South of town, I stopped and got water at a gas station where I observed the MCM graffiti shown above. By the time I went to drink that water, however, someone has scratched a monster face into the side of the bottle indicating more poison. This was the same style of monster face as the poison water I drank after getting a false /biz/ ID the day before in the Kansas-Nevada area. When I did the anal exam this evening, I see that I have severe new 5:00 anal stabbing trauma next to the 6:00 anal stab trauma from when I stopped in Wyoming two days ago. Indeed, I drove all night hoping to find someplace where I could stop to sleep without getting raped and stabbed in my asshole, but I did not find a place like that, contrary to what I had understood this picture to imply.

Furthermore, there was a post where someone was saying that "the executives" were threatening to "take everything away from him" if the didn't bring the simulation of me getting constantly raped down to "average level" of constant rape. The response was to throw me in this new slave hole where I got raped probably five times on the first day, shit sprayed twice, poisoned thrice or more, etc/ Did they take it away from him? Of course not. They probably thanked him for his compliance. As I finished typing this, the LRAD got activated with a third instance of me getting sprayed with the shit spray, all after being here less than 24 hours. Unlike my real lack of politeness in Florida, I saw the false allegation that I had been targeted for rape because I was "spamming CP." I did not post any CP, nor have I ever posted CP anywhere. I did not post any pornography at all. What I did, however, was to report to the local authorities everything I know about certain criminal enterprises. Clearly, those authorities determined that I should be raped, poisoned, and tortured for bringing these facts to their attention.

Now that I've been raped here 50 times, the door is open to it forever and they'll never get it to stop just like they never got it to stop anywhere else once it started.

UPDATE: After I finished this post a moment ago, two hecklers appeared in the parking lot next to me and I got a bad taste in my mouth as soon as I heard their voices, despite brushing my teeth five minutes ago. I probably just got raped and poisoned yet again. The sudden pressure in my face and sinuses is unmistakable. It feels like I got new 6:00 RAPE DICK too.

When the Father of Lies denied me, I had wondered what he got out of it, if anything. I was wondering if maybe he fucked me just to fuck me without any profit motive. This recent thread said he stole my place as the head of my family, which makes him the Man of Lawlessness in addition to the Father of Lies. Joe Tooker a/k/a Jeff Zooker's replacement as the CNN boss, Chris Licht, is a body double with Chris Moriarty, the son of the FBI Director and, I think, the husband of Kim Jong Un's sister. Chris' brother Brad used to work on the LRAD in Macon, GA with Jessica Franks, the daughter of Joe Tooker's brother in law, Terry Franks.

US Bureau Says "Leaked" 10.2% CPI Report Was Fake, So Here's What To Expect

US Small Business Optimism Outlook Crashes To Record Low, Yield Curve Inverts Most Since 2007

My feeling is that the leak is the real number and the report tomorrow will be fake. Indeed, the leak was probably a response to the decision to print a fake number tomorrow. I expect the decision to print BS CPI data went something like, "National security requires that the recession announcement on July 28 has to be a single whammy. We can't let there be a stagflationary depression double whammy of technical recession and double digit CPI." On top of that, the GDP print will be BS too, pending the normal process of months of revisions. Whatever any of it is reported as, it is far worse than they will say. The crash in small business optimism, for instance, is based on the rose-colored data, not the real data.

I guess it will probably try to touch this line again this week, and then proceed according to my earlier predictions.

Biden's Selling Of Oil From Reserve To Hunter Biden-Tied Chinese Firm 'Impeachable': Republicans

This must be about selling my semen. All of the families that consecrated the abomination are getting exterminated, as are the families of the people who were cooperating with my enemies. They will want to cooperate with me now, but I will reject them. Then the meek will inherit the Earth.

I saw a post today that said Based Terry blew up the Guidestones.

AAA-MCD-777- "INFINITE ACCOUNT," established under White Spiritual Boy, Spiritual Wonder Boy, Morning Star and King David

>Just to guard that Innocent King or Spiritual Wonder Boy; who have been moved US$ 26, 000, 000, 000, 000 (now became US$ 62, 000, 000, 000, 000) and already released in the "secret bank" and will bring at least 10% of that money to the Philippines. So God help us all.

Whatever this article is really about is what Helene's and Exide's fraud contracts are about. Also, I was White Spiritual Boy in 1987 but now I'm White Spiritual Man.

Biden Eschews Diplomacy, Chooses Path To War With Iran

>Biden's team will only continue to prove they were lying all along

Following the appearance of Helene's coworker from Exide "Mincione" at the Vatican trial on 7/6, she changed her bank account to the bank I've been using lately and she sent me some messages about linking accounts, which I did not want. (Helene used the alias Rodelene "Rod" Williams at Exide and Mincione used the alias Rodney "Rod" Williams. No doubt Mincione's defense in this trial will be centered on confusing two different Rod Williamses.) I am not sure what fraud she is up to now, but it probably has to do with whatever fraud contract I was served when she asked me to assume her power of attorney to sign the closing docs on a condo for her about 15 years ago. This conspiracy to defraud me at that time was the first thing that popped into my head when they recently posted "CERN reset the timeline to before 2007, schizos in control." Today, I closed my account to try to avoid whatever fraud she has in mind. When I asked her to tell me if she was now aware that I don't have an account at Bank of America, she engaged in what appears to me to be significant prevarication before finally making a clear statement. (After I was homeless for a while, someone in a Helene disguise agreed to start sending me $2500/mo and that was the context of these emails.)

Last year, I went to talk to a banker about a mortgage. I think Helene intercepted me and was impersonating the banker so as to mock me ith her disguisecraft. When she was asking me about my income, I explained that I get $2500/mo plus whatever book revenue I pull in from Amazon (which has been about $25 spread over four years.) The banker said, "So you have money and someone else handles it for you?" I said, "NO!," and someone outside in the hall yelled, "He doesn't know!" I assume the thing I don't know is the object of Helene's 2007 with those power of attorney forms and real estate closing docs. I further assume that Helene was referring to her own fraud from 2007-ish. I think the email above where she wrote "I have mine and she has hers" is a reference to the same. Although the Vatican trial seems focused on Exide, the "timeline reset to 2007" post and the appearance of a "Gutt Company" in the Vatican proceedings (not mentioned in the English reporting, notably) makes me pretty hopeful that both frauds are being undone together. As it is, I think Helene robbed me, wrote me out of her will, and then left everything to her Satanic trust org so that her robbery would persist even if I killed her. (When I was younger, she had informed me that I was her sole beneficiary.)

Since it says the company Torzi gained control of was the Gutt company, I wonder if the Exide fraud was designed to let Helene sell the assets she had already robbed me of to her longtime bff George. I thought for many years that the Exide fraudsters must have been so emboldened by Helene already getting away with her own fraud for almost ten years that they tried their own separate fraud. Now I wonder if Exide was merely an escalation of the previous fraud of Helene, the Whore of Babylon and darling of the Catholic church.

Mincione blames Vatican for London deal losses

>At the centre of the Vatican trial, and the charges against Mincione, is his relationship with Gianluigi Torzi

>Torzi had been deputized by the Secretariat of State

Tirabassi interrogation: the negotiation with Torzi for the shares with voting rights (translated in Edge)

>Next hearings on 8, 14 and 15 July

>The hearing closed at 6 pm but the trial continues tomorrow, July 8, with the interrogation of the defendant Nicola Squillace and on July 14, with possible continuation on the 15th, again with Tirabassi. The Promoter Diddi asked APSA to be able to acquire the contract for the sale of the Sloane Avenue property.

Torzi is Evil Dad and Mincione is the Rod Williams a/k/a Rodney Joffe a/k/a John Roberts that served me the fraud contract at Exide. The likeness of "Mincione" to the "Rod Williams" I identified in a Stargate SG-1 episode is undeniable. (Linked to pic above. This person became a recurring character on the show which is about the backrooms maze, the "Tokra," and "Zatogs".) My opinion has been that the Georgia Guidestones were basically the hood ornament on the backrooms maze, and those got blown up shortly after the trial started yesterday morning. I am not sure if "the building" in question in these dealings--the one which was ceded deliberately to Torzi despite the protestations of any number of fraudsters--is the backrooms complex near the Atlanta airport or if it is the entire Antarctica slave hole. Since this person pictured above is the obvious likeness of the person who served me the fraud contract at Exide, Rod Williams a/k/a Rodney Joffe, I am glad they are demanding a copy of the contract. When I went to Exide to try to get the contract in 2018, they refused, called the cops on me, and issued me a criminal trespass notice against returning. You can see that my attempt to get that contract ***WRECKED*** what the Fed was doing (top linked chart), so I think their being forced to give it over will lead to events.

Certainly, this is the contract in the Durham trial leading Durham to explain that the statute of limitations on "Joffe" has not run out because certain charges such as contract fraud against the government have a limit greater than five years.

While agree with pretty much everything written on the guidestones, I am reminded that Satan not the opposite of God. Instead, he is somewhat different than God and follows the path that leads to death instead of life. Forty-two years of what I presume is Satan's monument sitting on a hill ended today and I am glad.

Georgia Guidestones explosion - live: 'America's Stonehenge' that critics dub 'satanic' is hit by bomb attack

This says, "Notorious jew Sam Hyde," to me more than it says, "Where's Waldo?" Given the six dead here and the 60 bullets in that other recent shooting, I'd say I recently got six new implants in my asshole. In particular, the ELECTROCONVULSOR has suddenly gotten much worse.

The first mention of Jews in the Bible is in Ezra which was written after the Persians had conquered the Babylonians that had destroyed the remnant of the Kingdom of Judah hundreds of years after the Kingdom of Israel had been absorbed into Assyria. Later in the Bible but chronologically earlier, Jeremiah mentions Jews, and that was also after the Babylonians had conquered Jerusalem. The Jewish religion is most probably the name of the religious reformation enacted by King Josiah shortly before the Babylonians sacked Jerusalem (pic). Adam and Eve were not Jews and their kids weren't either. A thousand years later when Noah was born, Judaism still didn't exist. A thousand years later when God made his covenant of circumcision with Abraham, it still didn't exist. When Moses freed the Israelites from Egypt, it still didn't exist. Jews don't show up until way later.

My analysis suggests that this big red vol explosion candle (which I missed yesterday) should signal a big, commensurate downside vol explosion in stocks.

The recession gets announced four weeks from today and stocks are going to get sold between then and now.

Oil Extends Gains After Indirect US-Iran Nuclear Talks Fail In Qatar

> "The agenda is clear."

Vatican financial trial highlights intrigue and rivalries in the papal court

>The next trial date is set for July 6

I've got about three 9:00 nodule implants again, and a 3:00 nodule implant. I am pretty sure there weren't any at 9:00 when I found the one at 3:00 a couple of days ago.