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Around 2018 or so, I snipped my ear with some scissors while cutting my hair. Unfortunately, the snip was right on the peak of a spur of cauliflower ear and the snip never quite healed right. Now it's like the cartilage spur (which is sharp and pointy, somehow, possibly because I snipped preexisting cauliflower too) is trying to push the rest of the way through the skin and the area keeps growing and getting increasingly inflamed/irritated. It used to be like my ear came to a point there due to the subcutaneous cauliflower, but now it's like my ear has a nodule there. The area has become permanently flaky, hot, and red/purple tending toward black today after I was scratching the flaky skin off yesterday. It hurts all the time too, and it is constantly sore to the touch across several months now.

After I complained about slicing off a nerve branch in my finger last year, my rapists found that it was such a minor injury that my other rapists were empowered with impunity to slice off a matching nerve branch in my foot resulting in a second paralyzed area about ten times bigger than the one on my hand. No doubt the medical attention required for my ear problem would result in more rape and mutilations.

Explainer: The Fed's new 'QT' plan takes shape

>Come September, the Fed will be cutting $95 billion a month from its holdings, split between $60 billion of Treasuries and $35 billion of MBS.

>On June 1, it will start the process at $47.5 billion a month for the first three months, divided as $30 billion of Treasuries and $17.5 billion of MBS. It will increase to the full $95 billion three months later.

Although this article said they were going to do $47.5B QT for three months starting on June 1, the balance only went down $40B from June 1 to August 3. I think this is the reason for the rally. The bounce starting in the middle of June matches when markets would have seen the Fed's non-pivot into QT. I will be watching this chart closely. Even from the high balance mark on April 13, it is only down $90B which still misses the mark for two months' QT at $47.5B/month.

Here's the same chart again with better vertical alignment. The chart shows that the Fed balance peaked around $8.96T in April and was around $8.885T at the end of July. However, the Fed has said it was going to start reducing the balance sheet by $0.095T per month and it has not even reduced by $0.095 aggregate yet. I think the real story about the "Fed pivot" is if they're ever going to start that $0.095T/month reduction.

"Silliness Is Back" - Financial Conditions Are Now 'Easier' Than Before The Fed Started Hiking

Rather than plotting the chart in the article of rates and markets to say, "This doesn't make sense," they ought to plot Fed balance and markets to say, "This makes perfect sense because the Fed has hardly started to reduce its balance sheet." All this talk about the Fed pivot on rates is better framed in the context of the Fed not really doing anything on balance sheet reduction. They have done unprecedented rate hikes but they have hardly even dipped a toe into balance reduction, and as long as they never "pivot" into forceful balance seet reduction, the market is going to like rallying on dovish Fedspeak. In particular, during the 10 years of QE, ZH printed 100+ articles showing that the only thing that matters for markets is the Fed balance but now, somehow, rate hikes have appeared as replacement for balance sheet reduction when one has nothing to do with the other. Indeed, the stupid chart in the article specifies the issue. Why say, "Huh, this is weird that the market isn't tracking rates?," after saying, "The market tracks the Fed balance, and nothing but the Fed balance," for ~10 years?

Initial Jobless Claims Hit 8 Month Highs, Continuing Claims Jump Ahead Of Payrolls Print

>Jobless claims are now completely decoupled from the headlines payrolls data

The Misery Index Is At Recession Levels

>June's misery index (a composite of unemployment and CPI inflation) has risen to 12.5. That's the highest since September 2011 when the US economy was experiencing a time of very weak job growth and economic growth following the Great Recession. At the time, the yield curve almost inverted

>The Fed has long clung to the job openings data in the JOLTS report, claiming that the economy must be find because employment (a lagging indicator) suggests strength. Well, this morning's JOLTS report shows a clear downward turn from its upward thrust with job openings falling month-over-month by the most since the 2020 recession. Job openings have fallen 9.8 percent from the March peak.

Peter Schiff: Damn The Recession! It's Rate-Hikes Ahead!

I got a new phone this week because the camera on my old phone was being remotely deactivated when I was using it as a rape defender. Although I selected, "DO NOT UPDATE AUTOMATICALLY," when I was setting it up, it was prompting me to restart to install updates. This evening, I reset it and I immediately got a notification that my banck account was suspended due to hackers. I noticed that my phone was immediately fucked up too. When i was deleting the video surveillance files, it was saying the size of the the files was 0GB when usually it would say the correct amount of space freed up. After that, I went to get something to drink and it seemed like the camera had been deactivated while I had it on so that my rapists could use the rape ray on me to deactivate my brain and poison the drink I had bought. I used the "factory reset" option but I don't think that's going to help. Reminder about two likely rapists that parked next to me in a black SUV when I think it happened.

Obviously, my prediction is that we're not going to get another green candle in August. However, I finally watched The Big Short this weekend and I sympathized very much with the characters when they were saying, "If the underlying security is going down, why isn't this instrument going down?" The answer was that the system contained an almost unlimited amount of fraud so maybe the August candle will be green. I hope not.

I'd say that whatever this article is supposed to be about references the fate of the rebellious parties indicated below. Although I am certain these rebellious parties have been zealots in claiming to mete out justice in my name against those parties whom they declared rebels, now they will want to not follow the law of the Lord regarding their own rebellion. While murdering and claiming to do it in my name, no doubt they have said, "You can't depart from the way of the Lord," though now they say, "But actually it's fine if we depart. We'll be fine. Justice for thee, not for me." They will want me to forsake the covenant I made with their ancestors: a covenant of life and a covenant of death.

This image seems to be a mirrored layout of the implants in and around my asshole. It leaves

out the ones in my balls,

the ones all over my ball sack,

the ones all over the shaft of my dick including several encircling the shaft about 1mm south of the head,

several zappers in the head of my dick in the urethra area,

wrigglers all up and down the length of the urethra,


MEGA ZAPPERS in the arches of both feet,

wrigglers in my eyelids,

wrigglers in the pits of my eyes,

zappers on my eyelids,

zappers in the pits of my eyes,

zappers on my tongue,

zappers all over my hands and fingers and arms and legs and face and back and neck,

at least four nodule implants down inside the asshole,

the nodule on my left ring finger,

the brain scanner implant(s) which are used for psychological rather than physical torture,

the collapsed bones in my foot from where they drilled my heel and screwed in a skeletal mutilator implants,

the dislocated collar bones which resulted from the skeletal mutilator implant,

not to mention a dozen moles and several disgusting brown splotches made by injecting me with who knows what kind of point of poison.

At best, they will remove some of these but then leave those years of my constant torture right where they are and say, "We fixed it. It's as good as new," despite their knowing intention to leave those years of torture in the story of the Lord for eternity. They have no intention to undo that and if someone forces them to remove some of the implants, it will be their victory that no one can force them to remove those years of torture.

This green candle on the right doesn't disprove the bear case. It doesn't even suggest that the bear case is wrong.

This seems to fit the mold for a topping pattern.

200 witnesses to testify in 'Vatican trial of a century' on financial scandals

Maybe this "200 witnesses" reference is really a Tooker reference. I'm pretty sure the person whose face I recognize on the face of Vatican trial lead prosecutor Pignatone is the same person whose face I recognize on Andy Sixx in the log memes. Although the UK court in the article below said they had been waiting for the conclusion of the Vatican trial and then decided not to wait, I think the timing following the conclusion of the defendants' statements indicates that they did wait as long as they were planning to. Furthermore, I think Joey "El Mencho" Collins is a body double with Boris Johnson, and his recent resignation is probably related to Rodney Williams wearing a mask of Steve Collins' face at Exide. Steve is Joey's dad, if Joey's real dad wasn't Pablo Escobar.

The Pope 'secretly allowed investigators to bug telephone belonging to London-based financial broker charged with defrauding the Holy See'

>The primary defendants are 'actors in a rotten predatory and lucrative system, sometimes made possible thanks to limited, but very incisive, complicity and internal connivance,' prosecutors have said previously.

>The current case dates from 2013, when the Secretariat borrowed more than $200 million (GBP145million), mainly from Credit Suisse, to invest in a Luxembourg fund managed by Mincione.

>But another London-based financier, Gianluigi Torzi, brought in to broker the purchase of the rest of the building and cut ties with Mincione, instead joining forces with him, say prosecutors. Torzi arranged for the Holy See to give Mincione GBP40million to buy out the financier's share of the London property, but allegedly inserted a clause into the deal that gave himself control of the building through voting rights.

>Mincione and Torzi were helped, prosecutors claim, by Enrico Crasso, a former financial consultant to the Secretariat, and employee Fabrizio Tirabassi, both of whom face charges including fraud.

No doubt this 2013 initiation led to this run in Tesla stock, the stock of the business whose business model is to sell my stolen semen, which is also the so-called "oil extraction venture" in Angola, a/k/a Atlanta. When I was staying at the Holiday Inn in Long Island where I got raped very much and got a lot of nasty implants, it was suggested that the person defrauding me at the front desk in a disguise who had distributed an unfinished draft of one of my papers did so acting as an agent of the state of Luxembourg, and I recall Dad having some fondness for Luxembourg being the smallest country in the world. I heard about Luxembourg several times when I was very young, but I don't think I ever heard about as a teenager. This may have been due to the person using the Dad identity swapping with someone else who did not harbor an acute fondness for Luxembourg.

You can see Tesla stock really took off when I moved to that apartment in Dunwoody where they started stealing my semen on an industrial scale to sell it through Tesla. I moved there after Helene kicked me out of the condo I was renting from her when I could no longer pay rent after she got me fired from my job at Georgia Tech by telling sick and malicious lies about me. This issue of my semen being Tesla's real cash cow is why Tesla had like 3 or 4 general counsels quit in one year: they found out what Tesla's real business model is and got out of there, ASAP. All of those billions Elon is reaping off his stock come from selling my stolen semen. That's also why Tesla encountered "surprise Model 3 production delays" due to "certain parts being made by hand" when I became homeless in 2017: they could no longer suck the scum out of the drain in my sink and it fucked up their business model. Also, the reason Tesla started charging more for "black paint" after I started to grow my hair out is because they were selling GM-ed black haired babies grown from my stolen semen for a premium.

Behind Tesla's Production Delays: Parts of Model 3 Were Being Made by Hand

Tesla has lost its top lawyer for the third time in the past year

Tesla's black paint just got $1,000 more expensive

Court of Appeal sets aside stay of proceedings in Vatican London property dispute

>The Court of Appeal has today (26 July 2022) allowed the appeal brought by Raffaele Mincione, Athena Capital Fund & WRM Capital Asset Management against the stay imposed by the Commercial Court in late 2021 ([2021] EWHC 3166 (Comm); [2022] 1 WLR 1389) on their proceedings against the Respondent, the Secretariat of State of the Holy See. (The Respondent is a governmental unit of the Holy See, which is the jurisdiction of the Pope, the head of the Roman Catholic Church, and which exercises sovereign jurisdiction over the Vatican City State.) The action is for declaratory relief in respect of a transaction

Mincione asks UK court to rule he 'acted in good faith' in Vatican deal [2020]

>Lawyers for Raffaele Mincione are arguing that the Holy See is trying to nullify the deal, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, according to new reports.

>On June 17 [2020], Mincione's company WRM Capinvest filed suit against the Jersey-registered holding company, 60 SA Ltd., through which the Vatican owns the building. In a separate action, Luxembourg-based Athena Capital Fund SICAV-FIS SCA, a unit of Athena Capital Fund, which is also owned by Mincione, filed a commercial contract claim against the Secretariat of State. It is unclear when that second action was first filed.

>Mincione's lawyers argue in court documents that he and his companies "acted in good faith in and about the transactions and the negotiation and execution of the contractual documents,"

>The secretariat's involvement with Mincione dates back to 2014

>Mincione's lawyers argue that the Vatican is seeking to distance itself from Gutt's involvement and claiming that Perlasca did not have the authority to sign any agreements authorizing the building's final purchase through Torzi and that "ultimately the Holy See is looking to plead that the transaction was invalid."

The suggestion that fund manger Mincione, a/k/a Exide manager Rodney Williams, acted in good faith in his dealing with me is ludicrous and infuriating. He told me he was offering me a job helping Exide make and sell electrical batteries and he made a representation to me that the paperwork Exide sent me after he made the offer was the formalized terms of the job.

The Vatican's involvement with Mincione dating to 2014 suggests that he was behind the farces of employment I endured at Elavon from 2014 to 2015 and Lexis Nexis 2015-2016 before he defrauded me at Exide in 2016. Such a context might explain why I was touching the data now known as the OPM hack when I was at Elavon despite my manager telling me that I was working on Brazilian credit cards. The SQL unique key on that credit card data was the MID (merchant ID) and the key on the data at Lexis Nexis was still the MID (or the MID was something there.) As the MIDs followed me from Elavon to Lexis Nexis, my most-hated coworker Rhonda Capone at Elavon followed me to Lexis Nexis using the alias Sharon Maloney. More than a year after I quit Exide, I called the HR manager that had onboarded me there, Maureen Cirillo (Linda M. Carella in the Vatican trial, I presume), to confirm that all the agreements that had been initiated had also been terminated when I quit. She said, "Ok, let me check... OH! You'll have to talk to Rhonda Leeper," who I never met or got into contact with but I can assume is this same Rhonda Capone/Sharon Maloney person.

The context of Mincione's fund was in the banking industry and Elavon is a wholly owned subsidiary of US Bancorp. Overall, I believe those people at Exide knew I wasn't going to read 100+ pages of legal jargon and that I would accept the representation of the paperwork made by the hiring manager to sign it in good faith. They knew that and they slipped in some nonsense that had nothing to do with the job I had discussed with hiring manager and probably had to do with something of which I was completely unaware, and of which I remain completely unaware. Under any standard of justice, that contract is invalid.

Vatican court rejects appeal in financial crime case

>The court of appeal in Vatican City has upheld the conviction of the former director of a Vatican bank, bringing a years-long legal process to a close. The decision, handed down by judges on Thursday, confirms the conviction last year of Angelo Caloia, who led the Institute for Works of Religion---often called the Vatican Bank---for 20 years. He was found guilty on charges of corruption and embezzlement.

>The current president of the IOR is Jean-Baptiste de Franssu, under whose leadership the bank triggered a sprawling investigation into the financial dealings of the Vatican Secretariat of State, after its top officers complained to Pope Francis about a suspicious loan application from the secretariat. That investigation led to the ongoing trial of 10 individuals for financial crimes in the Vatican.

>Hearings in that trial are set to resume in September.

Pope Francis authorized wire-tapping of financier accused of defrauding Vatican of millions: report

>Mincione's attorneys have written to British officials urging them not to cooperate with the Vatican's investigation.

The first thing to pop into my mind when I looked at this article was the obvious and severe anal/perineum trauma I incurred on a plane after I quit my job at Exide in early 2017. Needless to say, everyone involved in that is going to get killed, a lot of them are going to get tortured to death, and I will never let go of my hatred for that one that sat next to me dressed as a Hasid until he is burning in hell and his family, servants, and servants' families are dead or burning in hell with him. I am pretty sure that anal trauma was related to the implantation of not only sexual torture devices, but also one or more brain-scanning "wire tap" devices.

Welcome To The Biden Recession: Q2 GDP "Unexpectedly" Shrinks 0.9%, 2nd Consecutive Decline

Needless to say, that is suspicious that CPI came in just under 10 at 9.1, and now GDP comes in just over -1% at -0.9%. It looks like the government is selling some bullshit for $0.99 because no one would buy it for $1.

I got dubs on this post which is nice since I hear witnesses start in September, as many as 200 of them separated by as much as two weeks each, which sets a limit of about eight years before they start asking me about it.

To the extent that there's been all this news about "the Pope knew something about something," I don't know if they mean that I knew, and I definitely don't know what it is that I was supposed to have known. With regards to Exide, the only thing I heard about it was that I was going to be the juniormost office bitch on their IT team helping them making and sell batteries in SQL Server. If I'm supposed to have known something other than that, I think we can reach common ground agreeing that I didn't know whatever it was in 1980 when I was born, and I then I challenge anyone to identify the point in my life where that condition changed. In the summer of 2016, the asshole at Alliance told me he had something real nice for me seeming to refer to Exide, but he was a big liar because Exide was the most vile cesspit of human trash I have ever found myself in, and it was the worst job I ever had by a long shot. To the extent that I see now that everyone has been spying on me all along, the liar must have been aware that I had identified my worst nightmare as running out the hours of my life as an office bitch. Therefore, he may be paraphrased as, "You know that thing you said was your worst nightmare half a dozen times or more? Yeah, I've got that cooking for you."

Here's the knowledge that I have: that man who said that was a fucking liar. I think before I got the job at Lexis Nexis in 2015, one of those people at Alliance said something to me like, "This is like...," and then nodded his head suggestively as if to say that this office was going to be the same mockery that Elavon was, or something like that. I challenge anyone who says I knew something to say what I was supposed to have known, and to say when I acquired that knowledge. If they say I knew something weird was going on, then I will agree but not if they say I knew something much more specific than that. The truth is, I only ended up in those offices under the threat of the homelessness that would result if I didn't go shaking my change can on the street. There was nothing more to it from my perspective. I didn't want to succumb to the looming threat of homelessness, so I went out begging for money. If not under the duress of that threat, I never would have set in foot in any of those offices or spoken to any of those people. After I ended up there, they very quickly convinced me that homelessness was a superior option. The Israelis fucked me and when my money ran out, homeless is what I became.

Ghislaine Maxwell Transferred To Low-Security Prison In Florida

Obviously, my opinion is that nothing I've heard about this woman's actions is the least bit wrong. The problem here is that the hookers Epstein was hiring ended up thinking they could make more money by lying about what had transpired.

If you look at the trend, it has basically become illegal to seek the affections of beautiful young ladies as the reward for a man's success. It's like the only allowable reward is money, or anything other that the affections of beautiful young ladies. Every other day, some man is getting fired because he was fucking a woman. To the contrary, you almost never hear about gays getting fired for fucking men despite sexual degeneracy among gays far exceeding that among non-gays. The entire situation tells the tale of the homosexual mafia, which is just the regular mafia as far as I can tell, winning their Satanic war against the traditional male patriarchy. The plan of battle is basically, "Listen buddy, if you want to fuck women, you can't be here." Certainly if I had turned out gay, I would not have encountered any of these problems I have with the USA raping and torturing me, and that cult that says the secret of the Lord's temple is that you can suck your friend's dick at night instead of hanging out with your wife would have embraced me with open arms. Jesus saw the temple overrun with money changers and I see it overrun with gays who know I will cancel their gay-only policy immediately when I take my rightful place in my own temple. That will flip the table on everything because they are everywhere by now. Indeed, I am going to kill almost everyone who was in my temple while I was barred from it.

When it is asked, "What is wrong with modern white women?," the answer is certainly modern white men. This gay cult is white for the most part though I'm sure they have no problem affiliating with anyone that wants to suck dick. The problem with women, irrespective of modernity, is that they throw their lot in with the gays, for the most part, in this war between patriarchy and mafia. That is the stupidest, most self-sabotaging course of action that the collective group of women could embark upon, and yet it is the one they choose. Ultimately, the furtherance of the homosexual agenda is not in the interest of an ordinary woman. It is no different from Eve turning away from God and Adam to put her lot in with the serpent, and there is nothing modern about that notorious tendency of women to work hard to shoot themselves in the foot.

A Storm Of Indicators Show The US Consumer Is Tapped Out

>The US economy is a 70% retail and service economy

>Why did retail only climb 1% when official inflation is at 9%? Sales should be much higher, but they are not. The 1% increase in retail in the midst of 40 year highs in price inflation is a sign of a sales implosion

When I was staying at the Days Inn in Atlanta in December, one day I got some strange rash on my third left finger. When I was itching it, I noticed that they had implanted a giant nodule on the back of my knuckle on that finger. Tonight when I was drying my feet with my towel after showering, I noticed several itchy "bug bites" clustered about my right pinky toe and right third toe. When I itched it, I noticed a giant new nodule implant on the top of the base of my third right toe, exactly mirroring the nodule on the third left finger which appeared in a similar anomalous rash. I think it is too much to entertain that this might just be some giant bone spur that I never noticed due to the symmetry with the one on my finger, and due to the exact same strange rash that appeared when my finger was mutilated. I was wearing shoes and socks all day, and I don't think I got any bug bites on my toes today. In fact, there is a giant "bug bite" right next to the nodule that completely different than the ant and mosquito bites I've been getting all the time. While I suppose it is possible that that bug bite is what called my attention to the area, the symmetrical placement with the one on my finger seems like too much. I've been getting a lot of bug bites lately, and these are far more itchy than those, exactly matching the itchiness on my finger in December. Unlike the nodule on my finger, this one seems anchored to my foot bones near where their previous bone drilling activity led to the collapse of the arch bones on that side leaving my foot permanently disfigured and hurting when it gets cold or when I walk on it too much. To the contrary, the one on my finger is a free floating nodule like three of the four that I can currently feel in my asshole. I also got new implants in my balls yesterday and/or today, probably both, and I mentioned that someone fucked my dick up pretty bad yesterday too.

Walmart Plunges After Slashing Profit Outlook, Blames Fuel/Food Costs

>slashed its profit outlook for Q2 and FY2023.

>Walmart also stole the jam out of the 'strong consumer' donut by blaming the lack of consumer power

>Walmart said operating income will likely decline by between 13% to 14% over its fiscal second quarter, which ends in July, and between 11% and 14% for the full year. Worse, adjusted earnings are forecast to slide between 8% and 9% for the second quarter, and 11% to 13% for the year, a sharp decline from its May forecast of just a 1% pullback.

It's due to Walmart slashing it guidance for the whole next year that you can tell the economy is strong and there is no recession.

It feels like I must have gotten new implants in my dick today, and if not someone was being an asshole fucking me up with those implants 100x worse than they usually do. When I went into this gas station to get a bottle of water, some old man turned around to make eye contact with me and nod at me, and then my DEEP URETHRA ZAPPER was activated. At the moment, it felt like an ordinary ZAPPER attack there but that was 20-30 minutes and my whole MID URETHRA ZAPPER and DEEP URETHRA ZAPPER is hurting pretty badly. They cranked the RAPE DICK way up to the high of the day when I came out of there too, and I feel like I must have gotten new RAPE DICK and new dick implants while I was getting raped in there. This dick torture today is ***WAY*** beyond the bounds of where they've usually been going with that lately.

Peter Schiff: It's Getting Harder To Deny Recession Reality

>The Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index for July also came out. The consensus was for 0.4, up from June's -3.3 print. Instead, the number came in at -12.3. That was 50% below the low end of the consensus. Meanwhile, the employment index declined 9 points to 19.4. That was its lowest reading since May 2021.

>The leading economic indicator index for June fell 0.8% in June off a May number revised lower to down 0.6%. It was the fourth straight monthly decline in that index.

>The composite PMI index fell to 47.5 in July from 52.3 in June, hitting a 26-month low. The PMI services index fell even lower to 47. Anything below 50 is supposed to indicate a recession.

>When you have a 47 on the services index, you know the US economy is in recession because the service sector is what everybody looks to to power the economy.

>And it makes a lot of sense that the third quarter [GDP] would be even weaker than the first two because interest rates are going to be a lot higher in the third quarter than they were back then. Next week, the Fed is set to raise interest rates 75 basis points. We're going to be up to 2.25 to 2.5%. If we were in recession when interest rates were 0.5%, 1%, 1.5%, think about how much worse that recession is going to be when interest rates are higher.

Delusional Biden Admin Front-Runs Recessionary GDP Print... By Redefining Recession

Terra Co-Founder's Home In South Korea Raided By Authorities Last Week

>co-founder Daniel Shin's home was raided by authorities this week.

>Terra and Luna were also pushed by crypto mega-bull Mike Novogratz.

My first thought about this coin was that "Do Kwon" is Mark Shin, someone I know from jiu jitsu, using a pseudonym referencing tae kwon do. I see this co-founder's last name Shin, of which I was not aware before today, corroborates my speculation. I have made several posts about Mark this year, including my speculation that he was this person in this facebook commercial. (The other three appear to me to be Leo Nogueira, Julia Forester (related to Forester de Rothschild), and Chris Moriarty, the son of FBI Director Christopher Wray and probable brother-in-law of Kim Jong Un.

I wanted to throw up in my mouth a little bit last night when I noticed that this person on Better Call Saul is supposed to be one of those assholes from Alliance. This was after I had previously noticed Gus Fring is an effeminate creep and wears Helene's glasses because he's named "Gutfreund" and he's playing Helene. His corporate front company is named Madrigal because Helene likes to think of herself as "mom girl" after having successfully sold me the lie that she was my mother for so many years when, in fact, she is not my mother. She is my rapist and lifelong saboteur who had already grown to hate me ~35 years ago when she started raping me. Heisenberg is named after Greg Eisenberg who I first became acquainted with at Alliance. I assume whatever is depicted on this album cover is the reason why he showed up at Alliance that day, and there's probably some other things I noticed about Breaking Bad which I put in my older posts. The s06e09 episode of Better Call Saul paints this motherfucker from Alliance as Helene's sponsor, and I have negative and hateful feelings about that, to say the least. I am told Jesse's "he can't keep getting away with it" is a reference to my rapist and mutilator Sam Hyde. I don't know who is further up the food chain, but this show suggests that he keeps getting away with it with the blessing of this asshole who showed up at Alliance to worm his way into my life under a false identity after he sold the person I thought he was to Helene. (If I am acquainted with Sam Hyde, which seems likely, he would have wormed his way into my life under a similar veil of falsehood, pretending to be someone with whom I had an existing relationship.) Perhaps the man I would have thought "Eladio" was was this man, or perhaps it was this man, both of whom I understand were sold to Helene to make way for people who wanted to attach themselves to me whom I would have nothing to do with in the absence of the deceitful impersonations. I understand Daisy's Destruction was was catered to Helene under similar circumstances, and now the CIA idolizes that with their new logo which I am told was designed by Sam Hyde's accomplice.

At some point, I saw that piece of shit the Pope was calling one of these assholes at Alliance my "great councilor." All of this torture and suffering in the links above was designed for little to no other purpose than to generate a context for such an outrageous lie. Certainly, my vengeance will exterminate the race of those people.

Russia tells Jewish Agency to leave

Hopefully, this is the real trendline which I missed due to a false breakout in the spring. Hopefully, it will get exponentially worse from here, never touching the line again as the market disappears with the collapse of the USA.

DOJ Sabotaged Trump Release Of Russiagate Docs

>The declassified documents have never seen the light of day - as the DOJ disobeyed a direct order from the sitting US president, through Meadows, to declassify and expeditiously release them after private information was redacted.

>"Well, you know, the swamp is pretty deep," he said. "But when we look at this, this particular president was all about draining the swamp, you know, and when he was running, that was more of a campaign slogan. When he got there, he realized that not only was the swamp very deep, but they they would fight back. And oftentimes he said, 'You know, I want to do this and get this out to the American people, not just the classification in terms of issues that affected him or his campaign personally, but issues that affect the American people."

That's impossible for DOJ to have sabotaged it because Trump picked the attorney general, and also didn't fire the attorney general that was acting against him. Furthermore, the President has the power to declassify and Trump didn't declassify until the last minute so that DOJ could have an excuse about not releasing the docs, which Trump could not override due to leaving office on the following day. He could have fired the AG for defying him but he timed it to make it impossible to press the issue. Trump & Co are nothing but a bunch of pro-USA, cow-worshipping Satanists. The reason Trump failed, if he really tried at all, which I doubt, is because he is a cow worshipper. If he tried at all, he would have been playing soft-mittens, nice-guy with "the swamp" to avoid doing material damage to the USA, which can't possibly be made filthy enough as it is dragged through the dirt on the way to the pit of destruction. The oath he supposedly took required opposition to domestic enemies but he didn't oppose them. Waiting until Jan 19 to begin to mount an opposition is a poor excuse for giving lip service to a so-called oath of opposition to "the swamp." He could have declared martial law at any time to root out the domestic enemies and he never did it so they could dance around his half-hearted attempts to destroy them, if his actions even represent an attempt at all, and not a charade. In my opinion, his ultimate failure reliant on his refusal to use the power of his office shows that it was a charade. At best he was saying, "I want to get some of these priests off of that pedestal but I'm not willing to do anything that might scuff up this golden cow idol that God hates and wants to see destroyed, but which I myself love and want to see preserved." More likely, that is bullshit and he failed because he wanted to fail.

I've come across an unusual and interesting documentary. I have only started watching it but their observation that the Czar's problem was not killing the Jews before they could kill him makes it seem like the producers know what they're talking about. Usually documentaries don't so poignantly get to the heart of such matters.

I brought my camera into the store to defend against getting raped. I have noticed the futility of such actions as I suspect my camera is being remotely deactivated, as I have had problems with since at least 2012. While I was in line in this grocery store in "Arizona," someone sprayed me with the SHIT SPRAY. I looked around to see who was fucking with me, and then I left the store after completing my purchase. After I left, I checked the video to see if the camera would show anything or glitch at the point where I got sprayed. Indeed, it did. This was when I got in line a second time for some water, around the five minute mark in the video linked above. The lighting flashed and a moment later some kid or a worker ran through the video. The part where I looked around to see who had sprayed me with the shit spray was completely removed from my record of the events. Furthermore, I wonder if that was a real kid running through the frame. I would have noticed a kid running by when I got sprayed with the shit spray since I looked around, but actually I do not know how much time they removed from the video to allow them to rape and poison me off camera. In any case, the video glitched where I got sprayed, and I noticed the bottles of water I bought were fucked up. They must have raped me and poisoned my water, and hacked my phone to undermine my defense. This problem about my camera being remotely deactivated has been going on for a very long time.

In the past few days I have noticed the same new buggy behavior on my phone and on my laptop. When either screen wakes from sleep, there is often a gradient of black that flashes leading to a fully black upper left corner of the screen. It is EXCEEDINGLY obvious that my phone and my computer were hacked together due to this matching glitch behavior. Indeed, I suppose flashing black gradient is not a glitch at all but rather is intended to mock me purposefully in satisfaction of the Satanic code of my enemies where they say their crimes are non-criminal as long as they deliver a notification of criminal activity.

Furthermore, when I got a new phone two weeks ago, hackers immediately destroyed it. I returned it and got another one at which time it was suggested that that would not happen again, but now they have ruined this phone as well so that I cannot use it to defend against my dozen times per day rapes and poisonings.

As if on cue following my prediction for this not to touch the upper edge of the channel, I see that it has immediately ramped on terrible inflation news and the impending recession announcement in about 10 days (which will get called not a real recession since they changed the definition of recession.)