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14 FBI Whistleblowers Have Come Forward: Rep. Jordan

>"Fourteen FBI agents have come to our office as whistleblowers, and they are good people," Jordan told Fox News. "There are lots of good people in the FBI. It's the top that is the problem."

At whose behest did they come forward? Whose profit motive is being served? About five years ago, someone "came forward" with Trump's $100k payment to Stormy Daniels because they wanted cover up that the money was for growing the abominable monster Barron Trump in her womb with my stolen semen and one of Ivanka's eggs. These FBI agents are all cow-worshipping USA shills, I am pretty sure, and they elevate the concerns of the USA above any concerns for truth or justice, of which they probably have none being total zealot USA cow fanatics.

I don't buy this bullshit about the top being the problem. If it wasn't for the bottom putting FBI leadership ahead of the Lord, the FBI leadership would be impotent and their will would never be brought forth in the world because they would never get their own hands dirty executing their criminal agendas. The truth is, the FBI is out there murdering people every day and they don't kill the Lord's enemies. For FBI leadership, they'll break the cow law and murder people but when it comes to the Lord's will and killing the FBI leadership, then suddenly the cow law is too important and they have to play nice with the cow priests.

I had a filling come out last week. I went to the dentist to get it fixed. As he put the composite into the bigger, new hole he drilled in my tooth, he reprimanded the girl for not putting the UV light on it long enough and he told he she had not done it long enough the first time either. I have no idea why he waited for her to fuck it up twice before reprimanding her when reprimanding her the first time might have stopped her from doing it again two minutes later. When the dentist was done, I asked him if it was ok if she didn't do it long enough and he told me he wouldn't have done it if it wasn't. This seemed wrong to me since it being ok would imply that she did cure it long enough, which he had just said she didn't on the first gob of composite, and on the second gob. However, me calling him a liar wouldn't have gotten anywhere and it seemed possible that the curing time might have a large safety margin beyond the minimum. Later in the day, I noticed a scratchy edge on the side of the filling and I made an appointment to go back to have it fixed. However, I thought they would probably use that as an excuse to fuck it up more and I cancelled on the following morning. Tonight, the filling came out while I was eating and I chipped my other tooth when I crunched down on the composite. Maybe some of the composite is now stuck on the face of my other molar which is newly scratchy on my tongue, but I think it must be chipped. Furthermore, there was no aching when the old filling came out but there is an ache now which is certainly due to him drilling my tooth before fucking up my filling.

My first thought when my old filling came out was that if I tried to get it fixed, it was going to follow the pattern where my knife accident slicing off the nerves in my finger last year allowed someone else to parlay the ruling of "sliced nerves are no big deal" into impunity for them to slice off a nerve branch on my foot leading to a numb spot ten times bigger than the one on my finger. Now this new chip on my other tooth shows I was exactly right.


In the 1980s, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which is the de facto bottom line authority on the Holocaust and 100% run by Jews, downgraded the number of Jews killed just at Auschwitz by 2,000,000. However, the jews and jewhelpers still cite the same 6M number that they were citing when the total had an extra 2M dead jews in it. Somehow, 6M dead juden minus 2M dead juden equals 6M dead juden. The source above can be easily corroborated. I think I first heard about it in a holocaust video made by the historian Franciszek Piper who seemed very well informed to me and made a number of intriguing points.

The numbers initially summed to find 6M dead jews were reduced by 2M (by jewish holocaust scholars!) but the numbers still add up to 6M today, even with 2M less dead jews.

QT where art thou...?

>Going from QE to QT was probably the most talked about macro theme in the markets at the end of last year and during parts of the spring.

>Fed's BS has barely moved.

I believe the entire market action in 2022 can be easily understood in terms of the Fed "BS." As the ZH article states, there was anticipation for QT coming into 2022 and that caused the market to decouple from the Fed BS due to QT-related frontrunning. In May (A), the Fed announced an aggressive QT schedule of $47.5B/month in June, July, and August followed by $95B/month thereafter. Six weeks after the announcement (B), about halfway into what was supposed to be the first month of aggressive QT, it became obvious that the Fed had already executed "the dovish pivot" and was not doing the QT that they had announced. Markets saw that they had oversold in their frontrunning when the dovish pivot came in more dovish and sooner than markets were expecting. Following the data-implied dovish pivot in mid-June, markets have been ramping to recoup the the too aggressive and premature selling while calling the Fed's bluff on any eventual hawkish pivot. The BS and the SP500 have both reverted to where they were in February before the QT announcement.

TLDR: The dovish pivot happened two months ago.

The Big Bang didn't happen

>It is just exactly what I and my colleague Riccardo Scarpa predicted based on a non-expanding universe, with redshift proportional to distance. Starting in 2014, we had already published results, based on HST images, that showed that galaxies with redshifts all the way up to 5 matched the expectations of non-expanding, ordinary space. So we were confident the JWST would show the same thing--which it already has, for galaxies having redshifts as high as 12. Put another way, the galaxies that the JWST shows are just the same size as the galaxies near to us, if it is assumed that the universe is not expanding and redshift is proportional to distance.

A non-expanding universe (or one whose expansion does not accelerate) with redshift proportional to distance is what I supposed in my first paper in 2009. This paper is called SCP-001 now.

The Gray Man reminded me of The November Man which was also very good and full of references including, I believe, the ministry of Jesus Christ beginning in November. In this post, I will comment further on the references in The Gray Man. The CIA agent trying to get the data back was the obvious likeness of Jeff Cummings. That character kept referencing "the old man" who I would assume to be my principal antagonist among those people from Alliance, quite likely the master of the Jesuits whose flocks are about to get decimated ten times in a row before their remnant is culled. In the movie, the Jeff agent was proudly remarking on the fast track of his career. At Jeff's black belt ceremony, he made some comment like, "Years ago I was looking at people like Chirs Moriarty and being like, 'Wow!,' and now I'm here and it's a weird feeling having made it to that level." At the time, I thought he was only talking about jiu jitsu but now I think he was talking about whatever career in being a turd "the old man" had put him on. Furthermore, since I believe Jeff is the representative from Saudi Arabia at Alliance, whatever remarkable fast track his career was on would have resulted from the desire of "the old man" to suck as much Saudi dick as possible rather than his own merits. I'm pretty sure this movie means Jeff is going to get killed. That's a shame but it really doesn't bother me very much.

I've known since 2019 that my enemies are able remote control stray cats. I had suspected robotic birds for years before that which may be organic birds with slave drone implants. It occurred to me today that the clones around here might not be merely brainwashed into submission to my enemies via "secret radio" but, in fact, they are remote controlled slave bots like the animals I've seen. It was immediately suggested to me that I was correct and that, consequently, my previous thinking that the slave clones should not voluntarily submit was misguided. Certainly, I have no capacity to resist when my rapists are turning my brain off ten times a day with their rape ray. Hence, I now speculate that Hillary's comment about, "Why can't we just drone this guy?," did not refer to sending a slave to kill me, but instead expressed her desire to turn me into a mindless slave zombie. They have found a portion of success in that regard when my rapists gave me implants to turn my brain off so I cannot fight back when they are raping me but a friendly poster said that they did not also give me the remote control slave bot implant. "Luckily" for me, they stopped at the lifeless fuck doll implant and I get to experience the majority of most days in the conscious state. Given the October 2016 date in the article, I wonder if Exide put it into their fraud contract that they were going to turn me into a lifeless zombie.

I saw it in the HBO interview with my father Richard Kuklinski that his brother Joseph had the same father as him. That would make that person my "Uncle Joe." I believe that's who this is standing behind Helene and Emily Hancock in this picture which was removed from my blog in December 2021, along with every one of several posts I had made about that man and his activities. The deletion of these posts happened while it was reported that the Vatican had kicked all non-Vatican citizens out of Vatican City for some unknown reason in December 2021. My rape and poisoning kicked up at that time, and I think "the Vatican" kicked all non-Vatican personnel out of the hotel to rape and mutilate me, and to delete my posts about their agent the anti-Christ whom they prefer over me, the Lord. I also got a nodule implant on the back of my left ring finger at that time, and that nodule remains to this day. Luckily, I noticed the removal of my posts almost immediately and I found another copy of the picture on Google before it could be stricken from the internet. (This image was very hard to find that time around though I found dozens of copies of it when searching for the initial posts. 0

For context, The Last Kingdom about Utred son of Utred being an elderman of England by birth was really about Adolf son of Adolf being an elderman of England by birth. (My maternal grandfather was the king of England and the UK.) When Utred was young, after his father died, his uncle robbed him of his kingdom. I beleive my father went to prison when I was about seven years old.

Trump Admin-Saudi Nuclear Probe Resurfaces Ahead of Warrant Unseal

>The raid has focused minds on an investigation released in February 2019.

>That House of Representatives report highlighted whistleblowers' concerns with the Trump Administration's "efforts to transfer sensitive nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia,"

This article supports my speculation that the "nuclear" papers seized at Trump's home pertain to my brief employment at Exide in which I undermined my enemies' plan to murder me by quitting and eventually foregoing a salary to become homeless. I quit in January 2017 and I went back in October 2018 with a document request pertaining to my allegations that Exide and its hiring manager Rodney Williams had fraudulently misrepresented the paperwork served to me when I was hired. Specifically, I was looking for confirmation that all agreements which the fictitious legal person JONATHAN WARREN TOOKER had been entered into via the hiring paperwork in 2016 had been terminated when I quit and my pay was cut off. As I have said many times, Exide refused to give me a copy of the hiring paperwork. The HR rep they sent to me, Mr. Gay, refused to discuss "all agreements" with me, choosing instead only to confirm that "all employment agreements" had been terminated, which was obvious since my homelessness was precipitated by the termination of my salary. Following a discussion with Mr. Gay which was rife with his prevarications, he called the cops on me when I would not leave without a copy of the paperwork. This came after he declined my very many insistences that he speak to me about "all agreements" rather than "all employment agreements" since I was there alleging that Exide and Rodney Williams had defrauded me by inserting non-employment agreements into what was represented to me as an employment contract.

When the cops arrived, Mr. Gay had them issue me a criminal trespass notice against returning and they arrested me on a simple battery warrant whose context was as follows. In the summer of 2018, I noticed that my anal implants would be activated each afternoon when a man living in the house where I was renting a room, Anthony Colombo, would come home and start making noise in the kitchen. I confronted him and spat in his face after determining that he was sexually torturing me. Anthony Colombo later went to the Fulton County magistrate and put a warrant out on me, certainly omitting his sexual torture activities from the context.

I believe my attempt in October 2018 to get confirmation of the Exide agreements being terminated was obfuscated in the news with a story about Jamal "Cash OG" Khashoggi going to the Saudi embassy to try to get paperwork confirming that his marriage had been terminated. Neither he nor I were successful, I am of the opinion that Khashoggi intercepted me on the MARTA train several weeks after he was said to have been murdered and dismembered. The Cash OG cognate with Khashoggi associated with my suspicions that the fraud at Exide was designed to rob me of assets in the "White Spiritual Boy" infinite bank accounts, the Black Eagle Trust which is wrongly called the Bank of the CIA, the Five Star Trust, etc. This fraud at Exide would have been a continuation of the fraud begun on 9/11 when the dissenters from the plan of Helene and her friends to never notify me of these assets were murdered en masse during a meeting about that very topic: why I still had been notified of my inheritance. As 9/11 was highly successful, I was still not aware of these assets when Exide conspired with Helene and her friends to defraud me. The February 2019 date seems well aligned with my arrest at Exide in October 2018.

This movie was the best movie I have seen recently, and full of references. The opening scene referenced my hotel in Florida and I am well aware of how easy it is to pull someone's ears off. When I was a blue belt, it was the gossip around Alliance that that man there had done that to someone. I think the Tamil character was in a reversed role compared to my understanding of the chronology. Helene got her hands on him before Daisy's destruction, unless I am mistaken, which I may be. Perhaps the "lone wolf" Tamil is who Cobrinha called Solito, meaning "little alone one," if I understood the context of that nickname. Certainly, his concern for the girl and the lack of honor indicated that was who I thought it was: the other man from Alliance with whom I got along well. I think it was that one who grew the mustache for some tournament in a Shriner's lodge in Tennessee (or thereabouts) but he was probably pretending to be someone else when he did it. This suggests that he was working with the ear puller, for a time at least, unfortunately. He was probably the one with the broken tooth. At the risk of possibly being completely wrong about who was whom at Alliance, these are my thoughts on the movie. Gosling is Snowden too, if I'm not mistaken.

British Justice Sentences Vatican to Pay Fines Over London Palace Sale Scandal

>However, this is not the end of the story with the London Palace, which, according to the President of the Holy See Succession Administration (APSA), Nunzio Galantino, was sold "in recent days" for $215 million. euros when it cost 350 million. 135 million that was supposed to go to the poorest and was lost along the way.

I think it is very easy to see why the market went up so much today and lately.

Hi, I am Jon Tooker: the inventor of the time circuit...

Mundane events related to time travel.

John Titor, the Montauk Project, the e-Cat and Geometric Unity

FBI were looking for 'classified nuclear documents' during search of Trump's Mar-a-Lago home, report says

US Military 'Furiously' Rewriting Nuclear Deterrence to Address Russia and China, STRATCOM Chief Says

>Officials at U.S. Strategic Command have been responding to how threats from Moscow and Beijing have changed this year

>The need for a new deterrence theory comes as institutional expertise on avoiding nuclear war has atrophied. "Even our operational deterrence expertise is just not what it was at the end of the Cold War. So we have to reinvigorate this intellectual effort. And we can start by rewriting deterrence theory, I'll tell you we're furiously doing that out at STRATCOM,"

My last long fast ended on July 31, about 10 days ago. In those 10 days, I had a 60 hour fast, or 2.5 days. I ended the long fast at 204.6 lbs. Today, I am at 227 meaning I have gained more than 3 lbs per non-fast day since the long fast ended. This is due to the poison they are giving me to make me become bloated with retained fluids. I have been pounding fluids, but I am hardly pissing at all now. I was 215 already on Sunday when the short fast ended, and I have gained 12 lbs in the last few days due to the poison they are giving me. I have been eating quite a bit but for most of the last year I have been quite a bit 4.5 days a week and fasting 2.5 days a week, and still losing weight. However, there is some new poison that is causing me to retain fluids, and possibly to add fat though I am not sure if there exists a drug for that. Certainly, there are drugs that cause water retention. I have been poisoned with such drugs many times. Eventually, I get it out of my system and start taking huge pisses to dump several gallons of water in a few days, but I suspect that the current poison episode will not abate until my rapist the USA finally decides to stop raping me, which it has not, going back several years now. So far as losing weight goes, however, I have been working on shrinking my fat cells as I lose weight so that my stomach does not become pannus-like as I continue to lose weight and this poison is highly unproductive for my goals in that regard. This is somewhat surprising because I've felt like I've been doing a good job avoiding the poison.

Also, I got at least two, probably more, new nodules implanted in my asshole while they were poisoning me so far in August. I also felt a new LOWER BACK ZAPPER today. My RAPE DICK has ramped up from the baseline several times per day as well, almost every day if not every day. Today, I have fresh 6:00 anal rape trauma but I do not feel another new implant unless it is hidden among a large cluster of sore new implants around 9:00. All of my electrical devices are being destroyed as soon as I buy them, and all of my food is being ruined too, which is weird given the apparent "no theft" policy around here. Reminder not to let my mercy find any of these people's children.

I find it somewhat ironic that I used to complain so much about my lack of regular access to running water when I was living in the gutter instead of in my car or a hotel. Now I have no running water and no regular access to clean water, and the problem with getting poisoned here is much worse than it was in NYC.

2018: Trump pulls US out of Iran nuke deal

FBI raid of Trump's estate prompts Republican anger and 2024 speculation

Iran nuclear deal could be near as EU circulates 'final text'

>The European Union says it is time for a political decision, but Iran appears to want more changes to the final text.

I want my constant rape and torture to end, I want the mutilation to end, I want reliable access to clean food and water, and want to get out of this slave hole. It seems like I will never be able to nuke Israel and exterminate the juden as long as the juden have their rape implants up my asshole and are constantly turning my brain off with their rape ray to poison my food and drink, or worse.

EU Submits Final Text of Iran Deal: "Five Minutes From Finish Line"

>No more room for negotiation on the draft now on the table

>The chief priority remains getting an inquiry on uranium particles found at undisclosed sites resolved in its favor.

I speculate that the draft now on the table cannot be further negotiated because it is fresh from Trump's safe. I will be very glad to have an inquiry into particles at my own "undisclosed sites" resolved in my favor.

FBI's search of Trump's Florida estate: Why now?

>Answers weren't quickly forthcoming.

The answer to, "Why now?," is that the defendants in the Vatican trial have given their statements (for the most part) and now they will look at the evidence, which I assume the genius Trump was keeping in a safe in his house, in advance of the other witness testimony to commence in September.

England may have its first-ever trial involving Vatican

Irish Examiner View: UK trial is legal setback for Vatican

I find it interesting that the UK has its first Catholic PM right now. The USA, incidentally, has its second Catholic President after JFK's Presidency was quickly terminated. John Roberts is Catholic and Christopher "Jesuit Fake Name" Wray is obviously a Catholic. Indeed, the forced retirement of the old Pope so he could be replaced by the current Jesuit Pope was aligned in time with the amplification of my enemies' semen gargling operations which, in many ways, underpin the fraud at Exide. Cardinal Vigano said last year that Satanic forces had taken over the Vatican, referring to the Jesuits I presume, and I fully agree. I will be surprised if Biden, Roberts, and Boris Johnson aren't all Jesuits as well. Indeed, based on Trump's multiple comments about there being good people on both sides of things, I would be surprised if he isn't one too. I think he is talking about the well-known protocol of the Jesuits to place Satanists on both sides of every conflict and issue so that the forces of Satan will always prevail in any outcomes. (Notice that in the context of Charlottesville, Trump emphatically excluded the neo-Nazis from the "both sides" condition, insisting instead that they should be unilaterally condemned. Obviously, hatred for Jews is Satanists' kryptonite.)

FBI searches Trump's Florida estate for classified records

>And a district attorney in Fulton County, Georgia, is investigating

Obviously, I believe these "classified records" include the fraud contract that I was served at Exide, most likely by John Roberts, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who is Rodney Joffe in the Durham Investigation. He defrauded me using the Rodney Williams persona which was also used by the party Rafaelle Mincione in the Vatican trial under whose auspices this search certainly took place. Several people used the Rodney Williams persona while I was at Exide, including Putin, so I don't know if Joffe and Mincione are the same fraudster or if they are two different fraudsters. Exide's office where the fraud took place is in Milton, a town in Fulton County, GA.

UK court says Mincione-Vatican lawsuit can go ahead

>Mincione's lawyers argue that the Holy See is trying to nullify the sale of the building at 60 Sloane Ave., for which the Vatican paid a total of 350 million euros and sold at a loss of more than 100 million.

>In the process of conveying ownership of the building to the Vatican, Torzi created a separate, controlling, minority class of shares in the holding company which owned the building — passing the majority non-voting shares to the Vatican but retaining the controlling shares and with it effective control of the building. Torzi is accused of then blackmailing the Holy See for more than 10 million euros for control of their own building. In the current trial, he faces charges of a range of financial crimes, including money laundering and extortion.

One thing I have not seen mentioned is the identity of the third party that ended up buying the property. I cannot tell if they bought the building for $100M less than the Vatican paid for it, or if the Vatican's $100M loss includes the withdrawal fees at Athena and the other payoffs. If they got it for $100M less than the Vatican paid, they made out pretty well at the end of the fraud scheme. However, I also wonder if the Sloane Ave building exists at all or if "Sloane Ave property" is code for the "Slave property" in Antarctica where I am getting constantly raped, tortured, poisoned, and mutilated, presumably at the direction of whomever controls "the voting shares."

I think this may be the first time I see that Torzi is among those indicted by the Vatican. He may be the only one that wasn't called during in the Vatican trial so far. Certainly, we heard from almost all of the other defendants. Likely, Torzi is Trump who business is in buildings and proprties. What he had in his safe was probably the fraud contract from Exide or some sort of bearer bonds which were the fruit of his fraud scheme. I am skeptical of the reporting which said the Vatican already got the controlling shares back. Rather, I think the initial transference is probably what they're intending to nullify. I don't see how they could nullify the purchase of a physical building they already offloaded onto a third party but there may be a mechanism for that.

As far as Mincione was my boss Rodney Williams at Exide, I have no reason to that he might have act in good faith or in bad faith in his dealing with the Vatican. In his dealings with me, he acted in bad faith, and he's probably going to tortured to death for it. Overall, even while Vatican appears to dispute his good faith claim, this reasoning reminds me of Becciu's line about, "He who obeys never fails." Becciu skips the part about obeying me when he refers to obedience to the Vatican and Mincione avoids the obvious bad faith in his dealings with me.

Donald Trump Says Mar-A-Lago "Raided, Under Siege" By The FBI

I don't think Trump knows what prosecutorial misconduct is. Maybe he means the prosecutor in the Vatican trial but I suppose he doesn't know what it is.

I recognized Shark Fren this week. On my second attempt to travel to Israel, I thought I recognized the man from Alliance with the girl, both of them disguised as Palestinians in the primary upstairs detention area at Ben Gurion or a mockup of it. When we were all waiting in the primary detention area, some guards came and took the girl away. The man started crying and I assumed they were taking her down to the secondary detention in the basement where I had already been without too many problems. My first thought was that he was crying to get a reaction from me but now I do not think that.

The Israelis ended up sending me away again and I got back to Atlanta a while later. On the MARTA, I thought I saw the same girl again on the train, also looking distinctly like Scully. A woman sitting across from her said, "Yep! That's her!," instantly when I thought I recognized her in a different American disguise. However, it was like it was just another stalker put there to see if I would register a recognition, and the man was not there. This week, I noticed that Shark Fren reminded me of that split second on the MARTA when I did recognize her from the side, I thought. My apprehension is that I think that woman on the train lied to me with her exclamation about that being the girl and it later became my belief that Frazzled Rip refers to what happened when they took that girl to the basement and put her into Helene's hands. I still don't understand why she was there but since I instigated the whole situation with my own abrupt actions, I have apprehensions about the steps that led to her being taken away from the primary detention area, and my own regard for the events at the time. This week, I glanced at Shark Fren and it was like that moment on the train with the pangs of acute concern because I do not understand what happened, or why.

Around 2018 or so, I snipped my ear with some scissors while cutting my hair. Unfortunately, the snip was right on the peak of a spur of cauliflower ear and the snip never quite healed right. Now it's like the cartilage spur (which is sharp and pointy, somehow, possibly because I snipped preexisting cauliflower too) is trying to push the rest of the way through the skin and the area keeps growing and getting increasingly inflamed/irritated. It used to be like my ear came to a point there due to the subcutaneous cauliflower, but now it's like my ear has a nodule there. The area has become permanently flaky, hot, and red/purple tending toward black today after I was scratching the flaky skin off yesterday. It hurts all the time too, and it is constantly sore to the touch across several months now.

After I complained about slicing off a nerve branch in my finger last year, my rapists found that it was such a minor injury that my other rapists were empowered with impunity to slice off a matching nerve branch in my foot resulting in a second paralyzed area about ten times bigger than the one on my hand. No doubt the medical attention required for my ear problem would result in more rape and mutilations.

Explainer: The Fed's new 'QT' plan takes shape

>Come September, the Fed will be cutting $95 billion a month from its holdings, split between $60 billion of Treasuries and $35 billion of MBS.

>On June 1, it will start the process at $47.5 billion a month for the first three months, divided as $30 billion of Treasuries and $17.5 billion of MBS. It will increase to the full $95 billion three months later.

Although this article said they were going to do $47.5B QT for three months starting on June 1, the balance only went down $40B from June 1 to August 3. I think this is the reason for the rally. The bounce starting in the middle of June matches when markets would have seen the Fed's non-pivot into QT. I will be watching this chart closely. Even from the high balance mark on April 13, it is only down $90B which still misses the mark for two months' QT at $47.5B/month.

Here's the same chart again with better vertical alignment. The chart shows that the Fed balance peaked around $8.96T in April and was around $8.885T at the end of July. However, the Fed has said it was going to start reducing the balance sheet by $0.095T per month and it has not even reduced by $0.095 aggregate yet. I think the real story about the "Fed pivot" is if they're ever going to start that $0.095T/month reduction.