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Iran deal's fate comes down to "one huge obstacle"

>The European official said the Iranians are convinced the U.S. could simply tell the IAEA to make the problem go away, but both IAEA chief Rafael Grossi and the Biden administration are adamant that the agency's concerns must be adequately addressed before the probe can be closed. Those concerns relate to uranium particles found at sites by UN inspectors. Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had publicly flagged those sites after Israel's Mossad stole the Iranian nuclear archives.

>The Iranians pushed back, claiming that Israel planted the uranium particles and that the U.S. and European powers could solve the issue politically. "As long as they think [Secretary of State Tony] Blinken can just pick up the phone and tell Grossi to drop it, we won't get a deal," the European diplomat said.

I too am convinced that my problem with rape particles implanted all over my body persists only with the blessing of the USA. I am convinced that the officers of the USA that keep my father's son in constant sexual and psychological torture are the same hypocrites who call me a monster over my intention to revisit such things on their children many times over. The suggestion that they are doing this to me apart from my identity as my father's son is preposterous because I never had any crimes to begin with, e.g.: Crossfire Hurricane was not properly predicated, etc, etc, etc.

Rather than this being a new demand of the Iranians, I think it would have come up as a last minute clarification over what had been assumed. My advocates would have said, "When you stop fucking him, you're going to stop raping him too, right?" Then, put on the spot about it, the juden and the USA would have said, "Well, no. We're going to keep raping him after we stop fucking him. Why are you suddenly raising this new issue?"

Hong Kong cardinal's trial adjourned before defense can call witnesses

>the magistrate adjourned the trial when defense lawyers attempted to cross-examine police witnesses called by the prosecution.

>He and his co-defendants were then charged with failing to properly register their 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund, which offered financial, legal and psychological help to people arrested during the 2019 protest movement.

>The prosecution said the 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund had raised US$34.4 million and that some of the money was used for "political activities and noncharity events,"

>When the defense tried to cross-examine prosecution witnesses, defense questions were overruled as irrelevant. The trial was adjourned before the defense could call witnesses or make its case.

>Although no details of the agreement have been published, Zen has been a relentless critic of the deal since before it first was signed in 2018. He has described it as a "sellout"

The adjournment in this other Vatican trial yesterday before the witnesses were cross examined matches Perlasca supposedly not being on the list of witnesses in the Becciu trial. This adjournment upon cross examination also matches Tirabassi refusing the questions of the civil parties in the other trial. Indeed, the Prosecutor Dad (Diddi) and IOR President Mom (Mammi) names in the Becciu trial are mirrored in the Cardinal Joseph name in this other trial. I believe Joseph is the name of the Antichrist or the Man of Lawlessness whose revealing should herald the Day of the Lord. The "psychological help" cited above seems like the kind of thing that jews and catholics would call the constant rape, torture, poisoning, and mutilations that are the main features of my personal problems. The language about the bad deal reflects the Iran deal which Trump cancelled in 2018 and I believe one or more of my antagonists named Joseph were using the Trump persona to work against me during the 2016-present timeframe, and possibly before that dating to the consecration of the abomination Barron Trump in 2005.

Becciu trial, Monsignor Alberto Perlasca is the first witness of the prosecution, but not included in the list (translated in Edge)

>In the afternoon the hearing was dedicated to the final interrogation of Fabrizio Tirabassi, a former official of the administrative office of the Secretariat of State accused of embezzlement, corruption, extortion, fraud, abuse of office. The interrogation of the Promoter of Justice Diddi in particular focused on the network of relationships with a series of people who acted as advisors in the investment landscape in London of the Secretariat of State. Tirabassi, asked about who had given him the assignment, said he had received it "verbally from Monsignor Perlasca without a formal signature".

I find it interesting that that the BoE's emergency QE program had to kick in at the very moment the Vatican's fraud trial over "a London scam deal" recommenced. Certainly USA markets liked the new QE in British news today but this one Italian article was the only one I could find regarding what happened in Italy today and the details were scant. One wonders if the brink of the implosion of "the entire UK social safety net" was tied to certain revelations regarding the fraud at Exide which is the real subject of the Vatican trial.

Something Broke: "At Some Point This Morning I Was Worried This Was The Beginning Of The End"

>As part of the "temporary and targeted" operation - which will be neither temporary nor targeted - the BoE suspended the proposed QT program to sell gilts,

>Incidentally, there will be no "end" of this "temporary" bond buying operation, because the moment the BOE even hints at pivoting back to QT, the bond market will go bidless and implode.

>it turns out that we were this close from another "Lehman" collapse, only this time most if not all UK pensions were facing total annihilation.

>Today, we saw just this bailout in action in the UK. We expect to see a similar bailout in the US over the next few weeks, because - once again - it was never about inflation, and always about what the real bosses want. The other lesson - which needs little commentary but is far more terrifying - is that we now live in a world where yields rising to 5% - just five percent - risks not only the entire pension system but also threatens the collapse of all social stability buffers. We bring this up just in case someone still naively believes that the Fed will keep hiking oblivious to the devastation its latest actions have ushered in.

Strangely, this article concludes opining on the Fed's rate hike trajectory without commenting on the Fed's planned but already non-existent QT trajectory, which was the real issue in the UK: they had to restart QE.

I've been watching Master Chef lately. In each team competition, everything is always evenly split between the red and blue teams so the suspense comes down to the last little margin counted at the end. Obviously, this is fake and it reflects the producers' scripting more so than it reflects a strange coincidence of there never being a clear team destroying the other team with better cooking. As I said, it is obvious that the consistent even split reflects scripting rather than honest competition. This is obvious.

When it's the USA instead of Master Chef and the team competition is an election always evenly split between the other red and blue teams, somehow it's less than 100% obvious that this reflects scripting rather than honest competition. Everything is always up in the air to final count because neither political party ever pulls ahead of the other with a definitively superior platform. In reality, one team's food would be better than the other team's and it would dominate the voting. In the reality election TV, the people cheering for one team or another always get riled up like they think there's something they might do to advance beyond what is scripted. If we were watching Master Chef and someone said it wasn't scripted, no one would believe it. When they watch Master Cow, however, people who say it might not be honest are far-right scripting theorists and most people think it's an honest competition.

Behind The BOE's Panic: Billions In Margin Calls "Death Spiraling" Into A Complete Bond Market Collapse, Pension Fund Wipe Out

The ECB, BoE, and BoJ each started QE after the Fed stopped its primary round of QE. At the time, my opinion was that this meant QE never really stopped and it was simply moving the QE spout out of the USA. Now, my sentiment is that this new round of BoE QE is forced by the Fed's lack of QE and minimal QT. However, while the BoE may be able to counteract a lack of Fed QE with its own QE, it will not be able to counteract Fed QT if the Fed should ever pursue such a policy in earnest.

The gangstalker in the Walmart this morning said, "It looks like they took it out so I have to put it back in." A moment later, the DEEP URETHRA PAIN INFLICTOR started again and it has been going non-stop since. This is what I was referring to in my earlier post about how letting Helene put it in and then forcing her to take it out does nothing because allowing her to put it in to begin with opens the door forever on any one else putting it.

It sounded like CHAH saying CHECK in a very self-satisfied way on the LRAD when I typed that about the people who forced Helene to take it out after they let her put it in didn't do anything about letting her open the door to 1000 other people putting this same implant in 100000 times. Also, since they didn't kill her in retaliation for the her previous antics in this regard, starting with anally raping me and fucking my guts up around 30 years ago, that is what I mean when I say they allowed her to do it. By not killing her or giving her any dissuasive punishments for raping 1000 times in the past, they have actively encouraged her to give me this new DUPI implant, not simply allowing it, by assuring her that there will never be any consequences for her in any of her crimes. Now they have opened the door on anyone else who wants to do the same and my permanent RAPE DICK, LEFT TESTICLE CRUSHER, and RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER implants have now expanded to include a permanent DEEP URETHRA PAIN INFLICTOR implant. I have probably gotten this implant close to 10 times already since they made Helene take out the first one a few days ago. Certainly, this is as planned.

If WW3 doesn't get here first, I think one could make a lot of money on options to sell oil at $77 in March 2023.

EDIT: I would add that the 2007-2008 divergence saw oil revert to the rate trend, and the 2014 divergence was due to "golf rumors" which can only cause oil to go down if they should ever resurface.

When I left Griffin, the toothache in the tooth where I recently got a failed filling replaced twice returned. I think the corner of the second replacement filling may have just cracked off or been broken off by my rapists. I didn't look at closely enough earlier to be sure that it's different now. They may have left that corner low to avoid bite interference and my tooth just randomly started hurting again.

UPDATE: They must have drilled a small hole deep into the center of the tooth because I don't think cracking or drilling off the outer corner would have given me this deep tooth ache that I have now.

Is new Vatican prosecutor a bull in a china shop, or relentlessly effective?

>could signal a doubling-down on the prosecution of key defendants, including Cardinal Angelo Becciu.

>the recent jailing of the former president of the Institute for Works of Religion, a Vatican bank.

>The pope ordered the probe after the director and president of the IOR---a Vatican bank---raised directly with him their concerns about a loan application from the Secretariat of State to finance the London deal. Their concern? The secretariat's leadership, Cardinal Pietro Parolin and Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra, had applied pressure to the IOR to approve the loan despite red flags raised by the mortgage application. The bank initially brought concerns to the Vatican's internal financial watchdog, the Supervisory and Financial Information Authority. But ASIF officials declined to intervene in the deal, saying it was outside their jurisdiction -- and so the IOR administrators went to the pope personally, to ask for his intervention.

>Francis authorized the bank to work directly with Diddi to investigate the London deal, along with connected financial dealings at the secretariat and ASIF -- the pope made that arrangement because the ordinary reporting mechanisms ran through the individuals and institutions under investigation.

>Diddi's suspicion of the ASIF leadership has been largely vindicated and, even if the charges brought against its former leaders are still being contested in court, the decision to include accusations of abuse of office within the investigation and indictment now seems justified.

>If Diddi's investigation has been fraught with challenges -- logistical and legal -- his tendency to win over procedural objections in court is worth comment.

>While his exchanges with Becciu may have lacked the seraphic calm preferred in the Vatican courtroom, they did appear to force Becciu into trying to blame Pope Francis for many of his own decisions in office.

>Becciu tried to explain that text messages in which he advised that Gianluigi Torzi (accused of extorting the Vatican for millions of euros) not attend a Vatican meeting at which he was subsequently arrested was just "informal" advice.

>While Francis' true mind and motivation for inviting Becciu back into the public eye are still unclear, Diddi's promotion means it is now hard to credit that the pope is actively looking to soften the prosecution of his former chief of staff.

This trial should start again tomorrow. My understanding is that Diddi's name references Good Dad. I also understand that calling the Pope scum gives scum a bad name and that anything he does to aid the prosecution is forced on him by a requirement for the appearance of propriety. Furthermore, I believe the Pope's recent cancellation of the constitution of the Knights of Malta is intended to preemptively undermine and counteract the punitive and remedial enforcement orders which are the likely outcome of the trial. In other words, the Pope is trying to kick his own Satanic fraud scam up a rung on the ladder.

It is of interest that the IOR chief raised the issue of this problem with the Pope and ended up in jail anyways. It is of further interest that the Pena Parra and Pietro Parolin names reference the Satanic P2 freemsons over which I believe Jenna's sponsor the Antichrist is master.

I had this nasty DEEP URETHRA PAIN INFLICTOR IMPLANT in my my dick for a few days. It seemed like someone took it out yesterday and now it is back first thing this morning. An obvious Evil Dad-looking stalker followed me into the gas station with his obvious CPY gangsstalker licence plate, and as soon as I left the DEEP URETHRA PAIN INFLICTOR implant was back. In this manner, I might refer to my previous post about how removing implants and then leaving me in the slave hole only serves to make my implants worse when my rapists always seek to, and succeed in, one-upping my de-rapists.

Similarly, as Chauvin putting one implant in my dick opened the door for 100 other people to put 1000 other implants in my dick, now Helene's DEEP URETHRA PAIN INFLICTOR implant appears to have opened the door for what is sure to be 100 other people putting 1000 other DEEP URETHRA PAIN INFLICTOR implants in my dick. Certainly she knew it would open that door before she embarked on the plan of hers to put it in and then be forced to take it out immediately. (I know Helene gave me my first back implant and she probably put the first one in my asshole too.)

They left that other one in there for several days, and now I assume it will be their plan extend to the permanent RAPE DICK, permanent LEFT TESTICLE CRUSHER, and permanent RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER implants to include a new permanent DEEP URETHRA PAIN INFLCICTOR implant courtesy of Helene and her enablers, and especially courtesy of those who do not kill her for raping and torturing me, and who have afforded her impunity to rape me since I was a small child. The sensation is less intense and higher up in my penis than deep in the pelvic gristle but the simultaneous activation with the gangstalker interceptor at the gas station makes me pretty sure this is not phantom penile discomfort. Certainly, it was Helene's plan to open this door on this new bout of torturous irritations and her enablers are complicit in getting this door opened.

Contrary to what is usual, my whole feed on 4chan this morning seems to be celebrating my new problem when usually that is not the case. This condition reflects another complaint of mine: if my rapists can put people to follow me around to put my implants back in immediately, why won't my de-rapists put people to follow me around to make sure that doesn't happen, or to then immediately de-rape me in the case (which is the real one) where think it is better to let my rapists me and then de-rape me later?

The people in the gym were pretty calm today though it is likely that I was raped while in there judging by a certain bout of dizziness. After I left, I went to get some lunch at Walmart. Two women began heckling me and one-eye stalking me, and I began to curse them. After I left, someone used the rape ray on me to smear shit stink on my hand while I was eating. The judenhelpers around here will want to act like it was two totally different attacks when they used the thing up my ass to empower those hecklers in the Walmart and when they used the thing up my ass to empower the person in the gas station to wipe shit on my hand (or shit stink) but I don't see it that way. From my perspective, the people in the Walmart were using the thing their accomplice implanted in my asshole while anally raping me to fuck with me, and then the person at the gas station was also using the thing their accomplice implanted in my asshole while anally raping me to fuck with me. The details of what they were doing to fuck with me are pretty much secondary compared to the part about, "HEY!!! I'M THE ACCOMPLICE OF THE PERSON THAT ANALLY RAPED YOU TO GET THIS THING UP YOUR ASS THAT WE USE TO TORMENT YOU NOW!!!" It's like if one person shoots at you with 9mm and one shoots at you with .40cal. The main thing is that they're shooting at you and the minutiae regarding the chambering probably isn't something that's going into the first draft of a police incident report. The main thing was the shooting. In the present case, the main thing was my rapists' accomplices using the anal rape device against me. I became incensed at the mockeries of my rapists' accomplices and I rebuked them, and then when my rapists did not care for my rebukes, they send their other accomplice to turn my brain off with the rape implant they have up my asshole and wipe shit on my hand while I was eating. Now my ELECTROCONVULSOR is going crazy and my RTC and RD are much worse than they were.

Next resistance around 2750 (with a possible hiccup around 3250.)

Given the Jenna-Sis homonym of Genesis, and given the context in Italy involving the current Vatican fraud, and probably the P2 masons and the Jesuits, I'd say that Jenna's sponsor is probably the Antichrist, or the Man of Lawlessness referenced in 2 Thessalonians 2. He may be one of:

* The Snakedog

* Goatse

* Pogo the Clown

* Jeff Zucker

* Crazy Eyes

* Shrek,

all who are familiar to me as Evil Dad (unless I am mistaken), or he may be a seventh Evil Dad which I have missed in my list.

Other than as an oxymoron, female far-right political candidates do not exist. If she was far-right, she would be telling Italians to support the patriarchy. Instead, she symbolizes the height of leftist degeneracy: female dominion over men. After the Jew I knew as Rhonda Capone used an Italian pseudonym at Elavon, she switched to the superficially Irish Sharon Maloney alias at Lexis Nexis but I am certain it is no coincidence that Jenna is now using the homophonic pseudonym Meloni. Indeed, I think Jenna is a Jew just like Rhonda was. I had noticed in several photos over the years that Salvini appeared to be in a Dad-like phenotype, and now Jenna becoming the PM of Italy very well contextualizes the extreme hate I have gotten in a couple of Italian restaurants such as Rosa's downtown and Tratoria One41 in John's Creek. Certainly Jenna's sponsor is the RIGHT heckler on the LRAD and this, "Right!," heckling is the catchphrase of the global right-wing that Netanyahu promised would collapse (rightly) if he was voted out of power a couple of years ago.

Given the way Jenna and Erin used to get into heated arguments about who was going to get to sleep with the little black dog in their bed, I think they are spot on with the dogfucker greentext. Obviously, this makes it look to me like Italy is going to get glassed with nuclear weapons.

Pope Francis' Chief Vatican Prosecutor Retires; Deputy Prosecutor Promoted

>The pope on Friday appointed Alessandro Diddi as new head prosecutor. An adjunct prosecutor for the Vatican since 2015, Diddi is lead investigator for the Vatican's major finance trial against defendant Cardinal Angelo Becciu and nine others.

EU Commission President Threatens Italy On Eve Of Election, Says Brussels Has 'Tools' If Wrong Parties Win

Putting women into positions of political power is the pinnacle of what one would call "leftist degeneracy." There is no such thing as a far-right female political candidate. It strikes me as ironic that the Italians might appoint this woman to rule over Italian men on her platform of "yes to the natural family."

Some rancid hag approached me in the laundromat and activated my new DEEP URETHRA PAIN INFLICTOR this evening. The same was activated when I approached the rancid hag that signed me up in the gym in Statesboro today. This implant doesn't hurt very much but the sensation of the PAIN INFLICTOR implant going in the stab wound into the pelvic gristle a few inches down my urethra is quite disgusting. That woman at the gym told me her name was Rhonda and judging by the way I immediately got raped in her establishment, she was probably a dirty jew. When I was there for a few minutes, an obvious non-jew showed up to check me out and he was not bothering me. A few minutes later, another person that looked very much like a dirty jew showed up and began to snarl at me. It's quite likely that two of the three juden that live in Bulloch County stuck something up my ass within 30 minutes of me getting there.

Perhaps my thesis, or my hypothesis rather, was wrong. The data in my earlier post may imply that the lower than announced rate of QT reflects the portion of the securities being run off which are not mortgage backed and do have 90 days for settlement. I will make some calculations and model what I think the Fed BS chart should do in that case. However, the abrupt reduction in the rate of QT this month clearly supports my hypothesis even when mortgage backed securities take 90 days to post. The MBS sold in June should be posting now but I don't see them.

In the spring, the Fed announced it would start QT at $47.5B/mo in June, July, and August, and that it would double to QT in earnest at $95B/mo starting in September. In those first three months, the Fed BS fell from $8.915T to $8.826T. That $89B QT across three months averages to about $30B/mo, or a little more than half of what the Fed announced. Most interestingly since September started, the Fed has only printed $10B in QT. At this pace, September QT will come in around $15B. This is half of what it was during the QT warm-up phase, a third of what had been announced for the warm-up phase, and only one sixth of the $95B in QT the Fed had announced for September when advising its QT plans in the spring.

My thesis is this: the Fed's QT progress shows that the real "dovish pivot" already happened when QT was never given more than a nod. The present news cycle's fixation on the Fed rate rather than the Fed balance sheet is meant to distract from the fact that the only thing which matters for markets is the balance. This was documented extensively on ZeroHedge during the 10 year run up phase in the current everything bubble but now the idea that nothing matters for markets other than the Fed's BS (irony implied) is little mentioned, if at all. I think the real issue is that the Fed says it might blow up the housing market with rate increases while it knows for a fact that any meaningful QT will nuke the stock market. Indeed, I think all of the 2022 downmarket action can be attributed to the end of QE coupled with just the slightest hint of QT that we've seen so far.

If the end of QE has been a fire, any meaningful QT will be a nuclear carpet bombing attack.

Watch: Rand Paul Promises To "Find The Paper Trail" For Lab Leak COVID Origin

>"If you look at the early e-mails when they first discovered the sequence of this virus, January 31 of 2020, they are quite frightened. There are harried e-mails going back and forth until 2:30 in the morning."

>"All kinds of alarms and bells went off for a day or two,"

>"So they began a cover-up."

>"I think it is probably the biggest in the history of science and we will get to the bottom of this. I promise you, there will be a paper trail,"

>Paul has called for restricting the exporting of DNA technology to China

I think I quit Exide on January 30 and this cover-up would be the one done by Helene and the other satanists using the label "scientologist" whom Paul cites *very* wrongly as scientists. Certainly the Trump Organization references the "org" nomenclature of scientology and Trump has been Helene's good little helper throughout all of this, at least since the transfer of "DNA technology" which allowed Trump to grow the abominable monster Barron in Stormy Daniels' womb with my stolen semen and one of Ivanka's transplanted eggs. Trump's surprise late evening firing of the Attorney General Yates came a few hours before the 2:30am time that Paul cites on January 31. Some large part of the so-called cover-up would have included the attack on the girl mentioned in Snowden's article below when she was taken to the same torture basement at Ben Gurion airport that I was taken to. The travel ban Yates was fired over pertained to the travel that led to me being in that basement in Ben Gurion, and which led to the girl who had travelled with me being there as well.

Ed Snowden: America's Open Wound - The CIA Is Not Your Friend

This photo looks very much like the daughter of a man that I believe is my friend. Soon it will be the children of Trump and Obama that are dying, along with those of their servants and colleagues, such as Biden.

HHS expected to renew Covid-19 public health emergency for 11th time

>If renewed on the deadline of Oct. 13, the next deadline would be Jan. 11, 2023.

This week, the Atlanta Fed halved its Q3 GDP prediction from 0.6% to 0.3%. The figure, which I expect to be negative, will be reported in about five weeks on October 27. The latest revised Q2 number will be released next Thursday and I expect it will be revised downward.

Mexican Journalist Shot Dead Hours After Publishing Story On 43 Missing Students

>A Mexican journalist was shot dead Monday afternoon in Southern Mexico right after making a Facebook post about the 2014 disappearance of 43 students from a nearby area

I've been holding off posting this one while I was searching for words to write about it. I recall at the time of the original reporting that I viewed these students' actions as being in solidarity with my own actions, and seeing their murders as a manifestation of the hand that works against me. Now this journalist is dead and I am still in Antarctica, and that hand is still not withered and dead, yet.

Voxengo plugin developer says he's broken into "some 'backdoor' in mathematics itself" that proves that the universe has a 'creator'

>His conclusions, though, are startling, and pose what the author describes as "an interesting and probably very questionable proposition".

I assume this references Prop 1.8 in my quick, conditional disproof of the Riemann hypothesis. This proposition can only be considered questionable if one first rejects the fact that algebra is defined as "the study of mathematical symbols and the rules for manipulating them." Given the context in the article, I think Vaneev's real point is that Proposition 1.8 is reasonable, if not mundane.

Genomes on the shrink

This paper of Ochman recently popped up in my browser. Obviously, the paper's reference to a "molecular phylogenic perspective" on evolution references the frame of analysis I used in my earlier 2016 paper on evolution. The quantification of the genome in bytes follows my program (which may or may not have been unique to me) and the comment on "superfluous genome" references what I have called "junk DNA." It seems like he has restricted my global analysis on evolution to the analysis of the evolution of bacteria.

South Korea Launches Manhunt For Founder Of Collapsed Stablecoin

I got two unusual citations for speeding on the way back from Ohio. In Kentucky and then about 15 minutes later in Virginia, officers driving the other way down the highway, not in a speed trap, turned around to stop me to say that they incidentally noticed I was speeding as they drove by without seeing my license plate. The cop in Virginia looked quite like this Do Kwon person. I do not mean it looked like it could have been Mark Shin in a Do Kwon mask but that the face of the cop was an uncanny likeness for the face posted above.

DOJ Internal Misconduct Shrouded In Veil Of Secrecy

I would not be surprised in the least if all of these allegations against "AUSA's" were really against me with "exposing" my genitals referring to pissing in the bushes, or similar. Sexually assaulting a "civilian" on a date might refer to the events which empowered Helene to wrongly have me expelled from college when she found that he-said/she-said, in the absence of any evidence beyond an accusation and a denial, was a preponderance of evidence supporting the accusation.

Overall, I think anything related to Horowitz is a farce if it doesn't mention the 60 phones Mueller lost, the 30 phones he wiped, the five months of Strzok data that evaporated, and Horowitz' finding no fault with Bruce Ohr due to a "calendar entry" that said Ohr met with McCabe in October despite Ohr having already testified under oath that that meeting was in July on the same day he met Steele. Horowitz and his clan are going into the sick defilement, I am quite certain.

BP Refinery In Ohio That Provides Gasoline For Midwest "Shut Down" After Fire

>"leaking fumes from a crude unit may have caused the ignition in another unit at the facility."

>at least two people were severely burned.

I recently went to "Ohio" to try to get away from the bullshit where I've been living in "Georgia." On my first day there, they had some psychological warfare agent stationed outside my car to start tormenting me in the middle of the might when I opened my car door to take a piss. That was a big escalation from "Georgia" where they leave me alone at night at least, for the most part. I was going to go a little further into "Pennsylvania" but I decided that would be stupid and bought a plane ticket to Ireland instead. I hope the relatives of the people involved in the "Ohio" night-torment operation burned to death in this fire.

To the extent that it was recently suggested that I had not quit Exide but had only stopped going to their office, please note the termination of my salary confirming that I had terminated my employment. I wasn't the one that cut my pay off. Someone got told to cut it off after I quit. It was cut off almost immediately, probably the next day. Maybe I got paid through the the end of the week but however long they paid me after I terminated my employment in Georgia, a "right to work" state, was their own error. Them sending money to my account has nothing to do with me terminating my employment.

Here's where I make the same post for the 1000th time about how taking my implants out does nothing to reduce my implant problem when that is followed by leaving me in the slave hole because I always get more, new, worse implants as soon as the old ones come out. Somehow, for the 100th time in a row, the people who took my implants out decided to trust in the benevolent nature of my rapists and torturers. I noticed fresh anal trauma on my drive back from Ohio and also that the last obvious nodule implant was gone. On /ng/, someone asked me about my implants that day as if he knew that they were gone and also as if it was something other than his full expectation that they would be immediately replaced with more, new, worse implants, as has been the case across 1000+ previosu rounds of removing implants and putting more new ones in. That's how I got from one or two implants to the current 500+ implants.

When I stopped in the shade in a parking lot back in Augusta earlier today, Helene pulled up in front of me and I felt a new DEEP URETHRA MEGA ZAPPER and a new PERINEUM ULTRA ZAPPER. Throughout the rest of the day, I've gotten probably four or more bouts of RAPE DICK and two or more bouts of TESTICLE CRUSHERS. This evening, my entire asshole is 100% torn up with fresh anal rape trauma that was not there this morning. Unfortunately, the FLAGSTAFF DEEP URETHRA ZAPPER has been in place for more than two years, almost three years now, I suppose this new one Helene placed today (MUCH TO EVERYONE'S SURPRISE!!!) will also stay there forever. They have (or she has) used it against me 10 or 20 times already today. I don't know if its an IRRITATOR implant too or if there is more than the usual amount of irritation due to her stab wound deep in the pelvic gristle several inches down my urethra: A SHOCKING STAB WOUND THAT COULD NOT HAVE BEEN EASILY ANTICIPATED.

The reminders about the people today include three skeezy little pieces of shit blocking the aisle at Publix, one whom invited me to "say it again." Also, the man at the Publix checkout counter seemed to enjoy it too much when he asked me if I was "watching the game" and the tranny standing next to him was overly pleased by his joke. When I asked him which game, he told me it was the one his coworker was watching in the back and I think he meant the mockery of my life that the jews produce and broadcast via not-so-secret radio. Someone else recently made a comment about how they were going to get me to kill myself but I think constant rape, torture, and poisoning all day is the most they can do. I do not believe they can escalate from here and I can easily bear this level of discomfort indefinitely. I they are able to further escalate, I do not feel near my tolerance threshold and I can escalate my ability to remain relatively comfy. As I have commented many times, anyone who thinks I will ever let go of my dream to exterminate them and their children greatly has misjudged me. I do have to say, however, that the prospect of another permanent DEEP URETHRA MEGA ZAPPER is disappointing. The irritation from it is non-vanishing and I got zapped with it while making this post.

I hope the Irish let me come to their island. If I do get there, when the juden and judenhelpers among them start their conventional and/or psychological warfare operations against and I begin to curse and rebuke them, I hope the Irish fault the wicked among their own ranks. Usually the locals in the places I go don't see it that way and want me to go. Two weeks from today, I will be on a plane to Ireland or I will be in a plane-like subway car with TV windows making a tunnel look like I'm up in the air. Either way, I am about to get out of there and my rapists can't stop me.

I observe an anomalous structured sell program tonight.

This may have contributed to the failure and/or delay of the NatGas signal. This chart supports my thesis that the Fed's "dovish pivot" happened in the summer when they never started QT in earnest. What was supposed to be a doubling of the QT rate at the start of September has now become a halt on what was already far lower than the rate the Fed had announced.

I watched my security footage which was clearly hacked but still has some traces. This person in the rear left with black shorts on at the beginning is the Strategic Air Command stalker. In the gif, the video does not glitch when the camera points to the ground and then some other stalker appears right behind me when the angle rights as I pick up my camera. As soon as he walke by, the Strategic Air Command stalker walks back into the frame. In the linked mp4, this whole section is corrupted and the stalker appearing right behind me cannot be seen. Also in the video, you can see the Strategic Air Command stalker looking at me weirdly around 0:05, about two seconds before he walks out of frame. All those people in the gym were just standing by watching these other ones rape and torture me. This is unsurprising since they are the acolytes of the cow.

What the linked mp4 shows is the following. First, I narrow in on the suspicious part of my security video which was about 2.5 hours long. Then I rewind and record just that part of the video to a shorter file which I made into the gif. Then, I play the shorter mp4 and although there is no stalker appearing right behind me in the long security video, there is one appearing once I exported the short clip. This glitching in the video right before I began to feel the RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER is evidence that my i7 camera is just as broken as all my other cameras were, unfortunately. The mp4 about is about 200Mb and here is one compressed to about 40Mb.

The other day, some Strategic Air Command stalker got in my face and was immediately followed by the Weverson stalker. It seemed like I got new RAPE DICK in the gym at that time. Before today that was the only time I suspected that I got raped in the gym. Today, the Strategic Air Command stalker got in my face again and the RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER started immediately after I noticed him. A few minutes later, I noticed the Weverson stalker again wearing his gang colors to associate with the sect of my enemy the kike. When the Strategic Air Command stalker appeared last time, the RAPE DICK did not start until I left the gym. Today, the RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER started as soon as I noticed him. Although another interceptor gave me two taps for NO, my intuition tells me that the Weverson stalker and the Strategic Air Command stalker are somehow able to bypass my camera to rape me in the gym. It looked like Biden was in there too, not using his command of the military to kill the Strategic Air Command stalker who I suspect ought to be killed. If find it ironic that he wants me to intercede to pour out my mercy on his son Hunter but he does not intercede on my behalf to stop my rapists and torturers. It's very jewish of him, in fact.

While it took a couple of days longer than usual, last week's nat gas omen paid off today with the worst market session since 2020. However, today only wiped out what I was calling the post-omen fraud gains so the omen has not *really* paid off yet. Therefore, I'd expect another big down day in the next few trading days.

Durham Shocker: Steele Dossier Primary Source Was Paid FBI informant

>Falsely stating to FBI agents on October 24, 2017 that he had spoken to Millian "on the telephone on more than one occasion."

>On November 16, 2017, falsely stating to the FBI that "he had spoken to [Millian] on the telephone" "when he knew he never did.

>Durham will show that Danchenko falsely stated to the FBI that this information from Millian "came from a single ten, or fifteen minute anonymous phone call that allegedly took place in late-July 2016."

"Danchenko" is really my stalker Danny Donohue. On a particular occasion, one of my gangstalkers intercepted an outgoing customer service call of mine. I recognized the voice as someone who had been intercepting my calls for years: the so-called "Destiny B." At the end of the call, I hung up without saying thanks or goodbye. On the following morning, Danny came to me and said something like, "Oh? You don't say goodbye?," as if to say that it was his opinion that I was the asshole for not being more polite to this person that had been mocking and tormenting me for close to ten years at that point. I am not sure how Danny came to be eavesdropping on the call, or if perhaps that was him on the other end and they were voice masking him with the voice of my constant tormenter: "Destiny B." Whatever it was, his lies about it and his other lies seem to be the predicate of the upcoming trial.

After I became homeless, Danny came to intercept me with some other accomplice in the alley behind the library where I was sleeping. With some obvious innuendo about having gay sex with the accomplice, his told me that he liked older guys "because they could teach him stuff" and my impression was that was the line he had been fed when being initially inducted into the FBI-related realm (freemasonry?) by early life child molestation. (Certainly Christopher Wray is the FBI Director today as a reward for letting the other masons in Atlanta have gay sex with his son Chris Moriarty.) I never knowingly talked to Danny on the phone. If I did so unknowingly, it was because he had intercepted an outbound call of mine and then deceived me regarding his voice and identity. While I was homeless, they put up a poster on the MARTA that looked like Danny and Dr. Boquette's "son" Kendall. (I don't know if that's his real son or not and Boquette which means blowjob is likely a pseudonym.) The one that looked like Kendall had a look on his face like he was all about it but the one that looked like Danny had an expression of reticence indicating that maybe he was not as excited about his background in child molestation as was Kendall.

The incident with the pee tape is as follows. I was taking a shower with Emily around 2012 or so and I was holding her tightly to me as the water ran over us. I often piss in she shower and one day I did so while hugging her. She could tell that I was pissing on her leg and she asked if I was but I told her I was not in a spirit of playfulness. The context was 100% asexual silliness and it was not anything that could remotely be considered a golden shower, which is a sex act. Then, because Emily, a/k/a "Millian" I presume, was an agent of NVIXM sent by the jews to spy on and besmirch me, she reported the incident falsely as a golden shower. The incident was 100% asexual and only silly in nature. The piss would have only gotten on her leg while the water was running over us and I kissed her on her face and said sweet things to her. It was completely innocent and light-hearted. I was laughing about it almost hysterically and my recollection is that we both thought it was funny but apparently she has reported a different version of events than the ones I recall.

Emily Hancock was living at that time with her aunt Kathy Green who was employed as the general manager of CNN International. Now that woman hosts the abominable monster Gracen Green in her home which was grown from the semen Emily stole from me. I understand that Emily's family is prominent in the Bilderberg Group.

The pace of the Fed's BS reduction was supposed to double when September started but it seems to have halved instead. The market seems to have liked that.