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I feel like I can kind of see the face of Dad or a Dad-affiliated person on Musk here. Good Dad would be my first guess on who else might hate that group that has that gang sign I don't like. I may be looking at that with too much optimism, however.

The chief of consular services refused to accept my Russian visa application in "Madagascar" so I flew back to "the USA" to do it. After I landed in "Atlanta," I immediately got new RAPE DICK implants and I drove to the Russian consulate in "Houston." I slept in the Home Depot parking lot on Sunday night before I submitted the paperwork on Monday October 24. It seems like I was "abducted by aliens" that night because my computer keyboard was messed up when I woke up, chili oil (or similar) had been added to my hygiene products, and the problem with WRIGGLERS implanted in my eyelids was very much worse on Monday.

The man that accepted my visa paperwork may or may not have been the same guy from Madagascar. He was dressed similarly to that man but I can't say that I recognized him as familiar. I got to the consulate around 9am and there was another man with his family in line in front of me. I had to wait about 30 minutes for him to finish. When he began to glance at me, I immediately recognized him as the one I thought was Trump wearing a Dave Morrison disguise at a December 2016 meeting at Exide: one in which it also seemed that Putin had donned the Rod Williams disguise. Indeed, one of the robot children in the man's fake family was clearly an age-regressed likeness of Rod Williams. I understand that these two are Gianluigi Torzi and Raffaele Mincione in the Vatican trial (whose developments I have neglected lately.) In that context, Mincione said he and Torzi were nothing more than two Italians living in London but this encounter at the consulate suggests that Rod is the other one's helper, or "minion," as suggested by the pseudonym "Mincione."

The one waiting for me in the lobby on the 24th seems to have successfully stolen the Antarctic slave property from me in the Exide fraud (Sloane Ave = Sl'Ave), along with what I hear is about $200 quadrillion, and who I assume is my main counterparty after Helene in this six years of increasing slavery and torture, so I was not very optimistic about getting a visa. On the 24th as well, someone turned my brain off with the rape ray as soon as I pulled into the consulate's parking lot to make an ant spontaneously appear on my computer and Helene was clearly waiting for me in the security golf cart next to my car when I came out. However, today I did get the visa!

Although the consular agent who gave the visa to me managed to slip the phrase "there's no way out" acontextually into our brief dialogue, I am going to Russia ("Russia?") right away to see if it seems like I'm still in Antarctica when I get there. Also, I am quite certain the consular chief from Madagascar, Maksim Popov (whose name may be an English language reference of the utmost relevance), intercepted me in a disguise when I got to the consulate today. I am glad he didn't use the rape ray to put an ant on my computer like the parking lot interceptor from the 24th.

During the brief wait in the consulate's lobby on the 24th, I made an unprompted remark about Antarctica. As I did so, I visibly cringed so as to be very clear about the motivations for my intention to travel to Russia as a tourist. (I greatly desire to reside in a location not populated by slave clones and rapists, one which is consistent with intuitive notions of geography.) After my single-word comment, I believe it was Good Dad that immediately came on the LRAD to suggest that I must not begin the rant in the consulate. Obviously (to me), I had no intention to do so and I did not. However, a woman in the lobby administered what seemed like an autism test involving an extended moment of eye contact. While I think it is preposterous that anyone might think I have the 'tism, or that I have the most debilitating psychiatric disease which exists, paranoid schizophrenia, apparently others do not find such libelous slander as preposterous as I do. Good Dad's LRAD comment seemed like there was a real possibility that someone might have toggled Russia's [dbo].[IS_SCHIZO] column to "Y" if I started ranting too much. I am greatly vexed when people say I'm supposed to act normal while enslaved in this black site torture prison where a thousand or more aggravated sexual batteries are almost the least of my problems. A moment after Good Dad's LRAD advisory comment, some of the Russians verbally agreed with YES comments, or at least one did, so that was good. Now I have this visa and I'm going to try to get the fuck out of this nightmare once again.

My opinion is that Bolsonaro's loss is good.

It looks like everyone Elon Musk fired from Twitter is a proud member of cunt face gang. It's hard for me to imagine that the semen vendor might represent a competing interest to cunt face gang rather than another head of a hydra, however.

Credit Suisse Crashes Most Ever After Admitting It Suffered A Bank Run And Breached Liquidity Requirements

>the Swiss stock just tumbled the most on record.

I believe the "bank run" here was the Vatican ordering the criminals that stole all of my money to put the stolen money back into their own accounts at the IOR rather than letting their friends use it.

The Trouble For Mega-Tech Stocks (In 1 Simple Chart)

If Russia gets me out of this shithole, I encourage all USA persons who are for the Lord to defect to Russia immediately.

On that same flight where I noticed the face, some of rapists and torturers had tried to make me sit between them. I wisely walked past them and sat elsewhere to affect the catastrophic failure of their operation but I have some more to say about these three people which I think were Helene, her helper, and his mini-me. I recognized the mini-me as one of my my frequent and most-hated gangstalkers near the ticket agent while were were boarding. It did the pantomime of wiping a tear while my scrotum was simultaneously electrocuted. The helper (pictured above) was in front of me on the gangway to the plane where he started doing this facial expression to ensure that I would not want to be around him. When we got on the plane, I saw that I was the aisle seatr next to mini-me in the middle and him near the window so I walked past my seat and luckily picked a wrong seat that was not assigned to anyone. From my seat, I saw that it seemed like Helene would have been in the aisle seat next to me so I would have been sandwiched by my rapists. In this photo, the helper looks quite like the one who got sniffy and huffy when I approached him at the gym in Augusta where he was disguised as "Doug." I made several posts about "Doug," I believe. He looks like he could pass for a Strzok in this photo as well.

I took these photos of the helper (and the mini-me) trying to get a certain profile angle on the helper's disguise nose because this other face I noticed in the topgraphy of Africa, somewhat less clear but still plain to see, was doing the gang sign of cunt face gang and the profile of the nose in the land was just like his disguise nose. Unfortunately, I did not get the angle I wanted and you can't see it here. However, I think you can easily see that other malicious face doing the cunt face behind the other one that appears reverent as if in prayer.

I noticed this face in the topography of Africa on my recent trip back from "Madagascar." It is remarkable how you can see the eye, the eyelid and eyelashes even, the nose and mouth, the chin, the brow over the eye, the corner of the jaw, the cheekbone, the smile muscle at side of the mouth, etc. That is an uncannily complete picture of a face! I thought it was also remarkable that when we take Madagascar as the hands, the face is basically the same expression depicted in this giant mural of me in Atlanta.

Obviously, this was the implicit countercase in my recent NatGas soothsaying. Very interesting that the gap did not close, however. Two big open gaps say something weird is going on.

I think it is easy to see where the Atlanta Fed got the memo about the decision to fake the Q3 GDP number.

Danchenko is acquitted, but Comey and the FBI are guilty of perpetrating the Russia hoax

"Durham" here looks quite like the copy of Evil Dad that poisoned my coffee in Qatar while wearing a disguise mocking the mole implants on my nose, which number around five or six now. This poisoner was probably the same one who suggested that he was Karen Franks' husband shortly earlier in Madagascar. During my most recent flights, it seemed like they had that one snickering with the gangstalkers yelling out my thoughts as if it was his doing.

When I was waiting for my flight to leave Madagascar, a man sat near me and images of Dad's face were very prominent in my mind. I was not antagonized. However, since Karen Franks had just finished being an outrageous bitch wasting my time for an hour or more when I was trying to call AAA, I asked if he was married to her and his response seemed affirmative. I asked if he wanted me to die and he shook his head NO. I asked if the mole implants on my nose were due to him and he made some stupid, self-satisfied squinting face which reminds me of Durham's expression here but was far more annoying than this look which I read as mostly angry. I asked what oucome is desirable for him if he doesn't want me to die but then he made no responsive reaction at all. As in my earlier posts, it was suggested to me previously that "Durham" was the one who convinced Helene to start anally raping me in the 1980s.

A car brove by while I was typing this playing music that said, "I love you for a living," so something about what I'm writing here is probably wrong. Maybe that's genuine anger on Durham there and I'm wrongly connecting it to this other one's similar but non-angry squinty look. In fact, they may have been playing switcharoo so that when I thought that was one guy saying hew was married to Karen and that he was responsible for these, "Haha, I rape you. What are you going to do anout it, bitch?," tattoos all over my facewere not even the same person. I moved away from him and conitnued to speak against my mutilator, and then he got up and left.

Investigations continue after fatal explosion in Creeslough, Co Donegal

>A team of international experts in blast analysis has joined the investigation to determine the cause of the fatal explosion that occurred in Creeslough, Co Donegal.

If it took these people more than five minutes to figure out that this explosion on October 7 was a retaliation against the Irish decision to side with the juden in my recent failed attempt to go to Ireland on October 3, then I don't think they will ever get to the bottom of it.

While this isn't exactly my natural gas omen for large daily NatGas moves, it is close enough and I'd say it heralds more immediate downside in equities. Since SP500 next support is around 2800, this could be a good one.

Will James Comey & Robert Mueller Be Prosecuted For Lies John Durham Uncovered?

It appears that the reason Mueller did not want to talk to Millian---and later lied about this fact---is that Millian is central to the dossier. According to Steele, Millian was the originator of the dossier's key allegations, including that there was a "well-developed conspiracy of cooperation" between Trump and the Kremlin, the infamous pee tape story, and that Russia had helped Trump by passing hacked Democratic National Committee emails to Wikileaks.

However, there was a snag. Millian never spoke to Steele or Danchenko. Danchenko later admitted to the FBI that he had told Steele otherwise. This was not only a problem for Danchenko, but also for Mueller and the FBI. Without Millian, the dossier's main allegations would have collapsed. That is why Mueller could not afford to talk to Millian.

Danny probably did talk to Emily's body double before being forced to disavow that person due to the top secret nature of the USA's filthy mutant alien program. I have mentioned previously that the golden shower story is a severe misrepresentation of events which did occur but this other thing about a conspiracy of cooperation between me and the guy at Alliance is 100% bullshit if the cooperation was supposed to be on something other than jiu jitsu. This lie has no factual basis and cannot be taken even as a misrepresentation of a fact. I am now and have always been 100% independent. It may be true that I share a worldview with and seek a similar outcome to whomever I was libelously alleged to be conspiring with but that is not at all a conspiracy or cooperation. That is only a happy coincidence.

On the third point about the DNC emails, that happened in the summer of 2016 many years after I had last seen Emily. During the year I spent at Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions, I had wondered if Lexis Nexis' name might have been derived from a historical Lex' Nexus referring to Emily's uncle Lex who I understand is prominent in the satanic Bilderberg Group. For placement, Emily's aunt Kathy (Cathy?), whom she was living with, was the general manager of CNN International while I was seeing her and Lex would be Kathy's brother. Kathy Green now acts provisionally as a parent to the abominable monster Gracen Green grown from semen which Emily would have stolen from or improperly harvested in my apartment.

My coworker Jim at LN looked quite like Mueller's deputy Weissman. One day when I commented about the real purpose of the work at LN being to give criminals an opportunity to scrub the data from "the OPM hack" (the main output of my previous job at Elavon) so the FBI could catch them in the act, Jim said, "OH!!! So he does know what's going on." I did not know and in hindsight I can see that the main purpose of the work at LN was to cover up the main criminals and criminality that I had exposed before they released little snippets of the OPM data to indict a few lower level foreigners in Operation Carwash and the Panama Papers. Jim said I knew what was happening but I had the exact wrongest possible idea about what was happening. I think the OPM data includes a list of everyone who has consecrated the abomination with my stolen semen. My intention is to exterminate such persons and I count the Bilderberg group and CNN among my enemies. (Shortly after Emily's aunt left CNN, Joe Tooker became the new CNN CEO in his Jeff Zucker alias, pronunced "Zooker." Many years later he was forced out of that job for concealing that he had acted as my father in my youth. This was reported as concealing that he was fucking his Helene-themed coworker.)

Another of my coworkers at LN, Don, looked EXACTLY like Assange whereas Jim looked only somewhat like Weissman (whose picture I did not see until years later.) I think Assange says he knows "the DNC emails" (my emails at LN) were not hacked due to the metadata showing speeds only consistent with LAN transfer because he downloaded them at his computer right next to mine. Jim sat about 10 feet away from me but Don sat about six feet away.

In addition to the DEEP URETHRA PAIN INFLICTORS, PAIN INFLICTORS on a couple of upper molars and my upper and lower front teeth, and in addition to the MID URETHRA implants which disappeared almost immediately, since I've been getting detained in new locations this month I have also gotten new ZAPPERS on the outside of my dick, on the shaft and at least two new ones squarely on top of the head (not on the shaft), a new ZAPPER on the bottom of the head (not on the shaft), PAIN INFLICTOR (not nano-razor) implants on the head and on the side of the shaft just below the head, as well as likely new UPPER URETHRA ZAPPER implants complemting the ones that have been there for a long time unmitigated. The RAPE DICK may have gotten worse at the airport last night too.

At the expense of what will likely be taken as a challenge to escalate, my problem has improved somewhat and worsened somewhat. The implants are less bothersome but the timescale for removing them as I acrue them seems to have increased very much. I may be at a net increase of 10 or 20 implants right now relative to when I left on October 3.

This chart says every logarithmic pullback of the current size has come during a recession. That last green box should have ended to the left of the last red candle.

On my first day in "France," I went to the Russian embassy. The taxi driver let me out on the sidewalk right in front of some cop that looked like Rod Williams. Some liitle kid standing there, a mutant alien most likely, what some call a zeta, smirked at me. The embassy was closed except by appointment and I left right away. The RTC started on the way back to the hotel after being completely calm. Certainly the taxi driver was an agent who took me to the rape locale. When he dropped me off at the hotel, he told me I had "left my phone in his car" and he handed it back to me. The graphical glitches on the phone screen started immediately afterwards. That was a Friday.

Over the weekend, I saw they had a Russian Visa Center in Paris and I went there Monday morning. Before I went, the the Sam Hyde facial mutilator and ant afficionado (I assume) intercepted me in the lobby, possibly unintentionally. Over the weekend the TAPPING had started and they put the PAIN INFLICTOR implants on a couple of my teeth. At the visa place, the fake Russians SEE-UH heckled me and electrocuted my scrotum before refusing to process my visa application. They also put the DUPI back in. The one who denied me was, I believe, one of the assholes from Alliance with a fake mole on his nose seeming to allude to a feature on a man who may be Evil Dad (or not.) Another fale Russian in the visa center was the Rod Williams lookalike that had been Ekaterina at the Long Island Marriott where my implant situation reached a local maximum (which has not been subsequently exceeded.) When I got back to the hotel, Sam Hyde purposefully intercepted me in the lobby. A few minutes later, I noticed a giant new bump on my temple and since my facial mutilator (Sam Hyde) was on-site, I assumed he gave me a new mole implant. I believe he must have injected me with water, however, because the bump went away very quickly. I am glad that the new-mole-implants-on-my-face program is currently suspended. Then I flew to Madagascar as a guess for a location that might not be replicated in Antarctica.

BOY HOWDY!!! I SURE WAS WRONG AS FUCK ABOUT THAT! While they may not have the whole island cloned, they certainly have the capital cloned. I went to to Russian consulate right away when I got here and I may have met two authentic Russians there. One told me he could do the 30 day tourist visa but I told him I wanted the 3 year one special for USA citizens. He told me he didn't know what I was talking about and told me to come back Thursday. I wonder if I could have gotten the 30 day one at that time and I fucked it up? I went back on Thursday and Helene and her friend were immitating the consular staff. She said there will be two weeks for provessing. When they finished mocking me, they electrocuted my foot for good measure. On the way back to the hotel, some weird behavior I had noticed in the people o the street was confirmed in the familiar cloud bullshit in the sky. While they can't have the the whole world copied in Antarctica, they can definitely have a wide radius around every major airport. If I can't get out of here, I guess God agrees that I will definitely get killed anywhere else. I am still hoping to leave and I expect to be successful but I am currently on a two week delay for a (possibly unnecessary) visa processing wait.

For the visa application which I guess I'm going to be submitting to Helene, I needed a passport photo. I went to get it and while I was waiting for them to print it, Mark Shin showed up to activate some brand new DICK ZAPPERS and DICK PAIN INFLICTORS that I got while giving about $50 to the beggars who stood there and watched them turn my brain off and take out my dick on the sidewalk. I got food poisoning that evening and I forgot to lock, chain, and block my hotel door, and I woke up Friday with a new ULTRA DEEP URETHRA PAIN INFLICTOR despite the ones associated with Mark being taken out almost immediately. This new one is staying put so far and they are hurting my dick with it in synchrony with the obnoxious sounds they are making in the adjacent rooms.

Yesterday it seemed like I saw the main asshole from Alliance and his assistant in the lobby of the hotel. The shit spray which had been absent started about 30 minutes later and I think that is no coincidence. I was trying to fill out a visa form online last night but someone kept fucking up the internet so I went to use the wifi at the airport. Someone in there mentioned zetas and I do believe there's about 50 mutant alien zeta agents hanging around my hotel. This morning I tried to get some water in the stores outside and each bottle had the damage indicating poison until I asked for the old display bottle in one merchant's display. Unsurprisingly, that one had no damage on it but I expect my ability to find clean water will be greatly degraded for the remainder of my time here. Not having a car limits store options and the taxis are probably all zeta rape boxes now.

Last night it seemed like Jeff Cummings intercepted me on my way to the airport. He was very friendly but I do not know if that's because he was being deceitful or he doesn't know that I intend to kill him. Mark had also been very friendly and that was certainly to express his scumminess. On the plane from "France" it seemed like Chris Moriarty (severe DEEP URETHRA ZAPPER and LRAD when I typed that name) was the gay stewardess and I think Tony Barker and Daren Roberts were among the stalkers encircling me in the French airport while I was waiting for my flight. Those people from Alliance are like a leech that has attached itself to me which I can't get rid of. I am going to kill a lot of them when I take control of the government so that it will not constitute any criminal activity which might jeopardize my visa application! Although one man up there at Alliance was always saying it's fine if people just want to go there to train, it seems like he was the only one who felt that way about it. For some reason, it seems like half of the members there feel entitled to follow me around and torment me for the rest of my life. (This reason is abbreviated as USA, I am sure.) I expect their managable torments against me will be replaced with their own unmanageable torments, ones much more severe and longer lasting.

Right now I have several new DEEP URETHRA and TEETH implants. The RAPE DICK may have gotten worse gain and I can easily persist in this condition indefinitely. I hope my Visa gets approved, however, and I can find refuge from the SEE-UH hecklers in a part of Russia which is consistent with intuitive notions about geography. Maybe they will take this shit out of my dick and teeth sooner than my next flight. I hope they do.

AUGUST: Pope orders all Vatican offices to deposit funds in Vatican bank

>The papal order makes it clear that Vatican offices are not to maintain separate bank accounts in non-Vatican institutions. The policy clearly applies to the Secretariat of State, which moved fund through other institutions to carry out the ill-fated London real-estate deal that is the basis for the current landmark criminal trial.

Credit Suisse Shares Hit Record Low, CDS Spike To Record High After CEO Letter Backfires

>And CS credit risk has spiked to record highs this morning, topping 280bps at one point - basically disallowing the company from any investment banking business.

Funding Panic Imminent? Fed Quietly Sends $3.1 Billion To Switzerland Via Swap Line

>Remarkably, this was the first time the Fed sent dollars to the SNB this year, and the first time the Fed used the swap line in size (besides a token amount to the ECB every now and then)!

>The next logical question obviously is: why does Switzerland suddenly have a financial institution needing $3 billion in cheap (3.33%) overnight funding. We don't know the answer, but have a pretty good idea of who the culprit may be.

Cue Dollar Squeeze Panic: Fed Sends A Record $6.3 Billion To Switzerland Via Swap Line

>Remarkably, this was only the second time the Fed sent dollars to the SNB this year, and was also the largest single USD swap transfer in history!

Vatican silent on Credit Suisse accounts

>The Holy See has declined to comment on whether the Secretariat of State has complied with a papal order to move all accounts to a Vatican City bank.

>The deadline came as a Swiss bank with a long Vatican history, and multiple ties to the current financial scandal, has come under scrutiny for mounting losses and its collapsing share price. Issues at the bank have raised questions about whether Church funds remain on deposit there, including in accounts that were frozen as part of the Vatican's own investigation into the Secretariat of State's financial affairs.

I notice that ZeroHedge makes no connection to the Vatican trial in its reporting. This is like when no one says that the problem in the UK Gilts market is that (basically) Elizabeth bet the pension system on me getting killed but then I didn't.