2022-11-30 archive

I think it's pretty reasonable to expect that whatever this retarded day was will suddenly reverse before the year is out.

Biden DHS Head Quits After Being Told 'Resign Or Be Fired'

>"I expressed to him that I felt there was no justification for me to resign when I still cared deeply about the work I was doing and felt that that work was focused on the things I was hired to do in the first place,"

>Magnus, a former police chief 'who is known as a progressive law enforcement leader,'

>"I am excited about the progress I made and look forward continuing that work,"

Pope Fires Entire Leadership From Global Catholic Charity Amid Harassment Allegations

>allegations of humiliation and harassment

> The investigation concluded that there was indeed a basis for the above reports, read the Vatican's press release. It added, however, that there was no evidence that financial abuse or sexual harassment had taken place

Biden's Gender-Fluid Nuclear Official Charged With Felony Theft After Lying To Cops

>charged with felony theft after stealing a piece of luggage

My sense is that all three of these articles are about my recent terrible experience trying to get out of Antarctica in my ancestral homeland: Russia. The DHS asshole that got fired, Magnus, could easily pass for one of these Rod Williams stalkers that has been following me around, particularly the one dressed like a Russian cop when I walked in the door at the Kievsky Vogzali train station in "Moscow." The comments about progress seem to refer to the new DUPI and DAPI implants which I am glad to say are less bothersome than the RD and TC implants though they are still extremely obnoxious since I have not had years to get used to them yet. All of this stuff about "progressive" policing methods must pertain to what I call gangstalking and sexual and psychological torture. When they say he was falling asleep in meetings, I wonder if this is the person that ate my rope-a-dope when he was trying to psychically fuck with me in a meeting at Exide. One day, "Rod Williams" was putting the black dot in the periphery of my vision from his seat next to me but I reversed the metaphorical position and threw his fucking ass down on the floor, metaphorically, basically. Once he noticed what had happened, he stood up and stormed out of the room. That was notable because it confirmed very much that I was not imagining him putting that dot on me, and also I was not imagining throwing his bitch ass down. (Go fuck yourself, Rod.)

In the Vatican trial which I have not been following as closely lately, Becciu's scandals relate in part to the hostage negotiator Marogna and fraud schemes to enrich his brother's "Caritas." I believe the woman Marogna was hired to make my life a living hell when I tried to escape Antarctica to Colombia in 2020. Now this news about the recent Caritas scandal of harassment makes it seem like the Caritas was probably equally instrumental in my bad experiences in "Russia" and "Colombia." I can say for a fact that the problems I had in "Russia" recently were very much sexual and financial in nature, and the denials in the article above are false. The people that shoved the rape implants up my asshole were using them against me non-stop while I was there. Sticking something up my ass is unequivocally sexual in nature. Using a remote control to operate the devices in my asshole without putting one's hand up my ass to operate them manually doesn't disconnect the devices' operation from the anal rape that got them in there, or the aggravated sexual battery and/or forcible sodomy that got them there if one wants to use a definition of rape as pertaining exclusively to a vagina. On the financial front, someone stole a bunch of clothes out of my bag when I was flying back from "Georgia" and now Biden's tranny seems to be identified as the culprit.

I can't keep this up all the time, unfortunately.

Either everything that taken out recently just got put pack in in the last hour or so, or someone had stopped torturing me for a few days, for some reason. The newest generation of PAIN INFLICTOR implants is as bad as ever up my asshole and down my pisshole, and the RD is back quite forcefully as well.

This week, I was wondering if I had gotten new RD implants at a certain location. A nearby stalker made some comment like, "There's almost nothing back there anymore," or something like that. It was an apparent reference to a recent decline in the implants in my asshole, which is not insignificant. The point I would raise, however, is that what he's calling "almost nothing" is still much worse than it was when I started complaining about it in the CONSTANT ANAL RAPE THREAD in 2019. Furthermore, the previously non-existent problems with WRIGGLERS and ZAPPERS in my eyes, dick, balls, feet, hands, and all over the rest of my body make my current implant problem about 100x worse than it was when I started complaining about it, and it does vex me greatly to hear it described as "almost nothing," even when the comment was only in relation to my asshole which is still nowhere near "nothing." Unsurprisingly, my RTC was activated while typing this post.

>"I didn't mean for any of this to happen, and I would give anything to be able to go back and do things over again,"

This is what my attempted murderers say, somewhat deceptively.

This kind of volatility is extremely bad for stocks. At minimum, if this was -16% overnight rather than +16%, people's careers would be ending today.

The symmetry in these gaps is too much. It looks like whatever scam position was invented to confound my omen was closed. Now I predict immediate sharp equity downside.

There was some story arc on Stargate SG1 where they time travelled to tell themselves never to contact the planet that agreed to bring them up to an advanced technological state but then actually poisoned everyone to make them infertile so they could steal the Earth. If they say Stargate is "soft disclosure," then I think whatever that story arc was about turned into the COVID vaccine.

It is suggested that not only did they allow the implantation of an "irremovable" RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER, but they are continuing to allow people to electrocute my testicle with the "illegal" implant. In particular, it was used to facilitate the ridicule of one of the agents on the plane recently. The LTC seems permanent as well since it has not stopped since the summer of 2021 but it is less intense.

Time travel movie.

Earlier this year, I got used to people removing my torture implants almost as quickly as they were put it. For that reason, I have been complaining about them a lot less; the purpose of the complaints was to get them removed and I began to take the removals for granted. However, it seems like my lack of constant complaining has resulted in a lack of my implants being removed. In particular, the one-eye stalker at the parking lot downtown had put one very deep in my testicle which they said was hard to remove, and it lingered for a few weeks with a lot of pain. A stalker at the store mentioned that he had tools remove a deep implant like that and it was removed pretty quickly after that. However, the ULTRA CATASTROPHIC MEGA RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER got re-implanted a few months ago and it has been with no mitigations. On one of the recent planes I was on, they were CRUSHING the fuck out of my testicle and then the stewardess came to me and said, "Oh, that's a nice one!" It has been a few weeks since then already and it was already in there for several weeks before that. Why is it still there when all the previous instances of ULTRA CATASTROPHIC MEGA RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER were removed very quickly? I assume it is because I am not REEEEE posting about 8 hours a day offset by 16 hours of refreshing the page I post REEEEE on.

Furthermore, the PAIN INFLICTOR deep in my urethra is not going away, and they have implanted what feels like several PAIN INFLICTORs in my asshole. The DEEP URETHRA MEGA ZAPPER has been there for years now and the URETHRA ZAPPERS near the pisshole seem to have been there for more than a year too. The ZAPPERS all over my hands and feet have re-exploded for the third or fourth time in the, and they are not going away either. The ZAPPERS all over my chest and stomach reappeared lately and it does not seem like they are going away. Since it seems like the people removing my implants were only doing it because I was complaining and not because they could see I was I was being brutally tortured with genital and anal electroshock, I will probably go back to complaining. One that I would very much like to have removed is the 11:00 OUTER WRIGGLER but my fixation on that one alone which has been there for several months is lessened by the recent re-explosion of a dozen or so new WRIGGLERS all around my asshole and in my asshole. After most of the other WRIGGLERS and OUTER WRIGGLERS were removed, that one remained as a constant bother. Now, however, it is only one of many again. The ELECTROCONVULSOR is another one that had stopped for a while and is back now. It is like all forward progress that was made has been reversed, and there is no visible initiative (from my perspective) to make the forward progress again, possibly due to my lack of constant ANAL RAPE posting.

Overall, it is disappointing to see the evidence suggest that it was my complaining rather than my torture which was connected to the heightened pace of implant removal to which I became accustomed earlier this year.

There's this parking spot at Publix that I slept in a lot this year. In the past when I have backed too far into it and then pulled forward, my rear bumper has gotten racked loudly over the curb. Today, I pulled in and the bumper did not touch the curb at all. I thought it was weird and I checked what was going on. It looks like there's about 2 inches of clearance back there so I could never possibly scrape my bumper on the curb regardless of the manner in which I pulled into the spot. This suggests I have moved to another copy of Atlanta besides the one I was in over the summer. I think this is the kind of subtle but mostly unnoticeable difference one might find between like copies of the same city.

I'm getting the feeling it doesn't like 4000.

While I find him to be in acutely bad company next to Stacy Abrams' stank ass, and while I find the democrats to be as worthless as the republicans, I hope Warnock wins in Georgia. I also hope the subtle message about Walker conveyed in my image is not lost on the voters.

It was no suprise for me to see that these largest- and almost largest-ever candles in the markets came during a week when the FED reversed course on QT and inflated its balance with more QE.

When I was much younger I had a dream. Some villagers had thrown me down into some pit for something but I didn't know what it was. I looked up and I could see them leering over the precipice at me and then I noticed a small side tunnel at the bottom of the pit. I went into it and it opened up to a larger cave whose walls and floors were intermittently lava and ice. There were stalactites and stalagmites as I walked along intermittently cooling my feet after walking over lava or what would have been like a charcoal ember. After a while, there was an opening on the left side of the cave leading into a very large room with a high ceiling. The floor was only ice but the walls and ceiling were lava. I found myself in a large mass of people dressed in rags like refugees. The floor suddenly tilted up in one corner and down in the other revealing a blazing furnace of lava in the low corner. Since the floor was ice, we all slid into the lava. I probably woke up after I started sliding but before I hit the lava.

A while later, probably around 35 years ago, I had the same dream and entered the room where the floor was ice. I remembered that the floor was going to dump everyone into the blazing inferno so I ran to the far side of the room and held fast to the wall. The floor tilted and dumped the refugees into the lava, and then it went back to being flat. I noticed that I had held onto the wall next to an exit to the room and then a single file column of reptilian/draconian soldiers began marching onto the ice from the exit. They were very tall compared to me and I ran past their feet and legs through the exit by which they were entering. Beyond the threshold was a very long straight tunnel and the column of marching reptilians extended as far as I could see, fading to a spot in the distance with the walls of the tunnel. Then one of the reptilians saw me and picked me up. Maybe he put me in his pocket but I woke up around then. It's pretty obvious what this dream was about now.

After some extensive REEEE posting about my most recent failed attempt to get out of Antarctica and back into the realm of the living, some other helpful poster posted that his opinion on things he knows nothing about is worthless. This is what I always say (more or less) about my own opinion on things I know nothing about so now I am more optimistic that Russia had nothing to do with my recent problems while traveling. I am much more optimistic about my cross country Russian escape plan to drive from Moscow to Vladivostok. For instance, on the train to Krasnodar I was strangely asleep for an entire day which prohibited my ability to get off the train at any random station before my destination. In a car, however, I think there are numerous thousand mile side trips I might explore in Russia. I am presently fasting and doing a resupply, and I will probably go give Russia another try in about two weeks.

Shit Eye intercepted me in the Walgreens today. As I was at the counter, some guy came to ask where neti pots were, and then Shit Eye came to the counter with a neti pot. Then the other guy, maybe Eric Dougherty, came to stand behind Shit Eye simulating beaming with ecstatic joy for having mocked me. When I left Batumi, someone got in my face at the airport and I immediately began sneezing, and I have not stopped sneezing and sniffling since then. Therefore, I take this interceptor gangstalker operation in the Walgreens today as confirmation that my current mild infirmity is due to a chemical or biological attack.

I wonder how Shit Eye feels about my hopefully upcoming road trip from Moscow to Vladivostok. I bet he feels worse about that than the *~$~giant~$~fart~$~* I ripped on him when he was standing next to me at the counter a while ago.

Like the LTC, RTC, and RD, the DUPI has now obviously been added to the list of things that never go away. Furthermore, the problem with the ZAPPERS on my hands and feet has pulled a 20x recently, as have the ZAPPERS on my chest and stomach. Further still, my asshole is ALL FUCKED UP right now: very hot to the touch with traumatic inflammation, very sore, and it seems like a new 9:00 nodule replaced the 11:00 nodule I got a few days ago (unless it migrated.) I also got a couple of new ZAPPERS on my dick, the newest of which was immediately activated when I typed that.

The finger ZAPPERS started when I got to the airport in "Moscow" and I immediately encountered one of my most hated stalkers at the baggage carousel in "Vnukovo airport." The airline "lost" my luggage and I could not leave immediately. I checked into the nearby Double Tree hotel where the TAPPING and other GANGSTALKER attacks immediately started but did not persist at elevated levels. While I was there, I got in an elevator that was going down, but it went up to make me encounter one of my mockers, the one who I presume is mocked here. After that, my room key failed several times,even after getting it remade, and it was like my rapists were showing me that despite the location on "Moscow," they still had complete control of the computer systems in the hotel to divert the elevator and fuck up my room key. I believe I was raped at least twice in that hotel: once for new RAPE DICK implants and once to have one of my fingernail peeled back when my mind wandered toward whether or not people were still able to burglarize and rape me one the second day after the RAPE DICK problem from the first day did not enter an acute escalation phase. The answer was yes! My rapists were on-site reading my mind with the rape implant they put into a stab wound in my asshole during a previous anal rape. They were able to immediately rape me again and hurt my hand when I wondered about whether that problem had stopped or if the local authorities in "Moscow" had given their blessing to such things.

I made some verbal queries about whether the people in the milieu at the airport were all clones and the answer was an emphatic yes, despite my having asked in English. My luggage soon arrived and I bought a train ticket departing Kievsky Vogzali train station on November 4 and arriving in Krasnodar on November 6. As soon as I entered the station, another of my most hated stalkers, another Rod Williams-themed one, was waiting for me at the entrance dressed as a Russian cop. I was subjected to severe genital torture and mocked by many of my usual mockers while waiting for the train to arrive. When it arrived, there were two people in the cabin where my bed was. One was Daren-themed and the other was a woman with her fingernails painted the color of Helene's green bag. Although she was pretending not to speak English, she laughed at some of the things I said so as to ensure that my interaction with her could be construed as nothing other than a malicious mockery of my life's days being burned away in this prison.

The Daren-themed one told me his name was Igor and that his friend wanted to practice English with me. Although I was slightly annoyed by them treating me as their peer when they appeared to be less than half my age, I entertained them hoping they were Russian agents interviewing me. The friend, Aibek, looked like this Shit Eye backrooms alien character that I found spray painted near the train station in Krasnodar (above.) The conversation was pretty casual but it included questions about Area 51 and aliens. When I followed Aibek out onto the platform for some fresh air at the first train stop, the first of at least four rapes on the train occurred. We were in a group on the platform but when I turned to spit and turned back around, we were alone and I had a sudden pain in my perineum. This was probably the implant that allowed the other rapists to turn my brain off for at least three more rapes on the train, each corresponding to the sudden appearance of a painful wound on my face when passing my one of the three stalkers from the cabin with the Monster Energy Drink logo on it. These three looked like Rod Williams, the one who told me there was no way out at the Russian consulate in Texas, and the last was just some jew. These people got off the train in Krasnodar with me. When I was exiting the train, someone had staged a replica of my luggage in my path and made some mocking noise when I noticed it.

I got a room in the hotel at the train station. A Rod Williams stalker immediately appeared in the lobby behind me and he was probably the one from the entrance to the Kievsky Vogzali train station. I had to wait in the lobby for a while and my RAPE DICK revved up as someone made the door chimes "magically" start jingling without anyone opening the door. Later in the lobby, some other stalker came in wearing a copy of my beanie with metallic threads woven into it, and I noticed that the beanie which I had been wearing comfortably for two years was suddenly very irritating when in contact with my skin. When the woman at the hotel desk gave me the key to my room, the lock would not unlock and someone had thrown a small grub screw on the floor directly beneath the non-working lock. When I had to go back to the desk for help, someone had thrown a small black rubber band in my path which is the sign of impending massive rape, as far as I can tell. However, it was not there on the way to the room and I someone probably had to rape me to make it "magically" appear there because the location where I found it was visible from my room's door where I had been trying to get the key to work. Clearly my rapists were in charge of the hotel in Krasnodar as they had been in Moscow.

I wanted to get another hotel but I needed to change USD to RUB at 8am on Sunday morning, and was unable to do so. I walked around the square in front of the station and got some coffee and shawarma. When I got some more coffee, I believe more rapists raped me again and poisoned it while my brain was turned off. In the square I was immediately MOSSAD heckled. After about 15 minutes, it sounded like my rapists' favored person Jenna loudly JON heckling me. I waited for a while and began walking around to find some place to change my money to rubles. After an hour or so, I stopped walking and got into a cab that I passed. The driver was clearly another interceptor but he brought me to a place where I could exchange the money. The lady in the exchange office took an outrageously long time to help me and near the end I turned around to see a man in the appearance of Andrew Windsor standing outside the office with the taxi driver. The taxi driver immediately mobilized from his stationary position when i glanced at him to confirm the gangstalker activity. Likely they were burning the fleeting moments of my life making the exchange take 100 times longer than it ought to so they could prostitute my presence to Andrew who must have found more pleasure in the weird look he gave me through the window than I found in being forced to wait in the exchange office.

With my Rubles, I went back to the hotel at the train station and left with my stuff. The second taxi I got must have been another stalker interceptor because he brought me to another hotel where a grotesque woman tried to put me in room 37 after my previous rape theater in Moscow had been room 437. As I went to look at the room, some asshole looking like Evil Dad came out of room 36 where he had certainly just finished wiring the LRAD and TAPPING torture equipment, and possibly where he finished installing a secret door to admit rapists to my room without being seen in the hall. I asked for a room other than 37 and the woman told me it would be a little while before I could go into room 40. I went to the restaurant next door and was immediately SATAN heckled when I walked in so I decided against that hotel too.

I walked back to the train station and got a third taxi. I asked him to take me to another hotel and he brought me to one I had passed on my walk, which was weird. He offered to take me to the Republic of Georgia for $1300 and since I did not want to stay in the obvious GIANT SHIT HOLE that the train had taken me to, I accepted. We stopped at his house where his daughter one-eye looked me and gave me the cunt face. He insisted that I was my hands when he gave me some cookies and I became disoriented in his bathroom which is probably where I got the new RAPE DICK which persisted on the drive to Georgia. Despite these things, I took the chance that Batumi, Georgia might not be the same giant shit hole with my familiar rapists that Krasnodar was obviously was. I was raped and injured several times on the way to Batumi. When we were almost there, about 20 minutes away from town, the man's fart disoriented me with sudden dizziness. After that, I immediately noticed the Monster Energy Drink logo formed from three chemtrails in the fake clouds at that time and Helene came on the LRAD at that time too. I also noticed that the driver had been replaced with Helene. Although I had not agreed to pay her anything to take me to this place, she told me that I owed her $700 more than I had already paid when we got there. I got a hotel where I was quickly raped and the TAPPING immediately started, and then I came back to Atlanta after two days in Batumi. I had the giant swollen area from subcutaneous rectal excavations appear on the second day and I found a new 11:00 nodule implant on the second day as well.

Since I will need some way to avoid banking sanctions on Russia to send money to myself there, I opened a Georgian bank account on my first day. In the bank's lobby while I was waiting, I did the verbal transmission of many things that I know. It seemed like John Roberts, Evil Dad, and Robert Garrett all appeared in the lobby within about 30 minutes after I got there. John Roberts seemed pissed and Robert was making the cunt face at me. At the hotel on the second day, I had to call my USA bank to check on the status of a dispute credit. The man working at the desk yelled FRAUD at that time to ensure that there was no possible way for me to construe the circumstance as anything other than a malicious mockery. The gangstalker heckling problem on the streets in Batumi was also very bad and I was SATAN heckled in the "halal" restaurant that I went to.

I did not take a picture of it but I saw a large graffiti mural there of a face doing the cunt face thing and, "CHUMAN?," was written next to it. This meant, I assume, "Yes, human?," or, "Is he human?" As I mentioned in my previous analysis of Joe and the Volcano, I believe cunt face gang are the acolytes of the snake dog who may have certain people convinced that he is more than some retarded asshole that mutilated himself. Furthermore, on approach to the Krasnodar-1 station where I got off the train, I passed through the Krasnodar-2 station. I saw another mural of Cunt Face spray-painted next to the tracks just south of that station but I did not take a picture of it.

I watched this movie recently and I found it to be exceptionally good. I thought the part at the end about Riders on the Eastern Ridge must have been a book reference but I see by the 2016 production date that time travel would be required for that.

FTX collapse is 'slow-motion train wreck running into a dumpster fire full of black swans': Analyst

This Sam Bankman-Fried character looks alternately like Helene and the Daren-themed interceptor from the train to "Krasnodar." I see the collapse of the FTX firm was aligned in time with my encounter with this Daren-themed person, a likely mutant alien, and the FTX name itself seems to refer to Helene's tranny bullshit about how she can stop being a female and convert via transexualism not merely to a man as would be indicated by FTM, but to a mutant alien as indicated by FTX. Even the SBF initials, usually single black female, might allude to Helene's true identity as a SJW: a single jewish woman. I was on that train for a day and a half and it would have been "slow motion" because I don't think I covered a day and a half's worth of kilometers on my journey from "Moscow" to "Krasnodar." Maybe the prompt November 8 demise of FTX upon my arrival in "Krasnodar" on November 6 will bode well for my upcoming second attempt at Russia. This crash that started at 4pm on the 8th was probably right around the time I exited the "Russian Federation" due to unacceptable rape and stalker conditions in "Krasnodar" and entered the "Republic of Georgia."

I am pleased with the work of righteousness which produces the increasing and ongoing anti-jewish rhetoric. It has been suppressed for too long and now it is growing, and it will continue to grow. The result will be the real holocaust and those kikes pissing against the tide have already lost. The momentum is building and has already pushed past their line in the sand. The more they fight against it, the more they will reveal the truth.

I got robbed on my way back to Atlanta in what is an unprecedented escalation. If they keep going with that, one implant in my dick, then 50, I will quickly fall into a new low of material ruination.

White House Held Secret Talks With Putin Aides To Avert US-Russia War

>The White House has reportedly held secretive behind-the-scenes dialogue with the Kremlin

This probably explains why my recent trip to go to Russia was a catastrophic failure resulting in at least a half dozen rapes in less than a half dozen days as all the people I hate and wanted to get away from among my stalkers in the USA were given Russian police disguises to continue their mockery, torture, burglary, rapes, poisoning, etc. It is disappointing and confusing to see that hating me seems to be the one thing Russia and the USA can agree on.

This nearly unprecedented disorder in the NatGas chart over the last four weeks seems to be a reaction to the success of my NatGas omen. I would tie the omen to the present -5% futures condition but it is likely that the omen is dead, for now. Even if it isn't, -10% was the real trigger and -5% is just interesting.

I got to the Kievsky Vogzali train station several hours before my train to Krasnodar was going to leave. The taxi driver was familiar looking and may have been Snowden. I asked if he was the one from Alliance that always used to say, "I'm speaking fucking Russian?!?!," but I understood his demeanor to indicate that that man was one that Helene and her jew friends had gotten their hands on. I think that was the man with the broken tooth.

In the train station, it seemed like Rod Williams was waiting at the entrance dressed like a cop. After a while, some woman came and pointed her phone at me simultaneously with the activation of my DUPI implant. I moved and two other disgusting looking young women sat next to me, and then the DUPI revved up again. I moved again and then it looked like Danny "Igor Danchenko" Donohue approached me. At that time, a very bad taste suddenly appeared in my mouth. I assume I was raped and they sprayed poison in my mouth before turning my brain back on. Around then, it looked like that little turd Jed started patroling the station dressed as a cop overseeing my rapists and torturers.

The train came and I got on it. The man in my cabin, a boy almost, looked quite like Daren Roberts in his face and even his feet looked like Daren's feet. He said his name was Igor and his parting comment to me much later was something like, "I'm convinced it's not about race or nationality, but about the person." I think was a swipe against my anti-jewish racism and the rest of this post will be about Daren who I now think must be a Russian jewish spy in the USA.

Like several other giant pieces of shit that I hate, my anal rapist Randy Dunson (Christopher Steele), Danny Donohue, Trenton whose last name I can't remember and probably others too, Daren arrived at Alliance out of nowhere and immediately began a business relationship with the school beyond the typical student relationship. Daren set up the Alliance Kids program which went on for several years. Daren said his backstory was that he was from Puerto Rico and had somehow gotten adopted at about 27 years old by a Jewish family in Atlanta, after which time he had decided to become Jewish himself. Daren had also complained that certain haircuts "made him look Russian," and now I think he was a Russian jew before I met him. That family that adopted him moved to Japan about a week before the Fukushima nuclear attack and then they moved back to the USA directly after. Since Alliance is a nexus for international terrorism, I didn't think much of it at the time but in hindsight I bet Daren himself is a jewish terrorist.

So, then, this person on the train made his comment about, "not the race or nationality, but the person." Firstly, I am definitely a racist now and I disagree. I don't want to judge any jews by the content of their character any more than I want to judge Antarcticans by the content of theirs. I just want to kill all of them. However, I feel like "Igor" is missing my point when it comes to the juden. My intention to destroy the juden is not related to race or nationality so much as the individual person taking my name JW in vain to call themselves a jew. That's a personal decision and I don't plan on searching out every person born of a jewish matrilineal line. I am only intending to bring true holocaust on the ones commiting this sin of vanity by taking my name to call themselves jews when they are really kikes named after a Tooker whose name I also have. In history, my ancestors called themselves by my name with propriety but my ancestor have all passed away by now. Today, I am the only living Jew and those in the Synagogue of Satan, such as Daren and Igor I presume, lie about who they are and call themselves jews.

When I landed in "Moscow," my finger zappers were activated a lot between the gate and baggage claim. When I got to baggage claim, one of my most hated stalkers was waiting for me. They also lost my baggage which was no surprise since a rapist had turned my brain off in "Istanbul" to make my luggage receipts appear on the ground where she could pick them up and walk off with them. I had assumed there was a fake Moscow before leaving the USA and I had intended to pass through as quickly as possible. I had to wait for my baggage to arrive so I got a Moscow hotel where the TAPPING started right away. I was glad that it did not persist. The thing where someone in the hall slams their door every time I open my door also started immediately but did not persist. However, the problem with the hotel staff and local authorities affording my rapists impunity to burglarize my room and rape me not only with the rape ray but to stick things up my ass and peel my fingernails back to create sudden onset, inexplicable pain began immediately and persisted until I left. I believe they also poisoned my room service and a cup of coffee I poured in the hotel restaurant. The LRAD was immediately active in that hotel as well and it does not appear to me that the prevailing authorities at that location found any of this to be out of order.

Before I left the airport for the hotel, I stopped at the cafe to order food and it looked like my former professor Cymbalyuk was in there, thinly disguised. I ordered the beef sandwich and it clearly had something besides beef on it. Concerned the other meat was ham, I asked and the waitress told me it was actually beef and chicken. When I almost started to eat it, I noticed a third layer of mystery meat on the bottom and I asked her what it was. She told me and then further reassured me that it was beef sausage. I tried a piece and it tasted like pepperoni so I asked her again. At that point, only after I had eaten some of it, did she tell me that pepperoni is actually made from beef and pork, and that what she told me was a beef sandwich was actually a pork, beef, and chicken sandwich. I highly doubt it was an innocent mix up.

During my brief hotel stay, several of the hotel staff engaged in familiar gangstalker behaviors that I had already gotten sick of long before arriving in "Moscow." My bags arrived soon enough and I took a train to Krasnodar. My sleeper train cabin had two stalker interceptors in it and a third one from another cabin set up camp in my cabin as well pretending to want to practice English with me. That one looked quite like Shit Eye. I was expecting (WRONGLY) that Krasnodar would not be in Antarctica and, although the two male interceptors were almost children, I entertained their intention to converse in good faith. At the first train stop, I got out and was continuing to speak to Shit Eye on the terminal platform. We were in a group but when I turned to spit on the tracks and then turned back around, the sudden pain in my perineum distracted me from everyone else on the platform having spontaneously disappeared other than Shit Eye. I got raped at least three more times on the train to Krasnodar as some other stalkers wrote painful injuries onto the corner of my mouth and the side of my nose where the cunt face gang makes their sign. I think the ones responsible for those other three rapes were in the cabin next to mine where this monster energy drink symbol on the window was the only hand print in any of the dust on about 100 train windows. Of the three people in the cabin with this mark, one looked like some jew, one looked like Rod Williams, and one looked like the consulate worker in Texas who told me acontextually that there was no way out.

When I got to Krasnodar, the LRAD and RAPE DICK started as soon as I got to the hotel, and some obviously familiar stalkers followed me in. One was wearing a beanie just like mine with some sparkly metallic material woven in, and the beanie I have been wearing with no problems for two years became extremely irritating on my skin in Krasnodar. I went into a restaurant there while my second hotel was getting my room ready. Someone in there yelled SATAN just like they do at the USA restaurants I go to. I decided against that hotel and got another taxi to take me to a different hotel. He offered to to take me to the Republic of Georgia. Since the LRAD, RAPE DICK, and MOSSAD and SATAN heckling started immediately in Krasnodar, I accepted and came to "Botumi." I will make a subsequent post about that but it suffices to say that I was SATAN heckled in a restaurant on my first day here as well.

I feel like I can kind of see the face of Dad or a Dad-affiliated person on Musk here. Good Dad would be my first guess on who else might hate that group that has that gang sign I don't like. I may be looking at that with too much optimism, however.

The chief of consular services refused to accept my Russian visa application in "Madagascar" so I flew back to "the USA" to do it. After I landed in "Atlanta," I immediately got new RAPE DICK implants and I drove to the Russian consulate in "Houston." I slept in the Home Depot parking lot on Sunday night before I submitted the paperwork on Monday October 24. It seems like I was "abducted by aliens" that night because my computer keyboard was messed up when I woke up, chili oil (or similar) had been added to my hygiene products, and the problem with WRIGGLERS implanted in my eyelids was very much worse on Monday.

The man that accepted my visa paperwork may or may not have been the same guy from Madagascar. He was dressed similarly to that man but I can't say that I recognized him as familiar. I got to the consulate around 9am and there was another man with his family in line in front of me. I had to wait about 30 minutes for him to finish. When he began to glance at me, I immediately recognized him as the one I thought was Trump wearing a Dave Morrison disguise at a December 2016 meeting at Exide: one in which it also seemed that Putin had donned the Rod Williams disguise. Indeed, one of the robot children in the man's fake family was clearly an age-regressed likeness of Rod Williams. I understand that these two are Gianluigi Torzi and Raffaele Mincione in the Vatican trial (whose developments I have neglected lately.) In that context, Mincione said he and Torzi were nothing more than two Italians living in London but this encounter at the consulate suggests that Rod is the other one's helper, or "minion," as suggested by the pseudonym "Mincione."

The one waiting for me in the lobby on the 24th seems to have successfully stolen the Antarctic slave property from me in the Exide fraud (Sloane Ave = Sl'Ave), along with what I hear is about $200 quadrillion, and who I assume is my main counterparty after Helene in this six years of increasing slavery and torture, so I was not very optimistic about getting a visa. On the 24th as well, someone turned my brain off with the rape ray as soon as I pulled into the consulate's parking lot to make an ant spontaneously appear on my computer and Helene was clearly waiting for me in the security golf cart next to my car when I came out. However, today I did get the visa!

Although the consular agent who gave the visa to me managed to slip the phrase "there's no way out" acontextually into our brief dialogue, I am going to Russia ("Russia?") right away to see if it seems like I'm still in Antarctica when I get there. Also, I am quite certain the consular chief from Madagascar, Maksim Popov (whose name may be an English language reference of the utmost relevance), intercepted me in a disguise when I got to the consulate today. I am glad he didn't use the rape ray to put an ant on my computer like the parking lot interceptor from the 24th.

During the brief wait in the consulate's lobby on the 24th, I made an unprompted remark about Antarctica. As I did so, I visibly cringed so as to be very clear about the motivations for my intention to travel to Russia as a tourist. (I greatly desire to reside in a location not populated by slave clones and rapists, one which is consistent with intuitive notions of geography.) After my single-word comment, I believe it was Good Dad that immediately came on the LRAD to suggest that I must not begin the rant in the consulate. Obviously (to me), I had no intention to do so and I did not. However, a woman in the lobby administered what seemed like an autism test involving an extended moment of eye contact. While I think it is preposterous that anyone might think I have the 'tism, or that I have the most debilitating psychiatric disease which exists, paranoid schizophrenia, apparently others do not find such libelous slander as preposterous as I do. Good Dad's LRAD comment seemed like there was a real possibility that someone might have toggled Russia's [dbo].[IS_SCHIZO] column to "Y" if I started ranting too much. I am greatly vexed when people say I'm supposed to act normal while enslaved in this black site torture prison where a thousand or more aggravated sexual batteries are almost the least of my problems. A moment after Good Dad's LRAD advisory comment, some of the Russians verbally agreed with YES comments, or at least one did, so that was good. Now I have this visa and I'm going to try to get the fuck out of this nightmare once again.

My opinion is that Bolsonaro's loss is good.

It looks like everyone Elon Musk fired from Twitter is a proud member of cunt face gang. It's hard for me to imagine that the semen vendor might represent a competing interest to cunt face gang rather than another head of a hydra, however.