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US PMIs Scream Recession In December Flash Report

>The last time PMIs fell to this level, things got ugly fast.

Rand Paul Slams "Emasculated Republicans" For Accepting Bloated Spending Bill

>"I mean what do Republicans stand for?" Kudlow chimed in, adding "We need lower spending, we need less government, we need lower taxes and regulations, we need a growthier economy."

While this data does not show what Republicans in the Congress stand for, it shows very clearly that Republicans in the White House stand for running up the deficit with their unfunded big-government spending programs and one might infer that Congressional Republicans stand for the same since the Congress writes the unbalanced budgets that the Presidents sign.

Weinstein Jurors Haven't Reached a Verdict in 9 Days of Deliberations

>Jurors---nine men and three women---started deliberating Dec. 2 after closing statements wrapped up that morning. They've been evaluating the case for roughly 37 hours.

I understand that Helene got married to Joseph George Tooker in a double wedding with her husband's sister Doris Tooker and Richard Weinstein, and that all four of them were residents of New York City. The JGT initials are the source of the number 37 as my own JWT initials are the source of the number 53 and I further understand that Helene's husband's birthday is December 2. "Weinstein" was among stalkers at the Kroger in Buckhead a few moths ago and I have heard it said that he is a jew.

It seems like I'm in for a pretty bad time for the next eight weeks, at least.

The current -300 three-day change in the SP500 coming after a week where the Fed moved back to QE from QT makes it seem like we're heading back to that region of the phase space which is dear to me.

Here Comes The Job Shock: Philadelphia Fed Admits US Jobs "Overstated" By At Least 1.1 Million

>Shockingly, the Philly Fed seems to agree, and reports that instead of the roughly 1.1 million jobs reported by the BLS, only 10,500 new jobs were added!

It hardly seems possible that this 1000% error in favor of the government's narrative might exist in a vacuum, or that the current error approaching 3000% might do the same. Obviously, all of the economic data is being faked now just like the election that installed the government doing the faking.

Hitler writes, "The more I debated with them the more familiar I became with their argumentative tactics. At the outset they counted upon the stupidity of their opponents, but when they got so entangled that they could not find a way out they played the trick of acting as innocent simpletons. Should they fail, in spite of their tricks of logic, they acted as if they could not understand the counter arguments and bolted away to another field of discussion. They would lay down truisms and platitudes; and, if you accepted these, then they were applied to other problems and matters of an essentially different nature from the original theme. If you faced them with this point they would escape again, and you could not bring them to make any precise statement. Whenever one tried to get a firm grip on any of these apostles one's hand grasped only jelly and slime which slipped through the fingers and combined again into a solid mass a moment afterwards. If your adversary felt forced to give in to your argument, on account of the observers present, and if you then thought that at last you had gained ground, a surprise was in store for you on the following day. The Jew would be utterly oblivious to what had happened the day before, and he would start once again by repeating his former absurdities, as if nothing had happened. Should you become indignant and remind him of yesterday's defeat, he pretended astonishment and could not remember anything, except that on the previous day he had proved that his statements were correct. Sometimes I was dumbfounded. I do not know what amazed me the more---the abundance of their verbiage or the artful way in which they dressed up their falsehoods. I gradually came to hate them."

I'd say there's no way this is going to the upper bound again without touching the lower one.

I believe all of the speakers in this video were persons known to myself, in a good way mostly, directly or indirectly. I think I may have detected some innuendo about certain things intermingled with the technical minutiae. I believe that was Dad at the main podium, one of the men from Alliance at the left of the table, the one who is the object of this mural on the building where I spent a lot of time as an undergraduate, then probably Laura mentioning that the thicker capsule gives her more options for achieving, the next one looked like Xi Jinping, then the representative of the German faction looked like Rod Williams and I did not feel enthused by his comments, then it was another non-evil Dad-affiliated person, and then non-evil Emily.

I was staying at a hotel in Virginia Beach last year. Some jew upstairs from my room kept making a racket whenever I would scroll past this pic related jew who I understand is an alter ego for the King of Ireland and a big fan of Jenna. In that hotel, someone came into my room in the night and sliced my upper lip right where this pic related jew is licking his lip and it became quite a sore spot lasting for several days. Since I have moles implanted on my face exactly where his own moles are, I assume this is the jew that mutilated my face last week with a new mole implant on my nose, or likely a pair of them closely spaced together. (The person in the Vatican trial, Becciu, also has moles where the two biggest fake mole mutilations on my face are.) This morning, I woke up with the same weird slice on my lip as in Virginia and now the jew upstairs is making the same racket each time this pic related jew shows up in my scrolling. It's like he thinks bugging me a little now, or mutilating my face and body with his mole implants which keep accumulating incessantly as he is given constant impunity to rape, burglarize, and mutilate me by the parties who forbid him from killing me, will in the end somehow save the people he cares about from the defilement which surely awaits them.

The upstairs banging subsided when I made this post but immediately resumed next door.

Maybe CPI tomorrow will trigger the big down day I've been looking for. I saw someone else mention the recent PPI upside surprise and upside revision to to previous inflation data indicating a likely hot CPI number tomorrow, and this NatGas move is suspicious given the confounding of my omen with six giant gaps in the NatGas chart lately.

1 Dead, OBI Store Destroyed in Massive Moscow Mall Fire

I believe the slope of this line will decrease in 2023.

In the summer of 2018, I briefly was able to get off the street into a house until outrageous, unchecked police corruption in the APD sent a SWAT team to destroy my house with breaching munitions and tear gas grenades before charging me with Burglary in the First Degree for quietly living at home in my own legal residence, and then hauling me off in chains to be thrown into the slave hole. (It was alleged that I had been burglarizing my own home at the time of the destruction of the property and the arrest that followed.) Before the cops destroyed the house, literally rendering it as a ruin of a shanty, I had a roommate: Anthony Colombo who is probably the representative of the Colombo mafia clan, and who I hate from the deepest viscera within me. He would come home each afternoon and start banging in the kitchen, and he would activate a sexual torture device implanted in my asshole each day in synchrony with the onset of the banging noises. One day I became very angry about it and I went into the hall where I spat in his face. Then he went to the municipal court and put out a warrant on me for simple battery. After I got out of jail, the terms of my release required that I attend an anger management class at the penalty of possibly spending another year in jail for noncompliance. During one of those classes, they used the rape ray on me to turn my brain off and let someone literally fuck me in the ass with his dick leaving my whole asscrack smeared with shit when I noticed that 20 minutes had spontaneously disappeared from the time I had been glancing at every other moment waiting for the class to finish.

One of those anger management classes was taught by the actor who had punched me in the head while in jail for not getting out of his seat. Another was taught by a man from Alliance who was surprised when I told him that I was aware that he was Helene's slave. While that layer of what is or was happening at Alliance is usually something that is not plain for me to see, today it was made very plain when I believe Helene marched her slave into the elevator in a tandem interception maneuver with her as I was exiting the hotel to get a phone. At first I thought I was glad to see him but then I noticed he was with Helene and my sentiment soured. I believe this is what happened: Helene put the filthiness of her fornications on me very much today when that man is living in a nightmare and she rubs his face in my inability to deliver him from her. She is evil and I believe her interception maneuver today with that man, a man who I believe I would want good things for while he languishes in the nightmare of the most vile MK Ultra program that exists, was meant only to mock me and my inability to help him. That layer is usually far from the forefront of my mind as I feel betrayed at Alliance but my rapist Helene seems to have been rubbing my face in it today, and his face in it, as is probably an ongoing and daily experience for him, unfortunately.

Whatever this schizophrenia is can only be bad for equities.

Today I arrived in some copy of Moscow which I assume is in Antarctica. When the airplane-themed subway I car I took to get here stopped, they said in a PA announcement to the passengers that we would have to declare anything over 10,000 USD that we were bringing into Russia. Due to the banking sanctions making my bank cards not work here, I did have more than than $10k with me and I fully intended to declare it. When I got off the plane, unlike last time, the ZAPPERS did not immediately start in my finger tips. However, the mega burst of anal WRIGGLER activity did immediately start which is pretty much a worse reception than I had last time where the immediately electroshock that started when I got off the plane was neither genital electroshock nor anal electroshock.

I went through passport control easily and was glad not to see my most-hated stalker "Ekaterina" waiting for me at the baggage carousel like I thought I did last time. However, there were at least a couple of people waiting there wearing the outfit of pajamas in the color of Helene's sensory deprivation bag. The Ekaterina stalker greeted me that outfit last time so the joy of not seeing that stalker himself was much lessened. Another thing that was unlike last time was that my baggage arrived with me and it did not get lost. I retrieved the baggage and got in line to go through customs. When the customs agent asked me about my cash, I told him exactly how much I had. Then he informed me that there was some bullshit about color-coded customs "channels" and that I had gone through the wrong one in violation of administrative code 16.4 of the Russian Federation. The fine for that mistake is going to be almost $4k and they told me that if I had had a little more money with me, they would have had to take me to jail. I think that is bullshit that they told me I had to declare it with without mentioning some bullshit about a green channel and a red channel. It feels like entrapment pretty much that it was only after I had already gone through a color-coded "channel" that anyone mentioned there was an EXTREMELY important color coding system in place. I think it's absolute bullshit really because I 100% did declare every penny I had on me to the customs agent, no one mentioned the secret color code, and there were no clear signs that I noticed. There was definitely nothing in place to make me think declaring the money meant something other than telling the customs agent that I was bringing into the Russia with me and my opinion is that there should have because "telling" and "declaring" are synonyms in this context. I simply got in the line that everyone else was in and almost got taken to jail because I didn't know about this retarded color-coded bullshit.

To the extent that my word is trustworthy, it was my absolute intention to declare the money. Until I was pulled aside, it was my unequivocal belief that I had declared the money because I told the customs agent about every penny I had when he asked me if I had cash in my stuff. I was not trying to smuggle cash into Russia and they are assholes for not mentioning the color code or making the signage so obvious that it could not possibly be missed. The man standing at the entrance to the customs area could have said, "This is only for you if you have nothing to declare," but instead he watched walk into stupidly fucking myself out of $4k. As the signs were, they could not even be seen from where the line for the customs check started, or if they were visible from there then I would have had to turn around and look behind me to see them, which is stupid. There probably were signs showing "something to declare" and "nothing to declare" but they were not obvious enough for me to notice them. Since the fine is four thousand fucking dollars and I almost went to jail, I think they should make the signs a lot more obvious than whatever unremarkable signage they have there blending seamlessly into an airport full of signage, most of which can be safely ignored, and was already safely ignored before getting to the baggage claim area. Basically, that man that just let me walk into the wrong customs doorway was an asshole and so was everyone who watched him let me do it.

When I told them about the money, they pulled me aside and pretty much got me to plead guilty to a crime in some detention area which was VERY FREINDLY and warm compared to the detention area I visited at "Ben Gurion" on a previous travel attempt. In the detention area, I had a weird feeling in the pit of my left eye. Today it feels like I got a new ZAPPER in that eye. After about six hours, I was able to leave the airport. The stalkers in the detention area were pretty friendly, however, and it seemed like Dad, DJ Farmer, and Laura Uria might have been among them. I think Dad was the ranking agent with four stars on his lapel and it was cool to have him there as opposed to one of my hated stalkers. I think the end result of the Satanic time travel rebellion was that Satan succeeded in turning almost every person living contemporaneously with me against me, and that if it were not for the unfailing love of Dad and the loyalty of a very small handful of other people, Satan would have defeated me.

When I finally left the airport after about six hours, the main customs agent who had stopped me told I was going to be able to go home and that I had been in hell. Usually such a statement would imply that I had been in hell and was no longer in hell but, in fact, I think I had been in hell and I still am in hell. I know I cleaned my finger nails right before I left Atlanta but somehow after a "flight" to "Istanbul," a short layover and a connection to "Moscow," I noticed all of my fingernails where completely encrusted with black grime. This is a telltale sign of getting raped by jewish aliens. Maybe the customs meant that I was going to succeed in escaping Antarctica via my plan to drive to Siberia. Think Fabio Gurgel intercepted me as my taxi driver when I was leaving Atlanta on Sunday and it was very nice to hear his words of encouragement. I maintain my high opinion of him and my fondness for him. He made some comments about the Chinese having new unknown superweapons after I told him in casual conversation that the USA was, in my opinion, the most powerful country in the world on a lot of metrics for measuring "power." Anwas, I left "Vnukovo airport" and came to a hotel where the stalker I was glad not to see at baggage claim was waiting for me. The TAPPING and LRAD started within one minute of getting to the room. The LRAD probably didn't take 10 seconds to start. I went to breakfast in the hotel restaurant and did not at first engage the probotection engine so that I might test whether or not I would get poisoned. I could tell after one bite that I did get poisoned and the cackling little jewish boys behind me seemed very pleased with their boisterous laughing. After that, I activated the protector for a few more trips to the buffet and did not get poisoned again, in my opinion.

It seemed like the FBI agent "Rob Maggio" or Rob's body double who is an FBI agent and whose face is in the Gary Martin Hays billboards around Atlanta was sitting in front of me dressed as a woman int he breakfast buffet. I explained to the room who he was and how Rob is an esteemed Director of operations department at the Coca Cola Corporation HQ whose building is very close to the King and Spalding building where Christopher Wray used to work before being chosen as Trump's FBI Director. That made the obnoxious smile wane somewhat on the Rob stalker's face, and I was very glad to see Dad behind him at another table giving me encouragements. Then I explained to the room that my ancestry is such that my name is Adolf Hitler and I am also the rightful Russian emperor, and that my claim on the British crown is actually superior to Charles' because his grandfather and my grandfather were both the same king of England, claims pertaining to the woman Elizabeth are moot because she is a woman, and I my claim on Russia makes my blood much more royal than his because his non-existent claim on Russia would come only through his father Philip being a (distant?) Romanov cousin. At that point, the Rob stalker seemed like he didn't know these things and visible distress pierced the mask of ecstasy he had been wearing to laugh at me getting poisoned.

Then, after being immediately GANGSTALKED, TAPPED, LRADed, and POISONED in the hotel, all in the less than 15 minutes probably, I left to go get a Russian phone. After I did, I kept walking down the street and eventually began to give the rant in a public area. I had given the research rant at the train station last month time and today I did the rant about the OPM hack. After a while, two people intercepted me and began to speak to me in perfect English. One pretended to cover one eye so as to shield the sunlight and I believe the other one's pupil was distinctly reptilian. I did not engage the probotector in part because it did not cross my mind and in part to test the waters as I had at breakfast. As I was talking to them, I found myself suddenly shivering. I believe this was because it was very could outside when they turned my brain off and pulled my pants down in the park in broad daylight to anally rape me in front of hundreds of witnesses, and then I was suddenly much colder when they deactivated the rape ray which had suppressed my consciousness into the state of submissive slavery which I am unable to resist, and which is deemed to be permissible those inferiors of mine whose respective races will be totally exterminated one day sooner today than they were yesterday. After I completed the rant and then spoke to the ONE-EYE stalker and his reptilian accomplice about Antarctica and experiments with pendula, I walked further down Moscow's maindragnaya Leninski Avenue and my asshole began to hurt around the 2:00 position. Upon returning to the hotel, I was not at all surprised to find a second new ANAL NODULE implant in my asshole at 2:00 beyond the single new nodule implant I found there in Atlanta yesterday. There's two of them there now: a bigger one and a smaller one.

"Damning": The Twitter Files And The FBI

I believe it was the last of several Twitter accounts I had where I was surprised to get a follow from Taibbi. He was one of two followers I got, if I recall correctly. Lately, I've been noticing that every time I drive the through the midtown neighborhood where Wray used to work at King & Spalding before becoming Trump's FBI Director, my RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER implant gets revved up to the most severe possible level and then stays there for an abnormally long time. I will be glad if Taibbi is working on interests which align with my own.

I'm trying to leave again tomorrow.

The symmetry across the last six or so weeks in this chart is taken as a high five on my NatGas omen.

This advert in front of the Atlanta scientology building (which is on the 5400 block of Roswell Rd but got a 5300 address so they could attach themselves to me through my number 53) caught my eye recently. There are billboards all over Atlanta for the permanent Kurios Cirque du Soleil performance and the woman "Kurios" is the one standing here with the jew Greg Eisenberg, upon whom is based the Heisenberg name in Breaking Bad, among other things. While those Kurios billboards have been around for a while, I noticed new ones this year and the guy in the new ones looks quite like Greg. Furthermore, Cabinet of Curiosities is a current 2022 horror series on TV whose first episode featured some gruesome tortured soul locked away in a dingy storage unit. I don't doubt at all that there is a Cirque du Soleil sideshow somewhere around Atlanta that has a "cabinet of curiosities" featuring a bunch of Greg's victims languishing in horror. (I don't doubt that The Mammal Gallery references the same.) My thinking had already been that Greg and those people were not merely jews but also scientologists, and this sign in front of the scientology center seems like a celebration of whatever filth Greg is selling.

With this week's huge +3% day coming in the middle of one of the stronger QT weeks, I wish to confirm and emphasize my prediction for an upcoming market catastrophe day. However, if they have enough gas in the tank to to print +3% right after +7%, they may have enough gas to print a nice Santa rally pushing it into the new year.

I had missed the Moscow reference in the Idaho murders, but that is clearly another reference to my recent problem travelling.

Everything the Fed does is always great!

Today was bullish for stocks, apparently. There must have been some good news I missed.

I think it's pretty reasonable to expect that whatever this retarded day was will suddenly reverse before the year is out.

Biden DHS Head Quits After Being Told 'Resign Or Be Fired'

>"I expressed to him that I felt there was no justification for me to resign when I still cared deeply about the work I was doing and felt that that work was focused on the things I was hired to do in the first place,"

>Magnus, a former police chief 'who is known as a progressive law enforcement leader,'

>"I am excited about the progress I made and look forward continuing that work,"

Pope Fires Entire Leadership From Global Catholic Charity Amid Harassment Allegations

>allegations of humiliation and harassment

> The investigation concluded that there was indeed a basis for the above reports, read the Vatican's press release. It added, however, that there was no evidence that financial abuse or sexual harassment had taken place

Biden's Gender-Fluid Nuclear Official Charged With Felony Theft After Lying To Cops

>charged with felony theft after stealing a piece of luggage

My sense is that all three of these articles are about my recent terrible experience trying to get out of Antarctica in my ancestral homeland: Russia. The DHS asshole that got fired, Magnus, could easily pass for one of these Rod Williams stalkers that has been following me around, particularly the one dressed like a Russian cop when I walked in the door at the Kievsky Vogzali train station in "Moscow." The comments about progress seem to refer to the new DUPI and DAPI implants which I am glad to say are less bothersome than the RD and TC implants though they are still extremely obnoxious since I have not had years to get used to them yet. All of this stuff about "progressive" policing methods must pertain to what I call gangstalking and sexual and psychological torture. When they say he was falling asleep in meetings, I wonder if this is the person that ate my rope-a-dope when he was trying to psychically fuck with me in a meeting at Exide. One day, "Rod Williams" was putting the black dot in the periphery of my vision from his seat next to me but I reversed the metaphorical position and threw his fucking ass down on the floor, metaphorically, basically. Once he noticed what had happened, he stood up and stormed out of the room. That was notable because it confirmed very much that I was not imagining him putting that dot on me, and also I was not imagining throwing his bitch ass down. (Go fuck yourself, Rod.)

In the Vatican trial which I have not been following as closely lately, Becciu's scandals relate in part to the hostage negotiator Marogna and fraud schemes to enrich his brother's "Caritas." I believe the woman Marogna was hired to make my life a living hell when I tried to escape Antarctica to Colombia in 2020. Now this news about the recent Caritas scandal of harassment makes it seem like the Caritas was probably equally instrumental in my bad experiences in "Russia" and "Colombia." I can say for a fact that the problems I had in "Russia" recently were very much sexual and financial in nature, and the denials in the article above are false. The people that shoved the rape implants up my asshole were using them against me non-stop while I was there. Sticking something up my ass is unequivocally sexual in nature. Using a remote control to operate the devices in my asshole without putting one's hand up my ass to operate them manually doesn't disconnect the devices' operation from the anal rape that got them in there, or the aggravated sexual battery and/or forcible sodomy that got them there if one wants to use a definition of rape as pertaining exclusively to a vagina. On the financial front, someone stole a bunch of clothes out of my bag when I was flying back from "Georgia" and now Biden's tranny seems to be identified as the culprit.