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Michael Burry: "US Is In Recession, Fed Will Cut And Will Cause Another Inflation Spike"

>US labor market is in freefall and now that even the Philadelphia Fed has opened up the pandora's box over rigged jobs data, it is only a matter of weeks if not days before the Dept of Labor admits it made a "mistake."

I cannot concur with Burry on his prediction for cuts. I think there will be no Fed rate cuts in 2023. On this other point about the impending omission of a jobs "mistake" at BLS, I think this is going to push my oil investment suggestion into profitability. There are three million non-existent jobs priced into oil right now and taking them out should drive the price down below the $77-$80 options I suggested.

McCarthy Fails To Secure Enough Votes To Become House Speaker

>After McCarthy fails to get 218 votes on the first ballot, the Freedom Caucus antagonists have signaled that they will start backing another yet-unnamed candidate on the second ballot. The Daily Beast reported Monday night that that person is Ohio Rep. JIM JORDAN, the longtime McCarthy critic-turned-ally.

Choosing Jordan would be the smartest thing the USA ever did, as far as I can tell. They should elect him as President too while they're at it. In any case, I very much hope McCarthy loses.

It looks like most of my most-hated stocks (ex Tesla) were moving up into year end, contrary to the market trend. This supports my case for an upcoming catastrophic market wipeout day, in my opinion, because the trend fighting the wipeout seems to favor my most-hated sector. One might short DB, BA, and META assuming an impending reversion to the market trend since these Q4 divergences pumped on no fundamentals. Likely the reversion was deferred into the new year.

I predict that this gap (which is 10% wider) now will close.

Moscow-Brokered Turkey Deal: Are Foreign Forces On Their Way Out Of Syria?

I would like to see Putin say to the Israeli PM, "You must stop military activity in the territory of my ally Syria or I will retaliate with military activity in the territory of British Palestine where your illegitimate state is."  As long as Israel keeps attacking, the foreign forces will remain.

One would assume that the RAPE code would be the same everywhere in Antarctica but that is not the case. At my previous location, it was sufficient to stop rapists from opening my door if I would tape it closed from the inside in a way that would be cumbersome if not impossible to reset from the outside. The rapists at my present location, to the contrary, have no problem if they want to turn my brain off, come in to rape me, and then leave without refastening the tape I had put across the door. At my previous location, leaving 100% obvious evidence of intrusion was not allowed but here it seems to be perfectly fine. They did it in my current room and in the former room: both times the tape on the door was found to be suddenly and mysteriously undone. Today, the tape was undone and the shoes I had balanced against the door had both fallen over. I don't know if this 1:00 ANAL NODULE implant that I have today is the old 12:00 ANAL NODULE migrated slightly to the side or if it is another new one: about my fiftieth such new one since getting to this other region in the shit hole. I assume the people who dispatch their agents to do such things foolishly think that their own relatives' children will be safe from my vengeance. This de-affixed tape seems to explain why the TONGUE ZAPPER and NIPPLE ZAPPER are back today, if they were not replaced in one of the other hundred rapes I endured this week.

It's hard to imagine that they posted this tranny doing the cunt face gang sign with his one-eye stalker dog for some reason other than to mock me and my situation.

There was an article I looked at today that said, "Let us recall that it was [Fauci] who set this calamity in motion." The writing in the article seemed like a seventh grader trying to make me throw up with his homework assignment so I won't post it. However, I invite everyone to recall that it was Trump, not Fauci, who set all of that in motion. It was also Trump that hired my million-times rapist Helene as his CIA Director and it was Trump that hired Chris Moriarty's dad to become my other million-times rapist as his FBI Director.

Former Pope Benedict XVI dies at 95

I predict that this gap will close next year.

There exists a falsehood in which it is alleged that I was once diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. That never happened. It is a lie. If there exists paperwork which says otherwise, it is fraudulent paperwork.

To wit, on the day after Flynn got fired from the DIA in 2014, Helene and her accomplice filed a fraud affidavit in Dekalb County, Georgia to have me arrested and involuntarily committed to an insane asylum. All of the information in the affidavit was false. Helene and her accomplice defrauded the court in the plainest possible sense. There was not one true claim in the affidavit. Not long after they defrauded the court, Helene showed up at my apartment calling my name frantically from the hall. When I opened the door for her, about six or eight cops rushed in. They put me not only in chains, but in Hannibal Lecter restraints around my waist, locking my chained hands to the belt as they hauled me off to the slave hole. My rapist Helene will say that this wasn't an arrest but she is full of shit. What she means is that the cops don't call it an arrest since they were doing it in service of the civil affidavit rather than due to suspected criminal activity. It was an arrest in no uncertain terms, however. It was the most undignified one among my VERY MANY arrests due to the home invasion and the type of chains they put me in.

In the insane asylum, I was interviewed by a doctor: Dr Sanne whose fake name said "Doctor Sane." She asked me why I wasn't working and I told her I was having trouble getting my scientific career started, and that I was not willing to pursue other careers while I tried to move forward with my highly successful research program. She asked me what was preventing me from moving forward and I told her I didn't know. Then she asked me to speculate on what might be the problem. Only then, after telling her that I didn't know what the problem was and having her request that I speculate as to what the problem might have been, I told her it may have been the government intervening to make it impossible to publish my work.

Although the law of Georgia says they can only hold you for three days on the affidavit that Helene and her accomplice used to defraud the court, the hospital would not let me go because they intended to petition the state for indefinite involuntary commitment. It was 11 days before I saw the judge who ruled that the hospital had no grounds to hold me and I was discharged. During those 11 days, I had to see Dr Sanne a few more times. I knew Helene would be lobbying the hospital to rape me with the paranoid schizophrenia diagnosis (Helene is a psychiatric nurse) and I asked the doctor if she thought I was paranoid schizophrenic. She assured me that she did not think that but she told me that I was, "Schizoid or schizotypal or something." I believe this interaction took place in Antarctica and I assume all of my meetings with Dr Sanne were transcribed with audio recordings. The doctor's unequivocal denial of paranoid schizophrenia is in the audio log if such a log exist.

As Helene intervened in getting me kicked out of college, she may have intervened in this encounter at the insane asylum. When I was getting expelled from college, Helene impersonated the student justice administrator to find that he-said/she-said, in the absence of any further evidence, is a preponderance of evidence supporting the she-said side of things. Obviously, he-said/she-said is the literal first textbook example of things that are *NOT* preponderances of evidence. However, Helene disguised herself as the student justice administrator to write on some papers that he-said/she-said in the absence of any further evidence *WAS* a preponderance of evidence supporting the she-said version of things. Then I was expelled from college leading to the unemployment situation that Dr Sanne asked me about in 2014. Similarly, Helene may have disguised herself as Dr Sanne and written down on some papers that I was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic but that is not a diagnosis. Helene may have used her extensive cult tentacles to tell the doctor herself to write it down but that is also not a diagnosis. I was never diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic; it never happened. It is a dirty lie to say that it did happen. I encourage all interested parties to remain skeptical regarding such claims in the absence of the audio transcripts. In such records, the doctor will be heard to assure me clearly and without any room for ambiguity that it WAS NOT her opinion that I was a paranoid schizophrenic.

Returning to my expulsion from college, Helene's writing down that he-said/she-said is a preponderance of evidence supporting she-said does not make it so. Neither does writing down that I was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic make it so. Helene is not a doctor and her credentials do not enable her to make medical diagnoses. Furthermore, paranoid schizophrenia is the SINGLE WORST DISEASE THAT EXISTS IN PSYCHIATRY and it should be immediately obvious to anyone that I do not have it. This disease is *DEBILITATING* but I am fully able. In fact, I posit that if an individual can reliably write coherent sentences on the internet, that individual must not be paranoid schizophrenic because DISORDERED THINKING is the primary symptom of this disease. My thoughts are not disordered at all. I am completely coherent. I have extreme paranoia but that is not a disease and linking it to paranoid schizophrenia in the absence of any good reason, such as any debilitating illness at all such as hallucinations or cognitive impairment, is an example of the cum hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy. I am paranoid but I am not schizophrenic.

After I had been in the hospital for 11 days, the judge showed up and they brought me to a little court room in the insane asylum. The representative from the hospital told the judge that I was a paranoid schizophrenic and that I was a danger to myself and others because I was having paranoid delusions about the government being out to get me. All of this was based on the doctor's request that I speculate on what might have been the problem in my research career after I told her I didn't know. She mischaracterized my speculation as my belief, and she did so maliciously with premeditation. Then she further mischaracterized the nature of the speculation. I never speculated that the government was out to get me; I speculated that my inability to publish scientific papers in the venues available to my colleagues may have had something to do with the government. Since the doctor I had seen during my time in the slave hole had assured me that it was not her opinion that I was paranoid schizophrenic, I do not believe it was that doctor in the courtroom speaking to the judge. If anyone has assumed this, meaning that they assumed my doctor delivered testimony in the court proceeding, then I demand that they support their assumption with evidence. Helene was able to impersonate the student justice administrator in my hearing at Georgia Tech to get me expelled and I believe she impersonated the representative of the hospital in this court proceeding. She was trying to have me deprived of my freedom in the advancement of her attempts to gain a legal guardianship over me which would have given her control of my assets. I think she has already stolen my assets, which is why I have no assets that I know of, and she was trying to legalize her theft by assuming a legal guardianship due to non-existent paranoid schizophrenia.

In physics, we have a saying about particle physicists. We say, "To a hammer, every problem looks like a nail." This refers to things like particle physicists' insistence that the galactic rotation anomaly should be resolved with "dark matter particles," etc. Wherever there's a problem, particle physicists want to see particles. Regardless of this circumstance in physics, every problem looks like a nail to a hammer in general way. So, then, please consider how very peculiar it is for Helene, who has spent her life raping people in the mental health setting with her psychiatric nursing credentials, to have the main story arc of her life revolve around me supposedly having the single worst disease that exists in her very narrow, very niche area of professional expertise. How lucky for her to be hammer when her problem is a nail!!!

Does this "coincidence" not seem somewhat suspicious? Does it not raise flags that Helene is a psychiatric nurse by trade, and that her intention to rob me of my freedom and my inheritance should be supported by the "completely random" coincidence that I myself suffer from the exact psychiatric disease which will most strongly support her claim on using the USA courts to deprive me of my freedom, and to legalize her preexisting theft of my inheritance? Wouldn't a reasonable person at least entertain the notion that the psychiatric nurse conspired to apply a fraudulent psychiatric diagnosis in furtherance of her criminal conspiracy?

Suppose you're a murder detective and the chemist's wife died after someone put acid on her car's brake lines. Would that not arouse suspicion that perhaps the husband had used his expertise in chemistry to use chemicals to cause his wife's brakes to fail? I think any detective's first thought would be that the husband is the murderer. In the present case of Helene and I, unfortunately, Helene's rare profession as a psychiatric nurse does not arouse suspicion at all when it is claimed that I, Helene's arch-nemesis, have the *most* debilitating, rarest psychiatric disease that exists. I do not suffer from any debilitations at all and even if one seeks to mischaracterize some of my characteristics as debilitations, people that can communicate coherently are not paranoid schizophrenics. The allegation that I have that disease is preposterous because it is debilitating. Coherent thinking and communication is not possible for people with this disease.

Regarding the description of schizophrenia I posted above, I do not hallucinate. Other people often turn their heads when the LRAD is used on my, for example. None of my weird beliefs are easily disproven and are thusly not delusions. My thoughts and speech as so far from being confused and/or disorganized that this disease can be ruled out for me on this alone. I have no trouble concentrating at all, etc.

Since this jew and Greta have been having a lot more threads lately, I will comment on them. The person above first came to my attention with this clip about how didn't like my pirate novel. After that, he started getting about 50 threads per day. Following his recent PR collaboration with Greta, it's around 50 threads at a time, which is surprisingly many. It is no surprise, however, that he and Greta are doing PR for each other's psyops because Greta's schtick is also fostering resentment for me and my work. To wit, Greta's mom was fucking some guy whose baby she didn't want to have and then she got pregnant with my stolen semen by collaborating with my enemies to deny me the affections of the women that want to have my babies. (I get "big satan energy" from that, incidentally.) Not long before Greta appeared on TV as a darling of the MSM, I began to post about how all such abominable semen monsters and their families were sentenced to death. The reactionary purpose of Greta on TV is not to complain about the climate but rather it is to complain about my intention to exterminate the families that conspired in whole or in part with my enemies to deny me the affections of the women that want to have my babies rather than the babies of whoever they're fucking instead of me. In brief, they wish to promote the falsehood that I must be an awful person if I want to put cute little Greta to death. Although the jew's recent joint PR campaign with Greta painted the two of them as ideologically opposed, they are in total ideological harmony. That's why their handlers would have orchestrated their recent joint PR operations: to use synergy to increase the platform of my detractors.

Slow Pace Of Balance Sheet Reduction Calls Into Question Fed's Commitment To Inflation Fight

>The plan called for $30 billion in US Treasuries and $17.5 billion in mortgage-backed securities to roll off the balance sheet in June, July and August. That would total $45 billion per month. In September, the Fed said it would increase the pace to $95 billion per month.

>In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, the Federal Reserve ran three rounds of quantitative easing, pushing the balance sheet from $8.98 billion to just over $4.5 trillion. The central bank tried to reduce the balance sheet in 2018, but quickly reversed course after the stock market crashed and the economy got wobbly in the fall of that year. At its low point, the balance sheet dipped just below $3.76 trillion. The Fed had already returned to quantitative easing before the coronavirus, and the balance sheet was back above $4 trillion in October 2019. QE went on steroids during the pandemic, with the balance sheet peaking at $8.965 trillion on April 11, 2022.

>If the central bank truly viewed inflation as "public enemy No. 1" and believed the economy is strong enough to handle tighter monetary policy, why isn't it aggressively reducing its balance sheet?

First, 17.5 plus 30 is 47.5, not 45. Second, (47.5*3)+(95*4)=522.5. Where are they getting 560? Third, this article fails to mention that before the COVID problem appeared, the Fed's maximum allowed balance was $5T. The emergency QE implemented after the previous non-aggressive round of QT bottomed out in 2019 (at $3.76T) would have been quickly halted by the statutory BS limit at $5T. I say "would have" because the COVID bill that gave everyone $1200 also gave the Fed an extra $5T on its BS limit. Needless to say, it is curious that this article (and every other article) about Fed BS fails to mention this COVID-related chronology.

The failure of the previous round of QT answers the author's final question about why there is no aggressive BS reduction: BS reduction is 100000 times worse for the stock market than raising rates ever could or would be. The previous round of QT ending in 2019 showed there was about $750B slack in the market before something started to hurt; they reduced if from around $4.5T to around $3.75T before they had to stop. Followers of the financial news will recall that this was a source of (fleeting) embarrassment for the Fed at that time. I have previously alleged that the Fed's expectation for a smooth QT program starting in 2018 must have been based on the fraud at Exide because my return to Exide in October 2018 caused expectations for raising Fed rates (the complement to QT as stated in the article linked above) reversed on dime, literally on the day I went back to Exide.

The fed will have drawn down the BS by $750B in the spring of 2023 if it maintains the current pace of QT. Although the absence of another Exide-related black swan may alter the breaking point in this round of QT, all of the attention is on rates not only to hide the truth about COVID, but also to hide the obvious fact that reducing the Fed BS is going to nuke the stock market. It's not an open question. It will definitely happen. The linear market cap downtrend in the image above (blue) shows what is essentially the requirement to increase collateral that I mentioned in my previous post. At some point, someone will fail to increase collateral and then they will get liquidated in a margin call. At that point, the market cap will decouple from the Fed BS to the downside and the open question is whether or not the Fed will immediately turn around and resume QE (as in 2019) or if it will burn the stock market to the ground, which no one believes will be the case. Even if the Fed resumes QE as soon as the market breaks, they will probably have to manufacture another excuse to increase the limit of Fed BS. Sending it to the current statutory limit around $10T will probably not be enough to heal the injury that will be the market cap decoupling to the downside in 2023. For example, healing the injury from the last round of QT needed $5T more QE and if the new injury comes with the BS around $8T, there will only be about $2T worth of medicine that the Fed can dole out.

2023 Is When QT Could Really Begin To Bite

>The Fed began shrinking its balance sheet through QT in June of this year. Since then, it has fallen $350 billion, considerably less than the Fed's $560 billion intended target

>The loss of bank reserves is what makes QT bite

When I compute 47.5x3 and 95x4, I get 522 so I am not sure how this article came up with an intended QT target at $560B. I also think it's plain to see that the BS has gone down more than $400B, not $350B, so it will be around 80% of the planned amount at year end, far higher than I was expecting. On the author's other point about QT's bite, I have a little more to say about that.

While QE is running, the Fed is dumping money every month into the Treasury market as a cautionless buyer and this passes through to the equity markets via a well known correlation. The inflated equities are then collateralized to underwrite non-Treasury, private debt sales without discounting from the value of the collateral the cautionless nature of the QE driving up prices from the Fed's POMO desk. QT, on the other hand, by withdrawing the previously cautionlessly offered funds, will deflate the notional value of the collateral on the private debt leading to margin deficiencies. This drain on market liquidity (increasing collateral) is monkey-hammered when the banks themselves are forced to reduce liquidity to buy the T-bills that the Fed is dumping via QT. The banks are not cautionless buyers and will not like the current Treasury prices (banks like lower rates) but they will be forced to support the T-bill market due to their own extensive T-bill assets, which are also collateralized! So, fundamentally, "less money for banks" is the downside of QT but the real downside is that assets whose prices were cautionlessly inflated were then collateralized at the inflated price and there is no way to gracefully exit such a position. This is a monkey-hammer on top of decreased reserves and I'd call it the rabies in QT's bite. Furthermore, underneath all of the above, the rolling total of $2.6T in the RRP account is absolutely begging for a black swan to land and ruin everything, and nothing ruins money so well as margin problems.

After these past couple of months of insanity in the NatGas chart following my previous correct call based on the NatGas omen, it has very clearly hit for the first time since then with this >10% plunge. This supports my call for a remaining 2022 catastrophic wipeout day in the markets: 4% decline or more. Will they give it to me? I doubt it!

Reneging on the verbal contract seems to be hot shit in "Russia." Aside from ruining my apartment-viewing schedule for the weekend, last week I was getting some paperwork done that I needed for a Russian driver's license. I had to get a drug test and I was at the clinic that told me it would be seven days' waiting before I could get the result. Rather than doing it there, I went back to another clinic where the woman had told me it would be two or, at most, three days. When I went back, I asked what I was paying for. I double and triple checked that I was paying to receive the needed documents on Thursday or Friday, which would have been two or three days from last Tuesday. She gave me absolute, unequivocal assurances that if I paid on Tuesday, I would receive the required documents on Thursday or Friday. I probably quadruple, quintuple, and sextuple checked as well. I confirmed very many times so there could be no confusion that I was paying to receive the documents on Thursday or Friday. They did not call me on Thursday to say the paperwork was ready and I did not feel like going over there on Friday while they still had not called me, nor on my fast over the weekend. When I returned today on the sixth day with absolute certainty that what was promised in two or three days would be ready (after two or three times as many days, meaning that six days is already two or three times as long as the woman said it would take), the woman said, "HAHA you fucking moron, it's not three days! It's three weeks! Come back on January 9, you fucking piece of dogshit!"

She started lying about how the woman had only told me that it might be three days but the truth was that I confirmed before paying, several times, and after paying several more times, that I was paying to receive my documents on Thursday or Friday of last week. If they would have told me it would or could be 20 days, I would have paid at the clinic that said it would be seven days. After the woman today refused to provide the service I had paid for, I demanded my money back but she refused to give it to me. Basically, she told me to fuck off and that they had robbed me "fair and square." She offered to have me fill out some form to get a refund in two weeks' time but they probably would have used that to cancel my order and make the whole thing take even longer.

While I am quite used to being outright lied to in this fashion on the phone, as was the case for my apartment-viewing appointment yesterday, this is a mostly new experience to have the woman plainly lie to me in-person not only about what I was paying for, but then to go on to plainly bear false witness against me claiming that I had not confirmed with her SEVERAL TIMES what I was paying for before I paid for it. Inded, I confirmed several times what I was paying for, explicitly, and then the woman last week took my money. Now they're saying, "Haha, you fucking goyim! You thought it was three days like you confirmed verbally with the woman several times before you paid, and several times after you paid? NOPE!!! You didn't confirm it with her several times and you're the liar! She didn't tell you several times 'absolutely Friday at the latest,' before you paid, and you're the liar here when you say that was how it happened. It's actually three weeks' waiting, not three days, and the seven days you could have started last Tuesday at the other clinic if we hadn't defrauded you with our lies can't start until tomorrow, at the earliest: what would have been the seventh day if you did it while you were already at the other clinic. We completely flushed at least a week of your life down the toilet and there's nothing you can do about it, bitch."

She didn't overly call me a liar but this is an example of what I mean when I reference impolite comments dressed in the false air of politeness. I told her what happened and she told me that my version of events never happened, which is exactly like calling me a liar. However, she called me a liar under a false air of politeness by not calling me a liar directly and instead declaring that another version events which makes my account impossible was the true version. That's about the same as calling me a liar in my opinion, and even worse since she's worming around the issue of telling me that my own clear recollection of the interaction is false, and that I am the one bearing false witness rather than her and her coworker. Calling me a liar in clear language would have been less impolite, in my opinion.

In my experience, people in Antarctica are usually reluctant to plainly lie through their dirty jewish teeth but my experience today was quite the opposite. The agent at the clinic plainly bore false witness against me, refused to provide the service I had paid for, and refused to give me my money back. I have never been fucked so hard at a business in person, ever. I would have thought the Antarctic prohibition on bearing false witness and robbery would have been in effect in fake Russia but clearly I was wrong about that!

US Leading Economic Indicators Plunge Most 'Since Lehman'

>The Conference Board's Leading Economic Indicators (LEI) suffered a significantly worse than expected drop in November

US Existing Home Sales "Frozen" In November, Biggest Annual Drop 'Since Lehman'

Homebuilder Sentiment Slumps To Decade Lows, Longest Losing Streak On Record

I was looking into getting an apartment this weekend. The first agent I contacted started with his gangstalker bullshit immediately by referencing the elements of a conversation that I was having with someone else on Telegram, one with which he ought to have been unfamiliar. As our conversation began, he immediately proceeded to tell me to go fuck my self with his obvious lies about how he found many good matches for me in his database but couldn't send them because he was in a meeting (in the evening on Saturday.) He was certainly lying to me and expecting me to accept his bullshit about how he could search for apartments in his database while he was in a meeting, and that he could chat with me on Telegram while he was in the meeting, but forwarding the links to me was impossible because he was in a meeting.

I had inquired about one nice unit I found on their website for $1200/mo and he told me it was unavailable. I told him that I wanted similar ones and that a nice view is what I wanted, near a metro station and around $1000/mo. He proceeded to send me a bunch of bullshit units at half the size and half the price as the one I asked about, and with no view at all. Then he became an even bigger asshole than he had already been with his obvious lies about a "meeting" making it impossible for him to send me the links to the matches he found. I told him to stop sending me garbage and he pretty much told me to cleanly fuck off as if it was outrageous that I was expecting him to use the criteria I had given him or that I might call the stuff he sent with no reference my criteria "garbage." He made up some lie about how I had told him I had a $1000/mo price cap which was total bullshit. Testifying to the falsity of his further lies, the one I had inquired about was $1200/mo and I never hinted, suggested, or stated that I was only interested in much cheaper units. Basically, he ignored everything I told him I wanted. Due to the abject failure of the links he sent to conform to any of the criteria I had given him, I suspect that he was sending whatever random shit he could find under $1000, i.e.: garbage. He probably ctrl+C'ed the number I wrote without bothering to put "around $1000" into his translator app, and then he also completely ignored literally everything else I told him I was looking for. I think he said, "If you're going to call my work garbage, stay at a hotel then. Bye." It was complete, worthless garbage and he himself belongs to a race of worthless garbage. He ignored literally everything I told him I wanted, as in he ignored a mathematical 100% of what I told him I wanted, literally 100% of it, and chose instead to make up his own single criterion about $1000/mo maximum rent. Of course, this had no basis in the criteria I had given him.

After that, I guess whoever was supervising him told him that he couldn't tell me to fuck off because he had, indeed, ignored literally everything I told him I was looking for in an apartment. Then he did start sending me better units after already making it extremely obvious that our whole interaction was designed to mock me rather than conform to the apartment request I had placed.

There was one cheaper apartment he sent that I wanted to look at due to the low price and he told me it would be available today for viewing after 6pm. Some miserable fucking cunt contacted me about going to view the apartments today, and she was really terrible. I think the main purpose of her role was to mock me rather than to render customer service to me. After I messaged her, she started making me wait ~30 minutes between her vague one-liner responses. I began to message her with things like, "You have only written 27 words to me in the 85 minutes since our conversation began. Do you think it is reasonable that I should be waiting more than three minutes per word when the appointment to view the apartment has already been set?" (Paraphrased, not quoted.) Once I started to drop these polite hints (polite!) that I was displeased with the level of customer service I was receiving, she had some other asshole message me to say that she was complaining about "my behavior." He said Russians don't like USA people so the apartment owner who had already agreed to let me see the unit as a USA citizen last night decided that it was better for them to renege on the previous commitment. Likely the owner did not renege and these people who were intercepting my outbound apartment-seeking messages were just being the N-word, as is the purpose of the entire population of Antarctica, against which my hateful racism persists.

When he told me that "the owner" was rescinding the previously agreed upon verbal contract for viewing the unit after 6pm today, I did make an impolite comment to close the conversation. However, they had already made it more than obvious that our entire interaction was a mockery and I feel like the numerous lies and exceedingly poor customer service rendered had already breached the veil of politeness. Others may disagree with me on that but, in my opinion, ignoring all of my apartment search criteria, overtly lying to me over and over, and then making me wait more than three minutes per word across an hour and a half with the second agent was overtly "impolite" even while my counterparties' words themselves may have been dressed in a false air of politeness. (I am famously known for responding to impolite comments with impolite comments of my own, ones devoid of even the false air of politeness.) Certainly the recission of the verbal contract with less than eight hours notice was "impolite."

EDIT: The people upstairs, likely the same who intercepted my message to find a better place to live, began loudly dragging furniture across my ceiling as I made this post.

I am surprised to see that this data set shows the Fed did double the pace of QT in September after all, and that the amount of QT is only somewhat less than the QT plan had called for. The April peak of $8.965T Fed BS followed by three months of $47.5B QT and four months of $95B QT should put the BS around $8.443T at year end. With one more reporting week to go, the current Fed BS at $8.564T is only somewhat behind schedule. This is very bad for stocks.

Pelosi's Office Was Directly Involved In Failed Jan. 6 Security, Texts And Emails Reveal

>Pelosi's Office Was Directly Involved

When they first showed me the pictures of the man in the fluffy white cat costume at Elavon, I was overcome instantly with dread. The dread increased when I studied the pictures closely enough to feel like I recognized the main parts of the man's hands as the hands I had been watching demonstrate jiu jitsu techniques at Alliance for a long time. (This was about five years after Patricia "Pedo Sadist" Vuittonet had taken to calling me a fluffy kitty and later "Monkey" which evolved into 1000 baby monkey torture videos on the internet and an associated cult of my haters using baby monkeys as a euphemism.) When I went to Russia, or tried to, in 2017, I think it was maybe only moments after I finished the 2nd version of my RZF paper that I encountered some poster in the jetwalk at the airport referring to that set of pictures. It is my sincere hope and the basis of a desirable ideological solidarity with Russia that the Russians would not have put that poster there in the same spirit as Nancy Pelosi when she seems to be engaged in a never-ending celebration of it. I hear the man in these photos may be the same man from the "alien" photo in the desert.

Physicists Rewrite a Quantum Rule That Clashes With Our Universe

>changes dictated by the Schrodinger equation are perfectly reversible

The author of this article really lost something important in the translation if he thinks a heat equation such as the Schrodinger is reversible. The wave equation is reversible so that initial conditions can be deterministically recovered by reverse time evolution of any later state but the heat equation is not like that. Initial conditions are absolutely lost by forward time evolution in heat equations. The heat equation is the principal example of an evolution equation which is not reversible.

Overall, everyone in this article is talking about doing the jew's work of refusing to credit me with the ideation for and development of my own work. In that regard, I am surprised no one interviewed for this article said that they started thinking about "violation of conservation of information" in quantum theory about ten years ago.

Nice thread.

Biden Declares Iran Nuclear Deal "Dead" In Newly Surfaced Video

I believe the main purpose of the deal was that Iran wanted the USA to stop raping me, a descendant of Muhammad, but the USA did not want to. I think Jake Sullivan was the main person advocating that abatement of constant sexual torture could not be part of the deal. I also think Biden said it's dead because I left the USA. I assume these Russia/Iran talks right around the time of Biden's comment were about Russia possibly raping me... which is not something I have seen yet but that's probably because I have not made it to Russia yet.

I am also reminded that there was window of time in which the USA might have stopped raping me before Trump cancelled the original Iran deal because raping me is his top priority, but then the USA decided it was better for them to keep on raping me for a while at least. Then the window closed on that and stopping raping has been off the table for several years. All of the problems of these recent years of mine seem to hinge on the decision of the parties within the USA that given (i) the opportunity to immediately stop raping me, or (ii) to keep raping me for an unspecified and open-ended period of time, the latter was better suited to their interests. This further underlines my cow analogy: if they weren't trying to worship the cow and the Lord together there wouldn't have been any conflict. If anything I have written is false, testify as to what is false. The cow is evil; that's the beginning and the end of it.

Regarding the woman's stupid comment in the video about the Iranian government not representing the people, the Islamic Republic of Iran is not supposed to represent the people. It is supposed to represent Islam. Islam seeks the establishment of the government of Imam Mahdi: me, the rightful Russian emperor, among other things.

The price of oil has basically crabbed since I made my options call two moths ago. Given the same price of oil today, I reiterate my investment advice: short the March oil contract at the current price. In the chart in my previous post, I mentioned that the lack of correlation between the WTI oil contract and the 30yr USA mortgage rate was due to "golf rumors." In this post, I have cropped H2 2014 in the chart to show the very strong correlation. I hope everyone who makes money on this will but SHIB since that's what I'm hodling. Obviously, I hope I ascend to the throne of the king of the world but if I'm going to be running around with my dick in my hand for however much longer, I would like to hodl a 1000x.

Complementary thread!

I believe I've still got an open option to call "I told you so" on a catastrophic market wipeout day before the end of the year.

They took my blood today and now they should know that I am not only the rightful Russian emperor, but I am the purest in the line of David and the throne of Great Britain belongs to me as well, as does the throne of many other places such as Spain, and still more places that continue to exist but without classical territories such as the Holy Roman Empire and Babylon. The blood test should also show that I am the rightful Ming emperor of China and that Japan's Chrysanthemum throne rightfully belongs to me by the pure lineage of my ancestry. Etc, etc, etc... and all of this should show very clearly that the people constantly raping and poisoning me are overtly heretical Satanists. Then everything should continue as before because I am in the Satanic prison built and maintained for the furtherance of Satan's purpose to undermine God's covenants with my ancestors Abraham, David, and Muhammad.

It took about 15 minutes once I settled into this new hotel for them to start doing the TAPPING in synchrony with my sexual torture implants, and to do the similar BANGING in the hall in further synchrony with my sexual torture implants' activation. They also activated the WRIGGLER immediately when I connected my VPN. Same old, same old... I guess that's what Biden was getting at earlier when he intercepted me pretending to be a taxi driver and asked me what I thought of Biden. In less than 30 minutes since getting back from my errands, I've had the LEFT TESTICLE CRUSHER, SCROTUM ZAPPER, DEEP URETHRA PAIN INFLICTOR, DEEP URETHRA ZAPPER, RAPE DICK, TAPPING, BANGING, LRAD, and others already activated. Seems like Biden was wanting to write his name on it. It doesn't seem like a coincidence that the next taxi driver interceptor after Biden gave me another new DUPI implant and RD implant, or else revved up the existing ones as he took me to the wrong address and tried to short change me.

US PMIs Scream Recession In December Flash Report

>The last time PMIs fell to this level, things got ugly fast.

Rand Paul Slams "Emasculated Republicans" For Accepting Bloated Spending Bill

>"I mean what do Republicans stand for?" Kudlow chimed in, adding "We need lower spending, we need less government, we need lower taxes and regulations, we need a growthier economy."

While this data does not show what Republicans in the Congress stand for, it shows very clearly that Republicans in the White House stand for running up the deficit with their unfunded big-government spending programs and one might infer that Congressional Republicans stand for the same since the Congress writes the unbalanced budgets that the Presidents sign.

Weinstein Jurors Haven't Reached a Verdict in 9 Days of Deliberations

>Jurors---nine men and three women---started deliberating Dec. 2 after closing statements wrapped up that morning. They've been evaluating the case for roughly 37 hours.

I understand that Helene got married to Joseph George Tooker in a double wedding with her husband's sister Doris Tooker and Richard Weinstein, and that all four of them were residents of New York City. The JGT initials are the source of the number 37 as my own JWT initials are the source of the number 53 and I further understand that Helene's husband's birthday is December 2. "Weinstein" was among stalkers at the Kroger in Buckhead a few moths ago and I have heard it said that he is a jew.