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The Fed Sent $76BN To Treasury In 2022; It Is Now Sending $650 Million To Banks Every Day Instead

>The Federal Reserve announced on Friday that it sent $76 billion in profits to the US Treasury last year, though those transfers stopped in September when its income turned negative and the Fed started accumulating a massive, multi-billion loss which totaled $18.8 billion by the end of the year

US To Hit Debt Ceiling One Week From Today, Starting Countdown To Epic Chaos

>And while the US has about 9 months to go until the mid-September D-Day, or the moment when various emergency measures meant to provide breathing room under the debt ceiling

Yellen Warns US Will Hit Debt Limit Next Thursday, Will Take Extraordinary Measures To Avoid Default

>"While Treasury is not currently able to provide an estimate of how long extraordinary measures will enable us to continue to pay the government's obligations, it is unlikely that cash and extraordinary measures will be exhausted before early June," Ms. Yellen wrote to Congressional leaders.

I think it is very interesting that the expected time frame for how long the "extraordinary measures" will last has already been downgraded from "September D-Day" to "maybe we can hold it off until June." I wonder if these three months that got shaved off are related to the absence of the Fed's remittance to the Treasury now that the Fed is no longer able to send profits out the door. I suppose however long before September it ends up running out will characterize exactly how bad things really are. I will be very glad to hear about it if unprecedented budgetary shortfalls in the Treasury force the issue even earlier than June.

I believe I have identified the reason for why the market broke out to the upside recently. It's almost as if the Fed's return to QE during the week starting January 3rd (linked above) was orchestrated in response to my prediction for a downside breakout.

COVID Vaccines Are "Obviously Dangerous" And Should Be Halted Immediately, Say Senior Swedish Doctors

>Truly concerning numbers pertaining to both births and mortality are also emerging.

>as many as 3% of everyone vaccinated manifest heart muscle damage.

>impaired motility and sperm concentrations after both Pfizer and Moderna vaccination.

>There's almost no independent public debate on these issues

I think this chart represents the main thing about COVID that is not being "debated" in public.

Republicans Setting Up Committee On 'Weaponization Of The Federal Government'

I have a recollection which I may not have shared before which probably cuts to the heart of the matter regarding the "weaponization of the federal government."

Until I started getting flashes of Joey and Steve dressed as Big Bird and Snuffy on the set of kiddie porn snuff film set running through my head at *maximum* volume every time I got within 10ft of Joey (which was long before I recognized the obvious likeness of Joey and Steve in this picture), I would often go down to their house in Jonesboro to get high with Joey. Steve was often there and he liked talking, and he would talk to me. For context on what will follow, Steve was a regular player in the big poker game in Atlanta and he told me that one of the guys in his game did something for the government that was so secret "he couldn't even talk about it." I believe this comment was Steve indirectly expressing his inability to identify himself as the person who could not talk about his secret work for the government. This work would be partially related to each of the Salt Pit (also here), the Backrooms maze, and his alter ego as Stephan Halper. One time I was down there for something and Steve took me somewhere, probably to see a parcel of land he had whose value was steadily increasing as he filled a very large ditch with dirt. He bragged to me that he had gotten "a piece of" the airport dirt from the construction related to the international terminal at Hartsfield Jackson, and he explained that that was very good for him since that dirt was already EPA certified. (I suppose that a survey of that parcel of land in Clayton county will find illegal, non-certified dirt as well.)

I think it was on this drive that we began to talk about the government. He told me the security state wasn't a formal bureaucracy so much as it was a network of people who communicated with each other. I don't know if I verbally disagreed with his emphasis on the informality of the functioning but I remember that his comment seemed weird to me because it was strongly at odds with my impression of the government's vast signals collection apparatuses, for instance, such as those run by the NSA. In general, "informal" is not something I associate with the functioning of the federal government. In any case, Steve identified some informal network through which the government gets its real business done, and he was boasting to me about it as if to intimate that he was apart of it without making any explicit statements to that effect. (His reference to "a piece of" the dirt seemed like his making a mafia connection boast as well.)

As it pertains to the weaponization of the federal government, I have remarked many times that I thought it was strange that Steve was so proud of living next to the rapper TI. Steve and Joey probably each mentioned that fact to me five or ten times individually, and Steve even drove me by the house once. That may have been the same drive I referenced above, in fact. TI is an acronym for "target individual" and my intuition tells me that what Steve would call "the Targeted Individual program" is exactly that thing which is both a big problem for me and the subject of the newly formed committee On "Weaponization Of The Federal Government." I speculate that the informal government network which Steve identified to me that day is the one that runs an illegal "targeted individual" program designed to misappropriate the resources of the federal government for the purposes of political (or other) "weaponization." The functional organization of the informal network would rely on Steve being the first cousin of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts who autonomously appoints all the FISA court judges which perpetrated and/or supported the ongoing slew of "FISA court abuses" which are doubtless in scope of the work of the new committee on the weaponization of the federal government. Furthermore, I suppose that Joey and Steve Collins both use disguisecraft to manipulate the government by donning the likenesses of John Roberts and Neil Gorsuch respectively, and that Helene does the same in the likeness of Kentaji Brown.

I went to the store near this apartment about 15 hours ago. It was the first time I had been there. I went again just now and they had already replaced all the water bottles with poisoned water, other than a few small ones in the 400ml size. I really hate that. The people in the store were heckling me in English while I was examining the plastic bottles as well. Several years ago I had the complaint that I was unable to convert my money into the affections of a good looking woman and now that situation has degenerated to the point where I can hardly convert my money into a glass of clean water.

House Creates Panel To Probe "Weaponization Of The Federal Government"

>And they deserve to know that they will not be labeled a domestic terrorist for advocating for their children in front of a school board.

>I'll tell you what---dozens of whistleblowers have come talked to Republican staff on the Judiciary Committee doesn't think this is a ploy. That's why they talked to us. They know how serious this is.

While there may be some legitimate issue regarding parents' speech at school meetings, this news item traces to what was also called the collision of "a Seawolf class submarine" with an undersea mountain near China in 2021. Some assholes and Helene intercepted me at a diner I went to (the collided with me there), and the main asshole she was with, probably some scientology executive, did not like it that I was saying mean things to him and about his family. After that, the asshole who is possibly one of the people using the Wolf Blitzer persona on TV (leading the "Seawolf" story) petitioned Merrick Garland for assistance in his jewish conspiracy against me. Then Garland "weaponized the federal government" against me to have at least the FBI attach a "threat tag" to me so that whenever I begin to say things which may be interpreted as sufficiently mean, or whenever I begin to talk about how we're really in Antarctica and most of the people here are slave clones, or when I verbally recount my recollection of certain events to avoid the layer of censorship which blocks me when I only recount them in writing on this website, then the threat tag is such that the USA treats my protected speech as terrorism and empowers itself to act against me accordingly.

Among the other four people with Helene and her friend, one looked like a character actor that I cannot name, possibly one who plays Fauci on TV. He was at least 75 years old, bald, and his ears were very large. Another was speaking in a strong Georgia accent and he made some statements about Covington, GA. Helene's friend made it very obvious in the diner that he was attacking me with his remote control for my electroshock implants. I recall that it seemed like two members of a security detail entered the diner ahead of Helene's party to sit at the counter and pretend like they were not associated with my antagonists.

Biden Family Investigation

I think the kernel of the "Biden influence peddling" is that they were selling my stolen semen. Telling the tale of the de facto USA uniparty, I think the investigation into Trump's shady Deutsche Bank deals will show that he was doing the same thing. Natalie Biden and Barron Trump are both grown from my stolen semen.

While this recent problem is NatGas is ostensibly weather-related, I should like to think that the velocity of the consecutive 50% plunges will illustrate the 2022 market performance followed by the 2023 market performance.

That's about three hours of non-stop BANGING and TAPPING now. They're doing it slightly differently here so it seems like it's just the person upstairs doing it rather than some spooky sound in the wall. However, the spooky sound in the wall always seemed like it was just the person upstairs doing it anyways so that's not very different.

Controvery Swirls Over Mystery '3-Page Addendum' To House Rules Package

>There's word of a 'much-fabled 3-page House rules addendum' circulating throughout certain GOP offices

One of the main reasons that no one is hearing about what JWST is doing is because its earliest data confirmed the ideas I detailed in SCP-001, which was my first scientific paper. I have not yet begun to survey the JWST results to fully appreciate them but this paper makes some concise statements about the data favoring my model (the type of model I described) over the usual models of dark energy.

When I was newer in jiu jitsu, I often read jiu jitsu magazines. I read an article about Jacare one day and then I was talking to him about it in the school. The article had said that before he came to the USA his school in Brazil was in Copacabana but he told me that he never had a school in Copacabana and that his school was in Ipanema. At that time, I thought he was indicating an error in the article but now I think the article was about someone else. I do not think the man I am discussing was named Carlos and I was told his name was Romero. Someone was called TT and I do not think that man's name was Carlos or Romero. In either case, Romero was the name of the man in the article. Years later, another student in the school, DJ, told me that they called Jacare "TT" in Brazil but the article had not been about TT; it was about Jacare. Furthermore, DJ's comment was so many years later I cannot be sure who he was saying was called TT in Brazil because I had not yet realized that several men were using the name Jacare. However, I think I have the right person.

The context in the school around the time of the article in question was that Jacare was in the USA in part to provide hand to hand combat consulting and training services to the US Army Rangers and/or special forces at Fort Benning near Columbus, GA. (Certainly the Lloyd Hanson Character in The Gray Man was based on a man with whom I am acquainted through Alliance.) We frequently had Army guys in the school at that time and much later, after I stopped seeing the man in question, I would attend the black belt ceremony of the three star general of the Army in charge of underground facilities. I believe I became acquainted with the master of Ndrandheta at Alliance as well and I hear that Ndrangheta is known for building things underground. All of these things with the mafia and the Army and foreign national "combatives" consulting provide a scenario in which it is not unlikely to think that one man may have been acting as a body double for another. There was another jiu jitsu team in Brazil called Team TT run by Telles and Terere, and one year at the Pan Am tournament in California I was shocked to see Telles staring directly at me very intently from the competition mat while I was seated up in the bleachers. The look on his face was stern enough for me to remember it very clearly. I understand that Terere was arrested on a plane to the USA and held for a month before being released and all of these things in hindsight are consistent with Helene having TT in her dungeon.

Often when I post this picture of Helene torturing who I believe is the man I discussed the article with in a secret dungeon beneath my childhood bedroom at 5759 N Camino Esplendora in Tucson, another poster on 4chan will say, "I wish that was me," and perhaps he is the one whose school was in Copacabana, or perhaps it is the brother of that one. Perhaps I'm thinking there were a few different men but there were really a dozen and me trying to guess who was who is not going to be fruitful.

I switched to a new apartment today. The gangstalker noises started immediately. I walked from room to room about ten times to check if I was correct that the person upstairs was following me around to make noises directly over my head in every room and I was 100% right right about that. They are making noises directly over my head in every room, basically non-stop, and there are not any weird noises coming from anywhere else in the apartment except directly overhead. The RD, RTC, and TPI are already being used against me, and they activated the FOREHEAD ZAPPER as I was typing this post. The man showing me his apartment was keen to point out the filtered water and I feel bad after drinking two small glasses of it. That may be psychosomatic due to my extreme paranoia about that since I do not feel *very* bad after drinking it. This 100% obvious (to me) demonic art in the hall outside the door to the bedroom seems like another bad sign. More direct overhead banging when I mentioned the satanic art and they also put my rapist Helene on the LRAD saying YEP when I mentioned the art.

I checked the apartment listing on the website I used to find it to see if the demonic art was in there and I see that it is not. Furthermore, I see that this Indian was added after they took the pictures and I have a comment on that. The Indian's profile is not at all unlike that of the man I knew when I began to train at Alliance. The similitude of the profile on this Indian is certainly why Bruce Willis was cast to play a terrorist called "the Jackal" in the movie called The Jackal. I knew the man at Alliance as Jacare and this was the original nickname of Carlos "Jacare" Cavalcanti before Jacare was obfuscated as "Jackal."

In general, inflation is bad for Main Street and there is almost no way to avoid the negative effects for average people. However, one can lessen the adverse effects by entering into cash-negative positions or selling debt, also called "getting into debt." In this case, the adverse debt condition must be evaluated against its benefit as a hedge against inflation. People who got mortgages for COVID houses when rates were low are excellently hedged against inflation but this is not clear for home-buyers at current rates because it is not clear what inflation is going to be like across the term of the mortgage.

Consider the 401(k) retirement account. When one pays into something like a 401(k), one is buying debt from financial institutions. Workers give them money now in return for an agreement that they will give back money later. In this way, financial institutions build cash-negative positions which are very strong but many private persons do not sufficiently appreciate the spectrum of benefits attached to cash-negative positions. Debt is good to hold during adverse inflation and at a point inflation imposes an effective negative APR when the value of the money decreases faster than the interest accrues. These specific 401(k) positions are so good for banks that they can implement things like employer 401(k) contribution matching wherein the employers' present day matching losses are indirectly booked against the institutions' quasi-unrealized gains when they intend to default on the 401(k) debt in a financial collapse long before the average 401(k) contributor reaches retirement age. Some think the employer is being generous and nice to offer contribution matching but in fact it is net-profitable for Wall Street to lose the match today when they know that they will never be forced into repayment later. So, as the intention to default on debt can be profitable, and regarding the topic of this post, taking out debt with the intention to repay it in currency which has been devalued due to inflation can also be profitable.

My prediction is that McCarthy will delay on fulfilling his last-minute commitments as long as possible and his Never Kevin opponents will give him one million times longer than they ought to when they don't demand his unequivocal, immediate, and total compliance. Then he will renege at the end of his stalling and the speakership will be put up for a vote again, and then he will lose because he reneged on his promises to the sufficiently re-motivated Not Much Kevin faction. Then the drama over the last week becomes a temporary, stopgap, Not Much Kevin-supported face-saving exercise allowing him to become speaker without being forced to grant the requisite concessions. Confronted with his reneging, other House members will relent from their previous steadfast support. The steadfast support probably would have faltered over the weekend, however, which is what forced McCarthy into a last-minute I-will-agree-to-anything stance. Perhaps having his dishonest play on the books will be politically preferable to having gotten the other members to believe it would have happened but I would have preferred to see the non-political, brute-force approach.

Here Are The Concessions McCarthy Had To Make For Speakership

>7. Budget bills would stop the endless increases in the debt ceiling and hold the Senate accountable for the same.

>Everybody has to work their way through the seniority process and earn positions

I think it is suspicious that these points were enumerated by a first year Congressman and I do not know if I was right or wrong to join Never Kevin. If I was right, why did they change to Actually Kevin is Ok? Apparently, the Never Kevin faction was much smaller than it had seemed to me and, of course, my opinions on things I know nothing about should be treated as what they are. I have to ask, however, could they not have gotten all these concessionsm while still forcing a McCarthy loss?

On the concessions listed in the article, item number seven is absurd. The House is going to vote to increase the debt ceiling and the House is not vested with any authorities for holding the Senate "accountable." If that one is bullshit, it seems like there's probably a problem with all of the concessions but McCarthy still got the job he wanted to get. I suppose the rule about a single member calling for a revote is good because they haven't given up their leverage toward denying him the speakership but will McCarthy actually implement that rule now that he has the power? That remains to be seen.

On the second point about matriculating through the ranks, it was recently suggested that those who prefer the law of their respective cults over the law of the Lord have been lobbying for a rules change so that their cult will no longer demand that God is the cult's wage slave for an indeterminate and open-ended number of years before they can do God's will. Possibly that was included in the secret set of rules changes other than the ones mentioned by Ogles, ones related to the "masonic handshakes" I saw in some of the non-MSM coverage. In that case, I remind that I worked my way through the seniority process before I was born and the suggestion that I should burn the years of my life in a rigged game of trying and failing to do it again is something that will earn a death sentence for its proponents. I am already the most senior person. There is no upward mobility from where I am. It makes me angry when people say that I need to spin a hamster wheel for X number of years before I can move up for many reasons, mainly because one cannot move up from the top. If that reality is going to be acknowledged, unlikely as that may be, then I suppose it is the man on the front left here who I would have been referencing with my recent post from Isaiah 22.

Obviously I am disappointed by the election in Congress. However, I believe I saw a Q post from Jan 7, 2018 saying, "Good [15] Win [15]," which may indicate that my disappointment is misplaced. (The vote happened on Jan 7 in my time zone.)

With six holdouts in the 13th vote and seven in the 12th vote, I can imagine McCarthy saying to himself
>just seven votes left
>seven seven seven

then he made some progress in the next vote and said
>just six now
>only six left
>let me imagine the path to my victory
>first seven
>then six
>so it was seven, six
>seven, six
>uh, seven six
>oh these fucking motherfuckers

On The Brink Of Speakership: McCarthy Loses 12th Round Vote But Gains 14 Holdouts

>"We'll have to see you know we have a couple members who have some family issues," he said when asked about the current framework for a deal, adding "we're going to get it done."

>The seven current holdouts are Gaetz, Biggs, Boebert, Crane, Good, Harris and Rosendale.

>"We're going to make progress today, we're going to shock you," he told reporters ahead of a 10:15 a.m. ET call on Friday.

My impression is that the comment about "family issues" which preceded the changed votes was a boast about threats or actions against his opponent's relatives, and that these issues motivated the changed votes. Furthermore, despite the numerical progress he made, the binary NO remains a binary NO and I bet a lot of the 14 votes were playing politics when they knew he was still going to lose, and only changed because they knew that. In fact, I wonder if the number of the seven holdouts doesn't reference what is really going on. I will be very disappointed if he wins. Given that his comment about how he's "going to shock" someone seems to be a reference to my electroshock problem on top of his threats or boasting about family violence, I very much desire to see him not win. I would prefer that everyone who likes shocking people is disenfranchised from their powers.

EDIT: The six holdouts in the thirteenth vote might follow the seven from the twelfth vote so as to suggestively construct the number 76.

I will have children after I have exterminated my enemies and their children. If you think that you should butt heads against me because the prophecy says I will have an heir and I have not had the child yet, then you and your children are among those enemies who will never see my children. It doesn't say what will happen first and I will not bring a child into the world populated by the race of my enemies. I am the Lord.

Sometimes it is implied that my torture is not severe. My opposing view is based on the following: their actions against me make my quality of life very low. Thus, the torture is very severe. They sabotage all of the good work I do so that I cannot earn a dollar from it: my books don't sell despite their glowing literary receptions and the $1M bounty on a math problem I solved can't be claimed because they censor me. I wanted to finish college and have a nice career but they intervened---wrongly and unjustly---to expel me from college before I could finish. I cannot find a moment of peaceful rest in a home or home-like environment because the constant acoustic shock of my stalkers BANGING and TAPPING on my walls and ceiling perfectly replicates the psychological process and acoustic shock of drops falling on the forehead in what is called Chinese water torture. It is rare that I find a room to rent where they do not install a trap door in the bathroom allowing them to come in and rape me as I sleep, or to commit aggravated sexual battery against me which is so rape-like that it is properly called rape. Further decreasing the quality of my life, I get anally raped every few days when I leave the room I rent and the pain in my asshole is as obvious as the new nodule implants that I find regularly. They keep mutilating my face with their mole implants and although others might not notice them, I notice them and they look like little tattoos that say in Sam Hyde's voice, "Haha, bitch! I fucking rape you. What are you gonna do about it?"

Apart from the above, keeping me as a slave, against my will, in their Antarctic torture prison is itself a severe torture. Why does the pendulum precess in the counterclockwise direction if not because I have been kidnapped and all the people around me pretending that we are someplace where it should process in the clockwise direction are the accomplices of my kidnappers, and necessarily the accomplices of my rapists and mutilators as well? Have I not been the victim of aggravated sexual battery one thousand times? Are a thousand aggravated sexual batteries not clear evidence of severe torture? The above makes my case and I have not fully stated it. It is much worse than I have stated. The RAPE DICK, for instance, and the electroshock devices implanted in my testicles and penis are torturous. So, even while my enemies may cite the mid-range voltage of the testicular electroshock I receive today as evidence of non-severity in my torture, it is only low today because the high voltage testicular electroshock implants I received dozens of times previously were removed by those who find the total absence of testicular electroshock two which I was previously accustomed to be well below the acceptable upper limit on testicular electroshock. Even these things leave the case for the severity of my problem greatly understated. My refusal to lay down and cry about these things reflects outstanding coping skills and is not indicative in any way of a lack of severity. Maybe when they say, "Not severe," they mean if the electroshock doesn't drive me into convulsions on the ground (pic from here) then it's not severe but my main grievance regards psychological torture.

Mother of the year: US teen discovers cyber bully was her own mother

Skeezy Colorado Landlord Who Had Sex in His Tenant's Bed Gets Sentenced to Prison

>[Carlos'] partner wiped his genitals off on DiGiulio's wedding dress.

I am glad to see the recent failure of the correlation between gold and stocks. The failure of this correlation is very bad for stocks, in my opinion.

Khamenei is pretty much right and I believe the destruction of Babylon at the end of the Bible regards the destruction of what is called "western civilization." This term refers to the remnant of Babylon, in my opinion, and this is why the pope wears the fish hat of a Babylonian priest. In fact, the fall of Babylon may more specifically foretell the fall of the catholic church. (Recall that Persia conquered Babylon after Babylon sacked Jerusalem, for context.) However, his specific example taken from a vast ocean of better examples makes a nice place for me talk about my opinions.

Is homosexuality really a sin? Since I am who I am and I believe it is always ok to treat others the way you would like to be treated, my opinion is that it is not. So, where the Bible says "if a man lies with a man as with a woman," what is the qualifying part about "as with a woman?" A man lying with a man means two men fucking so I wonder if this famous scripture is not a prohibition on trannies rather than the prohibition on gay sex which is usually inferred. David and Jonathan were fucking in the Bible and when it is written that David was perfect in God's eyes except for one thing, the thing wasn't gay sex. Therefore, I am prone to believe that the extra words "as with a woman" beyond "if a man lies with man" specify that it is a sin when a man is fucking another man in the tranny hole beneath his anus where they cut his cock and balls off, probably where they skinned his dick and turned it inside out, and where he sticks his dilator. Because, you see, there is no ambiguity about what it means for a man to lie with a man but then there are these extra words: as with a woman. If you were trying to tell a caveman that you can't fuck another man in his trannyhole, might you not say, "If a man lies with a man as with a woman?" That seems reasonable and there is other law elsewhere in the Bible against men dressing as women.

So, then, I wish to criticize Iran which is a regional hot spot for trannies. I believe Iran has the policy that it is ok to cut gays' cocks and balls off because if two men are fucking and one of them is sufficiently genitally mutilated, the sex between them stops being gay. If I am not mistaken, I have correctly stated their policy on that. Cutting people's dicks off is a sin and making tranny holes is a sin, and a man fucking a tranny is 100% homosexual. I haven't read every word of the Koran yet but I didn't see anything in there about gay sex. Some people cite Koran 4:16 (from the chapter called The Women) but the English translation that I can read doesn't suggest anything about gay sex to me. In my reading, this sounds more like Jesus' comment on letting him who is without sin cast the first stone at the adulteress. I often criticize the jews for citing their talmuds as a source of religious law when those books contain nothing more than the opinions of the rabbis. Similarly in Islam, only the words in the Koran came directly from Muhammad. Everything else in the other books is hearsay or someone else's opinion. The authors of those books were not prophets.

On trannies and the golden rule, the purpose of trannies is to deceive people and no one likes being deceived.

This looks like the BTC genesis block says, "Physics gave a secret to you: a 'K.J.' Yup." One might make an argument for "t. J." there at the end instead of "K.J." and that's "yup" pronounced as uh-yup. It's got that one left curly bracket in there too.

Nuclear Fusion 'Breakthrough' Touted By White House, Drawing Praise And Some Skepticism

One might call Golf Rumors the main thing that is going on with me, in a secular sense. I have been putting off writing about the recent Golf Rumors news because I have very much to say about it, all of which I have written many times, and I was waiting for the urge to rewrite some of it. This screenshot from my first website occatl.net tells how long Golf Rumors has been on my mind.

They have had working free energy since 2012 and I think Lexis Nexis was using a device developed from theory to save $50k/month on the electricity bill for their Alpharetta datacenter while paying me about $10^1/hour to sit in their office 2015-2016 while they plotted the murder conspiracy against me which culminated in Operation Crossfire Hurricane, and a set of associated problems. One recalls that when Lockheed caused the 2014 oil crash with its reports about truck-sized nuclear fusion reactors, they said they were expecting the technology to be available in less than ten years. I think that ten years was a reference to the expectation that the ten year limit on holding me in Antarctica would expire less than ten years from 2014. (That seems naive to think they would ever release me, in my opinion.) It has been more than ten years and I am still here, and the truth about free energy is high on the list of the reasons for why the USA satanists do not release me. The global slave labor system (which I hate) is built on the petrodollar and its underlying fossil energy logistical chains, and the conceptual breakthrough in my scientific work provides a meat grinder in which to destroy that system. The curse of original sin in the Garden of Eden was that Adam was going to have to work for a living, contrary to God's intended good creation, and in the last chapter of The Holy Bible, the last chapter of The Revelation of Jesus Christ, it says "no longer will there be any curse" because free energy technologies in the Kingdom of God will alleviate the need for man to spend his days in toilsome labor. This is the kingdom that I will establish when I get out of here and vanquish the race of my enemies.

I have written extensively elsewhere about what I believe to be the free energy mechanism and I will detail it again here. The conceptual underpinnings in my own work are as follows. In 2009 and 2011, I produced two papers theorizing that there should exist another universe whose time increases oppositely to the future-directed arrow of time in our own universe. (I also invoked an inability to distinguish one time arrow from the other to construct a quantum time superposition.) In arriving at the second universe, my reasoning followed Pauli's when a quantity of missing momentum in nuclear beta decay lead him to suppose that there should exist neutrinos carrying away the extra momentum. Since our universe is 4D rather than 3D, conservation of momentum for the big bang requires conservation of what is called 4-momentum. However, there exists a famous theorem from the 1960's called the ADM theorem (after Arnowitt, Deser, and Misner) which says that the timelike part of the universe's 4-momentum cannot be zero. For the 3D spacelike part of the 4-momentum, all of the leftward momentum leaving the big bang can be exactly cancelled by the rightward momentum, the upward momentum leaving it can be cancelled by the downward, and the frontward by the backward. There is no problem conserving 3-momentum in the big bang because the total net momentum of an exploding sphere is zero. However, the ADM theorem says that the fourth part of the four momentum cannot be zero. Apart from the context in that theorem, one understands that forward momentum through time cannot be balanced against anything if time increases in the same direction everywhere. There is no up-down or left-right in time like there is in space. Thus, I identified a violation of the law of conservation of momentum in the ordinary big bang cosmology: zero momentum before the big bang was adding up to some anomalous quantity of 4-momentum after the big bang. Following Pauli, I supposed that there must be something else carrying the missing momentum away from the big bang. Rather than a neutrino, I was forced to posit a second universe moving backwards in time from the big bang to balance the non-zero timelike component of the 4-momentum in our universe.

I speculate that a quantum optics group led by Rubino was exposed to my theory of negative time and he concluded that negative frequency must exist if negative time exists because frequency is merely inverse time. He published a pair of papers in 2012 which are the direct technological basis of Golf Rumors. The rumors about the results circulated in the country clubs before the full violence of the USA quashed such talk and this environment gives rise to the name "Golf Rumors." Word is said to have spread among the golfers who have a direct network of communication outside of the internet. In the first paper, Rubino and McLenaghan et al. state that Fourier analysis of certain optical processes has long been known to predict negative frequency modes but they are usually ignored because negative frequency is unphysical. In my own understanding, this is akin to the usual process for discarding the advanced electromagnetic potential in favor of the retarded one because retrocausality is "unphysical." Anyways, they looked for the negative frequency modes and they found them off to the blue side of the spectrum.

Later in 2012, Rubino et al. produced a second paper and this is the one which caused the crash in the oil contract. As far as I understand it, this equation shows that they found free energy. These numbers will add up to one if energy is conserved and free-energy devices are called "over-unity" devices because they require an equation like this showing that things add up to more than one, or more than unity. The title of the second paper was "Soliton-induced relativistic-scattering and amplification" and now I will describe what I understand to be the mechanism therein. Since lasers are monochromatic and in phase, one is able to construct surfaces of phase lock in crossed laser beams. (This is also why the recent fusion news is based on NIF's laser physics rather than the more widely known tokamaks.) Since the phase that varies in a laser beam is the phase of the E field, one is able to construct surfaces of phase lock on which E=0. One expects that such surfaces will oscillate with frequencies proportional to the speed of light since the oscillating medium is a photon field. Thus, the surfaces are relativistic and they are solitonic because E=0 is the absence of the E field rather than its presence. E=0 is the boundary condition representing the surface of a perfect conductor in classical electromagnetism and I suppose that Rubino has created a virtual 2D metal foil in his crossed lasers. In a process that I call "stimulated emission from the vacuum," I suppose that Rubino is able to engage a virtual photoelectric effect to tap the vacuum energy through the virtual foil. 2D objects have two normal vectors, oppositely signed, and the minus sign on one of them can be used to cancel the minus sign associated with negative frequency so that negative frequency photons can be observed in the lab with positive energy E=hf. These photons can be pointed into a boiler and used to turn a turbine with unlimited, clean, free vacuum energy.

I watched this strange movie which was unlike any movie I have watched recently. I will call it remarkable and say that I liked it, and that I recommend it.

Twitter Files: US State Department Panicked Over ZeroHedge Covid-19 Reporting

Since QE1 around 2009 or 2010, I had been closely monitoring the news for the Congress' passage of a QE limit increase beyond its existing $5T capacity. The only place I ever saw it mentioned was in in one brief sentence in one ZeroHedge article which I was never able to find again, even just a few days later. On my initial study of QE and it mechanisms, it was very easy for me to find information about how the Congress had created the original $5T authorization but to this day I have only ever seen that single sentence in a ZH article about the second $5T. In my opinion, this strongly supports the "conspiracy theory" which is detailed above. The extensive information online about the first $5T contrasts greatly with the barren landscape of absolutely nothing being written online about the second $5T. Even aside from COVID, one would think the second $5T would have gotten mentioned in any of 10,000 articles about money printing and inflation but I never saw it mentioned.

Matt Gaetz: If you want to drain the swamp, you can't put the alligator in charge

Something about McCarthy's face really gets on my nerves when I see it. I was wondering if he was perhaps one of the assholes from Alliance and this alligator comment seems to confirm that he is. I tell you, I really hate McCarthy's face.

I will be delighted to see McCarthy kicked out of that office. I hope we get pictures of his face during the eviction.

Michael Burry: "US Is In Recession, Fed Will Cut And Will Cause Another Inflation Spike"

>US labor market is in freefall and now that even the Philadelphia Fed has opened up the pandora's box over rigged jobs data, it is only a matter of weeks if not days before the Dept of Labor admits it made a "mistake."

I cannot concur with Burry on his prediction for cuts. I think there will be no Fed rate cuts in 2023. On this other point about the impending omission of a jobs "mistake" at BLS, I think this is going to push my oil investment suggestion into profitability. There are three million non-existent jobs priced into oil right now and taking them out should drive the price down below the $77-$80 options I suggested.

McCarthy Fails To Secure Enough Votes To Become House Speaker

>After McCarthy fails to get 218 votes on the first ballot, the Freedom Caucus antagonists have signaled that they will start backing another yet-unnamed candidate on the second ballot. The Daily Beast reported Monday night that that person is Ohio Rep. JIM JORDAN, the longtime McCarthy critic-turned-ally.

Choosing Jordan would be the smartest thing the USA ever did, as far as I can tell. They should elect him as President too while they're at it. In any case, I very much hope McCarthy loses.

It looks like most of my most-hated stocks (ex Tesla) were moving up into year end, contrary to the market trend. This supports my case for an upcoming catastrophic market wipeout day, in my opinion, because the trend fighting the wipeout seems to favor my most-hated sector. One might short DB, BA, and META assuming an impending reversion to the market trend since these Q4 divergences pumped on no fundamentals. Likely the reversion was deferred into the new year.

I predict that this gap (which is 10% wider) now will close.

Moscow-Brokered Turkey Deal: Are Foreign Forces On Their Way Out Of Syria?

I would like to see Putin say to the Israeli PM, "You must stop military activity in the territory of my ally Syria or I will retaliate with military activity in the territory of British Palestine where your illegitimate state is."  As long as Israel keeps attacking, the foreign forces will remain.