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Former senior FBI official accused of working for Russian he investigated

> The FBI's former top spy hunter in New York was charged Monday with taking secret cash payments of more than $225,000 while overseeing highly sensitive cases, and breaking the law by trying to get Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska removed from a U.S. sanctions list

>The name of Deripaska, a politically connected billionaire, came up repeatedly in recent U.S. investigations involving Russia and the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump. Deripaska did business for years with Paul Manafort, whose tenure as Trump's campaign chairman became an intense focus of FBI investigations.

Trump on Manafort indictment: 'This is years ago'

>But the special prosector accused Manafort of trying to hide his work in Ukraine---and millions of dollars in payments from it---from around 2006 to 2017. That undercuts Trump's claim the charges stemmed from actions that only occurred ''years ago.''

When I was hired at Exide in September 2016, my desk was in the same building where I had been interviewed. Then McGonigal got a promotion at the FBI and in December they moved my desk into another building which Google Maps says is actually the Milton, GA police department. Before the move, Rod Williams had made several weird, non-contextual comments saying there were "white rooms" in the other building but I never saw any white rooms after I moved. In fact, I don't even know what a white room is supposed to be. Rod's office moved into that building too and in January 2017, I tried to open the door directly across the hall from his office but it would not open. He laughed and said, "You can't open that door!," and his tone was rather smug. I think this was the secret torture dungeon in the police department: a "red room" that he had been deceptively referring to as a white room. Given the close association of Deripaska with Kilimnik, I think the truth about McGonigal's lobbying for removal from a list was that he was trying to get me removed from the "do not murder or slice off the arms and legs list" so he could grab me at my desk and have me dragged down into that basement. Around that time, shortly after the meeting I thought was attended by Putin and Trump, I read a story about some Russian intelligence chief being hooded from behind during a meeting with Putin and dragged out to be taken who knows where. Although I quit about a week after I read that story, during that week I was getting very strong vibes that my coworkers were planning to hood me at my desk and drag me somewhere.

When Trump says his business with Manafort was "years ago," he is referring to a time shortly before Barron was born. Barron was grown with my stolen semen and one of Ivanka's eggs in the womb of Stormy Daniels and the intention in that conspiracy was to skip over me with my own inheritance and give it to the abominable monster that Trump grew instead. Indeed, I believe the main purpose of the fraud contract at Exide was to rob me of that inheritance without ever telling me about it. I also believe that this $1M payment routed to Manafort through Cypress in October 2009 was related to my inability to publish my first scientific paper on arXiv, one which is now called SCP-001 at the SCP Foundation. Most interestingly, the fact that I authored this groundbreaking paper on a layover at the airport in Moscow served as the entire basis for the entire Russiagate and Russian collusion kerfuffles and imbroglios. (I also believe that the first scientific mission of the JWST was to test the model of dark energy that I wrote about. I understand that the data supported my modified model while effectively ruling out the conventional model of accelerating cosmological expansion in the spacelike sector.) I think it was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts that used the Rodney Williams persona at Exide to execute a conspiracy of fraudulent misrepresentation against me while I was being hired and then they would have brought in McGonigal to play Rodney Williams after that once the USA had obtained their fraud contract. Since they both used the name "Rod Williams," one must take care not to let Rodney be confused with the Rodelene Williams alias used by Helene as when the FBI let it slide that "a PRN employee" had wiped Hillary's server without clarifying whether that was a Platte River Networks employee or an "as needed" pro re nata employee.

Manafort's name references his position as the main vendor of my stolen semen: "the manna fort." During the time around his arrest, the FBI found freezers in his home and in his storage unit but the latter freezer seems to have been deleted from the internet following the initial reporting. Certainly this was due to the presence of my semen in one or both freezers. Since the government of Ukraine was overthrown by the USA in 2014 to install a puppet government more amenable to my enemies' intentions to spawn a new race of abominable monsters there with my stolen semen, one understands that Manafort's real purpose in Ukraine (referenced in the second article above) was selling my semen and this is the basis of the current war there. Selling my semen was also Hunter Biden's $50k/mo job while he was working in Ukraine as an "energy consultant." (Natalie Biden is grown from my stolen semen as well.) Overall, McGonigal's lobbying to get me taken off the no-kill list would have been in support of my enemies' intentions to remove me from the picture after impregnating enough of their own sons' wives with my semen to sufficiently graft the cancer of their bloodlines onto my bloodline which is called the true vine of life. They would have started to call themselves the House of David after murdering David's heir: God's chosen king, or doing much worse than murdering me. I don't doubt that the context of my own work moving things around in Exide's data system would have been to remove my own name from the no-kill list to support what they would have said about that meeting. One recalls that I was working at Exide only (only!) to avoid the homelessness which have ensued if I had not accepted the one job offer I got after being fired from Lexis Nexis in the events now known as "the DNC hack." Therefore, I suggest that those involved in foisting that harsh financial reality on me were complicit in the events which occurred after I accepted the job.

Shortly before my desk was moved into the police station, I attended a regular weekly meeting at Exide. In that meeting, I think Putin was wearing the Rod Williams disguise and Trump was wearing the Dave Morrison disguise, and they defrauded me in some matter by citing four digit workunit IDs with which I was unfamiliar. In hindsight, they probably said (or would have said), that I agreed in that meeting to let them drag me down into that basement to cut my arms and legs off before blinding and deafening me (and slicing my vocal chords) to keep me around as someone's fuck doll as they pass my inheritance to Trump's son, which was probably to be shared with Putin to some extent as a reward for his lack of objections. It seems like McGonigal would have been the main organizer of that meeting and I think his real job for the government would have been in offensive espionage rather than defensive counter-intelligence.

The article linked above supports my association of McGonigal with Rod Williams because his big promotion in the FBI came about two weeks after I got my own big demotion into a position at Exide. As he was arrested at the airport, I wonder if he was there for a departing international flight.

Top FBI 'Russiagate' Official Took Secret Payments From Russian Oligarch: DOJ

Deripaska is a fake name referencing my enemies' intention to portray me as "derpy" rather than to acknowledge that it is fully proper for me not to fit in well with the society that it is my destiny to destroy. Derpy is also a less favorable alternative to "eccentric genius" chosen by the clan of mental midgets whose culture and blood I am about to exterminate. I have often seen Deripaska mentioned with Konstantin Kilimnik which was another fake name about wanting to kill me, and also a Tooker reference with its two Ks. Certainly Sergey Shestakov seems like a sevensixtwo reference (shest means six in Russian) and even the Charles McGonigal name seems like a "formerly Chuck's" reference.

To me, this sounds like they're saying that they found six more implants on me and they're asking where I might *not* have any implants since my dick and balls and scrotum and face and groin and hands and feet and asshole and asscrack and ass and legs and arms and eyes and back and chest and teeth and neck are full of them. If they're saying they're finding single digit numbers of implants at a time, and they only found a few dozen so far, they must be trying not to find them because there must be closer to 100 of them, if not more than 100, and that's after several hundred have already been taken out.

After I recently went a few days without any clear evidence of a new anal rape, I did not check my asshole for a few days. I checked it today and I was not surprised to find a new 5:00 NODULE. Furthermore, I bought two different bags of candy at two different stores and I secured them well until I got to my room. In each case, the first bite was fine and the second was a disgusting taste of the food obviously having been poisoned. I also noticed this same taste on an apple that I bought so I assume there is an active tunnel into my current hotel room and someone has been coming in to destroy my property while using the RAPE RAY to turn my brain off so that I cannot defend myself against them. I posted, "Is there a tunnel open still," on 4chan to try to get a hint and two of the cleaning bitches outside of my room said YEAH and YUP clearly in English as soon as I posed the question. Reminder to kill them and their families.

The DUPI now seems as permanent as the CRUSHER implants in my testicles, the WRIGGLER in my left eyelid, and RD implant (implants?), and about six new-ish TPI implants seem equally permanent. Each time the torture wells up to the level where I can no longer ignore it, someone in an adjacent room uses an acoustic hammer on my wall or ceiling to signal that my torturer and rapist is here on site with me with the blessing of the local authorities who are certainly themselves rapists and torturers. It also signals that he is hooked up to the brain scanning implant in my asshole every bit as much as he is to the dozens of torture implants all over my body which are used against me unceasingly to deny me a moment's peace. While I was typing this, my room was also flooded with the FART SPRAY. On a note which I am sure is *COMPLETELY UNRELATED*, I notice that posting about how Chris Moriarty is the son of Trump's (and Biden's) FBI Director Christopher Wray gets banned from 4chan more reliably than any other thing.

This post is about a recent thread on /x/. I think it is likely that the business which sells these injured women is my former employer Exide. I would not be surprised to learn that "the surgeon" in the above was the one who sliced my foot open and drilled my heel bone to screw in the skeletal mutilator implant which fucked up my collarbones, caused the arch on my right foot to collapse, and also caused several years of extreme pain which is probably only absent right now because my state of sedentary lethargy does not aggravate the injury.

I saw two recent news items that reminded me of getting kicked out of college and I wish to remark how someone did "nothing warranting suspension." (The other item was a comment about not finishing school here.) I can defend my actions in the months preceding my de facto expulsion from Georgia Tech to any lengths. However, when a study of the wrongness of my expulsion from college focuses on whether or not I did something warranting that outcome, we have completely the missed the point.

The overall body of actions between me and my two false rape accusers warranted that I should be evaluated under the preponderance of the evidence standard specified in the student code of conduct. This standard should have been applied in my student justice administration hearing but it was not. On the first false rape charge, the administrator (who I believe was my rapist that kike Helene) found, in the absence of any further evidence, that my accuser's accusation and my denial together constituted a preponderance of the evidence and I was suspended for two semesters. After that, another false rape accuser emerged (indicating a conspiracy) and in that case I did not deny it. Rather, I said nothing at all. Then the administrator again found that there was preponderance of evidence supporting the false rape accusation and I was effectively expelled from the institute. Faced with no supporting evidence beyond an accusation, the administrator, who I believe was Helene, found that the accusation and my denial, and the accusation and my silence were both preponderances of evidence supporting my accusers' false rape accusations. Effectively, the accusation alone was found to be a preponderance of the evidence supporting whatever the woman wanted to complain about. This was absolute bullshit in my case because I did nothing even remotely inappropriate or aggressive, and the true facts of my actions were not the objects of the complaints against me. The rule that I got fucked on was "being very scary" and I certainly was not scary at all. (I encourage anyone with access to the records to examine the enumerated conduct code items of which I was found guilty.) These women lied through their teeth to far exaggerate what had happened because the truth would not have initiated a student justice administration hearing. Even focusing on the women's false accusations, however, completely misses the point of the great injustice that was done to me in the fall of 2011 just a few weeks after I started going to the Occupy Atlanta protest.

It is improper to phrase the issue in terms of my alleged misconduct, or the women's false accusations, when the unequivocal misconduct of the student justice administrator is so clearly documented and easily proven. There was no preponderance. The gravity of the wickedness of the administrator to maliciously flush nine years of my life down the toilet far exceeds the actions underlying that which I am accused of: taking a woman by the hand when she invited me into her bedroom and gently pinching another's ass at the end of a date, after I had paid for her meal and after she had already come with me in a clear advancement of our relationship into the realm of romantic involvement exceeding a professional relationship at the university. It is an outrage to focus on the allegation of my own misconduct when the misconduct of the administrator is the full predication of the result. If I did what I did or not, or if I had done what the women accused me of or not, the administrator lied to say that there was a preponderance of the evidence when the evidence was the most textbook example of things that are not preponderances. The result has literally nothing to do with my actions other than in the most indirect sense. I mention a questionable indirect sense because the women had to lie about what had happened to get their accusations in compliance with prohibited conduct outlined in the student code and they could have lied about me just easily if I had never spoken to either of them.

How The Coming Debt Ceiling Debacle Blew Up The Fed's QT, And What Happens Next

>Bottom line: if it was the Fed's plan to hammer stock prices in 2023 similar to the pounding they took in 2022, it will have its work cut out for it, first because it is already being forced to pause its rate hikes by the slowdown in the economy, and second because the adverse impact of QT - which is the real risk-asset monetary policy transmission mechanism - is about to be nullified by the rapid cash drain at the Treasury.

My analysis led me to believe that QT was going to really start to hammer the stock market in the spring but this insightful article makes a compelling case that Fed's extraordinary debt ceiling aversion measures are going to counteract the mechanism I had identified. Essentially, the Fed's extraordinary measures are a policy of stealth QE, according to this article. This chart in particular explains why they predict that QT will not be the harsh burden on the market which I had determined it would be. My own analysis did not delve into the line items in the Fed BS and I think they make a convincing case.

We Won't Be Fooled Again... Inflation Is Most Definitely Not "Under Control"

>If the rate of inflation was still calculated the way that it was back in 1980, the real rate of inflation would be close to 15 percent right now. That would be comparable to the peak inflation that we witnessed during the Jimmy Carter era. So don't let anyone try to convince you that inflation is "low" or "under control" or anything like that.

The Fed Sent $76BN To Treasury In 2022; It Is Now Sending $650 Million To Banks Every Day Instead

>The Federal Reserve announced on Friday that it sent $76 billion in profits to the US Treasury last year, though those transfers stopped in September when its income turned negative and the Fed started accumulating a massive, multi-billion loss which totaled $18.8 billion by the end of the year

US To Hit Debt Ceiling One Week From Today, Starting Countdown To Epic Chaos

>And while the US has about 9 months to go until the mid-September D-Day, or the moment when various emergency measures meant to provide breathing room under the debt ceiling

Yellen Warns US Will Hit Debt Limit Next Thursday, Will Take Extraordinary Measures To Avoid Default

>"While Treasury is not currently able to provide an estimate of how long extraordinary measures will enable us to continue to pay the government's obligations, it is unlikely that cash and extraordinary measures will be exhausted before early June," Ms. Yellen wrote to Congressional leaders.

I think it is very interesting that the expected time frame for how long the "extraordinary measures" will last has already been downgraded from "September D-Day" to "maybe we can hold it off until June." I wonder if these three months that got shaved off are related to the absence of the Fed's remittance to the Treasury now that the Fed is no longer able to send profits out the door. I suppose however long before September it ends up running out will characterize exactly how bad things really are. I will be very glad to hear about it if unprecedented budgetary shortfalls in the Treasury force the issue even earlier than June.

I believe I have identified the reason for why the market broke out to the upside recently. It's almost as if the Fed's return to QE during the week starting January 3rd (linked above) was orchestrated in response to my prediction for a downside breakout.

COVID Vaccines Are "Obviously Dangerous" And Should Be Halted Immediately, Say Senior Swedish Doctors

>Truly concerning numbers pertaining to both births and mortality are also emerging.

>as many as 3% of everyone vaccinated manifest heart muscle damage.

>impaired motility and sperm concentrations after both Pfizer and Moderna vaccination.

>There's almost no independent public debate on these issues

I think this chart represents the main thing about COVID that is not being "debated" in public.

Republicans Setting Up Committee On 'Weaponization Of The Federal Government'

I have a recollection which I may not have shared before which probably cuts to the heart of the matter regarding the "weaponization of the federal government."

Until I started getting flashes of Joey and Steve dressed as Big Bird and Snuffy on the set of kiddie porn snuff film set running through my head at *maximum* volume every time I got within 10ft of Joey (which was long before I recognized the obvious likeness of Joey and Steve in this picture), I would often go down to their house in Jonesboro to get high with Joey. Steve was often there and he liked talking, and he would talk to me. For context on what will follow, Steve was a regular player in the big poker game in Atlanta and he told me that one of the guys in his game did something for the government that was so secret "he couldn't even talk about it." I believe this comment was Steve indirectly expressing his inability to identify himself as the person who could not talk about his secret work for the government. This work would be partially related to each of the Salt Pit (also here), the Backrooms maze, and his alter ego as Stephan Halper. One time I was down there for something and Steve took me somewhere, probably to see a parcel of land he had whose value was steadily increasing as he filled a very large ditch with dirt. He bragged to me that he had gotten "a piece of" the airport dirt from the construction related to the international terminal at Hartsfield Jackson, and he explained that that was very good for him since that dirt was already EPA certified. (I suppose that a survey of that parcel of land in Clayton county will find illegal, non-certified dirt as well.)

I think it was on this drive that we began to talk about the government. He told me the security state wasn't a formal bureaucracy so much as it was a network of people who communicated with each other. I don't know if I verbally disagreed with his emphasis on the informality of the functioning but I remember that his comment seemed weird to me because it was strongly at odds with my impression of the government's vast signals collection apparatuses, for instance, such as those run by the NSA. In general, "informal" is not something I associate with the functioning of the federal government. In any case, Steve identified some informal network through which the government gets its real business done, and he was boasting to me about it as if to intimate that he was apart of it without making any explicit statements to that effect. (His reference to "a piece of" the dirt seemed like his making a mafia connection boast as well.)

As it pertains to the weaponization of the federal government, I have remarked many times that I thought it was strange that Steve was so proud of living next to the rapper TI. Steve and Joey probably each mentioned that fact to me five or ten times individually, and Steve even drove me by the house once. That may have been the same drive I referenced above, in fact. TI is an acronym for "target individual" and my intuition tells me that what Steve would call "the Targeted Individual program" is exactly that thing which is both a big problem for me and the subject of the newly formed committee On "Weaponization Of The Federal Government." I speculate that the informal government network which Steve identified to me that day is the one that runs an illegal "targeted individual" program designed to misappropriate the resources of the federal government for the purposes of political (or other) "weaponization." The functional organization of the informal network would rely on Steve being the first cousin of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts who autonomously appoints all the FISA court judges which perpetrated and/or supported the ongoing slew of "FISA court abuses" which are doubtless in scope of the work of the new committee on the weaponization of the federal government. Furthermore, I suppose that Joey and Steve Collins both use disguisecraft to manipulate the government by donning the likenesses of John Roberts and Neil Gorsuch respectively, and that Helene does the same in the likeness of Kentaji Brown.