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I've gotten to season 9 in Stargate SG 1 and they made some comment about how the main program has moved to Atlantis meaning that I should start watching the spin off series but I'm going to finish the last two seasons. I often thought Hammond must a fictionalization of a Dad-affiliated person and I miss him now that he is gone, and now that Jack is gone too. I am pretty sure that this blue haired tranny making the gang sign of cunt face gang is who Beau Bridges is supposed to be and I was wondering how Hammond and this obnoxious piece of shit could both be two star generals qualified to run the same stargate facility. Then I remembered that the story arc was that they brought in civilian leadership at the SGC and this emphasizes what I mean when I say that everything is going to be military when I take over. The corporate layer is going away. We need to get Hammond back in there, as far as I can tell.

Typing the above got my RAPE DICK revved up to what I perceive as the maximum intensity for the current set of implants. I was also CHAHed on the LRAD with the LEFT TESTICLE ZAPPER and ELECTROCONVULSOR being activated. The civilian layer is going away and I will relace it with regular military order as I became accustomed to in the Marine Corps. Now doubt whatever is going on with the iris on the stargate having a two step, delayed constricting process like the inner and outer sphincter of an anus is related to the past and present CEOs of Boeing expressing their similar affiliations with cunt face gang. Boeing seems like the kind of company that would contract with the government on something like the stargate program. I noticed that the first four Twitter execs fired by Elon Musk were all doing cunt face in their own corporate portraits and, although I hate express any solidarity with or support for Elon who I do not think is good, my sentiment for people making the cunt face gang sign is the same.

Welcome To The Death Spiral

>This year the government's annual interest bill will break $1 trillion.

>As debt rises, the interest rate required to keep debt service costs from eating all of a government's tax receipts falls. In the US case, those two lines are in danger of crossing in the next few years. No society has ever survived that kind of fiscal crisis.

Pertaining to this article, I have two related charts: Related Chart #1 and Related Chart #2.

The Rothschilds look to take their French investment bank private in a $4 billion deal just a few months after a family head died

This must be related to whatever fraud the Pope is trying to pull by cancelling the constitution of the Knights of Malta.

Boeing 737 Crashes While Fighting Brushfires In Australia

Jim Jordan Subpoenas Garland, Wray Over School Board Memo Used Against 'Domestic Terrorist' Parents

>On October 4 of 2021, AG Merrick Garland issued a memorandum announcing a concentrated effort to target any threats of violence, intimidation, and harassment by parents toward school personnel.

>Jordan, who has repeatedly claimed that the memo was used to justify labeling concerned parents as domestic terrorists, told NBC's "Meet The Press" recently that "the chilling impact on the First Amendment free speech is what we care about."

>"School board writes a letter on Sept. 29th. Five days later, the Attorney General of the United States issues a memorandum to 101 U.S. attorneys offices around the country saying, 'Set up this line that they can report on.' ... When have you ever seen the federal government move that fast?" he asked.

>FBI's Counterterrorism Division had been compiling and categorizing threat assessments related to parents, including a document directing FBI personnel to use a specific "threat tag" to track potential investigations."

The secret collision of the US Seawolf nuclear submarine

>The US Navy released a one-sentence statement on the Seawolf-type nuclear submarine USS Connecticut (SSN 22) in the South China Sea on October 2, 2021

I can explain very well why the government moved so fast on this request from "the school board." Near the end of September 2021 or the beginning of October, six gangstalkers intercepted me at a diner in or near Carle Place, NY where I was getting breakfast. I believe their two-man security detail came into the diner a few moments before them as an advanced guard. The main one stood over me and made it obvious that he was activating my electroshock implants. I assume the woman with him was my rapist Helene. There was another man about 70 years old who looked like a character actor I can remember seeing before. He was Italian looking, bald with a big head, and with very big ears. I got the impression at the time that he was Fauci-affiliated. His eyes looked quite Fauci-like because they were so small. Among the other three, one of them was speaking in a thick Georgia accent and he made some comments about Covington, GA (a town in Georgia) not long before Colby Covington's big UFC fight. From my own table, I was telling them that I was going to kill them and their families, and I was calling them the N word. One of them told me that he heard me call him that but he was pretending not to speak to me and I was muttering so as to not give them an excuse to get me kicked out of the place. I started harping very much on the main one who was making it obvious about the electroshock implants. I told him many times that I was going to kill his family and his daughter whom I had concluded was another gangstalker from earlier in the summer. What I said clearly got under his skin so he went to his friend Merrick Garland and said, "I want you to abuse your office to assign a threat tag to this guy so you/we can punish him when he says things that I don't like." Probably for the same reason that that group had a security detail when most of my stalkers are insignificant low-lifes, the government honored his request for political corruption immediately.

Sometimes I have heard it suggested that the black site torture prison where I have been held in Antarctica for many years is called a "school." That guy may be one of the main ones running the slave clone farm down here which would give a context for "school board officials." This interaction at the diner was also reported as the collision of a USN submarine with an undersea mountain near China, as I have detailed in an earlier post. (Here is the article linked in that post.) I take the "collision" to mean that he was out of line coming to mock me and torture me with electroshock that day, which is odd since that would imply that others doing the same dozens, hundreds, or thousands of times per day are not out of line. Once I got that threat tag attached to me, my implant and torture problem absolutely exploded. (It had actually exploded several weeks earlier on my trip to "Maine" where ten new implants in my dick were described as ten civilian casualties in a botched Afghanistan drone strike for which no one has been held accountable to this day (because it was not botched at all.)) With this tag, my speech is treated as terrorism and people turn my brain off, rape me, and give me implants whenever I start talking about things like slave clones and Antarctica, or the events earlier in my life which may be germane. What Jordan is saying about concern for the suspension of freedom of speech comes from the terrorist threat tag giving my enemies authorities to suspend my rights under secret anti-terrorist law because my speech is literally terrorism now.

To conclude, if that guy from the diner was one of the C-suite officers of this shit-hole where they try to sell a lie about being in the northern hemisphere, then he would not like it me talking about my pendulum experiments proving that I wasn't in North America, slave clones, my inability to get sunburnt, etc.

I'm going to say that this big move in gold means they decided to do another bull run in stocks. Following my previous post about a double top in equity markets, this move in gold would reflect de-hedging against market downside.

Early Primary State Voters Willing To Move Past Trump, Biden

The last dozen Presidential elections were a monotonic downhill slide in every metric regardless of the outcome but this next election is when things will finally turn around if we can just make that no-good other guy lose the race!

In all seriousness, however, between Trump and Biden I have to express my preference that Trump should lose. I don't know if that's hoping for the opportunity to shoot myself in the foot or not. They seem about the same to me. It seems like Trump grew the abominable monster Barron Trump as a son more directly than Biden grew the abominable monster Natalie Biden as a granddaughter. While the problem with my sexual and psychological torture got much worse when Biden was elected, it was already very bad under Trump. Trump's involvement with that bullshit at Exide is a dealbreaker with me and him and that could very well be an expression of those things which are also dealbreakers between Biden and I. As I said, I don't know if I'm hoping to shoot myself in the foot again as I did when I supported Trump last time. I do know that I will never support him again, however.

Due the Treasury's "extraordinary" debt ceiling aversion measures functioning as a new form of QE (as the Treasury drains its cash account at the Fed to avoid new, prohibited bond sales for funding the government), I think the market is going to go up until the debt ceiling gets raised in the summer. I think it is likely that equity markets will repeat this double topping pattern from the BTC chart to reach the previous ATH's before crashing violently due to markets not liking the debt ceiling deal and the reality of the terrible fundamentals finally hitting home.

WTF Happened In 1971?

Does the bank robber owe the bank money after he robs it? The answer is no. He doesn't owe the bank anything. It is the job of the police to bring the money back to the bank and it would be the height of impropriety for the chief of police to tell the bank, "Why are you asking me about your money? You need to take that up with the robber. If he owes you money, that's between you and him." In my situation, the problem is exacerbated when I am the chief of police and I am the bank, and the guy everyone thinks is the chief is working with the robber.

The gangstalking activity was greatly increased on my trip to the driving lesson today. Unlike Shit Breath, when I looked at today's instructor's eyes from the side, I could see that his cornea was transparent. Shit Breath's cornea that I could see from the driver's seat was opaque. In any case, the driver went full Grinch (pic) when I mentioned to him that I was hoping not to get another MEGA ZAPPER on the back of my neck today like I did in my last lesson with Shit Breath. The Grinch face came shortly before he mentioned that he liked Trump more than Biden and I can compare that to the Biden stalker last week who seemed like he was going far out of his way to not be a little bitch during his interception maneuver. (He seemed to be disassociating his own person from the Shit Eye persona, who is also "Biden.") While requesting vocalizations regarding my opinions on the relative merits of Trump, Biden, and nuclear war between the USA and Russia, the instructor was intermittently making the sigil of protection as well. That might not have seemed like a mockery had it not followed his expression of ecstasy when I mentioned the MEGA NECK ZAPPER I got in my last driving lesson. This Grinch face today was about as big of a fuck you as one might fit into the context, I imagine. There was at least one camera stalker and a likely beard stalker on the way there, and a pair of camera stalkers also intercepted me on the way back too. They began filming me simultaneously on the returning 11 train. One person who got in my face on the number 3 train before that seemed friendly but then some other asshole came and took ownership of that one, clearly indicating that I was mistaken. There may have been another friendly stalker after that, however, as the Biden stalker may have been accompanied by a friendly stalker last week. There were two English language hecklers today, one asking me WASSUP?!?! and one saying EXCUSE ME!! when someone sneezed. The WASSUP heckler heckled me right after it seemed like Strzok approached me. I moved away from him and changed trains immediately because I do not care for his company. Even among people whose company I do not care for, he is ranked highly among those who I would move away from first. After exiting the Strzok train, I got back on the next train. When I got off at my intended station, I observed what appeared to be a Robert Garrett stalker paired with an Eric Dougherty stalker.

I don't know what is the purpose of the work these people are doing but I do know that it will amount to nothing. To that end, I do not mean to imply that the work is inherently worthless but rather that I will discover the purpose of the work and destroy it.

Another one. That's about six on the head and about six new WRIGGLERS in and around my asshole, not to mention the MEGA ZAPPER on the back of my neck that the driving instructor put there last week. That situation with the driving school is quite like the mandatory anger management class I had to go to as condition of release from jail (pending a year in jail for non-compliance) after spitting in my roommates' face for electroshocking my asshole. In that class, they turned my brain off and attacked me with forcible sodomy leaving my asscrack smeared with shit for me to find later and similarly this driver's course that I have to go it is being used as a theater for raping me as well. The main thing I have to say about this is that it is going to be the coworkers and servants of those who do these things and order them that will feel like the greatest injustice is being done to them. In a group like the jesuits, for example, my law says, "Make sure there is no one among you," but they say, "We have to make sure they are among us so we can jew our way into profits on whatever comes." Then they try to put different labels on themselves as if they weren't all among each other and they will call out saying, "I wasn't one of those ones," and I will say, "Yes, you were. You failed to keep my covenant."

I believe I got at least five new ZAPPERS on the head of my dick in the past few days: two in the last 1mm of the pisshole, one of which seems to have been removed, as well as these other three ZAPPERS. Today I am experiencing greatly elevated electroshock to the pleasure center of my sex organ, as is common practice among my adversaries. I assume that I got these at the last hotel and they were not activated so as to cover the tracks of whatever was done regarding raping me and stabbing me in the penis to implant sexual torture devices into the stab wounds while I was being raped and burglarized. If these ones are not new, then they have not used them on me in a long time. Almost all of my UPPER DICK ZAPPER posts are about the ZAPPERS implanted at 9:00 and 3:00 on the shaft about 1mm below the head. Today, the electroshock to the head is exceedingly severe. I am sure the intention is to stab and electroshock my penis into complete numbness before I can use it to fuck the beautiful daughters of the tribe of my enemies' enemies. If my enemies are able to destroy my penis, then they will retain a great victory even if I am able to destroy their bloodlines. While my penis is not completely numb yet, there does come a point where enough small gauge syringes (or whatever) have been stabbed into a penis to ruin it and I am very quickly getting there. Like radiation exposure, the damage only accrues. It does not reverse or attenuate. Once a pancake of scar tissue forms where a syringe has the sliced the flesh in the head of my penis, for instance, it will never go away. They had stopped putting them on the head of my penis for a while but now that time is clearly over.

I made my previous post about how the WRIGGLERS are the worst but I can also say that the ZAPPERS are the worst when they are on the head of the penis because for each stab wound getting such a ZAPPER into my body, there will remain a layer of scar tissue which will never heal and which will never go away, and which will unequivocally reduce my ability to feel sexual pleasure. My enemies' conspiracy across the decades has been to deny my intention to receive pleasure through my penis and this electroshock to the head of my penis greatly furthers that conspiracy. I don't know if the electroshock that comes from the current ZAPPERS is strong enough to cause permanent damage but I am certain that electroshock to the head of the penis is not doctor recommended, at least. Mainly, however, these unceasing stab wounds to head of my penis have accumulated A LOT of scar tissue by now. I know my enemies have it written in their protocols that small stab wounds don't leave scar tissue but that is bullshit. It is impossible to slice the flesh without leaving a scar, as with a syringe, or to lacerate it as with a forcible puncture and not leave scar tissue where the flesh was rent.

So, whereas I had about 1000 scars due to stab wounds on the head of my penis last month, now I have about 1005. This damage to the flesh in my penis will never go away and it will be doubled when someone else comes along to stab me in the penis again to take out an implant making room for the new implant which will be a big surprise when it comes the next day. When they redouble it again to take out those next ones, that will encourage more redoubling when the other group puts more new ones into stab wounds on the head of my penis after that.

I have gotten several new WRIGGLERS in and around my asshole lately and I wish to express an aspect of my discontentment. I am dissatisfied with the prioritization of the removal of the implants which inflict great physical pain over those that inflict great psychological pain. For instance, when I have the MEGA implants in my balls, it hurts and it feels metaphorically like I got kicked in the balls a few minutes ago. (And indeed I have had a MEGA implant in my right nut for more than six months now in addition to the regular CRUSHERS and ZAPPERS implanted in both testicles since the summer of 2021.) I can deal with the pain in my testicles well enough and, although I realize that the rapiness of getting implants into my balls is the same as getting implants in and around my asshole, the physical pain has a resolve hardening effect. On the other hand, these WRIGGLERS in and around my asshole, and in my pisshole and eyelid, do not cause much physical pain. However, the psychological pain due to these is very great because the sensation in and around my asshole is like a sexual attack. A kick to the nuts is not what one would usually consider a sexual attack despite the relative status of what is or is not a sex organ.

Although the WRIGGLERs do not inflict much physical pain, it is like I am wrapped up in cellophane and Helene has her finger up my ass to gently wiggle it while saying, "WHATCHA DOIN?" Therefore, I wish to express my desire that the implants which inflict extreme psychological pain should be prioritized for removal over the less rapey ones that hurt more. It is not difficult for me to deal with the physical pain when my testicles are throbbing in agony, even to the point where the electricity shoots up into my stomach to create a sensation of nausea. With the subtler sensation of the WRIGGLERS, however, I cannot help but acknowledge the reality of rapiness. It is impossible to tune out or I am not able to tune it out. Therefore, I should express my desire that the band of rapists who removes the implants placed by the other band of rapists should prioritize removal according to the psychological distress, not the physical distress, because I am much more able to tune out the physical side of it. The way it is now, it's like the remover rapists are saying that the MEGA TESTICLE CRUSHERS and ULTRA TESTICLE CRUSHERS are worse than the ANAL WRIGGLERS and BUTT CHEEK WRIGGLERS but that is not the case. Not only I am better equipped to deal with the physical pain than the malicious sexual sensation, but it is also preferable to me that those who watch me should me should say, "Wow, they are really hurting him with that testicular electroshock," that if they are able to say, "Oh, that's nothing. They're just wriggling his asshole a little bit. It's kind of cute and I have these non-fraudulent documents which say he actually likes it." I don't like it. I prefer the TESTICLE CRUSHERS and whoever is prioritizing the physical pain over the malicious wriggling in my asshole is doing my enemies' work for them.

WRIGGLERS in my pisshole and in my eyelid were activated when I was getting the linked image above, and they do not bother me as much as the ones around my asshole and in my asshole. To paraphrase, I think I would rather have someone beat me with a stick than to be restrained as they make "cute" sounds while rubbing a fluffy cat toy on my asshole. In other words, the kick in the nuts is preferable to the sexual torture and those who prioritize things otherwise are doing my enemies' work for them. Several URETHRA ZAPPERS and an LEFT TESTICLE ZAPPER while adding this paragraph.

I saw one time that Helene was saying the WRIGGLER feels like the flutter of a butterfly's wing but that is a lie. It feels like the USA kidnapped me and raped me, stabbed me in the asshole or sliced my asshole in the inside while they were raping me, and then installed a device or some devices in anal trauma to ensure that the rape never ends. Then, as the rape escalated over time to be a mega-train gangrape probably involving hundreds of rapists, many of the later rapists put piezoelectric sexual torture devices in and around my asshole so they could continue to inflict pain on me beyond that which was associated with the earlier rapes, anal stabbing, and involuntary electronic augmentations. That's nothing like a butterfly's wing. Rather, you could easily use what it really feels like as the plot for a Saw movie.

Seven people killed in 'terror attack' shooting at synagogue in Jerusalem

Sometimes the target in the Veritas video looks like Block Head and he also reminds me very much of Derek Battle. I have long suspected that Derek's post-torture face was featured on a dentist's office near where I used to live in Midtown Atlanta. I can't be 100% sure this is Derek's face in the window but I am 100% sure that is not a happy smile there. You can't see it very well in the image but the eyes are very teary when you see it in person and I think it is easy to see pain on his face.

Pfizer Executive: 'Mutate' COVID via 'Directed Evolution'

The "evolution" claim in the recent Project Veritas video seems like an Exide reference and the target's head shape reminds of the man from Alliance who I remember now as Block Head. The main schema in Exide's installations of SQL Server was called [Evolution] and the only other schema was the one that had Sandy's obfuscator table in it. Certainly, the rendition of the Salt Pit which appeared in the show One Punch Man (whose OPM initials reference the OPM hack) was called The House of Evolution because the data for what happens down there are tracked in Exide's data system. Since it now seems likely that they would have called cutting someone's arms and legs off "evolution," I will recount some of my thoughts and experiences related to amputations. (I believe the fictional House of Evolution was modelled on the Koch-owned Georgia-Pacific building where a supertall skyscraper without any windows on one side hosts a torture hotel for the amusement of the members of The 191 Club housed in the adjacent 191 Peachtree building, which is linked by a skywalk for no good reason. Joey and Steve Collins are members at that club and I believe a man or multiple men were rescued when I became alarmed driving near a truck from their business with fleet number 191 written on the back. The men would have been in the back of a mobile torture van and these two men could be among the men in question.)

When I first started going to the McDonald's in Dunwoody as a way to get away from the bullshit downtown, it seemed like the entire office staff from Exide intercepted me as McDonald's customers one day. They were disguised and I was trying to ignore them since I had nowhere else to go. Some person sat in the booth in front of me wearing a red shirt and I began to get really bad vibes from him. The way he was moving was very unnatural and the way he positioned himself (or herself) into the corner of the booth made it seem like the person's arms were amputated above the shoulders. He would have had prosthetic arms because I could see arms but the way he put his arm over his head to point his armpit at me was extremely unnatural. The vibes I was getting from this person were so gross, I moved to another table where I had to look at who I thought was Rodney Williams, seated at a table with Tim Jefferies (Jeffries?) and probably Sandy Bushey. A few moments later, the whole dining area cleared out at once when I assume they concluded whatever fraud there were there to enact. I'm sure they said they had "a meeting" and that I had agreed to whatever fraud they were there for without ever announcing themselves or anything being spoken between us.

A while later, I was living in the house on Center St. I was on the porch and someone I knew from Occupy Atlanta walked by. I called to him and he came to talk to me for a while. Something terrible had happened to him in the several years since we had spoken because his eyes were all fucked up and pointing different directions. As we were talking, he started pointing his elbow/armpit at me in a very unnatural way and I was overcome with the feeling that he was pointing an amputated stump at me.

Before either of the two above instances, I was staying at the homeless shelter hear the CNN building. In the dorm there one day, I think I saw something like a life-sized tardigrade that someone put on the bed next to them. It was like a brown leather bag, very heavy duty, and the opening at the top reminded me very much of a tardigrade's face/mouth area. As the opening was pointed at me, I felt very strongly that someone was looking at me from within the bag. Because the man had carried it to his bed, I do not think there could have been a full-sized human in there. It would have been too heavy.

7 killed in shooting at Jerusalem synagogue

Hillary's Bungled 'Reset' Button

Hillary's "overcharge" button seems like it would have referenced Helene robbing me blind and giving my money away to anyone who wanted to help her rob me before she got me fired from my job and kicked me out of the place I was renting and then leaving me to rot in indigence on the street for two years because I wasn't begging her for money. She knew I was on the street because I could not afford a place to stay and she never offered me a dime. To the contrary, this overcharge bullshit seems like she was giving more than the $100/day I would have needed for a hotel and food to my enemies. Luckily, in the future I will feel like the money I lost on that was worth the list of names I got showing who stole it, either directly or by receiving.

Now that I think Exide was trying to get me to delete my name from the list of people whose arms and legs they can't cut off (etc), I have something else to say about the meeting with Trump and Putin (and Nunez) in December 2016. Usually Tim was in those meetings but he called in that day and was on the speaker phone. He made some comment like, "I just make whatever they tell me to make," or, "I just do whatever they tell me to do." At the time, my impression was that he was calling in from the Salt Pit to explain that he just tortures people however they tell him to do it. While I was right about that, I believe, I was wrong about the context. I thought we were working on stopping what he was happening in the Salt Pit but what was really happening was that he was saying, "If you delete your name from that list and send me an email telling me to fuck you up, even inadvertently, then that's what I'm going to do."

Former senior FBI official accused of working for Russian he investigated

> The FBI's former top spy hunter in New York was charged Monday with taking secret cash payments of more than $225,000 while overseeing highly sensitive cases, and breaking the law by trying to get Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska removed from a U.S. sanctions list

>The name of Deripaska, a politically connected billionaire, came up repeatedly in recent U.S. investigations involving Russia and the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump. Deripaska did business for years with Paul Manafort, whose tenure as Trump's campaign chairman became an intense focus of FBI investigations.

Trump on Manafort indictment: 'This is years ago'

>But the special prosector accused Manafort of trying to hide his work in Ukraine---and millions of dollars in payments from it---from around 2006 to 2017. That undercuts Trump's claim the charges stemmed from actions that only occurred ''years ago.''

When I was hired at Exide in September 2016, my desk was in the same building where I had been interviewed. Then McGonigal got a promotion at the FBI and in December they moved my desk into another building which Google Maps says is actually the Milton, GA police department. Before the move, Rod Williams had made several weird, non-contextual comments saying there were "white rooms" in the other building but I never saw any white rooms after I moved. In fact, I don't even know what a white room is supposed to be. Rod's office moved into that building too and in January 2017, I tried to open the door directly across the hall from his office but it would not open. He laughed and said, "You can't open that door!," and his tone was rather smug. I think this was the secret torture dungeon in the police department: a "red room" that he had been deceptively referring to as a white room. Given the close association of Deripaska with Kilimnik, I think the truth about McGonigal's lobbying for removal from a list was that he was trying to get me removed from the "do not murder or slice off the arms and legs list" so he could grab me at my desk and have me dragged down into that basement. Around that time, shortly after the meeting I thought was attended by Putin and Trump, I read a story about some Russian intelligence chief being hooded from behind during a meeting with Putin and dragged out to be taken who knows where. Although I quit about a week after I read that story, during that week I was getting very strong vibes that my coworkers were planning to hood me at my desk and drag me somewhere.

When Trump says his business with Manafort was "years ago," he is referring to a time shortly before Barron was born. Barron was grown with my stolen semen and one of Ivanka's eggs in the womb of Stormy Daniels and the intention in that conspiracy was to skip over me with my own inheritance and give it to the abominable monster that Trump grew instead. Indeed, I believe the main purpose of the fraud contract at Exide was to rob me of that inheritance without ever telling me about it. I also believe that this $1M payment routed to Manafort through Cypress in October 2009 was related to my inability to publish my first scientific paper on arXiv, one which is now called SCP-001 at the SCP Foundation. Most interestingly, the fact that I authored this groundbreaking paper on a layover at the airport in Moscow served as the entire basis for the entire Russiagate and Russian collusion kerfuffles and imbroglios. (I also believe that the first scientific mission of the JWST was to test the model of dark energy that I wrote about. I understand that the data supported my modified model while effectively ruling out the conventional model of accelerating cosmological expansion in the spacelike sector.) I think it was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts that used the Rodney Williams persona at Exide to execute a conspiracy of fraudulent misrepresentation against me while I was being hired and then they would have brought in McGonigal to play Rodney Williams after that once the USA had obtained their fraud contract. Since they both used the name "Rod Williams," one must take care not to let Rodney be confused with the Rodelene Williams alias used by Helene as when the FBI let it slide that "a PRN employee" had wiped Hillary's server without clarifying whether that was a Platte River Networks employee or an "as needed" pro re nata employee.

Manafort's name references his position as the main vendor of my stolen semen: "the manna fort." During the time around his arrest, the FBI found freezers in his home and in his storage unit but the latter freezer seems to have been deleted from the internet following the initial reporting. Certainly this was due to the presence of my semen in one or both freezers. Since the government of Ukraine was overthrown by the USA in 2014 to install a puppet government more amenable to my enemies' intentions to spawn a new race of abominable monsters there with my stolen semen, one understands that Manafort's real purpose in Ukraine (referenced in the second article above) was selling my semen and this is the basis of the current war there. Selling my semen was also Hunter Biden's $50k/mo job while he was working in Ukraine as an "energy consultant." (Natalie Biden is grown from my stolen semen as well.) Overall, McGonigal's lobbying to get me taken off the no-kill list would have been in support of my enemies' intentions to remove me from the picture after impregnating enough of their own sons' wives with my semen to sufficiently graft the cancer of their bloodlines onto my bloodline which is called the true vine of life. They would have started to call themselves the House of David after murdering David's heir: God's chosen king, or doing much worse than murdering me. I don't doubt that the context of my own work moving things around in Exide's data system would have been to remove my own name from the no-kill list to support what they would have said about that meeting. One recalls that I was working at Exide only (only!) to avoid the homelessness which have ensued if I had not accepted the one job offer I got after being fired from Lexis Nexis in the events now known as "the DNC hack." Therefore, I suggest that those involved in foisting that harsh financial reality on me were complicit in the events which occurred after I accepted the job.

Shortly before my desk was moved into the police station, I attended a regular weekly meeting at Exide. In that meeting, I think Putin was wearing the Rod Williams disguise and Trump was wearing the Dave Morrison disguise, and they defrauded me in some matter by citing four digit workunit IDs with which I was unfamiliar. In hindsight, they probably said (or would have said), that I agreed in that meeting to let them drag me down into that basement to cut my arms and legs off before blinding and deafening me (and slicing my vocal chords) to keep me around as someone's fuck doll as they pass my inheritance to Trump's son, which was probably to be shared with Putin to some extent as a reward for his lack of objections. It seems like McGonigal would have been the main organizer of that meeting and I think his real job for the government would have been in offensive espionage rather than defensive counter-intelligence.

The article linked above supports my association of McGonigal with Rod Williams because his big promotion in the FBI came about two weeks after I got my own big demotion into a position at Exide. As he was arrested at the airport, I wonder if he was there for a departing international flight.

Top FBI 'Russiagate' Official Took Secret Payments From Russian Oligarch: DOJ

Deripaska is a fake name referencing my enemies' intention to portray me as "derpy" rather than to acknowledge that it is fully proper for me not to fit in well with the society that it is my destiny to destroy. Derpy is also a less favorable alternative to "eccentric genius" chosen by the clan of mental midgets whose culture and blood I am about to exterminate. I have often seen Deripaska mentioned with Konstantin Kilimnik which was another fake name about wanting to kill me, and also a Tooker reference with its two Ks. Certainly Sergey Shestakov seems like a sevensixtwo reference (shest means six in Russian) and even the Charles McGonigal name seems like a "formerly Chuck's" reference.