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Persistent RD with intermittent LTZ and multiple intermittent TPI.

Credit Suisse Crashes To All-Time Low After Regulators Probe If Chairman Lied About "Stabilizing" Outflows

This guy has been getting posted lately because he looks my enemy: the master of the jesuits who is the master of the catholic church right now since the Pope is a jesuit, and who was probably the master of it before the Pope was a jesuit too since the old Pope resigned to make way for the Satanic jesuit Pope to put his official stamp of Papery on "the unthinkable." I guess some people are expressing their shock that he "did the unthinkable" but actually this is who the Pinhead character in Hellraiser was based on and I don't think it's reasonable to be surprised to learn that that guy was actually evil all along.

My dick wasn't getting electrocuted this morning but then as soon as I fucked up one of my vocabulary words, the al0-over electrocution to the head of the penis was activated and it remains active now having not abated for a moment since it was activated.

I was wondering where I might have had the implants in the head of my dick taken out a few days ago but now it is 100% obvious that they were not taken out and the head of my penis is still riddled with the NEW DICK PAIN INFLCITOR, RAPE DICK-analogue implants. The entire head of my penis is in extreme discomfort which I am not able to ameliorate with squeezing or adjusting. Although the discomfort seems to emanate from the red areas, it is not localized there at all. Instead the entire end of my dick is in a persistent, severe state of discomfort which is probably infinitely greater than the discomfort that will be revisited not only on the children of those who do such things, but those who made it possible for such things to be done.

Reminder about whoever yelled, "You got that right!," when I fucked up my vocabulary word just now.

Multiple UPPER DICK ZAPPPERS in the head of my penis with a flurry of TAPPING to mark the FLURRY OF ELECTROCUTION attack shared across several ZAPPERS which remain implanted in the head of my penis. RD blasting non-stop since before I noticed the new bump on my nose.

I hate this meme that I made but this is my honest feeling about what happened.

I believe this new bump on my nose is easily recognized as a new mutilating disfigurement written onto my face. If so, this is the third biggest of at least eight such facial mutilations, four of which are on the left side of my nose where Sam Hyde's trademark mole is.

EDIT: It's hard to imagine how "Perlasca" might try to spin in it a good way when he signed something that says Sam Hyde is allowed to mutilate my face in addition to constantly raping and torturing me. That's very hard to reconcile with the Spilled Tendies Apu suggesting that he meant something good by signing it. Anyways, I got the edge of my knife up under what appears to be another glop of coagulated filth injected into my face, and I think I excoriated the whole thing with my nail clippers. It's taking a while to stop bleeding so I can't inspect it very well now but I did clip off some flesh with the clippers and I think I got the glob of shit. The person in room 302 (not the two-times interceptor from 304) greatly increased the wall BANGING during this update. The RD was revved up with the RIGHT TESTICLE ZAPPER being added as well. I find it be ironic when it seems like "Perlasca" is always posting "I want to die" but then he doesn't kill himself because Satan's church tells him that I wouldn't like it if he did. (The church in service to which he betrayed me to begin with.)

Putin Suspends New START Nuclear Treaty, Puts Missiles On Combat Readiness

>"Step by step, we will carefully and systematically achieve the aims that face us,"

There's about one month left until the option expiry for a previous energy trade I suggested: buy options in September to sell WTI at $77 in March. That might not turn into the cash cow I had hoped and it seems kind of like oil is being stuck around $77 since then to undermine me and the profits of those who might have taken my advice. On the other hand, I might be looking too much into that. However, I have another options trade in mind: buy calls on the USA NatGas August contract at the current price. Aside from the weather, NatGas tanked this winter because everyone stocked up on it in the summer and I think that will happen again this year.

I have even more RAPE DICK now than I did earlier, it seems. It was blasting new RD around 7:30 but now it is blasting new RD around 5:00. This new RD is probably what the interceptor in the hall was so ecstatically smiling about.

Dick pain inflictor in the head of my dick still, in at least two locations. Reminder never to kill the man that intercepted in front of my room when I returned from my errands, and probably not to ever kill the woman who was out there in the hall at the same time.

This morning, the induction stove in the room I'm renting blew a fuse and I had to go out into the hall for a moment to flip the breaker. Although I was quite certain that had the sigil of protection engaged while I had the door untied, the sensation of NEW RAPE DICK has been alternating back and forth with the sensation of NEW LEFT TESTICLE CRUSHER since I went out there. I am pretty sure that the sigil of protection has been compromised. My RAPE DICK is about 100 times worse today. I think someone anally raped me this morning and that they stabbed me in the asshole while they were raping me to implant a new sexual torture device into the stab wounds in my asshole, my scrotum, and my testicle. The RAPE DICK had gotten pretty low for a while but it is maxxed out again now. My likely rapists were banging and tapping on the walls to the right of me, and to the left of me, while I was making this post.

This post is definitely about my semen: biolabs and human trafficking, etc. It seems to say that Kerry's and Pelosi's families are also going to get exterminated due to poisoning themselves with my stolen semen. I think when the full tally of the stolen semen and abominable monsters is counted, I might have a hard time finding the 144,000 Israelites who are sealed as in Revelation. On the other hand, once my kingdom is established, all who made it into the remnant will be treated like native born Israelites. After the Day of the Lord, the remaining Israelites will cease to be the children of Satan and become children of God. In that day, my name will be the only name. As that day has not come yet, however, the rebellious Israelites have been trying to graft themselves on to me to the extent that they have doomed some large share of their nation. I doubt I will find even one instance of a non-Israelite being poisoned with my stolen semen, in fact.

Yes, I am pretty sure that I got yet another new one in my dick today. This area was not bothering me at all when I was talking about the ALL OVER ZAPPER attacks which were localized toward the other side. When I got ZAPPED here as I was making the last post, the pain started and it has not gone away. Therefore, I think there is a new PAIN INFLICTOR implant placed here today. Also, I am having problems with both upper front TPIs despite it seeming like it was only one upper front tooth lately. LEFT TESTICLE ZAPPER as I finished writing the above.

This red one is the main one bothering me in my dick right now. It's like it was embedded at an angle at the step from the shaft the head so it's under the head somewhat without being in the brain meat. Since I started making this post, I had the RIGHT SIDE SCROTUM MEGA ZAPPER activate, as well as the TPI on both of my from upper teeth and the URETHRA ZAPPER too. The TPI on my upper left molar was going off a lot earlier and the 9:00 wriggler is there. I feel like I received 9:00 FRESH ANAL TRAUMA today. As an afterthought, the white star UPPER DICK ZAPPER went off as I was finishing this post. That one is a topical ZAPPER of the sort I am familiar with, but this red star ZAPPER is one of the new ones which is much worse. On second thought, the white one is probably a ZAPPER and PAIN INFLICTOR because that area has not stopped hurting since it got ZAPPED.

Keeping my dick and balls in that can didn't work out as well as I had hoped due to a weird smell. They aren't electrocuting the head o my penis today but are still electrocuting several ZAPPERS around the shaft about 1mm below the head and also my balls while making sure to signal the simultaneity with banging in at least the rooms on either side of mine, and probably the one below too. Among those shown above, the central two are new (new-ish?) because those have gotten down to just the ones at 3:00 and 9:00 for a long time. The central two are not only ZAPPERS but also appear to be PAIN INFLICTORS because the persistent pain which I was complaining about in the head yesterday persists today in the white rectangled area. In fact, those two central ones feel like they stabbed forward so that they are underneath the head. The PAIN is a deep pain, not a topical ZAPPER sensation.

Covering my dick with my metal camping bowl started helping a lot. It completely stopped in fact, although the RD revved way up. Since that seemed to work where I have had poor results with tin foil in the past, I opened one of the tin cans from my groceries and put my dick and balls in it after taping over the sharp edge with duct tape. This seems to block out Helene's rape ray from my dick completely. My dick and balls are completely at peace now, in fact. As I finished typing that, a MEGA ZAPPER of which I was previously unaware was activated in my left eyelid. That means I have at least two MEGA ZAPPERS still in my right eye because this was on the other side from the one that got activated when I was contemplating the REEEE Same Hyde post.

13 Numbers That Show How Dramatically We Have Failed America's Children

>The kids are not okay

>family unit is under attack like never before

>it is being replaced by "new arrangements"

Non-stop NEW DICK PAIN INFLICTOR, non-stop DUPI, non-stop RD.

My dick is getting incessantly electrocuted with these new implants in the head. The person in 302 is incessantly banging on the wall to make it known that they are in there and that their master believes they are not bringing down filth on everything that they would wish to keep clean. I've been thinking that I was only having lingering discomfort in my dick from this microbursts of NEW ZAPPERS in the head of my penis but now I am quite certain that I have an altogether new kind of implant in the head of my penis which is being used against me incessantly and which was not removed when I went out of the room yesterday.

I think I must also have a permanent PAIN INFLCITOR implant in the head of my dick now like my DUPI and RD implants, not the NANO-RAZOR implants which I have also called UPPER DICK PAIN INFLCITORS in the past. This feels much different and my rapist that kike Helene made some disgusting grunting noise on the LRAD when I typed that. I do not think the problem is that my dick still hurts from that MEGA ZAPPER blast earlier. I think the problem is that I have a new kind of implant in the head of my penis. I think the permanent PAIN INFLCITOR implant going non-stop right in the most sensitive part of my sex organ must be much worse for permanent desensitization than the one-off ZAPPER attacks which I have been having on and off for a few years now.

More banging with simultaneous electrocution to the end of my penis. Someone posted some piece of shit who I think is the master of the Jesuits pointing a gun at me earlier, the man who I think Hellraiser's Pinhead is based on from his previous torturefests worshipping Satan at the Gemini Lounge in New York City in the 1970s. Suddenly the electroshock to the head of my penis is 100 times worse today. Not coincidentally, I assume, I made several posts about what a giant piece of shit is the Catholic church today and I think that church is the favorite thing of the Jesuits. I find it to be highly ironic, in a bad way, when the Lord's covenant with the Israelites says, "Make sure there is no root among you producing such bitter poison," and the Jesuit strategem of infiltrating both sides of everything is to always make sure there is some root among them producing that poison. It relates their Satanism that they take God's model of what not to do as the example of what they ought to do. I hear the purpose of this strategy, which ended up in the Genesis block of my first website, is to ensure that their church defeats God in the end. They say, "To ensure the church will win in the end," but since God intends to destroy their bullshit, the church can only win if God loses. An Irishman named Malachi seems to have picked up a hot tip on which way that's going to go, however.

Since my dick still hurts from that simultaneous MULTI-ZAPPER electroshock administered by multiple implants in and around my dick head several minutes ago, I wish to retract my previous statement about these ones that remain being low voltage. They are extremely high voltage and I am unable to localize where all of them may be since the sensation of the sexual torture was much unlike the localized ZAPPER implants to which I am accustomed. The linked image of my dick above shows my rough guess. These ones I have now are not as bad as the ones I got in "Maine" or in the Holiday Inn in "Carle Place," but other than those couple of dozen pervious electroshock devices implanted into stab wounds in the head of my penis, these current electroshock devices implanted into new stab wounds in the head of my penis are the worst ZAPPERS I ever had in the head of my penis. I have not such severe electroshock to the head of my penis in more than a year as just occurred now, and even when the voltage has been higher, I have never had several activated at once like that. As I conclude this post, the person in the adjacent room electrocuted my penis again simultaneous with their door slamming.

The stalker in room 302 just did a loud cough simultaneous with the total electrocution of the entire head of my penis, basically like a car battery just got hooked up to my dick at the moment the woman in there coughed.

Trump: I won't call DeSantis 'Meatball Ron'

I have decided to hope for De Santis to become the next President. Other than that, I had seen it previously suggested that Trump was involved in the Gamergate murder which is the obvious and obscene meatball reference made by Trump. Furthermore, I don't doubt that the man Helene killed was well loved in Florida. I also don't doubt that it was prominent and notorious agents of the Catholic church who encouraged and enabled Helene to become "confused" about who was who before she entered the kidnapping and murder phase of her Jewish Satanic ritual because they wanted to show a scene in which the righteous suffer while Catholic Satanic allegiance profits greatly. Maybe they wanted to show that choosing God over their piece of shit church is the wrong choice, or possibly it was some similar yarn promoting satanism by showing that the Catholic church protected the person who Helene was trying to kill while knowingly putting one who was not their servant into her hands instead, with malice and forethought. Indeed, I believe it was my friend who they gave to Helene and I think another motive in their doing so was to insert their filthy worms into my life pretending to be the man that they had given to Helene. As I understand, these people who showed up as the imposters then facilitated the fraud at Exide under which I have suffered for many years. I believe the fraud facilitated in part with their false claims of good faith between me and them. Obviously, there is no good faith between me and the people who gave that man to Helene. There is no good faith between me and the agents of Satan that call themselves Catholic priests either.

Although I got immediately raped, poisoned, mutilated, mocked, tormented, and tortured when I tried to seek peace in Florida, I also noticed that the billboards for a lawfirm on I-75S as I entered Florida from Georgia seemed to tell the story of the the girl who came to "Ben Gurion" with me in 2017. It seemed like they were saying that Florida was a bastion of resistance against the people that I hate the most but my experiences there (Florida, Antarctica, I believe) completely disproved me in less than a day. It didn't take 15 minutes after I stopped driving, in fact. Rather, it seemed like Florida was a major power base for the people I hate the most.

Maybe I got a new WRIGGLER in my right eyelid too. One just got activated where I don't recall feeling one before and someone made an obnoxious squealing noise come through the wall at the same time that it was activated.

UPDATE: This new EYELID WRIGGLER has been going pretty much non-stop since I mentioned it and when it restarted following my initial post, it was simultaneous with my rapist Helene making some obnoxious grunting sound on the LRAD.

The head of my dick is still riddled with new ZAPPERS. These are new ones on the outer surface of the head in addition to several old ones (or dozens of old ones) down the pisshole and in a ring around the shaft about 1mm below the head. The DUPI persists non-stop, as it has since I got back from trying seek peace in "Ohio." I have shallow, mid, and deep URETHRA ZAPPERS, and there remain ZAPPERS in both my testicles, and CRUSHERS in both of my testicles. I have not had extreme testicle pain lately but I do not know if that is due to a change in the implants or a change in their usage. Certainly, my balls are still getting electroshocked dozens of times per day, in either case (some woman heckling me in English through my open window.) As if prompting me to mention them, my rapists and torturers used the MID URETHRA ZAPPER when I mentioned the DUPI, and now they have also activated the TPI which is near my recent failed dental work on the upper left side. (Women loudly giggling outside my window (previous heckle mentioned during editing, chronologically after the giggling.)) I still have ZAPPERS all over my ass and legs, one of each was just activated, in fact, and I have ZAPPERS all over my hands and feet and fingers and toes. Continuing with the apparent prompting of my rapists and torturers, a RIGHT GROIN ZAPPER was just activated. Furthermore, I have one or more WRIGGLERS down my pisshole where it has been (or they have been) for a lot longer than a year. I might also mention that in addition to the LEFT EYE WRIGGLER which I have had since about 2020, I noticed when I was studying the picture of Sam Hyde that I posted earlier that I have an ULTRA ZAPPER still implanted in the pit of my left eye. My eye got ULTRA ZAPPED after spending a few seconds pondering what might be the reason for REEEE Sam getting posted as opposed to the Smug Sam that I usually see. I also have ZAPPERS all over my scrotum and face, and neck, chest, and back, and I've certainly left some out. The TPI on my upper left front tooth also remains, very much so.

The main point of this post is to indicate that the line which seemed to have been drawn at electroshock to the head of my penis has clearly been abandoned. There must be several ZAPPERS in there now creating the non-localizable electrocution to the head of my penis which is still happening at least dozens of times per day. The localized ZAPPERS about which I posted recently (with red star schematics) seem to have been removed but I still have many more NEW ZAPPERS on the head of my penis. They are being used to inflict flurries of ZAPPING in a different character to the sharp ZAPPING from the ones marked with red stars. I would say I still have at least five or ten new ones on the outer surface of the head of my penis. I arrive at this number by estimating that the flurry of electrocution attack which has been present over the recent days must be due to the presence of several low voltage ZAPPERS all being activated in coordinated sexual torture attacks.

The RAPE DICK is about as low as it has gotten since it started in August 2020 but it has not stopped yet. The 9:00 MID WRIGGLER which had stopped for a few days started again and the 11:00 OUTER WRIGGLER is as persistent as ever, if not more so lately. The 9:00 WRIGGLER and 3:00 WRIGGLER continue 100s of times per day, as before. The ELECTROCONVULSOR and LRAD problems remains unremediated as well. As I finish this post, the RTC is revved up, the LEFT TESTICLE was sharply ZAPPED when I typed "RTC," and I was also CHAHed in the voice of someone who is probably going to be disappointed with the fate I have in store for his loved ones, his servants, and his servants' loved ones.

Somebody posted REEEE Sam today and it is has piqued my interest.

Pope's chief of staff could undercut star witness in Vatican's 'trial of the century'

>With regard to the star witness, Pena Parra said, "In daily meetings with Monsignor Perlasca, in response to my request for explanations he provided incomplete or partial information that were limited to attempts to justify operations that were already underway."

>Perhaps most damningly, the Pena Parra memo asserts that Perlasca himself signed two key documents authorizing the London deal "before the question had been submitted to the attention of the Secretary of State or the Holy Father," meaning, effectively, that Pena Parra had presented his superiors with a fait accompli.

Behind the headlines: What's the real state of play in the Vatican financial trial?

>And legal filings in London appear to show it was Perlasca who had the power of attorney necessary to approve the most controversial parts of the London deal which allegedly allowed the Holy See to be extorted for millions by Gianluigi Torzi.

Cardinal Becciu and the twists and turns of the Vatican finance trial

>When asked about the Secretariat of State's decisions around the purchase of the London building, the investment at the heart of the trial, Perlasca claimed to have so little power that he could not even sign his name to anything. But the prosecutor pointed out that Perlasca's name was signed to the "framework agreement" that transferred the management of the London property from Raffaele Mincione to Gianluigi Torzi, both defendants in the trial. Perlasca said the "current sostituto," or No. 2, at the Secretariat of State, Archbishop Edgar Pena Parra, told him to sign it.

In catching up on the few months where I wasn't paying attention in the Vatican trial, the only thing interesting that I noticed is that documents in London say that Perlasca is lying when he says he didn't have the authority to sign anything. I don't think his superior would have told him to sign it, and I don't think they would have filed his power of attorney in London, if he didn't have "the authority." I think the likely resolution of the contradiction between Perlasca's testimony and the documents and circumstances is that the whole Catholic church exists on paper as nothing but a fraud and they had previously filed fraud docs in London supporting the fraud in which they appointed Perlasca as their lead fraudster. So, because they were nothing but a fraud from the beginning, they wouldn't have had the authority to file papers in London at all in this regard. The predicate of the current trial, then, would be that they have only done more fraud on top of their earlier frauds.

I recently downloaded this semi-gore image from /ng/. The image isn't that bad with respect to gore itself while the story it tells is as bad as gore gets. I reposted it in /ng/ a few days ago, the same thread where it did not get deleted at all when I found it. Since then, I have acquired about 12 years of bans and lost about $300 worth of 4chan passes. I have never had a problem like this before and I do not know how they are re-identifying me. I am using new IP, clearing browsing data, resetting my browser, and not posting anything identifiable. I think they must be cheating to use their spying on me to support their ban efforts. By that, I mean, it is obvious that half of the people on the internet can see my computer screen and I think they must be using that as an input into banning me when usually it seems like they are required to half-assedly act like they can't see my screen. If I can't use that website anymore, that's going to be like getting blinded and deafened after they already cut my arms and legs off, which is an analogy for kicking me out of college and putting me into Antarctica. If this doesn't get resolved in my favor, I will be greatly disappointed and it will a big loss for me. Being able to see and hear makes coping with my amputated arms and legs something I can do but if the powers that be let them cut my eyes out and my ears off too, that is going to be a big turn for the worse. In the meantime, I hope this post reminds Helene's friends such as Rhonda Capone and Victoria Nuland (etc) that if they only end up like the woman in the picture, they will fare far better than I expect them to fare.

Vatileaks convict helped me with evidence, Perlasca tells court

>Vatican prosecutors have faced repeated questions about their decision not to prosecute Perlasca in the sprawling indictment filed in July last year.

>Although the former official has cooperated with prosecutors to help them bring charges against his former colleagues, other Vatican senior officials have said Perlasca was a key force in blocking audits of the secretariat's finances and obscuring a range of highly questionable financial deals.

In Vatican financial trial, a key prosecution witness's credibility is questioned

>When Perlasca testified last week, defense lawyers highlighted what they said were inconsistencies in his story, and the monsignor often said he could not remember many of the events at the heart of the trial. At several points during the cross-examination, Vatican judge Giuseppe Pignatone warned Perlasca that he risked perjuring himself. The monsignor struggled especially to remember details regarding his written testimony to Vatican prosecutors.

The Jesuits are one of the most notoriously evil mafia organizations in the world and the year or more of a fingerpointing circlejerk about who told who to do what keeps ignoring that the Pope is a Jesuit who has taken an oath to do whatever the master of the Jesuits wants him to do. The master of the Jesuits is obviously the elephant in the room: he is a full blown Satanist and so are all the people who work for him, by default. There is no avoiding it. "Perlasca" probably escaped prosecution because he is that guy's son and they are both named Romero Cavalcanti. The catholic church is evil and the Jesuits are up there in the rankings for its most evil subsidiary. Maybe Opus Dei is worse and that would be more of the same because its master is Carlos Cavalcanti, the brother, son, or uncle, etc, of those other two. Whatever they say or do, none of them want to see the Catholic church utterly destroyed. None of them want that race they poisoned with my stolen semen to be exterminated. If I had to bet, I'd say all three of them would prefer for me to die than those shitardians they've been farming. So, they are against me, I assume. Perlasca didn't have to sign whatever he signed and now here we are. There's no leeway in that that I can see, if I have those names correctly. Words don't weigh heavily against actions and I don't see anyone going out of their way to unfuck me like they did to fuck me in the first place. Maybe one or more of them are internally conflicted but I do not believe their actions would show any conflict. They like Peter, who is the devil, not God. They only like me for stealing my name to increase their fundraising. If one or more of them does like me, what I mean is that no man can serve two masters and none of them are planning on denying Peter or that cult of homosexual child rapists that they call the Roman Catholic church.

From what I've read, the Jesuit schtick is to infiltrate both sides of every issue and if one (or more) of them is being presented as being on the side that doesn't hate me, that would be an example of what is written above. If they did all want me to die, the Jesuit strategy would be for some of them to present themselves as not wanting me to die. Jesus said he came to turn a man against his father and it doesn't seem like that's happening. Maybe I'm wrong about that. If something I said is wrong, demonstrate my error, man.

Vatican officials seek to hamstring former auditor's $9.6 million lawsuit

>Notably, he referred to an inquiry he attempted to make of the Secretariat of State's investment portfolio in March 2016 in which he was shown a Microsoft Excel file containing a list of real estate investments worth millions, including the now-infamous London property at the heart of the Vatican's ongoing trial.

This Excel file is probably the data from "the OPM hack." Robert Garrett was my boss at Elavon when I copied the "OPM" data into MS Excel for emailing and sending by MS Lync to everyone on the project, and Robert was a GIANT Tesla shill. This data probably shows the names of all the families they had already poisoned with my semen by the time I created the spreadsheet in 2015. Certainly, the plan to kill me at Exide was thrown together so poorly when I forced an error on my enemies' part with my data exfiltration activities. Robert really was some kind of abject fucking retard to have so egregiously underestimated my ability to use computers. Other than that, Tesla stock went to the moon since 2015 and I expect that the list is ten or 100 times longer now than it was then. All of those people will be killed. I have already rejected them.

Vatican Trial: Update on Recent Sessions [Nov 9, 2022]

>The witness specified that all the administrative, then judicial investigations they carried out followed the complaint filed by Gian Franco Mammi, the director general of the Institute for the Works of Religion (IOR)---the Vatican bank---which concerned the 150 million euros requested by the Secretariat of State.

>Thus, a report from the Auditor General Alessandro Cassinis Righini denounced, on August 8, 2019, the "anomalies in the management of the assets of the Secretariat of State," especially the change in the nature of investments, initially very conservative, until 2013, then becoming speculative.

>The police search of the Secretariat of State offices and the office of Tommaso di Ruzza, the director of the Financial Intelligence Authority, on October 1, 2019 made it possible to provide the first answers

>The 29th hearing continued the interrogation of Mr. De Santis, for approximately 7 hours. The witness returned to the meeting of October 3, 2020 between Cardinal Angelo Becciu and the commander of the gendarmerie corps

>"I did not see and do not see any crime there, because mutual aid is a normal practice in the Church," emphasized Msgr. Becciu. They've helped over 70 people find employment.

My impression has been that the Diddi and Mammi involved in the Vatican trial must be Helene and one of her accomplices. I am not sure what to make of it when they say Mammi filed the initial complaint but if Mammi had ended up as the boss bitch of the IOR, it would only have been through her 2007 fraud that pushed me into the bigger fraud at Exide in 2016 via an increasingly burdensome, uninterrupted string of financial hardships imposed by the absence of the money she had stolen from me, or the absence of the authorities she had usurped from me with her judaism. She is evil. That is the beginning, middle, and end of it.

I dispute the characterization of the Vatican's "investments" as having been conservative before turning speculative in 2013. What they mean is that they had been stealing my semen to try to graft their shit race onto me in small quantities with people like Barron Trump, Natalie Biden, and Greta Thurnberg. When the old Pope made way for the new Pope, they started selling my semen through Tesla to anyone that wants it. (Almost anyone, actually, since the wave of microcephalic babies in Brazil was due to maliciously GM'ed semen, not Zika.) I say the pre-Tesla phase was not conservative because by stealing my semen to avoid having to let me feel the pussy of the women who wanted to have my babies, they had already bet the existence of their entire race or races that they would eventually succeed in robbing me blind and killing me. They had already gone all-in on that and the stakes didn't change when they started selling the semen through Tesla. It was exactly the same before and after. Maybe it is better for me, actually, because now I will have less work to do inferring the members of that race. They have recorded millions of names for me by now.

Tomasso di Ruzza, the Financial Intelligence Authority boss, is probably "Tim of the Ruse" from Exide: Tim Jeffries (Jefferies?) Certainly the Office of Secret Intelligence on the Venture Brothers was based on the office at Exide and that sounds quite like the "Financial Intelligence Authority." During the interviewing and hiring process, Tim once had me alone in Rod's office and kind of indicated that he was the real boss up there. He might have put his feet up on Rod's desk and pointed to himself semi-ambiguously while making a statement about someone being the real person in charge of something. The usual work flow at Exide was that I would get assigned some work to do with specifications that I would have to get from Sandy. Sandy would tell me the wrong thing every day, over and over, and I would get nothing done at all before the deadline. At the last minute, Tim would say, "Oh Sandy still didn't tell you the right thing? Let me have a look." Then he would do everything on his own and his hour of work on the last day would have been exactly the same whether or not I had already redone that same development task with Sandy's wrong specifications 1000 times. The purpose of that job was only to let my enemies mock me.

October 2020 is around when I got to the Holiday Inn in Carle Place, NY where my implant situation took a major turn for the worse. I got MEGA ZAPPERS in all of my fingertips there and I still have many such ZAPPERS today. I got a dozen or more MEGA ZAPPERS in the head of my penis there and I got the LEFT EYE WRIGGLER which remains to this day. That is the only significance I can associate with October 2020 and I'm not 100% about what I was doing at that time.

Becciu's bullshit about mutual aid is 100% kikery. I was driven into the clutches of the Satanists at Exide after they flushed nine years of my life down the toilet when they expelled me from college and ruined any possible decent career track I might have been on. The people that hired me at Exide did that and giving me the worst job I ever had to replace what was almost the best job I ever had and the destruction of my chosen career is not anything that can be considered "aid." It is malicious sabotage. A yearslong downtrend from the time when I was fired from Georgia Tech until the summer of 2016 came to a head when I was about to become homeless. I only ended up at Exide because I was begging for money from anyone who would give me some: anyone other than my rapist Helene whom I had already resolved to stop begging for money from. Due to some stupid bullshit in my head, my thinking that summer was that wage slavery might be superior to indigent independence. Even though working as an office bitch had always been on my mind as the obvious answer to, "What is your worst nightmare?," my actions were as if being homeless was my worst nightmare. I absolutely did not want a job as an office bitch when I went to my interviews at Exide. They can fuck right off if they say helping me find a job was "aid." The job I wanted was the one they got me fired from when they ruined my life in 2011. What I wanted in 2016 was money because I was about to get evicted from my apartment. In fact, that was the third or fourth time I was on the brink of homelessness in as many years due to the persistent financial hardship imposed by those who had already robbed me of my inheritance. What I wanted was money. I did not want to be their office bitch wasting the hours of my life sitting in the cuck seat and I'm going to make a point of explaining that to Becciu when I exterminate his race. I don't feel like he was doing a good thing when he claims to have made a cuck seat available for me to sit in. I only have evil in mind for him so there is nothing between us that could have been mutual. If it seemed like I might have had something other than evil mind for him at that time, it was he had been defrauding with regards to his identity as his father the devil had defrauded his own father many years ago.

No realistic appraisal of me in any of the several years before or after 2016 might have found that I was harboring something other than ill will toward the catholic church and/or its agents. That appraisal might not have found the visceral hatred that I have now but the sentiment was extremely negative. It was not somewhat negative or merely negative; my sentiment for that cult of child molesters was extremely negative. A condition of "mutual aid" between me and them is an oxymoron and a malicious lie.

Those that defrauded me at Exide planned all of this out in advance. They correctly concluded that if they threatened me with homelessness I would go out under duress to beg for chump change and accept it from the first person who offered me some. The money is what I wanted, however. I absolutely did not want a job other than the one had been pursing during my nine years in college. As it turned out, the job at Exide was such a giant piece of shit that I quickly reevaluated my previous decision and found that it was better not to have a job at all, homeless or not. The little trickle of money they were paying wasn't nearly worth the bullshit I was putting up with. Overall, the fucking I was getting wasn't worth the fucking I was getting, literally. Not the least of the reasons for that condition was that all the women who wanted to get pregnant with my semen were fucking and sucking the sons of my enemies' race while laughing with each other about how they perceive me as the most undesirable man on Earth.

There was nothing about Exide other than a robbery and an attempted murder. People sometimes post Spilled Tendies Apu like they thought they were doing something good by helping my enemies steal $200 quadrillion from me in exchange for the promise (the lie, in fact) that I would finally be able to get a girlfriend under the new satanic management. That is obscene bullshit, however, because I could have gotten my own girlfriend for a lot less than $200 quadrillion and I wouldn't have had to be my rapists' office bitch either. This picture is completely different when you find out that the frog was charging $200 quadrillion for some french fries, some nuggets, and a drink. However, that is what happened in the most optimistic possible interpretation for why someone who wasn't trying to kill me might have supported the fraud at Exide. Even then, the truth was probably a lot worse than that since the picture doesn't show where the food also costs the lives of my beloved servants and much more than that. Everything about Exide was purely evil. On Becciu's comment, I didn't want employment at Exide at all. I wanted money and they wouldn't give me any unless I clicked accept on the fraud email they sent to me after offering to let me be their wage slave. In the end, the life of slavery that they offered in exchange for money was so bad that I quickly decided homelessness was the superior option. it was superior by far and quitting Exide was the smarted thing ever did.

I will probably be rooting for Zion Ron in the next Presidential election.

I haven't been keeping up with the Vatican trial since September but I will get caught up on the highlights soon. However, to the extent that the fraud at Exide may have been an extension of a fraud at Elavon, I am certain that it was an extension of Helene's mortgage fraud from 2007. After viewing an Atlanta condo to buy and then lease to me, she asked me to accept her power of attorney so I could sign the mortgage closing docs for her and save her the trouble of flying back to Atlanta to do it herself. I agreed and I was certainly defrauded in some way in the hundreds of pages of "mortgage docs" that I signed during about 10 minutes with the banker. I would not be surprised if Helene ended up with at least a fraudulent power of attorney in my name after I signed those documents. After Helene decided to ruin my life in 2011 as a first step toward what appears to be an intention to see me murdered, she kicked me out of the condo when I could no longer pay rent without the job from which she got me fired. Maybe she will say that her intention was to see me either ( i ) become a docile slave, or ( ii ) get murdered if I wouldn't. Becoming a docile slave was never a realistic outcome for me so there was only ever one realistic outcome between the two. Anyway, the point of this post is to reiterate these things and state my belief that her kicking me out of that condo in 2012 made her violate the terms of her own fraud contract. Namely, to simulate a thin veneer of propriety where there was none, she would have written that I was giving her something of mine in exchange for the opportunity to live in her condo (which she was also making me pay for.) Even if the Exide deal is nullified, this other fraud on Helene's part from ~10 years earlier will still be there despite my understanding that she defaulted on her own self-imposed fraud obligations when she kicked me out for non-payment of rent in 2012.

Analysis: Vatican 'Trial of the Century' Prepares for Hearing of 'Super-Witness'

>Of these, 37 are the devices the Promoter of Justice used for the investigation

>Among the documents analyzed is the so-called "3% letter." It is a letter from the Secretariat of State, dated April 17, 2019, guaranteeing the broker Gianluigi Torzi 3% of the value of the London property. According to the indictment order, this letter existed on a virtual level. The witness said that a physical copy was never found and that the document, prepared in November 2018, was printed in April 2019. However, it is impossible to assess any changes to the text. The source file says there were updates made, but not what the changes were.

The number 37 refers to my antagonist Joseph George Tooker who is cast in in this article as a counterparty set to profit from the fraud at Exide where I would have clicked "agree" on the e-docs that Exide emailed to me after fraudulently representing them as the terms of the job I had discussed with the hiring manager Rod Williams, called "Rafaelle 'The Minion' Mincione" in the trial. Note that the "Gia" and "To" parts of "Gianluigi Torzi" are quite like the "Jo" and "To" parts of "Joseph Tooker." As it seemed like people from the Emily Hancock operation where working at the Hotel Medellin Kapital, I believe the man in the photo at the top of this article is working at the desk in the building where I am staying now: the minion. My ongoing speculation is that the intention of the prosecution in the Vatican trial to have the "London property deal" nullified is an obfuscation of another intention to nullify the fraud contracts executed at Exide. If those contracts are nullified, certainly the parties that defrauded me will not be able to make me whole: Credit Suisse, the Catholic Church, and the USA, for example. They will be forced into liquidation for me to recoup from the what I can. That serves my purposes perfectly well because I will end up with everything whether they get liquidated or not, and I vastly prefer that they should be liquidated than to remain as going concerns. Those concerns are about to end a multi-thousand year bull run.

This article with a picture of the minion mentions that Torzi was deputized by the Vatican Secretariat of State and I believe this is the main predicate referenced when it is said about Sam Hyde: he can't keep getting away with it. As the deputy of the secretariat of State of the Successor to the Prince of Darkness, Hyde/Torzi's alleged authorities are greatly respected by the Great Satan which is also called "the USA." My penis was instantly electrocuted when I began to type this paragraph and my understanding is that the USA finds it to be in good order when he electroshocks my penis--the penis of the Sovereign Lord---because Satan has formally deputized him as an agent of an artifice of the the Satanic church which is called "Roman Catholic."

Becciu disputes police testimony as Vatican trial continues

>Marogna, an Italian who had registered a humanitarian organization in Slovenia, had been hired by then-Archbishop Angelo Becciu when he was at the Secretariat of State to help secure the release of Sister Gloria Cecilia Narvaez, a Colombian nun kidnapped in 2017 by militants in Mali.

>"I procured the money," the cardinal told the court. "It was given to that woman because she was in charge of running an operation that the Holy Father and I were aware of. I wanted to clarify these points."

Vatican prosecutors focus on role of 'Cardinal's Lady' in financial trial

>Stefano De Santis of the Vatican gendarmes was called as a witness by Vatican prosecutors on Wednesday (Oct. 12) and Thursday (Oct. 13). He testified that Becciu first appeared in the investigations into financial mismanagment within the Vatican in March 2020 when Slovenian authorities flagged the money transfers from the Secretariat to Marogna.

The context for Colombia is that before I tried to get away from the bullshit in the USA in Russia, and before I tried the same in Madagascar, Ireland, France, England, and Mexico, I tried it in Colombia. Things went very poorly there. At my first hotel, the owner told me he was Mossad and I think they had that piece of shit Jenna pretending to be the manager. They hired some tranny to start working there a few days after I arrived and they were probably having gay sex on my bed while I was out.

I kept changing Colombian hotels when I was getting poisoned, tormented, and tortured. Eventually, I got kicked out of a hotel for telling them that "la policia norte americano" were going to check in right after me. As I told them, one looking like Helene appeared and apparently she had only been a few minutes behind me because she was already there when I asked for them to please not put anyone in the room next to me. When they cancelled my room, I took a taxi and told the driver to take me away from downtown; I wanted literally any hotel not in the downtown area. He looked familiar and emphasized that his eyes were occidental. Whether or not he meant well, he works for the Satanic catholic church, I am pretty sure. In that regard, no man can serve two masters and he serves Satan, unless I am mistaken. That could be the one they're calling Perlasca so I don't know. Although I told him to take me away from downtown, he took me to the downtownest hotel in Colombia: the Hotel Medellin Kapital. It was painted in the colors of the Vatican and the staff there was obviously the same stalkers I was trying to get away from in the USA. It even seemed to me like some of the people that had posed as Emily Hancock almost ten years earlier were working at the desk in the Vatican-colored hotel.

While my implants had not stopped being used against me in Colombia as I was hoping, at all, I hadn't gotten any new ones until I got to this hotel. I had insisted to the taxi driver 20 times or more that I wanted to get away from downtown and he assured me 20 times or more times that this hotel was safe. Since he was refusing to take me where I asked to go, I checked into the hotel rather than to call another taxi. I immediately got raped when I check in and I got the worst WRIGGLER there I have ever gotten. I quickly abandoned the attempt to leave the USA and I am sure this is what Marogna's job was. Raping and torturing me was what Becciu and the Pope paid her for, at least. Murder was probably on the menu too, or conspiracy to attempt murder, at least. The entire Colombia ordeal was such a catastrophic and abject failure, I would drive back and forth across the USA for about two years before trying to leave again.

I spent January 2020 in Colombia, Antarctica and that contextualizes Becciu's payments being noticed in March 2020. The point about getting captured by jihadis in 2017 is that I quit my job in 2017 to set out on what quickly turned into full blown jihad.

Motive behind Michigan State University mass shooting remains unclear as police share new details about the gunman

This shooter looks quite like my coworker Hare Krishna from Elavon where Robert Garrett was our boss. Hare worked in the cubicle behind me while Andrew McCabe was at the one beside me. After they got rid of McCabe, who was not bothering me, they put "Rhonda Capone" in that desk and she bothered me very much. Hare quit working at Elavon while she was there. Robert made some irritated comment after Hare quit about how he was going to need Elavon's IT department to preserve the hard drive from Hare's workstation.

I remember around the time I started to think people were electrocuting my asshole with their psychic powers, doing it very much at my desk at work to belie any bullshit people might put forward about electrocuting my asshole to encourage me to get a job, Hare made some comment about going to a urologist which suggests he was aware of what was happening with my implants even before I was. That also suggests that the fraud at Exide might have been an extension of the fraud Robert started at Elavon, which was already an extension of the fraud perpetrated by Helene and her accomplice in the Dekalb County Magistrate Court in April of 2014. Helene tried to use her fraud affidavit to get herself appointed as the custodian of my assets through a legal guardianship which was weird since I am not aware of any assets that I have. Similarly, Robert made a few unprompted and non-contextual comments during my time Elavon about he how would want to know what was in his accounts, with an intimation that he was saying that I ought to want to know what was in my own accounts. To this day, I do not know if I understood him or what accounts he might have been talking about. If I were to speculate, I would cite the Global Collateral Accounts, the White Spiritual Boy (Man, now) infinite bank accounts, the Black Eagle Trust, the Five Star Trust, and the Nazi Gold, for starters.

The poo-in-the-loo meme which came out while I was working with a bunch of Indians at Elavon suggests that the point of my job there was only to be the unwitting object of my coworkers' mockeries while Robet used me as his stooge on whatever ended up being called the OPM hack after he catastrophically underestimated my proficiency in using computers. Although poo-in-the-loo seems like those other Indians from Elavon were mocking me, Hare quit his job there and I say good for him for not wanting to be a part of it. Around the time I made some racist comments about my Indian gangstalkers years later, I think Hare intercepted me at the La Quinta where I first did my pendulum experiments. I liked Hare, however, and that speaks to a good character on his part that he would have left that environment Robert had orchestrated at Elavon. I hope Robert burns in hell and I bet what they're saying about Brett Blanton (Garrett Klan man) letting some woman drive his government vehicle was actually about him letting Rhonda and/or Helene being my real boss at Elavon. It was recently suggested to me that one or more of Kate Middleton's children are grown from my stolen semen and one of Rhonda's acolytes at Elavon was using the alias Middleton as well. However, George Windsor's birth in 2013 would suggest that the semen they grew him from was trafficked during the Emily Hancock operation, which is now called "a failed oil extraction venture in Angola" in the ongoing Vatican "trial of the century." It was a successful (for them, so far) semen extraction venture in Atlanta but they obfuscate semen/oil and Atlanta/Angola.

I recall that Rama Krishna from Elavon also intercepted me at the Walmart one time when I was living on the street. I still don't understand what his intention may have been or what he might have been trying to intimate with the look he gave me that day.

Biden Fires Capitol Architect After Inspection Revealed Abuses

My first thought when I saw the picture above was that this is Robert Garrett, the hiring manager that had defrauded me at Elavon while regularly requiring that I work 168 hours weeks while being instructed never to log more than 40 hours in the productivity tracker. When I clicked on the linked picture and I could see the color of his eyes (the picture where his tongue is hanging out of his mouth), it again screamed ROBERT GARRET to me.

My analysis shows that I will probably not have to go too far to "the east" of where I am now to reach the end of the backrooms. Hopefully I will start on that in about one month.

Columbia Journalism Review Russiagate Post-Mortem Is A Good Start

>"absolutely devastating on how casually, frequently, recklessly and eagerly the press lied on Russiagate."

The press did what they always do: exactly what their federal bosses told them. Whether that was lying more than they usually lie has nothing to do with it. If one wants to frame a similar issue with those federal masters casually, frequently, recklessly and eagerly lying, then I still say it was business as usual. The only eccentric thing is they couldn't kill me to avoid getting caught. Everything else was normal.

It's at least four new ones, I believe.

I am pretty sure I got three new ZAPPERS implanted on the head of my dick yesterday evening. I hope I accidentally let go of the sigil of protection because if I didn't, I'm about to start having a lot of problems again. I've already had the head of my penis electroshocked twenty times or more with these new ones and it makes me want to kill people's children to think "they" would rather leave me sitting here getting the head of my penis fried than to knock on the door to remove them. Instead, they think it is better for their interests to leave me in extreme sexual and psychological torture until they can sneak up on me later when I let the sigil falter again (accidentally), after who knows how many more hundreds or thousands of electroshock attacks to the head of my penis. I am sure those who watch and offer no aid now are the same who silently watched these ones being put in for the same reason: their practice of falsehood is the most important thing on their list of priorities. They would help me get these electroshock implants out of my penis right now if it wouldn't fuck up the giant lie they're all trying to live, basically. So, they will leave them in now instead of knocking on the door and asking if I would like them removed. Certainly the person in the adjacent apartment, 302, has no problem banging on the wall to emphasize that he is the one electroshocking my penis. He makes no attempt to practice falsehood to the extent that it isn't obvious he's the one shocking me but his counteerparties will not help me until who knows how many more hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of electroshock attacks to the head of my penis. Between helping me and living a lie, they prefer to live a lie that even this piece of shit in the adjacent room doesn't care about living.

The scar tissue from these three stab wounds on my penis will never go away. I will have it for the rest of my life. When they stab me in the penis three more times to get these three ZAPPERS out, if they ever do which is questionable since there's a dozen other ZAPPERS with permanent residence in my dick now, then the scar tissue from the three extra stab wounds will also persist for the rest of my life, irreparably. It is the Catholic Church in coordiantion with the Jews (who run the catholic church) which find that an ever increasing number stab wounds to my penis that will never heal is perfectly fine. I could ask, "Which billionth stab wound on my penis really kicks in the door?," but there is no limit, I am quite certain. They know I will destroy them if they do not destroy me, and those who call themselves my servants keep allowing them to mutilate my genitals, day after day, year after year. They say, "The ZAPPER is low voltage," while ignoring the stab wound into my penis that it took to get the ZAPPER in there to begin with and they do the jews' work for them with that.

Credit Suisse Craters After "Staggering" Bank Run And Warning Of Continued Losses

>what stunned analysts was what KBW analysts called a "quite staggering" level of customer capital outflows

>the franchise is deteriorating faster than expected

>The bottom line for the Zurich-based melting ice cube: things are terrible and getting worse.

The army of Satan left poisoned candy on the shelf for me to buy at the store again this evening and their filth got in my mouth when I ate it, again. All I can say that the filth I pile into their orifices will be much filthier than the filth that they have been piling into mine for years now.

NORAD Pleads Incompetence Over Failure To Spot Trump-Era Chinese Spy Balloons

>And so, with their back up against the wall - the 'deep state' is now suggesting that they're simply incompetent when it comes to detecting foreign spy balloons in real time.

The obvious reference made in the picture above is the same made by Reddit's logo: the ANAL NODULE implant which allows others to know what others are thinking and feeling via electromagnetic transmissions. I believe the device is formally called a Schumann antenna. If the government isn't reporting them, it is because their illegal use by the government's agents, proxies, and surrogates is as common as a DUI arrest is for a city cop. Despite several alleged high bars of prosecutorial rigor (which been made a farce of for years by now) involved in getting a "wire tap" warrant from the FISA court to attack someone with aggravated sexual battery, stab them in the asshole while battering them, and then implant a rape device into the stab wound so that the aggravated sexual battery can never end in the manner of an ordinary sexual batter or forcible sodomy would end (when the attacker removes his penis after ejaculating.) The truth about Fauci's "gain of function" research was that they were turning these devices into offensive weapons of sexual torture, not the passive listening devices as which they are billed and "justified." I believe my former employer Exide is the main manufacturer of these devices in the USA, together with Ecolab/Microtek Medical, a firm that is probably funded via Fauci's EcoHealth Alliance. These devices are also the main business technology, Pegasus, of Israel's notorious NSO Group whose name mean "in asshole" as Pegasus means "peg asses."

That would be absurd to claim that the government might not have known that I had hundreds or thousands of these devices appear in mysterious sore spots in my asshole, finger, penis, eyelid, etc over the last several years because I do the digital anal exam almost daily and I find a new one about once a week. Sometimes it's once a day. Sometimes a month might go by but then there's another one. Sometimes I'll have five or ten in there at once and I post about these ANAL NODULE IMPLANTS prolifically on this website. The ineffectiveness of these posts in serving notice on their presence "over the USA" may be the predicate of the emerging scandal about the FBI censoring "Twitter." The main truth about these devices is that they get inside you not only by aggravated sexual battery, an outrageous felony which can earn life in prison in all 50 states, but it also requires that there is a stabbing to rip or cut the flesh. Otherwise, the device would drop into the toilet. On top of that, the gain of function research that turns them into the Stingers that I call ZAPPERS or the WRIGGLERS that are said to be the object of schizophrenics' delusions about Morgellons disease makes their use an act of terrorism.

These devices were the topic of the first episodes of The X-Files and South Park in the 1990s, and many other shows. The Stargate Gua'ld symbiote references the same and provides an additional vehicle for disclosure of the capability to pilot "drone" humans via such implants. The Las Vegas Shooting was memory holed because Paddock massacred a gaggle of the "drone pilots" who were using the clone slaves to execute gangstalking operations against me. The clone slave program is so ultra-classified that the powers that be could not (and cannot) afford the slightest inquiry into whether or not a specific group in the crowd might have been targeted for some reason. On Stargate, the pilots are the like the Gua-uld parasites that take control of Jaffah bodies. I refer to (most of) the billions of people living in Antarctica as clone slaves because I believe they were grown and remain alive for no reason other than to be such pilots' organic drone vehicles. The clauses in the Patriot Act about arbitrary, chargeless, indefinite detention which were an outrage before they were never mentioned again allow the government to kidnap people and bring them down to a full-sized replica of the USA in Antarctica where those who were already social outcasts don't realize they are no longer in North America. What they notice instead is the sudden onset of gangstalking. I believe Hell is said to be under the Earth not because it is underground but rather because it is at the bottom: the southern most point. In my experience, Antarctica is the headquarters for the Satanic forces on Earth today.

When Obama authorized "increased data sharing" between the NSA and other agencies, he was giving NSA agents a free pass to email people's thoughts and feelings to the FBI and CIA agents following them around they can be heckled with their own thoughts aloud by strangers in real time, a most effective psychological torture that certainly driven people to suicide.

Given the almost overnight disappearance of themes of alien abduction and anal probing from TV on September 11, 2022, when it was almost ubiquitous before that, the FBI's implied illegal reliance on aggravated sexual battery and worse to illegally surveil the hearts and minds of their fellow men provides a good context for understanding why Robert Mueller was "not able" to solve 9/11 while he was the Director of the FBI.

Add some racially homogenous clan of women to the list of those whose vaginas will be spread open with gynecological instruments so that the insect larvae do not suffocate as they eat them from the inside, if they are so lucky as not to fall into a more dreadful fate in the place where I will put them. Earlier, it seemed like that idiot Erin who was already on this list was heckling me through the wall. Some other hideously ugly skank in the brunette breed of that worthless race intercepted me at the store trying to turn my brain off and probably give me implants or poison my food. I got FBI!!! heckled when I left the other store and another one from that breed intercepted me to film me in the elevator when I got back to the room I'm renting. She did not know how to act when I looked into her camera and she may be speechless again when the children of all her coworkers and acquaintances are made filthy before they are mangled, defiled, and destroyed. Add to this list all of the other people that one might find in smiling family photos with these people and add their ancestral homeland to the lands to be salted after they are burnt. I hate that ugly race.

RAPE DICK got revved way up when I made this post but it doesn't seem any worse than it has been. I noticed the tape slipped off my window though so they may have sent a rappeler.

I've gotten to season 9 in Stargate SG 1 and they made some comment about how the main program has moved to Atlantis meaning that I should start watching the spin off series but I'm going to finish the last two seasons. I often thought Hammond must a fictionalization of a Dad-affiliated person and I miss him now that he is gone, and now that Jack is gone too. I am pretty sure that this blue haired tranny making the gang sign of cunt face gang is who Beau Bridges is supposed to be and I was wondering how Hammond and this obnoxious piece of shit could both be two star generals qualified to run the same stargate facility. Then I remembered that the story arc was that they brought in civilian leadership at the SGC and this emphasizes what I mean when I say that everything is going to be military when I take over. The corporate layer is going away. We need to get Hammond back in there, as far as I can tell.

Typing the above got my RAPE DICK revved up to what I perceive as the maximum intensity for the current set of implants. I was also CHAHed on the LRAD with the LEFT TESTICLE ZAPPER and ELECTROCONVULSOR being activated. The civilian layer is going away and I will relace it with regular military order as I became accustomed to in the Marine Corps. Now doubt whatever is going on with the iris on the stargate having a two step, delayed constricting process like the inner and outer sphincter of an anus is related to the past and present CEOs of Boeing expressing their similar affiliations with cunt face gang. Boeing seems like the kind of company that would contract with the government on something like the stargate program. I noticed that the first four Twitter execs fired by Elon Musk were all doing cunt face in their own corporate portraits and, although I hate express any solidarity with or support for Elon who I do not think is good, my sentiment for people making the cunt face gang sign is the same.

Welcome To The Death Spiral

>This year the government's annual interest bill will break $1 trillion.

>As debt rises, the interest rate required to keep debt service costs from eating all of a government's tax receipts falls. In the US case, those two lines are in danger of crossing in the next few years. No society has ever survived that kind of fiscal crisis.

Pertaining to this article, I have two related charts: Related Chart #1 and Related Chart #2.

The Rothschilds look to take their French investment bank private in a $4 billion deal just a few months after a family head died

This must be related to whatever fraud the Pope is trying to pull by cancelling the constitution of the Knights of Malta.