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Last time the Fed's balance sheet reduction initiative failed, they had to do COVID to get the maximum allowed balance increased. At that time, the had less than $1T in spare capacity and right now they only have about $2T in spare capacity. I expect that this chart will run right up to the limit, and the conclusion will be WW3 or another faked crisis used as an excuse to increase the maximum balance beyond $10T.

Netanyahu Forbids Ministers From Meeting US Officials Until Biden Invites Him To DC: Report

I felt another new ZAPPER on my dick, next to what I thought was a new SCROTUM ZAPPER, as I was posting this article. The TPI implants revved up when I was in the taxi with that person yesterday and they also seem much worse today. One thing I can say about that is that it would be unusual for them to wait so long to start using new implants against me. Usually they do it right away to rub my face in it. +DIFFERENT RIGHT SIDE SCROTUM ULTRA ZAPPER+

I had been trying to imagine some positive context for the lack of NODULE IMPLANTS in my asshole lately. I was wondering if perhaps the 500 new WRIGGLERS I got were someone's lashing out in a tantrum after being denied the ability to continue to implant NODULES in my asshole by anally raping me in the aftermath of the balloon shoot-down. I was clearly 100% wrong about that because I just found another new NODULE implant at 9:00. I had been deliberately not engaging the sigil of protection outside to see if something had changed, and I can see very clearly now that it did not. Now I have new NODULES and 400 new WRIGGLERS. I thought the person who drove me to the Republic of Georgia last year intercepted me as a taxi driver yesterday, and he is good suspect for who might have done it. As I was completing this post, I believe I felt a new RIGHT SIDE SCROTUM ZAPPER as well.

I wish to take a semi-victory lap on some of my predictions for this year. Although I did change my mind about the stock market crashing after I read about the effect of the Treasury's "extraordinary" debt ceiling aversion measures, my initial analysis showed that something would break once the Fed's balance drew down around $750B. By an elementary linear analysis, I correctly placed that in the spring of 2023 and that is approximately the BS drawdown shown in the chart above. I predicted that750B QT was when the stock market would explode, so I was wrong about that, but I am pleased with my estimation that there was about $750B of slack in the Fed's balance sheet. My new current analysis is that this explosion in the Fed BS is mega-bullish on its own and ultra-bullish when taken with the mechanism of stealth QE imposed by the Treasury's debt limit avoidance measures. I am also pleased with my suggestion to buy options for selling WTI oil on March 23 at around $77.

I feel like I know what these lines on Pepe's eye are now. They recently removed some WRIGGLERS from my asshole, I think, and they were replaced immediately, and then doubled and quadrupled, at least. After that, they also put about a dozen on the mucosal edges of my eyelids, more on my eyelids and on my nose near my eye, more in and on my nose, on my forehead, probably on the top of my head, in my ear canals, and on my chest. I think I felt one on my stomach too. Now my WRIGGLER problem is 100x worse than it was, not only because the number of WRIGGLERS increased so much but due to the more aggressive placement of the WRIGGLERS on my face. Overall, the old ZAPPER problem (when it wasn't on my penis) was greatly preferable to the current WRIGGLER problem. I have been going outside a lot where the de-raping rapists could de-rape me with their rape ray but they aren't doing it, which is disappointing. Since they have already left this WRIGGLER in my LEFT EYELID in place since at least a year before the permanent TESTICLE CRUSHER implants arrived, I am not at all optimistic about these ever being removed. (My rapist Helene came on the LRAD to say YUP when I typed that sentence about them never being removed.) Furthermore, the severe anal trauma which prompted about a two-day drop in ANAL WRIGGLING left the 3:00 WRIGGLER and 9:00 WRIGGLER suggesting that those ones are now permanent as well. The RD has not stopped since August of 2020. I think it was easily predictable that my problem would become much worse if they removed some implants and then left me in the slave hole without security. I have made that post more than 100 times saying that several years of the baseline for implants and sexual torture getting worse and worse proceeds when some rapists come to remove the earlier rapists' rape devices, and then the earlier rapists and more new rapists come to one up them by making it much worse than it was. Aside from some ZAPPERS, MEGA ZAPPERS, ULTRA ZAPPERS, and PAIN INFLCITORS on my penis, which I am glad are not present, this current shit with the WRIGGLERS is the worst it has ever been. Whoever has WRIGGLER classified as less torturous than ZAPPERS is full of shit, basically.

The RD is worse than the WRIGGLERs when it is high, and it is not high right now, so that is also good. However, the annoyance of the WRIGGLERS all over my face and ears and chest is exacerbated by my realistic expectation that these are going to be here for how ever many years it takes me to kill the people that use them against me. Even then, they will be still be there until someone removes them.

Overall, New York was a very bad place for me implants-wise. I got the permanent RD there, the permanent TESTICLE CRUSHERS, and the main shit in my left EYELID. When I got about 30 ZAPPERS on my chest up there, only about 20 of them were removed and the CHEST ZAPPERS have never stopped. The FINGER TIP ZAPPERS that started in New York have never gone away. I think other than the DEEP URETHRA FLAGSTAFF MEGA ZAPPER and the DOWNTOWN ONE EYE STALKER TESTICLE IMPLANTS, all of the permanent implants I got were in New York. The ZAPPERS on the shaft of my dick which have never gone away also started there. If these WRIGGLERS all over my face and ears and chest and armpits don't go away, then I think only half of my permanent torture implants will have come in New York. The other half will have come in Moscow. On second thought, the TPI implants are several more permanent ones I got outside of New York. They have never stopped since they started either.

Bailout Arrives: Credit Suisse To Borrow $54BN From SNB To "Pre-emptively Strengthen Liquidity"

>it does nothing to halt the depositor flight because once trust is broken, it rarely returns.

>Saudis fold - refuse to throw any more money at Credit Suisse

I think the Saudis announcing that they wouldn't funnel any more money to CS must have been part of the Saudi-Iran deal brokered by China this week.

I haven't gotten any NODULE implants in my asshole for a strangely long time. Not since the balloon shoot down, in fact. It must be whoever is saying NODULES are no longer allowed that is saying these WRIGGLERS in my eyes and asshole and on my eyelids and my forehead, stomach, chest, and nose (probably) are perfectly fine.

Credit Suisse Hits New Low As "Material Weaknesses" Found In Financial Reporting, Outflows Continue

After The CPI: Hike 25, Pause Or Cut? Here Are Wall Street's Reactions

>Credit Suisse, whose CDS just hit fresh all time wides above 550bps, as the market continues to raise odds that the 2nd largest Swiss bank will be bankrupt in under 5 years.

I was going to start watching Stargate Atlantis but I think I will not. It makes me sick to see these swine from Exide, Tim and Rod, presented as something other than garbage, which would be an insult to garbage if they were so presented, in fact. I don't want to know who these other retards are supposed to be. To the extent that SG-1 was said to be "soft disclosure," I think something catastrophically horrible happened when Hammond got fired. I hate all of these other people and I want them to die.

Reminder about the representative of the scrotum race who appeared in front of me when they finally CHAHed me while I was in passport detention trying to leave Moscow. He was with some small robot that loudly screamed CIA! when CHAH! came on the LRAD. Further reminder about a familiar looking interceptor with deformed eyes that made me log into my computer for him before I could leave passport control. I think it is quite likely that my computer contracted AIDS while he was using it. A child began to loudly cry in an adjacent area while he was looking at my computer, and then the child switched to sneezing as he finished.

I was going to upload this post to the new RD page on my website but the Notepad application I use for uploading those posts with a script crashed several times (example linked above.) Since Notepad is a stable application, and due the crying/sneezing child simultaneous with the one interceptor with a deformed face, I suspect malice. (I write most of the pages of this website in Kate Editor and do the FTP with the non-automated WinSCP application.) I uninstalled Notepad and re-installed it, and if that fixes the problem then I will be glad. However, I wonder if they would deploy the one with the deformed face to create such a trivial and easily remedied problem on my computer. Other than that, a reminder is in order for the FROGS! heckler on the jetwalk when I landed in Uzbekistan, and there were two or three RIGHT hecklers in the baggage/customs area. They have been WRIGGLING my asshole a lot since I got here and also using one of the new WRIGGLERS in my eye against me about a dozen times.

When I was getting the image above, I noticed that the Snipping Tool application is have problems as well now. It is quite likely that my website posts will be adulterated with malicious content that I cannot see now.

In this scene where General Racism says it's time to kill Teal'c in s10e17, they are making it pretty obvious that Mitchell is licking his lips over it. They have that other person in the frame there too, not coincidentally, would be my guess. Overall, Browder must literally be Joey's cousin because not only is his likeness to Joey's face rather pronounced, but his arms looks just like Joey's arms. Before Mitchell came on the show, I mentioned that McCarthy in the Congress looked like Joey, and I was also thinking that Jim Jordan in the Congress looked like O'Neill. Now it seems like Jordan and McCarthy are the two top guys in the House of Representatives following O'Neill and Mitchell running SG-1 about 15-20 years ago. At the end of this episode, Mitchell and General Racism shared a moment about Mitchell's falsified mission report and I think the Jordan side of the Congress should kill the McCarthy side. If they don't, the weaponization committee is going to be looking through an awful lot of falsified mission reports. This post is simply a vehicle for some thoughts on the show there. Mostly, that is crazy how much the guy's arms look like Joey's arms. Their arms look even more alike than their faces.

"Worst Since Lehman": Banks Break The World Again

>SVB's collapse---the second biggest US bank failure in history---dominated

Game Over: FDIC Shutters Silicon Valley Bank, Appoints Receiver

>SVIB had $175BN in deposits as of Dec 31, note that some $151.5BN of these are uninsured

Was Silicon Valley Bank Really Unique, And Who Is Next

>the post-mortems can begin, starting with the most important question, one which we discussed extensively earlier: is SVB unique or are its problems about to spread to other banks.

It interests me very much that the reason for the sudden collapse of SVB (which one might call The California Bank for Nu-Males and Trannies) is not being reported. In fact, I'd call, "What happened there, exactly?," the most important question rather than the one suggested above. The second article says gay Catholic agent and Musk accomplice Peter Thiel sparked a bank run but that doesn't exactly satisfy my desire for an explanation. Citing Thiel-based gossip raises more questions than it answers, actually.

I think Credit Suisse must have been forced to fuck its buddy as its own situation deteriorates and this led to the immediate collapse of Tranny Bank. While this will probably have the desired effect to stop some certain bleeding in Switzerland today, I think the result will be increasingly difficult conditions for CS going forward since sacrificing their partners is not something they can do covertly any more.

I don't know how many new WRIGGLER/BUZZER implants I got in and around my eyes this week but I'd guess that there's about ten new ones in there right now. The mucous membrane where the eyelid's edge meets the eye is completely ringed with new WRIGGLER/BUZZERS on both sides (red), and they have been using them against me basically all day. I also have new ones on the outer surfaces of the eyelids (white.) Since I have started to complain in the last few minutes, it is revved up very much and the problem in the vision in my left eye is back.

The diagram above is only meant to show the new WRIGGLERS from this week. It omits the old EYELID EDGE WRIGGLERS, the WRIGGLERS in the inner pit/tear duct area, and the ZAPPERS implanted deep in the tear duct area. I saw someone on Zerohedge today saying that COVID wasn't bad enough to warrant the vaccine and it made me wonder if they were saying that they intend to leave these new implants in my eyes because they don't feel that are a big problem. Obviously, anyone who says anything like that is going to get tortured to death after I kill their families, unless I decided to torture their families too.

An apparent new UPPER RIGHT EYELID MEGA WRIGGLER was activated with a simultaneous grunt on the LRAD as I finished making this post. That's the black star.

Credit Suisse Delays Annual Report After SEC Call, Shares Plunge Towards All-Time Low

>Another concern is whether the bank can survive

>There was no word from Credit Suisse when the latest issue with the SEC might be resolved.

Although I was planning not to make any posts, the problem has shifted to the right eye. The buzzers are present all around the right eye and now the blurriness in present in the right field of vision. Overall, my post from last night seems spot on because my implant situation to become increasing distressing.

I do not wish to indicate that my problem has ceased but it is greatly impeding the pace of the work I intended to complete today when I keep making these posts, and I will likely forego updates for a little while.

Although I don't feel any BUZZING at the bottom eyelid, it seems like there are two areas of distortion emanating from above my eye, and from below. I think this distortion in my vision my be calling my attention to the area even more than the BUZZING itself is. As I mentioned, it is quite like having an eyelash dangling in front of my eye that I cannot focus on.

I once had a GIANT NODULE implant implanted into my eyelid when I was seeking peace in "Mexico." Due to the pressure of the nodule possibly distorting the shape of my eyeball, there was a blurry spot in my vision until the implant was removed. I believe these current BUZZER implants around my left eye are also causing slight blurriness in my vision. As I have rubbed my eye 500 times expecting to find a loose eyelash dangling and causing a sensation of irritation, I have not found one. What seems like the blurriness associated with having an eyelash dangling in front of my eye must be the vibrations from the buzzers impairing my vision. When the buzzers are active, my vision takes on a character similar to that which is observed when vision is obstructed by an eyelash dangling too close to focus on. Although vision is totally centered within the pupil, this image shows where the visual distortion seems to be present, from my perspective.

I think whatever is causing this irritation is doing so by small vibrations which are causing distortions in my vision. After I wrote the above, I think they may have activated yet another new UPPER LEFT EYELID WRIGGLER (star) since the sensation moved and the distortion seems to have moved as well. Perhaps I am detecting the vibrations in the eyelashes.

I can clearly localize at least three simultaneous buzzer implants now.

The fact that I haven't gotten any new ANAL NODULE implants since the balloon shoot-down suggests that the parties which are disallowing new ANAL NODULE implants are the ones giving their blessings to a dozen WRIGGLER implants in my eye and probably a lot more than a dozen in my asshole. I scrolled past something on 4chan a while ago that said, "That's legal," but it isn't legal. What he meant was, "According to the protocols of the Cult of Satan, that is legal," but Satan is not an acknowledged law giver, most of the time. Usually he he has to write my name on his law to get people to think is valid but they should know better when confronted with a quandary of the sort, "Is it really ok to put a dozen WRIGGLER implants in God's eyes?"

Overall, these WRIGGLERS in my eye are bother me a lot and those nodules were not bothering me at all, other than knowing I had to get anally raped for them to be inserted to begin with.

LRAD simultaneously with a new WRIGGLER in my lower right eyelid too.

There is a persistent buzz in my UPPER LEFT EYELID now, like a RAPE DICK implant except it is implanted in my eyelid. It is localized at times to a point just to the inside of the line over the inner edge of iris but at other times the sensation covers the entire inner corner of my eye.

I think the that this starred implant in my eyelid may be only one of several low-voltage wrigglers implanted in an arc spanning the inner corner of my eye. As I closely attend the sensation with my attention, I wonder if there are not several small ones activated along the white strip. I think the red star is the strongest among them and it is distracting me from noticing the localization of the others. Also, since the WRIGGLING is so low that the WRIGGLING is hardly distinguishable under a general sensation of irritation, I wonder if this is a WRIGGLER at all. The persistent irritation is not consistent with WRIGGLING and the sensation is much unlike the obvious WRIGGLERS marked with dots.

Overall, the sensation of irritation in my eye has not stopped for about 20 minutes now and I think this one must not be a low voltage WRIGGLER, but rather is new implant. Furthermore, while the red star location calls my attention most, I think the entire white strip area is riddled with new implants because the overall irritation around my is not localized to the red start area.

After I made the above part post, another one was activated in isolation at the black star location. Furthermore, I may have even more on the outer surfaces of the eyelids, away from the mucous membrane that touches the eyeball, indicated with black dots. Overall, I do think it is reasonable to think that the people who launched the anti-balloon operation did so with an outcome other than this in mind. The nodules in my asshole here bothering me a lot less than these WRIGGLERS in my eye.

If I'm not mistaken, this grotesque Sonichu character is supposed to the likeness of a future garloid that was following me around "Long Island" in a mid-sized SUV in the summer of 2021 shortly before her father, who I believe uses the Wolf Blitzer persona on CNN, "weaponized" the DOJ against me after he did not like the things that I told him about her.

I strongly suspect (to the point of unambiguous conclusion) that I do have a new one here on my left upper eyelid (red star.) It has been activated about 20 times since I mentioned it earlier. It is very irritating being right on the edge of the eyelid where it is seemingly inserted among, and parallel to, the eyelashes. They have not done it with the simultaneous gangstalking yet but the feeling of the persistent WRIGGLING is familiar enough that I feel like I can conclude I got got new WRIGGLERS in my upper and lower left eyelids this week. Overall, while the voltage of the implants has gone down lately, the increase in people fucking with my face rather than only with what is in my pants is both a big escalation and a turn for the worse. As these moles are never removed from my face other than when I am able to slice them off on my own, the presence of this OLD LEFT EYELID WRIGGLER for more than two years indicates that they will expect me to deal with these new WRIGGLERS being implanted on my eye for the rest of my life as well.

The LOWER LEFT EYELID WRIGGLER was reactivated when I went to the window a moment ago. I am not having any persistent problems in my right eye right now but they activated the old LEFT EYELID WRIGGLER several times today, the new LOWER LEFT EYELID WRIGGLER a few moments ago, and they have been using this new UPPER LEFT CENTRAL EYELID WRIGGLER against me basically all day.

After I reversed the image above to show my left eye, they activated the red star implant simultaneously with an LRAD attack and a RIGHT BUTT ZAPPER attack so now I am 100% certain on that one. Unlike the one in the lower eyelid, this one exhibits a persistent sensation of irritation and not a one-off sensation as is usual for the WRIGGLERS to which I am accustomed.

I may be experiencing very slight yet persistent wriggle at this location. It is so slight that it is hardly recognizable as wriggling but my attention keeps getting called to this place on my eyelid with some repetitive agitation. I haven't noticed it simultaneous with gangstalker antics so I have not yet been able to rule out the possibility that this is an ordinary sensation. DUPI on high while making this post.

This feels like a new ZAPPER on my eyelid and it feels like about a dozen new, lower voltage TPIs just got activated together. Triple 3:00 NEW ULTRA WRIGGLER while writing that.

Aside from these three pieces of shit being among those who do not like the Lord's plan for British Palestine, I notice McCarty looks like Cam Mitchell there.

I may have two new WRIGGLERS in my right eye as well. I will monitor for recurrences.

I got a new UPPER LEFT EYELID WRIGGLER too. This is the dot. The stars are the new LOWER ones and the old UPPER one which has been there for years. I think someone came into my room to inject filth into my mouth when I was eating dinner a while ago too.

I wish to continue harping on the 10x implants in my asshole, the two new moles on my face, and the new WRIGGLER in my left eyelid since "the balloon shoot-down." I do not see how any outcome other than this might have been the reasonable expectation. Especially if they are asking tranny-subscribers to judge these matters, as seems to be the case if I have correctly interpreted this news item, then it seems like this must have been the desired outcome (if they were not hoping for worse than this.) And actually, since the present explosion of new implants has not stopped exploding since the recent SEVERE ANAL TRAUMA, with a new WRIGGLER in my eye apparently today despite not leaving the room since Saturday, my reasonable expectation is that it will continue to get very much worse than it has already gotten. On the upside, at least there's a tranny judge who I know to make an extra bucket for now.

Ex-CNN President Jeff Zucker Ordered Staff To Ignore Lab-Leak Theory

I noticed the Vala on Stargate SG1 is also aping this likeness of this other piece of shit from CNN, in addition to one of the other pieces of shit Alliance. Overall, I'm not going to wind back time to undo what he did but I am going to make everything he touched filthy before I destroy it.

USA Powerlifting Must Allow Male Athletes to Compete against Females, Minnesota Court Rules



Although I have never had a dick up my ass, the gist I'm getting is that this new "loss" and "all time high" in the amount of implants in my asshole (coupled with at least one new MEGA WRIGGLER in my lower left eyelid and at least two new mole implants on my face), follows after someone determined that I had gay sex because Helene once stuck a dildo up my ass (at least once) while she was dressed as a man.

I have been trying to pay a little more attention to the WRIGGLERS today given my suspicions about how many new ones there are. I think that not only did they add new ones at MID and OUTER in the 5:00, 7:00, and 11:00 positions, and a new 1:00 OUTER WRIGGLER if I am not mistaken (in addition to replacing the previous ones at MID and OUTER at 3:00 and 9:00 beyond they 3:00 and 9:00 DEEP ANAL WRIGGLERS which were never removed), but I think they have doubled or tripled up the WRIGGLERS at all or some of the locations that I usually cite. I believe I am no longer citing individual sexual torture devices with my clock position scheme. Rather, I am only unable to distinguish among what may be ten times as many WRIGGLERS implanted in and around my asshole as I had before they instigated this situation with their balloon shoot-down and subsequent retreat with grant of continued impunity maneuver. I have made a hundred posts or more about how removing my implants and then leaving me in Antarctica over and over is what has led to the current state in which I have 1000 as many implants as I used to, including all the permanent ones in my penis and testicles after the first few in my penis and testicles were removed. Knowing that, the same has been instigated yet again with the removal/retreat operation when removal should be accompanied by holding the position. Now my WRIGGLERS are 10x worse than they were and if the old 3:00 and 9:00 DEEP ANAL WRIGGLERS were impossible to get out, how many of these new ones will also be impossible to remove, I wonder? Even if I am able to get out of Antarctica, as I expect to in the next few weeks, then will the sexual torture not continue? Will they not leave the same implants in that they have left in for the last several years,a long with however many of these newest ones are also irremovable?

A new WRIGGLER in my LOWER LEFT EYELID was activated as I completed this post. Given that the WRIGGLER in my UPPER LEFT EYELID has been there for years already, I expect the balloon people will leave this new LEFT EYE WRIGGLER there forever as well. Since I have complained about this problem as exactly so many dozens of times, I am upset that they instigated the escalation yet again. It just doesn't seem reasonable, especially given my hundreds of previous similar complaints, that someone might have thought they would remove my ANAL WRIGGLERS without the person in the adjacent room who BANGs and TAPs on the wall all day immediately putting ten times as many back in, which is exactly what happened. Now I have ten times as many in and around my asshole, and new ones in my eyelid as well. The LTC and RTC were revved up as I was making this post that my balls has been in a constant state of pain since I was about half way through this post. The reason for this is that after they removed the previous implants from my testicles, ones which hurt much worse to the point where everyone could see easily they were doing a great evil to me and be forced to concede the reality or it, they left my in Antarctica and agreed that it would be fine to install permanent testicular torture devices in my testicles if the voltage was low enough for the "watchers" to be able to say that this was an acceptable amount of testicular electroshock. While it is good, in a way, that the more painful implants are gone from my testicles, it is bad in another way now that this current state of constant testicular torture is no longer considered a matter deserving immediate remediation. The old ones got removed when the people with their rape devices up my ass said, "That's too much," but now they say, "This is fine," and leave it, for years now.

Despite washing my dick several times, the skin irritant that someone rubbed on my dick while raping me on Saturday is only just now ceasing to be a severe irritation. I think the number of WRIGGLERS in and around my asshole has at least tripled since the recent SEVERE ANAL TRAUAMA which was associated with a decrease in WRIGGLING for about two days. Since then, it has been getting progressively worse indicating that despite my protective hand formation, I am getting raped basically every time I leave this apartment. I'm probably getting raped inside it too.

I ate something extremely bad yesterday that gave me a stomach ache for about 20 hours. I thought I bought six cans of beef at the store, four of one kind and two of another, but when I got back to my room I had only five cans: three of the kind I thought I only bought two of and two of the kind I thought I bought four of. Therefore, I think it is likely that I was not only raped on Saturday, but I was also robbed and stabbed, as well as having some severe skin irritant rubbed all over my dick.

I don't doubt at all that these were the actions of the jesuits who are abetted by the so-called "right hand path jesuits" whose fate will be the same as the "left-hand" ones due to their service to Satan. I understand that the jesuits desire the final victory of their church, thus ensuring the ultimate defeat of the Lord, who is me. Since I win in the end, they will all lose. My victory and the destruction of their church are the same thing, pretty much. I understand that "the society of Jesus" likes to tell its members that they are a good organization that infiltrates evil to increase their tentacles. In fact, they are an evil organization that infiltrates good to increase their tentacles. If it was not for the critical service of a cover story and an appearance of proproety provided the so-called right-hand path jesuits, they would not be able to do these things to me with such impunity. However, the service to satan provided by those on the so-called right-hand path, which is an oxymoron because all jesuits are full-blown satanists, is as invaluable in my rapists' efforts to rape me as the people literally sticking things up my ass. Overall, I may have four or five times as many WRIGGLERS now as I did only a short while ago. I think there are multiples in areas where I have previous thought there were only singles.

It's more than twice as many WRIGGLERS now since I have new MID and OUTER WRIGGLERS at 5:00 and 7:00, and at 11:00.

Between Flynn and Mini Flynn, I do not think it could have been a coincidence that I ended up thinking they were the same person after never seeing them together. I think the fact that I never saw them together reflects a carefully orchestrated conspiracy to defraud me. Neither of them ever doing anything to remedy my wrong thinking, a lie by omission, reflects the same.

All of the 9:00 and 3:00 WRIGGLERS, MID and OUTER, are back since the recent SEVERE ANAL TRAUMA, and now I have MID and OUTER WRIGGLERS at 5:00 and 7:00 too so the problem is twice as bad as it was. The EC may or may not be worse now too. Reminder about the interceptor at the grocery store on Saturday who I think was the same interceptor from the Salut Hotel, or a clone from the same batch. I've been getting nearly overcome with bouts of rage when I recall the way he got in my face and I think that means it is likely that subconsciously I am aware that he overcame my sigil of protection and anally raped me on the sidewalk in front of a hundred people... for the second time. I think the sigil has developed some severe defect and I haven't pieced together what the problem is. I feel like it is always engaged when I am out but the implants keep getting worse.

In other news, it is likely that I will finish the requirements of the driving school this week. The earliest I can take the driving test with the police is March 17 but I am not sure I will be able to get is scheduled as soon as that date.

Something is wrong with the password for my crypto wallet. I'm resetting the password with the seed phrase and they LRADed me, BANGed on the wall directly behind me, and ECed me when I was about 4 words into the 12.

Baal looks quite like this other idiot from the government, in fact. With that blast of the SHIT SPRAY in my face when I scrolled past the other article, that pretty much fits the bill for whoever Caca na Cara is supposed to be. I think that an obvious farce when he pretends like he gives a shit about his son. His actions show that he obviously doesn't.

After making these previous posts about Exide and Stargate, my mind is called to some spoiled little bitch who usually gets to torture or murder anyone he wants for any reason, but who is unable to satisfy his desire to do so to me. For this reason, he has coined a phrase in which I am said to be living my life "on easy mode" since I am interrupting his nearly unlimited authorities to visit evil on anyone he desires to visit it on, and to get whatever he wants all the time. I wonder which person that is in the Stargate universe.

I have made several previous posts about Exide's mysterious "baa1" table. Although they called it the "Bee Ay Ay One" table, it was obviously the Baal table so it is no surprise that the surviving deity at the end of the series is Baal. I assume his African accent refers to the Carioca accent of someone from Rio de Janeiro and his self-congratulating comment about being strong in "strategy and control" seems to suggest this is supposed to be who I think it is. The Baal character's swarthy characteristic may refer to the same. I also notice that Baal's costume is quite like Pinhead's Hellraiser costume but I do not think Pinhead is one of the swarthy ones. The Brazilian known as Caca na Cara comes to mind and that may be who Baal is supposed to be, or maybe not since I am almost certainly acquainted with more than one evil man from Rio de Janeiro.

Clinton was from South Africa and he was the manager at Alliance for a long time. He made several comments about Aaron Schauble being "with us" in the last few years of my time at Alliance and I never knew exactly what he meant by that. I think "Bull" Shaw must have gotten his nickname to make obfuscations on top of the name "Schauble." Aaron seemed ok to me but so did all of the people up there. Clinton often said that his family back in South Africa is in the produce business "like Joey's family" so I assume that is the business of Satanism. Clinton's mother is a jew although he doesn't call himself a jew. Not too long before I left Alliance, I was surprised to hear one day that Clinton was getting married. When he came back from his honeymoon, something seemed very wrong with him. It seemed like maybe someone had used the "honeymoon" as the cover story for a little MK Ultra. He was greatly disturbed after his wedding and his eyes might have seemed a little messed up too. Clinton is another one that seemed ok to me but now I recall Daren saying that something always seemed off to him about Clinton.

Daren Roberts was the jewish alien's cousin sent to attach himself to Chris Moriarty in the way that Eric Dougherty was sent to attach himself on to me. I feel very good about the multiple failed grafts in that regard, Jed Varner, Eric Dougherty, and Joey Collins all seem to have been deployed to graft themselves on to me and none of them took. I am pleased with this result. However, given that I am watching a show from 2007, I no longer think it is reasonable that Joey might have showed up at Alliance through some coincidence. How I got to Alliance in the first place, however, still seems like it must have been nothing more than a coincidence, which is to say that it was divine providence unaided by contemporary human conspirators. If that was the hand of human conspirators that got me in the door at Alliance to begin with, I will be surprised to learn the detail of the conspiracy.

While we seem to be going through the cast of characters at Exide in the final episodes of Stargate SG1, I should say that this one is obviously Tim Jeffries (or Tim Jefferies?)

On a better note, I liked what they said about this one being the friend.

JUST OUT: General Michael Flynn Sues DOJ, FBI and US Government for $50 Million for Malicious Persecution and Gross Abuse of Power

They hit me with the SHIT SPRAY immediately when I clicked on this article and now the FART SPRAY is lingering again. I am surprised that I went so long in this apartment without such things.

Before Tomin starts talking about new interpretations for the Book of Origin around [38:30] in s10e12, it seemed like he was talking about my dream around [22:12]. Particularly, the line had widened to a great chasm and Markon was trying to get back to the villagers.

When Carter is talking to "Rodney" around [28:00] in Stargate SG1 s10e13, there are several instances where Rodney looks like Rodney Williams from Exide. As Carter mentions "parallel universes" with this picture of the Flatiron building behind her, I am reminded that the view of the replica of the Flatiron building in Atlanta looks almost just like the picture on the wall when viewed from Williams Street. That seems to be more of a Rodney Williams reference, obviously. I would have thought that Rodney Williams was an alias invented for the purposes of the fraud at Exide but maybe it wasn't.

I picked up a new MEGA ZAPPER in the head of my penis yesterday.

Credit Suisse Crashes To All Time Low After Boosting Deposit Rates To Reverse Bank Run

>the bank's assets managed for wealthy clients, excluding the Swiss bank, tumbled to 540.5 billion Swiss francs ($574 billion) at the end of December, from 742.6 billion francs a year ago, contributing to a second consecutive annual loss

I think the main reason for CS' outflows are their unprofitable involvement (decreasingly profitable involvement?) in the fraud at Exide. I also think the reason their shares spiked on December 2 is because that is the birthday of one of my antagonists: one who lived in Brooklyn behind the Gemini Lounge where the current master of the catholic church laid his claim to fame as a notorious Satanist many years before throwing the support of the catholic church, which is literally the Church of Satan, behind Exide's fraud. In fact, when Swiss pervert Joseph Fritzl was arrested, my first thought was that he looked quite like this person whose birthday I think is December 2: Evil Dad.

Blackstone Defaults On $562MM CMBS As It Keeps Blocking Investor Withdrawals From $71BN REIT

Hunter Biden's Criminal Defense Lawyer Quits Amid "Unease And Dissent"

Someone recently yelled, "I love you," through my apartment's open window while simultaneously the head of my penis was electroshocked. A moment later, the heckler proceeded to identify himself as an instance of the N-word (which I have agreed not to write despite the ridiculousness of specifying the word by its unambiguous first letter.) As I have dwelt on the interaction, I wonder if the this was the person from the diner in "Long Island" wherein was the interaction characterized as the collision of a Seawolf class submarine with an undersea mountain near China. In my own early reporting on that incident, which is also the basis for the jew Merrick Garland "weaponizing" the DOJ again "parents" in the activity which is now the subject of a new committee in the Congress of the USA, I referred to that person as the N-word. Having sufficiently dwelt on these things, I believe it was that person, indeed. I further wondered if he came to gloat or of he was being forced into an admission. Since he was seemingly able to electroshock the head of my penis while saying in the spirit of Peter, who is Satan, "I love you," it seemed like he was probably gloating. However, my query to a third party this morning (pic) indicates that he was not here to gloat as his purpose had been to gloat (or similar) in that diner back in 2021. While the small red toy in the photo above seems to call attention to the likely fate of the person in question, I wish to call the attention of the other five or seven people who accompanied him into the diner to the fact that my sentiments and hopes for them are similar. While I do honestly hope that they will all kill themselves after killing their families, I do not think they will do it, and if they fall into my hands while living, I see that they are all tortured to death.

My STOMACH ZAPPER, DUPI, LTC, and 9:00 MID WRIGGLER implants were activated while making this post. Overall, it remains a mystery to me how he might have been able to electrocute my penis while present for his forced admission. Perhaps his accomplice in the adjacent room did it and the sexual torture to the head of my penis was meant to show that the whole thing borders on farcical with my primary antagonist camped out in the room next to me, still electroshocking me as was the case while I was in "Long Island." I believe that Helene was the first woman at the table in the diner and I believe she is the person sexually and psychologically torturing me from room 302 where she is also overseeing and directing assorted activities of burglary, rape, aggravated sexual battery, poisoning, mutilation, stabbing, sexual torture, etc. They loudly put Helene's voice on the LRAD saying YUP when I wrote that last part... if it wasn't her directly yelling through the thin wall. If so, her fate is likely to be the same.

It appears that I am paying rent to "Killya Evilmafiabitch" to stay in this room I have now. So subtle.

Subprime Auto Lender And Used Car Retailer Collapses As Distress Cycle Finally Arrives

After not experiencing any problems with the website of my "Russian" driving school for the past two months, the website has suddenly ceased to function just as I am about to finish going through the test questions. It is suspicious, to say the least, that it would go offline only when I am about to finish using it.

EDIT: When I went to 4chan to check on the reason for the problem, I was harshly CHAH'ed on the LRAD as they posted the face of this person whose beloved persons have not yet been thrust into the filth that awaits them. The website appears to be working again, however.

I found yet another new mole directly next to the one I just cropped off from my face with nail clippers. This one is much too deep to get with self-surgery and I blame the people who shot down the balloons for instigating a situation which they had clearly had no intention to defend. That's at least ten moles now, just on my face, not including several others and a skeletal mutilator implant that completely fucked up my collar bones and foot, as well 1000 stab wounds to my penis, testicles, and asshole, etc. That's two new moles I got on my face this week because someone encouraged the retaliation with their balloon shoot down, from my perspective, and where are they now?

Despite several suggestions that my room is secure, I feel like I got the familiar wound on the side of my neck this morning as well as new 3:00 ANAL TRAUMA. This is a suspicion, however, and I am not 100% certain. I may have exposed myself to infiltration when I was cleaning up the glass I broke yesterday. It felt like I got a lot of my implants in the tip of my penis yesterday and I guess they were afforded impunity to put another mole on my face next to the gaping hole where I gouged the flesh out around the other one.

Leftists Furious As Woody Harrelson Sneaks Covid Vaccine Mandate Joke Onto SNL

It looked like he was doing little Satan Israel on the easterly shoulder and big Satan the Vatican on the westerly shoulder.

In the interest of preserving the intention of this page during my current lack of access to RAPE posting on 4chan, I am creating a separate RAPE only page here. I will probably try to get that set up with timestamps some time.

As soon as I started editing my book, the person upstairs from me started TAPPING on the ceiling directly above me simultaneously with the activation of one of a dozen or more WRIGGLERS in and around my asshole. Since the roof is low here, this person is doing that about four feet away from me. Someone also placed a bright orange thread next to my bed when I left on Friday and that seems to indicate a new set of WRIGGLERS. Certainly the WRIGGLER problem is much worse after a recent lull that lasted about two days. The water I brought with me when I left on Friday was poisoned when I got back, and I think they must have anally raped me while they were raping me with the RAPE RAY to get my water poisoned without me noticing. I would have gotten new ANAL WRIGGLER implants during that anal rape which would have included an anal stabbing to make wounds for insertion of the new sexual torture devices.

It is unfortunate that I haven't been able to kill the children of the people in the social environment surrounding the person upstairs from me, or the one who poisoned my water, or the one who put that bright orange thread there, or the ones who put the WRIGGLERS into the stab wounds in my asshole, or the ones who put the CRUSHERS and ZAPPERS into the stab wounds in my testicles, etc, but I am glad that it has been brough to my attention that this is something that ought to be done. If they hadn't done these things, I might not have exterminated them, to include stomping the brains out of the last screaming infant at the end of their ancestors' bloodline. I imagine that when Peter asked Jesus at the end, "What about him?," Peter was asking Jesus if he was going to leave Peter's evil there for everyone to see forever instead of undoing it. As it is written in the Parable of the Weeds, I did decide to leave it. It's worth me going through all of this if at the end I get to show everyone what he did, basically.

Now the BANGING is coming from 302 rather than upstairs and the 3:00 WRIGGLER is being activated rather than the central one. I assume this is done so as to demonstrate coordination between the person in the room above mine the person in the room beside mine both having remote controls for my sexual torture implants, and also both having impunity to sexually and psychologically torture me.

I'm almost done watching Stargate SG1 and I greatly enjoyed the 200th episode: s10e06. It was probably my favorite episode, in fact. Still, I will be glad when it is over because the new characters are getting on my nerves. Cam is ok. He only reminds me of Joey but Landry looks like that tranny with the blue hair that I posted, or possibly Jenna's sponsor. Aside from the way he looks, his "I love racism" schtick greatly contrasts Hammond's "WTF do you mean Teal'c isn't one of us!?!? He and I have the same skull configuration!" I overwhelmingly prefer Hammond, and not only for that reason. Also, Vala is clearly shouting out one of those assholes from Alliance that I hate. When she showed up at the beginning of season 9, I thought she was cute but as they proceeded with a wider spectrum of the angles of her face, I can see she is clearly the representative of someone I don't like, which is an understatement, I am quite certain. On the upside, in the 200th episode they told Cam that he didn't know about Mission Report 30185 and that is also a ZIP code to the west of Atlanta. In fact, I heard that there is a 60m diameter tunnel running from the CNN/GWCC area of downtown Atlanta out to some place near Carroll County where that ZIP is. Carroll County's two C's make a 33 reference and Cam mentioned his obnoxious neighbor a few episodes later as being "in 304." This suggests that Cam lives in 303, possibly, and I currently live in the 303 unit of my building. My recent post about hating a two-times gangstalker interceptor I found in the hall referenced his apartment next to mine as 304 but I think if I was going to kill just one of my neighbors, it would be the one in 302.

Although I hadn't felt it in a while, I clearly still have a LEFT TESTICLE MEGA CRUSHER installed. When I appealed my ban on 4chan, it got immediately revved up and the person in 302 increased the psychological torture with the BANGING as if he thinks such things are good for the interests he wishes to further.

Persistent RD with intermittent LTZ and multiple intermittent TPI.

Credit Suisse Crashes To All-Time Low After Regulators Probe If Chairman Lied About "Stabilizing" Outflows

This guy has been getting posted lately because he looks my enemy: the master of the jesuits who is the master of the catholic church right now since the Pope is a jesuit, and who was probably the master of it before the Pope was a jesuit too since the old Pope resigned to make way for the Satanic jesuit Pope to put his official stamp of Papery on "the unthinkable." I guess some people are expressing their shock that he "did the unthinkable" but actually this is who the Pinhead character in Hellraiser was based on and I don't think it's reasonable to be surprised to learn that that guy was actually evil all along.