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Freemasons are concerned only with human rules, not heavenly things.

One of the most foreign things about "Russia" is that salad dressing basically doesn't exist here. None of the stores have any and even when I search online sellers with Yandex, there's pretty much just one brand that has a few varieties. I like how every store in the USA has a whole aisle of salad dressing.

"There Is No Fix" - Rubino Warns Global Monetary Experiment Ends In "Bloodbath"

Unprecedented computer glitches.

Unfortunately, I failed the driving test again and got delayed until April 25, at least. I drove over the edge of a parking space when I was pulling out of it and failed the test for that alone, so, unlike last time, I do not think the failure was self-contradictory bullshit. It was still bullshit because everyone drives over the edge of the space when they pull out of it, but it is less stupid than what happened last week. I can't extend this apartment I'm in again so I will have to move camp this weekend. That may very cause some other, new problems when I have to diagnose some new system of trap doors somewhere else, which I am not looking forward to at all.

UPDATE: As soon as I booked another apartment, the Satanist upstairs started making noises that sounded like a drill drilling the concrete directly over my head. That's probably a bad sign for the rape hatches where I about to go.

I have a second edition of my Bible book uploaded.

I just watched a documentary about Alan Stanford (episode 2 here), and my overall impression was that he reminded me very much of Steve Collins. I can't help but to wonder if they're related, and if the reason that the fraud allegations against Stanford were never investigated until he failed to fulfill redemptions was the same reason that they stopped investigating the Atlanta child murders. Since this is the gist I got so very strongly, and since I am conspiracy minded, I also can't help but to wonder if the reason he would brashly tell his employees that he was "out chasing pussy" was to distract from his True Detective cult reunions where he was murdering people and doing who knows what else.

I would like to know more about the context of this post and whether or not it refers to someone's expectation that I would spend the rest of my days rotting in Antarctica.

I wonder if these are two images of the same person wearing different disguises.

UPDATE: I have one further comment that I can make on this. When I was pondering the one on the right before I took his picture, my impression was that he was grotesquely skinny underneath his costume, like a caricature of wimpiness. At the point where I took the screenshot on the left, the guy was saying, "I love fat," which may have been a dishonest reference to his affinity for scrawniness.

I wanted to make a link to a previous post I made about Razmus' list before they took it offline to stop me from being able to link to it. There is some strange behavior where this link redirects to Google:


I went through all of my other posts on Paranormalis, and they are still working. It is "odd" that the only thread in my post history that doesn't work is the one about the Razmus' Report page that got taken offline after I started posting about it.

UPDATE: I am able to access this page in Firefox, but not in Edge. However, all the relevant content has been removed from the thread. I found that there are actually two threads with the same title, and the posts in neither of them have anything to do with what I was posting about. I see that all references to "Razmus" have been deleted from my blog archive as well.

This person from Master Chef s09e21 is clearly one of the assholes from Alliance. I think Maurice Gonzalez, also from Alliance, and who appeared on Razmus' list of people that are definitely not John Titor, has been using the Aaron Sanchez persona in this season too. In an earlier season, they had yet another asshole from Alliance, the one who they made the Night King in Game of Thrones, grafted onto the Christina Tosi character. I think I also mentioned that Ulli Pohl is obviously Gordon Ramsay.

Escobar: The Pentagon Leak Charade

>NATO document shows 71,500 Ukrainians KIA and only 16,000 to 17,500 Russians, a far cry from earlier Pentagon ‘estimates

>"Our interpretation of this breach is that intel sources in the United States have released critical intel data in order to avoid a nuclear war with Russia."

It was suggested to me that this jew I posted in the picture is an avatar for some iteration of Evil Dad. The likeness of some self-important man that I know is clear to see. Possibly this is who I started calling Sniffy Doug after my brief stay in Augusta, GA where I acquired a permanent DEEP URETHRA PAIN INFLICTOR to complement the other permanent sexual torture implants I have. The video linked in the picture tells the story about how my book deal got tanked. Namely, when I was trying to get a book deal, someone on the internet was antagonizing me over the alleged invalidity of my scientific work, and I was telling him that I was going to kill his family. For some reason, while they were withholding all the content that might have painted me in a good light, they were showing my threats against his children to my prospective book agent who decided that I am a vile monster, and that the jew who was antagonizing me was good, and that it would be somehow wrong if I was to brutally defile, ruin, and desecrate his family, which it would not be at all, and which is definitely going to happen. Due to the timing of recent of events, I wonder if this piece of shit was indicted in the recent leaks. In that case, the data would have been released "in order to avoid a nuclear war with Russia" because I am about to be in Russia, I hope, and Russia will probably find out how badly the USA has been fucking me with their heretical policies of non-compliance with the law of the Lord. In that case, they would have released it to make this guy the fall guy, or his cabal the fall cabal, suggesting that it was only him fucking me and not the USA as a whole, which I do not believe at all. I believe the USA is 100% evil and avoiding a nuclear war with it would be a bad thing.

I think it also may have been suggested to me that the leaks pertain to what is called Daisy's destruction. I should also point out that the jew whose avatar I posted appeared in the video with Sam Hyde, and supposedly it was Sam Hyde's friend that designed the new (now abandoned) CIA logo as a celebration of Daisy's destruction, which is the sort of thing I have in mind for the children of my adversaries in these matters, for the most part.

My dick got electrocuted several times while making this post.

Echoes Of New Century's Collapse Amid Sudden Firesale Of Real Estate Loans As Morgan Stanley Sees 40% Downside

>"almost $1.5 trillion of US commercial real estate debt comes due for repayment before the end of 2025. The big question facing those borrowers is who’s going to lend to them?"

VC Funding Collapses, Puts Some Startups At Risk Of Extinction

>An extinction event that kills a large swath of early-stage startups could be in the cards as venture capital funding collapsed by more than half in the first quarter.

Small Businesses File For Bankruptcy At Record Pace, Surpassing COVID Crash

Three Scenarios For US Liquidity From The Coming US Debt Ceiling Crisis

Someone posted this interesting chart which kind of complements my other chart correlating COVID with Fed activity.

It was suggested to me that the Long Island SUV stalker was stalking me at the driving test again today. Earlier in the day today or yesterday, I was thinking about a white Land Cruiser, and she and her escort left in such a vehicle after the escort appeared to ape what seemed to me like Brazilian body language. Certainly, his body language was 100% non-Russian though he was pretending to speak Russian. While she seemed ecstatic to be tormenting me in Long Island, she seemed much less pleased with herself today. I think that was probably her father standing outside my window a few weeks ago to shout, "I'm the [N-word]," and that's what she is too. Things will not go well for him and his children.

Israel Strikes Lebanon After Barrage of Militia Rockets

Netangabo couldn't get rid of his corruption cases with judicial reform and now maybe he will try to make them go away by starting a war. It seems clear to me.

Unfortunately, bad weather has delayed my trip to Oregon by at least a week. I failed the driving test due to not blinking when I drove straight from a stop, and then my bumper, not my wheel, went over a line when I was doing parallel parking. Hopefully, I pass it next Friday.

Well-Known Crypto Tech Exec Murdered In San Francisco Stabbing

My first thought here is that this looks like a member of that CIA race of little men who've been following me around since Exide, and who were coming to the office at Lexis Nexis too to poison the cream for my coffee that I kept in the fridge in the break room. I have nothing but ill will for those people and this is (was, haha) probably one of them.

I might add that the person this reminds me of most directly is Rod Williams who is called "Tech Exec 1" in the Durham case under the alias "Rodney Joffe." If this is the son of one of those people, I will enjoy my schadenfreude.

Gordon Johnson: Despite Positive China Numbers, Tesla's Q1 Earnings Setting Up For "Epic Disaster"

>he still believes there is a Q1 earnings miss of "herculean proportions" on its way.

Since I think Tesla's main business is selling my stolen semen, I think this other news from today should be in scope too.

Trump Indictment Released As Manhattan DA Holds Press Conference

Obviously, I hope Trump and his family burn in hell which seems strange to me since Comey is celebrating this indictment and I also hope Comey and his family burn in hell. I am not sure what to make of that. Maybe I am wrong about Comey. Since he was stalking me as long as ago as 1992 when he came to my school to pretend to be my substitute math teacher, I do not think I am wrong about him. My first thought would be that sometimes my enemies fight amongst themselves, and that would explain Comey's jubilations. I have made *numerous* previous posts about how I think Barron Trump was grown from my stolen semen in the womb of Stormy Daniels with one of Ivanka Trump's eggs, and about my speculation that Trump's undisclosed business relationship with Deutsche Bank pertains to his business selling my stolen semen. The February 14, 2017 date makes the Trump indictment seem like it is related to Exide too since that was about two weeks after I quit: strange timing to be related to some bullshit with a prostitute from 2005. One might note that the Trump inauguration was around then but my guess is that this pertains to the fraud at Exide.

In the last few days, it has been suggested to me a few times with increasing clarity that some scummy swine I know has recanted on his former lie about solidarity between he and I. This would be one of the main assholes from Alliance, probably the one who is associated most closely with Ndrangheta and the Jesuits. I assume his name is Romero Cavalcanti but I can't be sure about that since so many different people at Alliance were defrauding me with respect to their identities. I think he passed me on the street on Monday where he did the brush-off-the-dirt motion on his arm as he passed me, and I think he was acting as Evil Dad's cover at the hotel last Friday. I guess when Evil Dad needs some other piece of shit to hide behind while he watches me, this man, whatever his name is, is that other piece of shit.

I saw this other post on /pol/ today about how someone had "bought 6 chicks about five years ago" and it made it seem like the person I have in mind poisoned his own family with my stolen semen as well. Testifying to the filthiness of this swine and his low character, I have been seeing memes on the internet for years suggesting he was standing in solidarity with me. That would be absurd given that I have been espousing my intention to exterminate all of the families that were poisoned with my stolen semen for at least that long. I don't think he wants me to exterminate his family but that is what solidarity with me would require. Other than that, his solidarity is clearly with the camp that would turn my life into the theater of their cuckold pornography when he agrees with them that the men of his family should get to fuck those women he poisoned even though it's my nut that they want in their pussies. This is 100%, unequivocal non-solidarity, and it irks me to think I have vacillated so much on believing the contrary propaganda in the years since I left Alliance.

This ID makes me very emotional. I was reading just now about the jewish spy that got arrested in Siberia. His boss was saying on TV that they hoped the lawyers could make contact with him next week and I will be glad if the waiting ends. I have been waiting for "contact" for a long time. In many ways, I've been patiently waiting to hear back since September of 2009 and I would not have thought at that time that this was how things were going to go. I think an ongoing theme in the possibly-related (probably) Assange debacle has been his inability to communicate with his lawyers. If that underlying situation finally comes to a head, I will be very glad.

The two anal rapes I had since passing my driver's exam on Friday suggest that someone is upset about something, at least, and is feeling the need to lash out. I passed the theoretical exam but now I have to wait to pass the practical exam in the car with the policeman on April 7. Hopefully I can get a car bought, registered, and insured by Friday so I can leave town immediately. I'm not sure how much progress I will be able to make before actually receiving the DL on Friday, assuming the test goes well. When I was taking the practice exam with the agent of the driving school, he failed me wrongfully and I hope that does not happen again as I am eager to get on the road.

"Embarrassing": Some Democrats Say Trump Indictment Was A Strategic Mistake

Since the real issue with Stormy Daniels was that they contracted with one of NVIXM's slave women to consecrate the abomination in her womb after they put my stolen semen with one of Ivanka Trump's eggs, I am pleased that this is the subject of the indictment. Obviously, the truth about that will never come out until I myself make it known, as I will make it known that Natalie Biden is the same sort of detestable creature, but I am glad if this is what they are investigating. I think part of the fraud at Exide was probably that they would skip me out of my own inheritance and give it to that little piece of shit that Trump grew.

This person looks quite like Joey "El Mencho" Collins. I just got raped again, for the second time this weekend I am pretty sure, so maybe he got killed as the price that my rapists are more than willing to pay to keep on raping me. In fact, as I have a closer look, it is remarkable how much this person looks like Joey, not only in his face.

I think some of the generals of the army of Satan intercepted me at the hotel the other day: Evil Dad and one of those assholes from Alliance whose stock just went WAY THE FUCK Down from the all time lows it was hovering near. I believe those people have created a cult for themselves, or their ancestors did, where they dance around to do things where I can't see, donning disguises like their father the devil did before them, and I think these memes on the internet today make it seem like they are disappointed to find out that I am going to exterminate that cult rather than join it or accept its members as my servants. I will not accept them and I will not kill their children before I make them filthy.

US Air Force Abandons Lockheed Hypersonic Weapon Program After Test Failure

I am pretty sure that it was an instance of Evil Dad that pissed me off in the lobby of the hotel this evening. Possibly that was the one they call The Snake Dog, as above. Reminder about him and whichever asshole from Alliance that was standing next to him in the fat guy costume. I was going to take their picture but in the few seconds that I was fucking around trying to be somewhat discrete about it, they left the lobby. Other than that, I am about 100% sure that Good Dad passed by me on the sidewalk near some interesting graffiti.

Reminder about these two stalkers from the police station today, where I got an A+ on my exam. I think I already have reminders about these two, however. I think that may be "Eris Wakefield" in the back whose name I already have written into the book of death. In the front, I think that is one of those other assholes from Alliance whose name I may not know but was still written into the book of death. They both made it obvious that they knew when I started filming them, and when I stopped.

2 3 4 5 6

Trump Indicted By Manhattan Grand Jury Over Porn Star Hush Payment

Rare Rebuke Of Israel By White House Riles Republicans

>he really riled Israel-supporters by emphasizing that he has no intention of welcoming Netanyahu to the White House "in the near term."

Biden '24?

After the Satanists at Northside Hospital didn't offer me a job in the summer of 2016, the recruiter I was working with told me that he was pretty sure I would get the job at Exide because the owner of his recruiting agency was the brother of Exide's CEO. There was only one other person interviewing for the position and I think he ended up missing his interview "due to a medical emergency." I also think the CR initials of Crimson Rhino must reference the RC initials of Romero Cavalcanti who is the master of the Church of Satan and the Successor to the Prince of Darkness.

I am pleased to report that after four months of sitting here doing the same thing I was doing when I was sleeping in my car, I got invited to finally take the driver's license test on Friday. I will have to pass a theoretical exam, which should be easy, and then I will also have to pass an actual driving test, which should also be easy even while the possibility of me fucking something up in that instance is greater. I think I should be out of Antarctica in less than two weeks.

It is possible or even likely that my first day at Exide was September 19, 2016. Certainly February 9, 2017 was about a week after I quit, and after the Israelis had already sent me to their torture dungeon twice.

Clinton, Inc. Formed "Joint Venture" Of "Co-Conspirators" To Smear Trump: Durham

I can't tell if this article is about a crime that is being alleged or if it's supposed to be newsworthy that Durham said something which was already known by *EVERYONE* for five years, at least.

Trump Says He Has A Plan To 'Solve' Ukraine War In 24 Hours If Reelected

This sounds to me like Trump has murder on his mind. If he can kill me, then his biggest problem goes away.

Netanyaho Pauses Judicial Overhaul To "Avoid Civil War" As Rival Protest Groups Clash

I have not seen it mentioned that the Israeli PM's "judicial reforms" seem like they would be designed to undermine his 10+ years, unending corruption investigation related to his wife raping me while he was guzzling my semen.

Overall, I am astonished to see the extent to which my rapists and torturers were torturing me less than the maximum amount that they would find to be profitable when weighed against the consequences. For some reason, they were taking it easy on me for a very long time, and now is suddenly catastrophically worse.

Hopefully, I will finish the second edition of my Bible book this week: The Time Travel Interpretation of the Bible. However, I am somewhat dismayed to see this anomalous formatting in the draft that I printed to read for the final edit. The footnote switches to the bold font at the line break but there is no formatting in my source .tex file which might suggest that this should happen. I am concerned that there are unprintable characters in the .tex now leading to this formatting error. When I view the PDF in the browser, I do not see it and luckily Amazon will give me a print preview option to check on this before I get the new version online (on the fake internet where no one buys it, I assume, because the word of God is bitter poison the powers in the USA who censor me.) Still, it is most bothersome that this formatting error appeared when I printed the document. As I am in "Russia" now where they do not have Amazon, it will be difficult or impossible for me to order an author copy of a new version to check the formatting physically as I have done for previous versions of the the first edition.

I made a thing.

I was looking at getting a password manager. This auto-generated "jigsaw" password that popped up first thing and the "fake" one that followed do not inspire much confidence.

UBS To Buy CS For $2 Billion; SNB Offers $100 Billion Liquidity But UBS CDS Blowout Regardless

>UBS CDS have widened by at least 40bps (so far)

>there will be a very unique material adverse exit clause: if UBS credit default spreads jump by 100 basis points or more, the deal is off!

UBS Offers To Buy Credit Suisse For $1BN In 0.25 Per Share Takeunder; CS Balks At Offer

>the current terms were unfair for Credit Suisse and its shareholders

I finished watching Stargate SG-1 and now I don't really have anything in mind to watch. However, to the extent that my value as a man is often impugned by the Satanists, I feel good that I possess in a way the superpowers of Carter, Daniel Jackson, and Teal'c. I am the super genius physicist, I am the one who deciphers the ancient texts, and I am also the one who feels pretty confident in fisticuffs with an average man on the street. Those things were enough to make three pretty good characters on the show but they are not enough to make more than the biggest piece of shit that ever lived in the eyes of my enemies. When I get out of Antarctica, I think the record will show that no one else was ever raped and tortured here as much as I was, barring cases of actual murder and classical torture. The conclusion to draw from this data can only be that the people around here think I am the absolute biggest piece of shit ever to get sent down here. Otherwise, someone else would have gotten it worse than me but I do not think anyone ever did, barring those cases of escalation which I was saved from due to my life being valuable, unlike these other people's lives. I think I saw someone say the other day, "Why don't we just shoot him in the head?," and the answer is the one I just stated. Whoever asked that can't do it because my life isn't worthless like his life is worthless.

I just snapped in irritation when the taxi driver brought me to some place other than where I had specified in the taxi app. In hindsight, now I can see he was trying to give me a better drop off point and was not doing what I thought he was doing, which was setting me up to get raped and or/poisoned with a non-standard taxi route, or fucking my trip up in some way for some other reason. Therefore, since I believe I misinterpreted, I wish to express my fondness for his intention to give me a better drop off point.

"The Fed Is Broke" - Gundlach Likes Gold, Fears "Expanding Wars" Most

>"The Fed is broke. The Fed's balance sheet is negative $1.1 trillion. There's nothing they can do to fight any problems except for printing money. They have nothing left. The Fed used to send money to Treasury. Now Treasury sends money to the Fed. We're at this point in time where we don't have any road left to kick the can on our mismanagement of finances and monetary policy."

Julian Assange's brother and father speak out over his detainment, call for charges to be dropped

Last time the Fed's balance sheet reduction initiative failed, they had to do COVID to get the maximum allowed balance increased. At that time, the had less than $1T in spare capacity and right now they only have about $2T in spare capacity. I expect that this chart will run right up to the limit, and the conclusion will be WW3 or another faked crisis used as an excuse to increase the maximum balance beyond $10T.

Netanyahu Forbids Ministers From Meeting US Officials Until Biden Invites Him To DC: Report

I felt another new ZAPPER on my dick, next to what I thought was a new SCROTUM ZAPPER, as I was posting this article. The TPI implants revved up when I was in the taxi with that person yesterday and they also seem much worse today. One thing I can say about that is that it would be unusual for them to wait so long to start using new implants against me. Usually they do it right away to rub my face in it. +DIFFERENT RIGHT SIDE SCROTUM ULTRA ZAPPER+

I had been trying to imagine some positive context for the lack of NODULE IMPLANTS in my asshole lately. I was wondering if perhaps the 500 new WRIGGLERS I got were someone's lashing out in a tantrum after being denied the ability to continue to implant NODULES in my asshole by anally raping me in the aftermath of the balloon shoot-down. I was clearly 100% wrong about that because I just found another new NODULE implant at 9:00. I had been deliberately not engaging the sigil of protection outside to see if something had changed, and I can see very clearly now that it did not. Now I have new NODULES and 400 new WRIGGLERS. I thought the person who drove me to the Republic of Georgia last year intercepted me as a taxi driver yesterday, and he is good suspect for who might have done it. As I was completing this post, I believe I felt a new RIGHT SIDE SCROTUM ZAPPER as well.

I wish to take a semi-victory lap on some of my predictions for this year. Although I did change my mind about the stock market crashing after I read about the effect of the Treasury's "extraordinary" debt ceiling aversion measures, my initial analysis showed that something would break once the Fed's balance drew down around $750B. By an elementary linear analysis, I correctly placed that in the spring of 2023 and that is approximately the BS drawdown shown in the chart above. I predicted that750B QT was when the stock market would explode, so I was wrong about that, but I am pleased with my estimation that there was about $750B of slack in the Fed's balance sheet. My new current analysis is that this explosion in the Fed BS is mega-bullish on its own and ultra-bullish when taken with the mechanism of stealth QE imposed by the Treasury's debt limit avoidance measures. I am also pleased with my suggestion to buy options for selling WTI oil on March 23 at around $77.