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This new mole implant on my nose is much bigger than the one under my eye was. It is not nearly as big as the giant pit my rapists left when they tried to cover up their fellow rapists' crime, but it is much bigger than that one was.

War Threatens Ukraine Auto Empire Of Biden Megadonor And Lender Who's Urging Greater U.S. Role

>Some administration critics say that Biden has done a poor job of explaining why supporting Ukraine is in America's interests.

Democrats Attack Gaetz Ukraine Audit Resolution As 'Divisive & Ill-Advised'

>Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) said that it was not an appropriate time for transparency regarding the billions in US tax dollars pouring into Ukraine.

BBC Horizon - Hubble: The Wonders of Space Revealed 1440p (2020)

BBC Horizon - Hubble: The Wonders of Space Revealed 1080p (2020) [No registration]

'Knife in the back': Havana Syndrome victims dispute report dismissing their cases

>"I had this extreme feeling of pressure. I thought, 'This can't be happening; it's crazy,'" he told the Herald.

I bet Havana Syndrome is what I call "RAPE DICK." Obviously, the agencies do not want to acknowledge the existence of their secret, illegal, and off the books sexual torture weapons. My own RAPE DICK problem has not stopped since mid-August of 2020, and the RD is blasting right now, in fact, as it is almost all of the time. Sometimes it gets worse and goes back back to being less bad, but it has not stopped since mid-August 2020 when Helene intercepted me at an AirBnB pretending to be the owner of a house boat I went to look at.

I saw it suggested tonight that the person that fucked my foot up is the same person who fucked my face up. I have a lot of ill will toward the people who left him alive after he fucked my foot up so that he could fuck my face up again now. If they would have killed him as I had commanded, then this wouldn't have happened.

This gigantic sunken pit under my left eye is really a lot more noticeable than the mole was. I think it is worse now, in fact. That is extremely vexing that this sunken pit area is not even close to the size of the mole, but instead the mole could probably have fit in this area 20 times over. My feeling is that whatever they did in the pursuit of their love of the practice of falsehood has absolutely no chance of healing, ever, and this is going to get worse every day progressively for the rest of my life.

The shadow cast by this other new mole is plain to see even when I don't touch my nose. If they suck this one out too, at least there won't be the risk of fucking up the way the skin folds.

I got another new big mole on my nose which I guess I did not notice immediately after becoming fixated on this other piece of shit under my eye, possibly because this one is not front-facing. There were two other new ones on the other side of my nose that I noticed a month or two ago. I was able to get one of them with the nail clippers, but I cannot get the correct lighting for a picture of the other one since it is in the crease where my nose connects to my cheek. That one is not squarely on the middle of the nostril like this other new one that I just noticed.

Decision On Trump Indictment To Be Announced 'In The Near Future': Fulton County DA

Fulton County, Georgia is where I was defrauded during my hiring and brief employment at Exide, so there is always some hope that this is related to that. The meeting where I believe (due to my hindsight) that Trump and Putin came to defraud me dressed as my coworkers Dave Morrison and Rod Williams, with Devin Nunez disguised as my coworker David Feldkamp, also took place in Fulton County, GA in December of 2016. Right after that meeting, a meeting in which "Tim" said remotely over the phone, "I just do whatever they tell me," they moved my desk to the other building so i was sitting next to the entrance to the torture dungeon. I think Exide probably used their fraud tentacles to take advantage of my desire to avoid homelessness so that I ended up signing my own death warrant due to their conspiracy of fraudulent misrepresentation. I got defrauded at Elavon too when Robert was lying to my about what I was working on, and I expect I was defrauded at Lexis Nexis too in some way which is not yet apparent to me. Basically, my employers defrauded me at every place I worked after Georgia Tech deprived me of due process under the student code when they expelled me in 2011.

I think this shit under my eye is probably not worse than it was. The bump is gone from my resting face, pretty much, I believe, but the excavated area seems to have changed the way the skin folds over there. Time will tell if I end up with all the skin over there folding around the obvious diamond shape later on.

It really sucks to get raped into involuntary surgery yet again. It should have been my choice, and it wasn't. Furthermore, I think a competent doctor rather than whatever all-time high scoring Dunning-Kruger retard they hired would have presented the procedure here as the best option: Mohs Surgery, not whatever liposuction analogue procedure they forced on me. It should have been my choice, but they raped me with the rape ray up my asshole and forced it on me, again. Although the main issue is the rape, just on the aspect of the competency of a given so-called practitioner of "medicine," why is the wound on my face 20 times bigger today than the wound that was on my face yesterday? Mohs surgery clearly does not have that undesirable side effect where they scoop out this obtuse cone of skin, which would have been very shallow to get this glob of coagulated filth that got injected. The answer is that all they care about is their practice of falsehood, not their Hippocratic oath, and Mohs surgery which would have been the best option for me would have presented them with no chance for pretending like it never happened. Since they are incompetent, however, they fucked my face up worse than it was, and the wound is plain on my face to see exactly what they did. If they would have left me the fuck alone after this other asshole injected my face, I could have eventually spoken to a non-Antarctican dermatologist about the Mohs surgery to see if I wanted to risk it making things worse or not, but now I do not have even that option because they forced it on me with their fucking anal rape again.

Since I often point out that I am not a Christian, let me give a little more context. What I mean when I say that is that I am a Jew. What is true, but not usually the topic of my point about not being a Christian, is that I am a Jew, and I am the last of my kind. Those other people that call themselves by name JW are really kikes. I only serve the Lord, and the opposite is what Joey/Tucker was saying about Samaritans. Someone in /ng/ was calling me an asshole yesterday and they were saying something like, "Only love and light is good." The point I was making is that everyone who says anything besides, "Only God is good," is a Satanist. Someone called me a serpent and some other things, and they insisted that only light is good. In rebuttal, I posted these verses with the comment, "My religious source material says otherwise. What is your religion?," referring the Old Testament as my religious source material. I think that's the point Joey was raising in his Tucker talk when he was saying they're the modern Samaritans. I'm not a Christian and he's not a Christian, but I am only for the Lord and he is not for the Lord at all. In general, my impression of the "love and light" crowd is that they say the things they like are "love and light," and the other things they don't like are evil, and God has no part in any of it. They are the deciders of which is which, not God. People that say, "Love and light," never seem to say, "Your will be done, Lord." I don't think that's a coincidence. I think Satan knows that people love hearing about love and light.

Tucker Carlson was a sock puppet for Joey Collins to be on TV on Fox in the same way Erin Burnett is a vehicle for Joey's dad Steve to be on CNN with his sock puppet and her notorious, well documented blinking code. The Collins family is at the top of that cult the mentioned in True Detective, or near the top, and they love human sacrifice, so Tucker is being darkly ironic on the point he raises a point about that. Joey's real name, and Steve's, is Joel Steven Cohen. They are Jews. When Tucker says, "I'm an Episcopalian. Episcopalians aren't Christians at this point," before circling back to emphatically harp on him being an Episcopalian at the end, he is shouting, "I'm not a Christian!" When he says the Episcopalians are like the Samaritans, he means he worships Baal and Moloch and those guys, not God. When he sets up his big point about what morality is, seeming to refer to a lot of the language in my own promises of destruction, he has to make aside saying, "If we go back to the Athenian tradition...," which means, "If we use a pagan standard of morality rather than the Christian one..." In fact, I think that referenced my own point from /ng/ yesterday about the "love and light" crowd being the Satanists. Overall, he is criticizing my many promises not to make the mistake cited in my post below where the consequences do not prevent future recurrences. Many times in the Bible, God says, "If you don't do what I say, then I'm going to fuck you up, and you're not going to like it." People don't like to hear that, and Tucker's schtick is to tell people what they want to hear, which is what the masses will always prefer. I do not intend to cater to the masses, and that is Joey's only thing that he does, and he is well loved for it. He is not well loved enough, however, because Tucker got fired. Catering to God is stronger than catering to the masses, even when the masses will tend to hate you for it.

One would have thought that the consequences of the medical experiments which mangled my foot would have been sufficient to avoid me being involuntarily subjected to continued medical experiments mangling my face, but that is clearly not the case. Never once have the consequences for any of it ever been enough to discourage future recurrences. This is not a mistake I will make in my own judgments.

I think this picture shows very clearly how the area where they sucked tissue out from under the skin is at least 20 times bigger than the mole was. I wouldn't have fucked my face half this bad if I would have tried to drop it out with a pair of nail clippers, and what I might have done would have healed. I look at this, and it looks like the kind of thing that has absolutely no chance of ever healing, and I think the malice is plain to see when the diamond is clearly about 20 times bigger than the mole was.

In fact, now that I think I understand what I'm looking at, it looks like someone sucked out a gigantic diamond/triangle from the flesh under my left eye across an area about 20 times as big as the mole was, and now the tissue is bunching up behind the pit in the flesh rather than folding around the bump like it was yesterday. I am sure in several years, if they don't decide to deglove my head and give me latex one to wear instead, that all of the wrinkles on my face will be 100% asymmetric and centered around this giant pit where they not only sucked out the coagulating poison that got injected, but about 20 times as much of my healthy tissue too. Then when I'm complaining about my foot hurting from them drilling my heel bone and then that causing the arch of the foot to collapse, I can also admire their tattoo on my face saying, "Hahaha, I fucking raped you again, bitch, what are you gonna do about it." It is extremely much worse today. Apparently, the reprimand regarding their previous medical experiments on my foot was not sufficient, because they are still doing medical experiments on me today. Not only is the way that my face is fucked up much worse, but the mark on my face is about 20 times bigger now. It is somewhat harder to see in the resting posture of my face, but it is easy to the diamond shaped perimeter of the subcutaneous trauma that they inflicted while they were raping me lasting night.

I would have been able to a better job with a sharp knife cutting the mole out, adn probably a better job with my nail clippers. At least I wouldn't have taken so much of my good tissue with it, and the scar tissue would have filled in the hole and gone back to normal after a while. They probably did something like liposuction which has no chance to heal, ever. I'm not really able to capture it with a picture, but it is clear that they excavated some large diamond area underneath my left eye, and the area is about 20 times bigger than the mole was. I am 100% certain I could have done a better job by cutting a hole in my face and putting Neosporin on it. Due to their practice of falsehood, I think it must have seemed better to them to leave this giant ugly mark that I'm complaining about now than to leave a small tidy mark where they would have removed the mole with a scalpel, cutting out an obtuse cone like when one remove a small skin cancer. Obviously, the latter would have been the correct procedure to try to attempt, and even that I am not confident would have worked. However, preferring this permanent disfigurement that was 100% as obvious this morning as would have been an equally obvious wound like a small scrape which might have healed, whatever they did do was chosen to support their practice of falsehood. I really hate it that they do this, and I am certain that whoever said the first guy could inject me was the same said these guys could make a pit 20 times as big. The person in 203 is very insistent to bang on my wall as I'm writing this, and the RD is blasting again. My face is much worse today.

The procedure with the best chance of success would have been the one like the melanoma removal, scraping out a shallow cone to include the mole, and even that seemed too risky to me. This is bullshit. Even when I went outside this morning, there was some heckler waiting to say in plain English, "He got you!," and that was the mockery of the one who sent these people to fuck my face up last night. All of it is malicious. It is 100% obvious that they chose the half-assed, shitty procedure instead of the one with the best chance of success because this one also had the possibility of making it look like they didn't do anything. They failed on both counts: my face is way more fucked up today and the diamond shape where they robbed of still yet more of my flesh is plainly evident. If it wasn't such a stupid question, I'd ask why they're allowed to steal the flesh of my face and the bone matter from my skeleton which I can never recover but not the money in my bag which I can easily get back?

In fact, I am having trouble seeing the bump today. I wonder if they took tissue out of my face last night, and that was what happened when I went to the store. It is much worse now. I think made about five sarcastic posts about how if I ever tried to get it fixed, I was sure it would just end up even worse than it was, and this may be exactly that. Obviously, fucking my face up even more than it was already fucked up was going to leave it even more fucked up that it already was, so, I wonder: how could someone have seen my complaint about the mole but not my preemptive complaints about how trying to getting it fixed would obviously make it worse? I am sure whoever injected my face is very happy that is now even more fucked up that he was willing to fuck it up. It was never like pic related, and it wasn't even that bad yesterday. This new massive asymmetry is only going to get worse with time too, I am quite certain. It's much worse this morning than it was yesterday.

I notice that because this giant glob of filth that got injected into my face is now obstructing the natural mechanics of my face, the tissue in my cheek is now bunching up behind the glob of filth when I scrunch my face. It was not like that very recently, I am quite certain.

Obviously, I have no way to separate the cases for (i) decreased fat in my face due to fasting making this so much more obvious, and (ii) the case where they injected more shit into my face again recently. It's like it is no longer a single line, but is now there is one line going over the mole from my eye and another going under it from my cheek. It is very much worse now. Apparently, we are still making new highs in the facial mutilations department, which is a situation that displeases me. A lot of BANGING in 205 as I was writing this, together the previous LRAD attack in the bathroom that I mentioned, suggest they did inject more shit into my face recently. The dog in 205 that switched to howling from barking also suggests that they injected more shit into my face.

Overall, my implant situation has retreated somewhat from the recent local maximum. However, I still have about five or ten new WRIGGLERS in each eye (in and around the eyelid), about five or ten new WRIGGLERS on my nose, new WRIGGLERS all over the bottom of my feet, at least a few new WRIGGLERS in and around my asshole, and new MEGA WRIGGLERS in my ear canals that were not there before the balloon shootdown. I often describe the situation in which someone gives me 20 new implants and then someone takes 15 of them out acting like that was good enough, and how the cumulative effect of such a protocol has led to the current situation in which I have 100+ implants all of the time. This latest gigantic increment following the balloon shootdown seems to be the foremost example of that. I do not think I have ever got so many persistent new implants in one round as I did following the balloon shoot down. I'd say there's probably about 30 new WRIGGLERS that I picked up, which seem not to be going away. (A new nose WRIGGLER was activated as soon as I finished writing the above.) Also, I am not sure if they recently injected more mole poison into the mole under my left eye, or if it was just my fast making it much more obvious than it was as my subcutaneous fat decreased. I originally got this one quite a while ago during the height of when I was getting new mole implants on my face. Since I have gotten at least two more mole implants on my nose in Moscow, if I'm not mistaken, I suspect that this one under my eye was recently injected with more poison to make it bigger. Certainly the two biggest mole implants on my face (ones I got while I was still a wage slave to mimic the arrangement of Becciu's moles and the moles of very many other executives on trial in the church of Satan, such as Parolin, long before I had heard of them), were made bigger while I was staying in "New York," I am sure that making them progressively bigger with more injections is something that they do.

My fast is almost over and I am excited to eat this delicious cesar salad with fried chicken thighs, onions and some hot peppers, and some garlic croutons. Then I will probably also have some sour gummy worms. I am looking forward to it very much after a little bit more than 22 days of fasting.

A little while ago, I was dreaming that Helene and her helper were conspiring against me again. Last time I interacted with those two in good faith, they filed a fraud affidavit in Dekalb County, making sworn statements that pure lies were the truth, signed them and submitted them to the court, and they had me thrown into the slave hole. My feeling is that they are doing the same thing again right now. Certainly, I will not repeat my previous mistake.

I am unable to access gmail.

Unfortunately, I failed the driving test again today. I saw a couple of women fail when they were driving out of the parking lot and I was wondering what the problem was. Since the driving rules require that you pull up the crossroad that you intend to turn onto, I thought they weren't pulling up close enough to it. When I got there, advancing past all the stuff I failed earlier, I pulled up to the road and failed due to stopping in the sidewalk. Since this was my third failure, I may have to wait a month before I can retest. I think Bogdanoff was one of my taxi drivers today, and he did not one-eye me. I liked that very much, and I hate one-eye gang. The other two taxi drivers might have been some man who lied to tell me his name was Emily, and then some other guy who lied by omission when I was calling him Jacare. One-eye gang is getting completely exterminated. I hate them.

I've got Terry Franks on my mind so I will make a post. When I was at Exide, the guy that was always hanging out with Lloyd Blankfein (who was "in the room" for the 1MDB fraud) in the far corner of the bank of cubicles looked quite like Terry Franks. He made some point one day to stick the black ring on his hand in my face as if that might entice into wanting to join a cult rather than thinking he was a douche bag. About five or eight years before that, his daughter Jessica, who I think is "Jenna Ortega," sent me a message on facebook. It seemed like she was trying to re-establish contact between me and those people, Evil Dad & Co., and I declined. Before that, Chris Moriarty, who is the son of the FBI Director, told me that his brother was working in the same office with Jessica in Macon. Many years before that when I was moving to Arizona after 9/11, Terry asked me to stop by his house before I left. I thought I did but no one answered the door. I may have gone to the wrong house, and I feel like I really dodged a bullet if I did. Those people are all Satanists and I think Evil Dad's ruse was going to be to use Terry as his sock puppet to invite me to join the church of Satan where he would have been in a much stronger position to fuck me to death than he is now. Obviously, his current plan for fucking me over is absolutely terrible. He probably had a better plan in mind hoping that he could get me to join the church of Satan where he would fuck me over with some form of my implicit or explicit consent rather than with the fraudulently misrepresented contract at Exide. I bet he's pissed off that I didn't fall into his net, and I am glad that my desire not be around him helped me avoid the cult he is in. And let me say, if that guy is the archetype of that cult, those people are really worthless, which is my impression even apart from whether or not that guy is the avatar of the culture that they advocate. Anyways, I think he may have tried several times to start fucking with me through his sock puppet Terry Franks, and I am feeling particularly good about never falling for it. I think that's probably why Terry asked me to come to his house, why Jessica sent me that message on facebook, and why he shoved that retarded black ring in my face in 2016.

Biden Admin 'Mishandling' Hunter Biden Investigation Says IRS 'Criminal Supervisory Agent' In Charge Of Probe

Due to the timing of this article more so than anything written in it, it seems like the government is trying to say that this umpteenth facial mutilation I posted today is fine and that whoever did it gets continued impunity.

I had this nice line on my face that they implanted another mole square in the middle of to disrupt the pleasant aesthetic of the geometry. I don't know if it's bigger now, or if it's just the lighting in the bathroom casting a shadow on it. When I was examining it, my rapist Helene came on the LRAD to shout YUP in the bathroom, which suggests that this one just became bigger. When I have tried to take pictures of it in the past, I have not been able to, but now it is very clearly visible. There's also some guy on /x/ lately insisting that this is not really a big deal, and it is bugging me very much that he feels that way. It's actually bothering me more that he says it's no big deal than when other people say, "Haha, I raped you again, bitch. What are you gonna do about it?"

I happy to learn that my driving test got bumped up to Friday. If I am able to get the DL on Friday, I wonder if I will have time to buy the car and the insurance on the same day. Otherwise, maybe I buy the car and insurance on Saturday because I have some feeling that I should not buy the car and leave it sitting out overnight while I wait to buy insurance on the next day. Regarding what I had read in the Bible, I think exactly what it said was that someone would make contact with someone as soon as the fast was over, and my fast ends on Sunday at 6am. I hope I pass the test this time. If so, I think it's pretty likely that I could be out of Antarctica by 6am on Sunday. If someone finally makes contact with me, I will be glad.

Florida Mayor Resigns Over $250M Budget Shortfall

>"I'm concerned where the city is going because this is simple math and we're not doing very well on the test."

>"Local government and government in general needs to be very careful with their resources and also be more creative in the way we solve problems."

I think it's no coincidence that Scientology HQ is in this city and the mayor is saying, "This is simple math but our guys are retarded mental midgets who don't understand shit and are only interested in playing the ego game with strutting around on their impressive credentials." Furthermore, since outsiders will never know the difference, I am sure these idiots will attempt to frame the issue as if it was some complex point of nuance that they missed when the truth is that they never even checked to see if my solution to the Riemann hypothesis was workable. They just didn't like the way it smelled and flushed it, which is to say that it smelled like their own clearly demonstrated inferiority.

Freemasons are concerned only with human rules, not heavenly things.

One of the most foreign things about "Russia" is that salad dressing basically doesn't exist here. None of the stores have any and even when I search online sellers with Yandex, there's pretty much just one brand that has a few varieties. I like how every store in the USA has a whole aisle of salad dressing.

"There Is No Fix" - Rubino Warns Global Monetary Experiment Ends In "Bloodbath"

Unprecedented computer glitches.

Unfortunately, I failed the driving test again and got delayed until April 25, at least. I drove over the edge of a parking space when I was pulling out of it and failed the test for that alone, so, unlike last time, I do not think the failure was self-contradictory bullshit. It was still bullshit because everyone drives over the edge of the space when they pull out of it, but it is less stupid than what happened last week. I can't extend this apartment I'm in again so I will have to move camp this weekend. That may very cause some other, new problems when I have to diagnose some new system of trap doors somewhere else, which I am not looking forward to at all.

UPDATE: As soon as I booked another apartment, the Satanist upstairs started making noises that sounded like a drill drilling the concrete directly over my head. That's probably a bad sign for the rape hatches where I about to go.

I have a second edition of my Bible book uploaded.