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Congress Leaves Town With No Debt Deal As Biden, McCarthy Postpone Meeting

>Trump, who told CNN's Kaitlan Collins during a town hall: "I say to the Republicans out there---congressmen, senators---if they don't give you massive cuts, you're going to have to do a default."

>According to Trump, while he doesn't think a default is likely, "it's better than what we're doing right now because we're spending money like drunken sailors," adding that the effects of a default might not be as disastrous as everyone expects, suggesting "it's really psychological more than anything else," and adding "maybe it's, you have a bad week or a bad day."

In what way, I wonder, does Trump think doing a default will be better for average people than just running up more debt? I think it is clear that since the government has already committed to default, they should kick that can down the road as far as possible. If the government defaults prematurely and then keeps kicking the can down the road some more because they didn't wait until the absolute possible last moment to do it, that is just going to drive up the interest rate on the debt they incur after defaulting and then raising the debt limit a week later anyways. So, I challenge Trump to explain how the default is better for average people in the USA than running up the balance on the credit card that isn't maxed out yet. My point is this: if they default before the total catastrophic collapse of the system forces a default, then they're just going to hike the debt limit a week later with a new, much higher interest rate that will be a net negative for average people. What is his counterpoint or rebuttal?

What did they mean by this?

Russia to Build 'Migrant Village' for Conservative American Expats

Biden investigation: FBI fails to comply with subpoena for 'criminal scheme' document

When Helene and her accomplice ambushed me with their fraud affidavit to get me thrown into the slave hole in 2014, they were asking me what I was going to do without money. I told them I would probably end up homeless, or that my contingency plan for that scenario was to become homeless. Her accomplice, probably the guy on the left, bellowed, "Not my son!," as if he was announcing that he would not allow his son to become homeless. In hindsight, I wonder if he was saying that his real son Hunter Biden wasn't a piece of shit like me: Hunter, the crackhead, who's been rolling around in millions of dollars for years while trying to worm his way out of breaking a piece off for his daughter and her mother (whom he impregnated by cumming inside of) while denying that the girl was his daughter at all. In my previous hindsight, I thought maybe he was referring to his real son Jed, but now I think he was referring to his real son the crackhead. I guess that says a lot about his opinion of me that he thinks I'm an even bigger piece of shit than a millionaire crackhead who won't support his children. Those people are all worthless white trash scum and the world be a better place when it is rid of them.

Since this bump is like a mosquito bite without any sharp edges, it is hard for me to get it to pop out in a picture they way it does when I see it in the mirror. However, I think the mosquito bite looking bump is easily visible.

That's three strong confirmations.

I'm not sure if this "Yes, definitely," ID is a fraud ID.

This bump on my cheek looks twice as bag as it did last time I inspected it. Judging by the way it jumped out to me immediately when I checked the mirror again, and given that an apparently new URETHRA MEGA ZAPPER just started, I think I got injected with poison on my face again. I am 100% sure, but I believe so. The change of the texture of this bump jarred my attention with its seemingly marked change.

I just experienced what seemed like a new URETHRA MEGA ZAPPER. Then I looked in the mirror and this mole on my cheek seems to have gotten about twice as big. All of this shit on the bridge of my nose is still there too. I am almost certain that if it would have looked like that on my cheek 50 minutes ago when I took the last picture, I would have noticed it.

Judging by the way that half of the end of my nose is still amputated, (picture taken around 8:45pm on 5/9/24), I'd say all these posts I've been seeing about it not being unfixable are highly speculative. I'd wager that the same speculative model which convinced someone that amputating half of the tip of my nose wouldn't leave a mark is the same one convincing them that they can de-amputate it now, as if there is some substitute for the flesh I was born with, and of which I have now been irretrievably robbed, as I was with the bone matter in my right heel.

The sunken valley written across my nose is as plain to see to me as it was earlier in the pictures I'm posting now. If you can't see it, they're probably photoshopping the pictures after I'm uploading them. The new mole under my right eye, which is implanted to complement the sunken pit under my other eye (hard to see in this lighting), is also extremely easy for me to see in these photos.

Once Trust Has Been Lost, There's No Going Back

I feel like I can easily disprove the claim in this article's title. Certain parties were trusting my rapists and kidnappers in Antarctica to only rape and torture me constantly without amputating the end of my nose. However, they did amputate the end of my nose and the same people that were trusting them not to amputate the tip of my nose before that are still trusting them not to do it again, or not to escalate in some similar fashion in which they are trusted not to escalate... beyond the rape and torture antics that have already been escalating unsustainably for years. When one ask, "How much is too much?," the answer is clearly not cutting the end of my nose off since I'm still in the slave hole whose main purpose is to afford my rapists and kidnappers impunity to things like forcibly sodomize me and amputate the tip of my nose.

On further contemplation, I think that was Pelosi in the video that I said was an Elaine-affiliated person. I am pretty sure Pelosi was one of the people wearing the Elaine disguise at Alliance, and I am relieved not to be confronted with the thought that that might have been Elaine herself, which was not my first thought at all, a point which I intended to clarify by referring to that one only as an Elaine-affiliated person. Other than that, this pic related person showed up in Masterchef s11e08. I think this is Romero Cavalcanti. In the Jonathan Waxman (a jew) costume, they say he is the mentor of Aaron Sanchez, who I believe is supposed to be Maurice Gonzalez. Maurice has some story about losing all ten of his ten nails in a ride-on lawnmower accident which is obvious bullshit since his toes and feet didn't get mangled at all. I wonder if the "mentor" relationship was that "Waxman" turned Maurice into his MK Ultra slave by ripping out his toenails when he was a teenager in some torture session. At the end of the episode when Waxman was talking to Tay, who was the loser on the episode, a black man, Waxman's curious reliance on the word "dude" as well as his follow on comment about having to be "more bold" sounded like that evil meme from the internet: "so and so tongues my anus." I know there are people doing that with slaves, probably people whose families believe they are dead, under torture and brainwashing, and I will ensure that none of the people from the tongue-my-anus group make it into my kingdom. I will make it known what they've been doing, and I will put their own filth back on them many times over.

I could also comment that the way his smile looks so much like Danny Devito's is probably the reason for Danny Devito's maniacal laughter when they ripped of my novel for the climax scene in Jumanji 2.

Comer To Reveal Evidence Wednesday On Biden Family Receiving Money In Exchange For Policy

I wonder if Hunter is the son of this Dad-affiliated person. Also, I think the color around the Dad-affiliated person's eyes has been lightened a lot since the last time I looked at this picture. The color around his eyes was just like Hunter's on the last time I looked at this picture.

I cannot help but to hope that this was the son of the chud that this soyjak is based on.

This is why they say, "No, leave him here so we can fix it," instead of letting me go. The way they fix it is to hack my phone to falsify the evidence of what they did.

These two follow up images still show the damage clearly. I think that other picture was obviously photoshopped. It's looks like someone wiped the blur tool across my nose and it went a little too far off on the side, as indicated in the linked picture of the previous post.

It is extremely obvious that these pixels are fake. I was looking at the screen of my phone when I snapped a picture that obviously showed the amputation of half of the tip of my nose, and then when I viewed the picture to email it myself only seconds later, this shoddy photoshop was already applied to it. It seems like I'm not going to be able to upload any more evidence as they continue to mutilate me.

I just tried to take another picture of the flattened area and it was immediately photoshopped on my phone in the 10 seconds before I was able to email it to myself. This picture is fake.

I have a cut on the tip of my nose today and a weird mark on my forehead. Everything looks the same to me except the swollen area under my right eye, which I was irritating with my fingers recently trying to push the fluid out of the area. It looks less swollen now but the mole is still there. All of the weird texture on the bridge of my nose is still there. This valley cut just above the mole seems exceedingly deep compared to the other pit mutilations. The tip of my nose is still 100% asymmetric with the dents on both sides being obvious, and the diamond that was cut into my forehead is still obvious too. The diamond under my left eye is not as bad as it was, seemingly, but I can still see it and I don't know if these other facial mutilations may have reset the baseline for my perception of the mutilations on my face.

Former CIA Officer Says Decision To Drone Attack Kremlin Was Made By The United States

>"[It] didn't cause significant damage.

It's like the CIA is having their guy say that these four pit mutilations on my nose and the several mole implants are not even deserving of attention (a contradiction since he is commenting on it) because I have to scrunch my nose to get a picture to suggest the full extent of the damage. However, that is a poorly formulated opinion put out by the CIA and it is built on top of an earlier lie. All of the earlier photos I posted clearly showed the damage without me scrunching my nose. I'm not a Potato Head toy where you can put things on and take them off like the disguises that the reptilians in the Synagogue of Satan wear, and they are framing the magnitude of my mutilations in the frame where skinning yourself and cutting your arms and legs off is normal because you can cover it up with a disguise. Once you say that is normal, then the Overton window with a view on facial mutilations is not pointing in the right direction, at all. All of this is going to age my face ten years or more and if they rape me again so that they can take a picture that makes it look shiny and new, the shine will quickly fade and it will be obvious that my face had gotten fucked up at some point. That's like the difference between an old lady that a face lift last month or last year. After a year, however, they will have already recorded in their books, "Nuh-uh, the second rape surgery cancelled the first one because he's essentially like a Potato Head where I can change the face without hysteresis-like effects." I am not a fucking Potato Head and the people whose rhetoric depends on the assumption that I am like one are going into the same hole as the ones who just wanted to fuck my face up. This will never get fixed and the people suggesting it will should all be killed. They might find some way to fuck it up less than it is now by raping me more with more rape surgery, but they will never make it how it was, short of some divine intervention by God.

Now the CIA is saying these mutilations on my face which recently got 100x bigger are not deserving of attention, they're not indicative of anything, they're not suggesting a meaning that is not explicitly stated, and/or they are not relating to significance. In what way, I wonder, does the CIA mean this is not significant? How much of my nose do they have to cut off before the low barrier of significance is breached? What if they cut one of my eyes out but then give me a fake eye that looks similar? Is that too much? Aside from those things, even if one decides that every mutilation to my face short of degloving my head is insignificant, this is a 1000x escalation over anything they have done previously, so is that increment of the escalation not inherently significant? Other than that, everyone whose argument boils down to, "The Lord's face is basically a Potato Head toy," is going to get killed. Fixing it is impossible and everyone alluding to such a possibility as if it were in the realm of the possible is advocating the cause of the devil. It is already done and there is no fixing it, even if more rape surgery might lessen the damage. Even debating the possibility of fixing it is already conceding the point that the jews want. It can never be fixed, short of a literal miracle.

Next Floor (a short film by Denis Villeneuve)

This film is about Helene and her friends, and the righteous man that hates what they do keeping track of their crimes so that they end up in successively deeper levels in hell when the time comes. I can see Helene, one who seems like some version of Elaine, Skinny Head, Juden Petersen, Evil Dad, Rod Williams, the Pope, and Joey. I could probably figure out the others if I dwelt on it but those are the obvious ones. Evil Dad and Rod Williams are Gianluigi Torzi and Rafaelle Mincione in the ongoing Vatican trial. The Maitre d' is the man from Alliance, and the Indian man at the table was too. He was the one Helene murdered in Gamergate. Then she felt bad, but not too bad, and then she kept sentencing herself to deeper and deeper levels of hell. They look like they're all covered in cocaine while they're doing it too. This opening scene may be about the stuff they have jammed up my ass, and the story of the meal may be them trying to feast on my corpse. Summer 2018 was around when I got a simple battery warrant put out on me because I spat in my roommate's face after he established a pattern of electrocuting my asshole each afternoon when he would come home and start making noise in the kitchen. They recently ate the end of my nose off too.

75% Of Brits Think The UK Will Not Hit Net Zero Target

Since they have pretty much amputated half of the tip of my nose, I think it would take a literal miracle to hit a net zero target.






















Combined (Large)

Blinken's Immaculate Conception Defense: Why Things Are Likely To Get Worse For The Secretary Of State

Despite no one BANGING on the walls almost all day and night yesterday, they started immediately as soon as I clicked on this article. The BANGING on the walls started from both adjacent apartments immediately and it has not stopped for at least 10 minutes, and it his come with a sudden noticeable uptick in the frequency of my sexual torture attacks, including a forceful LEFT TERSTICLE ZAPPER as I prepared this post.

Mohs surgery

>Mohs surgery, developed in 1938 by a general surgeon, Frederic E. Mohs, is microscopically controlled surgery used to treat both common and rare types of skin cancer. During the surgery, after each removal of tissue and while the patient waits, the tissue is examined for cancer cells. That examination dictates the decision for additional tissue removal. Mohs surgery is the gold standard method for obtaining complete margin control during removal of a skin cancer (complete circumferential peripheral and deep margin assessment - CCPDMA) using frozen section histology. CCPDMA or Mohs surgery allows for the removal of a skin cancer with very narrow surgical margin and a high cure rate.

This procedure is specifically designed to avoid the possibility of making the wound 20 bigger than the thing that was being removed. That's what "narrow surgical margin" means. It is the "gold standard" for that. This piece of shit who started all of this with his medical malpractice was not practicing medicine when he fucked my face up. He was practicing falsehood. Rather than examining each section of tissue for cancer, he could have examined it for whatever coagulating poison got injected. This is the "gold standard" for avoiding the problem he created with his malpractice, and which was then compounded by his denial of malpractice to the extent that the way he fucked my face up is 100 times worse now. It's like I got gangrene because he didn't wash his hands and now my face is rotting off because he would have had to admit not washing his hands before he could write me a prescription for anti-facial rot medicine.

Isn't it interesting, and telling I think, that the person they sent to remove the mole via the Rube Goldberg procedure rather than Mohs surgery fucked it up, but the person they sent to implant a giant puffy swollen area under my other eye exactly asymmetrical with the new sunken pit (with an extra new mole on the top of it, bigger than any of the previous moles) did it perfectly?

It seems like this one on the bridge of my nose got about twice as big as it was before they cut a sunken valley onto the bridge of my nose just above it. That may have happened yesterday or in the last few hours.

I think I made a post one other time about how every time some new group of rapists comes along to unrape the rape that the previous rapists did, but then they still leave me in the old rapists' dungeon, the old rapists just make it 20 times worse than it was two days later. This time they made in 10,000 times worse, and all of the rapists, the raping ones and the un-raping ones, still leave me in the raping ones' dungeon like the whole purpose of this facility isn't to afford them impunity to keep raping me. Did you see that one [1] other posts I made that one time about that?

When I press on this raised area under my right eye, not just the obvious bump but the entire raised area where the new shadow is cast, it feels like the tissue beneath the dermis and the epidermis is inflated and/or swollen. I think this new one under my right eye is very much more than just a mole implant. I think because they were afforded total impunity across these last dozen escalating facial mutilations, they have escalated again to take advantage of the unlimited well of impunity that their supposed adversaries are willing to extend to them

This one seems like it is implanted much deeper under the surface of the skin that previous ones. Now I have new moles under both eyes, both square in the middle of the line, new moles on both nostrils, two other now ones on my left cheek, a giant pit under my left eye, two giant pits disfiguring the tip of my nose, a giant S cut into the bridge of my nose, a giant diamond cut into my forehead, not to mention another dozen moles that aren't new.

After that other mark appeared on my face last night, I put duct tape all over the interior surfaces of the apartment so that it would obvious where a trap door was. However, I got a sudden sore on my gum after I ate dinner which may suggest that the door is still functional somewhere that has escaped my attention. Perhaps a loose piece of tape on the wall signals that the trap door (a trap door?) is behind the toilet? This other person whose picture I took this morning appeared on my first trip out after taping up the apartment. Aside from that, it looks like they implanted another mole under my right eye now. They probably did that when they put that other mark on my cheek last night with some kind of abrasive or scratching weapon. If it wasn't last night, then they did it while I was out buying groceries twice today due to what seemed like two different batches of the groceries I bought being poisoned. I am going to be in a much worse condition in three weeks if they keep this up, and that is my soonest possible chance for retaking the driving test.

Joe Biden 'Engaged In A Bribery Scheme With A Foreign National': FBI Internal Document Alleges

>Comer has issued a subpoena to Wray to appear before the Committee on Oversight and Accountability on May 10 at Noon.

It's like the surgeons that have been raping me and mutilating me with their unwanted facial reconstruction surgeries have cut this same notch into my nose as Biden as on the side of his nose. This current rash of catastrophic facial mutilations follows after someone, possibly the same person, putting the same moles on my face that Becciu has on his face, and then the same moles that Sam Hyde has on his face too. Someone suggested yesterday that it was Biden that had me expelled from college while he was VP, so maybe that is related to this new charge about his political corruption.

SCP-001 is the paper where I wrote up my theory in which the black hole left over from a previous universe accelerated caused the anomalous expansion of the current universe.

In fact, since I took those other picture about an hour ago, I think someone came into my room through a rape hatch installed somewhere to fuck my face up in the same place mirrored on the other side. This wound was not there a little a while again and I have not been touching my face, but now there is clear injury exactly mirroring the mutilations I was indicating on the other side. The RD went from zero to BLAST while I was making this post. I have not left my room, the front door is tied shut with cord, and I have not been picking my face. It isn't over yet and they just fucked up my face even more in the last hour or so, if I'm not mistaken.

I think they implanted three more miles under my left eye, or else they implanted two more and and the one that they cut the letter Z into my cheek to remove is still there. I thought that one had gone away, so maybe they implanted another new one at the edge of the pit that my rapist made when he removed the other one. CHAH is on the LRAD a lot since I started making this post. I think he maybe he thought I didn't hear it when he started saying THAT'S RIGHT a while ago because he just did it again. Maybe he was saying once for each of the three moles that got implanted under my next to this giant pit that turned the line on my face into the letter Z. In other news, the four implants that I recently cut off the side of my scrotum with nail clippers are now completely healed with no marks. RD went from zero to maximum while I was making this post.

There's still yet another one that I missed on the bridge of my nose, just above the mole, on the same side. It's like a swivel curve was etched onto the bridge. It's hard to see in the linked picture due to the lighting, but these are two different ones on the left and right side of my nose separated by a thin, non-sunken strip. There is a higher, bigger round one extending toward the middle of the bridge from the right, and a smaller straight one extending onto the bridge from left so as to underscore the larger round pit (and overline the mole implant by about 1mm), presumably to implement the appearance crookedness by the contrasting highlights and shadows.

Maybe there is another sunken area now next to the biggest mole in the middle of my forehead. I am pretty sure the RAPE DICK is suddenly worse as well. It had not been overpoweringly noticeable but it is definitely overpoweringly noticeable since I thought I tasted hot pepper oil in my coffee. It has been blasting quite forcefully since then.

Although I am not yet certain that there is another trap door installed in my current apartment for letting rapists in, it seemed like hot pepper somehow got on my coffee cup as I was drinking it. I am not sure if the RD is suddenly worse now as well. I invested some money from my monthly stipend yesterday, and, when I did, I got FFFUHed on the LRAD very loudly and suddenly. Right after that, I noticed the other new sunken area on the bridge of my nose which may have been in retaliation for investing the money rather than spending it, if there is indeed a rape door installed. I am not sure if that was what the LRAD alarm signalled, or if it was just someone bothering me. A lot of the memes on 4chan seemed to suggest that there is a door, many suddenly referring to the pepper oil sensation in my mouth, but they often stoke my paranoia now, and I am not sure which way I should interpret it. Something about the quality of my vision suddenly seems off as well supporting the case where there is a tunnel and the pepper oil was rubbed on the rim of my coffee cup at the same time psychoactive poisons were deposited into the coffee itself.

I did not want this fucking surgery. None of my thoughtforms might have suggested that I wanted it, and even if they did, that is not any form of consent when I might have been mulling an idea to develop my opinion on it. Anyone who dissents on this point of fact is going to get cremated. When I had entertained the idea in my head that perhaps (**PERHAPS**) a small hole in my cheek would be preferable to the mole, I was entertaining the possibility of pursuing Mohs surgery in which the hole would have been the same size as the mole. This giant pit 20 times bigger than the mole was never crossed my mind as even the worst case scenario. Now I've got four of them: one under my eye and three more fucking up my nose.

After I contemplated all scenarios for remediation that I could fathom, none of which involved making the injury bigger, I clearly made it known in writing several times that the result of my contemplation was my feeling that doing anything at all would only make it worse. Now they extended me here for a month, at least, by failing me on the driving test. Were they going to pass me so I could leave, but then failed me to give this incompetent surgeon an opportunity to exalt himself if he had not botched the procedure, rather than letting me consult with a doctor and decide on the course I wanted? I think that is the case. Now, because they have held me here when they could have let me go, my face is going to be all fucked up for the rest of my life with mutilation trauma that I could have avoided: about 80 times bigger than the moles I was complaining about and much deeper than the moles were tall, on average across the four huge pits. Rather than letting me go with a nasty mole on my cheek, they held me here and now the fruit of their evil is written all over my face. If they hadn't wrongfully extended me here for a month to give my rapists the opportunity to rape me some more with much worse facial mutilations than had ever come before, by far and many times over, I could have seen a doctor to discuss the possibilities, one who I might have screened for incompetence to the best of my ability. I might have asked, "Do you think risking making it 20 times bigger is really a good idea when Mohs surgery entails no such risk and will only leave a small purple spot for a few weeks?"

These people and their families are all getting cremated. They were saying that because I had mulled the possibilities for corrective surgery that before deciding that any attempt to fic it would probably make it worse, that meant I had requested the surgery but I did not. On top of that, I still have to sit here for three more weeks, at least, so how much worse is it going to be three weeks from now? What do they have to lose, at this point?

I have looked more closely, and I think she made three of these giant pits on my nose which looks completely different that it used to. The main three moles I've been complaining about mark spots about 1cm away from the pits she made. It's like she "accidentally" missed the spot where the mole was, failed to not leave a giant sunken pit in all three cases, and made all three pits 20 times as big as the mole was. She has made comments about believing her mother was looking at her from the after life which were probably all lies, but I wish to remind her again in writing that I'm sure is very happy that she has mutilated her grandson's face on behalf of the juden after she was forced to flee Russia when the juden murdered her family there. I have the three main moles on my nose marked in red and the three new disfigured areas marred by new sunken pits and a disrupted contour are marked with black, unless I am mistaken, which I don't think I am.

Someone posted about "being nice" in /ng/ when I was reporting my newest facial mutilations. I think that means it was Helene that did it. She was mostly absent from the LRAD for a while after Chitwood arrested the man whose eyes are Helene's eyes, but she has been very loud on the LRAD again these last couple of days. Given her comment about being nice, it's like she doesn't understand that the image I posted is ironic. She would never be nice to her own anal rapist, no matter how much money the rapist threw at her, but she seems to think that I ought to be nice to my own anal rapist because she gave me some cash while she wasn't anally raping on and off since I was a little boy.

In fact, I think the shadow in the bathroom is only showing on one side, and I think the made asymmetrical sunken pits on both sides, both about 1cm in front of the moles on both nostrils that I was complaining about. The one who opened the door for them to do this is far more damned than they they are. The formerly straight contour of my nose is now absent on both sides, if I am not mistaken.

This other motherfucker that opened the door on this by raping me with this procedure last week is going to burn in hell forever. Obviously, these ones are too but they've been fucking my face up for years and never felt like they could get away with doing it a tenth as bad this before. This photo shows how they have entirely resculpted the contour of my nose, apparently.

If I am not mistaken, I think in addition to new ANAL WRIGGLERS, they did the SUNKEN PIT surgery in the tip of my nose on Saturday as well to entirely resculpt the contour of my nose. I am pretty sure there is another new sunken pit area right in the tip of my nose. The way the RD got revved up to the maximum as I was preparing the pictures for this post suggests that I have surmised correctly. Apparently, by fucking my face up far worse than it already was last week, the other facial mutilator opened the door to this new all-time high in the facial mutilations.

Ukrainian Kamikaze Drones Blow Up Crimean Fuel Depot, 'Answering' Yesterday's Air Strikes

I think the nine in this image refers to at least a new 9:00 MID WRIGGLER that I got when I went to get groceries yesterday. Either they had stopped doing the DUPI for a strangely long amount of time and just started again or else I got another new DUPI again because it is back to normal now. That whole race of that guy that got stabbed is getting cremated.

I mentioned that I had Terry Franks on my mind the other day, and I have him on my mind again today. I saw in the Vatican trial that Terry "Keeley" testified recently as an employee of Mincione's WRM Group, which seems like the "Warner Robins and Macon Group" to me. Mincione was a former Goldman Sachs employee, and the person I thought was Terry Franks at Exide was always hanging out in the corner with the one I thought was Lloyd Blankfein, the former Goldman CEO who had been out of the office "due to brain cancer" in the months before he showed up as one of the fraudsters at Exide, which is probably the real circumstance behind him reported "in the room" for the 1MDB fraud.

I had mentioned that when I was leaving Warner Robins in 2001, Terry had asked me to stop by his house. I thought I did but I had only been to that neighborhood once and all the houses were very similar looking so I may have gone to the wrong one. If he had something he thought was important to tell me, he could have told me when he told me to stop by, or he could have not left the invitation until the last minute as I was leaving town. Even then, I am glad that he procrastinated whatever he had mind because I think he was trying to get me to join his cult so that his Satanic overlord Evil Dad could more easily kill me. Testifying to the Satanic nature of their cult, it seems like their rules say that it's ok for them to rape, torture, and mutilate me because Terry didn't snag me in his net back then. You'd think if any one of those people weren't Satanists, they would have said, "If you don't join our cult, that's going to make you fair game for getting constantly raped and tortured, and poisoned and mutilated," but if those are the rules of their bullshit, then it is unambiguously Satanic and the case I have supposed is ridiculous.

Around the time Terry popped into my head, they had Yarl getting shot for going to the wrong house, and I think only a Satanic cult might think that it is proper to mistreat me to such a degree because Terry didn't give me his address and I didn't know which house was his when he waited until the last possible second as I was leaving town to offer to let me be a Satanist too. Overall, I feel like I dodged a bullet on that one. Although I used to think Terry was pretty cool before he showed up among my stalkers at Exide, and at Gateway, at least, and before all of the women in his family all showed up in my stalkers as well, I feel extremely grateful that I dodged that bullet. The only reason it would have been Terry offering to let me join Evil Dad's cult instead of Evil Dad himself was due to bad intentions, I feel quite certain. Whether those were Terry's or Evil Dad's, I cannot say, but the motivator was bad intentions, I feel quite certain. Evil Dad is my inferior in that cult and he was going to try to use Terry to avoid getting killed, I am pretty sure. Now I am not one of them and although they say I will automatically become one of them when I am king, I will use my king authorities to make sure that that is not the case. I will never be one of them and their cult will not exist long beyond Israel.

I noticed that these two pieces of shit look quite similar today. I wonder if those are two different pieces of shit or if that is two instances of the same piece of shit. In either case, all of the people associated with either of those personae are getting cremated.

Vatican on trial in UK for first time in history as British banker looks to clear his name

>In the letter, he challenged claims that the funds for investment came from St Peter's Pence, charitable Catholic donations intended for the needy, rather than Credit Suisse. "You claimed that the funds for the investment by the Vatican came from Peter's Pence, when in fact you knew that they were provided by Credit Suisse..."

Vatican refuses to commit grave sin media

>Church officials have reportedly refused a London court's request for private messages linked to a real estate row

>The Vatican has until April 28 to decide if it intends to maintain pontifical secret as its reason for refusal to comply with a court request.

Vatican trial, Cardinal Becciu's brother will not testify as a witness

>At the end of the fifty-fifth hearing, Becciu's brother announced his definitive resignation, invoking Article 398 of the Code of Criminal Procedure in force in the Vatican which provides for close relatives of defendants the possibility of abstaining from giving evidence. Fr Curzu could instead be heard as witnesses on May 11, the date of the next hearing, together with the other witnesses scheduled for these two days, who for various reasons could not or cannot be present.

London property scandal was a 'Via Crucis,' says archbishop at Vatican trial

>It was Perlasca, the Venezuelan prelate told the court, who signed the Framework Agreement and the Share Purchase Agreement---despite lacking the authority or authorization to do so---that led to Torzi's ownership of the property's controlling shares.

Additional charges filed in Vatican finance trial

>Raffaele Mincione, Gianluigi Torzi and Enrico Crasso were charged with bribery in addition to the original charges that included embezzlement, fraud and money laundering. A money-laundering charge also was made against Fabrizio Tirabassi, a former official in the Vatican Secretariat of State, who had been accused of corruption, extortion, embezzlement, fraud and abuse of office.

>Tonino Becciu and Fr. Mario Curzu, director of the diocesan Caritas, must appear before the court April 19.

I think these people are lying when they imply that Perlasca didn't have the Vatican's authority to sign whatever it was that he signed. This other article says that his power of attorney giving him the proper authorities in this matter was registered in London. I think the real issue about the lack of authority is that the Vatican is not authorized to write God's name of their Satanic bullshit, to call their homosexual fraternity the Lord's priesthood, or to act with the Lord's proxy or blessing any matter, ever.

Vatican court tosses objections to Milone lawsuit

>Milone and Becciu have each offered conflicting narratives of the auditor's actions and departure from office and the chief prosecutor Alessandro Diddi's decision to pursue seemingly mutually exclusive and contradictory cases has raised questions about his legal strategy.

>The lawsuit will resume with a second hearing scheduled for May 10.

This new mole implant on my nose is much bigger than the one under my eye was. It is not nearly as big as the giant pit my rapists left when they tried to cover up their fellow rapists' crime, but it is much bigger than that one was.

War Threatens Ukraine Auto Empire Of Biden Megadonor And Lender Who's Urging Greater U.S. Role

>Some administration critics say that Biden has done a poor job of explaining why supporting Ukraine is in America's interests.

Democrats Attack Gaetz Ukraine Audit Resolution As 'Divisive & Ill-Advised'

>Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) said that it was not an appropriate time for transparency regarding the billions in US tax dollars pouring into Ukraine.

BBC Horizon - Hubble: The Wonders of Space Revealed 1440p (2020)

BBC Horizon - Hubble: The Wonders of Space Revealed 1080p (2020) [No registration]

'Knife in the back': Havana Syndrome victims dispute report dismissing their cases

>"I had this extreme feeling of pressure. I thought, 'This can't be happening; it's crazy,'" he told the Herald.

I bet Havana Syndrome is what I call "RAPE DICK." Obviously, the agencies do not want to acknowledge the existence of their secret, illegal, and off the books sexual torture weapons. My own RAPE DICK problem has not stopped since mid-August of 2020, and the RD is blasting right now, in fact, as it is almost all of the time. Sometimes it gets worse and goes back back to being less bad, but it has not stopped since mid-August 2020 when Helene intercepted me at an AirBnB pretending to be the owner of a house boat I went to look at.

I saw it suggested tonight that the person that fucked my foot up is the same person who fucked my face up. I have a lot of ill will toward the people who left him alive after he fucked my foot up so that he could fuck my face up again now. If they would have killed him as I had commanded, then this wouldn't have happened.

This gigantic sunken pit under my left eye is really a lot more noticeable than the mole was. I think it is worse now, in fact. That is extremely vexing that this sunken pit area is not even close to the size of the mole, but instead the mole could probably have fit in this area 20 times over. My feeling is that whatever they did in the pursuit of their love of the practice of falsehood has absolutely no chance of healing, ever, and this is going to get worse every day progressively for the rest of my life.