2023-05-28 archive

Although there was a cute girl working at the hotel's reception desk when I checked in, now the man down there is an obvious Rod Williams Clan representative. Some third man came down to the desk while I was talking to the Rod Williamsite, so I wish to enter a reminder about the third man into my log as well.

It seems like my shoes, one of my shirts, and one pair of my pants all got fucked up in the last week or two that I spent at that previous location. I don't think that was a coincidence. Even if some of it may have been, I don't think all of it was. Particularly, I was searching on the internet where to buy a pair of the shoes I like in Russia, and then the pull tab on the heel of my shoe was suddenly destroyed, and damage appeared at the same time on a shirt and pair of pants. My feeling is that they escalated the property destruction program at the same time that they escalated the facial mutilation and ANAL NODULE program.

I definitely did not get out of Antarctica yet. They were mocking me with the ideograms in the clouds on my way here, and this giant alligator in the clouds outside my window when I got to the new hotel was more of the same. They had the LRAD already set up to CHAH me the moment I got off the bus in Yekaterinburg, and there was some guy dressed in all black waiting to take pictures of me at the bus stop too. After I checked into the hotel, I went to the store and a John Roberts/Steve Collins-themed stalker appeared in the store about five minutes behind me, repleted with LRAD notification of gangstalker activity in the store.

Looking at the availability of the bus tickets, I should be able to get across the Urals from Ufa to Yekaterinburg tomorrow, but then I'll be held up until June 1 waiting for a ticket deeper into Siberia. Maybe it ends at the Urals though. I will find out soon.

The dirt that suddenly got crusted under my fingernails after doing nothing but sitting on a bus for a day indicates that I got kidnapped again. I would have been surprised if the place I was at extended 850 miles due east, so that is in good order. The **extreme** swelling in my feet seems too much to have come from sitting for too long, and I probably got dosed with estrogen somewhere along the way, or a few times along the way. This maliciously grinning alligator on the wall in my hotel room in "Ufa" is the same as the one that was in about 90 of my last 100 hotels in "the USA," and that seems like a **VERY** bad sign that it is in a mural with crime scene tape strewn about over an obvious cock and balls.

When I left the bus station in "Ufa" to get a taxi to a hotel, the man that called out TAXI!? to me was one of my familiar rapists who unfortunately hasn't been cremated yet, if I'm not mistaken. He directed me to this hotel with cock and balls crime scene art on the wall. Further indicating that this is another torture hotel, the woman at the front desk sent me up to the room without a key: "Hello, Sir. Our shit is all fucked up here and we're going to give you bad customer service on purpose so we can say you consented to getting raped when someone sneaks into your room through the tunnel in the shower that we didn't tell you about but indicated with the chipped tiles on the floor in the bathroom." Since I had to wait to get a key, I left the hotel to grab some food and water. When I came back, some creepy, lumbering, obese animal was coincidentally disappearing into the room across from mine just at the second when I caught sight of her, and she was just coincidentally swooshing past my own door when I opened it again a while later... just like has been the case in three dozen other hotels I went to with cackling alligator decoration motifs having their staff enact the same script of gangstalker antics. I think they had already stocked poisoned water at the grocery store next to the hotel too because it tasted like vinegar and ball sweat when I took a sip. I didn't drink enough of it to make myself sick, but I bet it would have made me sick if I drank a little more.

I would have left "Ufa" to keep going today, but the next bus that seemed like a good idea to take doesn't leave until 7:00am tomorrow. Other than that, sometimes they say Europe ends at the Volga, and sometimes they say it ends at the Urals. Clearly, they have land to the east of the Volga replicated in Antarctica. Tomorrow I will go to the east of the Urals, then way up north, and then south again almost into Kazakhstan, and then further east if no one comes and congratulates me for finally escaping. So, maybe I will get out of here in the next few days. Or maybe not.

In addition to the anal nodule I found at 6:00 the other day, now I have two or three at 6:00 and another new one at 3:00.

A few weeks ago, my nose used to look 100% perfectly straight from this angle. A few years ago, the same person that fucked my face up and then declared his innocence in the matter did the same to my collar bones that used to be 100% perfectly symmetrical, from any angle. Both times, he was innocent. Now the collar bones are like this due to the skeletal mutilator implant that he screwed into my heel bone after slicing my foot open and drilling a hole into my skeleton. Not strangely, he declared his innocence in the matter of the skeletal mutilator implant too so that he was still alive and kicking to get all this on my face going with more rape surgery.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a photo similar to this which showed how two big notches had been amputated from the contour of my nose on the right. I think comparison to this picture might show the new raised area added on the left yesterday for contrast between these two sunken pits.

I think they have also made another giant bump below these other moles which elevates this whole half of my nose so as to increase the asymmetry with the giant pit that was carved into the other side of the tip of my nose.

When Jehu came to some area, he killed all who left from that family. Showing his zeal for the Lord, he slaughtered them by the well of bucket.

Among the two new moles on the left side of my nose and the one that just got made bigger on the left side of my nose (LEFT EAR CANAL WRIGGLER), whose three-part arrangement seems to be the template for the three I got under my left eye today, I see they also dug another small pit on the left side of my nose today, or recently. It was an unusual occurrence that they made me get in the car with who I thought was Helene and Emily sitting to my left, and now I have a bunch of new shit on the left side of my face. The driver of the car also did the gang sign of cunt face gang at me in the rear view mirror.

Three nose moles with valley gouge

Three nose moles

About an hour ago, I noticed some gangstalker detritus "miraculously" appear next to me as I was sitting at my table with what I thought was a secured apartment. Most likely, they installed another rape hatch somewhere in my apartment while I was getting mutilated at the driver's test today, or on the way to the driver's test when the driver took a wrong turn and then a long blonde hair appeared in my lap. Either they have implanted another one square in the middle of the line under my eye to disrupt the natural contour while I was out, or they used the new rape hatch to do it after that other post I posted earlier. The LEFT EAR CANAL WRIGGLER and the LRAD both started going crazy since I took these pictures a few minutes ago. It looks like I got three new mole implants under my left eye today, and I do not think the lower two were there when I took the other pictures earlier. This weird puffy area has been unchanged on my face for about a week now too.

I'd say it was either when Helene and her two accomplices from Daisy's destruction showed up at the driving test that they re-re-re-implanted this mole under my right eye, or else they were they to gloat about it after it happened in the taxi on the way there just before the driver took a wrong turn and made some weird blonde hair miraculously appear on my leg, directly in the middle of my field of vision. These puffy bubbles that appeared under my eyes recently are also not going away. I think they recently made the giant mole in the middle of my forehead bigger again too.

Extra Pic

I think rather than sitting here getting raped and tortured for another month waiting for another shot at the driving test on June 23, I will take the bus along the route I intended to drive after getting a Russian driver's license. Maybe if I get out of Antarctica, I will take the train back and hope I don't get re-kidnapped. Maybe I will take the bus back, but if getting re-kidnapped is a possible thing that might happen, it's almost definitely going to happen and I probably won't be able to avoid it.

I had hoped that they were going to put some guy to just pass me on the driver's test today and that definitely did not happen. On the other hand, I completely fucked up the test, much unlike the minor errors on my three previous failures. As we were driving through the city, I was so intently concentrating on understanding the guy's verbal commands given in Russian, when he told me to turn left I absolutely did not see the signs that said I was on a one-way street. My attention was so so laserlike on his words, I totally neglected to look at the street signs. It wasn't even that I failed to understand what they said, it was that I literally wasn't paying attention to the signs beside the road at all. Thinking I was on a two-way street, I made a left turn from the right lane when that was only for continuing straight and turning right. I needed to change into the lane that I thought was for oncoming traffic. The road was torn up and the were no markings between the lanes to signal that I was on a one-way (pic), and I completely failed to be on the look out for the signs beside the road which clearly indicated the situation. When he told me to turn left, I saw two green lights: one with a straight and right arrow on my side of the road, and another with a left turn arrow on the other side. This mildly confused me but I concluded that I was in the only possible lane to turn left from, and I turned left from it. In the USA, when there are green lights on the left and right, they are two copies of the same signal and the left turn light is attached to the right turn light, and it did not register with me that the two lights were for the two lanes because I was completely sure the other lane was for oncoming traffic. The road construction having torn up the lane markings contributed to this because the partial reconstruction of the road really reinforced my impression that the other lane was for oncoming traffic. After i turned from the wrong lane, I immediately failed the test and I cannot retake it until June 23. On the upside, I seem not to have to repeat the part in the parking lot that I failed three times, and now I will only have to successfully navigate the city driving portion. I hope that wasn't a fluke and I will have the same condition next time, if I am not rescued before then. I hate to think what my face is going to look like after another month of this twice a week facial mutilation condition I have entered.

Although I failed a fourth time, I made it further than any previous attempt. So, that's good that I keep making forward progress on a test that wasn't very long to begin with. As long as I keep that up, I will eventually pass the test. One further complaint I have is this: I got failed on my second exam for driving over the solid line at the edge of parking space and I saw two different drivers do that exact same thing today, and neither of them got dinged for it at all. That was a hard, immediate FAIL when I did it.

While I was waiting for my turn in the car, I was pacing around the parking lot. At one point, I don't know if it was just the cloud cover breaking maybe, or the simulated cloud cover breaking, but it felt like the temperature went up about 10 degrees out there over the course of about 5 minutes. Right after that, I noticed one that looked like Helene had appeared, and she would eventually do Helene's creepy nodding at me in a seeming confirmation of my suspicion. As I continued to pace, two disgustingly ugly approached the fence I was walking along and one of the called out JONATHAN! Then I noticed that someone had drawn a smiley face in chalk in the space where I noticed Helene appear. I had paced that small loop 50 times by then, and someone definitely put that chalk smiley face there at the same time that the heckler called my name. After I made my loop again, the other slovenly and morbidly obese woman with the heckler sat on the curb to obscenely spread her legs at me, seeming to reference to interest of the other woman who must not know that I am hatefully racist against all Antarcticans, and I do not want to know any of them or show affection to any of them. At best, I will extend most of them the mercy of a painless death. I called the gangstalkers behind the fence the N-word and they nodded vigorously while the male one said in English, "Say yep!" When the hideously ugly gangstalkers showed up, my nut started hurting as it had earlier in the day when I though Helene passed me on the sidewalk as I exited my building to get a taxi. Helene's boyfriend was with her, Carlos I assume, or some Carlos-like person, and he was very intent to spit at me several times and while shaking his head vigorously YES to make sure I understand that he was spitting at me and not just incidentally spitting in my direction. I had spat at Helene the other day when I thought she tried to rape me outside of the grocery store downstairs, and Helene seemed to have been wearing the same disguise again this morning when she started electroshocking my testicle as I waited for the taxi. With her boyfriend's spit maneuver, it's like he's suggesting there's some two-way street between me and him, or between me and Helene, and I intend to laboriously belabor to him the point that shit rolls downhill, and there is nothing anything like a two-way street between me and either of them.

Houthis Sign Deal With China For Oil Exploration In Yemen

Microsoft Edge is really a great browser. I have been using the translate tool in the right click menu very much since I got to fake Russia, and recently I started using the "read aloud" feature to help me proofread my documents. I often skip over typos with my eyes, and I read the words out loud to myself so I will hear the errors as I come to them during my editing and revision process. However, even that fails sometimes when my mind starts to drift and I begin to just say what I think I meant to write rather than what is actually written. The read aloud feature is really great for me in this way because it reads exactly what I have written without allowing me to recite from memory what I intended to write. When I get to real Russia, I am considering switching to Astra Linux, but if I do I will miss Edge almost as much as MS Paint.

Including an anticipated weekend fast starting on the 26th, I will have fasted for about 44 days in April and May. The current fast ends in seven hours and some minutes, and I am ready to eat! I see that as it turned out, my fast today ended even more proximally immediately before my driving test than the one last month. That one ended on a Sunday during the day before the test on Tuesday. This one is ending on the Monday evening before the Tuesday morning test. I hope that's what the Bible was saying about something happening immediately after the fast was completed.

Mincione battles Vatican state and Italian press in UK courts

>Mincione is asking judges to rule that he acted in good faith in all his dealing with the Holy See, and arguing that the criminal charges he faces in Vatican City are an attempt to undo a legitimate business deal, in which he's done nothing wrong.

>Despite the secretariat's contention that Parolin played only a "peripheral" role in the London deal, documents filed in a separate UK court case in 2021 appear to show the cardinal personally signed off on the details of the London deal which allowed the businessman Gianluigi Torzi to allegedly hold the building hostage during the transfer of ownership from Mincione.

>Once the deal was completed, Parolin also wrote to the president of the IOR, Vatican City's commercial and retail bank, and pressured him to approve a 150 million euro loan to refinance a high interest mortgage his department had acquired along with the building.

>Mincione is also suing Credit Suisse, one of the banks used by the Secretariat of State, alleging that "failed to divulge crucial information about the origin of the money which they used to subscribe to the WRM Group sub-fund, in order to cover up the exact origin of the funds."

>Mincione has insisted that had the Vatican abided by the terms of its original investment with him, it would have made money.

Mincione definitely defrauded me at Exide, and the sooner they undo that fraud, the better. Other than that, shame on them for the seven years they've given to the forces of Satan already in their efforts to unseat me. I'm pretty sure that when Mincione mentions what would have happened if they would have abided the the original terms, he means if they would have gone ahead and killed me and they somehow got me to sign my own death warrant via their conspiracy of fraudulent misrepresentations.

Given the context of these other dozen new facial mutilations, I wonder if they did not inject puffy bubbles of fluid beneath both of my eyes. These puffy bubbles have been there for a few days now and they are not going away.

These lines must be new pit carvings too.

At least a fifth new one on my forehead. Maybe after I got my face fucked up at the store last weekend, they used the move to a new location to fuck my face up twice as much as they already had all at once.

It looks like I got another four mole implants on my forehead making a line passing through the giant one that got put there years ago.

I watched this movie No One Lives which was surprisingly very good compared to what I was expecting after I watched the trailer, which already seemed cool enough to watch. After everything goes bad at Helene's diner, they have this scene with the fenceposts which makes a reference that I recognize but do not understand. I think it refers to this. Rod Williams is the ringleader of the criminal gang and his crazy henchman is Helene using the name Flynn, which must refer to the collaborations between Helene and Michael Flynn. The henchman also used Helene's signature phrase, "Are you mad at me?" I recall that Helene and her accomplice filed their fraud affidavit against me in Dekalb County basically the day after Flynn got fired from DIA Director job. At the beginning of this 2012 movie, Helene pisses Rod off by killing a family but I guess they had made sufficient amends by the time I got to Exide in 2016. The murder of the girlfriend about which they say, "This is so wrong, Flynn really fucked up bad, didn't he?," seems to be a reference to Daisy's destruction. Rod's girlfriend also looks enough like Helene for me to get the reference, and Rod's daughter is supposed to be this person who I think is also a body double for Jake Sullivan, or was until recently. There were also some other references such as this, the Monster logo on the daughter's cheek, and also this big guy who I recognize but would not have placed in the gang with Helene and Rod. In fact, I hope I am not getting the reference with that big guy, who must be "Garfield."

Two more other new bumps on the other side of my nose. One is in the mole style (upper) and the other is in the mosquito bite style (lower).

Although I cannot see it in the mirror so clearly as I can in the photo here, this looks like an entire smiley face with eyes etched into the tip of my nose.

Extra Pic 1

Extra Pic 2

Extra Pic 3

In fact, when the rapist was mocking me in /ng/ earlier, I think he said, "Did you notice that your face got fucked up even worse?," or something like that. I had noticed some new bump on my nose, and I told him I had noticed something. After his comment, however, I had a closer look and it looks like someone carved yet another pit into my nose: a small crescent shape, or a smiley face. I was also wondering if I had bubbles of fluid injected under both of my eyes, and these photos may or may not show that. That is something that could be confused with facial bloating due to hydration and poisons. Lots of laughing hecklers outside my window as I was searching the 4chan links in this post. I first noticed this mark a couple of days ago, or a few days ago. It may have been as far back as Monday or Tuesday. I also recently got new DEEP ANAL MEGA WRIGGLERS at 3:00 and 9:00 in my asshole, and a new ANAL NODULE (balloon) implant at 6:00 in my asshole.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 5

Pic 6

Pic 7

Pic 8

Pic 9

Pic 10

Pic 11

Pic 12

Pic 13

They had my rapist start mocking my facial mutilations on /ng/ today. As soon as the mocker appeared in the thread, the person in 205 started BANGING on the wall a lot and HECKLING me at an increased level. I hope that person, who I think is Jenna, got arrested for demonstrating so clearly that they are the accomplice of my rapists and facial mutilators. They put someone's disappointed TSSK-ing on the LRAD not long after these events, and the disappointment sounded sweet to me. I'm not sure if that's unwarranted optimism or not.

This is getting down to what I believe is the danger zone. This latest bout of QE must have relived some pressure pushing the critical point down somewhat, but I'd anticipate more problems before it gets to $8T, and certainly before it gets to $7.5T.

Although this rumor seems to have been shot down, I wish to point out that Ingraham is another false persona of Tom Cruise apart from Nellie Ohr. The basis of this rumor, whether or not she is fired in the end, would seem to be that Tom Cruise is getting burnt in anticipation of his move to the garloid factory.

FBI Leadership Sabotaged Clinton Foundation Investigations: Durham Report

Before Andrew Weisman was my coworker at Lexis Nexis under the name Jim Farbolin, McCabe was my coworker at Elavon where I don't remember his alias. One day, he disappeared and Rhonda Capone showed up to sit in his old desk, and I hate her more than any of the other people I met during my attempts to have a legitimate career 2014-2017. I was unable to find any legitimate employment in that time period; everywhere I went was just some front for the government's efforts to defraud me.

Bruce And Nellie Ohr Had Bigger Roles In Dossier Than Known: Durham Report

This picture makes it seems like Tom Cruise is the real Nellie Ohr tranny. Tom Cruise was fucking with me quite forcefully while I was living in the apartment in Dunwoody during the predication phase of Crossfire Hurricane in 2016 (and afterwards too), but I still haven't been able to send him and his people to get cremated. Hopefully, I can turn them into undying crud soon.

Guantanamo Prisoner's Graphic Details Of CIA Torture Featured In New Report

>Then-Vice President Dick Cheney, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, and CIA Director George Tenet gave the green light for U.S. agents to torture Zubaydah

>"He was the first person to be tortured, having been approved by the Department of Justice based on facts that the CIA knew to be false,"

Biden national-security adviser tells Chinese diplomat that U.S. seeks to move beyond spy-balloon episode

>"re-establish standard, normal channels of communications."

In addition to what are almost certainly a new 3:00 MEGA DEEP ANAL WRIGGLER and a new 9:00 DEEP ANAL MEGA WRIGGLER, and what are 100% certainly some new CHEST ZAPPERS, I see I also got another brain-scanner nodule implant at 6:00 in my asshole: another "balloon." I think it is overwhelmingly likely that I got anally raped as soon as I left my apartment after getting re-rape kidnapped on Monday. (The article is dated from Monday.) However, I cannot be certain that I did not get these newest implants before Monday, or on Monday.

In whatever other version of a copy of Moscow in Antarctica I got moved to, they're still putting poisoned water on the shelves in the stores I go to. The first four bottles of water I bought were all poisoned, unless I am mistaken. They're still electrocuting my dick and asshole and balls and teeth, etc, incessantly. Hecklers are still calling out my name after I pass them on the street, and heckling me in English otherwise. The BANGING on the walls improved but now the TAPPING on the walls is worse. This morning, I noticed yet another, other new mole implant on my nose which I may have gotten before or after getting re-rape kidnapped for the 50th time.

Trump-Era Special Counsel Blasts FBI Conduct in Russia Probe

Unfortunately, someone is still electrocuting my dick and asshole, etc, incessantly.

If I'm not mistaken, September 19, 2016 was my first day working at Exide.

Among other things, the issue here was that my grandfather was the King of England.

This April 1, 2016 date followed immediately after the "ice cream truck" incident in which I believe I intercepted some of Helene's torture victims in transit and they were subsequently rescued, such as Martin Cabello, I believe.

Further evidence that I was kidnapped yet again after someone incapacitated me with the rape device they implanted in my asshole during a previous anal rape is as follows. My fingernails were somehow caked with black dirt today though there is no explanation for how they might have gotten dirty. This has happened so many times, I recognize it as the signature of my kidnappers and rapists. Although the tape I had put up in the bathroom to attempt to disable any potential rape hatches had been steady for a long while it had kind of started to come off the wall in the corner, the tape there quickly wilted today when I turned on the shower and the steam hit it. This suggests that my shower today was the first time that steam blasted the tape there. At the location where I believe I was previously, the steam had been blasting the tape there every day and the partial adhesion had not been degrading.

Otherwise, CHAH or someone has been grunting RIGHT on the LRAD to torment me basically non-stop since I got out of the shower. I was saying that it goes to show that I'm right about all of the jesuits being satanists when they say the left ones are evil and the right ones aren't, but then it's the right one who need to torment me by denying a moment's peace to me as they constantly feel the need to shout out the name of their gang in my apartment. I was saying, "I do not want your fucking sounds in my ear hole," and then to reinforce their evil they activated my RIGHT EAR CANAL WRIGGLER. I don't want their torture device in my ear hole any more than I want their grunting noises in in my ear hole, but they force themselves into my hole anyways because they are as Satanic as the ones who would grunt LEFT!!! As if to emphasize my point, while I was completing this post by searching got the image, they put Helene on the LRAD with her OONG! sound simultaneously with my LEFT EAR CANAL WRIGGLER being activated. This same arrangement of the people torment me and torturing me with the piezoelectric device they implanted in my body is probably the same arrangement seen in this picture.

I think it's been just over six months since I had my run-in with the customs police at the Moscow airport. It seems suddenly much warmer today. I think I got poisoned with a rather low dose of some very clean LSD too, which was quite nice so far as getting poisoned by your rapists goes. Very recently, I watched some woman directly outside my window scrubbing the dust off the stairs to her deck with a scrubby and bucket, but when I look out today, all of the stair cases look equally dusty. The people in the adjacent apartments, 203 and 205, seem to have fucked off altogether today, and the implant problem is way down. The people heckling me through my window from the courtyard also seem different. Finally, the graffiti I wrote in a nearby tunnel was replaced with a non-descript gray rectangle matching the concrete I painted on. For all of these reasons, I am drawn to wonder about how many different copies of Moscow they might have in Antarctica.

Everyone knows about 762 by now, but do you know about 39? I was working as a contractor at Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions where Mueller henchman Andrew Weisman was pretending to be my coworker after FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe had been pretending to be my coworker at my previous job at Elavon. At Lexis Nexis, my agent was using the name Jim Farbolin which he said was really "Farbolini." When he said it, he used a strong Italian-like accent to say it as Fadabelini. I call it Italian-like because I think he was really introducing himself to me as Father Berlin, or Fatta Berline. Anyways, we were talking in our cubicles one day and I was going to say something but I was reluctant. It was nothing special, just office banter. As I hesitated, we made eye contact and I could tell he knew what I was going to say. After a moment, I said it. Since he had been reading my mind, probably with his rape kit up my ass, he made some self-congratulatory comment about how he was "right there with me" or something so as to afford himself the ability to revel in self-adulations. It irked me so I quickly exclaimed, "Oh yeah? 39! Did you know I was going to say that?" Obviously, he didn't. He had known my other comment because I said it in my head before I said it out loud. So, it's not just 762; it's 762x39. The FBI thought they were right there with me, but really they weren't. What country is 762x39 again?

Who stretched a measuring line across it?

When the Mahdi appears, Allah will cause such power of vision and hearing to be manifested in believers that the Mahdi will call to the whole world from where he is, with no postman involved, and they will hear and even see him.

After my face got fucked up while I was peacefully and quietly taking a taxi home alone from the grocery store on April 29, the Neely execution was staged on May 1. A few day later, Wray got subpoenaed for some documents and he refused to produce them on May 10. That same day, the officers of the Congress declined to throw Wray's fucking ass in jail for contempt of Congress (or whatever). On May 11, Penny got arrested. Right after that, I noticed that Penny looked quite a bit like Chris Moriarty who is the FBI Director's son. I looked into the story, and the parallels to my facial mutilations and surrounding events were easy to see. The facial mutilations had stopped since the 29th, I think, but then I posted my opinions about the Penny arrest, and they immediately started again on May 15. It's like my face got fucked up again today in retaliation for voicing my opinions on these matters: posting them on them on my news-themed blog and on on 4chan. I may have gotten a new URETHRA MEGA ZAPPER and a new 9:00 ULTRA MEGA WRIGGLER today as well indicating two separate aggravated sexual batteries in addition to my latest round of facial mutilations.

Overall, I think I have been the victim of aggravated sexual battery 1,000 times or more by now as the FBI keeps turning my brain off with their rape ray to make it impossible for me to fight back while they rape me. Certainly the truth about the Chauvin arrest was that he put an ELECTROSHOCK device into the head of my penis. This was reported as "kneeling on Floyd's neck" in the way now we have a story about "applying a chokehold to Neely" whose name seems to reference Chauvin's kneeling. The events with Chauvin where I got the first of hundreds of sexual torture implants in my dick and balls were in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Antarctica, and that was why John Paul Mac Isaac brought the Hunter Biden laptop from the east coast to the FBI field office Albuquerque. The FBI has not stopped raping me for years, and they raped me more today. They have no intention to stop. That's why they told Mac Isaac to fuck off when he brought the clandestine surveillance footage showing Chauvin stabbing me in the dick, and that's why they raped me again today.

Seems like yet another new one on my nose which I had not previously noticed before seeing it in this picture.

Aside from these, I think they may have redone the one under my left eye whose removal started all of this. This might be a leftover morsel, however. I think I noticed this already but it seems bigger after coming back from the store. I'm not sure if I'm projecting my (justified) paranoia. If this isn't a new one and it is a leftover morsel from the previous coagulated nodule, then this is another unwanted downside risk of the Rube Goldberg surgery failing which would have been avoided with the Mohs surgery.

Upon further examination, I think they put three or four new moles, all quite small, along this ridge near the fold of my cheek. The sounds on the LRAD as U typed that seem to confirm. Maybe that other giant thing which quickly subsided was meant to distract my attention from these other obvious but very small new ones.

I think they injected saline or something into my face too. There was a puffy bump under my eye, quite distinct, that quickly subsided.

After I got this Xanax ID on my coffee query, I went to the story. As I was checking out after becoming disoriented in the store, the clerk said to me in English, "Enjoy yourself," while filming me and I got FFFFUHHed about 12 times already on the way back. I guess I probably just made everything net worse by leaving my stuff in the apartment again. The Bible said Solomon disobeyed God, but I did not feel like I got the instruction not to leave again. Maybe I just got new RD again in the store.

When I was eating earlier in the afternoon, I suddenly had some severe reaction with swelling all over my body and shortness of breath. I have never had such a strong reaction to a food, or what may have been a poison. When I got up to look at myself since my face felt swollen, I saw that my face was completely bloated with all my forehead veins sticking out very much. The problem went away pretty quickly. However, I just went to the bathroom after eating dinner, and it looks like there is a new large swollen bump right in the middle of my forehead. I noticed this as the epicenter of the swelling in the afternoon, and it was still swollen, just a little, when I just noticed it again, right between my eyes. These ID gets say "goy" and "I am a US jew," so I am wondering if I got a giant new bump implanted square in the middle of my forehead, very deeply where it does not have a shadow with a distinct edge. On the other hand, my face may be swollen because I just came off a 10 day fast and I ate about a pound of salt today and drank 5L of water.

This guy. I posted him on my website but the post got deleted. I very much wish to investigate this post when I have an appropriate investigative apparatus. The BANGING and noises from 205 increased very much when I began to search the archives for this post, and it has not subsided.

After I posted this picture of the damage to my nose, someone posted an /x/ thread with a maniacally grinning turd which I think was Jester in black face. I linked to it on my website with a reminder but the post I made about it has been deleted, unfortunately. I wonder how Jester is feeling with Chris in jail, or with Chris in legal jeopardy if they aren't holding him.

Chris Moriarty with wife Kim Saena, a/k/a Sera Kim.

I guess that supposed to be a "weird coincidence" that Christopher Wray's son got arrested immediately after Wray refused to comply with that subpoena on Wednesday. I also notice that Neely got killed on the Monday after the Saturday when my nose got fucked up, and also Wray's subpoena was issued right after that weekend too. Since I believe Chris' DO degree technically makes him a doctor, I wonder if he was the one that fucked my nose up with his facial reconstruction rape surgery.

Microsoft says commercial use of fusion-produced energy will be available within 5 years as part of new deal with Sam Altman-backed Helion

The Time Is Finally Right For Nuclear Fusion

I think I didn't document the pit that got carved into the left side of the tip of my nose, so that is the purpose of this post. I'm also posting the mosquito bite-like moles that got implanted on my cheek and nose. I also have one more showing the right side. The picture of the right side shows how much worse my cauliflower ear had gotten in the past couple of years. I snipped it there at that pointy spot with scissors about five years ago, and it has never really healed. Underneath the exterior wound that is still a scab after five years, there is a new pointy bump of cauliflower which illustrates my concerns about how these most recent facial mutilations are going to disrupt the natural growth of the cartilage in my nose. I also have further concerns that if the escalations in my mutilations still haven't gone too far, that seems like an invitation to do it more, and I have no idea what those further mutilations might entail.

Congress Leaves Town With No Debt Deal As Biden, McCarthy Postpone Meeting

>Trump, who told CNN's Kaitlan Collins during a town hall: "I say to the Republicans out there---congressmen, senators---if they don't give you massive cuts, you're going to have to do a default."

>According to Trump, while he doesn't think a default is likely, "it's better than what we're doing right now because we're spending money like drunken sailors," adding that the effects of a default might not be as disastrous as everyone expects, suggesting "it's really psychological more than anything else," and adding "maybe it's, you have a bad week or a bad day."

In what way, I wonder, does Trump think doing a default will be better for average people than just running up more debt? I think it is clear that since the government has already committed to default, they should kick that can down the road as far as possible. If the government defaults prematurely and then keeps kicking the can down the road some more because they didn't wait until the absolute possible last moment to do it, that is just going to drive up the interest rate on the debt they incur after defaulting and then raising the debt limit a week later anyways. So, I challenge Trump to explain how the default is better for average people in the USA than running up the balance on the credit card that isn't maxed out yet. My point is this: if they default before the total catastrophic collapse of the system forces a default, then they're just going to hike the debt limit a week later with a new, much higher interest rate that will be a net negative for average people. What is his counterpoint or rebuttal?

What did they mean by this?

Russia to Build 'Migrant Village' for Conservative American Expats

Biden investigation: FBI fails to comply with subpoena for 'criminal scheme' document