2023-07-20 archive

It seems like they've been info dumping me on Always Sunny again lately, especially with the Carmen San Diego appearance. I've been getting the vibe that that was the alias Helene used when she ran to California and committed the murders that got blamed on Charles Manson: the ones where they wrote Helene killed her on the wall in blood, and then the cops changed it "Helter Skelter" before they started arresting me for shoplifting food. That song about "Risky's" in Always Sunny's most recent episode must refer to "Risky Business Restaurant and Bar" next to Maynard's "Mark Sublette Gallery" in the shopping center at Kolb and Sunrise in Helene's neighborhood. I bet if you look at the license plates of the people that went into that parking lot lately, you will find a lot more people interested in killing me than you would usually find, and the usual amount would probably still be weirdly high since I think killing me is the main purpose of Maynard's Mark Sublette gallery. It seemed like Mac from Always Sunny showed up in my IRL stalkers not too long ago, and I recall that he was he security guard on Lost long before I had ever heard of Always Sunny. I wonder if perhaps that actor is much less cool than his likeable character might suggest. I think it was the asshole at Alliance that said Danny Devito was his cousin too. I'm pretty sure that was the asshole, but I can't be sure. I am pretty sure, however.

I got these dubs over here, and a neck ID.

Since I made the previous post about the apparently permanent damage associated with the amputation of the tip of my nose, someone implanted yet another mole squarely in the middle of the pit. Some woman who's probably not smart enough to realize that she should kill herself got in the elevator with me with a black hair band on the ground, and a picture of an eye looking into an asshole. Soon after, the woman who has been pretty cool at the grocery store finally SATAN heckled me while I was getting my coffee. The woman intercepted me in the elevator when I came back from getting lunch, and although the woman at the store had been pretty cool up until now, she Satan heckled immediately when I went back for coffee. So, reminder about the woman from the elevator, and the woman who was trying to poison my coffee while I was waiting for the machine in the store to make it, as well as all of the rest of witches in that coven, and all of those witches' children and husbands. Also, if it wasn't the woman who got into the elevator with me, then reminder about whoever drew the drawing, whoever put the drawing in the elevator, and whoever put the hairband in the elevator.

It's still pretty easy to see the pit from the other, smaller amputation rape surgery attack on the tip of my nose too. I tried to get a pic showing the new, second, elongated, linear mole pointing the lower of the two moles implanted on this side of my nose since I got to Krasnoyarsk, but the lighting isn't making it show up in the pics. It's easy to see when I look in the mirror, however.

I noticed yet another mole implant on my nose today, this one making an elongated line pointing to one of the other ones I posted recently, and also having a mark where someone sliced my nose with a razor or something making a parallel line pointing to the same mole. When I was trying to take the picture, I got this one (above) which clearly shows that one of the two massive amputation attacks on the tip of my nose (aside from the ones on the bridge of the nose and my forehead which I have documented elsewhere) has also never done anything remotely like healing. It is as bad now as the day when the amputation happened. Permanent facial disfigurement here after the people who didn't the kill the man who put the skeletal mutilator implant in my foot and then found that anyone should be able to cut massive, disgusting pits into my face that will never heal because otherwise they would have had to hold themselves accountable for attacking me with their repeatedly botched rape surgeries. So, although they have absolved themselves of guilt and not held themselves accountable, I will hold them accountable, and their families as well. This picture also shows the red dot that got tattooed onto the protruding, disfigured, asymmetrical collar bone which became dislocated as the main profits of the skeletal mutilator implant operation before that operation cause the collapse of the arch of that foot. This is one of about 10 such new red dots after I cut the four that were tattooed on the scrotum off earlier this spring. (People in the adjacent apartment are proudly making gangstalker noises as I describe these problems.)

Endgame: US Federal Debt Interest Payments About To Hit $1 Trillion

>(one wonders what financial crisis the Jekyll Island folks will invoke this time to greenlight the next multi-trillion QE).

Indeed, one does wonder what crisis will be invoked next time. Whatever it is, it is obvious that WW3 is the crisis reserved for when there are no more QE cans to kick down the road.

Although the other pictures show the shadow of the size of the pit on the bridge of my nose, I believe this one better shows the volume of the tissue that was amputated. Obviously, I don't think I have a before picture to make a comparison, but I do believe that this picture clearly shows that the contour of the bridge of my nose was greatly altered during one of about a dozen mutilating amputation attacks on my face recently. This picture may also show a third mole on the tip of my nose. I did get some zits on my face from not showering and getting road grime on my face after driving with the windows down for a week, so it is hard to say about this third bump. The lighting in the bathroom isn't good, and I'm not going back out to the elevator right now.

It looks like at least two of the moles on my nose which had been removed via secondary rape surgery have been replaced via tertiary rape surgery. The FOOT ARCH ZAPPERS are going off as much as they ever have, the 9:00 DEEP ANAL WRIGGLER was activated as soon as I mentioned the FOOT ZAPPERS, and they have already poisoned the tap water in the apartment I'm renting. Since this is the norm around here, I have sentenced everyone in this town to death, and I'm sure that only almost all of them are delighted to hear that. I was noticing in the lighting in the elevator as well that the giant pit cut into the bridge of my nose to emphasize the asymmetry that resulted from the amputation of about half of the tip of my nose has not done anything remotely like healing. Something (probably bad) happened to my phone too since I haven't done any updates and it's timestamping my photos now. I may have just toggled that by accident, however, when I accidentally clicked into the camera settings.

Nose moles 2

Nose moles 3

Nose moles 4

Nose moles 5

Nose bridge pit 1

Nose bridge pit 2

Nose bridge pit 3

Nose bridge pit 4

That car I bought in Moscow completely fell apart after I checked into the One Eye Motel in "Krasnoyarsk." In the morning when I left the One Eye Motel, they had an orange cone near my rear driver's side wheel for what seemed like no reason at all. The rear cross member completely failed soon after that with the rear passenger wheel almost totally detaching from the car. After it got towed because the back wheels became 100% unstable, and my opinion was that continued driving was very unsafe, the transmission was fucked up too. The tow truck driver may or may not have put it in reverse when he towed it rather than neutral. Someone may have fucked with it more when I left in the lot at the service center overnight, which would be preferable to thinking the tow driver did it. When I stopped on the road just before I decided to get it towed, it seemed like one of the assholes from Alliance pulled his car over on the highway in front of me, and the assholes there are distinguished from the other ones by their membership on One Eye Cult, if I'm not mistaken. I will buy another, better car soon, thanks to the gracious assistance of someone whom I believe is impersonating Helene. That may be Helene, but I think it is not. I am held up for a few days, and the torn meniscus in my knee is **DEFINITELY NOT** healing on its own. I can't trust the doctors in Antarctica not to say that I consented to risking having my leg amputated at the knee when I signed the surgery form, so that knee is pretty fucked until I get out of here.

When I went out for coffee a few minutes ago, I got FOOT ARCH ZAPPER attacked and simultaneously CHAHed in the hall, and I saw a big red mark on my face in the mirror in the elevator that was absent when I looked in mirror in the bathroom a few moments previously. The new 7:00 WRIGGLER was still there as of a few hours ago, but the two or three main NODULE implants around 12:00 to 2:00 are gone already. When I was inspecting the anal implant situation in the shower after returning from coffee (when I noticed the new big ones were gone already), I still found a couple of small NODULE implants at 12:00, very deep in the anus, pretty much at the inner edge of the inner sphincter, whereas they are usually (but not always) closer to the middle part of the outer sphincter. Still, there's definitely nodules in my asshole that weren't there a little while ago. They are grain of sand ones rather than grain of rice ones, but they are completely obvious to feel and pinch. The URETHRA ZAPPER that just went off may or may not be new, but I have not felt the new UDZ's that appeared recently, which is good.

I'm back in some version of fake Krasnoyarsk again. The hotel checked me into the error room: 404. The water bottle in here has a jewish demon scratched onto it, and, although I did a decent job of taping up the room to secure against rape hatches before I got in the shower, someone drew a jewish demon in the foot on the floor mat in the bathroom with my sock lint after I got out of the shower. Unsurprisingly, this hotel's logo makes the same reference to the Church of Satan than my last hotel in Moscow made: the Salut Hotel. I am pretty sure when I write the history later on, I am going to anthropomorphize the jesuit order as a single man with just one left eye. I hate them and their works, and I want to make them suffer, and I am going to destroy the church that they hope can defeat me in the end. Although the Bible is clear that it is the priests who betray the Lord, and that the Lord will win in the end, somehow many of them tell themselves they are not Satanists when they endeavor to steal God's victory, and to give it to the church that God hates.

Some practitioner of falsehood, some piece of shit representative of the jesuits no doubt, was waiting to film me out in front of the hotel when I got here, and he was waiting by my car when I came out after I checked in. Unsurprisingly, he was pretending not to understand my English when I spoke to him: Satanist love falsehood and lies. Also, he or his accomplice had fucked up my car door's locking mechanism to render it non-functional as if he thinks he's not going to get tortured to death just for pointing his camera at me, much less making overt war on me. (Adding this paragraph to my post made my ELECTROCONVUSLOR anal rape implant go into a rarely experienced non-stop spasm mode. Perhaps this is a new EC implant as well because the old EC was not activated with this kind of back to back frequency of unceasing anal spasms, as far as I can recall.) I'm going to torture you to death now, Fuckhead, and I'm going to kill you family, and if you feel good about that because you think you're helping "the Church" win in the end, then you should know that I'm going to destroy that church and the people whose orders you're taking are going to end up in the same human centipede that I put you into.

My asshole is 100% torn the fuck up right now. There's multiple fresh stab wounds in there, and it is painful to touch, swollen, and inflamed, and I don't think my asshole would have suffered this much anal rape trauma in a literal forcible sodomy. Although they had stopped raping me for a few days after I left fake Moscow, they started doing it again after I violated the anal rape code by putting some junk on the grimey concrete in front of my car when I was topping up my engine fluids at the gas station where I refuelled my car with a gasoline purchase. Not long before that, they also sucked out almost all of my engine fluids when I left some other little town after having helped myself to the paper towels that were made available to customers at Lukoil, free of charge. (I did not take all of the paper towels. I probably left 50 or 100, or more.) As they said I deserved to get anally raped for putting two paper towels next to my car (where there was not a convenient trash can), before that they said I should be robbed, and my car should be put at risk of destruction for helping myself to the free paper towels at the gas station.

Although I did not steal anything, it's as if the juden said that I did. They stole the engine fluids that I had paid for after I did not offer them to others for free, but I only had availed myself of the paper towels that Lukoil did offer for free. There is no limit to how many of those free paper towels that you can take; they are there for the customers' use, and the ground is an acceptable place to put shit when you're working on your car's engine. It's stelaing if you're not a paying customer and you take them, but I made several different purchases at that gas station, including purchases of more than one item at once, and those paper towels were free for persons such as myself. However, the jews around here disagree. They roobed me after that, and then they started raping me when I put some junk on the ground at another gas station, and now my asshole is COMPLETELY FUCKED UP. I have multiple fresh anal rape trauma wounds all over my asshole, a new 12:00 ANAL NODULE, the FOOT ARCH ZAPPERS started again if they aren't new (the probably are new), I got a new ZAPPPER on my right biceps and probably two new ZAPPERS on my right hand. Now I'm getting burglarized at the hotel by the people who are trying to poison me, and the jews are saying that this sudden decrease in the quality of my life, and the sudden increase in my anal rape and sexual torture, was what happened when they "let me out" of "Hell" and sent me to "Purgatory." On that note, I refer to my previous post about how "Hell 2" is much worse than "Hell" because "Hell 1" has protocols that are respected for levels of sexual violence against the kidnapping victims that end up there. To the contrary, the sexual violence is totally illegal in "Hell 2" so its scope is relatively unlimited compared to the protocols in "Hell 1". Certainly, a forcible sodomy would not have torn my asshole up as much as it is torn up right now.

The UPPER DICK ZAPPER started again as soon as I got out of "Hell," indicating that the stab wounds to my penis recommenced immediately when I got to "Purgatory." It seems like I got new ZAPPERS in both testicles as well to complement the TESTICLE CRUSHER implants which the jews enjoyed impunity to implant permanently. Unsurprisingly, the new-seeming TESTICLE ZAPPERS were both activated as soon as I wrote about them in the previous sentence. I'd say my penis got electrocuted with the new (new-seeming?) UDZ about 50 times already today, and this one is not on the side where they usually are. This one is on the bottom toward the sensitive part. The RAPE DICK got much worse again too, and someone sabotaged the console lights in my car. They were working fine until I got out of "Hell," but now they are suddenly broken, which is to coincidental to be a coincidence, and who knows what other things they broke on my car while they were stabbing my dick, raping me in the asshole, and stabbing me in the asshole while they were raping it, and while they were implanting new sexual torture devices into the stab wounds, such as probably the RAPE DICK implant which has been blasting nonstop for quite a while now. I got a new 7:00 DEEP ANAL WRIGGLER and either a new 9:00 MID WRIGGLER or the old one just started again since I got out of "hell." The 3:00 OUTER WRIGGLER reappeared when I was in fake Omsk (a new seeming 5:00 OUTER WRIGGLER just activated as I ewas proofreading about WRIGGLERS), and the LEFT BUTT CHEEK WRIGGLER just reappeared now when I added this post's second paragraph about how all of Satan's soldiers are going to bear to burden of Satan's crimes. (New seeming 9:00 DEEP ANAL WRIGGLER.) Judging by how much worse my sexual torture problem has gotten since I arrived at this hotel, I'd say i've already been raped several times by several different people in the two hours or so I've been here, and I'd say they were all doing the jews work under their auspices of their favored institution: the Catholic Church of Satan.

If I'm going to get out by driving, I'm getting to around where I think the maximum extent could be. It seemed like Jake Sullivan and Lindsay Graham accompanied me on my bus trip from Ufa to Yekaterinburg last month, both dressed up as trannies. On this last leg of driving which I have just ended, I went from Ufa almost to Chelyabinsk, and the clouds were still fucked up as of just a while ago. Now all the gangstalkers are one-eye stalkers too when for a while it seemed like it was only the natural born Satanists among the clone slaves that would do that. I need to get some car service today but this 2004 Ford Focus I bought is working pretty well.

I am glad to say that after about six months, I finally got the driver's license today. Maybe I will buy a car and head out on Monday.

I think this sack of fluid on the back of my knee got about twice as big since I tore my meniscus again.

This is getting back into the danger zone here.

Interest On The National Debt Poised To Rise At An Alarming Rate

>Treasury is paying less than 2% interest on the total debt. But a lot of the debt currently on the books was financed at very low rates before the Federal Reserve started its hiking cycle. Every month, some of that super-low-yielding paper matures and has to be replaced by bills, notes and bonds yielding much higher rates. That means interest payments will quickly climb much higher unless rates fall.

It looks like this other line that got drawn under my eye in Novosibirsk is suddenly brown now too, much like the thing on the tip of the nose of the stalker that was waiting for me when I got to the police station yesterday. (I was unable to get the DL today due to them dragging their feet on my paperwork, but now maybe I can do it on Friday.) Even after already fasting for a day, I am still grotesquely bloated from the last batch of poisoned food I ate (or poisons that were otherwise administered) in Podolsk. I took this other picture this morning, and I was surprised to see that I looked like I was on the brink of tears in it. Now that I see the sunken pit facial mutilation rape surgery attacks have started again, I wonder if someone didn't photoshop it to look that way. I cannot understand what these white pixels are supposed to be because I was definitely not teary eyed when I took this picture. Maybe it was just the wind from the open window in the taxi. Maybe it was photoshop.

It seems like they also gouged a giant valley across my other cheek bone, about 50 times bigger than the other one that I posted last night.

Other new gouged cheek pit 1

Other new gouged cheek pit 2

Other new gouged cheek pit 3

Other new gouged cheek pit 4

Other new gouged cheek pit 5

Other new gouged cheek pit 6

Other new gouged cheek pit 7

Other new gouged cheek pit 8

Other new gouged cheek pit 9

Other new gouged cheek pit 10

Other new gouged cheek pit 11

It looks like I got yet another suction pit under my eye. I noticed it today in the different lighting in the new hotel room, so I'm not sure when I got it exactly. Maybe it was today.

New suction pit 1

New suction pit 2

You can still the the smaller of the two suction pits on the tip of my nose here too.

My knee seemed like it was a lot worse again when I got to the DMV this morning too.

This morning I went to get my driver's license. I was not able to because I needed one more form---a difficulty that I anticipated---and I should have that form in hand tomorrow. I expect to receive the driver's license shortly thereafter.

I cancelled several taxis before I went and I got in one since I anticipated rapist interceptor taxi drivers, as is always the case, and I did not successfully avoid it. Along the ~45 minute drive, I lost about 8 minutes of time as soon as we got off the highway in Moscow. After that, the driver who had not been one-eyeing me at all began to very intently one-eye me. As soon as we got to the driver's license office, this other stalker was waiting there. No surprise, I immediately found two new mole implants and a new discolored spot on the tip of my nose which were not present in the photos I took just before leaving. The discoloration of the thing on this woman's nose seems to refer to the new discolored spot, and its location suggests the new ones I got when I got raped in the taxi after the punitive actions following my previous 15,000 taxi rapes were not sufficient to discourage more taxi rapes. After I had been there for about 20 minutes, this other stalker showed up and started filming me. Obviously, the whole crowd was nothing but stalkers. I think Jed was the police man who told me I had to come back with the other form, I think the FBI Director was in there pretending to be a very young man, and I think the little of the little posse he was in was Evil Dad. Furthermore, I think both of them have the body type of the little creature that is getting lanced in the image above.

Another new discolored spot on my nose immediately after I noticed the other one (better lighting).

Two new moles, smallish ones, on the tip of my nose (better lighting).

Last night, I noticed that they have drawn the perpendicular symbol on my face again, this time on the other side with mole implants marking the relevant positions. There is a line exactly parallel to the line of my labial fold, and then the parallel bisecting ray marks the midpoint of that line. Furthermore, I noticed that the upper most facial mutilation seems to be not only a mole implant, but a discoloration attack similar to the nasty blemishes that were implanted on me while I was staying at the notional Long Island Marriott. The photo of the discolored spot does not sufficiently distinguish between the redness of the other ones I've been scratching and the brownness of what I think was the newest one last night. The one with the black circle above is different than the others due to the obvious discoloration.

The two discolored ones from "Long Island" are one my hip with a thick black hair in it (forthcoming post), and another on the back of my calf. (I notice that there is now a prominent red dot tattooed next that one now.) I also got a giant mole implant on my arm while I was staying there, and they put this on the picture for Karen Tooker's husband's funeral when he faked his own death. However, when I viewed that picture again later, they had edited it out. This one looks discolored in the photos due to the shadow on it but it is not discolored like the other two.

I am almost finished with a new version of my fractional distance paper. I am very glad to have corrected several minor errata and at least two significant (but still trivial) errata pertaining to my definition of a Euclidean line segment (Axiom 2.3.7) and my improper use of the term "Cartesian product" to describe a certain form of set throughout Section 4. None of my sets were improperly constructed but I was wrong to call them Cartesian products and I was using the product operator in a non-standard way. I hope to upload the new version to viXra somewhere in the July 5 to July 7 timeframe.

I went to the store the other day, and I brought my water with me since usually it gets poisoned when it's unattended, and also because I think the load of a heavy pack inhibits getting raped to some degree. This was the store where I thought I saw one of my most-hated rapists coming out just as I was arriving. In the store where I was schlepping around about 25L of water in irregularly shaped bottles crammed into a non-ergonomic backpack, some tall couple approached me and made it obvious that they were there to see me. Then "the Wagner guy's $6.2B payment" showed up on 4chan within minutes, and I can't help but think that one or both of them reported that they got an accurate read on my height when I was schlumped over carrying ~60lbs of water bottles in a 100% non-ergonomic backpack and gimping around on the freshly torn meniscus in my knee. I'm googling it now, and some of the $6.2B stuff precedes my trip to the store, but from my perspective the news flow was as follows. There was a $6B accounting error, and then right after I went to the store it was a $6.2B "overestimation." So, it's hard to say if this is that. It probably is since I could see the woman's eyes light up with joy when she realized she was going to get to tell people I'm actually not even close to almost 6'2".

Although my stature is very much like a palm, I am, in fact, more than 6'1" enough that I feel ok calling it almost 6'2". If I ever said I was 6'2" (unlikely but easily possible), that would have been due to inattention. Usually I make a point of saying "almost 6'2"." Still, in every new place I go, someone sees me not strutting around like a cock, and then they say I'm much less tall than I claim to be. Literally, it happens like a new episode of the world's most repetitive comedy show in every new place I go. They never say, "Can you stand up as straight as you can so I can measure your height with this measuring tape?," but they always go away thinking they have somehow accurately measured my height. It's pretty much like they look at me sitting in a chair, i.e.: not standing up straight, and then say I'm only 4'7", and they do that exact same thing in literally every new place that I go. It is remarkable how reliably repetitive it is that someone will start saying there have been lies told exaggerating my height because they saw me in a casual posture other that standing fully upright. It is really remarkable. It is like clockwork. Although it is usually obnoxious when they do this, these people from the grocery store in Podolsk here saw me laboriously humping the giant loaded pack and cannot possibly have had any reasonable expectation to have gotten a good estimation of my size.

I was pleased to see that someone wrote a 762 graffiti in the hallway of the building where I'm staying now, but I was displeased to see that the neighborhood around my this building is completely covered with graffiti that says HERS. Most of it looks brand new, and the little bit that I saw not looking brand new probably looked not new due to the artistic talent of whoever just wrote it there in the past week or so.

US Intelligence Knew Of Wagner Plot Days In Advance, Briefed Congress

This is obvious since the Hollywood industrial complex was well briefed enough to make the "Frank vs Russia" episode of Always Sunny I referenced recently. I liked the part at the end of that episode (s16e04) where Charlie said, "He's getting ready to make his first move." The day I make my first move is remembered forever as the Day of the Lord, and, indeed, the Day of the Lord draws nigh. On that, one thing I learned from competing in jiu jitsu is that the first engagement with the opponent should be forceful. In practice, this refers to what is called kazushi, the art of unbalancing one's opponent, but, in theory, you can decapitate your opponent by jerking his lapel sufficiently forcefully.

I think I also got two more new moles implanted on my nose when I went out yesterday. Beyond that, I notice that the diamond that got carved into my forehead has not gone away even slightly. The pit carved under my left eye---the one that acted as the starter motor for the current phase of constant facial mutilations which used to not happen under the (apparently wrong) assumption that they were illegal under the Satanic law of the USA---has not jumped out to me lately when I glance at the mirror, but this diamond on my forehead is impossible not to notice every time I go into the bathroom. One recalls that after my face mutilated during a recent rape surgery, my enemies' intention to absolve themselves of guilt required that should declare mutilating my face to be perfectly fine, and it has been happening non-stop since then. This was after they absolved themselves of guilt after the skeletal mutilator implant that they screwed into a heel that they drilled my in heel bone caused my collar bones to become asymmetrically disfigured before the arch on that foot collapsed. The stomping on my ceiling, the LEFT TESTICLE CRUSHER, and the RAPE DICK ramped up very much while I was making this post.

Forehead diamond 1

Forehead diamond 2

I should also say that I may have been wrong about the second scalp mole that I posted. It seems to have subsided somewhat today, and subsidence is not an attribute that I can assign to fake mole implants, based on my experience.

Lately I've been considering that the wrongful predication of "the full investigation" cited by Durham means that the USA wrongfully kidnapped me and threw me into their slave hole, even according to the prescriptions of their own Satanic bullshit law, which is itself illegal under the law of the Lord. Yesterday, I recalled something which I may not have previously described, so I will describe it here.

One day, Jordan "Memphis" Wright showed up at Alliance. He inquired about smoking weed and we became fast friends. I had hardly been smoking when we met, but then I was very quickly back to smoking all the time, and I wonder if that may have been around the time my weed started getting poisoned with meth and other things. That seems like the kind of dirty thing the FBI would do saying, "Weed is illegal under our Satanic law, so it's fine for us to poison him when he smokes it." After I must have inquired one too many times about smoking his weed with him for free, I recall he made some rather unpleasant remark about having to be stern if you're a crack dealer and your crackhead customers can't pay. Overall, the feeling was kind of like he got me wanting to smoke weed with him all the time by inviting me to smoke weed with him all the time, and then he kind of turned into a weird asshole about it.

He told me his girlfriend Betsy used to be in a cult as if to imply that she used to be and was no longer, but I think he was relying on judaism to say that she used to be in one and was also still in one. I think it's quite likely he was and is in that same cult too. I think she is the journalist "Betsy Woodruff" now, where the Woodruff alias refers to Woodruff Park where my Occupy activities were focused around that time. He also told me that he used to traffic cocaine. However, neither of those things are the object of this post.

I met him around the time Anonymous was getting a lot of attention on the internet, and there was some story about hackers having access to something at Southern Company so they could mess up Georgia Power's electrical grid, or something like that. (I can't find any record of this on the internet now so I wonder if the story was real.) Shortly after that (very shortly), it was just some coincidence that Jordan had gotten hired at Southern Company (the parent company of Georgia Power) and had remote desktop access to their computer network, which he showed me from his home that he rented from Steve "The Atlanta Child Murderer" Collins back when I used to think Steve was ok. He didn't attempt any form of entrapment, but it seems like FBI bait, in hindsight.

One time we were getting high at my place, with my weed, almost certainly, and we were talking about OK Cupid where he would soon meet Betsy. I was telling him that the situation with the ladies was very difficult for me in general, and that the main thing I was looking for was a woman that would not reject me outright, and due to that I could not be too picky about certain other qualities. Within a few minutes, probably while I had Ok Cupid pulled up on my screen, I got a message from a very unattractive, morbidly obese, and sweaty looking ginger woman. We laughed and I told him there was no way I would respond to her, and I had to contradict my immediately preceding verbal statements to make that clarification. When he started working at Southern Company, the sweaty ginger was supposedly his boss, by some random coincidence. In hindsight, I think that message popped up like that because someone was listening to our conversation. It was also just some other "random coincidence" that he was at some bar on Cyprus street when I took a date from Ok Cupid there one time.

Jordan is also the likely source of the "grab 'em by the pussy" item in the "Trump" folder. Although I don't mind too much taking a woman to a bar as a neutral, get-to-know-you location, I really don't like going to bars to just hang out. Jordan was always wanting to do that, however, and I obliged him on a certain occasion. We went to some bar on Ponce, Bookhouse, and I was texting with a woman, Nicki, that I had contacted on OK Cupid. She agreed to come up to the bar, and I was delighted that she was pretty good looking. After we had been there for a while with Jordan, I was very forward to put my hand on her pussy and invite her to come home with me. She agreed and we had sex for a few days. Afterwards, meaning only to highlight the discrepancy between my success with Nicki and the results of my usual efforts, I remarked to Jordan, "All you have to do is grab them by the pussy," or something like that. When this was reported as something Trump said, it was taken far out of context and neglected such key details as Nicki having already shown us a picture of her fingering her dripping wet pussy.

Regarding what may be another serious escalation, I've been feeling some slight numbness on the outside of my right thumb, almost exactly like the numbness on the outside of my adjacent right index finger where I sliced it with a knife a while ago. When I was examining it, I noticed an anomalous slice wound at the base of the thumb, so I wonder if perhaps someone has surgically snipped another nerve branch in my hand. On the other hand, it could be how I was laying on it or maybe something with electrolytes due to my fasting. I will have to monitor that one. Hopefully it goes back to normal. After I cut my finger, I thought someone cut a nerve in my foot too, but in hindsight it seems like that didn't happen. So, hopefully this didn't happen either.

It looks like I got yet another mole implant on my head when I went to the store earlier. I am approximately 100% sure that I got a new RAPE DICK implant when I went out, and I felt the DUPI today for the first time in a long time, suggesting they stuck something several inches down my urethra while they were anally raping me. I probably got some new ZAPPERS in and around my asscrack, and on my butt cheek today too.

Given the way that I'm always saying the Wagner guy looks like Pope Frank (whose real name is Pope Jorge, agent of Satan) it seemed like another strange coincidence that Always Sunny this week (s16e04) was called "Frank vs Russia." At the beginning of the episode they referenced Mac's dance (pic) which was about my novel, and then a good part of the episode was about remote control anal beads, and signaling people that it's time to fuck by activating their anal beads. Since my most recent post about Black Snake Moan (and similar) was pretty recent, and since I'm posting about the ANAL ZAPPERS all the time, the title of this episode preceding the "coup" in Russia suggests something untoward or dishonest in the telling of the events in the news. I already thought it was weird that there was a "coup" in Russia on the day after the Russian police officer passed me on the driving test, hopefully facilitating my exit from the shit hole, and this adds to that feeling.

Although I picked one of a hundred grocery stores in Podolsk at random and found one about two miles away, it seemed like one of my most-hated rapists was coming out of the store as soon as I got there, which was about 10 minutes after I googled it since the taxi showed up quickly. When I came out, there were one-eye stalkers waiting for me on the side walk (at least one, actually), and it is no surprise that the water I bought in there was harshly poisoned. The sensation of the filthiness coursing through my system was immediately obvious after I took one sip. I noticed the remaining anal nodule disappeared when I checked in the shower earlier, and now it feels like the RD might have gotten worse again, despite the 50lb pack I was wearing during the few brief moments that I released the sigil of protection.

Putin Blasts Wagner 'Treason, Betrayal' As Clashes Erupt In Southern Russia

Strange timing on this.

Someone who's probably going to get tortured to death just banned me from 4chan for posting "personal information" when I did no such thing. All I did was post a non-specific image with an address in the top/bottom text. I did not refer the address to any specific person, and I believe I was wrongfully banned according the description of the ban that I just viewed. I hate injustice and those who love it. All I did was post an address, and I do not think posting non-specific addresses is forbidden.

Last night, I noticed that I have three red dots implanted on my left wrist making a perfect triangle now. The color is a lot more obvious in real life than shows up in this picture. The three points of the triangle match the three corners of a square implanted on my chest.

The good news is that I passed the driver's test today thanks to the helpful police officer who reminded me a little of Adam Green. Unfortunately, I spend so much money travelling last month, I don't really feel comfortable buying a car and setting out with my remaining cash. Also, unfortunately, although I think I'm supposed to be able to get the DL on the same day, the lady at the DL office refused to give it to me today and she told me to come back on another day. Since I have to wait until my money gets recharged on what I expect will be June 30, I may wait until then to go get it. When I have it as a non-US form of ID, I hope to set up a cryptocurrency channel for converting my dollars to rubles without having to travel to a non-sanctioned country to use the ATM.

The regular news (bad news) is that when I went to the DL office, there was some guy waiting outside to spit at me and give me the finger after one-eye stalking me. He suddenly disappeared, and then the burning sensation of pepper spray appeared all over the left side of my face exactly symmetrically with the pepper spray I mentioned last night. This symmetry confirms that my apartment was definitely not secured, so I taped it some more. I hopefully it is secured now. I bought a bunch of what I believe to be non-poisoned water, and if it can last until Friday, I will be content to stay in my cave until then. Near the guy that spat at me and gave me the finger, there was some other stalker with two robot children that I believe were one-eying me as well. My knee completely detached with a large crunching sound when I was getting into the third taxi to finally leave the DL office after the first taxi wouldn't come to where I was standing and the second taxi driver told me he wouldn't take me to apartment because he didn't like me. I got a high voltage (but not MEGA) URETHRA ZAPPER attack when I left the DL office and I'm not sure if that was new from today. The URETHRA ZAPPERS have been pretty low voltage until today.

Although I am glad that there appeared to be at least five friendly stalkers at the location of the driving test (four plus the police officer for whom I feel confident in declaring friendliness), there were a bunch of jews and one-eye stalkers there. When I was sitting in the sitting area of the parking lot where the test begins, I noticed that I had been simultaneously approached by someone wearing CIA-branded merchandise and another obvious jew using a Clownworld themed umbrella, and then my 9:00-area WRIGGLERS revved up. A little while later, some other guy came and got in front of me to declare THREE! in Russian, and that was simultaneous with my 3:00 MID WRIGGLER being activated. All the people indicated in the photos below should be tortured to death.

In addition to the URETHRA ZAPPER occurring at a voltage I have not felt in a while when I left the DL office parking lot, while making this post I am also getting a lot of UPPER DICK ZAPPER attacks in places I have not felt recently. These are places beyond what I thought was another new UDZ that I already mentioned this week. So, although I thought the heavy backpack full of water bottles I was wearing (~35L of water) would protect me from getting my brain turned off due to the requirement for active proprioceptive balancing, they may have gotten to my dick somewhere today. Certainly the pepper spray on my face suggest that I was at least somewhat wrong about the protective properties of the heavy backpack. The burning sensation on the left side of my face in front of the police station today (the DL office) so exactly mirrored the same on the right side of my face last night (exact symmetry: burning eyelid, burning lip, mildly beurning cheek), I do not think I might have been sprayed. Rather, I think someone carefully painted pepper spray onto my face in front of the police station. Since I didn't see anyone doing that while I was standing there, I conclude that my brain was turned off with the rape ray while I had my heavy bag on.

These ones kept blocking one of the eyes of the disgusting animal holding her coat. The red shirted one had a head evocative of Netanyahi, and I think the one in the brown jacket is one of the jews from Alliance.

This one in the blue was being the big Satanic helper gesturing with her hands while they were one-eyeing me so that my from my perspective she appeared to be pointing to the one eye I could see.

From the back, this one's head and ears looked just like Natanyaho. Whoever is controlling the screen on my computer made his likeness wink at me when I opened this image to preview it before posting.

This one one-eying me in the back hat was the one who declared THREE! as my 3:00 MID WRIGGLER was simultaneously activate.

Same guy.

Although I don't think really the blonde one here was Danny Donohue from Alliance (though it may have been), his likeness and demeanor suggested Danny very much. I think the other one shielding his eye for their Satanic one-eye operation was one of the jews from Alliance.

After a while, the people moved around somewhat and this other group started one-eying me from a distance. When they did, the one in the foreground on the left suddenly one-eyed me on her own using the pillar supporting the shelter in the left of the frame. One of the girls int he distance was using her hand gestures so that from my perspective, she appeared to be indicating the one eye that I could see.

I had some strange interactions with "Joybunny" when I started Helene posting in the /ng/ thread today, and then the thread got deleted, which is highly unusual.

I am glad to say that this thing went completely away. Although it did not look like a big bite at all, and although the other obvious bug bite did not go away yet, this this is completely gone already. This is somewhat weird and together with the sudden onset of RIGHT TESTICLE MEGA ZAPPER around 6:00am this morning, it makes me concerned that my apartment is not secured. Maybe I got injected with a non-permanent disfigurement agent or something. Whatever it was, it is most uncomfortable how this new, obviously red-coded implant in my RIGHT TESTICLE suddenly started this morning around 6:00am when I haven't been out of the apartment since Sunday or Monday.

Maybe two more other new ones on the right side of my face. A "mosquito bite" on my cheek (hard to see but discernable) and a mole under my eye.

It looks like I got another big one on my forehead, and there may be about 20 on my scalp if all of these little bumps are mole implants.

When I was in New York, I noticed two more red dots appear on the side of my scrotum to form a perfect square with two other red dots that had been there for a while. I think these marked the extra permanent TESTICULAR ELECTROSHOCK implants I got in New York after already getting such permanent implants in my testicles elsewhere. In the spring, I used nail clippers to cut the skin at the sites of the spots and I was able to squeeze out the little glob of red shit, or whatever was in there. After my self-surgery, the dots went away. Since then, however, I have gotten three of the same kind of dots on my chest. One of the dots is on the pinnacle of the jutting collar bone disfiguration which followed from the skeletal mutilator implant (as did the collapse of the arch on my right foot), and the other two mark the corners of a square with that one. I also have a red dot on the top of my head now which forms a straight line with the vertical side of the square on my chest when I am standing in a neutral posture. (I think the non-indicated red dot on my scalp is a scratch on a bug bite.) I also have these dots implanted on the palms of my hands, but those have been there for a long time.

Chest Dot 2

Chest Dot 3

Possible other cluster of scalp mole implants

Global network of sadistic monkey torture exposed by BBC

>"You are not going to get away with it."

Hunting the monkey torturers

>uploaded to YouTube purely for the entertainment of sadists abroad.

>"Mad Monkey Mayhem"

>"Abused multiple times a week since a baby. She has lived a TERRIBLE life,"

>It all brought Kapetanich to tears more than once. But the monkey haters loved it.

>"Ape's Chimps"; "Mr Ape's Alpha Chimps"; "The Secret Monkey Disciplinary Academy"

>Stacey Storey was a 46-year-old grandmother who worked at a gas station and lived with her son in a solitary trailer set back from the road in a rural part of Alabama. Her screen name was "Sadistic"

>She shared endless torture videos, as well as fantasies involving forced feeding

Monkey abuse is about hating me and wanting me to be tortured to death. When the USA sent its agent Patricia Vuittonet to me shortly after Helene defrauded me in 2007 by asking me to sign something to accept her power of attorney, she and I began fucking for about a year. During that time, Patricia called me Monkey and I called her Kitty. The baby monkey torture ring is her USA-sponsored project.

When Patricia "Pam" Vuittonet began her psychological operation, she contacted me with the name "Petasatus" on MySpace. Although I can easily recognize that as saying "Pedo Sadist" now, I did not get the reference then. I asked her what her name meant and why she had contacted me, and she lied to me on both counts to further the Satanic interests of the United States of America. Later, when Helene became the CIA Director using her 'Gina "Bloody Vagina" Haspel persona, I often thought that it seemed like Patricia was wearing the Vagina Haspel costume for press events and/or media appearances. Those people---Helene and her cunt squad that may call themselves the "natural born bitches"---are purely evil. They should be killed at least as horribly as the monkeys in the videos they sponsored. I will repay many times over, is the point I'm making, and their other crimes are much worse than the crimes against these monkeys. If I'm not mistaken, Patricia showed up among my stalkers with the current CIA Director Burns to electrocute my penis about 300 times at Curry Honda last year.

During the year we were fucking, she was constantly telling me that she could fuck me in the ass with her freind's strap on harness if I wanted, and I had to tell her about 100 times that I did not want that from her. She must have asked to tie me up a dozen times too and I always told her that I did not want that. One day, she told me that if I let her tie me up then she would shit in my mouth too, as if her shitting in my mouth might sweeten the deal enough for me to finally agree to let her tie me up. I thought it was weird at the time but it wasn't until much later that I was able to appreciate the non-innocent nature of some of the things she said. Several years later, my gangstalkers started YUP heckling me, and then she YUP texted me to identify herself as a member of the organization that I hate and whose members I want to see brutally defiled before they eventually fall into the second death at the end of some obscene period of misery and suffering.

The three M's in Mad Monkey Mayhem refer to me, obviously, and Mr Ape's Alpha Chimps must refer to the CIA alpha team whose membership are foremost among the people whose families I intend to retaliate against with suffering far in excess of that in these videos. (I intend to repay many times over; those who have sown the wind will reap whirlwind, etc.) The Secret Monkey Disciplinary Academy must refer to the same: those who think it's their job to torture me into being their submissive slave or else making the quality of my life as low as possible until I finally die one day. Patricia was also always telling me about her "friend" who had men for slaves, and onto whom she burned her initials with a branding iron. While we were together, I let myself think that was just some weird retard that she knew. Following that unambiguously malicious YUP text, however, I was able to connect the dots that Patricia herself was such a weird retard, and probably one far worse than her friend. It's quite likely the friend Patricia was always telling me about was really Helene. I think it is also likely that Patricia meeting me immediately after I accepted Helene's power of attorney was directly related to the fraud scam Helene had executed by asking me to accept it.

The filthiness of these videos testifies to the filthiness of the one who called herself "Pedo Sadist" when she attacked me on behalf of the USA. Other than that, I believe Helene and her friend call themselves Stacy and Chad in a certain sector of the Satanic networks they move in, and this Stacey character in the article seems too coincidental to be something other than a Helene reference.