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I thought these were bug bites but they have not gone away at all during the week I've been back in this hotel, so I may have gotten about 100 new mole implants on the top of my head during my recent road trip. And, actually, given the way these things are totally concentrated on the right side of the top of my head, I recall that just before I left in that car I (tried to) cut another red dot off of the right side of the top of my head. The scab from that still isn't totally healed, so I don't know if I got the little packet of red shit out from underneath my skin, but certainly these hundred bumps on my head appeared almost as soon after I (tried to) cut that red dot off as did a dozen other red dot implants after I cut the four primary ones off from the side of my scrotum.

Hunter Biden's plea deal is dead as the DOJ appoints a special counsel to oversee its investigation

>Judge Maryellen Noreika refused to accept the agreement last month after intense questioning of Weiss' team.

Hunter Biden pleads not guilty after plea deal is derailed

>Noreika, who was appointed by President Donald Trump, pressed both sides about the terms of the agreement struck with U.S. Attorney David Weiss of Delaware, another Trump appointee, whom President Joe Biden kept on to oversee the case. She expressed clear concern about how two separate deals, one regarding the unpaid taxes and the other about a gun possession charge, potentially intersected, as well as her purview over them.

She said that she did not believe that the judiciary would normally oversee such an agreement and that it was the responsibility of the executive branch to bring charges.

I think this means that the person who was trying to cut Hunter a sweetheart deal (Weiss) was appointed as the special counsel in the same matter immediately after the judge rejected the deal for being too sweet. She said the deal Weiss authored avoided charges that would normally be brought, and now the author of that deal is appointed to see if charges should be brought.

US-Iran Reach Prisoner Swap Deal, Tehran To Gain Access To $6BN In Oil Revenue

>The American have yet to be released

>They are currently said to be under guard at hotel in the Iranian capital.

>the prisoner exchange is expected to happen after the fund transfer

It's completely ridiculous how much worse this is than either the mole or the pit was.

FBI Official Involved In Trump-Russia Hoax To Plead Guilty To -- Conspiring With Russia

I wrote about this here.

The lighting in the bathroom at the laudromat tonight really surprised me with these giant puffy bubbles that got implanted under my eyes. The light is never really good in the bathrooms in Russia, and I guess I didn't fully appreciate that not only are these things fucking huge, but they are completely asymmetrically implanted on my face. As I recall, not long after I made a thousand posts saying I was going to kill everyone and their families because they made a pit on my face 20 times bigger than the mole was, some other jew came along and implanted these bubbles, asymmetrically, that are about 1000 times larger by volume than the pit was. Much like the nose amputators amputated pits next to all the moles on my face without removing the moles at all, these bubble implanters did not even inject the disfiguring fluid into the pit. Rather, now I just have giant puffy bubbles permanently between my eye and the pit on one side, and just below my eye on the other: exactly like all the nose amputations just "coincidentally" seemed to miss all the moles I have been complaining about by about 2-3mm.

Everything I have said about, "Why would you cut a pit into my face 20 times bigger than the mole was?," I can now rephrase as, "Why would you inject 1000 times more fluid into my face than was needed to fill in the pit?," but I think that would be missing the point about the jews fucking my face on purpose once the mole implanter gave them an excuse to do it. They knew my opinion was that I should not attempt to cure the problem with facial reconstruction surgery, but they attacked me with their rape surgery anyways.

Although the mole implanter was apparently pushing the limits of what he could get away with, it seems like these other people that fucked up my face 10,000 times worse than the mole implanter did haven't even been indicted as my facial mutilators. They fucked my face up 10,000 worse, so how are they able to get away with the mole mutilator was not if they are not in league the mole mutilator? If the mole mutilator-implanter thought he could have gotten away with doing this, he would have done it, so clearly he felt like he would not have gotten away with it. These other people that complemented his facial mutilation to make the problem not only 10,000 worse, but now also apparently irreparable since the jews thought they should rob me of the chance to pursue Moh's surgery if I should ever get out of Antarctica, have somehow been able to get away with fucking my face up scot free, all while adding vastly worse facial mutilations that Moh's surgery would not be able to fix under any circumstance, ever. AND!!! This all transpired while I was posting ten times a day, "Any attempt to fix this is almost certainly going to make it worse, in my opinion."

I have one more memory pertaining to Jed, Jenna, and someone pretending to be Dad that was not Evil Dad or Good Dad. This was after Evil Dad and Helene had signed the fraud affidavit (or Helene and an evil Dad-affiliated person.) The person in the memory I will describe was definitely not the person that came to my apartment pretending to be Dad (or being Dad) in the days before they filed their affidavit: the fraudster who broke his word in sworn testimony submitted to the court. Still, I have a related thing to recount before I get to the main point. During the visit in 2014, to advance the cause of their fraud in Dekalb County, Helene and her accomplice were badgering me about what I would do without any money. I supposed (quite reasonably) that I would become homeless if I ran out of money. (As I expected, this was exactly what happened, proving the well-foundedness of my supposition, and the clarity of my thinking.) The asshole with Helene bellowed, "Not my son!," which seemed at the time like he was saying that he would not permit his son (me) to become homeless. In hindsight, I think he was calling me a piece of shit and making a distinction between me (not "Dad's" son) and Dad's real son: the crackhead and deadbeat father Hunter Biden maybe, or maybe he meant Jed who they were gifting a no-effort career by nepotism, apparently so he could get paid to torment me after own pay was eventually stopped. So, note well: I am not "Dad's" son, and neither I am Helene's son. That's just a lie they tell. (And in 2018, a burglar in my home on Center Street roused me from sleep under hypnosis or hypnogogia to also declare that he was not my dad despite his outward appearance being remarkably Dad-like.)

Anyways, the memory is as follows. I was at "Dad's" house in Kathleen. This was toward the end of 2016, I think. "Dad" slapped down some picture of "Dad" and Jenna on the table in front of me and declared authoritatively, "We've got too much invested in that one." I don't know who meant by "we," but I'm definitely not in that group. I think he was referring to that race that I'm going to exterminate, which I have detailed elsewhere in my earlier post. Dad in this picture looked quite like Jed, and this is where I got the idea that the jews had tried to graft Jed into my life because they thought Jed would profit in some way from a relationship with me. Rather than profiting in the friendship I severed with intent to totally burn that bridge forever, purposefully and with deliberation, now he profits off the salary he collects to follow me around and torment me. Certainly, I have nothing invested in either Jed or Jenna, and I made deliberate efforts to excoriate both of them from my life. As the situation has evolved since that picture was slammed down in front of me, now I have the entirety of my eternal glory invested in killing both of them, their children, and the clan whose nepotism deploys them to torment me in the Emily Hancock operation and elsewhere over the many years since I decided that my life is better apart from them. I have nothing invested in their mutual wellbeing at all, but I am greatly invested in their demise and the demise of those who have "too much" invested in them. They are white trash from a white trash clan, and the overall body of whites (and humanity) will be much improved after I flush the ground up meat from the meat grinder down the toilet.

So, you see, it's not like I slowly drifted away from people like Jed and Jenna. It was that I decided I did not want them in my life or to see either of them ever again, and their current participations in unceasing psychological warfare operations against me shows that I was completely right in my estimations of them. The same goes for Evil Dad and Helene who I deliberately cut off and never wanted to see again. Although I would like to reconnect with Good Dad, since it was only about 5 seconds after I got back in touch with Evil Dad that he and Helene filed a fraud affidavit against me to have me thrown into the slave hole (which I may not have gotten out of yet), I was completely right that those people are toxic trash that I should stay away from.

During those five seconds before Evil Dad signed his name to Helene's lies and submitted them to the court as a sworn statement, he and I (or his Mini Me and I) had lunch on Hilton Head Island one day. Mocking my ignorance with his reference to the fake CIA career (or whatever) that had been gifted by nepotism (not meritoriously) to someone's son Jed, he asked me, "What's Jed up to?," very shortly before he had Jenna intercept me on a bicycle. His question was like when the slaves in Antarctica say, "How do you like Russia?," knowing fully well that we are not in Russia. They just get off on getting people to voice their ignorance. And, similarly, knowing full well that I did not want to see Jenna, he forced her onto me that day with interception maneuvers in those few moments before he filed that fraud affidavit against me. Almost ten years later, Jed and Jenna are still incessantly tormenting me with their psychological torture protocols and gangstalker operations. Beyond that, Jenna was complicit in the Emily Hancock operation years before I thought about getting back in touch with Good Dad, and she was complicit in the semen operation as well, so the number of death sentences rendered on Jenna is abnormally high.

While Jed and Jenna are the favorite children of that clan, I will kill all of the children in it: the favorites, such as Hunter Biden, apparently, and the non-favorites. I tried to cut them out of my life, as I did with Helene and Evil Dad, but I just can not get rid them. Like a recurrent cancer, their poison follows me everywhere I go. At least one asshole, the one from Hilton Head Island, probably loves both of them. I would have been content to never think about Jed or Jenna ever again, but now I hate them and I will not relent in my intention to kill them and to exterminate the clan that spawned them.

It was also on that trip to Hilton Head where the asshole had some interceptor approach me at a restaurant so they could mockingly call me an autist and compare my jiu jitsu practice to a retard going to a petting zoo. That race is doomed.

It seems like a large fraction of everyone I ever met in my life has been recruited as a fed to torment me now. After the clan of my enemies failed to graft their people such as Jenna and Jed onto me with the failed veil of their jewish deceptions, now they have them fully committed to make me hate them as much as possible. I might have simply never thought of them again had they not persisted, but no... they just can't stop fucking with me. They were fucking me when they tried to me like their people, and they're fucking with me now when they want to make me hate them: a lifelong endeavor, from my perspective.

Among all these people who torment me now, very many more than just Jed and Jenna, I am the only one who actually did any exceptional work deserving of meritorious recognitions (and blowjobs), but I am the only one who didn't have an entire career handed to them on a silver platter. Hunter Biden would be another example of this, and I am going to put that race into the meat grinder. It has rewarded all of its own children while denying me in every way, and I have profoundly negative feelings about that. Now they have dozens or hundreds of people, or thousand or tens of thousands of people (or more), whose jobs are to either follow me around and torment me, or to harvest and sell my semen. For their own children, they interceded to provide them with the fullest support at every turn when there was nothing remarkable about any of those people's qualities to begin with. For me, all I needed was to not have the whole USA interceding to fuck me in the ass at every moment of my life, and I would have succeeded on my impressive merits and outstanding qualities. Indeed, I would have succeeded many times over just being left alone without the nepotistic pampering they dole out to their own children. That race is going to get completely exterminated.

It seemed like one of my most-hated Rod Williams stalkers approached me dressed as a woman outside the grocery store today. While I am not so sure that was him, I do know that my most-hated Rod Williams stalker looks quite a bit like the Rod Williams stalker that approached me at the baggage carousel yesterday, just before it sounded like Jenna JON! heckled me and then Jed approached me with his bullshit too. After it seemed like the most-hated Rod Williams stalker approached me today, some little bitch made a very close approach in a shirt that said "Sinner," on it, and then it looked like they had Jenna intercept me near the pedestrian tunnel, oblivious to that fate that awaits her and her family, her colleagues, and their families.

I think it's quite likely that all the Rod Williams stalkers are in a clan together working to the same ends, and different ones have been assigned as the assistants of different parties among my enemies: the most-hated one working for Helene probably, and the other one from yesterday working for the betrayer. Obviously, I can't be sure that is the case, but I can be sure that I will ensure that anyone hedging bets on me (ironically in this case with diversification between the arch-nemesis and the betrayer) will lose everything. I will only accept those who bet on my fully with no hedging. If I find any clan that has assigned its people to work for and against me (or very against me and somewhat less against me than that, in this case), then I will destroy that entire clan and ensure that they are fully exterminated, as it is written.

On my 12 hours of notice to fly back to Moscow today (after I bought the same-day return ticket), the airplane and both airports were full of my stalkers, most of them ones that I will not give a pass on that. At the baggage claim area when I got back to Moscow, it sounded like they had that worthless piece of trash Jenna yell JON!, as they do every time I go anywhere, and then her sponsor CHAHed me too. They had some fucking asshole's son Jed come over and start tormenting me with his disguise bullshit, if I'm not mistaken, and the betrayer and his friend the deceiver were probably trying to stand next me in the baggage claim line too. It took me a minute to get aggravated with their presence, and it's like they were trying to deceive me into thinking that I don't want to kill both of them, along with everyone at Exide, or that hadn't broken faith me with me in the worst possible way long before the Satanic army chose them to be their trusted servants at Exide, pinning their entire scheme on their knowledge that the betrayer would certainly betray me. Those people want me to think that they serve two masters or something, but I do not believe a man can serve two masters. One or both of them is a jew too, and I'm not changing my mind about those ones. Neither will I change my mind about the person who yelled CHECK! up 15 floors from the street when I finished writing that last sentence about the juden. After I got my baggage, the guy at the kiosk sold me poisoned water with a demon rat scratched into the bottle, no one cut his head off on the spot, and then this hotel put me back into the room with the rape hatch after putting me in the room without a rape hatch last time. The nice lady that has been sitting at the desk was gone today, and they had some hideously deformed animal sitting at the supervisor's position when I checked in. I think that's probably why one-eye hotel downgraded me back to the room with the rape hatch after giving me a room without a rape hatch last week.

Anyways, they have that worthless piece of white trash shit Jenna yell JON! behind me every time I go anywhere, but that seemed different today that those two from Exide were trying to stand next to me like they weren't Satan's MVPs.

All driving across "Russia" did was to get all the WRIGGLERS in and around my asshole replaced, and it made the viruses on my computer get worse too. That was a big disappointment overall, and someone was really going to the extent of some large efforts to bullshit me about that for some reason. Maybe the big state secret that all of Russia is replicated somewhere just got revealed, but that's not my intuition. I felt like it was expressed to me with certainty that I could definitely get out by driving to the east from Moscow, and that was not the case. If there was an open question about whether or not all of Russia was replicated or only part of it, that would not be readily consistent with the certainty I interpreted from the cryptic symbolism in my dreams and various pictures of frogs on the internet.

The two MEGA WRIGGLERS and ZAPPERS that suddenly appeared when I got to the so-called Russian jewish oblast suggested that the entire breadth of Russia is faked somewhere. The demon rats and LRAD noises that started at the same time suggested the same. This also explain why my rapist Helene was so willing to cough up $18k for me to buy a Russian car: a bullet which I am glad to have avoided.

They clearly have a fake Khabarovsk, and the only town left after this one is Vladivostok: the major tourist spot on the coast, which is definitely faked somewhere. Of course, I will still go and see for myself, and I may try some side routes on my way back to Moscow during the remaining three weeks that I have this car, but I think my attempts to drive to freedom in "Russia" will prove to be as futile as were my similar attempts in "the USA."

Unfortunately, someone was inserting some Dad-affiliated character into my fictitious interactors to suggest that this would definitely result in success, and I think that is ***HIGHLY*** likely to be a complete load of bullshit. Most likely, the jews got me trust one of their AI personae or something. Maybe I will try Australia next, or Africa. Maybe Russia will work out before I get to the coast tomorrow, or some little side route I might find, but my reasonable expectation is that there is a 0% chance that they didn't fake a few hundred kilometers around the tourist area after they just faked 9,000km or remote uninhabited bullshit in Siberia.

The sudden mocker-interactor following my post in the previous thread suggests the same. Usually I get ignored but today someone made the effort to mock me when I posted, immediately after the new WRIGGLERS started at the border of the Kike County, Russia.

I was planning on stopping about 1,000km from Vladivostok tonight, but I noticed that I have just entered the so-called jewish autonomous oblast, and obviously that doesn't seem like a good place to stop. So, I have about 300km more to go before I get to Khabarovsk which is where I'll probably stop around midnight.

My attention was called to an interesting number today: one I did not place intentionally.

This was the only part of the schematic that I didn't really understand. (I refer to the schematic that the second young girl put in the elevator during an interception maneuver and MEGA WRIGGLER attack a day or so after some other young girl made a mockery of me getting anally raped in the Lenta. The elevator interception and sexual torture attack was just minutes before the formerly nice woman in the Krasny Yar SATAN heckled me. (The elevator interceptor also put a black hair band on the floor in the elevator next to the schematic.)) I think the word next to the cross-like object means, "At home." However, I wasn't sure if this object was supposed to be an airplane or a set of crucifixion spikes, or who-knows-what. Helene's mini-me Madonna had some song about how much she loves torture recently and she was gloating that her torture victims end up feeling like they are at home when they're with her, and that was the only reference I could get. Let's make clarifications.

"I've Never Seen Anything Like This" - Mysterious Chinese Bio-Lab Discovered In Remote California City

Non-Human 'Biologics' Recovered From UFOs, Whistleblower Testifies

When Scully used to find weird, illegal labs in industrial warehouses, they were always full of human-alien hybrid babies growing in vats of goo. It seems like outside of the world of fiction, millionaire biotech execs aren't going use the illegal, off-the-books lab for run-of-the-mill mouse stuff like one of the articles above suggests.

I should get to around Krasnoyarsk again tomorrow. Maybe I'll reach the end on Wednesday.

One day, it will be the last day that gold ever sees a price below $2k.

You see, with the way that this puffy bubble suddenly terminates at the upper edge of the pit, I am quite certain that it was not there when they put the pit in my face with their rape surgery after I made about ten posts stating my opinion that any attempt to fix the mole implant was just going to make it worse. I think after they installed the pit with rape surgery, they installed these bubbles above the pit area so as to call attention to the pit, injecting fluid under my eyes basically everywhere except into the pit, which is still plainly obvious to see in this picture. So, then, I wonder how many botched rape surgeries that was in a row? And, I wonder if there was even one non-botched rape surgery in there at all? Maybe it was just "bad luck" 100% of the time that I was always that one-in-however-many people whose surgeon botched the rape surgery. You can add all these botched rape surgeries on to the list of the other medical malpractice I listed recently. It was just bad luck that all the rape surgeries were botched, just bad luck that my filling got fucked up after the dentists drilled my tooth, just bad luck the ER doctor didn't check for severed nerves in my hand, just bad luck that the X-ray technicians lied about what my foot looked like before the arch collapsed, etc, etc, etc. That sure is a lot of "bad luck."

I am pretty sure that these permanent, giant, swollen, puffy bags under each of my eyes were put there deliberately with rape surgery. The lighting in this photo shows them pretty well. They showed up like this a few months ago, if I'm not mistaken, and they have remained exactly as they appeared without subsiding at all ever since then.

Compare to these others from before they cut this pit into my face, and then said that their botched rape surgery was fine so that their friends could amputate parts of my nose and forehead, and implant another 20 moles on my face with the same impunity that they afforded to their bungling, untalented rape surgeon.

April: Before the rape pit 1

April: Before the rape pit 2

May: After the rape pit 1

May: After the rape pit 2

My knee is extremely fucked up. I don't know if those people on the bus in Omsk fucked my knee up with unwanted arthroscopic rape surgery or not. Before I got on that bus, I had gone to great lengths to clarify where I should stage my shit to wait for it, meaning that I clarified where the bus would arrive, and where I should stage my cumbersome baggage ahead of time. However, the person on the phone lied to me or deceived me about that location, despite my excessive desire to know where I should safely put my stuff ahead of time. When the station agent told me to hurriedly follow her a quarter mile with my shit in the 5 minutes before the bus was scheduled to leave, rather than the 50m to the place where I had been repeatedly assured it would arrive, I may have banged into my knees with baggage that I was hastily transporting, and that may have caused the injury. Whether they fucked my knee up with rape surgery, or whether they lied to me about where I should stage my heavy luggage, my knee got fucked up that day and it has not gotten any better at all. Since it hasn't started healing, it's obviously never going to start. I am pretty sure it is worse now than it was.

Much like the time the doctor sliced my asshole with a scalpel to lie about finding thromboses in my anus, and much like the kike dentist that fucked my tooth up when I needed to get a new filling, it is obviously 100% unreasonable that I might expect any doctor I could find around here to help me rather than harm me. I have never gotten any good medical help in Antarctica at all. For instance, I went to the clinic in Savannah complaining about the implants in my asshole, and the "doctor" started fingering my asshole sexually and said, "Oooh! Like that?!," making a mockery of the whole situation and refusing to do the palpations required for detecting the implants. When I sliced my finger in Long Island, the doctor just stitched it up with making any effort to reconnect the nerves, or even to see if there was any nerve damage that might need to get repaired. When I went to get X-rays due to the extreme pain in my foot associated with the skeletal mutilator implant (long before the arch on that foot collapsed) the medical staff at the clinic (which included a Helene impersonator) the staff at that clinic all lied and gave me fake X-rays, and they told me my foot was fine. Then the arch on my foot collapsed. When my filling came out, the dentist just fucked it worse and now the hole drilled in my tooth is probably five or ten as big as it was, and now I have an unending mouth full of TOOTH PAIN INFLCITORS. Now I have this problem with my knee too, and it is a first rate catastrophe.

This is a big problem because I have a catastrophic injury that requires immediate medical care, and my rapists like Helene would just laugh when a doctor "accidentally" amputated my leg in a botched surgery. For Helene, this would mirror the absurd ecstasy she felt when the doctor sliced my asshole with absolutely no intention to help me or to conform any protocols of the Hippocratic oath. So, this is really a big problem, in my opinion, and it is much worse than my usual problems.

I can still walk on it for the time being, but even looking over my shoulder while I'm walking rips my knee out of place and starts the pain again. I am a world-class expert in severe knee injuries, and this is going to get worse if it doesn't get fixed. It is profoundly stupid to let this go untreated, and one of the only things I can think of that might be stupid would be to trust an Antarctican doctor not engage in deliberate malpractice. There is absolutely no fucking way that I could ever ask a doctor down here in good faith to help me. There is no way I might have a reasonable expectation that he's not going to use my signature on his consent form to laugh about how it was just bad luck that I turned into that same 1-in-10,000 case where the leg had to get amputated like I was the 1-in-10,000 fillings that that dentist fucked up, etc. As it was when I sliced the nerve in my hand, and I needed emergency surgery to have to nerves reconnected, everyone's just going to laugh and tell me to fuck myself while they electrocute my testicles and crank the RAPE DICK up. The issue that concerns me is that those other situations were not degenerative but this problem with my knee is 100% definitely degenerative.

The RAPE DICK, the TESTICULAR ELECTROSHOCK, and the BANGING all got turned way up while I was making this post, as did the LRAD.

The Fulton County Case Against Trump May Be the Most Serious---and Imminent

Fulton County, Georgia is where Exide defrauded with me with their fraud contract.

If I'm not mistaken, they've re-re-re-reimplanted the moles under both of my eyes, actually, and not just the one where the giant pit remains following the previous botched rape surgery. The linked picture makes it pretty easy to see the bubbles I mentioned earlier. At the time, I think someone said they were injecting something to fill in the pit. I don't know if that's true, but the pit didn't get filled in, and, once these bubbles appeared, they never went away. I'm approximately 100% certain that these areas weren't permanently puffy and bloated before the rape surgery that left this giant pit under my eye, and which caused the ability of basically anyone who wants to to implant moles on my face consequence-free now (in the interest of removing that other mole, unironically.) However, these bloated areas are are definitely permanent now. They've been there unchanging for several months. They appeared in the state they are in now, and they remain as they were on the first day that i noticed them.

And since the last picture's lighting did not make it obvious that the pit itself has never healed, the one whose author's impunity required that literally anyone should be able to implant moles on my face or amputate large portions of the flesh to leave pits like this one from under my eye, I am posting the pit again. You can see the same shape there, easily, as a giant sunken depression 20 times bigger than the mole was. And, if I'm not mistaken, there's a giant, permanent bubble just above the pit that did used to be there, but which suddenly appeared not long after the pit appeared, and which has never subsided, and which actually appeared under each eye not long after the moles and pits appeared under each eye. It's hard to get the bubble in the lighting, but it's like they injected a glop of silicone under each of my eyes, like a pair of small fake tits.

This looks to me like they have re-re-re-reimplanted the mole under my left eye, along with replacing all of the WRIGGLERS that had been removed from in and around my asshole. The DICK PAIN INFLICTOR is suddenly very bad again, and they probably re-upped that too.

It seems like they've been info dumping me on Always Sunny again lately, especially with the Carmen San Diego appearance. I've been getting the vibe that that was the alias Helene used when she ran away to California and committed the murders that got blamed on Charles Manson: the ones where they wrote "Helene killed her" on the wall in blood, and then the cops changed it to "Helter Skelter" before they started arresting me for shoplifting food. That song about "Risky's" in Always Sunny's most recent episode must refer to Risky Business Restaurant and Bar next to Maynard's Mark Sublette Gallery in the shopping center at Kolb and Sunrise in Helene's neighborhood. I bet if you look at the license plates of the people that went into that parking lot lately, you will find a lot more people interested in killing me than you would usually find, and the usual amount would probably still be weirdly high since I think killing me is the main purpose of Maynard's Mark Sublette gallery. It seemed like Mac from Always Sunny showed up in my IRL stalkers not too long ago, and I recall that he was a security guard on Lost long before I had ever heard of Always Sunny. I wonder if perhaps that actor is much less cool than his likeable character might suggest. I think it was the asshole at Alliance that said Danny Devito was his cousin too. I'm pretty sure that was the asshole, but I can't be sure. I am pretty sure, however.

I got these dubs over here, and a neck ID.

Since I made the previous post about the apparently permanent damage associated with the amputation of the tip of my nose, someone implanted yet another mole squarely in the middle of the pit. Some woman who's probably not smart enough to realize that she should kill herself got in the elevator with me with a black hair band on the ground, and a picture of an eye looking into an asshole. Soon after, the woman who has been pretty cool at the grocery store finally SATAN heckled me while I was getting my coffee. The woman intercepted me in the elevator when I came back from getting lunch, and although the woman at the store had been pretty cool up until now, she Satan heckled immediately when I went back for coffee. So, reminder about the woman from the elevator, and the woman who was trying to poison my coffee while I was waiting for the machine in the store to make it, as well as all of the rest of witches in that coven, and all of those witches' children and husbands. Also, if it wasn't the woman who got into the elevator with me, then reminder about whoever drew the drawing, whoever put the drawing in the elevator, and whoever put the hairband in the elevator.

It's still pretty easy to see the pit from the other, smaller amputation rape surgery attack on the tip of my nose too. I tried to get a pic showing the new, second, elongated, linear mole pointing the lower of the two moles implanted on this side of my nose since I got to Krasnoyarsk, but the lighting isn't making it show up in the pics. It's easy to see when I look in the mirror, however.

I noticed yet another mole implant on my nose today, this one making an elongated line pointing to one of the other ones I posted recently, and also having a mark where someone sliced my nose with a razor or something making a parallel line pointing to the same mole. When I was trying to take the picture, I got this one (above) which clearly shows that one of the two massive amputation attacks on the tip of my nose (aside from the ones on the bridge of the nose and my forehead which I have documented elsewhere) has also never done anything remotely like healing. It is as bad now as the day when the amputation happened. Permanent facial disfigurement here after the people who didn't the kill the man who put the skeletal mutilator implant in my foot and then found that anyone should be able to cut massive, disgusting pits into my face that will never heal because otherwise they would have had to hold themselves accountable for attacking me with their repeatedly botched rape surgeries. So, although they have absolved themselves of guilt and not held themselves accountable, I will hold them accountable, and their families as well. This picture also shows the red dot that got tattooed onto the protruding, disfigured, asymmetrical collar bone which became dislocated as the main profits of the skeletal mutilator implant operation before that operation cause the collapse of the arch of that foot. This is one of about 10 such new red dots after I cut the four that were tattooed on the scrotum off earlier this spring. (People in the adjacent apartment are proudly making gangstalker noises as I describe these problems.)

Endgame: US Federal Debt Interest Payments About To Hit $1 Trillion

>(one wonders what financial crisis the Jekyll Island folks will invoke this time to greenlight the next multi-trillion QE).

Indeed, one does wonder what crisis will be invoked next time. Whatever it is, it is obvious that WW3 is the crisis reserved for when there are no more QE cans to kick down the road.