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Back in 2013, the CIA was going to get Eric Weinstein to steal my theory under the name Geometric Unity. However, the developing Geometric Unity story was interrupted by the Snowden story, and it never came back. Weinstein got a new job working for gay Freddy Krueger P2 PayPal guy Peter Thiel, and now he's a CIA internet shill. I infer that Snowden leaked not only the public information about data collection, but also information about the CIA's conspiracies against me. (I believe the pseudonym Snowden references the title of my mother: the Countess of Snowdon.) The Obama unmasking scandal was about revealing Snowden's real identity so they could do Daisy's destruction to his daughter, which they did. Among the three torturers in that video, Helene was The Woodman (the woman), Joseph George Tooker was The Solipsist (or someone named Tooker if I have the first names wrong), and Carlos "The Jackal" Cavalcanti was Jacob666.

Kyle Odom shooting that preacher in the head six times with a .45 at point blank range was an allusion to the way Helene and her CIA accomplices survived the exposure of their wrongdoing by Snowden because they USA itself is evil and 100% committed to the course of evil charted by its senior officers. There is a popular image were Apu is punching the demiurge, and it shows him doing 1HP damage to the demiurge's 100000HP with a POW! attack, and that is the same thing. I think the March 7, 2016 date of the Odom shooting may align exactly with the event in which I arrived behind the 191 truck from Joey and Steve's food delivery business, which I believe led the rescue of the man called "The Nobody" now, probably due to so much of his flesh and bone having been cut away.

After the above, Daisy's destruction made Helene's career. She became the CIA Director on February 2, 2017, and her first official act was to mutilate another faithful man's daughter in the video now called Frazzled Rip. Helene and her friends are not my people or my supporters, but they are the chiefs of those who make war on my people and my supporters, and the CIA is the name of their organization. With Daisy's destruction and Frazzled Rip on her resume, not to mention her successful 2007 and 2016 fraud operations against me, the CIA made her their Director, and she remained in that position until her accomplice from Daisy's Destruction, The Solipsist, was elected as the commander-in-chief of the whole USA in his Biden mask. In the interim there somewhere, they changed the CIA logo to the celebration of Daisy's destruction pictured above. This was their retaliation when Snowden undermined their plan to ruin my life worse than they already had by getting me expelled from college, and doing who-knows-what other things of which I am not yet aware, along with things that I am aware of already. They were going to say some jew was the real author of my research, but they had to stop that, and Daisy's destruction was their response. The proposition that I joined the people ruining my life and making what I hear is the worst torture video ever made in response to the actions of the only man willing to stand up for me, and other similar things, is insane. If Burns isn't one of them, then Burns only got hired to make it look like the CIA is something other than what it really is.

I have been intercepted by two Harvey Weisntein-looking interceptors in the last two days. (I was also intercepted by a Tom Cruise interceptor on my walk yesterday with a giant cleft carved into his disguise nose seeming to mock this latest round of facial mutilation rape surgery that I have been subjected to via a collaboration of the jews and the USA.) One of the Harvey Weinstein interceptors was waiting in front of the grocery store where I bought my coffee, and this, "I fuck you, J," ID suggests that they did poison my coffee. It didn't taste fresh, but now this tingling in my mouth suggests that I may have gotten mega-dosed with meth. I've been drinking one cup of coffee per day, and the one I drank today is the same one I've been drinking. However, I bet it will be almost impossible for me to go to sleep tonight because the joint representative of the USA and the the jews poisoned my coffee. There was some Robert Garrett-themed lard ass working at the Starbucks in the store who I had not seen before, and I was wondering if his face was just stupid looking, or if he was kind of giving me stink eye. I suspect now that it was the latter, and this very strong tingling in my mouth suggests some powerful poison. Meth is my guess.

The other day I made a post, here or on 4chan, saying something like, "Everyone who said I'm a CIA agent is going to get killed, bar none." I thought about changing it at the time to "everyone who says" rather than "everyone who said," but then I did not do it. However, I think my post was inaccurate as it was posted. It should have said, "Everyone who said I am or was a CIA agent or similar is going to get killed, except for maybe a few," or, "Everyone who says I am or was a CIA agent or similar is going to get killed, bar none." I don't know what kind of crazy insanity someone would have to have in their mind to think the kingdom of God is going to get built on a foundation of lies, but the real object of my current anger is everyone who says now that I am or was a CIA agent/employee/helper/etc. When they have been posting "the nobody is a cat" very much lately on /ng/, I thought that was reference to a homosexual. However, perhaps this is the context of those people I hate that are constantly posting cat's noses too close to a camera. Cat almost spells CIA, so I may have misunderstood. Whatever it is, everyone who suggest that I am now or ever was a CIA agent/worker/etc is going to get killed, bar none. That's all bullshit.

To the extent that Snowden said the KGB asked him if he wanted to become a KGB asset before he declined the offer, I think becoming an asset must also require consent, in which case I was never a CIA asset either. I don't doubt, however, that the predicate of Helene's 2007 mortgage contract fraud was to begin fucking me to death by establishing me fraudulently as a CIA asset before she and her friends tried to move forward with the full murder conspiracy in 2016 via Exide's employment contract fraud that would have established me as a CIA agent/employee/helper/etc. I was never anything like that. Helene started raping me in the 1980s, probably already raping me for the CIA back then. It was all just the build up to the failed murder conspiracy when they promoted her to CIA Deputy Director on the day Exide cut off my pay in February 2017 after I terminated my employment in January. I understand she remained in that position until my 38th birthday when she was promoted from Deputy Director to Director. As the lifelong waver of the flag of my rapists, it is no coincidence that she was promoted to rapist-in-chief on my birthday.

Although Helene certainly has people convinced that she was involved in Exide's fraud conspiracy to ensure that they did not murder me, I remind about what she said when Joey, Steve, and their friends tricked me into walking into "the backroom" under the guise of moving some furniture. (This is actually the front room in the Collins Cold Storage Warehouse on Southside Industrial Pkwy near the Atlanta airport.) They were trying to pull the trap door on my to drop me into the backrooms maze, and when they were getting the figurative sign-offs, my rapist Helene said, "If he dies, he dies," because she not only didn't give shit if they murdered me or not, but she broke character in her greediness to finally see me dead. Then, later, after the hiring manager at Exide had defrauded me wearing a disguise that was like Steve's face on a body about a foot too short, they moved desk in December 2016 from the building registered as Exide in Google maps to a building tha Google said was actually the Milton, GA police department HQ. (I believe Milton was at that time the newest city in Georgia, and it may still be.) The hiring manager who was also my office manager when I started working, Rodney Williams (not to be confused with Helene's alias Rodelene Williams where both of them were called "Rod Williams"), had been making several forced remarks about how they had "white rooms" in the building that we were moving to, but I never saw any rooms over there that seemed like they could be called white. There was only one door over there that I could not open, and it was the one right across from Rod's new office. When I asked him about it, he laughed and said, "Haha, no. You can't open that door." I think that was actually a "red room," a torture chamber, and it was what Rod had been gloating about deceptively with his several forced mentions of "white rooms" in the new office.

So, once again they moved me to the entrance to certain death (or worse), and any suggestion that Helene wouldn't have said, "Go ahead and kill that piece of shit," again like she did when they tried the same thing around 2012 is preposterous. They were all trying to murder me, even if some of my rapists' loyal henchman weren't active in the murder conspiracy.

I am 99% sure the rapists are still making art on my toilet here. Although it's 100% obvious that the CIA has to lie to say I am or was one of them because they are an agency of my mortal enemies, I made some posts about that tonight in the way that I often point out the obvious. As soon as I started posting, the LEFT TESTICLE CRUSHER suddenly got 100x worse, as bad as it's been in a year or more. When I posted about that, I suddenly felt like I had pepper spray rubbed on my face, and then it felt like the RD got much worse too. I got up to inspect the bathroom where I was expecting to see a new round of pubic hair art on or near the toilet, but instead the parties that I must assume are the CIA rapists had decorated my toilet with two obvious flecks of black shit that I am almost absolutely certain were not there the last time I was in the bathroom. I think it's the CIA who makes the pubic hair art, and this current round of toilet art is more CIA psychological rape in response to my truth telling. They lie to say I was one of them because they are my mortal enemies. Why would they expose themselves to such risk with an easily disproven lie if my avoidance of the demise they had planned for me is not the worst of all possible outcomes for them? When the betrayed says he betrayed me for my enemies' security, was the security of his friends in the CIA whose security was (and is) synonymous with my murder?

To the extent that "obvious" things are the point of this post, the last CIA Director before Burns was the child molester that started anally raping me in the 1980s, and if it's not the CIA anally raping me tonight (and for the last several years) in a continuation of about 35 years of mostly uninterrupted anal rape and sexual and psychological torture, then I would be rather surprised. They chose my anal rapist as their leader because slowly raping me to death is the best they can do to implement their policy initiatives now that it is so clearly settled that they are not strong enough to murder me outright.

Are child molesters the most hated people in prison? I hear the answer is yes. To the contrary, they are the favored darlings in the CIA. That's why they picked my lifelong rapist as their leader.

F-35 Stealth Fighter Goes Missing Near North Charleston After Pilot Ejects

It seems like this is about me deciding to "eject" from the child molesters' jew hotel this afternoon after some increasingly severe escalations and bad omen memes posted on 4chan. I hope they find the two people that got into the white car with VA license plate TPY-6511, and that they begin to torture them to death if I have correctly assessed their complicity. The same thing goes for the driver of the "in ass" truck.

The new room seems much better though I think I've already gotten raped in this hotel at least once. They used the new ZAPPER in the arch of my left foot on me about five times on my last walk to get stuff from my car, and the TAPPING is neither very high nor very low so far. There is no demon rat art on the walls in my room, and the face in the single piece of orange-colored art is not gross or malicious, in my perception. I haven't found any weird hairs in the bathroom, but I think I did already find evidence of burglary when I took two spoons which belonged to me from the hotel in Moscow, and I found them decorated with hair after a trip to my car. Someone is probably suggesting that I wrongfully took those spoons, but I would suppose that anyone who says I didn't own those spoons to begin with works for a jewish someone who wants people to think that my enemies own them. The true fact is, however, that I own the whole world and everything and everyone in it, but the jews want people to think that they are the real owners. Briefly, it doesn't matter how many times the money changes hands after bank robbers rob a bank: that is still the bank's money. Stealing it doesn't change the ownership. Once they start saying I don't own the whole world and everything and everyone in it, the implication is that I am not the Lord, but I am the Lord, and it all belongs to me.

For example, it's a well-known fact that under the law of the UK, the king of the UK owns all the land and property in the British commonwealth. They have modeled my cousin Charles' framework for legal ownership on my own property rights which are not restricted to the British commonwealth: I own the whole world and everything and everyone in it, and provincial jurisdictions such as the UK are wrong when they say that my cousin Charles has superior property rights exceeding my own. Similarly, the Antarcticans are wrong when they say some clone rancher hotel guy in fake Moscow has property rights that exceed my own absolute dominion over all of creation: I own the whole world, and everything and everyone in it.

Earlier I was remarking on a typical Catch 22 situation to which I am frequently subjected. If I bring food to my hotel room, they will poison it. There is usually at most only one store where I can safely buy non-poisoned food (if that), and if I start going there three times a day, they will usually start poisoning me to get me to stop going there so much. I commented on that earlier in the day when I arrived at the Harris Teeter where they have not been poisoning me. I said something like, "We don't take kindly. Get out of here!," referring to the inevitable situation where the store starts poisoning my food when I start going there more than they'd like, with buying a day's worth of food at once excluded because it will get poisoned in storage. After I went there a second time today to buy lunch after buying breakfast earlier, the "co-manager" of the store started fluttering around me where I was eating at the bar area that they have set up for people to eat on. My RAPE DICK revved up when he got near me, and then some shrill bitch cackled, "THERE HE IS! GET OUT OF HERE!," basically repeating my own words back to me. I noticed that I became **extremely** sleepy after eating not a very large meal in there, and this ID I got in response to my interrogative suggests that they did, indeed, start poisoning me at the Harris Teeter today. JA means YES, and YUP means YES, and Z refers to them putting sleeping pills into my food. On the other hand, I am only noticing the taste of medicine in my mouth now, and I might have gotten poisoned in the hotel after I ate as these jews intended to sabotage the time I had intended to spend studying. The way the co-manager said, "Ok," when he was near me made it seem like he said they weren't going to start poisoning me, but I think I definitely did get poisoned with sleeping pills today. I think I also got poisoned with estrogen last night because my urine stream is extremely restricted once again today.

Reminder to brutally defile the families of everyone involved in poisoning me, whether it was in the store or in the hotel after I came back, and to send the culprits themselves to burn in hell forever. I will check to see if they're going to start poison my food or if they were simply punishing me for eating in their eating area, but it seems like that store is burnt now too, meaning 100% of the grocery stores around here will be poisoning me. That's how it was when I was in "hell" in Atlanta, and it is obnoxious when people suggest this place where I get poisoned at every store I go to is in some way neutral and/or purgatory-like.

Although I'm not sure when this truck parked literally dead center in the field of my vision, I noticed it immediately after this new ULTRA RAPE DICK implant in my asshole got revved up. The writing on the side says "NASS" meaning "in ass," if I'm not mistaken. The current RAPE DICK is the most powerful one I have had in a very long time, and it is not simply a pressure RAPE DICK implant, but rather it is an electrified pressure of the sort I was often getting while staying at the "Long Island Marriott." I had supposed previously that those other RAPE DICK implants were so much worse than the usual ones because they were the Israeli RAPE DICK implants rather than the USA ones, and now I have one in my asshole immediately again after I checked into this hotel where the MOSSAD! hecklers were waiting for me in the lobby. They probably anally raped me when they put this mark on my forehead earlier, and this is certainly the worst RAPE DICK implant I've gotten in more than a year.

As I was making this post, some man with a long white beard walked into my field of vision and pointed his thumb toward his ass with a scratching motion before getting into this other car which is also parked near the center of my field of vision. His car and the truck are immediately visible to the left and right of where I have my computer set up, and I think the USA has just let these kikes rape me, just like they let everyone who wants to after they established the precedent that anally raping my is fine with the impunity they afforded to my rapist Helene when she started raping me in the 1980s. (The ass-pointing beard man did his pantomime RAPE DICK theater act in the thin strip of window to the left of my computer.) Since the man in the white car left the hotel with his accomplice (a very jewish-looking tranny) as soon as the RAPE DICK got activated, it is also possible or likely that they just came here now to give me this new RAPE DICK implant, and it did not happen earlier when they used the RAPE RAY to make their mark on my forehead.

Indeed, since the RD just got very much worse yet again when I suggested that it had happened just now, I think it is likely that they did it just a moment ago before it revved up, meaning they would have come into my room to do it since I have not left in an hour or more.

When I came back from the store earlier, I gave a brief rant regarding the nature of the so-called jews in my hotel's parking lot. When I got up to my room after walking through the lobby where they seem to have Child Molester Bear on display, and where the MOSSAD! hecklers had been waiting for me when I checked in yesterday afternoon, I noticed this giant red mark on my forehead. (The photo does not show the full vibrancy of the redness of the injury, unfortunately, but only shows that this mark on my forehead is there.) I did not notice it when I woke up, but I had not checked closely before leaving to get breakfast and coffee. However, since the mark had disappeared five minutes after I noticed it when I got out of the shower, I think the so-called jews in this hotel attacked me on the way to my room after my rant, and they left this giant red mark as the evidence of their crimes.

They're still doing the pubic hair art here. I checked the floor near the toilet and in the shower when I checked in, and it was pretty clean. When I just went in to use the bathroom, it was covered in various plack hairs near the toilet and covering the floor in the shower. The hard kink near the hair above mimics the knot tied into the hair I posted last night, and the shower is totally covered in someone's pubic hair and another long twisted black hair where the twisting is the signature of my rapists leaving their filthiness. (The twisting is at the lower end in the picture where the hair has been doubled over and bound to itself with twisting.) The picture above doesn't show the hard kink ironed into the hair as well as I would have liked. The angle when I set it on the counter was not the best one for showing the hard, unnatural kink. Also, reminder about the "it's not my fault" hecklers in the hall when I left earlier.

This folio receipt I got when I checked out of the Holiday Inn on Friday shows that "Cyndy" was also lying when he said all the keys that had been used to go into my room were in my name. In fact, none of them were in my name. They were all in Helene's name. Since I made this reservation in my name through Expedia, it would have been impossible for the name on the reservation to get changed without my authorization, and I never authorized that. Somehow, I believe they deleted my reservation and created another with Helene's name on it, and then when I tried to check in with my Expedia reservation, they defrauded me and checked me in on the reservation that my rapist Helene had made.

They must have already installed a rape hatch in the bathroom here because I woke up with a familiar gash on my forehead despite having the front door secured with tape. Maybe they have a tool for re-securing the tape now, but my suspicion is that the pubic hair art in the bathroom meant that they already installed a rape hatch in the bathroom. There was very loud BANGING on the wall shared with the adjacent room where the entrance to the rape hatch would be when I typed the above regarding what I perceive to be evidence of a rape hatch: a bloody gash on my forehead when I woke up, one I have seen 100 times before when burglars harm me while I am sleeping me.

They put a lot more hair in the hall this morning, and they put a cracked nutshell at the corner of my doorway. The manager is pretty much assuring the that the hotel will not give me a refund if I check out early, and they drew the logo of Helene's rape cult on the pillar in front of the hotel. The RAPE DICK suddenly got ten times worse while I was making this post, and I think it's safe to say I already got anally raped here again. I think I've seen three or four people here already from the cast of the downtown Atlanta homeless scene, which indicates that I have deported myself to hell again. I will go back to Chantilly now. Hopefully, I can get back to where I was. I vastly prefer burglars leaving pubic hair art in the bathroom to burglars leaving art carved into the flesh of my forehead. I should have known just from the Walmart situation being 100 times more antagonistic here than it was in Chantilly, but waking up with this wound I've seen a hundred time before on my head was sufficient to convince me.

Although I've not been a cleft-nosed person for the majority of my life, they have very much turned me into one with this most recent round of facial reconstruction rape surgery. The lighting near the mirror in this hotel is such that the new amputated pit on my nose is most visible directly from the front where it gives me the appearance of having a cleft nose.

I switched hotels today to see if disconnecting Helene's credit card from the payment info would stop my rapists from burglarizing my room. Obviously, it did not. The pubic hair artist is still making pubic hair art in my bathroom, as above. This is clearly the same hair that was constantly strewn all over the bathroom in my last hotel, and now they have placed it in the shower here with this "decorative" knot tied into it. I do not believe this hair was in the room when I checked in, and it was the only hair in the bathroom, set neatly and exactly in the middle of the bath tub, beneath the shower fixture, centerstage. When I noticed this other giant, tangled knot of more of the same black hair mixed with lint in the hall within five minutes of my arrival here, the stalker who put it there came out into the hall to gloat, I recognized him from the last hotel, and I think I could hear that piece of shit Erin heckling me from behind a closed door already when I noticed it. I got RDed when I stopped at Chik-fil-A to use their internet when I was leaving Chantilly earlier today, and I got RDed almost immediately in Newport News when I stopped at some pizza place to use their internet. Overall, this neighborhood sucks compared to where I was in Chantilly, and since I'm getting raped by burglars leaving pubic hair art in bathroom here just like I was at my last hotel, I guess I will go back there. My stalkers and rapists also put a large-ish wad of Scotch tape on the wall in this room. I didn't take a picture of it, but this is more rapists bullshit referring to my sometimes intention to secure my room from within by using tape that cannot be resecured easily from the outside when a burglar exits, as can a lock or latch.

Although it's about 2am now, about six people were waiting for me in the lobby to intercept me at the elevator's door when I went down to my car a few minutes ago, and some disgusting ugly bitch with a dumpy fat ass came out into the hall as soon as I got back to my room. I don't doubt that was my rapist Helene, or that it was her who put the pubic hair art in my bathroom to mock the condition under which I got kicked out of my last hotel due to my complaint about pubic hair art being placed constantly into my bathroom. It seems like I got RDed again on the trip to my car because it had stopped, but now I notice that it is blasting on the maximum setting once again.

UPDATE: The shampoo and toothpaste that I bought after getting to Newport News both appeared to be marked with dirt when I just took them out of the plastic bag they've been sitting in since I left the store. Likely the pubic hair artist poisoned them while they were burglarizing me.

I lived on the street for about two years trying to disconnect myself from Helene. I could have avoided all of that with a phone call to her, but that was how intent I was on never seeing or speaking to her again. Living as a bum on the street was preferable to me over remaining in contact with her, and I did that for about two years. She was still gangstalking me when I was on the street, and even when I eventually went to jail for shoplifting (etc!) in the pursuit of my intention to never speak to her or see her again, the USA put her in a disguise and made me share a cell with her in the jail. Disconnection was impossible. I gave it my best possible effort, and it was not possible by refusing the pittance of money she makes available after robbing me blind earlier in my life. Maybe this Chinese tourist visa will finally do the trick since I have not given up on my intention to totally and irrevocably sever all links between her and me, but in the meantime the people in each place I go mock me for not disconnecting from her.

As the world's most notorious alleged criminal mastermind, I made an entirely reasonable comment today suggesting that there might be undercover cops around. The manager of the hotel I've been staying in asked me if I was on meds and then told me to get the fuck out of the hotel (after telling me I should be on meds because she thinks I'm mentally ill (due to my allusion to the factual and accepted existence of undercover police.)) I think as the single most notorious alleged criminal in the world, it was not weird at all to suggest a context for undercover police activity. What would be weird is if I went to a hotel where the staff weren't cops or aware of the investigation regarding my alleged crimes. However, I still got kicked out of the hotel. After that, Helene's lawyer sent me some email saying something like, "The bullshit with the food will continue." Superficially, this referred to my per diem stipend, but I wonder if she was being a cunt about the poison situation. Tonight, I ate away from the hotel because they have been poisoning me here so much, and I did not feel like I got poisoned when I ate. After I got back to the hotel, however, I very much feel now like I got poisoned yet again. My whole body is tingling and I can feel pressure in my face and on my scalp. I have not yet recovered from the UTLRA-dose of poison I got eating last night, so I can't be sure if I got re-poisoned, but I suspect strongly that I was re-poisoned in the illegal way where they force it on me rather then hiding it in my food and then letting me poison myself. I believe there is some legal constraint which prevents forced medication, but I wonder if that person in the lobby who brough up meds went and got a warrant to initiate forced medication by syringe (or similar.) Mostly, I wonder if the hotel agent and the lawyer's comments suggest that I will be permanently subjected to involuntary poisoning now, even if I am able to find clean food, and even if I am able to eat it before they poison it.

Unrelated, I got the USA state ID required to apply for a China tourist Visa today, but when I looked on the Visa agency's website, it said there was a long backlog at the Chinese embassy in my area, and getting visas was taking a very long time right now.

Aside from being an obvious reference to the Ashokan Reservoir which now covers the location "where the bodies are buried" on my dad's uncle's farm where West Hurley, NY used to be before they had to move the town to make way for the reservoir, I think this tattoo's main purpose is to condition AI to point to Hunter Biden when people take pictures of the tattoo on my back.

Hunter Biden Indicted On Federal Firearms Charge

>In October 2018

>In October 2018

>In October 2018

>Biden's attorneys responded that the agreement was still in effect

>By October 2021, Biden's tax liabilities for 2017 and 2018 had grown to $955,800 and $956,632 respectively---and were paid for by an unidentified third party.

>Hollywood entertainment lawyer Kevin 'bong rip' Morris lent over $2 million to Biden to help with his taxes.

These October 2018 dates align with my visit to Exide's office in Alpharetta on October 2, 2018 after I was not able to obtain copies of the stuff I had signed with multiple email and/or phone requests. The false certifications as the main object of Biden's charges may allude to someone falsely certifying that I was a CIA agent, or something like that. Perhaps that had been able to continue in that fraud until I demanded confirmation that everything had been terminated after I terminated my employment, which was the only agreement of which I had been made aware at Exide. Biden's attorney's saying that they think the agreement is still in effect says to me that whatever fraud Exide did and then hid by refusing my evidentiary requests after I informed them of my fraud allegations in October 2018 is still going strong. Regarding the fact that I am not now, never have been, and never will be a CIA agent, and regarding my allegations that Exide defrauded me in some way so as to portray as my enemies' servant in the CIA or similar (issuing my room keys to my rapists in my own name), I think Hunter Biden's 2017-2018 tax charges pertain to a false salary reported by the fraudsters at Exide: one never paid to me for a job I didn't have to begin with after I quit Exide's office bitch role in January of 2017. (I also see "Kevin" was also involved in clearing up Biden's tax problems.)

Overall, I think the refusal of anyone to let me find out what agreement they're talking about is evidence that the agreement is fraudulent. However, as long as they are able to keep the agreement hidden from me, I will never have standing in a USA court to have the agreement voided, and I will never be able to collect damages, which are prescribed as being "made whole" in cases of fraudulent misrepresentation. In this case, they will never be able to make me "whole," and I think the decision at the end of time is that it's better if they get liquidated while failing to make me whole than if they were able to actually cough up the money.

"File The Fucking Motion": McCarthy Melts Down After Gaetz Threatens Removal

When I saw this picture attached to the above article this morning, I thought I immediately recognized on California Congressman "Kevin McCarthy's" face the face of the man that played California chef Jonathan Waxman on Master Chef: the mouth shitter (post here) whose USA nickname "Shitface" isn't really a good translation of the original "Caca na Cara" which means "shit on the face." I am pretty sure it was Caca na Cara that kicked me out of the current hotel today pretending to be the manager "Cyndy" so that Carlos "The Jackal" Cavalcanti and his friend Shitface are who they have running this hotel where I'm getting all of my food poisoned, and where I seem to have gotten about 20 new WRIGGLERS since a new giant notch was amputated into my nose recently. To the extent that Kevin McCarthy's whole name already sounds like a mumble of Cavalcanti, I believe "Kevin" is an accepted and well-known obfuscatory identifier referring to Cavalcanti in general. (I'm also pretty sure that that's Jonathan "Wack Jonathan" Waxman.) In the remainder of this post, I will recount the events that led to me getting kicked out of the Holiday Inn today.

When I first got to this current hotel, I had been making posts about they how they were putting hairs in my path in the stairwell at the end of the hall every time I went to Walmart, but then I stopped going to Walmart after I started getting raped in there, and after they started poisoning the food I was buying there. After that, they started making pictures drawn with pubic hair (or some curly body hair or synthetic imitation of something like it) in my bathroom basically every time I left the room. Seemingly, they were even using the rape ray to turn my brain off to cover the floor in the bathroom with pubic hair only seconds after I finished wiping it down at times, sometimes going through multiple back-to-back rounds of wiping the floor and then seeing it immediately covered in hair again in less than one minute. It has been happening so much, and since the hair ideograms are not so bothersome as the rape, torture, and poison, I stopped making posts about them. However, it got to the point where I thought I should at least complain about it to the manager, and I did that earlier today.

I went to the desk and told the manager "Cyndy," a man dressed as a woman, that someone was coming into my room to draw pictures with pubic hair on the toilet and in front of the toilet, pretty much each time I left the room. Although I was perfectly clear about pictures being drawn with pubic hair, "Cyndy" decided that he wanted to act stupidly. He aped Hillary Clinton's bit, "What?! Like with a rag?," when he said, "What?! Like with ink? Are they making drawings with ink?" At that point, I could already tell that our interaction was a farce, but I wanted to emphasize in public at the desk that I didn't like it that someone was coming into my room to draw pictures on the toilet and next to the toilet with pubic hair basically each time I left the room. (To err on the side of less drama, I did not mention the problem about pubic hairs miraculously reappearing only moments after I wiped the areas down.)

After "Cyndy" pretended not understand what I meant when I said, "pictures drawn with pubic hair," I explained to him, again, that someone was coming into my room to draw pictures on the toilet and next to the toilet with pubic hair basically each time I left the room. After he seemed to understand what I had said, he suggested that he could look at the log file from my door's computerized lock to see if anyone other than me has been coming in. I explained to him that I already knew someone was coming in because I could see their pubic hair drawings on the toilet and on the floor next to the toilet. However, "Cyndy" refused to acknowledge my complaint, despite me repeating it several times, probably five times or more. He kept saying that he would check if someone was coming in, and I kept telling him that there was no question of "if" someone was coming in. The question was about the identity of the person who was coming in. Around then, I looked at the other man at the desk. He was the one who had appeared when I started getting raped during the final stretch my last hotel stay in Moscow: the Chaz Palminteri-affiliated one who, I believe, was also the one that raped me at the Atlanta welfare office on the day before I came to this hotel. When I glanced at him during my interaction with "Cyndy," he winked at me maliciously. I asked him about it, and he denied winking. Since I was only looking at the glasses he was wearing and not his eyes, glasses that probably had computerized images of his eyes displayed for me while they hid his real eyes, he may not have been lying in his denial. Perhaps it was only the TV screen on his glasses that had projected the image of his eye winking at me maliciously. "Cyndy" kept referring to the log file of my door's computerized lock to see "if" someone had gone in, and I suggested that her coworker's wink meant he would be a good person to check with regarding the identity of the person who was decorating my bathroom with pubic hair art.

I thought it was highly unlikely that the log would have separate listings for me using my own key and someone else using their key to come in and draw pictures with pubic hair in the bathroom, such as the name "Carlos Cavalcanti" of the person who's been putting Cs and pairs of Cs all over my toilet and around my toilet while he and/or his accomplices keep drawing little Xs and the contours of demon rats with hair in my bathroom. Since this was unlikely in my opinion, I asked her what kind of failsafes they have on the data in the log file to ensure that the data is accurate. She said they had none. So, then, after having sufficiently voiced my complaint and establishing that the manager had nothing he could do about it, I let it go and left the hotel. When I came back, I did not stop at the desk to keep harping the issue, and I went to the elevator. When I was about to get in, I believe it was this person above wearing the McCarthy disguise who rushed out of the back office in a Cyndy disguise calling frantically, "Mr. Tooker! Mr. Tooker," because he wanted to start shit with me after I had already completed my complaint, reasonably and politely. He told me that they looked in the log, and the only keys opening my door were in my own name. I did not realize it immediately, but a few minutes later I realized he was gloating over a situation which I will explain in the following aside.

After I established that even going to jail was not sufficient to separate myself from my rapist Helene at the end of a couple of years of homelessness derived mainly from my refusal to beg for her to give me money, I decided to allow her to begin giving me money again in response to the emasculating and undignified monkey acts of grovelling that she demands. Around that time, she and I established in a verbal contract such that she would reimburse my receipts for living expenses because I was not comfortable having her name on my accounts as would be required for her to pay my expenses directly. After we already reached this arrangement and had been going on in that way for a few years, she suddenly reneged on the existing arrangement when I came back from Russia last month. Now she insists (or has insisted) that she will not reimburse my receipts for things such as hotel stays, and she insists that she will only pay my hotel expenses directly. Since paying for my own hotels has not stopped people from burglarizing my hotel room all the time, raping and poisoning me in my hotel rooms all the time, etc, I decided that there could be no downside in having Helene's name on my hotel billing statement as the person paying for the room. However, I think McCarthy was gloating to me at the elevator that the log file says everyone opening my door had a key registered to me because the hotel was giving my room keys to people other than me via the excuse of having Helene's name on the billing statement.

So, even though I had already established with "Cyndy" that the log file was useless because there was no way to check the accuracy of the data in it, "Cyndy" stopped me to start an argument about it when I returned: after I passed the front desk and began to get into the elevator. Since I did not immediately get the reference about the hotel issuing keys to my rapists, in response to her statement about the useless data in the log file, I mentioned that I had heard people banging loudly on the plastic molding of the shower of the bathroom. For that reason, since the banging was directly on the molding and not coming from an adjacent room, I suggested that it might be possible that the pubic hair artist or artists were coming through a rape hatch in the bathroom rather than through the front door. I have had rape hatches installed on almost every place I've stayed for the past couple of years, and I was very polite about not calling it a rape hatch when I suggested that the pubic hair artist might not be coming through the front door. My point was that someone had clearly drilled through the wall (or the ceiling or the floor) to make the noises I was hearing in the bathroom, and they might have installed a second, off-the-books door while they were doing so. However, it was like she was discounting my complaint about someone drawing pictures with pubic hair in my bathroom, calling me a liar basically with her suggested implication that the log file proved no one other than myself had entered my room. When she said the only key in the log file was mine, it did not immediately occur to me that they were issuing keys in my name to my rapists, and I suggested a rape hatch because I had heard someone loudly banging directly on the plastic molding of the shower in the bathroom. That was not a noise I could have heard without someone tunneling through the wall from the adjacent room. It was weird comment, but I don't think it was unreasonable to suggest since I had heard them banging directly on the plastic molding as if they were standing in my bathroom doing it.

At that point, "Cyndy" escalated the shit he was starting by stopping me at the elevator. I had already finished my complaint and established that there was no recourse for him as the manager to address the problem, but for the reason that he was trying to start shit, he stopped me and started an argument. After I mentioned the banging directly on the plastic molding of the shower, she said, "You can call the police." I told her something to the effect of, "I don't think they'd be drawing pictures in my bathroom with pubic hair if they thought the police were going to be a problem for them." Maybe I said, "It's probably the 'police' that are doing it," or something like that, alluding to the futility of her suggestion that I should call the police who are the enforcers for the rapists that brought me to Antarctica after they kidnapped me from my home in North America, or kidnapped me at some point, and now hold me as their slave in an apparently permanent involuntary detention.

At that later point in the altercation/imbroglio that "Cyndy" was intent on starting, he was apparently not content with the amount of shit he had started. I dismissed his suggestion to get the police involved, but he continued to harp on the police issue. Obviously, he had brought up the police for no other reason than to start police-related shit with me in the lobby. After I may have suggested the possibility of the police themselves as the pubic hair artists, he said, "We'd know if the police were here." In the context of his insistence on talking about the police, I said, "Maybe you're the police," asserting indirectly the widely held belief that undercover police exist and that undercover police carry out police undercover police activities. At that point, "Cyndy" escalated again and became very aggressive saying, "Are you on medication?" I told him I was not, and he told me that he thought I should be. I told him it was extremely unprofessional for him to be asking me about that: my private medical history and such personal details (details 100% irrelevant to the matters we were discussing). He said, "You know, I have the right to ask you to leave the hotel." I said, "Would you like me to leave?" He said he thought tonight should be my last night here.

Although the context was that he was saying tonight should me last night in this hotel, I think he meant that he was going to use my complaint about the pubic hair artist to have me deported from the current ULTRA-hell version of Washington DC back to the regular hell version where they won't need to have Helene's credit card fraud on file as an excuse to burglarize my room, rape me, torture and mutilate me, and poison all my food and water just like they have the whole time since I got here two weeks ago. Likely it was Helene's advance knowledge that they wouldn't be able to rape and poison me in my room here if she couldn't get room keys issued to my rapists in my name that caused her to renege on the pre-existing arrangement in which I would not allow her name on the accounts I was using. (Getting keys issued to my rapists in my name is also what I was citing as the main reason for people telling me to get a job in my previous long post.)

Several people cackled maliciously in the hall immediately when I wrote about my perception of the intention to use my complaint about burglary and pubic hair rape art as an excuse to send me to the alternate locale where they won't need any excuses at all to keep raping and burglarizing me.

A traitor is an insider that betrays, but I was always the king of the enemy nation. That's what they don't want the people whose government they usurped to know: I am the ancient enemy to those people. Their lie is that I changed sides but lies are false. I was always those people's enemy.

I don't doubt at all that part of Exide's fraud scam was to say that when they offered me a job (as the lowest ranking office bitch in their non-governmental IT department where I would help them make and sell electrical batteries for profit in the private sector) they said I was really going to the work for the USA government that I already hated, that had already ruined my life, that had already been robbing me blind since birth, and had already been making war on my people for many years, to include WWII in which they directly waged war on my grandfather and his armies. Everyone who tells the lie suggested above is going to get killed, and all of their families.

I worked for the USA about 20-something years ago when I was in the Marines. They fired me after my court-martial, I never went back to them. There are no reasonable circumstances under which I might have gone back to work for them. It is preposterous to suggest that I was enthralled by the tantalizing prospect of getting to be an office bitch with my rapist Helene as my boss where I would get bossed around by old ladies and trannies all day in a position fit for someone with ~75IQ, and that this somehow was a sufficient enticement to get me to go to work for the USA again. Everyone who lies and says that I am now or that I have ever been a CIA agent, or anything like that, or that I ever worked for the federal government in any way, directly or indirectly, at any time apart from my military service, is going to killed along with their families. If the CIA drew up some fraud docs that disagree with what I'm saying, then I will point out that fraud docs, by their very nature, are fraudulent and non-binding. I have never worked for the CIA or any government agency other than the USMC, and everyone who disagrees will be severely chastised as they are smote and slain. I don't serve the cow. I hate it, and I hate its servants, and my people are their enemies.

If you find yourself confronted with the fact the government (or someone) is unequivocally insisting to you that I was, in fact, a CIA agent (or something like that), then that should suggest to you how badly the USA fucked itself when its fraud scam back-fired.

Ex-CIA software engineer Joshua Schulte who was convicted of biggest leak of classified information now faces trial on child porn charges where he allegedly had more than 10K images and videos

I haven't made a post recounting the Office of Personnel Management hack in quite a while, so I'll do that again now. The article above says that this other person was the largest ever leaker of USA classified information, but I was definitely the largest ever leaker of USA classified information. So, here I will recount these events. Firstly, however, I am definitely not ex-CIA, not current CIA, and not any variant of a past, future, or present CIA-affiliated person. On the second point about child porn, I understand they used the Freddy Krueger\Inception dream theater weapon on me last night to have some woman show me her tits (in a dream) before morphing her into a child after I took my dick out (in the dream). Although my erotic response to the dream immediately terminated when I realized I was not trying to fuck the woman that had just shown me her tits (in the dream), now it appears that they're saying I'm a child molester or something. If the grammar in this post seems non-standard, I will be using Windows' voice-to-text tool below.

On the day after Flynn got fired as the director of the DIA in April 2014, basically the next day, Helene and her accomplice filed some fraud affidavit in the Dekalb County Magistrate Court to get me thrown into the insane asylum as an involuntary detainee. My suspicion is that Flynn saw that he was the only one watching out for that, and he said, "If you can get me fired, then you can go ahead and do whatever you want to do," but I'm not real sure about that. I think there's an Elder Flynn that hates me, and a Younger Flynn who's in a tough position. Whatever it was, Flynn got fired and then Helene and her accomplice suddenly felt emboldened to file their fraud affidavit, full of 100% lies, with the Dekalb County Magistrate Court.

Soon after, Helene showed up at my house banging on my door, calling my name. When I opened the door, about eight cops rushed into my apartment and hauled me away to the insane asylum, not just in handcuffs, but in full-blown Hannibal Lecter restraints with my handcuffs chained the restraint belt around my waist. Although I had already decided after getting expelled from college that I was going protest the injustice of my situation---having already established myself as one of the world's most preeminent physicists---by not getting a job away from my chosen profession, and insisting instead on my intended career, the psychological trauma associated with this enslavement in the insane asylum successfully modified my behavior. I acquiesced to my enemies' demands that I should get a job. I started putting out some resumes, but no one was answering my resumes, but then I soon decided to simply falsify my resume. I opened the Microsoft SQL certification book and looked at it for a couple of weeks, and then I changed my resume to say I was a multi-year experienced SQL Engineer expert. Very soon after that, I got contacted by a recruiter who had a position for me at Elavon, which is the credit card acquiring subsidiary of US Bank. Credit card acquirers service the credit card swipe machines that businesses use, they maintain the data networks, and move the money from the merchants to the banks, and back and forth. They earn money by taking a skim on the transactions, which is called the EBITDA.

I got hired there pretty quickly. My manager and the guy that did my hiring was named Robert Garrett, and he became Rick Gates in the Manafort scandal when Trump got elected. I've made several other posts about how Tesla is selling my semen, and Robert was a giant Tesla shill. Manafort's name---"manna fort''---references the theft and storage of my semen in the freezer that was in his house and/or the freezer that they found in his storage unit, which got deleted from the internet immediately after they found it. One can still find mentions of the freezer in his house, but I can no longer find any reference to the freezer that they found in his storage unit, and I think that's because it was full of my semen. The real information in the Office of Personnel Management hack was the who's who of who's been growing whom with my stolen semen; it's the "personnel" data. One sees easily how the abominable monster children grown from the stolen semen become personnel in the personnel file. The naming convention for the scandal makes perfect sense.

One of the first things I did at Elavon was the following. Robert had given me some work unit that had something to do with what they called the DCC, or "dynamic currency conversion" between dollars and foreign currencies on international credit card transactions. In the course of looking at the SQL tables, and being well guided by Robert, I found something where they were saying that one Japanese yen was equal to $100, when, in fact, 100 yen are equal to $1. So, someone had created this fraud arbitrage loop in Elavon's data system where you could send a dollar to Japan and get back $10,000. What I did next was change a multiplication operation to a division operation, and that fixed the problem. After that, some people came and talked to me, and they were real serious like something important had happened. However, I was just nonchalant about why I had changed it. I said, "Yeah, I noticed that that it was saying a yen was bigger than a dollar, but, actually, a yen is smaller than a dollar." Then, very soon after that, this American Express executive named Gilligan, like that producer of those shows that I like very much: The X-files and Breaking Bad, died suddenly and suspiciously on a plane coming back from Japan.

Robert was a very modest guy in general, and he had presented himself to me as a Sunday school teacher and a Christian man. I can also mention that there was a Klan march downtown on my first day of work, and Robert was absent that day. I think Robert downtown marching with the KKK was the reason for his absence. I don't doubt that the KKK was (and is) highly involved in smuggling my semen and that a lot of those people are 100% totally committed to my demise now because they don't want the truth to come out about what they've been doing, and anything other than my demise is going to lead to the truth coming out. So, anyways, Robert was pretty modest most of the time. But, on this day that Gilligan died on that plane, he was very brash and/or cavalier with his legs kicked out and splayed as he slouched in the chair next to his desk. It was the chair where people usually sat to talk to him when he was sitting in his desk, so he wasn't sitting in his cubicle, and that was the only time I ever saw him sitting there during my year at Elavon. He was sitting rather in the row between the cubicles where everyone could see him, and he was sending a very obvious message with his totally uncharacteristic body language and demeanor. He had his legs kicked out and spread, and he had his hand up over his head just chilling like he was very self-satisfied. He was not modest that day at all. It's the only time I ever saw him in a demeanor like that, and it was obvious that he was saying that he was happy Gilligan had gotten killed. Unfortunately, I must conclude that he got killed as a direct consequence of what I had done. Most likely, Robert had been so helpful in helping me find the arithmetic error in the currency conversion because he wanted me to write my name on this other man's death sentence rather than for him writing his own name on it. Overall, this work on the DCC followed the pattern of the main thing happening at my computer jobs after the USA ruined my scientific career for the first times: people wanted to write my name on their work, and the real purpose of my salary to make it legal for them defraud me in this manner. In the case of the DCC problem, I did autonomously notice the arithmetic error, but Robert had been **very** helpful in showing me where to look, and it was the only time he was ever so helpful, or even half so helpful, during the year I worked at Elavon. So, if Robert Garrett was happy about Gilligan getting killed, that probably means I would not have been happy to learn about the direct implication of my closing that fraud loop and excites data system.

One of the other things that happened right when I started working at Elavon (my first week, probably) was that Robert asked me to look over the Korn shell .ksh Linux script that they used for automatically moving around the credit card data batch files when they came in to our local corporate network at various times throughout the day. As the ETL team, what we were doing all the time was processing hundreds of millions of dollars of credit card data. Each row of SQL data was someone doing a financial transaction. All of the SQL data that we were sending through ETL processing was formatted as rows of credit card transactions. The only database object that I heard about but never actually saw during the year I worked there was Robert's .VOR file, and Robert was just sooooo proud of his .VOR file: "the vor file." What vor means in Russian is "thief" or "gangster," and Robert had made some comments about KBG to me walking by my desk cryptically. Sometimes he had even made some comments to the effect of, "I'd want to know what was in my accounts," or soemthing, as if he was trying to feel me out to see if I knew that they'd been robbing me for hundreds of quadrillions of dollars for my whole life, or that I even had any "accounts" which were mine at all.

So, anyways, I think the real reason why Robert was so intent on having me close this other fraud loop with the Japanese currency conversion was because he had his own fraud loop with the .VOR file, and he wanted to have a monopoly of US Bank's credit card fraud operations. As I go on to recount how I became the primary data exfiltration agent on what is now called "the OPM hack," I will show that this thing with the fraud loop was business as usual: they were trying me to get me to write my name on the work they had done, and they were fucking me over big time by doing so, and I will suggest in a roundabout manner that they were enabled to do all of these things under the secret court authorities of the wrongful FISA warrant from 2009. (Let me also say: If they thought the paper which is now called SCP-001 was garbage when I wrote it, it wouldn't have stimulated the authorization of a seven year anal rape warrant and FBI investigation.) So, early on at Elavon, Robert had asked me to look at this .ksh Linux script that we used to process data when it came into the "landing zone" folder in our Linux network architecture via SFT. The first thing that I noticed was that the script accepted a second optional parameter that we **never** used in the automated calls to the script from our SQL system. I told Robert that this was a big security problem to have a second optional parameter like that, one that could accept paragraphs or a book worth of code as a second parameter, but he told me to just ignore it and that it was fine. However, this was the kind of thing where you could put code in the second parameter to run this landing zone script when the data comes in, update, process and/or edit it, and then also then overwrite and/or delete the ETL metadata fields in all of our SQL tables: ETL_UPDATED_BY, ETL_UPDATE_DATE, ETL_UPDATE_TIME. All of the safeguards against people doing fraud could be easily bypassed with the second parameter.

The main thing that I hated about the Elavon job was the on-call phone. This phone was ringing all day and night, many times each night, waking me up every hour or two requiring another 20 minutes of do-nothing work every time it rang. The reason the phone was always going off was because every file that was getting processed by this script would arrive about one minute late. It was obvious what was happening: it wasn't getting there one minute late. When it arrived on time, Robert used the second optional parameter to manually run the LZ script with the second parameter, and then after he deleted the transactions indicated in his .VOR file and subsequently covered his tracks in the ETL metadata, he sent the edited data back to the LZ to get reprocessed. However, his fraud loop took a minute to run, and that made the alarm go off that was put in place exactly to stop what Robert was doing all the time.

Robert somehow had US Bank totally convinced that, even in 2015, they still just couldn't get a dern computer to run a gosh dern job on time. Basically, the Elavon execs thought must have though there was some gunk in the gears in the computers that were turning the file-sending conveyor belts a little too slowly. So, anyways, Robert clearly had his .VOR file, which he was getting from who-knows-where, in which someone was telling him which credit card transactions to delete. Then he would delete them with his fraud script in this .ksh script's second optional input parameter. Then the alarm would go off. Then the on-call person would get notified. The on-call fuck around pretending to check everything, and then they'd say everything was ok. I really hated this because when I asked, "What I am supposed to compare it to to determine that everything was ok when this alarm is always going off," they never had an answer. They would say things like, "Just look around," and, "You'll figure it out," but really the on-call person's job was just to say that everything was fine when Robert ran his fraud script 25 times per day. It was a rubber stamping procedure, but I couldn't just rubber stamp it. I had to spend 20 minutes pretending to check everything against a non-existent standard before saying that Robert's obvious fraud scam was actually perfectly ok.

Robert was such a fucking asshole. He was regularly making me work 168 hour weeks: once every five or six weeks or so. I could get hardly get a wink of sleep when it was my week with that phone because it would not stop ringing. Even when the phone kept you up all night, Robert still demanded that you should come into the office and work a full day as well. When I tried to log 168 hours in the hours tracker, citing the fact that some people's whole job is to wait for a phone to ring so I was clearly working while I was on-call, Robert commanded me to lie and say that he was only making me work 40 hours.

Elavon got a new CTO while I was there. The new CTO, Tom something, if I recall correctly, said he had the goal to get Elavon's ETL job successes rates to 99.99% in the data system. Someone wrote in an email, "We're already at 99.9%, so we're pretty much good." I replied writing, "No, actually getting to 99.99 from 99.9 requires an entire order of magnitude reduction in the job failures, which is a huge change that is going to take a lot of work to achieve." Then Robert pulled me aside and told me not to write things like that. The only reason the success rate was as high as it was was because there were hundreds of jobs run after the data came into our ETL team's LZ folder, but Robert had already deleted the transactions from his .VOR file by the time the data got past the first step. Without Robert's obvious, non-stop fraud script running 20 or 30 times per day, the success rate would have been like 99.9999%. The few failures would have been due to non-standard foreign language characters getting into the data system from international merchants. There never would have been a failure related to a file not arriving somewhere on time, ever.

If you look at the stock charts, of all the major US banks' stock prices recovered after "the global financial crisis" except for Citibank. Their share price never really recovered after the GFC. They took on Alwaleed bin Talal as a major shareholder, and Alwaleed bin Talal is a disguise monster with Helene. There's plenty of pictures on the Internet where you can see it's actually Helene dressed as Alwaleed bin Talal, including one (a video) where he seems to be stumbling drunkenly while his security detail helps him not flop on his face. I mention that for the following reason. I worked at Elavon from the summer of 2014 to the summer of 2015, and, for the last project I "worked" on, Robert told me that US Bank (the USA) and Citibank (Saudi Arabia) were supposedly working on a project in Brazil to add "loyalty" points to the credit card data system down there. This was around 2014/2015-ish when everyone was talking about loyalty this and loyalty that, loyalty this and Ndrangheta this, and Ndrangheta that, there was a real strong innuendo that this project was mafia-linked. It was dripping with innuendo when we were talking about implementing this new program for a "loyalty" points program in Brazil.

Loyalty points are explained as follows. If you have a McDonald's credit card, and you use your McDonald's credit card at McDonald's, then the credit card swipe machine that McDonald's uses will print a receipt having a data field on there that tells you how many McDonald's "loyalty" points you have. If you have a gas station card for a specific gas station, when you use your card there to buy their gas, the receipt is going to you how many loyalty points you have with that gas station. What we were doing at Elavon in early 2015 was the following. We were going to work with Citibank to start adding an optional field for this data to the credit card networks down in Brazil, allegedly. What they were really doing was trying to get me to write my name as the author of their fraud scam, however.

Officially, Robert explained to me that Citibank was treating US Bank as a vendor on the project, when really they were supposed to be equal partners. My job was to do something as an ETL engineer to achieve information parity between Citibank and US bank. Specifically, I would write an ETL job in an ETL suite for windows called Datastage. As credit card companies, the SQL data that we were dealing with had the unique ID "MID," meaning "merchant ID" which was the identifier saying which merchant owned which swipe machine.

A lot of people have heard of the MIDs. The MIDs data is very important for money laundering because once your money gets onto the credit card acquiring network, the credit card acquirer doesn't really have to send the money to the bank where it gets subjected to the utmost regulatory scrutiny. The credit card acquirer can just bounce the money around between the credit card acquirer's slush fund and different swipe machines at different merchants. For instance, when you pay for something with your credit card, the money gets taken out immediately. But when you get a refund, it takes a few days or a week before you get the money back. In the interim, the credit card acquirer has the refund money sitting in a slush fund---it's got billions of dollars comingled unaccountably in the fund at all times---earning interest to make a profit for them while they make you wait for your refund (that you could be earning interest on.) So, these networks are extremely important for money laundering. To get ahead of myself a little, when this Office of Personnel Management data is "leaked," they're going to edit out all of the money laudering for and by the Trumps and the Bidens, and all the main USA criminals. Then they're going to release remaining data showing the criminality of the little guys as Operation Car Wash and the Panama Papers. Before I continue with the OPM hack, I will say a little bit more about car washes.

On Breaking Bad, which was produced by Gilligan, the money laundering business was a car wash. When I lived in Shadow Hills in Tucson, AZ with Dad on Placita Pardal (the P2 cul-de-sac), where, just coincidentally, Dad's brother-in-law now lives, and where, also coincidentally, while we were living there, one of the people in the six or eight houses on the cul-de-sac was someone that Dad knew from Brooklyn. That's because they have an underground base entrance on P2 cul-de-sac, and, in fact, the road right behind Placita Pardal is called "Via Entrada" because it wasn't a secret back in the day that the entrance to the underground base was around there. On the old show, Rawhide, the back story of Clint Eastwood's character was that he had been kept throughout the civil war as a prisoner 100 feet underground in total darkness in Arizona. That complex, the fictionalized object of the suffering in Clint Eastwood's backstory is what Via Entrada was referencing when it was named, and they probably have a tunnel there running 100 miles into Mexico for drug smuggling, and who-knows-what now. When Dad bought that house, he bought it from the guy who had been the owner of Octopus Car Wash, which is not only interesting because that's a money laundering stereotype business, but also because soon after that, a man named Cefalu, meaning "octopus" and Italian, became the boss of the Gambino crime family. Where Dad had lived in Brooklyn, his childhood home, was actually in a house just a stone's throw behind the Gemini lounge, where Roy Demeo was making the torture porn with Romero Cavalcanti, who is the inspiration for the Pinhead character in Hellraiser, and the current master of the jesuit order (and the master of the whole catholic church since the Pope is a jesuit.) Wikipedia records that "Demeo" was a worker in the Gambino family, so I think the name "Operation Car Wash" is very well fitting for the money laundering. I think when it got reported in the news, it was mostly talking about bribing, but I think money laundering is really the main thing, and it's extra-double in-scope because the networks of these credit card swipe machines that the credit card acquiring firms run are separate from the banking networks. You can keep money somewhat off the books without subjecting it to increased regulatory scrutiny at a bank by leaving it on the acquiring network. Also, regarding that guy Roy Demeo, if you look him up on Wikipedia, it says he was running a crew with a lot of jews using Italian pseudonyms, but actually he himself was Helene's cousin Joel Cohen, and his cousin, also named Joel Cohen, is this other guy, Joel Stephen "Steve Collins" Cohen, who I have cited as Steve Collins because he uses a gentile's name to do business in Georgia. It's all related, but now I'll get back to how I got to the OPM data.

Robert had tasked me with this job to remedy a problem in which Citibank was was treating US Bank as a vendor rather than as an equal partner on this "loyalty program in Brazil." I created a job in Datastage that was very simple. It had, first, a SQL lookup stage. Citibank was going to send us their data, and my Datastage job would grab a row corresponding to a certain MID from their SQL data. Then my job would "look up" the MID in our data. If we already had the MID, then the row from the Citi data would pass the lookup stage in my Datastage job, and it would progress to an update stage. At that point, the job would update the US Bank database with the information from the Citibank table regarding a particular MID. If the MID was not already in the US Bank database, the the row was rejected by the lookup stage, and the data never went into US Bank's database. The job was very simple. We would update our info with Citi's info if we already had their MID, but the data would never get into our Database if we didn't already have a row for a given MID. That's how we were going to remedy the problem of information asymmetry between Citibank and US Bank.

While I was doing this job, this was around 2014-2015, that person Ellen Pao, the CEO of Reddit, was in the news a lot, and my counterparty that I was working with at Citibank on this project was also named Pao. It supposedly was a man named "He Pao," but really I bet it was this other woman, Ellen Pao. What I needed to get from Pao was a table structure definition file so that I could write my job. I needed to know how the data we would get from Citi would be formatted as SQL data so I could tell my job how to process it. Although everyone's SQL suite has functionality to easily export a table structure definition file for anything, this fucking moron Pao wouldn't do that. He insisted to write the table structure definition file by hand in an email in a very simple, ancient language called COBOL. However, every time he would send me the table structure definition, I would copy it into my Datastage suite, say "import table structure definition file," then click the little bubble to say that it was in COBOL, but it would always give me an error saying that Pao's table structure definition file would not compile.

COBOL is simple enough that you can look at it and determine the source of any compiler errors by optical inspection. It's from the 70s, and you can easily just look at it and tell what's wrong. It could only be parentheses missing, or a missing semicolon, or something like that. Anyone familiar with COBOL will know what I mean, but other people might be surprised by the simplicity of the rudimentary table structure definition language COBOL. Every time I complained to Pao that he had not sent me a properly formatted table structure definition file, he would just tell me, "Oh! It's easy to fix. Just do this! Just do that! Add a parentheses here or there," but I wasn't going to do that. It was obvious to me that Pao was wanting me to become the author of his table structure definition file so that when something got fucked up at the end of the project, he could just blame it on me by saying I didn't write the table structure definition file for his data correctly. I kept emailing him back saying, "Fucking hell, Pao! I'm not going to be the author of your table structure definition file. That would be fucking stupid. I don't know what your table structure definition is. I don't know what your table is formatted like, so you have to send me one that will compile. Then I'll have it documented where you sent me an email, and I'll have loaded exactly what you sent me into my job. That way if there is a problem, it will be your fault rather than mine." However, Pao insisted on going to these obscene lengths over and over, maybe a dozen times or more, trying to get me to write a table structure definition file for a table I had never seen and could not access. He sent me this fucked up COBOL that was always fucked up just barely and in an obvious way that I easily could have fixed. It was like he was telling his SQL suite to export the table structure in COBOL, but then he was copying it into an email and then deleting one obvious character so it would not compile before he sent it to me. I always saw what the problem was every time, but I was obstinately refusing to become the author of his table structure definition file.

Robert eventually came and started talking to me about interactions with Pao. There had been a complaint or something, or maybe I had started copying Robert on my emails to Pao. Robert said something like, "Hey, what's going on? You know, I hear you're like having problems. What's the problem here?" I said, "This motherfucker Pao won't send me a properly formatted table structure definition file. I need one that's going to compile, and I'm not going to be the author of his table structure definition file."

Moving along with the narrative presently, Pao made this job into such a giant fucking pain in the ass for me when I could have been sitting at my desk checking facebook and Zerohedge, and I was unhappy about it. I really hated Pao by the time that project finished. We eventually got to the end of the job, and Citibank sent the data to us. The insurance adjusters (or whoever) had done their diligence on my Datastage job. I guess they had a contract for some trust protocol with US Bank where Citi said, "OK, we're going to send you this data. If you only run it in this Datastage job that we have approved, then we agree that all of the rows that corresponds to MIDs that you don't have will be rejected by the lookup stage, and they will never get into your database. You won't find out any information about merchant IDs that you don't already have, and then we will have information symmetry between on this project." However, whoever did the due diligence on the security of this project was completely fucking retarded. It's like they thought the rows with MIDs that didn't pass the lookup stage in my job would just evaporate or something. What really happened is that they got written to "error.log" in the folder on the Linux system where Datastage was reading the data that Citi had sent to us via SFTP. I guess whoever did the diligence thought the whole universe lives in Windows. They didn't know about Linux, in any case.

I ran the job on the Citi data, and that would have been the end of it. However, because Pao had been such an asshole trying to get me to fuck up the project, I did a little more work, going the extra mile, strictly as a fuck-you to Pao. I opened my Linux virtual machine in Windows, and I did "cd" a couple of times until I found the error.log file with "ls." I typed "gedit error.log," then ctrl+A, then ctrl+C, and then I went back into Windows where I opened MS Excel and did "paste special" in the variant appropriate for the delimiter, which I don't recall now. Maybe it was CSV data or tab delimited, possibly. I split the Excel data up into .xlsx files that were not more than a few hundred MB (if I recall correctly), and then I emailed them to everyone on the project, and sent them by Microsoft Lync to the same people. Then they called that "the Office of Personnel Management hack," but it wasn't even remotely a hack. What I did was write an email like to my internal US Bank customers that said something like, "Hey guys, you know the project is over. I've run the job with the production copy of Citibank's data, but I don't really know if everything went right or not. You've gotten all the data that got updated after the lookup stage, but just so you can check for yourselves I'm going to also email you all the data that didn't make it through the lookup stage. That way you can check and decide for yourselves if we have succeeded on the project or not." That's what they called the OPM hack now. I only sent the data to my internal customers at US Bank.

I don't know why I was ever touching that data, or how i got within a million miles of it. They told me I was working on some fucking mundane bullshit about bonus frappuccinos in Rio de Janeiro, and I had absolutely no awareness of what was going on. In hindsight, they were trying to defraud me by having me officially approve of who's stealing my semen, or something, without ever telling me about it. That's the only reason why anyone wants me to get a job; it's is just so they can fuck me in the ass like this. I guess there's probably a MID associated with each abominable monster that they've grown from my stolen semen, and they intermingle that the money laundering data to avoid having a separate data structures for money laundering and stolen semen cancer children.

Soon after the "OPM" incident happened in the spring 2015, Robert told me that I should quit because he was going to fire me if I didn't. As his excuse, he said I wasn't doing a good job with the on-call duties during my 168 hour week every five or six weeks. After that, I got hired almost immediately as a contractor through a recruiting agency to work at Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions, which is not really Lexis Nexis, but it's owned by the same parent company. (I wasn't even actually a contractor for Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions. I was a contractor someone else contracting with them.) While I was at LN 2015-2016 on what was supposed to be a 12 month contract before I got fired after 11 months, it just happened to be another coincidence that even though we were supposedly working on unrelated state unemployment data (just some other random, mundane bullshit, not classified data: maybe it's got someone's PII in it, but that was it) the unique IDs were still the MIDs, which are usually unique to the banking sector. After I'd been there a while, my supervisor Tim Newport started asking me if I knew what the MIDs were. I told him that I did, and I told him the while story about Elavon and OPM, and he got very angry and stormed out of the room. I was laughing because I didn't like Tim, and he got so very upset when I told him how I emailed all that data to everyone, and sent it by Microsoft Lync, which is notoriously insecure.

As an aside, when I did the tour of the Lexis Nexis data center on Alderman in Alpharetta, I think it was intimated to me that they while they were paying me about $10/hr to sit like a retard in their cubicle, they were saving about $250,000/month on electricity by running their data center on the free energy generator that had been developed as an application of my theory of negative time.

The whole time that I was at Lexis Nexis, they were trying basically everything Pao had been trying to get me to do: trying to get me to write my name as the author of Tim's code. After I realized I was still on the same project, I thought what was happening there was that they were trying to catch who was going try to fuck up the data to save the criminals from the OPM data, but really the whole purpose was to hide the criminals, and I was sorely mistaken in my naive optimism. The data got "cleaned up" for a year while I was at Lexis Nexis, and then they released some of it as Operation Car Wash and the Panama Papers, and maybe the Pandora Papers, and that kind of stuff. There were no Americans in any of that because the purpose of the project at Lexis Nexis was (apparently) to delete all evidence of USA criminality. However, all this stuff about when they say there's 20 Biden LLCs that people don't understand, and there's Trump's shady business dealings with Deutsche Bank that people don't understand, all of that stuff: that's what my coworkers edited out of the OPM data. To the extent that that relates to my semen, Baron Trump and Natalie Biden are both grown from my stolen semen. Relating to Brazil, I think Bolsonaro's daughter is too, and there are probably millions of those bastard cancer children running around by now. Greta Thunberger is one, and the only reason she became a media figure at all was make her a public darling and vilify me for my intention to destroy all such cancer children, and the families that consecrated the abominations.

Towards the end of my contract at LN, I got fired, and I'm not sure exactly why I got fired. Shortly before I got fired, however, I had been on some conference call. It was nearing the end of the project, and someone was like asking me about my code. I was real clear in explaining that no one should talk to me about any code because I hadn't written a line of code at any point in the project, and all of my code committed by my user account had been written by Tim. I said, "I don't know, don't ask me about that code. I didn't write it. I didn't write any of it. Tim wrote all of it. I haven't done fucking anything the whole time I've been here. Tim wrote all of this code. Don't ask me about it at all. I have no idea. I didn't write any of it." Early on when the contract began, I had kind of started to half-ass do my work, but every time I wrote anything, my supervisor Tim told me, "No, not like that. Use my code instead." My job was to do what Tim told me to do, and I used his code. By the end of the contract, Tim had done 100% of my coding work, and I had never even learned the ECL language that we were using there.

During those 11 months that I was at Lexis Nexis, my coworker Don sitting in the desk right next to mine (diagonally) looked just like Assange but with a pencil thin mustache. I think when Assange says that "the DNC emails" were not hacked, but were downloaded locally as evidenced by the data transfer speed recorded in the metadata, it's because those emails were my emails from Lexis Nexis, and he downloaded them locally at the computer next to mine (diagonally). Now I will retell story about "the DNC hack," which was really my job at Lexis Nexis, and also not even remotely "a hack."

During this project at Lexis Nexis, I was really having problems communicating with my coworkers effectively. I had had a little bit of a problem communicating earlier with this Pao person at Elavon, but when I was at Lexis Nexis, the problem got much worse. Tim was obviously lying to me all the time, and these two remote workers from the office in Boca Raton, FL---Jesse and Clarence---were always lying to me, refusing to answer my questions, and giving me bad info and misinfo. I had extensive emails with my coworkers at LN, in part because I like to argue, and I was constantly sending emails like saying, "Stop lying, stop lying. Stop lying. You didn't answer my question. Stop lying. You're not conforming to the project docs. You're not conforming to the specifications in the project docs. You're not conforming to the specifications of the project docs." The reason no one was complying with the project docs is because we were officially supposed to be investigating the criminality exposed in the OPM hack, but every single person on the project other than me was really there to sabotage the investigation and delete the evidence. I send **tons** of emails showing this very , very , very , very , very , very , very , very , very , very , very clearly. That's why Operation Carwash only had South American people in it, and not USA people. So, I was basically the only person there not purposed to fuck up the project, and this created a lot of strife with my coworkers. Although I do like to argue, one of the main reasons I sent all those email was me needing to have an excuse for why I was never doing anything. I would always blame the other people who were lying or not answering my questions: "I sent an email to so-and-so, and I'm just waiting for them to get back to me. I sent this email fifteen times actually, but they keep lying and blowing me off, Boss, that's why I'm not working right now. It's those other people's fault." This communication problem was the ubiquitous and constant condition between me and the Boca Raton team, and it was nearly that between Tim and me. With Tim happy to do all of my coding work for me, I was never doing anything but talking to my coworker, the Cistercian Jim "Father Berlin" Farbolin who turned into "Mueller pit bull Andrew Weismann" during the Mueller investigation. I once remarked to Jim on my opinion that the FBI was in the office seeing who was going to try to fuck up the data, and Jim exclaimed, "Oh! He is paying attention!," but I was actually 100% wrong about what I thought was going on there. In the course of me generating excuses for why I wasn't working, it became 100% obvious that everyone was doing everything they could to make sure this project didn't get done right, and I sent a prolific number of emails. In part, I was sending the emails because I like to argue, and in part because I always needed to have good excuses for why I wasn't doing anything. Boca Raton was in Debbie Wasserman-Schultz' Congressional district, and she was the chair of the DNC at that time, and that's why my emails from Lexis Nexis would later be called "the DNC emails."

My boss, George, likely Joseph George Tooker dressed as a black man, also the person who I believe is seen the "goatse" photo, had to reprimand me for the "tone" that I was using in my emails. My tone was fine, but the other people didn't like it that I could always easily see though their lies, bullshit, and evasiveness, and it was alway easy for me to put the onus on them regarding why I was never doing any work. Since George reprimanded me several times for my tone in the emails, I know for a fact that he was seeing them. I copied him on most of them too, or a lot of them. They all said, mainly to Jesse and Clarence, but may times also to Tim, "Stop lying. Stop lying. You didn't answer my question. You're lying. You're lying. You're lying. Stop lying."

So, I know for a fact that George had seen this bullshit that's now called "the DNC emails." They are so highly derogatory that once they got leaked, everyone who saw him said, "Holy shit! This is fucking nuclear toxic garbage about how fucking bad this is!" Right before I got fired, however, I was on another conference call with George. I brought up the issue about how literally everyone on the project had been doing nothing but trying to fuck it up for a whole year, and no one was making any effort to conform to the specifications in the project docs. I said, "Yeah, you know, everyone I've been working with here for this last year has been dealing with me in bad faith, all of the time. Everyone is doing everything wrong. Everything's totally fucking fucked, and the customers for this project should assume it's all fucked up." Then, the person that I said that to asked George for his opinion on that. It was a comment like, "George, what do you think? Are they acting in bad faith here?" George said, "Nope, I haven't seen anything like that." He completely fucked me over, and I got fired right after that. That might have been exactly why I got fired, in fact. I know George had seen everything like that, not nothing like it, since he had reprimanded me about my tone in "the DNC emails" several times: at least three times I think. Everyone who saw the emails after they got leaked said it was obscenely derogatory, but George said that everything he saw looked fine. George is probably who they based the Christian Slater character on when they made that show Mr Robot about the OPM hack. (Eliot on that show was supposed to be me: El Arcon.)

I bet the real reason for the DNC leak was to enter a rebuttal into the record regarding George's claim that he hadn't seen any evidence of bad faith as the manager overseeing the project. George said, "I didn't see anything like that," after I alleged rampant bad faith actions at every level of the project, and throughout the entire duration, and then I got fired pretty much immediately after that. So, I think the real reason that the "DNC" leak happened is because George was fucking lying through his shit-smeared teeth when he said that he hadn't seen any evidence of bad faith. To really make my point and drive it home: everyone who saw my emails after they got leaked as the DNC emails immediately said, "Ahhh!!! It's horrible!," but then George said, "No, everything I saw was fine," talking about the exact same text. Then I got fired, immediately. So, I think George's lie is the real reason why "the DNC leak" happened.

Here is another thing that happened while I was at Lexis Nexis. It was in March of 2016. I couldn't sleep one night, and it was a very strange night for that reason. I think it maybe they had been lacing my weed with meth at that time because I was staying up late a lot and having severe problems trying to fall asleep at night. Normally, I was able to get a couple of hours sleep eventually at least, and then I'd just catch up on sleep on the weekend, and the whole situation was ok, if not annoying. This one night, however, I absolutely could not get to sleep. Around five or six in the morning, I said, "Fuck it! I'm not getting any sleep tonight." I decided to go for a drive around Atlanta, which was something I did a lot back then. As it got to be a little later in the morning, and I think I was going to take I-75 to I-285 back to my apartment to get ready to go to work. When I pulled onto I-75, I got behind one of Joey and Steve Collins's delivery trucks: the silver ones from the Phoenix Food Service business. That's. Joey "EL Mencho" Collins and Steve "The Atlanta Child Murderer" Collins: two men who share the same real name Joel Steven Cohen, if I'm not mistaken. The entrance to the backrooms maze is in the Collins Cold Storage Warehouse on Southside Industrial Parkway, near the Atlanta Airport. (This tattoo is the obvious likeness of a gross, giant, winding, raised, purple keloid scar on Steve's hip, and this prostitute's name is "Maze" because the main loading dock for the Backrooms maze is in at the Collins Cold Storage Warehouse on Southside Industrial Parkway near the Atlanta airport. The liminal space "back room" is actually a front room in this warehouse.) The Collins Brothers Company has this fleet of trucks that delivers to restaurants all over Atlanta, including all the restaurants in the mafia-linked Buckhead Life Restaurant Group. Collins Brothers Company has a prominent, if not ubiquitous street presence in Atlanta with their Phoenix Wholesale Food Service trucks. They have dozens or a hundred of these shiny silver trucks, and I pulled up behind one of them on I-75 on the March 2016 morning in question. When I did, I noticed that the fleet number of the truck was 191, which was weird to me for a reason that I will explain.

They have these two large skyscrapers in downtown Atlanta---the 191 Building in the Georgia Pacific Building---that always caught my attention when I was going to school at Georgia State downtown 2003-2007. The crown on top of the 191 building looks like the ending scene of Ghostbusters when they're up there with Zool, right before the marshmallow man shows up. And then this other building, Georgia Pacific, which ended up being the architectural inspiration for the House of Evolution on One Punch Man, whose OPM acronym references the OPM hack, and the House of Evolution is a fictionalized account of The Salt Pit, which is a underground compound adjacent to the backrooms maze that you can get into through the Collins Cold Storage Warehouse. (When I was hired at Exide, their main schema in SQL Server was called "evolution" because is Exide is the corporate HQ for the Salt Pit while the Collins warehouse in only the loading dock.) When I was an undergraduate at GSU, I very frequently got bad vibes that they were doing human sacrifices or something up on top of the 191 Building. When it would be foggy early in the morning, I would look up there and I think that if there was someone screaming up there, there's no way I could hear it through the fog. For the Georgia Pacific building, although high offices with windows are the main reason people build skyscrapers, this building has no windows on one side. I had long suspected that this building hosted an HH Holmes torture hotel, and that was the reason why they didn't have windows on the one side. I should say Georgia Pacific is a Koch-owned company, and the Koch Brothers Foundation called "For Our Children's Future" references their children's future specifically. A lot of times, people think that means for all of our children's future, but that's not what they're talking about.

So, I had already been getting weird vibes from these two buildings for years before I ever met Joel Steven "Joey 'El Mencho' Collins" Cohen (where the real name of the JCNG is "Joel's Co.: The Next Generation" as Steve hands the reigns over to Joey on the drug and human trafficking business they run out of the state farmer's market in Forest Park, GA.) When I did eventually meet Joey, one time we were getting high. He mentioned to me on his balcony that he and his family were all members at this ritzy place called The 191 Club in the 191 Building, and I got a real weird vibe about that.

So, then, years later still, in March of 2016, I pulled up behind this 191 truck. I was immediately overcome with a crazy and terrible feeling like something horrible was in the back of it: something other than fresh produce. The truck wasn't driving very quickly, and I started driving slowly with it. It soon became obvious that the truck was traveling in a convoy of unmarked civilian vehicles. They were not like police cars, but rather completely ordinary models like Toyota Tercels and similar. Since there was a convoy of accompanying vehicles traveling with this truck, it was weird for everyone when I got right behind this truck in the middle of them to slow down and start driving slowly on I-75 with all of them. The truck started weaving to get me off its ass, but I did not move. After I'd been following that truck for a couple of minutes, some black Suburban blew by us at about 100mph. It had a Georgia license plate beginning with PPP. I had been watching some zombie show, maybe Z Nation, where they had a mobile torture station in the back of a truck, and I was overcome with a feeling as if something like that was in the back of the 191 truck. The feeling was so powerful, and I think the person who is called "The Nobody" now, my friend, was in the back of that truck, and he got rescued that day. I had just begun making posts about Helene's secret basement at 5759 N Camino Explendora in Tucson, AZ, and I think she had to evacuate her torture chamber to avoid potential legal problems. In that evacuation endeavor, she was using some of her goons in the Collins (Cohen) family for transportation, and the man or men in that truck were rescued due to what I can only attribute to divine providence.

I think that even though the FISA warrant that had gotten started in 2009 was improper to begin with, they extended it for another 7 years in 2016 citing "the OPM hack" and this encounter on the highway. However, the only reason that I was even near the "OPM" data to begin with is because they were trying to defraud me. The problem with their security was not me, but rather that they were so fucking stupid exposing themselves to such risks in their efforts to defraud me. That was how the DNC hack happened to: they were too lazy to come up with some lies that I wouldn't have been able to see through immediately when I was emailing my coworkers. I ended up fucking them over mainly because everything they did was so fucking stupid and full of holes that I almost couldn't not fuck them over in the scenarios they had put me into. Other than that, it was only a coincidence that I pulled up behind that truck in 2016. I have no other explanation for how that could have happened than divine providence. God rescued that man.

On 3/22/16, there was a bombing in an airport in Belgium. They said the bomb went off in the baggage area on the first floor, but I looked at the airport's floor plan. The place where they said the bomb went off on the first floor was right over the edge of the basement below, and I think the real purpose of the attack was to breach a secret dungeon in the airport in response to what and who they found in the back of Steve's 191 truck.

I ended up going to work that morning after I had followed the truck out near Kennesaw. I got a bunch of weird emails that day. Two of them said, "Source of ESP unknown." ESP was a computer-related acronym at Lexis Nexis, but it was really just an excuse for them to be able to talk about ESP. Someone else sent the email saying, "I guess someone forgot it was their day to watch the ice cream truck." Friday was ice cream day in that office, and this was a Friday, but it is also well possible that the truck in question was already well known as the "I scream" truck. A day or two later, George said on a call, "Maybe this whole thing is bigger than we thought it was." I didn't know what "whole thing" he was talking about, but he made some weird comment. In hindsight, I guess the possibility of a "bigger thing" helped them fuck me in the ass for another seven years with a FISA renewal... even though they hadn't taken their microscope out of my ass for a single moment during the preceding seven years.

Towards the end of the Lexis Nexis project, someone on the phone was trying to talk to me about the code, and I said, "Fuck, man. Don't ask me. I didn't write any of that code. Don't talk to me about it. I don't know." My supervisor Tim did the same thing Pao had been trying to do, getting me to write my name on his code, but my job at LN was to do what Tim told me to do, so I didn't see any reason not to let him write the code with my name on it. I think I got fired because they had to redo that call without me being able to say that Tim had written all of my code. Maybe the reason I got fired was when I said everyone on the project was doing everything wrong for the whole year, and then George contradicted me. I'm not sure exactly what the circumstance was, but they clearly (seemingly) needed to have me gone before the end of the project. The contract ended four weeks after I got fired, so they could have just not renewed the contract.

The ECL Language that Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions uses is really a mockery of computer science. It's a farce with how stupid and poorly designed and inefficient it is, and anyone who could have possibly taken this ECL language that they wrote seriously is stupid. It's clear that the whole thing was a joke designed to mock people with making it as stupid as it could possibly be. When Tim was telling me to copy the code he wrote, I had no problem doing it. My job was to do what he told me, firstly, but it was obvious that the whole computer coding element of the project was a farce and a mockery which I had no inclination to participate in. However, when I did kind of have to do stuff to at least generate an excuse for why I was never doing anything, I ended up sending hundreds of emails at Lexis Nexis documenting clearly everyone's bad faith and non-compliance with the project docs. George saw all of it, or most of it, at minimum. I think it's safe to say that he saw all of it, however. I copied him on a lot of it, and he lied when he said he didn't see any bad faith on the call right before I got fired. Then the they launched Operation Crossfire Hurricane, and the next instance of getting me to write my name on someone else's work was when they got me to sign my own death warrant at Exide (after all of their own signatures had failed to suffice to get the job done.)

There's a story on the Internet about someone who cuts off women's arms and legs, and removes their teeth and puts rubber stoppers in their mouth to sells them as sex slaves. That's Exide that does that. Exide hurts the women, delivers them to people's homes with their "secure home delivery services," and they clean up the messes afterwards with their "industrial waste removal services." What they had me do as soon as they hired me was to sign an order to have myself turned into a deaf-mute quadruple amputee. Luckily, sadly, I was already acquainted to some degree with the people down in the dungeon doing the actual mutilations and psychological trauma conditioning, and they didn't do it to me despite receiving the "valid" signed order to do it. Since the Exide office was in Fulton County, GA, and since all their fraud contracts served to me as hiring paperwork were served in Fulton County, GA, I think this is the real predicate of the current "Trump" case in Fulton County, GA which has gotten his whole team indicted. After Trump won the election in November but before he became President in January, I think he and Putin came to a meeting at Exide disguised as my coworkers Dave Morrison and Rodney Williams (not to be confused with Rodelene Williams, who was Helene, since both of them are called simply "Rod Williams.") I think Devin Nunes also attended this meeting disguised as my coworker David Feldkamp, and I think this was the reason for Nunes' partially-recusing non-recusal after I quit that job and eventually became homeless on April 6, 2017.

We often referred to our IT tickets in Exide's IT department with four digit identifiers in our weekly meetings, but I heard a bunch of new numbers in this December 2016 meeting that I think Trump and Putin attended fraudulently and in disguise, and I never heard those numbers again. My job as the lowest-ranking office bitch in Exide's IT department (this is how my job had been explained to me when I was interviewing and later hired) was to say, "Yeah, yeah, ok, whatever," when the senior employers told me about stuff, and that's what I did in this meeting where we were supposedly talking about making and selling electrical batteries. (I had been hired with the representation that everything about my job pertained to making and selling electrical batteries.) However, when I was saying, "Yeah, yeah, ok, whatever," at this meeting, however, I think that was them obtaining (fraudulently) my formal verbal authorization and consent for them to send me into their dungeon to get turned into a deaf-mute quadruple amputee, or possibly much worse than that. I think this was going to be "Jester's" big, cosmic joke under the banner of the law that he abides which says, "It's ok to have fun."

One other thing that I didn't mention yet is the following. Assistant Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe sat next to me for several months when I was at Elavon. He would say things over the cubicle partition to judge my reaction. I thought he was judging my opinions and reactions with his mind, but he probably had a thing up my ass already back then for brain-scanning me. After several months of him sitting there, with him not really bothering me, he disappeared. Then this other nasty cunt of a jew Rhonda Capone, showed up. She's some fucking ugly bitch that has the same giant head as Helene, and I don't doubt that part of the reason why I hated her so much was because it was Helene sitting there at that desk next to me at times in a Rhonda Capone disguise. I could feel her putrid witchcraft on my face every day when I was there. I hated sitting next to her, and I was quite please, in a way, when Robert told me I should quit because I finally got away from her. Towards the end of the project at Lexis Nexis, however, I think the project manager Neil made one of the other project managers, Sharon Maloney, get on the call, and I could recognize her voice as Rhonda Capone's. Some of the weird ways that Rhonda would pronounce words such as "note," saying instead "new-ewt" were easily recognizable. She had followed me to my new job at Lexis Nexis using an alias. Then, I got fired after George lied on that call, and after I explained that Tim had written 100% of the code that had my name on it. I got hired at Exide, but I quit very quickly when it seemed like they had me sitting next to Helene again.

Towards the end of 2018, I called Exide to talk to the hiring manager, Maureen Cirillo, whom I believe is called "Linda M. Carella" in the Vatican trial. I asked if everything contract-wise got terminated when I quit. My life had gotten really weird when I started at Exide, and it hadn't gone back to normal at all by the end of 2018, and I suspected that it had to do with the job at Exide. Maureen said she would check to confirm everything had been terminated. After a few moments, she exclaimed, "Oh! You'll have to talk to Rhonda Leeper." I don't doubt that this same fucking cunt Ronda Capone/Sharon Maloney had followed me to yet a third job. This third alias name seemed to reference the name Lepri of my most-hated counterparty Lucas Lepri, and Maloney referenced the Meloni name of the current Italian PM, who is the representative of a clan of men that I hate and will exterminate, one with which I believe "George" is closely affiliated.

CIA Bribed Analysts To Change Lab-Leak Conclusions: 'Senior-Level' Whistleblower

I noticed today that someone put a large-ish clump of yellow dog hair in front of 665 where they have painted the most obvious of two demon rats in the hall as a stain in the carpet (and where the less obvious one is possibly subtle enough to be a random smudge interpreted as a demon rat Rorschach blot.) Just before I noticed the dog hair, they had that white trash piece of shit Erin's white trash piece of shit husband come out of 669 to intercept me in the hall, and a few moments later they had that other white trash piece of shit Jenna come out of 671 to intercept me in the same place: 671 and 669 being three and two rooms past 665 respectively, and I doubt the tap water is poisoned in those rooms, uncoincidentally. While my Bible study has suggested that Jenna's suffering should not exceed classical crucifixion after her family is killed, the message I'm getting about Erin and her family is that no one cares about her or them at all, and they should both get thrown into the fires of hell to be forgotten. I re-cite the irony when those pieces of shti that they tried (and failed) to graft onto me as a cancer family when I was a child are getting paid to do nothing other than torment me in the adjacent rooms in their federal sinecure positions with salaries coming from the money that was stolen from me... all while my rapists keep posting "get a job" as if I'm the one here not contributing to society with regular, productive work done selflessly for the benefit of all.

There is something wrong with that piece of shit Brian's skeleton too. He is very easily recognizable, but I can't see what the problem is exactly. It's like a sunken chest bone or something, and it is very ugly. I find myself wondering what he looks like naked. Erin had commented to me about how his skinny chicken legs were ugly and gross, and how she had to get used to them because they were so nasty, but I think there is also something wrong with his upper body. I can't tell for sure since he may have been hunched over during his interception maneuver, but I would like to have a look at his naked body because something seems wrong, and I can't put my finger on it. Other than that, I sure did get an asshole full of new MEGA WRIGGLERS lately, new even with respect to that other batch of new WRIGGLERS I mentioned not too long ago.

When I got up on Sunday, they immediately did a MEGA combo on several of my implants when I started using my computer. It was much more than usual. Shortly after that, they attacked me with the DRIBBLING on the ceiling, which is the worst and most obnoxious variant of TAPPING and/or BANGING techniques. A few minutes after the DRIBBLING started, they fogged out my room with SHIT SPRAY so rancid that I got a disgusting taste in my mouth just breathing through my nose, and without opening my mouth at all. After that, I went for a walk. Some interceptor was waiting for me when I turned onto Lee's Corner: some gigantic fat man in a tie dyed shirt sticking his tongue out me. A few miles later, as I neared the hotel, I found the first toothpick deposited in my path, and these are also the telltale sign of my rapists. Mostly, I have noticed an excess of Q-tips and latex gloves in the street litter here, and a total absence of toothpicks, but that changed today too. A minute or two after I passed the toothpick, which deposited in front of the "as seen on TV" food truck of "Two Smooth Dudes," I walked through some large group of HECKLERS at the RV expo. There was giant, morbidly obese fat man among them who may have been the same one that stuck his tongue out at me. After I walked through the hecklers, some dog started barking in pain behind me, indicating rape. When I got back to my hotel room, the RAPE DICK was much worse. Several hours passed, and then my face started itching, also indicating poison of some sort, but this was only the suggestion of poison and not a conclusive indication of it. I went to the CVS to get some shampoo to wash my beard, and I got FUHH-ed quite a bit when I got back. It took a little while for the new RAPE DICK to start, but I definitely got raped in the CVS this evening, and they gave me the worst RAPE DICK implant I've had in a while, very deep inside my asshole. I had noticed that most of my RAPE DICK and NODULE implants over the last year or so where getting implanted at a shallow depth in my asshole, but this week they implanted three or so NODULES very deeply in my asshole at the 12:00 position. Now I have ultra-deep RAPE DICK positioned similarly, and whatever favor the jews were doing me by only giving shallow implants for most of the last year seems to have ended. I got anally raped at least twice today, and all of it followed after the DRIBBLING attack which started my day after they have only been attacking me with TAPPING and intermittent BANGING at this hotel. Also, after I commented on the demon rats stained into the carpet in the hall outside my room a few days ago, someone came into my room and put a wad of gum on the carpet to make my foot stick to it each time I step on it. I may have gotten new TPI implants tonight as well: the UPPER LEFT MOLAR TPI got used on me several times while I was making this post, and it seemed stronger than it was recently.

Clearly, I attributed several posts about how things were set to immediately improve to the wrong parties. Everything took a catastrophic turn for the worse today, starting from the moment I opened my eyes in the bed.

If they did a FISA warrant authorization for seven years right after I wrote SCP-001 at the airport in Moscow, and then they did another fraudulent seven year FISA renewal when the first seven years ran out in 2016, that second seven years would be about to run out right now. I think I wrote that paper maybe 14 years ago today, give or take a few days if it wasn't today. ArXiv rejected me for publication 14 years before a day coming up next week, and they would have started the FISA process sometime after that. I think they often cite a $1M payment to Paul Manafort routed through Cyprus in October 2009, so maybe the first seven years started in about 13 years and 11 months ago.

Overall, when Durham found that the Crossfire Hurricane investigation not properly predicated, he would have been referring to the investigation that started in 2009, which was renewed in 2016. The issue was that the USA's predication protocols require (1) suspicion and (2) cause. In 2009, it was only suspicious that I had written the paper while I was travelling out of the country. There was no cause to complement the suspicion (other than jews being jewish, which is always sufficient cause in the USA.) Since the initial investigation was wrongfully initiated, the renewal was also wrongful by default. To the extent that they are now having "the intel agencies compare notes," a big fraud they try to do to me during the first seven years backfired on them. In 2015, I succeeded in a SQL-based ETL task that they assumed I could not succeed on to become the primary data exfiltration agent in what is now called "the OPM hack." I don't doubt that they cited their own failed 2015 fraud scam against me as reason to renew the FISA investigation in 2016. The facts telling how I got near that data to begin with was certainly what they were trying to obfuscate in a "crossfire hurricane," which is hopefully getting un-crossfired and un-hurricane with the ongoing notes comparison. The story of how I got within a million miles of that data would be another examples of jews being jewish. I was only touching the "OPM data" because the people running the investigation were trying to fuck me over by hiring me for a fake job so they could record me as the architect of the fraud scam they were pulling. Because I am awesome, however, I ended up fucking them over instead with my elegante supreme hacker skills. The issue, I think, in their failed 2015 fraud scam was that they thought I was computer illiterate since I have a physics degree rather than a CS degree. They were very stupid to think that.

Danny Masterson Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison After Rape Convictions

>serving his time in a state prison.

>"forceable rape"

Master son.

I think they did more rape amputations on my nose. I remember a few years ago, that white trash piece of shit Erin was telling me that everyone in the Tooker family has a small dent in the tip of their nose. I told her I didn't have one, and she agreed with me very much that I did not have the dent on the tip of my nose that she was telling me everyone in the Tooker family had. However, I suddenly have a small dent on the tip of my nose now: a diagonal dent calling attention to the place where there was already a small asymmetry. I think this dent must have appeared after I got yet another facial rape surgery amputation attack, and I think it happened in the last week or so. I thought maybe it was the different lighting in this room at first, when I started noticing it, but I have noticed the new dent in my nose in several different mirrors with various lighting conditions now, and I am convinced that my rapists are still being afforded impunity to amputate pieces of my nose. This piece is the biggest amputated piece yet.

The RAPE DICK revved up and was immediately followed by multiple WRIGGLER attacks when I made this post.

I've posted a few charts relating to the jewish scam that my rapist Helene sponsored in cahoots with her kike gang in 2016, but there is another detail I have not belabored as much due to my inability to find the corresponding chart as a jpg. (The little-mentioned detail appears near the end.) The image above shows all the things that happened on the day I went to Exide in 2018 to demand the paperwork I had been unable to obtain by phone calls and emails. The procedural error in the Mueller investigation is that the people at Exide had to lie and bullshit me more than they were expecting to have to, but then the Supreme Court's FISA court (or something) told them that they have unlimited impunity to lie to me and deceive me as much as they want to.

I went to Exide to get the paperwork explaining what agreements my legal person JONATHAN WARREN TOOKER had been entered into when I got hired, and confirmation that these agreements were terminated when I quit in January 2017. That same day, Jamal "Cash OG" Khashoggi got killed going to the Saudi embassy to get confirmation of his divorce. I didn't get killed, but the representative from Exide, "Mr Gay," called the cops on me and had them issue me a criminal trespass notice against returning after he refused to give me the paperwork I was requesting. He kept referring only to "employment agreements" in a very lawyerly fashion after I kept insisting that we should discuss "all agreements" that my fictious legal person was entered into via the hiring paperwork. He would only say that all "employment agreements" had been terminated, but I knew that since my pay had been cut off. I told him that I wanted to discuss "all agreements" because I was there investigating my fraud allegations against them that they had defrauded me in 2016 by fraudulent misrepresentation of the hiring paperwork. Specifically, I was alleging that my legal person had been conscripted into some non-employment fraud agreements that I had never been notified of, that I had never discussed, and that I had certainly never agreed to. Despite my many insistences, he would only give me a non-binding verbal assurance that all "employment agreements" had been terminated, and he would not discuss "all agreements" with me at all. This suggested to me that, indeed, Exide had conscripted my fictitious legal person into some fraud scam. He would not provide the documents I was requesting, which was all the paperwork I had signed during my hiring and employment at Exide. Eventually, he called the cops and they took me to jail after giving me the CT notice which made it illegal for me to keep trying to get the paperwork.

During our meeting, Mr Gay kept insisting that I had not terminated my employment at Exide until February of 2017, but he conceded in a later email that I had terminated it in January of that year. I got raped and given some giant surgical operation on my perineum in the few days between when I quit and the time when Mr. Gay was insisting that I quit. I have never had such a painful anal rape surgery as the one described here, not before and not since, and I think he was trying to say that that gargantuan rape surgery happened while I was still an Exide employee, which was bullshit.

The chart posted above as the main image pertains to my fraud allegations in 2018, but I have also posted this chart before. It shows that although the Fed balance and the stock market had moved in tandem since QE started after the 2008-2009 financial crisis, suddenly in 2016 the stock market started going up without more QE. This was due to the fraud paperwork that was served to me as the main gist of Operation Crossfire Hurricane when I got fired from Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions in June of 2016 and then hired at Exide in September. (The emails in "the DNC hack" were my emails from Lexis Nexis: mainly my emails with "Jesse" and "Clarence" in Boca Raton, FL which is in the Congressional district of Wasserman-Schultz, who was the chair of the DNC at that time. The man "Don" in the desk next to mine at Lexis Nexis looked just like Assange except with a pencil thin mustache, and I think Assange feels safe saying that the DNC emails could not have been hacked due to the transfer speed recorded in the metadata only being consistent with local download because "Don" downloaded the emails at the computer next to mine. While the DNC emails are said to be highly derogatory, there is another dataset called "the Exide audit tracker" which did not get leaked, as far as I know, but which contains information thousands or millions of times more derogatory than the information in the DNC "hack." I understand the USA does not like it that Russia somehow obtain the audit tracker data.) Getting back to this chart, the name Khashoggi references "Cash OG" because my inheritance---called at times The Black Eagle Trust, The Five Star Trust, the Nazi Gold, the Global Collateral Accounts, and even (wrongly) The Bank of the CIA---is what the USA stole via Operation Crossfire Hurricane to fund this dislocation in the correlation between the Fed BS and the stock market. All of this upside since 2016, which is lamented by many pundits as making no sense at all in the face of terrible fundamentals, is paid for 100% with the money Helene and her kike friends stole from me before they put me out on the street to rot in the gutter in the alley behind the Downtown Library in spring of 2017.

I believe that I have also shown that COVID was launched about one year after I requested copies of Exide's fraud docs because the Fed had to suddenly revise the terms of the financial fraud. Although it is not labeled in this chart, you can see that the sharp 2019 cusp in the Fed BS chart ("Realize can't cut") followed my paperwork request by about six months.

So, there is one more chart that I have not mentioned since I was never able to find a copy of it to post. Before I went to Exide in October of 2018 to inform them that I was alleging that they had fraudulently misrepresented the hiring paperwork to me, I emailed the hiring manager: Maureen Cirillo. This was in late September 2018. If you can find that email and look at the time stamp, then you can also look at the international currency conversion chart called "cable" which trades USD/GBP. If you look at the chart with the candles in single minute resolution, then you will see something like a 10-sigma spike in the cable chart (estimated sigmas) as people shit their pants when I sent the email asking for the paperwork. This sharp spike in the cable chart was the precursor to the 2019 earthquake in the Feb BS chart: "Realize can't cut". The Fed had begun to do balance sheet reduction saying that they don't need to hold a balance when the USA's Exide fraud allows them to steal from me directly, but my paperwork request terminated that arrangement, somehow, without me being able to get my hands on the money that the jews have been stealing from me for many years. Apparently, the financial authorities did not grant the Fed the same license to do fraud that the judicial authorities extended to the jews at Exide.

The things related in this post help explain why I'm called "Cash OG," but even then this information does not amount to the sum of it. I own the whole world, and everything and everyone in it. Everyone who thinks Thomas Jefferson writing, "Nuh-uh," about 250 years ago cancelled my ownership rights is dead wrong.

Finally, this chart (posted above) shows that the forward expectations for the Fed rate immediately collapsed following my paperwork request when I informed Exide that I was investigating nefarious fraud allegations.

Misc Chart 1

Misc Chart 2

When the CHAH interceptor-hecklers (whose suffering will never and whose families will raped to death with filthiness and cruelty as well) intercepted me yesterday, they went into room 665, which is the room where I had found the origami demon rat earlier. Although it was not there when I found the origami demon rat, now they have stained a demon rat into the carpet in front of the door, facing to the right toward my door. After I took the picture above, I noticed they have also stained another demon rat into the carpet in front of room 660, facing to the left, so that both demon rats stained into the carpet in the hall in front of my room are facing my doorway. This second one might be a dog rather than a demon rat, but it is there, whatever it is.

The RAPE DICK got cranked way up while I was making this post, and the new 3:00 OUTER MEGA WRIGGLER got activated as soon as I pasted the post's text into an email to Eponis Barbula, who seems ok.

They did it to the side of my nose too, probably in the last few minutes since I took those other pictures.

Actually, I think there are two triangles next to each other, one up an done down, so that together someone has gouged the double triangle symbol of kikery into my nose since I came back from Russia. They had stopped mutilating my face there, and it seems like I was very stupid in my expectations of what was going to happen in the USA.

I am pretty sure that these three dots in an equilateral triangle which seem to have just appeared gouged into the flesh of my nose mean that my rapists here are amputating pieces of my nose with their rape attacks just like they were when I was in "Russia." I've also gotten about 20 seeming new WRIGGLERS all over my ass cheeks, on the back of my nutsack, in my asshole, and all around my asshole in the crack of my ass since I checked in at this current rape hotel. I think I also got more new WRIGGLERS all around the base of my dick.

When they finally started heckling me in the Walmart the other day, someone put a large dollop of hot glue (or something) on the bottle of water I was buying, presumably to indicate poison. For a couple of days after that, they stopped putting hairs in the stairwell every time I passed through it. This morning, they started putting long black hairs and pubic hairs in the stairwell again, and then a burglar came into my room to (presumably) poison my water when they were putting the same dollop of hot glue on my water bottle, which was certainly not there when I left the store earlier today.

Before I went to Walmart to buy the water, I went to the bank to get my online banking reactivated since they refused to do it over the phone on about a dozen occasions. The bank was full of people who are going spent the rest of their lives, past a certain day, in the most abject misery that can be conjured, and there may have been some other people in there too. The person helping me looked like tranny Tom Cruise, and the person sitting down the hall in the office where they had a one-eye poster leering at me looked like Lucas Lepri. After another person in the lobby CIA! heckled me, and then they CIA! heckled me again, tranny Tom Cruise said, "Say it again," as he was making me wait about two hours for him to restore my online banking. He was being such an asshole about it, his accomplice had to come into the office to tell him to fuck off with how long he was making me wait. The accomplice looked like my rapist Helene. Overall, Lucas Lepri is someone I hate more than Tom Cruise, but I do not think my greater hatred for Lucas will result a greater cruelty visited on him when I put both of them into the worst end.

After the bank, I went to the post office. I told the woman I wanted to get the change of address confirmation form. She kept telling me how to get the confirmation number, and I explained to her several times that I wanted the form, not the number. She became agitated and tried to end our interaction by saying something like, "I already told you two ways to get it. You can get it online or you can file the form here an wait for the confirmation." After she insisted many times that I could get it online, I asked how I could get it online. When pressed, she eventually told me that she didn't know what I was talking about at all. The unavoidable corollary of that fact was that she was just telling me to fuck off when she was emphatically assuring me that I could the confirmation form online. In fact, she didn't know what form I was asking about and she was just being a cunt. After she finally admitted that she didn't know what I was talking about, meaning that everything she told me about how to get it was 100% bullshit, she told me to go wait off to the side and the manager would come talk to me. I walked away but then she just started helping the next customer without telling the manager to come talk to me. I went back to interrupt her because she didn't tell the manager I was waiting, and she lied to say that she had rung the bell to call him. Only then, when I confronted her about telling me to fuck off after she had totally bullshitted me about everything for five minutes, did she ring the bell to call him. There was a loud bell noise, and it was totally obvious that she had lied when she said she already used it to call him. What she had really done is tell me to fuck off and go get the form off the internet (this turned out to be impossible) and then she told me to fuck off and go wait for the manager without letting the manager know I was waiting for him.

The manager came, and he told me that I needed to go to the other post office to get the form I wanted because they didn't have it. I asked him how he knew the other one had the form, and he told he knew because he was about to call them. Aside from that making absolutely no sense at all since he had not called them yet, he did proceed to use his phone. After about three to five minutes of what appeared to me to be a phone call, he told me that he had confirmed that the other post office had the form I wanted. Then I went and bought a stamped envelope at the counter, and I sarcastically thanked the woman that had lied to me about everything and then told me to fuck off when she didn't call the manager. When I was buying the envelope from her, I said, "Thanks, the manager was able to speak English very well," referring to her inability to understand my five or more clarifications that I wanted the confirmation "form," not the confirmation "number." Two people in line behind me pretty much called me asshole for citing her poor mastery of the English language, even after they had watched her lie to me over and over, had watched her not be able to understand the difference between a "number" and a "form" either initially or after my several patient explanations that I did not want the number, and had watched her lie to me about having called the manager. They watched her tell me just to go stand off to the side without her calling him, and somehow they thought I was the asshole.

When I walked about 2 miles to get to the other post office where the first manager assured me I could get the form based on the result of his call to the manager of the second location, the manager at the other branch said she had not answered "Paul's" calls earlier, and that she had no idea what form I was talking about. She was helpful enough to explain to me how I could get the form in the mail, eventually, and my interaction with her was normal, which was abnormal because usually everyone in Antarctica fucks my shit up on purpose.

Before I went to the post office, I tried to do laundry in my hotel. Both washing machines were broken, and I was complaining about it to the horrible fat cunt at the desk. She was telling me it could take weeks for them to get the machines fixed. I told her the maintenance man told me they'd already been waiting weeks to get one of them fixed, and I was expecting there to be a working guest laundry since was advertised on the htoel listing that I used to book my reservation. She was being a bitch jsut telling me to fuck off, saying, "Things happen and even though we advertise having a guest laundry, fuck you and you can wait a few weeks until we fix it." I was displeased with her, mainly with her evasiveness in avoiding my questions while constantly interrupting me as I repeated the questions she was not answering, and I wanted to talk to the manager. She told me that she had already called him, and I asked her to call him again to tell him that I was waiting. She lied and said she already told him I was waiting to speak with him, but that obvious bullshit because I had not been waiting when she had called him earlier, if she called him at all, which I don't think she did because I the maintenance man tell her he would go talk to the manager. I asked her several times to please call the manager so he would know I was waiting for him at the desk, and she continued to refuse to do it as she insisted that she had already told the manager I was waiting. After I kept insisting that she call the manager and tell him I was waiting because she definitely hadn't told him earlier, she kept being a stupid unhelpful bitch. After several rounds of her being a horrible, unhelpful cunt, the man at the desk called the manager who appeared in less than one minute. He confirmed that the woman had not told him I was waiting, and the horrible unhelpful bitch said, "Oh my God!," like I was being an asshole for putting her on the spot for lying through her teeth non-stop during our interaction. The woman had assured me that there was no way it was getting done today, and that she had already called the manager, but the manager told me he would get the situation squared away immediately, meaning she had lied about the impossibility of same-day repair too. Then I went to the post office, and the woman there also didn't call the manager until I put her on the spot about not doing it. I don't think that was a coincidence. When I got back, they had two new washing machines which seem to be working. Hopefully the dryers work too.

I've held a suspicion that I had rape surgery on my knee or knees on the flight/subway ride from "Moscow" to "Washington DC." My knees feel much better, but my left knee is still fucked up. I was wondering about how they might have done microsutures to sew the meniscus back together without my knee becoming very swollen and sore, but now I think they did the meniscectomy where they amputated the part of the meniscus that got torn. I do not think they did a good job with the shape of the left knee amputation, however, because I can feel the meniscus constantly folding back over on itself, particularly when I step up with my left foot, driving with the toes rather than the heel. The meniscus does this 100% of the time I make this maneuver; it reliably causes the meniscus to fold over on itself with a sharp sensation of pain. Since the meniscus is not supposed to exhibit this kind of self-interference, I believe this is another catastrophic knee injury waiting to happen when I inevitably take a non-delicate, inattentive step onto something with my left foot. The mechanics that are causing this folding of the meniscus over on itself each time I step onto something with my left foot (not merely a sensation of pain, but pain with an obvious mechanical dislocation and loud clicking) will almost certainly lead to more tearing in the future. If I have diagnosed my current condition correctly, then I must give the rape surgeon an F because even if there is lingering pain that cannot be avoided, the meniscus should not still be folding over on itself. The right knee still hurts a little sometimes, but I am not detecting any meniscus problems in there.

This post caused the RD and LTC to rev up, following by the newest of several LEFT EYELID WRIGGLERS being activated.

Whoever has been placing long black hairs in the stairwell each time I leave my current hotel stopped doing it, and this person looking for a job on 4chan today is the obvious likeness of the rapist from Moscow and the welfare office in Atlanta... who was also working at the desk here when I checked in at the current hotel in Virginia. It seems like these things are connected: the sudden decrease in obnoxious gangstalking bullshit and this person's likeness showing up as the example of an unemployed loser. It seemed like I had suddenly started getting new RAPE DICK and TESTICLE CRUSHER/ZAPPER implants a couple of days ago, but that also seems to have abated. Although they have stopped doing the bullshit with the hair in the stairwell, and although it did not seem like I got any new implants today, it seemed they had made several familiar ideograms with long black hairs in the puddle in front of the dryers when I went to the hotel's laundry room this evening, and I have been dealing with my pre-existing RAPE DICK and TESTICLE CRUSHER/ZAPPER implants being used against me all day, so, even while the rape seems to have decreased a little, my rapists are still camped out on top of me and everyone around here seems to find that to be in good order.

Something is wrong with my computer as well. The internet is getting very slow when I leave it on, but then it goes back to a normal good speed for a while when I reboot. That is not normal, and it indicates a problem. I would not be surprised at all to learn that they were fucking with my computer while they were burglarizing my room and decorating my space with their filthy biological waste articles.

I fixed my toilet by adjusting the chain back to a length that will allow the valve to close. I asked the maintenance man to do it earlier, but he fucked up by bending the lever to a height high enough that the lever could not pull the chain far enough to open the valve once the lid of the toilet was back on. It would have worked fine with the lid off, but once the lid was back on, he had too much slack in the chain so that the lever would bump into the lid before it opened the valve. I do not think he could have accidentally fucked it up. A professional maintenance man is competent to fix a toilet, and him fucking it must be the same "fuck you" to me as the person who fucked up the toilet to begin with by adjusting the chain length while I was downstairs earlier.

Although I had made sure to fix the toilet very well after the maintenace man surely fucked up the repair on purpose, I just went to take a piss and the valve opened as soon as I stood in front of the toilet. The water started running into the bowl as soon as I stood in front of it, meaning the valve suddenly popped open in response to my presence. I think this can only happen if they have a small robot in the pipe, and I do not think they would put a little robot into the toilet pipe without also using it to poison my tap water. Often times, they will make the TAPPING attack on the wall right next to me as I move from one part of my space to another, and this thing with making the toilet valve pop open as soon as I stood in front of it was the same thing. Although people are saying that the water is fine, I do not think they would put that robot into my pipes to torment me only, but not to poison me as well.

The RAPE DICK and DUPI implants revved **WAYYY** up while I was making this post.

The rapist from Moscow and the welfare office in Atlanta was very keen to intercept me in ecstasy while holding a big cup of fountain soda at the elevator this morning. Now my toilet is broken again, and it's certain that he was revelling in poisoning the tap water in my room, exactly as they have at every other hotel I've stayed at. The fact that they have that peice of shit here at all shows that they were planning on raping and poisoning me from the moment I got here, and it's certainly no coincidence that "Cindy," who proudly announced that the rapist works for her, has the word "sin" in her name. I was planning on trying to get some work done finally but if they're going to be constantly poisoning me again, that's not going to happen. It seems the like WRIGGLERS are much worse in my asshole again, but I can't tell if those are new ones or if they're just using them more because I've never gotten below about a dozen different WRIGGLERS in my asshole at any point in recent memory.

While I ahd been retaining some slim hope that they weren't going to be burglarizing my current room, that hope was as stupid as all the other hopes I have had. The woman at the desk who told me that the rapist from Moscow and the welfare office in Atlanta worked for her lied through her fucking teeth when she told me they weren't going to be coming into my room here. The placement of the long black hair in the stairwell during my previous 5 minute trip to Walmart left some hope that I wasn't just sitting in this hotel room as a victim in my enemies' rape theater, but that it was a private living space I was renting. However, during the 5 minutes of my subsequent trip to Walmart, from which I have just returned, my rapists attached this long balck hair to the back of my door in my bathroom, presumably while that white trash piece of shit Erin Tooker was FBI! heckling me inside the store. I have to assume that they poisoned the water bottle I had in here while they were making my room filthy with their biological waste, and I'm surprised they don't just steal the money off my shelf because poisoning the food and water I buy has the same effect.

UPDATE: Actually, the origami demon rat was two doors down rather than one door down, but those two doors are separated by about four inches. They definitely made my bathroom filthy with the shit the put in there, there was definitely a new TAPPING directly next to my chair that hadn't been there, and almost definitely there was a new OUTER WRIGGLER at 5:00 when I came back from the store.

Although it seems like they have sucked out most of the filth they had injected as a pair of bubble beneath my eyes, the lack of swelling directly under the eye now contrasts more starkly with the fluid that has accumulated on the other side of the crease in the skin. Maybe they injected more, or maybe the poisoning that followed Helene's "no money without Medicaid gambit" is making it more noticeable now. I have been noticing this new-ish swollen area for a while, however, and it is certainly not totally new. I think it an artifact of the facial mutilations I received while I was trying to get out of the slave hole in Russia. This other line which started out as a swollen line implant, I believe, in Novosibirsk during the bus trip phase also never really went away. It is a brown or blackish straight line now. Also, my scalp didn't used to be totally covered in liver spots, or whatever kind of spots are up there now making it a different color than the ckin on my face, but now it is covered like so, and I hear that can be caused by heavy metals poisoning.

I do think I am in Antarctica still. I didn't film it, but I did an experiment with a baseball strung from a piece of thread, and that one showed CCW precession. I disregarded that run due to the vertical elasticity in the string when I noticed the pendulum bob started to move in an obvious ellipse rather than very narrowly in a precessing plane. However, I think the baseball result was good, and the kettlebell I bought probably had a gyroscope in it, or the result was sabotaged in some other way.

This is the wound they inflicted on my leg when they used the rape ray on me en route from the hotel to the airport last Thursday. At the time, it felt like they had vigorously used a pencil eraser on my leg, but now that it has scabbed up, it looks much worse. It's been about five days now.

I did the experiment a few more times today. Due to the asymmetry of the kettlebell, I moved the support wire to three different positions. I didn't think that would affect the result, and it did not. In the first run, I did it with the steel wire centered on the handle as well as I could estimate the center. Then I moved the support to one side and did it again. Since the steel wire was pinching the kettlebell handle where I had it looped under some cord marking the center of the spherical part of the kettlebell, the steel wire stayed in place when I slid it about an inch away from center (due to friction).. Then I did it a third time with the steel wire moved about an inch off center in the other direction. I guess I'm in Canada, unless I'm underground somewhere. I could be in Nevada, but I'm about to drive to Atlanta and I don't think they could have that whole drive in Nevada.


H.265 [~60MB]

16x speed [~23MB]

Although I wasn't as meticulous with my experiments as I had planned to be when I decided to do them again, I have convinced myself that I am not in the southern hemisphere. My guess is Canada, but I can't be sure the kettlebell I used as the pendulum mass didn't have a gyroscope inside of it.

I recall after I did several experiments showing contraclockwise precession in pendulum at a La QUinta in Long Island, suddenly Karen Tooker showed up in my stalkers one day and after that, the uniform CCW results gave way to uniform CW results, suggesting that they also had another copy of New York in the northern hemisphere, possibly in Canada. Since the economy of scale incentivizes, I imagine wherever I went when the result switched directions has a copy of the whole northeastern coast, including Washington DC, and I will not be able to draw a significant result from my simple pendulum experiment. I would have to do the full Foucault experiment for that, which may exceed my means at present. So, I will still do the experiment see if I get CCW, but I may be in Canada now. The LTC got cranked **WAY** up when I wrote about Canada, so I think I am probably now wherever they moved when when Karen Tooker showed up in my stalkers in the days after I started filming my first set of experiments.

The sky was immediately full of demon rats when I landed in "Washington DC," and I've been heckled with the data from my anal implants (and otherwise heckled) about 50 times since I got here two hours ago. When I got to the hotel, I asked for a room on the fourth floor and the lady told me to wait a little while sine she only had one on the third floor ready. I went to the restaurant for lunch (where I got one-eyed and CIA! heckled about 25 times) and then came back. The room was ready and I got one on the top floor. When I came back from the restaurant, there was some gross little turd sitting behind the hospitality desk with his arms covered in maliciously sniggering demonic ghost tattoos. As she was checking me in, she told his acontextually, "Sorry, Kevin," seeming to suggest that his name was Cavalcanti and he was planning on torturing and/or raping me in that other room. When I got to the room, the keys did not work, and I had to go back downstairs. When I got there, some second creepy piece of shit maliciously leering at me from the seating area in the lobby said, "Ha ha ha! Perfect!" When I got back to the desk and told the lady my keys weren't working, "Kevin" butted into our interaction. He took my keys to the key machine to remake them. When he did, he told me he was "going to come up to my room" to make sure they were working, and I told him not to, but I guess he just gave himself free reign to rape and torture me in here now too, if I understood that correctly. Although he had waited behind the desk for me to come back with my non-working keys, he was gone after remaking them when I returned the luggagae cart. There's a nice mount sturdily bolted to the ceiling in here, and I'm going to repeat my pendulum experiments.

Gold almost formed a double bottom over here after it bounced off $2000. One of these days, Gold will pass $2000 and it will never see the other side of it again.

London trial: Vatican promoter of justice presents sentencing requests

>Gianluigi Torzi: money laundering and self-money laundering, embezzlement, corruption, fraud, embezzlement and extortion, seven years and six months of imprisonment, interdiction perpetua

>for Cardinal Angelo Becciu, accused in the trial on financial investments of the Secretariat of State in London for abuse of office, embezzlement and subornation, Alessandro Diddi requested seven years and three months of imprisonment, in addition to a fine of 10,329 euro and perpetual ban

These seven year sentences for Torzi and Becciu suggest to me the seventh level of hell.

Torzi starts new company as Vatican trial continues

>Torzi registered his new company, Euroasia Capital Market Associates

>his Luxembourg holding company, Gutt SA

>Torzi was first arrested in Vatican City over his role as broker in the 2018 real estate deal in June, 2020. After being held in the Vatican for several days, he agreed to pay a 3 million euro bond and was released. He defaulted on the bond and fled to London, where he has been ever since.

>Several former secretariat officials have been charged with fraudulently amending documents post facto to make Torziā€™s actions appear legitimate.

It looks like the name of Torzi's Luxembourg company is a chimera of Gutfreund and Tooker with GUT+T=GUTT, and the ECMA of the new company also seems to reference Helene. E and C are the fifth and third Latin letters, so the new company is called "53's Mother," with me being 53 dur to my initials JWT being the 10th, 23rd, and 20th Latin letters. Indeed, the lie that Helene is my mother has been the central pillar of their fraud all along, if I'm not mistaken.

Rickards: The 'Earthquake' Starts Today

De-dollarization "Irreversible" - Putin Tells BRICS Summit In Remote Address

These developments are not only interesting for their gravity now, but the BRICS challenge to the dollar was one of the stories I started following as far back as my first website. Nothing ever came of it, and I thought the story was a dud, but I guess it was really just that the gears of history grind slowly because it looks like it's going to happen soon, if not now.