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Man held after employee at Israel's embassy in China stabbed in Beijing street

They're still making pubic hair art in my bathroom every time I leave the room. Here's the full Shit Eye smiley face placed directly in front of the toilet today. They're also fucking with me quite a bit at the grocery store, but I'm not really feeling poisoned when I eat and drink the stuff I buy there. Maybe the food I ate made me feel a little heavy today, but it didn't feel like poison. As soon as I got back to my room, however, my throat is feeling constricted with swelling. I'm not sure if that was the food, or if they poisoned me when I got back to the hotel.

After doing so successfully a few times recently, I went to Wegman's to get coffee this morning. Some jew with Wegman's name tag "Joel" intercepted me by the door, and though I have never had to wait in there previously, they made me wait at the cash register long enough today that "Joel" was just coincidentally passing by again, coughing, as I walked over to the coffee area with the cup that I bought. I left Wegman's without coffee and when to the nearby Peet's. The two men near the door immediately started heckling me when I walked in. Someone turned my brain off to write a cursive U on the back of the jacket of one of them, and then one of the workers in there heckled me about misogyny. I assume he meant to suggest that the alternative to femism is misogyny (ignoring the obvious truth that nothing in human history has been so detrimental to women's wellbeing as the advancement of femism.) Overall, that suggestion that the alternative to femism is misogyny pissed me off pretty well because I am epically and notorious fond of the ladies, and someone has been spreading lies about me again. Someone else in Peet's heckled me about nazis while I was waiting. I guess they heard my 10,000 comments on killing jews while not having heard my 10,000 claims that I have my own economic program that is superior to national socialism.

I was ranting about the feeblemindedness of the subscribers to a false dichotomy between femism and misogyny while I finished my coffee, and then I went into the gym. The man behind the desk shushed me as soon as I walked through the door, indicating that he was pricy to my non-in-earshot ranting, and then he started a brief conversation with me. He was not weird during our conversation. After that, I went to the stretching area where some unsightly old man with disgusting, deformed legs was waiting for me. Then I began my workout. I noticed I forgot one of my bands again, and I said, "Oops, I forgot it again," or something. When I did, some other shrioll bitch yelled in response from the other side of the gym, "Oh? Ok!" While I was doing some jumping exercises after that, the one who started the conversation decided that he needed to start being weird after not being weird earlier, and he cited my height as 6'1", advertising my enemies' lie that I myself am lying when I cite my own height as "more than six one enough to call it six two." Then I finished and moved to the dead lift station.

The man from the stretching area was waiting for me at the dead lift station, just to my left, and he ignored me several times when I asked him if he was using the station. Eventually, he stopped pretending not to be aware of my inquiry, and he denied using the station. When I set the bar up, some little fleck of blue shit suddenly appeared at my feet. I moved it, and one or two more flecks of blue shit appeared. I moved them, and some long white hair appeared at my feet. I moved it, and some ball of white lint and hair appeared at my feet. To place these pieces of detritus at my feet, they had turned my brain off with the RAPE RAY about five times within a minute of my having arrived at the deadlift station, and I think it was the psychological torture operation of the man with deformed legs. While I was going through the process of iteratively clearing out the jews' filth from my workout area, they put some music on the gym radio saying "it never ends" or something, but it did end. It ended after about a minute, in fact. After that, I started doing lunges, and some ugly bitch in a pink shirt and her friend started fucking with me. I moved away from them and finished my lunges, and then I went to the squat station.

Just to my left again at the squat station, some Lucas Lepri stalker said something weird as soon as I touched the bar on the squat rack. Then he said something about his father, and then he named dropped "Tooker" so that he had clearly heckled me already three times in my first minute at the squat station. Given his similar position to my left, this was obviously done to complement the other asshole turning my brain off a similar number of times with the RAPE RAY at the dead lift station. Since the Lucas Lepri stalker was continuing to heckle me brashly and/or brazenly, and very proudly, I began to talk over him with my rant about how the namesake of the kikes has the last name Tooker, and that the heckler (sarcastically) really had something to be proud of out there name dropping the kikes while he was tormenting me with his psychological warfare operations. Good for you, kikehelper! After I got him to shut the fuck up by hammering him with my kike rant, all the other people around the squat station started shaking their heads NO and doing the Good Dad hand signal, with Good Dad and myself being among very many men who share a name with the namesake of the kikes. Obviously, the TOOKER heckling Lucas Lepri stalker was there to piss me off on behalf of the jews, and I became even more irritated when the other people encircling the Lucas Lepri stalker and myself seemed to suggest that I should have liked getting TOOKER heckled by the Lucas Lepri stalker, or that my absolute hatred for getting heckled was somehow unexpected.

I left the gym and there were some sad posts on /ng/ (linked above), and some posts about a thread getting prematurely terminated due to female police officers. I went for a walk after my workout, and today they had deposited about six or eight origami demon rats in my path made form foled white paper. The dog that was barking DANGER! last week when the trannies intercepted me was barking I LOVE YOU! today, which was nice. Near the half way point, just after I got on 50 from Stringfellow, I approached another man with his German shepherd lying in the grass. As I approached, the man quickly led the dog away with a fluorescent pink leash, and the dog seemed to look at me longingly several times as he did so. That bright pink seemed to refer to the "women police" comments on the internet. Did the "women" find that because I don't like getting tormented by jews heckling me with the name of my nemesis, it means I don't want to see Good Dad, who shares a name with that other man, just like I do? Something like that seems to have happened.

Near the boat storage area on my walk today, three kids didn't get out of my way when I passed them on the sidewalk, and they had two supervisory interceptors walking behind them. The little girl that bumped into me as she refused to get out of my way slapped her inner thight near her pussy about one second before she made body contact by refusing to move to the other side of the sidewalk. Near the high school where they GYM LOBBY! heckled me over the PA last week, two other bitches were waiting to pose for a picture with me taken by a third stalker behind them. I gave them the finger, and I hope they won't enjoy burning in hell forever, which is what's going to happen to them. When I turned onto Lee's corner, the kids playing on the soccer field across the street JONATHAN! heckled me, and there were two women up there with them. Directly across the street from that field (on the same side as my path), some other kid JON! heckled me from behind a fence with a simultaneous activation of my now-absent (I think) LEFT FOOT ARCH MEGA ZAPPER. (The new LEFT FOOT ARCH ZAPPER which immediately reappeared is not MEGA.) Toward the end of my walk, some bitch that intercepted me on a bicycle last week intercepted me again today. Reminder to send all the bad actors in this post to burn in hell forever, and to kill their families, unless I decide that their families should burn in hell forever too. Also, last week someone hung a blue plastic bag full of shit on a branch next to the trail, and that's the same thing that was going on at the deadlift station today, in my opinion: some jew putting a bag full of shit in my path.

Maybe another one on my cheek.

Twice in the last few days, I think Helene has intercepted me near the last school that I pass on my walk. Both times, my mind become flooded with some bullshit about her making some fraud contract about fucking me over until I get a mortgage. Obviously, if that will provide an out for her, I will never get a mortgage. If I ever get some money, such as if my Arbinu lottery ticket hits, I guess I will be careful to avoid home ownership too because I am not sure what outs Helene wrote for herself in her fraud contract(s). Instead, I will wait for her fraud contract(s) to be voided, and then I will throw her entire organization into hell to burn forever. If I'm not mistaken, this action on my part will satisfy the vision of hell revealed to Muhammad: he saw that it was mostly women.

It looks like I also got two new low-profile mole implants on my cheek, or two more bleach spots, directly above the bald spot plucked into my mustache. The two new marks make a line pointing to ridge of hair separating the two biggest patches in the bald spot, so all three new facial disfigurations form a vertical line beneath my left eye.

Photo 1

Photo 2

High contrast photo 1

High contrast photo 2

On closer inspection, I see the bald area is much bigger than my previous post suggested. They have fucked up one whole side of my mustache leaving some little bald jew comb over patch. One almost sees the Arabic word Allah written there with the two large bald areas and a third smaller bald area possibly near the center. I noticed that piece of shit that I thought was Julia the other day came into the gym to smile at me today, and although I couldn't see why that piece of shit would be smiling at me, I think I probably know now.

More evidence 1

More evidence 2

More evidence 3

More evidence 4

More evidence 5

These jews have plucked a large bald spot into my mustache. I know I haven't been fidgeting with my mustache, and I can tell by the absence of any new growth in the oval shaped barren region that all of the hair in that area was plucked out at once. The hair that showed up on the toilet at the gym on Sunday morning looked like it could have been one of these, and that would explain the replication attack in my hotel room.

Evidence 1

Evidence 2

Evidence 3

The amount of "Israeli intelligence failure" mentions in the USA jewish media seems too high. Given that the slogan for the Israeli intelligence service is, "By way of deception, we shall make war," I wonder if this was Israel's "Gulf of Tonkin" rather than Israel's "Pearl Harbor." It was just last week that the kike from the ADL got forced into some kind of defeat with his advertising policies, which was a proxy for poisoning my coffee or something, and then just days later Israel finds itself declaring war and authorizing new offensive powers for itself due to "new reality." So, therefore, I am skeptical. The TESTICLE CRUSHER implant in my left testicle is suddenly much worse today, and the RAPE DICK when I left the gym was very bad today too. When I came back from doing laundry, the on-site rapists in my hotel had placed a black thread on the mat in front of my toilet with the exact same angle, curvature, length, and orientation as the hair that spontaneously appeared between my legs when I was sitting on the toilet in the gym earlier. Was it a coincidental string not placed by the on-site rapists? I doubt it!

Another thing I didn't mention is that after some jew pedestrian intercepted me on the way to the Georgetown library on Friday, someone stabbed me in the back of the head and injected me with some kind of irritant within about two minutes of me getting out of my car. There is a pretty big, hard bump at the injection site still present today, although the irritation has already subsided. The RAPE STABBING happened before I got to the library, which was located only a very brief walk from the car. Now when this kike Biden says the USA "stands by," the sense I get is that the USA is going to "stand by" as these kike-ish shit people escalate through their next several rounds of rape, sexual torture, facial mutilations, and even genital mutilations now that the door has battered down on that one. So, I am skeptical about who was behind the attack in Israel: the one that killed several Americans, and may have killed them conveniently. Shall we remember the USS Liberty? I hope the attack was real, but I wonder if it was. Overall, I think I'm catching myself suddenly trusting the TV simply because I liked what it was saying, which is not good.

I noticed the word FUCK stained into my forehead immediately after I signed up at the Gold's Gym here, and I think it can't be a coincidence that the serif font on the gym logo is the same serif on the U in FUCK. I left the gym with massive new RAPE DICK this morning after someone placed a hair on the toilet seat between my legs while I was sitting on the toilet (after turning my brain off with the RAPE RAY), and then someone got in front of me with the UAP license plate on my way to the grocery store where multi-generational inbred retard Sam Hyde seemed to be waiting for me in the parking lot.

Palestinian Militants Launch "Unprecedented" Incursion Into Israel

>Muhammad Deif, the leader of the military wing of Hamas, the Islamic militant organization that controls Gaza, said in a recorded message that the group had decided to launch an "operation" so that "the enemy will understand that the time of their rampaging without accountability has ended."

I didn't mention that the man with the gold jewelry on Thursday looked pretty upset about something, or angry.

Syria, Russia Pound Idlib After Terror Attack Killed 80 People At Homs Military College

>Various hardline jihadist groups have held Idlib since 2015

As I understand it, "Idlib" also references the "ID library" of SQL data with unique key "MID," meaning "merchant ID," which was the main object whose 2015 transference during the course of my ordinary duties in the fake Elavon office was later characterized as "the OPM hack": the largest ever hack of federal personnel information which then served as the basis for the show Mr Robot.

Some asshole in a bright red shirt with a bunch of gold jewelry came and sat next to my dead lift station in the gym on Thursday. At first, I thought he was the asshole from Alliance, but when I studied his costume more closely, I suspected that he was the third asshole following these two women. After I vocalized my second thought, however, it did not seem right, and I think my first impression was correct. He sat immediately to my right. When he did, some other asshole stood immediately to my left to start filming me in a shirt that said "instructor." Behind him were those other three women who I thought were arabs, but are not, so that we were all four parties in a line: the girls, the camera stalker, me, and the man with the gold jewelry. I can't imagine in what way he'd be calling himself my instructor since I would have only become acquainted with him through jiu jitsu, and I don't think he even has a jiu jitsu blue belt. Most likely, he is the asshole from the "submarine collision with a mountain near China" that spurred the jew Merrick Garland to weaponize the DOJ against "parents at school board meetings." In that way, whatever "instructor" status he has wrongfully assigned to himself lends itself to the context of "school meetings" while my promises of total destruction for his daughter lends itself to the "parents" at those meeting. If that is that man from the encounter at the diner on "Long Island," about which I have posted many times already, then I think it's likely that one of the three non-arab women is the one whose torturous perishing in cruelty and filthiness I had used to upset that man with to begin with. After I left the gym yesterday, two of the non-arabs were waiting for me outside the gym, and someone had glued a loop of pubic hair to the trunk of my car so that it got right in my face when I opened it to put my bag in the trunk.

Later on Thursday, I scrolled past a picture of Sam Hyde on the internet. Immediately, the on-site stalkers used some wavy black streamers to make a strange perceptive event in the periphery of my vision near the hole in the wall for the sprinkler head. After my walk today, I noticed that Sam Hyde was wearing the disguise of the man across the hall with necrotic feet, and I got at least one new TESTICLE CRUSHER implant when I passed him in the stairwell. After that, I went to the library to look at some books I requested. They made the same pubic hair art in the bathroom at the library that they have been making in my hotel, and they turned my brain off at least once while I was looking at my books to spray me with sneezing spray, to paint sticky gunk on the table in front of my, and to hike my shorts up high enough on my legs that my underwear was showing, if I'm not mistaken. After I left the library, someone put an ant on my leg in my car, and they hurt my left nipple too, which became suddenly very sore and irritated when I left the library.

On my way to the library, I stopped at the Mexican restaurant which was totally empty, but filled up with about a half dozen customers within five minutes of my arrival. There was one party of three older lesbians, and one of them probably poisoned my food while she was aggressively shaking her unsightly triceps lard at me while showing me her disgusting armpit in a mockery of Rosie the Riveter. I can tell from the swelling in my feet that I was severely poisoned today, and that might have also come in my coffee. Etc, etc, etc: everyone is going to burn in hell that was involved in the wrong side of any of it.

After not having any RAPE DICK problems all day, the RAPE DICK started suddenly blasting again while I was making this post, and I probably got raped yet again on my walk down the hall to my room where they have put up a bunch of signs saying, "We're all a team and we work together." The theme of the signs is girls' high school sports, and my first thought was that the team is really the junior little guy CIA team who thinks hiding in my sister's skirt is going to keep them safe from me forever. After editing the gif an noticing the 28, 12, and 10 numbers, and some other stuff, I may have misjudged, and these signs may reflect the presence of friendly stalkers. There were some kids in the hall earlier yelling about someone getting kidnapped, which is how I ended up in Antarctica, so maybe the team isn't the one that uses Helene as their public-facing effigy.


Judge issues gag order in Trump fraud trial after ex-president posts about law clerk

>"How disgraceful!" Trump wrote in the post, which included the clerk’s full name.

One of my textbooks disappeared somehow recently, by theft or my carelessness across a few room changes, and I went to a local library that had a copy yesterday morning. This was the Georgetown University library which is semi-accessible to the public (not full student/faculty privileges). I requested the books I wanted, bypassed the ADL kike squad to get some pretty good coffee at an out-of-the-way Starbucks, and then I went to work out.

While I was in the gym, I thought one of the stalkers was Julia Forrester, related to Forrester de Rothschild, who is the operator of the Brittany Venti sock puppet, and who was mentioned in Razmus' list people who are not John Titor with the name "Jeanette Forrester." (This list got deleted from the internet after I made several posts about how I could recognized all the names on it, which included "John Tooker.") I soon recalled that Julia is a Georgetown alum, and I named her aloud and began to indicted her for her wickedness. Specifically, when I asked her to come home with me one evening after a Halloween party, with the implication being that the purpose would be for mutual affection, she turned me down and told me she didn't like that kind of thing. That would be fine on its own, but, later, when someone else asked her if she wanted to follow me around dressed in black face to torment a homeless man on the streets of Atlanta, she thought that sounded great, she agreed. Apparently tormenting homeless people is what she prefers over physical affection, and that's probably for a good proxy for how the Forresters ended up with good wife material for a Rothschild. I guess she thinks that's her job to torment homeless people now because she still hasn't stopped doing it ~15 years later if I was right about the stalker's identity yesterday. Even after she initially turned me down, it seemed like she was still wanting my dick, so I texted her about the time Emily and I were breaking up in the end of 2012. She told me not to contact her again, and I didn't, but she has been very active among my gangstalkers since then, not at all reciprocating the stated request for lack of contact, because she is wicked.

This is her fascinated with the backrooms reference in a recent-ish facebook commercial (accompanied by Mark Shin, Leonardo Nogueira, and Chris Moriarty.) I also mentioned that it might seem weird that the European Rothschild clan joined blood with the USA Forrester clan when such persons as the Rothschild are notorious for their inheritance-protecting, multigenerational inbreeding, but actually when you see that the piece of shit Julia that the USA Forresters shat out is the kind of person who likes torture videos and tormenting homeless people more than physical affection, it makes perfect sense, and the cultural if not literal inbreeding is plain to see: evil attracts evil, and it begets more evil. I believe Julia or someone acting on her behalf has also inserted pictures of prolapsed dirty anuses into my 4chan scrolling when I have made posts in the past about what a giant piece of shit she is.

After I went to the library and the gym yesterday, I got back to my room and saw this story about Trump naming the clerk as an excuse for a gag order going into effect. When I got to the gym today, some woman said, "He's gay," in the stretching area and then said, "That's the real reason why he signed up here," apparently referencing my airdrop, rapid communication by acoustic vibration technique to circumvent the internet censorship bubble that contains everything I can post with my computer. After that, I did my workout. Near the end, the three woman I referenced as arabs started heckling me again, and I see that they are some kind of central asians actually, not arabs. Those hecklers had executed an enveloping maneuver with two other women one-eyeing from the other side in the gym's lobby area. When I finished my workout, I stood in the angle where the one eye stalkers were most directly one-eyeing me. The one whose back was to me as she blocked one of the other woman's eyes with her head kept lifting her camera above her shoulder to take pictures of me, or video or video of me, from just beneath the other woman's single exposed eye. I stood there waiting for them to fuck off, not staring at them, but rather just standing where I had finished my work out.

It took them about 30 minutes to fuck off. As soon as they did, I noticed another pair of one-eye stalkers had appeared. The subsequent one whose one eye I could see was wearing the gym staff shirt, and I think today was his first day since I do not recall seeing him before. After I overpowered the two women with my indominable willpower and defeated them in battle over who would fuck off first, I left the gym and went for a walk. Some man intercepted me at the corner where I usually stop to take a piss, and my first impression was that it was Evil Dad. He was far too enthusiastic when he said HOWDY to me, and I'm not sure if he was a friendly stalker or not. He was not obviously malicious, but he was out of place, and he knew I wouldn't like getting intercepted where I usually stop to piss. A moment after that, some woman came on a very loud PA over the sports field at the high school across the street to say, "REMINDER!!! THE GYM LOBBY WILL BE CLOSED AFTER SCHOOL!" Obviously, this reference the situation at the gym today where I stood still waiting for the two women one-eyeing me from the lobby to fuck off. Her voice on the PA was pretty nice sounding, but the whole thing was just more gangstalker bullshit, which makes it hard to assign a positive connotation, from my perspective.

The PA heckler in conjunction with the HOWDY heckler was some kind of coordinated psychological warfare operation, but I cannot easily determine the sense of it. I suppose the real purpose of the "gag order" is going to make the gym here be the 500th gym I got kicked out of, and thereby "gag" me by making it impossible to do my airdrop, rapid communication, free speech operations while I am working out. The workout is certainly the main reason why I am there; I only do the airdrop in there because I do the airdrop everywhere I can and every time I find myself surrounded by stalkers in public. So, I think they were using jewish reasoning to have the HOWDY and PA hecklers say I was wrong to stand still for 30 minutes after my workout, and the women one-eyeing me for those 30 minutes were fine to do that for 30 minutes, but I am not sure. If the gym manager asks me to talk with him tomorrow, I guess I will know what the real gag order was.

In the gym today, two very ugly women came in to one-eye me from the front desk. Shortly thereafter, two different woman, older ones, surrounded me at the pullup station. One was in a "Uganda" shirt, and the other had a wound on her nose that looked exactly like one of the amputation attacks I suffered in "Russia": one that seemed to me like they were using a liposuction needle of some kind to excavate/remove my subcutaneous tissue to make designs on my face and nose as depressed pits where the sunken skin above the liposuction would not retain the consistency of normal skin. Since the wound on the woman's nose made such an appeal synchronicity, it was probably a mask, and since they were going to make Israel in Uganda originally before the jews simultaneously defeated the Germans and the Americans in WW2, I assume these other two crones, and the first two, were acting on behalf of Satan today through his proxy state "Israel" and the other bodies appended to the Synagogue of Satan, which is called "jewry."

When I left the gym, I inspected my nose closely to see if they amputated some more tissue, and, although I do not think this happened today, I did find another amputation attack that I have not reported yet: that on the left above, which is the first row in the linked image. I noticed that the scars from my nose piercings looked bigger when I was taking pictures of the word "FUCK" stained/bleached into my forehead recently, and, today, with my closer attention and detailed inspection, I see that they have carved another largish gash onto my nose connecting to one of these pre-existing scars. Among the two piercing scars there, the scar further from the tip of my nose is about five times bigger than it used to be. Center above and in the linked image, I remind about the other recent amputation attack on the tip of my nose whose disfiguring mutilation does not require any kind of close inspection at all to see very easily. I never used to be a cleft nose person, but now they have used facial reconstruction surgery to make look like one of them. (They have done this with the mole implants on my forehead and the bridge or my nose to make me look like the detestable heathens Antonio Becciu and Petro Parolin, while another mole implant on my nose and one on my cheek seem to refer to the Sam Hyde persona.)

While I was taking the pictures for this post, I also noticed the dark/discolored spot on the right in the image above. This looks like it may be the a new instance of the wound referenced by the accomplice of the one in the Uganda shirt: a wound I have suffered several times this year and which remains visible in various places despite healing somewhat. In the past, these liposuction pits have darkened and become more obvious in the days following the amputation attacks, so I will be monitoring this to see if they have written another amputated pit depression onto my face alongside the giant gash on the tip of my nose, the other gash on my nostril, and the word FUCK written onto my forehead above about a dozen mole implants on my face in various sizes. (Not to mention the grotesque likeness of a jew's face written onto my penis with some kind of stain or bleaching agent.)

The RAPE DICK suddenly revved up again as I was finishing uploading the 17 photos below to my hosting account. It had been calm all afternoon, but it suddenly started blasting again. I see I had forgotten to secure the door to the bathroom, and they probably came in through the RAPE HATCH to give me a new RAPE DICK implant by attacking me with aggravated sexual battery while they doing the home invasion burglary of my hotel room.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6

Photo 7

Photo 8

Photo 9

Photo 10

Photo 11

Photo 12

Photo 13

Photo 14

Photo 15

Photo 16

Photo 17

This is clearly Dad.

Twice yesterday and twice today, someone used the rape ray on me, if I'm not mistaken, to deposit some little fleck of blue shit on the black mat next to me in the gym. When I went to get coffee, they had put one of the same black hairs from my bathroom on the credit card swipe machine, and there was a bunch of red detritus on the ground where I was standing waiting for the coffee. I got my asshole attacked with the WRIGGLER about 10 times in rapid succession while I was waiting, and the guy who's been taking my order every day fucked it up and told me that I wanted it without milk when my specific instructions about how I want the half and half in the cup before the coffee have been the main part of our previous, very memorable interactions. After that, when I picked up the pudding in the store, the same one I've been buying every morning, the container was covered with little flecks of black shit, and there was another little fleck of black shit on the pudding when I peeled off the plastic. It looks like they hired a jew to work at the self check out area in that grocery store where they keep poisoning my coffee, and the suspected jew approached me to initiate an unsolicited verbal interaction while I was trying to do the self check-out without staff interactions. Although the MEGA RAPE DICK I got yesterday morning seemed to go away, there is a new persistent rape dick that was present all last night, and it is still present this morning. Overall, this bullshit about the Congress kicking the can with the continuing resolution seems like total bullshit. Rather, I think it was the re-empowerment of the people who are fucking with me, and even if they aren't poisoning all the stuff in the store, the theatric designed to suggest poisoning are suddenly greatly increased. Almost certainly, I was poisoned again this morning but I don't know if it was the coffee, or if they're poisoning my food now. I don't feel terrible like I got MEGA-dosed, but I do feel like I got poisoned, and I do feel like the coffee was not properly caffeinated. That store just restocked the pudding which had gotten down to one container on the shelf, and I would not be surprised to learn that all of the new containers are poisoned. My rapist Helene yelled YUP! on the LRAD when I made the comment about all of the pudding being poisoned.

As was obviously implied following the MEGA LRAD FUCK YOU wake up notification this morning, the people in the stretching area at the gym had arranged the mats so that the only available space was next to some ugly bitch that was an obvious Satanist. I think Jed's dad was in that area too, no doubt pouting over his totally failed attempt to graft his piece of shit son onto me with a forced childhood friendship. After that, I moved to the main area to do legs. There, I think it was either Helene or someone done up to suggest Helene that was pissing me off, and whom I moved away from pretty quickly. After that, I moved again and it seemed like I got in front of some other jew, so I moved yet again. When I stopped, the RAPE DICK stalker from the gym who I mentioned before, the one that makes obscene faces at me, was waiting to peak at me with one eye past the edge of the yoga room whose window I was using as a makeshift mirror. When I saw him, some other guy that seemed ok came and got between us to leer at him from the outside. I hope the party represented by the third man will torture the one-eye man to death and kill his family forthwith.

After the gym, I went to the grocery store. There was a big yellow dog waiting at the coffee place, and that may or may not have been a fraud yellow dog. The coffee staff had put some dollop of cream out in the pickup area, and that had mysteriously disappeared when the guy handed me the container of half and half to pour my own cream into my coffee. I might have simply not noticed the cream getting picked up, but I was standing right over it, and it was a double-weird thing to happen since the cream mysteriously disappeared as I was pouring my own cream. Whatever it was, the coffee didn't taste good, and I think they gave me decaf, as I suspect was the case on Friday too. When I left the grocery store, a new MEGA RAPE DICK started blasting in my asshole, and I don't know if I got that in the gym or in the store. Someone in the store yelled GET OUT! as I was leaving, and I got some pretty nasty heartburn after I ate and drank the coffee today. This was not unexpected since the jews will surely want to emphasize my disappointment at the continuation of my problem into Q4, but it is still strange because I've been buying the same thing every morning and not getting heartburn at all until today. Something was worse, and this heartburn reflects some kind of new escalation, if I'm not mistaken. I did take a laxative yesterday, so I can't rule out that it was my own fault in some way upsetting my own stomach, but the coffee tasted bad and was not strong at all, and the thing with the dollop of heavy cream mysteriously disappearing as soon as the yellow dog walked away and I poured my own cream seems like the kind of mockery that jews enjoy very much.

After I got back to the hotel, I asked to change rooms. When I did, the other Satanist with the WICKED HEATHEN tattoo on her chest called me "Love" so as to associate herself with the evil character in my novel. I asked to move away from the room with the RAPE HATCH (306), and she gave me 314. There were pubes that had been put through a curling iron to make art on the floor of the bathroom in 314. This was also unsurprising because she clearly said CIA! while pretending to say SEE YA! earlier. I asked to move again since the bathroom was gross, and she gave me 322. There were no pubes in the bathroom, and I moved my stuff into that room. When I went downstairs to return the luggage cart and then returned to the room, however, the floor in the bathroom had covered with several pubic hairs and long black head hairs again, exactly like the ones they keep putting in the stairwell. So, the RAPE DICK and PUBIC HAIR ART problems continue, the LRAD problem got worse today, and the poison situation at the grocery store got worse too unless maybe they intercepted me to squirt something into my food and/or drink in my car after I left, possibly while I was stopped at redlight, which was a common occurrence in Atlanta, unless I am mistaken.

Some jew dressed as an Indian came into the 7/11 after the so-called Christians around here refused to exterminate the jews for the millionth time. The WRIGGLERS had been mostly absent today, but now they are back this evening.

UPDATE: I've got a 9:00 ZAPPER in my asshole again. That's new tonight and I haven't had one of those in quite a while. this evening.

UPDATE 2: Seems like I have a new ZAPPER in my ass crack too.

The GIANT NODULE brain-scanning implant disappeared from my asshole in the last day or two. Previous experience suggests I will be finding a new one in my asshole forthwith. Also, I just renewed my hotel room key for another week, and some guy was down there at the desk with a work order of some kind for 308: the room next to mine where I assume the RAPE HATCH's entrance is found. The RD is so going, unfortunately. It is relatively low (with relatively low being EXTREMELY HIGH relative the absensce of RD, but it is distinctly there still.

Israel: Female IDF soldiers suspected of sex with jailed terrorist

>Several female Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers serving as prison guards are suspected to have had consensual sexual relations with a Palestinian convict responsible for deadly terror attacks

I wonder if they're meaning to say that I consented to having them bleach the word fuck into my forehead because they were also sexually torturing me when they did it. On the day of that encounter, the people on the 105.1 WAVA Paulite radio were grilling me to see if I had noticed that they attacked me with the WRIGGLER when I arrived in front of the grocery store where the jew was lying in wait. I certainly did, but I think you have to be extremely jewish to conclude that I consented to something because my rapists were sexually torturing me before and after they were raping and mutilating me.

Overall, I think these jews have some protocol where if they tell someone on the subway that they're going to steal their phone and sell it to a pawn shop, the person automatically consents to having their phone stolen and sold if they just ignore the person that started bothering them. In particular, even while my anal WRIGGLER implants are going off dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of times per day, I noticed that one of them was used to sexually torture me when I got to the grocery store where the jew in the krav maga shirt seems to have poisoned my coffee under the supervision of the Virginia state compliance officer. That was the same day I noticed the word FUCK stained into my forehead. I think they have some protocol that says I consent to whatever they want as long as while they do it they also sexually torture me with the device that they put into a stab wound they made in my asshole while they were anally raping me earlier. If a man tells a woman at the grocery store that he's going to start fisting her asshole and she just ignores him, has she really consented to getting her asshole fisted by the stranger in the grocery store? Obviously not, but the jews and the judenhelpers on 105.1 WAVA Paulite radio seem to have a different opinion on that than I do.

Given the gangstalker theater on the radio about whether or not I noticed the WRIGGLER attack in front of the store, I think they're saying I consented to getting raped and mutilated because I ignored the rape device up my asshole being used against me, as I always do, other than to post it on my blog if it happens while I'm in front of my computer, which it has tens or hundreds of thousands of times, just in 2023. Perhaps the presence of the man in the "Virginia State Compliance Department" polo was meant to emphasize that the rape was in some way "compliant" with the Satanic protocols of the Antarctica facility. It is as if they think that by raping me and implanting me with their sexual torture devices, they have fashioned me into their slave (non-consensual) such that I have to let the course of my life be guided by my rapists: either I run away every time they start torturing me, or I consent to whatever happens when I don't run away by virtue of my decision not to run away. Is the jogger in the park consenting to a murder-rape when she doesn't turn around at the sight of every weird hobo? According the jews, I guess the answer is yes, and according to the judenhelpers on 105.1 WAVA Paulite radio. Either way, running away or consenting by default, that would make me their slave. That is preposterous, firstly, and, secondly, I don't have to subscribe to their bullshit rape protocols merely because they have riddled my body with their sexual torture devices during any number of previous anal rapes.

I think this is some wrongful extension of the condition under which a woman is said to consent to a man's sexual advances by her silence. However, even then, they are using the rape ray on me to turn my brain off so that I can't fight back against them, and that makes it impossible for me to consent since I am unconscious. Even then again, however, the likeness of the present situation to sexual relations between a man and a woman is non-existent. Furthering a line of rhetoric that is totally irrelevant, if they say that ignoring the sexual torture device is consent for rape, then how did the first sexual torture device get in there without my alleged consent by ignoring a rape notification? That couldn't have been something from Exide's fraud since they were doing that me probably as far back as 2010-ish when they implanted some awful electroshock device where my femur meets my pelvis.

Mainly, people using the sexual torture devices against me that they implanted across hundreds or thousands of previous aggravated sexual batteries and anal rapes doesn't put me under any obligation. Any suggestion that I was ensnared in some obligation by their anal rapes and sexual torture implants necessarily suggests that they succeeded in making me into their slave, which is false. I guess they're saying I consented to getting raped in the store because I didn't run away after they used the WRIGGLER on me, but I did not consent. They are liars. Everyone who subscribes to this standard of consent, jew or not, is going to burn in hell forever, and their families probably will too. That shit they put up my ass and in my dick and balls and eyes and hands and feet, etc, has literally nothing to do with me. I didn't become ensnared in their sociological bullshit when they implanted these devices inside me. That's their thing, not mine.

I have probably misidentified the bright white vertical line as something disconnected from the FUCK disfiguration. When I include the line, none of the letters are backwards.

None of the pictures I posted really show the obviousness of the marking as it appears in real life, so I used the contrast adjustment on this one. This is more lifelike than the others, but erring somewhat on the side of too much contrast.

On closer inspection, it looks like they have bleached the word FUCK onto my forehead next to the line. I'd been noticing the line for a while. I'd guess they wrote FUCK just recently after I posted where they bleached a face onto the head of my dick. I can't say with certainty that it hasn't been there for a while, however.

Fuck head 1

Fuck head 2

Fuck head 3

I'm not sure what this brown shit all over my head now is, but it was not there at all before I went to "Russia." It looks like whoever was bleaching my dick also bleached a line onto my forehead where I have woken up with five dozen similar marks inflicted as deep scratches in recent years. Someone in /ng/ made some comment this year like, "If I was poisoning you, I'd use heavy metals to damage your liver and give you liver spots," and that's my best guess for what this is, other than the geometric line segment which I assume is bleach on top of the disfigurement due to heavy metals poisoning.

Supporting Evidence 1

Supporting Evidence 2

Supporting Evidence 3

Supporting Evidence 4

Supporting Evidence 5

Supporting Evidence 6

Supporting Evidence 7

Supporting Evidence 8

Supporting Evidence 9

Supporting Evidence 10

Supporting Evidence 11

I recently sent a budget to whoever sends me money from an account with Helene's name on it every month. The budget showed my minimal living expenses with a modest additional allotment for unspecified and/or irregular personal expenses. The personal expenses were denied, but now the payer is actually going to be coughing up my basic living expenses so I don't have to live in a car anymore: shelter, food, and transportation. This is a turn for the better since the last adjustment to the payment slashed it to about half of what my living expenses were before inflation started.

However, "the union" shouldn't be too happy with the current budgetary concessions since permanently running on $0 after expenses is not really a good life, and every time I try to live somewhere other than a car, whoever is paying my expenses also pays ~100x more for my rapists to install a rape hatch in my bathroom and use sewer drones to poison my water. Even though I can afford a roof over my head under the new payment, I still cannot afford a roof over my head with a reliable source of clean running water, or one with any security against rapists, poisoners, and mutilators using the space I rent as their own private rape theater with their own private trapdoor entrance in my bathroom. All the places I can afford still have walls shared with adjacent the units where they will always install rape hatches, and my rapists are always going to be the rape-hatch-approving owners of the properties that I can afford to rent.

If something radically different does not occur, I'll never have enough money for a home of my own in a jurisdiction where rape hatches are not allowed. I would like to have enough money to stay some place without a rape hatch and where burglars and rapists aren't going to make new pubic hair art in the bathroom every time I leave, where I can store toothpaste without it getting poisoned so that it costs $7 basically every time I want to brush my teeth, and where I can store groceries without them getting immediately poisoned when I accidentally forget to secure the door to the bathroom. Even renting such a place would be a big improvement, and even living in a car where at least the inside of my car was secure would be a big improvement, but I will never have anywhere near the resources needed to protect against that under the current stipend regime, barring some radical change in the status quo.

According to my counterparty in whatever has caused them to finally decide that living in a car is not a sufficient standard of living, it's too much for me to think I should be able to live some place without a rape hatch and a dozen pubic hair ideograms per week in the toilet.

New York judge finds Donald Trump liable for fraud

>"Today, a judge ruled in our favor and found that Donald Trump and the Trump Organization engaged in years of financial fraud,"

>The judge canceled the business certifications of the Trump entities that are defendants in the case, including the Trump Organization, and said a receiver will be put in place to "manage the dissolution" of the corporate entities.

This brings to mind the meeting in December 2016, after Trump won the election but before the inauguration, where I thought he appeared at Exide disguised as Dave Morrison, Putin was disguised as Rod Williams, and Devin Nunes was disguised as David Feldkamp. Unlike the other weekly meetings with these like-named people, I had no idea about the context or significance of any of the workunits they were citing by four-digit numerical identifiers. Usually, I knew what we were talking about, but not at this one meeting where I heard a lot of workunit ID that I had never heard and never heard about again. To the extent that Exide's business data was organized around "MCUs," which they said meant "business units" but really meant "masonic center units" this was around the time the "ILMMCU" started being mentioned a lot. Industrial Light and Magic is a prominent jewish production-side firm in Hollywood, and the writers' and actors' guild big-picture bottom-liners seem like they would be opposed to the ILMMCU. Very shortly after this meeting in December 2016, my desk got moved in the building that Google maps says is the Milton, GA police HQ where I believe they have a torture chamber. Obviously, Trump's intention in growing Barron by in vitro fertilization the womb of Stormy Daniels with one of Ivanka's eggs was to skip me out of my own inheritance and have it go the little piece of shit he claims is his son with Melania: the unpassable tranny. I think this meeting was the apex of the murder conspiracy, where they meant to formally establish Barron as the heir to my own inheritance by getting rid of me. (I can also say that my jewish co-worker "Rob Webb" at the Exide office on Webb Rd looked very much like Spielberg.) Maybe the Corporate entities that are going to get dissolved here are the fruits of the Exide fraud.

SAG-AFTRA strike: All eyes on actors union following tentative deal between studios and writers

So, even while it doesn't seem to me like the Congress will be able to force the issue of Exide's fraud contract(s), the image above looks very much like someone who was elated to have that white trash piece of shit Erin Tooker in place to poison my coffee last Friday. I haven't seen her since, I am very glad to say, and I hope his celebrations were premature, and that he is presently displeased. The auto worker's union, the actors' guild, and the writers' guild seem more like the kind of organizations that could force this issue even when the Congress probably cannot, or these unions and guilds are public-facing proxies for some non-governmental parties strong enough to force the issue.

Fauci Was 'Smuggled' Into CIA Headquarters To "Influence" Covid-19 Origins Investigation: Select Subcommittee

>Dr. Anthony Fauci was smuggled into CIA headquarters, "without a record of entry,"

>Fauci's alleged CIA meeting was revealed

>CIA bribed analysts to say Covid-19 did not originate in a Chinese lab.

>six of the seven members

>Chairman Wenstrup is seeking all documents and communications related to Dr. Fauci's access to CIA facilities and CIA employees as it relates to these allegations

This sounds like what I was recently saying about how I never worked for the CIA, and the only reason anyone might be telling people that I did (as far as I can tell) is that they are trying to cover up what they did after they failed to frame me for my own murder. There is no record of me ever entering the CIA because I never entered it, and if being a CIA "asset" requires my consent, then I was never that either. Obviously, no amount of fake CIA COOs name "Andrew Make Right Dis" will ever be able to make it right, and what they did to me is not at all the most brazenly wicked of their countless and ongoing evils. Only I will make it right (as it is written) and settling with them via some mutually acceptable outcome is what I will absolutely not be doing. Everything mutually acceptable is off the table. When we get to that point, I'm the one that's going to be doing the figurative raping (distinct from the literal raping that the CIA is famous for.)

The bribing sounds like they got all the people who said my research was awesome, and the likely source of things such as "golf rumors" and "hypersonic missiles," to say that I'm actually retarded, as pictured above.

I hope the Congress is able to get its hands on the fraud docs that Exide's "Mr Gay" would not give to me when I went asking for right around five years ago, but I think the Congress has totally castrated itself with 100s of years of legislation and will not get to the bottom of the mystery. Whatever fraud they enacted with their fraudulent hiring contract (fraudulent via fraudulent misrepresentation), seems to be ongoing. Five years ago today, I had already emailed the HR manager Maureen Cirillo requesting confirmation that everything contractual to come of my hiring and employment in 2016 and 2017 had been terminated when I terminated my employment in January of 2017. She had told me that she could not confirm it, and told me I'd need to talk to "Rhonda Leeper" who must have been Helene' Mini Me Rhonda Capone that had followed me from Elavon (where she appeared at FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe's desk suddenly one day), to Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions, and then to Exide during my employment as an office bitch 2014-2017. I was never able to reach "Rhonda," and I was stonewalled by "Mr Gay" who had the cops issue me a criminal trespass notice before they took me to jail. The CT notice made it illegal for me to continue my efforts, and now I think "Biden's" main corruption scandal is that he saying the fraud agreements from Exide are still in effect, i.e.: "Biden's attorneys responded that the agreement was still in effect and that, 'Mr. Biden has been and will continue to follow the conditions of that Agreement.'" I would cite Helene, who was the CIA Director in her 'Gina Haspel persona until her accomplice from Daisy's destruction became elected Commander-in-Chief in 2021, as another person who also claims the fraud contracts are still good.

To the extent that I have shown that the main point of COVID was to empower the Fed to print another $5T, I will be happy to bankrupt the Fed when the fraud contract is voided and the losses I suffered have to be remedied in full via the "made whole" clause for damages in cases of fraudulent misrepresentation. It says Fauci was at the CIA working on COVID, and I think they're saying that in exchange for getting to be a CIA office bitch of some sort for about $10/hr, I said the Fed could help themselves to $5,000,000,000,000 of my money for more QE, or something like that.

Premature Celebration: Ford Says Still "Significant Gaps" To Close In UAW Negotiations

>"Ford is serious about reaching a deal," but "It's a different story at GM and Stellantis."

Maybe they didn't get the 12 month extension on the anal rape authorization after all.

The RAPE DICK started in the middle of my workout today rather than right after I left, and it definitely wasn't a "punishment" for talking about anything weird because I was 100% normal in there today.

When I was just going to the bathroom in the bathroom where I am certain a rape hatch has been installed, someone banged on the wall loudly next to me in the hall, directly adjected to my position in a hall that is ~100 yards long, and then I noticed a more pubic hair art placed directly in front of me. Now the RAPE DICK is as bad as it's been all day again, indicating that I was probably given three separate RAPE DICK implants or re-charges today, and the 3:00 OUTER WRIGGLER is suddenly going in the non-stop OUTER WRIGGLER mode to which I am very well accustomed by now.

It comes as no surprise to see the feature that my rapists most recently wrote onto my face by amputating part of my nose so prominently on this cunt's face.

Today, I believe Sera Kim and Chris Moriarty were both stalking me in the gym. Someone put some tangle of white hair on the floor behind me within about one minute of me putting my bag down, and there was some long tangle of black hair in my shoe when I left. I obviously got raped in there again today because the RD was very much worse as soon as I left, and that is an example of "the weaponization of the DOJ to use 'FBI terrorist threat tags' against people that 'speak out' at 'school board meetings.'" (Since I have been getting new RAPE DICK everyday anyways, I do not perceive this as a deterrent against my current course.) When the object of the scandal here is that the FBI is treating protected speech as terrorism, that's them using my "speech" in "a public space" as an excuse to put something up my ass. After I left the gym, I think they gave that other FBI piece of shit Erin a job working at the Starbucks where I order my coffee after I leave the gym. It did not seem to me like she poisoned it, but I may be mistaken about that. Usually when I get poisoned, it's pretty obvious. I remarked aloud on my opinion that it was Erin twice while I was in the store. A small child behind me yelled YUP the first time I did it, and two adults in front of me yelled YUP when I repeated the remark a minute later.

I took a few pictures in the bathroom in the mirror, and then a few pictures by the window, and in the few minutes before I went back to take some pictures in the bathroom without the mirror, someone used the rape hatch to stick pubes to the upper end and the lower end of the piece of tape I'm using to secure the door. The RAPE DICK that seemed to subside after I trook a shower earlier is now completely back in place after I exposed myself to to the rape hatch while taking these pictures. Overall, the pattern of the three spots is like the pattern of the three giant spots that Helene bleached off of her face so she could start telling the white girls of whom she was jealous that she was actually one of them. However, I think I see a distinct frowny face stained onto the head of my dick: two eyes and an upside down smile: 100% completely obvious there. Maybe it was Helene's friend and not Helene herself, however, the one Helene supports over me whose teeth she was so keen to imply were better than mine. I think I see Shit Eye's face drawn on my dick.

Frowny face.

Hig contrast.

Someone has tattooed some pattern of whitish spots onto the head of my dick. I was noticing it the other day and that kike my rapist Helene came on the LRAD to proudly exclaim YUP!, and she did it again when I was looking at it in the mirror just now. So I guess mutilating my penis is ok now too, according to the jews that Helene supports with her warfighting activities against me, such as Helene herself. I will post a picture later when the steam clears off the mirror in the bathroom.

A road near my hotel called Willard motivated me to watch the movie Willard, which I have been meaning to watch since it came out. The police code when Willard was getting approached by a cop car was something about 2-11 and 3-16. "Two eleven" and "three sixteen" say "Tooker, John," and I'm pretty sure Socrates and Big Ben were supposed to be Good Dad and Evil Dad. I'm not sure exactly what was going on when Willard watched Ermey kill Socrates and then lament how there was nothing he could have done. Other than that, the prominent feature on the end of Glover's nose is strikingly well timed with this latest round of facial reconstruction surgery writing the same feature onto my face. Glover has a pretty strong Rod Williams thing about him too.

In the gym today, I was quietly muttering about some things, including how the claim of Helene's brother Charles on the British throne is inferior to my own, and that little piece of shit George is grown from my stolen semen, not from the semen of Helene's nephew William. Right after that, I noticed a curled up black rubber band at my feet, seeming to ape the pubic hair art they've putting in my room and all the stairwell I pass through. When I looked up from the rubber band, I quickly noticed someone on the treadmill wearing a shirt that said LANGLEY on it, and he pointed to the word on shi shirt as if to intimate that he had placed the rubber band at my feet after I made some comment in his direction (which he could not have heard directly due to the distance between us.) After I found the rubber band, I left and went to the grocery store where I discovered that both of my shoes had come untied. When I got back from the grocery, what seemed like a new RAPE DICK revved up, and I suspect I was anally raped in the gym today, and that they gave me new sexual torture implants in my anus while they were raping me in the gym full of about 50 people. After that, I went for a walk and I guess they must have used a local anesthetic while they were raping me and stabbing me in the asshole, because the burning pain of fresh 9:00 ANAL RAPE TRAUMA grew as I was walking so that I have returned to my room with a giant, burning, swollen, stinging wound on my anus. They also had a Tooth Cunt interceptor waiting for me in a minivan when I got back to the hotel. Overall, this is quite a nasty wound they inflicted on my anus today. It hurts. Someone already cut a pretty big hole into the side of the brand new shoes I just bought, and they may have done more than that because the foot in the show that the ruined already became very irritated on my walk today.

Somehow, I have suddenly become Helene's full-time office bitch again, but now the pay is very much lower than it was when I walked away from $100k in 2017. I wonder if she's going to put me to the test again, refusing to give me money unless I beg for it.

It looks like it's getting to be about that time again.

Helene recently hired a lawyer to make me grovel for double digit amounts of money every day after she stopped sending the monthly payments and doing the receipt reimbursement which has been the norm since I got out of jail after my last shoplifting charge. However, the so-called lawyer has been making an obscene mockery of my intention to communicate with her, and I told her today that I was done with her bullshit, and if I end up on the street like I did last time I refused to beg Helene for a dollar every day, then that's what would happen. The so-called lawyer sent this "not my intention to mock" response with her mocking comment about there not being an endless supply of money. However, the intention is very much to mock because the inheritance Helene and her friends stole from me is called, among other things, "the White Spiritual Boy infinite bank accounts" precisely because the money is endless. (These are certainly the accounts fraudster Robert Garrett was alluding to at Elavon with the multiple feeler-outer comments about, "I'd want to know what is in my accounts," that he made in my direction.)

Helene is only interested in making me constantly beg for another dollar every day, and the bullshit this lawyer is asking me to put up with sending her more emails begging everyday is exactly like the job I walked away from to become homeless when I decided that the bullshit wasn't worth the money. Anyways, the so-called attorney's response proves that the whole thing is a mockery, and I'm not going to entertain it. This could become a big turn for the worse for me if I lose that tiny trickle of poverty-tier money that has been coming into my bank account every month.

This is something I've had on my mond for a few years.

Back in 2013, the CIA was going to get Eric Weinstein to steal my theory under the name Geometric Unity. However, the developing Geometric Unity story was interrupted by the Snowden story, and it never came back. Weinstein got a new job working for gay Freddy Krueger P2 PayPal guy Peter Thiel, and now he's a CIA internet shill. I infer that Snowden leaked not only the public information about data collection, but also information about the CIA's conspiracies against me. (I believe the pseudonym Snowden references the title of my mother: the Countess of Snowdon.) The Obama unmasking scandal was about revealing Snowden's real identity so they could do Daisy's destruction to his daughter, which they did. Among the three torturers in that video, Helene was The Woodman (the woman), Joseph George Tooker was The Solipsist (or someone named Tooker if I have the first names wrong), and Carlos "The Jackal" Cavalcanti was Jacob666.

Kyle Odom shooting that preacher in the head six times with a .45 at point blank range was an allusion to the way Helene and her CIA accomplices survived the exposure of their wrongdoing by Snowden because they USA itself is evil and 100% committed to the course of evil charted by its senior officers. There is a popular image were Apu is punching the demiurge, and it shows him doing 1HP damage to the demiurge's 100000HP with a POW! attack, and that is the same thing. I think the March 7, 2016 date of the Odom shooting may align exactly with the event in which I arrived behind the 191 truck from Joey and Steve's food delivery business, which I believe led the rescue of the man called "The Nobody" now, probably due to so much of his flesh and bone having been cut away.

After the above, Daisy's destruction made Helene's career. She became the CIA Director on February 2, 2017, and her first official act was to mutilate another faithful man's daughter in the video now called Frazzled Rip. Helene and her friends are not my people or my supporters, but they are the chiefs of those who make war on my people and my supporters, and the CIA is the name of their organization. With Daisy's destruction and Frazzled Rip on her resume, not to mention her successful 2007 and 2016 fraud operations against me, the CIA made her their Director, and she remained in that position until her accomplice from Daisy's Destruction, The Solipsist, was elected as the commander-in-chief of the whole USA in his Biden mask. In the interim there somewhere, they changed the CIA logo to the celebration of Daisy's destruction pictured above. This was their retaliation when Snowden undermined their plan to ruin my life worse than they already had by getting me expelled from college, and doing who-knows-what other things of which I am not yet aware, along with things that I am aware of already. They were going to say some jew was the real author of my research, but they had to stop that, and Daisy's destruction was their response. The proposition that I joined the people ruining my life and making what I hear is the worst torture video ever made in response to the actions of the only man willing to stand up for me, and other similar things, is insane. If Burns isn't one of them, then Burns only got hired to make it look like the CIA is something other than what it really is.

I have been intercepted by two Harvey Weisntein-looking interceptors in the last two days. (I was also intercepted by a Tom Cruise interceptor on my walk yesterday with a giant cleft carved into his disguise nose seeming to mock this latest round of facial mutilation rape surgery that I have been subjected to via a collaboration of the jews and the USA.) One of the Harvey Weinstein interceptors was waiting in front of the grocery store where I bought my coffee, and this, "I fuck you, J," ID suggests that they did poison my coffee. It didn't taste fresh, but now this tingling in my mouth suggests that I may have gotten mega-dosed with meth. I've been drinking one cup of coffee per day, and the one I drank today is the same one I've been drinking. However, I bet it will be almost impossible for me to go to sleep tonight because the joint representative of the USA and the the jews poisoned my coffee. There was some Robert Garrett-themed lard ass working at the Starbucks in the store who I had not seen before, and I was wondering if his face was just stupid looking, or if he was kind of giving me stink eye. I suspect now that it was the latter, and this very strong tingling in my mouth suggests some powerful poison. Meth is my guess.

The other day I made a post, here or on 4chan, saying something like, "Everyone who said I'm a CIA agent is going to get killed, bar none." I thought about changing it at the time to "everyone who says" rather than "everyone who said," but then I did not do it. However, I think my post was inaccurate as it was posted. It should have said, "Everyone who said I am or was a CIA agent or similar is going to get killed, except for maybe a few," or, "Everyone who says I am or was a CIA agent or similar is going to get killed, bar none." I don't know what kind of crazy insanity someone would have to have in their mind to think the kingdom of God is going to get built on a foundation of lies, but the real object of my current anger is everyone who says now that I am or was a CIA agent/employee/helper/etc. When they have been posting "the nobody is a cat" very much lately on /ng/, I thought that was reference to a homosexual. However, perhaps this is the context of those people I hate that are constantly posting cat's noses too close to a camera. Cat almost spells CIA, so I may have misunderstood. Whatever it is, everyone who suggest that I am now or ever was a CIA agent/worker/etc is going to get killed, bar none. That's all bullshit.

To the extent that Snowden said the KGB asked him if he wanted to become a KGB asset before he declined the offer, I think becoming an asset must also require consent, in which case I was never a CIA asset either. I don't doubt, however, that the predicate of Helene's 2007 mortgage contract fraud was to begin fucking me to death by establishing me fraudulently as a CIA asset before she and her friends tried to move forward with the full murder conspiracy in 2016 via Exide's employment contract fraud that would have established me as a CIA agent/employee/helper/etc. I was never anything like that. Helene started raping me in the 1980s, probably already raping me for the CIA back then. It was all just the build up to the failed murder conspiracy when they promoted her to CIA Deputy Director on the day Exide cut off my pay in February 2017 after I terminated my employment in January. I understand she remained in that position until my 38th birthday when she was promoted from Deputy Director to Director. As the lifelong waver of the flag of my rapists, it is no coincidence that she was promoted to rapist-in-chief on my birthday.

Although Helene certainly has people convinced that she was involved in Exide's fraud conspiracy to ensure that they did not murder me, I remind about what she said when Joey, Steve, and their friends tricked me into walking into "the backroom" under the guise of moving some furniture. (This is actually the front room in the Collins Cold Storage Warehouse on Southside Industrial Pkwy near the Atlanta airport.) They were trying to pull the trap door on my to drop me into the backrooms maze, and when they were getting the figurative sign-offs, my rapist Helene said, "If he dies, he dies," because she not only didn't give shit if they murdered me or not, but she broke character in her greediness to finally see me dead. Then, later, after the hiring manager at Exide had defrauded me wearing a disguise that was like Steve's face on a body about a foot too short, they moved desk in December 2016 from the building registered as Exide in Google maps to a building tha Google said was actually the Milton, GA police department HQ. (I believe Milton was at that time the newest city in Georgia, and it may still be.) The hiring manager who was also my office manager when I started working, Rodney Williams (not to be confused with Helene's alias Rodelene Williams where both of them were called "Rod Williams"), had been making several forced remarks about how they had "white rooms" in the building that we were moving to, but I never saw any rooms over there that seemed like they could be called white. There was only one door over there that I could not open, and it was the one right across from Rod's new office. When I asked him about it, he laughed and said, "Haha, no. You can't open that door." I think that was actually a "red room," a torture chamber, and it was what Rod had been gloating about deceptively with his several forced mentions of "white rooms" in the new office.

So, once again they moved me to the entrance to certain death (or worse), and any suggestion that Helene wouldn't have said, "Go ahead and kill that piece of shit," again like she did when they tried the same thing around 2012 is preposterous. They were all trying to murder me, even if some of my rapists' loyal henchman weren't active in the murder conspiracy.