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National Archives Sued, Reveals Existence Of 82,000 Pages Of Joe Biden Emails Using Pseudonym

>Republicans have asked NARA for an un-redacted document that indicates that then-Vice President Biden took a call with the president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, on May 27, 2016.

This May 27, 2016 date is about two weeks before I got fired from Lexis Nexis. It's probably right around the time my boss' boss "George" lied to say that he hadn't seen any evidence of "bad faith" in the hundreds of emails that I copied him on: the ones which ended up getting leaked as the notoriously, obviously, incriminatingly derogatory "DNC hack." Late May 2016 would have been not long after I discovered that "Rhonda Capone" had followed me from Elavon to Lexis Nexis where she was using the pseudonym "Sharon Maloney."

I have some weird sore inside my nose today, and another weird sore inside my lip, just below my nose, and it looks like they attacked me with the bleach on my face again. They must be poisoning me here with whatever discolored my scalp in "Russia" too since the discoloration is creeping down my forehead now. I think it's pretty easy to see another Shit Eye face stained onto my forehead today just below where they wrote the word "Fuck." It's pretty much identical to the Shit Eye face that they bleached onto my dick recently. Maybe it's supposed to be a Shit Eye jack-o-lantern. Anyway, I suppose they started poisoning me with disfiguring poison again around they same time they started injecting these mole implants all over my body again, and around the time they gave five new ZAPPERS about 1mm down from the head of my dick, several new SCROTUM ZAPPERS and PUBIC AREA ZAPPERS, PUBIC AREA WRIGGLERS, etc.

High contrast

Splotchy brown stains extend much further down my forehead now 1

Splotchy brown stains extend much further down my forehead now 2

I've got the Daisy's destruction crowd starting shit with me at the 7/11 now so they can threaten to attack me when I tell them not to touch me.

ADL Caves After 'Libs of Tik Tok' Levies Legal Threat Over Defamation

ADL capitulation to Twitter pretty much marked the onset of the current problem with getting not just raped and poisoned all the time, but permanently mutilated all the time now too. I think maybe the skeletal mutilator implant and the bout of nose amputations I had in "Russia" earlier this year were the only times (post-2016) that the mutilation attacks exceeded their current levels. (I cite post-2016 to exclude the giant mole implants on my nose and forehead meant to make me look like Becciu et al. in general staff of the Church of Satan.)

It seems like I got about 10 new implants today. One on my face, two on my dick, one near my dick, one on my ball sack, one on my leg, and one up my ass, at least, if I'm not mistaken. There's suddenly some new irritated region inside my left nostril too, and that's not unrelated, I'd guess. The people around here sure did transition from fucking with me a little less than normal to about as much as I've ever seen them do it, and they changed right after Israel started complaining about those worthless dead jews that Hamas killed. I haven't taken a regular piss in weeks since I am constantly mega-dosed with some poison, estrogen I think, that restricts my stream of urine, and I got pretty close to ten new mole implants all over my body since those so-called jews in Palestine got killed a few weeks ago.

I went to the Chinese buffet near my hotel a few minutes ago. Since I came back, they already attacked me with a new UPPER DICK ZAPPER, a new RIGHT PUBIC AREA ZAPPER, and a new RIGHT LEG ZAPPER. The necrotic foot interceptor was waiting for me in the hall when I came back as well.

In addition to the one at 9:00 going off all the time, it seems like I have picked up another new ZAPPER on my dick around 6:00-7:00. My whole UPPER DICK ZAPPER situation got immediately worse after I mentioned the origin of my DICK ZAPPER problem to the SWITCHAROO stalker last week ("Chauvin" stabbing me in the dick in "Albuquerque.")

Either they implanted these other two moles on my right arm today, or they did it in the past few days and I just noticed it today. Now I have these pairs of white dot or mole/mole-wart implants on both or my arms and at least one of my legs, and even though I am showing that they are doing it basically all the time again, everyone around here persists in letting them go ahead and keep doing it, and they will all burn in hell forever when I punish them for their wickedness. When I was taking the pictures of the pair of white spots bleached onto my left arm, I noticed a pair of moles there that I hadn't already posted, and they are posted now below:

Two new white mole/wart/dots on my right arm 1

Two new white mole/wart/dots on my right arm 2

Two white mole/wart/dots on my left arm

Two new white mole/wart/dots on my left arm

Two white mole/wart/dots on my left leg

I started watching 24 again. I'm about halfway through the second season, and I'm wondering if this show wasn't a vehicle for "deep state" (or deeper) planning for the USA in 2024. The license plates all have on-topic code written into them, 762 etc, and the first season ended on my birthday after 9/11 happened mid-season. In the first season, there was a scene with then-Senator Palmer that looked just like Bush's notification of 9/11 when he was reading My Pet Goat to a classroom full of kids. Although there is nothing other than the most superficial likeness between Palmer and that effeminate wimp degenerate Satanist Obama (Helene's baby daddy), the rise of the black senator to the Presidency was written in there too. Watching season two, I think the President's two advisors above are supposed to be these same two people from this 9/11 mural, as far as I recall. You can see the man, "Mike," which may be a "Kike" reference, has the man's ethnic eye thing going on, and the woman has Helene's eyebrow thing.

They had three different Evil Dad interceptors out on my walk today, and the Sam Hyde one passed me twice dressed as an Iranian. Now I have two new implants on my leg that weren't there when I took pictures of my leg a few days ago, and I wouldn't be surprised if I got one each time I passed him. The bigger of the two new mole/mole-warts looks just like the one I got on my cheek when i was staying in Wytheville, VA, and I was just re-looking at that one in the mirror in the past couple of days.

I think I got two more mole or mole-wart implants next to this other unhealing wart/mole thing that is probably never going to heal. My ear has not healed for years since it started suddenly peeling a while ago, and now this bump on my leg started suddenly peeling a month or two ago. Since then, it looks just like the bump on my ear which has not healed for years now, so I assume this is the same biological weapon causing the open wound on my leg. Now I have two new mole implants right next to it, and I passed the Sam Hyde interceptor twice while I was out on my walk today, which may not have been unrelated to these new-seeming disfigurations.

Prosecutor Livid After FBI Refused To Pursue 'Credible' Biden-Ukraine Corruption Allegations, Grassley Reveals 40 Informants

Maybe rather than sending an umpteenth non-binding letter to the object of Congressional oversight, the Congress should legislate authorities to make its oversight requests binding.

After I left, I noticed I parked between the JEW and FBI license plates at Walmart this morning. When I left, I got intercepted by a Harvey Weinstein stalker, which I guess is the affiliation of the betrayer. As soon as I started drinking the milk, they started blasting the RAPE DICK, and then I noticed that my container of milk was covered in little flecks of black shit. I threw that milk in the bushes and went back to the store to get a container not covered in little flecks of black shit. When I did, some man whose family is going to get killed was waiting by the milk to say something about a "second" one before the woman in the checkout area said something about "two." When I went back to the milk, I noticed that almost all of the milk was covered in little flecks of black shit, which was good, in a way, since I thought I had successfully employed the sigil of protection from before I grabbed the first container until I was safely moving on the road. Although I didn't drink very much milk after my workout, a quarter gallon at most, and probably less than that, the little bit of poison made me feel completely disgustingly full and bloated, immediately.

One of these days, gold is going to pass $2k, and it's never going to see the low side of it again.

This "Unprecedented" Fiscal Doom Loop Is Getting Worse

>The Doom Loop occurs as higher interest costs drive higher deficits, forcing the Government to sell more bonds to finance the same. Ceteris paribus, more bond sales lead to higher interest rates which then increase the deficit further. Repeat until there is no market for the bonds. Of course, at that point the Fed is forced to step in and become the buyer of last resort for the bonds to keep the bond market functioning.

The Fed is going to have a hard time stepping in on that without re-upping its QE authorization beyond the current ~$10T limit. Even if it does, another $5T won't last long when interest gets to $5T per year, which the chart above suggests should happen almost immediately.

After disappearing for a while, and after it seemed like I was nodule free for a while, the nodule implant on the last knuckle of my third ring finger has reappeared.

The first thing I noticed about Emmer was that this picture looks like Steve "The Atlanta Child Murderer" Collins, whose nasty hip scar is the obvious inspiration for the tattoo on this woman's hip. (This is Steve Collins of Collins Brothers Produce in Forest Park, GA.) I would not be surprised to learn that this photo was taken on a day when Emmer was lending his likeness to Steve.

I offered a copy of my Bible book to some homeless guy outside of IHOP after the jews poisoned my coffee at the other place. I am pretty sure that Netanyahu's bastard son with a gentile woman was in there gloating about the poisoning, in fact. After I left IHOP (where I threw the coffee away again when I felt like it too was poisoned), I was getting Dad-like vibes from the man I was speaking to. After a while, however, he stuck his hand in my face and he started giving me shit about being a frequent pisser as my LEFT TESTICLE ZAPPER got activated about five dozen times in a row. When I got to the gym after that, they were playing the I'M SO SORRY song on the radio. Unfortunately, I think he stuck his hand in my face so that I wouldn't notice when he and/or his buddy used the RAPE RAY on me to pull the switcheroo so that some other asshole could start mocking me as continuation of the nice conversation I had started with a different man in a similar disguise: the one to whom I had given a copy of my book. If he stuck his hand in my face to distract me from the switcheroo when his buddy appeared to start mocking me, then I can't imagine what he might have been sorry for. If that was the betrayer saying he was sorry for betraying me, then how could he really be sorry if he's still sticking his hand in my face to distract me while they're using the rape ray on me? I think my grievance against him has been that his friends knew they could count on him to fuck me over, and if he stuck his hand in my face to help his friends start mocking me with the RAPE RAY this morning, it's like he's still doing the same thing. I'd say feeling bad doesn't count for much if you don't feel bad enough to stop doing what you say you feel bad about it. So, was that him putting bitter for sweet with his hand-in-the-face maneuver? Maybe it wasn't, and I hope not, but I think it was. Even if they pulled the switcheroo when I glanced away and the other guy was just sticking his hand in my face to be an asshole, why had the former man disappeared if not to facilitate the mockeries of his friend?

I believe I found two of these bleach spots on my left arm.

In addition to a new mole matching the previous mole written onto the back of my calf while I was at the "Long Island Marriott," it seems like they have also bleached a white spot onto my left arm matching the giant mole that got written onto my right arm when I was at the "Long Island Marriott." When this white trash piece of shit faked his own death because he needed to run and hide in light of the attention I was calling to him, I first downloaded his funerary picture, which is the "explode the brains" Scanners t-shirt one. Although the feature was subsequently removed from the photo and they have edited his face somewhat, they had initially inserted a giant black blemish on his arm at the spot of the giant mole on my right arm so as to associate him with my mutilations. I believe he belongs to a clan of men associated with many families whose children are going to be made filthy for the sins of their fathers. I think "Sam Hyde" must be a persona used by the white trash pieces of shit that populate that clan, the P2 masons if I am not mistaken, and I think it's no coincidence that I suddenly got matching mutilations on my arms and legs during the time while it seemed like "Sam Hyde" started following me around again. In fact, it does not seem like he has stopped following me around yet, and I think he is staying in the room directly across the hall from me (the necrotic foot stalker's room), probably with his best friend and #1 enabler: my other rapist Helene. They inserted him as a robot ghost in the recent episode of Rick and Morty, and they said I was giving him power by mentioning him, but that is not the case. The other murderers and killers around him give him power by refusing to kill him.

The pack of condoms thrown in the path at the end of my walk yesterday suggests that the ass full of burning acidic ass juice that appeared immediately after I passed the first of a few Harvey Weinstein stalkers on that walk may not have been a wet fart, but was instead the mess left after a forcible sodomy. I was recently making the comparison that I will not judge it differently if they turn my brain off to make little pieces of trash appear near my feet or if they turn my brain off to fuck me in the ass with their homosexual rape antics, and I think it is quite likely that they did exactly that yesterday. My foot was hurting strangely much when I finished my walk yesterday too, and they may have attacked more than just my brain and my anus, if I am understanding that pack of condoms correctly.

This bifid nose deformity that my rapists and mutilators wrote onto my face in the summer is also not going away, at all. Although I was not having problems with people banging on my ceiling when I was in 322, that problem has suddenly returned since they moved me into 320 on Friday. They did the DRIBBLING attack on the ceiling directly above my head when I started making this post about the bifid nose deformity.

The giant mole on the back of my left calf that got implanted when I was living in the "Long Island Marriott" formed a crusty head about a month or two ago. I picked it off, and it is stubbornly not healing like the similar wound on my right ear. Now, since the problem with the unhealing wound on my left calf began, they have implanted another, matching mutilating mole disfiguration on the back of my right calf. It was not there until recently, and I think I noticed it about a week ago.

I can also remark that the LEFT FOOT ARCH ZAPPER is back to going off 100s of times per day, and the newer RIGHT FOOT ARCH ZAPPER is steadily creeping up in its frequency of attacks as well.

S&P 500 breaks below key level for first time since March as stocks erase summer gains

I find it to be Bobo-ishly ominous that SP500 broke its 200DMA on the same day gold went back above $2k.

This retard with necrotic feet across the hall keeps annoying me by loudly clearing his throat a few feet away from door. (This is the one that that was playing disguise monster with Sam Hyde, if I'm not mistaken.) When I was sleeping yesterday afternoon, he woke me up yelling, "It's me!," outside my door, and then he asked if I could hear him. After a minute or so, I rolled over to check the time on my computer. As soon as I woke the computer from sleep mode, he yelled, "I guess that answers my question," so as to make it known that he was not only antagonizing me directly, but he was also receiving notifications that my computer was waking from sleep. I'm pretty sure he had that worthless piece of shit Jenna on speaker phone when I passed him the stairwell earlier this week too. (In fact, it sounds like that worthless shit Jenna heckling me from the hall right now, just a minute or two after I added the previous sentence about the speaker phone. Even if they kicked out my rapist "Sam Hyde," Jenna is equally sponsored by my rapist Helene who is still very much camped out on the hall in question, and she doesn't travel without an entourage of Satanists.)

Now the other gangstalkers are doing the necrotic foot stalker's same comically exaggerated throat clearing at the places where I get raped and poisoned. They did it at the coffee place the other morning, and a few other places too, I think. In fact, the Jenna heckled me in the coffee place a morning or two before they the throat-clearing and coffee-poisoning operation. Some people yesterday were trying to congratulate me on getting Satan out of my hotel, but the whole end of the hall down here is filled with Satanists even at this point late on the day following the congratulations, which were fully misplaced and ill-informed, if I'm not mistaken. Someone is still making pubic hair art on the toilet not only every time I leave the room, but pretty much every time I look away from the toilet. When I'm showering, it's usually about three or four hair ideograms that magically appear mid-shower when the rapists are coming through the rape hatch as I'm showering. None of that stopped.

A couple of nights ago, "Sam Hyde" was using his anal rape weapon to project his face into my dreams from about 4am until 8am, and I was woken in the middle of the night when my DEEP URETHRA ZAPPER was activated at a highly unusual hour (2023-10-17 05:02:11). The next day after I was attacked with the DEEP URETHRA ZAPPER in the middle of the night, I got a new DEEP URETHRA PAIN INFLICTOR implant at the same place the DEEP URETHRA ZAPPER had woken me up, and I have been having the DUPI problem basically non-stop for two or three days now.

On that piece of shit show Rick and Morty this week, they said I was giving Sam Hyde power by mentioning him, and that is definitely not the case. It's the Christians who are giving him power by not doing their godly duty to exterminate the jews. Furthermore, "Sam Hyde" is on Satanic shit-tier compared to Helene, and I'm about as sure as I can be that they didn't get my rapist Helene out of here yet. I also have new-seeming LTC and RTC implants that are going off basically all the time now, and I have a 9:00 DEEP ANAL MEGA WRIGGLER again, as well as a persistent ZAPPER in the arch of my left foot that replaced the MEGA ZAPPER which used to be there within a few hours of that former MEGA ZAPPER being removed. The RD is constant again, pretty much, and the TESTICLE CRUSHER and DEEP URETHRA PAIN INFLICTOR implants also seem to be permanent again as the opposition has apparently gone into retreat. On the radio as I was coming back from the store, the woman said that only people with high security clearances can come near my room in the hotel, but who does she think is the arbiter of security clearance? Obviously, she thinks it is Satan or Satan's minions. The point I am trying to get across, is that the people who are up here now do not have proper clearance, but it seems to some that they do because they ask the Satanic minions about what is right rather than asking God's servants.

When I went to go get raped and get a new RD implant at the store tonight, I noticed that the only fucked up can on a shelf full of cans was the one that I wanted to buy. When I scanned for more fucked up cans, I did see one more (and only one more) with a giant white paper tear through a picture of some yellow vegetables making an allusion to my recent act of vandalism in "Washington DC." When I noticed the picture they had painted by destroying the store's food inventory according to a certain pattern, someone near one end of the aisle yelled, "There's still one in there." Then the accomplice near the other end of the aisle did the exaggerated throat-clearing thing which has appeared as a semi-permanent fixture in my stalkers' repertoire as of late. However, there is not still "one" in there. The whole end of the hall in my hotel here is filled with nothing but hardcore Satanists. In fact, the "It's me!," line which has become the schtick of one with necrotic feet is actually Helene's line when she wants to allude to her lascivious fantasy about having multiple personality disorder. I should also mention that the other stupid bitch further down the hall sounds quite a bit like Sam Hyde's favorite piece of white trash: Jenna. (And the heckler's voice from the hall sounded quite like Jenna's when I added the sentence about her in the first paragraph.)

If the people down at the other end of the hall aren't aware of these things, and if they think maybe they're the not on-site minority put in place to ensure that the status quo won't change, then I should think that, like the other Antarcticans, they are in Satan's reporting hierarchy themselves. In that hierarchy, they get whatever misinfo is needed to keep them placated, and to keep them blocking the arrival of anyone who might affect positive change, if that is possible at all, which it is almost certainly not in Antarctica: sequestration in Antarctica being designed to rule out that case a priori. Overall, there's not "one." The whole end of the hall from my room on down is nothing but 100% full-blown Satanic minions, except for maybe a few. Even then, the not-full-blown minions are still probably the duped stooge minions working toward the same ends, albeit unwittingly, in certain cases, possibly.

UPDATE: The TAPPING and BANGING on my walls has gone up tenfold since I made this post, as has the door slamming and heckling out in the hall. The girl from further down the hall whcih I think is Jenna starting yelling about some bullshit, and then the people in the adjacent room started BANGING loudly on my wall to punctuate her words. As I type this update, the necrotic foot heckler has come out into the hall to start yelling too, but I couldn't decipher his words over the clicking of my keyboard.

Before too much longer, gold is going to break $2000 and never see the lower side of it again.

Looks Like The "Other Team" Did Hospital Strike

[s]It looks like the Palestinian rocket was so poorly aimed at Israel that it blew up Israel's #1 off-limits target in Palestine with laserlike precision, purely due to Palestinian rocket user error.[/s]

Israel's Three 'No Good' Options When Dealing With Hamas

>Israel has ordered more than a million people to leave the north of Gaza

I think the first sentence of this article cuts to the heart of the issue of who is right and wrong in British Palestine, which is called Israel today. The first sentence says, "Israel has ordered more than a million people to leave the north of Gaza," but that begs a question about how the Israeli government ever became a power of the indigenous and traditional inhabitants of that land vested with the authority to issue an evacuation order binding on Palestinians. Obviously, the Israeli government never did become that power, and now they parade as if their military occupation of British Palestine is some legitimate government, as suggested by this article's first sentence.

Man held after employee at Israel's embassy in China stabbed in Beijing street

They're still making pubic hair art in my bathroom every time I leave the room. Here's the full Shit Eye smiley face placed directly in front of the toilet today. They're also fucking with me quite a bit at the grocery store, but I'm not really feeling poisoned when I eat and drink the stuff I buy there. Maybe the food I ate made me feel a little heavy today, but it didn't feel like poison. As soon as I got back to my room, however, my throat is feeling constricted with swelling. I'm not sure if that was the food, or if they poisoned me when I got back to the hotel.