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I finished season 3 of 24, and it supports my thinking that this show is about 2024. There was some virus, the "Cordelia virus," which sounds enough like COVID. When they asked the terrorist why he was doing it, he was doing it to "make America clean again." Also, it turned out the whole virus was fake, and there was never any threat at the beginning, but the government had to make it seem that way due to reasons.

Another thing I noticed is that I started training at Alliance when this season came out, and then David suddenly told Jack to kill Ryan "RC" Chappelle. Jack killed him, but the next scene in the episode showed someone looking just like RC spying on the kid from afar. I guess David could see all of this Vatican fraud trial stuff coming immediately back in 2003, and he wanted to kill RC to avoid it, but then RC ended up spying on the kid from afar... except "afar" turned into "real close" around 2016.

Vatican trial on London property to end by December 16

Decision on Vatican's Ex-Auditor General Lawsuit Expected in December

> They required detailed documentation from the Secretariat of State that, in hindsight, would have revealed the Sloane Avenue London property scandal.

>Their investigations uncovered questionable financing of an extension and renovation of a Vatican apartment

>However, Milone's lawyers have said they have in their possession a document, signed by Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin, explicitly hiring Milone.

This 2017 date for the auditor getting fired seems like he found out that what I got from the "mutual collaboration" doctrine slapped on top of Exide's fraud scheme was getting thrown out of my apartment to go live in the alley behind the downtown library. On the issue of financing a renovation, they may have installed a RAPE HATCH into my apartment as long ago as the time when I was living in Dunwoody. I thought they would have been using the front door to steal my semen, but maybe not. Since the main issue in these proceedings seems to be the fraudulent misrepresentation of the hiring paperwork that Exide sent me after I begged for some money please from their hiring manager, I wonder if part of the fraud scheme involved hiring me as an employee of the child molesting Vatican, which I hate and want to see destroyed.

Trials put papal quandaries in spotlight

>Much of the London case rests on the passage of the property from one London broker to another in late 2018. Prosecutors allege the second broker, Gianluigi Torzi, hoodwinked the Vatican

I don't recall if I have previously opined on a connection of the late 2018 Torzi scheme to the time I went back to Exide trying to get copies of the documents they had used to defraud me after I went to them begging for money and they said they would give me some if I signed some paperwork represented to me as the job offer I had discussed with the hiring manager. If so, I will be glad to learn that my trip to Exide in late 2018 wasn't completely pointless, as it has mostly seemed to be, other than giving me something to post about.

Obviously, Torzi did not "hoodwink" the Vatican. Rather, the Vatican's allegiance to Satan was exposed and now the prosecution and the defense are both trying to paint a pretty face on that. It is pretty offensive to me, given my long history of extreme disdain for the child molestation cult that calls itself "the catholic church," that anyone might have ever accepted an allegation of collaborations between them and me. No such thing ever occurred, nor might it ever have. I see the people in the trial citing some doctrine called the "principle of mutual collaboration" as if to insinuate that I might have been collaborating with them, and that I authorized them to defraud me in a spirit of mutual good will when they left me out on the street to rot like a piece of trash, but this is preposterous. I hate them and I want them to burn in hell, and that's not much different than my pre-2018 position. That's more like my 2005 position, in fact. I never collaborated with any of those people, and if any of their priests or other officers wormed their way into my life to start sucking my blood, they did it 100% under the banner of falsehood that their father the devil waves before his party, everywhere they go. I have never had anything to do with those people, nor would I have.

While it doesn't seem unlikely that Helene was doing the bidding of a Catholic priest, or an officer of that cult, when she started raping me in the 1980s, I might also suggest that the fraud at the heart of the present scandal was not so unalike to child molestation. They forced me out onto the street to beg for money under the immediate threat of homelessness (which I shied away from, stupidly), and then they figuratively (or literally) kidnapped me and figuratively sold me into child sex slavery with their Torzi scheme.

It may just be something from not showering for three days, but I think I got a new mole implant (for the 40th times) under my eye. It looks like there's a pair of new mole implants under my eye, actually, just like the pairs of moles that appeared on my legs, arms, and nose in the past couple of weeks.

I drove about 2100km "south" from "Beijing," and everything is still fake. The clouds are fake, and the license plates are fake. I got a hotel at the Sheraton in "Guangzhou," and the TAPPING started within about one minute of coming into the room, which wasn't surprising since they had the cleaning cart parked in front of my door when I got to the room. All the art in the room has the same demon rat in it as all of the other hotels I go to (except the art over the toilet which has some other demon faces looking hungry to eat my turd when I poop in the toilet later.) They're already shocking my FOOT ZAPPER in here, and when I began to make this post they started with the ZAPPER/TAPPING synchronized combo. They also used the SCROTUM ZAPPER on me as soon as I started typing about ZAPPERS, and the LEFT TESTICLE ZAPPER and RIGHT TESTICLE ZAPPER got reinstalled somewhere, or they just started using them on me all day again for some reason once I got into the rental car here. Someone decorated my car with more red hairs when I got to "Guangzhou," so I guess I got my brain turned off again. They made the same Shit Eye face with the detritus in my rental car here that they've been making in "Virginia" too, incidentally. They must have some kind of simulator for the highways between the cities, or I'm just having bad luck when I pick highways to drive on that are replicated in narrow tunnels. When I left "Beijing," all the license plates where screaming about a "TV." The RAPE DICK is going off non-stop lately here too. It randomly started at noon yesterday and kept going all day, and it did the same at about 20 to noon today and has not stopped since. All the WRIGGLERS in my asshole are still the same, and they just attacked me with the 9:00 WRIGGLER when I mentioned the RAPE DICK. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I may keep driving around in "China," or I may just wait to fly back to Virginia.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

I'm more than a thousand kilometers outside of "Beijing" by now. (I'm near "Wuhan.") I just got MOSSAD heckled at the restaurant in the truck stop, and then I got GOYSLOP heckled right after I bought some coffee latte thing at the store next to the restaurant. The RAPE DICK suddenly started around noon today, and it hasn't stopped since then. That was probably related to the little pellet of black plastic shit that I found in my seat when I got out to take a piss. Despite all my nails being clean yesterday, all ten of them were nasty and caked with dirt suddenly this afternoon, and I found a bunch of red hairs strewn all over my car indicating I probably got my brain turned off and transported and/or raped again. All of the license plates on the highway are fake too.

State Secretariat lawyers challenge Becciu criminal defense

>October 19, 2023: To defend itself from a lawsuit, the Vatican Secretariat of State made an argument Wednesday that could cause problems for the criminal defense efforts of former secretariat official Cardinal Angelo Becciu.

>Lawyers for the Vatican Secretariat of State argued in court Oct. 18 that that the Holy's See's auditor general held legal oversight of the secretariat's financial affairs, from the time an auditor was appointed in 2015.

>Becciu has routinely stated in court that the Secretariat of State was outside the oversight of both the Secretariat for the Economy and the Office of the Auditor General, despite no such exemption being present in either department's remit.

>But on Wednesday, lawyers for the Secretariat of State conceded Milone's assertion that he was acting within his mandate in trying to investigate Becciu's former department.

>While the Secretariat of State's legal arguments, presented this week during the final hearing, appeared to substantially represent their earlier appeals for the case to be thrown out, the official acceptance that Milone's former office had oversight of the secretariat could have repercussions for Becciu's criminal trial.

>Becciu has previously insisted that he was justified in stymying Milone's attempts to look into investments like the London property deal because his department was outside the Office of the Auditor General's remit.

>A formal legal acknowledgment by the department that this is not the case could be seen as substantiating charges that Becciu abused his office to block legitimate actions by Milone.

There's even more new shit stained onto my forehead than I had noticed previously. I think this says, "Hi 5," referencing someone who wore a shirt in front of me that said, "I didn't hit you. I high-fived your face." It's too bad that guy's relatives don't believe me about what's going to happen their children because they didn't kill him to stop him from doing such things, but I guess that works for me too since I'll be able to use the relatives' children as the examples in the future. One thing I used to say is that each of the mole implants on my body is like a tattoo that says, "Haha, I raped you, bitch. What are you going to do about it," and now all of this writing on my face seems to be following in that vein.

Unlike the staff last night---"Carl" and "Jessie," and the woman who said it is impossible to find a taxi to take you somewhere and back because taxis don't wait in China---the guy Johnny is helping me a lot today. He was able to easily find a taxi to take me to get my driver's license photo taken, and wait while I got copies printed, and then take me back, and he even went with me to translate. I think I will be able to get my Chinese driver's license (temporary permit) today and I will probably depart tomorrow, if the car rental goes as easily as I expect it to once I get the Chinese permit. There is a highway that goes from Beijing to Lhasa, and that is probably where I will drive first.

I woke up this morning to find about 20 long tangled black hairs on the floor that weren't there when I went to sleep, three small white feathers that weren't there, and several little black strings. I think these marks on the carpet show that they actually moved the whole bed to the side while they raping me in the night, because I do not recall seeing them last night. It seems like I have a new extra-deep 3:00 WRIGGLER, way up inside my asshole this morning, not down by the edge where I think it has been, but I can't be 100% sure about that.

I discovered another nasty new wound on my thigh while I was travelling, and it looks even worse this morning.

Since I made that last post, I went to the restaurant in the hotel. They shocked my foot about five times, and my left finger too. The woman in the restaurant seated me in front of a plate covered with grimy dirty black shit that wasn't even a hair, but something that left some nasty shit smudge on the plate when I tried to brush it away.

The two tall white people in front of me at passport control morphed into three suddenly while I was in line, with the extra one in Wrangler jeans and having a long blonde tangled hair on the back of his neck. In the hotel, there was some black plastic detritus next to the toilet and some other dirt articles on the floor, but the tangled wad of black hair was actually placed in the hall at the entrance to the room, which was an improvement since it wasn't actually inside the room. I went to the desk to ask about rental cars, and "Carl" was there to be "very helpful," so I farted on him and his 100% occidental eyes. I think it was Carl's grandson (or something) who served me a dirty tray of food on the plane to Istanbul: Anthony Colombo who I mentioned recently and who then spontaneously appeared. I think I will sit in the hotel tonight, obviously still in Antarctica (unsurprisingly since even the capital of Madagascar was replicated) and then go back to the airport tomorrow to try to get the car rented. Then I will depart immediately if that goes well. They also gave me a non-poisoned bottle of water at the check-in desk, which was also nice.

US In Rare Move Advertises Location Of Nuclear-Capable Submarine Near Israel

>And yet CENTCOM didn't just issue a statement, it went so far as to publish a photograph which openly advertises its more precise whereabouts. Israeli media said this is clearly to send a strong "message" to Iran

This seems to me more like it's meant to send a strong message to the guy who was I was speaking with on the airplane. He was asking my opinion on the situation in Gaza, and I told him it was probably good if that area got evacuated because the people there would mostly get killed when Israel gets nuked.

Why do we have to work for a living? This is the curse of original sin that God pronounced on Adam in Genesis 3. It will be that way until the end of the age when God arrives with free energy from the vacuum (zero point energy) to end man's dependence of chemical energy (the light of the lamp) and/or nuclear energy (the light of the sun.) The free energy technology puts the capstone on the industrial revolution and the age of toilsome labors will close. And, in fact, this technology has been here since 2012 but there's this other problem holding things up: the jews. What is called "golf rumors" now refers to the fact that this technology has been here since 2012, but the jews do not want their global slave system disrupted, and they have been trying to murder me to steal and/or repurpose the technology.

They wrote "FUCK ALLAH" on my forehead too. Maybe it's just "F ALLAH," but that means the same thing. As I upload the pictures for this post, the necrotic foot Sam Hyde stalker is standing outside my door yelling IT'S ME!

More pics 1 (Linked above, non-mirrored here.)

More pics 2

More pics 3

More pics 4

More pics 5

More pics 6

More pics 7

More pics 8

More pics 9

They may have also amputated another big chunk of my nose. There is clearly some new vertical white line here: it may be a new bleach attack highlighting the pit made by the previous amputation attack. This is in the same spot where I had a previous amputation, but I think they amputated more there now. They also put a matching new mole implant, or a paid of new mole implants, on the opposite side from the newly excavated pit.

Top view

Same pics, new markings 1

Same pics, new markings 2

Same pics, new markings 3

Same pics, new markings 4

They made another giant pit excavation attack on my forehead too. One of them looks like a dick: the one right above my eye. (The other mark on the other side of my forehead is where I banged it with a metal bar while I was dealing with the tires on my old car that they destroyed.) It looks they bleached another Shit Eye face onto my forehead too. The apparent double depth of the long pit seems to refer this gore video that got posted in the scientology thread while I was in Atlanta (immediately after I posted Shit Eye's funeral portrait.) In the video, the girl gashes herself, and then sinks a razor into the gash to gash herself even more. It was hard to take these pictures since my camera kept applying some blurring filter. I reset the phone, and when I immediately went into the camera app to take a picture, it gave me a wait message saying "image processing." I think this is some malware editing my photos since my phone doesn't usually do that. I took a video, and I took some pics with my other camera, and there are some stills from the video below too.

Deepest new pit 1

Deepest new pit 2

Deepest new pit 3

Long pit with deeper upper part

Dick on forehead, above eye 1

Dick on forehead, above eye 2

Dick on forehead, above eye 3


If this new bump on my cheek doesn't go away pretty quickly, I will assume that they put another mole on my face when I went to pick up my car from the storage place in "Atlanta." I was pretty sure that I had thrown my keys away a while ago to avoid the problems I encountered this week, but then someone put them back in my bag as if to assure me that I should not let the car go. However, this piece of trash that attacked me in 7-11 seems to have cut the latch off my hood and sawed the catalytic converter off my engine, or else the people on whose behalf he attacked me in the 7-11 did it, if I understand correctly. I took the car to the mechanic down there to get the damage repaired, but I think the mechanic used my request for assistance as an excuse to fuck my car up worse than it already was. He ordered the wrong part and quoted me a wrong time for how long it would take several times, and I think his intention was to burn my window of error before my flight to China tomorrow so that a breakdown on the drive back to Viriginia would sabotage my travel plans. In fact, I am pretty sure than when the mechanic told me to come back on the following day, it was the whole gang of assholes from Alliance mocking me together with their wickedness, deceptions, and disguisecraft. If so, the asshole from 7-11 and his crew used me waiting around at the store to mock me very much and throw several toothpicks in my path. One of the men down there was telling a dog to fuck off and stop bumping into his leg, which seems like they mocking me for telling the man in the 7-11 to get the fuck off of me before they hurt my back, tattooed another face onto my forehead, and destroyed my car for doing pretty much exactly the same thing telling dog to fuck off. In the store, however, the "dog" lied and said it was it was an accident.

I hope all of those people kill themselves, and I think they will regret it if they don't. They also stole my Bible while I was down there. I knew it got stolen from my car but I called the hotel just to ask if I left it there. The clerk told me I did leave it and he had seen it, but he lied. I believe he was just inviting me to go waste time getting raped in the hotel, where I may have avoided the intended rape by squeezing my fingers in the sigil of protection. I got at least one new ULTRA ZAPPER on my scrotum while I was there, and the DUPI and RD problems remain permanently severe once again (but that is unchanged on my trip to "Atlanta.")

Israel has no right to defend itself, says Russia at UN

>"The only thing they can muster is continued pronouncements about Israel's supposed right to self defense, although as an occupying power, it does not have that power as confirmed by the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice handed down in 2004,"

Open hatred of Jews surges globally

This, "Yes, new," license plate that parked directly in front of my door after I checked in in the middle of the night pretty much confirms that this is already a new RIGHT SIDE SCROTUM ULTRA ZAPPER I got within a couple of hours of getting to "Georgia." I also got a new UPPER RIGHT MOLAR TPI, at least. Likely a new ZAPPER on my neck too, and certainly a new MEGA WRIGGLER on the back of my head. New MEGA ZAPPER in my left nostril. New LOWER BACK ZAPPER. New BACK OF TONGUE MEGA ZAPPER. New BACK OF HEAD ZAPPER. New UPPER LIP ZAPPER. New TONGUE ZAPPER. New OUTER ASSHOLE ZAPPER.

I went to the 7-11 pretty late on Monday night to get some food. After I had paced the aisles for a while thinking about what to buy, maybe about 3 minutes, some disgusting little gangstalker animal came in with her accomplice to start tormenting me with heckling about my indecisiveness. I was disgusted by the presence of who I thought was Helene, and I brought my stuff quickly to the cash register when they entered the store. My intention was to immediately end the interaction between the two of them and myself. While I was waiting a few seconds for the cashier to ring up my stuff, the accomplice approached me. He was wearing a mask of someone who looked familiar to me, probably the asshole from Alliance, and I was disgusted that the two of them were in there stalking and tormenting me. As he approached me, I turned away from him and took a step back so he would have to walk around me. He was not so close to me that I had to step away from him (toward the door) to avoid a collision when I stepped back, but I stepped toward the door anyway as I backed up, increasing the distance between us, so there could be no suggestion that I had initiated body contact with him, or that I had caused him to unavoidably collide with me. Instead of walking around me, however, he came up behind me and grabbed my arm and squeezed my biceps. Ironically, sadly, it was pretty much like the toosh pinch that served as the predicate for Helene to get me expelled from college and ruin any chance I might have at a normal life due to what she perceived as tantamount to a capital crime when I was the toucher rather than the touchee. Now that the person she loves was the toucher rather than the person she hates (me), I'm sure she'll say it was no big deal.

I think the man that attacked me in the 7-11 also caressed my back or shoulder while he was squeezing me arm. I immediately told him not to touch me, and he started bullshitting. I think he was saying he was sorry, and since him being sorry was not relevant to my imperative address, I repeated myself several times. After a short while, he said it was an accident that he had touched me, and that pissed me off even more since he lied about it. Even if he had bumped into me from behind, the distance I put between was such that it only might have been intentional body checking. However, he did not bump into me at all!!! He didn't bump into me purposefully, and he didn't bump into me accidentally. What happened was that after he came into the store to torment me with his disguise while his accomplice (my many-times anal rapist Helene, if I'm not mistaken) heckled me with her gangstalker bullshit, I repositioned myself facing away from him as he approached me so that he would have to walk around me. Rather than walk around me, however, he got about as close to me as he could without bumping into me, making absolutely no effort at all to walk around me. Instead, his deliberate intention was to molest me, and he proceeded to attack me with an unambiguous simple battery. Then he grabbed my arm and squeezed my biceps, and I think he caressed me too, but I admit my attention was focused totally on the way he was molesting my arm with his unwanted groping. The squeezy groping molestation and the caressing were highly offensive, as I made clear with my demands that he not touch me. I told him not to touch me, and he was responding with some bullshit before he decided to just lie about what had happened. He said it was an accident as is if he had accidentally bumped into me, but no such thing occurred!!! What happened was that he committed simple battery: a crime in all 50 states. If I started grabbing people like he grabbed me, there would be no ambiguity that I was completely, 100% in the wrong. In fact, I think the reason I got anally raped in the anger management class I had to go to after my roommate on Center Street took out a simple battery warrant against me (Anthony Colombo whose family is also going to burn in hell forever) was because my counterparties in this matter view simple battery as a crime so severe that forcible sodomy is a reasonable punishment. For my own purposes, I turned the other cheek when the evil man attacked me in the 7-11. I chose to respond only with rebukes, not violence, to which his rebuttal was to bear false witness.

After he lied about it being an accident, I yelled something like, "It wasn't an accident! You came up behind me and grabbed me and caressed me!" Then he left the store and went to the passenger side front window of the car he arrived in, where was sitting a third man. I believe that was Carlos, and that two of the three people in this attack at 7-11 were two of the three torturers in Daisy's destruction. I believe the encounter at the 7-11 was in furtherance of their previous perversions where grafting that third man onto me would be like the analogue of them eating a baby, or some such perverted, unnatural wickedness. When I left the store, the one in the passenger seat, Carlos, I presume, started yelling about how I was bald, and I called him a slave clone. I had meant to walk away from them without further interactions, but the evil man in the car followed the first evil man's battery with an assault of his own. We exchanged words as I continued to walk away, and then he got out of the car and approached me as if to engage in combat. When he did so, his two accomplices approached me with him so that I was semi-encircled by my attackers. He told me he would knock me out of my sandals, and I told him I would kill him. He went back to the car without touching me, which is more than I can say for that third piece of shit that came into the store with my anal rapist Helene. When he got back into his car, he called me a pussy. I said, "Yeah, the reason you came over here and did nothing is because I'm a pussy." I went back to my hotel where another interceptor intercepted me in the hall. Because he was such a pussy, I think he used the rape ray on me to injure and mutilate me after accessing my hotel room through the rape hatch later in the night.

When I woke up on Tuesday (Halloween), I immediately noticed that someone had disfigured my face again with a bleaching/staining/laser attack. My back was also hurting, and whoever came into my room to mutilate my face must have kidney punched me (or something) while he had my brain turned off. The injury to my back seemed to refer to the other man grabbing me from behind and then bearing false witness about what had happened when I gave him a wide berth to ensure, for my part, that physical violence did not ensue. I suppose the evil man that entered the store to torment me with my rapist Helene lied and bore false witness not only to me, but also to those who asked him what had transpired. I suppose he told his people (the Satanists in general if not the jews themselves) that he accidentally bumped into me when I got in his way, and then his friends mutilated my face and hurt my back as retaliation for his fallacious version of events. The main point here, however, is that that worthless piece of shit did not bump into me at all. Rather than walking around me, he approached me and then grabbed my bicep and fondled my arm, and I believe he rubbed my back with his other hand too.

Unlike this woman in a famous encounter with Jesus, the evil man in the 7-11 did not fear me, he did not throw himself at my feet, and, though he certainly did know exactly what had happened, he did not tell the whole truth. Instead, he lied to me and ran to the car where he figuratively threw himself at the feet of the evil man supervising the gangstalker operation my attacker was doing with my anal rapist Helene. I believe the man in the car was Carlos, and the evil man from inside the store probably bore false witness again when he threw himself at Carlos' feet after fleeing from me. Did he tell Carlos it was an accident? That guy could not have possibly bumped into me accidentally because he did not bump into me at all. There was plenty of space between us when I turned away from him and stepped into his path, but to ensure that an accidental collision could not occur, I stepped away from the first evil man toward the door so as to increase the space between us, and to afford him more than ample opportunity to take his fucking ass around me. Rather than going around me, however, he opted for battery. Rather than throwing himself at my feet and telling the whole truth, he lied and fled to throw himself at the feet of the evil man where he probably lied again.

When I demanded that he not perpetrate battery against me, he lied about what happened and then threw himself at the feet of the other evil man in the car: probably Carlos "The Jackal" Cavalcanti. He probably lied about what happened to him too. The woman in the Bible who touched Jesus was much different than this worthless piece of shit in the 7-11. Now the crowd from Daisy's destruction bleached a Shit Eye face onto my forehead matching the one they or someone else already bleached onto my dick.

The fruit that that branch produces is a kidney punch while I'm unconscious, Daisy's destruction and who-knows-what-else, and now there's a fresh crop of mutilation that fell onto my face from that branch, and the whole thing is going into the fire, exactly as it is written. (The linked passage from John 15 ends with "love each other," which is better translated as, "don't mistreat each other," and certainly grabbing people in the store is mistreatment. I don't grab people in the store, and I expect not to be grabbed.) Maybe if touching me encourages that piece of shit to kill himself, then he will receive a blessing like the woman in the Bible when he doesn't get thrown into the same pit as those two people he was with, and those other fellows of his in the legions of Satan, such as the third torturer from Daisy's destruction, whose branch is inextricably interwoven with those others' branches. I believe the attacker's accomplices were TheWoodman and Jacob666 from Daisy's destruction, and that they came to the 7-11 to do the evil which is usual for them. The third torturer from Daisy's destruction, TheSolipsist is my prime suspect behind the Shit Eye face that got bleached onto my dick. (New RIGHT SIDE SCROTUM ZAPPER immediately when I wrote "TheSolipsist," so maybe he wrote this Shit Eye face onto my forehead too after I rebuked his wicked servant in the store.) Those people are all pieces of shit and I will never allow any mercy or compassion or pity to stop me from destroying them. I suggest they follow the example of the woman who touched Jesus in the Bible. They should fear the Lord, and that means being afraid of the hole I'm going to throw them into if they're still alive when I can get my hands on them. I will look upon it favorably if the one who grabbed me draws a Shit Eye face on his own forehead before he kills himself for his people to see when they find his corpse.

Later that night before I went to bed, I got in the elevator at the hotel. When the door opened and I got out, the necrotic foot stalker was waiting for me. When I saw him, I turned around in the door to the elevator to make him wait. He did not wait, and he rammed into me from behind. I did not go out of my way to absolutely ensure that there could be no accidental collision in this instance, and it is possible that he did accidentally bump into me. I don't think it was an accident, and I think if there is video it will show that he rammed into me on purpose, but I cannot be 100% sure that it was not an accident. In that way, this second encounter was COMPLETELY different than what had happened earlier in the store. There, I am easily 100% certain that it was deliberate battery since he didn't bump into me at all. Still, if the necrotic foot stalker in the hotel is TheSolipsist, then I should think the encounter at the elevator was not unrelated. Upon further reflection, it is not impossible that the necrotic foot stalker stained or bleached my forehead at the entrance to the elevator, but it is not possible that it wasn't a continuation of the first man's attack, in my opinion. If he was with two of the three people from Daisy's destruction when he attacked me in the 7-11, and then the third one from Daisy's destruction mutilated my face later that night, I hold them all equally guilty. For instance, I had already held the man in the 7-11 guilty for his accomplice heckling me in the store, which was the reason for my enthusiastic hostility in rebuking him, and I will also hold him guilty for the rest of it with the other three: Daisy's destruction and whatever else they're doing that I can't see plainly written as a disfigurement on my face.

The parable of the ten minas makes much more sense when the servant lied about not earning any money. Then it becomes the same as the parable of the tenants. If everything is to be taken away from the servant who speaks in verse 20, then he is one of the ones who will get killed: one of the ones who did not want the man to be king. Since the solution to getting rid of a man who is in line to be king is usually murder, maybe that third one spent the money he made when he thought his delegation would murder the man. The king is clearly generous in giving ten and five cities to the first two servants, and the third one's claims are obvious lies. Is the king putting the man to death because he is hard, or is it because his attempted murder failed and death is the usual penalty in that situation? If the king calls him wicked in the parable, and the money crowd also think he is wicked for not profiteering enough, then everyone in both interpretations thinks he is wicked. The conclusion should be that the wicked servant is trying to keep the money he made, or that he spent it, and he is lying about the king being the one who reaps what he did not sow. The king is paraphrased as, "You're obviously lying. If you thought I was unjustly hard, then you would have put the money to earn interest in a bank at least so you would have had something to show me when I came back. You said you hid it because you were afraid, but this is what you would have avoided if you were afraid." The king, who is generous, judges the wicked servant by his own words. The context of Jesus' parable---the expectation of the Kingdom of God---makes it quite the stretch of the imagination to think it was about the cruel tyrant punishing the man who was rightly afraid of cruel injustices, or afraid of whatever made him allegedly want to put the mina in a piece of cloth.

If the liar in verse 20 is lying about the king reaping what he did not sow, then the liar's words are not to be trusted. Did he really put the single dollar away and earn nothing with it? Or was he lying to keep the money he made for himself? Was he lying trying to reap for himself what he did not sow, as were the tenants who wanted to keep the owner's crop of fruit? I think it's obvious that's the case. It's clear that the issue of trustworthiness in the parable of the ten dollars could not have been about whether they profiteered with their dollar like they were supposed to. If that was the point, the king at the end would have said, "Bring everyone who didn't earn at least 5% YoY while I was gone and put them to death in front of me." Instead, the king in verses 26 and 27 is paraphrased as, "To everyone who has, more will be given, but kill those who didn't want me to be king over them." At the end, the one who made $10 was going get given the liar's singe dollar, and that suggests he was not in the group that was going to get put to death. He was not one of the ones who hated the king and sponsored the betraying delegation to go behind him when he left.

Overall, it is completely stupid to think Jesus decided to tell a parable when the people wrongly assumed that the Kingdom of God would arrive immediately, and then he told a parable about a man who would go away but return later as king, and then the point of the parable was that if you don't earn interest on your shekels then God is going to rob you and kill you. Only a completely retarded jew could think that.

I posted the conclusion of this parable from Jesus on the internet last night. Someone else posted a snippet of the context leading up to the part where Jesus said the king would have them all put to death. As I saw it, they did so as if to imply that Jesus was saying that the king was the asshole as which he was cited by the servant in verse 20. However, the full context shows that Jesus was going to Jerusalem, and the people wrongly thought that the Kingdom of God would arrive immediately. To let them down about it not arriving immediately, he told them a parable about "a king." Obviously, that king is Jesus; the full context shows that Jesus was talking about himself as the king: one who would go away and then return. The servant in verse 20 telling him that he was reaping what he did not sow was one of the jews who hated Jesus and didn't want him to be king. So, the context is clearly that the jews did not want Jesus to be king over them, but Jesus will return to be king over them anyways. When he comes back, he will kill those who did not want him to be king over them.

The wicked servant in Luke 19:20 says, "You reap what you did not sow," and then Jesus may be paraphrased in Luke 19:22 as, "I don't even need to correct your wrong understanding, you pathetic idiot, and I can show that you are stupid even using your own words." Jesus doesn't agree that the servant's words are true, and when he cites them, he is paraphrased in verse 22 as saying, "You say I'm the asshole here, do you?" Clearly, the only reasonable interpretation is that Jesus takes the one dollar away from the one who only had a single dollar and gives it to the trustworthy one who made ten dollars because that servant was one of the ones who hated him and did not want him to be king, supporting the delegation sent to undermine him. The trustworthy one did not support the delegation: he did not try to undermine the man that gave him the dollar.

The evil servant that could not be trusted said, "You reap what you did not sow," and that is also what Helene and her friends say about me when they attempt to justify them having robbed me of my inheritance before ruining my life and leaving me on the street to rot like the piece of trash that they obviously think I am. Obviously, my inheritance came to me as the harvest of what I sowed via time travel, but these feeble-minded mental midgets like Helene and her friends say, "I can't see what you did there, Lord, so you're obviously scamming me." They labor behind me to try to stop me from being king over them, and Jesus is 100% clear that the people who did not want the man to be king were his subjects that hated him.

Continuing in the vein of the Lord taking away the single dollar from the one who accused him of reaping what he did not sow, I think the third man in the group that attacked me at the 7-11 last night, Carlos, is the one who says I'm living "life on easy mode" because he always gets whatever he wants like a spoiled little bitch except when he wants to murder me. His claim about "easy mode" is the same as the servant's claim that Jesus was reaping what he did not sow. Overall, you'd have to have some warped, perverted picture of Jesus Christ in your mind to think the point of Jesus' parable was that Tyrant God is going make the poor poorer an the rich richer because the poor aren't inclined enough toward profiteering. That's completely stupid, in fact. Jesus was obviously taking away the single dollar from the liar who didn't want him to be king and giving it to the one who acted wisely: the trustworthy one who didn't sign his name to the delegation's petition. The fact that the man with $11 had made $10 wasn't the issue of trust: the issue of trust was the delegation sent behind the king by those who hated him. The point of the parable is that the trustworthy one would receive even more rewards when the king returned than he had while the king was away, and those who hated him would get killed. I bet those men from 7-11 tell themselves that God will rob the poor servant for not being greedy or business-like enough when the issue was obviously that the king's subjects hated him and tried to fuck him over with their delegation. In the end, the king took the dollar away from the one who hated him and gave it to a trustworthy man, and the subject who had made five dollars is also included in the group of those to whom more will be given. So, where a certain man has the catchphrase "life on easy mode," another man has the catchphrase, "I like greed," and I wouldn't be surprised to learn that they're the same man, or in cahoots in their evil endeavors.

The king killing the evil subjects in Luke 19 is the same as the man who planted the vineyard killing the tenants on his land in Mark 12 and Matthew 21. This is what Jesus means when he says in Matthew 10, "Do not think I came to bring peace, but a sword." The Paulites say that Jesus will forgive the tenants who killed his son, and he will forgive those who did not want him to be king over him, but Christians can see plainly that Jesus will kill those people. To the extent that the catholics are really jews, maybe they say that God will punish you if you're not stacking enough shekels. In the Bible, however, Jesus says he will kill those who did not want him to be king over them and give their money to his trustworthy subjects.

They put this new disfiguration attack as the OP image on /ng/ this morning, and it is no surprise that "ADL capitulation again" immediately turned into more disfiguring attacks on my face. Since this was also the obvious escalation from the Daisy's destruction group that attacked me at the 7-11 yesterday (Helene and her friends, whom she loves), it seems reasonable to associate "the ADL" and Daisy's destruction as partners.

National Archives Sued, Reveals Existence Of 82,000 Pages Of Joe Biden Emails Using Pseudonym

>Republicans have asked NARA for an un-redacted document that indicates that then-Vice President Biden took a call with the president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, on May 27, 2016.

This May 27, 2016 date is about two weeks before I got fired from Lexis Nexis. It's probably right around the time my boss' boss "George" lied to say that he hadn't seen any evidence of "bad faith" in the hundreds of emails that I copied him on: the ones which ended up getting leaked as the notoriously, obviously, incriminatingly derogatory "DNC hack." Late May 2016 would have been not long after I discovered that "Rhonda Capone" had followed me from Elavon to Lexis Nexis where she was using the pseudonym "Sharon Maloney."

I have some weird sore inside my nose today, and another weird sore inside my lip, just below my nose, and it looks like they attacked me with the bleach on my face again. They must be poisoning me here with whatever discolored my scalp in "Russia" too since the discoloration is creeping down my forehead now. I think it's pretty easy to see another Shit Eye face stained onto my forehead today just below where they wrote the word "Fuck." It's pretty much identical to the Shit Eye face that they bleached onto my dick recently. Maybe it's supposed to be a Shit Eye jack-o-lantern. Anyway, I suppose they started poisoning me with disfiguring poison again around they same time they started injecting these mole implants all over my body again, and around the time they gave five new ZAPPERS about 1mm down from the head of my dick, several new SCROTUM ZAPPERS and PUBIC AREA ZAPPERS, PUBIC AREA WRIGGLERS, etc.

High contrast

Splotchy brown stains extend much further down my forehead now 1

Splotchy brown stains extend much further down my forehead now 2

I've got the Daisy's destruction crowd starting shit with me at the 7/11 now so they can threaten to attack me when I tell them not to touch me.

ADL Caves After 'Libs of Tik Tok' Levies Legal Threat Over Defamation

ADL capitulation to Twitter pretty much marked the onset of the current problem with getting not just raped and poisoned all the time, but permanently mutilated all the time now too. I think maybe the skeletal mutilator implant and the bout of nose amputations I had in "Russia" earlier this year were the only times (post-2016) that the mutilation attacks exceeded their current levels. (I cite post-2016 to exclude the giant mole implants on my nose and forehead meant to make me look like Becciu et al. in general staff of the Church of Satan.)