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You see the difference between Donald and I is that when his face appears on the ancient Egyptian architecture it's because of photoshop.

You know what would be funny? If Trump makes it to 2020 and the democrats put up a woman again because I'll be slamming #Trump2020 all over everything I can see just like I did last time.

Also, they say hindsight is 20/20.

I watched this movie Bright recently. It was original, very nicely done, and I liked it very much.

I bet the real story behind the meeting that Bannon called "treasonous" was that Bannon was referring to the meeting at Exide where Trump and Putin watched me in my real persona while they hid their true identities like some teenage cosplay trannies. I am certain that there was nothing good happening in that meeting. They might say, "If we hid our identities then how did you know we were there?" I don't know that though, that's complete bullshit. All I know is that Dave Morrison's eyes looked different that day, he looked taller even though he was seated, and his eyes looked just like Trump's weird slanted plastic surgery eyes, and that Rod didn't have the white dot in the middle of his right pupil that day and his chin seemed like Putin's chin... which is very recognizable to me because it is also Helene's chin. Also, it doesn't make any sense that Trump and Putin would have come to Exide to meet me with me when all we talked about was how Sandy had been telling lies related the manufacture of commercial electrical batteries.

Anyone who says that job at Exide was a reward for me is a liar and should be killed unless there is some reason to torture them before they die.

God is great. God is so great that everytime someone wanted my sperm and could have said, "Will you fuck my daughter's pussy?," instead they chose to steal it and cuckold me. If they would have asked I almost certainly would have said yes but the true story is that they never did ask. They wanted my sperm but that wasn't enough for them. They wanted to deny my heart's desire as well. God organized that so that I would hate them.

The Church of Satan believes that sex robots could save our society

This article makes me think about detractors who detracted from my personal character during the time that I dedicated my life the pursuit of knowledge and the study of the secrets of the physical world. Specifically, I am referring to the "babysitters" who knew I am God even before I knew it and betrayed me anyway. What is the vision of the Messiah that they had in their narrow, wicked minds?

The only thing that makes sense to me as a way to revolutionize life on Earth is through some new technology. This is why I believe in the time travel interpretation of the Bible. What other things could my character detractors have thought God was going to use? Magic? I don't think even they thought that.

Did they the think the Messiah would appear and have some new way to suck another man's dick so good that the new blowjob would wash away the world's sins? Did my character detractors think that I was going to recommend some new way to smoke crack and fuck a guy in his ass that was so good that it would convince everyone to renounce their wickedness and start smoking crack and assfucking in the new way I thought of? Did my character detractors think I was going to have such a powerful ego that I would go to the club and just blow the whole nightlife away with how much I could egotize, and that my new bigger stronger ego was going to wash the world's sins away when everyone else starts having the same ego as me at the club at night?

On that last one, on the handful of times I have gone out in the nightlife in Atlanta there was always some whitey white whitest platinum blond that appeared after I'd been there for an hour or two and they always made the same eye contact with me. It always felt like there was some network babysitting me and was sending its agent to me. I never wanted to bite that bait, it always looked like it had a hook in it. I had no reason to hate my babysitters then (and I didn't), but the feeling was real enough and now I do have a reason to hate them. Also, the true story of the history of what really happened is that the babysitters never sent one to me in the way I wanted. They sent them in the way they wanted so they could critique the way I would have chimped out for her in the nightlife. If anyone cared about what my interests were and what I liked they would have known that I don't like speaking to someone when I don't have their undivided attention. If it had ever been about my interests, then there would have been no expecation for me to feel sexy with five dozen men breathing down my neck. If it had ever been about what I wanted instead of what the babysitters wanted to see then they could have sent their agent to my place instead of the place of the guy who owns the club.

When I was getting white prostitutes they were always busted as fuck. (Full disclosure: I did get a few non-women hookups off the internet on purpose and they reinforced my pre-existing overwhelming preference for women, even not so good looking ones.) I really like how prostitution doesn't force me into sexuality with 100 other men around like is normal in the nightlife. This would have been a major upside for internet dating too but I had the same problem that the women were generally not as good looking as I would have liked. Later when I considered that the economic conditions in Atlanta were such that I was more likely to be able to find a good looking black prostitute and tried to go down that road, then the babysitters went full retard. Whatever it was, the babysitters never sent me that good looking woman I was always thinking about. My character detractors certainly detracted from my promiscuity but the reason I kept catching them and throwing them back is because they were never as beautiful as I wanted. The babysitters wanted me to submit to their desire for me to go be a horny monkey in a pile of 900 other horny drunken monkeys (nevermind that alcohol is about as unsexy a thing as I can realistically concieve) but I wanted a beautiful and sober woman to say yes to me when I asked her out. The babysitters never sent me one of those.

I made that other post about how they sent me a tranny hooker one time when I didn't jerk off for a few days so that they could say, "Look how fast he comes for the man." I made that other post about how they did finally send a few good looking ones to jiu jitsu but it was after they had fucked my life up kicking me out of college and banning my research and taking all my money away. They say Satan doesn't care about destruction, he only cares about self-exhaltation. The babysitters obviously work for Satan. I think the main one plays Elliot on Mr. Robot now, or intermigles himself with the persona of the actor that plays him, glorifying himself in Hollywood, surrounding himself with the limelight (and the top shelf pussy that he probably doesn't even want) while I sleep under the bridge... for now.

My vision of the Messiah has a lot to do with nuclear water pumps. Also, like the men that left Egypt with Moses, I don't think any of my babysitters will live to see it. Unlike those men, their children won't either.

Don't do MLK the injustice of only remembering his message as one of anti-racism. Remember his anti-capitalism. He said, more than once probably, "At least do what you said on paper." Today, even though they still don't really do what they say on paper, a lot of his anti-racism stuff is technically written into the law. They never did that for the anti-capitalist stuff. That's why so many of the problems today are the ones he saw then, and it's also why so many more white people are feeling those problems now when not many of them did back then. How about all people coming together to fight against capitalism as an institutional policy of the government and international monetary system while also acknowledging that capitalism does have a lot of upside if you examine it only in the microeconomic paradigm?

If you didn't catch what I wrote there, I am a proud anti-capitalist because it is a piss poor macroeconomic policy. The role of the government and international institutions should be to balance against the downside of the capitalism that is inherent to the markets but right now those institutions double down on the downside and declare proudly, "Down is up!" If you remember MLK as an anti-racist then you can say, "Racism is against the law now and it didn't change anything." If you remember him as an anti-capitalist then you have to admit that the work is unfinished.

Any living person whose DNA says that they were grown from my DNA is the child of my enemy. I don't have any kids yet. I'm still working on building a good place to have them and raise them.

I am not dazzled at all by Trump's absolute maintenance of the status quo. Also, he does not and would not have a good relationship with me. I am opposed to everything about him other than his fuck you demeanor. I oppose all of his policies and most of his appointees seem like the kind of person I wouldn't piss on to save if they were on fire. I am glad Hillary lost and I had hoped since I was the one who got him elected he would use his Potus power to help me over the hump in my life, but then he didn't and now I think his son Barron is grown from my stolen sperm which means Trump was already my mortal enemy long before he got anywhere near the White House or his tranny wife.

The author of Ecclestiastes keeps saying that everything is meaningless. There is one part where he says that something is evil and also meaningless which doesn't make sense. I think, perhaps, a better translation of the original words that turned into "meaningless" would be "it doesn't make sense" or "this too doesn't make sense." Perhaps it is senseless but it is hard for me to agree that all of that stuff is without meaning. If you say it doesn't make any sense that the wicked flourish and the righteous perish then that makes perfect sense and I agree.

I wonder... who secured that job for me at Exide? Was it the religious authority? Was it part of the Iran deal? At Exide I hated my work and liked my home. Now I like my work and have no home. Woe is me. I hope it isn't meaningless.

They don't even show the most relevant George Tooker painting.

I searched for Tooker on Twitter.

This picture of Al kind of reminded me of Jacaré. Around the eyes.

The first person (that I am aware of) to block me on my new Twitter. I get the feeling that of all the material in my new book, it is the brief the chapter five which is most relevant to @AstroKatie and her resesearch regarding "astrophysics."

There is some person who sat right next to me among about a dozen seats. I will kill him for his irreverence and lack of fear, but first I will determine what religion this heathen thinks he belongs to. Peter had no fear of denying Jesus.

The way it's phrased here kind of makes it seem like Peter only denied Jesus three times. Peter and Jesus do make up after the resurrection, after catching the 153 fish, but then Peter went and got a throne and named it after himself.

McDonald's free wifi is looking very group theoretical in Firefox this morning. I think detractors are wrong to cite my lack of expertise in group theory as a serious deficiency in my work. Groups are closed under their own operations so you can never use them to describe the open MCM system that interacts with an information current. Indeed Penrose closed the open universe with a surface at conformal infinity and most of theory space now resides in the closed conformal manifold while observables are still confined to the open physical manifold. Therefore, when seeking a better way to determine observables, group theory reinforces the tendancy of physicists to give too much attention to the non-physical conformal manifold. This would be a classic case of not thinking outside the box. Here the box is the old-hat group theory meme that swept over physics around the time it stopped making forward progress regarding the unresolved fundamentals. The group theory meme is the one that old timers still feel in their hearts is the new secret shortcut to the final answer... which they can be sure is just around one more integer-labeled group theoretical corner.

arXiv rejected three of my papers this week. They said to send them somewhere else because they won't touch them. I imagine someone in the world asks the question, "Why not send them there?" I don't want to do that because they will tell me to rewrite my paper in the style that they like instead of the one that I like. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I did sent send the one about the Riemann hypothesis to the Annals of Mathematics which is part of, I think, the IAS, and if they ask me to write it like a math paper then I would do so.)

This brings us to the critical point of the matter. If their issue is the style of my paper then their issue is not the important issue that would arise if my paper didn't contain original research of contemporary scientific value. Therefore, had I gone through this exercise of inviting another party to reject my paper when I have already successfully published on viXra, the journal would have acknowledged the merit of my research but rejected it based on the way that I wrote about it. Therefore, having already obtained the rejection of very many journals of the APS, AIP, and IOP, when the issue is eventually recounted in the history of science there will have to be an official decision whether a mathematical discovery can be mitigated if the author writes about it as he prefers instead of the way a journal prefers. Obviously the answer is no, and I will smite everyone whose opinions or actions indicated that they may have been unsure about this basic fact of life. I will smite their friends and relatives so that every remnant of the culture that fostered this grave delusion will crumble and burn.

This is an acknowledgement, not an admission. How could he know if he wasn't personally there for all of it?

I have remarked many times on the irony of the word used to label what is called the "intelligence" community. Counterintelligence, however, is not ironically labelled. Not in the least, not one bit.

I was thinking that if my protest goes the full 40 years that I have alotted without getting any redress for my grievances, then the last few years will be easier because I will be eligible for social security. HAHA, not really though because while there is some chance that I could be out here for that long, there is a much smaller chance that social security will be solvent when I become what is currently referred to as "eligible."

See here... if the book is explosive and yet it did not explode then one must conclude that Trump did successfully stop the book. For now.

There's this heinous bitch that works at Gateway. They were saying she got suspended for two weeks and it just ended. That means she got suspended around the time they found that dead woman in front of Gateway last month. I hope the deceased is one of the real people who plays the persona of the bitch who got suspended. The fewer people like that in the world the better.

TIL that "avis" is the Latin word for grandparents. When Elizabeth used a pseudonym in Tucson, it was Avis Jorgenson. Jorgenson makes sense since she is George's progeny but I had wondered where she might have come up with such an unusual moniker as Avis. I guess now I know.

Unsurpringly, arXiv did not even allow my argument against the Riemann hypothesis although there are any number of papers on arXiv already that say they do prove it, even though it is wrong. Among all the pounds of flesh I get, the ones I take from the staff at arXiv (and their friends and families) will be among the most intellectually satisfying... although I expect the satisfaction of blood rage due to other problems will be even more satisfying.

All the problems in the world, Sessions is worried about marijuana.

What is the deal with these ethnicity surveys that list

WHITE (non-Hispanic)

in their choices? Is the guy in the picture not white? It's the President of Spain.

I was always a hotshot when I was in math and physics classes in college. This unending torrent of suggestions to the contrary, i.e.: not even wrong, crank, poorly defined, etc, is quite frustrating. Why is it so frustrating? I'll tell you why. It's because the people levying these unsubstantiated, illogical criticisms against me were my underperforming classmates in those classes that I aced. I got an 860 on the physics GRE. That is a really good score, especially for an American who didn't take an international student class on how to get a good physics GRE score. Who are these people who consistently take the time to besmirch my research when I post it? They are the classmates who made me look so good when my abilities and intuition were measured against theirs.

What was the deal with this terrible article about the Riemann hypothesis that appeared at the same time as my disproof of that hypothesis last year? This paper is so terrible! Also, since I have disproven the Riemann hypothesis, every other article on arXiv that says, "We prove the Riemann hypothesis," is demonstrably false. Why does arXiv allow those unsubstantiated claims but not my similarly bombastic claims which are substantiated though? I'll tell you. They see my name on the paper and they get jelly, and being jelly makes them angry, and they are unable seprarate their personal feelings from the truth or untruth of a set of mathematical principles.

In the normal processing, papers are not put ``on hold.''

I can almost hear the nashing of the teeth of the friends and family of the people who made this decision.

This day in history, about 3,000 days after that other day in history.

These 3000ish days have been counting since the day I uploaded my first paper to arXiv in 2009. It's been an interesting road.

Who is getting what they want by being the person to say if I'm getting everything I need? That person is my number one enemy as far as I can tell. They have set themselves up above me, pretending to my authority, as if they were God over me.

They say hindsight is 20/20.

Burn the bridges.

I've been totally unemployed since January and I'm just a homeless person trying to find something to do with my time which isn't in opposition to the stated intention of my homelessness: a protest against labor conditions. Why are the other smart people segregated from me in the workplace where I'm assigned to the women's department populated with a male cretin here or there? I don't care for their cretinous nonsense and they are wrong to act against my intention to have professional interactions devoid of the contributions of any feeble-minded people. I hate everything about the career I was given based on lies about my experience with SQL even when the truth about my physics experience is that I am the greatest living physicist by a long shot, many times over, multiply. Woe to you whom I encountered in that career.

I'm watching this movie Daddy's Home and Marky Mark challenges Will Ferrell to name something that solves problems beside fighting. Math is a notable one.

Am I supposed to believe that if I hadn't quit Exide then the government would have recognized my discoveries by now? I don't believe that at all. I believe that my enemies were displeased with my decision to quit Exide.

This guy could have been at Exide too. I was speculating if Gary Cohn had impersonated Joe in my presence around Christmas 2016. Karen told me around that time, "Your uncle Gary sent your dad an email," after the Orlando shooting. I thought she must have meant her brother Gary because I don't know any other uncle Gary besides her brother that I'm not related to.

Now I wonder if Putin helped Helene malign me because he knows I am higher ranking in the grand scheme of things than he is. Perhaps the reason he (likely) came to Exide was to act as if we had resolved our problems when no problems were ever identified to me. Indeed I wonder if Putin is the supreme Russian torture video guy like Helene and Joe, I presume, are in the United States.

I noticed that the black dolphin in front of the Russian supermax prison is just like the dolphins that decorate downtown Atlanta. Indeed, I wonder if the Russians would rather have me as their leader than Putin.

I watched American Made yesterday, which was very good, and I'd be real surprised if Joe wasn't flying to Mena with his own small plane in the 1980s. I remember around the time Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman got married they were vacationing near Joe's house in Oro Valley and Joe said Tom smiled at him on the road. Therefore I speculate that if Barry Seal was not Joe himself, then Barry Seal and Joe knew each other. And indeed I would further speculate that The X-files' "cigarette smoking man" was based on the legend of Joe from his time hanging around shady airports.

These infidels at Physics Forums aren't going to like my judgement at all.

I'm getting the gist that someone is treating my life as an act of thespianism and then selling it as their own movie because they can keep me from killing them as long as they have people fooled into thinking I'm an actor in their production.

This is a sick joke for APS to have this as their Twitter blurb when they have seemingly been working against my intention do exactly that which they claim as their own intention.

I was looking at the Prophecy of the Popes again now that my book is finished. I had the idea on mind that the blurb for each Pope was really a blurb about a page in my book. Indeed noting that "Tipler" is not not unlike "Tiber," (or Titor) and that St Malachy's blurb for the 167th Pope was "From a castle on the Tiber" while my section "Tipler Sinusoids" starts on page 167 of my book, there appear to be several other matches. Indeed when I started at the beginning of my book to compare it to the Book of Revelation I noticed that some of the imagery in Revelation 1 was evocative of the first figure in book.

Why does it say "but" she "treasured" them? "But" indicates opposition.

2018 NEWSFLASH: Asking for consent is rape.

Obviously I am against Trump interfering in Jerusalem but I am not following that story here because the final solution that I will implement is close at hand and it will trump whatever Trump does.