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One time in the 1980s Helene and I went to San Diego. In the morning before we went back to Tucson on the last day, we went to some diner. I don't remember if Laura Kershaw was with us. So then I was being a weird child, for some reason, and I squeezed my upper back muscles so tight that my whole body started quivering, and I kept doing it for a while, and I think I embedded some long term tension on that morning in San Diego. Just recently, thirty years later, I have started to break up the muscular tension there.

During my entire adult life, every time I've seen Helene, she has solicited me at least once to, "do your San Diego act," meaning to squeeze my neck and upper back muscles so hard that my body begins to quiver. The way she always hits on this one item is like the way she always points out how fast I can make number two in the bathroom: "Other people usually have to take a minute, but not you. You just sit down and it's like, 'Fire one!,'" with that last part being a reference to torpedo attacks. I am quite certain that Helene's insistence on pointing this out literally every time I have seen her for decades is really about her gloating over the way she adjusted my digestive organs with her anal thermometer. So the San Diego act thing that she also says literally every time I see her is also most certainly derived from her gloating over something.

Helene and I watched a movie, maybe Invasion of the Body Snatchers, I don't recall, but the aliens were abducting everyone by saying, "You want to go for a walk in the desert?," and then in the desert the aliens would take over their body. So another thing that Helene also says, literally every time that I see her is, "You want to go for a walk in the desert?," and she makes a pantomime of putting her hand on the nape of her neck which is where the evidence of alien possession was in the movie. Also, Helene absolutely will not watch any movie with demonic type themes in it. She says it's too scary.

I went to Helene's house shortly after I moved in with Joe. She told me that my uncle Abie had died. I felt relieved in a way, and I may have smiled and I always felt bad about that reaction. She told me, and I'm paraphrasing here, and she made dramatic accompanying hand gestures, "At the end, for the last thirty minutes to an hour, he made this face like, 'Woah!,' like he saw something supernatural right in the moments preceding his death."

A few years ago when I would go to Alliance, I kept getting weird images in my head that would make me very uncomfortable, even to include increased heart rate, etc. It was when I would see Joey. I would get images in my head of him dressed up like Big Bird for the child snuff version of Sesame Street. Soon after that, I started paying a lot of attention to people's noses and cheek bones. I guess that probably had something to do with the changed face of "Jacaré" that I had not adequately noticed. I don't know what the deal is with noses and cheekbones, I never used to notice that or look at it, but then I started doing so and having sometimes visceral reactions in my stomach. I wonder... is that someone's psychic advertising?

I don't see why I would have suddenly started caring about that. It sure did happen though. A few years ago I started getting visceral gut reactions to certain noses and cheekbones. Surely it did start suddenly. One might recall that time Atlanta lost the superbowl because I cringed at the guy in the hostel in Washington DC. At first, I would get that feeling in my gut when I saw Joey, but then shortly after that it generalized, and it is the same feeling that I might describe as, "Uh-oh!" The reaction that I get when I see certain noses is exactly that same feeling I got in my gut when I would look at Joey. Also, I think I recently saw on 4chan one of the other guys from my gym dressed up as Ronald McDonald, and that picture pretty much had the same meme on it about weird snuff videos when I was imagining Joey dressed up as Big Bird and Steve dressed up as "Snuffy" where he would have one extra person behind him in the big Snuffy costume.

A couple of years ago some person from Facebook told me that they went to high school with me and then we went to the restaurant where "The Japanese Gameshow" was on the TV. When "Jacaré" showed up at the restaurant, I noticed his profile was very, very much like Le Happy Merchant. I'm pretty sure I like that one. Why would he have come there if he didn't care about me?

I wonder what these people who say, "I don't have to treat other people the way I would like to be treated because there's a mention of slavery being allowed in the modern translation of some ancient words that nobody can be exactly sure if they mean the same thing as the modern translation," tell themselves about pic related and the women in their organization. It's seems like the taking the letter of the law at the expense of the spirit of the law, and when the letter of the law has at least 2,000 years of fuzziness attached to it.

I always thought the Vince Foster murder was when they tried to induct him into a cult. Maybe Hillary was like, "Hey, Vince, watch this dog fuck my slave," but then they could see that he didn't like it. Slavery is forbidden. It does not pass the first tier screening criterion of being nice, a/k/a treating other people the way that you would like to be treated.

I am white, and I like being white. I don't feel particularly proud of being white, I feel proud of the good things I do. When I ask, "Why do they feel proud about having white skin?" Of all the things in the world, that is a weird one. So when I wonder about that question, it occurs to me that white skin played a big part in the Book of Genesis. Jacob was white, and he was a big liar, and his brother Esau was red. Personally, I think Satan is Jacob, and I think at the beginning of the Book of Job, because Jacob kept flocks, when Satan tells God to test Job, the first thing that happens is that someone from nearby steals Job's flocks. So when I ask, "Why do they feel proud of white skin out of every possible characteristic?," I wonder if maybe white pride groups are a front for satanism. Those country racist people out in the boonies that I associate with over the top crazy white pride, they also seem like the ones who would have these sex dungeons like in the David Parker Ray cult. I wonder how the timing of 9/11 affected the public perception that there is a cult that does insane satanism kidnapping operating today in America. I've heard the joke made that Gary Condit was the one who profited the most from 9/11, but I am surprised to only now learn about this David Parker Ray cult that should be eradicated forthwith. Slavery is forbidden.

When I was a teenager and I was getting in trouble, my step mother's mother wrote me a letter that said I better act right because she had seen people keeping other people locked up in chains and I didn't want to end up like that. They were from Tennessee. I guess she saw it and was like, "I don't need to help that person in those harsh conditions."

How about the timing of the following:

Me going to the brig when I was in the Marines while my unit deployed at sea.
The contemporaneous John Titor posts.
The contemporaneous USS Cole bombing.
The contemporaneous moving of Kole in with Jill and Mike, before I could move back to Georgia to interact with Jill, who I had kept in touch with.

I was recalling today that my uncle Abraham and my grandfather Solomon both died in Tucson in 1993 and/or 1994, and then Tucson stopped being the al-Qaeda headquarters. Around that time, March of 1994, I think Joe wisely and lovingly absconded me from Helene, certainly it was wisely. We moved to Warner Robins, GA at the same time as the Montauk project. Then I left the toys Helene had bought me with her in Tucson that I later saw used to build the vehicles in what the facebook agent called "The Japanese Gameshow." I wonder if there is an early item of edge sorting in the story of my life.

One time my uncle Abie, Abraham Goldstein, was living with his sister, Shirley Cohen in Brooklyn before he came to live with us in Tucson. At their apartment, he generously gave me $50, which was the exact price of the big GI Joe toy I wanted, and had been bugging her to buy me for a long time when I was around ten or twelve. I wonder, who decided the amount: $50? Helene later bought it for me for my birthday or something. When he gave me the $50 I was so excited because I knew I could get the few dollars for sales tax fairly quickly doing chores. I computed the $3.50 for the 7% Tucson sales tax. Then he said, "Buy your mother an ice cream," or maybe it was, "Buy your mother and I an ice cream," and the amount of money I would need to raise at least doubled, and it sounded like if I was going to get an ice cream with them, I would be paying for that too. The whole encounter was very non-familial in my recollection, both in his generosity with the cash and then his demand that I I give him my $50. I didn't want to give it back because I thought he was being an Indian giver when he told me to give it back to him after I had accepted it and gotten so excited. I said I didn't want to buy her an ice cream, I said that because it was the exact price of the toy. We got into a big fight, and I did give it back to him when he physically pried it from my hands. It was very non-familial when I he attacked me with force, I was not accustomed to that, and certainly not from him. Then I got the General anyway for my birthday.

So I wonder, was it edge sorted such that the same $50 was used to buy the toy for my birthday? Did Helene say, "He's so greedy, look give him this $50 and then he won't even want to buy an ice cream," which wouldn't have been a problem if Toys R Us was selling that thing for $40 instead of $50. My recollection and sincere belief is that I would have bought happily the ice cream if not for the thing with it being the exact price of the toy. I had that toy for a year or two before I moved in with Joe and didn't take it with me.

So to those who are, perhaps, resigned to undergo their annihilation at my hand with as much dignity as possible, know that I will go far, far out of my way to make everything about the way I kill your family as disrespectful as pleases me.

I was dwelling on this scripture lately, for obvious reasons. I was wondering if it means, "Don't torture a sorceress." I don't think it means that. Even if one sentences her to death, there is some finite time before a quick death can be administered. Therefore, to some extent, one must always suffer a sorceress to live a little bit at least. I think this Bible verse, which appears in the Torah that is extra special to me since it is the real book of my people, means "Always kill all sorceresses."

So lest I be misunderstood, let me rant slightly longer about these women. I was thinking about the time I played Scrabble with the ass fucking, face slapping woman and the woman from the Cosby Show whose tits I was looking at. Between her tits at that table and the ass fucking, face slapping woman doing Karen Tooker memes, I was much more interested in the tits, and in showing my disinterest in Karen memes, and white library cult bitch memes coming as this game of Scrabble did on the heels of me being run out of two other downtown libraries by the white staff. I was not getting bitch memes from the large breasted woman, but because the other one was white I assumed she was a malicious library agent. It was the white one banning me from the Auburn Avenue library that led me to the MLK library. However, it is my strong estimation that, naked, if this is the woman in the video, I would find her more attractive than the woman's whose tits were out at the table. She has a very pretty vagina, and that something I that is important to me, and I don't like it that there is generally no way to tell ahead of time. Was there an edge sorting exercise that neglected to account for the Karen Tooker memes dripping off of the second woman during the Scrabble encounter? As if, perhaps, to say "he doesn't like that kind?" Was "that kind" correctly identified as Karen Tooker?

I made some other posts on this website about a similar edge-sorting-the-female-agent's-report experience at Alliance shortly after the quality of my life began its steady degradation from being:

(Expelled from GT) broke with no woman and plenty of free time, twice a day jiu jitsu every day!

(Elavon) almost broke with no woman and new 24/7 phone bitch duty from Robert

(Lexis Nexis) a decent amount of money and a decent amount of free time, and also only nasty grandma prostitutes plus one good looking one who refused to come back for $200/hr even though I made her come.

(Exide) ok money, ok free time, a well established conspiracy of women who pretend like they don't know me, office from hell, selling soul being in the presence of these infidels.

So it's not that I'm bitter about some other guy getting laid, it's that the statistics are messed up when there is unlimited supply of top shelf young women for the face slapping assfuckers and I still haven't even found one. I'm still working with a zero there.

What do the women around Atlanta (or wherever the fuck I am), who suck every dick but mine apparently, know me for? My great accomplishments or the other guy's lies? What about my heriditary position at the head of the organization whose low ranking piss ants get women every day because the gossip is that they are big time? I presume they believe the other guy's lies, why else do they walk by me every day and still suck the other guy's dick? Just like at Exide, even though the truth is that I have clearly documented myself as greatest living genius, over and over, the story in the office was that I was qualified to be Sandy's office bitch, and every other man in the office had Exide professional seniority on me except the janitor, and he was probably getting the hookers at least. Look what the story around town regarding the type of woman I'm qualified for is. I don't want to go to the place of the guy who owns the den of sin, I want to go to my place, or a hotel perhaps. I want what I want, and I want it how I want it. There's two parts, not just one part, and I want both parts of it together, and I have not once gotten it yet, and my intention is to have it in abundance.

And was Erin there in the office at Exide in disguise, sitting next to the office prostitute who did not even let me touch her butt through her pants while she was taking Rod's dick in her ass? And of all the men whose dicks Joelle was taking, how many of them did it start out with a man-child lunch box meme? Did Joelle tell any of those other men that she was available to receive sexual services from them?!?!? Does she think I'm going to blow my load by servicing her? How about her offering to service me? She is the fucking office prostitute!!! I derive no sexual pleasure from doing that, it is purely the pleasure of giving the joy to the other person as relates to the golden rule, and I was hoping that by licking those whores' pussies then they would send me a nice, good looking one that they knew I would be kind to. That is so fucking beyond comprehension that Joelle offered to let me service her, in a sideways fashion only, if she would have actually said, "Can you make me come at 4pm on Thursday," then at least it would been something, and she shoved the fucking lunch box in my face. Why is so much of this contaminated with Erin memes?

So there is this conspiracy to deny me any access to the affections of the ladies I so desperately crave, even though I do not crave them enough to want to hang out at the business location of the guy who runs the den of sin. Consider, for example, evidence of my alleged conspiracy in that after I asked out the woman at Starbuck's, who was very pretty, and she went for the I-have-a-boyfriend denialgasm (Why did you initiate sensual body contact with me then, woman?), then I went to the other coffee place and literally the entire row of teenage-ish female baristas cringed over what a bitch the Starbuck's lady had been to me. How would they have known to cringe if not for the conspiracy which was already totally obvious many years ago? When I went into that second coffee place and they all cringed, I didn't say, "Oh, now I am certain there is a conspiracy." I said, "Another year and still not even one of these fucking bitches, who all obviously know me, will say yes when I ask her out."

Not only that, but one of those women from the second coffee place later engaged in gang stalking activities against me in the months after she too turned me down. She was only ok looking. She flashed her nice tits at me after I chose not to look at the other barista's bony sternum. After she showed me her tits, I asked her out. You know what she said? It was, "No, I have a boyfriend!" I later saw the bony sternum one again, she looked much healthier and very pretty. She looked so different I couldn't place her so I said, "Where do I know you from?" but she didn't answer me. She made a face. Plus the ten million other women I asked in person, not online, that all turned me down and stood me up and gave me fake phone numbers, and a few who didn't but that I moved on from still looking for those two things I want together. Plus the ten million women I sent well written messages to that all ignored me but fucked Jordan Schultz when he copied my profile word for word. And to those that did not ignore me, I will investigate you! Emily Hancock sure didn't ignore me.

After the women aligned against me on OkCupid, and getting not even one match on Tinder, I also found that I could not even access the much desired "very good looking woman" via prostitution in the price range suited to my wealth. I have been trained in my life to know one of these would never consider saying yes to me without money, such is the heathen culture. However, can I not even work for money, and then use that money to pay for one's affections? Not in person when I ask for phone numbers, not on the purpose dedicated, vice-free website that even showcases what a good writer I am, nowhere can I find a woman without first giving a shout out to the guy who owns the den of sin. As it is, I would rather kill that guy and burn his den. There is some conspiracy, and it is run by the boss of whoever slapped that girl in the face when he was fucking her in the ass.

The other day I remarked that some people think it means you're gay if you're not a rapist. Then soon after, Jenna, I'm not sure if it was real Jenna or meme Jenna, was giving me some look like, "Yep, that's me. I think you're gay because you never raped me." So I think that it says a lot about Joe, that between his eldest and his youngest, she was the one he was well pleased with. I guess the reason why I had a better relationship with Erin than Jenna is because it was always so obvious that Jenna was Joe's favorite. I don't know if that's because she was sucking his dick or what, or if Helene is really a lesbian, but if you tell yourself that serving them is serving me, then you have deluded yourself.

I watched Acrimony this weekend, it was pretty good. I didn't like how much the actress reminded me of Emily Hancock's memes. I did like the overall principle of the movie though, and I thought it was funny where they cited every dollar Helene ever gave me in my life. In that part at the end when the ex-wife was saying, "This should be mine REEEEE!!!," I think that was straight out of Helene's playbook. Erin's mother told me that my mother once went to one of Joe's business meetings and did that exact same thing screaming about how it should be hers. Now that Erin has named her daughter after my mother, the baby's name is From Helene Granule, and also it seems that she has baked some bitter tasting cake for my other sister, I wonder if Helene ever satisfied her jealousy.

When I was submitting this book to arXiv I got their latex error message. It said the problem was most likely an incorrect figure file name. It didnt say, "Make sure to compile it locally until youre sure its working bc we will ban you if you compile it on our end too much." Usually one would check the figures first, but I had like 100 figures, and I did not want to check 100 files. Usually arXiv papers have many less than 100 figures.

I wanted to read the arXiv latex error log before I started manually checking the capitalization of 100 .figures. I compiled it online several times as I browsed the log. I found a problem with a file name. I recompiled and it gave me the next error file name, and bc I had 100 figures, I found them by recompiling on the website. Then it uploaded and compiled. Then arXiv banned me, idk if had to do with me using their compiler instead of my local compiler. If it did, and they had no warning about not doing that, then they should be killed.

This is a well known sadism meme in physics. I was a physics PhD student and the main physics professor there, Eric Murray, was a bastard about misleading the students away from what they were really getting at. I'd witness the interaction where the student would ask something, and I would see exactly what they meant, but Murray reveled greatly in leading them away from their real inquiry, then questioning them about something else altogether, and then saying, "Well? If you don't even know that I can see why you don't know other thing."

I don't know why arXiv banned me, the compiler has been on my mind. If arXiv has a secret compiler limit that they do not advertise in the latex error help notifications then that would be like Eric leading me away from the idea that I better be careful to check everything locally because if I use their server too much then I will fall into the dungeon through the trap door.

SPX is looking hypercritical on this 4 year chart, which aligns with the SPX criticality in the 200D moving average.

This new Bloomberg chart CCMP notation reminds me of the the "cicimpy" file at North Highland. At one point in my brief computer career, I heard a financial executive pronounce the accounting term EBITDAH in a peculiar way as well. Indeed when I investigated the document trail of the Exide projects in the Exide audit tracker where I began work two months after North Highland, I saw that the Exide project docs had the same weird, huge Excel format. I first became aware of the Sick Defile object at North Highland because it was peculiar in the data architecture of the Atlanta Food Bank project. Then I noticed that it also had an anomalous name: Sick Defile. It was [dbo].[sycdefil]. Then, when I saw the same peculiar project doc formatting at Exide, that quickly led me to suspect that the Exide TNA and INA reports were related to punitive prostitution and hard core human trafficking. We never talked about those North Highland project docs at Exide, but I found them at the beginning of the string of unsolved audit tracker issues that Sandy left. She never did anything from the project, she always rolled it into the next "issue." That was my suspicion about the sick defilation. The Exide office was highly creepy.

S&P is looking the most critical to me.

This chart is looking really great to me but I miss the Flash based Google chart. They should replicate the old functionality in a non-Flash language if they insist of not having Flash. I'm not sure what the migration away from Flash was about.

White House and Shulkin at odds over whether he resigned

I did resign at Exide. Pic related, my resignation was into their system, I hope, as a termination of employment two days later. That's what my termination letter says. It was dated, I think, on the day of my second try to go to Israel.

The inspector general report said Shulkin "improperly" received the tickets.

I did think it was odd that my last minute Delta tickets were available for $800 when the next cheapest airline was $3,000.

The environment in Washington, D.C., made it "impossible" for him to do his job.

I was able to my job fine. My job at Exide was to abet the theater of Sandy's obvious constant lies for Rod and Tim, as they had been accustomed to running the office. The lynch pin of everything was never the project docs, the bottleneck in the completion of the ETL fraud project was when everyone was always saying, "Well Sandy told me..." I didn't want to do that job. They gave me the story that I was the low man on the totem pole in the IT department for a company that makes electrical batteries. It was obvious to me in about five minutes that the reason the company was just coming out of bankruptcy when I got there was because of the fraud data that Rod, Tim, and Sandy were putting into the company's general accounting ledger. Did no one else see this? Did no one see that the "off-site" guy in "Paris" named "Stefan" was a fake persona? As soon as I started emailing it Rod and Tim stopped mentioning it.

It seemed like they just wanted me on the payroll in their fraud so that they could write my name on their fraud. I had downloaded and emailed databases at two previous jobs, and Exide presented me with the same problem where I did it a third time. However, I emailed SQL 2008 data. Their real PROD data was in SQL 2005 which I never had access to. I only saw it when the Sharepoint admin "Rob" changed one of my reports' source files for an email distribution to David Feldkamp. David had demanded the real PROD data for his report and the Sharepoint admin had it, not me. Did my resignation induce David Nunes' recusal around the time I lost my home under the threat of police eviction from my property manager? Were people going into my home while I was in the office at Exide? Did someone put semen in my tooth paste? Did someone put poison in my marijuana? Did someone send me nasty prostitutes on purpose?

I think Exide perhaps had given some employees the impression that I had given them the Exide PROD data. Internal customers at Exide thought they were getting the PROD dataset but they were really getting in the data that I emailed over Exide's internal network was like a fraud database designed like a QA database. PROD was on SQL 2005, QA (TEST) was on 2008, and DEV was SQL 2012. However, they had all SDLC wrong at Exide and told me that they only had PROD and DEV. This was a weird obvious lie in an ETL group and when I asked Rod and Tim about the 2005 instance of SQL Server they greatly demurred on numerous occasions. I think Tim often got dimension and fact tables mixed up when he was describing the datacubes' architecture. The datacubes, however, were mega fraud cubes because the cube tables were not loaded from tables, but rather from multiply nested views and other obvious obfuscator loops.

Exide's internal customers are viewing 2^N levels of obfuscation in the cubes. They should eschew the cubes for transparent data processing and just use the SQL PROD and SQL TEST environment data. However, if you design the fraud file to the specifications of the QA/TEST environment, then you can ensure that a fraud will not explode under ordinary QA protocols. I emailed the QA-approved fraud file to the internal customers at Exide where electrical batteries for commercial equipment were, like, a big deal. This fraud problem in the "everything wrong" architecture of the data system should have been immediately obvious to anyone with understanding of the ETL process.

I worked on a project where Exide was migrating from SQL Server to Salesforce. They loaded the fraud into the Salesforce migration. We did a three month project to migrate from SQL to Salesforce. In the first meeting I said, "Actually Rod SQL Server has a native ODBC connector that can connect to Salesforce and do this quickly." The Salesforce person and I would have to email each other the table structure and that was it. The bottleneck would have been waiting for the email. Rod said, "No, we cant' do that for security reasons." He was so full of shit!

For what security reasons can I not use Microsoft's SQL Server 2008's naive ODBC connector to connect to the Salesforce system that the guy has in his office down the hall? It was total bullshit. The real reason is because Rod knows that to hide their fraud they have to iteratively scrub the data through seven stupid intermediate steps. So what is the business doing? Are they running a fraud or are they trying to get rid of the fraud? It's obviously the former, that's why everyone just wasted time working on Sandy's lies over and over and over. However, in this instance it was the malice of the orchestration that the data I eventually sent by email instead of ODBC, apparently that was fine for security, that was the fraud data that they made because they knew I would go to the email workaround given their project specs.

When Rod lied about the security of the ODBC connector he turned minutes worth of work into months. Usually it was Sandy doing this a little every day, but this example where Rod did it was a big one. Usually my job was to code the wrong thing based on Sandy's fraud specs, then recode it 50 times over and over every day, get criticized for not sitting at my desk coding the wrong thing that Sandy told me for the fiftieth time, until eventually she would tell me the correct thing and I would do the actual half day of work needed to implement the ETL job. They would always lie. Tim and Rod are criminals if they say anything other than that Sandy is a notorious liar. David and Dave too.

So, because I care so little about money and an unexciting career as the lowest ranking office bitch in the fraud department of a bankrupt manufacturing firm, I resigned from my employment at Exide in January of 2017. My resignation was the event which precipitated the discontinuation of my direct deposit salary on February 2.

Without the weight of WWII chained to their ankles, I think there is about a 0% chance the people running this fucking world can successfully manage a cold war. However, where I used to be against that, now I am for it.

Hey you heckling heathens and pagan people: don't feel like you accomplished nothing with your lives. You did make me hate you.

Some slut on the train said I was being target for being a cheese head. She said, "Yeah we were wrong but now he's being targeted for being a cheese head." I guess that filthy cunt is just now coming around to the idea that math exists, and has not yet discovered that they also wrong about me being God. That slut might feel special when she reads this, and she might get likes for it on facebook, but I will make her feel special yet again on the day of my wrath, and she will suffer in agony. Every little slight, every act of disrespect, every glance of brazen inhumility, I will punish them all with death. Some will get the merciful death, others will not.

This was the funniest meme I saw in a while so I thought I'd share it.

My free college money account shows I made about $184k by taking out loans.


What are the devil's schemes? I teach to treat other people the way you would like to be treated. For instance, if you look at my life, I was never too bothered to be the victim of petty theft. Satan also teaches this, but then later he gives you the secret lesson that says actually you don't have to treat other people the way you would like to be treated.

Into the schemes of the devil I can also add heckling. Detractors probably say, "He's going to kill the person for heckling him? That's not justice!" I am going to and it will be just. With no further explanation, the promises in the Bible say that The Lord will judge according to what is right in his eyes, not the eyes of his detractors.

Another difference between Satan and I is that where he teaches innuendo and appearances, I teach plain speaking and truth. When you speak to me in a manner that is other than plainly -- what I have taken to calling speaking at me instead of speaking to me -- then by your actions you are openly declaring your loyalty to Satan's teaching at the expense of my own. I will the kill the families of the hecklers that speak at me as well. Detractors probably say, "Why would he kill the children who didn't even heckle him? That's not justice." I'll tell you why I will do that. If I don't kill the children then that will be me teaching the lesson that you can declare your loyalty to Satan directly to my face and then still have your seed grow. I would never teach that, and I will not. That would be the opposite of what I intend to demonstrate. So my justice is this: when I kill those children the others who would prefer Satan's teachings to my own will know the truth that Satan's seed will not grow, and be saved by it. The justice is in the dissemination of the truth.

Another thing I notice about this picture is that De Niro's hat is like a witch's hat, and Helene has taken to wearing a pink hat in that exact same style in recent years (slightly more witchy, but still much less witchy than the cartoon hat.) Another thing that made me think De Niro's character was based on Joe was the dialog when De Niro was asking if the satellite was broken because it didn't show a war. That thing De Niro did there is exactly Joe's style of rhetorical bullshit. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised in the least if those lines were an exact transcription of something Joe said when he found himself in a similar situation of confrontation. Maybe Joe would have called the guy "pal" a few more times.

Check out this sweet OC where I cut the Gordian knot in half.

An oracle had declared that any man who could unravel its elaborate knots was destined to become ruler of all of Asia. Alexander wanted to untie the knot but struggled to do so without success. He then reasoned that it would make no difference how the knot was loosed, so he drew his sword and sliced it in half with a single stroke.

Alternative Math

Here's another creepy thing Joe said to me one time. It was when I went to visit him in Savannah for the first time, and I saw "Joe" with his beard shaved off and moles removed, and looking less tall than I remembered him. He said to me, "You're the star of the show." What the fuck did he mean by that? What show? I am not a fucking thesbian. I have great disdain for thesbianism. It was like he he was saying that my life is some faggot's theatrical production like a Wag the Dog shenanigan.

Regarding that movie, Joe had a double wedding where he married Helene and his sister Doris married a Weinstein so I assume the recently notorious Weinstein is like Dustin Hoffman in that movie, except he's the one who is on board with the lies and secrecy and gets the attention of unlimited sexy ladies as a reward instead of whining about not getting a producer's credit. Rapist or not, the gossip they spread about Harvey Weinstein was such that women always said yes to go hang out with him, so that is a lot different than the gossip they were spreading about me. Also, since Joe worked for a company called IHS I bet his ass is really chapped now that he's figured out he was the infiltrator on the losing side, and that he was sent to be the loser, and that him and his sub-organization are going to get disrespectfully annihilated to ensure the ultimate victory of the church.

Proverbs 7:5:
That they may keep thee from the strange woman, from the stranger which flattereth with her words.

That sounds a lot better than 40 years in the wilderness!

Some guy walked by me this morning saying something like, "Yeah but what does it do?" I don't know if he was even talking to me, such is the manner of speaking of cowards. However, it seemed like he was asking me, "Ok your theory is right but what does it do?" This is the answer: it lets you start with a mathematical truth in one theory and end up with a mathematical truth in the other theory. That's what "unification" means; I "unified" the disparate mathematical frameworks of the theories of gravitation and quanta. (As an aside here, if you want to see who is an imposter in physics that should be ignored, look for people who make a big stink about the difference between unification and grand unification.)

Someone who is not trained in math and yet is still curious might ask, "Ok so what does being able to write truth in two theories do for me?" There are a lot of things it can do. For instance, if you ever hope to answer a question like, "How can I use electricity to counteract gravity," then you will need to start with a mathematical truth in electromagnetism and end up with one in relativity. Before my discoveries, there was no way to do this. Incidentally, the problem of unification, which is the most important problem in mathematical physics, was only one of very many problems I solved. The other things I did, particularly with regard to inverse time, time reversal symmetry violation, and delay correlations are also very important for actually "do"-ing things.

Back when Anonymous was making cool videos there was this one graphic with a spinning globe. It looked like the world was turning but really it was Brasil in view the whole time. This video has a similar sort of thing going on except the ocean is view the whole time. Did they build a fake city on the great Pacific garbage patch? Is there some other giant fraud platform floating in the ocean somewhere that I have been detained?

Good luck Vladimir. I hope I'm not a fool for wishing it to you.

Interpretations of non-contextual data through the lens of my enemies' prejudices and intentions are invalid. I am the one who says what my data means, not you.

Here's another thing I remember about Patricia. She was really into sticking stuff up my butt. She was always telling me that her friend had a high quality strap on harness that she could get and I always told her, "No, that's ok." She was, near the beginning of our relationship at least, expressing a lot of interest in tying me up. I told her I wasn't into that. One time she said, I think in an odd effort to convince me to let her tie me up, "I'll tie you up and,'' then like Lady Slingblade, "shit in your mouth." I looked at her because I couldn't tell if she was joking. She said she was but I don't think so. I told her that just because she said it, even if she was joking, there was no way I would ever indulge her desire to put me in restraints.

I finally watched Wag the Dog. It was pretty good. I thought it was highly suggestive how they had De Niro in a Freddy Krueger costume for half the movie. By the wardrobe choice I assume that De Niro's character was based on Joe.

When I was near Warner Robins, GA around Christmas 2016 and "Joe" was saying "Yoost'n" (and "47!!!") he asked me if I knew what Einstein was doing in the final years of his life. It was around the time I was looking at "Joe" and thinking that I was surprised how different he looked than in my memory, and not just because of all the moles he had removed. I answered, "Working on the unification of the theories of gravitation and quanta?" Joe said, "No! He was making movies!," and got real excited. Pic related: you know how the stereotypical evil witch has that one mole on her nose? Joe had that same mole in the same place on his nose.

At the end of Wag the Dog when they were playing the Wag the Dog song it sounded like they were saying, "Can you wack that dog?" Whoever that dog is, yes I can and I will as soon as you start working for me instead of him. When I'm charge we're not going to have an empire of lies. When I am in charge, everything will simply be however I say it is, I do not plan to micromanage (my megamanagement style is quite the opposite actually), and I will say it how it is plainly and public, and the people will deal with it using the truckloads of money I dump on them.

To say that Bill Cosby is a serial rapist beyond a reasonable doubt is to say that myriad women were not making themselves available to the famous, rich, exotic, black doctor on prime time TV. Did Cosby eschew these women and specifically target women he would have to rape? Where are the women who had consensual sex with Cosby? The number of accusers is only indicative of girl tactics 101.

Many of them have only started to come forward since October 2014.

At Elavon one of the first things that made me hate Rhonda had to do with Cosby. I was at Elavon and I can paraphrase what I said to Conleth as, "That seems pretty unlikely that the TV star was a serial rapist and not indulging in the attention of the ladies that is available to famous actors." In the cubicle to my left was Rhonda, who was likely Helene at times (or possibly all the time), and on my left was Conleth so we sat in three cubicles in a row. He said, "It's a man's world isn't it?" Rhonda got pissed! Then I got up to get some water and just as I was returning Rhonda caught my eye with a malicious look. It was just as I was setting down my water. I could feel her flex her psychic malice muscle and instead of watching my hand when I put the water down I was locked momentarily in eye contact with her. I almost spilled it by not setting it down correctly. Rhonda was so disappointed! That's who my enemies think is such a bad ass: a woman that can almost make a man who is a complete amateur in psychic defense spill water. (Or maybe jiu jitsu helped me ?) Everything else she gets away with is only because she is pretending to that which is mine in the minds of her feeble minded believers. Same with Joe. They are only able to sell these lies because they never gave me what was mine. Not when I was child, not these 20 years of legal adulthood, not during this year homeless in which I am demanding what is due me. On top of that, I would be just fine despite their stupidity if I could just get recognition from my theory which has nothing to with my parents. Instead, they fucked me over once and then based on those lies they convinced others to fuck me over on my theory.

What about the men who invented the great machines of war? Your prioritizations are completely stupid when you elevate the value of the woman's non-childbearing contribution to parity with the man's contribution. I quit Exide on the day that I thought the team associated with the Rhonda Capone persona was also in the Exide office which Google Earth now says was actually inside the Milton police headquarters. I decided to leave the country. They fucked me over on my physics career and then, when I compromised my integrity and got a job as a response to the period of involuntary detention under the umbrella of Helene and Joe's fraud, they were also fucking me over on my fake career. Even though my real CV showed that I had already solved the most important problem in mathematical physics, they would not offer me appropriate employment. Then what I made a fake resume based on notorious lies, then they said, "Ok, we'll throw $16/hr at you for this fake resume."

Just like they are throwing fraudulent Jenna and Erin memes all over me lately, the increased intensity of fraudulent memes began at Elevon in 2014 with fraudulent Helene memes coming from Rhonda Capone. I started working at Elavon for about $16/hr after taxes. It was about two months after Helene and Joe filed that fraudulent mental health affidavit on me, and about two years after I solved the most important problem in mathematical physics.

Although Helene has presented herself to me as a woman of modest financial means, she was somehow going to pay $2,000/day for up to six months to have me locked inside a very small building. I hope I am not locked in a buildinglike facility as I type this.

While I was at Peachford I asked to be released on the third day. I was denied my right to self release on the basis of me being a danger to myself or others based on the lies Helene and Joe put into the affidavit they signed which led the police detaining me in my private residence and hauling me to Peachford. That day Helene knocked on my door and after I opened it for her the police rushed in. They put me in horrible torture restraints and perp walked me the police car. That was an inflection point in my relationship with Helene.

At Peachford I was denied my right to self release after 72 hours. Dr. Sanne held me for 11 days, attempted to drug me, and diagnosed me with paranoid schizophrenia with that extra time she bought. Later at Exide I got very non-fraudulent Dr. Sanne memes from one miserable cunt Sirisha Gopalam. During my private time with Dr Sanne I asked what her diagnosis was because I was being amicable. She told me that she did not think I was a danger to myself or others and that I was not paranoid schizophenic but she said maybe I was schizoaffective. I dispute that because schizoaffective disorder is a property of the mentally ill while I have demonstrated robustly resilient mental health to an exceedingly high degree for a very long time. Then in the hearing she told the judge that I was a danger and that I was paranoid schizophrenic. She told the judge that she came to this conclusion based on paranoia that the government was, or NGOs in collaboration with the government were, out to get me for some work I did in college.

So that was around the time Bill Cosby "became a rapist." It was about three years after I became a rapist, and just a few months after I became a paranoid schizophrenic. Did I become dead in there somewhere too? 2014 was right at the end of the Uranium One scandal. The Uranium One immunity deals flowed during those first months of 2015 before Robert fired me for not taking his 24/7 phone bullshit seriously.

During those first months of 2015 I emailed the Citibank data and sent messages via Lync with .xlsx attachments of the complete Citibank data to my internal customers at US Bank. Then they announced the OPM hack which seems like now the "unmasking" scandal... like with my intention to unmask Rhonda Capone and Sharon Maloney, and to move every hidden thing, good and evil, into the light of day.

Here's my take on "shut up and calculate" with a nice reference from my time working as a computer guy. In software, big development tasks are undertaken not just by software engineers, but also by software architects. It is a big problem in physics, in my humble opinion, that only the engineers get paid and the architects are generally despised (and generally don't even exist because they would be so despised if they did.) What the architect does is to develop the end to end software solution, and then he sends it to the engineers who actually do the coding. Software development is a lot like theory development without so much emphasis on whether or not the end product actually does what it's supposed to.

Why would one tell the software architect to "shut up and code?" The piece produced by the architect will not even compile (it is not code at all), but does that mean the architect's piece is "meaningless verbiage?" Of course not. In physics, the architect's piece is the much despised philosophical component. A big problem in physics is that when everyone is a coder, everyone's approach to everything is to simply start writing code and see where it goes. The architect, to the contrary, considers the desired end product and then designs the road there based on that desired outcome. It is a completely different process than that taken by the engineer.

It's the simple fact of the matter that, in I.T. at least, software architects get paid a lot more than the software engineers because the architecture piece is more intellectually demanding and requires more expertise than what the code monkeys do. It is true that code monkeys can say, "What the architect wrote is not even code!," but that only speaks to the small-mindedness of the critical coder. Now here's one more critical piece of information: the architect's job does not even require him to have memorized the syntax of the computer language in which the software engineers will implement the solution he has designed!

My idea for testing the "many worlds" interpretation of quantum theory (MWI) was a big hit on 4chan on the other day. I guess others were having a hard time coming up with a way to test it. If I was going to devise a falsifiable prediction for MWI this is how I would try to do it:

First, I would use something like the Planck scale to determine the "refresh rate" at which one world is expected to split into many worlds in a particular MWI theory. What I mean by "refresh rate" is the magnitude of the spacetime interval across each frame of film in pic related. Then I would take that rate and extrapolate the rate at which decoherence should occur in a quantum system. For the second step it is necessary to define the odd property of quantum systems "decoherence" as an effect caused by the splitting of the universe into many universes. If it were possible to connect these things then the decoherence time could be used as falsifiability criterion for MWI. The connection between splitting and decoherence is pretty direct in the MCM with the "pi over two goes to Phi goes back to pi over two" mechanism that I wrote about extensively in my book.

I don't know if this would work, its just my idea for how it might work in an area where there seems to be a dearth of even speculative ideas.